Afro House

Ace Mantez – Kryptos [WAV3Off records]
Afro Exotiq & Drumetic Boyz – Inkinga [Da Fuba Records]
Alan de Laniere – Atounaz [Mycrazything Records]
Andeffect & Subjaxx – Abditum [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Aso Tandwa – Friday Mood (feat. D.O.X) [iTolo Music]
Batuk – Makeda [Teka]
Berny Manfry – Free To Think [Clubber Recordings]
Bhunu Brill feat Sibah Musiq – Ngithanda Wena [Naid Records]
BlaQsheep & Randy De DeeP – Mufare [Africa Mix]
Brown Stereo & Papa Dummy – Sound Is Sound
Darksidevinyl & Hallex M – Cosa Boa (feat. Cristian Vinci)
David Walters – Manyè (Remixes) [Heavenly Sweetness]
DJ Ademar – Set U Free [Ta Doce]
Dj Waldo – Warrior [byWaldoProductions]
El Vuitto Acayi – Call the Police (feat. Nancy M)
G Boy SA – Night Rider [Low Pace Media]
iKeja – After Life [Guettoz Muzik]
John Mayer & Cabuata Jr – Tomorrowland
Kathy Kay SA & Pablo SA – Remember Me [SMR]
Kekstar & Stickman – Matured Feeling 2
Kulas – Luandando (feat. Irina Vasconcelos) [Oluali Records]
Lunar Folks – Need You (feat. K Jo-Need) [Pasqua Records]
MR TAFFA – Safari [Housupa Records]
NakedSoul, Mash_P & TheKidd – Jungle Sound
Naledi Simon – Ixesha [iTolo Music]
Neil Amarey – Sonorous [My Other Side of the Moon]
Özhan Özal – Nigeria [Airport Records]
Phats De Juvenile – Packs [Incense Recordings]
Ray MD, Sr. Saco & AfroMambo – Latin Love
Ronny T – Karuba [Maluku Records]
Saliva Commandos – W E R K. [Club Bad]
Shauniment – Creative Space [Khoisan Music Records]
Silent Predia – We Belong Here [Mosaiq Music]
SoulPoizen & N.a.k.w.a.b.o – Two Sides [Herbs & Soul Music]
Taola, Taolo – Freedom (The Crue Paris Mixes) [unquantize]
TheLion – Tuerush [Suonare Records]
Tick Tock & milkoeh – Apocalypse [Dance Nation Sounds]
TonicHD – Rising Son… [THDrecords]
Turkish Coffee – Qumar [Road Story Records]
VA – Abstract Afro Vibes, Vol. 6 [KSD427]
VA – Senior Boyzen Afro [Senior Boys Music]
Wex Nmo & Veja Vee – Syangenaa [Khali Recordings]


Critical Sound – Toxic Waste [SPACE PIZZA Records]
DJ Slon & Synthezman – Make Funk [Biotech Recordings]
Double Noize – Dragon Carp [Diverge Music Group]
Florian Kruse & Joplyn – HOURGLASS [Stone Free Berlin]
Haze City – Excursions 4 [Cassé]
Infiniti (Scott Christina) – Science Fiction [alterednation recordings]
John Dopping & Remeya Kingston – Bury Your Secret (Activa Return To the Break Mix)
KillBeat (SP) – The Walking Breaks (feat. Statik Beat) [Strongs Records]
Kolja Gerstenberg, Schiggeria – Fungeda , Abiolait [Microwax]
Kumiho & Riff Kitten – Fallen World [Freshly Squeezed Music]
Maya Kamaty – Pandiyé (Remixes) [Musiques Des Sphères]
Meri – Magical Haze (feat. Annahoji) [Piraat Intl.]
Private Caller – History in the Making [Hardcore Energy]
Rhades – Space Dog [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Ryan James Ford – Six Stair [Sävy Records]
Starmist – 3 Am Drive [MegaVibeNetwork]
Tony Lizana – Vanishing Memories [Lizplay Records]
Tweaks – Peeping Thom [Tweaks]
Y-DAPT & MaTTsh – Love and Lust [Flowing NRG Records]
ZenSpider – Wretched Thickness [Glitch Hop Community]


