Afro House
1000 Feelings – Crushing Free (Feat. Monika Steyn) (incl. The Remixes)
AJ – Afrokan [Aluku Records]
Alejandro Peñaloza & OBA – Colombia
Carlos Francisco – Hero Remix Competition Winners (feat. Morris Revy)
Cole Naima – Gurugei (feat. Vee Mukarati) [Pasqua Records]
Dany Cohiba & Eddie Amador – Electric Vatos [S&S Records]
Darksidevinyl & Guttenn – Colombia Soul
Dj Abza & Hassan Mangete, Siza – Kgabo
DJ SMS SA – Little Head
DJ Vistar – Vistar’s Award [SRNDR Records]
Drumatic Soul – Soul Reset [Afrocentric Records]
Faylasuf – Leghzal Fatma (feat. Fadia DZ)
Frankawara – Aye [SP Recordings]
House Terror – Inkanyezi (feat. AfriZulu) [IKLWA Brothers]
Ivan Afro5 – Deutschland [Sunclock]
Ivory i – Inkosi [DeepDive CM]
Krap Noise – Shade [Selecta Group Records]
Leo Guardo & Cali Satellites – Deluge
Leon El Ray – Take It Slow (feat. Mandisa)
Leroy Styles – Elephantidae [Other Days Records]
Mijangos & Roger Garcia – Levantate
Mzidou – Raka [Celsius Degree Records]
Nicolò Simonelli & OniWax – Terrah [Reenboog]
Patris Boy – Inca [Guettoz Muzik]
Rodney SA – Wawira [Grooveland Africa]
Roxteel – The Chronicles [Elbaraka Family]
Sir-Marcus – Moya Wami (feat. Nuzu Deep)
Strober – In Zaire [S2G Productions]
T.M.A. – Chappie Boyz [THE MODERN AGE]
Thab De Soul & Dreamer – Convictions [Mavek Recordings]
Thanda – Jingo [Birkin Records]
Wagon Cookin’ – Appetizers (20th Anniversary Edition)
96kbs & Potzi – Mamordude [trackIDpls]
Carisma – Escenas Remixadas [Amplio Espectro]
Deep N Beeper & NJC – Tetrahadron Bomb
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – Keep Trying (feat. Amber)
Espree – City That Never Sleeps [Maneki UK]
Goosebump – Solo Dancer [Chemiztri Recordings]
Hedchef – Sharp Relief [Deep Cover [UK]]
IMNAH – Mimicry of Soul [Calligraphy Recordings]
Monolithic – Mercury Vapor [Platonic Solids]
Non Compliance – No Joke [Kut Off Records]
Umut Gökçen – Can You Feel It [Ambient Wave Records]
Urbano – Tonka [Lizplay Records]
71 Digits – My Loneliness [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Alex Harrington – Waiting (feat. Georgia Train) [Perfect Havoc]
AndrewP, Freaky Tricks – Autumn Feels [Elektrify Records]
B-Blade – Holdin [EDMedia (Media Records)]
BALULU THE ICON – Ni Kubaya [MAD Royal Entertainment]
BitterSoul – Umculo Wethu (feat. Mkeyz) [Sound African Recordings]
BosPianii – KWANELE (feat. TETE) [KOMU Records]
BTRN – Someone Else [Run Free]
Cohenovich – In the Frozen Desert [Ring Mode Records]
Costello & Bonetti – (I Just Wanna) Be with You
Desto – Give Me One Reason (feat. Kiki) [Fadersport]
DJ Cadet – Claim to Fame (feat. SMGY)
DJ No Sugar – Saxophone Feelings
DJ The Wave – With You (feat. Shinade) [Remixes]
Ellyn Woods – Tangerine [Unidisc Music]
Fez Parker – Yo Te Quiero [Mole Listening Pearls]
Get Ur 7 – Shikisha [H3M Production]
Gok Wan & Craig Knight – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (feat. Kele Le Roc)
Great Notion – I Miss You [Erijo Gold]
Harps & Chords – I’m Fine (feat. Morgan Beck) [YOKE Music]
Ian Source & Oliver Marx – I Know [TB Media]
Justin Pollnik & Buhold – Losing Myself [Stereo Poems]
Karo – Boss Bitch [Golden Chocolate Records]
LARI LUKE & PollyAnna – Jealousy [RCA , Famouz Records]
Le Fomo – Swallow Me Whole [AnalogueTrash Records]
Lukas Lundell – Hold On [Rolling Lake Records]
LUNAX, Zombic & TMW – Dark [Beat Dealer Records]
Madame Gandhi & Arushi, Riobamba – Visions Remixed
Marc Benjamin – Take Me Up (feat. Renae) [Heartfeldt Records]
Max Vermeulen & Almost Weekend – The Way I Am
Mike Candys, Jack Holiday & Angelika Vee – Coco Jamboo (feat. Primera Klase)
Miss Gomez – Bam Bara Bum [Spot Records]
Montmoulin – Evil [Crosswalk Records]
Mr Dendo – DendoStyle [Adamante]
Niiko x SWAE – Friends [Gemstone Records]
Outlet – Step the Fuck up [Basswieght Records]
Paulo Labello – Clean and Free [unquantize]
pucca – Bouncc [It’s Great!]
