Afro House

Ayan – Freudian Trip [Obenmusik]
Bruno Guerrini – Life Goes On [WSM Music]
DJ Kafi – Makhaveli [Ubizo Café]
Dolbytall – Sarbacane [Harabe]
Dr. Feel & Zhane – Peponi [Africa Mix]
Ger Electronic – Prendelo [Hit de Jes]
Ian Ludvig & Layos – Uncedo (feat. Yolanda Fyrus)
KAARGO & Argento Dust – Television [Sunclock]
Saliva Commandos – Canto (feat. Kelly Diniz)
Shredder SA – African Anthems [WeAreiDyll Records]
Splashfunk – Balearik (Fabrizio Delgarco Remix)
Taz Morale – The G – Force [Reenboog]


Bebe Breaks – Cobra Kai [Breaks Yo!]
Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak
Guau – Layer Cake [83]
Guau & Destroyers – Turn This X Up [83]
Hankook – Tentacle [Elektroshok Records]
James Dece & Eric Morgan – Blow a Fuse , On the Floor
Pascalé Séppé – Release All My Rage [LBR Records]
Ranj Kaler – In Your Arms [Saturo Sounds]
Rasco – Get Funky [Elektroshok Records]
Run The Breaks – Molotov [Banana Club]
Wuki, Yung Baby Tate & Stoppa – Hey Ladies


Abriviatura IV & Max Aurora – Totally Space
Adi Rambo – Acelera [Beatbridge Records]
Alison Wonderland – Bad Things
AnimeClub – Konoyo Loading [Artist Republik]
Arash Sohrevardi – The Blue Girl (Dokhtareh Abi)
Black V Neck – Them Girls (Remixes) [Night Service Only]
Crystal Skies – Collide [BMG Rights Management (Australia)
DentedAphid7 – Tristan Wonderland [DP7 Music]
EL3CTRXX – Technicolor (feat. Roxanne Emery)
Felix Gunert – Morphia Rides [DEEP WOODS]
Hardsoulz – The Ultimate Weapon [KOBBRA]
John Amaro, The Trixx & Robbie Rosen – Hooked on You
KiNG MALA – If I Try to Find You [Handwritten Records]
MIMO & Viiq – Wake Up [Liftoff Recordings]
Orun, Pabanor, CHICO BON BON & U4riah – Viva La Vita
Rashen Band – Fayez [Assay Records (Promind)]
Robert Falcon & Magnus – Try Me (feat. Conan Mac)
Saint Gobin – Waiting for you [ShockIt]
Stereo Wave – Where You Should Be
Veneta, The Editor & Fabrizio Parisi – Useless Time