Adoreum & Amber Maxwell – Only Love [Sky Academy Records]
Alok & Ilkay Sencan – Don’t Say Goodbye (feat. Tove Lo) [b1]
Aluna – Envious (Kiddy Smile Remix) [Mad Decent , Because Music]
Angelo F & Erivelton Damasceno – I Can’t Get Enough [Loving Records]
Arnold Palmer – Open Your Arms (Remixes) [Big Blind Music]
Audiopool – Touching U [Midnight Language]
Bruce Blayne & Gid Sedgwick – Lucky [Pop Label Records]
Caffeine – She’s a Knockout [Supersonic Media]
Calm Drama – Beneath the Surface [Traxscape Music]
CHADE – Oooh! [Albom Records]
Close Talker – Second Best (Berlin Version) [Sinnbus]
Cortr & MICA – Hurtful Things [Dim Mak Records]
Crystal Knives & Marcus McCoan – Strangers [Lowly]
David Lopez & Sergio Angel – Celebremos [Yumah Records]
Dex Wilson & Pete O’Deep – Too Many Chances [Revkon Records]
Dirty Audio & NXSTY – Inferno [Barong Family]
Drianu – Smooth Life – Demo [DrianuMusic]
Dyoma Z – Last Meeting & Way Home [Summer Music]
Dżeju – Moving On [Smile Creations Music Label]
Falcos Deejay – Believe in Me [Alveda Music]
Fluxx – Be There For You [Mental Madness Records]
Forever 80 – Gigi’s Violin [Black Boat]
Gaby Nieto & Ikilledpluto – Know No Better [Splice Records]
Gemma MAr – Les dues som una [Bad Father Records]
Giacomino – Get Ready [Black Boat]
Hitz – Midnight Bliss (feat. Jadel) [Therapist Music, LLC]
I Know The Chief – I Thought I Knew Better (The Remixes)
Jack the Stripper – Is It Love [Global305]
JAKONDA & Nejtrino – You & I (Remixes) [L Music]
James Smaz – Astro [Holy Pig Records]
Jarred Gallo – Sugar [Tropical Disco Records]
Josh Nor – Bella Ciao [Digital Village Music]
JSTEF – Never Say Goodbye (feat. Megan Alyssa) [RUN DBN]
Kaplin & KMAYU – Broken [Deephour Music]
Leonie Ceylan – September [LC Music]
Les Gordon – Empire [Arista France]
Liam Laghan – I Like This [Twisted Cells]
LIZOT, Tiscore & Maria Gold – Be Mine [Nitron Music]
Lokura Mira – Suelte (Joe Mazzola Remix) [Fantasia Urbana]
Loxion Deep – iJezi’elisha (feat. Boohle)
Lucho – Waiting For [Mixmash Deep]
Maazel – Right Now (feat. glasscat) [Monstercat]
Man-D.A. – Love Me Now [Epic Tones Records]
Mark Lunas – Feel Good [Hastarriba Records]
Mavilos – David and Goliath [Ziiki Media]
Max + Johann – Perfekte Welle [Nitron Music]
Mila Night – Baby Boy [Hastarriba Records]
MorningMaxwell, Max Glyde & Velvet Bloom – Take It In (Illhaus Remix)
MURANA & The Dual Personality – Love Is [Simplify.]
Nu F.E. & Karina Skye – Here With You [Flava Music]
Nykoluke – Kurria [Cheetah Play]
Pat Lok & Thandi Phoenix – Freefall (Remix) [Kitsune]
Politix Of Dancin’ – Release [Strictly Rhythm]
Rachanaa Jain – Divine Count [Rachanaa Jain]
Ruff Club & Fizzo & Jay – Go All Night [Perfect Havoc]
RUNN – Handle With Care [Seeking Blue]
Ryan Hagan – Reset [2220 RECORDS, LLC]
Samorodnov – Ahoy [Summer Music]
Sander van Doorn – Feels Like Summer [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Sasha Primitive – Easy Come, Easy Go [PPG Recordings]
Sasha Primitive – Touch the Sky [PPG Recordings]
SlyFellow – Dont You Wanna [Maniana Records]
Strike – Chapitre 2 [Paroisse Records]
Style Points – 15 [Frequency Music]
Teknoaxe – Floating Through the Bits [TeknoAXE]
Télépopmusik – Everybody Breaks the Line [Warm Music]
Tiësto – The Business [Atlantic Records]
Tomcraft, MOGUAI & ILIRA – Happiness [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Tungevaag & Rat City – Afterparty (feat. Rich The Kid)
Tunnelvisions – Gold Teeth [Disco Halal]
Universal Algorithm – Time Is of the Essence (Lightspeed)
Van Storck – Keep It Down [VAN STORCK MUSIC]
Vin Diesel – Feel Like I Do [Palm Tree Records]
Wilson, ManyFew & Kelli-Leigh – No More Chances (If You Really Love Somebody)
Wolffman – Step in [Made2Dance]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Akora – The Feeling Coming Over
Alex Chikelu – Uptown [My Wife Records]
Alex Gomez, Richard Goez – The Colour’s – Flow the Beat
Alex leviz – Sola (feat. Jack-V) [La Torre Records]
Andy Buchan – Voodoo Disco [Hot Gorilla Records]
Anomalje – Antilles [Anomalje Records]
Audax – Castles (feat. Niles Mason) [Mixmash Deep]
Audioboy – I Need You [Cherokee Recordings]
BBwhite – U Be Mine [Disco Filter Records]
Berk Canevi – Sexy Me [DeepShine Records]
Berobreo – DW033 [Discoweey]
Bhut’ Paper & Sir Thuleigh, Bhut’ Paper – Carbon Phybr
Boogie Boots – Feel the Heat [Disco Down]
Byron Juane – Promise I’m Not Crazy
Cagri Guzet – Love Me Better [Natural Deep]
Calibro 35 – Dalla Bovisa a Brooklyn [Record Kicks]
Celeno – Levitate (feat. Virgil) [Cookie Records]
Charlie Hesen – Xenovers [DeepClass Records]
Chill & Groove – Dance for Love [Be Adult Music]
Claudio Tempesta – IN the MIX (Extended Mix) [The Squad Rec.]
Colin – We Love Disco [Colin Muzik Produksiyon]
Compas Polysorb – Autumn [Gazgolderclub]
DMNK – Reality Control [Revitalized Records]
Dzialach – No One Else [Melodicall Recordings]
El Bambii – Prende Otro Más [La Torre Records]
El Manga – Jap Style [Issa’min]
Eliezer & Isadora – SSRl [N I G H T N O I S E]
Enyon & G-Flash, Retrostate – Shades of Enyon
Fabio Me Llaman Soltero – 1960 Chris Craft [Melomana]
Felix Schorn & Chris van Dutch – White Flag [My.Cover.Music]
Fredstyler – Sol al Mar [AST Recordings]
FueChano – Algorithm [Whole Story Factory]
Fussflow – Hybrid Keys [HatorRecords]
Gru – Got It! [Surbeats Records]
GUILC – Bad Bees [Braslive Records]
Haier – Friday [Deep Well Music]
Highlite – Future Days [Buttress]
Holy Models – Lessons [Cleverly]
Ian O’Donovan & Satoshi Fumi – Rising Expanse [Bedrock Records]
Igor Malov – On the dancefloor [Adara Records]
Ijan Zagorsky & Iaro SaxoValentiev – Always [DeepShine Records]
Immaculate Styles – Give in to Me Tonight (Sebb Junior Remix & Special Feeling Dub)
Intermezzo – Are we Dreaming , Wake Up [Intermezzo]
Jack Priest – Brkdwn [Deck-A-Dance Records]
Jansons – Sublime [Selected.]
Jaques Le Noir – Let Me Love You [Crown Of Music]
Jarrod Lawson – Be the Change [Dome Records]
Jason Peters – Behind the Veil [Nein Records]
Jeao – Walking [Uba Lua Records]
Jet Boot Jack – The Street [Dubplate Disco Recordings]
Johny Luv – No Use Fighting This Feeling [Twin Girls]
Jørn Johansen – Love the Way [Gents & Dandy’s]
Kelton Prima – Miss Me Blind (feat. Hard Ton) [Nang]
Kiano & Below Bangkok – Amaris,Rendull (feat. Adrian Pricope)
kingryan808 – I Love [king ryan entertainment]
Kito Jempere – Time Traveler (feat. Cedric Gasaida)
Klasbak – In My Mind [KEK]
Krysenstern & Ferencz – Echelon [Neu Gravity]
Leeman Brothers – Forgotten Nights [Fuzion Dreams]
Levis Della & Otter Hills – Gangsta Paradise [Echo Music Records]
Lexmic – Come Around [Serendipity Music Group]
Liam Mockridge & Lowheads – Mess Around (feat. Johnny Kulo) [Remixes]
LJ MASE – Fractures (feat. Jayde McVeigh) [Run Free]
LTS – Paradise (Nathan G Remix) [Luvbug Recordings]
Lumana – Take Me There (feat. JULIA) [Hungry Koala Records]
Mannix – Balearic Funk [See-Saw]
Mara Tata San – Bop [am Star]
Marco Bocatto – Frousen [Unison Recordings]
Mario Hatchet – Dream [Muziek Colours LTD]
Mario Hatchet – Summer Flash [Muziek Colours LTD]
MOL K – Aimless [Three Hands Records]
Monday Listening Club – Lost But Found [Lost But Found]
Monty Christo – Mi Carazon [ROOM 82Records]
Mr Gee – Kicks Like a Mule [Shame Records]
Mustafa Guney – Stay Alone [UL Records]
Night State – Neon Cocktail [Marble Recordings]
Ny Ak & Ian Blevins, NY AK – Afghan Jams [City Fly Records]
Outside The Disco – Stand Up 4 Love (12tree Remix)
Pablo Rouve & Ary de Flow – Summer Heartbeat (Summer 2020 Edition)
Palm Vision – Save Me [Jendex Records]
Paul Rudder – Summer Rain [Tilly Jam]
per[sona – Homo Makina [Platino]
Petals In Sound – Palace [Boyanza Records]
Planet Battagon – Escape from SEDNA [On The Corner Records]
Plunge – Undone [Opium Muzik]
PVNDV MUZIK – Sex On the Beach [29 Deep]
Redukt – Alone [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
Rianu Keevs – Reverie [Rianu Keevs]
Ricky KK – The Temptress [Music for Clubs]
Rio Loose Grooves & DJ Place – Dark Cloud [Sky29]
Roisin Murphy – Roisin Machine (Deluxe)
Ruimte Vogel – Piano Ding , Slow Down [Space-Echoes Records]
Sanches S – Honey [Summer Music]
Second Sky & Phase Materia – Dayswimming [Rhythm & Culture]
Serenos – Your Message [Sensoria Records]
Sgt.Elias – Deeper [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
Shaun Alan & Javonntte – There We Go Again (feat. Javonntte
Shyma – The Lost Passenger [Stereofly Records]
Silly Willy – The Music Is Now! [Smashing Trax Records]
Stefan Bishop – Cheer [BEATER RECORDS]
Stewart Birch – My Heaven [Imprinted Records]
Tha_Guts – Elephant. [Massa Records]
The Kingsman – The Genesis 1 [Way Up Music]
The Kingsman – The Genesis 2 [Way Up Music]
Thor Rixon – Won’t Stop Crying [Eko Worldwide]
Timbhai – The Night of the Wolf [sync.records]
Touch RSA – New Orleans [Diptorrid Recordings]
Tribu Oro – Spaceness [WiN Recordings]
Umvral – Ravedisco [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Under Above – This Way [Palm Leaf Records]
VA – Amazon Lush [Sakasa Rec.]
VA – Blue Lagoon [Orme Music]
VA – Deep House Society, Vol. 1 [10180299]
VA – Focus 006 Kiano & Below Bangkok [RMRFOCUS006]
VA – Global Lovers V6 Australia [MI4LCOMP007]
VA – Music For the NAACP [Running Back]
VA – Spring Time [Althea Records]
VA – Spring Tube Journey. Greece [Spring Tube]
VA – The Secrets of the Trade 018 [Piston Recordings]
Verboten Berlin & Aparde – Undone (Aparde Remix)
Vons – Lifeguard [Re-Play Records]
Vzion – TODD [Ad Hoc]
Wagon Cookin’ – Appetizers Remixes, Pt. 2 [Appetizers]
Woodworks & Noah Malcolm – No End In Sight
Xandl – The Reason [Bunny Tiger]
Zithane – Conspiracy Theories [Blur Records]
Zoi (CA) – Confine [Dream Culture]
Zuntyh – Space 707 [YUNG DUMB Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