Pump Boy Lee – Everybody Dance [AOU Entertainment]
Resistance – Sin Discoteca… No Fiesta! (Club Edit)
Ronnie Herel & Dannis Winston – Another Way (feat. Dannis Winston)
Rowald Steyn – Perfect [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Rowen Reecks – Lookin’ At (feat. Laville) [Perfect Havoc]
Sary – Kid [Muve]
Schiffie & Co – De Handenwasshow [BIP Records]
Seal De Green – Summer Love (Sasha First Remix)
Shift K3Y – Do Me No Good [Positiva]
Shuja Rabbani – Pout [Rabbani Records]
SPlusmusic – ClassiSound [Jass Records]
Stephanie Rainey & John Gibbons – Why Are We Waiting
Steve Kroeger – So Cold [SOURCE]
Stones Taro – BAM002 [Body Action Music]
SUMMER Rios – Unexpected [All Star Music Group]
Sunglasses Kid & Primo – Fixing Me With Love
Till We Meet Again – Reborn [Althea Records]
Vandal Moon – Robot Lover (FM Attack Remix)
Vesvese – Trouble [Deepnite Records]
Victor Porfidio – To My Heart (Rma Remix) [2Dutch Air]
We Will Kaleid – Mogilalia [Sinnbus]
Will Fast – Instant To Go [Enigmatic]
Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House
19×93 – Don’t Give a Fuck [Mad Panda Recordings]
Abriviatura IV & Soundsperale – Give Me Your Love
Acnatro – Dear Brother [SSL Music]
Alexny – Le Voyage [Spiritualized]
Andy Compton – Sorrow & Joy [Peng]
Another Nelson – Ride Tonight [Kinky Records]
Anton Shumakov – Simple Motive [Tajna Musica]
atalkingdrum – Net Gran Its Remixes (feat. Niña indigo)
Atjazz – V1rus [Atjazz Record Company]
Audioboy – Bring Me Up [Cherokee Recordings]
AudioBricks – Lollipop [Aubio Records]
Axel C – Smart Work [Kalambur Publishing]
Ayala (IT) – The Disco Tapes [Groove Culture]
Benny Camaro, Joe C. & Jon Costa – How We Run (feat. Aga Kalinowska)
Blakey – Love Goes Fast [Deep Hype Sounds]
Blue Mask – Talking with My Mind [Selected.]
