Afro House

ADJUMA & Lyrical Ivy – Show Me [Sunclock]
Afro Exotiq – Woza (Part II) [Defected Mix]
Afro Swanky – Mhlaka Mama [036Records]
Aimo & Mouzai – More [Senior Boys Music]
Ain Diab – Black Sand [The Warrior Recordings]
Alberto Dimeo, Rafael Drager & Yirvin – Kiss Me
Alejandro Peñaloza & Fer Fisterra – Chapo
AnTone & Unicraft – Genesis [DM.Recordings]
Atmos Blaq – Till We Meet Again [Celsius Degree Records]
Balata & Josi Chave – Synchronise (feat. Pixie Bennett)
Bee Soul & Blaq Owl – Umsindo [Blaq Owl Music]
Blaq Huf & ISO 1900 – Ibuyambo [Uncover Music]
Blaq Tronic & Mocchachino Ochi – About to Go Down
Brown Stereo, Pearl Crazy & Sizwe Sigudhla – Sisi Ngihamba Nawe
Christos Fourkis – Beats & Djembe (Ioan Remix)
De’Real Musiq – My Deep [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Deepsteps – Think With Me Part 2
DJ Khamza, Zeh McGeba & C-Sharp – Asambe
Dreamer – Spiritual Call [Ghost Records GR]
El Deep – The Inner Voice [Kemet Soul Records]
Enzo Siffredi & BAQABO – Akili Mali [Wired]
g.washington – Frienemies (feat. Jim Mastershine)
Giorgio Bassetti – Loser [SP Recordings]
Glenn Loopez – La Bomba [Borderless Records]
Intruderz SA & P. Elle – Ngwanini (Ivan Afro5 Remix)
Jaymz Nylon – Just Us [Nylon Trax]
Keyano – Dan Dale (Ucha Remix) [Deepalma]
Kinetic T – Abaphansi (feat. Kagiso Rathepe)
KM – Remember When We Were Young
Kmore Sa & Da Cord – Skylark [Lukulu Recordings]
Leroy Styles & Sawi – Lukula [Other Days Records]
Lil-Chrizie – My Culture [Dion Music Record]
MasaH – Lockdown [Afrocracia Records]
MaX ForWorD – African Rumble [Max Forword]
MC BONE – Shukeletiyeni [H3M Production]
Mokapela – Mlibale (feat. Black Psalmist & the Phat Ones)
Mushmellow – Crazy Piano [Authentik Music Productionz]
Newmanhere – Whamba [Black Mambo]
Nicolò Simonelli & OniWax – Kalema Remixes, Pt. 2
Pippi Ciez – Diourbe [Inward Records]
Prince De Deep – Azania [Khoisan Music Records]
Saliva Commandos – Love Skat , My Only Girl
Sergio Martella – Afrique [Lemon Juice Records]
Sir Young SA – Jam & Butter Sandwich
Sixnautic – Taste of Mumbai [Mavek Recordings]
Skyzo – Text Message [Sky29]
Sonikem – African Temple [Fines-lames Productions]
Statistic – Africa For African [Azania Digital Records]
Swift Vibe – Gqom Revival [Swift Vibe Entertainment]
Tee M Bee – Iyaphiwa Imali (feat. Mally Sithole & Mavuthela


3N8 & Desde La Choza – Watermelon (Lobesito xd)
A1aska – Panic [A1ASKA]
Aaron North – Separate Ways [Defined Music (UK)]
Abyss Bay – Keep Steppin’ [Deep Stack Records]
Anaya Weathers & Mark Francis – You Make Me Smile
AronChupa & Little Sis Nora – What Was in That Glass (Horror Edit)
ARTIFICIALLY YOURS – Artificially Yours (Jagz Kooner Mix)
B00ST – In This Life [Pure Tunes]
Birry D & Dj Stp – See a Mans Face
Camille Murray – Amnesia Love [Khanti Records]
Chicane – Everything We Had to Leave Behind (feat. Joseph Aquilina)
Cydreliux – Over You [Tikraudona]
D.O.T.I – Secret [Artists Network Revolution]
David Casamayor – Life [Clipper’s Sounds]
Dirty Disco – Christmas Wrapping (feat. Brenda Reed)
Disco Fries, Giiants & Allison Park – Give It Back
DJ Jon – The Light (Instrumental) [WhiteLab Music]
DJ Livio Bivi – Street View [Bigtools Records]
DJ Silverado – My Life [Ultra]
DJ Spenny – Golf Tourettes [Vous Records]
Emkaytv & MaMan – Making Memories [Frequency Music]
Escape Roots & Tenor Youthman – Dilemma [Nice Up!]
Esdras Nogueira, Marcus Moraes & Rodrigo Balduino, Thiago Cunha – Transe Dub
Five Corners – Found You (feat. ZACHARY) [Extended Mix]
Fleanger – Missing (feat. Shoshan Jackson) [Joy Records]
Földes, Adam Marcos & Martin Eriksson – Get Funky (feat. Skrilla)
Forever 80 – Guerriero [Digital Village Music]
Forever 80 – The Final Countdown [Digital Village Music]
Galdive – Fond Adieu [Avoca Drive]
GOMSON & Greg Gold – Sorry [Beat Blast Record]
GRHHH – Permission [Ghetto]
Henrique Cass – Set U Free (Other Version) [He-Cass Records]
Igor B. – Mobilize-se [Tratore]
Jay Frog & Sunny Marleen – What I Want (Blaikz Edit) [Dance Of Toads]
Joshua Moreno – Provenance (Remixes) [Immersed]
Julia Alexa & Belfa – i don’t care anymore [The Bootleg Boy]
Junior Taurus – Back to Love [Sound African Recordings]
Just Kiddin – When You Say It [Perfect Havoc]
Just Liev – Like Nobody Else [Jendex Records]
KRUDO – You Can’t Blame Me [HE.SHE.THEY.]
