Azay DTM – Siul Calon Mantu [BMG Records]
Beatloud – Let It [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Black Cadmium – Chemistry [Naive]
Bumble – 2020 Tipping Point [Merkaba Music]
Chris Bradshaw – Swimming From the Sharks
Cookies Minor – Happy Enjoy [BMG Records]
Destroyers & Hankook – Hallucinate [Elektroshok Records]
Dicka YP – Magic In the Air [BMG Records]
Dr. Thrill – Faithful To Me [XPLODE-BOOM RECORDS]
Equus – REHD {Raw, Uncut} [Slippery Sounds]
Factor E – Move This Bass (Infiniti (Scott Christina) Remix))
Fikri Breaksynth – Another Day [BMG Records]
Huda Hudia & Dj30A – Reverse Cowgirl [Kaleidoscope Music]
LSDREAM & Taylr Renee – FOLLOW THE VIBE [Wakaan]
Mafia Kiss – Tundra [Punks]
Mr. Beatnick & Om Unit – To Meet Her (Om Unit Remix)
N3t1x – Jumping Around [Glitch Hop Community]
Neural Flux – Orpheus Returns [Neural Flux]
Nosk – Outcast [83]
Nu Desire – Horizon [Desire Trax]
Obviously High – Maw Jaw [Liquid Stairs]
Pantov – Wannabe [Casa Meganika]
Paul Cronin – Renegades [Reminisce Recordings]
Riddim Fernandez – Slowly Does It [Woodwork Recordings]
Statik Beat – Chips & Beer [XPLODE-BOOM RECORDS]
Swarov – Loving [Psicodelia Records]
Tom Jarmey – Lurk [Lobster Theremin]
Vinyl Messi – What I Learned in Lockdown [9th Records]
Win & Tie – Chameleon [Breaks Yo!]
Wolca – Darkness [Interesting Music]
Yggdrasil – I Miss You [The Half Heart Project]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

2Clic – Beth 2020 Re-Edit [Unusual Records]
Aathee – Elephants on the Run [Aathee]
Adam Husa & M O N I T O R S – Viking [Suprematic]
Adarra – Give It To Me (feat. Zyannya) [bocina records]
Adelle – Give It to Me Baby [Music Brokers]
Ahmet Kılıç – Sorry [DJ008 Records]
Aili & Transistorcake – Dansu [Eskimo Recordings]
Al Bradley – Space Stories [Cosmic Gems Records]
Alex Freud’s – Nalu [Seveneves Records]
Alex Keeper – Toi & moi (feat. Mae) [Get The Sound]
Alex Kislov – Nimbus [Careless Dark]
Allysha Joy – Light It Again [First Word Records]
Almoon – Love Me Now [Natural Questions]
Also Playable Mono – Love Is in Your Heart [Analog Language]
Alvz – Soul of Eden [Devise Deep]
Amela Amvox – Talamanca [Embarcadero Red]
Andreas Foxx – Leopard Tape 003 [Leopard Tape]
Andy Craig & Morris Revy – Paradise [Shivar]
Anton Ishutin – How Deep [Suprematic]
Azit – Point of View [Delve Deeper Recordings]
B.Infinite & Linda Jo Rizzo – The Sign [KHB Music]
Baked Moon – 400 Nights [We Are Diamond]
Barbara Goes – Aquarela [Ginga]
Bardamu – Sans Titre [Science Cult]
Barney In The Tunnel – Barney in the Tunnel [Cashminus]
Beartrax – Dream Riff [Melodize]
Beatdealers – Between the Lights [NYLO]
Benny Bridges – Lucky Penny [Fantastic Voyage]
Berkan Sunteroglu – Baby Can You Feel It (Fidel Deniz Remix)
Black Hawks of Panama – Feel for You (feat. Bisi) [Future Disco]
Blackframe – Techno Doom [See The Sea Records]
Blaqwell – Holla If You Want [Brobot Records]
Boogietraxx – Luv Me [Shame Records]
BREATHDUB – Mellow [Timelapse Of A Dream]
Bubs – Chocolat Groove [CRMS Records]
Buddynice – Teenage Love Remixes (feat. Surprise M)
C. Da Afro – Just Feel It [Funky Revival]
Caldera (UK) – Best Kind of Love [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records]
CAPSON – Crazy [Talisman]
Casanova – Playboy [BCR]
Cato Canari & Balthazar – Are You Sure (Edit) [Delusive Disco]
Cecilia Bu – Deeper in My Soul [DDiaz Recordings]
Celebrity BBQ Sauce Band – Celebrity BBQ Sauce
Chicco – I Need Some Money , We Can Dance
Chris Moon – One More Time [BCR]
Christie Love – Show Ya (Reggie Steele Presents Christie Love)
Close Counters – Up & Out [Close Counters]
Clymate – Lungi Mirante [Ampispazi Recordings]
Cool Million – Be a Star Tonight (feat. D-Train)
Cursedsounds – Shadows are coming [PR Underground]
Daisybelle & Carly Foxx – On the Dancefloor [Kuudos]
Dapayk Solo – Decade Two Florescence [Sonderling Berlin]
David Lowell Smith – Manipulator [Space Vacation Recordings]
Debora Savarese DJ – Best of Debora Savarese DJ [KNOCK]
Deep House – 909 Club [Green Leaf (UK)]
Delia Renee’ – You’re Gonna Want Me Back (Dave Lee Remixes)
Demarkus Lewis – That Raw Feelin’ [Parafazed Records]
Denis Pimenov – Rainy Day [Ulysse Deep]
Denis Pimenov – Space Trip [Eternal Eclipse Records]
Did Virgo – Perpetual Motion [Innisfallen Records]
Digital Afrika – Asiko [Awesome Soundwave]
Dimaio – A Feel [Soulgood]
DJ Euphoorium – Houseik [Deep Rhymes]
DJ Linus – Deeper Is Better [Sujet Musique]
DJ Romain & Kev Dot Kruz – Style War [Afro Riddims Records]
Doctor Blaque – Black Doctor [Redemial Tunes]
Drone375 – Delicate balance [Stereofly Records]
Dubez & DJ Stee – Falling in Love
Duri Ariel – Walking [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Duskope – Vintage 909 [Rhythm Vibe]
Early 90s – Standing High [Play And Tonic]
Edgy L – One More Day [Wolfrage Recordings]
Effemar – Deep Sea (feat. Swedish Red Elephant) [Selected.]
