Afro House

Anti Douse – Hlobola Skhipha (feat. Malume Zolo)
Bisi & Gavin Hardkiss – Struggle [Hardkiss Music]
Blaq Huf – Libhongo [Moving Deep Records]
Calandray – Ditsela [Stagz Jazz Records]
Carbon Deep – They Came Before Columbus
Casa Flayva – Kora Spirit [Seres Producoes]
Chaleee – Imithandazo (feat. Nuzu Deep)
Coflo & Saint Evo – Slide [Ocha Mzansi]
D’Mangue, Double Drop – Bilene [Xibalo]
Darksidevinyl – Jago (Remix) [Nite Grooves]
Deep Narratives – Sequence [DM.Recordings]
DFD – Life In the Jungle [Norble Sounds]
DJ Angelo – Surrender (feat. Jaidene Veda) [Connected Frontline]
DJ Chus & Sparrow & Barbossa – A Pila El Arro (feat. Etelvina Maldonado)
DJ Oscar Sharm – Trumpet Lover [Noixy Records]
Dr. Feel – Ecstasy [Africa Mix]
Gabriel Dominguez & Javier Light – Merecumbe
H.P. Vince – Pretty Mama [Tropical Disco Records]
Hook&Bass – Toltec People [Hook And Bass Records]
iKeja – Braveheart [SRPDS]
Iman Hanzo & 84 Avenue – Samas [Wired]
Janser Trujillo, Lennon Ruiz & afro drumz – Santa Catalina
Jay-L – Mungo [Amarrage Recordings]
Jess Kidd – Moyo Djembe [Animal Language]
Jiggy Drama – Brake Dance (Cali Crazed Remix)
Jose Alves – My Sound [Pablo Entertainment]
Kenura – Kato & Batman [Africa Mix]
Kev Dot Kruz – Montford Point [Afro Riddims Records]
KINTAR & Medusa Odyssey – Vivir [Aluku Records]
Masah DaProducer – Come With Me [Lambano Records]
Max le daron & Stevo Atambire – Mama Kollo [Akwaaba]
Mck Teranga – Dark Night [Sujet Musique]
Menzi MNS, Sizwe Sigudhla & Theo Moore, Kiddy onthe Beat – Mehlo Enhlitiyo
Moses Kruzar – Flute [036Records]
Nael DJ – Into the wild [Bit Records]
Native P & Echo Deep – Spirits of Maasai
Neves – The Chosen [DataTech]
Say3 & DJ Lag, Say3 – Bushboy [Club Djembe]
Sbosh’Tha’O’Gee – Uthando [Dion Music Record]
Shuza Drums – Sechaba Sa Afrika [Grooveland Africa]
Silvano Del Gado – Priority (feat. Lisa B) [DEL GADO REC]
Soulic M & InQfive – Shadows [InQfive]
Studio Apartment – Njengengoma (feat. TOSHI)
Swift Vibe – Afro Comb [Swift Vibe Entertainment]
Tankie-DJ – Orthodox Prayer [Sunclock]
The Muziq Broz – The Muziq Journey
VA – It Began in Africa 2.0 [Afrocentric Records]
Viral Gucci – Amo’s Chronicles [Senior Boys Music]
VistaLesh – Sojourn [Afro Truly Music]
Xphonic – I Am Xphonic [Khoisan Music Records]


Another One – Untitled 005 [AO Records]
Archie Ward – Mirabel [Fly Boy Records]
Baymont Bross – Clean up your ways (feat. Mowty Mahlyka)
BufoBufo – Potholing [Kouncil Cuts]
Dj GreenTone – Bits Off Gaya [Cantstapo]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – Let Me See It [Kaleidoscope Music]
Gegen Mann – Your Private Chaos
Hyas, Sentiments – Only B-Sides [Light On Earth]
Infiniti (Scott Christina) – The Red Pill [alterednation recordings]
Infiniti (Scott Christina) & Keith Mackenzie – Give It To Me
Rebel MC – Word Sound Power [New State Music]
Rhades – Check the Microphone [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Rob Analyze – Hands In [Ravesta Records]
SubFNK – 747’s , Cosmic Strut [Soul Room Records]
Terrorguyz – Dragoon [DaCosta Records]
VNSSA & Bianca Gardner – Dance Night


ADPRMN – Leave [CHAPTERD Recordings]
Agency – Ghosts of Love [Anticodon]
amour & Gigamesh, amour – afterparty [Dreamwave]
Anbargo – Inside [TurnItUp Muzik]
Arrun Harker – Ebb & Flow [Wellhead]
AZ Creation – Seventh Heaven [Sound Real]
Bad Decisions – King of the Youth (feat. ARIIA) [Bite This!]
