Afro House

40D – O Astuto [Africa Mix]
AfrotoniQue – Rebirth [Open Bar Music]
Albert Delgado – Yarirokue [T Sounds Recordings]
Alberto Dimeo & Rafael Drager – Los Kilimanjaros
AMVN – Ngoma [The World Is Mine Rec]
Bomba Flex – Fulani Trip (feat. Ibou Sow)
Cacharel – The Power of Music [Do You Be You Records]
Candy Man – Northern Star [Afrocentric Records]
Ccino Deep – Still Walking [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Christos Fourkis – Elephant Story [Retrolounge Records]
Dj Nastor – The Final [Lukulu Recordings]
Dr. Feel – Amun [Reenboog]
Effort Gashu & Kead Wikead – Tjikalanga [Auric Music]
Felipe C. – Africa Leads [Netswork Digital Records]
Fishora – Mwenye Bashasha [Veksler Records]
Funkky – Tenere Journey [Azucar Distribution]
ICKY SHOW – Iimpondo [Seaburn Records]
J Maloe & Heidi B – New Life (Naamane Remix)
Jose Delgado – Djalina djali (feat. TeePaa Gueye)
K.E.E.N.E & Jackie Plummer – Why Do You Worry Remixes
Kazko – Chica Loca [Sonido D Club Records]
Kev Dot + Jiggx – Cry Freedom [Afro Riddims Records]
Lucky Soda & Insolentes, Reveh & Drezza – Medusa
Motivesoul – Eyes of the World [Me and Music Digital Distributors]
Naethan – Kahani [Kanvas]
NxOms – Apollo [Mavek Recordings]
Oddxperienc – Summerized [Herbal 3 Distribution]
Özhan Özal – Take My Breath [Airport Records]
Pex Kuzabruto – Sakutan [Finason RCRDS]
Ricky Alves – Unknown Creatures [Uncover Music]
Roberto Palmero – Ma – Ah [MoBlack Records]
Sexgadget – Marijuana [Looper Records]
Tnure & Mark Bene – System Support [PMLG]
VA – Ade 2020 [1980 Recordings]
Yokhe´c – Ahogando Penas [BeatBanks Lat]


Acidova, Dellife – Elements [Morphosis Records]
Aluna – Renaissance (Kiwi Remixes)
BNC – Chase Vampire [My Boom Raise The Dead]
Breaksucker – Take Me Away [10th Planet Records]
Ceylon & Lucariello – A Mmane Crure [Pizzicato Music]
DJ Magic Mike & OnDaMiKe – Call Me [Ravesta Records]
DJ Schwa & Daniel Mencel, Name Does Not Matter – Do Tracks
DJ SHPERMA – Tuga-Tek [Extended Records]
Djxx – Hardcore Halloween [Tuff Sound Records]
Fran Trelles – Low Tide [ESTUFAREC]
FunkEnergy – Red Lips [UPUK Records]
George John – Personal Bars [Get Together]
Godblesscomputers – Float [La Tempesta Dischi]
Guau & Nosk – Dune [83]
HatStandy – The Weathergirl [Ghost Fat Productions]
Infiniti (Scott Christina) – Who’s In Control
Lowco – Lights Out [Punks]
MIAU – Funky Pop [Elektroshok Records]
Moonoton – Max Bleep [IDA]
Mute. – Cull Destroy Poem (A Song for Suki) [Dark. Descent.]
PINGÜINO & DJ DIlect, PINGÜINO – Move Around
PRODUKDo – Heavy Rain [Base Industry Records]
Sasha Dog – Chasopys [Calligraphy Recordings]
The Droid – Rewire the System [Woodwork Recordings]
There it is – Knife Fight [Brooklyn Fire]
Thug Shells & Shade K – Spooky Scary [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Thysfunktion – Lonely Future [Me Gusta Records]


3N8, Desde La Choza, Laureano Sánchez, Maripau, Angel Bernal & Mori – Sirena
7 Day Sound & Junior Paes – Hold Me Strong
Adln – Vivre loin de tout [MCT Luxury]
Alex Keeper & Jacob Targo – Desire [Crosswalk Records]
Alex Parker & Bastien – I Need You [Nitron Music]
Alex Spite – We Must Save It [Impure]
Anaïs – Rubix [BooDog Records]
Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz – Zombie (VIP Mix)
Annie Who & Robert Abigail – Ponte las Pilas [ARROGATE]
Arctic Nation – One Day [Wolfrage Recordings]
AronChupa & Little Sis Nora – What Was in That Glass
AudioBricks – Fixation (You Lied) [Aubio Records]
BADGER – Gloop , Syntax Error [Kaneda Records]
Ballester & M.SIID – My Own World [Impure]
Bartes – Fallin in Love [Houve]
Bassboy – With Me (feat. Salo) [Lindagrooves]
Benks – Rythm of the Night (feat. Márkus Liza) [Extended Mix]
BLV – Rocket Man [DOWSE MUSIC]
Bracornichon – Pickle’s Time [Horus Music Limited]
Cadence – Say It To Me [Teamwrk Records]
Caitlyn Scarlett & Raf Riley – No Gentlemen (Remixes) [Loup Ent]
Chimera State & Beatrix Delgado – Afraid [Chimera State Records]
Christopher von Deylen – Colors [Masterworks]
Chuck Bari & The Shackers – Your Mama Don’t Dance (feat. Huey Lewis)
Clef & Canberra – Enemy (feat. Manolo) [Gemstone Records]
Corza Hares – Gins [Effusis]
CRi – Juvenile [Anjunadeep]
Cristian Poow – Tell You Something [Dbeatzion Records]
Curly Carin – You and Me [YouTunez]
Dani Fabrega – New Light [Enormous Chills]
Dirty Sole – Elevated [Dirty Sole Music]