Ellis & King – All That Jazz [DEEP ‘N’ DOPE RECORDS (UK)]
Endo Roots – Losing Your Mind [Venomous Motives]
Endry DJ – Iman [Afterdam]
Enton Biba – Without You [Vinebeat Records]
Epic SoulStar – Irora [Redemial Tunes]
Eric Dimmack – Keep On Lovin’ [Steezy Groove]
Erio Noen – Bad Symphony (feat. Lena Mazina)
EyeRonik – Test of Times [EyeRonik Productions]
Far&High – Overflow [Blue Shadow]
Feiertag – La Parisienne [Sonar Kollektiv]
Felix da Housecat & Rocketmann, Blakk Hazel – Purpose
Flevans – Everything I See [Boogie Angst]
Future Hero – El Rey de la Noche (Remixes)
Futuro Pelo – Burrito (Jean Tonique Remix)
GAFF E – Time and Space [Mondo Groove]
Gaminow, Boltron & House music bro – Don’t Wanna Love You
Giser – La Volví a Encontrar [Villano Muzik International]
Gostan – Moon [Get The Sound]
Grass Kid – You’re so Lovely [We Are Diamond]
Greenskeepers – The Girl Is Hot [Greenskeepers Music]
Haider – Dance Now, Cry Later [Aus Music]
Headman – 11-15 [Relish]
Heavy Weight Gravy – The Funk [Kollusion]
HILLS + DASH – Truth or Lies Remixes [9T90 Records]
Hotmood – Un Poquito [Ripe Pear Records]
HTMN – Blinded [Soundeo Records]
I Break Horses – Death Engine (The Field Remix)
I-Khan – Someone 2 Love [Kannon Entertainment]
Ichisan – Baba Mustafa [Gouranga Music]
Ijan Zagorsky – Imagination [DeepShine Records]
Ilya Santana – Won’t Look Back [Astrolead Recordings]
James Bradshaw & Meredith O – Can’t Give You
Jarryd Jackson – True Bliss [Essential Art Records]
Jas Artchild – Reverse Story Telling [Moiss Music Black]
Jave’ – Pierrot Teardrop [Oh My Gosh]
Jeao – Let’s Go [Partiu Bala]
Jerome Sydenham & Fatima Njai – The Fresh End
Jet Boot Jack – Penthouse Suite [Tropical Velvet]
JGR – Canalla [Espacio CIELO]
Joint4Nine, Kemback – FAFEP006 [Fate and Fiction Recordings]
Jorkes – Wet Dreams [Freeride Millenium]
Kalou – Hayes Days [Villes et Fleurs]
Karaba – Pheremon Crumble Wax [Kryptox]
Keeana Kee – Sweet Heaven (Remixes) [Music Seed]
Kenny Laakkinen – Prometheus [Eastparcmusix]
Kerim – Slow Dance (ft. Ula Vamps) [Wiking Recordings]
Kevin McKay – Nothing Can Come Between Us (feat. Rozie Gyems)
Kid Progressive – Air [Record Union]
Kids At Midnight – Love in Slow Motion [Square Pleasure]
Kink – Toplo [Sofia]
Lady Buds & hummerhummer – Far Away
Larry Funk – Groove me [Boogie Land Music]
Le Babar – Boogie Lessons [Mango Sounds]
Leo Meizoso – Kitarra [Personal Belongings]
Lesny Deep – Follow Your Heart [Cyanide]
LEVI – Circle of Time [PM Recordings]
Lex Ventura – Surf Surfin Santa [Flashsteps Audio]
Liquid Trax – Lets Go Back [True Deep]
LondonGround – Hot Funk [Muna Musik]
Los Cabra & Bondi – Caminata [Cacao Records]
LoudGRIMM – New Beginning’s [Nordic Trax]
Low Noise Funk – I’m In Love Girl [Moulton Music]
Lucid Grooves – Soufriere [Smashing Trax Records]
Lup Ino – Me & You [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
Malik Alston – I Need You [Globally Limited]
Mario Basanov – Truly Love (feat. Donny Montell)
Matan Green – Get Low Get High [Stand Up and Move]
Matt Fischery – In the Morning [Glói Music]
Matthew Halsall – Salute to the Sun [Gondwana Records]
Mauro Basso – Before The Night Changes [1st Strike Deep]
Max Savchenko – Move On [Piston Recordings]
Michael Gin – Talus [Priroslin Recordings]
Michel Dj – Control (feat. Bene Dee) [Backbone]
Michelino – Boogie Man [Disco Explosion Records]
Middlestones – Starscape [Middlestones]
Mikkelrev – Evolve [Oh! Records Stockholm]
Milky Thee Soul – Martin (To Atjazz) [Gruv Manics Digital SA]
Mirco Savoldelli – Deep Feelings [Soul Beach Records]
Moise & Lucien – Won’t Last [Jendex Records]
Monobo – I’ll Be Your Love (feat. Syntheticsax) [Russiamusic]
Monoir & YNGA – Sienna [THRACE MUSIC]
Moogy Bee – I Don’t Look Just [Deponiente Records]
Morii – Haad Rin [Erijo Gold]
Murat Özkaya – Mind Blown [Baijan Records]
Musumeci & Phunkadelica – Keep It Stronger
Nando Farelah – Come With Me (Omer Cakirogullari Remix)
Naux – Nau York [Lisztomania Records]
Ndoks Da Ox – Detuned [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
Neon Room – Running Generation X [Künstlerhertz Records]
Neuronphase – Bake It [Deeper Shades Recordings]
Nico Bulla – Motive RMX [O’RS]
Niser – Disco [Niser Music]
NLSN – So Cold (feat. ODBLU) [We Are Diamond]
Norman Doray & Darren Crook – Sweet Freedom (The Reflex Revision)
Nude Disco – Can’t Go Back (feat. Soozy Q) [Altra Moda]
Olivier St.Louis – Jump the Line [First Word Records]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – Cruel Angel [Release Soul]
Orchestra Moderna – Edits [Italo Italians Records]
Orkeat – Don’t fire (feat. Honeywell) [Out Of Doors Records]
Otilia – Turkish Gang (Remix Pack) [Jhaps Records]
Palmez – Time To Be Free [Adaptor Recordings]
Parisago – Electric Spirit [iM Electronica]
Parisian Soul – Infierno Ribs [Denote]
Parissior – Alcarabea [Mélopée Records]
Pedro Capelossi – Haute Couture [TOR]
Penner+Muder – The Long-Awaited Comeback [Suol]
Per QX – Hit da Spot [Walk Of Shame Records]
Pfeffermouse – Lifeforce [Audiolog Music]
Powernerd – Dark Triads [LAZERDISCS Records]
Prolurv Charm – Giving UP [Jambalay SA Records]
Queen Quee – Dishonest (feat. Khalifa) [GHHP,Josie Bois]
Radic The Myth – Peaches & Teddy Bears [Stay True Sounds]
Raly – River Waves [Dbeatzion Records]
Raul Bryan – Imo, Pt. 2 [Senior Boys Music]
Raúl Ryzado – Bandits Steeple [Graba Music]
Raz Jong – What We Do [Coco Beach]
Re-Tide & Karmina Dai – All Night (Zeeo & Mr. Frog Remix)
Remundo – Andalousie [Natural Deep]
Richard Goez – Groovin On [Freak Park]
RNBI – Role Play [Wit A Banger Ent.]
Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra – Dimensional Stardust
Rolipso – Set You Free [We Are Diamond]
Rollover DJ’s – Power to the People [Rollover Milano Records]
Ron Ractive – Deeper Source [Styledriver]
Roque – Be Free [DeepHouse Police]
Roudeep – The Same [Baijan Records]
Ruary – Indexed [Richmerch]
Ruff Stuff & Black Loops – Would You Like to See [Shall Not Fade]
Rund33p – Dedicated [Rund33p Music]
RunXX – Autumn Voices [29 Deep]
Ruslan Rustamov – Not Again [DeepShine Records]
Sailor & I – Clues [METAPHYSICAL]
Sarrelangue – Olvidados [Conexa Records]
SCADTA – Chernobyl Samba [Kaputt.wav]
Sebastian G Clarke – Particle [Emergent Textures]
Sergeigray – Changes [Ulysse Deep]
Sergey Wednesday – Corporate House [Songtradr]
Sheryl & NYMA – Obolobo O3 [ITS ALL IN YOU]
Skull Rock – Sadist Serenade [Beachcoma]
Skyles – Can’t Stop You [Storm Music]
Slim Size – Heartbreak [Antilope Label]
Solomun – Kreatur der Nacht (feat. Isolation Berlin) [NINL]
Sonic Jay – After Hours in [KitchenSync Records]
Space Munky – Ghost Moon [Cosmography Records]
Spatial Awareness – Can’t Hold Back (Pt. 2) [Hottwerk Records]
SRTW & Mauve – Last Train Home (feat. Sønlille)
Steffen Sonnenschein – Flooded [Holy Grail Music]
Stoto – I Tell Myself [Save The Panda Recordings]
SuslovvV – Laser Tracks In the Snow [KuzzBass Records]
T Orlando – Isolas [NON GRATA]
The Invisible Funk Band – Rhythm Infection , Groovin’ in the Streets
The Magic Track – Fonkey Kong [Hive Label]
The Policy – Interstate of Disco (Remixes) [[PIAS] Holland]
The SoulClub – I Can Read Your Mind (Club Mix)
The Tibbs – Another Shot Fired [Record Kicks]
The Vinyl Depreciation Society – Wrong Noises in Nice Places
Theo Falcon – Newark Blues Society [Winter in Venice]
Those Guys From Athens – Livin’ Fat [Little Jack]
Tim Dimitrius, Tommy Deep – Deep End Theme
Tolga Mahmut – Leave You Behind [Epic Tones Records]
Tom Mosler – Big Chill [Sequentek]
Tommy Boccuto – I Know [B74Records]
Tony Deledda – Fun Society [Little Angel Records]
Tony Thomas – Take It Easy [Ambiosphere Recordings]
Toray – Beat Up [Epic Tones Records]
Toru S. – In Memory of Doc Yoko #36 Eternal Love (Rain Flute Re-Luv)
Toxez – Cool Waves [Bukhta Radosti]
Trevor Vichas – Morning Light , Show Me
Ugress – Miracle of the Shaolin Moonwolf
Ultrasour – I Miss You (feat. Obed the Magnificent)
Usuf – Ubud [Tropical Freedom]
VA – ADE 2020 [HVLBL027]
VA – COMMUNITY – 15 Years of Jazz & Milk
VA – Darles Flow and Friends [M-Sol DEEP]
VA – Disco Made Me Do It, Vol. 4 [MIDRIOTDMMDIVOL4]
VA – Fly Family, Vol. 2 [CFRFF002]
VA – From the Vaults – Winter Sampler 2020 [SuperDuperSoul]
VA – Fulltime Factory, Vol. 7 [FTM202006]
VA – Jalapeno Records_ Two Decades of Funk Fire [JAL2020]
VA – Kapote Presents Mushroom House Vol. 1 [TOYT115]
VA – Occidental Waves [WayOn]
VA – Spatial Awareness [Floor 13]
VA – Unpublished Mixes, Vol. 7 [GRRVA007]
Vesha – Space [Miracle Juice]
Vincent Caira – The Process [PHXBLK]
Vini Pistori – Enigma [Paradiso Records]
Wade Watts & Prince Ivyson, Wade Watts – Vormir Chapter1
YVO – Sky on Fire (feat. Aleesia) [We Are Diamond]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

2FASS – Renegade [Muzenga Records]
Adresz – Mindblinded [ADRESZ]
Advance, Jaise & D-Struct – Converge [Icarus Audio]
AEX & Anton Life – Control Your Body
Alex Saander – One Smile [Nimi Music]
Alex Skrindo & THOBY – Edge [Skink]
Alex Tea – Square One [Liondub International]
All Fires & KJ Sawka – The Wind [Impossible Records]
Artomik & DuoScience – Good Transitions
Atlantic Connection – A Little More Love [Westbay Music]
Audio Demon – Bad Bwoy , Heavyweight Sound
Axel Boy & Qlank – L.R.L.D. [SPRS]
AYDN – Take Your Time,Reminisce [Sunny Moves Records]
B-Origin – Chaos , Zero Empathy [Sixteen Step Records]
Bare Up – Crawling [Radar Records]
BounceMakers, Ayin & Elle Vee – More Like Me
BROHUG – Lost Cowboys [BROHOUSE Music]
Bungle – Crossroad (Original) [Prestige Music Group]
Cabeabel – Battle of the Elves [Club Arrest Music]
Calibre & DRS – Hustlin , Movin (2020 Remastered)
Chaser – Curse Death Link [Neuropunk Records]
Chopstick Dubplate – Junglist Book – Chapter 1
Cloverdale – Open Up [Confession]
Cod3x, Focusfire – 5 Years of Ignescent [Ignescent]
Conrad Subs – Coma [Original Key Records]
Covert Garden – Cyrus , Dead Zone
Dash Berlin – Souls of the Ocean [BODYWRMR]
Dave Rice – Paradise Lost [Musicon]
Defracture & Mokushi – Devastating Signal
DEVOPS – Threat Level [Radhaz Records]
Dirty Mah – Plasma [DRTMAD]
DJ Fly – Sweet & Nice [Academix Records]
DJ Landan Time – Mind [LunaMoon]
Dj Nacito – Second Nameless [Baby Surround]
DJ Rap & Minaz Tejani, DJ Rap – Rollercoaster (Remixes)
Dj SmokeOne – Lights Out [N-Fluential Productions]
DJ Zinc & Alicaì Harley, Charlotte Haining – Friends and Fam
DLR & Break, DLR – Hit the Target , NADS [Sofa Sound]
EA ISLOM & Xusan Best – Plain [Privelege Music]
Erritate – Polar , The Birdman [Echo Chamber]
ESKR – Another Life [Scapegot Records]
Evil Orchestra – Orchestrated Madness Pt.2 [Evil Beat Records]
Fearful – FKD , XINF [Diffrent Music]
FLeCK – Resilience [Dubplate Dread]
Flowidus & Lee Mvtthews – Reason [DeVice]
Fr3aKy-J & Cary Dominic – Quero [Blvckbox Records]
FX909 – New Cycle [FX909 MUSIC]
GAKI Music – Low Thang [G-Mafia Records]
Giant – Muv Ma Body , Take This Out [Medium Rare Recordings]
Gok Wan, Craig Knight & Kele Le Roc – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (The Remixes)
Gorillowz – Can’t Sleep [Sweets & Treats]
Gunball & Cool 7rack – Flexx [Cool 7rack Records]
Gvd – Ride It [illegal production.]
