Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Alex Pich & Frompetersburg – Something About [ETX087]
Alexic Rod – Deir [SF007]
Apprentis – Choice [INDUSHE219]
atalkingdrum, Niña indigo – Net Gran Its Remixes [195497187461]
Beau Zwart – Beyond Two Souls EP [FF001]
Bruce Loko – When I Wonder [0757572912254]
Claborg – Relax [BCM021]
Col Lawton – Fall Apart [UMR090]
Cri & Bernache – From Me (Icarus Remix) [ANJDEE512RD]
Darksidevinyl, Guttenn – Colombia Soul EP [BIBLIOTHEQUE057]
David Schreiber – Block Party [195497148332]
DJ Dark, Mentol – Ven Pa Ca [CAT394874]
Djolee, Last Men On Earth – Tangler Twisted Twirler [CS003]
Doru M – Far Away [CWV315]
Evren Ulusoy – Anima [A136]
Happy Cat Jay – Walking out of Time [195497061105]
HP Vince – Rising High [SBK206]
Infradisco – Afro Tribe EP [SPA096]
James Silk – House Glowin – Got Funk [NER24965]
Jorn Johansen – Mother of the House [RPR06]
Lavonz – Sleeping With The Devil [STPH196S]
Lonya, Magit Cacoon – BeenTouchedSeries 52 [SYNCBT52]
Marlon Kirk – Savage [UNPR019]
Matveï – RIO [KMS758]
Michael Vinciguerra – I Need You So Bad Baby [NER25059]
O’Flynn – Painted Wolf (K-Lone Remix) [BEAR0019]
Ralf Jay – Aurora [XR341]
Roque, Les-ego – Below [DHP057]
Sapienta – Bird To Fly [SDR006]
Shubostar & Daniel Monaco – Disco Star Machine [WS039]
Simon Shaw, The Checkup – Feel it EP [META015]
T.I.O – Locked Up! [SAFE115B]
Tin Man, Davis, Zopelar – Incarne [ITF010S2]
Touchtalk – Mystakes _ Soelace [FLX107]
VA – Apparel Music B-Day 10 [APPAREL002]
VA – Apparel Music B-Day 10 [APPAREL002] [FLAC]
VA – Disco Vibes, Vol. 1 [TRC88]
VA – Innate 003 [INN8003]
VA – Innate 003 [INN8003] [FLAC]
VA – Ray Okpara presents Best Of Ama Recordings Vol. 6 [AMACOMP006]
VA – Ray Okpara presents Best Of Ama Recordings Vol. 6 [FLAC]
VA – Summer 2020 Back and Forth with Music [BFCD048]
VA – Summer 2020 Back and Forth with Music [BFCD048] [FLAC]
VA – Summer Underground Vol 1 [FER0058]
VA – The Best of Summer 20′ Conceptual Compilation [CPLVA024]
VA – The Best of Summer 20′ Conceptual Compilation [CPLVA024] [FLAC]

Electronica & Downtempo

Blueduck – Amnesia [Alveda Pulse]
Cris Lynn – Run From Love [nuOn Music]
Cristian Baron – I Can Feel You (feat. Sergio Cuho)
Crussen – Geoffrey Rolls [LR1685134]
Disrupta & Duskee – Deep Thoughts [Liquid V]
DJ Kaai – Maura [Filthy Sounds]
DnB Monster – Awesome Start [Divine Drop]
Dorian Greyt – Know Better [Erculean Recordings]
Dose – Searching , Autonomy [Dirty Hole Music]
Draeden – Crossfire (feat. Garrett Raff) [Dim Mak Records]
Ego Death & 3wa, Ego Death – Mind Your Head
Falkone – Flying Saucers [Badkill Records]
FIDDYKAY & LazyFlex – Master Glitch [Dub Wubz Promotions]
Fm Killerz – With You (Extended Mix) [DENAR RCRDS]
FX909 – Shibari [FX909 MUSIC]
Jacques Greene – Do It Without You [LM059DS1]
khole – African Taximen [NLROO4]
Kyu – Emerald Pools [Beatdown Bass]
Last Warriors – Ri$E [Prexall Records]
Maak. G & 23 Odd Cats – Spicy3000 [Danktronics]
Magenta – Rave,Drunk [BassLayerz Recordings]
Magthegreat & Exalto – Be Yourself
Makito – Freedom [Queen House Music]
Markijii – Elektro Samurai [ONLY THE BEST]
Midik – Midik – Lowside [Addictech Records]
Mode Citizen – Night Call [Black Leather Records]
pyxis & Collette Warren, pyxis & Ella Sopp – The XX [Eloisa Records]
Qkhack & Vandermou, Qkhack – Stronger Things [Gutting Audio]
Remembrance – The City in the Woods [Liquid Brilliants Records]
RIMEDAG – Lights [Noisy Drop Records]
Scar – Please Don’t Look So Surprised [Crucial Inc. Records]