DJ Ala & Madliv – Como Rasta [Profimedia]
DJ Gargiulo – The Devil’s Eyes [Gar Disco Records]
DJ Savelyev – Periscope [JUMP SOUND]
Dj Straw – Love Me Now [Spinnup]
Dreamtrak – Show Me Your Energy [Dreamtrak]
Dubdogz & Quarterhead – Cookie Dough
Eryn Martin – Who Wouldn’t [Cinematic Music Group]
Eternum – Let Me Go (feat. Brandon Mignacca)
Eutropic – AGE [Aztec Records]
Flexxus – Not Your Lady [You Love Dance]
Forester – Undercover [Palm Tree Records]
Fubu – Best of Me (feat. Chelsey Chantelle)
Glitzch & Paije – Keep On Dancing [New State Music]
Golin – Crush [TWIN (US)]
High On Us – Bitch [Golden Chocolate Records]
Hot Pixels – I Like It [Epic Tones Records]
Hybrid Funk Theory – Caribbean Nights [Summer Music]
Ivan Die – Timelapse [Ivantisouls]
Jacktigerz & Sara May – Not Anymore [Run Free]
Jai Wolf – Moon Rider (feat. Wrabel) [Ilo Ilo Remix]
Joakim Molitor & Bellhouse – Tasted Gold [Uniform Beat]
Kai Wachi & Dylan Matthew – Run (Remixes)
Kapi Gantsu & Mpumie Twala, Kapi Gantsu – Mkhenke
Keiks – Dance All Night [Sosumi Records]
Kian & Ludvig – Dreamscapes I [Noisy Meditation]
Kota Embassy – Future Classics [Dansflo Productions]
Koyote – Zabudem [Songmoney]
Kuman – I Miss You [Toxic Astronaut]
Last Heroes & Woodlock – Finding Light [Ophelia]
Lemex – Dangerous [Deep Insane]
Liam Laghan – The Haze [Twisted Cells]
LIZOT, Amfree & Ampris – Boom Boom Boom Boom (Amfree & Ampris Mix)
LK – Truth Be Told (feat. Chloë Johnson) [Ensis Records]
Luca Ballanti – Waste Your Time [Style Records]
Luca Lazza & Niko Spro – Think About That. [Love & Beats]
Luke B & LVGA – Again and Again [1st Strike]
M4MBØ – Set Your Body Free [NYLO]
Madison Mars – Best One Yet (feat. Little League)
Marc Vedo – Tension (feat. Miss Stakes) [Perfect Havoc]
Mark Dright – Just Believe (feat. Liz Hill) [ONLY THE BEST]
Matt U Johnson – Gwan Get It (feat. Sito Rocks & Choclair)
Mauri Carrazana – Hoshe [Toxic Astronaut]
Melloton – Superstring [TB Media]
MI-NY First Class – Alma [ClubBang]
Michael Rogel – Crosses [Sounds Of Urban]
Mike Kohl – Desesperado [Midnight Language]
Modern Brothers – Taste U [Life Town Records]
Mokadrumz, Ennio & Lion Bigmao – Slow Down
Murci – Long Nights [Parametric]
N1XON – No Apologies [Enigmatic]
NAKOSAN – Endless Road [Jhaps Records]
NERVO & Jess Ball – Acrylic [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Nils van Zandt – Shameless (feat. Stef Classens)
Nimbus Sextet – Lily White (Matthew Herbert’s Singing Dub)
Nokto – Flying [Run Free]
Obzkure – My Eyes [Deep Strips]
Octive – Square Waves [Limitless Musik]
ONEIL & Titov – Closed [LucidPlain Records]
Pat Lok & CHU, Thandi Phoenix – Gone Is Yesterday (Remixes)
Platinum Doug – Harder Without You [No Definition]
Raf Riley & Caitlyn Scarlett – No Gentlemen (Clip 2) [Loup Ent]
Rashen Band – Bargard [Assay Records (Promind)]
Redondo & Charles J – My Love [SPRS]
Relique & Almero – Captivity [FONK Recordings (Official)]
Resqo – Back 2 You [Supertunes]
Riké – Au coin du feu [Echo Productions]
Roman Naboka – Beyond the Galaxy [Brave Worm]
Rud Van Hagens – Saxo Beat [Airplay Music Masters]
Ryoji Takahashi – Tonight feat. Raymond Lee – Piano Version
Seylow – Underworld [Kibbutz Records]
Sia Thompson – U Need Me [Clublife Records]
Solomun – Home [ChillYourMind]
St Lucifer – FutureNoisePsychology [AnalogueTrash Records]
Stewart Birch – Upgrade (Birchy’s Bumpin’ Mix)
Stewart Birch – Upgrade [Imprinted Records]
Synthetic Redemption Project – Traces [Toxic Astronaut]
Szakacs Gergo & Diazbeats – Ne sajnálj (Diazbeats Remix)
Thomas Gold, Flaremode & Krimsonn – What It Feels Like
UMAROBA NEZINGWE – Sivela Embiza [H3M Production]
VA – Terrence Parker Quintessential Sessions – Compiled & Mixed by Terrence Parker
Wonga – Talk About It [Slap’ Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

11th Hour – Imminent [Circle Vision]
91degrees – Life Underwater [Privelege Music]
111 (Eleven One) – Diosa [Timeless]
Absence Of Self, KNGHT – Elevation [Nu Venture Records]
Afterblaster – Afterblaster (Remastered) [Brique Rouge]
Air K & Cephei – No Promises [Integral Records]
Alavate – Reinforcement [Cloud Nine Recordings]
Ales Fabiani – We Don’t Stop [AF Mvsic]
Alex & Mark – Get Down [Get Down Recordings]
Alex Helder – Spacecraft [Magnified Recordings]
Alex M – It’s So Raw [Hungry Koala Records]
AlienPark & Megahurtz – Turf War [High Caliber Records]
