Afro House

8nine Muzique & Kevin Makhosi, Xmile – Cloud Nine
DJ Oscar Sharm – Mantra [Noixy Records]
DYllAN – Abora [Ground Zero Limited]
Earl Kee & KG Masci,King Zorba – Best of Me
Echo Deep & Elias Kazais – Vuka (feat. Viiiictor May)
Giorgio Bassetti – I Respect All Human Beings [Sunclock]
Hallex M – Da’Ana (feat. Stevo Atambire)
Ivan Afro5 – White Mambo [Mukua]
Ivory Child – Amaphupho E-Afrika [Silent Koalas]
Ivory Child – Kalayaan [Mavela Records]
James Stewart – Atlantic River Drive (feat. Ayuune Sule)
Kyodai – Samba do Oceano [Appetizers]
Lēvo & Ivan Elefante – Al Sāwira [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Lyndrish – Something Sweet [Chymamusiq Records]
Marcus Damon – Sounds Like London [Housupa Records]
Mario Bianco – Pocket Heart [Roundans]
Maris – Chefchaouen [Basement Dub]
Metro DJ – Pandemia [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Mirko Vice – Cosmo [Azucar Distribution]
MoBlack & Armonica – Saana Yoo Ma (feat. Stevo Atambire)
Morex & CAMPIRA – Never See [Roots Records MZ]
Muzoleno Beatz – Binda (feat. MasterHitz) [Africa Mix]
Native Tribe – SIRIUS [Moving Deep Records]
NaughtyBoyzSA – Tech Movement 1
Nikito – Shadows [Africa Mix]
Oscar P & Rosario – Future Love Anthem
Patris Boy – Macumba [Guettoz Muzik]
QT-HIGH – Memorandum [Deep Root Tribe]
Rambo S – Icilongo (feat. DJ TPZ & Mr Chozen)
Ray MD – Los Colores Del Mundo
Reloe – Dilute [Do You Be You Records]
Ricardo Criollo House – Pescadores [Xumba Recordings]
Ronny T – Amaru [Suonare Records]
SMOK – Perception , Tensor [Youth Control]
Thakzin – Practice , Iskhova [Paradise Sound System]
Van Drea – African Motion [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Vins Massaro – Zainab [Double Cheese Records]
YAKECAN – Amazonian Dream [Clipper’s Sounds]


A.M.R – Sailor’s Cry (Cressida Remix) [Silk Music]
Arie Pratama – Best of Arie Pratama [BMG Records]
Bad Legs – Hands Up [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Belizian Voodoo Priest – Get Some
Boom Breaks – Im Famous [Breaks Yo!]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – Bootylicious
Dmoney & Rob Analyze – Flip It [NOLA BEATS]
HDSN – Move On & Heal [NBAST]
Hysner – Zourna [Glitch Hop Community]
Infekto – Energy from Bass , Fortune Teller [Bass=Win]
Intermezzo – North Pole [Intermezzo]
Jumilian Kidz – August [PureCode Records]
Jumilian Kidz – Glare [PureCode Records]
Khoir WiraWinata – Best of Khoir WiraWinata
Kraymon – Ill Behaviour [Rune Recordings]
LectrO cOd_E – Infamous Bass [Woodwork Recordings]
Meri – Magical Haze (Meri Ravers Remix) [feat. Annahoji]
Moodrich – How Does It Feel [Yellow Island Records]
N01D & Bitstreem, N01D – Espionage [Aquavit BEAT]
Paket & Majestic Noise – Wet Love Hook
Piers Kirwan – Dialogue [Boogie Cafe Records]
Roman Naboka – Breaks [Atomrise Sounds]
Sean McClellan – Stroboscope [ASTIR Recordings]
Swarov – Love From Another Planet
Tetsuya5october – Shine Like a Billion Suns [Lodjiya]
Tone Abstract – Tell Me Something [Ravesta Records]
Traxler – Sinister [Boomtic Records]
Ultraviolet – G0-45T,U [Echo Train Records]


Agency – You’re My Star [Anticodon]
Akrivi – Miss You Grey (Wizard) [Planet Ghost Music]
FLERO – Odyssey [Ninety9Lives]
Fly & Sasha Fashion – Under the Lights of Love [Deep Strips]
Freischwimmer & JOEY DJIA – Catching Fire [Nitron Music]
Gelow – Trust You [Dbeatzion Records]
Glenn Gould & AARYS, Chief Awuah – Uninvited Guests
Hacker Mvsik – Ocean [Monthly Hits Records]
Harvee – Tell Me [MOUSE-P]
HILLA & Little Rain – Drifting Away [Tipsy Records]
Holly & RahRah – Safety [HARD Recs]
Hurricane – Roll the Dice (Menrva Remix) [2220 RECORDS, LLC]
HYPAUX – You’ll Be OK {Radio Edit} [Stripped Digital]
I-Mad – Spirit Blueprint [Dragoncorner]
Indecent the Slapmaster – In the 80’s [Slapmaster Productions]
Jaimes – Never Enough [One Seven]
Jean Dawson – Devilish [Handwritten Records]
Jean Dawson & A$AP Rocky – Pixel Bath
Jeener – No War [KOBBRA]
Julien Scalzo – Another Kind of Love (feat. Eden Martin)
Julio Marcari – Hurricane [Venus Records]
Justin Point – Motherwort [Giantbeat]
Kameron – Goose Down [Pick Six Records]
Karo & Calmani & Grey – Heaven [Golden Chocolate Records]
Kidd Island – My Remedy [Queenside Recordings]
Kiraforte – I Love You [CP7 Records]
Knockwell – Rasode Mein Kaun Tha [Knockwell Music]
Koel Wilder – Idle Talk [Big Tunes Records]
Kozimo – 101 [Run Free]
KRANE – Only One (feat. B. Lewis) [Dim Mak Records]
Lil Meri – Ba Melomo [H3M Production]
LollyPoP Lane, Arkin BeatS & Mou5zyzz – Hula Hey
Love Lies & Kaan Atac – Fight You [Kaan Atac]
Luise Najib – Snakes in Her Hair [Double Deer Records]
Luxe & Rudi Simon – Trust Me I Know You [Optimacy]
Major Lazer & Mr Eazi – Music is the Weapon
Memphis LK – Letters In Concrete [Dot Dash]
Micah – Call Ya Back [Lit Bit]
Mikey Goodfire – Absent Love [Behavior Recordings]
Mohawk & The Kid – More Love [Axtone Records]
Oktae – What’s It Mean [Chilli Tribe]
Pastor Jaylon Calhoun – Wake up Blessed [Amp Records]
Pat Krimson – Razor Love (feat. Amanda Collis) [541]
Patrick Grey – Tonight [Beat Blast Record]
PerenYon – Expression [PerenYon Music]
Phil Praise – Chak Chak (feat. Mr. Shammi) [Bodybangers Remix]
Pic Schmitz – Euphoria (Windy City Classics Remix) [Sirup Music]
Ramverk – Resurrection [No Bad Days Music]
Robert Burian – All I Got [Enormous Chills]
SABAI & Kermode, SABAI – Where It All Began [Monstercat]
Sailor & I – Thinking About You [METAPHYSICAL]
Sak Noel, Salvi & Franklin Dam – Tocame (Remixes) [Mad Decent]
Sam Matthews – No Sweat (feat. Daji Screw & Mia Londis)
Sander van Doorn – Temper Temper (feat. ONR)
Sbi Techn – sula (feat. Awonke) [Earl Grand]
Scooter – FCK 2020 [Sheffield Tunes]
Silverhook – Slow Motion (feat. Tareq) [Royal Advisor Records]
Vincy – Mind [1st Strike]
Wietse – Jij (3x) [Together As One Recordings]
XAV LAKE X Duo&One – Ave Fenix [Ashes Recordings]
XINGO – Shake Your Mind (feat. Deive) [Glitchworld Recordings]
Zorth – Fighting for Love [Run Free]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

