Afro House

B-Liv – Spin That Shit [My Own Beat Records]
FELIPE C & SUNANA – La Bandera [Netswork Digital Records]
Gabriel Dominguez & Jose Alves – ¡Resurreccion! [Mas Music Records]
Hokkaido Miners – African Monsters [PLANE ARC RECORDS]
Joe Valentin – Summer’s Groove [Track Turners Music]
Kyika DeSoul – Ngwana Afrika (Exotic Soft Touch) [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Mattes K – Auroa [Lukins]
Metro DJ – Amasiko [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Nixxa – Egbe [Afrohauz Records]
Peppe Citarella – Organ ride (Union afro demo mix 2021) [Iside Music (IT)]
Realm of House – Rhythm is Luv (Arawakan Drum mix) [Arawakan]
Rtik – In Another Life [Soulscapes]
Shay DT – Out Of The Woods [HTR244]
Soul Fleva & Eddie Zar – SARDANA [BrokenSoul Records]
Sphereble – Tinted Windows [Black Vinyl Records]


CloudNone & Micah Martin, CloudNone – Last Train Home [Monstercat]
Green Gnome – Mucho Mambo (Remixes) [Crown Of Music]
Josh Nor – Cada Vez (Remixes) [Black Boat]
Josh Nor – Coco Jambo (Remixes) [Crown Of Music]
Richard Goez – Cutting Smooke – Groovin On [Purple Boogie]
VA – With Us Vol. One [Do As You Please]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

1Tak – Replace [Coming Up]
Ayaz Yolchuyev – Downtown [Road Story Records]
Bantuga – In House [House Soul Records]
Benny Pitcher – Oh Yeah Oh No [Crossworld Academy]
Blackstrobe – Point [Future Sonar]
Bloomfeld – The Beach [ELITARIA]
Bubblegum Pop – Into the Afterglow [Bubblegum Pop]
Bullynho – Opposite Way [Barra Records]
CHIDS – Come On [Baijan Records]
chnsw – In the Dark [SR Musics]
Cie & Mar io – Coastal City [Form & Terra Records]
Danske Beat – Keep it Up [SpekuLLA Records]
Deep Senses – For Ya [Thin Records]
DJibouti – Wanna B (feat. Erika Leah) [Critique]
Edgars Bukovskis – Words [Deep House Natural]
Eduardo Oliveira – Get Lost [AIA D]
Elektrik Ryhno – So Close [Adventure Records]
Endry DJ – Heremus [Afterdam]
Eric Deray – The One [Deep House Natural]
Faraón – Shining Down on Me [DeepShine Records]
Frederick Alonso & Pat Lezizmo – Emotion
Gulivert, Ouvid – Reconnected [Circle of Us]
Homayoun Behi – Good Feeling [AVER Records]
Idan Chen – Back For More [Feel Hype]
Karl Martyns – Pool Dance [Deep Ripplet Records]
KaytwoD’kota & Sharkbate – Amapiano it’s not DeepHouse
Khail Yu – Clouds [Old Planet Records]
Khanin Artem – Lie Machine , Vakuum [Make It Yourself Records]
Koloko – Mindreader [Sound of Soul Records]
Lello Russo – Deep in My Soul [CibiCaldi Records]
Leo Meizoso – Ocean Bottom [Personal Belongings]
Liam Mayled – Feel [The House Works]
Mai Lawson – Sexy Thing [Ovest Music]
Niko Adriatti – I Think About You [Musica Gourmet]
Nowakowski – Anymore [Deep Territory Records]
Oblomov – Night Wings [Moveton]
Obzkure – Look My Mind [Sounds of Lust]
Promo Loco – Set Aside [House Soul Records]
Rafo – Timeless [Baijan Records]
Rianu Keevs – Pron [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Triumph [Rianu Keevs]
RunXX – A Piece of the Moon [29 Deep]
Sirxam – All I Wanna Do [Fatal Music]
Sizz Nickhrome – Tsunamis [M-Sol DEEP]
Soroosh Farahmand – Vares [Ario Records]
Soulconquer & Rodney SA – ConQuer the World Pt. 2
Soulstar Syndicate – I am Scared [SoulCity Rec.]
Swimming Places – Frustrated [Places Records]
Swimming Places – Inner Child (feat. Mel C) [Places Records]
TermpestSA & Sharkbate – True Love [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Theny – Voyager [Theny Recordings]
Thulane Da Producer – Deep Ecology [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Tier Ra Nichi – The City Jungle (Fire) [Dub Fire Vox Imprint]
Troy Bell – May Be True [LunaMoon]
VA – Coloured Tones Vol.3 [Colour In Music]
VA – Deeper at Night, Vol. 56 [RH2]
VA – Ten Ten 01 [In Dushe]
VA – Ten Ten 01 [INDUSHE253]
Yunus Emre Özdemir – I’m in the Dark [DeepShine Records]
Zarlan – Gullmela [Air Music]
Zertan – Shifted [House Soul Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

Dejector – Swear [Part 4]
Evod – No Mondo [EVOD]
Nature Sounds – Nature Open [Ideas Sound]
Tas – Suicidal Pigeon [Luzztro Records]
VA – Exit Planet Earth_ Carbon [EPE01]
VA – I Love Oscill8 – Volume 3 [Oscill8]
VA – Interludes [Stereoheaven]
VA – Sketch On a Feeling [Kranglan Broadcast]


