Afro House

8nine Muzique – Sondela (Remixes) [feat. Zethu]
Ali Boy – Unomona Nje [WitDJ Productions]
aMEME – PATCHIDO (feat. Don Bello Ni) [One Tribe NYC]
Batuk – Iyeza [Teka]
Besto – Dark Alleys [WeAreiDyll Records]
Big Thanda – The Ground of Grace [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
BioHazard People – Respect the Bpm [DopeLab Recordings]
BlatoniQ & Mahempe – Batho Bana (Revisit) [Jambalay SA Records]
Bobbie Manglez & Mthora – Rambela (feat. Kairo)
Brother On Decks – The Quarantined [Ghost Records GR]
Calado Show, Dj Habias, LipikiNoBeat & DJ Nelasta – Chama Todos
Cisco De Sol & Hardihood, Cisco De Sol – Idjembe [Arrecha Records]
Da Kastro – Lonely Heart [Modjadeep Musik]
Daniel Rateuke – Tripura [Wired]
Dany Cohiba – Culture & Peace [United Music Records]
Dany Cohiba – La Kalimba del Sol [SP Recordings]
Dj 8-4, LeGoody – King of Rotation VI [NLM Music Group]
Dj Gelson – Terramoto [Guettoz Muzik]
DJ Kaizer & Aubzarda – Kare Kare (The Remixes) [feat. Aubzarda]
DJ Msoja SA – Helicopter [Bstudios]
DJ Thes-Man & Tobetsa Lamola – Ritual Spirit [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Double Drop – Avano & Mutaxo (feat. Myrandza) [MoBlack Records]
Effort Gashu & Kead Wikead – Cyclopes [Auric Music]
Everything Counts – Galaxy [Kinesen]
Fizzikx – Afro Route [Vibe n Soul Music]
Galelio – Amnesty [Celsius Degree Records]
Glass Slipper – Unification Vibration [Foliage Records]
Guaracheros – Subiendo Y Bajando [Ritmos Latinos]
HyperSOUL-X – Sing That Song Again (feat. Lulu Bolaydie) [Ht Remake]
Jon Mavek – Days of My Life [Mavek Recordings]
K-PSTR – Ova [Mycrazything Records]
K.O.D – Ancient Voices [Seres Producoes]
Kekstar & Stickman – Africa Is Calling [Azania Digital Records]
Kev Dot Kruz – Iklwa Is a Weapon [Afro Riddims Records]
KingBesh – Hyenah II [HerVee Ground Music]
Kususa – Amagwala 2.0 [IKLWA Brothers]
Latu & Ethan Morris – SAYA [Dutch, Antillean League]
LEHONG – Next To Me [PRDS Direct]
Leo Alarcon – See Together [Nylon Trax]
Luciano Stazzone – Baracumbere [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
LuToniq Soul – Amaphupho [WeAreiDyll Records]
Man Coli – Oui Ja [Orange Groove Records]
Manuel Miller – Dominican Groove [East Coast Groove]
Medusa Odyssey – Uluz [Connected Frontline]
Mono T & Dr Moruti – Never Ready [Sound African Recordings]
Osheen & Roland Clark – Last Night [Blinded Records]
Paul Weekend – Carnatic [Extra Sound Recordings]
Pete Dash – Arabic Voices [Bibliotheque Records]
Petros Zizwe Sigudhla & Fortune Nkambule – Moya [Maleshe Music]
Reis Jr – Ozarke [Afrocracia Records]
Ryan Murgatroyd – Khuzeka (feat. Sobantwana) [Get Physical Music]
V.Soul & G-Strings – Winds of the South [VSoul Music]
Wild One94 – Hoyo Hoyo [Africa Mix]
Yanco Deep – Weird’O [AfroMove Music]


