Boothe – All Your Bass [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Deekembeat – Rokybass [Breaks Yo!]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – From the Back [Kaleidoscope Music]
Javi R – Sustained [KeyBreak]
PINGÜINO – Take My Time [Ravesta Records]
Spanish Zombies & Rob Analyze, Spanish Zombies – Mind Blowing [Ravesta Records]
Swarov – Feel Them Senses [X-TRAVAGANT RECORDS]
The Bass Droppers & OnDaMiKe, The Bass Droppers – In Me [Ravesta Records]


Adosa & Mark Vayne – Never Back Down
Anderson Guerbe – Flourish [Monoshake Music]
AudioBricks – My Brother [Aubio Records]
Betelli – I Love the Way [Toxic Astronaut]
Bionic Visions – Beautiful Colors [Ingra Records]
Bratoski – Inside Out [SMTHNGELSE]
Che Jose – Wait For Me [F.T.F.T records]
Chris Alvarez & Kody Sensacion – Abusadora [E Music Records]
Christopher James – Ise Jingu [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Club Fourteen – Physical [Freedom For Rhythm]
DJ Sticx – We Can Fix It [Erijo Gold]
Do.Ma. – Ya Know (feat. Heeynon) [Trident Music]
DRMR – Pray For Future [Privelege Music]
Erik Budai – Falling [Sony Music Entertainment]
Eugene Cortez – One Day [Contemporary Records]
H.P. Vince – Steel & Strings , The Master Blaster [Tropical Disco Records]
Ikaru & Mercan Dede – Dream of Shams (Ikaru Rework)
inverness, Brandyn Burnette & Molly Moore – Good Feeling
Jordan Jay, JEONGHYEON & George Redwood – Love You Right
Karem Cesur – Dark [Ghetto]
Mimmo Donvito – Always Be There [Float Records]
Nadjib – Aerophobia [Filthy Sounds]
Nilhan & CEAUS – Never Started [Rikodisco]
O’Neil & JAOVA – See You [Enormous Chills]
One Eighth – Lead the Way [Floorganic Records]
RVBN – Back To You [Clipper’s Sounds]
Shanguy – Back to Life (Remixes) [Ego]
Spaneo – Like I Miss You [Bolderline Music]
Stefano Volpato – Take My Feeling (feat. Tremendi Sol)
Sternum – See It Through [Tell You Something]
Tom Strobe – Lvrnnkva [Stroberia]
TOMYGONE – Scares [Lowly]
Universal Algorithm – Don’t Worry Be Happy (Second Wave)
Vitaco & D.E.A.F. – Feeling Good (Dj Steel Alex Remix) [feat. Kiki Prokic]
WYR GEMI & ErgiDede – All My Money [Ghetto]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Ana Damian, Augus – Morning Sun [Space Rabbits Records]
Anton Ishutin & Note U – Cause you are young [Deep Strips]
Arp Frique – Voyage (Radio Edit) [feat. Mariseya] [Rush Hour]
B-Tone, DJ BL4CK & GRY – Feeling Down [1642 Records]
Bananagun – Taking the Present For Granted (Traffik Island Remix)
Capicu & Opera Steve – Qué Lindo [Mastered Trax , El Produkto Music]
Celso Fabbri & Kusco, Celso Fabbri – Syncop8 [Sala Estimulante]
Chill de Mars & Alexandra Esakova – To the Moon ,, The Remixes
Clean Is Good – Baby [Pornogroove Recordings]
Colour & Light – Myrtle Beach [Rice Bowl Recordings]
concinnity – Trumpelet [Bob’s Your Uncle Records]
Corrado Alunni – Colour of Love [Soulful Evolution]
Danny Alpha – Seven Nights [Soho Music Movement]
David Rolas & Frankie J – Yo Estoy Aquí (feat. Alcover & Dj Buddha)
Daytonite – Never Be the Same [Deepwibe Records]
Disqobot & The Tapeless – Shiny Disco Balls [Solid State Disco]
DJ Ax – Dance Trip [Music Taste Records]
DJ SK (MA) – Treasure [DeepShine Records]
DJ Timbawolf – Week Days [About The Music Records]
Duane Lea – The Rhythm [Dividual Recordings]
Edu Yattah – Dynamic Feelings [TRIXXTER]
Ferdinand Debeaufort – Funny Feeling [Slightly Transformed]
Foxa & Will Omit – Secrets [TGR Music Group]
Francesco Digilio & Sifare Cover Band – Covers 2020
Giorgio on the Spin – Zeer Oude [Bass Box]
Giser – Hecho en Iztacalco [Villano Muzik International]
Globemaster & Corresponsal – Emerson 116 [Quixotical Records]
Hakawai – In the Night (feat. Gitta Érlaki) [Aztec Records]
HMLYN – Discology [Funky Way]
Hoax (BE) – Good Times [Erijo Gold]
iiReal – No Estas Aquí (feat. Kevin Tapia) [Mente Maestra Inc.]
J-Fader – Deep State [Frosted Recordings]
Jacssen, Ufuk K – Layers of Jazz [NightChild Records]
Jafunk & DIRTY RADIO – The Baddest (Holow Remix)
Jared Moreno – Time to Waste [Different Records]
Jason Ewald – Catching Eyes [MRI]
jave’ – Apocalipse 7.5 [Oh My Gosh]
Jess Bays – Hold On (GotSome Remix) [Stress Records]
Jet Boot Jack – Straight To My Head [Bombstrikes]
Just Beat Production – Wonderful [New Generation Records]
Kayladeep – Home Coming [EntityDeep]
Kev Dot Kruz – Cosmic Assignment [Afro Riddims Records]
kingryan808 – Dream [king ryan entertainment]
Kylie Auldist – This Is What Happiness Looks Like [Soul Bank Music]
Ladies On Mars – Kiss Me Baby [See-Saw]
Lorenzo Rigo – If I Was Your Funky Drummer
Lucky Sun – I Wanna Live (The Vast Profound Gift Connect Remix)
Luka LDN – Naked [B-Pure Records]
Luoc Organic – Luoc Organic [MAD]
MF Productions – Disco Guarantee [Nu Monkey Records]
Mielafon – Subway [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Misha Klein & Nejtrino – Never Be the Same [L Music]
Monsieur Van Pratt – The Sound of Van Pratt [Alpaca Edits]
Mouzai – Falling Down [Muse Music]
Mustafa Yıldırım – Blurred [deepgate]
N2N – Ain’t It Funky (Yeah!) [CRMS Records]
Namaste Rixh – Answer For Me [LMIT Worldwide]
NuSisco & Salade Tomate – About this game [MCT Luxury]
Oliver Core – Sing On the Beach [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Outside The Disco – Stand Up 4 Love (Rosa Ama Discodromo Remix)
Pablo Moriego – Gray Skies [ADRO Records]
Pandani – Nightshade [DeepWit Recordings]
PARA DEEP – American Love [Jhaps Records]
Pedro Sanmartin – Sunset in Gaia [Be Adult Music]
Peter Ries – Flora [Namata]
Play3r el Jugador – J4n3 (feat. Lui Gambino)
Quiroga – Chords and Desire [Really Swing Ltd]
Reel People – I Never Knew (feat. Speech) [Reel People Music]
Rianu Keevs – Deliverance [Rianu Keevs]
Roman Reiss – Lights Out [Young Society Records]
Second Sky & Phase Materia – Dayswimming (Ursula 1000 Remix)
Shahloul – Truth [Origami Musik]
Simple DJ – Moscow [Deep People Records]
So.undso – One by One [Mango Sounds]
Tarkan – Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim (Dj Tarkan Remix)gs]
The Notwist – Oh Sweet Fire [Morr Music]
The Tibbs – Damaged Heart [Record Kicks]
TheDjLawyer – First Time [Out Of Tune]
Thulane Da Producer – Essential Deep Underground
Time To Sleep – Taramoto [Paradiso Records]
Toby O’Connor – Dancefloor Melters [Drippin’ in Disco]
Tony Flow 84 – Buena Suerte (feat. Sower & Dr. Frankenbeat)
VA – Atlantis [Sakasa Rec.]
VA – City of Light [Orme Music]
VA – Deep Fix Recordings VA002 ADE Edition [Deep Fix Recordings]
VA – The Last Trip [Erijo Gold]
VTonic & MrembolaSir – Doubted Zygote [Lambano Records]
Y.O.G.A. – Your Devotion [Future Classic]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