7thState – Solace [Lavenir Music]
Aber Ant – Puesta De Sol [aberaudio]
Azit – Travelling Alone [Guangzhou Underground]
BAB – Celine [Brown Records]
Bazza Ranks – UV Nights [Spice Bag Records]
BBwhite – Italian Job Part.2 [Disco Filter Records]
Beca – Calm Before the Storm (NICOLAAS Remix) [BECA]
Belmondo Beats – In the City [BBop Music]
Boddhi Satva & Davi Lorenzo – De Nadie [Offering Recordings]
Boogie Boots – Starstruck [Soulful Evolution]
BORINGER 04 – It Ain’t Easy [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Breaking the Bubble – Humbleness [Melodiös Music]
Bumpmen – Yes We Need [LDF Recordings]
Buzz Compass, Iner – Dobro 001 [DOBRO]
Cassette 87 – Vision [Funky Way]
Casual Connection & Jack Burton – We Want the Funk [M2MR]
Cecilia Bu – Female Energy [DDiaz Recordings]
Cedric Salander – Stanza [ROOF TERRACE MUSIC]
Cleyp Zoon – Carousel [K7S]
Cliff Kendall – Wrong Love [Pongo Records]
Clyde Howard – New Eden [Space Rabbits Records]
Creative Ades – I Miss You [CA Records]
Creay – Waves [Jendex Records]
Criss Conflict – Sounds Good to Me [Mad Panda Recordings]
Crusz – Whispering XXI [Enchante Records]
Da Kine – Samoa [Plastic City FX]
Dan Airborne, The Dutch Deepartment – Awesome Autumn
Dan T – Wanna Hold Ya [Smashing Trax Records]
Daniel Maunick – Musica Encantada [Far Out Recordings]
Databass [DE] – Red Threads [Emergent Textures]
David H – No Limit [Infinity Track]
David Jansen – Red Threads [Cadena Records]
Gueva – More Money More Problems [Logia Records]
H A N S A A – No More Time [Baijan Records]
Hadley – Millennium [Modula Records]
Harlem Knights – Soul Key [Haute Musique]
Henna Onna – Unlimited002 [Ltd, W,LBL]
HOTINGA – Deeper Shade [MUMI Records]
Hotmood – DW035 [Discoweey]
Hurlee – Red Lights [RDDR]
Ignatius – Without You [Envy Music]
Ilya Santana & Rayko, Ivan Fabra – Boite 001 [Boite Music]
ImButcher – Need a Woman [ImButcher Music]
Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert – Proto [Frank Music]
J.B Boogie – Soft Touch [Shame Records]
Jace Mile – Open Your Heart (feat. Louisa Rox) [JDC Records]
Jackob & JorDee – Get Closer [Hush Deep]
Jamie Vice – Hood Girls [Cruise Music]
Jason Rivas & Lo-Fi on Elm Street – Channel Zero
Kixeagle – Rock Me Baby [Kixeagle]
Klustone – Infrared [Berlin Bass Collective]
Kocleo – San Lorenzo [True Romance Records]
Kostas Nektaris – Magic Sunrise [Mind Connector Records]
Kraxelhuber, Laar – Lolida Express [Dash Deep Records]
Kx9000 – Plaisance Food [Apparel Music]
LAGASTA – Steve [Throne Of Blood]
Lanowa – Seven Seas [Citizens Of Vice]
Le Babar – You Got Yours [See-Saw]
Leeviosh – Simple Conversations [Old Dayzz Recordings]
Levo – The Other Side [UM Records]
Lil Texas – The Feeling [Deepalma]
Lila Frascara – All the Good Girls Go to Hell [Music Brokers]
Los Soles – Viva Colombia [Dinastia INC]
Los Valientes – Te Quiero Mucho [Dinastia INC]
Lou Casablanca – Move with the Beat (Michael Gray Remix Edit)
Love In Colour – Feel Like Dancing [Sure Cuts Records]
Luca Santacà DJ – Hallucinated Dream [L.S.D. Records]
Lucio Momo – Halo [Marqeez Records]
Madison Blair – So Surprised [Agua Blanca Records]
Malkov – Deepness Remixes [RYNTH]
Manny Evans – Not a Dream [Tech People Music]
Massimo Vanoni – Love Magic [Atop Records]
Masupilami – Aquanautic [Simple Things Records]
Mata Jones – My Name Is Mata [Disco Flo Label]
Munir – Circuit Line [Darker Than Wax Recs]
Natasha Kitty Katt – Salt & Sass [Re-Loved]
Nebula (FR) – Deepee Lov [Thin Records]
Neil Janke – Dance Politics [Ocha Mzansi]
Nick Waterhouse – Pushing Too Hard [Innovative Leisure UK]
Nicky G – Let Me Love You (Copasetic Remix)
Nollan & Ana Colle – Don’t Lie [Sensoria Records]
Oh Balboa – Like Lava [Erijo Gold]
Okin – Emotions [Atmospherica]
Oskar Jay – Sunrise [lorenZOO]
Ozgur Uzar – Perception [Desperadoz Records]
Pablo Rey – Cosmico [Imploxion Records]
Patrick J. Kelly – He Was In Love [Sharps Road Records]
Patrick J. Kelly – No Place To Rest My Head [Sharps Road Records]
Paul Schubert – Hathor [Aestheta]
Pfeffermouse – Deep Within (2020 Remaster) [Audiolog Music]
Picossu – Spanners [Super Spicy Records]
Play Nice, Devin Tracy, Zilo, MALIA, JBird & Biako – Don’t Keep Me Waiting
ppdee – How Long [Cherokee Recordings]
Probably Shouldnt – Truth Hurts [Solid State Disco]
Prof The Deejay & DeepSlave M – Strange Reactions [Deep Clicks]
PulpStereo – Hope In Times of Crisis [frimfram]
Pym – Real Shit [Maniana Records]
Questionwork – Nostalgia [See The Sea Records]
Re-Tide – Get Together (feat. Steff) [Body Heat]
Ree – Down Every Road [1st Strike Deep]
Rmz – Hold On to Me [Cherokee Recordings]
RNBI – Soaked [Wit A Banger Ent.]
Robin Orlando & Nick Hollyster – Old Day’s [Plastik People Digital]
Sharapov – Closer (Remixes) [Road Story Records]
Sheri Vari – Flagrante Delirio [Percebes Musica]