Alien Rave – My Helicopter [Alien Rave Beats]
Atom Smith, Miss Emmma & Burkey – Ridin’ Dirty
Bad Legs – Let’s Go [Elektroshok Records]
Bass Station – Funky World [Sweet Station Records]
BeatsMe – The Social Diss Dance [Gigabeat Records]
Bowser – Ghost [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Burgos – Drunk On Beer [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Charles Davis – City of Dreams [Discoloop]
Cousn – Are You with Us [FAMLY Records]
Craig Walker, Everett – Right Place, Wrong Time
D-Sabber & Windom R – Iq Wq [Calligraphy Recordings]
D.Wingel – Neowise [Spatium]
DenDora – Mystic Alley [Glitch Hop Community]
Dj30A, Huda Hudia & Amber – Think About You
Face & Book & OnDaMiKe – Show Me How
GUESSWHOSDEAD – Bombs [Noiseporn Records]
Kouncilhouse & Marley – Digital Addiction
Lee Coombs – Hard to Find and Unreleased Jams
Not Your Shadow – Low Budget Bass Trash (W.A.S.H. Remix)
Obsidian Wave – Back2theRave [Alienator Records]
OnDaMiKe & DJ DIlect – Pop Your P [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe & Dmoney – Money Till the Sky [Ravesta Records]
One51 & Heidi Vogel – Elevate (Reworks) [One51 Recordings]
Papang J-Prod21 – Best of Papang J-Prod21 [BMG Records]
Rhades – It’s Time to Take This [Elektroshok Records]
Rhythmic Journey – Revenge [ONE7AUDIO]
Spark’d – 36th Chamber [Underground Collective Records]
The Beatkillers – Daniela [Breaks Club Records]
The Blazing Saddles – Little Drop of Horrors [On A Break Records]
Wiseman (SP) – The Funky Shit [Strongs Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Abri and the Dreamfleet – Pieces [Desmo Records]
Aldi Be Cool & Dasto – Find You [Playroom Rec]
Alice Gore – Life Is Beautiful [Hank’s Records]
Alma Negra – Dakar Disco [Heist Recordings]
Amateur At Play – Deliverance [3rd Way Recordings]
Andrew Ross – Keep On Reaching [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
Andy Bach – Funky Situation [Young Society Records]
Andy Buchan – Don’t Do That [Hot Gorilla Records]
Andy Clockwork – Sea the Sky [Elephant Chords]
ARTMANN – Understatement [Modula Records]
Asmodeo – You [Maferefun Records]
Axel C – Space Run [Kalambur Publishing]
Baron Ashler – Cities of Silence [Be Adult Music]
Be-Pack – Crazy [Jendex Records]
Corazon De Melon – Drop Dat [Good Company Records]
Corbi – Decoy [Kouncil Cuts]
Corrado Alunni – Black Fusion [Funky Revival]
Daniele Baldi – Catching My Breath (2020 Extended Mix) [Soulful Evolution]
Darles Flow – So Good [M-Sol DEEP]
Deep Descent – I’m Waiting [Wildrun Records]
Dennis Quin – Change Is Gonna Come (feat. Tony Sherman)
Diego Hernan & Milton Bo – Another Night [Atmospherica]
Dino Scarfone, Giuseppe Mancuso – Deep Formentera # 4
Disk Nation – Club Vibes [Blockhead Recordings]
DJ Aristocrat – Illusion [Mach 2 Sounds]
Dj Markin – Feel good [29 Deep]
Dogg Scar – In the Morning [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
Domenico Tancredi – Heart of Glass [Seveneves Records]
Dominik Marz – Romance [Midnight Operators]
Dyrho – Make Me Feel Good Remixes (feat. Morris Revy) [Reel Gruv Music]
Ele Elementry – Take Me to Koh Samui [Round Robin Recordings]
Emilio van Rijsel – Renewal [Paradiso Records]
Enzo Elia – Alles Paletti! [Black Pearl]
Igor Pumphonia – Falcon [ChillRecordsMusic]
Ijan Zagorsky – It’s All Right [DeepShine Records]
Iker Azcué – Trouble Kids [Holy Pig Records]
ImButcher – Erase You [ImButcher Music]
ISTOQUE & FilteredTools – F ck With You [Dapa Music]
Javier De Baraja – Meteora [Click Records]
Jeff Swiff – West 147th Street [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Jimmen – I Still Remember [More than House!!]
John Blackwood – Get On Down [Moog Modular]
Joluca – Joluca’s Fast Track Edits [Sooo WET]
Josh Dorey – I Just Wanna [Jendex Records]
Kanedo – On Shore [Personal Belongings]
KastomariN – Mindreader [DeepShine Records]
Kenneth Bager – Donuiorum (feat. islandman, Peaking Lights & Jez Phunk)
Laser King – Got Dat Feeling [suSU]
Lennart Richter & Rough Cut, Lennart Richter – Driving [East Project]
Leo Leonski – August Heat [Boyanza Records]
Limited Loverz – Go By Myself [Supertunes]
Live For Love – Big Chips [California Music]
Lola De La Fuente – Lookin Back (Jo Paciello Remix) [ShockIt]
Longhair – Space Time [Permanent Vacation]
Lopezhouse & Eleonora – Inside Is Nothing at All [Hafendisko]
Lorenzo Dada – Oslo [Electronic Division Records]
Los Charly’s Orchestra & Heidi Vogel – FREE (feat. Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel)
Lowres – Semena [Minor Notes Recordings]
Lukas G. – End of the Day [Gloamed]
Lunabass – Trans-Gal Express [Moiss Music]
Lunchbox – Lemon Meringue [Acute Visions]
Lush Djs – Higher [Rare Wiri Records]
Macoon – Break Free [Marble Recordings]
Madoxx – Beyond the Betterness [Bass Box]
Mala Conducta – Raw Midnight [Uba Lua Records]
Mala Ika – Liebe Und Psyche [Weirdos Records]
Mario Dianiska – Midnight Grooves [Blessed Cross Records]
Marshall & Kid Shibuya, Waby – Desert Island Discs
Mathey B – Momentum [Alveda Deep]
Matthew Dear – New Breed (Mustang Mach-E Remix)
Matveï – RIO [Kitsune]
Mazers – There for You [Jendex Records]
MELD – Words of the Water [Crescent Heights Records]
Midge – Illuminate [Ultraviolet Music]
Mint Jams – Mintology [Better Listen Records]
Mizzo – Heliopolis [Barvy]
Mlinar – Right Here [Sujet Musique]
obylx – Climb [Guise Records]
One Day Deep – Santa Barbara [DeepWit Recordings]
OXP, Onra & Pomrad – Swing Convention (Instrumentals) [NBN Records]
P1,E – Cataract [Wild Youth Digital]
Palavas – Lionel Leetchi [Future Disco]
Paper Hills – Revealin [Floor 13]
Pasme – Cold Love [Epic Tones Records]
Payin’ Top Dolla – Veritate [LucidPlain Records]
Phonika – Gotta Do [Afro Native Records]
PiMO – Lockdown Warsaw [PiMO MUSIC]
PINEL – Delta [Journeyman Productions]
Powel – The Little Ballerina [Dream Culture]
Questionwork – Neon [See The Sea Records]
Rada Sounds – Better Tomorrow [QM Allstars]
Richard Scholtz – Trip to Venus [Smokin’ Beat]
Ricky Alves – Man from Mars [Uncover Music]
Ricky KK – Saxhouse [Moiss Music Black]
RobJamWeb – Paradise [Waxadisc Records]
Roland Kaiser Wilhelm – Indigo Remixes [Papercup Records]
Ryle & Laura Jackson – Magic Touch & Frank [SedSoul]
Ryuken – Six Million Steps , Dance (Working on My Feet)
saintmark – Tell Me Why (feat. Ameer Dyson) [Basement]
Sam Fran & Souleno – Your Gaze [Tropicaly]
Sam Robs – Don’t Stop Movin’ [Selected.]
Tommy Heron – Because of You [Huge Music]
Tony Flow 84 – En honor a la verdad [Villano Muzik International]
Toru S. – Still Here For Feeling the Beat 3 [Nohashi Records]
Touchtalk – Mystakes , Soelace [Fluxo]
Uppermost – Everlasting [Uppwind]
UUSVAN – Earworm [IO]
Viktor Wagner – August Night [Angel Helicopter]
Wayne Madiedo – Let It Go [Candy Flip]
Will Sonic – Peachlife [Gents & Dandy’s]
Wolfey – Powell St. Blues [Echovolt]
Wurzelholz – Father Barrett [Sundries Digital]
Xadrian – Dance [SpinCat Music]
Xhuljo Imeri – You [97 Music Records]
Xx Isis xX – Family Matters Pt. 2 [Shaddock]
You Man – Altered States [Eskimo Recordings]
Young Jing – Sunset (Instrumental) [Nomade Records (NO)]
Zysko El Del Flow – El Verdadero Flow [Caserio Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