Boogie Boots – Get On Up [Disco Down]
Boogie Boots – Let’s Do It (2020 Rework) [Soulful Evolution]
Bruno Motta & Obzkure – Hey Girls [Sensoria Records]
Byron the Aquarius – Apron [Apron Records]
D-Malice & Buddynice – The Crossover [DM.Recordings]
Da Lukas – Pretty Face [M2MR]
Dan & Bass – Arabic Music [Maniana Records]
Danny Cluer – Innerstellar [Full Flight Records]
Dapa Deep – Never Be the Same [Dapa Music]
Dark Society – Saturday Emotion [Oryx Music]
Dave Leatherman & Bruce Nolan – Can’t Let Go
Dave Mayer & Kapal – Keep Going [HOUPH]
David Grant – Boston George [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Denoom – On My Now [DeepSkyline]
DJ Aristocrat & U.R.A. – Like a Child [Proartsound Music]
DJ Fudge & Chinua Hawk – Love X Love [Reel People Music]
DJ Kosmas K – Sequencer Highway [LAD Publishing & Records]
Dummy Splash – Woke and Progressive [Wet Bulldog]
Enea DJ & DJ Lukas Wolf – Happiness [Bewild Records]
Fabrizio Leggieri & Davide Leggieri – Life After Death
Fer Almeida – Dumb Baby [Vamos Music Talents]
Frank Virgilio, Lup Ino – La Famiglia [Tropical Disco Records]
Frankie Fandango – Begun to Love U (2020 Rework)
Fun Kool – State Of The Nation (feat. Utopia) [Miniaturesrec]
George Feely – Stanley’s Disco [Nervous Records]
Giser – La Carga (feat. H-Final) [Villano Muzik International]
Glass Slipper – Thankful [Walker Records]
HAYATO.T – Honey Camomile [LHF Records]
Hermjo & Karimme, Holggy – Stay Home & Dance
Hollow Fraud – Ghost of MD [Ship City Grooves]
Hushrov Bhesania – Orange Skies (Luidelire Remix)
Iron Rodd & Schwarz Dutch – Poison my Drink [Le Voyage Music]
Jamie Vice – Mood Swing – Your Love [Shame Records]
Jesper Ryom – Beaches [Delicieuse Records]
Joey Vasquez – Counting Down the Days [Strong Island Records]
Julian Sanza – Feels Good [Heartbeat Revolutions]
Jungle By Night – Unlimited Love [3S Music]
KALUMA & Albin Loán – Bleeding Love [My.Cover.Music]
Kino B – Chronos [Khanti Records]
Kobe Maldonado – Marcado [Villano Muzik International]
Le Babar – 4 Your Love [Soul Beach Records]
Liz Cass – Bad Love (Jansons Remix) [frtyfve]
Mammal Hands – Captured Spirits [Gondwana Records]
Marc Veiz & Anthony Poteat – Lemonslice [Offline Recordings]
Mariusz Kryska – Lucky Day [Cyanide]
Martin Depp – Deeper [Smashing Trax Records]
Master MC – Re Up [Master MC Music]
Matan Green – Under and Below [Stand Up and Move]
Maxie – Bucle [Sojka Records]
Melih Aydogan – I Don’t Wanna Know (feat. Brenda Mullen) [Mr.Nu Remix]
Memo Rex & Chris Mindel – Popular People [Slightly Sizzled White]
Mike Spirit – It’s Too Late to Call the Police (feat. Starving Yet Full)
myselfs – Holy Mountain [Royal Supremacy]
Nicola Brusegan & Steve Hammer – Double Swipe [PURISM Wave]
Noni – New Gothic [White Deer Records]
Peter LC – Disco Siderale [See-Saw]
Przemaz B – Time to Groove [Pure Beats Records]
Quadrakey – Lost in Time [Gents & Dandy’s]
Ryno – Mind Made Up [HouseBeat Records]
RYNO – Summer Vibes [Baxtown Records]
Sal’m Raisov – Letto [Mango Sounds]
Sarsky & Futch – Time to Move [Disco Down]
Sebb Junior & Lee Wilson – Keep On Dancing [Puro Music]
Sirkea – Love Got U [Brooklyn Fire]
Starfari – Commitment (TYGRBYT remix) [POPGANG Records]
Starmist – Gotta Get What You Want [MegaVibeNetwork]
Taycan – Gazoz [Sound Vessel Records]
Terrae – Take Me [S. Walker Choice Kutz]
The House Samurai – Deep in it [ShockIt]
Theophonik – Submerged [Deep Clicks]
VA – Alternative Future [Khimera Rec.]
VA – Aurora Borealis [Coco Recordings]
VA – Bad Company [Sifare Edizioni Musicali srl]
VA – Complex Reality [Orme Music]
VA – Cool Gate [Sakasa Rec.]