A.ROT & Miko Versy – Rave Heart [Blvckbox Records]
AC Dealer & Y E Y O – Cubaby [mYnz2rec]
Alaflow – Cosmic Call [Brash Beats]
Aleksandar Vidakovic – Invictus [404 Records]
Alexandre Miron – Break the Rules [EPride Music Digital]
Amstar – The Heist [BROHOUSE Music]
Andrew Gabriel – Andromeda Series Alpha
Andy Dom – Big Way [Berlin Star Records]
Andy Dom – New Soul [Berlin Star Records]
Andy More – Mother Light [Cocos Records]
Apollo – Rave Grenade [New State Music]
Arly Joi – Zero stalker [Nuova Records]
Armenez – The Source [The Mob Recordings]
Arya – Let It Burn [Run Free]
Atom 36 – Something Special [No Definition]
Au5 & Chime – Voidwalkers [Monstercat]
AudioClass – Genesis [Mean Streets]
Bakteria – In Your Dreams [Scapegot Records]
Banshee & Meregodz – Bruh! [Techenies]
Bassgalli – Galli Style [Deep Bear]
Bc#9 – Liberty Dub [DNB UNITED RECORDS]
Benny V & K.Warren – Cover It Up ,, Down With Me
BlackJack & Zareh Kan – Okey! [Wiking Recordings]
Blazter & Altrn8, Blazter – Telepanic [Broken Vault Records]
BLOOM – Flowstate [Sub-Label Recordings]
Brainwork & Leniz – Ukiyo [Differential Recordings]
Bratoski – Azalea [SMTHNGELSE]
Bratoski – Lift On [SMTHNGELSE]
BRK & Bacon – Obsession , Broken Flute [Hyperactivity Music]
BrwnTheBasic – Lifeform [LoL]
Bsharry – Everybody’s Crazy [Crown Of Music]
BTK – Dead Men Tell No Tales [Dispatch Recordings]
Bukez Finezt – Eradicate Mankind [Chestplate]
Buku – What You See [Wakaan]
Caleo & Able, Caleo – What You Do [Bowlcut Beats]
Calibre – Falls to You Vip , End of Meaning [Signature]
Cammora – Jump in [Revuelta Records]
Caustipher – Extinction [Izonautic]
Cecilia Natoko – Beautiful Memories [Song Vu Media]
CESRV – The Underground [Beatwise Recordings]
Chicagoo & Hvzvrd – Russian Mafia [Ghetto]
ELEVTE – Move Your Feet [Subsense]
Enarxis, Screamarts – Dystopia [Ekou Recordings]
Equanimous & Ahee – Air Bender [Gravitas Recordings]
Fanu, Infekto & Mattip – NORTHSIDE – The First Wave of Drum & Bass in Finland (Part 2)
Filipp Vasse – RocknRolla [Smile Creations Music Label]
Fox Stevenson – New Amsterdam [Disciple]
Frank Taurus – Lotus [RouteR]
Funkware – Alice, Mars [Funkstuff Recordings]
Gerald Sanchez – I Can Try [Bearlin Records]
Goldie – The Journey Man Remixes, Pt. 1 [Metalheadz]
Goldie & Ulterior Motive, Goldie – The Journey Man Remixes, Pt. 2
GRANDYE – Creatures , Resurgence [True Box Records]
Grindclock – Critical Hit [World Wake Records]
HEXED – Boss [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Holly & Sebastian Reynoso – Angel Fire [HARD Recs]
Iceolda – Flora [Iceolda]
illusionize & Shapeless – We Love the Vibration [Elevation]
It’s a Trick – Blue Numbers [THMusic]
Ivan Longoria, Kertox & Willie Mireles – Laid Back [Bass Zone Music]
Jan Ladeau – Knowing Rates [Bellum Records]
JareB34R – Raveman [AX RECORDS]
Johnathan Thomas & Danky – A Vibe , Rudeboi Walk
Jordan Clay – Trinity [Future Soundz]
K.Ring – Somebody to Love [Deep Bear]
K.Ring – Up & Down [Chrono_logic]
KAY C TUNES – Sun Flames [Smile Creations Music Label]
Kayzo & Pixel Terror – The Year the World Stood Still
KEAN DYSSO – Ma Bitchez [Ghetto]
Kilo House – The Children [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Kove & Charlotte Haining – Healing [Drum&BassArena]
Lakeway – Wave Rider [Diffrent Music]
Lee Mvtthews & Ekko & Sidetrack – Discipline
Leemo (UK) & Beth Kay – Lights Up (feat. Beth Kay)
Lefty – Emotion Time [Rorschach]
Lekuz – Feel Good [Feel Hype]
LINKER – Backstage [KINFree]
Logan D & Dominator, Skore – Fatality
Lost Youth – Bermuda Triangle [HQ Listeners]
M Giggy – Give It To Me Baby (Refix)
M3RTGL – Got Wheels [Ghetto]
Malinoviy John – Raspberry Milk [Negative Sound Recordings]
Mandidextrous – The Flight to Vienna & Remixes
Marten Hörger – I Am Ready [Confession]
Masker – Dark Statement,At Midnight [Murky Digital]
MaX ForWorD – Phenomenon [Max Forword]
Maxfield – Just Beyond the Horizon [The Rust Music]
Meanone – Last Star Tango [Calligraphy Recordings]
Merger – Miss Molly [Inferiae Records]
Mew Zu – Provence [Rubricate Records]
MitiS & Drowsy, MitiS & Elle Vee – All I Have [Born Records]
Moderate Hate – Breath [Black Monsta Records]
Monblube – Has Been Planted [G-Mafia Records]
Moniker & ChopsJunkie, Vibe Aeon – Cash Flow [Cyborg Recordings]
Moody Djinns – Family Business [Tessitures Records]
Mork – Lioness [Cyber Audio]
Motiv – Fading Pictures [Fokuz Recordings]
Mou5zyzz & Yago Music – Melbourne Overdose
Mr & Mrs Smith – Get Loose [Champion Records]
MsDoS – Jazz Cuts #1 [Liquid Drops]
MTC Yaw – Need Somebody (feat. Nami) [Formrecording]
Mystific – Had It All (Simplification Remix Included) [Liquid Flow]
Myth – One Note Funk [The North Quarter]
Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez – Bailando (feat. PKDO)
Ne.Man – On Your Mind [Pick ‘n’ Mix]
Neighborhood, 45Thieves & David Saturn – Make You Feel
Nelver – Cosmic Gate , Nothing Left [Galacy]
Nikolai & Mr. Fink – Adrenaline [Badkill Records]
Nvadrz & Alias, Nvadrz – No More Heroez [Disciple Round Table]
NYLAD – Forever [Hungry Koala Records]
Nyzius – Powerfull [Córdoba Records]
Oded Sabag & Roberto Ferrari – Keter Meluha
Orion Concept – Summer Love [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Ovylarock & Mike Leithal – Elevate [Dirty Dutch Music]
Paperwater – Clearer Now [Wet Paper Records]
partywithray – Cherry Bottom [partywithray records]
Pesnya – Mad [Chateau Bruyant Records]
Phaction & Charli Brix – Say No More (Visages Remix)
Pink Cat Empire – Fade-In 2.0 [Pink Paw Records]
Prayer Handz – Run This [Phunk Junk Records]
Prisoner – Midnight , B.I.A.S [Deep Jungle]
Prspktv & RSWT, Prspktv – Stargazing [Goldfat Records]
Riddim Punks, Chronixx & P Money – Sell My Gun [Nice Up!]
Rieger – Crocodile [Shell Shock Recordings]
Rob FWA – Don’t Speak [Life For Music]
Ron Waha & Jake Blunden – Dance Floor [Wiking Recordings]
S Kid – Ppj 003 [PPJ Recordings]
Saxxon – Visions , Ping Pong (Original) [Boomslang Recordings]
Science of Man – Lord (Prayers) , All That’s Left [Deep Pan]
SHOTSFIRED – Get Sum [Drama Records (US)]
Similar Outskirts – Titans [Rushdown]
Sinez – Break Out [Eternal Muzic Records]
Softcore Express – Tequila [Eternal Sunday]
Sonic Snares – Somebody (feat. Curtis Richa) [FST’N’FWRD Records]
Speaker Louis & Blackout JA – The City Is Burning
Steve Jor-El – Lost Time [Sifare Edizioni Musicali srl]
STØRM – No Sweat [RiSE UP Records]
StrezzSkills – I Don’t Like B.J [DeepDive CM]
Suz – Was Op [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Tan House – Homewrecker [HyperBlast Records]
Tea Timerz – Fade Away [Careless Records]
Techdubmonk – descending Angels 2020 [Lying 8]
Tellus – Liberation [Modern Conveniences]
Tengu – Damage Report [TNGU Music]
Tharun Hardy – Race [ultrawave records]
That Derrrt – Skrrrt [The Derrrty Boyz]
The Dark Stranger – Promised Distance [Music UK]
Thred – Ground Zero [High Caliber Records]
Tiago Santaroza – This is me, now [Santander Music]
Tim Reaper – Cityscapes [Lobster Theremin]
Tre’Von & Pete Spruce – Eros [Darklight Recordings]
Tribeleader – Time To See the Light [Tribeleader Music]
tritia – Reflection [SLK Records]
Tweakz – Lost Tonight [Delta9 Recordings]
Tyowa – Behind Me [Fanfare Records]
U’Moon – For the Money [Down 2 Earth Musik]
VA – Black Label XL 7 [NSD Black Label]
VA – Demon Recordings Classics Part 3
VA – Underground Unit Sector 4 [Full Flex Audio]
Vexxy – Dial Tone [ESC_]
Victor Mello – Wobble [Deep Bear]
Viperactive & Zerarri – Problems [Buygore]
Vizzyz – Little Step [Muzenga Records]
Voltage – Balance over Symmetry [Hospital Records]
Wave – 5 A.M (Remixes) [Treesounds Music]
Wiseyoungfool – Cathode Ray Tube [The Rust Music]
Wolsh – All Aboard [Muzica Records]
Wood Packa – Hold It Down [Angel Helicopter]
Xcursion – Switch It [Ritalin Rave]
Yvaine – Premonition [UVEEFEUVE Electronic]
Zheno & Revealed Recordings – Body Control [Revealed Radar]
Zych & Broken Promise, Cruel Culture – Lebensgefahr [The Remixes]