Kypo – Forever [Bryndák Records]
L.B. One, Datamotion & Perly I Lotry – My Mother Told Me
Leroy – Into My Eyes [push2play music]
Liam Laghan – The Prey [Twisted Cells]
LikeHook – Anthem [Big Hard Records]
Lillian Ranta – Mmino [Lav2Rais Media]
Luca Hänni – Diamant (Twenty Feet Down Remix) [Muve]
Mad Boys – Coco Gang [Mariba]
Maldo – Cupido [Good Life Records]
Man Cub – In a Dream (feat. SVRCINA) [Remixes]
Marcia Griffiths – Black Tears [Donsome]
Marina Diniz, Pedro Almeida & Dre Guazzelli – Estrelar (feat. Marcos Valle)
Maykel Street, N Lyah, Betania & MC – Vamos a Repetir
Melih Aydogan – Ayo Technology (Can Sezgin Remix)
Mike D’Abo – Reach out for Starlight, Pt. 2 [GR8 AL]
Mike Lucas, Simon Beta & Hellm8 – Let Me Love You (Sexycool Edit Mix)
Miljon – Your Brother [Studio Barnhus]
Mitrox – Anything [Shake It Up Recordings]
Murat Salman & Rednod – Give It To Me (feat. Ezgi Kosa)
NHYX – Mirage [Pavillonn]
Niklas Long – High On You [Sirup Music]
Nippandab – Pill Of Love [FRQNCY]
Nyck & Starkillers – Dragonfly [Channeled Music]
ONEIL & KEAN DYSSO – Indian [Ghetto]
Onze 20 – Se For pra Ser (Let’s Be Happy) [feat. SOJA]
Paul Oakenfold, Eve & Baby E – What’s Your Love Like
Phil Soda – On My Own [ChillYourMind]
Rashen Band – Baran [Assay Records (Promind)]
Reptaliens – Wrestling [Captured Tracks]
Rob Drody – The Ocean [Streets of Esher Recordings]
Rome in Silver & Tails – Forever Flame [Monstercat]
Ruthless Vision – Chloroform [Careless Records]
Sammy Virji & Shift K3Y – Runaway [Kiwi Rekords]
Sasha Primitive – I Can’t Replace [PPG Recordings]
Shlundee – Himawari [Cloudshaper]
Spray – Everything’s Better with Muppets (10th Anniversary Edition)
Steel, Marc Kiss & Crystal Rock – Payphone [Golden Chocolate Records]
Steve Dunlop – Come Home [Sonic Music Division]
StrezzSkills – Foxtrot (feat. STAN) [DeepDive CM]
The Officer – Never Gonna Get It [Romeo Entertainment]
The Shine Blur – Right Back Up [Jendex Records]
Theo Kottis – Seventies [Skint Records]
Tobias Köppel – Copper [21st]
Tommy B – Crying (Justice) [Donsome]
Trash Mantra – Trash Mantra [BlauBlau Records]
USR Beats & KRB Musikk – Devilish Riddim
VA – Revisions [Sisternoise]
Van Maximilian – Crossed the Line [Soundo]
Verano Bros – Como Olvidarte [Bang Record]
Voost & Alix Robson – Want You [ChillYourMind]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

5EXTAPE! – Cage Fight (feat. Sam Culp)
AKSD – Back to Me [Alveda Deep]
Aku – Blind Fury [Worm Discs]
Alex Aleman – In Your Love [Pure Beats Records]
Alex Michos – Alex Michos – Time Travel [Dustpan Recordings]
Alex Zela – Bounce [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Alton Allen & NITEPPL – Somebody I Liked
Andrew Gabriel – 33rd [Electronic Alliance Records]
Anton Ishutin – Take Me Far Away [Exx Muzik]
B-Liv – Seu Sol [Vamos Music]
B&S Concept – Got to Know [Gents & Dandy’s]
Belmondo Beats – Intermission [BBop Music]
BioHazard People & La Four SA – To Me, You’re Perfect
Bocahhh – Don’t Even [Freude Am Tanzen Recordings]
Bonetti – Over U [Soul Beach Records]
Boogie Boots – Look Up [Disco Down]
Boogie Boots – My Love Is Hot [Soulful Evolution]
Brock Edwards & Jacques Waty – Mind Games [Phoenix Soul]
BTAY & Nath Brooks – You’re Not the One [BTAY Music]
Camino Music – Dwarf Message [OG Recording]
Clock Opera – Run (Remixes) [DistroKid]
Cod3 And 5ignal – Escape [SOULFRQNZ Records]
Contento – Lo Bueno Está Aquí [EL PALMAS MUSIC]
CupiddeepSA – Alkaline Powder [True Deep]
Cynabro & Giuseppe Di Filippo – The Double Greatest
Da Lukas – We Miss the Disco [M2MR]
David Lizana – Dance [Three Notes Records]
David Lowell Smith – Datadude [Space Vacation Recordings]
Dax On Sax & Lisa Shaw, Mike City – My Vision (Remixes)
Daza – Mind Detergent [Platino]
DEEOXID – I’m Not Lost (feat. Alina) [GSS Recordings]
Deeplomatik – Lost Again (feat. Adam Joseph)
DeVante – Long Road to Nowhere [Kognitiv Records]
Discosteps – Variations [Salted Music]
DJ Karouh – Evolutions [Talent Agency]
Dor Danino & Morris (IL), Dor Danino – Galala [Blue Shadow]
DSF, MAARUO & Mitch Oliver – XYZ Deux Ans
Ede – Horizontal [Jirafa Records]
Enchanted Kids – Waters [Dream Culture]
Ercos Blanka, Mik Santoro – Whatever Next
Erick Sharp – Quindici Secondi. [Arrossdisco Records]
Evenque – Philosophy [Suicide Robot]
Federico Perzy – No Worriers [MYRIAD]
Ferington & Designer Doubt – I’m On It [Storm Vibez Records]
