Afro House

Bruno Guerrini – Everything Will Be Fine (Afro Mix)
Bruno Guerrini – Keep On Moving [WSM Music]
DJ Smalha – Vai Entender [Africa Mix]
Manager & Afro – Afriki Avenue [ChessBoard Music]
Native Tribe – Kizazi [Da Fuba Records]
Oh So Musiqa – Let’s Play Like This [Lambano Records]
Pabanor – Asokere [Pegasus ENT.]
Ritch D – Malawi [Futura Groove Records]
Tee M Bee – Mina Name (feat. Gloria Sole & Mavuthela)
The Strange Content – One Million Miles Away
Yusuf Can Kurt & BALMARKODES – Adumu


Blkjck – Terminal Dread [PointBlank Records]
BRD (UK) – Tryfan [Elation Industrie]
Calagad 13 – Sky Rocket [Cosmic Tribe]
Chris Bradshaw – The Troubled [LBA Records]
Criss Conflict – Gangsta [ONE7AUDIO]
Digital Project – Deep Space [Ambient Wave Records]
Jessie Burner – Get Funky [Funk You Music]
K-Deejays – Can You Feel It [SPACE PIZZA Records]
KillBeat (SP) – Starry Night [Strongs Records]
MullMachine & Mullaha – Homemade Afterjam
OnDaMiKe – Heartless (feat. Roxy Page) [Ravesta Records]
Orelem & Solrac & OnDaMiKe, Orelem & Solrac – Nile
Raxer Sound – Pact of Silence [Glitch Hop Community]
Rob Analyze – Need Me [NOLA BEATS]
Sakari – The Lost Album I [East London Bass]
Skuum – Blue Nespresso [Strictly Strictly]
Wiseman (SP) – Funky Flamingo [Strongs Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

2Clic – LHW [Mélopée Records]
Alande – Yeah but When [Trust You Melodic]
Alkalino – Upside Down [Audaz]
Aninha – Sunrises and Good Vibes [Odyssey Rec]
Aninha – Sunrises and Goodbyes Remix [Odyssey Rec]
Anna Cavazos – Persephone Remixed [Deep Site Vinylized]
Apprentis – Fronteiras [Hush Deep]
Arp Frique – Minina Bem Li (feat. Americo Brito) [Rush Hour]
Avigate – Unison [Songtradr]
B. Smiley – Dynamic Movement [Late Night Sneakin]
Babyboy Johnny – In Love [Golden Mist Records]
Blaise Balda – Moon Quest [Paradiso Records]
Blazzer – Freeze [Deep Well Music]
C. Da Afro – Impulse Funk [Sure Cuts Records]
Collioure – Togetherness [Reimei Music]
Conan Liquid – Linoleum (feat. SCSI 2)
Corrado Alunni – Mighty Soul [Soulful Evolution]
D-Eye – The Reserve [Noir Spiritual]
Dariux – Bass Drums Echo Through My Mind]
Das Komplex – Wez Mnie Ze Soba [Polena Recordings]
Decker, Stergios – Freedom [Regeneration Music]
Disco Culture – Dark Faith [Immoral Music]
DJ Odette – Feeling Me [DeepShine Records]
DJ Soto – Moving On [Chugg Recordings]
Domenico De Sario – The Sound of Stars (The Remixes)
Ersin Ersavaş – Gonna Change Your Life
GALGO – Eternia [Tribu H]
Heroes of The How – Fuzzy Wuzzy (Make Love)
Homem – Lost Love [Get The Sound]
Househeadz – ‘I Remember House’
Jorge Pastrana – Sin Sentido (Cora.l Remix)
Kev Dot Kruz – Give Me Courage [Afro Riddims Records]
kingryan808 – Hey [king ryan entertainment]
KOB – Your Love [K.O.B]
LJ MASE – Memories (feat. Jodie Knight) [Only Music Label]
Malov – Iron Eyes [Careless Dark]
Miguel Graça – A New Dawn (Remixes Pt 3)
NarKBeat – Beirut Will Rise [Mystic Carousel Records]
Nopopstar & Far – Amulet [La Mishka]
Nykoluke – Break It Down [Exlight Records]
Radial Gaze – Fugu Taste [Paradise Children Records]
Rafael Cerato – Ride & Fame (feat. Thomas Gandey)
Raúl Ryzado – This Is My Loud [Jossteel]
Rianu Keevs – Whale Cry [Rianu Keevs]
Roma Mario – The Secret [29 Deep]
Ruimte Vogel – Meaning to an End
Rund33p – Live & Let Deep [Rund33p Music]
Ryan Luciano – Highest Hopes [Detour Musique]
Ryno – Do That Dance [Disco Filter Records]
Sam Kurly – Home (Marbella Vibes) [KUKURECORDS]
Sielo – I Just Can’t [Lowly]
Simon Kennedy & Sam Jannetta – Be Good To Me
Sirens – Deepend [Findz Records]
Soder & Lika Sodre, Soder – Yellow [Tribuzana]
Sokkon – Two Halves [sokkon music]
Somebody’s Child – We Could Start a War (Le Boom Remix)
Sonnendeck – Girl on Fire [WHO’s TRACKS]
Steve Howerton – Crowded Room (feat. Dawn Nicole)
SylEd – Master Or Slave [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Tim Dian & Irina Los – Only Kiss [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Tito Azevedo – Tona (feat. Pedro Kelbouskas)
Tony Madrid – My BodieLand [Disco Filter Records]
Toru S. – All I (Step One & Step Three) [Nohashi Records]
Underlights – Make Love Me [G-Mafia Records]
VA – AfroBili Movement Pt.2 [Ababili Recordings]
VA – Deep Friends and Happiness [Attention.Inc Music]
VA – Sea Adriatique [Loophole Records]
VA – Total Recall [Sakasa Rec.]
Wave Racer – Higher [Astral People Recordings]
Woki Toki – Morning Dawn [Deep Site Digital]
Woogy – Night Mood [Make It Yourself Records]
Yasin Yurtsever – Collide [Main Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