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

9claws – American in the Future
Alan Dixon – Edge of Forever [Correspondant]
Analog Age – Deepa [Mena Music]
Andornaut – Give It Away [Beatlick]
Asaga – I’m Sympathy , People Government
Beyou – Elefante [ILS Records]
Cash & Fanizza, BlueAnt & Susie Ledge – Feels Like Heaven
D.O.T.I, Phanan – Drama [Artists Network Revolution]
Denis Pimenov – Walking on the Moon [Azbuka Deepa]
Dilby – Fade From View [Hidden Vibes]
Disco Pinz & Deepflected – It’s Just Not Enough
DJ D.O.C. – I Wanna Love You (feat. Kate Wild)
EdLez & M∀RK – Only One [Abstract Channel]
French Boss – Love Circle [Gas Label]
Hekler – Levitate [Cookie Records]
Hot Noizes & Historus, Hot Noizes – Satellite
Jab Vix – With Me [Solar Twilight]
Josh Grover – Like This – Maybe [Papotako Records]
Josh Lee – We Belong [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Kamensky – I Know (feat. Katya Olszewska) [Anbito]
Kennedy & OOJ – Can You Feel Me Baby [Forward Thinking]
KoKoPop Project, TheDjLawyer – I Wanna Funk B , W Swirling Move
Kryn – H6 [Keep Out Recordings]
Krysenstern – Liner [Chuvstvo Ritma Rec.]
Lekanzasoul – Until We Dance Again [404 Deep Records]
Leonor – Xantolo [My Favorite Robot Records]
Low Gong – Soda Rum [Gong Musique]
M2MYU – The Cusp [See The Sea Records]
Mallin – Can’t U See (Mallin, Sam Dexter Re-Seasoning)
MSM.DE94 – Out for Coffee [DeepWit Uncovered]
NIGARTHEONE – Sev Meni (Remixes)
O.D.Math – Pale Blue Dot [Suprematic]
Rianu Keevs – Steps In the Dark [Rianu Keevs]
Richie Blacker – T D K 90 , Your Granny Tapes Robot Wars
Sabriel – Full Bloom [Handwritten Records]
Stefre Roland – Nostalgia [Yeiskomp Abyss]
The Bestseller – Neon [Impure]
Tom Flynn – Squeek (feat. Tamara Deike)
Toneshake – Wanna Know [Ministerium Records]
VA – Disco Ride VA [The Disco Express]
VA – Earth 2020 [Khimera Rec.]
VA – Under Club [Space Bird Records]
Vetter – Keep On [MONOSIDE]
Viana – Luxe on the Night [lorenZOO]
VR – Mahiya (feat. Suzanne D’Mello)

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Abstrakt Sonance & Crowell, Killa P – New Style
Bensley – Vex [Monstercat]
Bushbaby – The Way You Do It [chord & clank]
Ciland & The Kompany, Ciland – Strong [DNBB Digital]
Cryptid & Critical Hit – Kung Foo [Pantheon Select]
Dani Berenguel – Rock N Roll [The Creatives Group, LLC]
Deekline & Specimen A – Bangarang (feat. Navigator)
Deekline & Specimen A – Ride Pon It (feat. Warrior Queen)
Destiny – Hypnotize [Camo Tribe]
Didijoo – Blis [Global Music Records]
DJ Denise – Are You Ready [Ravesta Records]
DJ Scorpio – Feel It Tonight [Ensis Records]
DUBLIC & Luk Peers, DUBLIC – Turmoil [Dutty Bass Audio]
Edu Trevizan – Open Down [Muzenga Records]
EiZO – Bipolar , Hysteria [Music Squad]
Gentlemens Club – I’m Done [Rampage Recordings]
Glinskiy – Glinskiy Violence [First Guide]
HUMNG – Hard Reset [Smashing Records]
J Hu$tle – Money Dance [Hussle Recordings AU]
J.M.Blex – Block [Wolfrage Recordings]
Joe Rowe – Lotus [RouteR]
Joel Petrika – Forza [Crucial Inc. Records]
Joffrey Lorquet & Natalie Major – To Get to You
Kale ‘N Gravy – Wear Black [Ritalin Rave]
Kayzo & Pixel Terror – Blindside [Welcome Records]
Ken Shibata – Brave [Erijo Gold]
Kenneth G, Sheezan & Waxel – You Need Somebody
LionX – Feel the Groove [TurnItUp Muzik]
masterroom – Sweeter Love , Sunshine , Without Love
Max Pollyul – Untitled 01 [PLLL]
Max Vega – I Don’t Know [Bang It]
Meks Sample & El_Tronic – Fly High [Beatalistics]
Minor Forms – Biophonic [Vandal Records]
Mystic State – Evermore & Close Thirteen
Mystic State & Congi, Elana Montgomery – My Own Private Island
NeaMarti – Lakshmi [Electric Station]
Oguz Demiroz – Karma [Indiefy]
Omul Spîn – Mind Revolution [CrossBase Records]
Panuma & Nina Carr – Moonshine [DENAR RCRDS]
PSYRUS, Convex, Lachi & Jeff Franzel – Duality
Reac-Zo, Reac-Zo f – reBoot [Kick x Snare]
Sam Binga & Hyroglifics – Wicked & Bad
SAMOZVAN – Pantera [Supertunes]
Sense – Never , Let You Go (VIP) [Infrared Records]
Serge Gee – Don’t Stop the Strings [LowFreqMX]
Serum & Kasra – Noodles [Critical Music]
SRLKLLA – Original Kriminal
Sully – Swandive [Astrophonica]
Taxman – Baby Baby [Playaz]
Tony Velour – SH!TWTF [Mad Decent]
Trex – Rolling Through [Dispatch Recordings]
Tribe Steppaz & Dagga – The las Vegas 2 Bristol Connection
VA – In the Pool! [Morillas Records]
VA – Traveling Aimlessly [Morillas Records]
Vaigandt – Thang Low [S2 Records]
VIVID & Sesco – Oldskool [TurnItUp Muzik]
Wailey – Devotion [Groovepool Essentials]
Yankee Music – I Don’t Go Sleep [Muzenga Records]
Yankee Music – Is Got To Down [Muzenga Records]
Zida Gray & Tamara – We Run Together

