Afro House

Alejandro Alen – NATIVE RHYTHMS [0212R022]
Alf & Dariush – In the Name of Love (feat. Gulia Penzo) [Ubizo Café]
Blaq Owl – Fear (feat. Tee Mo Lee) [Blaq Owl Music]
DJ Makam – I Love Being an African [Norble Sounds]
DJ Mellowbone SA & DJ Supa D – Sa to Uk [Housupa Records]
Doanro – Reborn [ARUM Records]
Free Souls – Sounds of Afrika [Sikia-Ema Records]
Gaston Marga – Congo Gruv [Discolored]
Gianluca Calabrese – Machu Picchu [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Gianni Romano, Emanuele Esposito, Helen Tesfazghi – IT’S NOT RIGHT (FEAT. HELEN TESFAZGHI) [SWITCHLAB068]
IraaQ – Disguised [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Johnny Nunez – EROS [CombiNation Music]
Kaang – Feelings Don’t Hide [DRMZU001]
Mosco Lee & Nubz MusiQ – Judgement & Freedom
Negu Atencio – Vamos A Bailar [SSM008]
Nosegrab – Oculto [Tribu H]
Oscar P – Rio Africa [AZU173]
Yhago – At Midnight [SWITCHLAB070]
Yokhe´c & Dreina – Me Dejó Llevar [BeatBanks Lat]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Alexey Sonar – Bon Voyage [ST0051]
Andre Sobota – Chasing Remixes [ARTD200020]
Bart Gori – Do You Wanna [RITMO102]
Bart Gori, Morris Revy – Don’t Wanna Change [RITMO104]
Chris Carrier, The Logic Box – Adult Only Records 20
deepwire – More Deep [A810]
Dj Wild & Rich Nxt – Moanized 05 [MOANV08]
Elgone – Passional Flow [19BOX178]
Fede Lng – Shaolin 808 EP [AXTX012]
Gavinco – Interflow EP [HSM007]
German Brigante – Slope (Extended Mix) [RLM052]
Get Well Soon – Funny Treats (Remixes) [3000GRADSPECIAL009]
Kito Jempere – Your Ghost in Me [KJR0151]
Legentic Deep – Ain’t Nothing _ Ain’t Something [MR2019]
Lehar – Andromeda [MULTINOTES24]
Metropolitan Soul Museum – FLOATERS EP [CR2007MSM]
Mirko Koenig – Hello This Is Me [SON002]
My Friend Dario – Montalbano [HYR7227]
Nosssia – Arcadia [RUNE031]
Phaze Dee – Lo – Fi Sqr [TRUE049]
Romain FX – Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 30 [BJ30]
Satori (NL) – ReImagined [SOL083]
Stinger J – Pretty Face [ISLE010]
Unknown Artist – VIBES LTD VOL. 1 [VIBESTLD001]
VA – Essays 1 [FEUILLETON004]

Electronica & Downtempo

AudioBricks – Mischeavous Bugs [Aubio Records]
Avalanche Death – Plethora [The Ambient Zone]
Azanda – Dreams (Avicii Tribute) [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
B-Dos – Reign [Aa]
Basics On Lounge – Slowdown [Stereoheaven]
Beca – Calm Before the Storm [BECA]
Beolost – Selfless [Future Cosmetiq]
Boge – Get There [Night Owl Music]
Brian Ferris – Wachtraum [Nastytunez]
Bruna Sauer – Spiritual Healing [Tranquility Sounds]
Cash Andrein, Francois Du Sterpar – Diavola [Pizza Tunait]
CEV’s – AbraCADaba [Transcendance Music]
Cory Halfblack – I Got You Thinking [Ham Factory Records]
Damirat – Ankersteng [dingn,dents]
HOOVER1 – HOOVER1-4 (Hoover)
KAMM – La Luna [CCS115BTI05]
Pearly Drops – Make Water [FEF Corp.]
Phineas McClintock – Fast Signals [Tajna Musica]
Pose Dia – Front View [Bureau B 1]
ProJect Aspect – Purple Sherb [MHSM Records]
Protone – Zero Day Attack [Dissident Sound]
Raids – Parmelan [Terror Corp]
Rasenk & Pobvio – LATIDO [Salviatek]
Rene Lorenzo – Horizontal Pleasures [Seven Villas Voyage]
Renjā – Divine Justice [Dream Catalogue]
Resistance – Sans discothèque… Pas de fête ! (Club Edit)
Sepehr – Artificiality (Klakson)
Toh Imago – Opalis FM [IF3093]


