Afro House

Aron G – Zambia Cantos [Agua Ardiente Records]
Augmented Soul – Life E Monate (feat. Soweto’s Finest)
B Show & Samba KF – No Balur (New Version) [feat. Sangara Jr] [Africa Mix]
Bamba Keita – Savage [ASA 171]
BosPianii – Harmony [KOMU Records]
Bruno Guerrini – Africa Zumba [WSM Music]
Bruno Guerrini – Back To Bronx [WSM Music]
Carlos Francisco & Javi Colors – Yanu [SP Recordings]
D_Elaborate Nossca & Dj Yobiza – O Maluco Do Bairro [Africa Mix]
Darksidevinyl, Da Le – Take The Step [BOS286]
David Morales & Timmy Regisford – Maka (feat. Toshi) [DIRIDIM]
DJ Damiloy Daniel & Zuma Webber – Star Magui [Bué de Musica]
DJ Two4 – Ngivulele (feat. Luh) [Khoisan Music Records]
Franck Roger – The Earthrumental Project, Pt. 2 [Real Tone Records]
Freddy da Stupid & Saint Evo – Mwene Nyaga (feat. Tina Ardor)
Futhwane – Olaranyani [Suru Africa Digital]
Genvee – Raw Authentic [Age Digital]
HyperSOUL-X – Planet Dee 4 [Hyper Production (SA)]
Joeski – Tierra Linda [Maya Records]
Levi Lenz – Nemberala [SP Recordings]
Lil Meri, Lexxyphonik – Thipa [H3M007]
Manybeat – El Merengue [Xumba Recordings]
Markus Enochson & E.M.A.N. – Musical Prayer (Asyigo JusVibe Mix)
Miguel Scott & Lulama K – I Like to Know , Tribute to Djs At Work
Ministry of Funk & Zingabeat – Sun Explosion [South American Grooves]
MoBlack – Mawine (feat. Stevo Atambire) [MoBlack Records]
Morena – Chasing You [Moving Deep Records]
Nandi Madida – Organic [Sound African Recordings]
Prince Of Tribe – Stampdanse [YHV Records]
RAFO – New Breath [RSR194]
Ray MD, Sr. Saco & AfroMambo – Koro Latino [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Razzler Man & Whitecoat – In the Village [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Ricky Alves – The Beginning [Ocha Mzansi]
Shino Blackk – Nothing But A Thang _ For Your Love [FTBRLW11172002]
Tayllor – Steel Drum [Wired]
Thab De Soul – Bailando [Celsius Degree Records]
The African Sunset Project – Life [Mange Le Funk Productions]
Zico House Junkie & Benjy – Too Dark to Sleep [Sunclock]


Cyrk – Obsession [Burial Soil]
Flaurese – Sake of Lust (feat. Rosa) [eOne]
Infiniti (Scott Christina) – Africa (Remixes) [alterednation recordings]
Infiniti (Scott Christina) – Children of the 80’s [alterednation recordings]
Infiniti (Scott Christina) – Make the World a Bitter Place
Infiniti (Scott Christina) – Motormouth [alterednation recordings]
Lee Coombs & Kostas G, Lee Coombs – Obsidian Sounds
Master Master – Circle 28 [Hyper Master Recorders]
SDS Max – Trip Advisor [Erbium Records]
SVD KID – Hard to Believe [Elektroshok Records]
Two Smoking Fellaz – Smoking Hood [SideFunk Recordings]


4NEENO & Akami – Follow Me [Columbia (Sony)]
5LINK – Just Chill [5LINK Music]
A-mase – Toxic [Deep Culture]
ADVS – Greenlight (feat. Nima) [One Seven]
Agency – Super VGA (This Paradise) [Anticodon]
Akami & Aaron Kiasso – Aria d’estate [Columbia (Sony)]
Andrew Shine & Alessia Labate – Over You (Extended Mix)
BALULU THE ICON – Nasaka [MAD Royal Entertainment]
Bhaskar & Kohen – For You (feat. Bel Marcondes) [CONTROVERSIA]
Black Saint – Bring It Back [Warner Records]
Blazar – Precious [Antifragile Music]
Boy made flower – Ted Mosby [North Of]
Bright Lights, Kaleena Zanders & KANDY – War For Love [THRIVE MUSIC]
Callum Mcintosh – Kickin [Baby’s Back]
Corderoy & Princess Superstar – Luxurious Magnificent [Perfect Havoc]
Cuebrick – Sway [You Love Dance]
Daïtshi & Teva – Ocean Air [Diepgraven Records]
De crypt, Eastwood Haze – Back Home [Decrypted Records]
Deepend & YOUNOTUS – My Heart (NaNaNa) [feat. FAULHABER]
Dubdogz & Bright Sparks, Dubdogz & Tom Bailey – Day
Dylan Thomas Griffin – Our Age [Friends of Friends Music]
Ector Nina, Moko – Goodbye Friends [Major Underground]
Eric Hayes – I Wanna Get Down (Remix Package) [il Dottore]
Forgotten Modern – Looking Up [ALXNDR]
Gian Derek & Buller – Strobe Light (feat. Jay Davi) [HISTERIA COMPANY]
Glenn Morrison & Jason Walker – Different Languages [Dying Light Records]
Ivory Layne & Wilson – December (Wilson Remix) [Villa 40, LLC]
Jean Marie, Audiosonik & Lil Van – Moonlight Fiesta (feat. Famous Dex)
Jonah Class – Western Life [Blindsided]
Ken Takano – Silent All These Years (feat. Sara Phillips) [Spinnin’ Records Asia]
Klaas – Joli Garcon [You Love Dance]
Lil Meri – Rewinds [H3M Production]
Lowderz & Hotweiller’S – You Know [Liboo]
Mannix – Cause I Love You Babe [Tropical Disco Records]
Marlene – Angeldust [King of Kong , Tryck & Ton]
Melike Şenol – Sesindeki Yaz [Muhabbet Akustik]
Mesto – Looking Back [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Now O Later & Vanished – Summer Clothes (feat. Jaime Deraz)
Pedro Poukus – Latin Lovers [UDTW Records]
RobbieG – I Still Remember (feat. BB Diamond) [Perfect Havoc]
Ruthless Vision – In Bed [Careless Records]
Silva Pachino – Greatness [PACHINOS STUDIO]
SlyFellow – No Regrets [Maniana Records]
Stonebank & EMEL – Healing Me [Monstercat]
Stouterik – Opnieuw [M.P Records]
Tolga Mahmut – Miss Me [Epic Tones Records]
Tom Hall & ENV – Collide (feat. Mila Falls)
Verdun Remix, Noelinar & Monco – #Caramelo
VisionTechno – Move It [VisionTechno]
VisionTechno – Summer Feeling [VisionTechno]
Where It’s ATT – Pieces (with Lucas Marx) [Word On The Street]
Will Saul – Your Time Is up [Skint Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