Flava & Stevenson & DaFOO – Starboy [Profimedia]
Foxa, Roman Müller & Gina Livia – Always Takes Two
Francci & Zaac – Abstract Love (feat. Bela Gus)
Frank Fonema & Ciskoted – Dancin [Les Folies Digitales]
Frigga – You’re Not Alone [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
HAAB – Time in Space [Cherokee Recordings]
Holocaos – Abmoram [Liserx]
HUGEhands – The Things We Do [Moiss Music Black]
Ituana – He’s the Greatest Dancer [Music Brokers]
IZAAX & RAYCO KNOXX – Fly with You [Storm Music]
J&K – Whistle [UL Records]
Jack York – My Mind (The Remixes) [Suntree Records]
Javy Groove – Back Again [Sensoria Records]
Jerry Ropero & Janyssha – Make You Dance [Deponiente Records]
JfAlexsander – Seguimos Respirando [Atmospherica]
Jophil & ELIXIER – Blinding Lights [Deep Firehorse 66]
Joseph Terruel – Lost Grooves [Paraiso Musique]
Kalabrese & KAYYAK – Make No Time , Painting of Relaxation
Kat Koan – Lustfire [Acrylic On Canvas]
Kevin Arnold – Odyssey [Kassiopeia]
Knuckle G, Larry G & Chinau – Liquid Apes [De La Groove]
Lebedev (RU) – Overture [Rhythm Section]
Leeman Brothers – Deep & Delicious [Salford City Records]
Lello Russo & alex rai – Stay Home Brother [Moiss Music]
Lenin Riefenstahl – Kurz & schmerzlos
Louis Feen & Vyktor Nova – Blindness [Tropical Velvet]
Lounge Ibiza Cafè – Loving Times [Southbeat Music]
M.U.2 – Comet , The Music Box [Six15 Music]
Madame M. – Confidence [Stereofly Records]
Malcolm Lewis – Keep it Locked (Remastered)
Manolita – Believe in Yourself [Beatbridge Records]
Marc Cotterell – Need More Love (2020 Mixes)
Marius Circus – Love & Dancing [In The Garden]
Mark Whites – Flying High [Sundries Digital]
Marlon Kirk – Day Dreamer [Unprincipled Records]
Marske – He Don’t [Me Me Me]
Martin Wild – Solis Ossasum [RaveUp Alley]
Matheiu – Atalanta Furgiens [What Now Becomes]
Maya Wolff – City Lights (Austin Leeds Remix) [Wolff Recordings]
Missa Brevis – Ben O’ Clock [Baenger]
Montanelli Leonardo – Philadelphia by Night [Bif Records]
Morlet – AfterMath [Agenda]
Motte – In Ya Face [Re-Loved]
Munky Fike – The Ride [Super Spicy Records]
MXVM – Easy to Love [TGR Music Group]
Nachtbraker – Bay Be Blu [Nachtbraker]
Nathan G – What Would Love Do [Luvbug Recordings]
Nia Louw & Alison Maseko – Illusion Remixes (feat. Nuzu Deep)
Nilhan & CEAUS – Never Started (Ata Oztuna Remix)
Nina Chuba – I Can’t Sleep [Selected.]
Nu Azeite – Me Deixa Louca (feat. Bia Barros)
Obzkure – Back Again [Sensoria Records]
Oh Balboa – Time Flies [Dbeatzion Records]
Olindo & kas – Renegade [Bob’s Your Uncle Records]
Ollie Crowe – Take My Time [Storm Music]
Onipa – We No Be Machine Rewired [Strut]
Orkadr – Pandemic [Cyberneko]
Owen Jay – Take Me Deeper [Batti Batti]
Pablo Bozzi – Last Moscow Mule [Dischi Autunno]
Pagu – Tell Me [Global League]
Parah Dice & Brianna – Breathe [THRACE MUSIC]
Paul Najera & Jesusdapnk – In the Clouds
Perro Bueno Edits – SMOF [Perro Bueno Edits]
Prime Audial – Clear waters [Mena Music]
Pyrrhus – Give Em What U Got [Sequential Records]
Rafael G. & Sad Puppy – Fall Again [Sad Puppy]
Rawdio – Delugional Jam [Being All Here]
Real Gone Kid – The Deep [ASTIR Recordings]
REDM4N – Close to Me [Vibez Sounds]
Retromigration & Nephews – Ltdblbl008 [Ltd, W,LBL]
Rianu Keevs – Yaxorya [Rianu Keevs]
Ritz – Non Linear Thinking [Piston Recordings]
RMC3 – Back to Me [Jendex Records]
Rmz – Looking for Someone [Cherokee Recordings]
Roads We Walk & Conor McSherry – Keeps Me High
Romain Villeroy & Monsieur Van Pratt – Shaking It
Rooka – Trippin [Tom Boxer Music]
Roque – The Beat Goes On [DeepHouse Police]
Roque – Young People (Part 3) [DeepHouse Police]
Ross Couch – Gravity [Body Rhythm Records]
Samhara – Pick Flowers (feat. Nicole Katibe) [Austro Music]
SHIVAI – Count on Me [Shivai Music]
Slh – Stuck in My Brain [Crumpled Music]
So.undso – Lux [Dance Petrol Records]
Sound Syndicate – The Funk Is On (Funkopolis Mix)
Space Dimension Controller – Reaver [Tiraquon Recordings]
Steamy Windows – Fall for You [Late Night Sneakin]
Stefan Ringer & Ben Hixon – Back Seat Driver [Dolfin Records]
Steve Cass – Want Me [Storm Music]
Subriser – You Need [Get The Sound]
Syd Walker – I Can Feel You [Formative Records]
Tappioca – It’s Your Time [Funky Way]
Thabo Tonick – Daenerys [Candid Beings Recordings]
Tidy Daps – Meant To Do This [HOUPH]