Electronica & Downtempo

2 Step Mash Lads – Test Press 11 (DJ VIP) [Orange In All Records]
13th moon – medicina natural [Lying 8]
Aestec & Cayley Spivey – SFU (Aestec Remix)
Aki Harunari – Beautiful Memories [Redux Sunset]
amra dof – Bliss [Songmoney]
Aristocrat – Let Me Be (feat. Demiana) [Proartsound Music]
Beanzo – After Hours [BEANZO1]
bell-ringer Alexander Chayka – Insight [KOLOTONE]
Blame Connor & Spinner Sunny – Kraken [Beast Trap Records]
Bluetech – Underwater Cities [Behind The Sky Music]
Caville – Danse Macabre [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Caville – Freakshow [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Code Walk – Guide [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Cora M – Folies érotiques [Carac Records]
Coustan – Levitation [Construction Time Music]
Crystin – Sea Cuts [parkerboy records]
Curbed Dreamers – Your Guide [Bellum Records]
David Baron & Donna Lewis – Running Up That Hill (Lomea Reworks)
Deadbeat & The Mole – Deadbeat Meets the Mole [BLKRTZ]
Der Kleingrosse – Phonolulu [KulturSounds]
Dirty Dunx – Wait 4 Me [YosH]
DJ Ditch – Galaxy Of Love (feat. Mariza) [Trax Records]
Dj Joys – Genomic Inteligent [Crazyfriends Music]
Dorian Concept – The Jitters [Brainfeeder]
Earthnut – Protosynthesis [Downplay]
Edith Lettner & Dafna Naphtali – We Q [Clang]
Encoder – Nlz002 [Nnullz]
Erik K Skodvin – Anbessa [Miasmah]
Esdras Albuquerque – We [Tratore]
Fabricio Henrique – Alma [Tratore]
Ferrigno, Intesa & NoFace Records – Move Like This
Fortu & Mendoza – Show Me Love [ONErpm]
Friendships – Fishtank [Dot Dash]
Fulvio Colasanto – Radical Dreamers (feat. XES)
Futur Cosmica – Clapandsou [Terror Corp]
FWD The Man – Touch Me (feat. Torii Wolf) [Torii Wolf]
Gaya Lovers – Frequencies 06 [Inspire Music Records]
Gaya Lovers – Frequencies 07 [Inspire Music Records]
Gaya Lovers – Frequencies 08 [Inspire Music Records]
Gemi – Buggin [Kiwi Rekords]
Geovan James – Planetary Interference [Hartearth]
Gerrit van der Meer – Surely You Can Do [Echopearls]
Grate Lakes – Going Going [Rellman Enterprises]
Hagan – Waves [Gobstopper Records]
Halina Rice – Spheres [Halina Rice Records]
Instinct x 0113 – INSTINCT 11 [INSTINCT (UK)]
J.A.O.P. – Lock [am Star]
jackBASS – TROIS [Guettoz Muzik Electronic]
Jesney – Yesterday’s Memories [FineGrind Audio]
Jimmy Edgar – METAL , GET UP [Innovative Leisure UK]
John Gürtler – Eigenlicht [Counterchange Recordings]
Jori, KIIA – Archive01 [PSU]
JP Coimbra – From Afar [Branditmusic]
Juan To Tree – Colguije [Fauna Reve]
Juha Mäki-Patola – Breath [Hush Hush]
Justin Varis & He Can Jog – L (Flagrantly Furled) [Audiobulb Records]
Kamil Dossar – Alms [Posh Isolation]
Kaspar Tosin – Cadre [NX Records]
KegOne & Nathan Davies – It’s About To Go Off [Nathan Davies]
Kein – Reykjavik Dusk [Audiobulb Records]
KlangTherapeuten & Max Manie – Purple Days & Purple Nights
Lee Docsawn – Any Knots [Bellum Records]
Lokuz – Okay, UK! [Stunt Cuts]
Low Key Trampoline – Sun Set Spike [Whole Story Air]
Lucas Cabello – Hardofus [Reise Spain]
Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu – Renegade Breakdown [Ninja Tune]
Markus Wormstorm – Maven 01 a Room Without Shadows []
Max D Milford – First Feeling [Wonderfly Records]
Mencius Leonard – Blinded Boy Goes Deathways [Infinite Machine]
Michael C. Sharp – An Exquisite Aberration [Holodeck]
Mieux – I Want [Affine]
Miguel NoFlyTribe Velardo – Waiving at You [NoFlyTribe Music]
Mild Minds – MOOD (Remixes) [Counter Records]
Minyo Crusaders – Tanko Bushi (Clap! Clap! Remix) [Mais Um Discos]
Mono Lisa – Most Important Thing [iQuestion Records]
MullMachine & Mullaha – Piano Jazzhop Musings
Mutono B – Sun [Chill Tunes]
Mystic Letter K – Self Repair [Mystic Letter K]
Naes London – Lost Someone (feat. RYA) [Paradise Circus]
Niven Smith, Magdalen Silvestra & Arvin Sharghi – Sacred Earth
Nowan – Aligning Fields [Gradient Audio]
Oliver Moir – I Rocked Till the Midnight Hour At Melissa’s Bat Mitzvah
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – Deepness [Release Soul]
One Dark Martian – I Can Only Dream [PointBlank Records]
Oscill_Ether – Found [A Path Within]
Oxya – Scars [TGR Music Group]
P. Morris & Morrisman, P. Morris – Some More [Bear Club Music Group]
Pal Valor – Jammers [Bellum Records]
Patrik Gryst – Pure Duration [Lethe Records]
Pedro Salvador – Hiperesferas [Tratore]
Pierce With Arrow – For Electra [Dais Records]
Pimber – Dune [Chill Tunes]
Poing – The Golden Button [Editions Cage]
Potlatch – Waltz for the Sunset [Cosmicleaf Records]
Quiet Noise – Murmurations [Audiobulb Records]
Radio Amore – Eleutheria [Filigran]
Rain Sounds – Rain Mountain [Young Spring]
Randy Seidman & MarcoLaylo – Rewind Your Mind [Easy Summer]
Raxvy – Summerwave [Red Delicious Records]
Reality Matrix – Skin Melting, Through the Blackest Void Into the Body of the Electronic Beast
Retalho – Nightwalk [Tratore]
Ross Harper – Ambient Girl [City Wall Records]
Rum Guzzler – Marooned [Avocaudio]
Satanic Squirrel – Light and Darkness [Rabies Dog Records]
Scam – Brutalism [Monolith Rec]
Shalarem – Pasar La Noche Contigo [Great Tunes Records]
Shalia – Home [Chill Tunes]
SHSTR – Thought Machine [Ghost Boy Society]
Simon Klee – Phototaxis [Subexotic Records]
Stefano Ercolino – Dreamland (Feel the 80s) [Retro Synth Wave]
Subsonic – All For You [Pilot Records]
Sufjan Stevens – The Ascension [Asthmatic Kitty]
Sunbane – Crooked Timber [Disintegration State]
TAWO – Black Stoned Island [Lemongrassmusic]
The Damn Yes – Strange Feelings [SMTHNGELSE]
Thelem & Onhell – Causatum [CHAPTERS]
Third Son – Mimeo [Step Rec.]
Tiefe Wasser Berlin – Roy [Male Cmos]
Time in Antarctica – Excursions Exit [Rezzelectro Records]
Tkivilsaari – Die Reue [Jaelos]
TMUX – State of Exception [False Industries]
TranSiberian – Helix Nebula [Easy Summer Limited]
Tryptamines & Morphamish – Adventures in Anywhen
Two Internet Ghosts – Apogeu , Round & Round [Tratore]
Uele Lamore – Tracks [Météores-Music]
VA – Balearic Electronica [Paradise City]
VA – Italian Synth Planetarium – Sistema 1
VA – Love Incantations [Nidra Music]
VA – New Blood 4 [Crucast]
VA – Unguarded 1 (Piercing Touch) [Unguarded]
Vincenzo Pizzi – Archivio [Pyteca]
Wobbles – Upside Down [Dyrwalk]
Wurrm – Red [Future Cosmetiq]
Xenesta – Now Showing the Future [StrongWaves Records]
Yako & 7even Icon – Electric Mamba [Urban Beat Records]
YELLODY & NoFace Records – Empty World [NoFace Records]
Z.I.P.P.O & Pearl River Sound – Vst Intended [Fides]
Zani Challe – 24Hrs [JTV Digital]
Zen Baboon – Hidden Frogs [Electrik Dream]
Zkarlen – New Love [YouTunez]