Berkan Sunteroglu – All Around the World (Mier Remix)
Boy made flower – Die Trying [North Of]
Brother. – Ain’t Over You [Handwritten Records]
Bryan V – Never Get Old [Generation Smash Official]
Carden – Feeling [Scorpio Music (FR)]
Charley Bob – Je fais de la musique avec des objets
Chris Dahlberg & Pepe Cano – Turn It Up (feat. Lenell Brown)
Chucko – Feel the Beat [Club Social Tropical]
Clubbstars – Picture of You [Splashtunes]
clubmember – iPad [Cloudshaper]
Clubstone – Sugar Baby Love [Fadersport]
Cosmo’s Midnight & HONNE – A Million Times (HONNE remix)
CUT_ – Every 1’s a Winner [Energy Production]
Daddy’s Groove – When We Fall (feat. Iossa) [SOURCE]
DAMMAK – The Way [2Dutch Records]
Danny Darko – Summertime Sadness (feat. Hannah Koski)
Dapa Deep – Losing Myself [Dapa Music Records]
Dave Crusher – Do It All Over Again (feat. Red) [One Seven]
Dave Mak – Duck Dance [+Mas Label]
Dawn’s Lily – Up All Night (feat. Matt Hansen) [BonFire Records]
Deebiza – I Will Make You Believe [FLUFFY CHILL]
Deepaim – Chasing Sunrise [TB Media]
Deugene – Bring Me Back [Deugene Deep]
Devon Morgan, Sleepy Time Ghost & Fleck – One King (Fleck Remix)
DJ Elmo – Basic Bitches [Blindsided]
DJ Fluke – At Hello [Generation Smash Official]
DJ Trotsky – Crystal Persuasion [Trotsky Tunes]
DM Slides – I Feel Love (BK298 Remixes) [New State Music]
Draude – Hanging Around [Martians Records]
DwiN & Kush Kush – Tokyo [Raison]
DYLN – Quit Talkin’ [DYLN]
DZYZ – H.A.A [Ghetto]
Earsquaker – DIY (Land of Tomorrow)
Elster – Down (feat. Jason Rebel) [DKSTR RCRDS]
Faraón – Light in the Shadow [Deep Strips]
Filta Freqz – Do Our Thing [Seventy Four]
Flip Capella & Akela – Tell Me Why [ZYX]
Frenk Dublin – Still Dub [Dub Communication]
Giorgio Gee & OMAO – Close to Me [Lit Bit]
GRHHH – Left Behind [Gloamed]
Grove Park & Osman K. – Turning to Ash [Impure]
Haiku Hands – Suck My Cherry [Mad Decent]
Hansel D – Eternity [Chakra Records]
Harrison – Get Me High [Virgin]
HK – Put Your Hands Up (Banjo Beat) [Ego]
Hoober, Michael Wavves & Sammy Adams – Bad
J. Negri – My Body [Smoke Music]
Jabu – Sweet Company [do you have peace ]
Jacksepticeye – Get It Away from Me [BACK IN STREET]
Joe Turner – Textures [Caroline International (License External)]
Jordan Jay & Nazzereene – Want U to Myself [ATLAST]
Julian Bates – Follow You [V Records UK]
Junior J & Ganzfeld Effect – Edge of a Dream (Gold 88 Remix – Shorter Edit)
KDYN & Albzzy – Thugs [K-Bass]
kewell & Scarlett – Living It Up (Extended Mix) [Hoop Records]
Kingdumb – Please Stop Talking (feat. Agga) [Kingdumb]
Konsin – Ain’t My Lover (feat. Chelsey Chantelle)
Kryder, Tom Staar & Ebson, Stevie Krash – Waiting on My Love (Stevie Krash Remix)
Kryder, Tom Staar, Ebson & Marc Volt – Waiting on My Love (Marc Volt Remix)
Kydus – When Am with You (feat. Jetsome) [Perfect Havoc]
Lao Liverani & Drojette – Non Mi Basta [San Lorenzo Records]
lau.ra – Wicked (feat. Eliza Legzdina) [Needwant]
LJ MASE – Lost (feat. Jaede McVeigh) [Run Free]
Llusion – Funk Box [Republic Records]
Llusion – Loner Loser [Republic Records]
Loser – Cuore Di Carta [Putsch Records]
MANUAL. & Lucas Rens – 6 Feet Under [Up All Night]
Marc Need – 2020 [push2play music]
Mari Gómez – My Talent Is You [Dave And Noise Music]
Mario Valley – This Is Our Time [Run Free]
Max Styler – Something Beautiful [Love & Other]
Me Nd Adam – American Drip, Pt. I [Handwritten Records]
Michael Fall – Breathe (feat. ONIVA) [ZYX]
Minari – Oh My God [Looper Records]
Miss Blanda – Isolamento Forzato (Dave Roy Bland Mix)
Mondmann – Fall with You (feat. Nocturnal) [Moonshades]
Moodshift – What About My Love (feat. Oliver Nelson, Lucas Nord & flyckt)
Mou5zyzz – We Made It [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Myomi – Whispers Burning (feat. Kyo) [Sunflower Records]
Niki Demiller – L’asphalte [La Tebwa]
Northern Born – Jump [Ninety9Lives]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – My Life [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
Onurcan Guneyin – Need You [Road Story Records]
Ooeez – Family [49 Pounds Records]
Orun, Pabanor & Day-Ja La Dama – I Feel [Pegasus ENT.]
Oskar Bo – So Easy to Love [Mismisimo Records]
Ozlig – Darkness [One Seven]
Pascal Letoublon – Friendships (Lost My Love)
Patrick Richardt – Pangaea, Pangaea [Snowhite]
Paul Soll – You Gotta Feel It [3 Liquid Hz Records]
Pedro Duarte – Don’t Say Goodbye (feat. Lee Wilson)
Picco & DJ Blackstone – Luv 4 Luv [SHOONZ]
Plassix&Puso & FreeG – Leave Everything Behind
Plastik Funk & Nicholas Roy – Feet Don’t Touch [One Seven]
Prospa – The Thrill [Polydor Records]
Quit Life – Flux [YEAR0001]
R3HAB & Alida – One More Dance
Rayvolt – The Heat [Rapture Records]
Rebel MC – Junglist (feat. Peter Bouncer) [New State Music]
Rebel MC – Rich Ah Getting Richer (feat. Little T)
Resa Dadash – Give Me a Sign (Nate Remix)