30,70 – Fluid Motion Remixed [Rhythm Section International]
A.M.O.R. – The Decline and Fall of a Mountain of Rimowa
Alejandro Gutierrez – Pepinawer [Chola Records Group]
Alex Spite – My Reflection [Alex Spite Records]
Alvaro Cabana & Julian Sanza – Chapter 5
Amanda Perez – Heartache [KrazyA Ent.]
Angelo Diaz Jr – Groovin’ [MAISON DU SONS] – Cocktail Adventures [Wight Label Records]
B.J. Smith – Dedications to the Greats, Pt.3 [NuNorthern Soul]
Baby Bash, The BashTones & Joey Quinones – Souldies Are Forever
Citrus Sun – Thinking of You (Edit Version) [feat. Deborah Bond & Bluey]
Conrad – Room 13 [Atmospherica]
Coopex – Losing My Mind [TGR Music Group]
Cornel Dascalu – Destiny [DeepShine Records]
Criss Conflict – The Revolution [Mad Panda Recordings]
Danielle Sadcliffe – K-Mart Girl [Fantastic Voyage]
David Lowell Smith – Compilation 1 [Space Vacation Recordings]
Demeter & KEAN DYSSO – Give Me [Ghetto]
DiCE_NZ & JMMSTR, DiCE_NZ – The Chance
Diego LaTorre – Sounds for Souls [Aura Music]
Dimitri Z – Gemstone [Disco Fiasco Records]
Disco Morato – Discesa [Nein Records]
DJ Moar – Funkadelicious [Disco Vibration]
Donique – Marble Whisper [Superpursuit Records]
Evenn – Brooklyn Rules [GLBDOM]
Filizola, Pu & Miss Blanc – Acapulco [Holy Pig Records]
Gae Harper – Clear Your Mind [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Great Notion – Stars on Fire (feat. Alix Efaw) [Fresh Finds]
Gustavo Mazzi – Sunsets [Solar Twilight]
Gypsy – I Trance You (Richie Blacker Rave Spirit Remix) [Limbo]
Hanger Lane – Brotherly Love [Cookie Records]
Horatio – Something for Mladen [Lucky Life Music]
Javier Simon – LIMBO [Little Red Corvette Records]
Jelly For The Babies – Burning Tears [Inspired By Trees Records]
Jorge Martin S – Hold Me [INSTANT]
Jorginho Joao – Astro Chord [Dance Petrol Records]
Kalu Bandali – Maharajah Love [Deep V Records]
Mantu, R-Theme & Richard Judge – Birds [1st Strike Deep]
Mateo Makams – OS046 [Open Sound]
Matthew Shipp Trio – The Unidentifiable [ESP Disk’]
MaxRevenge – Slow Life [Vibrate White]
Mell Bess – Beautiful [Induction Muzic]
Merovingio Deejay – I Remember [Nimi Music]
Mij Mack – Elysium [Sound Upstairs]
Mikey Lion – The Way You’re Wrong [Desert Hearts Records]
Mildlife – Automatic [Heavenly Recordings , Co-op]
Moon Rovers & KC Lips – Unstoppable [Basement]
Morin – Mystic Energy [New Horizon Recordings]
Museum Levels – New Age Cult [Whiskey Pickle]
Niko Schwind – The Path [Bar 25 Music]
Nogue & Biarritz – Biarritz – Empty Pub (Nogue Remix) [Synth Labs]
Norman Weber – Happenings of Life Remixes [Muna Musik]
Oblomov – Arctic [Muza]
Ole Eb – Far Away [Storm Music]
Opolopo – Sickla, Pt. 2 [Local Talk]
Oreason – Deep Program [Music Department Label]
Orteez – h001 [Golden Pineapple Records]
Oussema Saffar – Un Momento [Empire Studio Records]
PHIL Q. – Velocity (feat. Myles Ramel) [Plural Music]
plasticpoison – Call of Jumanjee [Deep Fix Recordings]
rawBeetz – Shine for Me [Rhythm Vibe]
Recette Orientale – Kader [ImButcher Music]
Rex the Dog – Versions [Kompakt]
Rio Soldierman – Groove Translation [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Rockburn – Stairs [She’s Super Deep]
Ruff Stuff – Dubby Tales [SlothBoogie]
Ruy Clifford – We Can [BEATER RECORDS]
Saash – Seagull [DataTech]
Sammy Deuce – Cruisin’ & Movin’ (Extended Mix) [Motive Records]
Sanchez Dub – Humans (Lasser Drakar Remix) [Discos Panoram]
Saucy Lady – The Garden [Audio Chemists]
Sea Level – Uzenzile (feat. Melva) [Ritual Art Projects]
SeeMeNot – Borderline [Brainstream Music]
Sharapov – Story Remixes [Impure]
Shaun Thomas – Watching [Pink Dolphin Music Ltd]
She’s the Queen – Shades of Blue [Electronic Rumors]
Skyles – No Sweat [Storm Music]
Sound Syndicate – Who is it [Eterna Recordings]
Spiriakos – You’ve Got Me Down [Sunset Disco]
St. David – Mind Power [Politics Of Dancing Digital]
Stan Boogie – My Love [Below the Belt]
Stephen Nicholls & JNE – Somebody Elses Guy
Takuya Kuroda – Fly Moon Die Soon [First Word Records]
Tammy Lakkis – Get Up , Moon Rock [Portage Garage Sounds]
Tender Games – Tonsee [Midnight Snacks]
The Audio Manipulator – That Time [Floor 13]
The Funk Hunters & CMC & Silenta – Tribute (La Felix Remix)
The Stoned – The Universoul [Souluxe Record Co]
The Vinyl Depreciation Society – This Beauty Falls [Zantidote]
Theo Poles – Keep on Liftin [Deep Clicks]
tommy tickle – Attitude, Belief & Determination (Edit) [Menagerie]
Tonarunur – Sunny Nights [Citizens Of Vice]
Tony Soprano – So in Love With You (2020 Rework)
Tswex Malabola – Thermodynamic [Senior Boys Music]
Uberdrive – She’s a Lady (Remixes) [Exx Muzik]
VA – Deep & Tech 3 [1103 Musik Berlin]
VA – Emotional Future [Coco Recordings]
VA – Magnetic Glow [Space Rabbits Records]
VA – Shifting Sand [Orme Music]
VA – Spectrum [Althea Records]
VA – Surrogates [Obazda]
Vaudafunk – Me and You and Me [Nite Grooves]
Will Omit – Remedy [TGR Music Group]
World’s Finest – Dip (Selekta Remixes) [Selekta Recordings]