Alox – Remember [Rebeat]
Andrea Mariani – People Are You Ready [Wiking Recordings]
Andy LaToggo & Squeaky Noise – Wwftc [tb festival]
aneyy – Father’s Belt [FKBT Records]
Arxiva – Apocryph , Nomads [Fuck About! Drum & Bass]
Aseity – Beat Down [UDM Label Group]
Ash Dubz & Psycho – Fried Boss [Musichasm Records]
Awakend & Rickie Nolls – Let You Go [Proximity]
Axel Boy – Lift Me Up [UKF]
Ažurely – Dark Mode [Do Not Duplicate Recordings]
B Plagued – Iblis the Sheytan (Wrath) [Behavior Recordings]
B-LLO – Virus [Wiking Recordings]
Banana Biz – Best Side [TRENT]
Barbee – Erj Hozzam (Delighters Remix) [Baby Smile Records]
Bear Grillz & Dion Timmer – Scumbag (feat. Atarii)
Benny Bubblez – The Curse [Subsense]
Bion – Collide [Embarcadero Records]
Birthdayy Partyy – Take It [19K]
BlackJack – Valhalla [Wiking Recordings]
BLACKVEL & Religare – Selfish Desires [FEATURE]
Blaqout – Hit Em Up [IRIDIUM]
Blue Marble – Summer Romance [Marble Recordings]
Bonsche – Get My Money [YouTunez]
Bricklake & Purebeat – Big Band 2020 [Pure Tunes]
Brillabongs – Toka Tokah [TurnItUp Muzik]
Bunnerz – Pluto [DNB Allstars Records]
Camo & Krooked & Mefjus – No Tomorrow (feat. Sophie Lindinger)
Chester Young & Gellero – Can’t Escape [TurnItUp Muzik]
Cihanback – Bring It On [KHB Music]
Cirillo JR – Isabel [In My Opinion]
CJ Cold – Down Down [DNA Revolutions Recordings]
Clb & Formula – Moving Forward [Space Yacht]
Commodo – Transit [Black Acre Records]
Confusious, Dose – Bad Robot (feat. Confusious) [Voyage Music]
Contakt – Hyper Drive [DirtySnatcha Records]
Crankdat – Dark Room [Monstercat]
Craymak – The Nights (feat. Green Light Go & Karate Kactus)
Crixtux & Jakka – In the dark (feat. G) [GNERECORDS]
Crusy – Smoke [Confession]
Cybertr0n – Owl Adventure [Disciple Round Table]
Cybin – Shinobi [Intrigue Music]
D-Sabber – Ametist [Time of Night]
Daniel Etienne, Kevin Brand & Revealed Recordings – Afterlife
Danny Darko – 50 Shades of Blue (Amnezii Remix) [feat. Hannah Koski]
DAQFE – Amplified World [Rave In The Garden]
Dash Berlin & Gid Sedgwick – See In the Dark [BODYWRMR]
Dave202 – Downtown [S2 Records]
DB Patrick – Around & Around [DBP Recordings]
Deformaty – Mass Murder is a Lazy Man’s X Factor [Badkill Records]
DenPelm – Nebula [Spiralation]
DentedAphid7 – Burai Fighter [DP7 Music]
Deuce & Charger & Toronto Is Broken – Always In Motion (SyRan Remix)
Dezent Movez – Two Nights in Kairo [Global Music Records]
Di Bosco – Cacio e pepe [Wagram Music , Cinq 7]
Di Martino & Chipper – Oops Side Down [uVeKa Music]
DIARO & KEAN DYSSO – Therma [Ghetto]
Digitaldubs – Bills Piling Up (feat. Rebel Layonn) [Isaac Maya Remix]
Dina Turner – So Easy [Fresh Coast Recordings]
Diphasic – IV [Bryter Audio]
Disrupta – UFO,Bongo Lover [Bingo Bass]
DJ Direkt – Obliteration, Pt. 2 [Kevlar Beats]
DJ Huguito & Alex Holmes – Just Hold On [Multiplayer Records]
DJ Jdee – Icon [DENAR RCRDS]
DJ Stress M.C.P – Elder Son [Rubin Records]
DJ Timbawolf & MC Blenda – Lemonade & Brandy
DJ Wrekid – Fire [DKSTR RCRDS]
DuoScience, Mystific – Girl, Closed Eyes [DNBB Digital]
DVeight – Bullets [Full Flex Audio]
Elbi UK & Napes – Pon Di Attack Soundclash 99
Emba & Tempza – All Our Years [Spearhead Records]
Erritate – Garden Tune [Section 23]
ESKR, Mooncore – Play Me RECESS, 4 [Play Me Too Records]
Eugenio Ferrara & Maurizio Lessi – I Wanna (Feel Project Edit)
Exploid – Glitch in the System [Raw Audio]
Filibration – Cartoon Individual [Stimulate]
Flatland Funk & Smiles Only – Living For Today [emengy]
FLERO & PVRPLE. – Bad Girl [Ninety9Lives]
Flowrian, Simstah & Chris Harmonics – Restless
Forever Heaven – The Good Ship [Modulate Records]
Fuelized – Discussions [Bassface Audio D&B]
Funky Craig – Mami Wurk (feat. Ma-less) [Group Chat]
Future Class & Makloud – Good Dope [Skink]
Ghost Asset – Bass Machines [CongaRecords]
Giganti – Imagine [Viper Recordings]
Gloovez – We Gonna [AT ME]
GODDIEL – Nanana [Lime Records]
GOLD Dubs, Kalum & Zen Lewis – Silver Lining
Hard to Frame – Ghosts Remixed [XION]
HateBerry – Rewind [Agavond Records]
Herby – Next Stop , Shivers [Sub-Division Recordings]
Higher Sector – Gods Will [Higher Sector]
Higher Sector – Gummo [Higher Sector]
HLTWCK – Pick it Up [Phatt Tunes Music]
Hotcaller & Second Degree – Communication Failure
Hottest, Foulkz & Zuelo – Take a Chance
HYPRESSION – Bipolar [Bite This!]