Silent Revolt – Dogmatik (feat. Ari Carlini) [Eyedyllic Music]
Smitty & Davenport – The Vision [Personal Belongings]
Somethin’ Deep – The Blindfold [Sound Vessel Records]
Soulful Sascha – Doctor of the Dancefloor [Deep Firehorse 66]
Sound Support – Stab By Stab [Internasjonal]
Sousa – Tomorrow We Dance [Redwave Recordings]
Sp3kDrum – Vengagirl Kasperle [Moonshades]
Stanny Abram & Lap Dancers – Es Vedra [Marba Records]
Stockholm Syndrome – Monsturia [Controlla]
Stranded – Post Meridian [HOMAGE]
TBM – Hot Stepping [Sundries Digital]
Techno Man – No Fear [Amind Two Guys Records]
The Juice – Aftershower Funk [4Lux Black]
Thomas Sun – Get Down (Remixes) [Exx Muzik]
Tomasz Wakulewski – Evening Drive
Tonbe – Shake That Booty [Fruity Flavor]
Tony Postigo – Sunshine Hotel (It’s Just a Big Bang)
Tony Soprano – Love Me Like This (2020 Rework) [Soulful Evolution]
Travertia – Utro Na Zemle [Forestrip Music]
Twism & Karmina Dai – Mighty Real [NIBE Media – Sound Factory]
Two Jazz Project – Lost Love & T-Groove Remix
Tye Watson & Roberta J. – Worn and High (12” Soul Series)
VA – Deep Moments [Unison Recordings]
VA – Fragments of Life [Orme Music]
VA – Lowpitch Collection Purple (2007-2012) [Lowpitch]
VA – Spiritual Jurney [Khimera Rec.]
Velloso – Walking on the Stars [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
W.A.H. – Saturday (feat. Luca Brunetti) [DY MO Music]
Walter Vooys – Still Love Disco [Disco Filter Records]
Wearing Shoes – Flawless [Ship City Grooves]
Wenner – Super Loose Dish [Flexidisco]
Will Omit – Broken Love [TGR Music Group]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Abbsolut – Provocala [Triplepoint Distribution]
Adan – There’s Nobody [DNB Vibes]
AGLF – Feel [BROHOUSE Music]
Ahee – Loner Stoner [Circus]
Akeos – Squiggle the Lines [Bassrush Records]
Aleksandar Vidakovic & Rogi – Wanna Be [404 Records]
Alem Alhanda – Best of Alem Alhanda [Digi Musica Ent]
David Saturn – In the Fog [Approach Records]
Dazsta – Dirty Work [Chateau Bruyant Records]
Diego Miranda & Mike Bond – Get It (feat. Nick London)
Dirty Audio & ETC!ETC! – Ice Box [Monstercat]
DISCOTHEK PROJECT – Everybody [Discothek]
DJ 3D – The Purge [UDM Label Group]
DJ Stress M.C.P – Disease Control [Rubin Records]
DJ Tony Cherry – On the Beat [Wolfrage Recordings]
Doktor Loop – Drugstore [Montedo Music Production]
Don Darrell – Redemption Remix
Doug Knox – Truth [Vinebeat Records]
Dr. Skull – Falling Out (feat. Sheila) (Remix) [Wiking Recordings]
Dux n Bass – Here & Now (Memories) [Down 2 Earth Musik]
Dysfunctio, Dysfunction – Warrior Charge [Rawdio Recordings]
Easy & Geeks – Tables Turning , Unrest [Influence Records]
Eli Taylor – Drifted Funk [Houseworx Sessions]
Elixr – Your Love [Bay 6 Recordings]
Ellis Dee – I Hear the Sound [Academix Records]
Emtee – Talk to You [EmTee]
Eonic – Follow Me [South & North Music]
Everton santos – Te Amo (feat. Paula Pivatto) [The Remixes]
Exile – Human Error , I Need You [Subway Soundz]
FANNYPACK – Goddamn (feat. Rachel West) [Vato Gonzalez Remix]
FEAR – The Disrupter [Resnik]
Figure – This is Halloween (Drumstep Remix) [DOOM]
Filthy Habits – Resistance [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Firebeatz – Instant Moments [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
FKBT & DrimShade, FKBT – Slutty Glutty [FKBT Records]
Flakzz – Enhancement [SoundShield]
Flamage – Monsters [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Fm Killerz – P.Y.H.U (Extended Mix) [DENAR RCRDS]
Forbidden Society – Spectral , Hypno
Foureye – Simplicity Part 2 [Default Recs]
Freaks & Geeks – Helter Skelter [Rampage Recordings]
Frisson – Saadat [Hungry Koala Records]
Frito – Dilated [Scapegot Records]
FX909, Impression – Mystic Times [FX909 MUSIC]
Gabriele Gerosi – Tender Love [Mystery Freedom Records]
GESSA – Got Your Back [Deep Bear]
GEST – Been Thru [Shogun Audio]
Getter – Bad Acid [Shred Collective]
Ghastly – Help (Remixes) [feat. KARRA] [Proximity]
Gizmo – Shockwave [Tarantula Music (Media Records EVO)]
Glÿph – Iridescent [Transparent Audio]
Gnev – Ctap , Magnetype [Audiogore]
GodFall – Mumble [Lowdown Recordings]
Gold 88 – Higher [New State Music]
Goldfinger – Off With His Head [Caseload Records]
Gustavo Mota & SUBB – Like U Like It [FEATURE]
Hamed – Isolated [Revkon Records]
Heaven Fell – Song of Seraph [Recall Records]
HEFT – Odyssey [Inception Audio]
Hertenfels & Juliette Louise – Summit [Kiss the Bass Recordings]
Higher Sector – Killa [Higher Sector]
Higher Sector & G – Dizzle – Arooo [Higher Sector]
Hitak, Mavjak & Hitak – Enigma [Blvckbox Records]
Holly & Baauer, OG Maco – Dark Skies & Holy Grail
House Of David Gang – Good Vibration (CMC & Silenta Remix)
Hubberto Constanzo – End of This World [Superfly Recordings]
Hugh Hardie – Learning to Fly [Hospital Records]