VA – Infinite Emotions [Reiteration]
VA – Organic Deep Love [Space Rabbits Records]
VA – Say Less Summer Sampler [Say Less Records]
VA – Stomping Grounds Music Is 4 Lovers [Music is 4 Lovers]
VA – Summer Numbers 2020 [Slightly Transformed]
VA – The Sky Sampler 01 [Espacio CIELO]
VA- Late Night [Althea Records]
Venessa Jackson – Prisoner [Secret Sessions]
Vivit – Japan Station [Alveda Music]
Wrigley – New Life [Impure]
You Man – Mind Ballad [Eskimo Recordings]
Yunget – Neon Lights [Erijo Gold]
Zemyu – Lift Me Up (feat. Nimiwari) [Zemyu]
Zibadan – In The Midnight (Disco Remake) [kluBasic Records]
Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass
4U – Run Away Remixed [ONE7AUDIO]
11moi11 – Who Am I [Moi]
A.M.C & Phantom – Props [Drum&BassArena]
AERYS – Destinations [Lost Tribe Collective]
Ali Ghieri – Still Alive [K-Noiz]
Ariel Perazzoli & Jose Spinnin Cortes – Mysteria [Bearlin Records]
Armenez – Incurzion Optics 005 [Incurzion Audio]
Arston & Soul Parker – When We Were Young [Revealed Recordings]
Artificial Intelligence – Signs [Metalheadz]
Bad Incubi – Blackout [Discoshit Records]
Blosso – Tirada [Most Addictive]
Bonsche – Eins, Zwei [YouTunez]
Bvnvnvs – Who Day Wona Do Da Boyin [Noiseporn Records]
Cavernous Space, Made In Russia – Voyage to the Unknown
Charlotte Haining & BCee, Blu Mar Ten – Life as We Know It
Charlysayz – State of Life , Shining [Liquid Tribe]
Code Pandorum & Facesplit, Twisted Insane – Brotherhood
Conrad Subs – Badman Selecta [Default Recs]
Coxon – Icky [In flux Audio]
Cuvurs – Love , Shock [Klout]
Danny Anger & DJ Bud – Anger Management Pt. 4 – Angry
Danny The Wildchild – My Style [Digital Terror Records]
Deekline, Brian Brainstorm & Specimen A – Kill That Sound
DG812 – Only You [Diverge Music Group]
Disaszt & The Clamps – Popcorn Machine [Mainframe Recordings]
Disdained – Sacred Emerald [MINED]
Diskade – Requesting Access.exe [Rabies Dog Records]
DJ Scam – Smnl034 [Seminal Sounds]
DJ Stile – Hunting in Rio [Richy Records]
DJ Uniques – Dance Look Nice [Maad Ting]
DJ Zedi – Predator [DJ Zedi]
Doctor Jeep – Abyss [SPE C]
Dunk – Cadillac Blue [Encrypted Sound]
DWK & Kidpaii, DWK – Bangers Pt.1 [Techenies]
DXA – Warfare [Republic of noise]
Eat More Cake – Show Me [Insomniac Records]
Ego Trippin – Melancholy [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Felix Harrer – Carbon [Viventas Music]
Freqax & Proton Kid, Freqax – Surviving Rascals
Friction, Flowidus & Raphaella – By Your Side [Elevate Records (UK)]
GLM & Kumo, GLM & Pengo – Badman [sub stance recordings]
Goldfinger – Get More Likes [Caseload Records]
Greekboy – Jungle Drops 23 [Liquid Drops]
Hierxphant & Blazter – Breach [Broken Vault Records]
Icy, Keerthin & Revealed Recordings – Close to U
IMANU & Buunshin, IMANU – Cheren [Vision Recordings]
Infotron – Triumph [Big Tunes Records]
InnVoice – Heat [Dream Killer Recordings]
Inquisitive – Vanquish [Lowded Recordings]
Josh Nor – I Will Find You [Digital Village Music]
JTR – Such As This [Yeah You Music]
Jun Anthony, Savi DJ – Bsp 001 (feat. Kasper Marott)
K-Y – Secret Weapon [Grid Recordings UK]
KAIJU & P.I.M, KAIJU – Cyberspace [Echoes Collective]
Karyuu & Bevild, Karyuu – Dystopian [Buygore]