Yazmyn Hendrix – Fate [West One Music]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Aaronson – Funk Show [Echo Chamber]
AC13 – Tell No Soul (feat. King DeepField) [Soulvent Records]
Agamath – Forgotten Dreams [DNBD Recordings]
Al x, Al x – Rudeboy with Masia One & Magugu , Through My Eyes
Alitaumas – Minaki (Kralbies Remix) [Izonautic]
Alix Perez & Halogenix, Workforce – Without End
Anomie – Sos [Inna Riddim Records]
Ash Vix – Beast (The Remixes) [Noobish Records]
ATXM – Trojan Horse [Outer Realm]
Audiostein & RENN – Contact [Front Artillery Records]
Bad Influence – Transmission of Energy [Hustlin Beats]
Ben Vibrant – Be In L.A. [DNBB Digital]
BigChoc – Return of the Choc [ESAF]
Black Yukon Sucker Punch – Fault Current , Retrocognition
BLANK – Season of the Dragon [Hard Step Faction Recordings]
BOU$HY – No Fumar [AY YO TRIP! Records]
BounceBeatz & Adel Louis – Freedom [Baxtown Records]
Break & Total Science – Whispers in My Ear , Dog’s Dinner (Remixes)
Complex – One Earth (Radio Edit) [Down 2 Earth Musik]
Crazy Mofo – Butcher [Rabies Dog Records]
CXB – Failed 911 Call [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Dan-BLAST – Makonde [El Muerto Records]
Dash Berlin & Roxanne Emery – Lighting the Bridges [BODYWRMR]
Declain – High On Love [Maxximize]
Deep N Beeper, Otherself – Sub Oceanic Fibre Optic Comms 001
DHMPR – Spell [Frostfyre]
Dice – Memories (Rework) [Straight Up Breakbeat]
DJ Major & DJ Terra, DJ Major – You Know Me [Kevlar Beats]
Dmitriy Timofeev – Jungle [Dancewood Stage]
Drawattention & Hybrid Screech – Comedown [Techenies]
Drumcatcher & Horde, Drumcatcher – Get Them [Impact Music]
Ed Solo & Bengal – Sofa Skank [Gorilla Warfare]
Einox – Chimera [Turbine Music]
Estetic Galaxy – Thoughts , Bassline Skanka [Major League DnB]
False Concept – Urge [Royal Audio Recordings]
Highvoltag3 – Summoning Spell [Cross Faded Records]
HLZ – Amethyst [Metalheadz Platinum]
Illphaze – Mind Elements [Train Recordings]
Info – Precise N Sharp (feat. MadRush MC) [Right Good Records]
INSTAG8 – The Unknown [Dutty Bass Audio]
J Kenzo – Phalanx , The Summoner [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Jetty Rachers – Spaceship [Aesthetica Records]
Joe Daniels – Sahara [Mixa Records]
Julian Montenegro – Cold Mornings [Vertigo Audio Records]
Kid Drama – 2010 Again [CNVX]
KØDE-1 & Sempra – Hex [Draconian Audio]
Laney – Lengman [Eternal Muzic Records]
Late On – Espiral [369 Records]
Martiln – Die Trying Remixed [ONE7AUDIO]
Mauritson – Confectionery [Addicted]
Mechanical Vein – Emotion Blur Selections
Mersiv & Fryar – Paradise [Wakaan]
Moostatz & Clyde Avery, Jonah K – Dark Sun
Native Dog – Afterglow , Numb [Onset Audio]
Nautika & SamSHB, Nautika – She Got , Low
Nic Johnston, Dirty Sound Boys & Rimbano – Frenzy [Ensis Records]
Nicky Romero & Sick Individuals – Only for You (feat. XIRA)
Nightfang – Maneater [Hydrated Audio]
Nodo – Circle of Emotions [Fm Records Music]
Noistek – Tear It Down [Elm Imprint]
ODAKTIN – Sukuroth [Odaktin]
OIÜ – Lonewolf [Vibes Records LLC]
Oz & DuBBz – Chinese Silk , A Better Way [AFT Records]
Pablo Samarelli – De Regreso [Pehuen Records Unlimited]
Paper Dragon – Birds of Paradise [Our Space]
Paul SG & DJ Marky – Pepper Bae , Cafe International
Phone Robots – Used To [Glitchworld Recordings]
Point Set – Send It , Grace [Big Booty Bass]
Primate – Technical [Exert]
Pyrame – The Pace of Everything that Lives [THISBE Recordings]
REAPER – Pulse [Bassrush Records]
Rekin – Puta Loca [ONLY THE BEST]
Rico Vibe – So Lonely [EPride Music Digital]
SAVEJ – Solstice [Gravitas Recordings]
Simone Intrieri – Lie Machine (Remixes) [1980 Recordings]
Sixth Sense & DOMINIX – Break Away [TurnItUp Muzik]
Skylark – Blind , Vordt [Overview Music]
Sly Chaos – Check It [Sly Chaos]
Something Something & Kleu – All My Life [DeVice]
Spiller – Shapeshifter [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Starstrukkd – Death Pit (feat. Rico Act) [Be Happy]
Steff3Beatz & Bilal – Jungle Move (feat. Bilal)
Stephan Tosh, Ramuto & NAZEN – Hear Me [Madox Records]
Sub Killaz & Profile – Draw , Funk [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Subjects – Wile Out [Deep Jungle]
Synergy – Monochrome , By Accident [NËU]
Tharun Hardy – Freya [Musata Music]
The Prototypes – Paradise (feat. Elle Exxe) [Audio Remix]
Tim Ismag – Tonight We Gonna Rock [Tim Ismag]
TMRRW, WHZLY & Kini Solana – End of Our Lives
Tomoyoshi – Mr Dynamite , Big Life [Subway Soundz]
Trinergy & Midnight CVLT – The Master [Revenge Music]
Truth – Subchaser [Deep Medi Musik]
VA – Generation M [Railbreakers]
VA – NORTHSIDE – The First Wave of Drum & Bass in Finland (Part 1)
valsBaai – Long Haul Daze [Smooth N Groove Records]
Vastive & RazR – Big Ups [DirtySnatcha Records]
Voltra – Luma [Disciple]
VYYL – Junkyard Bounce [Orphan Music]
Walt Funhouse – Midnight [MoreFun Records]
Wave Cooper – Away From You [Bounce & Bass]
What the French – Last Man Standing (feat. Goldfinger)
X-Lab – Astral Warfare [MUEVA Squad]