4nzek – Wake [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Anomon – The Breakdown [Panther’s Groove]
Blade – Night Terrors [AFT Records]
Bode V – Humans Vs Machines [Promo Audio Recordings]
Damon Rush & Matt Galbraith, Roan McCormick – Chess
Darkhalf – The Secret [Kriterion Recordings]
Dj Aaron Kennedy – Mind & Bodies [Feel Hype]
Dj Relive – One Way [Behavior Recordings]
DJ Tristi – Fade Away [Smart Phenomena Records]
Dyatic & Brian Lenington, Peter Piffen – Encounter
External Subway – Another Day [You So Deep Records]
Ferry – Villain [Ilin Records]
Focusfire – Towline [Ignescent]
Gentle Hint – Evgeniya [29 DNB]
Goozalo! – Recuerdos [Family Music Records]
Grub Plate – The Grub Father [Expression Audio]
HETHUN – Yubaba [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Higher Sector – Bad Man [Higher Sector]
HIR#N – Timeloop [ONLY THE BEST]
iiCiiDE – Destroyer [Behavior Recordings]
Jaxx Mael – Push up Together [F2F Rcrds]
Jeff – Over Dome [J&J Music]
JEONGHYEON – I Need U [2Dutch Records]
Josh Blair – Good Old Days [Hungry Koala Records]
Kaii Concept – Can’t Stop [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Karon & Purple – Run the Show [Blvckbox Records]
Key Crashers – Pumpkin [Qwick]
Khainga Ndonji – Bolela Yesu [MAD Royal Entertainment]
LA Riots – Levitate [Confession]
Malky DJ – All Night Long [Uba Lua Records]
Manonmars – In Colour [Young Echo]
Martin Jay & Math Hagen – Bouncy Groove [Ensis Records]
Meanone – Eternal Searching [Noisy Meditation]
Michael Ainsley – Emergency Broadcast [Hungry Koala Records]
MKII – Drift [Shadowhearts]
MsDoS – Amazonian [FAT VIBEZ Records]
N-R!co & SHMDT – Danger Zone [FCKSHT]
Niente & Almuss, Gilianne Araos – Feel My Good Bites
NuDivision – Wait for Me There [Sub-Label Recordings]
Nyro & Slake Slagger – Felling Love [Musata Music]
Rodle – London, New York [KMT]
Ryan Kurt & EA Games Soundtrack – Time (Ricci’s Real Racing 3 Remix)
SATNIK – Sphinx [Kibbutz Records]
SEB – She Taught Me What It Was [Eat My Records]
Sho White – Don’t Wake Me Up [Wiking Recordings]
Shuddah – On Air [Eternal Muzic Records]
SUBTON – Invasion [AY YO TRIP! Records]
T-Break & Baithead – Dubplate Style
Tenebrax – Amprex [MDNGHT Recs.]
Tenhou – System Shock [Fearless Audio]
The Generator – The Origin of Xcursion [TID Recordings]
THE HOTEL LOBBY – Monster [Bass Camp Music]
VA – Best of Refracture [Noobish Records]
VA – Spectrum LP [Subplate Recordings]
Walter Beds – Fondly for You [SPACE PIZZA Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