Hystatus & Glÿph, Hystatus – Umph , Negative Space Program
Ian Palmer – Loop This Track [Kibbutz Records]
Iceolda – Turn Up [Iceolda]
Impulse – Old Heart (feat. Joshua Paul) [Ensis Records]
iNichi – Destroyer [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Itallik – Arcade Sex [Expression Audio]
J. Augustus – Burst [Quaziscience Recordings]
Karla Carvalho – Play Hard [G-Mafia Records]
KEAN DYSSO – Public Enemy [Ghetto]
KEAN DYSSO & Wonga – That Cash [Ghetto]
Key Crashers – Contaminated Tribes [Qwick]
KIMI – Baby Tell Me [Reload Music]
Kumarion & Spor – Want It (Spor Remix) [Jadu Dala]
Kunta Klimt – Semilavorati [Concrete Records]
Kylix & Geral GT – Notch [NSNTR Records]
L Motive – Darker [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
Languz – La Sociedad del Dragón Negro [Central Electrica Discos]
Le Duke – Boo! [Etiqueta Negra]
Leo Kodak – Every [Deep Bear]
Lokuz – Bassmachine [Stunt Cuts]
Lost City & Blackout JA – Jungle Dance [Liondub International]
Lowfreak – Andromeda [IbizaDJ Records]
Lucas Dooley – Abstract Distract [D-Force Records]
Maduk & Lachi, Maduk – Taking Control [Liquicity Records]
Magic Sound – BOW! , Fake News [BODYWRMR]
Malrang, Disk Show & Revealed Recordings – It’s True
Man Cub & APEK – Breathe in the Moment (feat. HALIENE) [Remixes]
Marc Renton – Signal Waves [Drum Army]
Marcus Sauter – Rarefied [Big Tunes Records]
Martin Hygård – Thousand Dreams [Ocean Music Group]
Matt Doe, Protohype – Whatchu Lookin At
Mattey Webber – To the Flow [Bang It]
MaX ForWorD – Endorphin [Max Forword]
Max Vega – We Are Young [Seveneves Records]
Mechanical Vein – New Blood (Zardonic Remix)
MEELK – Catharsis, Pt. 1 [Hadra AlterVision Records]
Merger – IPO [Inferiae Records]
Miditech – Strong element [Ultrasphere Records]
Mikrodot – Universal [WiddFam]
Milan Fourie – Make You Mine [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Nichenka Zoryana – Pentogram [Nahual Records]
Night Shift & Modulizer, Night Shift – Jelly Belly [Dub Shotta]
Nomik – Money Make [GAS RECORDS]
NotYourMom – No Matter [Raversar Records]
nusonix & Dj Basic – Shelter [Deegree Recordings]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – Mixed [Release Soul]
OneAndOnly – Innocent [Indivision Music]
Original Sin & Mr Traumatik – Warzone [Proper Image]
Ozgun & Max Aeris – Nowhere Without You [Retro Recordings]
Pablo G – The Darkness [Dutty Bass Audio]
Papa Khan – Diary of a Poor Kid [Joytime Collective (CMG)]
Pedro Nazym – Phoneline [Uba Lua Records]
Perses & Atarii – We In It [Recall Records]
Phazen & SPACEJUMP – Get Nasty [Pantheon Select]
PLAYR2 – Fallen (Kodek Remix) [PLAYR’s Club]
Pleight & Joufflu – Dark Side [LunaMoon]
Portis – Close to You [V Records UK]
Predatory Meerkats – Prickly Winds [Interesting Music]
Qedamawi – Latino , Represent [Mas Bass Records]
Rontorz – Stone [Alveda Pulse]
Rusbon – Fun Life [Front Artillery Records]
Ryoker – Paradise [RKJ Music]
Saint Punk – It’s Alright (Not) [STMPD RCRDS]
Sam Lamar – Wanted [Kannibalen Records]
Samath & Mali Lloyd, Samath – Bones (feat. Mali Lloyd) [Parallel Depth]
Scott Slyter, Lucky Roll & Lefty – Let’s Do It [Filthy Sounds]
Scythe – Immortalized [Razor Audio]
Seven Lions, Jason Ross & Crystal Skies – Foolish of Me
SHA & Yami – Kumite [MMXVAC]
Shakez – Just Play That [Eternal Muzic Records]
Shdws – Vixen [Divided Souls]
Siconic & Willy B – Feel Like It [Brash Beats]
Sl8r – Mimosa , Ambra [Chronic]
Sloocx – Human Destruction [Bass Zone Music]
Sounds of Apollo & Everfish – Orbit [Pantheon Select]
Sp3ctrum & MINDREM – Touch the Flow [Bounce & Bass]
Spook Electro – Urban Yathra [DENAR RCRDS]
St. Costa – Cold Jungle [#internetghetto]
Steff da Campo & LOST CAPITAL – Struggle (feat. A.D.O.R.)
Stevie Cee – Let’s Get It On [Hum Fi Drum]
Stranjah & Fox, Stranjah & TT The Artist – Monkfruit [Worst Behavior Recs]
The Funk Hunters & Stickybuds – Empire [Westwood Recordings]
The Grey Man – Are You Sorry [Mooncrew Unlimited]
The Vanishing Point – Terminal Velocity [Music UK]
Tim Larrson – Back to You [Ghetto]
Time94 – Lunar Water [Crystal Orca]
Tony Deluca – Caliente (feat. Kleph) [EPride Music Digital]
TRAKFACE A3KPR, Ravevx & GJBR – Blow the Speakers
Trauma DBC – Millions of Miles , Journey [Sub Heavy Audio]
Trippynova & Natalie Renoir – Magic [DistroKid]
Tyr Kohout – Xld [Deviant Audio]
Undefined – Regrets , How Many Ways [Lunar Records]
VA – Fresh Blood [Slaughterhouse Events]
VA – Musical Autumn [Karma Lite]
VA – NHS400 [Hospital Records]
VA – Solar LP [DNB Allstars Records]
wavzur – Aaron Clevenger [Filthy Sounds]
Whales – Every Single Time VIP [The Reef]
Whisk ! – Back In 1995 [Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music)]
Whiskers – Spacecraft [DirtySnatcha Records]
Zenobia – Sobo El Gahwa (feat. Faten Shafeq Kabaha)