3than – Pop It [Koda Recordings]
Accidental Allies – Pocket Rocket [Sounds Of Meow]
Acid South – I Feel Good [Adiktiv]
Alessander Gelassi – Vayamos [Dirty Music]
Alex Gazzillo – Samsara [Kattivo White Records]
Alfrenk & ProOne79 – Empathy [Monkey Stereo Records]
Algrthm – U Want Me [KudoZ Records]
Amosso – Standing Still [Vital Sounds Records]
Anderblast & No Name – Keep On Walkin’ [Juiced Music]
Ari Bald – Into Vacancy [Baenger]
Aron Bax – Maison Close [Akturi Music]
Arthur Baker & Rockers Revenge – You Can Do It (Wh0’s Disco Sunrise Remixes)
Atlantic Crew – Vida Feliz [Black Sugar Recordings]
Audiohurtz & Liila So – Sleep It Off [Flipside Records Ltd]
Augusto – Gata Borralheira [HappySound]
Ballaké Sissoko – Nan Sira Madi – A Colors Show [colorsxstudios]
Bubs & Ida Flo – Rollin’ [Simma Black]
Cafe 432 – Sun Rising (feat. Shaun Colwill) [Soundstate Records]
Captain Omen – Gonna Get U Groovin [CollectiveAuthor]
Charly Angelz – Elements [Rhythm Vibe]
Charm – I Can Because of You [Flaneurecordings]
Chechu Ibiza & Pedro Ramirez – Keep On Loving You
Cote Blanlot & Paul Vine, Cote Blanlot – La Vieja Skool [Bajos Fondos]
Cyrus Khan – Fall in Love [RUN DEEP Records]
Dahouset – Chik – Kles [Plasticity Records (ES)]
Dante Payne – Sisters Sermon [City Soul Recordings]
Danyel Irsina – Dislaiked [HOLY]
David Nesselhauf – Obedience (Kryptox Version) [Kryptox]
Defragz – Hello [Big Tunes Records]
Dennis Cartier & Blando – Final Night [Magik Muzik]
Dirty Rollerz – Rollerz V2 [Krissi B Sound]
Disco Gurls – What Happen [Guareber Recordings]
DJ Casanova – Feel the Life [Nova Rider Records]
DJ Csemak – Over On [Underway Productions]
Dj Jhonaz – Intenso Boom (Pash Pash) [Jhonaz Music]
DJ Mibor – Mad Swing [Electro Swing Thing]
DJ Randall Smooth – GRACE the Spoken Word (feat. Ed Ramsey & Ms Yazz Roar)
DJ Texus – I Can Feel [Audio Killers Distribution]
DJ Tripswitch – House Is from Chicago [Bid Muzik]
Drose – Good Feeling [DRośe]
Duck Touch – Mine [Music Kitchen]
Eirron – You [Future Plan Digital]
Electribe 101 – Heading for the Night (The Frankie Knuckles Mixes)
EyeMad – Best Life [Clipper’s Sounds]
Firebeatz & Aster – Move On [Young Gunz Muzic]
Flyo & Blade Brown, Capo Lee – Keep Your Distance
Fond8 – Fade Out (Extended Mix) [Metropolitan Recordings]
Full Intention – Sky’s the Limit – (Kookoo Records)
Funky Fable – Nobody but You [Melodicall Recordings]
Future Islands – For Sure (Washed Out Remix) [4AD]
Geert – Murmuration of the Birds [Knopje Musik]
Geff Joeseph – One More Night (feat. Sam Welch) [Milleville Records]
GhostMasters – GhostMasters (The Album) [Guareber Recordings]
GHOULDALE – Prayer in Twilight [Wolfrage Recordings]
Hans Göran & flyckt, Hans Göran – LIMONCELLO [Bisous]
hardware house – Sleepy Sunday Part-003 Redux
Hassler – Ogunhe [Trick]
Hatfield – Omg [Fusion5]
Househeadz – ‘Feels So Right’ [Soul Room Records]
Iker Azcué – Let You Go (Extended Mix) [feat. Bad Wine Up] [Iker Azcué]
Indy Lopez – Pump It Up [Musiczone Recordings]
Jacob Colon – Steal the Night [Made to Move Records]
Jari One & Freeda Beast, Lish à Bon – Die Tauben vom Werderimbisso]
JedX – The Vibe [Music Marks The Spot]
Jeremy Bass & Alessander Gelassi – House Muzik [Vamos Music]
Jimmen – Keep On Movin [My Own Beat Records]
Joe Killington & Deepend – Heal Me (Gawler Remix) [NHMM LLC]
Joe Roller – Thalys [Trace Records]
Jon Van Dee – The Moment [Beatfusion]
Jordi Cabrera – To the Limit [Soulful Evolution]
JPDL & Billy Whizz – Rolling Stone [Played Out]
Junior Mello – Don’t Leave Me Behind [Crystal Records]
K-Klass – Getting Ready [All Around The World (AATW)]
Kadenza – Discoteca [Stash Records]
KdotMelody – Like Magic [4NC¥]
KM5, Torsten Stenzel & Casey Keth – What Could Be Wrong [Chica Discos]
KREEEM – Here We Go [Zulu Records]
Kronol – Kronia [Mechanical]
KΣITO – Manget [Knekelhuis]
Larizzle & RayStylie – Emotional [Larah Records]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Geto Weird Traxxx, Vol. 6 [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Liam Laghan – Made of Sand [Twisted Cells]
Live on Acid – Disco Evolver [Self Destructing Robot]
Lost BOUL – Moment in Time [The Young Proprietor]
Luca Debonaire & Maickel Telussa – Sing It Louder [Hardcopy NL Recordings]
Luis Pitti – Sofisticated [Suma Records]
Lush Djs – All the Way [Lush Life]
Lysgaard – Robins in Dual [Mhost Likely]
MachiinaSA & Mash T – Yankiie Machiina (feat. Giza Gaiiro) [Entity Deep]
Macro Nick – Skate on the Street [Intercept Music]
Madji’k – I Love Music [Groovy Riddim Records]
Maniqin – Opalescent [Wulf]
Mario Hatchet – Sirius 2021 , Sunshine 2021 [Muziek Colours LTD]
Mark Low – Don’t You Know [Black Boat]
Martin Badder – Dancing by Myself [Toolroom]
Mateo & Matos – Release The Rhythm (Sam Dexter Remix)
Matt Caseli – The Boom (Just Keep Movin’) [Stashed]
Menini & Viani – Ur the One (feat. Calvin Lynch) [Comb Records]
micFreak – Save It [Funktrap Records]
Mr.Diamond – Dance with Me [Hot Creations]
Nico Hamuy – Let It Go [House Heroes Music]
Nightro, Phil Phauler & Aleksandar Vidakovic – Don’t Like It
Nkagiseng Antiti – Jeso O Nthatile [Mofunk Gospel]
Norberto Acrisio – Dancing Mashine [Bit Rule Records]
Numo Dan – Sabrosito [Souljack Digital]
Oguzhan Yanar – Kul Oldum [Rappers Records]
Oren Levi – Moods [Zalmanim Records]
Papo Torres – Entre Galaxias (Extended Mix) [PAPO TORRES MUSIC]
Pascale Project – Talk to Me [Courage Holdings Inc]
Pedro Cañas – Minimal Pop [Midtown House]
Peggy Gou – I Go [Gudu Records]
Phatt Freddy – Far from Home [TaiJi Red Records]
Physical Dreams – Healing Sounds [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Pitto – The Young Ones [Madhouse Records]
Puppy Sierna & Joel Music – Muévelo Bebe [Solo Sabrosura Records]
PURØ, Chris Albert & Diego Antoine – The Big Apple [Total Freedom +]
Queen Astrid – I Gotta Know [The Regular Guy Records]
Raffaele Ciavolino – Where Do You Go [Cultural District Recordings]
Rico Vibes & Jose Sanchez – Get It [Green Nights Records]
Rmen Papikyan & DeVonde – Show Me [Vamos Music]
Robert Raya – Question My Love [We Are Phonik]
Roman Reiss – Forget the Past [True House LA]
RosaMela – From Station To Station [Soundrepublic]
Rosin – Rhyming Music Rap Trap Free [Libardi]
Rud3oy – Keep It Down Remixes [Irresistible Music]
Seaside Vision – My Remedy [UFO Recordz]
Shamoniks – Living for Free (Roughion Remix) [Afanc]
SiChill – Millimetron [Songbarn Recordings]
SIKelly – YEAH [Karmic Power Records]
Silent Progress – I Feel You [AquariusNeptune]
Silverfox – Ride With U [Smokin Joe Records]
Simon Adams & Max Millan – Love Has Come Around
Soldatov – Parallel Ways [Gardash Records]
Stev Dive – Get My Body [Housesession Records]
Steve K. – Need Your Love [Chugg Recordings]
Subctrl – Want To Go [400 DELSUR]
Sugur Shane & Drootrax – Icon [Sugur Shack Records]
Synth & Soda – Unfinished Love Affair (Remixes)
Taigherwuds – Fly High [27H Records]
Tan House – Jump [Soundrive]
The Arc In Space – Coventry City Is Special [kosh]
The Cube Guys, Alex Gewer – Dance Dance Dance
The Cube Guys, Mr. V – Let’s Go
The Goon Sax – Mirror II [Matador]
ToKel – One Chance [Big Tunes Records]
Tommy Maze – Noche Loca [Clipper’s Sounds]
Tomu DJ – Dream About Fruit [Side Chick Records]
Tomu DJ – Fruit 2 [Side Chick Records]
Tony Fuel & Andrea Brown – House Is Bumpin’ [Phoenix Soul]
Uke – Love Energy [ToolBox House]
Ukiyo – Baby [Pack Records]
Uppermost – Rainy Nights Magic [Uppwind]
VA – FREQ’s, Vol. 1 [FREQ IN ME]
VA – It Was Always There Vol. 1 [3024]
VA – Summer Nites, Volume 7 [Nite Records]
Valvolize – Non Spegnere La Musica [Night Vibez Records]
Vanstone – Retro Groove [Blindsided]
Vin Vega – You & Me [Eisenwaren]
Vittorio Brena – Project H [Sacudan Records]
Will Holt – Listen to the Heart [Air Music]
Wishlist – Little , First Time [Space Dementia Recordings]
Xavi Pinós – No More [Sweet Perceptions Music]
Yvvan Back – Feel the Weight [There Was Jack]
Zico SA – All for Nothing [House Elders Rec]