Imanzi, Mungk – From the Vault (feat. Imanzi & Killa P & Natty Campbell)
Imperial Metrics – Flow [Inferiae Records]
Insct – Skrapfunk [Melting Pot Records]
Invasion – 2am Alarm [Expression Audio]
INViDA & Lachi – Bigger Plans [RUN DBN]
Jake Jude – Red Shift [ONLY THE BEST]
Jalaya – The Cobra [Sleeveless Records]
Jason Blanco – Feel That Bass [Houseworx Sessions]
Jaxie – God Damn [Afterpresent Records]
Jay Cavi – Mongoose [Cavi Muzik]
John Christian – Look Amme Go [Hysteria]
Jphelpz – Throw Em [Big Up Sound]
Julius Beat – Gunning You Down [Dragon Records]
Kadouke – Sana [BAM BAM]
Karpy – Dangerous [BROHOUSE Music]
Kaymasli Emre – Dance Floor [Lime Records]
KEAN DYSSO – Flex My Ice [Echo Music Records]
Kevin Wesp – Alive [Hall Of Helmets]
KOU & SYN – Riot [Welcome Records]
Kouatl – Be as Water [BMA Records]
KSHMR & Jeremy Oceans – One More Round (Free Fire Booyah Day Theme Song)
Kutz – Pied Piper , Call of Response [Death By Bass Recordings]
KY – Demolition Man [Biological Beats]
Lau Kid, RevoideN – Break It Down [Lowdown Recordings]
Libercio – Devil Roads [Ghetto]
Lo Capacitives – Down Dirty [DDGL Experimental]
Loskies & Ray3urn – Abaddon [Music High Court]
LouMusic – Blood, Bets N Razors [G-Mafia Records]
Lourenzo – Forevermore (feat. Diego Santander)
Lowcut – Don’t You Feel [Deep Bear]
Lowdown – Move Ya [Dim Mak Records]
Lowfreak – Get Loose [IbizaDJ Records]
Lvis Rose – Purple Rays [DENAR RCRDS]
M4RO – Undercover Love [Black Lemon Records]
Madflick – Goldfinch Ozzy [KINFree]
Manuel Lauren – Dumb Dumb [Shootin Records]
Michael Lami – Hurricane [Ghetto]
Mike Van Dee – Natural One [Planet Trax]
Mind Artifice – MindRyde [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Motar & Notarin – Monkey Flip [Odio Records]
Motiv – Break the Spell [Original Key Records]
MR.BLACK & Pangea – Heroes (Blackcode Remix)
MsDoS – Rough Drops 3 [Liquid Drops]
Narcotex – Zeus [Apache Records]
Nazaar & Pixel Terror – Imperial [Bassrush Records]
Neman – Exist [Latch Recordings]
Neoshock – SuperNatural [Glerx Records]
Nicky Gold – SIXES [Wolfrage Recordings]
Nomeli & NIKAI – Rain Inside [Simplify.]
Nosta 2 Larue – Don’t Matter [Publiciti]
Nuvertal – Apogee [Program]
Ocean Roulette – Bizerk [Box Of Cats]
Oneill Phase – Blue Light [ONLY THE BEST]
Owls Of Filth – Temperature [Deep Quake Music]
PA – Ghost Fighter , End Game [Weapons of Choice Recordings]
Part Time Menace – Romper Stomper , Mad Ting
Perry Farrell & Hyper – Pirate Punk Politician (Hyper Remix)
Phil Praise – Chak Chak (feat. Mr. Shammi) [TRAK MUSIC]
pluko & Moby Rich – The sound (w, Moby Rich)
Pole – Nebelkrähe [MUTE]
Pysch – Medicated [Subway Soundz]
RA-DO – Deep into the Amen Pt.2 [Kos.Mos.Music]
Ralf Velasquez – Back Around [Velasquez Records]
Retro Mars, Swedish Revolution & LoudWorship – Alice
Rinse & Repeat – Run & Hide [Wiking Recordings]
RIOT – Down With Your Love [Gud Vibrations]
Roberto Rodriguez (PL) – Live with the Bass [ONLY THE BEST]
Ruben Naess – Get Down [Get Down Recordings]
Ryuken – Stylin’ [Bang It]
Safwan Islam & Talha Gamez – Eternity [Track Record]
Sage Armstrong & Arnold & Lane, BOT – Sage & Friends
Salem – Red River [Salem]
Samhz & Krea – Hey Mr. DJ [NEXIMA]
Sarandub – To Succeed [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Scandal – Illusions [29 DNB]
Sedo – Terminus [In-Reach Records]
Spaow – Jungle 3000 [Liondub International]
SPOT – Amphetamine [LXXIV Records]
SQWAD – U Don’t Know [Divided Souls]
Stephan Vanbergh – Scary Nights [Vanbergh Music]
Stephan Vegas & P.J. Hawn – Beautiful Day (feat. Penny Hannant)
Steven Ace – No Problems [No Fame Only Talent]
Steven Vegas – Let’s Go Back [TurnItUp Muzik]
Steyyx & Robbie Rosen – Somebody Loves You [Ensis Records]
Strong R. – Flauta [Strong Music Records]
Subsonic – With You [Elevate Records (UK)]
Sunministers – Thunderstorm [Musata Music]