Restricted & Ben Joel – Bicardi (feat. AY3)
Riggi & Piros – Free Fallin’ (feat. Miyamoto)
Riotron – Dark Highway (Wuki Remix) [Riotron]
Riro – Like a Leo [Nucid Records]
Robert Jay – No Regrets (2020) [Splash-Tunes]
Rudess – Go Away [Seveneves Records]
Sam Feldt – Home Sweet Home (feat. ALMA & Digital Farm Animals)
Santi Glen – Don’t Go [Clipper’s Sounds]
Seaquake – Don’t Look at Me [QU Music]
Seth XVI – Nice Boy [DDM Recordings]
Seum Dero – My Faith [SSL Music]
Sharmaine – Oh My [ZenField Music]
Showtek, Belinda & Nacho – Una Mamacita [Virgin]
Soul Star – uMoya Wami (feat. 2Point1)
Southside Son – Tell Me [Huge Music]
Space Noise – Pulsar [MRIU Publishing]
STBN – Long Gone Original (Remixes)
Stefano Pozzi – No Teacher [32 Recordings]
Stelartronic – In Between (feat. Karafizi)
Sternum – Back to You [ZZ-Music Records]
Strokerbeats – Money [Lowdown Recordings]
Sugar Jesus & Nina Carr – Can’t Do No Wrong
THIERRY VON DER WARTH & Jordan Jade – Same Star (Acoustic Version)
twocolors – Lovefool (feat. Pia Mia) [Virgin]
Uppbeat – Tin Can Man [Blindsided]
VA – Heartical & Bdf Present Universal Tribulation
VA – Sound of French Clubs [Bryndák Records]
VA – Street Bangers Factory 16 [Moveltraxx]
VASSY, Outgang & TwoWorldsApart – OXYGEN (Outgang & Vantiz Remix)
Viny Duarthe – Loosing Control [He-Cass Records]
Vinyl Disciples – Bad Habit [Vinyl Disciples]
VOG – I Don’t Wanna Be Alone (feat. Alex Copler)
VR – Stumbling After You Again [VR Vernon Rosser]
Warren Deep & Milas Travellez – Yamukela [Suonare Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Aaren San – Blvdr [Aelaektropopp]
Achim Maerz, Das Komplex – We’ll Sea Pt. 4 [Mireia]
Alec Smith – The Triad [3 WORDS]
Alifonov – Kids Music for Robots [Diana Recs]
Andrea Sardo – Sicily Sunset [Hive Label]
Andy Immerman – Avalon Groove [THNK TNK Records]
AndybTek, Electronic Business – Brain Drunk [Pump Up Rec]
BBwhite – Pizza Connection [Disco Filter Records]
BeeKay Deep – Odyssey [Grooveland]
Belmondo Beats – Promised Land [BBop Music]
Blinding Lights – Beach Mood [Deep Rhymes]
Boulevard Of Deep – Last Saturday Night [GLBDOM]
C-Moody – Young Girl (Simbad Remixes) [feat. Mogomotsi Chosen]
Ceezal – Lagoon [Elastic Dimension Records]
Christian B – Hard Times [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records]
Chrizz Morisson & Marko Skye – Back to Your Heart [Nimi Music]
ColorJaxx – Sweet Desire [Large Music]
Criss Conflict – Leave This Place [Mad Panda Recordings]
Crystal Rock, Jovani & Embody – Mood [My.Cover.Music]
Cuendo – Narang Glaze [Midnight Language]
Dan Kye – Small Moments [Rhythm Section International]
Day Out Of Time & Aliiwen – Monsters in the Dark The Remixes
Deacon Brown – Come Home (Mixes) [Carrillo Music LLC]
Deep Chills – Maya Bay [Miami Beats]
Deland Beatz – Lullaby [Dbeatzion Records]
Diego Forsinetti – A Deeper Love (Daniel Rangone Remix)
Din Jay – Come See About Me [Little Jack]
Disco Lust – DW036 [Discoweey]
Discolypso – Ready for This [Mena Music]
Dj Thimoz – Ethna ft. Skhalo Music [Househead Recordings]
Dominic Bullock – Chords [Indeed Records]
Dusty Tunez – Let It Go [Dusty Tunez]
Dutchican Soul, Karmina Dai & Mr. V – Raise It Up (Micky More & Andy Tee Disco Mix)
Eclept, Kazancev & Eclept – Mandala [La Mishka]
Elaven – Go With It [Saudade Records]
Eli & David – Drive All Night [NYLO]
Emre Kyl – Bad Day [Baijan Records]
Evan Rhodes – Magnetic [Viva Recordings]
Evident – Get Stronger [Soundhitectures]
Fabio Longhi – Pille [Feel Hype]
Fatso 98 – AURA [Rogue Decibels]
Fief – Story is Powerful and Warm [cutting corners]
Filter (ZA) – Eventually [Round Robin Recordings]
Fizzikx – The Music Speech [Vibe n Soul Music]
Flaurese – Silk Robe [&Friends]
Furkan Sahin – Drifting Away [A1ASKA]
G-Day – Citriodora [Conceptual]
Gaby M – ForTune [Mood Funk Records]
Galgo – Down Freak [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Gazdabolt – Space Motion [Traumnovelle]
Girls of the Internet & B Mela, Kateshia Marie – Girls Fm
Gruuve – Cloud [Glasgow Underground]
Hilton Caswell – Taub [AO (Artificial Octaves)]
HUGEhands – Found the Music [Crooks & Villains Records]
Igor B – Raindrops [Breathing Room Records]
Ijan Zagorsky & Iaro SaxoValentiev – When You Find
Ivaylo & Jeric – After Detroit [Bogota Records]
J.Pe Bruna – Overlap [Cyanide]
Jaivy – Sola Es Mejor [Dinastia INC]
Jako Diaz – Need You Now [1st Strike Deep]
Jeff Ross – Chasing Clouds (Losoul’s Red Oracle Pill Remix)
Jesse Bru – In Different Places [Happiness Therapy]
Jimmen – Fire and Dub [Influx Reborn Records]
Johnny 2 Shots – Toyota In the Garage (feat. Tasha Shaik) [Floor 13]
Juan Mejia – Conti [Dutchie Music]
Justin Jay & Krywald & Farrer – Lost Boi
Katermurr – Give You Myself [Smashing Trax Records]
Kennedy & The Stoned – My Body, My Soul
Kisk – Phunkadelic (Extended Mix) [Apparel Music]