Habit – Expired , Overtime [SBK Recordings]
Harry Diamond – Mecha 3 (Ghost Games)
Harry Shotta & Eksman – Remain Undefeated
Hexa & Scudd, Hexa – Wu Tang [Biological Beats]
Higher Sector – Rise [Higher Sector]
Insert Coin & LIVECHRONOS – Wanna Do [Deep Insane]
Intake – New Modes , Phase 2 [Default Recs]
Invalid – Bring Your Darkness [DNB UNITED RECORDS]
Jason Parker – Techno Cat (Aquagen Remix) [ZYX]
Javano – Nothing Happens Lp [Turbine Music]
Jaycut – So What [PLAY! Music]
Jedi – No Entry [Kevlar Beats]
Jexin – In My Head , Beyond [High Bass Audio]
Joey Delvaro – Nasty [BROHOUSE Music]
Joro Dudovski – Matras [Joro Dudovski Music]
JUSCUZ – Deviant [Love Some Dance]
K-Y – Brutality , Stranger [Grid Recordings UK]
Kalahari Music – Over [Muzenga Records]
Keeno & Obsel, Keeno – I Live, I Learn [Hospital Records]
Khemikal – Kombat [AFT Records]
KoolStory – Docteur [Sub 49 Records]
Koven – Followers (A.M.C Remix) [Monstercat]
Kublai – Discworld [Goldfat Records]
La Joya & Planton – Habana [Puchero Records]
Laminar – Daybreak [Azure Audio]
Lapsed – Regrowth , Bhagavan [Lapsed]
Levela & A Little Sound – Moving Forward [LVL Music]
Lost Tribes – Roots [D.U.I. (Dancing Under the Influence)]
Low Vision, Lucas d’Angelo & Alexx L. – Shake That
Lunchbox & Binaural – Smorgasbord [Acute Visions]
Macka B & Ted Ganung – Stop It, Idiot Ting (The Remixes)
Mads Gismerica – Error [Mixa Records]
Manshn – Hit Box [Brooklyn Fire]
Mario Cruz – 2020 [Nimbus Universal Records]
Marquini – Gear [G-Mafia Records]
Max Lake – Request Stop [VAST]
Maze – Dark , Impatience [Subway Soundz]
Meladee – Astrocone [Yeah You Music]
Metafloor & Magugu – Cosmic Medley
Mike Mylo – Space Drop [Groovepool Essentials]
MILLIE – Millie03 [Sub Code Digital]
Mistwist – Show Me [Tonrecords]
MKJAY & Dking – Se Concentra [Primitive UK]
Moji & Kevu – Empire of the Dragons [CRKD SMLE]
MOX7AY – Groove [Uba Lua Records]
Muffler – Watchdog [Unique Music Records]
Neural Flux – Viscosity [Neural Flux]
Oldloop – This Is Desander [Uba Lua Records]
P A R T I K L – Come On [ambit]
PA – Tripped Up [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Patch Notes – Raw Pointer [PRIME]
Paul Novox – Damn Girl [Discoshit Records]
Pearleyes – Wanna Sit Up [Kibbutz Records]
Perspective Shift – Don’t Deserve [Glitch Audio]
Phat Playaz – Planet Earth [Smooth N Groove Records]
Point Set – Poppin Bottles [Low Freqs LA]
Potentz – Streets of Rage [SUBHEADZ RECORDS]
PRFCT Mandem – Comfort Zone [BLAZMA]
Project B.I.O. – Dark Future [29 DNB]
Ragash – Make Dat Ass Clap [Xoni Records]
Rebz – Broken Mind [Loyal Fire]
Renegade A & Jebar – Atlantis
Renegade A & Jebar – Atlantis (2)
Replicant – 1995 , Ring the Alarm [Octave Recordings]
Row,p,i,e,c,e,s – In a Mellow Mood , Dream Come True
Row,p,i,e,c,e,s – Prospicience , Walk with Me [Rowtown Records]
Saladin – Abyss [S&S Records]
Sam Townend – Fractal Album Sampler [Untidy]
Sardx – Fall Apart [Musata Music]
Seba Schirone – Baby [Buy-Records]
Sethadelik – The Lagrange Point [Devil Den Records]
Shadre & Salvage – Challenger Deep [Grid Recordings UK]
Sharp Man – We Rise Like a Phoenix (Electro BEAT 90 Anthem)
Shodan – Iterations [Warm Ears Music]
Simon Rivera – Another Mind [Phunk Junk Records]
Simon Vee – Lizard [Bigtools Records]
Sixth Sense – Mira [TurnItUp Muzik]
Sloundness – Technology [Deep Bear]
Sonna P3pper – Seth [Uba Lua Records]
Sonomat – Fortitude [EXIM records]
Spexion – Fear Factor , Sound Warrior , Stand Tall
SQWAD – Kickin Back [Confession]
StadiumX, Eve & Paul Oakenfold – What’s Your Love Like (Stadiumx Remix)
Surveillance – Therapy, Pt. 1 [EABE]
Takshak & Burn1 – Feeling Frisky [Dark Shades Records]
Tellus – Edge of the Earth [Locked Concept]
Tharun Hardy & Juvalian – Xtreme [ultrawave records]
The Dual Personality & MURANA – Widow [Simplify.]
The Hempolics & Potential Badboy – Full of Surprises (Potential Badboy Remix)
Timlin Music – Aspect [Filthy Sounds]
Tomoyoshi – Murder Sword [Young Guns Recordings]
TR Tactics – Mindgame , Beyond the Mass
Trance Arts – Let Me Go [Pure Energy]
Trex – Fifteen Doors Sampler [Mac 2 Digital]
Tsuki & Cajama, Tsuki – Redemption [Crucast]
VA – Cyborgs [Humanoid]
VA – Drum and Bass [Nahual Records]
VA – Relaunch Lp [Cell Recordings]
VA – The Best of 2020 Compilated [Dragon Records]
Vengeance – The Beastman [Vengeance Recordings]
Vihaan – Cover It Up [AX RECORDS]
wavzur – King Me [HyperBlast Records]
Wood Packa – Stars In Eyes [Angel Helicopter]
Yogara – Crash the Castle [Unrealist Music]
Yoshi Sushi – Dragon ball [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – End the prison state [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Stomatitis [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Up beat [Mountain Bird Records]
Zensa & Tony Calrya – Time of Our Life (feat. OMZ)
Zoldan & MONSTA BE – Move & Down [Muzenga Records]
Zombie Cats – Flava (Original) [Zombie Cats]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

2Sleep – Sun Goes Down 4 Us [DEEP ‘N’ DOPE RECORDS (UK)]
A Groove Affaire – Mystic [Friday Rush Records]
Angus Green – Got To Leave [Downplay]
April-Ess, Big Ang, Krissi B & Ven – Five O’Clock
Artem Xio – Pressure [Still X Records]
Bassboy – Symptoms [Upcycle Recordings]
BHX Dubs – Gotta Wheel [PointBlank Records]
Bru-C, Example & Jamie Duggan – Energy [BRU-C MUSIC]
CEV’s – Ada(I)aT [Transcendance Music]
CloudNone & Direct – Guilty Pleasures [Monstercat]
Dark Moon – Move Like [Second to None Music]
