Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

ADJUMA, Lyrical Ivy – We Will Rise [SNK196]
Alexey Union – Sarabi [TW24]
Allen Craig feat Justin Kayser – The Sun Rising [MM223]
Andre Rech – Mecanismo [SOV210]
Cadee – Happiness [FC061]
Caly Jandro & Velvetta – From The Dust [SOFABEATS56]
Carl Price – Roll Without You [H278]
Chanknous – El Mañana [RVD59]
Comfort Deep – Embrace [EMB 888]
D.Marco – This House [NY015XX]
Dampe – Sleet [FINA033]
DAN T – I Love You [MOISS179]
Darin Epsilon, Marc Depulse – Commodora [DHB025]
De’Real MusiQ – Music & Glass of Whisky [DRMQ007]
DuBeats, Sex on Decks – Jazzercise [KNG885]
Dyan K – Far Away Lands EP [FPM021]
Ego. R, Americanna – Like a Prisoner [10199222]
Elvis Khathi – Ngisikelele (feat Xolisile Ngubane) [Original] [LRC002]
Enzo Elia – Alles Paletti (Remixes Part 2) [BUTS20]
Fashionboy SA, OG Buddy Gates, Savagekillah RSA – Stocko Sa Ma Super [RM051]
Filipe – Yakeye [UR262]
fleet.dreams – Return of the Dreamer [LCFDX02]
From P60, Lisa Shaw – Magic (Remixes) [KSS1868]
G-Pal – Warning [OVM136]
Harpoon – Lost (Extended Mix) [DN0982DJ]
HOSH, Jalja – Tighter (feat. Jalja) (Extended) (Three Six Zero)
HUGEhands – Day Dream E.P [IM069]
Intr0beatz – Lunchbreak Riddmz [CTT064]
James Cole – After All This Time [TMR097]
K MO feat Byron The Aquarius – Space Funk [WAYOUT 006]
Kabo – Touch [FEE121]
Kiimi – Breaking My Mind [HFT083D]
Klein (UK) – With Your Love [BLV8774984]
LDLDN – Make Time [NFR004]
Liva K, Awen, Jordy (GR) – In Your Eyes [MIDH027]
LUBELLO – In My Mind [CBM092]
Man Q – Voices [HHS077]
Mariner & Chris Domingo – Me & Youtopia [STFR014]
Mario Penati – All I Need [SNG015]
Matteo Matteini – Funk Element’s [SPA127]
Mau Maioli – Petal [FLX140]
Maxime Groove – I Feel A Connection With You [HVLBL085]
Mc Poze do Rodo – Vida Louca [8987081512]
MIE – Sing It Louder [KDEEP 006]
Mikx & Khaki – Love You More EP [KDEEP0005]
miles ellis – Don’t Hold Back [STEP030]
Mirwais – 2016 – My Generation (Chloe Remix) (Les Productions 5050)
Modento – Unsplash [SBR051]
Mori-Ra – Japanese Breeze [RSR-LP-01]
Moscoman & Eleonora – Escape [190296695124]
Nora Van Elken – I Don’t Need You [195068169001]
Overdose – Kimbu [GDRS013]
Pablo Moriego – Stay [ADR475]
Palmiara – Mt. Paradiso [HOMAGE013]
Psycho Radio – Oh No Please Don’t Let Me Down [MULTINOTES32]
Pysh & Stephane Salerno – White Desert [YION007]
Ramyen – Eleka [SWITCHLAB104]
Sam Temp – Quantum Break [DV089]
Sasha White – Acid True [CH285]
Shungi Wa Borwa, KB Deep, Hakeem Golden – Celebrate Tonight (Bake Remix) [CTM 999]
Sian – Hold – Future Primitive EP1 [OCT206]
Sid Le Rock – Dog Days [BEACH078]
Sole (UK), Dean Raven – Addicted EP [KDEEPOO 6]
Steve Golen – Rainfall [AMU109]
Supertaste – Kitsuné Musique Mixed by Supertaste (DJ Mix) (Kitsune Musique)
Tee Flie – Tech with Me [MMD33]
The Lost DJ – DO IT [DP005]
The People In Fog – 1977 [SOV018]
The Stoned – Deep In My Heart [A18]
This Guy Ben – Kapalla [ST086]
Tom Mosler – Sleepless [SQEP02]
Tomas Castillo – High Sensitive [TOR007]
VA – Deep House Chill 008 [HOTQDEEPHC008]
VA – Faze Action presents the Balearic sounds of FAR [FAR046]
VA – Just Rare Grooves Compilation Vol 1 (Compiled By Ashes Deep and Tommy Bono)
VA – Liquid Sky (Liquid Sky)
VA – Music Depth [AMU102]
VA – NC4K Collection Vol 3 [NC4K0023]
VA – Odyssey [BBR082]
VA – So Nice [3REC102]
Vicente – Bystander I Don’t Understand [YSL471]
Volen Sentir – Le Saint Graal [Ruvenzori]

