Afro House

Blaq Owl & Bee Soul, Lazba Deep – Ase Deep Ke Dipina Tsako Kasi
Chilli Black & Crimson Blu – Deeper Love [Loco Soul Records]
DeepTronik – Tata (feat. Angelic) [Herbs & Soul Music]
DJ Cadet – Rejeter [Active Ingredient Records]
Drum Soul – Quintessence [Africa Mix]
El Caveman – Imagina Tambores [Pica Stone Recordings]
Eltonnick – Sweet Things (feat. Vivian Olang) [Baainar Records]
Ivory Child – La Nina [Mystery Train Recordings]
KARFOX – Blue Powerade [Africa Mix]
KARFOX – Katxupada [Africa Mix]
Keedphonik & Nasir Hermeso – The Journey Continues
Kev Dot + Jiggx – Evidence [Afro Riddims Records]
Ronny Santana – Moha [Afterhours Recordings]
Shimza – VIBRANIUM [SHIMUZIC Productions]
Simon Vinyl Junkie – Umyekele Kanjani (feat. Mpume)
Sixnautic & Wilson Kentura, Sixnautic – Black Tokyo [InQfive]
Studio Bros – Glamour [Studio Bros Music]
Two2Faced & Zak Willson – Caravane
Warren Deep – Provenance [Uncover Music]
Zilla & Surge, Titan – Freaky Questions


Adri Malaki – Nap Flight [Asia Music]
Alejo & Psydell – Hard To Tell [Street Ritual]
Alejo & Psydell – Toucans Masquerading as Humans
Artem Simonov – Dreams Come [Spline Time Music]
Bocha, Bok. p – Various – Colman’s Mustard [Vedana Records]
Bowser – Small Steps [Boss Mode]
DJ DIlect – Take Me Home [Sundance Recordings]
DJ Seiss – Tribaloops [12KDubby Music]
Dmoney – Wasted [NOLA BEATS]
Dr. Thrill – No Stress (feat. Statik Beat) [Strongs Records]
Future Funk Squad – 3 Dimensions (feat. Stu Brootal)
Marrz – Module [PointBlank Records]
pablo splice – pseudo pscience [Woodwork Recordings]
Phunk Bias – Issa Knock [Glitch Hop Community]
PPL81 – Break Move [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Shade K & OnDaMiKe – Stoppin Minds [Ravesta Records]
Sofie Superflyin’ Jackson – Panorama Bar Dancefloor Dreams Part 1
The Beat Pimp (UK) – Slam [ONE7AUDIO]
VA – Groove Dealer’s 2020 [Noise Dealers]
VA – Old School Breaks [Atomrise Sounds]
Vyacheslav Sketch – Free Love [Afford Recordings]


Alex Motynga – I Know [Yeiskomp Abyss]
ALVIDO – No More Lies [ALVIDO]
AmazaMax – You Are My Life (feat. Sevenever) [Remixes]
Charlie XO – Haunted [DME Music]
Drianu – Changed – Demo [DrianuMusic]
EDM Blaster – Umoja (Tribal Mix) [Dance Factory]
Erick Pasten – MALA [Lean Music]
Formation One – In Space [Freshtunes]
Gino Cappello – Molly [Thin Records]
I-Mad – Disco-Vid 2020 [Dragoncorner]
Inache & Kari – Follow Me (Remixes) [Vamos Music Talents]
Ivory Layne, DJ Pioneer & AR – December (DJ Pioneer & AR Remix)
Jack wins – Killed Me With Love (feat. Francci Richard) [Volkoder Remix]
Jnel – Ticking Clocks (feat. Kyra Grove) [Proximity]
KYD3N & Shakira Aly – You [LESS IS MORE Records]
KzH – Nasty (feat. Yasmin Schmidt) [Beatbridge Records]
LNY TNZ – Undertow (feat. VEAUX) [FVCK GENRES]
Lucy Deakin – be alright [Scruff of the Neck Records]
Mark Dawdle – Total Immersion [Atomes Records]
Matvey Emerson – Off My Mind [Enormous Chills]
Mr Greg – Romance [Fantasia Urbana]
Noga Erez – YOU SO DONE [City Slang]
Paul Soll – Friday Night (feat. Dana O) [3 Liquid Hz Records]
Plastiqe Mojo & Emily Coy, The Fabulous Miss Wendy – Complete
Pretty Drama & Sky White Tiger – Higher [BonFire Records]
Remy Nettheim – Don’t Let It Go The Funky [Ninety9Lives]
Sasha Primitive – Afraid of My Heart [PPG Recordings]
Spekt1 – Flowery Combat [We Got This Music]
Tabasco Bob – The Best [Electronic Playground Recordings]
Titomahi – Need U [Simplify.]