Electronica & Downtempo

Ambient Station – Into the Forest [Lucian Soul Music]
Antonio Sagrero, MaroGh & Panfi Boy – Fuera Mascaras
B Thorough & Fallow – Angels [Textured]
Bisken & Ashwin Bhaskar – Bella Ciao [Insidia]
Broj – Daydream [Minds Alike]
Candimind – Feel My Love Away
Daffy – Move 2 Close [Southpoint]
Degrader – Interference [DarkCrow Records]
Diezmo – The Last of Us [UTS London]
DJ Flatscreen – Soma [trackIDpls]
Electronic Fluke – Fluent Silence of Two Voices
Ferhat Saygi – A Journey Through Destiny
Gaya Lovers – Frequencies 05 [Inspire Music Records]
Hiromori Aso – I Come to See You (When We Fall)
I Awake & Less – Tabula Rasa [Nadaville Records]
Jene Air & Alex Cosmo – Own Air [Uplifto]
Killer Beats – Collapse [Beast Trap Records]
La Cayenne – El Diablo [Milleville Records]
Lednik Frontier – Spiral [Expérimental Label]
LeMarquis – Fire [LEMARQUIS]
Lemon Blue & Onyay Pheori – Morning Station
Livigesh – Wolf Pack [No Slack Records]
Lorendo & Sentado en la Cama – Waking In a Dream
Oora – Memoria [Metamorph]
Phraktal & Illus3us, Phraktal – Fairground [Bakroom]
Sundaysaurus – Pretty Poison [Chow Down]
The Monkey Is Dead – See Me Sliding
Uncluud – Zero Daze [Purespace Recordings]
VA – Floating Spirals 4 [Melusine Records]
VA – Strange Time [OneSun Yellow]
Void Buoy – Facing Force [Bellum Records]