SWACQ & Willy William – Loco [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Sweet Teeth & Mylky, Sweet Teeth – Rage [GRVDNCR]
Synaps Rider – Riot [Ape Raw Records]
T-Cuts – Gun Talk [MINED]
Taby – Clockwork [UTM-Records]
tamai – Lost [Leading Astray]
Taproz – I Like Dat [Musata Music]
TC – Sounds Like Tc [Don’t Play]
Templefeld – Day of Reckoning [Midnight Shift]
ThonyVinttagge – Let Me Shine [Glerx Records]
Toby Ross – Flavours [DNB Allstars Records]
TVBOO – Something 4 Ur Mind [Wakaan]
VA – ADE SAMPLER 2020 [Ensis Records]
VA – Alumni [Invicta Audio]
VA – Ghetto Ghetto ADE III [Ghetto Ghetto]
VA – Kfr Trp [KFR Records]
Veltone – Break It! [Epical Tune]
Venuskarter – Traitors [Cross Faded Records]
Vicman Romero & Mike Sildavia – MDFK (feat. Emmaly Brown)
Vihaan – Energy [Musata Music]
Viktor Wagner – Tunnel [Angel Helicopter]
Vinyl Junkie – Tiger Style [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Vital – Hard as Nails [Clawhammer Recordz]
VUIIK – Cube [Vulkano Records]
Wolfpack, Futuristic Polar Bears & Nick Havsen – Lord of the Rave
Wrekka – Skeng Talk [Dutty Bass Audio]
Wye Nawt – In the Dark [Sauce Kitchen]
Xcursion – Bass Music Song (Feat. Ellie Saunders) [UFO RECORDZ]
XINGO – Rym 2612 [Glitchworld Recordings]
XNXX – Electric Vibes [Future Sonar]
YOS – Reflections [Ten Ton Beats]
Yoteii – Nostalgia , The Virus [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Zanoii – When You Are Here [V Records UK]


84Bit – Losing My Mind [Simma Black]
Ablaikan & Gökay Ekin – Into U [Xmax Records]
Adapt. – Inside That Counts [Koda Recordings]
Adri Block – Lovin You (Clubmix) [Gimme The Night]
Adrian Bourgy – Te Necesito [DJP Label]
Agasp – Heavenly With U [Phunk Junk Dark]
Anané – Get On The Funk Train [Nervous Records]
Andrew Felo & Anaya Weathers – Me [Pasqua Records]
Antony Oseyemi aka Phoenix Kayode, Nkokhi – Journey of Life
Aphradan & Jenny Bean – Strut (Original Mixes and Dna Studios Remix)
BBwhite – Release Your Self [Cultural District Recordings]
Benny Camaro – Illusion [Sixty8beats]
Berne Velasquez – September Feeling [MUSCARIA PROJECT]
Black Box – Open Your Eyes (CR-78 Remix) [Groove Groove Melody]
Blaikz – You Are (Remixes) [Viventas Music]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – It’s a Shame [Next-Gen-Records]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Think It Over (Extended Mix)
Bonr J Stan – Polar Gold [Berlin Star Records]
Bosley – Que Importa [DNW Records]
BTRK – All Over Again [Reload Music]
Choice Vibe – Somebody 4 Me , Parrty Down [Nervous Records]
Cristobal & Jamiez – The Bomb [HAUSA GROOVE]
Cupertino – Marrakesh [Vamos Music Talents]
Curly Hook – Let Me Down [Spitfire Music]
D.O.T.I – Running [Artists Network Revolution]
Da Funk Junkies – It Lifts Me Up [Which Bottle ]
Damo Cox – Took a Bite [Hot Sunday Records]
Danny Clark & Jay Benham – Call It Done (feat. Andrea Love)
DARIO NUÑEZ & MISAEL DEEJAY – Stema [Noentiendo Records]
Dark Intensity – Body Sync [Tazmania Records]
Dave Roy Bland – Tilos (Hjm Mix) [HJM Records]
david brings – Taste of You [Artistfy Music]
Deftone – Straight Out [Groovy Riddim Records]
Deni Maker – The Music is Burning [Sunrising Records]
DGT – Lets Av It [Rump Records]
Diego Saintz & Oz Mafra – Waiting for Love [G-Mafia Records]
Din Jay – Gimme The Power (Funkatomic Remix) [WU Records]
Divine – Shut Up and Dance [Total Freedom +]
DJ Acid – Motorbike [Sanelow Label]
DJ Code – Crazy Dancer (Deep Mix) [29 Deep]
DJ EFX – From Da Soul (Remixed) [Selekta Recordings]
Dj Manuel.T.J. – Hypnotic [Puro Beat]
DJiPHONE – Disco Death [THE TRIP]
Eli Escobar – What You Said [Night People]
Elliphant & Vera Hotsauce – Lick Me [Record Company TEN]
Empat – Reflections [Leftback Intercities]
FLERO & Bassani – Execute [Future Cuts]
Flight School & Team Different – Quicksand (feat. Libby Larkin)
Forever 80 – Cumbia Cienaguera [Digital Village Music]
Francesco Ferraro – Everyday Is a Quest [Knuck!]