TWINSICK – Jenny [Proximity]
Universal Algorithm – Reaching the Clouds [Universal Algorithm]
VA – Star Creature Vibes [Star Creature Universal Vibrations]
Verdun Remix – #Un Peso [Urban Club (LRM)]
Verdun Remix & Cumbia Killers – #La Jeepeta [Urban Club (LRM)]
Verdun Remix & Cumbia Killers – #Tattoo [Urban Club (LRM)]
Zylt – Invisible – Instrumental [Polimorfica]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Abriviatura IV – Closing Doors [Anbito]
ALP – Funkasphere [Style City Records]
AudioBricks – Calypso [Aubio Records]
AudioBricks – Temptation [Aubio Records]
Augusto Meijer – Night Watcher [Beatradar]
B.O.T.N. – Metropolis [atroq lab.]
Baxx – Urban Sounds [Dish Of The Day]
Bülent Şorşi Sert & Berk Canevi – Ocean Fall [DeepShine Records]
C. Da Afro – Full Level [SpinCat Music]
Cantor – Hannet’s Dream [Nothing Is Real]
Celta – Kuaimare [0212 Records]
Charlie Boulala – Drifting Away [Meska Music]
Crime City – We Live of Love [DDiaz Recordings]
Deejay Cup & Slotta – Happiness Remixes (feat. Mvelo)
DJ Gamid – Beautiful Thing [Baijan Records]
DJ Mister M – GET DEEP REMIXES [Raw Substance]
Dr. Disco – Luv Town [Dubplate Disco Recordings]
Echevo – A New Beginning [Cherokee Recordings]
Elliot DeHoyos – It’s a Vibe [Global305]
Emin Van Riso – Dancin & Prancin [Road Story Records]
Enocheta – White Wine [Deep Well Music]
Fish Go Deep – Ease My Pain [Be Adult Music]
Franc.Marti – My Life [Radiator Of Sound]
Frazon – Love Lu [G-Mafia Records]
Geco – Polar [Deep Art Records]
Gegen Mann – Obey and Transform [MAXIMA CULPA]
God’s Miracles – Breakthrough [Blingnot Media]
Harlem Dance Club – TONIGHT , MOVE YOUR FEET
Heydt – Robot [Bass Box]
ID_UA – Anyway [Playground Records]
J.B Boogie – Cocktail [Furious Mandrill Records]
Javier Orduna – Opios Power [Nie Wieder Schlafen]
Jay Dallenback – Promises [Mar de Fóra Records]
Kenneth Bager – Dream of Life (Doctr Remix)
Kiko Dinucci – Habitual [Mais Um Discos]
kingryan808 – Ooh Yeah [king ryan entertainment]
KOU – I Believe in Love [Jendex Records]
ksd6700 & R-04 – Sync It [Feel Hype]
KVM – Ghost of Kodoku (Cover version) Reimagined [Wild Moon]
Lehay – First Day of Summer [Musicon]
Ley DJ & Alexander Som – Vicios y Defectos [Ley DJ & Alexander Som Remix]
LYP – Dispersamente [DeepWit Recordings]
Maryag – Funky Love Walking [BORSH]
Max Forwod – Freedom [Max Forword]
Monsieur Van Pratt – 1984 [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
Mustafa Yıldırım – A Road Story [deepgate]
Natural Wild – Hot and Sexable (Morgan Buckley Remixes)
Nico Aviario – Following Waves [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Oblomov – 8 Sector [Muza]
Oshibka.404 – Obraz [atroq lab.]