Kathero – Wreckage [Indivision Music]
Kez Riker – Body Mapping [Bellum Records]
Khamis – Crystal Shard [Cyber Audio]
Kiefer Land – Neon Ferrari [Synchronized Records]
Killin’ Void – Enlightenment [Rushdown]
L3fthand – L3fthand [Strange Matter]
Liminal State, MJD & Backlash – Array [MJD R]
Low Pattern – Go [Free The Mind Recordings]
Madface – Claptrap [Viper Recordings]
Maykors – Clandestine [inHabit Recordings]
Menak – NBK [Clipper’s Sounds]
Midst & Lowlife – Scorched Earth [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
Mom N Dad – No Cap [Bass Camp Music]
Moore Kismet & Bajillionaire – Drift [Bassrush Records]
Morten Lind – Thunder [Dance 4 You]
OCC – Chisel , Viet Kitchen [Skankandbass]
Para – Hypnos [Helix Records]
Patrick Meeks – Show You [Elephant House]
Persephone – Lost Chance [RIP Promotions]
Perses – Game Over (feat. Atarii) [Equatos Recordings]
Phabiaz – Carolyne Series Dark Matter [Jungle Pride Recordings]
Pharoah – Mirage [Liondub International]
PRTCL & Xenon (DNB) – Hermannplatz Hangover [Humanoid]
Ridwello – Let Me Tell You Something [Madafaka Music]
Scandal – No Liquid (ver.2) [29 DNB]
SebastiAn – Hysterias [Ed Banger Records , Because Music]
Single Purpose – Change My Mind [Bay 6 Recordings]
SRJY – Delusion [Lolapad Recordings]
SRome & Kimdness – Run the Show,Bandido [Bangerang Network]
Stayer – Takin Over [Musata Music]
Sumi – Winter Nights [Run Free]
Surgence – Summit,Function [Tesseract Recordings]
T I & D Minds, T I & Kasra – Integrated [Critical Music]
Tanveer, Fr3netix, Dipto, DeKnight, Skullx, Chocaholic, Zesan & Mahmoud – Switch
Thematic – Squabble [Sofa Sound]
Theo Varda – The Fix [Mad Panda Recordings]
Thomas Bardi – Get Down Low [Strakton Records]
TOMMY LUCIANI – Dale Dale (Extended Mix) [Ensis Records]
Toy Box – Pandemic [19K]
Trakker – Imitator , Odyssey [Wrong Turn Recordings]
Tweakz – Illusive [Delta9 Recordings]
UFO Project & Leo Wood – New Dawn [Insomniac Records]
Uriel Leyva – Fire [Temiqui Records]
VA – Beats That Bang in the Night II [Brash Beats]
VA – Hyperbolic Functions [Stereoheaven]
VA – Rocket League X Monstercat – Legacy [Monstercat]
VA – True Friends [True Generation]
VA – UNCHAINED The Remixes [Unchained Recordings]
VA – Wavepool 3 [Terrorhythm Recordings]
Vinyl Combat – Triple Threat [Vinyl Combat]
Vital – 10 Tigers [Bass Legion Records]
Yunis – Amygdala (feat. Røhaan & SRP) [YUKU]
Ziyn – Divergence [Deep Cover [UK]]
Alex Lo Faro – I Got You [Karmic Power Records]
Alexander Brydges – Avenue [Brydges]
Andy Marea – Soul Movement [4Difference Records]
Arturo Macchiavelli – We Got Love [Cruise Music]
B.JINX – Just a Minute [Nine Sixteen Muzik]
Bass Odyssey – Winter Solstice [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
BBwhite – Phunky Monster [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Block & Crown – We Found Love [Omerta]
Block & Crown & Marc Rousso – Watchin’ Me [Tactical Records]
Bmark – Be There [Spitfire Music]
Boddhi Satva & Mohamed Diaby – PAPA (2020 Remixes)
Colour Castle – Raining [Hot Sunday Records]
D’Amico & Valax, Kaliso – Angels [Reload Music]
D’Stil – Summer Lovin’ II [Red Side Records]