Duckworthsound – Bubblin [YosH]
Fish & Sherry S – You Get Bun [1Forty]
Instinct – Point of View [INSTINCT (UK)]
Instinct – Still Life Remixes [INSTINCT (UK)]
JAIKEA & JT – 4×4 Symphony in Eb Minor [@SUPERSIZEUK]
Lokuz – Bassline Junkiez [Stunt Cuts]
Mandidextrous – Don Dada (feat. MC GQ) [Bass Militia Records]
Matt Jam Lamont, Echelon (UKG) & Radz – What U Need
Micronoise – Close To Me [Friday Rush Records]
Mr. Beatnick – Orion (Throwing Snow Remix) [Mythstery Records]
Nu Garage Collective – Dubplate Drama [Orange In All Records]
Papirus – Lovers Spell (feat. Ironik) [Alpha Omega Records]
Rico Tubbs – Rico Dubbs 2 [GS Dubs]
Roska & Serocee, Zed Bias – Fresh & Clean Zed Bias Remix (feat. Serocee)
Shaun Dean – Over & Over [Shaun Dean Audio]
Shaun Dean & Ky Powel – Down 4 Your Love [Shaun Dean Audio]
Slow Lee – Songs of Solomon (feat. Warsheep) [Artist Republik]
T.Markakis – Let’s Get It On [PointBlank Records]

Leftfield Bass

Ammon-Ra – Shadow Work [Macabre Unit Digital]
Ariel Zetina & Ehua, Tayhana – Muas at the End of the World (Remixes)
Branko & EU.CLIDES – Tempo Torto [Enchufada]
Bulu – Think [Bun The Grid]
Drty Hbtz – Locked Up [140 Culture]
Koala, Ruffhouse Gang – Energia [Ruffhouse Munich]
MCMM – Momentum [140 Culture]
Truth & Lelijveld, Truth – Neptune [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
VA – Duploc Selects – Chapter Four [DUPLOC]
Zha – Snails [White Peach Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

2Acid – Peach Lemon and Coconut [21th Street Records]
Agustin Müller – Universe [Dark Groove Records]
Alkalino – Matcha [Audaz]
AMAHAUS & Muztagh, Jordan2 – Ready For Love
Andrea Presutti – Closure [Ritmika Records]
Antonio Felice – To Go All Out [Black Turtle Records]
Arn & Arthur Martinelli – Dial [Tamboa]
Avril 14th – Sick Moon Alison (Titi Remix) [TaiJi Records]
Axel Stone – The Great Escape [Snaza]
Axel Stone – The Invisible Javelin [Snaza]
B Ton – Corruption [Betrieb Records]
Balaur & Deelighter – Crazy Coconut [Habits Records]
Bastian Antares – Hears [LMNTAL Music]
Bezaleel & Oscillator – The Linn Way [SnP Records]
Bohemian (ESP) – Groove In Space [Array Music]
Britton & Sammy Legs – Weak in the Knees
Carl Fons – Doy Mandanga [Tentaculos Records]
CEV’s – E-Meth [Reverso Music]
Chalex – Yellow [Stinky Label]
Cheyne Christian & J.C. Morales – Salty (JC Morales Remix)
Chris Nord – Rage [Underground Kollektiv Records]
Clock (IT) – Mind Travel (feat. Cat) [Plastik Galaxy]
DaDa Sound Project – Neva [WhoBear Records]
Dalex (MX) – Terminal [Sequencer]
Daniel Brooks – Irrational , Drift [One Thousand Wires Audio]
Danielle Fabiola – Pump n Rush [Marba Records]
DeMarzo – Work Out [NO ART]
Die Vogelperspektive – Xdvp 001 [XDVP]
DJ B (JO) – IN There [DataTech]
DJ Life – Hypersonic [Dansu Discs]
Domscott – Rat Hole [Tilted Records]
Doubtingthomas & Wyro – Unten [Metroline Limited]
DP-6 – Remixed, Pt. 2 [DP-6 Records]
Dropwizz – FOOTWORK [Safe Underground]
Duck Sandoval & Vale Sandoval, Duck Sandoval – El Covento
Durosai – AM in the PM [Groove Estate]
Echo Delta – Subluminal Projections [Cold Tear Records]
Elian Dust – Leave It All Behind [Eat and Beat]
Emanuele Inga – Gentleman [Knostra Music]
Enrico Ponti – Nerd Goodie [nuOn Music]
Faucon & Stetra, Faucon – Ikinasai [Little Festival Records]
Federika – Amar Da Drama [Kapikua]
Flavio MP – Carnevalish [Herloop Records]
GUSTAFF – Birthday [Kubbo Records]
Holrac – Candid World (Carlitos Wave Remix) [HolracMuzic]
Ignacio Bolloqui & Furz, Pablo Mu – Groovy Specters
INVU – Architechture [Architecht]
Iulian Badea – Balance [Basement Music Records]
Jafar – Ways To [Parrots Records]
Jean Steel – Wild [Non-Identical]
Jhon Alejandro – Indigor [Bayres Label]
JNT – Cr010 [Craft Records]
Josh Baker & Alfie Jack – Conquest of Time [Constant Sound]
Julian Coba – Wachufleiva 49 [Wachufleiva]
Kai Ando – Mirucha [Oyoda Recordings]
King-D – Control Panel [THUNDR]
Klaän & Ën, Klaän – Pulse State (Cnr002) [Canelura Records]
KODEWERK – Come With Me [Deeperfect Records]
lefthandsoundsystem – Rida [MUSIC&LIFE]
Lele Mas & Rapha [Italy] – Body Lenguage
Leo Christopher – Look Forward [SelectA Rec.]
Leo Christopher – West Drive [Surge Recordings]
Luca Domenico – You & Me [Eject Records UK]
Mad Dim – Manique (Cnr003) [Canelura Records]
MAJÀK & DIEGO KNOWS – Go Home and Get It
Malle – Lifes a Beach , Sponge [Inspirado Records]
MANESSY – For the Time Being [Key Rec]
Marco Briguglia – Groovy Magic [Fresh Stuff Records]
Marco Plazetti – Rhythm Dance [Inspirado Records]
Martin Mosquera – Autumn Stories [Mystic Carousel Records]
Merkush – Dirty chords [Nisha Records]
Metafore – Dream [Zebra Rec.]
Metafore – Meeting the Moon With You [Zebra Rec.]
Miguelette – Prospect [The Antisocial Club]
Milos Pesovic – Stay [Lemon Juice Records]
MINT (JPN) – None the Less [Natura Soul]
Movi (MX) – Cipa [1101 Records]
Narcotex – Aliens [Dark Alien Records]
Nico Bordolini – My Dream [Good People Music]
Olympic Pool Maintenance League – The Calming Cloud
Omul & Ilya Dubrovin – Parthy Hans [OuiOui Concept]
Onory – Groovers Delight [Alula Tunes]
Otherkind – Castle in the Sky [Accurate Black]
Paradigm Contortionist – Numbers [Wild Wolves On Acid]
Parkas Soul – Chaos 8 [Severus Records]
Raff Track – Moringa [Conceptual]
Raffy Peyré – Jamais Vu [Mudita Records]
Real Transported Man – Rocky Lightnings [XION]
Riccardo Ricci – Temple Run [WEIRD STUFF]
Ricco Mazzer – Third Eye [Evil Flow.]