Angelo Ferreri & Red Met – Down With You
Anthony Attalla – Atlas [Mother Recordings]
Blo – Helen [SM0K]
Blockbuster – Love Is All We Need [G High]
Carlos Micett & Bonnis Maxx – I Feel Love
Christian Desnoyers – The Cave [Alveda Deep]
Danny Villagrasa – Amsterdam [ultrawave records]
Darren Studholme – You Got Me [Welcome To The Weekend]
Deep Zone Project & Kamen Vo – Ela Izgrei [InMotion Records]
Denton (UK) – Give It Up (feat. Lauren L’aimant)
Disco Gurls – Never Stop [Guareber Recordings]
El Train & Kaisha – Through the Night [Sundae Sauuce]
Emma Clair, Madam Misfit & Professor Elemental – Swinging Safari
Ezequiel Asencio & Alexey Jer – Erotic Dreams
Fellar & Kabuby – Love the Night [Mr. Carter]
Galardo & Stage Republic – Communicate
House Rated – Let The Music Motivate , I Want Your Love , You’re Hypaphemic , Go Brooklyn
Jafunk, Nic Hanson & NanaBcool – Fool For You [Local Talk]
Jennie Nega – You Are My Angel [FM Records (Greece)]
Juan Valencia & Nico Aristy – My Ride [Love2Drums Records]
Loz J Yates – By My Side [Vamos Music Talents]
Michael Sparks – Like Me [SANS MERCI]
Mr Grimaldi – Blue Feeling [Estamos Felices]
Night State – Gold Coast [Marble Recordings]
Nina Black – I’m No Believer [BIP Records]
Paul Parsons – Young Hearts (Club Mix)
Rubber People – Do the Walk [Hot Sunday Records]
Scottie Soul – The Party’s Not Over [Radda Records]
Strekel – Spooky [NSNTR Records]
VA – Nervous September 2020 (DJ Mix)
VA – Tribalism [Vamos Music]
Valexx & Ida fLO – Just a Dream [TurnItUp Muzik]

Melodic House & Techno

8Kays – Sun Will Come out [Renaissance Records]
Acrobatik – Acromo [Fluxo]
Akid – Made of Light [Déjà Vu Culture]
Alex Medina – Waves from One Sea [Mobilee Records]
Atwalk – When All Started [Awen Tales]
Auguste – Back from Earth [Sirup Records]
Beacon Bloom – Droplet [Beat & Path]
Black Space – Vinsobre (feat. Yann Menge)
Burak Başar – Four Patterns [Karia Records]
Choujaa – Level Up [Sirup Records]
DARL – Dark Mind [Oxytech Limited]
David Vitto – Polux [Vagabond Recordings]
Dima Deemidoff – Artificial Intelligence
DISCO DIP – Runaways [Messier 87]
DJ Aroma – Project Mayhem [Aromamusic]
Ekanan – Busaba [Maetta]
Fernando Azcuenaga – Reflections [Agora Recordings]
Gobi Desert Collective – Kamar (Sineu Remix) [Suprematic]
Hyunji-A – Back to Reality [Sidra]
Janbaz – Dust Grains [Zey Productions]
JOVE – Acid Facial [Area Verde]
Kai Heiterkeit & Krüger+Meyer – African Child
Keistep – Dreaming State [Symbiotic Records]
Landik – Only Time [Digiment Records]
Mariz – Infusion [TRIP & emotions]
Martin Tanner – Calathea [Plano B Records]
MeloTek – Abstract Measures [EDMA]
Michael Davi – Luna Oscura [Detour Musique]
Mitch de Klein – Blindness [WEITER]
Rhys Manning – Liquid Courage [W&O Street Tracks]
Rinzen – Resonate [Desert Hearts Black]
Ron Feller – Avior [Heimatliebe]
Salbah – Tahtli [Bullfinch]
Sander Klepper – A Visit to the Black Hole [Right Music Records]
Selecto – Divine Will [Venture Records]
Stefan Soare – The New Era [Mental Schizophrenia]
Undefined (MT) – Nifs [Immersed]
VA – Depth Impressions Issue #18
VA – La Mishka’s Kitchen [La Mishka]
Wiebe Roose – Lockdown Summer [languages music]
Yannek Maunz & Seasoul – Goldfish [Peace Peter Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Adriel Rodriguez, Dimmish – Everyday
andiem – You Are Fired [Herbst und Musik]
Andreas Christou – LJ Love [Whoyostro White]
Andrew Azara & Elléot – La Noche (Tommy Vercetti & James Saunders Remixes)
Andrew Kay UK – Records in the Club [SURA Music]
Barbaro – Animal , Vino [Deep Tech Lab]
BrainDead – Gimme the Dough [Audio Rehab]
Brascon, Robag Wruhme & Seasoul – Treesong (Rw – Asota Sedodo Nb)
Casey Spillman – Bit More Raggo [Locus]
Chris Sterio & Downgrooves – Expressive Lives
Cosmjn, Floog – 6 Years of Eastenderz, Pt. 1 [Eastenderz]
Da Conist – Procure [Sanelow Label]
Eccentric Deep – Elastic Singularity [Beatwax Digital]
EDDY M. – Catch It [MUSE]
EdiP, Wax On Mare St. – Moonlight [Bamboleo]
Eerie – Crazy Pills [Beyond the Music]
Era Groove, Iorgovan – Picture This [smashead.]
FEX – I Know What I Want [Lemon-aid Music]
Gabriel Evoke – Chapter One [Namata]
Gabriel Evoke – Let the Birds Fly [Slightly Sizzled White]
Joseph Conti – Butterfly 2.0 [RAW Religion]
Kidoo – Mono Select [MUUV]
Martin Bordacahar – Fortune [Youth Culture]
Nazario – Coddaw [La Isla Records]
Nestor Arriaga – Padang [Hatching Creatures]
Oden & Fatzo – Spaceship for Sale [Salty Nuts]
Phiorio – Sketches [Metroline Limited]
Prince.L & SartoriuS, Prince.L – Undecided Yet
Rake – Okiya [Conceptual Deep]
SAC – Dadab [PULSO]
Sam Haskin – Werewolf [TBX Records]
South Zone – How Does It Feel [Evil Flow.]
Stiven Escarraga – Tacha [Quattro Formaggi]
Subf, Dmitry Atrideep & Cassiopeia – Model
Tomas Bisquierra – Another World [Ole Groove]
Wez Baldwin – Won’t Stop [Swerve Digital]
Zach Murray – Directions [Underyourseat Label]