Tier Ra Nichi – Funky Deep Manuvers! [Ghosts Recordings NYC]
Tim Lights – Quiero Volar [1st Strike Deep]
Tonbe – I Can’t Stop [Fruity Flavor]
Tony Marell – Drip [PromoParty]
Twenty Committee – This Town (feat. Chloe Rodgers)
VA – 10 Years of Carillon [Carillon Records]
VA – Haubentaucher 2020 [Soulful Legends]
VA – Private Beat Edition 01 [Shamkara Records]
VA – Random Disco [Solivagant Records]
Verboten Berlin & Ron Flatter – Undone (Ron Flatter Remix)
Vinjay – Close Your Eyes (feat. Red Joint) [Stordisco]
Walter Vooys – Tokyo Sunset [Deep Fix Recordings]
Westbam,ML – White Boy (feat. AfterLife 3000) [Embassy One]
Xavier Grant & Steeve Etonno – Magic Gentleman
Xtance – You Make Me Feel [Deep Bear]
Yankee Music – Ligth [G-Mafia Records]
Yazmyn Hendrix – Chapters [West One Music]
Zero Call – Cursed (feat. Augustine) [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Zito Mowa – Yep, He’s Pisces [No Fuss Records]

DJ Chart

Fiona Kraft October [Traxsource Chart]
Joeski Miss You [Traxsource Chart]
Kassian October [Traxsource Chart]
Kristin Velvet Rise [Traxsource Chart]
Manda Moor – Summer Blues [Beatport Chart]
Maxinne Get Up [Beatport Chart]
Nastia – Beatport Residency [Beatport Chart]
Rebekah The Bitter Boys Rave [Beatport Chart]
VONDA7 Change Of Vibrations Chart

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Akas – Big Sound [DNB Vibes]
Arbelaster – Just Leave Me [Crown Of Music]
Aseity – Mental [UDM Label Group]
Atlantic Connection – Big Trouble [Westbay Music]
B00ST & SlaBaz – Universe [Pure Tunes]
Baisla – Wildfire [Pure deciBel Recording]
Bare Up – Let You Go [Radar Records]
Bastik Legion – Into Within [Muti Music]
Binna D – Vista [AirXone Musik]
BISHU – Moria [Lowly]
Bombassbrothers & Bassflex – Roll to the Old (feat. Jamalski)
Buunshin – No Match [Critical Music]
Caeid – Leap [Baxtown Records]
Cence Brothers – Fight for Me [TurnItUp Muzik]
Claws & Wood Packa – Tornado [Angel Helicopter]
Congi & Deep Heads – Sometimes Forever [Deep Heads]
Cosmology – Knee Deep [Digital Blus]
Cybear – Whoom [KINFree]
Danny Anger – Anger Management, Pt. 5 – Furious [K2]
DENRO – Murder [Musata Music]
Diozo & Dudu Capoeira – Som de lata , Chaka chaka
Dizzko Dude & MrOrange – Running High [Fadersport]
Dopplershift & Filth – Republic of Jungle
Dreadnaught – The Fall [Breeze Recs]
DropKin95 – It Ain’t Right [V Records UK]
DRS – Space Cadet II [Space Cadet]
Dunk – Lost Tribe [Computer Integrated Audio]
EA ISLOM & Xusan Best – I Can Feel [Privelege Music]
Elusiv – Visceral [Digital Assassins]
Emba, BCee & Lita – Dreamers [Spearhead Records]
Ennessy – Run Run , Chalice [Philly Blunt Records]
Exit4 – Dirty Tricks [E-Form Records]
Fluid Haunts – Queue Tantrum [Off Me Nut Records]
Foo Foo Deluxe, Subotica – Sub Wars 3.0
Freigeistreich & Klangreisender – Frei [Mellowave Records]
Furney – Submerged Soul [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Overcome Looking Back [Liquid Flavours Records]
Fyahman – Hussein Club [DEAD Records]
Gary Spears – Quantic Roots [World Wake Records]
Gualtiero – Moomback Part 1 [Los Excentricos Records]
H2U – Feel It [Alveda Pulse]
Harry Shotta & Eksman – Fire Works 2 (feat. Turno)
iNichi – Relax [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Itona – Dandelion [Bad Taste Rec]
J Rose – The Champion sound [USV Recordings]
Jamgo & Titus1 – Surrender (feat. Cammie Robinson)
Jem One – The Rain [Metalheadz Platinum]
Karl Oksari – Never Give Up [ACE Music France]
Killer Hertz – Waiting For You [Elevate Records (UK)]
Lapo, Leon P & Ago – Heartless Badboys 2
Luca Rezza – Locked in the Future [Circus]
Marc Benjamin, Marcus Santoro & David Pietras – Losing Focus
Marko & Kiko Z – Play Hard [Dirty Dutch Music]
Mc Texas – Dedicated [AFT Records]
Melofellaz – Connect (feat. Heidi) [nuOn Music]
Menso – Exit [ONLY THE BEST]
MR.BLACK & Offer Nissim – Mucho Bien (MR.Black Remix)
MsDoS & Electrosoul System – Limitation
Munez – Daydream [tb festival]
N-Box – Cold Flame [Sparking Records]
Narcotex – Desires Come True [Dark Alien Records]
Nicson – Unshakable (feat. DVNA) [Ensis Remixes]
NLS, Tommy the Cat – Park Sessions 03 [Cat In The Bag]
NortonH – Up & Down [NFYNIA STADIUM]
OFF Quay – Fuck the Cops , Renegade [Subway Soundz]
Olly James & SCNDL – Og [Skink]
OnDaMiKe – Shiny Lights [Ravesta Records]
One Ticket To The Moon – Shibuya [bringnewunity]
Phadix, Sublimit & Phadix – Together in Sound