A DJ & a Singer – Sidestep(dj_responski Extended Edit)
Adri Block – Turn the Music Louder [PLAYEDiT Records]
Adventune – Loveolution [Phunk Junk Dark]
Agency – Spooky [Anticodon]
Alex Kassian – Oolong Trance [Love On The Rocks]
ANT LaROCK – Bk [Brobot Records]
Banana Biz – Don’t Fall Asleep [TRENT]
Billy Da Kid – In My Arms [New State Music]
BIMONTE – Back to You (feat. Norah B) [Blanco y Negro Music]
Biomin H – Push Yourself (feat. D. Debnarova) [DJ Camp]
Black Cadmium – Joblot [Ovum Recordings]
Block & Crown & Marc Mosca – Throw Your Hands up (Club Mix)
Block & Crown, Lissat & Paul Parsons – Ladada [Tactical Records]
Bob Musella – Non Stop [Candy Flip]
Boy In Nature & Plipfig – Colour Felt [noir sur blanc records]
Cacciola & Felicia Punzo – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy (The Remixes)
Caitto & Vaicentt – Chain [Roots Music]
CASHEW – Mafiosa [Uprise Music]
CASSIMM & rion s – Hey Trevor [Altra Moda]
Da Funk Junkies – Get Up and Dance [Little Jack]
Danny Clark & Carla Prather – People of the Sun
Danny Milano & Gigi Cerin – Africa (feat. Reuben & Maria Aka)
Deeper Funk, DJ Man – Power Sounds 2020
Den Pushkin – From Rome – [BBop Music]
DentedAphid7 – Perfect Sixteen [DP7 Music]
Disco Ball’z – Are U Thinking [Not Fashion Group]
Disco Gurls – Everybody [Guareber Recordings]
Discoloverz – What the Heck [Disco Down]
Dj Elmo – Tell Me [Tengu Recordings]
DJ Oscar Sharm – Toxic Love [Noixy Records]
DJ Symoz & Tony Erre – Toxic (feat. Dominik) [Boot Music Records]
Djboeing – Serenity [welofi]
DJManuel – Hands Up [Ocean Trax]
Djxx – Hocus-Pocus [Tuff Sound Records]
Duh Oliver – In Your Embrace [Vivifier Records]
Ekhoo, Enigmix & Tsant – Nordeste Tour Vol.1 [Sollares Records]
Ethimm – By Night [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
Fabio Salerni – Understand Me [Trax Records]
Filippo Melloni – I’ll Wait For You [Monkey Stereo Records]
Funkasanki – Know My Name [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Funkasanki – Last Call [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Gala Gutierrez – Orgasmic [Tentaculos Records]
Gio Silva – Gozame [Silva Records]
Glass Slipper – Sambada [Colour and Pitch]
Goat Girl – Sad Cowboy (Edit) [Rough Trade UK]
Guray Kilic – Super Drop [Peak Digital]
H.P. Vince – News to Me (feat. Lomalo) [Music Toys Records]
Helzak – Bring It Back [Somn’thing Records]
Hen Ogledd – Free Humans [Weird World]
Henry Molinari – Bigger Disco [Housetunes Records]
Hey Alan! – If I Told U [MCT Luxury]
Howen & Reafy – Forever [Strawberry Digital Made Recordings]
HUGO – Patchouli [Barbecue]
Infuze – Appropriate Measures [STMPD RCRDS]
Ivan Gough & Play Play Play – No Time To Talk [Neon Records]
Jackin’ Social Club – Hip Hop Boogie [Jackin’ Social Club]
Jadjazzyjay & Echotrixx – Afro Vibes (Remix)
James Sandro – Bermuda [Nervous Records]
JazzyFunk – Infinity (Remixed) [JazzyFunk Records]
Jbmixx – Come Around [JBMixx Records]
JedX – Call Me [Music Marks The Spot]
Jobu – Adventures of Super Beats [Late Night Jackin]
Jose Delgado – Discotek [Clipper’s Sounds]
Josh Hunter & Mila Falls – Moving On Up [New State Music]
KACZ – Come Inside [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Karma Kid – Freedom (Never Let You Go) [Greco-Roman]
Keeley Forsyth – Photograph [The Leaf Label]
Kotana – Note Alone [Pocket Stars Music]
Kris Ramea – Do You Like That [Souluxe Record Co]
Lalo Leyy – Make Me Feel [Desfase Records]
Las Bibas From Vizcaya – Red Obsess (Remaster 2020)
loft 93 – Keep Dreaming [Planet Hum Records]
Loyz – Liar [PYRO NXT]
Macoon – 50J [Marble Recordings]
Marc Cotterell – Find the Light [Soul Revolution Records]
Martina Budde – Real Love [Groovy Firehorse 66]
Mat2Strass – Every Man [Disco Filter Records]
Maurizio Basilotta & DiscoVer. – Gypsy Woman (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)
Mick Wilson & August Artier – Kisetsu Series Natsu [Rawax]
MiKey – Funny Boys [29 CLUB]
Milk Bar – Don’t Stop Now (Robbie Rivera Remix)
Mitch B. & Paolo Ci – Shout [JANGO DEL MAR]
Mr Gab – Better Days (feat. Stylish DJ) [015 Global Productions]
Mujer Luna Bella – La trompeta [The Music Agency]
MVC Project – So Good [K-Noiz Select]
NC Explosion – Zemnandi [Punch Records]
Nic David – Futura [Flexbeat Records]
Nick Edwards – Try Ah [We Play Acid]
Nightwave – Power Plants [Hotflush Recordings]
Ntsepe & Fellaz – Izandla bazalwane (Amapiano)
Ozmium – Believe [Build It Records]
Ozzie London – Tender Love [OneFold Records]
Patrik Remann – Save My Mind [PR Records]
Paul Parsons – The Truth [PLAYEDiT Records]
Peppe Santangelo – Pull me Back (Remix) [feat. Venessa Jackson]
Peter Brown & Etienne Ozborne – Fell in Love [Vacarme Records]
Physical Dreams – Pieces of Your Heart
Pimlican – California Kiss [Belgrave Road Records]
Preetesh & Mark Harrison – In Your Eyes
Proa Deejay – RetroFunK [Complex Destroyerz]
Proper Villains & Nasty Nigel – Vacation [Fool’s Gold Records]
Push3r – Girls & Boys [Automation Nation]
PvssyCat & Marvin Aloys – Funk Junkies [UFO RECORDZ]
Ray Le Fanue – Perfect Toy [Wildfire]
Rico Vibes – Shake what mama [PR Underground]
Sadyouth – Got It All [Jadu Dala]
Safety Mode – Gradient Master [Umusic Records]
Simon Groove – Soulful Academy [Music DJ Academy]
Simone Pagliari – Turn on the Speaker [Tactical Trax]
Spin Department – Glass Curve [Tri Music Group]
Steve RGA – That’s My Motion [Deep Culture]
Suncoke – Closing , Obstipation [Crown Of Music]
Swagger – Don’t Wake Me Up [Soundo]
T-Roy – Dabasam [Broadcite Productions]
The JFMC – Indian Summer [NMK Records]
The Stoned – Waitin’ for a Change
Traffic Beats – Long Way [Brique Rouge]
VA – 100 [VAMT100]
VA – In Unity Lies Strength [Roots Underground Records]
VA – Shake & Stir EP [MMVARAW002]
Victor M. – We Got the Funk [Souljack Digital]
Vihaan – Make Me [Jendex Records]
Vrdgo – Fall in Love [Estilo Digital]
Whim Glame – Penn [Crown Of Music]
Wolky – Poop [Crown Of Music]
Xotto – Don’t Rush [WINLIKE Music]
Yan Kings & Matt Petrone – Ardiendo (feat. Deivol & P.Moody)
Zy Khan – Universal Love [Dirty Korner Recordings]

Leftfield Bass

Abyss X – INNUENDO (Remixes) [DMOTH]
Bukkha & Subtle Mind – Words [Infernal Sounds]
Hatcha & Hamdi – Black and Yellow [Hatched]
Loto Retina – 2022 [Promesses]
mod-r – shegz [childsplay]
Muttley – West Side [Hold Tight Records]
Object Blue & TSVI – Hyperaesthesia [Nervous Horizon]
Sam Interface – Pink Dolphins [R&S Records]
Sophia Loizou – Untold [Houndstooth]
Soukah – Life Without Meaning , You Can Run Much Faster [Sub Audio Records]
Woven Thorns & Nøsq, Woven Thorns – From Grace [Locus Sound]