$H The Producer – Silence the Whisperers [Dee Oh 7]
Adrian Donsome Hanson – Step in My Zone [Donsome]
aexexe – aex chronicles [Nomer]
Aqua+, Delhikate – MSK x Moninga [Museek]
Audio Maze – Kitsch Timbres [Downstream Records]
Deeptronic & Deep75 – Limitations [Lull Music]
El Mago – Kanénas [YNFND]
Erik Jackson – Moonlight Selections [Nuages Records]
Eser Karaca – The Robot Invasion [NOISEIST]
Faux – Astronica [Magnus Records]
Floating Spirits – Anticipation [Embarcadero Records]
Fuckin’ Edgy!! – Caps4Gear [BONELESS]
FULL MONTY – Strange Behaviour [Basserk]
Funkhauser – Bounce [NoFace Records]
Ha the Unclear – Threads [Think Zik !]
HIIRO – Nature Room [Pins and Needles]
Ian Isiah – Princess Pouty (Roger Sanchez Remix)
Ignacia – Cuando Sea [Aztec Latin]
illaman, chunky & Sumgii – Lost in Space (Zed Bias Remix)
Inkline & MC Kane – West Side [Primitive UK]
J-JAM – They Come [Kitu Records]
Jessie Burner – Gone Away 2084 [Funk You Music]
Junkie Digital – End of Days [Twidl Records]
K-Wash – Feels So Good [Fat Beats Records]
Kannan – Maradona [RVLTN Records]
Klod Rights – Perceptions [Kadmio]
Koltbach – Fol (♥) [Springstoff]
Krissi B & Jadey Leigh – The Edge [Captum Records]
Kröm & Lofish – Bikini Bottom [ARIA Records]
Kush Kush & Sickmellow – Blacklight [Raison]
Lau Frank & Juan Klas – Idle Jazz [Jazzea Recordings]
Lavonz – Uncut Gems Bonus Dubs [Dansu Discs]
Lord Pusswhip & Justin Jay – 500 Gallons
Louis Leibniz & Paradox – Borrowing [Serious Perfect Music]
Lucio – Kill You [Ensis Records]
Mark Matthews – Don’t Say You’re Sorry [Retro City Records]
Martin Lefteri – Peradam [eclectics]
Metafuture – Layering the Layers [YS,R]
Mirror Maze – Frustration [VALE (Various Artists Limitless Expression LLC)]
MoPodna – I Promise It’s Real [Drama Club Recordings]
Morix Melodic – Flare [Ingra Records]
MPH – Viper [Wub Club Records]
Narik – Lucky [Dorian Gray Recordings]
Naturmentoring – Sunny Walks [Otium Garden]
Niklas Glaser & NoFace Records – There For You
Notnotice – Picnic Anomalies [Artscope]
Numinos – Grain [Mille Plateaux (DE)]
Obsqure – Silk Roads [Cosmicleaf Records]
Panic Girl – Cake on Jupiter (Remixes) [Modularfield]
Paola Mauricio – Kintsugi [Deeper Manila]
Paolo Del Prete – Nde [Mastercut Records]
Pat Lok – Salvation (Treasure Fingers Remix) [Kitsune]
Rezzonator – Music for Thinking [Rezzelectro Records]
Rightmind & Moda – Mastodon [YosH]
Rohar – Roughrunner [Ro Recs]
Romantic Thriller – Novelties [AmbrosiA NYC]
Rootnot – Dead Effect (Remastered) [Rootnot]
RX-101 – Hearts Utd. [Suction Records]
Saint Scheriff – Smile On My Face [Jendex Records]
Shamanit – Random Quest [Tajna Musica]
She Was Silver – Sleepwalker [Simplify.]
Sheschupek – Remont [Twoja Stara]
Shit & Shine – Malibu Liquor Store [Rocket Recordings]
Shivatree – Everything [Bass Rebels Recordings]
shuaybhamed – Summer Fling [Smart Records UK Limited]
Spiteri – London Calling Boogaloo , Day Tripper [Imagenes]
Squared – Shapes & Shades [Symbiotic Records]
Thadebury – Crowless Moors [Bellum Records]
Theri Enrito – Closer Than Ever [Bellum Records]
Thomas Drum – Sudkreuz [Belgrave Road Records]
TrancEye – Distant Dream (Hiromori Aso More Distant Remix)
Universet – Ny Tromme [SellOut! Music]
VA – Earthly Tapes 02 [Earthly Measures]
VA – L’echappée belle [Follentez]
VA – Mindrive 20 [feweek records]
Vital Techniques – Vital Vibes [Second to None Music]