ADEAN – Far Away [Glerx Records]
Ali Ghieri – Tetu [K-Noiz]
Autodidakt & Dread MC, Haezer – Basic Bangers
Beanzo – Recollection [BEANZO1]
Beterror & Bios Destruction, Beterror – Generation
Butbass – Smoking Spores [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Chris Imler – Country Club [R.i.O. label]
Claws & Wood Packa – Forgive Me Love [Angel Helicopter]
Cy Kosis – Malibu [Pantheon Select]
Decon, Kazbo – Domus , Intasubjective [Deegree Recordings]
Desired Bit & Overdoser – Galaxy [29 DNB]
Desmond Dekker, The Aces & Ed Solo – 007 (Shanty Town)
Diode & Inerpois, Backup – Propaganda
Dj Saibot, Max Forword – Yellow Suitcase 11 [7th Cloud]
DRMR – Dragon [Privelege Music]
Eater & Emorfik – 78910 [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Elli Giannakopoulou – Unspoken [OraisonSonoreMusic]
FunkshyBeats – Funkstepping [NRR Music]
Golin – Play Odds [TWIN (US)]
GreenFlamez – Don’t Stop [Groovepool Essentials]
Hiraeth – Greatest Day [Terra Firma]
Hostage Society – Alternative Control
Identified Patient – Nerve Deposit [Dekmantel]
Joe Daniels – Morning & Night [Wolfrage Recordings]
Kage DJ & Karminis – Ak47 [Repulsive Records]
Kamas – Blood [Badkill Records]
Katakuri – This Is Katakuri [@SUPERSIZEUK]
Kovalenco Gennadi – Power [Crazy Russians]
Level Up – Scared of the Dark [GRVDNCR]
Magnetic Soul – Dreamworld (feat. Dan Stezo)
Marcus Visionary – Together [Stereo One Music]
Mardvk – Bassphomet [Mas Bass Records]
Mark Fresh – Scopes [Eat My Records]
Mary Shannon, Sazu & Aaron Trinh – I’ll Be Your Home
Matt Baer & Gracie Van Brunt – Tunnel Vision [Simplify.]
Merovingian – Survival [Trilobit Records]
Metronomix & Tiago Vasquez – Somewhere Else
Nitro Fun – System Failure [Monstercat]
Orician – Twisters (feat. Haciënda Crew)
Ouka Hale – Macro Down [Bellum Records]
RA-DO – Deep into the Amen Pt. 1 [Kos.Mos.Music]
Radicall – Ursa Major [Offworld Recordings]
Raybee – Relapse [Lost Recordings]
Razzix – Find You [Diverge Music Group]
Rms & Dub Defense, Rms – Sinkhole [Inner City Dance]
Rooverb, Strike Nine & Anxious – Bring Em Up [Ensis Records]
Rumble, Mr. Lexx & Suku Ward – Gyalis Remixes
Russloeber – Follow Back [Bellum Records]
Selecta DnB – No Good for Me [Ravesta Records]
Sine Conflict – Threat of Justice [Drevobos Recordings]
Sonic Art & If-Read – Cloud Illusion [Omni Music (UK)]
SoopaDaark – Tiger Style [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
SR & Fync, SR & Jem-One – Squat Rave [Locked Up Music]
Stuss & MC XL, Stuss – Hollow Headed [Monk Audio]
SUBDEK – The Return [Digital Paradox Records]
Suburban Poor – Who [Obskure]
sunshine – Save Myself [SILENCE! Records]
Swedish Revolution, Retro Mars & LoudWorship – Donkey Kong
Tezzcatra – Boomer Doomer [Wiking Recordings]
TOKKY – I Got What You [Dragon Records]
UFO Project – Artemis (Isaac Maya Remix) [Circus]
VA – Collection Transition [The Half Heart Project]
VA – D U B 2020 [DIMASI Music]
VRTCL – Anna [Heartbroken Club]
Xenon – Phantasm [36 Hertz Recordings]
Yosmer Davis – Dynamite [Musata Music]
Zassi – Rewind [Soundserfing Records]
Zeba – Chemical Warfare [Young Guns Recordings]