Melodic House & Techno

AB – Hieroglyph [VIAGE]
Abstraction Unit – Summertime , Cities of Silence
Ada Lattanzi & Calo Divinti – Song of Peace
Adi das Genie – New Era [Leeloop Fanatix Records]
Afflicted – Cosmos [nuOn Music]
Airbas – Your Scent Still Around [Parallel Label]
Alex Woessner – Hindsight [TRIP & emotions]
Alexis Samaan – Out of Time [Amber Blue Recordings]
Amin Fallaha & Ruede Hagelstein, Amin Fallaha – Duat Folklore 1007
Armstrong – Sumo [Deeplomatic Recordings]
Arude – Echoes of the Past [Blindfold Recordings]
ARVØ, Johann Petter – Antrieb 006 [Antrieb]
autonomi – Have It All (feat. Linn Stern) [Alpha Black]
Avidus, Monkey Safari – Save the Night – Moments
Ben Tax – Wonderful Day [Edmi Music]
BitterRude – Moments [God’s Mind Records]
Bodam Project – Miror A13 [Catamount Records]
Bouzidi – Final Destination [Lost Crate]
Browncoat – Edge of Time [Steyoyoke]
Chagochkin – Nights of Egypt [Tech People Music]
Chris Aux – Roter Riese [Terrachorda Recordings]
Chris IDH & NICK JOJO – Lessons in Love
Cj.Viper – Min Buri [Mystery Train Recordings]
DJ Go Cut – Social Distance [Psycro]
Djan Chelik – Prayer to Space [Deep Family Records]
INAMAR – Underneath the Stars (Extended Mix)
Jerro – Demons (feat. Sophia Bel) [This Never Happened]
Josefono L Telefono – Gem (Apo Tulup Remix)
Julian Cardona – Sublime [Julian Cardona Music]
Keistep – Odessa 909 [White Line Music]
Kiz Pattison – Output [JourneyDeep Records]
Laurent C & Pat The Cat – Goza [AventuraDeep]
Le Petit Français – Papoo’s Guitar (Extended Mix)
Mahu – Argon [To The Core Recordings]
Marco Caetano – Illusion of Us (Extend Mix)
Markus Koj – Rousing [Althea Records]
Mate Robles – The Power of Imagination [Neu Gravity]
Matt Manser – Sifar [STIG]
Microtrauma – Curve the Arc [Parquet Recordings]
Morgado – People [Kush Records]
Mr Rog – Hard Buzz [Experimental Rog Rec]
Neither Nor – Spoiler [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Nicrofobia – Sensitive [Blazer Records]
Oliver Gruen – Envoy [Mental Schizophrenia]
P.Young – Eos [Sequence Music]
Rahubert – Pluto En Crickets [DECHAPTER]
Re-Mind – Truth , Replica [Somatic Records]
Saad Ayub – Shuffle [Rollerblaster Records]
Shawn Voo – Sicuta [Thin Records]
Space Hunter – Full Moon Ritual [TRIP & acid]
Stableheads – Arneis [ThreeRecords]
Surge In Madness – Valley [Tech People Music]
Temperat – Libra [SMTC Underground]
Templanza – Odissey [Visionary]
The Machine Soul – Decker [EKORD]
UOAK & Light Below – Blue Birds [Sekora]
VA – Couple Affair 07 [SYYK120]
VAND3ST – Inferno [Trippy Code]
Wasscass – Cinnamon Moon [Klangklar rec.]

Minimal & Deep Tech

98s – Tiempo De [Agua y Sed]
100Hz – Jive [Constant Sound]
ADRIANZA – Spaceship [Adrianza Records]
Agata DelDu – Dub Culture [MUSIC&LIFE]
Andre Salmon – Una Vida Sin Alma [Sagmen]
Baltimore Chop – The River [PRGVSK Records]
Ben Murphy – Vocal Trip [Grass Route Records]
Blìn Eff – I Am Back [P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records]
Brown Vox – Alpha Beez [Groove 33]
Bryan Kush & Nicholls (Col), Bryan Kush – Quarantine
Bypass – Unstoppable [Elarum]
Chezz Eche – Better Life [Key Frame]
Crosfader – Casa Mia [Conscious]
Disolart & Iva Dive, Iva Dive – Tenerife, Gran Canaria
Dr.Nojoke – zero.One [Clikno]
Drew Dapps – Move With Me [Kolme Records]
Eber Torres – El Circo [Herloop Records]
Federico Castilletti – Smooth Morning
Fluxeon – Mystic Trip [DataTech]
Gábriel Magdelani & Niran Mantin – Physical Desires
Goodkat & Gosha – Manitou [Floorpiece Digital]
Harle-Tsu & Tulio – Midnight Spliff [Street Habitat]
HDZ – Stoned Robot [Personality Disorder Music]
illAx – Picor [Good People Music]
Into You – Dispersion Ok [Echolette Records]
Itmar Sagi – Magic Maker [Nurum Music]
J.Pe Bruna & Leo Rios – Disorder [Pressure]
Jafar – Ping Pong [WAXX LABEL]
Jafar – Yow [WAXX LABEL]
Jason Xmoon – Abacoa [Deep Tech Lab]
Jessica – Fm Dreams [True Deep]
KENNIO – Down Me [Uba Lua Records]
Kickbugs – Stop [Reshape Black]
Klartraum – Manifestation Blueprint 1 [Lucidflow]
KostadinXIliev – Balkana [Strange Stories Records]
Luca M & OuiOui – Buxcus [Dots and Pearls Records]
Lumc House & Akeos – Don’t Stop [Beachside Records]
Madame M. – So Sexy [Stereofly Records]
Manzanares – Treso [New Horizon Recordings]
Markus Volker – Kratos [Trippy Code]
Martin Minnucci – October Vega [Alternatived Music]
Matías Sapag – Plummet [Dark Groove Records]
Michele Cartello – Closed Phone [Clubber Recordings]
Mihai Pol & Zebra Rec. – Silvester [ZBR063] [Zebra Rec.]
Narcotex – Minimal Club [Techno Die Recordings]
Newbie & Mikhail Kobzar – Rage [Tip Tap Records]
Noob Psybot – Breath of Darkness [Absolutely Dark Records]
Novelo (MX) – No Error [SouthTech Music]
Tosman – Decline [Lemon Juice Records]
UFO – Positive [MyHouse YourHouse]
Uriah persie – Want [Genesis BA]
VA – After Hours Miami [Kieso Music]
VA – Aguaviva [Casa de locos label]
VA – Dream Mood, Pt. 54 [Dream Mode]
VA – Finger Picks 1 [Creepy Finger]
VA – Inspirado Records Summer 2020 [Inspirado Records]
Vinicius Ribbas – Black Belt , Outside [Deep Tech Lab]
Wouter S – Toolbox [Artefax Movement]
Xose – Racket [Toxic Astronaut]

Organic House & Downtempo

Andy Fosberry – When Comfort Is Stranger
Becca Sunshadow – Warmer Springs [Bellum Records]
Catbeats – Night Chill [Swedish Columbia]
Causeyoufair – Eyes to Rings [Audiobulb Records]
Charles Lindber – Drake [Mikky Records]
D’Phault – Moi [Ambious Records]
Echosub – 0101-0102 [Bass9 Records]
Gonzalo Sacc & Franco Leonardini – Whispers [The Purr]
Hernan Cerbello – Knob Life [Eternum Records]
Hjorn Gamner – Accumulations [Bellum Records]
Igor Pumphonia – Interplanetary Space
Ilya Gerus – The Corridors of Memory [Zenebona]
Irmak Akan – The Roots [Akan Recordings]
Ka lu – Spaghetti Soul [Tehnika Molodeji]
Kaame, Ninesh Babu – Irreplaceable , Annunaki , Rival
Kadum & Gerra G. – Tapete Voador [Núcleo Gatopardo]
Kamran & Bruno From Ibiza – Odisha [KARMA VIDA RECS]
Kareem Zadd & NUUK EG – On My Own [Remal Records]
Keshavara – Pineapple Meditation [Papercup Records]
Lofi-Sky – Blue Sky [Lolou Records]
Madhu – Amethyst [Kamari Records]
Marc W – The Phoenix [Oscillate Records]
Marius Circus – Wildstyle [In The Garden]
Mazze – You’re the Only Happiness There Is for Me
Michael Felix – Sensual Pleasure [Hungry Koala Records]
Nandu – Under the Moon with Me [Human By Default]
Nebula – Utopian Realms (feat. Gardens of Syringa)
Nosegrab – Coliseum [Tribu H]
Offthesky – A Fine Day to Float [Audiobulb Records]
Patrick di Fiore – Take Care [Mikky Records]
Pinkcourtesyphone – leaving everything to be desired
Radha – Points [Tamil Nadu Records]
Seigo Aoyama – Cool Afternoon [Audiobulb Records]
SOLIDMIND & Joshua Wasem – Tjema
Soul Escape – Inner Oasis (feat. Rich Machines)
Tomotsuga Nakamura – #Fluctuations
Tsang – Montrose Hill [Coral Gables Records]
Umlaut – Audio (Bulbs) [Audiobulb Records]
VA – Papa Nakebi [Amselcom]
Volantis – Milano Johannesburg [Alzaya Records]
Yong Jai Kim – Reina Del Viento [Cosmic Awakenings]
Zeno Moscati – A Beautiful Place [Mikky Records]