Electronica & Downtempo

2Sleep – The Night Is Closed In [Friday Rush Records]
351 Lake Shore Drive – No Boundaries [Ambiance Music]
A’voed – In Height [Songmoney]
Airal – Voyd [Airal Music]
Alba Santos & Ples Jones – Cenizas [Exceptional Music]
Alex Spite – Never Look Back [Ragibeat]
Ambassadeurs – Human Stranger [Phases]
Andrew Odd – Random Thoughts [AstroPilot Music]
Animaly – Future Lover [Horus Music Limited]
Antartica – Interludes [Kaiseki Digital]
Antonio Kolic – Whats the Point [Four40 Records]
Ariwo, Azu Tiwaline – Door to the Cosmos [On The Corner Records]
Badminton Young Class – Bad Mint [Future Funk Records]
Bakey – Take it Further [Time Is Now Records]
Broken Boy – Treat You Right [83]
Brougen – Black Mask [Lolapad Recordings]
Chavinski – Fantasy [Distant Horizons]
Chill Blu – Never Look Back [Ragibeat]
Cliff West – Kithara [Quark Records]
Codex – Airport , A Window Remixes [Interpolate Records]
Craset – Fading State [Martian Bass Records]
Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea – Liberamente [Azure Vista Records]
Daza – Classic Fusion [Vinyl Studios]
Dedé Santaklaus – Deixa [Tratore]
Diamans – Escape [Estetica Records]
Digital Pilgrimz – This Is Real [Future Follower Records]
Dj Smash Sumthin – The Need for Grand Theft Auto Speed
Dro Carey – Nothing Is a Solo Project [Soothsayer Rec.]
Dtrdjjoxe – Static (Remixes) [Dtrdjjoxe]
Dunman – 99 Basslines [Simply Deep]
dv,sn – Window for the Wistful [Yellotone Music, LLC]
Erica Mar – La Chueca [Occultists]
Fernando Cevallos – Soy Yo [Tsoues Music]
Fredstyler – Save the World [AST Recordings]
From Ashes – Sleep Away [Silent Running Scandal]
Giovanni Gomes & Mr Kris – Ride of Your Life [Soul Touch Records]
Greymatter – Delete After Death [Unique Uncut]
GRiZ & Probcause, GRiZ – Chasing the Golden Hour, Pt. 3 [GRIZ TWO]
Groke & ALEPH, Groke & Vhsceral – The Dark Deep Remixes – Pt. 2 [Mad Zoo]
Hectoragen – Breaking In [Bellum Records]
Hollow Earth Theory – Summoning Ritual [Monolyth Complex]
Holy Goof & Notion – Put It On Me (feat. Mila Falls) [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
HRSH & 24Bit – Poseidon [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
IAMI (UK) – Stats , Drift , Sins , Mire [1HX]
Indian Wells – New Ruins [Mesh]
Inner Square – Escape to the Grey Continent [Squaresonic]
Javier Puncha – X2 [Reise Spain]
Jeag – The Breath [Tonic]
Jeremiah Asiamah, Kasille & VeSaint – Back It Up [ZEROCOOL]
Justin Nils – Open Up [Bolderline Music]
Keypro & Chris Nova – Never Ends [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
Kingdom – Neurofire [Fade to Mind.]
Kremerk – Dj [ZEROCOOL]
Las Bibas From Vizcaya – Kiss My Jazz [Okmuzik Records]
Lazergirl – Turn Around (feat. Hustler’s Son) [Chillout Version]
Lee Morris – The Way [ZEROCOOL]
Lost In City – Reveries Ch.1 [SOL (XYZ)]
Majix & Green Lion, Jack Ball – Clockwork Realm
MaKaJa Gonzales – Paranoia [Diligentia Records]
Mandidextrous – Train to Huddersfield (The Remixes) [Bass Militia Records]
Marc Antonix – Glory Nights [Intensity Recordings]
Master Spektr – Another Mind Deconcentrated [Master Spektr]
Master Spektr – Ruch Dance [Master Spektr]
Max D Milford – Reflections [Wonderfly Records]
Metano & NoFace Records – Like That [NoFace Records]
Mina Narc – Communities [Bellum Records]
MullMachine & Mullaha – Winter in Liverpool [Mullaha Records]
Nudge Unit – Uncertain Past , Stalled Future [h21c]
NytXpress Musiq – Emptyness [Lull Music]
One of Vas – Synchrodestiny [Underyourskin Signature]
Orkidz – Shokora [KOSA21]
Pakka – Rain in Paradise , The Morning Dew [Rigveda Music]
Pandhora – Divagations Cosmiques [Pandhora]
Paul Frick & Emika – In Parallel III [Improvisations X Inspirations]
Paul Frick & Emika – In Parallel IV (Meeting Parallel Rework by CNCPT
Paul Promis – Locked Up [Deepin2music]
Peter Ries – Glue [Sky Waves]
Pose Dia – At the Beach [Bureau B 1]
Promoter – Cogitate [PATIENCE]
Quixosis – Especies Afines [Frente Bolivarista]
R34L – All Ears (Fina Remix) [Section Eight Music]
Raith & Sik N Twisted – Immediate Attention , She Got It
Räubermukke & Landhouse – Whirling [Raeubermukke]
Riffdale – Green Lake [Marble Recordings]
Rob Belleville – Still Waters [Fluid Electronics]
Ron Ractive – Generation Starship [Styledriver]
Sabre – Out There [3000 Bass]
Saver – EBE [Reload Music]
Schlachthofbronx – Head Bad (feat. RG Skinny) [Rave & Romance]
Schlindwein – Life & Death Choral [Improvisations X Inspirations]
SebastiAn – Slow Arrival [Improvisations X Inspirations]
Shaded Explorer – Harmonic Growth [Pregnant Void]
SHADI – Ezra [Fat Beats Records]
SIAAH & Iman Deeper, SIAAH – Kawir [Ashram Records]
SORBET – Life Variations [Bureau B 1]
Styiler – Ban Phangan [OneSun Yellow]
Sylla B – Bon Anniversaire (feat. JD) [VRBL Records]
TAARIQ ELLIOTT – Statik Interference [Birdhouse]
The Night Monitor – Spacemen Mystery of the Terror Triangle [Fonolith]
Thorpey – Wave Ur Hands Like [Off Me Nut Records]
Tilly Ghoulach – Flash Field [Bellum Records]
Trudos Sound – Lets Take Our Time [Jam Tasty Records]
Turtleneck (UK) – Feeling You [YosH]
Ugress – Incandescent Structures of Ambiguity [Uncanny Planet Records]
VA – Downtempo City Grooves 2k20 [7AGE Music]
VA – Free Your Mind [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Interlocal (Compilation) V.A. [King of Kong , Tryck & Ton]
VA – Long Awaited Moments [Nidra Music]
VA – Sophisticated Downbeats [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Synes Patch 2.1 [SYNES]
Valeria Ray – Ruined Mind [Songmoney]
Versalife – Manifold [VIS320]
VisionTechno – Free Falling [VisionTechno]
VisionTechno – Salamat [VisionTechno]
VisionTechno – Zero Decibel [VisionTechno]
WTS – Everything Is Beautiful (feat. Colette Van Sertima) [Mixes]
X-Marks the Pedwalk – Transformation [Meshwork Music]
Y O K O C H O – Does It Get Easier [PC DROOM Records]
Zaed Naes – Nesting Grounds [Whirling Wolf]