Owl Vision – Terr0r [Comorbid Records]
Questionwork – EX1T [See The Sea Records]
Riigs – Living for the Moment [Deep People Records]
Ruimte Vogel – Pluck , Too Late [Space-Echoes Records]
Ryno – The Game Changer [Moog Modular]
Seumas Norv – Purple Night III [Crown Of Music]
Soldatov – Happiness [Gardash Records]
Soul Central – All This Love [Tropical Disco Records]
Stefan Certic – Sunset [AlterVibes Media]
Subflexion & Matthew Holt, Subflexion – Poolside Feels
Sventee – Unexpected Remixes [Deeptone Recordings]
Svet & Morelly – Let It Go (Juloboy Remix)
The Distance & Igi – In Your White Noise [Impure]
Thomas Bouw – Like You [Jendex Records]
Unicod – Bubblewrap [90watts]
UUSVAN – Cheerio [Black Delta Records]
VA – Beach Deep [Compressor Recordings]
VetLOVE & Mike Drozdov – Deep Down [Impure]
Weird Noize – Aprana [SkyTop]
Zaneti – Deep Strings [Neostatics Sounds]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Alex Peters – You and Me [Run Free]
Alien DJ & DJ.A.DJ – Bodyquake [Adrenaline Records]
Amare – Another Night [Afterpresent Records]
ARSENAL & Synthetic – Death Arsenal [Poltergeist Records]
Ash Dubz – Groovy [Musichasm Records]
Au5, Jeto & Cristina Soto – Melt [Au5 Music]
AudioBricks – Aquatic [Aubio Records]
AudioBricks – Diamond Rain [Aubio Records]
AudioBricks – Inferno [Aubio Records]
AudioBricks – Our Origin [Aubio Records]
AudioBricks – Torpedo [Aubio Records]
AudioBricks – Twilight [Aubio Records]
Audioscribe – Letting Go [Pilot Records]
Bennie D – Wicked [Vibe90 Recordings]
Black Opps – Return of the Samurai [IN DEEP Music]
DB Patrick – Good Morning, Babylon [DBP Recordings]
Deskai – Solar [Warm Ears Music]
Diphasic – III [Bryter Audio]
Elixr – Say It [FILTR Records]
Fabio Slupie & Rafael Dutra – Fallen [More Bass Ent.]
Genotype – Core [Deeper Sessions Recordings]
Griiimace, Father of Chrome & Macrohard – Attrition [SUM R&R]
HateBerry – Reflex [Musata Music]
High Demand & Enigma, GLM – Industrialism
Ice-O-Later – Gunman [Ignescent]
Invalid – Erase Me [DNB UNITED RECORDS]
Jose Spinnin Cortes & Maya Simantov – The Rose of Jericho 3.0
Junglord, Omen Breaks – Uk Jungle Records Presents Uk Jungle 003
Kevu – Set Me Free [Rave Culture]
Klar Chi – Six By Five [Effusis]
Kleracy – Friend Printing [Bellum Records]
KRVKEN – Drip [High Caliber Records]
Monamour – Saxy Bitches [Digital Empire VIP]
MONSS – Flame On [Eternal Muzic Records]
Naems & BonRen – Outsider [Revealed Recordings]
Ohmie & Bvlvnce – Liberate the World [Reinelex Music]
SellRude – Ra [ONE7AUDIO]
Sharkali – Windgame [Dubstep Diaries]
Standpoint – Falling Rain [BNC Express]
Taylor Phills – I Wanna Be (feat. Dilahra) [Vakara Records]
The Chillestrians – Stroking Keys [Bellum Records]
VA – From the Depths LP [Danger Chamber]
VA – Inception V.1 [High Resistance]
VA – The Sounds of Club Music [Hungry Koala Records]
Xotix – Synchronicity [ShadowTrix Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

Abby Diaz – Dextrogir [Creación Musical]
Abit6 – Up For Air [PRDS Direct]
Adibanti, Baasmal – Subtle.Hints.004 [Subtle Records]
Aho Project – Blue Serenitatem [The Future Label]
Almohnke – A Simple Step [Otium Garden]
Amptek – Karl Marx Technofuturist [Eclectic Productions]
Andrè S. – First Bit [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
Angello Davila & DJ Roland – Let It Drop [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
Anthony Rother, Sync 24 – Stellarator Hyperway
Arkiyen – Ambient Galactic Codex [Viking Trance]
Artem Simonov – Lullaby [Spline Time Music]
BBB – One (Imber) [A Path Within]
Blonde Maze – To the Moon [Enhanced Chill]
Ckody – Fall [Beast Trap Records]
Code Walk – Separate [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Dan Bay – Les Disques Du Bord De L’eau – Autumn 2020 (Remixes)
Dario Miranda – What’s Left [Pitch the Noise Records]
DEAN – Bounce That [Yosh Pit]
DJ ZANNY – Walking On the Clouds [Kundry Music]
Domenique Dumont – People On Sunday [The Leaf Label]