Glenn Loopez – Dance All Nite [Borderless Records]
Gökay Ekin – Black Bacardi [Xmax Records]
Gökay Ekin – Like Before [Xmax Records]
Gökay Ekin – Raver [Xmax Records]
Gökay Ekin – Rough Road [Xmax Records]
Gökay Ekin – Suicide [Xmax Records]
Gökay Ekin & XZEEZ – Paka Poka [Xmax Records]
Greed. & BTW – Half Steppin’ [Gold Digger Records]
Harry Color – Raga Is in the Club [La Casa Recordings]
Heart Saver – Time to Groove [Juiced Music]
Hot Since 82 & Rudimental – Be Strong [Knee Deep In Sound]
Hudson Cerone – Finish What You Started [Casa Day Pots]
HWG – Can’t Fool Me (feat. Hny) [Low Steppa Remix] [d vision]
Hyper-X – The Zone [Big Tunes Records]
INTRN – New Distractions [Opposition]
Jay Ward – In My Soul [Deeplife Records]
Jovan Le Saunier – Bovnz [Spitfire Music]
Juanma Tadeo – Keep Going On [WAFO Music]
Kate Stables – If You’re Free (Music from the BBC Programme ‘Life’)
Kideko – The Instruction [Club Sweat]
Kikko Esse – Get Up [Soul Departure Music]
Kiro Prime & Dani Masi – Baile (feat. Juan Trumpet)
Kischa Link – Just Keep the Faith [Mantree Records]
Kostenko Brothers – Brazilian Cassette [Dirty Low Rec’s]
KPD – Control Your Destiny [Ocean Trax]
Lebedev (RU) – Into the Jazz [Rhythm Section]
LEOSOLAR – Brutal (Here and Now) [LEOSOLAR MUSIC]
Liu Rosa & RafaeL Starcevic – Sunrise (Radio Edit) [Freak StarZ Records]
Lizzie Curious – Deep in My Soul [Cruise Music]
Lou Casablanca – Move with the Beat (Radio Edit)
Luca Debonaire – Blinded by the Light [Omerta]
Luis Bravo – Negrito’s Gang [CRMS Records]
Lykov – Movin On [Which Bottle ]
Manu Santos – Kyoto [Zarabunda Records]
Marco Fratty – High (Remix 2020) [Audio Recordings]
Marina Diniz & PYERRE – Shy [Glorie Deep]
Mario Dubbz & LTO – Cali Creatures [Little Jack]
Martin Badder – Shining Bright [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
MastroMauro – Funky Shake (Club Mix) [kluBasic Records]
Matroda – Rescue Me [Insomniac Records]
Matthias Geist – Discussions [#AT]
Mazara – Envy [Spitfire Music]
Michael Harris – Kiss Away My Frears [Anunak]
Mike Shannon – Sunrise on the Guild [Haunt]
MODUS DEEP – Back to Da 90’s [Modus Deep Records]
Mosaic Musiq – Abafazi (Gender Based Violence)
Moshu & Mihai V – Funky Feelings [Tactical Trax]
Mus Threee & The Funklovers – Real Good Feeling
Mutiny UK – Mutations, Volume. 4 [Sunflower Records]
Nacho Molina – Lofi City [Díscola Roots]
Neens – Say You Love Me More [SevenSeven Records]
Nick Martira – In the Dark [Beatrain Records]
Nicola Babetto – Meditation [Hartica]
NØTAMUSED – Dadada [RUN DEEP Records]
Oggie B – Downstairs [Blue Town Records]
Oli Hodges & Will Varley – We’re Back (feat. Alissa May)
P-Sol – Everybody [Wall Of Fame]
Paluma – Be with U [LVCHLD]
Paul Mendez – Carioca [Ultrachic Music]
PEZNT – What You Need [Blockhead Recordings]
Physical Dreams – Calming Sounds [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Falling Love [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams, Podynando – Memories
Porgie – Jazza [M-Sol Records]
Pulse Nation Project – My Tech Funky [Red Delicious Records]
Q_RAY_X – Bosfair [Xmax Records]
Retro Groover – To the Funk (Deluxe Edition) [Houseworx Sessions]
Rick Marshall – That Feeling [Funky Revival]
RKS – Dancefloor Stories [Taste Rec.]
Rogerseventytwo – Artificial Love (feat. Abee) [STMPD RCRDS]
Rubber People & Jonny Sonic – What It Seems
Schnodig – Nerver I En Bunt (Skl Acid Remix) [Beatservice]
Sebb Junior – Don’t Stop (feat. Eric Roberson & Paula)
Sebdax – No One Knows [HAUSA GROOVE]
Shaun Jnr – Tomorrow [Immoral Music]
Shirry D & Terri B! – Come Together (Mixes) [Carrillo Music LLC]
Slow Life Program – Voltage Sequence [Sub Amp]
Starkillers & Andrea Godin – Time & Lovin [Scarlet Cartels]
Stefano Bersola – I Want You [Ma Music]
Sugar Shake – Our Friends Think [Phoenix Music Inc]
Swaph’nil & DJ Ravish – Without You (feat. Destiny Hooks)
Taank Moog – Skelem [Red Lamp Records]
Tabasco Bob – Deep in Your Love [Electronic Playground Recordings]
Tantok – Tequila [Complex Destroyerz]
Taxmaster – Hi Steppa [Tactical Records]
Té Nero – Spiritless [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
Teddy Black – You Got Me Twisted [MONOSIDE]
The AB Brothers & William Saroyan – My Artsakh (Remix)
Tim Wayne & Egypt English – Empower Self
Tiziano G – Vibes [Skullbusted]
Todd Terry & Robin S. – All That I Got [Inhouse]
Toni Wolverine, G-Project & Arnau Ariza – Love Me
Tony Future – Fall of love [Organic Boogie]
Tony Garcia – Mother Funker [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Tony Garcia – Over Pyramids [Souluxe Record Co]