Adam Jasim – Bittersweet [Spitfire Music]
Adri Block & Paul Parsons – See You & Get There (Clubmix)
AKA-OKO – Automotion [AKA-OKO]
Al Sharif & Luis Lee, Luis Lee & Al Sharif – Old School [Groove Bassment]
Angelo Scalici – Love Me Right Now [Soulful Legends]
Angioma & Blanka – Walking Over Time [Room Trax]
Ayuza, Nescio 36 – Higher [Unmei Ongaku]
B-Sights & Thomas Sykes – Danger [New State Music]
Befelgen – Emotion [Golden Pony Records]
Block & Crown – Havin’ Such a Good Time [Next-Gen-Records]
Block & Crown & Maickel Telussa – Tell Me That Ya Want Me (Club Mix)
Blockbuster – Do You Remember [G High]
Bonetti – The Fact [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Branca – I Can See [Mad Bank]
Brothers in Arts – Climatized [CRMS Records]
David Caetano – Show Me [Good Vibes Lab.]
Deep Rence – Stronger [New Creatures]
Deycod, Emily Otalvaro & Jaxx – La Vida Es Bella [Triplepoint Distribution]
Dimitri T Jay – In the Storm [kluBasic Records]
Disco Gurls – I Want Your Love [Guareber Recordings]
Disk Nation – Single Ladies [Disco Explosion Records]
DJ Eako – Deeper Love (Remixes) [Starred Records]
Don Diego – So Hard So Long [NSoul Records]
Dran Matras, Oblomov – La Kurva [Moveton]
Drane Forty – Initial Plans [Effusis]
Dre Millz & DJ Casanova – I Dont Need You [Mariana Records]
Eeb Laurent & Anders K – City Nights [No Fame Only Talent]
Erdington Jay – Optionals [Effusis]
featuring_me – A Brandnew Love [SHOONZ]
FEIER & EIS & Marc O’rell – Back To the Beach
Flight Elite – Don’t Let Me [Ocean Music Group]
Frank Cavalieri – Forgiven [Uba Lua Records]
Funk Protectors – Ain’t a Friend [Juiced Music]
Funky Fool – Break My Heart (feat. Roundrobin)
Jaxx McKay – Fall to Pieces (feat. Rachael Griffin) [Spitfire Music]
Jay Sax – Feel Good (feat. Bakk3 & Llogicsoul) [SMR]
JC Arcila – Los Pasos Prohibidos [Triplepoint Distribution]
Jeff Haze – She’s Dope [Deep Hype Sounds]
Jessica Pham & Jay Cass – Coconut Milk [Sundae Sauuce]
Joel West – New Place [Cuete]
Jon Van Dee – Never Really Liked You [Beatfusion]
Jonny Broda – Cucu & Coco [120bpm]
Joseph Ashworth, Molly – Reroute , Mr Ro Land [Cin Cin]
Jungle Wonz, Marshall Jefferson – Vibe Three , Human Condition
Justin Cudmore – Train Dance [Phonica White]
Lawrence Friend – Sonido Latino [Random Soul Recordings]
Lena Nicol – Write Me (The Words of Your Love) [New Creatures]
Leon Skeptic – Boogie [Yellow Rhinestone Records]
Little Carlos – Presents How & Little – Jammin Breaks [Non Stop Rhythm]
Livio Mode, Paul Venice, Mike Belmondo & Venessa Jackson – Little Bit of Love
Louie Gomez – Sun Is Gonna Shine [Bassment Tapes]
Luca Debonaire & Paul Parsons – Ravin’ [Koolkutz]
M8TE – Midnight Dance [Craniality Sounds]
MAKITO – Everybody [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Martina Budde – Got What It Takes [Which Bottle ]
Mastachi – Good Girl [Smash Deep]
Matrefakt & Poppi – Back F’amour Remixes [Of Unsound Mind]
Mauro Spano – Bloody Funky [Desperadoz Records]
Mazza – Let It Go [418 Music]
Mike Chenery – The Music Got Me [Funky Revival]
Mix & Fairbanks – Red Light Runner [Future Disco]
MO.CA – Rising Sun [Southbeat Music]
Richard Grey – Curious [Tactical Records]
Rick Marshall – Stereo Funk [Funky Revival]
Robin Toy – Love Cascade [Booya Records]
Rondon – No Point [Smokin Joe Records]
Sally & CLMD – Kids (Remixes) [Velcro]
Sant Nieto – Autofobia [Hitclub]
Scissors – In The 808 [Southbeat Music]
Sebastian Murox – Wappa [Pulsar Sound]
Soulista – Like Nobody Else (feat. Tracy Hamlin) [Groove Culture]
Soulvation – Flip the Tempo [Which Bottle ]
Thommy Davis – Hot Shot (feat. Tasha LaRae & Sheila Ford)
Thousand Fingers & The OddOneOut – Outta Here
Tiien – Fall Out [Spitfire Music]
Tom Case – Luisa [Bryndák Records]
Tvii Son – Tvii Son [MIC]
VA – FPXX15 – 15 Years Full Pupp [Full Pupp]
VA – Juicy Summer Vibes [Juicy Music]
Volka – Batshit Crazy [VOLKA Publishing]
Voyage – Nanael [Soho Music]
Wagon Cookin’ – Appetizers Remixes, Pt. 1 [Appetizers]
Whim Glame – Conga , Gotie , Moonpatrol [Crown Of Music]
Xplicid & Mikol Angelo – Feeling Good [Smash Deep]
Yr Lovely Dead Moon – Physical Corpses [Hot Concept]