Dyn Taylor – Reflection , Radiant Refinement [Redux Sunset]
Echo Map, Protial – Powered by Inspected Series 1
eLBee BaD The Prince of Dance – We’re on Our Way 2 B Free
Frank Serin – Viceversa [Solar Phenomena]
Gary B – Easier (Marga Sol Sunset Rmx) [M-Sol Records]
Guy Andrews – Permanence [Houndstooth]
Hectoragen – Another Lead [Bellum Records]
Holly Eifer – Railing Rubies [Bellum Records]
Igar Milews – Cycles of Life [Ragibeat]
In Underground – Extasy [Previous Records]
Istia – Sunset Mountain [Jazzea Recordings]
Jade – Granite [Elektrified Music]
Jazschi – Heavy Rise [Bellum Records]
John Ov3rblast – Rewind 1990 [Spaceal Orbeats]
Kerkk – Coast [GRAU,T]
Kikaterremotodj – A Conversation with the Sky
Lok44 – 44problems [Trust]
Lucian Soul – The Fountain [Lucian Soul Music]
Magmot – Downtempo Time [Funtek Records]
Manuel Seith – Oblivion [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Piece of You [DIMASI Music]
Marson Lore – Shy Chances [Bellum Records]
Matt Seid – Error 2020 [Emulsify]
Meftah – Information Travels Through [Musha Publishing]
MullMachine & Mullaha – My Muse Came Through This Morning
ne’Ar – Mim Mam Mom [ne’Ar]
Neon Warrior – tSAdamkhvAni [Solemne Records]
Nyte – Come Home [Nyte]
P. Morris & Morrisman, P. Morris – Some
Paolo Bellipanni – Radiance [Eklero]
Pavel Svetlove & valva – Implosion [Minds Alike]
Pindaric Spleen – Velvety Appearance [Liming Vibes]
Ramzes Music – Optic [Skipe Records]
Rita Maomenos – The Order of the Solar Temple [Kepler Live Records]
Ross Bohlen & Audiophant – Indian Rain [hoTei Records]
SINO & NoFace Records – Lets Get It [NoFace Records]
Space Moments – Event Horizon [Karmanyola]
Tamu Massif – Heathen [Chiverin]
Teknoaxe – Treacherous Gators [TeknoAXE]
Teknoaxe – Weekend Warrior [TeknoAXE]
Ternion Sound – Exploration [Manuka]
Tranz D – Rant [Ghetto Rhythm Composers]
Ultre – Ascend into Nowhere [Audiobulb Records]
VA – My Swiss Disenchanted [Niser Music]
VA – The Second Retrospective [Me Mood Music]
valky – Frozen Dust (feat. Zohan)
Warmduscher – European Cowboy [The Leaf Label]
Wataru Iwata – Real-Time Flows [Diffuse Reality Records]
William Medagli, Thallulah & Jose Maria Ramon – Everyday
Wolk – The Journey (Colectivo Global Woman Remix)
Young girl – The Night Mayor [TruthTable]


23 Bit – Drive [The Groove Society]
AlbWho – Labirint (feat. IRAIDA) [Roton]
Alex Barrera & Edward Botero – Going to Tonight
Alina Solar & Dudu Capoeira – Tomar Um Sol
All We Are – Not Your Man (Timothy Brownie Remix)
Andy Rojas – Oxxxo [Check In Recordings]
Angel Susej – Piso Rojo [Indie Emergente]
Anotherland – Wszystko Jedno [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Aron Prince – Harlem [Aron Prince Entertainment]
Ben Z & Smiffy D – Nobody Cares [Immoral Music]
BLIND, Jordan Aguirre – Scarabia [BRAILLE RECORDS]
Brown Vox – Time Chaser [Monkey Stereo Records]
Carlbeats & Anthony Poteat, Leon Blaq – Love & Energy, The Remixes
Cheise – A Cosmic Dreams [Spitzer Records]
Daniele Mistretta – Sublime [Tereysa Records]
Danny Quasar – Predicate [Flash Forward Presents]
De La Trinidad & Fran Valdivieso – Lazaro [WINLIKE Music]
DiMo – Love Yourself [Total Freedom +]
Din Jay – Enjoy the Vibe [Soul N Pepa]
Disco Channel – Back from Nowhere [Polygone Research Recordings]
DJ Csemak – Get Funky [Underway Productions]
Esteban de Urbina – Discotheque [Turtle Wax Recordings]
G and J – P90 [29 CLUB]
Gio Silva – El Rey del Club [Silva Records]
Goaty – Womanchild [More & More Music Records]
Gorillag – Gimme Gimme Gimme [Black Boat]
Groove Synergy – Funky Bass [Rump Records]
Homer Gomez – Real City [Effusis]
Iberica – Tropicalypso [Vinyle Magique Music]
Jacque Saravantè – Cosmiq [Accueil]
Joe Gauthreaux & Jace M – We Won’t Go [Prop D Recordings]
John Habbs – Together [Rose Avenue]
Juan Cuadros – I Just Wanna Love [Which Bottle ]
Juan Manuel Padilla – Do You Wanna Dance [B Club Milano]
Kekstar & Stickman – Total Chaos (Reycle Mix)
King Joshua – Lella On the Dancefloor [Idol Records]
