Afro House

&lez – Dull Things [VR0122]
DJ Fudge – Introspection (Cee ElAssaad Remix) [aftne019]
DJ Whitecoat – Stick Man [STT008]
Dvine Brothers, Nokwazi – Woza Mali(Incl Eltonnick, Thakzin and Afrikan Roots Remixes)
Ezequiel Pieroni – South Duduk [SWM020]
K-More SA, Da Cord – Skylark [LUK005]
KayDeeVee, Eman S, Minnie C – Ngilinde Ngalinda [IAH009]
Master A – Two Steps Ahead _ Untold Stories [OCH133]
MISHQA – Suparna [SLP013]
Sandile – Ithemba [CAT433882]
Sjijo – AFRO CAFE EP [OBS211]
Syler Griffiths, Quexdeep – Bhegela [GSR190]
Tomy Wahl – Get down on it [A138]
Vico Da Sporo – Khethile khethile (feat Singapoure, Sandile & Tham tham)

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

ADE 2020 [MSR0104]
Beekay Deep, Elona – Odyssey [GM087]
Benny Heyman – Beating (Beat Amusement Remixes) [PHONIK035]
Black Motion, Nokwazi – Trap en Los [G0100044430939]
Butane, Riko Forinson – In Concert (Volume Three) [EX23]
C. Da Afro – For You [FL001]
C. Da Afro – Return Of Groove [SCM090]
Dirty Doering – The Synth Wars [KATER231]
Don Funkhauser – Missing Malibu [PRSM030]
DP-6 – Morning [SP071]
Dustin Nantais & David Hohme – In Your Sway (Where The Heart Is)
Ezeo – Lost & Found [DWR121]
FrankieSound – Another One [LGPM0006]
Gabriel Sordo (Mex) – Osio Vertical [PLAC1018A]
Groove Delight, Nytron – STUDIO 54 [PUK436]
Harlem Dance Club – You Can Dance [DFR202016DJ]
HP Vince, Berenice van Leer – The Weekend Is Here [KSS1837]
James Vincent McMorrow, KENNY BEATS – I Should Go (Nic Fanciulli Remix) [Extended]
Johan Mila & MATE 0000 – Strange Love [DTZ130]
Johnwaynes – Retouch [195497308736]
Kek’Star – MATURED YANOS EP [CAT436743]
Kornum & Karma – Broke My Heart [RPR13]
Mannix – Find A Love E.P ST037]
Marius Circus – I Feel Space (Andrew Weatherall’s Unreleased Dub)
mati mielniczuk – Ritmo Flotante [BKH019]
Neritaan – Neurons [CAT000043]
Rafael Cerato – Rollers EP [RTL019]
Rick Wade – Timeless Remixes (Elypsia)
Skiclub Toggenburg – Cocoloco (incl. Roman Flugel remix)
Stefan Zimbelmann – Las Escondidas [9TY036]
T-Love De Deepstar ZA – MY JOURNEY CONTINUES [PR008]
Terresan – Unison [195595587859]
The Revenge, Kristina Sheli – Mine [KNG858]
VA – Structures, Vol. 2 [SYMM098]
Xandl, DJ Hepri – Vurt [BT136]

Electronica & Downtempo

Linkwood & Other Lands – Face the Facts (Athens Of The North)
Poul Reimann – Tromsø [PRSM027]
VA – Rave Station Vol 3 [RHCOMP3376C] (2020)


ATTLAS – Out Here With You (mau5trap)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – If You Really Want Me [DWL005]
DAXBJ – My Love (Extended Mix) [STRN037D]
Defeo, TGR – Jupiter – Extended Mix [GNHX112B]
Devonte, Samhara – Mood [7891430512576]
Ella, Future Lines – The One [7891430512279]
Fatboy Slim, Eats Everything – All the Ladies [ECB452]
FDF (Italy) – Nobody’s [RM002]
FRATTA – Is It Real [195595979128]
Ghost, Beauz, AmanderSings – Half a Heart – Extended Mix
Hatiras, Lee Wilson – I Just Can’t [SDR188]
Kick Chic – Sesso Funk [PUK432]
Lex Luca, Luciff – Remixes, Vol. 3 [INTUNE014]
Luigii Nieto – Pray For House (Remix) [SK564]
Meraki SA, Maxwelmusique, FedeSax – It’s My Time [MRRD142]
Mick Mazoo – I Say Sun – Extended Version [SG005B]
Mike Konstanty – Magic Flute [HFS2045]
Natalie Wood, Ridney – Dont Wanna Let You Go (Olav Basoski Remix)
OVSKY – Alone With U – Extended Version [GNHX085B]
Route 8 – Rewind The Days of Youth (Lobster Theremin)
Rudimental – Come Over (feat Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne)
Systm B – Estivalitude EP (Atjazz)
Teo Mandrelli – Can’t Get Enough (Judici & Dejack Remix Extended)
VA – Anthems for No State (2020)
VA – Daniel Haaksman Presents 15 Years of Man Recordings (Man)
VA – Future Bubblers 4.0 [FLAC]
wiLLy Marando, Claudiu Ghiorghiu – BLACK SIDE