7harder – Would You Stay [Ensis Records]
A1aska – Wildfire [A1ASKA]
Ace Aura & Heavy Pulse, Myki – reset_environment
Aeom, Afterlife & Dizztrickt – Symbol LP [Soul Ex Machina]
Akas & DJ Ollie – Hear This [Direct Recordings]
Alex Slk & Bisity, Alex Slk & Osmas – No Mercy [Grid Recordings UK]
Alora – Without You [Rampage Recordings]
Alton X – Choices [Energy1058 Recordings]
AON & Phadix, AON & Spectre – Moonlight [Random Concept Origins]
Artelax, Jeanway & Revealed Recordings – Secrets [Revealed Radar]
Ash Dubz – Future In My Hands [Musichasm Records]
Costel Van Dein – More Than You Know [Darklight Recordings]
CR3CS – Partygirl [Run Free]
Crash Bass – Power On [Creative Sound Records]
Criss Conflict – By Your Side [Mad Panda Recordings]
Criss Conflict – Too Late Baby [Mad Panda Recordings]
Cutworx – Words , Coyote Kabagne [Influence Records]
D Flect – Empty Places [Detached Audio]
Daffy – Barrel [Downplay]
Damyard – A Shiny Gem [DMyRD]
Danny Anger – Anger Management, Pt. 3 – Frustrated [K2]
Danny Time – Coppin Dope [Brooklyn Fire]
David Saturn – Pavlik [Approach Records]
DB Patrick – Origins [DBP Recordings]
dEEb – Return To the Crypt [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
Denis Mysko – Wings the Remixes [Afterpresent Records]
Dessic – Bass Fuck [Bang It]
Disrupta – Bumpa [Co-Lab Recordings]
DJ Trax – Find a Way [Transmute Recordings]
Dom Corelone – Play Dat! (feat. The Guidance) [Brooklyn Fire]
Dossa & Locuzzed – Resonate – The Remixes (Pt. 2) [Viper Recordings]
Droma – Hold Up (feat. JAMES TIMMS) [Viral-Mental Records]
Dubsky & Magnafide – Knock Knock , Flow Ethos (feat. Magnafide)
DuoScience, Seibel – Cataclysm , The Onyx [Deegree Recordings]
El-Rocc & YerrBoii – Gettin It [Phunk Junk Bass]
Eric Dontè – World War E Remix [Black Marble Collective]
Fahjah – Downtown Streets [Brooklyn Fire]
Feed The Fire – Immortals [Digital Assassins]
Filthy Habits – Power Surge [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Flux Pavilion – Sink Your Teeth In (feat. Drowsy) [Circus Media]
Fox Stevenson – Don’t Care Crown [Pilot Records]
Goddard & Ruth Royall, Goddard – Next Gen
Harps & Chords – Up All Night [Run Free]
HNGVR – Touch Me [Heartbroken Club]
Hvzvrd & KSKV – Blast [Ghetto]
Hydrolikz & Toxinate, Hydrolikz – Darkside [Young Guns Recordings]
IKSX – Low [Spiralation]
J Dizz – Beehive [OTC Recordings]
James Douglass – Wicked [Yewwie Records]
Jay Frog & Sunny Marleen – Mueve Salvaje (Blaikz Edit)
Jessrey Glitch – Skirps 321 Drop! [Big Tunes Records]
John Lynx – Love Zone (feat. Suvi) [Careless Records]
Joonas Aleksi – Ahera , Ulappa [Onset Audio]
JRose – You & Me [Feel Hype]
Julius Beat – In Your Space [Dragon Records]
Justin Mylo – Still Around (feat. SMBDY) [STMPD RCRDS]
Lior E & Kobi White – Circus [Smile Creations Music Label]
Lorna King & Dr Meaker – With Every Heartbeat [V Recordings]
Loud Flavor – I’ve Been Thinkin’ [Bass Taste Records]
Magana & JEOUDEDRONKEN – OldSkool [Atrium Collective]
Major King Africa – 26 Questions [CIM Records and Entertainment]
Mary Sweet & Stryer – Drown [Simplify.]
Matt Manser, Oat – Enigma [Silhouette Audio]
mavzy grx – Never Gonna Be [Mystery Freedom Records]
Max Foley – How Do You Feel (DJ Chinhook Remix) [Botanica Records]
Maya Kamaty – Dark River (Babani Soundsystem Rework)
Maze – Harmful Habit , The Mandalorian [Klout]
MCB & Indivision – Missed Call [Indivision Music]
Metal Work – Gulag [High R8 Digital]
Mike Williams & SWACQ – You’re the Future
Modus & Miss Lina – Paracosm [Rushdown]
Mr Dubz – Storm Force [Wub Club Records]
Mystery & Step One – Verbal Assault (King Chuga Jungle Remix)
Ninegod – Take It to [Pure deciBel Recording]
Noiger – I Didn’t Wanna Lie [Liquid Brilliants Records]
NOT4MANY & Halogenix – Organise (Halogenix Remix)
Notarin & Vonranz, Notarin – Ethereal [Broken Vault Records]
Rave Criminal – Rage Mode [Exia Unleashed]
Rave Republic & TBR – Dragon [TurnItUp Muzik]
Rebel Culture – Airwolf , Afterlife [Subway Soundz]
Redeyes – A Thousand Times (feat. [ K S R ]) [The North Quarter]
Ricky Montana – One Love [DugOut Records]
Robbie Rivera, SHE KORO & Sak Noel – Banter (Sak Noel, Franklin Dam Remix)
Roblox – Melting Point [Headbox Records]
Roy Bar – Icarus [Locus Sound]
Rubix (BE) – Moonlight [Divination Recordings]
Saint Robbers – Saint City [Time of Night]
Sam Lamar – The Execution [Dim Mak Records]
Sang Froyd – Pumpkin Spice [Rock Bottom Records]
Shlump & Call Me – Program Malfunction [Circus]
Sick Individuals, Justin Prime & Lasada – Ocean [Revealed Recordings]
Smote – Light of My Life [Galacy]
Solare – Death Factory [Poltergeist Records]
Space Bootz – Thump [Pick ‘n’ Mix]
Spundose – Petri [ShadowTrix Music]
Spyke – D’n’B Love You [Atomrise Sounds]
Still Young & Steve Hartz – Animal Reaction (feat. Jess Ball)
Survey & Trace, Trace & Kid Drama – Raise [CNVX]
Syncope & Moody Djinns – The 3rd Djinn [Tessitures Records]
SYNFLEX – Drowning [Fresh Finds]
Syzy & Akeos, Syzy – Sunshine [NSD Black Label]
T-COMPLEX – Grim [Ballistic Beatz]
Target Audience – Dimensions [ProtoCode]
Veak – Roots reality [Dubwise Station]
Vibe Chemistry – Entropy [thednbbase]
WE ARE FURY & Telle – Duality [Seeking Blue]
Will Penn – Stijl [Tight Chest Records]
Without a Chord – Instant Insurrection [Teknofonic Recordings]
Wood Packa – Notcher [Angel Helicopter]
YREDEF – Loop [Ensis Records]
Zedtek – Feel Me Remix (feat. Kizzie T) [Free The Mind Recordings]
Zero T – East Coast Classic , Dashed (Original)
Zheno, Styven & Moe Vex – Live Fast [Revealed Radar]