Organic House & Downtempo

Ed Dejon – Night Kolorz [Percep-tion]
Ella Wild – Ode to Life [WAYU Records]
Glass Coffee – Closer Cuddles,Leaving When It’s Dark
Hanna Aisler – Good Sunday [Bellum Records]
Henry Leo Duclos – Black Rocks [Audiobulb Records]
Late Night Final – The Human Touch (feat. Teddy Hunter)
Mass Digital – Dance of the Spirits [Hoomidaas]
Nepotek – It’s Me [Plus Future Records]
Ru1sch – Stjärnmynt [Dirty Soul Music (Be Yourself Music)]
Silbermaus – Floating Around [Traumnovelle]

Progressive House

Alex Guerrero – Il Canto [Caresse-Records]
Alex Panchenco – Pompey [Quarter Music]
Blue Cell – Eine Handbreit Wasser Unter Dem Kiel
Chris Klein – Donnerwetter [TRIP & dream]
Club Jakarta – Neo [ozo]
DIOL – Replace [WhoBear Records]
Edvard Hunger – Can You Do It [Stazis]
Fiben – After Life [Dynamic Progressions]
Francisco Castro – Roots [Terasonic Records]
Franco Tejedor – A Better World [INU]
Gabriel Carminatti – After All
Goldhood – Status [Deepmode Records]
Gueddes – Touch Me [TRIP & emotions]
Henzach – Helios [Harabe]
hers – Hedone [Toretum Records]
Huminal – Life Lantern [Proton Music]
Kabi – Cuarzo Open Road [Clubsonica Records]
KCUF – Clarity [Spiffy Recordings]
Lila Rose – Blazed [AH Digital]
Matías Delóngaro – Serenity [Estribo Records]
MaxLoop – Pollyanna [Sunset Dreams]
Pan Aversum – One , Two [HamsterRad Music]
Rick Pier O’Neil – Chaak [RPO Records]
Sienbad – Cosmic Footprints
Smoke (CZ) – Changes [Progressive Vibes Light]
Terry Gaters – Beyond the World [Emergent Shores]
The Khitrov – Who You Wit [R_sound]
Timirage – Emotion IO [AROS Music]
VA – Best of 3rd Avenue Fall 2020 [3rd Avenue]
VA – Summer Sampler 2020 [Pangea Recordings]