Admro & Mark Boson – Electrofi [WINLIKE Music]
Adri Block & Paul Parsons – Do It for You [PLAYEDiT Records]
Alex Rai – Rant Against You [Antani Music Recordings]
Alf-G – Somos Latinos [Channel Six Music Company]
Aline Rocha & Jack District – Heat [DeepBeat Records]
Alison Maseko – Its a Good Thing [Do You Be You Records]
Andreas Stone – Hungry Heart [Yellow Rhinestone Records]
Anthony Melodic – Groove to the Beat [Organic Boogie]
Audax & Francine Môh – Hit Me Up [Braslive Records]
Ayzek – Phantasies [DIVIYA RECORDS]
BackRich – Wayg [Reload Music]
BackstoryDisco – View to Lic [Spitfire Music]
BKT & Nevada – New Day [Nervous Records]
Block & Crown & Marc Rousso – Make a Special Groove (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Money’s Tight [DJ White Label]
Block & Crown, Lissat & Paul Parsons – Das Phatt [Tactical Records]
Caesar Garcia – You Better Work [Deep Hype Sounds]
Cakes da Killa & Proper Villains – Don Dada [Classic Music Company]
Cami Jones – Nooghty [Nooghty Records]
Charles B & Frents – Struggle [Juicy Music]
Czar Prado – Good Style [InStereo Recordings]
Danny Quasar – Save Me [Flash Forward Presents]
Darren Studholme & Sarah B – Pick Me Up [Miniaturesrec]
David Romero & Alec Goz – Mambo (Radio Edit)
Davidc – Shiva [Techroom Records]
Davide Neri – Real Love [Pocket Jacks Trax]
Deep Mojo – Prague’s Requiem [DC Records]
Deep Mojo – Pure Minds [DC Records]
DGT & Roney Jay – Happy [Rump Records]
Di Saronno – Philadelphia Flyin’ [Plastik People Digital]
Din Jay – Boogie Fever [kluBasic Records]
Disco Ball’z – Saturday Funk [Cultural District Recordings]
DISCOTHEK PROJECT – Let’s Get Happy [Discothek]
DJ Scott Rhyder – Let’s Make It Better [Karmic Power Records]
Dudu Capoeira & Rafael Sax – Amber [Instant Groove Records]
Eastern Bloc – On A Level [FOH Records]
Easy Tigers – Jvcrave! [Stunt Cuts]
Eden Zagron – The Emotions [Artists Network Revolution]
Esquire – Got to Have Your Love (feat. Adeola Shyllon) [New State Music]
Euan Dalgarno – Nfutures [Modern Obscure Music]
Fake Hides – Noord , Lindwerder [Eton Messy Records]
FederFunk – Much Disco Love [Bid Muzik]
Felitche – Vamo a Toa [Spitfire Music]
Freaky DJs – Keep It , Mystic [Blanco y Negro Music]
Fred Dekker – Test Pressing [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Future Islands – As Long As You Are [4AD]
Gabriel Forero, Beats & Pauletteartist – Bipolar [Sweet Karma Inc]
George Dare – Dreaming Dancing [Artistfy Music]
Helgi Walker – Choirs [Blanco y Negro Music]
It’s Benzzo & Skulljom – Until I Feel Strong (feat. John Linhart)
Jarle Brathen – Melk I Barten (Kellini Remix) [Beatservice]
Jazzie Joint – Real Happy , Get Down, Boom , It’s The Joint
Jazzy Rossco – So Much Love [Little Jack]
Jbmixx – Nobody Else [JBMixx Records]
JedX – Freaks Get Bizzee [Music Marks The Spot]
Johnny Guitar Watson – A Real Mother for Ya (Ben Liebrand Disco, Jackin’s, Essential Mix)
Jonny Stecchino – Hustle No. 3 [Houseledge]
Juvenile Delinquents – I’m Coming Up [Stash Records]
Marcello Marotta – This Is [Ocean Trax]
Matias Sundblad – Panic in Chicago [1 Stop Records]
Matt Caseli & Dave Goode – Break the Dawn – The Remixes
Matteo Zarcone – Piano Piano [Nervous Records]
Mattias Fridell & Alexander Johansson – Hemester
Maxwell House UK – Luv Dancin’ [Tactical Trax]
Mexican Boyz – Los Santos [Beat Blast Record]
Michael Harris – Feel the Rhythm [Anunak]
Midnight City – Make Me Believe (feat. Ida Flo)
Mike Chenery – Drivin’ Me Wild [Funky Revival]
Mike Chenery – It’s Not Over [Disco Down]
Mikx & Khaki – Faith in Me [Six15 Music]
Monsieur ZonZon – It’s Ok Now (feat. Elan Noelle) [DJ Georgie Porgie Mixes]
Mowby One – Rules Religion Sin [Boomtic Records]
Namara – Drifting [Vivifier Records]
Norberto Acrisio aka Norbit Housemaster – Inferno in the disco
Old Jim – Keep On Dancin’ [Total Freedom Recordings]
Orka – My Mind [Ballistic Beatz]
Orter B – Talking About Music [The Psycho Social Club]
Panko & Samuele De Santis – Trattoria Italo-Arg (Part 2)
Perry Granville – Sailing Ships [Higher Love Recordings]
Persico & Moffous – Dystopia [Blanco y Negro Music]
Pietro Cavazza – Back in Paris (Teo Mandrelli Remix) [AREA 94]
Puppy Sierna, Sophie Blue & Marco Bode – Fiesta en Tokio
Ralf-e – Right Now 2020 (feat. DJ Wollyhood) [Soul Sound System]
Ryoma Sasaki – Journey in My Head [Transit Records Kyoto]
SalaDorigo – Make Your Move (feat. Dhany) [Streetlab Records]
Tommy Glasses – Over Me [CYFI]
Trinix – Anytime [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Turka – Follow [Spiralation]
VA – Boogie Agenda [theBasement Discos]
Vint’h – 0881 [SoulfulLovers]
Walter Taieb – My Love Is True (feat. Alye) [New State Music]
Wex Nmo – Soul Intenxions (Main Mix) [Khali Recordings]
Zack Balance – Face to Face (feat. Reptile Room)
Zakopower – Hej Hanno! [Kayax Production & Publishing]