Melodic House & Techno

Akilles – 3 Years [Us & Them Records]
Alex Dvane – Come In [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Alex Modular – Horizon [Slow Deep Records]
Alex Wave (RU) – Indian Voice [TRIP and emotions]
Amirali Shakoori & S3RHUM – Helladise [ARKHAMRA]
Andy Lupoli – Odyssey [Licker Records]
Anticyclone – Highlands [Infinite Depth]
Arkii & Liquid Memoirs – Spectral [trndmsk]
Arni, Metronoms – No More Sunshine [Trippy Code]
Astrea, Angela Von Trier & Ivan Guasch – Parixara (feat. J Maia)
Ausilio Jó – Alem [Poker Flat Recordings]
Bach Wrecker & Lugubre – Resonance [Univack]
blaktone & Florian Kruse – Ursa Major [Soulfooled]
Casten – The Trip [Nebur Recordings]
Ceej – Toho [Souta.]
Chris Bravo – Monza , Inertia [Embliss Records]
Crennwiick – The World’s Recreation [Digital Diamonds]
Danny Darko – Iko Iko [Oryx Techno]
Davidee – Duality (feat. Leah.O) [Old School Music]
Dennis Keim & David Heine, Dennis Keim – Fading (feat. Anny)
DJ Leoni – Radiation [Underground Lessons]
Dmitry Reiter, iNichi – My Universe [Rate Action]
Dualix, William Rizz & miila, William Rizz – Evolution [Audioreaktor]
Durante & HANA – Away Home (Cassian Remix) [Anjunadeep]
E – Verformung – The Time Will Come [Notsignal]
Edu Imbernon & Nico Casal – Noso (feat. Solomon Grey) [Fayer]
Eduardo Kushneros – The One [Sub Max Records]
Eelke Kleijn – The Hierophant (Renato Cohen Remix) [DAYS like NIGHTS]
Enea Brutti – Blue Odissey [Asterisko Records]
Eran Hersh – Tango Roxx [Enormous Tunes]
Eva Forte – Just a Feeling [40eva]
Felix Dofenbeck – Reverser [ADRO Records]
Fredstyler & Cassandra Michelli – Paradise of the Pleasures
Galexis – Equinox [Alaula Music]
Gaty Lopez & David Olivier – Big Wave [JANGO DEL MAR]
Graviton – Distant Memories (Maze 28 Remix) [Best Pro Records]
hajoso – Swantow [Bullfinch]
Harry Grig – Anunnaki [Redwave Recordings]
Henning Richter – I Feel Love [Solaris Records]
Intox – One Night in Tokyo [Roxxx]
Ivan Masa – Melody [Click Records]
James Halon – Interstellar Medium [Echoes From Past Worlds]
Jamie Clarke – Caso [Either Recordings]
Jay Phonic – Sticky Choir [Inspired By Trees Records]
Jonathan Kaspar – Invert Drift [Cocoon Recordings]
Josel Jimenez – Don’t Wait [73 Muzik]
JR (CH) – Warm Feelings (Remixes) [Le Jour Me Nuit]
Kapibara – Macaca [Eklektisch]
Karakum – Texture of Time Remixes [nown]
Kazi – Dream On (Extended Mix) [Namaste Records]
Korinami – Cubo [Superordinate Music]
Kronos & Straub – Bahabon [fortyeleven]
Kulebra – Yak [400 DELSUR]
Kurt Baggaley – Rebuild [A Must Have]
Kyoot – Transparent Spheres [Rabbit Records]
Le Roy – End of April [Purified Records]
Lena Storm – The Voices of Asia [Dear Deer Dubs]
Logic1000 – Safe In My Arms , YourLove [Therapy]
Lonely Dancer & Robert Owens – Don’t Wanna Be Alone [Tropical Animals]
Luca Guerrieri – Between You and Me [Sirup Records]
Luca Vallante, Mark Otame – The Hype [ME! Records]
Luis M – Bush Owl [IbogaTech]
Mahmoodreza – Astronomy [IN-KAREH RECORDS]
Marco Bänder – Summer Setting [Ton Liebt Klang]
max dansky – On and On [Therefore Records]
Mettie Chandler – Sequence [Deepmode Digital]
Nick Devon & Grammik, Soul Button – Couple Affair 08 (Part 1)
NoNameLeft – Illusions [Minds Of Sin Records]
Note Ready – Shaman [LAT LONG]
NTO – Petit Matin [AllPoints]
Past Deep – Rushing to the Light [Universal Love Tribe]
Patrick Hero – Sumatra [Gate Recordings]
Pentia – Hidden Sky [Space Tale Records]
Pibogár – Rebirth [STIG]
Portek – Wicked [Walking Music]
Prismode & Solvane – Nosferatu [Dantze]
Ran Salman – Hazui [trndmsk]
Raul Ron – This Is the Way [Wanderlust]
Roman Falke – Star Track [Stampfkombinat]
Same Vibe – Fairy Tale [Like That Underground Limited]
Sascha Kloeber – Durstig [Funkelt]
Sergio Oyarvide – Pendulo [Nebular Tunes]
Soneaza – You Know [SoulArt Recordings]
Sosa Ibiza & Dalosy – Tornados [Oxytech Planet]
SOULPHUNX & Natalie Blüme – Storm [Moving Waves]
Soundpill – Memories [ARROMA RECORDS]
Space Jam & High M Vectro – Space Jammin [Protonic Records]
Stazam – So Ham [Stazam]
Stefan Addo – Dystopia (feat. Eve Biōn) [Dear Deer Productions]
TERRA NOSTRA – Notes (Extended Mix) [WS]
ThePat – Tale [Room 68]
Thomas Gandey & Alex Kaspersky – To Find Reason Remixes Part 1
Tiaem – Cyclone [City of Drums]
Tobak – Family [Artessa Music]
Tomy Wahl & Alain Fanegas – No Fate [Dear Deer Black]
Tonino – Zwielicht [Fever Records]
Turker – Afraid Of [Underyourskin Records]
Umutbooy – Diamond [Harabe Lab]
UNDERHER – You Can’t Give Me What I Want [Renaissance Records]
VA – Best of Melodic Techno 2021 [White Line Music]
VA – Inner Awen Vol. V [Awen Records]
VA – Login Accepted, Vol. 01 [Analisar Music]
VA – Where the Hearts Are, Vol. 12 [Where The Heart Is]
Vitaliy Zubarev – Catfish [Figura Music]