Da Funk Junkies – Don’t Stop [Bid Muzik]
Däbløk – Lockdown [DeepHouse Police]
Daniele Baldi – Let It Go (2020 Extended Mix) [Soulful Evolution]
David Duriez & Manuel-M – Oldschool Amateurs ep
Deep Grounder – Field Parade [Audiolounge]
Deep Soul Syndicate – My Heart (feat. Stephanie Cooke) [Tribe Vocal]
Din Jay – Something Special [Ocean Trax]
Disco Incorporated – Galactic Funkers [South American Grooves]
DJ Freshly & Antonio Sagrero – Tachas & Perico
DJ Nuck – Groovin [Rollerblaster Records]
DJ Randall Smooth – Faith..Remix (feat. Anaya Weathers)
Enrico Ferraiuolo – Funk That Shit [DTL Records]
Felipe Avelar – Found a Love [Believe In Disco]
Felix da Housecat & Ali Love – My Life Muzik [Founders Of Filth]
Goodkid – No Turning Back [Blacktone]
Grant Nelson – Breakaway [Swing City Records]
Gual – Alright [Miami Dance Records]
H.P. Vince – The Old Skool Masters [Street King]
HP Vince & Chuck Roberts – Jack Had a Groove [Phoenix Music Inc]
Ignazio Cabras – My Angel Brother [Therefore Records]
Iuri Di Principe – This Time (feat. Kris Lee) [Blanco y Negro Music]
Jackin’ Social Club – Feelin’ Yeah [Jackin’ Social Club]
Jaden Thompson – To The Light [Classic Music Company]
Jake Millions – Funky Ish [Spitfire Music]
Jay Vegas – Make U Mine [Hot Stuff]
JC Arcila – Los Anormales [Triplepoint Distribution]
Jenia Smile – Shakari [Luxury Night]
Jonas Blake – I’m Ready [High Roller Recordings]
K & K – Regz [Blockhead Recordings]
Kai Schwarz & KERY FAY – Kiss Me [Kiez Beats]
Katzz – Rewind [Spitfire Music]
Khetama & Cutmaster Jay – Escape [Believe In Disco]
Kristof Tigran – Touch It [Nu Monkey Records]
LEFTI – What You Gonna Do [Basement Sound]
Local F – Heartbreaks ‘N’ Promises [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records]
loic penillo, matthias ka & audrey valorzi – Miracle (Radio Mix)
Love Bass & Devastate – Downtown [Teknofonic Recordings]
Mark O’Sullivan – Trans (Remastered) [Brique Rouge]
Marnoxx – Stare [Reload Music]
Marshall (UK) – Hef [Funky Floor Records]
Maxfield – Just Beneath the Surface [Colony Productions]
Mike Chenery – Galactic Funk [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Milk Bar & Majkol Jay – Feel Your Body [Juicy Music]
Moku – My World [Melodic Beats Recordings]
monrrow – My Best Effort [Yumah Records]
Oussema Saffar, Ta9tou9.H & Zow – Hiya Edonya
Parris – Polychrome Swim [The Trilogy Tapes]
Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada – Here I Go Again [Juiced Music]
Pavel Svetlove – Anyways [Hive Label]
Pirra – Limousine Lies [BLK&WHT]
Prezioso & Niels van Gogh – Tell Me Why [ZYX]
Puppy Sierna – Sueltelo [Solo Sabrosura Records]
Quakza – Bridges [Diana Recs]
Rez Yaz – Comes Around [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Rick Marshall – Feeling [Funky Revival]
Ricky Montana & Mirko Lobbi – Approachable [Little Jack]
RIP Youth, Bombs Away & Reigan – You Love (Molella Remix)
Romy Black – Without Your Love [Indeed Records]
Rory Northall – Hold Back (4Peace No Holdin’ Back Remix)
Rory Northall – Hornz [Groove Soul Records]
Ryan Truman – Podemos Bailar [Subcommittee Recordings]
Sean Savage – Let’s Get It [Dibgate Records]
Sounds of Noah – Sun’s on Call Till Morning (feat. Solas B. Lalgee)