Electronica & Downtempo

Adam Helder & Bloomgard – Majestic Void
Ahel Adeya – Two Hundred Flowers [Bellum Records]
Ali Sasha & Zhoobin Askarieh – Liberation
ALIA – Only Now [Booshu Records]
Altimore – Old Ways [Lucian Soul Music]
Antonio Sagrero – Vamos Nenas [Triplepoint Distribution]
Aradie – Atlas [Chill Tunes]
Aramzom – Legend [Songtradr]
Audioglider – Halycon , Infinite Glide [Ambient Wave Records]
Babe, Terror – Horizogon [Glue Moon]
Bad Legs – Sniper [Elektroshok Records]
BEDO97 – Sakin [Beast Trap Records]
BEDO97 – Sick [Beast Trap Records]
BIS Outside & Stevie Grayson – Oros [Artist Republik]
Blaire Ko & fish.the – Fish and Bird’s Breakfasts
Broken Aesthetic – Falling [Songtradr]
Casper Lowry – Pointing In [Bellum Records]
claudio briglia – Flying [Freshtunes]
Crystin – Stick Together [parkerboy records]
Deledda & 2K’s – Spore [Apparel Tronic]
Dessin Bizarre – Dessin Bizarre — Aloft [Noise Dealers]
Dreamparty – Black River [Tapewriter]
Einridi – Frekvens [Ozran Sunset]
Eros Miguel – Pillow Trax (Case I) [feat. Trik17] [MODEM 39]
Geacron – Bad Tone [Assist For Artist]
Glenn Astro – Homespun [Tartelet Records]
Haeyno – Human [Chill Tunes]
Hidden Crew – Your Dream [K-Noiz Select]
HiWstre – Sea of Tranquility [Lodjiya]
Hossein Alizadeh, Hooshang Ebtehaj & Seventh Soul, Keyhan Kalhor – Hoshyar
Housemeister & Miss Kittin, Housemeister – 3ndl3ss Svmm3r [AYCB]
Huda Hudia & Dj30A – I Have a Dream [Kaleidoscope Music]
Humanherb – Areopagus [Constellation Tatsu]
Idyll – Paradise [Ambient Wave Records]
J.Evans & Bongani Zulu – Bespoke Transients [Sala Estimulante]
Jeffsua & Mitcry – Unexpected Demon (The Remixes)
Jelile – Safe [Chill Tunes]
Jiminy Hop – Ex [Shambhala Music]
Jimmy Behan – Lost Light [Audiobulb Records]
Karim Le Mec – Cyber Fashion Model 2020
Kasper B. – On the Floor [Skipe Records]
Kez Riker – Cartogs [Bellum Records]
Kleracy – Dongles [Bellum Records]
Kröm – Foxi [ARIA Records]
Kuarz & NoFace Records – Earthquakes [NoFace Records]
Lau Frank – A Kind of Jazz [Jazzea Recordings]
Lonnie Holley – I’m a Suspect (Galcher Lustwerk Remix)
Loris S. Sarid – Music for Tomato Plants [Constellation Tatsu]
Lyrical Strally, Dakota Sixx & Higgo, PZP – 1FFNG005 (Funky & Garage)
M. Geddes Gengras – Dragging My Feet [Hausu Mountain]
Mangus Artie – Pastures [Bellum Records]
Mechanical Heroes – H10 [Heroes]
Michel Banabila – Cassette Loops [Tapu Records]
Modern Melodies – Beat Dat! (feat. DJ Deeon)
Modern Scribe & Music for Night People – Contracting Myths
Mono Tape – Origin [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
MR XYBORG – Homo Prototypum [Ghostwork]
OMNOM & Marshall Jefferson, Sammy Legs – The Friendless Summer
Ortega Y Gasset – Ortega001 [Ortega Y Gasset]
ORVI – Short Night [IO]
P. Morris – lunette (unfinished) [Bear Club Music Group]
Paolo Solo – Disaider [Olatu Foam!]
Penelope Trappes – Eel Drip [Houndstooth]
Photay – Waking Hours Remixed [Mexican Summer (EU)]
Popcorn Kid – Free Forever (feat. LAU) [Aztec Records]
Portland Project – Man in the Moon [Jendex Records]
Ramfeer – Unnity [Groove Room Records]
Riversilvers – Blue Night [Riversilvers]
Roomi Jaya – Basking [Bellum Records]
Ropick – Crystal [Unwind]
Ruben Rivadeneira – Temptation [Creación Musical]
Ryan Gallus – Experience [Yosh Pit]
Sascha Krohn – The Other Me [Ghost Lights]
Silkroad – Priest [Mystic Sound Records]
Sonny Lover Boy – Acapulco (LoFi Dream) [Amarcord]
Steph Sandor – California [BonFire Records]
stereOMantra – Present [OM Mantra Records]
Steve Pepe – Vivere in Diagonale [Inside Out Records]
Stickman & Kekstar – Communication [Azania Digital Records]
Sustainer – Anticuario [Rottenman Editions]
Synthetyq – Morning Wind [Nustromo Music]
The Marx Trukker – There’s News from 2t5s8 [Noorden]
Tomat – Incantevole Posizione [7K!]
TOROK & NoFace Records – Shh [NoFace Records]
Turquoise Moon & Andy Fosberry – The Sunset City
Tyema – Atels Bt [Oyoda Recordings]
Urs Wild – Space Elevator [ANALOGmusiq]
VA – #Fff [Subself Records]
VA – 4daz-le 20 Years [StreetVoice]
VA – Bass Invaders [Night On Earth Records]
VA – Moon Dreams [Stereoheaven]
VA – Old School Electronica [Atomrise Sounds]
VA – Phase Shift [Headroom Collective]
Vi Ta Lee & Marina Borodina – Fade Out (Downtempo) [VIMB Music]
Wilson & Johnson – Push the Limit [3rd Way Recordings]
Yotto – Maggio [Anjunadeep]