Rainforest – Kings of Nothing [LowFreqMX]
Rave Republic & Sixth Sense – Love On Fire
Saxxon – Time Is Right [V Recordings]
Skank Engine & Kage DJ – Demons [Repulsive Records]
Smoking – Te Amo (feat. Noemi Gpe) [EPride Music Digital]
Stayer, Jean Luc & Elle Mariachi – Part of You [Musata Music]
Steve Jor-El – Night [Trapking]
Streex – Mood [recordJet]
Suburban Architecture – Alternative Futures
Tigi – Followers [ records]
Tom DM – To Da Old Discoclub [Revkon Records]
Ultraísta – Ordinary Boy (The Remixes) [Partisan Records]
Vektral – Looking Back , Jungle Trail
Verdikt & Dazee, Verdikt & Dissonant – Ready Fe Dem Lp1
Whiney – Bubblers Part Two [Hospital Records]
Wildstorm – Raindancer [RAW UK]
Zeba – Flubber [Grid Recordings UK]
Zoner – Hold on , Doses [Sub-Division Recordings]


1Farshad – Mono Disco [Moiss Music Black]
3NACRIA – Italian Coffee Shop (Molella Remix)
Adri Block & Paul Parsons – You Got Soul
Alande – Flying Samosa [Trust You Melodic]
Albatros 67 – Baby Feel It [Clumsyrabbit]
Ale Mora & J. Griffie – Gucci Sheets [Green Room]
Alex Bosar & J8Man – Travesuras [Juicy Music]
All We Are – Not Your Man (Locum Remix)
All We Are – Not Your Man (Moodyboy Remix)
All We Are – Not Your Man (Sascha Funke Remix)
Amanch – Flow (feat. Silvia Rainoldi) [Strays Music Records]
Amandeep – Lose Control [Coco Beach]
AMBI – Space Stories [IBMA II]
Amondo – Three o Freak , 4 Gehm [Non Stop Rhythm]
Andrew Foy – You Broke Me First (feat. Renee Foy)
Andrey Exx & D-vision – Lifting Me Up [Milk & Sugar]
Andy Mayja – Feeling Good [BEATAHOLIKZ]
Angelo Ferreri – Oh Me ! [Mood Funk Records]
Aresta – The Vibe [Ensis Discovery]
aspen bizarre disco – Brooklyn Paradise [Aspen Inc Records]
Asture – Collisions [Feynman Records]
Beautiful Sinners & Sanna Hartfield – Beautiful Sin
Beauty & The Beats, Dirty Frequenz – Save the Night – Fast Forward
Biorekk – A Journey to Hell (Darkside 14th Birthday Anthem)
Boge – Perfect [Night Owl Music]
Boychi – Space Walker [Fresh Take Records]
BZARS & Flor Ramírez – Esto Aquí No Acaba [Holy Pig Records]
Cammora – Climb over Me [Blanco y Negro Music]
Carlos Yedra, Footsounds & Rhey Osborne – Sparkle
Catz ‘N Dogz & Gerd Janson – Modern Romance
Cesar de Melero – Ska! (Kako Martinez Jackin Mix) X
Cesarians – Going Blonde (Electro Mix) [Glass Modern]
Charles and Carmichael – Your Love Keeps [Indivision Music]
Chrissy – The Cool Ranch Remixes [Cool Ranch]
CHRISTIAN AC – Run At Sunset [AC & AP]
Cinols – Feelin’ Good [Four Trax]
Cinthie – 803 Crystal Grooves 004 [803 Crystal Grooves]
Cliff Kendall – I Ride My Bike [Birkin Records]
CODE02 – Give It to Me [Lemon Juice Records]
Cosmicresolution – Happy Cosmic Style [M2 Records]
Cyclonix – Efeito Borboleta [Percebes Musica]
Danny Ripley – Stay With Me [Pongo Records]
Danny Villagrasa – Dream a Dream [ultrawave records]
David Britton – Swag [Disco Filter Records]
David Novacek & Felipe Espitia – Guata (feat. Martina Camargo)
David Rosset – Rakett [Full Pupp Ekspress]
Dino Sor – Arcanjo Miguel [Royal Music Paris]
Dino Sor – Samhain [Royal Music Paris]
DiscoGalactiX – Night People [Turtle Wax Recordings]
DJ Jauche – Movement & Soul [Flaneurecordings]
DJ Paulo – Tension (feat. Lula) [BOW WOW Music]
DJ Randall Smooth – I Got That Feelin-Remix (feat. Shakiel Smith)
DJ Slugo – Juke That Back Low (Geto Mark Remix)
DJ Threejay & Patrick Wayne – Feel Like Dancin’
DJ Timstar – Need You [Seveneves Records]
DJiPHONE – Base the Drone [THE TRIP]
DJiPHONE – Cranky Old Luv [THE TRIP]
DJiPHONE – Jungle Boy [THE TRIP]
Dobix – Let’s Shuffle [Blanco y Negro Music]
dominik – Bomb [Boot Music Records]
Dr Green – Search For Gravity [Miniaturesrec]
DraGonis, Fassounds & Héli – Crush [Spitfire Music]
DreamGrid – Can’t Let Go [De-Funkt Recordings]
Drumev & Lopez – Drums & Kaval [Club Beatz]
Ed Lee – Rock My Love [Jouissance Recordings]
Eddy Chrome – Beg [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Eduardo Alba – Rhythm [Vnylside]
El Jefe – In Your Ear [Native Warrior]
El Jefe – Rubberband [Native Warrior]
fabaitos – Bacteria [Naivety]
Felipe Brizzi – The Key [Blacktone]
Five Past 5 – Hold Me Close [Rollerblaster Records]
Florida Boy – Philly Nugget [Deskfunk Records]
Franck Roger – Ekobah [Real Tone Records]
Freaky DJs & Camero – With You [Blanco y Negro Music]
Fred Dekker – Love Fever [More than House!!]