Leftfield Bass

Abstrakt Sonance – Ishtar [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Ambien Baby – Mindkiss [NAFF]
Android Dreaming – Blossom in the Mind’s Eye [Muti Music]
Chad Dubz – Wrath of God [Infernal Sounds]
Hertz – Eastern Light [Monsters Music]
Kodama & LX One, Kodama – Cronauer [Subaltern Records]
Liondub, Trigon & Dave Gee, Riko Dan, Liondub, Trigon & Dave Gee – War Ting [Liondub International]
Lorenzo Chi – Let’s Juke [4Matt Productions]
Mr. Mitch & Milo MB, Oscar MB – Songs with My Sons
Senncoria – The Myth [Uprise Audio]

Melodic House & Techno

A · Tonic – Faith in Ashes [MyPrimus Records]
Andrea Felice – Hello World [Somma Records]
Aryon – Koyu [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Asture – Shinigami [Feynman Records]
Boma – Golden Cage [DataTech]
Carlo Whale – Melancholia [Manual Music]
Cut Off – Migration [Wold Records]
D Edge Knight – Black Transmission [Trip Records]
David Sattva – Potens Natura [1101 Records]
Deraout & GenM – The THC Code (Ambient mix) [GenM]
FaderX, Zheno & Nik Wiza – Opportunity [DOORN RECORDS]
Fatih Makul – Another World [Main Records]
Felix Ayerza – Hygge [Condor Tunes]
Four Hands – Wasted Wonders [Dear Deer Black]
Giuliano Stelea – Next Level [Wejustman Records]
H501L – The Magnificent [Musica Machina Records]
Igor Pumphonia – Space and Time [ChillRecordsMusic]
Jasmine Sihenne – Ijaru [Eleveh Records]
Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli & Thallulah – Canto Ancestrale
K Studio – Music is Logical [29 Tech]
Kenny Kelly – She Want’s [Estribo Records]
Kerem Selek – Conjunction [Atmospherica]
La Giang – Visions [Remodel Records]
Letaem – Lost Memory [Tech People Music]
Mark Hoffen – Oph [Sinners]
Monograph & Marcus Caballero – Huracan
Montanelli Leonardo – Summer Vision [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Muffin Killa – Growl [Raise Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Anthropomorphic Test Device
Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin – Sphinx [Anjunadeep]
Nu Revision – Stone Circles [ThreeRecords]
Phaker – Curious [6913 Digital]
Rami Imam – Good Morning Senor Ronnie [MOODA PONDA]
Redned – Artwork [DaCosta Records]
REFFEL – Paradise [Playtech]
Roger Vasha – Mars [911 Recordings]
Roger Vasha – Venus [911 Recordings]
Sascha Kloeber – Sold and Hold [Funkelt]
Seige – Apogee [Puro Recording]
Semsa Bilge – Bogoh [Pitch Track]
Simon Rose – Bio Test V5.6 AI [Whole Story Factory]
Souldust & Bigasti – Changing Aces (2020 Revision) [trndmsk]
t-Zhuk – Desert Road [Ideological]
The Runaway – Exodus (Extended Mix) [1952 Records]
Unick GR – Atmos (feat. Rzrhd) [Fishtone Records]
VA – Berlin Rooftop Sessions [State Of Techno Recordings]
VA – Everest [DOD Music Record]
Vincci – Coming Home [Dantze]
Xilef – Mind the Gap [Ganzer Takt]
Yamaraj & Ysquar3 – Badmind [RaveUp Alley]
Zenmorg – Sunset [Lake District Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alex Peace & Brian Boncher – Street Freak [Tru Musica]
Andy Moon – El Duduk y la Luna – Club Reworks
Arevalo (CL) & Zuleta M – Rave At Nasa
Artashes Uliyanov – Artist Serie 037
Bee Lincoln – Vento [Monday Morning Records]
Bestiei, Cromanesei – Various Artists [Microgravity Music]
Beukhoven Sloopwerken – Yamahai 1 [Oyoda Recordings]
Black’H, Maxi Galoppo – Love [Solarium Records]
Braian Viggiano – Dynamic Soul [Urban Garden Recordings]
Charlie Iapicone & Samuele Atria – Let’s Love [Moiss Music Black]
CL-Ijud – My Unconscious [Nurum Music]
Emanuele Bruno – Try [Ritmika Records]
Etzu Mahkayah & Anas M – C4 [Conceptual]
Evgeny Lenon – Talpa [Mimetit]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Drifting Elements [DUBGIU]
Hari – Pe coarda de chitara [ZBR67] [Zebra Rec.]
Hoods, Saintès – Free Series 925 [Island Beats]
Jason Xmoon – Magy [Deep Tech Lab]
jeaneiffel – Right [Sumision Records]
Jimodi Ryan – Rainy Nights [Bellum Records]
Jonathan Holly – Tuchmacher [Elektrik]
Juan Rodriguez – Ritual [Nostandardmusic]
Khyle Black – Eve [ILLICIT Music]
Lito – Don’T Make Me Wait [Lemon Juice Records]
Lou Flores & Son Of Elita – Mmm [Sons of a Rave]
Lucas Monchi – Positiv Energy [Beachside Records]
Luigi antorveza, Xplorer (Col) – Regulators [Gout Records]
Martin Bordacahar – Evolution [Plastik Galaxy]
Mike Berardi – Planetary [Liability Production]
Modern Dialogue – Sequel [Modern Dialogue]
Oblomov – Snegiri [Moveton]
Ochu Laross – Wachufleiva 46 [Wachufleiva]
Peter Bozsa – Promises [BQ Recordings]
Plusculaar – Zalmoxis [Elarum]
Rob Manuello & Angelo Vittorioso – Tiempo [Encode Musik]
Rowan – Hideout [Gliese Rec.]
Samo (Arg) – Lorraine Vibes [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Son Of Elita – Rendezvouz [P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records]
Soundwave214 – Feels Like [Wolf Scream Records]
Tripio X – Mental Walk [Tagged Music]
VA – Dushe Sampler 2020 [Dushe Label]
VA – Extended Family VA [Floorpiece Digital]
Volen – Distortion [Rhizome Forms]