Minimal & Deep Tech

3Kilo – Tired Way Home [Krad Records]
Akademik & Henao (COL) – Luv the Way [Fractal Group]
Alan Becker – Space [Conceptual Deep]
Alejandro LH – Sandalwood [Kief Music]
Alessio Bianchi – Strong [MUUV]
Alex Cooksley – Highfield Road [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Anatoly Space – Summer 2021 [.KF Records]
Andron – Looking Down [Neu Gravity]
AngelFdez – Holidays in Andalusia [Street Habitat]
Anthy – Drums Back [Ole Rec]
Antonio Rizzo – Sub R [Interplanetare Lab]
Atapy – Pianobit [Cimelde]
Ben Spalding & Ranka – 9AM Madness [PuzzleProjectsMusic]
BenShock – Artu [Driven Recordings]
Bisz – Headless Voices [PhonicHouse1 Records]
Bizza – Another Percussion [Techaway Records]
Bloh – Space Deep [IWANT Music]
Bronxy & Alfi-J, Bronxy – One Moment [Rockets Audio]
Cupido – Lofacil [Sweet Trip Music]
DAMNC – To My People [Talisman]
Dan Kramer – Have a Good Trip [Sequencer]
Danny (AT) – Pull Em Up [LMNTAL Street]
Danny Marx – Deep Inside [Subtractive Recordings]
Del Fonda – Sosiego [Family Partner]
Demenz – I Wanna Piv [Rockets Audio]
Denis Kaznacheev – Over the Began [Rockets Audio]
Diego Aguirre – Wachufleiva 88 [Wachufleiva]
Drez (HU) – Lekker [Rawsome Ltd]
Dubrovnik – Exit Strategies [ECOUL SND]
Dustin Hoffmann – Bass Societ [Trippy Cat]
Eber Torres – Rock Me Baby [Sousa-Label]
Eme Kulhnek – Extension [Dark Wave]
Enio Prod – Little Bird [Take My Space]
Fabrizio Placidi – Dark Talk [Kubiq]
Fardin Ameri & Massud Matin – be MINIMAL [Lame Insults]
Fhaken & Wayne Madiedo – Beach REMIXED [Beachside Records]
Floska – Abduction [Rockets Audio]
Franz Scandolari – Innocence [TRIP and dream]
Freigänger – I Feel Like [Schaltwerk Records]
Furz – Ain’t No More Flowers [Rockets Audio]
Georgia State Line – Every Time [BBop Music]
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Quasar [Biometric Music]
Giuseppe Tota – Unconscious Bias [Burger Music]
Hart & Neenan – Vultures [Deeperfect Records]
Issam Ogur – 20 To 23 [Bombga]
Iulian Badea – Strong [Plastik Galaxy]
Jh0ssu – Espiral de Tierra [Glerx Records]
Jiggy (IT) – Cosas Buenas [Be Water Recordings]
John Deluxe – Catadupa [Be Positive Records]
Jorge Herrera – Bomtrail [LMNTAL Street]
Jorhav – Alucinaciones [Fine Music]
Kane Sonder – Lowkey Romance [NOPRESET Limited]
Kane Sonder & Arbea – Desire [Houbless Music]
Lose Endz – Iron Island [Zingiber Audio Digital]
Lotrax – Jazz Junkie [Grass Route Records]
Lou Flores & Cristóbal Muchacho – Right On Time [Oceanic Recordings]
Lukas Schaun – Trip to France [Agape Muzik]
Manuel Guzman – Tripolar [HardCutz Records]
Matheiu – Celestial Activity [Rockets Audio]
Mathii – Solar [Floorpiece Digital]
Matías Schaller & Tomas Bisquierra, Tomas Bisquierra – Non Stop [Habitat]
Mattias Coll – Can You Feel [Haliaeetus Music]
Max Court – EthnIc Touch , to Much [Inspirado Records]
Mental Carnival – A New Day [Rockets Audio]
Mera – Tenability [Dream Culture]
MINT (JPN) – Seize the Day [T4 Label]
MINT (JPN) – Vanquish [Strange Stories Records]
Mood Syndicate – Kalakali [Differed Records]
Mortalyf – Beyond Time [Leftback Intercities]
Natalia Roth – Routine [Inwave]
Nicolas Angeles – True [The Freak & Weirdo]
Orate – Double Trip [Revival records]
Paul Haro – Phaze [Laguna Records]
Processing Vessel – The Deep End [Dubwise Records]
Pulse (UK) – Astral Travel [Acid Mind]
PYNECøNE – Disco Dan [Seshling Records]
Remi Blaze & Malle – Hierophant [Filthy Sounds]
Reza Golroo – Sabotage [Fade To Black]
Riky Ild – Fake Proposal [Eat and Beat]
Rob Manuello & Daniele Allegrezza – Error [Lemon Juice Records]
Roger Torroni – Early Morning , Push Me [Deep Tech Lab]
Rony Chancay – Peace For All [Sacudan Records]
Scv – Dorment Spirituality [Archipel Musique]
SDXN – Lucidity [SDXN]
Seba Machado – Bring That Body [Manicomio Music]
Sebas Torres – Panorama [Conceptual]
Sidney Charles – Rave Fever [Heavy House Society]
Sow L – Sight [Estribo Records]
STL – Sneak Illuminator [Goldmin Music]
SubFNK – ‘Around My Head’ [Soul Room Records]
Taylan – Arabia [musicbytaylan]
Thomas Klipps – Find Bugs [refused.]
Tom Relio – Bill’s on Fire [Dark Hooks Records]
Tomecpm – Okay [wizzLAB Records]
Tony Metric – Same [Ofrenda Music]
Toollbox – Aesthetic [Ball Park]
Triptah – Mastah [Surrealismrec.]
VA – Alliwant Wax digital 006 VA [AIWAXDIG006]
VA – Alliwant Wax digital 006 VA [Alliwant Wax]
VA – Hot Tracks Vol. 4 [Music Viral Lab]
VA – Minimal Summer [PL7]
VA – Not Allowed VA 025 [Not Allowed]
VA – Select RO Minimal [Selectro]
VA – Young Blood Italian VA [We Hustle Harder]
Velten – He Art [Nostandarta]
Vimu Babilonia – Paradise Garage [Harbor Records Collective]
Workleft – Clearomizer (Special Edition 2021) [argia rec]
Yalan – Cat Bus Groove [Miaw]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

AckerMan – Destination Unknown [Mad House Industries]
Ann Margaret Hogan & Barry Adamson, Gini Ball – Without the Moon
Anton Ishutin – Everybody’s Changing [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Bereznoy – De la Musique Saoule [Sundries Digital]
Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Ever New (Kelsey Lu’s Transportation)
Black Box – I Don’t Know Anybody Else (Western Disco Rework)
C. Da Afro – Mandrill Cuts 017 [Furious Mandrill Records]
Cliff Kendall – Floating [My Wife Records]
Corrado Alunni – DW051 [Discoweey]
Cudos & Jake Neumar, Cudos – Extra-Curriculars [BonFire Records]
Cupidon & Oh Hi Ali – Got It Like That [Sundae Sauuce]
Cuprite – Kommunizm [Space Paradise Music]
Devon James – Turn That [We Jack.]
Disco Secret – The Ballad [BeachGroove Records]
Domestic Technology – 3s Collection, Pt. Two [3S]
Dominik Marz – Shine [Feines Tier]
Dwn2earth – Don’t Play With Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Rostrum Records (ING)]
El Dragón Criollo – La Número Uno [EL PALMAS MUSIC]
El Timo – Break Open This Chance (feat. Ceiti) [Groovy Firehorse 66]
Escadia – Synthology [Bomba Records]
Even Da Twilight – Boileroom ’80 [SpinCat Music]
Ezirk – Love hZ [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
Fotos – Ausflug (RSS Disco Remix) [[PIAS] Recordings Germany]
G.Pantelidis – Funk Boundaries [Hive Label]
Gothic Tropic – Tang Brain [Dome Of Doom]
Hertzen – Ananke [Einklang Records]
Hola Olas – Ladders [Paradiso Records]
Hotmood – Funktastic [Funky Revival]
HP Vince & DANROS – Body – (Tropical Disco Records)
Jason Core – A Chanson [Boite Music]
Jesse Bru – Yellow Sunshine Machine [SlothBoogie]
JOY – Orbit to Landfall [Nein Records]
Ken@Work – Move On Up [Hive Label]
Kieran Apter – Doc’s Track [CB90 Dance Recordings]
Klissmoon – So Fine (Algrthm Remix) [KudoZ Records]
Kristoff MX – Keep On Dancin’ [Hive Label]
Liv Stellar – My Time [Beatbridge Records]
Lou Hayter – Still Dreaming (Joe Goddard Remix) [Skint Records]
Lucare & Aurum Miles – Demonomania [Espacio CIELO]
LZ Love & Tyler Stone – Dance Through It [Nervous Records]
Mannix – Care [Mango Sounds]
Nash Cedar – It’s Funky Time [Soul Bro Records]
Nytron & Zmark – What a Feeling [Erase Records]
Oliver Bach – Dance with Me [Sanlucar records]
Paper Cut Pony – Aussie Daydream [Chill District Recordings]
Patrice Rushen – Straight from the Heart (Remastered) [Strut]
Peredel & Tom Zeta – Crazy Frog [UFO Sound]
Pierre-M & Ant Klent – Smiley Face [Black Riot]
Pölux – Boogie Fever [Super Spicy Records]
Potpourri – Ich bin durchsichtig (Dirty Doering Edit) [KATERMUKKE]
Rey&Kjavik – Chapter of an Unbroken Narrow [RKJVK]
RobJamWeb – Solarized 2021 Remixes [Waxadisc Records]
Robotek – Brejkeri [Incl. Andreja Salpe’s Ride] [PMG Tanz Digital]
Rodion & Mammarella – Sierra Madre [Slow Motion]
San Quentin – Nascar [Mosaique Records]
Shubostar – Spiegel [Internasjonal]
SixxFoot – Lost [NYLO]
Steff Daxx – Pretty Chill (Extended Mix) [Cut Rec]
Talk Shop – Battery Acid [Verydeeprecords]
The Jazz Defenders – The Big Man , Love’s Vestige [Haggis Records]
The Weathermen – Reworkx [FenixFire Records]
Tommy Riley – I Gotta Know [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Tonbe – El Mariachi [Fruity Flavor]
Umvral – El Instinto [Veneno]
VA – Diamonds in the Night Vol. 3 [Bordello A Parigi]
VA – Latido 004 [Latido]
VA – Mutated Beat Anthologie, Vol. 1 A [Mosaique Records]
VHS Dreams – R.E.D.M [VHS Dreams]
Vini Pistori – Never End [Secret Fusion]
Xacome – Songs for Neighbours [Cenital Music]
Xavier Beet – Over You [Beatbox Records]
Zoo – Soft Deceit [Never Sleep]