Anatoliy Nesterenko – Mystery Waves [Richy Records]
Antum – Worldwide [Skink]
B00ST & Zac Field – Survived [Pure Tunes]
Bae – U – Like Dis [Rainbow Horse Records]
Beth Alana – Phenomenon [Motto Sono]
Billy Porter – For What It’s Worth (Tracy Young Groove for Good Mix)
Black Point, – Interstellar [Boot Music Records]
Brejner & The Teacher – Don’t Go [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Brian Rundlett & Joey Rundlett – The Unlimited Language
Contribe – Throw Me a Bone [Nite Records]
Damon C Scott – Free (Jet Boot Jack Remix) [Total Freedom +]
Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph – The Love Rescue [Sprechen]
Dave O Reilly – The Island (Pug Features Remix)
Di Saronno & Gangs of Naples – Glory Days [InStereo Recordings]
Dirty King – Dark Sky [Supertunez]
Dj Mystro Love & CeCe Peniston – Finally Retooled [PRDS Direct]
Eddie Amador & Coco Street – Don’t Look Back! [Nu Soul Records]
Elbee Bad – Copper Color Joints [Goldmin Music]
Foam Ocean & Kyle Constable – Drity 2020
Ian Christopher – Casual Emergence [Spectacle Recordings]
INTRN – week or 2 [Opposition]
J-Fader – Keep Poppin [Red Lamp Records]
Jay Baptiste – Mr Ama P [Just Jay Records]
Jeason Morgan – Berlin Vibes [De-generation Records]
Joseph Mind – Feat Dance [Houseworx Sessions]
Josh Lasden & Synoptic – For You (Volume 1) [El Futuro Recordings]
Kaituhi – Taratahi [Ebisu records]
Kriminal – Dotted Lines [Pop On Demand Music]
Laera – Acid Is Underground [Floored]
Malky DJ – Index [Uba Lua Records]
Maximalistix – Back in 1995 [GLB Records]
Mazzy – Check Me Out [Jendex Records]
Microesfera – Elastic Triggers [data rec.]
Monrabeatz – Early Summer [Pretty Dirty Records]
MRZY – Dum Dum [Jackpot Records Italy]
No Data – Who It [29 CLUB]
Note Ready – Nou Kouler [LAT LONG]
ØRĒNDA – lost in dreams [Lush Records]
Panko & Samuele De Santis – Trattoria Italo-Arg, Pt. 1
Rogier Dulac – Make the floor burn [Connect and Progress]
Salvatore Vitrano – Disko Raw Part Two
Scavio – Don’t Give Up [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
SchiXsaL – Erinnerung [eeprecords]
Secret Agenda – It’s You [Stash Records]
Sharkhuman – Bliss [Crown Of Music]
Silverfunk – Home Control [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
Soap Bubbles – Step Into [Crown Of Music]
Soul Slayerz – I’m Not Tired (Remixes) [KeeSoul Music]
Tanori – Tulum [Agenda]
Tune-Yards – nowhere, man [4AD]
Vinyl Disciples – Long Long Time Ago [Vinyl Disciples]
Wex Nmo – Jungle Jazzin (feat. TUZee) [Khali Recordings]
WezH – Face Ache [EML Recordings]
Wonkers – Mujer Celeste (feat. Teresa Tomas) [Legal Black]
Yanni Pap – Touch [Matheos]
Zetter – El Canto [76 Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