Electronica & Downtempo

10 Chances – Silly [Wonderfly Records]
A1aska – Lunar Eclipse [A1ASKA]
Acid Arcade – Walk Alone [JST Records]
Adam Crooky – Relentless [Kycker Electronic]
Aether – What Is….. [3 WORDS]
Albzzy – Conjure [YosH]
Deadly Habitz – On Your Mind [Downplay]
Dennis Schauw – Our Problems Are Man-Made [#AT]
Dior Carter – Can’t Stop Me [Artist Republik]
Disatic – Involved [Tranquility Sounds]
DJ Rade – Dirty Disco [Jendex Records]
DJ Suzmo – Mercury [Philthtrax]
Dogs versus Shadows – A Billionth of a Second
Doncare & NoFace Records – With Your Love [NoFace Records]
Dorninger – Slide to Gilde [Base Records]
Dorninger – Too Much Home [Base Records]
Dreams of Dying Stars – Funeral in the Void [Void Overflow]
Duskope – Never Stop [SubSound]
Duv Tales – Morocco [Moller Records]
Ektopy – Nostalgic Space [Ozran Sunset]
Electrons in Slow Motion – Meta Incognita [D.M.T. Records]
Elemental – so much more [E.lementaL Music]
Emra Grid – Five Cycles Through an Empty Chamber [Line]
Enigmix – Chaos [Blacktone]
Equalizerz – Unreal Reality [ETX Records]
Ethan Clancy – Acheron Pt. 3 [SXN]
Evitceles – Subtle Liquid [Dream Catalogue]
Fabio Gasser, Doncare & NoFace Records – Leave [NoFace Records]
Far Out Radio Systems – On Boolean Plains
FckngNoise – Saladona [FckngNoise]
Felipe Felino – Amargo [Tratore]
FiRES WERE SHOT – Dirtdobber [Holodeck]
Flatfoot Sam – I Never Left [Depth Charge Recordings]
Fluctuosa – Tetracidron [sitdownandance]
Foam Ocean – Rilke [Foam Ocean Records]
Fr3n3my, Tom Strobe & Fr3n3my – Resolute [Stroberia]
Future Beat Alliance – Rebirth [Reward System]
FutureVille – Closed [Beast Trap Records]
KDN Q & BETA95 – Tell U [Resonate Sounds]
Khatra!, NoFace Records, SIDD & Turhan James – Calling
King Kooba & Simone Flash Gordon – Good Gosh
Kröm & Lo’Fi Ghosts – Staple [ARIA Records]
Kröm & Rainy Day Lofi – Sugar Rush [ARIA Records]
L’autre – Departure [Beast Trap Records]
Later. – Highway 10 (Pastel Remix) [Cookie Records]
Lifetime Ambient – Veg Out Motivation [Ambient Mate]
Lokijar – Sleeping PineWood [AstroPilot Music]
Lokuz – Royal Flush [Stunt Cuts]
Lou8 & NoFace Records – Fluxx [NoFace Records]
Luca Guerrieri – Nightmares [Double Vision Studio Records]
M.Patrick – No Elusion (feat. Rooted)
Marcus Koch – Smooth Frequencies [Amaro – Music]
Marcus Mixx – Leave the Peanut Shells on the Floor
Marina P & Radikal Guru – Do the Right Thing
Mario Fueyo – Layers [WayOn]
Massianello, Sam Blans & Mii Guel – Fat Gyal Good (remix)
Mateo Relief – Shared Privacy [Yuko Record]
MDT – Tetrahedron [MDT]
Melohalo – Fool Me [Sheppard Records]
MEMBA – Overrated (feat. Levus Alone)
Menta – Aura [Innersense Productions]
Microucher – Crossed Directions [Bellum Records]
Miguel Palazuelos – Tormenta (feat. Sofía Carrasco)
Mike D’ Jais – Real Love [Different Twins]
Mirko Monni – Orbital 89 [Serendipity Music Silver]
Mongo Cherry – Symptomsizers [Viking Trance]
Moze – Bust That Move (feat. Saint Crown) [Yosh Pit]
Mr Virgo – Its Over [BIG BASS Records]
Mr.Jinx – Sugar [KraenkRecords]
Mystic Letter K – Eschatologia [Mystic Letter K]
NGMY – In Altera Parte Erunt [Beatradar]
Niels Gordon – Tides (Remixed) [Lamour Records]
Paulatinamente – Butterfly [DJP Label]
Paultrixx, Mr.Sonic 96 & USB – STARDUST [Glerx Records]
Phantom y El Panda – Lollipop [Black Men Records]
Polaroid – Rise [Dream Catalogue]
PTTRN – Tungusca [Casa de locos label]
Qeight – Remains (Reprise) [Plexus Music]
Qervo – Llovizna [DJP Label]
RabidTunes – Abyss Waltz [DJP Label]
Radical DJ – Freedom of Speech [Orange In All Records]
Ralph Kinsella – Lessening [8D Industries]
Rami Imam – Good Morning Senor Ronnie (Orchestral Version)
Riccaboy – In Camera Caritatis [Museek]
RUMTUM – Shade Fader [Bastard Jazz Recordings]
Run Disk – Read the Manual [Pimp’s Tits Records]
Saele Valese – You Cannot See Me from Where I Look at Myself 4
sammelsurium – Punta Blanca [Otium Garden]
santpoort – nothing within sight (remix) [feat. Open Mike Eagle]
Schwarz & Funk – Remy [Boxberglounge]
Screw3000 – Ultraviolet [KFR Records]
Sebastian Bach – Transcending [Lovely Mood Music]
Senjor Haze & NXTSUO – Don’t Wanna Know
Sensitizer – Natural Noise [Valley View Records]
Stubb – Canopy [Paper Wave]
Super Sapien – Pines [Madchill Records]
Surisound – Yo Era el Sol [DJP Label]
Susannah Stark – Time Together (Hues & Intensities) [Stroom]
Susie Green – Broken Things (Madsavvy Remix)
SypheWood – Love – Definition [Opium Muzik]
T-Cuts – Wave Rider [MINED]
Terra-C – The Light (Manga Dance Version) [WhiteRoom71Records]
The Wideboys – Head 2 Head [PointBlank Records]
The Wodka – Tartaria [Cantstapo]
Thomas Chilume, Kiyoshima Edits & Nick Gift – The Weekend
Thumnus – Adrenaline [Tratore]
Tim Vitek – Group of Four [Grid Based Beats]
Tyrone & Warbz – Can’t Relate (Tuff Culture Remix)
UVB-76 – Bakara [RUBBER]
VA – Another ZBM Record [ZBM Recordings]
VA – Berlin Atonal More Light [Berlin Atonal Recordings]
VA – Crisis [Point44 Records]
VA – Pool & Spa Chill Playlist [Nidra Music]
Varennikoff – I Robot [Play Me More]
XIXI – Without You [Get The Sound]
Zebrabook – The Blacksmiths Anvil [ZBM Recordings]
Zefer – Voicenotes [Steppers Club]
Ziyiz – Rescue & Research, Pt. 3 [Failed Units]