Electronica & Downtempo

A Vision of Panorama – Follow the Melody [Omena]
Adam Francis – Where the Sky Touches the Sea , Isolation Station
Addice – Liquid [AROS Music]
Afrikan Drums – Pablo [Roots Records MZ]
Altimore – The Hill [Lucian Soul Music]
André Magus – TRU WRK [Captum Records]
Antonio Sagrero & Abbsolut – En Brasil [Triplepoint Distribution]
Belbury Poly – The Gone Away [Ghost Box]
Benfay – Frankly We Could Do Without the Hassle [AEYumaX]
Bienvenu Wetshi – Juste juge [JTV Digital]
Bitykradne – Mellow [Cool Quest]
bluesynth – JDM [Strakton Records]
Boeklin – Reimagine [Otium Garden]
Broken Boy – Shadow Melon [83]
Cai – Rain of Hearts [Triple Six Music Group]
Caio Saldanha – Other Universe [Audio Rules]
CEV’s – 4(I)D [Transcendance Music]
Context Chameleon – Komorebi [Dome Of Doom]
Dan Preece – Dan Preece 2 [ANTE-RASA]
Daniel Marcelo DJ – Bass Line [avesso records]
David Lowell Smith – Mutations [Space Vacation Recordings]
Daze – Chromatics [Daze Music]
Deventike – Thunder [Assist For Artist]
DJ ANDERSOUND – Find Your Way [Tratore]
Don-E – Love Shine In (Rob Davy’s Carnival Dub)
Doria Dixie – Worry [Ban Tai Records]
Dyrex, Halil – All I Want [Hydra Music Records]
Eelos – Bliss Cosmic [Neondive]
Erta Ale – Sln009 [Solenoid Records]
Exhausted Modern – Year of the Rat [Endless Illusion (CZ)]
Ferrigno & NoFace Records – Future [NoFace Records]
Ferrigno, Alessandro Lega & NoFace Records – Pharmacy
Francisco Lopez – untitled (2019) [ESC.REC.]
G.P.R Beat & 22 Void Beats – Mafia [Beast Trap Records]
Gavsborg – Jamaican Drum Machine [Equiknoxx Music]
Giadar – Lost in My Underwater Unconscious [DTL Records]
Gozh & Gabriel Couture – Tempestad [Buenos Aires Underground]
Graintable – Universal Ash (Reinterpreted Universes) [Ran$om Note]
Green Gnome – Happy Birthday [Digital Village Music]
Harmonious Thelonious – Plong [Bureau B 1]
Igor Pumphonia – Reflection [ChillRecordsMusic]
Illuzione Driver – Somebody Riot [Skipe Records]
InnerSync – A World of Dreams [VERSE (Equinox)]
Ishay Avital – Pure Love [hoTei Records]
Jamaal Meeks – Do Amazing Things [Real Well Music Group, LLC]
JEB1 – Guyana [Hi Tek Sounds]
John D. Murphy – Composition 1960 #7 [GLYK]
John Monkman – Asriel [Beesemyer Music]
Johnny Woods – Pavilions [Behind The Sky Music]
Keahi – Nocturnal [Algarve Records]
Kostas – Night of Love [Via Del Sol Records]
Krutartha – Rihai [trndmsk]
L1, Reyaz – Lost in the Rif [Carac Records]
Lara Regina – Lejos De Ti [Buenos Aires Underground]
M.P.H – 116 , Can’t Wait [Crucast]
Maicol MP – Chain of Memories [OMENI]
Marty Hicks & Michiru Aoyama – A Summer, Archived [Mango Alley]
Michiru Aoyama – Resonance [Mango Alley]
Mij Mack – Beyond Eden [Sound Upstairs]
MPH & Burt Cope, JAIKEA – Bass Heads (Remixes) [feat. Shantie]
Mystic Letter K – Cosmic Clearance [Mystic Letter K]
Naturaleza Muerta – Liberation Trax 2 [Amplio Espectro]
Nebula Aka SunGlider – Astral [BR Records]
Nessi Gomes & Mose – All Related (Heartbeat Mix) [Black Swan]
Nina Las Vegas & Thai Chi Rosè – Impossible (Roska Remix) [NLV Records 4 U]
Nopi – Memory [recordJet]
Nora On Tape – Good Taste [No Truce]
Ooeez – Path [49 Pounds Records]
oqbqbo – Tired Sun [Posh Isolation]
Ossie – Someday [Club Bad]
Papillon – Banco [Discrepant]
Patiotic – Timeless [M-Sol Records]
Psychiceyeclix – Psychedelic Knowhow [Cyborg Recordings]
Raycord – Le Hiver Blanc [Ambient Wave Records]
Reblooming – Spiritualism [Plexus Music]
Retalho – Noites Brancas [Tratore]
Richy Fancy & NoFace Records – Dance With Me [NoFace Records]
TrackLab – Elephants (Toni the MmG Remix) [Stereo Breeze]
Traxman & Will Engine – Electro Geto [Ghetto Rhythm Composers]
Treemo – Vault [Refracted Sounds]
Trulyors – Reassurance [Contrapol Records]
Tuff Culture & Hans Glader, SG – Elements 7 (Nitro Edition)
VA – Essential Workers [Mechanical]
VA – Lost Dubs 3 [Microfunk]
VA – Palindrome [Festina Lente]
velour – Pose (Wallfacer Remix) [Wolf Music Recordings]
Vidno – Time [MixCult Records]
Volt3ron – 808 Madness [EasyVolt Records]
Wade Crow – Breathe and Don’t Die [Artist Republik]
William Medagli, Thallulah & Minimarket – Nuisance , Videogame
X-amount – Bolo Shuffle [Friday Rush Records]
XIXI – My Day [Get The Sound]
Yves le Brugune – Entre deux volutes [Cheetah Play]
Zero – 1 More (feat. EJ Kitto) [Bingo Bass]