Organic House & Downtempo

Alex Daniell – Eternal Rays of Light [Jean Yann Records]
Amika – Thing Again [Cala Bassa Records]
Astrolemo – Comet Surfing [Astrolemo]
Bart Kisomo – Fences [Algarve Records]
Christ Malvin – Sommertraum [RYNTH]
Da Funk – Hold You Close [Acryl Music]
Francesco Kaino, Graham Lloris – Various Artists [1984recordings]
J. Caprice – Zazen [The Old Skool New Class]
Jamie Porteous – Late Nite Movie [Music For Dreams]
Jay Chakravorty – Sunlight at Stratford Station [Unperceived Records]
Jhonatan Ghersi – From the Soul [Dreamers]
Jochem Hamerling – Tinkertoy [MANDEEP016]
Kebi – Luna Nueva [Alias]
LAVREN – Forget [Coral Gables Records]
Matsu – Nosotros (Music Komite RMX) [WeAreWolves Records]
Mercan Dede – Kapadokya (Kora Remix) [Saisons]
Miguel Carlo – Rain at Night (Single Edit) [Swedish Columbia]
mxxnwatchers & Weir – Kohaku [Alias]
Navaa – Lonely Moon [PURR256]
Neelam – City Lights [Tamil Nadu Records]
Noch – Duality [Duenia]
Oilst & Ben Jarli – Chasing Rabbits [KELLER]
One-Two-Three – Moment [Lolou Records]
Richard Bonnee – Sunset Beach [Freebeat Music Records]
Robbie Fithon – The Valiant Fading [SXD053]
Seawayz & Sollito, Jillenhans & Cathy Burton – Serenade (Cylimen Chill out Remix)
Sebastian Mauro – The Perfect Trip [Men Of Honor Records]
Sergey Matsegor – Make Me Fly [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Sheschupek – Solitude [Blue Dot Studios]
Sonny Lover Boy – Gotta Chill (Lofi Mind Mix) [Suite Voyage Records]
Überhaupt & Außerdem – After All [Baikal Nomads]
VA – Bon [Amselcom]
VA – Remixed 002 [3AV217]
Ykonosh – Amazonia [Underyourskin Records]
Zac F & Christos Papadopoulos, Mimis Plessas – Mind Colours