Rich NxT & Christian Burkhardt – Hands Up
ROBSN – Orient [Global Hybrid Records]
Ross Fill – Veladette [kluBasic plus]
Saintès – Prisma [Late Ninety]
Sandeep Pai – Fade [Samani]
Seba Machado – Origen [Roots Music]
Sergio Borja – System [Feel Hype]
Silva Pachino – Wavey Sessions [PACHINOS STUDIO]
Sounderson – Ventura [Wolf Scream Records]
Steve Kid – From My Soul [Kidz Luv Tekkno]
Synthese – Streichkonzert [Roo Records]
T.I.S. – Magical Forest [Roo Records]
Taylan Karabulut – Sistrum [Half Lemon Records]
ThedamnSam – Tiger Lilly [Spira Music]
Tokio – Count On Me [Hungarian Hot Wax]
VA – Dream Mood, Pt. 56 [Dream Mode]
VA – Minimal Focus [Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings]
VA – mrT & SimoV with Friends [UN122]
VA – STZ 8 Anniversary [Strabaganzza Records]
VA – Tamango Shots Vol.2 [TMNG011]
VA – Winter Warmers VOL 3 [BVRDVAWS03]
Vilas Monnappa – Winners of Tomorrow
We-G & Matheiu – M.A.C.A ep [Serialism Records]
Willian Pires – Thread [Casa Do Conde]
YNDR – Hello World! [Three360Sixty Studio]
Zak Voyager – Berlin [WayOn]

Progressive House

2Qimic – Scape Game [Monkey League]
A1bert – Rudimental [Estribo Records]
ADELAIZ – Step by Step [Differenz Records]
Alanisnotcool – Ocean Hymn [Emergent Shores]
Albert Lanza – Hold Tight (feat. Albert Lanza)
Alex Fredrik & Paky Small – Untitled [Maghnet Recordings]
Aliens Like Us, Gastón Sosa – Afrodita [Droid9 South America]
Andre Moret – Waltz of the Dew [Transensations Records]
Andre UIO & Sebas Ramos – Aozis
Andrey Kadyshevsky – Feeling of Life [Mirror Walk]
ANix JAy, Egobrain – VA – Dimension V
ARTEM PRIME – Morning Run [BQ Recordings]
Axel Zambrano – Step the Ghost
Beatamines – Modum [Heinz Music]
Benjamin Shock – Genetic Space Suit
Chocolate Puma & Mike Cervello – You Are My Life (Cp & MC’s Overdrive Mix)
Chris Peshan – Moria [Wanderlust]
Cxsmo – Virtue [SuperPosition Records]
DANL & Yannova – Heaven [NSNTR Records]
Dany Dz – Sahara [Massive Harmony Records]
Davi Braconi – Restless [Better Day]
Deep Finback – Purple Island [Sawagi Noise]
Deep Finback – Total Void [Sawagi Noise]
Difive – Sleeve for Shoulder [Clipper’s Sounds]
DJ Combo, Sander-7 & Tony T. – What U Need (feat. DJ Nicolas)
DJ Jurij – Jabal [Royal Beat]
DJ Spandex – Fall []
DRMR & Lake House Sound – Never Break
Du Blond – Nebula [Cosmikal Records]
Dumday – Chasing Lights (feat. Abe Phine) [Reload Music]
Dylan Deck & Christian Monique – Oriente Express
EMIOL – Synesthesia [AVA Deep]
Erik Lucas – Synthetic Dialectic [Gate18]
Evgeny Kutsenok – Morocco [La Mishka]
Facundo AZ – Knock the Driving [Habitación 909 Records]
Fatih Kosar & E. Eren – Dark Places [Aletheia Recordings]
Fishela – Mom Love [Allgeneres Record]
Frenky Blacksmith – Just a Feeling [Vortex-Records]
Gate 44 – Journey [Euphonic Visions]
Hokori – Spongilla [Sawagi Noise]
Jason McMullen – Afterlife [PRGRSSN Records]
Jay Montes – Just a Feeling [Groove Soul Records]
JFR – Black Wolf [Balkan Connection]
Kebin van Reeken – Kebin Van Reeken [If You Wait]
Klipr – Never Know [Streamin’ Music Group]
Laurent Chanal – Mini [Brique Rouge]
Lex Johnsen – Seasons [Kommandoerr Music]
Loux – Alone [Tächno]
Lucas Degiorgi – Underbound [Madden]
M GERALD – Take the World [Basement]
MADTICKS – High When I’m Low
MagicBe – Spirit Journey [FM Records (Greece)]
Marlhy & MC4D – Every Time [TNT Recs]
Matteo Sala – Escalators [Presscode Recordings]
Metaphorus – Skyline [Russians Did This Records]
Michael Davi – Siren Call Remixed [Detour Musique]
Murtagh – Saturn , Sunbeam [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Nazım Pusok – Norma [Dark Zone Records]
ND Catani – Best of ND Catani a.k.A. MINE
Nhato – Enigma (Kazusa Remix) [Otographic Music]
Nicolas Benedetti – Parachutes [AH Digital]
Nightdrive – Antilove [Figura Limited]
Niko Garcia – Alpha Centauri [Emotional Content Recordings]
Nongk Santos – Glitch [NSNTR Records]
OlManPower – Shake the Sweet [Retro Crush]
Pirate Snake, Deadline & Snowx – Save Me [Smash Deep]
Plazkart – Promise [Diana Recs]
Plus Thirty – Unlocking Alarm [OHM Deep State]
Pxnejaxx – Afterlife [PRGRSSN Records]
R3SPECT – Satisfied [SoulZ Records]
Ramin Helvet – Higher Consciousness
Ranj Kaler – Chrysalis [MK837]
Rich vom Dorf – Feeling the Pain [Tächno]
RML – Nocturno [Estribo Records]
Rod Veldt – Borealis (2020 Rework)
Sebas Ramos – Perta [Revkon Records]
Secret Society of Tech – Getting Anywhere
Secret Society of Tech – Perspective [XMOD Records]
Selecto – Voice of Casiopea [Tezana Records]
Sergio Avila – Aerial [Emotional Content Recordings]
Sergio Avila & Diva Vocal – A Prayer for Love [BC2]
Solewaas – Festina Lente [Mondolicious]
Sonic Radiation – Roentgen [IUnknown Records]
Spacecoach – Transmission To Space
Spanless – Wild Snow [Sawagi Noise]
Spyros Stergiopoulos & Themis Flessas – Electronize
Teklix – Crystal Skulls [PHW Elements]
TINYgiant – Tanzanite [Lincor]
Tutulsky – Aquabeat [TUTU Music Label]
Ugur Arat – Amsterdamned [29 Tech]
Ultra Line & Nakks – Love Again [Magnified Recordings]
upd’ed – Digitalizm [Secret Eternal Music]
VA – Material Heat, Vol. 3 [MATERIAL191]
VA – Snapshot {00.09} – Compiled by Norman H
VA – Summer Memories [Mix Atom]
VeeQue – Mother Wilderness [Future Avenue]
Yusuke Teranishi – Starry Skies [Synth Collective]
Zecolbeat – In the Stars [Wolfrage Recordings]
ZHURO – Run from Here [RaveUp Alley]

Techno & Minimal

2Bee – In Techno We Trust [Solamente]