Adi das Genie – Deep Vibes [Leeloop Records]
Alex Modular – Nebula [Slow Deep Records]
Ali Maher – Rise [Elastic Dimension Records]
Antic – Delta Dunes [Anjunadeep]
AnyIce – Dark Moon [Monkey Project]
Apollo Jr – Singularity [DTL Records]
Craig Gunn – Hardsphere [DTL Records]
Danniel Selfmade, Johan Mila – Crow Familia, Two [Crow]
Darrel Novellino – Samoa [About U]
Desthen – Chaos , Kamet [SMTC Underground]
Dima Deemidoff – Point of No Return [dZb Records]
Eleonora & Marat Mode – Timeless [Be Free Recordings]
ElvioMV – The Sound of the Crane Bird on Guard
Exon (Fr) – Panorama [Wout Records]
Fahrettin Okur – Thoughts [GRF Sounds]
Farius – Miami Love (Sysdemes Remix) [Enhanced Progressive]
FckngNoise – KolaDeep [FckngNoise]
Felix E. – Mpumalanga [ThreeRecords]
Flourish AU – Draw Together (Extended Mix) [Blue Coffee Records]
Frank Sadness – Deep One [73 Muzik]
Geerk & Spanless – Merga , Nembus [COOD]
Gioseph – Voodoo Transition [Questionmark Records]
Gueva – Hollywood [Betrieb Records]
Hesemani – Quantum [Naturall Products]
ICE-AXE – Bounce [Oxytech Limited]
Ignacio Arbeleche – Arcade [RunAfter Records]
K-Zan – Tornade [PSYTON Music]
Kade B – Why [Neu Gravity]
Kleysky – Sventrek [Woodpacker Records]
Koray Kaya – Feel the Sunset [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Ladan Abedini – Haze [LETS TECHNO records]
Laio – Drown [IO Tunes]
Larry Scottish – Greece [Complex Destroyerz]
Maartell – New World [Neele Records]
Mac Paez – Feeling [Groove Room Records]
Maik Oss – Loneliness in the Galaxy [Bos Tech Records]
major K – She Tingles [Flash Forward Presents]
Marsh – Lailonie [Anjunadeep]
Miyagi – Lullabies in Paradise [Akumandra]
Moja xx – Paper Plane [Shaman Black]
Naksy – Transcend [La Mishka]
No Distance – Voices in the Fog [Truesounds Music]
NoBrand – Austral [Dephone Music]
Odd Concept – Meridian [Hungry Koala Records]
Pibogár – Andromeda [STIG]
Pierpaolo Bonelli – Stop My Mind [Kleos Recordings]
Rych G – Gravity [Black Habitat]
Selivan.DJ – Tribe [SelivaN Music]
Steno – Lost Control [BASIC Music]
Tasman – Mako [6913 Digital]
VIIA – Euphoric Recall , Relapse [Theory X]
Vivaldi – 5am [DaCosta Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alex Sounds – Arkab [Luthier Music]
Angel Guillermo – Republic [Tonic D Records]
Artizhan – Adamantino [Plastik Galaxy]
Belmat – Your Mind [In Dushe]
Claudio Solis – Sadhana [ATMOSCL]
Dany Fright – Playa Under [Candy Flip]
Dat Vila – MD (feat. Nikita) [Deep Tech Lab]
Didier dlb – Danish Hands on Swedish Drums
DJ Aydogan & Escobar (TR) – Covid 19
error.func – Flamingo Zoom [Lucidflow]
Eugene Schieffer – Funny Grass and Sad Kids
First For Nieto – El Evento [Conceptual]
Francisco Rietbroek – Du Fallopious [LOCKOUT ROOM]
Frank Schwarz – Timeless [Crossworld Records]
Getal Mear Liquid – Getal Mear & Friends
Janoko – Get Back [Moiss Music Black]
Joseph Nakouzi – Delayed Wisdom [Elixir Recordings]
Julian (RO) – Functions of the Unknown [minilon]
K con K & Big Man Pro – Bastards [Crazyfriends Music]
Lcaise – Nibiru in My Mind [Tanztone Records]
LocoFeels & Matt Klast, Sebastian LDM – New Life
Luciano Frangi – Leave This Place [Outsiders Records]
Luuk Van Dijk – I Lyk [Dark Side Of The Sun]
Marko Tech – Midnight Passion [Precision]
Mateo Bermejo – You Know [Lemon Juice Records]
Maxi Burgos – My City [Lemon Juice Records]
Maxi Galoppo – Brass [Manicomio Music]
Mediahora – Birdy [Kubbo Records]
Michael Ainsley – The Voyage [DataTech]
Morgana Parel – Sunflora [ESTUFAREC]
N4ranjo – Lecuaresm [BOOTH]
New Minimal – Mira La Plata [Make A Records]
Olarte – Connection [Stinky Label]
Oliver Haska – Payload [GlobalTech]
Olly Vanc – Tsukimi Inc. Moett C Remix [Gliese Rec.]
Pinto – Shifting Gears [Null Recs]
Ra.Pu – Kiss You [Elastique Music]
Robert Bueno – Gods and Aliens [Original Label]
Solemm – Binare Code [Nostandardmusic]
Stiven Escarraga – Salento [Beachside Records]
Sublee & Zebra Rec. – Pri Nor As [Zebra Rec.]
T.R.S. – Buzzer [Woody Records]
Tedanny Flac – Reboot [Fly Or Die]
Tom Mosler – Restore [Sequentek]
V. Alarik – Inside [Re.Face]
VA – Powerful Attack of Aliens Vol.01 [Dark Alien Records]
VA – The Minimal Ghost Vol.03 [Dark Alien Records]
Vid – Afternoon Sake [Zebra Rec.]
Vid – Fritzwizz [Zebra Rec.]
Vid – Imagination [Zebra Rec.]
Vid – Moonchild [Zebra Rec.]
Weynex & Dew B – Annabelle [Dark Alien Records]
Zak Voyager – Retro Taste [WayOn]