Progressive House

Abstract Silhouette & Boskii – Spherical [Music UK]
Alberto Sainz – Negeva [Soundscapes Digital]
Alex Pershin – Dark Side [Bohemian Tunes Records]
Andre Scodro – Experimental Madness [Scodro]
Andy Villa – Missing You [Groove-ism]
Ansgarii – Karma Convolution [Fibonacci Recordings]
Armon Apex – Sine Loves Square [Dynamic Progressions]
Arteche, Il’Dar – Figura Good News (part 1) [Figura Music]
Baro – Goodmornings [See The Sea Records]
BCM Planet Dance – You Are in BCM [Previous Records]
Brais & Robbie Rosen – Better Days Ahead
Brian Boncher – Endless Touch [Truzique]
Carlos Silva – Presences [Distants Records]
Charlotte Petitte – Further [Patternized Recordings]
David Lopez – Follow Me [Beverly Pills]
Digi Gad – Huge Anxiety Disorder [Royal Supreme]
Dimitris Dagas – Everlasting [LuPS Records]
DJ R3D – We Are Same [Sounds Of Meow]
Dmitry Molosh – Edge , Compass Remixes
Embers & Tru Concept – What Is True [Another Rhythm]
Enocky & Mezu – Skyfall [CLAB Records]
Fehrmon – Wunschbild [Wanderlust]
Francesco De Argentis – Going Insane [TRIP & dream]
FRANCIS JAMES – Invictus [So Deep Recordings]
G.N.R.T. & NoNative – Falling [Freegrant Music]
Galestian – Worlds Apart [BeatFreak Limited]
Gar & Guineve – Moonbeams [Hands In The Air]
Gijs De Mik – They Are Watching [D-Force Records]
Jurgen Baas – Mambo Sun (Club Mix) [Progressive Sounds]
Kiwwiiz – Night Sky [F2F Rcrds]
Le Youth – Rise , Unattached [PRGRSSN Records]
Madman J – Near Death Experience [Libertas]
MarkEMixx – Plectrum [Wolfrage Recordings]
Massivan – The Golden Age [Modest Electronica]
Nobilis – Magno [PHW Elements]
Rianu Keevs – Shadowing [Rianu Keevs]
Rodg & Dezza, Rodg & J1mmy – Evocations [Statement!]
Samer Tinoco – Purepecha [Droid9]
Siix & Serello & Shelley Harland – Invisible (Feat. Shelley Harland)
Stoobz – Late Nights [Occult Cats Records]
Tali Muss & Esphyr – Lookatu [Transpecta]
The Intersection X – Vibrations [Yeiskomp Abyss]
The Loco – Night Patrol , Stolen [Early Origin]
VA – Artist Showcase 01 Lumidelic [Synth Collective]
VA – Constellations Aquarius [SLC-6 Music]
VA – Deja Vu [AMSEL045J]
VA – Kuna Al Muruna [IWR024]
VA – Strictly Argentina! (The Remixes)
Vekt – Mbao [White Soho]
Veneo Isrugi – Hydrangea [Sunset Dreams]
YoD Ibiza – Breakuper [YoD Recordings]

Tech House

4BEATs – Oh My Groove (Extended Mix)
Abdel Karim & Joy Marquez – Celebrate
Adiel Mora & Santanelli – Franklin Street
Albita & Victor Porfidio, Javier Alemany – Rebelion
Alvaro Albarran – Poison Riders [Coffeeshop Records]
Amine Edge & DANCE & Clyde P – Pleasure
Amo – Mystery Voice [SCI+TEC]
Andy Marea – Stardust [4Difference Records]
Anthony Natale – Muda [Exlight Records]
Bad Boy Bill, Gettoblaster & Nick Rockwell – Sugar Daddy [IHR]
Bayon – Drumline [My Little Dog]
Bigstate – Wait Lights [Walking Beat]
Break the Speaker – Material , Sensura [less is nice]
BRK (BR) – All Night [Lab Underground]
Carlos Gomez – High [Wajiro]
Cele – Crazy Girl [Be One Records]
Cesar D Julius – We Dance Alone [Swat Rec]
Chester Young, Jitra & Revealed Recordings – Down
Chico Diaz – La Buena Vida [Vamos Music]
Chris Simon – Machine Heart [My Techno Weighs A Ton]
Cool Jei – La Salsa [Orunmila]
Cristian Fuentes – Daddy Uhh [DM2 Records]
D Edge Knight & Giuliano Porcelli – Over Down
D-Railed – For You [Price Incorrect]
Damon Hess – Do It Right [Force Of Habit]
Dario Zagarella – My Dirt [ROOM 82Records]
Dave Manali – Purple Haze [Stereophonic]
Delict Waster & Edu Marks – Keys [Green Deep Collective]
DJ On – Ketchup [Bunny Music (UY)]
Dots Per Inch – Poppin’ [High Definition]
Kondo & Andy Murphy, Kondo – Grade A [Vicious]
Lalo Leyy – Open In Casen Off [REC Low Records]
Lass – Acid Cntrl [Jango X]
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – Sin in Berlin [Trax Records]
Leenah – Money Gang [Daimon Recordings]
Let Hitz – She Needs Help [Rootech Records]
Lorenzo De Blanck – Hey, What’s up [Saved Records]
Low Reef – B-Side [Atwist Records]
Luca Beni – Tisher [Feel Hype Black]
Luke Nash & Morsense & Alonso – Oh Baby [Which Bottle ]
Mario Bottino – Gimme the Beat [Mooncircles Lab]
Mark – Desligare [Deep Bear]
Mark Fiorre – Sweat [DOT Dance]
Mateo Hiller – Sensacion [0212 Records]
Max Mendez – Beat Dont Stop [29 Tech]
Micah Baxter – Pigeon Toss [NastyFunk Records]
Micky Hargreaves – Funky Beat [Encode Musik]
Mike Morrisey – Stripped [ADN Records]
Mikp – The Rabbit Hole [Disguise Records]
Mirco Caruso – Snuuu [2Drop Records]
Nacho Molina – Twisted [Díscola Roots]
Nacho Rojas & Joaquin Germain – For Your Rigths
Ocean Roulette – Electric Games
On & On – E Network [Dimiz Music]
Quadrini – Bring It Back [Norvis Music]
Ramacod – The Wandering Boy [Klangscheiben Records]
Rico Martinez – In the Middle [Techaway Records]
Roger Da’Silva – Back in My Arms [Subtractive Recordings]
Rogerio Vegas – Who da Fuq [Mousinc Recs.]
Roland P – New Normal [Blank Beats Music]
Sergio Garcia – Roadme [ROOM 82Records]
Twin Synth – Get Down Wid It [Spira Music]
VA – V.A [streetwalls]
Valerio Bonfa – Why Edge Move [Vulkano Records]
West Coast House Project – Danger [ROOM 82Records]
Yana Paisley – Original Content [Bosh Recordings]