KoKoPop Project – SuperTrump [Out Of Tune]
Krystian San – No Winners No Losers (feat. Kiciabe)
Lorenzo Chi – Complex [Statics]
Luseed – Back to Me [Cuddly Cactus]
Majed Salih – Eculicipa [Medievil-Music]
Majed Salih – Glaenizze [Medievil-Music]
Marc Brauner & Tender Games – Nostalgics 001
Marco Bottari – Hammond [Piston Recordings]
Marvin Aloys & PvssyCat – Love Is the Message [MONOSIDE]
Max Marotto – Shewa [B Club Milano]
Mike Key – I Feel It [Storm Music]
Mitiko – Coming Back Around [Fruity Flavor]
Mo’Cream – The Stars [Phoenix Music Inc]
Murk FM – Golden Rule (Love) [Hackney Rhythm]
MVC Project – Music (Definitive Club Remix)
Mvelo – Enough [Rough Cut Records]
Nikco – We Realise [Craniality Sounds]
Nislo Rudas – Lsd Airplane [Kitu Records]
Paw Jar & Cuneyt Z – Beautiful Day [29 DISCO]
Pedro Poyart – Higher Place [Jesus Was Black]
Plastic DJ – Not Too Late [Plastic Music Group]
Powernerd – The Ruins of Paradise (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
Q-LIVE – Astronaut [AudioMeth Recordings]
Ramona Yacef – Lakitu [Lescale Recordings]
Rianu Keevs – Forward Through Life [Rianu Keevs]
Rosa Ama – Perfect Time (feat. Denitia) [Amity Recordings]
S. Nolla – Don’t Hold Again [Deponiente Records]
s0nicsp4ce – Celestial (feat. Tenisha Edwards) [s0nicsp4ce]
Samer Tinoco – Peace Walker [Red Delicious Records]
Sebastian Mauro – When I See You [Fighting Cocks Records]
Sergio Helou – WYBWF [Welcome To The Weekend]
Shreya – Loop [Opposition]
Silverhook & Tareq – Slow Motion (The Remixes)
Skiclub Toggenburg – Cocoloco [LOK Recordings]
SLICKYY – Trippin Out [Storm Music]
Sonic Boom Society – The Zippy [Eightball Digital]
Soul Gondwana – L8 Twenties [Devoted Music]
SouveQ – As It Comes [Eklektisch]
Split The Bill – Dance for You (Tom Caruso Remix)
Statik – Volcan Cerro Machin [Discos Páramo]
Stereofonik – Tears of Joy (Extended Mix)
Subdise – For Life [CLAB Records]
Systm B – Estivalitude [Atjazz Record Company]
T-Roy & Thap Soul – Change (feat. Robert Owens)
T.Markakis – Wanna Be [Thursday Trax]
Tali Freaks – Together or Not (feat. The Vizionary)
Tamil Rogeon, Ladi Tiaryn Griggs & Jace XL – Momus (feat. Allysha Joy)
Tee Maestro – Atomic Fluidity [DeepStitched]
Tee-bang & CRAZY-T – Heater [Do You Be You Records]
The Bijou Commission – No Turning Back
Themis Flessas – Melancholia [Karia Records]
Third Attempt & LP Martin – Muggost [Beatservice]
Tobe Williams – Without You [Get The Sound]
Tommy Baynen – Tree of Life , Elderflower
Tōnis – Don’t Go [Kollusion]
Tōnis – Keep On Dancing [Rhythm Vibe]
Touch RSA – Narrows [Soul Tribe Family]
Trevor Gordon – Down With Me [Moiss Music Black]
Ulaşcan Topçu – Great Love [DeepShine Records]
VA – Alarming Revelations [Coco Recordings]
VA – Dark Fantasy [Orme Music]
VA – Deep House Society, Vol. 2
VA – Fire Shots [Stammtisch]
VA – Homepack Tones 2 [Limitation Music]
VA – LZD XV Fifteen Years of Lazy Days (2005-2010)
VA – Various Artists 01 [True Deep]
Vasily Umanets – Under Ground [Soul Beach Records]
Velloso – Bloodhound Gang [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
Velloso – Sometimes [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
Verdagris – Fluid Dynamics [Just Move Records]
Yukihiro Fukutomi – Come 2 Home [Jazzy Couscous]
Zaq – Chronicles of Athens, Pt. 6 [Opilec Music]
ZaVen – Controversial Works [DeepStitched]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Adriano – Existence (The Remixes) [Inkognito Records]
Bare Up – If You Want Me (feat. Soljer) [Radar Records]
Bennie & MadRush MC, Bennie – Bennie + Friends
Blasterjaxx – Wild Ride (feat. Henao) [Maxximize]
BounceBeatz & Rafly Kinontoa – Body Shake
BROHUG & Ibranovski – 24 Hours [BROHOUSE Music]
Bsharry – Akator [Crown Of Music]
Chef Boyarbeatz – The Mandala Effect [Elastic Rhythms]
Christoph De Babalon – Recurring Horrors
D-Nasty & Captain Bass – Brace Yourself [Exert]
Damage Report – Made in China [Grid Recordings UK]
David Buckwheat – Far From You (Extended Mix)
Dec James – Bio-Stasis , Down Here [Kevlar Beats]
Deep Field – City Lights [Deep Field]
Delict Waster, KidBass & Cool 7rack – Light It
Distorted Movement – Experiences
Dixie Moo – No Shame [Filthy Sounds]
DJ QT – Super Duper [Big And Heavy Recordings]
DuoScience – Back Remember [Influence Records]
DVTR – Orbit (feat. IKKI) [Javabass Recordings]
Eusebeia – Infinity [EARTHTRAX]
EXWYFE – Butter [Cane Nero Dischi]
Faysha – Earthquake [Maad Ting]
Flexb & ZUUL – Isis [Brazuka Music]
Fluidity – Still Hope [Integral Records]
Fred V – Apeldoorn Jamming , Atmosphere
Gabriele Gerosi – Moment [Mystery Freedom Records]
Goblin Hulms – Aliante [HyperBlast Records]
Gustavo Mota, Kam1l & Caio Monteiro – Back to the Club
Hardhunterz – Switch Back [NSNTR Records]
Harley D – Bassline Thumpin’ [Serial Killaz]
header – Midnight [Spinnin’ Next]
Hermann – Bulherengue [Deep Bear]