Stewart Birch – Foolish Heart [Tropical Velvet]
Swaine Delgado – Boulevard [Wilder]
Swared – It Was a Flash [Opium Muzik]
Todd Terry, Jay Potter & Dancing Divaz – You Don’t Know Me
Twism, Wavy dot. & Chace McNinch – I Got the Love (feat. J. Pierce)
VA – Balearic Music 2020 [Kingside Music Premium]
VA – Spacedisco Sampler 20 [Spacedisco Records]
Yvvan Back, EM PI & Simon Fava – Cumbiano [Tactical Records]
Melodic House & Techno
2causalities – White Shadows [Oxytech Limited]
2She – B-612 [Wanderlust]
AlexC. & Michele Cagnoni – Noise Reaction [Whole Story Lab]
Binarium – Manglar [1101 Records]
Cadu Novellino – Eyes of the Time [Across The Time Records]
Cappelli – Katana [TheWav Records]
Christian Tibor – Klarionette [Energie In Bestform]
Daniel Helmstedt, DJC Dubz x PNUT – Run [HYMNS]
Deepart & Ysmael Amasis – Adrift in Space [6913 Digital]
Dittrich – Contact [Complex Destroyerz]
DOMINOLO – Blindfolded [Neu Gravity]
Emanuele Vernarelli – Vertical Trip [No Design]
Erick Khalifa – Seductive [Luminax]
Fuckpony – Keep Techno Sexy [Contexterrior , Tuning Spork]
Gidronique – The Witch [Dog And Man]
Gio Maisuradze – Zlazna [Agaraki]
Jorge Cary – Syncopad [Konzepte]
Lexer – Odyssey [Bedrock Records]
Matt Sawyer – Chord , Albatross [Hey, location!]
Maxi Taboada, Pablo Pingitore & Tyncho Mass – Anamar
Moritz Hofbauer – Dreamcatcher (feat. PaulWetz) [HYMNS]
Nightplayers & Godenfar – Subterranea [BlackBeard Records]
Raul Ron – Never Enough [Wejustman Records]
SOLON – Sideways [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Tony Loreto – Nabu [Ground Zero Limited]
VA – Dreamers Faces 3 [Faces]
Wolves Bay – Yours Truly [Maeve]
Youlaike – Argo (Remix Edition) [Tiefdruckgebeat]
Minimal & Deep Tech
ANNBLIF – Envuelt , Fight [Deep Tech Lab]
Barac – Traumkid [Cronos]
Casper Lowry – Basement [Bellum Records]
Da Bug – The Sun [Da Bug Records]
Dr Cubes – Feelings [Innocent Music Limited]
DV8 – Mania [898 Records]
Fr.Reichert – Deep Blue Sea [Sieben Sonnen]
Fracktion – Muppet [Unsorted]
Gambusia – Condor [Lowercase Music]
Giusepperino & Narcotex – Paralel Attack [Dark Alien Records]
Homebase – Donna [Beatwax Digital]
Jason Lemm – Move [Escape Underground]
Jorge Hurtado – Come Over [Groove 33]
Kgoro, SDAK – When I See It [Deeper Interludes Recordings]
Kuestenklatsch – Groovin Dancin [Safe Ltd.]
L.E.X. & Shiny Happy People – Untitled [SouthTech Music]
Lenna – Freak [Ritmika Records]
Mihai Pol & Zebra Rec. – Machu Picchu [ZBR058] [Zebra Rec.]
MKEY (UK) – Mesmerized [Observatory Music]
Mobile soul system & Farid Odilbekov, Juaru – Panic
Noon Do – Let’s Playa [LMNTAL Music]
Oliver Raznor – Eclectic Bounce [Vanguardias Sonoras]
Patan – Bridge [Deserved Music]
PEPU – Jazzercise [PEPU]
Sacchi – Addiction [Natura Soul]
Sergio Vilas – Break Up [Rollerblaster Records]
Spega – All Day [Recreo Music]
Sun Ions – When I Miss You [Nustromo Music]
Sunbane – Vondel Park (feat. Saccharyn) [Disintegration State]
Tom Harrison – Origin [Underground Kollektiv Records]
Ugur HASIRCI a.k.a UUR – Let’s Go Flex [Audioffice Records]
VA – Bonum Vibe Duo [Bonum Vibe]
VA – Noise Sounds [Kieso Music]
VID – A Year In a Day [Zebra Rec.]