Alvaro Medina, Lose Endz – Funky Kush EP [RB244]
Aron Scott – Je Suis Music [JANGO748]
Bart Gori – Is Stop Is Now [FFR001]
Block & Crown, Lissat – The Groove Tonight [TR392]
CASSIMM – Just Show Me [MSR236]
Colin Crooks – Clarity – Extended Version [GNHX089B]
DJ I.N.C – way you luv [CAT420356]
DJ Sign & Ismael Nagera – Get My Love [TIGREC165]
Gabriel Wittner – Crazy For Your Love [HSR690]
Jubaba – Ritmo de Bom Bom (Lexa Hill Extended Remix)
Kimley – Let Me in [Stagz Jazz Records]
Klipr – Fire [Guareber Recordings]
Kolkeydo – Why Is It Wrong [Pop Label Records]
Lady Vusumzi – Dark City [Vusumzi Records]
Lello Russo & alex rai – I Believe [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Levent Lodos & Sadrican – Crosstalk [RDP102]
Linda Axelsson & Thessla – A Little Closer [Poolside Recordings]
Liquid Trax & Stiggz – OLDIE BUT GOODIE [Legent Records Global]
Lord Of The Isles – Glisk Science [Beats In Space]
Lorenzo Chi – Arpeggiation [Influx Reborn Records]
Lowe Aka User – Plastik Tanzen Remix Pack [Where Were We ]
Magrini – I Wanna Feel Your Body [F&M Records]
Oxxid, Koko, Mannu Aragon – The Sax [018736737626]
Robosonic, Ferreck Dawn – The Fool [ARSBJKT145]
Sable Blanc – Have Faith In People (Salin)
Saliva Commandos – Art House [TMR064]
Sammy Slade – Weekend [ETC268]
Santiago Patino, Jhoy On The Music & DKEIN – Medicina
Savage Vibe – Pushing Me [Z21R014]
Silverfox – Like a Fool [Smokin Joe Records]
Sonny Wharton, Jorge Montia, Jason Young – 2020_015
Soultight – Can’t Touch Dis [Tactical Records]
Soundomat – Wasted [Digital Blood]
Stu Laurie – Mumbas Groove [Koda Recordings]
Taylor Jaymin – That Thing You Do [LFT109]
The JFMC – Rockin’ [NMK Records]
The SyntheTigers – Stand Up (feat. Tobirus Mozelle)
The Wolfgang Press – Unremembered, Remembered [4AD]
This Is B – NLM [Artistfy Music]
Tobi A.o. & Daniel den Ham – Lost Bassline [Dance Of Toads]
Tom Junior – Keep Wondering (BRRAK Remix)
Two Dice – Close to Me [BCR006]
VA – VA005 (And Friends)
Zack Martino feat KiFi – Something About You [ARMAS1830]

Progressive House

Alessio Serra – Jungle Flute [LMKA113]
Alex Konstantinov – Fjord
Birds Clutch – Observing [MOON128]
Blanka Barbara – Answer Me [MIRM051]
Chapter 47 – Lost It [RRL004]
D-Nox & Stan Kolev – Passion [SB181]
Daniel Gomez, Eze Colombo – Keep Your Eyes on the Sky
Dublew – Kepler [BC2333]
Esteban Ikasovic – Earth Revelations [OOAK119]
Farid – Isoreflection (Original Midnight Mix) [FSOEP117]
Felipe Novaes – Flowing Lines [NOIR086]
Fernando Olaya – Ethnicolor _ Face to Face [ALLEY132]
G Coulter, Guy Gadbois – Plume [ST277]
Geno Herrero – Chomolungma [FIGURA175]
Ilya Gerus – Time [LIN249]
Impact – Desert Wind [BTCDR099]
Jab Vix – Home – Lanai [SYC093]
Joono – Magnetism [DU052]
Kolonie – Ascension [MM13530]
Lautaro Fernandez – Constance [MAM069]
Majed Salih – Timephrax [Medievil-Music]
Marcos Calegari – First [Figura Music]
Maurin – Take You [ONISM]
MaX ForWorD – Atlantic [Max Forword]
Mike Hopper – Dawn In the Distance [Awestruck Music]
Nōpi, Sarah Chilanti – Where to Go [SA115]
Sacha Rener – Grounded [MIST779]
Supacooks – Falcon _ Prisma [KTN099]

Tech House

Angel Heredia – DELETE THE DRAMA EP [LOWC031]
bES – Baby Dance [STZ2010]
Brown Vox – Hood Claps [Price Incorrect]
Cadorin – Believe in the Game [G-Mafia Records]
Caitto – Fucking [REC Low Records]
Cato Anaya – La Hechicera [TNCR005B]
Catz ‘n Dogz, Eats Everything, Catz Eats Dogz – Offline Mode EP [PETS123]
Chema Gnz – Recharged With Energy [Díscola Roots]
Classmatic, Jamie Coins – S.T.O.M.P [PERA180]
Criz Diaz – Apariciones [10th Planet Records]
Crozh Thompson – Mucho Mas Grave [Sequencer]
Dave Mont – Conmigo [Astral Void Records]
Dexxter – Feel the Groove [0212 Records]
Ekoboy – Work It [FREAK141]
Ivan Lopez – 1996 Oh! EP
KAZAA – Tweak [PJD040]
Kevin Corral – Whisper [RSH206]
Kolombo – My Old Siel [KENO061]
Luca Secco & Craftkind – Dreamin’ Ain’t Enough [NY002X]
Mason Flint – Together [195597738464]
Maximo Quinones – All I Need [PJD039]
Minijack – Four Gola [BOOTH]
Mitch Dodge – I Just Want It [We Jack.]
Ms Pika – Some People [ML226]
OPTONIKA – Without You [1988 Music]
Rankay, Kevz – Space Saw EP [RAD008]
Rente – Embrace the Fear [DDiaz Recordings]
Robert Redpath – From The Begining [THM046]
Rubén de Madame – Happy Hour [Lokabarcelona Records]
Sacha Robotti – Pharmacopeia [Slothacid]
Skymate – Get It [AMB027]
Sovax – You Are Sexy [DN011]
VA – Safe Music Bullets, Vol.6 [SAFEWEAP34]