Techno & Minimal

20KID – Timw [Raise Recordings]
A Thousand Details – Purple Haze [Analog Section Records]
Alemaozuk – Pier Pressure [Sound Kleckse Records]
Alfon Sanchez, I.Villasante – Dual Criterion [Dualbreathing]
Alpitech – Crossover [Paktoor Records]
Amby Iguous – Cold Fire [Hxagrm Records]
Among Equals – Crystalline [Co-Exist Records]
Andres Power & OutCode – Tokyo [High Quality]
Andy Kay – Cyber Tide [Monoloco Records]
ANTIDOTE – Atom [Concepto Hipnotico]
Army of One KC – Disco What [XMOD Records]
Artf – Free Spirit [Klinik Room]
Asymmetric – Wolf Pack [Pink Room Records]
Atze Ton – Hard Dimension [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
AUX88 – Counterparts LP [Detroit Bass Classics]
AXBLA – Get Trance [Astral Void Records]
B-Liv – Eands [EandS Records]
backYardboy & Hector Pizarro – Mar 04
Berkel – Multilayer Creations [B55 Records]
Bionical – Motion Electrical Machine [Tecnologic Records]
Borgeous – Closer [ReWasted]
BRÄLLE, Ph4ntom – Afterlife [Dissonanze Recordings]
Bredel – Monticello’s Dub [Swiss Electronic Music]
Caniform – Extinct Subspecies [L&T Recordings]
Cathertzz – Old Memories [bringnewunity]
Celldod, Lake Haze – Acid Avengers 016 [Tripalium Records]
Christian Schachinger – Murderride [Absolutely Dark Records]
Conoley Ospovat – Live at Diane’s Hunting Club 2018
Coxwayn – Hard Corps [Peneloop]
CQNZR. – Blur [CQNZR.]
CQNZR. – Echo [CQNZR.]
Cristian Arango – Estaba Lejos [Fly Records]
D-Richhard – Drum Question [Vibetek Records]
Damaged Clock, Matt Cano – 002 [TNR MEDIA]
Danny Ocean – Running on My Brain [No More Meat Records]
David Greev – Parametrum [Gain Records]
Dawn Razor & Confluence – Temple of Hate
deepfreqz, Owen Ni & Raytek – Nexus [Hypnotic Room]
DeepMilo – Gadje [DRUM Records]
Dernis, Ido & Forever & Ever – Inquiry Solar [Inquiry Records]
Dhalgren – Zhonya [dZb Records]
Dima-Tekk – Break Him [Gobsmacked Records]
Dj Elly – No Sleep [Trigonometryk]
DJ Megalomaniac, CJ Elektra, Airy & Washington C – Unity
DJ Murphy, Dolby D & Cristian Glitch – Another Dimension
DJ Varsovie & Tony Turbo – To Live & Die in Sydney [INTERVISION]
Dorammy & Half Robot – Pnxo – 20 [Bots Records]
Drawingofyoureyes – Fx [Informe]
El Sam – Insanity [Reload Records]
Elx – Eon Freeze [Ear to Brain records]
Emanuele Vernarelli – Core Fall [No Design]
Errorbeauty & Serge Geyzel, Johnfaustus – Escape from Andromeda
Esteban Miranda – Inertial Effect [Árido Records]
Ethan Wilson Thorp – Oxide [Katzenjammer Rec. Berlin]
Exposed 2 Radiation – Hell Out [Dark Distorted Signals]
Fabio Florido – The Chanting Void [RUNA]
Fane – Misere [TaiJi Records]
Fenilconic, Roel Prezz & Bebo Prezz – Energy
Fermusic – Into the Cosmos [Fermusic]
Fussion – Controversy [Homesick Music]
Gabriel GIl – Essences [Headroom Recs]
Gemelle – The Vocies Behind You [Ushuaia Music]
Giuseppe Falivene – Pacific Blue [Oslated]
Halvy – Drumz [Layer 909]
Henriette Ramirez – Intuition [Tettix Records]
Hentex & Retza – Rushmore [ERROR Records]
Hertz & Johan Bacto, Hertz – New Life – Part 7 [Sway]
Hiss – Subset I [Animal Farm Records]
Holger Nielson – Black Bird [Ragnarok]
Huma-Noyd – 25 Years 25 Songs [Good Time Records]
Hune, Kaltblume – Brutal Society [Errone Records]
Hyun (KR) – Room 301 [Neu Gravity]
Igor Carmona – Gonna Drink [Uba Lua Records]
Ihopeyouboughtflowers, Thommy Fusion – Resurrection
Individu – Trajet Tardif [Zero Signal Records]
Ion – Cannibalista [Cerebro]
IsaVis – Experiment 154V15 [ORGASMIxxx]
ISMS – Intellectual Property (Remaster 2020) [AP Digits]
Jacks Menec – Impulses [Compacto Records]
Janelle Pulo – Nothing Lasts Forever
Javi Audile – Industrial Landscape [Shiitake Records]
Joel West – Inner Worlds [Woodwork Recordings]
John Barsik – Haul [KMR]
JulianBø – Juegos De La Infancia + Remixes [Redski_n]
Kai Limberger – Amsterdam Four [Autark]
Kernel Existence – Remixes [Konsequent]
Laylae – Sonic Encounters [LETS TECHNO records]
Le Nardo – Supernova [Mothr Music]
Lee K – Prenzlauer [Circulate Records]
lefthandsoundsystem – Zmota [Absolutely Dark Records]
Leon Blaq – Heros [Voevod]
Liquid Luck – Midnight Sun [BRAIN PAIN RECORDS]
LM – Control & Inside [Koleidoscope Records]
Luca Maniaci – Neurosis [Mind Games Recordings]
Luca Morris & Mozzy Rekorder – Peyote [Off Recordings]
Mace UK – Utter Stutter [Neu Gravity]
Maedon – Escape to Berlin [Sonic Groove]
Malon Dark – DrumBlast [Zuno Recordings]
Manjit Makhni – Amphibian [Audiobrain Productions]
Mark Morris (Uk) – Mindhunter [Neu Gravity]
Markantonio – Subsoil [Say What ]
Mglaah – Prfct Drvg [Neu Gravity]
Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. – Fire ! [Hard Electronic]
Michele Finessi – Walk With the People
Mikey Motion & Chuff – Haggis Neeps & Hardcore Techno
millions of dead sequencer – Nightpool Incident [CARPS]
Mininch – Mikromanagement [The Seed]
Miss Adk – Electrical Circuits [defmain() ]
Miss Adk – Sorcery [FCZ records]
Moritz Piske – On the Raw [Salon Records]
MSTRKRFT – Black Gloves [Antifragile Music]
munfell – No Bitterness [Marktek Records]
Narcotic 303 – The Last [Lucidflow]
Nene H., Poly Chain – Standard Deviation
Nico Moreno – Confined in Hell [Techno Germany Records]
Nicystemo – Techno Nights [Toxic Recordings]
nms303 – Pacifist Rebel [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
Nooi.D, Bazmik & Erick Khalifa – Day After Day
NP-Rio – Cx987 [Studio3000 Records]
Nuno Bessa – Approaching Van Allen [Sunora Recordings]
Nuno Bessa – Undefined Second Archive
Nuta Cookier – Via Lactia Mysteries
Obstructor – Mastermind [MODULHERTZ]
Original House Movement – Vortex [Esrever Recordings]
Øsej – Salvation of the universe [Induxtriall Records]
Peter Fern & Siasia – Stettin , Kattowitz – The Remixes
Peter Mills – Restart [UKR Special Series]
Pools Of Happiness – Rainforest Fires [10th Planet Records]
Quecho – State of Flux [We Are Here Music]
Quinten McKee – Save Program [Groove Estate]
Rame.col – Fog [Simplecoding Recordings]
Random Cry – Time Without Space
Raul Manso – Succonscious [Tecnologic Records]
Rennie Foster – Give the Power [Somewhere In The North]
Riza Gobelez – Van Boven [Fehler-Musik]
Roberto Corvino – Vanitas [Dead Groovy Music]
Rohan – Andromeda [WLM Hard]
Roland Clark & Roland Leesker – Wtf! [Afro Acid Digital]
Romulus, The Caveman – Hammer [Romulus Music]
Roon – Detroit [Salford City Records]
Schvédranne – Path [Slab Note]
SECONDFACE – Quarantine Syndrome [RotRaum Music]
Shabboo Harper – Dark Flower [Absolutely Dark Records]
Shuja Rabbani – Road Trip [Rabbani Records]
Simon Bell – Sphere [Stazis]
Soa Dreams – At Night [Wejustman Records]
Solar Pavilion – T 001 [Tettix Records]
Space 92 – Phobos [Perfekt Groove Recordings]
Stefan Weise – The Seventh Signal [Wolf Trap]
Steno – Call Acid [BASIC Music]
Stereo_IMG – Generation of Gods
Steve Bicknell – 27 [KR3 records]
stndrd – Emotional Proficiency [Bahn Records]
Subgate – Ghost Town [Trapez]
T Y – Feeding Generation Z [Carnivor Records]
Talking Smack – Gungan [Parison Records]
TCBR – Violence [Wavegate]
Techno Garage – Bunker [Roll-In Groove Records]
The F.Ray – Lost Wavs [LOFI IN HIGH RECORDS]
The Paradise Reals – Apollo [Sonic Heavy Records]
Theo Swagten – Processing [Flash Forward Presents]
Tiberio D’Angelo – Tiwama [Zero Db Digital]
Tim Vitek – Tipping Point Number 7 [Grid Based Beats]
Tonya Carlopio – Invasion [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Ulrich Van Bell – The Prophecy of Love
Undoxone – Underground Beach [Online Techno Music]
Untwisted & Roysat – Overlap [Luzztro Records]
VA – Era Novum [Blocaus]
VA – File I V.A. [Coded Platform]
VA – From the Shelf 001 [Ghost of the Shelf]
VA – Hidden Treasures [WATB056]
VA – Quarantine [CAT422389]
VA – Rlo Friends and Family, No. 2 [Reel Long Overdub]
VA – Technoism Issue 31 [Voltaire Music]
Van Snyder & Spooner Street – Honey Pot [Undgrd Music]
Vibe Aeon – Techno Thing [Analog Ghosts Records]
Viking – Delirium [Default Series]
Vonderau – Body Awakening [District Underground]
WTTM – Red Stone,Green Stone [Black Chrysalis Archives]
YariD – I got Shoes [Raise Recordings]
Yuli Romero – Prisma [Brigantia Records]
ZETADROP – Demolition Hammer [ZETADROP]