VA – 8th Anniversary
VA – 2020 Fall Sampler [UHHQ]
VA – All Night Long Amsterdam 2020 [All Night Long Records]
VA – Bahrein Records VA 1 [Bahrein Records]
Victor Porfidio – To My Heart (Damon Hess Remix) [2Dutch Air]
yenss – Warmth [Stereo Breeze]
Zemyu – In This Groove. [Zemyu]

Leftfield Bass

Amor Satyr, Mala Femmina – Lcr003 [Le Chatroom]
Arkham Sound, King Monday – DUPLOC SELECTS – Chapter Three [DUPLOC]
Fett – Spirits [Nomine Sound]
JFO – Ace of Swords [Tarot Recordings]
SWR – Square Soulja [Infernal Sounds]

Melodic House & Techno

2J – Billie [Stereofly Records]
2Sound – Fairyland [Slow Deep Records]
Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito) – Come Back [Neurotics Recordings]
Adam Cooper & Natasha Burnett – Eyes Shut (Space Edition)
AESLY – Qurum Beach [Enormous Chills]
After Sunrise – Wind [7th Cloud]
Alangii – Chromatics [Mercurial Tones]
Alejandro Mosso, Ian O’Donovan – Diversions III [When We Dip XYZ]
Alex Brugnara – Attack It , Vessel [Fluxo]
Alex ll Martinenko – Dark Basement Sp [Alien Delirium Recordings]
Alex Panchenco – Circle [Deep Family Records]
Avvy Aston – Galeras [Wejustman Records]
B Selekt – So Am I [Cinematique]
Ben C & Kalsx – Stuck in Reverse [Teoxane Production]
bkfp – Eidos [Sunexplosion Records]
Bodam Project – Infinity Membrane [Catamount Records]
Bode V – Infinity [Catamount Records]
BurLuzhnik – Choza [Bassmatic records]
Cervan & Flamme – No Contact [Wout Records]
Cesar Martino & Dj Golf, Microm Dee – Argos
CessaBit – Decir [Groove Room Records]
Che-Yung – Secret Lake [Purified Records]
Childs Rome – Spazio 1980 [CA3 Records]
Cockpitcrew – Sunrise 4 Phoenix (Andy Moon Club Reworks)
Code Bushido – Mission [Bakroom]
Dark Exposure – Letter to the Strings [LostCentral]
Deep Inzhiniring – Bionic Sublime [Tech People Music]
Ducharme – Isolation [Stanza]
Enrique Calvetty & Delano – Destino [Desperadoz Records]
Fabio Fuso – Aivlis [Shaman Black]
Fede Archdale – Environments [Whole Story Lab]
Fred Hush & Bruno Sanchioni – Game of Love [Fantasia Artists]
Fur Coat & Hunter,Game, Kulian Wassermann – Polyphony
Gran Cari – 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea [Inner Shah Recordings]
Graumann – Ultimate Premium [Duenia]
Hansgod – Retro [Gnosticuts]
Hendrixen – Dubora [AMIWA Records]
Hools – Volatilus [Mirror Walk]
Interest Of Mind – Conquer [Moon Rocks Schallplatten]
Jordan Gill – Cataclysmic [Awen Records]
KAIOS – Arrival [Metalum]
Kilany M – Synthesia [White Line Music]
Kilany M & Pablo Caballero – Juno [Polygon Record]
Ksabe – Losted [Catamount Records]
Lauren Mia – Fantasy (feat. Josh Royse) [SMTC Underground]
LentoLEXX – U.F.O. [Danca Lenta Records]
Lillo R & N4ranjo, Minijack & N4ranjo – Lab 11 [Ointe Records]
Literatura – Long Way Home [Dear Deer White]
Lorenzo Rigo – Subarashi [See The Sea Records]
Luca De Tena – After Covid19 [Chola Records Group]
Lucie & The Robot – Beyond Now [Black Diamonds Records]
MAAND – Ancestral Heritage , Tucana [Somatic Records]
Madd Rod & RUBIUM, Madd Rod – Belderone [VIAGE]
Marco Bedini, Marco Bocatto – Bufalo Essentials 2
MaX ForWorD – Papillon [Max Forword]
Miklavcic – Sick & Fame [Purple Sun Records]
Misael – Calm Mind [Groove Room Records]
MOLØ & Jeremy Olander, MOLØ – Luma [Vivrant]
Motus – Wee Hours [ThreeRecords]
Nik_Tizzani – Follow [BASIC Music]
Nosegrab – Ciclope [Tribu H]
Obsidiaan – Reverbs of the Motor City [Obsidiaan]
Oxide – Calm [Luxury Night]
Parvenu – Vase [Lenient Tales Recordings]
Paul Sparkes – McCarthy [Ten One Records]
Renga Weh – Traces [Magician On Duty]
Roads We Walk – Player [Feel Hype]
Roam Freely – Orbital Flow [Mioli Music]
Roger-M – New Day [Fishtone Records]
Rokazer – Azha [Krafted Underground]
Sant Nieto – Luna de Sangre [Hitclub]
Sassa & Aurel Asllanaj – Adagio For Strings [Blazer Records]
Serpoosh & Sant (IR) – Eudaimonia [Neu Gravity]
Settantanove – Illuminazione [BMMR]
Silver Lionel – Beautiful Invincible [Filthy Sounds]
Simon Rose & GuyR – Chi Cygni Last Station
Skapi – Mars [TheWav Records]
Staghorns – Uneasy Dave [STIG]
Stereomoller – Genesis [Monkey Project]
Sterzi & Vieric, Sterzi – Dreaming High [Go Trybe Records]
Talal – Phoenix [Suprematic]
Tech Baker – Soul Insurance [Sound Optix]
Technogen – Cold Wind [Paralyzed Records]
Technogen – Salt [Paralyzed Records]
Themis Flessas & Anastasios Rellis – Dirty Dub [Karia Records]
Tiree Automatic – Dawn Wall [Curiosity Music]
VA – 10 Years of Soulfooled [Soulfooled]
VA – Amsterdam 2020 [Chrom Recordings]
VA – Amsterdam Dance Event Ade 2020 [XTR Records]
Walls of Arctica – Northbound [Symmetric Records]