Koniec Lata – Hycel [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Lou Karsh – Lifeforms [X-Kalay]
Macoon – Space Funk [Marble Recordings]
Marc Troy – Get Up (Remixes) [Nomadism Records]
Martina Budde – I Love the Nightlife [Groovy Firehorse 66]
Matveï – VOCES [Kitsune]
Mehrbod – Light of Seven [Wild Animals Recording]
Mettie Chandler & Art Heist – Broken [recordJet]
Mi Ni – Natural Blonde [Crown Of Music]
Michael Harris – See You Move [Anunak]
Mirco Caruso – Get Ready [2Drop Records]
Mirza Deluxe – Palms [Happy Hour Records]
Molins – Cdmx [La Casa Recordings]
Monno – I Got Your Love [Traxford Records]
MONS – Jeden Raz [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Moudy Afifi – Crickets [Disclosed Records]
Mr. Mikeed – Run Away [Praefero Music]
Nu Desire – For Real [Desire Trax]
Ollie Remington – Could You Carry Me [DataTech]
Oriax – Pippos [Crown Of Music]
Polish Breakfast – Zuta [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Roberto Rodriguez (PL) – Brass Bang [Goryl Records]
Rubrix – Waiting For You [Hydra Music Records]
Sarathy Korwar – Otherland [The Leaf Label]
sedguy – Nowy Jork [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Sentido – Buss Down [Future Cuts]
Senzo SkyBoy, Vine Muqiz & Thomas Karooz – WeNdoda (feat. Dafaith)
STONEDOVE – Moving [18-09 Records]
Tennor – Another Day [Privelege Music]
The Cube Guys & Adamski Products Inc. – In the City 2020
The Mariachis, Alexander Zabbi & Frasser – Rumba
The Neightbor & Funky Jack Flash – Nicotine [Crazyfriends Music]
The Sambinos – De La Luna [Ritmos Latinos]
Tom Walton – Time To Move On [MOM Records]
Ultraflex – Never Forget My Baby [Street Pulse]
VA – Anointed Elements 6 [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Wan Roux & Makkii – Funk (feat. Tendery) [Deep Family Records]
Yooks – The Heat [Newtown Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

Alnath – Native Habits [Mirror Walk]
Asture – Atlas [Feynman Records]
BeeGee – Étoile Polaire [KOZA]
Close Encounters – Galileo [Umai Music]
Daleo – Jimmy Choo [STIG]
Drumstone – Alchera [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Eriq Johnson – Lost in Mhares [Erijo Gold]
Fensterbilder – Centouno [Echoes From Past Worlds]
Frey & Sway Gray – Wir Sind Nicht Allein (Allein Allein)
Furkan Cinar – Sidereal [Eye And Eye]
Johan Platt – Masquevide [2 Rhythm 4 Record]
Jose Santamarina – Space [Crombat Records]
Jp Orpha – Extended Portraits [Papotako Records]
Kebin van Reeken – State of Mind [Aviary Recordings]
L.E.A.N. – TENTAR [Khulu Records]
Lane 8 & Anderholm, Hexlogic – Cross Pollination
Marway – Indigo [Dark Division]
MaxLife – Pineapple (George Acosta Remix)
Pantelis Aspridis – Phobos [Neu Gravity]
REFFEL – Last Time [Playtech]
Rob In Space – Revenge [Das Ohr Digital]
Santiablo – Circles [Neu Gravity]
Sixbrix – Pakt [Sujet Musique]
Stazzia – Alaska (Extended Mix) [Blue Coffee Records]
Steven Blair – Fearless in Functional [Confederation Records]
Sundrej Zohar – Lockdown [Sunexplosion Records]
Tencer & Ian Mint – Ranchi [DTL Records]
Tiviesse – Wormhole [Frieden Label]
Tom Strobe – Maria (Fr3n3my Remix) [Stroberia]
VA – IX [Plano B Records]
VA – Melodic Techno Experiment [Make It Yourself Records]
VA – The 200th [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Victor SQU – Seriosly [Neonius Records]
Xzaltacia – Xenta [Callote]
YLADM – Paleomundo [Mystic Carousel Records]
Zahid Noise & Powerline – Experiment Zero [Big Drugs Music]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Acitek – Acid Hole [Burst Underground Recordings]
AgentBeat – Routine [Bass Zone Music]
Avesie & Reece Richards – Make It Rain [Grass Route Records]
Beatype – All Right [Lemon Juice Records]
Brutal Poule – Restekpoule [Frost Records]
Bruuno Diz & Seba Schirone – Calmly [Techempire Records]
Caitto – Taky Taky [Chichi Music]
Cajal, Juzel – Split Effort Two [Rationalism Records]
CAlinie – Donald Trump [Zebra Rec.]