Electronica & Downtempo

Backeer – Maestrotic [JDL037]
Edu Imbernon & Solomon Grey & Nico Casal – Noso (Fayer)
James Bright, Zoe Devlin Love – Raise EP [SVEVA001]
Jamie Trench – 4 Sides Part 4 – (Roots For Bloom Records)
Jennifer Loveless – In 10,000 Places [K7402AM3]
Kyson, Parra for Cuva, Beau Diako – Ordel [PFC01DS01]
LNS – Bitumen [K7402AM1]
Parra for Cuva – Dream Reverb [PFC01DS02]
Pete Josef – Remixes [SK404D]
Rhode & Brown & Indra Dunis – Everything In Motion (Kornél Kovács Remix) (Permanent Vacation)
Rivaz – Run To You [DV424]
Roberto Rodriguez & Kenny Summit & Manny Queen – Afreekah Calling (Good For You)
Satin Jackets – Think About It (Remixes) (Eskimo)
Schwarz & Funk – Saint-Tropez [LNG035]
Täino (CZ) – True North [MOVPIC006]
Tnts – The Quest (incl. Rafael Cerato remix)(Ritual)


Acid Ultras – Lost Subcultures Found [AUR01]
Adrian Marth – Red Nights (Wrong Era Italo Moderni)
Alaia & Gallo, IDA fLO – Shoulda Coulda [DVS072B]
Alicia Madison, INViDA, Jules Brand – Nobody [190296721786]
AWKD – I Got You (Extended Mix) [006]
Ben Ambergen, Kenny Musik – Screwface – Extended Mix [GNHX209B]
Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa – You Got the Chance (Dance) [DOPE016]
Carl Booth – Disco-Tek [DISF070]
Carlos Benedetti – Hooked [OTY006]
Colin Callahan, Now O Later – Alive [SIR1363]
Crazibiza – Cali Soul (Tommyboy Remix) [PR628RR]
Danglo, Siente – Up All Night (feat. Belle Benham) [LOVE14601Z]
Daniel Steinberg – I Saw You [AL091]
Darren Studholme – Over The Moon [MMI21001]
Dex Wilson – Another Planet (Extended Mix) [SFM819DJ]
Disco Ball’z – City Life [SB25]
Disco Ball’z – Dusty Nose [SB27]
DiscoGalactiX – Uruguay [DISF077]
Diver City – Let’s Get I’ll [TR456]
Eden Prince – Hang Tight (Extended Mix) [SOLOTOKO089]
Etienne Ozborne – Billie [VA04]
FDF (Italy) – Dance For Love [RM011]
Filta Freqz – Improve Da Groove [FD 049]
Frank Lamboy – Love or a Good Time [BTBC0038]
GhostMasters – Reach To The Party (Extended Mix) [GR638]
Josh Charm, FERGO – U Got Me – Extended Mix [STMPD461B]
KURA, Vedenzo – In My House (Extended Mix) [190296620065]
Lei – Feel Your Body EP [MS145]
Leigh D Oliver – RIP [TGIT028]
LIUFO – I Have Nothing [195497546961]
Manakinz – Semi-Sozzled [M41]
Marco Lys – Keep Looking Around [AMM602]
Markosa – Josephine 2021 (Soul Avengerz Mix) [RV033]
Mike Williams – AIR (Extended Mix) [190296638879]
Moreno Pezzolato – Faithless [FMR182]
Of Norway – Hydrangea [FPX011DIGI]
Paul Orwin – Put Your Hands Up [OHM001]
Pru Fiddy – Let It Go [SSM049]
Robert Burian – Wasting My Time [ETC346]
Sam Blacky – Paradise [SR003BP]
Siine, Levvyn – Destiny [00602438273058]
Sophie Francis – Drop That Ass – Extended Mix [STH011]
Sound Dome – Wanna House [OCM074]
Stefano Pain – Don’t You Want Me [3199]
Swanky, Jackman Jones – Feel It [MTH068]
Tentendo, Jordan Dennis – Make Me High [SIDE055]
Theobald Ringer – A Day in Culverden [BRLP2111]
Thykier – Alterate (Extended Mix) [CATALOGNUMBER114]
Tony Garcia, Rubber People – Little Birdie [SAF245]
Torio, D. Lylez – Feel This – Extended Mix [BL2115DJ]
Trimtone – Agua [TFP147]
VA – 20 Years of Moonbootique Records [MOON140]
VA – Rocking Down the House in Miami 2021
VA – This Is House, Vol. 13
Will Hofbauer – Where Did All The Hay Go [TPDD004]