99 RZNS – Good to Me [Blindsided]
Adri Block – Ce Soir (Jackin Club Mix) [PLAYEDiT Records]
Adri Block & Paul Parsons – Show & Tell (Clubmix)
Anthony Louis – Hedonism [Milk Records (IT)]
Armodine & Tony Wonka – Be Quiet [Buzzions Skillz]
Art of Tones, Basile de Suresnes – Roller Cluster [Frappé]
Atkd – We, from a Distance [Narli Records]
Avecunk – How Do You Say [Merci Soleil Records]
Awir Leon – Men Zoo [Alter K]
Barney Osborn – Hear the Music [Run To My Beat]
Beave & Maisie King – Chicago Freestyle [Gameroom Records]
Belle and the Boom Box – Drop That Shit [Super State]
Big Dope P – PPBT [Nervous Records]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Make a Move Baby [Omerta]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Make You Say [Blockhead Recordings]
Dj Threejay – Betta Be Good [Music Plant Group]
DJ Weide – All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm (Electro Swing Remix)
DJiPHONE – Kasim Loop [THE TRIP]
Djsakisp – Sunny Summer [Alveda Deep]
Djtightsa – BirthMark [Trombax Records]
Domestic Technology – Every Chase [3S]
Dr Gabbo & JAOV, Dr Gabbo – Old Times [FOPE]
Dubnoise – Close to Me [Blanco y Negro Music]
Dudu Capoeira – Orixas [Urban Sound Of Amsterdam]
Eddie Sone – Llorado [Groove Lovers]
Eddy Florez – What Is [Baila Latina Music]
el gato #9 – Creatures of the Night (feat. Tony Soul)
Erick Sapinhos – I Love It [Rounded]
Falcon Punch – Mood Swing [Entertainment One]
FederFunk – Momento [Shared Rec]
Filizola – Call My Mind (Sharam Jey Edit) [feat. Roberta Howett]
Filta Freqz – Cargo [Seventy Four]
Fish From Japan – So [Nervous Records]
Franck Bouly – Tone up [Brique Rouge]
Funky Smith, Naycha – Duppy [DRMZU]
Gaston Arias – Divoc 91 [Big Tunes Records]
George Cynnamon – Why Don’t You [Juiced Music]
Gio Silva – Azucar Mexicana [Silva Records]
GL4M – Lusavor (feat. Kohar Hagopian) [Critique]
Goat Girl – Sad Cowboy (Tony Njoku Remix) [Rough Trade UK]
Grant Nelson – Work That Body [Swing City Records]
Guava, LUXE – Limited Series 09 [Banoffee Pies Records]
Harry Judda – Player [Simma Black]
Heidi B – Gimme a Reason (feat. Emran Badalov) [Embarcadero Records]
Henry Navarro – You Gotta Work (Gypsy Disco Project Remix)
Henry Navarro & Soren Anderson – Hot Pants [Cultural District Recordings]
Hiast – Progression [Barbershop Recordings]
Hogland – Scars (feat. Wiktoria) [TGR Music Group]
Hotel Toledo – Dinorah, Dinorah (feat. Red Joint) [Pizzicato Music]
I Am Isaac – Somborai [Imagine Your Life]
Ice Hall – With This Ring Don’t Go Away [New Creatures]
Jacobo Palacio, Javier Aguirre, Carmelo & Sofi Za – Pegao
Jameisha Trice, 6ravo & Bravo – Ain’t Got Time
Jay Dallenback – Here We Go [Karia Records]
Jesusdapnk – Therapy [WH8’S]
Jil Tanner – Behind Locked Doors (Remixes) [Great Stuff Recordings]
JK Soul – Space Dots (feat. Zox) [Fat Sound Records]
Johan Dresser & Reveh & Drezza – Romping [Total Freedom Recordings]
Jon Ososki – The People We Feel Connected To [Filter Label]
Jubilee – Are We There Yet [Magic City]
Julien Schwarz & Pastel Blue – Don’t Waste My Time [Candy Flip]
Roberth in da house – Guitarra [Dinastia INC]
Roberth in da house – Hey Dj [Dinastia INC]
Roberth in da house – Toma [Dinastia INC]
Sam Holland – Desires [Knee Deep In Sound]
Sean Biddle – Summer Daze [Juiced Music]
Sean Harris – Paradise [13 Records]
SEL – Falling (Booker T & DJ Spen Remixes) [feat. Bryan Chambers]
Silverfox – AlXIA [Transcendance Music]
Silverfox – Back 2 Basics [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Simone Pagliari – With the Funky Land [Tactical Trax]
Solanium – Dawn [BOHO RECORDINGS]
SoulFreakah – A cure for heartache (Main Mix) [Kquewave Records]
Sounderson – Latin Boogie [Futuro Sounds]
Sr. Funkie – Some Body [JEFES.]
Superfunk – Newyorkcity [Orange Grooves]
Svet – Felt So Right [Extra Sound Recordings]
Tanori – La Mascara Del Chowke [Campo Alegre Productions]
Terry Lex – Rock Your Body [Push On Music]
Thando1988 – Questions (feat. NiiON) [Fool’s Gold Records]
The Life & Soul Project – Flashback [History Recordings]
The Mario – Trip My Brain [TRACK 66]
The World of Birds & Red Robyn – Before the Sun Comes Up
This Is the Kit – Off Off On [Rough Trade UK]
Tiago Rosa & Hyzan – Cheese [Blacktone]
Tim Dian – Zvezda (feat. Ivan Q) [DeepShine Records]
Tiptoes – Steamboats [Tiptoes Tapes]
Tone Abstract – Work 2 [Ravesta Records]
Tovar – Everybody [So Sound Recordings]
VA – Autumn Flight [Danca Lenta Records]
VA – Jackin Bass Amsterdam 2020 [Garage Recordings]
Vanilla Ace & Kenny Summit – Widow’s Peak [Blacksoul Music]
Vicenzi – If You Give Me Love [CLAB Records]
Vincent Sortino – Stay With You [M2 Records]

Melodic House & Techno

Ahmet Kılıç – Waiting For the Sun [DJ008 Records]
Air of Wave – My India [Sound Kleckse Records]
Alande – I See [Trust You Melodic]
Alani – Truthseeker [Mumbai Records]
Alejandro Arcas – Rescue [Groove Room Records]
Alejandro Conde, Bodenud – Artemisa [Droid9 South America]
Alessdy S & Roger Guevara – Slow and Spicy [Manicomio Music]
Alexis Samaan, Gastón Sosa – Memory II [KULTO]
Cowlam – Titan [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Daav One – Destination [FRKNTN]
Dalfson – Neon Island [DTL Records]
Deniz Karadag – Cassia [Monkey Project]
Digital Mess – Fairmode [Stargazer]
Drumstone – Mabel [Rhyme & Hype Records]
E – Verformung – Der Advektionsnebel [Notsignal]
Easy Tigers – Very Hot summer [Stunt Cuts]
Eran Hersh – Silence (Dub Mix) [Fattie Music]
Exstra – Splint [Enormous Chills]
EZEK – Extinction [Valkyria Records]
Fox Chandler & Julio Posadas – Ethereal Sensation [73 Muzik]
Igor Carmo – Inception [VIAGE]
Into the Ether & Gil Zambrano – Never Look Back [Immersed]
Lezcano – Chinese Culture [Punch Underground Records]
LOPA – In Den Abgrund [Duenia]
Lucas Monchi – Searching For the Truth [Soundlection]
Lukas Manjaro – Constellations [Purple Sun Records]
Marsh & Leo Wood – My Stripes (feat. Leo Wood)
Mia Mendi – Ascian [Isolabella Recordings]
Midnight Tales – Stray [STIG]
Mihalyz & Play Insane, Mihalyz – Uncertain Future
Minimal Factory – We Are Machines [Paralyzed Records]
Monzoon – Confidential [UnderXMODE]
Mutus – Love is a Verb [Feel Hype]
Nadine Fehn – Second Gate [Bow & Arrow Music]
Nora En Pure – Come Away (feat. Tim Morrison)
Øostil & Heik – The Spiral [ATLANT]
Paul Diep – Behind a Great Man [Awen Records]
Paul Unkel – Follow [IbogaTech]
Pig&Dan – Existence [ELEVATE]
Plaztik – Sundown [ThreeRecords]
Project B.I.O. – Stone Man [29 Tech]
PRSTYL – Pneuma [DJP Label]
R.Hood – Belladone [Vision 3 Records]
Raavn – FOUND Part III. [Dark Beauty]
TINYgiant – Nephrite [Lincor]
Tom Strobe – Endless (Fr3n3my Remix) [Stroberia]
Township Rebellion – 2020 [Rose Avenue]
UNDERHER & Anaphase – Out of Sight (Fabio Aurea Remix)
VA – Ade Raelian 2020 [Raelian Musik]
VA – The Void [Sudam Recordings]
Yigitoglu – Find Me [Monkey Project]
Zain Arabian Music – Mascara [Redwave Recordings]