Organic House & Downtempo

Afterlife & Ken Fan – DREADBOX [Subatomic Uk]
Airstream – Coffee Bar (Sunnys Pool Mix) [feat. Phil Kinley]
Ali Termos – Beirut [Tibetania Records]
Antias & dancemilkdance – Mesmerizing Sky [Zolotaya Orda]
Astral Waves, Profondita – Eternal [Altar Records]
Autochtone – Tube [Blessed Cross Records]
Bastián de Luka – Orishas [Varialstudio]
Beat D Fender – Cosmic Window [YUN Recordz]
Beije – Azimuth [Sound Avenue]
Blackboxx – It’s Sometimes Just Like Sleeping [High Vibe Records]
Blockhead – Nostalgia Is a Scam [Future Archive Recordings]
Bom – Wakanda Life [Paper Recordings]
Botle MusiiQue – Loving Soul [Rounded]
Can Casar – Far Away [White Rooms]
Chris Zippel & Yoram Roth – Koudooni [Allisum Records]
Cihangir Aslan – Reborn [Subroomer Records]
Conte – Traum Tour [Poesie Musik]
Coss – Sinus Interludes [Metanoia]
Dark Chouette – Journey to the Unknown [M-Records]
Dennis Allen – Cold Sands [Dialtone Tales]
DeVante – After Everything [Hazy Days]
Dileep Rani – Ash [Coral Gables Records]
DJ Grumble – Sebajun [Cookie Records]
Earl Von Bye – Shaka [Mixed By Monkeys]
Elementsof, Marco Tegui & Jules Heller – All the Colors [San Bolsa Music]
Emin Gök – Lady V [Kanto Records]
Evan Hatfield – Kafi [Pinkturban]
Fabian Palacios – Conscious [FPO Music]
frakment – Tarhunt [Tibetania Records]
Hikari – Persian [Via Del Sol Records]
Holographic Dissolve – Up to the Sky [Mutant Bit]
Humanitat – Positions [Music Brokers]
InjunTrubl & Ben-Ji – How We Do [Fuzion Four Records]
Inocuo – Interstellar [Basement Dub]
Jarren – Whittier Blvd. [Apron Records]
Jay Airiness – On The Way [Disco Vibration]
Jessie Rey – Love’in Dubai (Elchinsoul Remix) [Paradiz]
JMesa – Heliconia [Sound Optix]
Joe Gilbert – Air [Elephant Beach Records]
Katabtu – Afterglow [Serafin Audio Imprint]
Kimaru – Grand Underground [Eskapaden Musik]
Knwmvn – From Jazz to Blues [Devine Sounds]
Le’Gram – Arabesque [A Tribe Called Kotori]
Leonidas K. – Verano [Fishtone Records]
Lichterloh – Quite Frankly [Otium Garden]
Loui Martz – Que Vuelva La Fiesta [Whole Story]
LYP – Mirage [DeepWit Recordings]
Marshall Watson – Sunsets on Larkin, Pt.2 [NuNorthern Soul]
Mellow Men – Kishna (feat. Mr.Sideburns) [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
Mfinity – Moments [High Vibe Records]
Michael Felix – Tiny Island [Lummi]
Moe Turk – All I Ever [BEATZ]
Monojoke – Tales of the Teary Mirrors [RYNTH]
Nico Rosenberg – 2 De Diciembre (Holobody Recycle)
Nicolas Rada – Zeitgeist [The Soundgarden]
Nightly Closures – The Lovin In You [Option]
Nosssia – Green Way [Harabe]
Oded Gafni – Salvador [Camel Riders]
Peve, Zone+ – B2B Series 05 [Akbal Music]
Riddim Research Lab – Dopewise [Local Talk]
Ryuzaki Tsukawa – Calypso’s Cave (Lamyadon Remix) [Zeitlyserg]
Seba Campos – La Pastorcita Perdida [Copycow]
Starwalk – An Isoun Aggelos (feat. Katerina Bournaka) [The Hubsters]
Stories Of Others – Dukun [Particles]
Stranger Tourists – True Nature [ThreeRecords]
TuraniQa – BellyDance [Exx Underground]
Ulises – Ritual Incognito [SCM]
UNDERHER & Midnight Workouts – The Cure [Kindisch]
Ushuaia Boys & Anne La Sastra – Umami [Digital Room Records]
VA – Harabe Daydreams III [Harabe]
VA – Mind at Large [The Magic Movement]
VA – Sonus Terrarum [MONADA]
VA – Sustain Series, Vol. 2 [Ambientologist]
VA – Various Artists – Revelations, Vol. 6 [Electronic Groove Records]
Vito Ruzzini – Galactic Dream [RuVitaliS Music Label]
Wing Vilma – Astrology Cup [Young Heavy Souls]
Xplore – Lo-Fi Memories [Subspace Transmissions]
Yamin Bene – Oblivion (feat. Dani Zavera) [Ouana Records]