Melodic House & Techno

2Qimic – Blade Runner, Mistaken Life, Techno Friend
2088 – It’s True (feat. Aves Volare) [Pursuit]
Alenor – Avantgarde [4our Records]
Armando Vazquez & David Bort – Orion’s Belt [Trippy Code]
At Dawn – Kindness in Return (Mizu Asobi Remix)
Baphömental, Bassmerize – Elements B [Whole Story Lab]
Çagri Karayigit – Impasse [Deepmode Records]
Diddle D – Into the Night [Play My Track Recordings]
donnerstag & Mossa, Mossa – Alone Together [Kitu Records]
DOPPEL – Kisses From the Canopy [Open Records]
E – Verformung – Beyond the Horizon [Notsignal]
Eclept – Generation X [Oniryzm]
Eli & David – Another Time [TRIP & emotions]
Eudaimonia – Kilimanjaro [Suckmusic]
Fancy Floss & Revealed Recordings – Empty Space (feat. Marc)
Felippe Yann – Resolutions [Prototype Music]
Fr3n3my – Dark Matter [Stroberia]
Gabriel Carminatti – Drive , Cubic [Fluxo]
Horisone – We Are Horisone [Panterre Musique]
Isko2santos & Yuli Romero – Love of my Life
Jayle Collins – In My Head [Alchemy (Italy)]
Jecksel – Spirit of the Forest [Trippy Code]
Jeigo – We Are Not Nothing [Pets Recordings]
Jesper Mauerhoff – Tarantula [Cirque Du Son]
Ksabe – Verticalism [Catamount Records]
LEANDERS – Maat [Astral Void Records]
Manuel Guzmán – Dyet [Habitación 909 Records]
Martin Badder, Mark Jenkyns & Liz Cass – Hideout [REALM Records]
Mettie Chandler & haze L – The Edge [Deepmode Records]
Monolink – Otherside [Embassy One]
My Little Friend – In Your Shadow (feat. Yuki Coda)
NICKO – Solarys [Discovery Divine]
Rog & Isko – Anima [Sequence Music]
RYTERBAND – Lighthouse (Boxer Remix) [RYTERBAND Records]
Stackhash & Keppra – Cogitare (Summer Edit) [Royal Casino Records]
Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza – Aura [Poesie Musik]
William Medagli, Thallulah & Minimarket – Survivors (feat. Minimarket)

Minimal & Deep Tech

Aaron Mount – Hangry 4 You [Nevada Label]
Al-Faris & Andrew Wooden – Musician (feat. The Jerkmen)
Alex Tea – Panick 09 [PP09]
Alvaro Am – Activate [Issues]
Alvaro Smart – Gettin’ Higher [Offsite Records]
Aprapta, Denis Dzeko – Va [Aprapta Music]
Archie Allen – Last Frontier [Tip Tap Records]
Auxilya – Rango [Stoned Stork Records]
Avesie – Trippin [Creature Records]
Azteca – Leap Into Future [Zingiber Audio Digital]
Dani Berenguel – Faded [Substrate Music]
Davide Rossi – Blue Moon [Agape Muzik]
DC Dubz – Feel the Rhythm [Play Groove Recordings]
Difrent​Morals – Muse [Seism Productions]
Dj Fabrizia – Free Spirit [kluBasic plus]
Dragutesku – Dualism [DRG Limited]
Erick Ro! – Life Is Good [Joke-R MNML Records]
Frisson – Latina [Darksound Recordings]
Greco (NYC) – Skyforce [Rawsome Deep]
HardDisk (PE) – Livin’ Jazzie [Fine Music]
Incus – The Future [Radar Records Ltd]
Jason Lemm – Deep into My Heart [Escape Underground]
Javi Bosch – 2020 [Moovee Music]
Jennings – Nobody Like You [Maui Records]
Joe Mastromattei – Primal Level [Creepy Finger]
Krazy-9 – Brut [Mutterkorn Records]
Lautaro Castro – Something in My Mind [TRIP & dream]
Lotrax & TheBens – Playing Games [Koma Recordings]
Mark Radford & Lee Young – Don’t Rearrange [Industry Standard Deep]
Martin Mosquera – My Crypt [Soblazn Music]
Matías Sapag – Exoplanet [Mothr Music]
Mau Bacarreza – Acid in [This is…]
Minor, Reza Golroo – Antichrist [Phobos Records]
Naom – Nebula Inc. Sylan 101 Remix [Gliese Rec.]
O.Stan – Effects [Microgravity Music]
PARALLELL – Midnight Jazz [Conceptual Deep]
Parga – Joke [LMNTAL Music]
Paul Haro – Too Proud [Whoyostro White]
Phil Woodford – Delirious [Vinyle Magique Music]
Pinto – Bugs [VL Recordings]
Relativ – Esperanzado [Libero Records]
Rhythm Box – Melodie Therapy Inc. Awsi & Trentz Remixes
Sam Sparacio – Catch Me (Remixes) [Gasoline Records]
Schime – Audio Without [Habits Records]
Steve Smile – Why [Ritmika Records]
Tamir Malka – How You Say [W&O Street Tracks]
Tommaso Pizzelli – Act Up [Maze Recordings]
VA – Underground Trax [Space Bird Records]
Vanucci – Italian job [Tamboa]
weareinwave – Acqua Senza Memoria [weareinwave]
Yanacone – Nosce Te Ipsum [Music4Clubbers]
Zuckre – Black Records [Purple Box]