3than – Hang On [Darkest Before Dawn]
84Bit – New Life [Cultural District Recordings]
Alex Today & Leopard Slothful, Alex Today & P.E.T.E – Rate [welofi]
Ali Bakgor – About U [Gameroom Records]
Alpha Squad – Can’t Stop Me [MusicPlay]
amour – just a little [Vicious]
Ant Abbott – Work My Body [Rollerblaster Records]
Arnold Teek – A False Idol [Diana Recs]
Astro Rain – Millennia Death [Black Eclosion]
B.O.T.N. – Zapah Syrogo Peska [Sonus Fora]
Bass Station – Fuck Coronavirus [Sweet Station Records]
Belle and the Boom Box – Come on Baby (Extended Mix)
Deadpm – Disco Baby [Loser Lab]
Deepblue & Drezlo – Vision [UFO RECORDZ]
DeeRiVee – Ahead of Us [Deepcloud Records]
Deftone – Slumm Jamm [Refined]
Dieru – New Era [M-Tone Records]
Dimitri Serrano – Nerve [Wolfrage Recordings]
Disco Ball’z & Enrico Chirchiello – Let’s Make Love
Disk Nation – Black Women [Refined]
DJ Aristocrat – C’est la Vie [Proartsound Music]
DJ Jarell – Make Things Right [Cuebans Records]
DJ Lulu & Dj Gas – Around the World [Frosted Recordings]
DJ N-JOY Vs Delicious of Funk – Spaced Out [LSGT MUSIC]
DJ Panya – Funky Pills [Big Tunes Records]
DJ Reitt & Shanara – Canto a Babalú Ayé (Remixes) [Slammin Media]
Dj Shaper & Dj Khlystov – Are You Ready [Fresh Records RU]
DJ Shine – Oye Loco [Agua Ardiente Records]
DJ Slugo – Bad Ash (JukeStruMental) [Blok Club DJs Inc]
Dj Whatsoever – Good and Bad Times [Rimond Music]
DJManuel & Diego Forsinetti – Miss [MUMI Records]
Dorin Dragoslav – Mura di cristallo [Naucrates Music]
Drexmeister – Running Around Remixes (feat. Merel Sluman)
Duskope – Get It Right [Spacedisco Records]
Eligos – Mammifer , Mandamus , Yellow Song [Crown Of Music]
Emil Gray – Soul Is Mine [Hank’s Records]
Emmet Glascott – Sorry (James o Hea Remix) [DaCosta Records]
ERIICE – Sometimes It Hurts (feat. Vide) [TGR Music Group]
Essentials & Andrew Mathers – Move [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
Fat Ass Friction – Fat Beat [Magic Land Music]
Felix Gatto – Love Mirage [Serendipity Music Group]
Filta Freqz – Strange [Seventy Four]
Freiboitar – Never Been That High [There Was Jack]
FridayAfterWorkAffair – The FAWA [FridayAfterWorkAffair]
Gabriel Rosin & 15onze – Take It Back [Blacktone]
Gary Cronly – Baker Street [Blindsided]
Guille Glez – At Night [Panorama55 Recordings]
Heart Saver – Space Boogie [CRMS Records]
Ian Source – Dystopia [tb clubtunes]
Imani – True the Night [BEATER RECORDS]
Immaculate Styles – Give in to Me Tonight (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remixes)
iNichi – Forget [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
INTRN – Seams [Opposition]
IXIO & Munif Chowdhury – Called You My Friend
J4liar – Bad Decisions [J4liar]
JAIDPIT – State of Mind [NOYZ]
Jame Starck – Love You [Indeed Records]
JazzyFunk – Lovely Talks [JazzyFunk Records]
Joey Antonelli – Yesterday [Housesession Records]
Joey Vasquez – Lets Runaway [Strong Island Records]
Johan S – My Vibe [LNADJ Records]
Johnnypluse – Act Normal [Bulabeats Records]
Josh Davids – Rise Up [Lethe Records]
Kalin Midos – Gotta Let It Go [Pongo Records]
Kargio – Want It Like That [Filthy Sounds]
kay Mof & Tms SA – Falling Deeper [Uno Mas Digital Recordings]
King T-Finesse – Music Is My Religion [King T-Finesse]
Kort & WALTER VOOYS FT EFFS – Joy (Joe Smooth Remix)
LAKSHMI & Tim van Werd – Wars (Stadiumx Remix) [TurnItUp Muzik]
Lasso The Sun & WildVibes – Reunite (Acoustic Version) [Onze]
Late Night Disko Club – Never 2 Much [kluBasic Records]
Lebedev (RU) – Big City [Funky Floor Records]
Lorenzo Perrotta – Chunky [Italica Records]
LTGTR – Be Honest With Me [420 Recordings]
Luca Guerrieri – Rolling Roll [Double Vision Studio Records]
Lyonbrotherz & League of Lyons – World Lyon Day [League Of Lyons]
Madhur – Trombeta [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Makanan – Strings Theory [And Dance]
Manston & Simms – Lonely [Somn’thing Records]
Mark Pashley – Tonight We Shine With You [Inspirational Recordings]
Mark Ursa & Processman – Desejo e Prazer (feat. Danny Nascimento)
Martina Budde – Never Be the Same [Groovy Firehorse 66]
Masta Luminary & Kinya from Kenya – Jack [Kundalini]
Mattewave, Luxy & Diego Dias – Devotion [Sunset Disco]
Maurid – Lose My Cool [Curvilinear]
Max LeMat – Coffee with Aliens [400 DELSUR]
Michael Harris – it’s Unbelevable [Anunak]
Mike Chenery – Blue Sky (Disco Mix) [Disco Down]
Mike Chenery – Discotech [Disco Filter Records]
Mikebear – I Don’t Need You [Borderline Records]
Mindcage – Breath (feat. Ale) [Inameit]
MOAC – Drop It Down [IMPVLSE Records]
Mossed – Life [Finky Republic]
Mr.Kris – Break [CandyBeach Records]
Mrfleamino – African Funky [Nu Disco Deep Records]
Naes London & Melissa Ramsay – Alone [Swishcraft Music]
NALYRO – Keep It Cool (DJSM Remix) [OXYTIME]
ND – Marier [False Flag Records]
Neuro Bliss – So Close [Kycker Electronic]
Nezq – Hands Up [Rebeat]
Nicola Nisi – Back Future [Turtle Wax Recordings]
NOOMA – On the Dancefloor [Hibernation]
Numa A TFive – Chicago [WU Records]
ODASOUL – Your Love [SSL Music]
Omson – Good Things [Believe In Disco]
Paco Caniza – Take Me [Jango Music]
Paul Costello & Ben Davies – What You Need [Costello Music]
Paul Dwyer – Plastic Funk [Stash Records]
PlayMaster & mallistic, Smallistic – A Tale of Love
QR – Deci [Erijo Gold]
Quin Pearson – Motion [Run Free]
Raffaele Ciavolino – Journey into the sound [Traktoria]
Relique – Luxury [Gold Deeper]
Rick Marshall – Moving Around [Funky Revival]
Roger-M – Rise [Tactical Records]
Roxy – Summertime Romance [Aviance Records]
RYVER & Louz – Bass Down [Deep Bear]
Sajith Prakash – Forsaken [Elastic Dimension Records]
Sakmen – I’m Cummin Out [Shakol Luuks Entertainment]
Samlight & N3dek – Across The Seas [Fanfare Records]
Samo – La Touche Magique [Cruise Music]
Sampladelic – Dark [Sampladelic]
Sattam – Bowa [Eton Messy Records]
Sbi Techn – Crazy Love (Radio Mix) [feat. Lindani M & Bryson]
SHA & LJ – Deepest Fear [SHA Recordings]
shuaybhamed – Choose Me [Smart Records UK Limited]
Shudder – No Funks Left To Give [Ouse]
Skiavo & Vindes & Diego Antoine – Vida (Extended Mix)
Sounderson – Amarrame [S&S Records]
Spooner Street – Where the People At [Groover Records]
Stryke – Fah Chung Dub [Made In Miami]
Taank Moog – DB Jazz [Cabbie Hat Recordings]
The Giver – Driftin’ Away [Sirup Music]
The Mario – Funk You Up (feat. Nadine Rush)
Thiago Dukky – Heart Like Drums (Remixes) [feat. Amannda]
Tokatek – Financial Cushion [Poison Beat]
Tony Fuel – Open Up (The Remixes) [feat. LaSonya] [4Matt Productions]
Tony Soprano – Say Yeah [Whore House]
Uffe Bengtsson – You Got My Body [Poolside Recordings]
VA – Nuts & Bolts [Stereoheaven]
Veev – Fine Point [Juiced Music]
Vendredi & Oke – Love Is Free [All Is All Music]
Vick Lavender – The NiteFlyte (Jessie’s Journey) [Forbidden Dance]
VOWED & Lottie Woodward – Headrush [Panther’s Groove]
Wolfgang Lohr – Re-Ain’t She Sweet [Electro Swing Thing]
Wolky – Istituter , Move on Up , Oscillation [Crown Of Music]
YVI – Remnants of a Ritual [Revanche Records]
Zensa & Mr. Sid – Energy [Generation Smash Official]