G.Pantelidis – Retro Zebra [Electro Swing Thing]
Gastah – Drown [Gastah]
Gavss – Stay a While [Loud Memory]
George G-Spot Jackson & Mike Feva – Reincarnated
George Mechallan – Move [Boot Music Records]
Gettoblaster – Planet Funk [Blacksoul Music]
Gilbert Le Funk – Wanna Be Free [La Musique Fantastique]
Grate Lakes – Call Me [WEPLAY Music]
Gyradix – This Is Love [Blanco y Negro Music]
Hako & Sonickraft – Another Day [Stashed]
Hanna – Champion [Penelope]
Hemi Riley – Get Together [Agua Blanca Records]
HILLS + DASH – Truth or Lies (Dub Mix) [9T90 Records]
House Dominion – Disappear [Bit Records]
Iag & Omoc – So Hard [Black Boat]
Infrasoul – Atlantic Swing [CRMS Records]
Jack The Box, Bobby Starrr & Tyree Cooper – Heat Remixes, Pt.1
Jamie Vale & Edger – Heartbeat [Flotilla Records]
Javier Simon & ParisTexas, RAG – Limbo – The Remixes
Jay Montes – All Night Long [Mar de Fóra Records]
Jazzy Rossco – Do It Right [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Jeff Nang – Never Alone [Fuzzball Records]
Jo Paciello – Here I Am [Shocking Sounds Records]
Joe Diem & Guezmark – The Last Dance [PPMUSIC]
Joe Livingston – Bats [Aloma Recordings]
Josh Parkinson – What’s Next [Eton Messy Records]
Juljam – Walking Tall [Stereofly Records]
Jxck – Rough ‘n’ Tough [Zone Focus]
Ka’laan – Journey of Life (feat. LauMii) [Moon Rocket Music]
Karma Kid – Freedom (Never Let You Go) [Mella Dee Remix]
Kat Meoz – Run Tonight [CloudKid]
Katie Kittermaster – The Problem (Chillpoint Charlie Remix)
Kato Kat – For You [Toolroom]
Kenn Colt & Ashton Love – Surrender [Feels Like Home Records]
Kenny Bizzarro – Feeling Music [Bunny Clan]
Kikko Esse – Free Spirit [Soul Departure Recordings]
Kilo – Signs [Honey Tea Records]
Kinky Movement – This Ain’t No Game [Hive Label]
KMC – Somebody to Touch Me (feat. Dhany) [Kevin Mckay Remix]
Kooba Tercu – Proto Tekno (Remixed)
Kris Ferreri – Make It [Native Warrior]
Kristof Tigran – Hit It [Nu Monkey Records]
Kyle Kinch – The Request [Basement Sound]
Larry Scottish – Wish You Know [Complex Destroyerz]
Lisa Millet – Closer [totheRockRecords]
Lou Casablanca – Move with the Beat (Marcus Knight Remix Edit)
Lubelski & Randy Ry – Things That Matter Most
Lykov – Give It Up [Road Story Records]
M. Fischer & Chilltone – Don’t Go Easy [Blacktone]
Marc Mosca – Keep the Music [Jango Music]
Marco Corvino – Don’t You Cry [Funky Floor Records]
Martina Budde – Choose Me [Groovy Firehorse 66]
Matteo Matteini & Claudio Sax Fabiani – Articulated [Dafunk]
Maurid – Seems So Hard To Do [Curvilinear]
Meet the NASA – Symphony Generators [Household Records]
Meg Ward – Melbourne Street [Needwant]
Mercer & The Magician – Lemonade (The Magician Italo ’85’ Remix)
Mike Chenery – Hold On [Ki Records]
Mike Zoran – The Quest [Four Stripes Records]
Milan – Something Ain’t Right [Alveda Subject]
Monsieur ZonZon – La Isla Bonita [Tyler Stone Remix] (feat. Akasha)
Mori Jarriem – Treadmills [Mystery Train Recordings]
Mr Moon – Let It Rain [Duffnote Recordings]
MYR – Swim Your Head [Cabdriver]
Neneko – Music Is My Life [Swat Rec]
Nu Desire – Believe [Desire Trax]
Octal – The Latin [New Horizon Recordings]
Odette – Trust [VDK DGTL]
Oggie B – Need 2 Find [Believe In Disco]
Omson – Arenzano [Juiced Music]
Onur Altuntas – Tell Me Why [R.D.A. Records]
Orter B – Jackin the Beat [Groove Soul Records]
Oscar House – Parrot [Found Frequencies Official]
Paul Sirrell – Acid Love [Orange Groove Records]
PDC – The Power [29 CLUB]
Peek Nick – All’s Correct [Nocolors]
Physical Dreams – Cachitos De Amor
Porgie – Break It Down (feat. Devona Hollins)
Povilas – Nes Tu (feat. Dzouns) [LaLand]
Pr!ce – High [40oz Cult]
Ralf Naylo – Bling (feat. Ziggi Recado) [Tell You Something]
Raze – Bass 4 Love [Champion Records]
Ridney – Dont Wanna Let You Go (Olav Basoski Remix)