wouds – Eight [Standby Records]

Tech House

A-Ninetyfour – Un poquito de esperanza [DCM LAB]
Åírös – Days After [KLUBINHO]
Armix 303 – Desert [Puro Beat]
Ben Walsh (UK) & Tate Flowers – Wappo [Habitat]
Blissari – Fff [Traxford Records]
Blvckr – Nuthin Like the Old School [Subtractive Recordings]
Boi Toi – Ooo Baby – Boi Toi [FRESH BAKED RECORDS]
BRADII – Need U [Play My Tune]
Break the Speaker – Brazil Street , Colombia Street [less is nice]
Bryan Caltims – Sniff the Bassline [EML Records]
Calvin Capp – Come On [Clean Cut Records]
Chris Diaz & Skonka – Let’s Do This Thing [Candy Flip]
Chris Simmonds – Do What We Like [Kultur]
Christian Belt – Dmp 085 [DMP Records]
Claudio Ferrone – Something About You [Monkey Stereo Records]
Cultural Blending, Dafunky – Abstract Factory
Dark Arps, Savaggio – Pelicans [Woodwork Recordings]
deepwire – Burning up [blaah! Records]
Delonge – Jazz [G-Mafia Records]
Dirrty Berry – Oh Yeah [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
DJ Alexis Freites – Feel the Bass [Big Latin]
DJ Kika – Fresh Butt [Good Time Records]
Dj Serez – Falling [Clipper’s Sounds]
Dom Ryan – Down Like That [Insurgent Music]
Dreis & Sabin’ – Undertown [Mustache Crew Records]
Duodisco & Tolk – I’m Last Voice [Shield Records]
Dylaw – We Can Do It [Euanthe Records]
Elio Riso & Hernan Paredes – The Time Is Now
Fernando Campo – Roasted City [Beachside Records]
Fernando Po – Chase [Deep Bear]
Ferrer – Didn’t Get That [Gezvolt Records]
Fobia – Angel [Immersed Music]
Franbro – Extasy [DTL Records]
Full Nelson – Synth City [Bish Bash Records]
Gama, Crystal & House Music Bro – 911 [Holy Pig Records]
Gofa – Journey to Mars [Lemon Juice Records]
Guille Arbaiza & jeaneiffel – Rosas y Violines (feat. María Fust)
Henry Uicab – Tech Out [Home Grooves]
Horse Power – Mercy [Wolf Scream Records]
Ian Palmer – How Many Pills [Hungry Koala Records]
Iban Bernad & Jordy Martin – The Jungle [Clan Club Rec]
Ilhan Gumus – Bloom [Pro Clubbin Records]
Ilhan Gumus – Metaphor [Pro Clubbin Records]
Jh0ssu – Inca Trip [Glerx Records]
JØASE – Like This [Carousel Muzik]
Joc House – Tambor Colombiano [HOUSETRIBE RECORDINGS]
Johan Dresser – Shake It (Jonathan Jaramillo Remix) [Funny Music]
Johan S & AndMe. & Bastian – Come Back Home [Toolroom Trax]
Jorge Pastrana – Escape [Black Bubble Records]
Jose P – Fresh [Stereophonic]
Kautuk Parkar & Adiel Mora – No Worries Mate [Ozran Sunset]
Keano, Swirl – Middle of the Night [ROOM 82Records]
Killer Beat – Cerveza [KB Sound Collective]
Leandro Moura & André Fogo – Templestone [Strom Records]
Liand Villus – Alien Extraction [CREAM]
mAdcAt & Zov – Shakin Out [LESS IS MORE Records]
Mateo Murcia – Culture [Deep Tech Lab]
Michele da Santo – Stop Virus [Leeloop Records]
Morenno Martinez – Morenno Martinez [HOTOVEN]
Nathaniel Keefem – Juice Beat [Codigo56 Records]
Navla – Wanna Go [Feel Hype Black]
Nelson – Caveman Riddim [THUNDR]
Pegassi – Madonna (feat. LexBlaze) [Shomi]
Pitchy & Scratchy – Response of the Apes (feat. Calmright)
Powda – Bronski [Underground Audio]
Qubachki – Toccaba [Marba Records]
RAV3N – Boulevard [Whole Story Factory]
Redraft Memories – Visca [Mentor Records]
Rob Circuit – Pinkie Pie [Dreibergen]
Roberto C – Need For Speed [Astral Card]
Rodcast & Juan Brizuela – Sweetness [Drop Low Records]
Rowtech & Freak Frequencies – Drunk Chick [Pure Tunes]
Scalco – First Day of School [Subliminal Senses]
Sergio Del Sol – Switch [Mountains Records]
Seumas Norv – Do You Feel Alright [Crown Of Music]
Silent Reign – UFO [FREQ IN ME]
Simon NTRG – Peter Song [WE WORLD]
Soulemook & Biel Garzia – Llorando (Tribal Mix)
Special Vibe – About That Life [Playbox]
TERKO & Cejo – Los Locos Adams [Chakana Records]
The L.I.M. Project – TribalBOX [Digital Vinyl Recordings]
The Otter Gang – Too Ghetto [The Society]
Theo Short – Poison [Richy Records]
TOMc – Are U Mad [Sr. Events Music]
Tuco Pérez – Rhythmic [CamelMusic Records]
Ultra Pop – AfterParty [REFILL MUSIC]
Ummett – Multiverso [Groove 33]
VA – Assignments [Obazda]
VA – Audio Safari Amsterdam 2020 [Audio Safari]
VA – Eisenwaren Amsterdam 2020 [Eisenwaren]
VA – Fairy Twenty Twenty [Fever Sound Records]
VA – Redimensions [Stammtisch]
VA – Tentaculos 002 [Tentaculos Records]
Valerio Bonfa – Give Like That [Insurgent Music]
Valkun – Python [Alveda Subject]
Victor Vergara & Danny Groove, DJ Tooper – Deya Vu
Wilkken – Santa Catarina [Shield Records]
Xenso – Gran manzana [Sonambulos Music]
Yamil Bandi – Your Body [Vicey Loops]
Zer0 – California Groove [Unseen Music]
Ziron Max – Batysm [Cool 7rack Records]