Progressive House

Aaron Dmitriew – Be My Escape [Progressive House Worldwide]
Acrono – Beyond [Tantalum Records]
AdamMaca – Old School [Adam Maścianica]
Alejo Fochi – Expressing [Dark Mirror Records]
Apollo 14 – Below Zero [14 Recordings]
Asrem – UNIVERSE [Open House Records]
Avestro – Firestart [Umusic Records]
Axel Zambrano – Magic Moment (Remixes) [Dark Mirror Records]
AxeLara – Luna [AH Digital]
Basic Guy, Tom Bro – Journeys 1 [Landscapes Music]
Benwaa – Incantation 64 [ASTIR Recordings]
Cabanni Dosche – You Love Me [Indoor Music]
Cary Crank – Der Rochen [Monkey League]
Ceci – My Best Friend [Sekora]
Cerad & RUSRUS – Aeris [STRND Records]
Chayo Alvar – Blinded Soul [Mode2Move Records]
Cheese & Cheese – Chocolate [aboriginal]
Cressida – Beacon [Monstercat]
Da Fresh – Always [Area Verde]
Damirichi – You’re Inside Me [Lummi]
Danushka – Northern Star [BC2]
Deepness – I Don’t Know [Freegrant Music]
Diego R. – Reversed [Strangers Beats]
Diego R. – Seismic Disaster [Massive Harmony Records]
Dimii – Pluck Halls [Star Dive Records]
DJ Samer – Diaspora [Bedrock Records]
Doneyck – Yamba Remixes [Asane Records]
dongarcez – Immersive [TRIP and emotions]
Dylan Deck & Heel & Toe – Willow [Droid9]
Eddy Tango – Storming [Sunexplosion Records]
Enium – First [Figura Music]
Essco – Thunder [JOOF Recordings]
Ewan Rill – Alternative Vision [Balkan Connection]
Fabio Fuso – Mistery [Trippy Code]
Fran Bianco – Oasis [Transensations Records]
Galestian – All for You [ICONYC Noir]
Gar – Het Zit Wel Snor [Hands In The Air]
Gaston Ponte – Sky Surfer [Balkan Connection South America]
Goda Brother – Broken Dreams [Another Life Music]
Hedowiec – Interstellar [Soluna Music]
Hobin Rude – Gaudium [Future Avenue]
Imposters Of Groove – Light [XMOD Records]
Industry Insiders, DJ Xquizit & House Hits – This Moment, Pt. 2 [
inon bramy & Mashbuk Music – Sea Fortress [Mashbuk Progressive]
Jickow – Run & Jump [Movement Recordings]
Jordan Gill – Enigmatic [JOOF Aura]
Juan Deminicis – Water , Rebellion [Proton Music]
Karaka – One Night [Figura Music]
Kazuki – Samsara Nirvana [Late Night Music]
L.GU. – Get Out , Hear Me [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Leeman Brothers – Aliens Are Real [M-Sol DEEP]
Leo Baroso – Troubadour [Mystic Carousel Records]
Leon Ellus & Anjerio – Hold On [GOTTA RCRDS]
LJAY – Always Faithful [AIR Music Pro Distribution]
Lonya & Jelly For The Babies, Lonya – Marco Polo [Click Records]
LTN, Ghostbeat & Clara Yates – The Last Time [AVA Deep]
Manu F – Yellow & Blue [Droid9]
Micro Dj Sound System – Katana [Yavorovskiy Dark]
MiraculuM – Disconnection [Groove 9]
mirzach – Phoenix [NSNTR Records]
MJ MARK – Summer in Rehab [Mead Records]
Moe Turk – Mahraja [BEATZ]
MOKX & Noivil – Always Remember [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Momentem – Think About You [GOTTA RCRDS]
Mono Lisa – Breaking Pad [Beat Coin Records]
Morttagua – Dhaboros [Timeless Moment]
Moth Warlock – Espiritus Del Bosque [Environmental Records]
Mr Fred – Navigation [Resonate Together]
My Format – Feel Free [La Mishka]
Nikko [CN] – SeaShell [Sunset Horizon]
Nopopstar, 2JOHN’S & Eugene Jay – If You Loving Me [UNCLES MUSIC]
Object One – Typewriter (Plastic Remixes) [Previous Records]
Ognevv – Obsiddian [Lincor]
P. Lima – Nibiru [TRIP and dream]
Paul Kwitek – Kilimanjaro [Existence Records]
Peter Käehne – A Burners Tale [Deep Deer Records]
PHYZXX & Renay Renae – Sandbox [Magik Muzik]
Rianu Keevs – Free Souls [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Joy and Pain [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Reach for the Sun [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Telo [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Vertigo [Rianu Keevs]
Ricardo Piedra – It’s a Happening [Stellar Black]
Robert Dalshetch – Where the Dawn Is [Soluna Music]
Rodg & Dan Soleil, Rodg – At Night [Escape]
Sasha Sound – The Rhythm of Life [76 Recordings]
Secret Society of Tech – A Lost Soul [XMOD Records]
Sha-ullo – Moods , Game Changer [Plattenbank]
Simon Firth – Cosmic Dust [Mirabilis Records]
Simos Tagias – Black Swan – Remixes [Juicebox Music]
Snow Ninja – Nice Guys Finish First (Special Edition) [MUSCARIA PROJECT]
Sonny Noto – There for You [Sosumi Records]
Sphenoid – Never Look Back [Art.Rec.Lab]
Stavensuniverse, Lockqe & Eileen – Shooting Star [Unmei Ongaku]
Stereo Underground – Thoughts on a Time of Waiting [Sprout]
szilardK – Return Man [Dynamica]
Tech Us Out – Northern Lights (feat. imOdarka) [TUO Records]
Tim van Werd & Crime Zcene – On Your Side (feat. Dan Soleil)
UnityZ – Darkness [Kibbutz Records]
VA – 1 Year Future Avenue [Future Avenue]
VA – Against [Macrocosmos Records]
VA – Moods #01 The Originals [3rd Avenue]
VA – One of a Kind Best of Summer 2021 [One Of A Kind]
VA – Sounds of Nature Sampler, Vol. 1 [Nature Rec.]
VA – Summer Clinique 021 [Clinique Recordings]
VA – The 500th Release [BQ Recordings]
Venao – Insomnia [Dark Mirror Records]
Y do I – I Don’t Know Y [Area Verde]