Melodic House & Techno

Alex Brugnara – Kepler [694296]
Aurel Asllanaj – Mistica [AV015]
Axel Terblanche – Surreal [LSM49]
Benttum – Dreams [TYC594]
Cian Moynagh – Where Did We Go [PENANCE003]
Crouwel – Soedin [LAB1096]
Dasq – Petrichor [GNR1005]
DICLA – Brighter Than The Day [PPREC050]
Fabian Argomedo – Animous _ Azua [PSR137]
Fractall, Rocksted – Top Gear [KLAN003]
FunAttic – Maya [3XA477]
Giolì & Assia, Mahmut Orhan – Lost – Remixes [UL03054]
Hollt & Lake Avalon – Anomia [DSR007]
Ipek Ipekcioglu & Petra Nachtmanova – Tekno Tokat [KATER247]
Josh Wink – New Years Day Acid [BEDDIGI179]
Last Magpie – Clocks (Pets)
Laurent Chanal – Carbon EP [GPM633]
Leimantour – Andraste [190296790096]
Luigi Gori, Larsun Hesh – Equilibrium [PN003]
M0B – Plaza Del Toros [TRANSA256]
Michael Walken – Peace In The Middle East [SOUL034]
MID LØW – Memoria Eterna EP [STM003]
Moudy Afifi – Crickets [497376]
Nico Garreaud – Circuits [10193793]
Reymon – Heart Shades Think About It [HRBTMELODIC006]
Sassa, Nicrofobia – On The Road [AV014]
Sorlong – Perspectives [BF045]
Stark D – Methodic [VML078]
Tomy Wahl – Magic Life [HL007]
Troma, PERS1 – Kaede EP [AQR018]
VA – Melodies & Harmonies Vol. 24 [VOLTCOMP1019]
Volkan Erman – Sunshine [FER0070]
Yotto – Songs You Might Remember from Some Parties [OOO18]
Zulu Natives – Atena _ Atena _ Azoto [NH20980]

Minimal & Deep Tech

ANATTA – I Present You EP [OLEW075]
AQUO, Digital Pulse – Sky Broken [ACD003]
Ayzk Rovshan, Zebra Rec. – I Agree [698309]
Chklte – Be Limber [SGRAW040]
Davide Mentesana – Boys [SSW022]
Davide Mentesana – Fuck The School EP [T4L044]
DJ Wady, Alec Lino – Super Nova [MRCARTER160]
Floorplan ‎ – On The Case – The Deal [DUET05]
Karl Reyes, Enmanuel Dipuglia (DO) – Rise Up [CPL271]
Marco Latrach, Lu – Green Eyes [PG229]
Moig – Lil Jhn Ever [AR002]
Nato Diaz, Vicho Honorato – For Her [ST037]
Neverdogs – Pallars EP [MOAN150]
raF., Galib – Lessons [STH175]
RWN – Plumo EP [MLNT004]
Stephan Bazbaz – Mount Jasmin EP [MOAN149]
Thomas Garcia, Joluca – Nightshade [RAWDEEP034]
Tryangle Man – Altalune [THWR013]
Unknown Artist – Noah [MSK02]
VA – Eight Tracks 001 [DUSHEL166]
VA – Nothing But… Deep & Minimal, (Vol. 08) [NBDM08]
VA – Politics Of Dancing 8th Anniversary Digital Compilation Part 1 [PODD002]
VA – Výberovka [SMR001]
Välth – Tales From The Bar [ARCH178]
Warnecke – Off My Brain [STH174]
YORY – Have To Luv Me [TPO058]