Progressive House

4Mal – Being Beautiful (Dub) [FlipCube Records]
Alex Donofrio – Sun Salutation [Horus Music Limited]
Anthony And LuSH – Breath & Hopes
Anthony Armstrong – Cosmonaut [Ham Factory Records]
AQILA ATAK – Magic Portal [Creator Music Wave]
Audence – Everything Distant [Sounds Of Meow]
Blugazer – Daydreams in Kyoto (feat. The Cynic Project)
CAB 3 – Even If We Fight [Radhaz Records]
Cairn – Fauna [Emergent Shores]
Diwox – Starchild [Estribo Records]
Elect – Ghost in the Machine [Supertunes]
Facto – Enertia [Blanc Stone Digital]
Feyln – Fractals [Emercive Recordings]
Frontal Roast – S.D.G. [TRIP & emotions]
Grey & Domi Depulse – The Spring Mood (Domi Depulse Remix)
Indigo Man – Lucero [Future Avenue]
J-Cell – This Is Love [Dbeatzion Records]
Jason Fiero – Howard Beach [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Joono – Tonight , Dawn [Early Origin]
KCuber – We Don’t Need Words [Diverge Music Group]
Luka Sambe – Alive is the Meaning (incl. RIGOONI, Tripswitch Remixes)
MARAUD3R – Nightrunner [Radikal Records]
Marchesan – Laugh [Automatic Records]
Merkie – Blossom [GRF Sounds]
Mike Isai – Pillars to Butterflies [Hope Recordings]
Perylian – Multiverse [Nova Lotus]
Phillipo Blake – Dark India [PB Music]
Prince De Deep & Mtsicology Music – Land of Gods
Schang – Free Kelly [Sieben Sonnen]
Shaun Skerritt & Paige Bullen – Melody In My Head, Deadline
Simmo – Black Wood [Dragon Tales]
Sixthsense – Doncella [Summer Melody]
Spiritual Freq – There Is No Tomorrow (Bhagwan’s Teachings)
Tim Gläser – Illusion of Us [Wanderlust]
VA – Signals From the Void V. [Stellar Fountain]
Wipalis – Rebound [Spiffy Recordings]

Tech House

22 Weeks – We Get Lost [Clvb95 Music]
Alex Rai – Other Games [Groove Soul Records]
Allans Marquez & Negu Atencio – Weed [Soundlection]
Andre Salmon & Marzziano – Mattdogg [Lost Audio]
Anis Hachemi – Keep Dance [Huambo Records]
Antdadope – Frequency [Kino Village]
Ashpool – Nobody Is Watching the Audio
Be Lion – Una Mujer [Blacktone]
Bigfett – Hoje Vai Ter Baile [Better Day]
Cajama – All Night [Down Right Dirty Records]
Calvin Capp – You & Me [frtyfve]
Carlo Lio – Magic City [Kultur]
Dolltek – Let It Burst [THESTROY]
DubVision – Like This [Mad Bass]
Ego – Escuche Esto [Groove Sound Records]
Ekoboy – Noisy [Box Of Cats]
Espinal & Nova – Gangsta [RIM]
Ferlo – Candy Kush [Muzenga Records]
Fraanklyn & Føle – Memo (feat. Dunkan )
Future Class & Pump Gorilla – Drive Me Loco
Generik & Fourcès – Need U [You Do You]
Gerry Gonza – Body Banging [NV’D Records]
Giuseppe Favia – You Are My Love [Cocunà Records]
Gronery – #Weworkin’ [Qentaro Records Germany]
Guille Forteza – I Got the Loop [Vitamina Recordings]
Habbo Foxx & Kami Foxx – Red Arrow [Cravin’ Records]
Ivan Lake – Underground [LK2 Music]
Jack N Jerk – Tension Rod [It’s Just A Pyramid Scheme]
Jaidek & Trenas – My Hood [Martians Records]
Jaksan – Scream [We Are Freaks Records]
Jey Kurmis & Ky William – The End [Slightly Sizzled Records]
Jimmy Le Mac – Off the Street [JLM Music]
Joe Hunt, Jenny Jones & MC Alistair – Shine
Josh Butler – Keep It Hot [Solid Grooves Records]
Julian Florent & Gadom – All Around Me [kluBasic plus]
Jütte – Waiting for You [Sound Optix]
Ken Aoki – Bistame [Black Turtle Records]
Kristof Tigran – Mas Y Mas [Jango Music]
Leonardo Piva & Marco Solforetti – Iceland
Loudek – When In Love [WB Trax]
Marc Sagas – I Can Give You [POPularize Your Sound Records]
Mark Freitag – Bangbass [Gezvolt Records]
Roon – WOM [Salford City Records]
Santeli – Weekend [Walking Beat]
Silversix & Greater Than Us, Silversix – Bassgirl [Valiant Records]
Solanium – Dancing With a Stranger [BOHO RECORDINGS]
Sosa UK – The Sax [COCO]
Stereotypes – Triple X [Wallet Music]
Synaptic – Explorer [Shiva Records]
Tedge – K.B. [Lemon Juice Records]
The Hototo – Afroman [Green Kiwi Records]
This Culture – Hot & Bothered [Hood Politics Records]
Tim August & Hemanifetz – We Want Freedom
Tyler Wenning – Boolin’ [Enjoy It Productions]
VA – Quick Steps [Stammtisch]
Walker & Royce – WORD (Remixes) [feat. VNSSA]
Wesley Jordan – Dark Trumpet [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
Westend – Prickly Pear [Insomniac Records]
Xephyr – Begging For More [Pulsing]