Melodic House & Techno

Adam Helder – Ghost Lights [Hawthorne Sessions]
Adam Helder & Saave, Glass Coffee – Summer to the Floor #1
Adrian Lewis (IN) – Animosity [ThreeRecords]
Adrien M – Codification [Teoxane Production]
Alexey Romeo – Never Alone [Bunny Tiger]
Andrè Alves – Dusk [Projektor Records]
Animal Kingdom, Carlos de Pablos – Discoveries 01
Aston Alba – Anubis [Harabe]
Binarium – Unity [Ancient Pyramids Records]
BitterRude – Bitterness [God’s Mind Records]
Boundless & MS – Dream Walker [IbogaTech]
Ceas – Bliss [Labo T]
Celal Yavuz – Clouds [Karia Records]
Choujaa – Saga [Digiment Records]
Close Encounters – Down South [Umai Music]
Collin Stone – Guitars N Stuff [Mixed By Monkeys]
Corren Cavini – 1001 , New Beginnings [Zerothree]
DEHKAR – Wretch Burn [Archon Records]
E – Verformung – Retrospektive 07 , 09 [Notsignal]
Estiva & Diana Miro – All of Me [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Fabrice Dayan – Sha Shtil [Abracadabra Music]
Faraday (Ita) – Mirai [Revelation Records]
Frans Vander Hoek – New Domain [Nightmare Unlimited]
Gilbert, Lerosa – Innate 001 [Innate]
Hakan Akcan – Festival in Isolation [Mystic Carousel Records]
Herberth Ringele – Helix [Leivar Records]
Highlite – Planetary [Area Verde]
Impérieux – Nerves on Hold [Chorus Records]
Inkfish – Confession [Inkfish Recordings]
Ismael Rivas & BIAS, Ismael Rivas – Plaster [Yet Records]
itsMICRON, Reflact – Orbital Hike [Slow Deep Records]
Ivan James AZ – Ivan James – Karatina Remixes [Saturo Sounds]
Jannik Meyer – Movement [Sunexplosion Records]
Jens Mueller – Deliverance [Sound Kleckse Records]
John Holt – Acid Koma [Elments Records]
Jose Solano – Mahabharata [Magic Garden Records]
JR (CH) – Empty Space (Remixes) [Le Jour Me Nuit]
Kaios – Vanguard [Metalum]
Karlo Wanny – Desolator [Us & Them Records]
Kenny Kelly – Sultanah [Catamount Records]
Ksabe – Horizon [Catamount Records]
Kvant & Tim Loco – Sienna [Deep Family Records]
Lennox Hortale & Jordi Iven – Desert Nomad , Incl. Voices of Valley Remix
Lino – Summer Weeks [LINO]
LUXART & Gigi Verdoscia – Always Together
Marcel Aquila – Lockdown [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Masanori Yasuda – Die So Slowly [Otographic Music]
Max Forword – Iridium [7th Cloud]
Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic – Eye Candy [Balance Music]
Monsieur Sapristi – Mineral Prophet [BlackBeard Records]
Paege – Techlash [Inspired By Trees Records]
Pantheon – Fear & Lust [Interfonic]
Peer Kusiv, Rauschhaus & Peter Groskreutz – Solimantum
Re-Tape – Andromeda [8620 RECORDS]
REFFEL – Long Way Back [Deep Root Underground]
Roman Michael – Pyrit [Pyrit Rec]
Sebastian Glazba – Voices of Darkness [Panorama55 Recordings]
Sebastian Glazba & Rockka – Maya [Panorama55 Recordings]
Shane Blackshaw & Hannes Wiehager – Tipi ReThink {Part I Vocal Edition}
SpockNinja – Transcendence [Groove Estate]
Stephen Kirkwood & Nati Dreddd – Phonin’ the Cooncil
TEC3.N.O – Planetar [Electric Feelings]
Tony Loreto & Savio Buonomo – In the Light [SP Recordings]
VA – Parquetechno 2 [Parquet Recordings]
VA – Patterns I [Prototype Music]
Vilas Monnappa – Eta Carinae [Differed Records]
Wesseltech – Stay [Tiefdruckgebeat]
Who Else & Fabricio Pecanha – Modular X [Dear Deer]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alan Perazzolo – Control [Beachside Records]
Alex Field – Gated [Koma Recordings]
Aris A1 – In Chaos We Learnt to Be Still [Eject Records UK]
AS_Brain & Klevg – Headed For My Dream
Ben Murphy, Fleur Shore – Reecords Sampler 02 [Reecords]
Brett Jacobs – Vault [NG Trax]
Campbell Fryer – Moody [Issues]
Dan Kramer – A Deeper Dream [Deserved Music]
Daniel Brooks – Miss Your Turn [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Darelectric – Ideas [Sons of a Rave]
DaveJ – Two Times Again [Inspirado Records]
Den – Haas – Deadliest Scratch [Metafloor Records]
Doubtingthomas – Doubtingthomas & the Promises #03
Eights Everywhere – Daemon [Slothacid]
Esteban Calvet – Risky [Plastik Galaxy]
Fabe (Ger) – Four Point Island [Fuse London]
Fabricio Bissani – Shamisen [FckngNoise]
Francesco Fernandez & Sergio Cucalon – Corner
Giorgio Maulini – Morrocoy [Island Beats]
Hugo – Puma Chama [idiom]
Ivan Lopez – Coco [LMNTAL Music]
Jason Esun – Sunbeams [Slightly Sizzled White]
Joe Ellis – Faded [Grass Route Records]
John Almenara & Sony Moryani – Saxo Sexy
Juan Panza – Liquid State [Weirdtracx]
Krampelli – These Thoughts (JC Morales Remix) [MK837]
Laurus – Outside [Mutterkorn Records]
Lines of Love – Album Part 2 [Samani]
Marbaks – Pretty Fly [La Pump Music]
Marincu – Lake of Dreams [P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records]
Matheo Velez – Berlouse [PULSO]
Mdc – Nagini [Johnny Johnny]
Mikie Format – Line Steppin’ [Wolf Scream Records]
N-Telekia – Dealing [DPE]
Omul – Vizit [OneSun Yellow]
One Over – Cera [Lünedí Records]
Pit Spector & Ark, Ben Vedren – Mindoor
Prad Beat – Wensday [Natura Soul]
Sebastian Darez – Eta Carinae , Oumuamua
Sebastian Ledher – Get You Flowing [Bamboleo]
Sergio Saffe – Is the Music [Lemon-aid Music]
Simon Gee (ITA) – Ethnic [kluBasic plus]
Simone Fuscobeat – Static Sound [F&M Records]
Sly Turner – Seasons of Love [BIG BAM BOO]
Teddy Bare – Dusk Til Dawn [Immortal Kontact]
THR3MIND – Come On [Groove 33]
TwoSlice – Shakin’ It [Swerve Digital]
VA – Berlin Underground Deep House, Tech House, Techno & Minimal #3
VA – Summer Cuts, Vol. 2 (2020) [FLAC]
VA – Various Artists 001 [Blurry Music]
VA – WYLD Summer VA 2020 [WYLD]
VICTOR H – Unrusted [Ritualmusik]
wadcutter – Ums [Mint Trax]
Walter Wayne – Morning Mist [SuperPosition Records]