CL-ljud – Eli.Sound Presents CL-Ljud From Italy [eli.traxx]
Dan Cutoff – Delicious [Duff Music]
Dave Martins – Red sky [Microdrive]
Enzino & Paolo Generale – Pleasure Underground
Eskimo_Bros_69 – Outcho Feelings (Trizzoh Remix)
Fluxeon – Moovin’ [DataTech]
Giuliano Rodrigues – I Can’t Believe (Remixes) [DUBGIU]
Giuseppe Russo – ToTheFUNK [Lemon Juice Records]
Groove Killah & Highway 307 – Lazzy [1101 Records]
Jay Nortown, Jacobo Saavedra & JNJS – Bertron
John Foster – Hood [Herloop Records]
Juzel – Hearing Memory [Beathey Recordings]
Kirill Torno – Chinese Opium Smoker [Liberty Rhythm]
Lorhen – Everybody [Alegria Records]
Master Spektr – Leisure Ride [Master Spektr]
Mäx Varano – Lost in Music [Lemon Juice Records]
Moray – 1530 Thursday [Honne Music]
Oblomov – Perlamutrovi Kokteil 2.0 [Moveton]
Olarte – Blanche [Stinky Label]
Oliver Raznor – Cosmic Encounter [Vanguardias Sonoras]
Prodot – COD [Blind Vision Records]
Ranchomovil – Veinte [Genesis BA]
Salvo V – Represent [Kubbo Records]
Sergio Bennett & Jee Bear – Groove On [Yet Records]
Skybeam – Back to Time [EBR Label]
Soul Data – Cookies and Dreams [The Black Guys]
Sub-Ctrl – Baounilena [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
TARO (AR) – Genuine [R3 Life & Music]
Tedanny Flac – No Sleep [Irregular Musik]
Typeof – Extracts [Redlight Music]
VA – Best of Summer 2020 [Dark Alien Records]
VA – Big Drums VA III [REC Low Records]
VA – Breath of Air VA [Airtime Records]
Vlad Arapasu & Zebra Rec. – Rhynobass [Zbr059]
Za__Paradigma – Backdrippy [We Hustle Harder]

Organic House & Downtempo

Azurecolt – September [Lolou Records]
Correspondence – Expanding Cycle
Dualism – Opium for the Niches [AKASHA MX]
Jose Noventa & Allen Hulsey, Sound Shapes – Coming Home
Kick Bong & Zero Cult – La Nuit [Cosmicleaf Records]
Marc Spieler – Take Me Home [Sine Music]
Michalis Koumbios & Panos Dimitrakopoulos – Altamira
Ruben Schwarz – Two Went In [Wold Records]
Stergios – Berceuse [Regeneration Music]
Stergios – Equality [Regeneration Music]
Stranger Tourists – Painting the World [The Purr]
URIARTE – Perfect Rise (feat. Nataly Koi) [Tribu H]
Urmet K – Bagan [Sprinkler]
VA – Anjunadeep Explorations 14 [Anjunadeep]
VA – Aurea 3 [MONADA]
Violeta Villa – Coral [Organica Sound]

Progressive House

ADELAIZ – Burn [Differenz Records]
After Sunrise – The Feeling , Melancholy
AudioBricks – Forever [Aubio Records]
Beije – Deciduous (The Remixes) [Holy Grail Music]
Da Rek – Xploring [Nyumba Records]
Dean Holden – HD 189733 a b [Shimline Records]
DenBray – Canyon , Arcadia [Synth Collective]
Dimitrios Xystros, Fab. Galaxy & Johnny Tirka – Shapes
Edvard Hunger – Save My Melody [Estribo Records]
Erick Ro! – Feelings [Dark Alien Records]
error.func – Kartenmeer [Supergroove Records]
Fanatic Funk – Analog Dhjana [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Following Light & K.Oshkin – Night Pluton [Bevel Rec]
Jabeat – Loked Deep [Unseen Records Colombia]
Joey G – Have It Right [Love International]
Joey Medina – Reincarnation , Exposure
John Keding – Broken [Sub-Label Recordings]
Ksabe – Dirty Pleasure [Deep Tech Lab]
L.T.P – Bring Me Back [Prexall Records]
Los Veteranos – Time Traveller [MoonThrones Music]
Luca Cociuffo – Skin [BQ Recordings]
Max Averbach – Altered States [Future Avenue]
Missus – Land of Milk and Honey [One Of A Kind]
Nemos – Training to Fly [OrganicElectric Records]
Ocean of Emotion – Radiance [Somma Records]
Oscar K. – Pslam49 [29 Deep]
Pablo Rey – Plandemia [Imploxion Records]
Peter Illias – Tao [Emergent Cities]
Pulse Junkie – Passive Flow [Fuzion Dreams]
Ricardo Piedra – Perdide [Another Life Music]