Progressive House

Aime Simone – In This Dark Time [Siona Records]
Anakim – Love Never Dies [PRGRSSN Records]
Audaks – Discovering a New World
Chris Burke – Alaska [Chris Burke]
Cook & Stans – Enchanted Land [Cook & Stans]
CVLVALRI – Rebirth [Angelfire Recordings]
Dany Dz – Stolen Dreams [Dopamine White]
Deep Motion – Armitage [Austro Music]
Djcybertsai – New Avalon Two [Aeriform Records]
Eli Spiral & Dynohunter – Nocturnal Motion
Enzo Vood – Mind Is a Myth [3xA Music]
Fer De Risio – Fourth Element [Droid9]
Fernando Chia – Latin Blood [Jambalay SA Records]
Gesualdi, LELO & Cris Hagman – Blackout
Imposters Of Groove – Endure, Lunar [XMOD Records]
Laenas Prince – Lovontia [Bludicludi]
Ninewire & Rabota – War on Science [Another Life Music]
Nollan – Diamonds [Sensoria Moods]
Nōpi & Sarah Chilanti, Nōpi – Where to Go [Sound Avenue]
Partenaire – Echoplex Moment Zero [Auditen Music]
Ray Go – Sands [Bos Tech Records]
RED – Ciudad Fallo [Landscapes Music]
Rich vom Dorf – Break My Heart [Tächno]
Roni Iron – Hidden Places [Movement Recordings]
ROOAN & Tutulsky – Asguard [ROO]
Sarah Muñoz – Afrika 303 [Tentaculos Records]
Scian – Fragata [Mystic Carousel Records]
Seba GS – Times of Love [Future Avenue]
Sunflare – Fragility [Massive Harmony Records]
Torsten Stenzel & Justin Berkmann – The Underground (feat. Maria Eivissa)
Travis Jesse – Keeping an Innocent Heart [D&R Digital]
VA – Autumn Clinique 020 [Clinique Recordings]
VA – Autumn Shores 03 [Soluna Music]

Tech House

Aaron mvrtin – Kick It [Clover Records]
Alberto Costas – Sal Y Pimienta [Crazyfriends Music]
Andz – Becoming [Duo Box Understream]
Anssa – Feel the Bass [Hush Deep]
Aren Suarez – Nobody [Mooncircles Lab]
Aymerick T – New Deal [Black Cow Records]
Banito – Quick Step (feat. Just Richie) [Future Soundz]
Barber – Transmission Remission [Tiefdruckgebeat]
Bradley Skeng – Vibe Inside [Spira Music]
Break the Speaker – Relaxongo , Super Serio [less is nice]
Dj DaviD Mv & DJ Tooper – I Feel Devotion
DJ Shine – Cuba Nights [Agua Ardiente Records]
Dreia & Rodrigo Baron – Ping to Pong [Cool 7rack Talents]
Dylaw – Synth C [Euanthe Records]
Frank Para & Marco Freudenberg, Franksen – Twenty-F
Frank Taurus – Tomorrow [Taurine]
GAGH – Dope [Candy Flip]
Gezvolt – Mind [Gezvolt Records]
Hassio (COL) – Ayaye Coming Up [Astral Card]
Heartleader – Friendship (feat. Mad-O) [YouTunez]
Heider – Take It [NØID]
Houkes – Make Move [Tao Valley Records]
Iannuzzi – Plug Talk [Habitat]
Jabes uc – Time Goes Slow [LMNTAL Music]
Jake Kerr – Make It Shake [NMK Records]
Jarb – Smell Fear [Duo Box Understream]
Joluca & BOT, Thomaas Banks – Control It
Jonny Deep & Spokeman – Chiki Chika (Spokeman Remix)
Juan Lara – Good Day [Blasa Records]
Julian Boschetto – Breaking the Beat [New School Lab]
LFOS0 – Illusion [Sabroso Records]
Lucas Rotela – Muted [Upper Records]
M. Rodriguez – Searching Smooth [Marktek Records]
MacstikGroove – The Funk [Dinastia INC]
Matteo Quezada – Signos [Street Habitat]
Mikie Format – The Smoker [ICONOS Records]
Sislaw – Forgive & Regret [Reload Music]
Skyhell & Nico Fucks – Soul [Bunny Music (UY)]
Sovax – Turn Off the Lights [Dusty Nose]
Space Future – Eternal Music [Underxpression Records]
The Sunrise Treasure – Africa [Suicide Robot]
This Is This – South Cartel [Vibetek Records]
Tiff Cornish – Baile Disco (Remixes) [ATN Recordings]
Tiger Toast – Call the Police [Dancewood Stage]
Tim Taylor – Area 51 [Shanghaied]
Tobias Weber – Together [Manitox]
VA – Basement Thirtyseven [Techno Materials]
VA – Housemuzikluv Tokyo (Mixtape by DJ Emma)
Withus – Body Rock [Total Freedom +]
Worad – Dangerous [Superstitious]
Woronzow (UK) – Clappin [Qubex Music]