Aldo Ferreri – Sunshine [10178135]
Andre Rizo – The Sun Will Never Go Down [DPLM104]
Ashibah – Losing Game [1597461918]
Block & Crown – Movin’ On [KK016]
BoogieKnights – Feel It In Your Soul 2020 [YYR177]
Carl Fons – Piccola [MMD081]
Cosmic Clap – Precious Light [LBIC002]
Danny Avila – The Unknown – Extended Version [HEXAGON169B]
DIOLA – Hottest [TRD040]
FederFunk – Feel This Disco Funk [Seventy Four]
Filta Freqz – We Own the Night [Seventy Four]
François Reis, Brice Morgan & Morris Revy – Don’t hold back
Frank-lo, Iossa & Ken Holland – We Got the Freedom
Freaky DJ’s & Bruno Motta – Nasty Beat [Run Free]
Fred Dekker – ‘Space Jackers’ [Soul Room Records]
Funk Manifesto – Wondering Why [13 Records]
Habbo Foxx – Burning Bridges [8718525196000]
Hart & Neenan – Rush EP [ERLTD009]
HP Vince – Quicksand [ONAKO148]
Jo Paciello – Keep It Burning [SSR0085H]
Jo Paciello – With You [SIT0046]
Leo Pol – Priviet [WM014]
Louie Vega, Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets – Expansions In The NYC Preview 3 [NER25039]
M.F.S Observatory – Vicen (Sanuké Remix) [HHW051]
Manu Santos – COMMUNICATE [MMD087]
Mikey Duncan, MKEY (UK) – Dance To My Beat [DGR024]
Narciso & Gerundino – Let It Go [IIT049]
Nightdrive – Kometa [CROOKS024]
Planet Galaxy – Supernova [GVM134]
Queen B & Lee Wilson – Nobody Else [LTBH101]
Reblok – Trying To Forget You [BHD253]
Reza, Tom Chubb – Take Me Higher [SIMBLK226A]
ROZZEN – Acid [G0100044299310]
Seizo – Oh Baby – Youngr Bootleg [ARMAS1821]
Sergio Helou – I Feel It [MMD086]
Soulista, Jino – Soulfricanism [NUR24960]
Stanka, Envoy Music – Times [ABST02]

Progressive House

Airwave – Flying Paper Planes [BP9682020]
Atribút – Incomplete EP [OKO053]
AudioStorm – You Don’t See the Truth [303SD]
Bob The Groove – Birth [PHWE279]
D-Groov, Zambelli – Only Now [1769PKK163394]
Darren Bray – Effervescen [ZMR089]
Gaston Ponte – Quadrant [STR054]
KeyWork – Island Melodies [GM003]
Khukhjim – Silk Road [STS593]
Liam Sieker – Another Feeling [ST273]
Mattim – Focused [ABO035]
NeoTraffic – Sunrise [JMR078]
New Even – Go Ahead [CLR343]
S.ONE – Equilibrium – Sunrise [OKO054]
Simos Tagias – Molecular [MOVD0205]
Soire, Goose Tann – Ellam [PLTL005]
VA – Dial P For Progressive 2K20.2 [MNLPFP2K202]
Veljko Jovic – Black Hole [IAD055]
Yin Yang Bangers – Qyupid [FREQ2029]

Tech House

Andre Salmon, Steven Joint – Steps Outta Line [SAGMEN063]
Andrea Oliva – Freaks [NAUT001]
DJ Seven Chicago – WARM APPLE PIE [CAT417223]
DJ Wady, MoonDark, Afernand – All Night [BRM292]
Dubfound – Northern Lights [NRM018]
Elijah & Grundy – Never Give Up EP [STASHDC003]
Eskuche – Bass Face EP [RR2217]
Fab Massimo – FAR FAR AWAY EP [LOWC028]
Gianluca Rattalino, Mat.Theo – The Guys [DP201]
Ivan Lopez – Magalenha [1994MUSIC0598]
Khonsu The Child – ON Fleek [195397885726]
Malone – Right Time [HTM122]
Mike Vale & Tough Love – Insane (feat. CANCUN )
Mishqa – Riser Ep [BSC150]
Mooner Gl – Zhao Yun [Funny Music]
MRNC – Signs [Knight Yellow Music]
Nach Blond – Madness [POPularize Your Sound Records]
Natalia Roth – Sérial Noceur [TEC224]
Nick Guarise – Beach Cot Disk [CamelMusic Records]
Nicolas Figueroa – ICON [STH140]
Onur Korkmaz – Welcome [Audioffice Records]
Oscar Mula – Stand Up Ep [BSC151]
Oskar Konne – La Muchachita [Futura Groove Records]
Quelal – My Name [SAGMEN062]
Rion S, Matt Kerley – The Wall [FOH025]
Sovax – Touch Faith [DN007]
TwistBlack – Trust Me [VUL010]
VLZ (ARG) – Comodín [CMR230]