Robben Cepeda – 90 Years [Smart Phenomena Records]
Rod V – Meridiano [Massive Harmony Records]
Tali Muss – Yolumuz [Lowbit]
TD – Kate’s Bush [Magnitude Recordings]
The Husky & Iris Dee Jay – Walking Ahead
V L A D – Botafor [Alveda Music]

Tech House

A Basic Guy – Tamboo [Upper Records]
Ale Martins – Pain [Valorize o Groove]
Alejandro Escala – Mi Querencia [Bad Habits Records]
Alejandro Peñaloza – Shake My Head [Mar de Fóra Records]
American South Style – Play with Me [MUDmusic]
Andrea Presutti – Jump [Dacusan]
Break the Speaker – Buy me , Yerke yeke [less is nice]
Christian Belt – Recurence [BcM Records]
Dave Tech – Braking Hip [Phenomenal]
Delerci Reyes – Side [ADN Mutant World]
DionX – Faith [Joke-R MNML Records]
DJ Jarell – Believe [Cubic Records]
DJ Lugo & Gustavo Dominguez – No Questions [BOOTH]
DJ Mito & Scarpitta – DJ Mito Meets Spaker [Kieso Music]
Eric Toscano – Music don’t stop [Doop Rec]
Galib – Where I Am [Suicide Robot]
Gera Barrera – We Got Da Cast Whenever You Come Around
House Reminder – Tech My Mind [Houseworx Sessions]
Illuminat – Scandalous! [Deep Bear]
Jack & Flores & J.M. Jimenez – Only One
Jake Compton – Timer [@SUPERSIZEUK]
Jim Carson – MY BRAIN [Cola & Lollipops]
Jimmael – Low Back [Glerx Records]
Jose Alves – El Africano [BeMore Records]
Jose Fajardo – Penelope [Koko Music]
Joy Marquez & D-Fake – In To My Mind [76 Recordings]
K0V3R – La Gente Esta Muy Loca [Mostbass Records]
Kai Barnard – Midnight Sunrise [Kiko Records]
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Leenata & Ogalla – Dance Much [UltrAsia Records]
Linda MTIR – Strawberry Cocktails [Behavior Recordings]
Lucas Ruiz – Dark [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Luciano Mazza & M.V – Eegua [Duff Music]
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Marco Wellisch – Just in Time [KlangWild]
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Massïme – Don’t Hold Back [DaCosta Records]
Matt Shelder – Jumped Into It [Riviera Underground Music]
Maximiliano Juliet – The Beginning [Coquimbo Music]
Michael C. & Namtrack – Wherehouse , A Piano Idea
Raffa Fl – My Freakin [Howedo Music]
Rapa – Mr. Dj [Roots Music]
Reductio – Down Low [Candy Flip]
Rob Circuit – Flawless [Dreibergen]
Roby Loco – Boom [LE Distribution]
Roffe – Excelent [Bass Box]
Ryno – Game Over [Noexit]
Rythmc & Tsunami – Pusher [Phunk Junk Dark]
Sacha Robotti – Yaleh [Slothacid]
Sonorious – Lsd Is the Bomb [EP Records]
Štrace – Space [Barbecue Records]
TEX – Fkg Beat [MUDmusic]
The Horror Theater – Carnival [Córdoba Records]
Union (Be) – Champagne [Sr. Events Music]
VA – Autumn 2020 [Di One Music]
VA – Back to the Future [Kieso Music]
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VIK – Ruptured [Round Robin Recordings]
Wild & Kins – Got the Player [Hustler Muzik]
Zasz – Mathematics [Up Till Dawn Records]

Techno & Minimal

4NYØN3 – Rotten Humanity [Newrhythmic Records]
A503X – Brain Decadence [A503X Records]
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Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell – Vilseledd
Arian Faraone – Space Conflict [Pornographic Recordings]
Axkan – No Hope [OMEN Recordings]
Bedcors – My Landy [Oxytech Limited]
Björn Zimmermann & Adrian Pitscher, Felix Reichelt – Fajita
Box Of Luca – Ontario Techno – Artist Album
Brtinzz & Jona, Brtinzz – Poetovio [Oscuro Music]
BTR – All Around Me [Hungry Koala Records]
Carolina Frapp & Nanio – Splice
Celec, Childov – Respect11 [Eclipse Recordings]
Cesar Ascoy – Acid Night [Elektrona]
Champutz – Feature Lights [LETS TECHNO records]