Organic House & Downtempo

Be Svendsen – Nemrut [BLV9078462]
Dominik Petzold – Plant Intelligence [AMSEL063C]
Elena Kulstof feat Pandora’s Diary – Desiderium [VSN075]
Le Pacte – Birds [AMSEL080A]
TooTall – Blossom EP [KTN116]
Uper Acid Band – Shok EP [SHNG126]
VA – Nothing But… Organic House Selections, Vol. 08 – (Nothing But)
VA – Unlockations,Vol.3 [KFR06]

Progressive House

Aaron Suiss, Anartist – Leela [HM129]
Antrim – Drake – Laughs & Peace [ODST0048]
Basil O’Glue – Monarch [EMH023]
Boy North – Dream Of A Better Tomorrow [RYM087]
Chicane – Sailing [MDA038]
Collide The Sky – Trigger finger [JOOF417]
D-Phrag & Valentin Mavron – Take Me Away [BC2371]
Diego Acosta (Uy) – Far Away From The Loop [BCSA0488]
Dr Green – UFO [OLDSQL642]
Falden – Don’t Wanna Know (Le Youth Remix) [TNHX5S2D]
Federico Geckard – Resistance [NATBLACK320]
Fonzerelli – Destiny [MM13830]
G.Pal Presents GHOS – No Other Man [YO004]
Gavin Rochford – The Constant [MNL217]
Gutenn & QDream – Yaba [SNA062]
Headkube – Rainfall (Extended Mix) [RREC048X]
Inessa – Song Of The Soul [DU068]
Joman & Tonal Space – Scorpio [BP10402021]
Kamilo Sanclemente & Almma Valencia – Dharma – Back To Life [BF288]
Kommodo – Alone on Earth [NYC015X]
Leap Seconds – Guiding Principles [SPRLTD148]
Liam Garcia – Rhythm Complex [ETREE417]
Marco Caetano – Arbor [TW0050]
Mike Spirit & Spieltape – To The Sea (Oliver Schories Remix) [HWD133]
Mooh – SoulMate [M089]
Offer Nissim & Zehava Ben – Elai [ONS1090]
Portobello – All The Time – Set You Free [ESM459]
Rico, Miella, Quentyn – Only Reason [665207]
Rodg – Gardens Of Devi (Klunsh Remix) [ESCAPE004B]
Royal Music Paris – Insomnia [ROY1166]
Treavor Moontribe – Just A Wee Bit [SLC6036]
VA – Aletheia Sampler Vol. 4 [ALTH100]
VA – Anjunabeats Rising – Volume 7 – (Anjunabeats)
VA – Maestrale [NAT763]
VA – Summer 2021 [FA009LP]
VA – Summer Melody 100 Sampler Part 3 [SMLD100PT3]
VA – This Is Progressive House (Selected & Mixed by Laurent C) [AVB020209]
VA – Visceral 094 [VSCR2010]
YAIDE – Whispers (Anderson, FiveP Remixes) [MIRM082]
ZAHNA – Lima EP [BP10142021]
Ziger – In Time Remixes [MIRM083]