Progressive House

Adjei – Tiamatu [i occupy music]
Al Bradley – Heavy Woollen [Jealous Records]
Amela Amvox – Twin Flame [Embarcadero Records]
EDU – Simulation , Reality [UV]
Edvard Hunger – Musical Functions [Mystic Carousel Records]
Enrique Calvetty & Delano, Joris Voorn – Under Pro Remixes [Underground Progressions]
Esteban Ikasovic – Southbeach [Onestar Records]
Ewan Rill – Neos Kosmos [Sever Records]
Facundo Sosa – Amethyst [INU]
Fall Grove, FR33FALL – VA – Dimension IV [Elastic Dimension Records]
FMENEZS & Caio Assis, FMENEZS & Dan Cunha – Limbo [Transensations Records]
Following Light – Palindrome [Sawagi Noise]
Fractal Architect & Mustafa Ismaeel – The Sixth Event [MNL]
Fusion Bass – The Strength of Mind [Rice Bowl Recordings]
Gabriel Carminatti – Fiction [Droid9]
Greene – Bladerunner [Katz&Kauz]
Gypsy – I Trance You (Tim French Remix) [Limbo]
HAARI – Midnight Dreams [D&R Digital]
Ladislao – Orquidea [Dopamine White]
LFOS0 – Pyramid [Stazis]
Loux – Missing You [SoulZ Records]
Magdalena – Outlines [Bedrock Records]
Michael Salamon & YellowLight – Rotation
Monuloku – A Man and His Dog [Reformular Records]
Moral Tape – Repertoire [Figura Music]
myni8hte – Whirlpool [Ghost Digital Records]
Nadire – First step forward (feat. MJ Smallman)
Namatjira – Moons of Yesterday (Remix Project 1)
Narcotex – Rave [Dark Alien Records]
Nicolas Barbieri – Hipnominate [Modern Agenda]
Nicolas Benedetti – Bounded [Balkan Connection]
Nicolas Levin – Ruda [Massive Harmony Records]
Notorium – Zillarium [Distants Records]
Pavel Khvaleev & Miss Monique – Silent [Siona Records]
Pelintakis – Violent Delights [One Of A Kind]
Phalguna Somraj – Teresita [Abstract Space Records]
Phyzxx – Keep Going [Looper Records]
Praana – Samadhi [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Q.U.A.K.E & Aaron Suiss – Breathe [Movement Recordings]
Rainbow Addict – Fading Memories [Soluna Music]
Taproz – City Nights [Wolfrage Recordings]
Thonal – Weird Bytes [Elastic Dimension Records]
Tim August – Need to Feel Loved [Deepmode Records]
Tony Kosa – Experience [OZONO RECORDS]
VA – Ade Showcase 2020 [ALL ABOUT MUSIC]
VA – Fall 2020 [Future Avenue]
VA – Gardens Around the World
VA – Three of a Kind #06 [3rd Avenue]

Tech House

100to – She [Deep Tech Lab]
Aaron Mount & YFRY – Honey [Groove Lovers]
Ackermann – Diss Big Tech [Ignite! Records]
Adam Mist – Wild World [Richy Records]
BØSHER – Falling [Sujet Musique]
Camilo Do Santos – Go To Power [Moustache Label]
Castle & Wave – Gucci [Green Deep Collective]
Catz ‘N Dogz & Andrea Oliva – Night Flight Drama
Charlie Trimnell & Bad Boombox, LUCASMB – Vibe Controller
Christian Belt – Where the White Rabbit Lives [BcM Records]
Christo Ferti – Trouble (Original) [Autosuggestion]
CONNER UK – Do What Ya Like [ROOM 82Records]
Cross & VAPA – Out the Vicious Circle [VAPA]
D-Mile & L-Gil – Get the Drum [Sr. Events Music]
DACHMusic – The Bass Now [Red Delicious Records]
Dark Kandy, MellowMuziQ – Autumn 2020 [Unbelievable Music]
Davide Mentesana – I Don’t Believe [Price Incorrect]
Deep Death – Disco Ball [Chola Records Group]
Delgado – Fraction [We Hustle Harder]
DJ B (JO) – Moving Down [Votiva Records]
DJ Care & Jimenez IBZ – Orico [Anfrix Records]
DJ Lorren & Izidor – Catalyst [Satsuma Music]
DJ PIZZINI – The Wah Wah Song [Vibetek Records]
Dobrikan & The Gang – Open Up [Double Trouble]
Double2back & StiGy – Move Down [Green Deep Collective]
e ch – Skyscraper [Lemon Juice Records]
E. Vega – Addictive [Alveda Music]
Eduardo Drumn – Bamanankan [Dadsa Music]
Elysia – Test [Vivifier Records]
Henri Bisbon – Autumn Leaves [Bellum Records]
ILAN CORTS – Gózalo madre mía [Moromboo Sun Music]
Illuminat – Pump Up [Deep Bear]
Jhon Alejandro – Lockdown [Kore Music]
Jiminy Hop – Move Your Feet [Shambhala Music]
Joseda Leonardo & YRM – I’m a God [Sr. Events Music]
Joseph Huxley & J.Rogers – NYC Survival [Blipswitch Digital]
Joseph Katrib – Only Girl [Barbecue Records]
Kardon – Showdown [Four Stripes Records]
Kayk Marques & Leonardo Moraes – Dancin [Deep Bear]
Kelsey keep – Know Ya [Behavior Recordings]
Kenny Laakkinen – Promille Junky [Eastparcmusix]
Kevin Richards – Bangkok [Ministerium Records]
Kevin York – It’s About [Younan Music]
Kidd Vite – Bout Cha [Screev]
Krome – Every Time [Wejustman Records]
Larbac – Oxygen [So Track Boa]
LATE NIGHT ‘DUB’ ADDICT – Basement Trax [Trax Records]
Lovacc – I Got the Feeling [Eight One Records]
Mr. Oz – Break the Walls [ARTWRK]
Mucho Stylez – Yondu (Remixes) [BluFin]
Nikhony – Own Thing [Wonder Sounds]
NO1NO’s – Oh My [G-Mafia Records]
Noise Clap & Cool 7rack – Short Dick [Cool 7rack Records]
Noone Costelo – Memory Line [Happy Hour Records]
Novodisc & Flash 89 – Recondite [NONSTOP]
Orlando Voorn, Rob Pearson & Paul Donton – This Is Naughty
Oscar Mula – Hope [Observant]
Pako Ramirez – Drunken People [Habitat]
PLAYBOYz SOUNDSYSTEM – Electric Nights (John Vale Edit)
Poulper – Fases [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Renaud Genton – Brooklyn Sound [Agenda]
Richi Risco – Ku-Chara [WyldCard]
Riky López – Sizerman [ExperimentalTech Records]
Roberth in da house – Dama [Dinastia INC]
Roberth in da house – One Shot (feat. MacstikGroove)
Saby – Frozen Dreams [Apache Records]
Sansixto & Castion – See the World [Vandals Recordings]
Seeward, Big Ma.Mi – Garga Me [Flashmob LTD]
VA – Autumn Cuts [Unseen Music]
VA – Halloween 2020 [PERA181]
VA – Tech Mode [Stammtisch]
Vasco C – All Night [Supa Traxx]
VLTRA (IT) & Francis De Simone – From That Ghetto
Volkoder & Sam Supplier – Tornado [Catch & Release]