Organic House & Downtempo

Alina Anufrienko & Alex Glushkov – Desolation
Aviron – Farthest Star [Cosmicleaf Records]
Den Mayer, Elevete – Water [Lolou Records]
Dj Eb & Gus Caram – Me Recuso [MSLX Recordings]
Flamar & Olkan – Pegasus [Baikal Nomads]
Frigga – ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
Glass Locus – Leaving [Audiobulb Records]
Hardcore Buddhist, Side Liner – Behind Memories
Lautaro Fernández – Tous Les Enfants [Mirrors Label]
Lisandro (Ar) – Safiro [Flug Lab]
Majnoon – Ethnic Universe [Lump Records]
Master Spektr – Hi Birds [Master Spektr]
Nalini Blossom, Mose & Binder – The Water Blessing Song (Mose & Binder Remix)
Nandão – Zurnando [Camel Riders]
Oded Nir – Rooftop Conversations (Bohemian Remixes)
Okubo – Transitive + Intransitive [Lassi International]
Orkidz – Ya Leel [Cosmic Awakenings]
Patrick di Fiore – The Field [Mikky Records]
Shouzii – Vibration [Bemore Music]
Soul Escape – Caravan (feat. Rich Machines)
The Swan and The Lake – Friday and Crusoe [Music For Dreams]
Tiefgeist – Kiki Melody (feat. RufusHam) [NachtEin.TagAus]
Tiff Lacey & Sensorica – Erogenic [Sensorica Music]

Progressive House

Blanka Barbara – Threnody [Rabbit Records]
Askoui & MOGIO – Beyond the 5th Rez [Future Avenue]
Bruno dos Santos, INNERPHONIC – Home [Faraway Scope]
Chris Domingo, Mariner & Mariner + Domingo – Gray Cloud
Cosmos Sounds Project – Grab a Star [Estribo Records]
DJ Emerson MK – Encontrei (Remixes) [Servo Records]
DJ Merk, DJ Combo & Maureen Sky Jones – Living On Video (Remix Edition)
DJ Ragex – Sleep Walking [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Don Longton – All One [Mistique Music]
Emir Guven – Step by Step [Incepto Music]
Entel & Bockoven – Perceptions [Nueva]
Essco – Trans [Emotional Content Recordings]
Esteban Ikasovic – Caveman [3xA Music]
Ezha Iyzha – No Fear [Flux Inc. Records]
Four Candles & Ross Geldart – Fixation
Gonza Rodriguez – Ice & Land [Massive Harmony Records]
Goraieb, Luciano Scheffer & Sarah Chilanti – Believe
J Lannutti – Smaug [One Of A Kind]
Jay Aliyev – Frozen [Baijan Global]
JFR – So Close So Far [Nube Music Records]
Kajis & Laladee, Ylona – Double Future
Klaus – Lucky Holler [Backdoor Records]
LGHTR & NAZEN – Prototype [Blvckbox Records]
Lucas Rodriguez – Simply Life
Lucio Consolo – Quejido [Vesta Records]
Modis Chrisha – Desire [Modis Records]
NATHAN EDEN – I Will Arrive [SuperPosition Records]
Nico Beren – Kyoto , Hanami [Another Life Music]
Nila – Violet Shade [Emotional Content Recordings]
Rob Me – Nightshift [Suah Records]
Romanoff Roma – Insomnia (feat. Albrth G.) [Playoff]
Serkan Eles – Astral Kunga [Groove 9]
Steppers – The Rhythm of Life [Previous Records]
Sym Bioz – Emergency Landing [Feather Tones]
To See Beyond the Shadows – The Dance Remixes
VA – Land of Forgiveness [Eat My Hat Music]
VA – Siona Red 001 [Siona Records]
VA – Strictly Argentina! – The Remixes [AH Digital]
YoD Ibiza – Boda [YoD Dark]