Tech House

4Rule – Lovin [GB052]
Adrian Busto – Move The Beat [KSTYLEMUSIC034]
Alex Sounds – Supp [LMCS002]
Alex Young, Soul Data – Tigre De Bengala EP [SWM0184]
Andrea Raffa – Discodasco _ Brace! [HFS2129]
Andres Power, Outcode – Shabba [ACR112]
Autobotz, Jho Roscioli – Propaganda [BLH012]
Benson, Joe Publick – Misbehave – Extended Remixes [UL03124]
Black Box, Bad Intentions – Work That EP [WPR021]
Caique Carvalho, Edu Marks – Follow Me [VOG052]
CHRSTPHR – We Don’t Stop [RIM047]
Cristhian Balcazar – Get Me Free (Extended Mix) [NS093]
Dave Martins – Little Helper 380 [LITTLEHELPERS380]
David Museen, Erik Christiansen, Kuestenklatsch – Favourite [HTM139]
David Museen, Jairo Delli, Erik Christiansen – Solab _ Noise [HFS2130]
Deiver – All Good [5FD032]
DGRACE, Sansixto – In a Minute (Extended Mix) [VNDLS013]
Diego Bustamante – Da House EP [HUAM492]
Dj Matt Black – No Battery [SHK0199]
Doons – Break Down [RLT035]
Elternhouse – LOST IN YOU [LOWC053]
Etwas (IT), Cuevas (ES) – Borrowed Love [HTL009]
Fabrizio Noll – Smooth [KU053]
Freshcobar, Lavelle Dupree – Turn Me Up [TFR030]
Goodboys – Bongo Cha Cha Cha [190296666360]
Groove N’ Hat – Y Griega [CAT438442]
Heider – Wanna Be [HWD009]
Jane Kovitz, Mega Tarantelli – You Always Make Me Smile [VOG064]
Joe C, AL Sharif, Faraone – Maybe [GB023]
Josh Baker – Magic Flight [YM004]
Klauth – After Funk [DW239]
Konaidy, Olimus – This is Us [LSL026DJ]
Kricked – U & I [PTR039]
Krystal Roxx – I Feel Ya – Extended Mix [UL03077]
Leo Ruff – Get Down (Extended Mix) [RUFFR001DJ]
Liam Keery, Daniel Levak – Get You (Extended Mix) [BTPRT279681]
Loudek – It’s My Life [CAT498804]
Marc Volt, Curtiba – No Sleep EP [TNCR033]
Max Styler, Gianni Keys – With Me [INC184]
Maycon Schramm, Victor Schramm – People [TG028]
Mihalis Safras – Elegant (feat. Val) [MATERIALG1]
Moonlight Fiziks – Get Weird [RED097]
Na7an, Cla$$ & JCult, Trallez – Troublesome [RSH224]
Needs No Sleep – Feel It [CCLUB079]
Nuevo Deep – Ritmo Figo [BTR435]
Organica (BR) – B Natural [STR007]
OverThinking – Your Spiritual Guide [PSYCHD104]
Pirate Snake, Pleight – THANK ME [LOWC054]
Pitros – I Don’t Give a Shit [TPC0011]
QUOBRA – Crossover [NATIVA0002]
Raffa FL – Tension [HWD008]
Ray Montreal – Bam Bam [CRSL025]
Saab – I Know [BAH087]
Seb Zen – Malakbel [DH129]
Under Sanctions – Cambodian Cocaine [UNTH0002]
VA – Absolutely Energy Workout Selections 008 [HOTQAEWS008]
VA – Purified Fragments III [PF041]
VA – Secrets Of Electronic Music Afro House Edition, (Vol. 7) [RVMCOMP2319A]
VA – Underground Tech House, Vol. 01
VA – Yousef presents Movements Part 1 [CIRCUS144]
Varo, Javi Torres – One More Time [FOH064]
VOODOO (IT) – So Get Up [JR043CO]

Techno & Minimal

Alex Stein – The Phoenix [TERM200]
Alex Vigo, Oliver-K – Imperator [AD080]
Bastet & Rommo – Attraction EP [RSZ229]
Boston 168 – Oddysee Part 1 [ODDEVEN036]
Cassy – HOV011 (House Wax)
David Granha – Tribute [LOY047]
Deborah De Luca – You Don’t Know [SOLAMENTE117]
DJ Nightnoise – Caught in Streaming [UDT 02]
Eli6ix – Catastrophic Cosmos [OTR1154]
Enter The Void – Enter The Void EP [303PH22]
Fjaak – SYS03FABRIC (Fjaak)
Floormagnet – The Tribe [FMR005]
Frank Arvonio – People Of The Night [MKT057]
G Markush – Space Love [661428]
GER MAN (AR) – Actions EP [SAC012]
HOF(DE) – Dark Passenger (Original Mix) [4056813233742]
Lampe – Stormy World [ALULA090]
Luis del Carmen, Parnassvs – Bellicose – Saracenic [TBR129]
Maksim Dark – Insomnia [SENSO080LP]
MAREAM – Educated [OXP105]
Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri – Walking On The Clouds [ALCDG145]
NoNameLeft – Busy Ness Techno EP [IK007]
O.B.I. – Good Old Times EP [SUARA430]
Procombo – Dark Energy EP [TR399]
Rashid Ajami – Never Knew (TOR)
ReAxis – Chosen Frequency EP [PRRUKBLK063]
Reinier Zonneveld & T78 – ZAOR [FOA098]
Subgate – Majestic Twelve [PHOBIQ0262D]
TiM TASTE – Risk Analysis EP [M4A058]
Tony Romanello – 8 Ways [FRCNML294]
VA – African Summer ’21
VA – Electrologic Derivatives Of Techno, Vol. 1
VA – RCKLSS01 (Reckless)
Vamos Art – HIGHER [RBL384]
Vil & Cravo – Klockworks 32 (Klockworks)
Zedkleinberg – ULTRA DARK [SK317]