Weynex – My Kiss [Dark Alien Records]
Progressive House
Alik & MAD BRO – Claw [Kibbutz Records]
Cyprusian – Resistor [Darkest Before Dawn]
Davesoul & Sam Opoku – Already Yours
Dj Fabrizia – American Horse [On Circle Music]
Drawbird – Nerds [Global Dance Records]
Eric Rose – Afterword [Hover Mind]
Fillfox – Die In Your Arms [THE CAUSTIC FAMILY]
Henk – Never Gonna Be [CICLO Otherside]
Jorge Dezher – Missing Link [Draft-e Records]
Justin-Sane – Blow Out [PR Records]
Luis Del Vecchio & J.P. Velardi – Person of Interest
Luke Sandler & Elle Onyx – Majka B-Side [Of Onyx]
Majed Salih – Prognizolone [29 Tech]
Notorium – Redeem [Distants Records]
Rianu Keevs – Melancholy [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Under the Stars [Rianu Keevs]
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Sasha Sound & Diana Vernaya – The Road To God
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Skua & Cosmaks – Koa [Emergent Shores]
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Tech House
21 Souls – The Way We Dance [Encode Musik]
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B. HAMMER – The Bounce [Only Hammers]
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David Lopez, Dave Lauren & Juan Valencia – Dioses (Remix)
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Francesco Dinoia – Hey Jump [Cocoa]
Funkspin – Music Matters [Africa Mix]
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Genømig – Wave Shark [Groove Lovers]
Gianmarco Limenta – Wachufleiva 44 [Wachufleiva]
Giuseppe Pinelli – Quarantene [Lemon Juice Records]
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Jh0ssu – Explota el Bajo [Glerx Records]
Joseph G & Lineki – Kolossal [Graba Records]
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Licious The Daddy – Caught Out There [Legendary 404]
Like Post – No Magic (Extended Mix)
Lowgroov & Aholics – Back On [CLAB Records]
maroglio.jay – Cube [Boston Underground]
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Roman Müller & Matt Wills – Higher [+Mas Label]
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VA – Lowpitch Collection Red (2007-2012)
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Techno & Minimal
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ANONIMOSDJS – No Meanings [AMU Recordings]
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Blue Soul – Anthropocene Lacuna [Aphorism Recordings]
Borax – Memories of Mayday 2020 (Live Composer Cut)
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Crang – Born Surrealist [Konnektivmusik]
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DIYU & Primex, DIYU – Destroy All Humans [Wavegate]
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ITHURTZ – Transition [Sunflower Records]
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Jeff Alford & Kaa – Induficus – Remixes [Industrial Force]
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Junto Club & Fall Forward – Hercules (Fall Forward Remix)
Kronatron – Neuro-Techno the REMIXES
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munfell – Complement [Catamount Records]
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Peregrino Amatista – Clash of the Worlds [Silent Space Records]
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Radios – Underground Revolt [Machine Control Records]
Razlog Nepoznat – Mass Delusion [Torchmood Records]
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Robert Furrier & 18 East – Crescent Moon [Furrier Records]
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Sinistermind – Snmd [TNR MEDIA]
Soundway – It’s Hard to Say Goodbye [Radiator Of Sound]
Spaceflight – Neutron Pulse [Techno Expedition Records]
STØTS – Hot Seat [No Mercy Music]
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Tacuavé – Fucky [Factor 128]
Tech C – Metamorfosi [Neapolis Records]
Terminal F – To Wrinkle [Disconnect]
Tilia, Alex ll Martinenko & Kalinqua – Temple of the Moon Sp
Tom DM – 4th Dimention [Tom DM]
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Tuomas Rantanen – Late Cretaceous, Pt. 2
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Vitalii Shevchenko – War and Peace [Kazuko Music]
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Woody McBride – Moment Out of Time [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Wrong Assessment – De Astrologia [Counterchange Recordings]
Yoikol – Hipodermic [808 Recordings]