Techno & Minimal

6tma, Natural Language – Masa 001 [Masa Series]
201Aeon – Phanerozoic Showdown [Dark Alien Records]
ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO – Music Believer [Mazzinga Records]
Anders – An Intense Chaos [UKR Special Series]
Andreas Henneberg – Bad Habits [Percomaniacs]
Andy Bsk – Real Hyp-Hap [Transfiguration Recordings]
Army of One KC – Debris On the Road [XMOD Records]
Art und Weise – Disorder [Evitative Records]
Asem Shama – Radical Change [Sportclub]
Blame the Mono – Dubious Scars [Taapion]
Boris The Spyder – Speed of Light [Krysha Mira Music]
Brascon & Alec Troniq – Society (Aq Recreation) [Peace Peter Records]
Burak Basar – The Challenge [BMDS]
Carl Fons – La Presa [Neu Gravity]
Celic – Magic Happens [Complexed Records]
Childov – Fr33 [Beat Therapy Records]
Christian Hornbostel – Adnexio [Say What ]
Christian Löffler – Roth (feat. Mohna) [Nathan Fake Remix] [Ki Records]
Coffintexts – Initial Contact [Wet Paper Records]
Daisy Guglielmi – Psychological Darkness [Muneko]
Daniel Grillo – Beat Time [Papotako Records]
Danny Wabbit – LXVI [Focus Records]
Degrader – Raise of Sincrony [DarkCrow Records]
Franco Rossi – Falsas Expectativas [dZb Records]
Franz Waldeck Stalker – Skoumynka feat. Nikola Skoumalova
Genos – Deepmind [Obscure Unfound]
Giacomo Orlando & Alessandro Costa – Feel Your Touch
Heber De Luna – Jungle Box [Fresh Stuff Records]
Hefty – C.I.A Mafia [Darker Sounds]
Henry Martin – Temporal Transit [Neu Gravity]
Industrialyzer – Tactical Frequency [Groove Matters]
INJECT31 – Arfa3 Rassek [Apex Recordings]
Jason M. – Is in the Air [Technology Records]
Jay Canal – Lethal [Oxytech Limited]
Jhon Denas – Noche de Fiesta [Elantris Records]
JLM Werx – Keyboard Freaks [Hilltown Disco]
JOCH – Isolation Is Over [Affluenza Records]
John Baptiste & Samwise AUS, Bokky – Invader
Jota (CH) – X [Mountains Records]
KAMI – Fatal Frequencies [Syncopate]
Katze – Ni Lo Fer [Neu Gravity]
Kelsey keep – Within the Sound [Behavior Recordings]
Kolt Us – Control Room [Chaoz Recordings]
Kolt Us – Focus [Whole Story]
Kyle Ramsay – Love Sensation [Alveda Subject]
Lamond – Melodic Mayne [Rubricate Records]
Leks Tapia – Stand [Red Delicious Records]
LEO SIDARI – Techno Instict [LETS TECHNO records]
Leonardo Chevy – That’s a Babel [Science Cult]
Linear Search – Numb [Okmuzik Records]
Lonely Faces – Maritimes [Slice Records]
Mila Dietrich – Infection (La Croix & La banniere Remix)
Minimal Face – Purpose [Althea Records]
MODEA – Silence [We Are The Brave]
Mowgly3 M3 – Laurel [Mescalina Records]
Nan Kolè – Outro [Identities]
Nexgar – Forgotten Memories [Skull Label]
nms303 – Carbon Cycle [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
Noize Project – Anxiety [Electunes]
Onur Enfal & Senol Kurtuldu – Jupiter Impact [TRIP & acid]
Oren Nizri & Exit 59 – The Tunnel [Exit 59, Inc.]
Overture – Mesmerize , Delusion [Afotik Music]
Ozzy – Maerts [Intercept]
Pablo Caballero & TANKHAMUN – The Evil
Panick – Infinite Realities [Underground BeatCode Records]
Paul Divine – The Legacy [JitterBug Records]
Peskymantis – Machines [Beats HD]
Queemose – Everest [Music Pushers Records]
Rally – Positive Energy (feat. Soo Lee) [DJ Rally]
Ralph Chalhoub – Trippy Life [Oxytech Planet]
Rawl – Verbindung [MOTUM]
Rebar – The Rise of a Crisis [made of CONCRETE]
Rec-Two – Different Ending [Omni Tech]
Rocky Valente – Pandora [Rocky Valente Records]
Sangam – We Surrender in the Grey [Forgot Imprint]
sarmigetusa – Marafiniya [Tanzgemeinschaft]
Sean Dee & Nakadia – End of Wormhole (Spartaque Remix)
Sektor M – Endless [Paranoide Records]
Sentient State – Welcome to the Sentient State [E-Missions]
Silvina Romero – Interpretation [Spazio Sonoro Records]
Sleep D – Freak of Nature [Butter Sessions]
St. Thomas LeDoux – Jilted [Third Ear Recordings]
Stanny Abram & Art Of Zync – Omen [Eichtal Recordings]
Stoked – Hiigaran [Minitech Recordings]
Tan Solo – Mocoa [Audioffice Records]
Techflex – Wetlands (Derek Farnan remix) [ultrawave records]
TechnoDoom – Hybrid [Dark Alien Records]
Tejen – Busy Robot [Gran Torino Records]
Téo Dréan – 3×500 [Aquaregia]
The Accountant – !Train! [Eyethought Records]
The Relative Zero & Robin Alef – Lake Toba (Techno Bird Watching Club 004)
Tom Wax – Driven by Passion [Phuture Wax Records]
Turpitude & NachturnaL, Turpitude – Where We Find Ourselves
Ulrich Van Bell – Sub Terra [Black Therapy records]
VA – 1Ncv001 [One Night]
VA – 100 [Machine Control Records]
VA – Delta [Genau Recordings]
VA – Dystopia in Action [X-IMG]
VA – Hello Strange Story #8 [hello strange]
VA – Quantum Entanglement [Unconfined Records]
VA – Selections V.4 [Orange Recordings]
Was – Morning Nap [Doga Records]
Wolk – Existence (Remixes) [K-Noiz]