3 men and a 303 – Remedy [RAJ RECORDS]
9 Natural – Le Retour Du Reviens [Influx Reborn Records]
AEL – Parallel Universe [ALK Recordings]
aexexe – defragment [Nomer]
AFTR & Angelo Rizzo, AFTR – Digital Lines [Dron3 Recordings]
Aggregat – Goblin [Best’s Friends]
Aida Arko, Alecid – Accelerate [System A Recordings]
Air of Wave – Dream About [Stazis]
Alan Fitzpatrick & Rebūke – Ultimate Distortion
Alberto Tolo – Morebells [Remain Records]
Aleja Sanchez, Dario Duegra – Morphic Fields Vol.I
Alessio Conti – Do It Again [Pure Dope Digital]
Alex Howl – Astral Travel [Oxytech Planet]
Alex Turner – Transition [Machine Control Records]
Alexander Cimander – Fernblick [Vorwärts Musik]
Alias 1 – Volts. (feat. Kyle Geiger & WHT MOTH)
Alter Energy – Machine Waves [Vitamina Recordings]
Among Equals – Komoda [Co-Exist Records]
Andre VII & Serrano – Dopamine 3000 [Platino]
Andres Santa – Creaciones [TNR MEDIA]
Andrez Martinez – Mi Nina [ICONOS Records]
Another Machines – Synergy [Cinetica]
Anselm – Rave3000 [NovaFuture Recordings]
Antony Feber – Ponty D’or [KuzzBass Records]
APAOS – Memorys [Indiefy]
Archaic Revival – Dead On [Airsound Records]
Aridan Torke – As You Sleep [DkN Selections]
Armando Almeida – Inalcanzable [Almeida Music]
Armando Traglia – Unter Den Linden [Resonate Beat Records]
Army of One KC – Misguided [XMOD Records]
Artik – The Robots of Dawn [Ohm Resistance]
Atol & Workenoizedren – Shamanic Affairs [7th Cloud]
Audio Bigot – Abrasion [SMSH]
AUT2M – Muziek Voor Muren [Forgot Imprint]
AXBLA – Epic & Mystic [Oxytech Records]
Axis of Time – Thunderbird [Senso Sounds]
B-Mod – Down to Us [Animal Farm Records]
B.Bone – Lights Out [Sound Kleckse Records]
Bad Teckno – 3Xl [Radiator Of Sound]
Badpact – ”Die To Live” [Fluctuat Records]
Basetwelve – Acid Trifle [KLUBINHO]
Bassler Disconnect – Black Glow [Synthetic Core]
Belms – Seven Continents [Mas Sonido Records]
Belocca – We Are Love [Mainground Music]
Benac & Deepak Sharma, Benac – Zeit [PRIVATE TECHNO]
Beto Caravez – TechnoLogic [76 Recordings]
Black Girl , White Girl – Paradise On Saturn
Bogen – Progressive Generation [TCHNC HEALING]
Bradley Underground – 0141 [Jackie Knows Karate Records]
Broker – Planetary Mindset [BLACKSTRIPE]
Calvin Logue – Reset [Zoomer Records]
Carara – Confession [Darknet]
Christian DRUXS – Hertzbeatz (Techno Club Mix)
CJ Rocker – Acid Balls [Tech People Music]
Co Phallo – Fabricated Fable [Effusis]
Computer Controlled – Acid Out [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Corza Hares – The Jungle Gym [Effusis]
CQNZR. – Nacht [CQNZR.]
Crazy Sonic & Ale F – Audio In [Sonusfield]
Crossover Network, Dawl – Phanuel [Hilltown Disco]
Cutter – Venom [Black Bore Records]
D2.5 – Spread 0.2 [Broken Mind Recordings]
Daher – No Words Needed [Wave Signal]
Dahlia – Repressed Urges [Khemia Records]
Dan Morris & Jeremy Wahab, Dan Morris – Universal
Daniel Cuminale – Solution [Airsound Records]
Daniel Esteban – Dub,Feel [X-Swing]
Daniel León – Hiperion – RHEA [369 Records]
Dantes Infernal – Saturn Chateau [Sunn Recordings]
Dark Engine – Merkaba [DTL Records]
David Grant – Morrison [18-09 Records]
David Moleon – Samba [Moop Up]
David Moleon – Solarforce Rework [Moop Up]
Deezy – Im Ina Hole [FckngNoise]
Destination Unknøwn – Mod Source [Sunora Recordings]
DiLato & Tom Affekt, DiLato – Three Phasor [Digital Mind]
Dimi Angelis – ANGLS Digi 002 [ANGLS]
Dj Asney – Apply Your Power [kluBasic plus]
DJ Dream (Ger) – Lost Signal [Sound of Planet]
DJ Dubba-D – Mythical [Moonspin Records]
Dj Fake Plastic & Mish – Ang3L [Discolored]
DJkoczee – Causes [Wiking Recordings]
DMNK – creative illness [Revitalized Records]
Dolby D & Drumsauw – Cosmic Radiation
Dominik Saltevski – Paramnesia [ERROR Records]
Droughtwerk – Glare [droughtwerk]
Drunx – Cult Mind Control [Fugazy Entertainment]
DSNGDMANN. – Black List [NuLabel]
E. Tucalúec – Soft bis Hart [Traumuart]
E.R.G., James Koba – Babylon [Ocaso Records]
Earth Trax – Lp2 [Shall Not Fade]
East LA Tek – Wormhole [Superfreq]
Effy – Bodied [EFFY Music]
Eggy – Extermination [ACETON Music]
EKS – Day One [898 Records]
Eliana VDEE – Dark Geometric (feat. Tania Pinotti)
Emanuele Marini – Spektre [Diskonnected Records]
Emanuele Vernarelli – Wanderhunt [No Design]
Emiliano Cassano & Duck Sandoval – Teaching Machine
Emix Oblivion – Journey Into the Acid [Tamase Records]
Escotas Rex – More Tar [Effusis]
Esteban Zapata – Atenas [Red Code Music]
Evod – Fonderia Lp [Warm Up Recordings]
Fac3Off – Chemistry [Trapez]
Femin-XY – Meet Her At the Plague Rave [Wet Trax]
Fluxion – Pespectives Versions [Vibrant Music]
Foreign Scientists – First Glimpse [LETS TECHNO records]
Fractal Disorder – Vargsangen [Jays Records]
Franco Rossi – Time Transfixed [Xelima Records]
Frank Viva – Abduction [FRANK VIVA]
Fred White – The attraction [Drevkollektivet]
Freddie the Dog – Experiment Setup [RKI Records]
Fredstyler – Mercury Transcoding [AST Recordings]
Fried Man – Internal Operator [Debounce Records]
Fusion Point – Snakes [24,H Records]
Fythax – Suffer [XLR1507]
Gange – Fifth World [Oxytech Limited]
Gee Cooper – Under the Lights [Hungry Koala Records]
Girls Of War – Assault [Giraphone Records]
Goncalo M & Pete Mek – Helicopter Station
Goose – Melody Wave [Electronic District]
Greenjack – Fidelity [Codex Recordings]
Guchon – Puzzle Gum System [Merge Layers]
Gustavo Rique – Interestellar [Only Only Techno]
Haf Haf – Pattern In Chaos [Gang Of Ducks]