Techno & Minimal

11 Unicorns – Sonder [11 Unicorns Music]
Adrian Pitscher & Dennis Kieferle, Dominik Musiolik – Twenty-H
Aggregat – Hypomimia [Best’s Friends]
Agustin Olmedo – Opposite Poles [Black Senses]
Alberto Costas – Atlantis Paradise [Iberico Techno Label]
BAKSER BEZIMYANOVICH – Extra Bass 02 [7th Cloud]
Bato x Romeo – Acid on High Ball [PulseWave Records]
Baureal – Scattered Thoughts [Wiking Recordings]
Bendersnatch, DevLish & Maxlow – The Theatre [Infolines]
Bionoid, Dawn Razor – Gemit [Bazovoe Techno]
Body Copy – }{ [Body Cuts]
Boeseman – Playsie! [Destrukt Sound Records]
Bolster – Titania [Gravity Records (BE)]
Brian Rundlett & Joey Rundlett – Voyager
Brookarter – Stolen River [DDGL Intense]
Bryn Green – Lost Scrolls [Sequential Music]
Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald – Attenuator
Centeno – Incognit Vibes [dZb Records]
Chinanski – Skylight [Understated Records]
Christoph Ammon – Nox [Produced Record]
Elements of no Rules – Still Beats Bang
Emiliano 50 – Mind Games [Toxic Recordings]
Enformig – Latest Works from Earth [NXT Recordings]
ERIC SAN – Stop In Time [Underdub Records]
Esilum – Deviation [Lett Records]
EXIT7, Mark Wildman – Beats Showcase 8 [Beats HD]
Faber (Italy) – Ok Let’s Go!!! [SMR Underground]
Feelin’ Acid – Urban Tribes [Sapyens Records]
Filalete – Kleebi Khart [Neu Gravity]
Fly Insect – Pet Shopping , Up for Air [L&T Recordings]
Hjaers Jintu – Judgement Day [DDGL Experimental]
Holldën – Missed Appointments [Out-Er]
Hopo – TriTri [Trident Music]
IGONZ DJ – Mad Cop [Wejustman Records]
Infinite Size – Take the Space [SUB TL]
Intens Focus – Shut Up [Refur Records]
Ivan BM – State of Acid [Fresh Cut]
Ivan Feher – Yame [76 Recordings]
J.O.S.H.U.A – Sing With Me (A magical jaro moment)
Javi Audile – Contra Viento y Marea [Shiitake Records]
Javi Sphere – Ilogical State [Dry or Wet Records]
Jeff Dj – Wake Up Buddy [LETS TECHNO records]
Jendro – Old Gold [grschtrgr]
Jens Jakob – 15 Steps [Unique Sound Records]
Jesse Bengold – Strn [Division Virtuel]
Jimmyzkinz – The Cross Remixes [WLM Hard]
Johannes Menzel – Pildrum [Airborne Black]
Josh Leunan – Specimen X [RedRoots Records]
Julius Beat & Madstring, Julius Beat – Hearbeat! Remixes!
Monzart – Classic Techno [Paktoor Records]
Mr Brico – Junction 23 [Rhythm Robot Records]
MSLWTE – Self Authenticate [Singularity Recordings]
Naje – Arena [Fehler-Musik]
Nas Nerdat – Driving Home [Effusis]
Natalino Nunes – Bird [Kaligo Records]
Natalino Nunes & Mig-L – Abstract Voodoo [Hard Hat Digital]
Nbst – Game [Trashz Recordz]
Noel Jackson – Grateful [Superfreq]
North Barton – 2 For You [Love Stoned Records]
Nu Expimentals – Wrong Words [Effusis]
OF REZZ – Mirror Stage [Techno Flyer]
Old & Kid – Shadows AB sides [BLVCK LABEL]
Oldskool Boyz – Pure [Znas Music]
Orange Brothers – Mater Dei [Sonusfield]
Outlander – Tactical Trepanation [Trialz Records]
P.A. Presents – Flight Acid , Salicylic Stimulator [U-TRAX]
PANTHA PANG – Bunker [Lincor Apex]
Pas Cam – Devastante [No Design]
Paschi – Analog Resources [Organica Sound]
Periko Jiménez & Juanvy – Asynctomatico [JAM 21]
Peter – Am Cific [Machine Control Records]
Peter Henco – Trespassing [LittleibizaRECORDS]
PJ Addinall – Mamaliga [Future Feelings Berlin]
Plague Exhibition – Without Mercy [Wunderblock Records]
Quiet Men – Transition [space lab]
RangR – Shaman [Black Line Recordings]
Raverstaywifme – 000 [Clan Destine Records]
REDD 42 – X.T.C. [REDD 42]
Ren Ascutt – Forbidden Freedom [Nightmare Unlimited]
Renlik Raj – Good Intentions [Effusis]
Rhythm Assembler – Focus [Methodical]
Upwellings – Mineralization’s Dubs [spclnch]
VA – Aspects [Kidz Luv Tekkno]
VA – Gynoid 200 [GYNOID200]
VA – Halloween Edition [PLO089]
VA – Magnetic Fields [Crescent London]
VA – Techyouverymuch Amsterdam Underground 2020
VA – The Meaning of Rave VA003 [The Meaning Of Rave]
Vaarenheit – Who I Am With [Bunk3r R3cords]
VAEN – Drive up the coast [Basics Avenue]
Valetuottaja – My Love Is Raw [Frum Wrum Records]
Venedetty – Toxoplasmosis [Asphixia Records]
Vic Zee – The Fool [Swarm Sound System]
Vlien – Gehirn [Acid]
War Scenes – Strangerz Crossin [Animal Farm Records]