Organic House & Downtempo

Amoa – Running [Radicalis]
Arutani – Metalacid [KELLER]
Boris Donovan – Rounge Still [Star Boom Records]
Dabritz – Reste [Gula Musik]
DJ AMIGA & KlangDruide, Headwaters – Carouselland
Dubaku – You Belong To Me [Blue Bay Records]
Exit 20, The Flight School – Move Forward Already
Flunk – Down Here Moon Above [Beatservice]
Fragole – Voodoo in Me [Mariba]
Galimatias, Bas & Xavier Omär – Renaissance Boy
Holed Coin & Alvaro Suarez – Alma [down.]
Hugo Villanova – Kodoish [DIFF Records]
Hypsidia & Altriparty – Freedom [WAYU Records]
Isak Dahling & Eva Vinjor – Lose It All [TGR Music Group]
Jaalex – Shivaratri [Baikal Nomads]
Jiminy Hop – Adam [aboriginal]
Joe Silva – The Hologram (2020 Hindsight Mix)
Laura-Ly & Lost Witness – Carry Me Home (Acoustic Mix)
Mbokk – Asort [Lolou Records]
Monte la Rue – Salinas Sailing [La Maison La Rue]
Nepotek – Magnum [Plus Future Records]
Oceanvs Orientalis – Forlorn Hope [Kanto Records]
Owami Umsindo – Esoteric [Herbs & Soul Music]
R.i.p Bestia – Genesis (Natura Sonoris)
Rakim – Macro [Lolou Records]
Sally Madge – You [TOSSA DEL MAR]
Seawax – The Melody Of Rain [Pizzicato Music]
Skarú – Durch den Wind [Serafin Audio Imprint]
Smoke & Mirrors – Chudoin [2 Crows Records]
SOLIDMIND – Osiris [Elysion]
Steve Stash – Diffuse [Toulouse Musique]
T-Puse – Madbooha [Dreams Way]
Tagliabue – Ultraterreno [Lustpoderosa]
TamAda – Bedi Mirbis [Male Cmos]
TORNQVIST – SEPTIC [Luv Lite Recordings]
VA – A Mirror for the Sun [Compiled by Niki Sadeki]
Vincent Kwok – The Thrill of Love (feat. Left)

Progressive House

ADELAIZ – Traveler [Differenz Records]
Airbas & Hrederik – Prelude [One Of A Kind]
Alex Pich – New World [Gradera Music]
Aliias – Of Your Place [Emercive Recordings]
Basani – Day Dream [My Own Beat Records]
Boskii – Capricorn [Music UK]
Brim – Deep Space [THNK TNK Records]
Dark Soul Project – Spirit of Life [Wild Nature Music]
DJ Gradus – Forbidden Love [Luxury Night]
DJ Panya – Funky Pills (DJ Luciano In My Progressive House)
djimboh – Radiance [Purified Records]
Fillfox & WNPZ – Miracle [THE CAUSTIC FAMILY]
Finley – Madness [Pasir Records]
Frangellico – 1980 [Soundteller Records]
Imperss – Imagination [DeepMind Records]
Jad0 – Breaking the Matrix [Estribo Records]
Jenil, Jennifer Lee & Gavrio – Worlds Collide [Sora Music]
Jesus RedSoul – No Exit [Papotako Records]
Julián Rodríguez & JFR – Noctis [Massive Harmony Records]
Juliane Wolf – Dark Disco Strings [Wizarding Wolf]
Kazuki – Red Dawn [Deepersense Music]
Kilany M, Ugo Anzoino & Nik Wel – Shiva [White Line Music]
KzH – Bring the Fire [Beatbridge Records]
Last 2 Standing – Dreamer [E=MC2]
Leo Guardo & Galelio – Ekhula [Black Mambo]
LP 2.0 – Berlin Dakar [Azucar Distribution]
M0TTA – Deep Space Travel [Tantalum Records]
Magnvs – Chasing Stars [Wanderlust]
Mariché & Kristhian Salazar – Cordillera de los Andes
Max Averbach – Mystic [LuPS Records]
Max Forword – Rhythmic [7th Cloud]
Max Holtey – Feelin Me [Dear Deer Black]
MBX – Lost [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Milhouse – Wait For You [The Million Shades]
Mongo Cherry – Sanitizer [Viking Trance]
Nicolás Pittaluga & Ignacio Corazza – Hidden World
Notorium – Find the Masters [Distants Records]
Pauke Schaumburg – General C Life [MUKKE]
Peu Queiroga – Vai Salvar – Remix (feat. Siamese)
Redspace & Areo, Endjour – My Ways
Rianu Keevs – Turmoil [Rianu Keevs]
Robert Enro – Back [Magheru 9]
Serge Landar – Distortions [Balkan Connection]
Shiraz Javed – Mine [PLUSX Records]
Skodaboy – Decade Nine [GoSUB Recordings]
Skyhunter – All Over Again [Soluna Music]
VA – After Hours – The Remixes 10 [AH Digital]
VA – Eucalyptych [Digital Structures]
VA – Los De La Crew 3 [DDiaz Recordings]
VA – Synths and Notes 49 [Voltaire Music]
VA – The Missing Time Zone, Pt. 8 [Electronic Tree]
VA – Yellow Suitcase 10 [7th Cloud]
VINI LAWZ – Blue star [PR Records]
Yashar – Cold Hearted [XerXes]
Zisis D – Stefi [Vesta Lux]

Tech House

Almoon & Ohmero – Various Artists [Habitat]
Andrew Gabriel – 18430 Balzac [Electronic Alliance Records]
Anymus – Crysis [Whoami]
Ary Dada – The Fool, his Cat and a Telephone
Babi Gazal – Wanderlust [CLAB Records]
Biscits – Let Me Show You [Black Book Records]
Break the Speaker – Super Clasical , Aureolio [less is nice]
Charly O-F – Get Up [Brigantia Records]
Dj Markin – Tech Night [Music Makes You Feel Records]
DJ TITAS – Wave System [OPAC Records]
Doozie – Type [The Garden Records]
Dot N Life – Without Me [Smash Deep]
Dr Pius – Madrigal [Not So Serious]
DrumsMaster, Roachh & Fergiliciuss – Melodrama
Ekara – Bass Back (Extended Mix) [Martians Records]
Erik Budai – Hunnit [Groove N Dark]
FABRIK – Make You Body Work [Adventure Records]
Gino Love – Sweet Groove [Veksler Records]
Gvnr – Body Buzz. [Phunk Junk Dark]
Houseplayers – Capri [Playectra Records]
Hynka – Need Your Love [Marktek Records]
Ivan Fl – Bacano [Saitech Records]
Jack Villa – Missing [Groove Bassment]
Jan Darsel & Ruben Verone – 59 Km , Triple D [Kubu Music]
Jimmael – Good Level [Glerx Records]
Joe Diem & Guezmark – Massai [HOUSETRIBE RECORDINGS]
Johan Dresser – Esperando (Apolo Fever Remix) [Funny Music]
Joseph James – If You Feel [Reluxe Tech]
Joufflu – Back from the Future [Blacktone]
Justin Nils – Creamy [DataTech]
Keees. & Dan McKie – Orch [33 Music]
Kilmer – Phat Nanny [OneFold DGTL]
Klipr – Get Close [Streamin’ Music Group]
LegatusX – Coconuts [Which Bottle ]
Lounge Conjunction – Timeless [Deepsync]
Luca Magnino – Need [Monkey Stereo Records]
Lucas Rosselli – Obsession [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Lui Danzi & MagJack – Hyperbole [Catatonic Records]
MAGH – Flip the Switch (feat. Dunkan ) [STRANGELOVE]
Maicon Quadros – Monday and Friday [G-Mafia Records]
Manuel Mendosa – Bass Boss [Lemon Juice Records]
Mark Fiorre – I Love It [DOT Dance]
Mauro Venti – Weapons [NONSTOP]
Max Lake – The Star Is Born [VAST]
Medesen – Truth [Chemiztri Recordings]
Mochakk, Jay Mariani, Cesar Nardini & Dogghaüz Records – This Is Not a Simulation
MS Pika – The Silence [Rockna Music]
Muñoz Brothers – The Hall [Sr. Events Music]
MUUS – Say Something [OKNF Records]
Negrol – Techno Pop [29 Tech]
Nii.Vs – High State [Panorama55 Recordings]
Oskar Jay – I Want It [Twisted Funk Records]
Paolo Morante – Dont’ Stop (feat. Mala Sauber)
Paul Dagbook – Depends [INSTANT]
Paul Mendez & Andy Mcgirr, Trokopotaka – Listen [IO]
Phari – Wrong Is Right [REFILL MUSIC]
Pleasant Avenue – BURNING UP [LOW CEILING]
POOLZ – Backroom [Speedsound]
Reynor & Beave – The Get Up [Smash Deep]
Rob Circuit – Spinalcord [Dreibergen]
Roger & Free Love – My Heart [MUMI Records]
Roxy Delgado & Arthur Martinelli – Trevor [Playtech]
Scott Anderson – Jungle [13 Records]
SH011 – Dangerous [Spaceheist]
Shane Harjes – Move Your Body [Up Till Dawn Records]
Sonia Choo – Take Me Home [Smile Creations Music Label]
Sovax – Drive [Dusty Nose]
Sr. Funkie – Rock to the Rythm [Knuck!]
Steve Gerard & Pinkmachine – Victoria’s Secret
Steven Cee – Move Baby [WyldCard]
Tan Yetkiner – Korcji [Rhyme & Hype Records]
TekVoltz – Psychedelic [Bass Box]
theout – Promise [TheOut]
Thimble – Chance [Ton Liebt Klang]
Tintan DeLuka – Jungle Bae [Odd One Inn]
Tiziano G & Marco Tuccillo – Make Money Not Friends
Tom Transistor – El Patron [Play My Tune]
Unplugged Music & DuoMaquiavel – Pharmacy [Deep Bear]
VA – Hungry Koala On Air 008, 2020 [Hungry Koala Records]
Viviana Casanova – Bahía [Vassnova]