Tech House

A21 – Coca Light [Medium Rare Recordings]
Adam Mist – Technical Progress [Richy Records]
Aday Chinea – In Your Face [Walking Beat]
Allwardz – Costarica [Black Turtle Deep]
Almost Mad – Lust [Sagmen]
Andrew Mina & Paolo Paleologo – I Like It
Angel Sanos – 6 Am [YHV Records]
Bayon – Bassdiva [Green Kiwi Records]
Bluey – Senses [Get Twisted Records]
Brick Flare – Isolation [Unknown Records]
Bruxxo – Free [Deep Bear]
Carlo Medel & Ronald The Coach – Mi Pan
Damaso Leon – I Got the Power [La Chola Records]
Danny Kolk – Work Hard [OFDM Records]
Dario Diaz – After Stone (feat. DJ Cocktail) [C4SE]
Dave Summit & Sonickraft – Nothing Can Hurt You
Dempsey Massy – Exclusive , Kop , Let Me See You Work
Detlef, Latmun – Remix the Stars [Repopulate Mars]
Dj Groove – Fabio Rios – Nature Back
DJ X21 – Artist Series 001 [The Warrior Recordings]
Dylan Coss & Be., Daroh – Way Back [Rock Bottom Records]
Easy Tyger – Cut and run [Smile Creations Music Label]
Emilio Centeno – Crack [Worms Records]
Eveningperple – More Romance [Holy Molé Music]
FABULOUD – Workflow [Sagmen]
Felipe Contador & Grace Concha – Follow Me
Flyn & Kaos – Don’t You Fuck [Cool 7rack Talents]
FREYA [CH] – Raging Fires [Extraklasse Records]
Igor Zanga – Like That [GoodFellas]
Ivan Calahorrano – Underground Railroad
Josu Freire – Make It Sweet [Muted]
K-Mack – Haters [Wasted Music]
Kook – I’m Yours [No Topo Music]
Lexlay – Just Groove [Klaphouse Records]
Liam Laghan – Don’t Stop
Lucas Ferreyra – War Cry [Space Invaders]
MAD.INC – Cha Cha [Playpo]
Mark Fiorre – Chillaz [DOT Dance]
Mark Fiorre – Funk Tonight [DOT Dance]
Michael Luke & JenJammin Sax – Energy (feat. Gabi Rose)
Mindek – Full Friction [Stashed]
Morenno Martinez – Malako [Delicious Rebels]
Needs No Sleep – Mile High Club (feat. B4NG B4NG)
Oravla Ziur – Smoke Blunt [Siena]
Pleasant Avenue – Elevate Me [Fish & Chicks]
Pleight & Pirate Snake – Excuse Me
Qual & Freude – Mojito [TRIP & acid]
Rod Koppar – Wonder [Floored]
Salvione – No Games [ODTech Selects]
Sessanta6 – Ride It [Contact Music Group]
Sven Tasnadi – Fox Fox [Headfire International]
T.A.F.K.A.T. & Mr. Maro – Eight Zero #32
Tayo Wink – Vamplure [KeeSoul Music]
Techinn – Space [Fresh Stuff Records]
Terri-Anne & Jess Kidd – Crazy Like a Fox
Tim August – 1985 [Deepmode Records]
Tough Art – So Let It [UP Club]
Upzation – Restart [Jendex Records]
VA – Atomic [Space Bird Records]
VA – Correlations [Obazda]
VA – Mambo, 2020 [Mambo Lab]
VA – Summer Selections 2020 [Mea Culpa Records]
Valerio Bonfa – K-Line Electric Train
Veltk – Do Like Dis [Vibez Sounds]