Organic House & Downtempo

Billy Esteban, Gabriela Novevska – Bay Nikola [CAFEDEANATOLIA246]
Boy Funktastic – Oscurito [FD220]
Daniel Testas – Cosmea [PURR261]
Double Touch, Micah The Violinist – Hope [TLQ005]
Serkan Eles – Arjuna [SV085]

Progressive House

Alan Cerra – Into the Mist [GNSYS096]
AlexK – Heartbeat [CAY021]
Around Us – Silk Flower EP [MGN059]
Audioglider, Julius – Gateway Rug [MIRA149]
Bootes Gray, Ayhan Akca – Firefly [D9R097]
Cade, Dipha Barus – DOWN – VIP Remix [UL02141]
Cassian – Magical [195497356577]
Cornelius SA ft Jordan Arts – Free Your Mind (feat. Jordan Arts)
Cosmos Sounds Project – Universe Delight [SUPER280]
Coss Bocanegra – Photogram [VR73]
Djcybertsai – Escape Re-Entry [ARF219]
Dowden – Inertia [NOIR090]
Envotion – Alive (Unterberg Remix) [ST055]
Guantanamo Bae – Midnight Run [637374573755890654]
Hobin Rude, Antela – Deep Within [MIST785]
Jaksa Pavicevic – State One [AMH257]
Johan Mila – Last Storm [POM119]
Jose Tabarez – Argo [3AV223]
Joshua Moreno – The Lone Trinidadian [195497237739]
Kamilo Sanclemente – Urania [SG039]
Matter – Amanita [MW008]
Na Chaddad – Free From You [3XA445]
Omaro – Linfa [BQ467]
Orgymu5ik – Soul Travel [BC2338]
Ricardo Piedra – Blackberry [MYC959]
Sasheen – Valdivian [NYC001X]
Sebastian Moore, DJ San – Nature Bride [MIRM055]
Sobek – Geiling Agent – (Secret Fusion)
Sons Of Maria, Calippo – Anywhere [ETC263]
Stan Kolev – Conquer [OL383]
Starkato – Collapsing [SMTC044]
Xiasou, Contribute Translation – Metadote [ETREE389]
Yashar – Colleda [BALKAN0655]