Techno & Minimal

Ackermann – Sup [UNCAGE]
Aladin Ploetzel – Aladin Ploetzel [GlamYouNot]
Aleja Sanchez, Danilenko – Bravo [EVOD]
ALIENBULGARIAN – My Friend Totyo [LuftWaffle Records]
Angy Kore & Gabriel Padrevita – Do you know (The remixes part.2) [Luft]
AnthonyFCollins – Mental State [Sensoria Moods]
Apostrof – Big Disco , Black Cocaine [Digital Village Music]
APX Sound – Star System [Bunk3r R3cords]
Armando Frames – Marzo [Null Recs]
Army of One KC – Deception [XMOD Records]
Arosound – Constancy [Over Records]
Askkin, Kafim – Social Distancing 1.9 [C12 Records]
Atol – PH You! [Mono Repeat]
Bad Teckno – XXL [Radiator Of Sound]
BB2S – Infinite [CODE Group]
BBDVH – Agriculture [IDentity]
Beatkrusher & Duba & Ozzm – Midnight Acid [Forasteros]
David Grant – Off to Young’s [Salford City Records]
David Serrano Dj – Asteroid [Drehmoment]
DJ B (JO) – Dancing Underground [Triplepoint]
DJ Lily – Lilies6 [LILIES]
Dj Sloth – Axis Mundi [Xelima Records]
Dkult & DurtysoxXx – Counter Kick [#thatechno]
DrastikPhunk – Storm Push [8620 RECORDS]
Drew Van Atten – Sanmai [City on Fire]
Drumwork – Nasty [See You Front Left]
DRWNDSPDR – Mass Destruction [Oxytech Planet]
DSW – Absence [Koleidoscope Records]
Dtrdjjoxe – Pachecos City 1.1 [Dtrdjjoxe]
Jaydee Electronica – Dedication [Dog And Man]
Jens Falcone – Acid Seure [PRDS Direct]
Jimmyzkinz & Proggy – Portal [WLM Hard]
Jkel & Gyles – Contingent [Neu Gravity]
Jo Ann – No Sense [Protomotorik]
Jony Virnaith – Paralelus [Abracadabra Records]
Juda 319 – Dimensiones [Ointe Records]
Justin Lawson – Get Wrecked [Murston Records]
Kali Fry – Tie Dye Fighter [Retrigg Records]
Karl Jordan – Scoville Scale [Takeout]
KOLESNIKOV – Stranger [Althea Records]
KRISSFÄ – Underneath [EINZ records]
Krypto Kong – Dipol Reduction, Pt. II [ClubMeister Berlin]
KSNC – Persuasion [Crazyfriends Music]
Lazarus (UK) – Drugs , Orphan , Roar [Machine Control Records]
Leksom – Loose Skin [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Linear Phase – Sharp Shapes [SMSH]
lotus land pilot – Machine666 [Oyoda Recordings]
Low Entropy – PDR034 [Pitch Dark Records]
Luca Draccar – Flamboyant (feat. Developer) [Lush Point]
Luca Maier – Legacy [Darkground Records]
Lucio Rocale – Darkness [Abitta Records]
Lucio Rocale – September [Abitta Records]
Lunev – Untold [ReState Records]
M. Rodriguez – That Spark [Marktek Records]
Majüro & Guillermo, Majüro – Fermi [Desperado]
Marbs – Beyond the Wall [Desert Hearts Black]
Marela – Burning Inside [dZb Records]
Masaru Saito – Twelve Dubtechno [Different10]
Maskmada – Rollin [Out Of Body Recordings]
Massé – pH 0 [SOL Records]
Mattra – Retaliation [Drehmoment]
Mauk – Wall Full of Mirrors [Barbecue Records]
Max Foley – How Do You Feel (V Code Remix)
Meg Ward – Looking 4 Fame [&Friends]
Men On Black – Live On No Evil [Ambigrama]
Nwhr – Unrealistic Reasons [DkN Selections]
Ocktu – Beacon [Ozran Sunset]
Ombrar – Salvation Pier [Cerebro]
Øntold & Yonder Of Tomorrows – Kilonova [Wood Limited]
Opencell & Skoden, Iacomus_B – Brimstone
Orvec – Mr. Crazy [Taanaj Paax]
Ottone – Be My Lover [Rectron]
Ottone – You Can Just [Rectron]
pAAAn – pAAAnikAAAtAAAk [Cult Music Records]
Paolo Doldo – My Dream [LETS TECHNO records]
PC(MX) – Bonanza [The Seed]
Phyxix – Phyxix 001 [Phyxix]
Psy Sui – Horrorwood [Artistfy Music]
R34L – Anim8 (Mark Pistel Remix) [Section Eight Music]
Rackz 282 – DTRU [All Centre]
Radioactive Man & Ben Pest – Old Tight Selektah
Radiorobotek – Fontanka Deep [Lauter.]
Raw Ideology – Mass Effect [Hotstage Records]
Richard Cleber – Kalanchoe [Techno Vinyls Records]
Rjkk – Community 4 [Truc Record]
Robert P. Kreitz II – Breaking the Beat [CARPS]
Timo Manson – Techno aus dem Pott [Audiodevot]
Tommy Vega – Something Deep [Tommy Vega Music]
Trecci – For the Body [UKR Special Series]
Tweakforce – Confession [Rest Music]
VA – 50 [Mind Games Recordings]
VA – Alterity [Houndstooth]
VA – Best of Syncopate [Syncopate]