Heron Flow – Rolex Groove [CNVX]
Higher Sector – Get Money (feat. Double OG)
Humanature – Since I’ve Known You [Liquicity Records]
Inerpois & Backup – Deadly Skills [Mindocracy Recordings]
Ivan L. – Sun Symbol [Dawn Of Music Records]
J12 – Demons [Payday Records]
Jazzatron – The Artist 03 [Liquid Drops]
Jedi – Spirit Walker [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
JWEEX – Waterline [Digital Assassins]
K4niKen – Pop Smoke [Crab Music Records]
Kapuchon – 10 Years Later [Kapuchon Records]
Kevin Energy & Jasmine Knight – Universal Energy – Drum & Bass Remixes
KOOS – Beat [Unity Rec]
Kreepie Krawlie – Summertime Snowman [Eleonor Records]
Krucial – Kill Dem Off (feat. Ras Goudie & Ragga Twins)
Kyllow – Into You [Slyckr Records]
Leo Roosevelt – React [Sub 49 Records]
Lion – Pop Dat [Darklight Recordings]
Liquid Rose – Like Dat [DeepDive CM]
Marc Blou – Quality Control [Ionic Records]
Maurizzle – Incurzion Optics 007 [Incurzion Audio]
Maycon Reis – Jumping Up (The Remixes)
Meltek & Revealed Recordings – Bottle Shake
Moestwanted & Honey Gee – Lean [Pyro Records]
Muler – We Are Love [Uba Lua Records]
Nautik – Need You [@SUPERSIZEUK]
NC17 – Clockers , Cemetery of Splendour
Nick The Lot – Badness Ting , No Can Do
Nick The Lot – Freddy Krueger [Biological Beats]
NOT.ME – Fake God [Mustache Crew Records]
Ntro ref – Not Caught VIP [Front Artillery Records]
Nyxen – Nightmare [Ariston Records]
Objectiv – Purgatory [The Mob Recordings]
ODK – US [Brash Beats]
Oldloop – SixTwo Style [Deep Bear]
Paragon – Carnal , Furious [Paragon Productions]
PEACE MAKER! – Scratcher [Fraudulent Records]
Phydra – Recon [Street Ritual]
Planthum – Lean Back [G-Mafia Records]
PLTX – Upside Down [PLTX MUSIC]
PoLEEtox – Lost Tapes [Liquid Flavours Records]
Rebel Culture – Babylon , The Signal [Subway Soundz]
Regê & Dark Suit – Ghostly [Muzenga Records]
RubySnake – The Battle Begins [Musata Music]
Saint Punk – Light ‘Em Up [THRIVE MUSIC]
Satl – Lucid Dreams [The North Quarter]
Shadre & Salvage – Cataclysmic & Darkseid
Shayper – Burnt Gerbil [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Sherhan – One Shot [Songmoney]
Shifu – Atomic Bomb [Rum&Ass Audio]
Simon V – Rolling with Roland [Santorin Records]
Simply N – Attracting Force [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Sir Soundbender – The Hunt [Miggedy Entertainment]
Siul Gonzalez – Bounce [Kryked]
Skemaddox – Edamame [Brooklyn Fire]
Solid Deaz – Natural Jungle [Nimi Music]
Solven – One More Night [Most Addictive]
Sonna P3pper – A Pura [Partiu Bala]
Space Bandit – Paradox [Beat Code]
Stavensuniverse – Overjoy [Magnified Recordings]
Swayz & Dreadmaul, Swayz – Seen the Future
TC – Edge of Chaos [Don’t Play]
The Caracal Project – Watercats [Pilot Records]
The Dark Stranger & Abstract Silhouette – Tranquility
Thir13en – Jackin , 19 By 6 [ProtoCode]
TNNL – Katana [Din Is Noise]
Toddlah – Graftin’ (feat. DJ Hybrid) [Toddlah Music]
Tony Wolf & Borrix – Do It [Monoshake Music]
TRAKFACE A3KPR & AKSD – Mahal [Alveda Pulse]
Untrue – Only You , The Secret Pub [Skankandbass]
VA – Drum and Bass [Nahual Records]
Verdikt & Deviant, DuBBz – Ready Fe Dem Lp2 Sampler 1
Vihaan – Fall In Love [AX RECORDS]
Xylym – Corridors of Death Part 12 [Close 2 Death]


Aidan Bega – The Seeker [Vivifier Records]
ALOSH – Ampere [WINLIKE Music]
Ashlar – Sing It [Ministry Of Dance Arabia]
Bastian Sander – Ravers [Bug Hug Records]
BBwhite & Black Room – Blue Devils [Disco Filter Records]
BloodDropz! – I Need You [Luvstruck Records]
CLAVS – Stay Right There [IMPVLSE Records]
Colour Castle – 2 For $500 [Hot Sunday Records]
Daniel Englisch & Mickey Zhang, MIIIA – Amsterdam Chengdu Connection
DJ Threejay – Jimmy Shoes [Dubstar Recordings]
ELZACE – Good 4 Nothing [Total Freedom +]
Emre Tuna – Such a Whore [Xmax Records]
Fernando Picon – Chikx [Surbeats Records]
Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree, Freshcobar – Make It Hot
Gina Jeanz – Rhythm Chronicles [Nomadology]
Gio Silva & Darek Sotelo – Los Mexicanos [Silva Records]
IAN SAGE – Maybe [Desfase Records]
J Paul Getto – The Devil’s Hand [Fogbank Recordings]
Jackin Boys Groove – Dusted Grooves [Thin Records]
Josh Rumble – The Groove Move
Julien Noma – San Juan [Sevilla Records]
Kris Ferreri – Booha [Native Warrior]
KuKs – Get Low [Ensis Records]
KVDR – Come True [Xmax Records]
Leo Blanco – The Cha Cha [Drum-Ah Records]
Levis Della – Bad Bitch [Xmax Records]
Lino di Meglio – Next Groove [Opium Muzik]
Lis Sarroca – Razz [Vicario Musique Recordings]
Listen! & Ignacio Robles – This Is Real
Lucasso, Vlammen & Tapachula Glam – Tengo Que Aprender
M.J.E – Everyday Get Down [Run Free]
Magrini – Back to Xenon [F&M Records]
Marcos Daviz – Mamá Rumba [Check In Recordings]
Martin Badder – Good for Nothing [W&O Street Tracks]
MaTo Locos – Like Love [Jackpot Records Italy]