Tech House

Adrian Mart – One Night In Arabia [SHK0161]
Aguilar (Italy), Eddie Cortès – This Is [TMR068]
AllDis – Prove The Truth EP [NVR138]
Amorhouse – My Body [DQ048]
Andre Salmon, Tex – Wat Haus [SAGMEN080]
Anthony Attalla – Method EP [UNI177]
Ardalan – Mr Good (Remixes) [DB231C]
Arzenic, Luke Nash – Ya Mama [HP180]
Caravaca – Dance With Me [CAT429030]
CLESENT – Paradise _ Break [BB013]
Dantiez, King Saaidi, Paul Cart – The Plug – (Freakin909)
Dario Nunez – Changing Ways EP [SOSUMI126]
David Herrero, Ben A, C1 – Native Drum EP [SAVED23101Z]
Definition – Siren [DMU085]
Dillon Nathaniel – Vaccinate EP [SOS025D]
DJ On – Y Ahora Que [1994MUSIC0600]
DJ Tarkan – Rin Tin Tin [NSR152]
Dor Dekel, Guy Katch – Hey [DTR001]
Enmanuel Dipuglia, Karl Reyes – Bang your your head [UNS012]
Fabrizio Noll – Checking [UN121]
G DOM – Ride ‘O’ Rdie [REV023]
Gettoblaster, Bad Boy Bill – Lovely Day – Cinnamon Bun [LPS290D]
Groovecat – Funky Beat [LJR265]
JP & Riley – Elevate [TSL147]
Julian Millan, GANDER – Golden Voyager [SEK031]
JustMe. – Get the Fck Up [GTFU011]
Koel Wilder – Ligths On [SWITCHLAB055]
Kyle Watson, J. Worra – My Level (J. Worra Extended Remix) [RLM057]
LAMMER – Bad Feel [195756429974]
Late Replies – Hold Up [SOLA127]
Lorhen – Soul [CAT411072]
LYGER – Get It (Extended Mix) [CW0040]
M.F.S Observatory – Party and Play [OBM043]
Malgado, Edu Campos – Friction [CHR090]
Mark Armitage – Makes You Dance [TBH243]
Martin Ge – A Gozar [WM0032]
Matias Monnin – Can´t Stop This Ep [TRM056]
Mizaru – Get Loose [CDR063]
Moon Disco (Us) – Get Deep – (Cultural District Recordings)
NO1NO’s – Non Stop EP [OTBDR002]
Paolo Solo – B or B – (My Own Beat Records)
Rayan Hermes – The Sai [SAGMEN081]
Robbie Doherty, Keees. – Pour the Milk (Joshwa (UK) Remix) [G0100044524011]
Roland Clark – This Is The Music [DELETE071]
Ronny Santana – Osha [HZR040]
Roxelio – Fathom _ Control [SST018]
RSquared – Breathe EP [D053]
Saeed Younan, Willie Morales, Mr. Eyez – Reprise V6 [YM173]
same.As – Things We Want [HBT314]
Sascha Sonido – Your Love [MRCARTER144]
Scissors – The Fifth Day [SOT538]
Shaded (LA) – Holla Atcha Boy [DB245]
Sonny Wharton, X-Press 2, Solarc – 2020_020 [SW2020020]
Stanny Abram Vs Rafa Villalba – La Mi Boca (Chiquetere)
Svan Code – Keep Moving [HTRE0038]
Tephra – Midnight Train [ESM432]
VA – Kittball Konspiracy Vol. 19 [KITT205]
VA – Loulou Records Sampler Vol. 43 [195497284948]
We Ourselves & Us, Flaunt-It – It’s Happening [TOT012]
Westend – By My Side (Extended Mix) [SOLOTOKO070]
Zebob – Probable Cause [GOON027]