Techno & Minimal

Adam Helder – In Dark [HS015]
Adonis FR – Unicorn [TYC372]
Alex Dam, Zambiancki – All We Need [NPL026]
Alex Metric & Amtrac – Upswing [ANJDEE521D]
Andy Mart – Under Culture [REBOKS012]
Aron – Zoyara [AIMED004]
ASYS – The Acid (The Remixes) [4056813205183]
BEC – Turning Point [002]
Bertzi – From Another World EP [RSZ204]
Bonsai (US) – Event Horizon [TH313]
Brtinzz, JONA. – Poetovio [OSCM116]
Bruno C – System – Extendend [5059033105584]
Callum Plant, Lee K – Dyad [CIR019]
Chicago Loop – Jupiter’s Revenge EP [NLD521]
CNL – Dubone [SR045]
Cosmic Minds – Lost Apart [TH321]
Cristian Nevez – Shoreline [RBL330]
DAF! – Current [HBT305]
Danniel Selfmade – Parallel Life – Multiverse [CROW009]
Dean More – Far Tramp [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Deborah De Luca – Oh Ohh [SOLAMENTE082]
Diezel – Find Yourself [Marktek Records]
Dikron – Biotech EP [M4A048]
DJ BSR – Indestructible [Technodrome]
Dj Datch – Astronaut [MUTED rec]
DJane Lexx & Roberth Yance – Personal Orgasm
Drunken Kong – Peace (Remixes) [TR370]
El Brujo – 2121 Parallel Dimensions [Frame Workxx Records]
Emiliano Cassano, Ugo Anzoino & Dario Caruson – Anubis
Endplate – Anima [Faut Section]
Enzo Leep – Cuba_
Erik Yahnkovf – Tension [ADN Mutant World]
Fran Ares – La Fortuna [SAFEUDG066]
Fred Lenix – Quantum Mechanics EP [RXR003]
Gregg Dunsmore – Early Morning Groove EP [FLPS002]
Harvy Valencia – Ay Maria (feat. Arianna) [H00426]
Inkfish – Talk When Others Sle [INK194]
Jerm – Electric City EP (Inc Manni Dee Remix) [SOMA587D]
Jerro, Sophia Bel – Demons [TNH064S1E]
John Manhard – Finding Myself EP [SOS004]
Joseph Mancino – Cobraman EP [BS200]
K-Deey – Retrinfluence [OXP031]
Kaya DJ, Kemal Vatansever – Subs [ECLR258]
Konrad (Italy) – Urano [JANNOWITZ080]
Laughing Man – Moments EP [FASTEN 12]
Little by Little – Do Not Over Exert Yourself [SEAF007]
Logan – Venom [FNDEP178]
Los Bastoneros – Celestial Airwaves EP [REFACELIMITED008]
M’ad – A Series Of Choices EP [KTN093]
Mateo Dufour – Focus [KEYRCS002]
Mesotec – Lightslinger [8719729897182]
MK, Carla Monroe – 2AM (Endor Extended Remix) [G010004435711Q]
Muhi – Kilo [Secret Recordings]
Mundus – In the Night [Steam Circuit]
MUUI – Beyond Flesh [HERENOW41]
Natalino Nunes – Voyage [Techno Vinyls Records]
Neils Reno – Cherno Alpha [RBL335]
Nihilist, Vlado – Disruptive , Bring the War [SKUXX]
NKX – Gravitational Wave [Casanova Bar Berlin]
Old Stereo & Alberto Costas – Music Intensity
Ollto Jade – Babylons Final Fall [Northside District]
Ollto Jade – Hope and Power [Northside District]
Oscar Jones – Sonder EP [BLW001]
OutsiDER (RU) – Vibes [CPL244]
Paradoks – Marble [SMTC040]
Pedro Costa – The Freak & Weirdo 006 [006]
Rudosa – Heavy Rotation [TERM188]
Samuel Padden – THREADS004 [THREADS004]
Squep – Where Would I Go [FRAMED007]
Stylo, Space Motion – Wrong or Right [SMR019]
Sun Uzel – Stella [ADR434]
Timothy – Shibui [NEED004]
VA – Conjured ADE Collection [CR056]
VA – Nothing But… Minimal Style, Vol. 15 [NBMS15]
VA – Prismatic Waves 2-2 [UTWT08]
VA – Prismatic Waves 2-2 [UTWT08] [FLAC]
VA – Respect EP11 [ECLR267]
VA – Unity, Vol. 28 Compilation [UNI186]
Verboten Berlin – Undone (Monkey Safari Remix) [SFB032]