Techno & Minimal

Acidfonk, Eme Kulhnek – Split [Symbiostic]
Afflicted – Alert [Acid 606-61]
Aitor Burgui – Home Alone [I-Traxx Recordings]
Amphibio & Hum4nDro1d – Acid Soul
Andrea Signore – All Day and a Night
Assuc – Choco Musk [CANCELLED]
Astrus & Mario Fx – Bubble Gum [ICONOS Records]
Avy Jozay – Balance [Rhino Star Records]
BIAS – Perpetually Falling [Koslif]
Blovk, Qestion – Split 001 [Outside Noises]
Bolz for Boys – Modulation [Klopfer Records]
Borja Martín – Aberrazione , Sarita
Brais & Mury – Gorilla Glue [dZb Records]
Charlotte de Witte – Rave on Time [KNTXT]
City Soul Project & Roland Nights – XTC
CQNZR. – Fabrik [CQNZR.]
D-Richhard – Bright Lights [More Beats Recordings]
DJ Fopp & Daniele Danieli – Shine
Dj Wank – Raving At Night [Hydraulix]
Dorbachov – Aegean Salt [Room 2]
E.F. – A Wise Son [Power Of Love Productions]
Electricity is Humming – Space Paranoids [SMSH]
Emanuele Millozzi – Magic Tube [Morpheus Black]
Erik Lindenberg – Update Your Mind [ANALOGmusiq]
Eugen Menjaev – Dem Elend Gebunden [ReWasted]
Fantoo – Here I Am [PHOBIA Music Recordings]
Gabi Peleg & Avi Erez – Integrity [Eleculture Music]
Gallya – Faces [Set About]
Guillaume Leerdam – Cosmologic
H-Robot – Dead End [Machine Control Records]
Halosaur – Noah’s Ark [Diffuse Reality Records]
Hans Morlier – Moonraker [Elastic Dimension Records]
Hassler – Icke [Trick]
Hendrix Garcia – Soul of a Robot [Algoritmo Records]
Johnny Pereira – Never Late [we(R)aw]
Kevin Arnold – Laser Eyes [Kassiopeia]
KILIG – Dream Logic [Scuffed Recordings]
Kill The Buzz & Aemes – Lockdown [Loris Cimino Remix]
Lander B & Actwin – 4Side [INVERSE]
Lautaro Ibañez – My Road [IAMT Red]
Linn Elisabet – Time We Won’t Fail
Lucas Wirth – Acid Character [Reload Records]
Lucky Jnr – Destiny [Oxytech Planet]
Luis Kill & Maximiliano Db – Ritual [Destiny Records]
Maelstorm Modulart – Travolator [Technological Records]
Marco Cassanelli, Shuffless – Red Echo [Vuo Records]
MOD-86 – Supreme [LETS TECHNO records]
Monolog Tonspiel – Seelenritt [ANALOGmusiq]
MOTVS – Fade to Grey [Codex Recordings]
Mr.C – Celebration of Life [Superfreq]
Nick Grater – 4cid L4b [Black Robin]
Richard Easel – Exterrei (feat. Datawave & Federico Leocata)
Ricky Montana & Mirko Iobbi – Ecate (Remixes)
RNDTXTR – Random [Rekids]
Sandro Galli – Vortex [Elektrax Recordings]
Seb Zito – Don’t Leave [Saved Records]
Sinoptik Music – Omen [Timelapse Of A Dream]
Sofia Alcon – Fuck Off [Oxytech Records]
Tony Covarrubias & Billy Casazza – The Time Is Now
Tullia Benedicta – Erratic Dancers [Soil Records]
UmaBhengu – Ghetto Diva [MuziTanium Recordings]
VA – Stinging Roger [6T6]
Veleno1 – Wir Lieben Diese Musik [GENERA41]
Vincent Noxx – Motion [Vincent Noxx Records]
Wide River – Sanctuary (Dirty Mix) [Grasshopper]
Will Kinsella – Temple Lane Tapes [Elevator Program]
Xyiz – People of the Sun [Kraeuterbutter Kollektiv]