Rubber People & Boogietraxx – Be Real [Blockhead Recordings]
Safari Explorer – Ringtonez II [Noumenal Loom]
Samosh – My Mistakes [Artistfy Music]
SamSound & Ladushka – Be Loved (Axid DM Remix)
Sebastian Badi – Over You [MINDSET]
Shaka Moto – Night Playground [Zaftig Sounds’]
Shidarun Asaka – Go for It (Sfl 05) [Big Jaws Recordings]
Shimza – Calling out Your Name (feat. Mikhaela Faye)
Skogsberg & Akdogan – Secrets (Radio Edit)
Sleepover (Italy) – Roots & Memories
Softpaw & TOSCANA – Do U Wanna
Soulful French Touch – Connection [Veksler Records]
Sterkøl – Ruin Us [TGR Music Group]
Supreme – 28 Shade of Supremacy [Ritual Art Projects]
T Soul SA – Ubuhle Bakho (feat. Mbuso & Tumza)
T.Markakis & MAKITO – The Game [Little Jack]
Tasos P. – Retro Boy [FM Records (Greece)]
Tech C – no side [Neapolis Records]
Terry Sartor – From the Heart [Valiant Horizon]
tiiiger & Gesar Mukpo, Ivan Gafer – Five2Eleven 2
Tom Field & Gravagerz – Look Back at It [Lithuania HQ]
Tom Leeland – It’s Time [PLAYEDiT Records]
Tommy Virgo – You Make Everything
Tony Di Sarno – Woman [Boot Music Records]
Tony Junior & G-Pol – Matveevskaya (feat. Dimma Urih)
Tru Concept – Rhythm of the Night (feat. Lauren L’aimant)
U.A.K – Turn me On (feat. Angela Mosley) [Sunrising Records]
Unisun – Twisted Face [MENACE]
VA – 15 Years Of Mofunk (Season Two) [Mofunk Records]
VA – Back 2 Basics [Lissome Records]
VA – Deep Electronic Soul [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Empty Street 2 [DanceMania Recordings]
VASSY, Outgang & TwoWorldsApart – OXYGEN
Vibe Factory – Gonna Be Mine [Blindsided]
Vincent Caira – C’mon [Robsoul Recordings]
VTONE & Corvaa – Mine to Forget [Lafayette Street Records]
WrightVibes – Our Poem [Certified Organik Records]
Xadrian – Move It Down [Blacktone]
Xavi Pinós – You Got a Feeling [Enjoy It Productions]
XD & Duke Luke – Ona Batona [Lithuania HQ]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Abdon & Sera De Villalta – Hi, Bass [Cocoa]
Agus Pazos & mod32, Agus Pazos – Munich
Alverto Maya – Wachufleiva 48 [Wachufleiva]
AMAHAUS – Eyayohoye [Uba Lua Records]
Anastasis – French Biscuit [Synthesthesia]
Chanson E – Django [Frosted Recordings]
Chinonegro – Vibe Your Love [Houbless Music]
Cosmin Horatiu – Flow Wave [Kubbo Records]
Dadgar – G-Spot [29 Tech]
DJ Deeon – March Thru Bronzeville
Dj Saibot – Forward [7th Cloud]
DjSkinny – Oreela [Disguise Records]
Domi Depulse & Kole Audro, Max Merola – Rush Money
Dr.Nojoke – Post Techno Crisis [Goldmin Music]
Dxnby – Reject [Eject Records UK]
Forzland – Like This [Love Stoned Records]
Gianluca Rattalino & Jordan2 – Thrill Me
Gowzer – The Happening [Tradeston Records]
II Faces – Life Back [Echoe]
Jorge Hurtado – There She Goes [Recreo Music]
lotus land pilot – Vitz [Oyoda Recordings]
Mancini, Wlad – Shifumi,Furbished + iO (Mulen) And Djebali remixes
Maor Azulay – Walk in Circles [Zalmanim Records]
Marcellus – Ask Yourself [Lemon-aid Music]
Marco T & Vimu Babilonia – Excusememr
Markus Herbert – Hotel in Timisoara [Snaza]
Markus Herbert – Sixty Four Marbles [Snaza]
Matichap – Rebel Dubbel [Surge Recordings]
Miguel Silva – Carel Mapu [Neu Gravity]
Mike Gibki – Now Back To This [Beat Circus Records]
Noizzed – Locomotiva [Cabana Music]
Paul Schubert – Right [Aestheta]
Pirdo – Feeling [REC Low Records]
Plusculaar – Dragonfly [Plusculaar Records]
Roswell (IT) – Acidlookdown [Ban-off Music]
Simone Fuscobeat – Dub Lyric [F&M Records]
Tommaso Pizzelli – Glow the Flow [LOW.ENZH]
Toucanplay – What Really Matters [Andhera Records]
Touch Circle – Dementia [Pray4Techno]
V.I.O – Wantchu [Slightly Sizzled White]
Viborax – Bella Ciao (feat. Monodisco) [THESTROY]
VLF & Zebra Rec. – Late Summer [ZBR077] [Zebra Rec.]
Walter Wayne – Out of Dust [SuperPosition Records]
Xentizca – Codice 00 [Dark Alien Records]
Zamfir – Alegria [ZBR028] [Zebra Rec.]