Tech House

2 Sides Of Soul – Moving up (Incl Killed Kassette Remix) [Claps Records]
4mant – Keep On [Formant Records]
35mm & Rawle Night Long, 35mm – Huh Uh [POPGANG Records]
Afcv – Under the Lights [DataTech]
AK (SI) & D.K.O – Body Work [Sub Lift Records]
Alain Ducroix & Daniele Quatrini – Tell Me (feat. Venessa Jackson) [Extended Mix]
Alejandro Peñaloza – Tributo [Nervous Records]
Alessio Madaio – Sweet [Techempire Records]
Alex Fleitas – Sector 6 [Abreumusic Productions]
Alex Kennon – How to Play [Saved Records]
Alex Kislov – Calibrate [Dancewood Stage]
Ammo Avenue – Tango [Lost Audio]
Andrea Raffa – Discodasco Brace! [Hotfingers]
Andres Blows & Julian D’Koch, Andres Blows – Awake [Worms Records]
Andrew Besada – Do It All Again [MASSIVE SOUNDS]
AndThen – Im so into You (Tribal Bizniz) [SHAPESHIFT RECORDS]
Andy Allwood, Fabrizio Parisi & The Editor – I Know You Want This (Over & Over)
Antonio Catacchio – Just the Beginning [Techara Music]
Aternity – I Want You Back [Check In Recordings]
Barri Yinn – Delta [Misu Misu Records]
Barthez – You Can Wait [Luxury Night]
Bazmik – Tomorrow! [Urban Wavve]
Beatcreator – Get Flow [Phunk Junk Dark]
Belton John – Tesla [Wolf Scream Records]
Bernard Grooves – Me Gusta [Jacking Records]
Big Gabee – Losing Control 2021 [Pure Tunes]
Blu Leopard – Bass Yeah [Moustache Label]
Blvckr & Mr. Lekka – Damn [REFILL MUSIC]
Bryan House – Mischief [Latitud 62 Records]
BuffCode, Sothe & Cool 7rack – Every Night [Cool 7rack Records]
Bush League – Hypnotise [WyldCard]
Butane & Riko Forinson – Werk, Vol. 2 [Extrasketch]
Cekay Pellegrini – Lost in Space [Plastikdrums Records]
Champloo – Steez Brotha [CUFF]
Chicks Luv Us – Connection [Cr2 Records]
Chris Damon & Pako Ramirez – In My House [Strictly Records]
CK Pellegrini – Mr. Laugh (Essa Mulher) [Plastikdrums Records]
Cris Ruiz – My Eyes [Vandals Recordings]
Danilo Milani – Whatever [Siena]
Darius Syrossian & Bushwacka! – Return to Jericho [Crosstown Rebels]
David Treble – Turn Me [Drop Low Records]
Delistic – Let Me Tell Your Something [RUVA House Records]
Delonge – Player [Subsolar Music]
Diamond Fingers & Dany Fright – Salsa [DeepNHeat]
Diego Eugenin – The Rhythm [The Society]
Digable Funk – Acid Sex – System [California Music]
Dipzy – Woo , I Might [My Techno Weighs A Ton]
DJ Ronnie Rave – Walking on Bae [Bully Beats]
Dopplers – Juana [Renegade Kidz Club Records]
Drag & Drop – Sneak Out [Whoyostro]
Eats Everything – Think About the Revolution [UNCAGE]
EchoStorms – Tidal Wave [Dying Light Records]
El Jack – Mucho [Hot Stuff Record]
Elegant Hands & Calego, Fred Symonds – Hot Picks Vol.4 [Hot Fuss]
Elekplunkinkantk & Klum Baumgartner – Train to Berlin [Tarangrooves Music]
Enyel Fleur – I Just Want [All Is All Music]
Evgeny Samsonov – Space Trip [Neonius Records]
Evil Solo – Space Jam [Tech Avenue Records]
Fabio Lima – What [ROOM 82Records]
Federico Fanti – People Say [Kleos Recordings]
Fellipe Beckman & Cool 7rack – Happening [Cool 7rack Records]
FEX (IT) – Lullaby [Klaphouse Records]
Fickry – Power Syndrome [kluBasic plus]
Filippo Rossi – Let Go [Electronik Circus]
Flow & Zeo – Vamo [Tropical Beats Music]
Francesco Bigagli – Bounce On the Floor [Groovy Love It]
GAGH & Luis Pergo – To the Groove [Clover Records]
Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona – I Can See [Moody Recordings]
Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona – My Property [Playmobil]
GiddiBangBang – Strange Feeling [Observatory Music]
GoldenBass – How Are You Feeling [PPMUSIC]
GOOVA – Unlogical [Razzer Records]
Greck B. & Anko A – Call Me [Black Seven Music]
Grünberg – Haifischbecken , Believe in You [Unexpected Audio Productions]
Hardhauser & MRXXX, Hardhauser – Technoconnection [WRNG SCTY REC.]
Hassio & Sammy Morris – Feel Heads [Green Kiwi Records]
Hawkins – Low Battery [Close Contact]
IGMO, Jorge Ballesteros – Summertime, Vol. 1 [e-tracksrecords]
Igor Zanga – Back To the House [Sweet Milk Records]
Italo Perez – Remelody [Famillia Recordings]
JaKuna – Like a Freak [Jendex Records]
Jho Roscioli, Jorge Mattos – Loulou Records Sampler Vol. 45 [LouLou Records]
JM Jiménez – No Sense [0212 Records]
Joe De Renzo – Double Messed [Vulkano Records]
Joe Jadney – Hands [Not So Serious]
Jorge Andrade – Up in the Air [Sagmen]
Jose Valero – Fake the Feeling [Techaway Records]
Joy Marquez & Ani Phearce – Yemaya Umbao [Futura Groove Records]
Justin Lawson – Simulation [Murston Records]
K. Logan – Life Guard [Bos Tech Records]
Kevin York – Bandonkadonk [Kubbo Records]
Kiden Hay – Wobble [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Kotz – The Frequency [Loving Tech]
Kuestenklatsch – Heartbeat With Me [Wajiro]
Late Replies – Second Nature [Knee Deep In Sound]
Lello Palumbo – Say Bass [PPMUSIC UNLIMITED]
Level Groove – Acidized [Mindshake Records]
LIV The Pilot – Color [Difussion Records]
Lubelski – Ometepe [BIG BAM BOO]
Luke Stanger – Perception [Kukushka Records]
Luuk Van Dijk – The First Time [Hottrax]
Maatti – I Don’t Need U [Dancewood Stage]
Manager & Afro – Dark Path [ChessBoard Music]
Marcos Silvestre – Borroso [Swat Rec]
Mark Fiorre – Diferente [DOT Dance]
Mate Rodriguez – Who U R [Radioactive]
Matias Carrieg – Is On the Mine [Coquimbo Music]
Matteo Quezada – Lost Time [Escena Local Music]
Mike McFly – Shadethrower [Strangelove Recordings]
Mikp – Sirens [Clubshine Records]
Misc Mood – Push [Neu Gravity]
Monki – Flipside [Pets Recordings]
Movedeck – Resisting [Knuck!]
MVNOZ – Raining Days Off [400 DELSUR]
MYLØ – Sufriendo (feat. Zafra Negra) [WEPLAY Music]
Nacho JM – Doctor [Hechos Music]
Nalex – Jumanji [Ribox Records]
Nameloss Nosk – Insane Lp [Erijo Gold]
Nazimo – Gonna Feel It [Shisha King]
New Stereo – Right Brain [Hot Fuss]
Nick Guarise – Sexy Thing [KNCK LTD]
Nick Holz – Lamborgini [Deep Bear]
Nozzleholder & Luca Magnino – Colonizer [Conscious]
Oliver Alvarez – Nueva Era [Sonido D Club Records]
Onessbeats – Move It [Complex Destroyerz]
Otoxic – Phise [Abstract Channel]
Panda Dave – Let’s Dance [Mar de Fóra Records]
Proudly People – Acid Jungle [Rawthentic]
Punk Rock – Mures [Marktek Records]
QubiqueSmall – Into Space [Way Up Music]
Quenum – Briggs Street [Balance Music]
Raver Dj – Time Out [Basse-cour]
RedWine House – Skank In the Rave [GAMAD Records]
Ren Phillips & YINGYANG – Rude Boy [SK Recordings]
Rescue & Samuel Lawrence – My Direction [We Jack.]
Rockers Delight – Ghetto Vibes [Jacking Records]
Roger & Free Love – African Dream [MUMI Records]
Rogier Dulac – Be Alone [Connect and Progress]
Rylo – Get High [Martians Records]
Salvi & Franklin Dam – Molly [Salvi Music]
Sam Supplier – Sail Away [Glasgow Underground]
Sergey Oblomov – Kvartira [Muza]
Sergiodnine – Feel Like This [Unloaded Records]
Simon Pagliari – What’s Back [tb clubtunes]
Skull Tech & Niels BA, Skull Tech – Wanna Drink [Digital Morfine]
Slim Cat – Power House [SLIM CAT RECORDS]
Stereo Revision – Ai [SR Musics]
Steven Cee – Ain’t Nobody [Audiowhore Records]
The Unlocker – Karmaceutical [Subliminal Senses]
Themis Flessas – Destiny [Karia Records]
Thom Eduardo – Caldera Nyos [S.M.A.S.H. Records]
Thomas Xavier – Can’t Stop Me [I AM Records]
Todd Terry – Insanity [Inhouse]
Tom Brazier – Cithara (Marx James Remix) [feat. Rob McNicholas] [TomBrazier]
Under Mood – Princessa [Koloka Records]
VA – Anniversary # 10 [Kore Music]
VA – Best of the Birdfeed Launch Edition [DIRTYBIRD]
VA – Ecosystems Vol.27 [Living Nature Recordings]
VA – El Vato Loco 6 [Skull And Bones]
VA – Hidden Jams Vol. 6 [TNCRHJ06]
VA – Hot Summer Beats [LOW171]
VA – Peerless Selection, Vol. 5 [Trax Mission]
VA – Summer Opening V.A. [Distortion]
VA – Summer Sampler [HD030]
VA – The Definition of Tech House, Vol. 8 [Play This! Records]
VA – Young Blood Italian VA [WHH058]
Valen Carta – Bambaram [Lemon Juice Records]
Victor Romero – All Right [Groove 33]
Vito Pignatelli – Another Way Work in Da House [Hotfingers]
VNCS DS – High On the Beach [Deep Bear]
Will Bonney – Eyes Like Rainbows [Stripped Back Records]
Zekke – Not Again [Music By The Eye]
Zouz – Funky Tribe [Insurgent Music]
Zurra – All Nite (Dirty Sprite) [Zupreme Audio]