Hasan Ghazi – Children of the Night [Reckoning Records]
Heinick – Aircraft [Black Snake Recordings]
Hemissi – Orage (feat. Border One) [Anemone Recordings]
Herbrido, Mesotec – Supplicia [No Mercy]
Home Shell – Blueberry Dawn [Figura Music]
Horisone & NoNameLeft – Views Connected [IAMT Red]
How To Levitate – Crystal Gazing [Artscope]
Hulien T – Paradoxical [Monoloco Records]
HumanDisuman – Never Alone [Oxytech Records]
Huxley – A Hard Fall up to the Middle [Shall Not Fade]
I Am Bam – Beyond the Stars [Alaula Music]
I-F – Portrait of a Dead Girl (Part 1 The Cause) [Viewlexx]
Ian Redman – Moon Rising [Reload Records]
icantsleep – canyou [Lazuli Records]
Igor Malov – Last Night [Adara Records]
Impulse Array – Habitable Zones [Soundtracking The Void]
Indi Sam – Obscurity [Shut Up & Listen]
Inigo Kennedy, Irakli – Fifth Contact [Close Encounters]
isami – Nirai Kanai [MAQ THE DOG]
IsoQuant – Incidental Colors [Digital Structures]
James Ruskin & Mark Broom – Basement Jams
Jason Johnson [DE] – Humanity [ERROR Records]
Javi Polo – Tracing [AST Recordings]
Jay-x – Sequence Loop [Chola Records Group]
Jaydee Electronica – Haze [Dog And Man]
Jhonny La Suite – The Begining of the End [ClubMeister Berlin]
Jimmy Wins – Fades [jwins]
John F. – Raised Bridge [Effusis]
Josh Leunan – Are You Ready [RedRoots Records]
Juan DDD – Back to Basics [Form]
Keene Angst – Club Child [Keene Angst]
Keinke – Rotten Data [Null Recs]
klimaschreck – Death in Moria [LANDR, Self-Released]
Kolzoff – Polar Lights [7th Cloud]
Krag & Big Bee – Hornet [Ipsographic Records]
Kuhl Kuhl, Wildberg – Lose Control [Vicious]
Kxel – Awakening [Pornographic Recordings]
Lake Haze – Intergalatic Communicationz
Lambchop – Trip [Teksupport Records]
LaNoia – Clockwork Tangerine [Dizzy Tunes]
LCK – Nightmen [Turnstyle Digital]
Leandro Moura – Oh Shit [Strom Records]
Ledd – Frost Demons [Enux Records]
LentoLEXX – Bucket of Owls (Second Take Mix)
LFB & Phaedon – Saw [Cerebro]
Limbus Puerorum – Cantus Firmus [TV Showw]
Little Nancy – Closed [Slenders & Unforgiven]
Luca Iadanza – Sexy Game [Endless Records]
Luca Napoli – In the Dark [Zeca Records]
Lucien Jack – Fantacid [SnP Records]
Luka Daniello – Break Your Moves [Frequenza]
Mamwadi – Memento Mori [Toxic Recordings]
Marc Acardipane – Fuck All Ya! [Planet Phuture]
Marcello Perri – Say and Delete [Mechanikal Hard]
Marco Leckbert – Keep Calm [Darkground Records]
Marco Leckbert & Luca Maier – UnderWorld
Martin Ariza – Cosmic Connectors [alwaystechno]
Mathias Caesar – Cosmos [Alife Records]
Max Ulis – Free 2 Be [Earuhaveit]
Mekane – Exciting [alwaystechno]
Metodi Hristov – My Washing Machine Gettin’ Mad
Miinuetto – Perspective [Music Pushers Records]
Misja Xampl – Living the Dream []
Miss Efemby – Judgement Day [Da Bug Records]
Mod21 – The Matter of Time [Nonplus Records]
Mossed, Mvssen – Horizons [Rekktor Music]
Mr. Brewer – Lost and Unfound [Mavela Records]
Mr. Slat – Deep Down Low [Wolfrage Recordings]
Mudman & Kevin Nordstad – Atombomb
Muffin Killa & The Sunrise Treasure – Mailo
Multitasking, Mutlitaking – Culiao y Conchasumadre
munfell – 32Oz [Deep Tech Lab]
Muzmin – Artalan [SUB TL]
MVI – Undersea [Advanced Music IE]
Mylba – Eskabalyk [Emperor Recordings]
Myxzlplix – The Gemini [Techniche]
Mzperx – Eins Zwei Drei [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Naamloos – The New Now [KHEGABEATZ RECORDS]
Nas Nerdat – Azide [Effusis]
Natalino Nunes – Eco [RAW WORX]
Nbdy Knws – Future Goodbyes [Basement]
Necrovision – Gravitazia [Stunt Cuts]
Nelman – Train Yard 3 [City Wall Records]
Neunhundert – Purge [Trialz Records]
Nicolas Heilmann – Filthy [Venture Records]
Nicolie Binara – Ynwa [Forgot Imprint]
Nik Wel – Artist Serie 041 [SMR Underground Limited]
nms303 – Sound Imprint [Nemesis-303 Records]
nms303 – Trademark [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
Noba & Dolby D – Insidious Requiem [Dolma Records]
NOMADsignal – Rbmk [Coldharbour Black]
O’Fella – OFREC001 [O’Fella Recordings]
Olek Maksimow – Late Art [Underground Paradise Recs.]
OLIC – Base [Translucent]
Optimuss – Red Sun [Set About]
Original House Movement – Time For Recognition
Orvec – Centipede [Taanaj Paax]
Óscar Sánchez – Yamato [Sulino Records]
Otherside (ITA) – Ambivalent [Wejustman Records]
P-Ben – Kybalion [Motech Records]
Papaverhof – Haagsche School test2 [PulseWave Records]
Paranormal – Confrontation [Northbeatz Digital]
Peder Mannerfelt – Ensnared [Haven]
Penddit – Patience [Raise Recordings]
Pentland Park – Pentland Park [Brand New Records]
Peter Star – Particles of Light [Darksound Recordings]
Pipo Rodriguez – Purga [Brigantia Records]
Plague – Distrust [Planum Polare]
Planton – NORA [Puchero Records]
ProTension – Technology [Boomtic Records]
PRSPCTV & Xentrix, PRSPCTV – Introspection [Aarden Records]
PWCCA, Temudo – Hardtools 070 [Hardtools Records]
R.W.T.A – Boreal [ECOUL SND]
Radek – Right Now [Jango X]
Raimond Ford – Almas Perdidas [3-4-1 Cuts Dark]
Ralph Kings – Gris [Aquasound Recordings]
Ramon Amezcua – Bari [Milovat]
Ramon Amezcua – Eve [Milovat]
Ramon Amezcua – Zinc [Milovat]
Raskas – Aggress [Geometric Corruption]
Re.source – Warped Lines [External Input]
Reeko – Dualidad [Mental Disorder]
Reginald – Electronique , Creaky Floor
Regis – Tongue Box [Downwards]
Repressed Mind – Disillusioned [NovaFuture Recordings]
Rhung – Night Walker [DIAMONDKRAFT]
Riccardo Cola – The Sound of Min [External Input]