Matt Crisis – Da Klub [Gold Deeper]
Matush – Crummy Organ [Groove Tom Records]
Maxwelmusique, Meraki SA – It’s My Time
Monsieur Jean – Cosmos 2020 [somanymusic]
Morixo & CHANEY – Good for Me [Toolroom]
Mr. Pink – Bite It [Violent Drum]
Mr.Tune – Right or wrong [SoulRise Records]
Munkler – My Soul [Miniaturesrec]
Nate Laurence – All Day [Pluralistic Records]
Oli Hodges – Trust in You [13 Records]
Plastiqe Mojo – Shake Ur Body [2U Records]
Radiance – Confusion [Infexious Hardstyle]
Reformed Society – Cosmic Perspective
RIMEDAG – Inferus [Aphthong Records]
Rod Koppar & Robbie J – You Let Me Down [Baxxline]
Salvatore Vitrano – Mind Groove [Selecta Music]
SeeEyeGee – Make It Through (Extended) [MP4W Records]
Sem & Silent Child – Get Closer [CloudKid]
Smokey Bubblin B – Locked On [Simma Black]
Steve Rayner – Never Too Late [Rounded]
Syllie G – Body Move [Instant Groove Records]
Takumi Kaneko – Some Echoes [MENACE]
Thomas K – Highest Bidder [Turtle Wax Recordings]
VA – 2020 House Music Visions Volume 6
VA – From Hell With Love 2
Wve – Girls Dancing [Wve]
Zoom Boxx & y’all – Imma Head Out (feat. Zoom Boxx)

Melodic House & Techno

After Sunrise – Mermaid Vibes [7th Cloud]
AG10 – Confused [Monkey League]
Arces – Teljos [Oniryzm]
Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak , 6000 Ft
Digital Mess – I Am Lost [aboriginal]
Digitus – Just Starting [Prototype Music]
DJ GIO.PO – Space Dancers [Mystic Carousel Records]
Dj Levidze – My Mantra [29 Tech]
Fabricio Pecanha – Strong Enough [UP Club]
FckngNoise – Qi Da Hora [FckngNoise]
FR33FALL – Signals From Jupiter [Bos Tech Records]
German Brigante – Fallen Stars [Manitox]
Ginelio – Miles Apart [Tanzgemeinschaft]
Hil Oliver – Late Afternoon [Clinique Recordings]
intro_p – Promises [Introp Music]
Jayy P – Dark Bass [XTR Records]
Justin Cholewski & Ruta Loop, Justin Cholewski – Pray for Life
Krizaliss – Quantum State [Alien Delirium Recordings]
Layo Live – Airens [CLUBBERS & FUN]
Leon Blaq – Karnival [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Lost Arcade – King’s Cross [Fluxo]
Matheus Castro & Pedräda – Morning Whispers
Mys – Movements [WabiSabi Records]
RA7A (BR) – Dangerous [Braslive Records]
Raul Ron – Hostile Takeover [Hungry Koala Records]
Redspace – Cultivation [RunAfter Records]
Robben Cepeda – State of Mind [Callote]
SeeEyeGee – Soul [ThreeRecords]
Sharktales – No Escape [Deep V Records]
Sketchh – Enter the Darkness [Sound Kleckse Records]
SR Noceur – Unknown Love [Basement]
Sultan + Shepard – Kelam [This Never Happened]
Tantok – Hour Glass (Lucky Choice Remix) [Complex Destroyerz]
Trilucid & Esque – Glimmer in the Dark , Illuminant
Umid – Fading , Amyderya [Bassmatic records]
VA – Moxie – Moxie Presents, Vol. 5
Vadim Ketsky – Hypnotrain [ADRO Records]
Westboy – HideAway [Peace Of Cake]
WiLL Hassegawa – Drowned Dreams [Raise Recordings]
Zywoo – The Gateway From Space [Déjà Vu Culture]

Organic House & Downtempo

Downpour – Mirage, Your Side [Intricate Records]
DSF – Burning Lies [Abracadabra Music]
Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy – Guardians [Interchill Records]
Evy Dream – Oasis of Time [Paradiz]
Funkyloco – Pedrito’s Jam [So Sound Recordings]
Hang Massive – Reworks [Copycow]
HOKI – Today [The Young Proprietor]
Juan Deminicis – Synchronicity (Particles Edition) [Particles]
Katie Pride – Sour Worms [Suprematic]
Loverman (MX) & Oscar Rivero – Kaftans Night [Tribu H]
Mantij – A Day at a Time [Mantij Recordings]
Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee – You Get My Love [VIMB Music]
MONKYMAN – Orange Sunrise [Amselcom]
mtoti_musiq – Lashon’ilanga [World Musiq Records]
Nadav Dagon – Satellite [Drumtek]
Padre – Golden Hour Trilogy Remixed – Pablo Bolivar
Pippi Ciez & Evan Hatfield, Srinath Raghavan – Tales of Shiva
Shyro – Mermaid of Mirissa [Specific Music]
The Oddness & Anita Musca – Exhale [Beat & Path]
VA – Parousia 3 [MONADA]
VA – Radi Mira I Lubvi [RADI MIRA I LUBVI]

Progressive House

Bod – Copycat – 2020 Remixes [Pangea Recordings]
Boskii – Without a Doubt [Music UK]
Dan Norvan – Zacatecas Sessions 001 [Emergent Shores]
Dylan Deck & Maria Cini – Going Insane [Zephyr Music]
Fade 7 – Machine [Above The Storm]
Fishela – Alessa [Allgeneres Record]
FRANCIS JAMES – Solaris [So Deep Recordings]
Gav Easby – Addication [Galvanised]
Jamie Stevens & Aves Volare – Stranger [Aviary Recordings]
Jan Johnston & Paul Sawyer – Circle [Krafted Underground]
Mangal Suvarnan & Sanyukta Krishna – Between the Lines
Mathov – Mathovised [Deepersense Music]
Mattias Herrera – Angelica [Madden]
MaX ForWorD – Outside [Max Forword]
MaX ForWorD – Singularity [Max Forword]
Mayro – Dodo [Siona Records]
Mizztic – Elevation [MODULI]
Monnik – Sputnik-1 [DAR]
Morttagua & Gaby Endo – Urania – Remixes [Timeless Moment]
NeoTraffic – Ufo [Future Avenue]