chraevis – Everything Everywhere [Shake Well Records]
Chris Azure – Levels to This [De-Konstrukt]
Christian Left – Retro Machine
Christian Michael – Charge [Compactonez Records]
Circleoftech – Rombo [Paktoor Records]
Claudio Gasparini – Infusion [Claroscuro Records]
Clyde Diveira – Anything (feat. Veela)
Damne – Nuclear Tears [Tlaloc Records]
Dani Sbert & Robert Nandez – Catastrofe
David airaM – Marasma [Oxytech Records]
David More and Sentex – Alkatrax [Reload Records]
David Sellers – Asterism [The AudioBloc]
Erika Krall – Colorain [Wejustman Records]
Ewan Jansen, Owain K – Innate 003 [Innate]
FckngNoise & Fabricio Bissani – Fifth [FckngNoise]
Franco Rossi – Ambulare [Xelima Records]
Franco Rossi – Bad Habit [Xelima Records]
Franco Rossi – Consulting Room [Xelima Records]
Frankie Vega – Thunder City [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Gerrit X – Iron Sky [Techno Expedition Records]
Gianluca Colletti – Beyond the Earth [Shaka Records]
Halv Dröm – Slum Vatic [Fleisch Records]
Harry Doe – Phlegeton [Technologic Recordings]
Heavenchord – Morning Star [Drift Deeper Recordings]
Hypernova – Ac1d My Friend [Anorrack Records]
Ignota Originem – Aura [Alss]
IKR – Code Breaker [Neu Gravity]
Insect Society – Disharmonic Unity [Archon Records]
Ivox Garcia – Unphased [No-Match]
J. OSCIUA – Angler [Space Beat]
Jheal Bashta – Shot to Dignity [Traces]
Jssst – 2 Words 1 Finger [Jssst Records]
Juan Campos – Acufen [Toxic Recordings]
Julia Bondar – Industrial Symphony
Juliette – Be Energy [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Kabaya, Psy Fact – Darkside [Beats HD]
Knowlton Walsh – Crash Override [The Seed]
Lady Maru – Fear and Hope [Revok Records]
Latmos – Plural Lifeforms [Subosc]
Leloopar – Rectifier Remixes [defmain() ]
Lemo – Action & Onium [Mystic Carousel Records]
Luca La Rocca – Allunaggio [X erie]
LUXIFA – Gimme Some [Synaptic Anarchy Records]
Magneticx Deejay – The Ocean [Elastic Dimension Records]
Mario Rodrigues – Underground City [Bullet Records]
Matias Bagato – Geo-Shelter (Altern Version)
MaX ForWorD – Phantom [7th Cloud]
Michelle Sparks – Melt [Octopus Records]
Mielafon & Radiorobotek – Hypnosis
Morph19​.​78 – Focus on Space [Khoros]
Mr Brico – Klocktone [Rhythm Robot Records]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – Purple [Release Soul]
Pablo Awad – Biocinetic [DXT Records]
Penddit – Intro [Raise Recordings]
Prysma – Drop the Needle [Undercode Records.]
Pyramidal Decode – Void [Devotion Records]
Ramfeer – CCL [dZb Records]
Ribes – Smash Together [Chapter Records (ES)]
Rick Angel – Citroen Jam [4 Acid Eyes Only]
Robotics Club – Scorpio [Robotics Club]
RTMVGN – Occultech Hypnotic Series 03 – Rmtvgn
Saahas Saritha Bala – Flustercluck [White Line Music]
Spectrum A – Spellbound [Ambiophonic Records]
Steo Le Panda – Lazy , Sleepy [TaiJi Records]
Substak – Mesh [Seesaw Records]
Techier3z – Thc [Adrenaline Black]
TechnoDoom – Things Come and Go [Dark Alien Records]
Technogen – Training [BORSH]
Teckni B – Stormy Weather [4 The Planet]
TELEFUNK 767 – Tekno Chai Shop [Three Sounds Records]
Tonikattitude – Acid Rave [Trigonometryk]
Torregrossa – You Need Me [Puro Beat]
Tremonjai – Tu Pa Ta Ta Ta [Elantris Records]
Trokopotaka – Dark Mysterious [IO]
Twist3d – Palladium [Techno Legends Records]
Unkraut – Greenhouse [RotRaum Music]
V-LION – Willkømmen in meiner saüer [Acid]
VA – Best of N2B – Part 2 [Nice To Be Records]
VA – Into Darkness No. 2 (New Generation of Terror)
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VA – Techno-Tanzflache Album Vierundwanzig
Varuna – Mantis 04 [Delsin Records]
VOG – Torippu [Mozaiku]