Techno & Minimal

Alex Aguiar – Enjoy My Music [AZU206]
Alex Spite – Save Yourself [SIR 1782]
Amin Fallaha – Duat007 [DUATRECORDS]
Andre Scodro – Corrosive Thoughts [Scodro]
Antonio Lisi – Crazy Love (feat. Simone Raschella’)
Antony Dupont – Back in Da Dayz [BEK Audio]
Atlaxsys – 1994 [Pysch]
Audio Units – Andromeda Continuum [QR077]
Avernian – Ripper [Nostro Hood System]
Axe Gabba Murda Mob – Believe It , Bring It
Axling – Oktober [SRIE]
B00ST – Higher [Dirty Stuff Records]
Back Yard – Medicament [No Mercy]
Bee Lincoln – What’s Next [LR093]
Bernardo Hangar – Everything Has Consequences [Signal LTD]
Beta Aquarii – Rebenga EP [TT301]
Bietka, American South Style & George Haware – The Bass Takes Me
Blaktone – Chinese Butterfly [TT023]
Blindsmyth – Gryllidae Remixes [CNS109RMX]
Bontan, PabloRita – Foreign Lands [CIRCUS131]
Boss Axis – Honey & The Sunlight [ENCHANT042]
Boy Next Door – Apollon [LOY040]
Brascon & Yannek Maunz & Felix Raphael – Kyra – Omnist – Nefelibata
D-Unity – Midnight Sex Stories [195497030774]
Denis Jakupi – Can’t Complain
Dok & Martin – Underground Floor EP [ELV149]
Dr_1 – DEEP SEE EP [DDR029]
Draganeskool – Medal Of Honour [KRS045]
Drumcomplex – 24_7 [CMPL091]
EDX – Indian Summer [SIR12922]
Einmusik & Seth Schwarz & Stereo Express – Mezclado (Part 1)
Ezek – The Call [ONIR017]
FckngNoise – Digit [Environmental Records]
Fer BR – Multiple [Mindshake Records]
Filta Freqz – Donka [Seventy Four]
Finedium – Parallel Position [DDGL Experimental]
Fred Gulleits – See One [Effusis]
Gee Cooper – Who Is John Wick [Hungry Koala Records]
Gustavo Tusta – D.M.T. [Recyeco Records]
H! Dude – Hattori Hanzo [DSRD504]
Hagen Feetly, Pvshl – Midnight [4251603253102KON]
Hapax Legomenon & Andre VII – Fangs [Platino]
Hardware – Ebb [PMLG]
Himmelblau – Nordstern [UXE203]
I Am Bam, Rog De Prisco – The Jungle [OCTWS016]
Kraundler – Reaper [RR345]
Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano – Mad World [DC232]
Lysa Chain – Turn Off Your Mind [OCM059]
Marcellus (UK), Ben Murphy – Feel EP [RR2218]
Mario Otero – ArAr EP [SAF161]
Mateo Murcia – Drum [CAT412284]
Nico Morano, Aracil, Gingin – Coming Home [DTZ126]
Pasiphae – Possessed Realms [PNKMN40]
Peredel – Underwater [UFO008]
Pirick Aydon – Patagonia [HRLTD142]
Ramin Rezaie – Gnarly EP [LAM194]
Relativ (NL) – Reflections EP [NVR136]
Romulo – Emotive Mind [CND115]
Sascha Braemer – Lost X EP (incl.Echonomist Remix) (Hoito)
Sean & Dee, Aaron Suiss, Melody Stranger – Artemis [NYC161]
SINO – I Saw You [SIR 1781]
Tiesto, Vintage Culture – Coffee (Give Me Something) [190295143015]
Tiesto, Vintage Culture – Coffee (Give Me Something) [190295143053]
Tulum – Purple Haze [PRST037]
VA – 49 (A_Files)
VA – Mitos y Leyendas (Illegal Alien)
VA – Serpent Series Vol. 3 – VENOM [VNR0422]
VA – Space Traveler Vol 6 [MISTD194]
VRANS – Complex Chaos in Order [OXL178]
WAHM (FR) – Together We’ll Rise [WRD06]
ZHU – Risky Business (Mathame Remix)