Tech House

Aaron mvrtin – Groove Dealer [Strictly Records]
Abdullah Arif – Filthy [Lemon Juice Records]
Alen Palamar – A.I. tries to love – Kamikaze lost part
Andreas Foxx – Leopard Tape 002 [Leopard Tape]
AtalaiA & Gabriel Ananda – Disco in the Jungle
B. HAMMER – Alien Flutes [Only Hammers]
Bearings Jammed, Nestor Sanchez – Like This
Benny Bubblez – I’M a Lion [Opski Worldwide]
Bernard Drago – Seek Is Over [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
Bodylove – Gonna Get [BMP Music]
BOMBAYS & Myles Franklin – Belief
Cassandra Kasady & Gordeev – Freak Factory
Cityburn & Rov – Funky Beat [Beat Bass Music]
Daleo – The World is Pink [DataTech]
Darren J – Strangers [Noise Tank Records]
Davide Maione – Lo Mueve [SexAppeal Music]
Different Shapes – Take It [Metatronicle]
Dot N Life – Houseology [Sosumi Records]
Dual Shok – Dual Shok Trax [Space Bird Records]
Dylaw – I Don’t Play No Games [Euanthe Records]
Echover – Cacilda [Disco Groove CWB]
Ele Producer – Black Love [Menos Balas Label]
Faceless – I’ve Been Trying [Spira Music]
Fed – 333 [The Art Facility]
Formule Express – Adult Only Records 19 [Adult Only]
Frank Basilia & Amnesia Beats – Blue Sound
HIGHTECH (ARG) – All Good [Mooncircles Lab]
Holt 88 – You Are Crazy [Green Deep Collective]
Johnny Diaz – Give Me Emotion [CLIP Records Lab]
Jose Baez – Asawakings [Menos Balas Label]
Kashwell – Seduction (feat. Jaylor) [Dinastia INC]
Lewis Murch – Hustle [OVRDOSE RECORDS]
Liam Tav – Go Beats [Not So Serious]
Mac Brown – Terricolas [Menos Balas Label]
Marcel Dope – Move Live This [Wajiro]
Marcus Caballero – Crater [29 Tech]
Maty Badini – Enjoy, Enjoy [L2P Records]
Mehen & Pickisius – Sun Goes Down [Cool 7rack Records]
Metrakit – Melopi [Energy Hard Espana]
Michael Ainsley – Twisted [Catamount Records]
Pennky – Calor [Mar de Fóra Records]
Product of us – Give a Fck [Hood Politics Records]
Rhythm Smashers – Delish [1 Stop Records]
RIMNO – Dancefloor [Not So Serious]
Robert Smoke – Herencia Latina [0212 Records]
Simon NTRG – Mama It [WE WORLD]
Stereophonie – Aquas Infinitas , Atzteca [Les Amants]
The Big Bear – DoDo Groove [Artist Republik]
UA – I See a Ship [In Open Space]
VA – 10 Years of D2L [D2L Music]
VA – Crosstrain Trax [Kieso Music]
VA – Electric Urban [Space Bird Records]
Victor Magan & Salgado, J.Sanz – El Remedio
Viktor Wagner – Feet Up [Angel Helicopter]
Virak – The Rabbit Groove [Discolored]
Vlien – Stimmen in meinem køpf [Acid]
Zoord – Confusion [Upper Records]