Nicholas Van Orton – Some Robots Are Ok
Niels Petersen & Carbon – Wild Road (feat. Rufus Martin)
Peitora & Vallent – Missing You , Sea of Lies [RaveUp Alley]
Pretty Pink – Come Back [Anjunabeats]
Redspace – Lost in Illusion [Neostatics Sounds]
Richard Villa – Stomping Jam [CARPS]
Rinat Latif – Hilal [Star Dive Records]
Sebastian Bargero – Purple Floyd , Time and Data
Seige – Kaleidoscope [Moog]
Sentimento – Sonder [Enormous Chills]
Teartin – Muscle Memory [Trident Music]
Teri Berka – Entropy [Neu Gravity]
Tim French – Short Stuff [Limbo]
Tomic – Loop & Conscious Craving [3xA Music]
Ucros – Odis [North Origin]
VA – Novus, Vol. 7 (2020)
VA – Story Music Chapter One [Labor Musik]
VA O.N.E. – Desire [Deepwibe Underground]
VegaZ SL – Rivendell [AH Digital]
Viktor Wagner – Surf [Angel Helicopter]
Vortex 49 – Sound Island , Pisces [AVA Deep]
Wavelounger – Electrify [Dynamic Progressions]
Yosemite – Mondtranen [Whole Story Factory]
Zek – Primal Bonfire [Massive Harmony Records]

Tech House

A Basic Guy – Feel Bad [No Topo Music]
Adam Switch – Freak [Deephour Music]
Adrian Izquierdo – Home Neytiri [Astral Card]
Alejandro Peñaloza – Maria Paz [Mar de Fóra Records]
Angelo Ceci – Black Horse [Eat and Beat]
Ben Hemsley – King of Darkness [Trick]
Bob Remis – Like This [TALLDOOR RECORDS]
Codes – Dont Stop , Jump Around [Box Of Cats]
Colour Castle & Damon Trueitt – Feel the Sun (Remixes)
Damian Martin – Gosar [Siena]
Danek – Wanna Dance [Subliminal Senses]
Danny Groove & Acid DJ, Danny Groove – La Tumba [BH Records]
Dantiez & Bensworth – Holla Back [Desert Hearts Records]
Dario D’Attis & Shyam P, Dario D’Attis – Misleading [8Bit]
Deeper Purpose – The Slap [Techne]
Disolart – Paz & Libertad [La Chola Records]
Disolart – Strut Dance [CamelMusic Records]
Drastic Duo & LUCASMB – Back 2 Back [Lost Audio]
Ecstatique – Space Cookies [Wajiro]
Enigmix – Space [Blacktone]
Fabrizio Monaco – The Visionaire [Space Shuttle Recordings]
Fede Lamark & Juli Carpanetto – Dreams Warehouse [Mooncircles Lab] & Gianni Ruocco – Ceremony [Line Box Records]
Filthy French – Darkside [Slightly Sizzled Records]
Folgatto – No Fakers [Sonambulos Music]
FREAK ON & BINGEWATCH – Be Your Lova [Sink or Swim]
Full Nelson – Don’t Turn Me Off [Bish Bash Records]
Gabi Giordan – Bashment [Muzenga Records]
Gabo Vizcaino – Finna Get [Lemon Juice Records]
Glenn Loopez – Dance All Nite (JT Panda Remix) [Borderless Records]
Highermind – Rehab [DDiaz Recordings]
Hurm – The Underground [Hot Fuss]
Illectronique – Push Away [Tongut.Schall Music]
J-Onyx – You Make Me Move [CamelMusic Records]
Javi Viana, Odhin Fernandez – Meteor [SONA Musik]
Joy Marquez & Zeuqram – Las Flores [Futura Groove Records]
Kazaa – The Lab [Phunk Junk Dark]
Keiks – In My Soul (feat. Elle Mariachi) [Force Of Habit]
Kickbugs – All I Need [Ya.Ma Records]
Klazer – Can’t Dance [DataTech]
Kyle Zuck – Keys to the Whip [Rock Bottom Records]
Le Kassian – Do It [Bass Box]
Marcos Salas – Quantum dot Rework [Feynman Records]
Martin Badder & Joshwa – In the 1980s [Stashed Cutz]
Mauro Vega – Where i’m [L2P Records]
Maximiliano Trampo – Minimal Disco
Nutty – Ask Myself [Hood Politics Records]
Oura – Freestyle [Savory Audio]
Paul Donton & Rob Pearson – Anti Social Distance
Pol – Step One [Upper Records]
Proudly People – What U Think [MUSE]
Randy Torres – Infectral [Streamin’ Music Group]
Rincath – Yeah Yeah [ABT Records]
Seb Zen – Negra [Terrenal $elf]
Seb Zen & Paul Stenn – Drug Whisper [Terrenal $elf]
Sexgadget, Ever-L & Tom Corman – Need You
Shay DT – Diamante el Azul [Freshly Cooked Music]
Sins – Steam Breathing [Wejustman Records]
Solut Lips – By My Side [SOLOTOKO]
Sonickraft & Keizer Jelle – Six Four [NONSTOP]
Soul Data – Toc Toc [The Black Guys]
Special Vibe – Something About You [Playbox]
Strg X – Commodore [trinit.rhythm]
Svan Code – Whisper [Plastik Galaxy]
Sydney Blu – Conspiracy [Rawthentic]
TAP – Mixed Feelings [Hungry Koala Records]
This Culture – In My Hut [Get Twisted Records]
Tobias Köppel – Tears [Italian Way Music]
VA – Artistique Creations, Vol. 27 [FLAC]
VA – Immersive Views [Stereoheaven]
VA – Multilayered [Obazda]
VA – Outside Bounce [Graba Music]
Vakabular – Get Down [Hollystone Records]
Vck& – Hidden Places [Sr. Events Music]
Voko – Wanna Connect [Audio Safari]
Vortex – Goose [Progress Recordings]
Willie Morales – Reprise V6 [Younan Music]
Wolfire – Give Up [Boys Records]
Yisus Music – Come as Ur [Yisus Music]
Zahner – Space [76 Recordings]

Techno & Minimal

Algo Rhythm – Algo Rhythm = Together [grschtrgr]
Avy Jozay – Locked (Extended Mix) [Rhino Star Records]
bill the butcher – Purpose Weapons [Tecnotecsi Records]
BLILI – Opaque [Reload Records]
Bosnyak – 3000 [After Us]
BP Highlifters – Probable Needs [DDGL Experimental]
Canosa – That’s Life [Sasy Records]
Cilviu & Zebra Rec. – Inception [ZBR033] [Zebra Rec.]