Techno & Minimal

5OM – Royal Sain [Intergrade Records]
Acidbat & Nick Payne – Virion Infusion
AGON – Distraction-Lethe [DRK records]
Al Wootton – JL [TRULE]
Alberto Costas – My Heart [Iberico Techno Label]
Alberto Ruiz – Reaktor [Pure Dope Digital]
Aleja Sanchez – The Language of Silence [Northallsen Records]
Alexander Brydges – Future [Brydges]
Alexander Technique – Red Planet [Terminator Records]
Big Man Pro – Montain In the Hell [Strabaganzza Records]
BlackLight – Blowfish [Plurred Vision Records]
Blacksmith – Dominated [X-IMG]
BP Highlifters – Bowed [DDGL Intense]
BRAKKOW – Out There [Northbeatz Digital]
Christian Lazzara – Thunder [Lazar Rec]
Concret – XYZ (Chapter 1) [Trafico Music]
Crouds – Anshan [Intumi Records]
Darmec – Brutality , The Uprising [Techburst Records]
Dave Ocean – D Efx [Catamount Records]
Death Qualia – Fanged Contradiction [Ohm Resistance]
Dersee – Ghetto Robot [Unanime Records]
Diarmaid O Meara & Kucera – Shadowmen
Diofaro – Tetraktys [PRIVATE TECHNO]
Distorted Blur – ~~~ [Distorted Blur]
Dj Margoo – Rave-up dope [Complex Destroyerz]
DJulio B – Im in Nice [Partiu Bala]
Dubcode – Cosmic Telegram [SexAppeal Music]
Ellroy – Pravda [Spinam Records]
EMRE K – Go Away [Ecstasy State]
Fatloow – Technologic [Synthétique]
HAUDINI – Cafeina Ristretto [Influenza Records]
Haze – C – Flare [MARPER Records]
Ignacio M. & Lautaro Xavier – Way Out [Kaligo Records]
Immortale – Lucus Manes [Sulino Records]
Innersection – Satsanga [Tantsa]
Jan Liefhebber, Mig-L – Altered State [Prescribed Trax]
Jason Ullah – Surrealism Remix [Jasokay Recordz]
Jellisimo & Tim J – Blast [Crosstech Records]
Jochem Middelveld – TechnoMind [ADN Mutant World]
KAI – Tales of Neverafter [Ithica Records]
Kivema & Hetskiy – FCK Yourself [V.M.K Records]
Leandro Moura – Shades [Strom Records]
Linzy Creber – Interstellar [Beats HD]
Lorenzo Mauro – Only Things [Smashead Records]
Lucid – 3 Sex Gods in a Row [Powerhouse Scotland]
Luvolin – Schimmer [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Luz1e – Cybernetic Movement. [International Chrome]
LY,AM – Home Run [Walking Records]
Manjit Makhni – Swarm [Audiobrain Productions]
Marco Bailey & David Schwarz – Blaze (The Remixes) [Materia]
Mark George – Madition [Kiko Records]
Mark George – Patrick Game [Catamount Records]
Max Azc – All That’s Good [Qubex Music]
MC94 – The Wall Felt Down [Simplecoding Recordings]
Messier – Legions [Sonusfield]
Michel Lauriola & Fixeer – United Elements [Gynoid Audio]
Mike Davis DE – Manual Retune [Brenda Records]
Mollycule – Acronym [ERROR Records]
Mr Moodie – Spinnin [Freaky Sounds]
Nahuel Rivero – Sys Root [FCZ records]
Narmek – Room 49 [Oxytech Planet]
Nivlac – Heart of Glass (feat. Lorin Logue)
nms303 – Raw [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
OKKO – Breath of Tech [Revitalized Records]
Philipp Priebe – Figures, Pt. 3 [STÓLAR]
Pirick Aydon – Crazy Horse [Betrieb Records]
Promium – Dub [Paktoor Records]
Psy-Phy – Output ImpeDance [BASE6]
Randomtask – Super Flowers [Archon Records]
REDD 42 – Ecstasy [REDD 42]
REDD 42 – Infection [REDD 42]
Ricardo Guedes – Explorer [DTL Records]
Rod Bormal – Guessing Game [DDGL Fusion]
Sebastian Mora – Feel Space [Enter Music]
SGurvin – SGurvin [Full Pupp Ekspress]
Silicon Scally – Dormant [Central Processing Unit]
Sitrall X – Searching Yourself [DDGL Intense]
Size Pier – Typhoon in Busan [X-IMG]
Skaki’s – About the Shadows [Right Music Records]
Slumjuice – Kraftcentralen [Audiolog Music]
Soundtraxx, Ulrich Van Bell – Spiritual Thing
Sozze – Morroskita [Oscuro Music]
Subtraum – Creatures [Deep Division Records]
Tan Yetkiner – Eser [No-Match]
Taupe – Helion [Impress Music]
Tell Her – Asylum [Null Recs]
Tetsuya5october – Cycle 01 [Dog And Man]
Thoams – Z3 [19 REC]
Tsibo – Vibrations [Coincidence Records]
Unicure – Breaking Glasses [Cortex Recordings]
VA – Amsterdam Techno ADE 2020 [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
VA – Best Selling Tracks of Refined Format [Refined Format]
VA – Dangerous Connection [Pulse Records]
VA – Derivations [Immaterial.Archives]
VA – Hard Drive 14 [DSR Digital]
VA – Off ADE 2020 [VapourTrail Records]
VA – Zusammenkunft II [Kallkällan]
VC-118A – Crunch , Plonk [Delsin Records]
Vito Von Gert – System [Technocolor]
Vitor Teixeira – Grooving Universe [Chorus Music]