Techno & Minimal

4 Da People – Covidiot (666) [GCR260]
Alessandro Spaiani – One Night In That Club [SYNCOPATE004]
Amirali Shakoori – Aphrodite [UXE208]
Andrea Cusaro – Legacy [RC139]
Aree – Insidious [E4OUR013]
Arnaud Le Texier – Access EP (Children Of Tomorrow)
Arude – Dreams About Dreams [RDKN21]
Ashibah, BAKKA (BR) – So High [TNH076E]
Axel Karakasis – Ghost – Original [CODE19]
Barbaros – The Veil [WM05]
Beck And Rius – Crescent EP [PHOBIQ0246D]
Ben Champell, Nana K. – Wipe out EP [BF315]
Bernardo Hangar – Ayin Tahat EP [ALLE148]
Biles, Louis White – Visualise EP [FPRD028]
Butane, Riko Forinson – Little Helper 372 [LITTLEHELPERS372]
Call Super – Opperton Swim [INC009S2]
Chamo (AR), Trikiu – Artrax EP [IRM033]
Christian Bachmann – Weight Of The World [MAN310]
Copini – Open Your Eyes _ Hope [CHBLACK014]
Cristian Vogel – Mind Control (The Wormhole)
Dani R – Shrek [UG016]
Dave Alyan – Return to Earth [BLR010]
David Greev – Involve [BLACK0017]
DEIVIdY – Memory [CPL252]
Del Fonda – Al Pie De La Letra [WNM014]
Deniro – Coachella (Trip)
Denise Wright – Projections [COQ008]
Dennis Bauer – Give Up [OTR1098]
Dense & Pika – Honey (feat Matthew Dear) [4050538609769]
Devid Dega – Dream in Paradise EP [M4B010]
Diego Higaldo – Mystery (feat ignaciovar) [CATLFTYS15]
Dirty Doering – Lock Down [MNTR004]
Divide – Submarine (Float)
DJ Hyperactive – Soul (Illegal Alien)
Djena – Ready-S [INWD107]
dot13 – Let Wet Your Apptites [STRY003]
Drumsauw – Malfunktion [ORANGE143]
Drunken Kong – Reset EP [TR377]
Eleven Of July – Downfall [IR05]
ENØS – Eternal Roamer [ODT016]
Eternal Chase – Grinding EP [PRRUKD20066]
Fabrizio Placidi – Along [NP00342]
Fabrizio Siano – L’astrazione di Aldo Rossi [ARCH164]
Foreign Movies – New York _ 707 Heaven [SG038]
FOURM – Horizons [STIG179]
Gabriele Toma, Manu Fuentes, Aaron Mvrtin – Double Layer
Gleb Rubens – The Signs [EBEATS047]
Gueva – Circus [BET369]
Hattori Hanzo – Stereo Abuse [EDITSELECT94D]
Hector Calypzo – Straight Forward EP [ATR035]
Hioll – War Anthems EP [SUARA413]
Horatio – Stomping Ground [BUSH4084]
Ini – Sirtaki [MCNR002]
Innarius – Illusions [MNKYO001]
Introversion – REM [ARTSCORE013]
INVŌKER (FR) – Copycats [KIN034B]
Jake Brice – SERATONIN EP [TRES14421]
Javi Dorantes – Hold You [PVM120L]
Jay Oss – Swag [COC062]
Jerome Steam – Deductions [FIGURA092]
Joeoh – Don’t Stop [SS106]
Joseph DL, Atamu – Organic Rain [CAT435412]
Juheun – Spacetime [OCT191]
Kay Mallani – SanKirtaan [VPTR129]
Kolzoff – Midnight [7CLOUD1088]
Lawrence – Music For Plants (I+II) [DIALO 01]
Lord Lulu – Manifesto [SBR0110]
Love Drone – Luna [ST281]
Mainro – Nightshift _ Altise EP [FAMILY035]
Malin Genie – VIXERE I _ II [MGM09]
Marcellus (UK) – Ask Yourself EP [LAM196]
Marcelo Demarco – NRK [SUR057]
Mario Alban – Musical Trip EP [RFR10]
Marko Nastic – Spring Segment [CTTV002]
Mauro Basso – Radius [WFM033]
Natalino Nunes, NIKODEMSKI – In The Club EP
Nestor Arriaga – Venus [KRS052]
Nicolas Barnes – Ecoul [ECOUL001]
Nicolas Caprile, Katopodis – Synth Revolution EP
Nosssia – Aeternus Love EP [BF266]
Nusha – Chaos _ Mood [ATK074]
Paul Birken – Transcending Locality EP (MORD)
Pedro Costa – Autonomous Units [007]
Pig&Dan, Victor Ruiz – Consciousness [DC234]
PSTW – Emotions [MRR064]
Quail & Aisha (sco) – Leatherbound EP (Soma)
Quiet Force – Listen to the Music [RCRS002]
Ricardo Villalobos – Neunachi (Rawax)
Rojan – Planetary [SCR176]
Rupert Ellis – Quest Love [MHYHD019]
Ryan Henry – Uptime_Downtime [BLRM081]
Samo – Up All Night EP [LMC147]
Sante, Tian Karl – Borderless EP [MOAN138]
Skaki – Ain’t Medicine [ICDO118]
Smilla – Conception [HHBER018]
SONIC GROOVE 25 YEARS (1995-2020) [SGLP08]
SOZZE – Earthquake [MR00109]
Spalamp – Explore EP [TSM051]
Terry Brookes – Teknology _ War [nwaq004]
Th Moy, Di Rugerio – Idunn [UDES002]
Thimble – Chance [ANN008]
Thorkell Máni – Invoke [ATFX005]
Tom Hades – REPITITIONS EP [UT070]
Truncate, Catz ‘N Dogz – Never Stop EP [PETS126]
Trym – Timelapse [TRYM004]
Unisson – Nazare EP [UNS 003]
VA – 5 Years Of Shall Not Fade (Shall Not Fade)
VA – Crossworlder Universe 11 [CRM134]
VA – Dreiton – 50.1 [FLAC]
VA – Eleven [DOM3001]
VA – Exhale VA001 [EXH001D]
VA – Pleasurekraft presents Monolith Series Volume 4 (2020)
VA – Remain Selections, Vol. 4 (Remain)
VA – Spring 20 [ATMCL003]
VA – Underground Circulation 005 [MEMORIAUC05]
VA – Watergate 27 EP #1 [WGVINYL077]
VistaLesh – LATE NIGHTS EP [WAI013]
Weltenstein. Jens Lissat – Encoder [STU131]
Zafer Atabey – Broken Signs EP [RSZ210]
Zerotonine (DE) – Destruction [FRCNML281]