Techno & Minimal

6.6.6. – Estado De Alerta [VapourTrail Records]
Abstract Silhouette & Boskii – Motionless
Albert Chiovenda & Stanislav Tolkachev, Eric Fetcher – Uncover 4.0
Allan Gallego – Stray Cadence [Underdub Records]
Andres Gil – Grind [Rawcid]
Andy da Mole – Lizard [White Line Music]
Anthony Tring – Vivacity [AWRY]
Ash Roy – Tesseract [Soupherb Records]
Bando & Sult – Resin [Hungry Koala Records]
Beko Voice & Twin Heads – Delirium [Enter Music]
Benki – Disarm [Bunk3r R3cords]
Bleeding Midi, II CRCT – Sampler 002 [Reivkru]
BNGI – Malicious Environment [Oxytech Records]
Boiling Energy – Back to Schranz
Broken Robot – Barbarian [COLOSSUS]
Buitrago – Throw Back [Red Code Music]
Buran – Beta (Kincaid Remix) [Insult To Injury]
Callithrix – Babylon [Embliss Records]
Christian Michael – The Warning [Compactonez Records]
Cordova F. – Elysium [Neu Gravity]
CQNZR. – Swamp [CQNZR.]
Danny Wabbit – Chemical [Playoff]
Dapayk & Padberg, Solo – Decade Two Pan-Pot Remixes
Deefo – Benji Effect [Love International]
Destination Unknøwn – Undefined Second Archive
DNS & Marvin Erbe – Friday the 13th [Endzeit]
Dolby D – Blazetars [Dolma Records]
Dominik Saltevski – Scorpio [Reload Black Label]
Emre Isiyel – Higher [Archon Records]
Exilles, Juan Trujillo – Infinity Dimensions
FABER – Submarine [Opilec Music]
Fukkk Offf – Berserker [Some Proof]
Funkythowdj – Spiral [Beats HD]
Gabo Zandetti & Villaseñor – Indication
Gary Beck – Grain Star [BEK Audio]
H.F.L. – Smack [Inhale Records]
Harmoniser – The Dead Are Alive [Coincidence Records]
Houston Stiller – Moderat [Fabrik Music]
Hynka – D20 [Marktek Records]
Hyperconfidence & Judy Karacs – Subversive [Sound Optix]
IDEM NEVI – Tangerine [Requested Soul Records]
Jame Starck – Control [Geometrik]
Jnks – Prometeo [Credo]
Joe Impero – Disco Lights [Muneko]
Johan Dresser – Running (Emanuel Querol Remix)
Jordy Martin & Bruno Mendoza – Believing
Josh Holiday – Minimal Grooves Two [The Seed]
Keah & Mudd Zed – Everything
Killagroove – Flying Saucers [Shaker Plates]
klrl – Future + China Town [Fuzion Dreams]
Kos mo – Eternity [Black Snake Eco Edition]
Kox – Technoblast [Escalate]
LAP01 – Reboot [Wave Signal]
Leimantour – The Chase [DIMENSIONS]
Loris Panaia – Danger 21 [Disskghast Recordings]
LUXIFA & BOB LOCO – Horreur Trip
Maks Henning – Every Day We Dream [7th Cloud]
Mamwadi, Master Leo – Cityblood [Point Nemo]
Mario Camacho – Mental Breakdown [Shut Up & Listen]
Mark George – Trishton Steps [Catamount Records]
Miguama, MИNM – Svmxh Lbrvt [Wejustman Records]
Miguel NoFlyTribe Velardo – Say Hi [NoFlyTribe Music]
Miro Dark – The Road to Hell [Right Music Records]
Mood Syndicate – Automata [Differed Records]
munfell – The Puritan March [Deep Tech Lab]
Nae Tek & Deeperwalk – Idealizing ( Dub Edition )
NTOGN – Smedjan [Tome]
Operational Static – Voices [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
PanTau – Square [Lowpass 24 Rec.]
Patrick Arbez – Kerosin [Delude Records]
Petit Astronaute – Ghost Dance [Artscope]
Phil Woodford – Technocracy Delusions
Pomella – Destroy [Zeca Records]
Qazer – 909 [Paktoor Records]
Rally – Peace (War Remix) [feat. Soo Lee] [DJ Rally]
REÄKTTOR – 20092012 [Groovy Sessions]
Ross Hillier – Uninvited Guest [Elektrax Recordings]
Sebastien Pedro – The Moon Light [Technoize Records]
Segtiga – Sacred [29 Tech]
Seumas Norv – Superstar DJ [Crown Of Music]
Speed Mode – Galakser [ONI Recordings]
Starko – Toxic Fire [Techno Expedition Records]
Stoian – Red Giant [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Suga Shane – Stationary Chaos [Behavior Recordings]
Technoist – Mesmerism for the Masses [Grey Meta]
Thomas XIV – The Transient Murder
Titi – Dark Feelin’ [TaiJi Records]
Tobias Lueke – Parasite [DCRYPTED]
Ugo Anzoino – Existrance 2Re.Born [Toxic Recordings]
Uma Scheffer – Sombra [dZb Records]
UnQuiet – First Step [Oxytech Planet]
V-Core – Codex [Projektor Records]
VA – Alien Connections IV [West Rules]
VA – Techno Files 1 [Eins Droid]
VOG – Enter the Void [DarkForest]
Yenny Skev – Take Off [defmain() ]
Zatox – Bass & Acid [CAPUT MUNDI]
Zisko – Holographic Reality [Materia]