Cosmic Growl – The Growl , Deep Galaxy [Sotief]
Crossbow – Renegade [Black Snake FMLY]
Cyrk – Reality [Lone Romantic]
Dagda – Rave Attack [Boxt]
Dclerk – Zenith [On Circle Music]
Diego Olarte – Resistence [Overside]
DJ Lugo, Sosa Ibiza – Both [ELEMENT AUDIO]
DORHG – Parallel Universes [Cinetica Inerte]
Drewtech – Energy [Alienator Records]
Eira Haul – Retina [Black Line Recordings]
Emmasoul – Lost and Found [Inaugural Thesis Records]
Erick Khalifa – Green Acid [Advanced Music IE]
ErR0R – Catastrophe [Reload Records]
Feel Blackside – Paranormal [FBS]
FOLUAL – Acid Travel [Apogee Recordings]
Fotis Konfusion – Reflections [URSL]
Franz F. – Kundalini [Nebulae Limited]
George Adi – Gravity [Kuukou Records]
George Klein – Light In the Dark [Unipolar]
Gusttavo Luys – Heaven [Enter Music]
HAPRO – Acid Tornado [Accurate Black]
HD Substance – Lrg [Corpus]
Hellomonkey & Daniel Nike – Change [Reload Black Label]
Hesed & Maskk – Cybernetic Combo [Kernelpanik Digital]
Hokori – Conversion [Sawagi Noise]
HOLDKEDVESET – Jaynash [Dark Blood Label]
HRT3 – W 63 [Das Ohr Digital]
Huan Oc – Stapleton Road [RedRoots Records]
Ignacio Arfeli – Welcome to the Afterlife [We Are The Brave]
Johnny Pereira – Lost Years [Marktek Records]
Juan On Drugs, Wekh – Night Code [Osler Records]
Kasper Marott – Sol [Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin]
Kenny Kelly & D’lore – La Musica [Estribo Records]
Kotegashi – Picking Up the Pace [FGA]
Lex Loofah – Fourinto [Eichtal Recordings]
Lona Trilbot – Evading the Cat [Effusis]
Lower Side Soul Project, Zymo – Brthh the [MHG Records]
Lowshape – Fragments [IAMT Red]
Luygi de Paula – Dance of the Bees [Love to Love Records]
Marcio aka Dj Bat – Unified Theory [MK837]
Mayi & Mono – Dirty Diago [Rhythm Control Black]
Melgazzo – Forbidden Joy [Zeca Records]
Melvin Spix – Universe [Oscuro Music]
Messier – Deeper Ground [Sonusfield]
Methodub – No Milk , No Sugar [Darkmospheric]
Miguel Kortez – Ronin [debDRUM 128]
Murphytens – Mehmas Touch [DDGL Experimental]
Nas Nerdat – Hanging Baskets [Effusis]
Natalino Nunes – On the Floor [Jays Records]
NorthNation – Techhouse Dark [Afford Recordings]
NWE, Sampled Wax & Anita Hagen – Circuit Sound
Óscar Sánchez – Diduwo [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Osclighter – Exper in Mental [Devotion Records]
Otharox – Smart Decision [Artist Republik]
Pablo Caballero & Ren Ascutt – Dreams [Stickrecordings]
Pakard – Ghostly Creatures [Smashead Records]
Pazka – Deeper Love [Hungry Koala Records]
Pietro Di Maio – After the Attack [Oxytech Limited]
Pili Beaute – Feel My Rhythm [debDRUM 128]
Procopis Gkouklias – Detection [Beats HD]
Protopapa – Nina – The Remixes [FLUIDOSTUDIO]
Purson – Oxygen [nuOn Music]
PWCCA, ShhGrr – Ottar 006 [Ottar]
Rally – Cruel World [DJ Rally]
Rally – Fake People [DJ Rally]
Random Alias – Innerchild [Breakfast On Mars]
Red Eyes – Relectric [Bug Klinik Records]
REDD 42 – Psychological Mind [REDD 42]
Response – Society Melting [Northern Front Records]
Roberto Ruiz – Be4 [Pray4Techno]
Roger Burns – Siruv Anoroc [Burnzzz Records]
Rohar – Enters [Ro Recs]
Rolando Hodar & Subfractal – Your Twisted Ways
Sig Nu Gris – Saliva [Spirit Level]
Simon Rose – Black [Zalmanim Records]
Sin Anto – No Llorar [Candy Flip]
Sitrall X – Wandering About [DDGL Intense]
Smilla – Conception [Harthouse]
Subset – Pattern Juggler [spclnch]
Syrette – Tar47 [Taro Records]
The Reactivitz & Tomas Otero – Perseverance
Tomaszo – Hyperrealism [BeMore Records]
Tommy Myst – Without Light-Ep [Sektor Black]
Tony Bioflex – Mercury Fractals [Latrodect]
Tony Romanello – Substance Abuse [Bunk3r R3cords]
Trigubenko – Move Your Soul [Oxytech Planet]
Ugur HASIRCI a.k.a UUR – Wisdom [Audioffice Records]
VA – Distant Voices [Khimera Rec.]
VA – From the Vault VIII [Dynamic Reflection]
VA – Futuristic Core 13 [Tekkore]
VA – Organica Compila 2 [Organica Sound]
VA – Voltaire Music Pres. Structured, Vol. 5 (2020)
ZDN – Agony [Oxytech Planet]