Techno & Minimal

6m – Last Expedition to Mars [Underground Experience Records]
08 Orbit – Wanna Play Tonight [Starsphere Records]
A.I. – Trojan Mist [STARCADE]
Abstrakt Cirkus – Crazy Foot Records 03 [Crazy Foot Records]
Adam & Todd – Salvation [i occupy music]
Ado Col – Farnut [Big Punch Records]
AiDoll – Humanize [Annunaki Records]
Aklow Official & Roger Vasha – Kh [911 Recordings]
Akme – Footprints [MAQ THE DOG]
Alan klap – Express [dZb Records]
Alan Morales – State of Hallucination Part 2 [Kombo Records]
Alberto Santana – Micropunto [Spazio Sonoro Records]
ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO – Turtle Shell [Black Booking]
Alex Gas – Expander [Underground Resilience]
Alpha Particle Assembly & Shadow Work – Artificial Mind [Consumed Music]
Alvin Drake – Ares Devotion [Kaleydo Beats]
AM.MA – Houses, Money and Lights Out [Eclectic Digital Codec]
Amber Rocks – Portal [Avaken]
Apache – Bass Addict Records 12 [Bass Addict Records]
APX Sound – Night Skies [Bunk3r R3cords]
Arjun Vagale – Time Cop [Quartz Rec]
Atrex & Mikello, Atrex – Best of Atrex Vol 1 (The Album) [BIG DEAL]
Audioflow – Ravolution [NCTRN Records]
Avvy Aston – Symbianna [Human Dreams]
Axel Karakasis – Flaccid Tantrums [Remain Records]
Basic – Rossum [Records With Attitude]
Ben Champell & Nana K – The Journey (feat. Nir Kitaro) [BluFin]
bhekumusicayise – Tutu Mata (Incl. Remix) [Longitudinal Music]
BLIND MOON – Elecdrone [Unify Music]
Blinkhorn – A New Day [Not Yet Remembered Records]
Blu 9 – Bass Thief [Equation Recordings]
Bob Ray – Pshive Energy 2 [Elektrobeats Records]
BobHz – Ec 002 [Hybrid Rec]
Bovykin – No Love No Life [7th Cloud]
BRÄLLE – Misericordia [Devotion Records]
Broken Robot – Neurotransmitter [Renesanz]
Buried Secrets – Cold Ground [Green Fetish Records]
Camilo Carrero CAMC – Nobody Knows – Maywell Remix (Club Mix)
Ceekay Beats – Sight for Sore Eyes [Rammer Records]
Chris Count – Rambazamba [Counton Music]
Christofer Tz – Constelaciones [Neu Gravity]
Code 701 – Fallout Shelter [Temple.]
Coffintexts & Monstergetdown – Away Message [Wet Paper Records]
CQNZR. – Step [CQNZR.]
Crooker in the Cloud – Let’s Av a Rave Up [OtiumOrange]
D. Diggler – Brave New World [Lucidflow]
D&D Brothers – Here [South American Concept (SAC)]
Daddy Russell – Album [Rebellious]
Dan McKie – The Guide (Remixes) [1980 Recordings]
Danny Kendall, Javi Level & Danny Cervera – Nefertiti
Danny Wabbit – Los Oscuros [Jeton Records]
DARK CHANELL & Laidback Luke – New York Five – O
Dclerk & Dado DsD – Paradigm Shift [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Deep Ronin – Intuitions [DMEGA Records]
Devid Dega – Infinity [InDeep’n’Dance Records]
Diego Amaro – Connected [Stadtpalava Records]
Diego Infanzon & Fabio Neural – Find Yourself [Agile Recordings]
District 1 – Lobo Prt 2 [AUK recordings]
District 1 – The Lick , Lust [AUK recordings]
District 1, Scarab – Lobo [AUK recordings]
DJ Ronnie Rave – Follow the Signal Together [Bully Beats]
DJ Scale Ripper – Acid Fog [Pie Factory Productions]
Dok & Martin & Carlos Perez – Thumping [Codex Recordings]
Dronn – Secret Place [Yavorovskiy Dark]
DRSSN – A Higher Frequency. [Army of Darkness Records]
DRWNDSPDR – Save Our Souls [Disskghast Recordings]
Dubfire – Sound Bath [Kneaded Pains]
Dulha – Lotus (Pluralist Remix) [Interpolate Records]
dyl_pykl, Fohrenbach – Heat [WHY Record Company]
F&F – Tetris [TRIP and acid]
Fabio Florido – Grace [RUNA]
Fabrizio Ragone – Fever [Revkon Records]
Falling Echoes – Face Nord [AWRY]
Flaty – Railz [ANWO Records]
Formato BU – Acid Rainbow U [The Acid Mind Recordings]
Francesco Ruggiero – Creators [Oxytech Limited]
Francesco Ruggiero – Diffusion [Xclusive Records]
Franco Rossi – Nonetheless [TextureRecords]
Frantz – Gentle Persuasion [OFF NIGHT COLLECTIVE]
Freqmind – Unknown Statute [Technological Records]
Fresko – Secular Drama [DEAD CERT. Records]
Gabenz – Dejavu [Black Light Music]
Gabriel Wnz – Infector [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Georg Fischer – Unlove [Smashead Records]
Geryken – 303 [Eclipse Recordings]
Glaskin – Stalactite Cave [Yael Trip]
Gradient – Autumn Clouds [Ranges]
Guido Venier – Squirm [Drehmoment]
Haalleycks – Myself My Enemy (Remixes)
Harsh R – Indulgence [New York Haunted]
heatscore – Vibration [Lazuli Black]
Hekum – Developing of Origins [Faut Section]
Hugo Hasani – Get Lost – Remixes [Beats HD]
Imus – Scape [Deep Division Records]
Jascha Best – Play Strong Early [Electronic Groove Culture]
Jeremy P Caulfield – Full Service [Dumb Unit]
JOE SANE & NØUS, JOE SANE – Groove [Flesh and Hammers]
Joris Turenhout – Need a Rave [SubVision]
JP Carvajal – New Faces [Molecular Records]
K-Deey – Unsecure [Techno Parade]
Kaspar – Override [Alaula Music]
KRCL – Erase & Forget [Future Forward Music]
Lakej – Conditions of Experience [Edit Select]
Lee Ann Roberts – Bad Blood [NowNow]
lefthandsoundsystem – Vim [Techno Parade]
Leunioa, Leunoia – Loyalty [Sowasvon]
Lily Gale – Creation [Blackly Beyond Records]
Lina & Gwen Wayne – I Ain’t Your Bro [Hold Your Ground]
LUXXY – No Beginning No End [Luxlike]
Lvgo – The Truth Frees Them [Binaural] – Spot the Light, Pt. 1 [Backside Slice]
Manuel Montero – Sun [Dolphins Cage]
Manuel Pi – Imparable [Pure Dope Digital]
Marco Kallas – Carpathians Trip [Back In Black]
Mario N – Complex Simplicity [DarkCrow Sinful Edition]
Markus Masuhr – Cycling Voices [ETUI Records]
MARTIN K4RMA – Beautiful Lies [TRAGEDIE]