Progressive House

68 Beats – Together (Robbie Rivera Remix)
Alex Konstantinov, Auxwave – Fjord
ALI-J – Vibe Seeker [Big Tunes Records]
ANMA & Chat Bizarre – Yucatan [Hover Mind]
Arnaud Le Gamin – Whipped Cream [Alveda Deep]
ATTLAS – Out Here With You [mau5trap]
Bondarev – Jainaro [Tech Warriors]
Cedren & Manu-l & Atleha – Behind Closed Doors
Corey Lewis – Meant to Be [Connection Records]
Cut N Glue – Beyond Time [Tächno]
Defiant-Nature – Third Bass [Natural Defiance Records]
EDHI EDWARD – About Us [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Enea Brutti – Star-Tek [Asterisko Records]
Erich von Kollar – The Pine & the Moon
Felix Lean – Paradise [Mystery Freedom Records]
Fishela – Cosmic Vibes (feat. Alessa Robles)
Fluze – Everybody [Shootin Records]
Gai Barone – Two Ghosts [Zerothree]
Gux Jimenez – Mercedino [INU]
H-Robot – Dragon Fruit [Machine Control Records]
Heyder – Waiting [Generation Smash Official]
I.R.A.L.I – Hypnotic [Area Verde]
Imar – Prayer [Wejustman Records]
Jaydee – A May Day [COMBINED]
Joy Marquez & D-Fake – Laguertha [76 Recordings]
Julian Burgos – Comfortable Place
Lorenzo Chi – In Me(HOUZE) [BlaqTransTech Records]
Lynchpin – Fool’s Paradise [Parabola Music]
Majed Salih – Brandenburg [Medievil-Music]
Marnix Meinster – Antigua [Emergent Shores]
mavzy grx – Can’t Let Go [Mystery Freedom Records]
MaX ForWorD – Confession [Max Forword]
Motives – Solace [PRGRSSN Records]
Noah Argeanas – Mojave [White Soho]
Nyte – Motionless [Nyte]
Oh Balboa – On and on And [Basement]
Otho and Grag – Nobody Knows [Marvellous Tunes]
QuarterX – White Balloon [Wanderlust]
Renaldas – Overthinker [Dynamic Progressions]
Rianu Keevs – Shower of Hail [Rianu Keevs]
Rikken – Scotoma [Future Avenue]
Sasson (FR) – Woodh [Suprematic]
Secret Society of Tech – Reflections [XMOD Records]
Sergio Maldonado – Horizon [TRIP & dream]
Sergio Marini – Back to Roots (Remix) [NuZone Gears]
Solewaas – Anima [Emergent Textures]
Spanless – Radioisotopes [Sawagi Noise]
U4JA – Costa del sol [PR Records]
Ucros – Amaretto [UV]
VA – 4 Years [Timeless Moment]
VA – A 40 Track Compilation Monaco [Forward Music]
VA – Curated by Mariano Mellino
VA – Silk Remixed 09 [Silk Music]
VA – Spring Tube 11th Anniversary Compilation, Pt.2
Vortac – Deadka85 [emengy deep]

Tech House

Almek – Fire [Abstract Channel]
Antonio Rossini – Turbulence
Beki M – Daylight [There Was Jack]
Benja Rocco – Carretero [SL Records]
Biomic & Sloundness – Detected [G-Mafia Records]
BrightLightDK – Past Midnight (Edit) [Cheetah Play]
Caitto – Your Beat [Stereophonic]
Caliman 111 – Work [LDEPRO Records]
Calle Lebraun – Breathless [Reson8Records]
CASSIMM – I Wish [Play My Tune]
Chance King – Oceans (feat. SIDDHI KID) [Braden Paul Remix]
Chema Gnz – Wessex [KNCK LTD]
Chris Di Perri – Buzzing Lights [Headfire International]
concourse & Oxigenate – The Vibe [Teknofonic Recordings]
Criss Conflict – The Underground [MUMI Records]
Danny Tenaglia – Dibiza (Remixed) [Stereo Productions]
Darren J – Leaps In the Dark [Noise Tank Records]
Demuir – Legend [Sola Nauts]
Denis Ago – Yeh Ah [Space Invaders]
DHÅRULE – Revolver [93]
Different Shapes – Clappa [Metatronicle]
DJ Yazz – The Body [Trax Records]
DJManuel – The Underground [MUMI Records]
Double T DJ – Buda [Tief Ltd]
Drunx, Mokumtek & Uncle Skuncle – Pikachu
EDUKE – I Got Tha [Force Of Habit]
El Pedro & Di Marino – Your Way (Softpaw Remix)
Fast Eddie – Smokin Dro (Torrfisk Remix)
Ference – Sympathy for the Pimp [Frncn Music]
FOVOS – Dirty Dose [We Are Freaks Records]
Frida Joy & Malintent, Frida Joy – Subvert [DMT LBL]
Fusion Bass – Tech Out [Rice Bowl Recordings]
G.Key & Glorious – SHOW ME YOUR LOVE
Gala Gutierrez – Do What you want [Tentaculos Records]
Guzt – People Don’t Stop [Hot Vibe On Records]
Herman Crantz – Malmo [Cold Tear Records]
Jack N Jerk – Horse Amulet [It’s Just A Pyramid Scheme]
Jan Danen – Keep Moving [Tech Avenue Records]
Javi Colina & Quoxx – Smash [Lit Music]
JJ Mullor, Reedjekt & Gili Jack – Summer Burnin’
John Angel – Become-No Time [DRK records]
Jt Graham – Screw the Cycle [Barbecue Records]
k-mack – Nu Style [Fish & Chicks]
KIIDA & Alex – Peron Hreston [Smash Deep]
Kofla – Damn Girl [Sticker Music]
Krata – Nobody’s Fool [Aether Recordings]
Kristi Yang – Everything I Need [RIM]
Lamban Brother – Diablo [Sonido D Club Records]
Leenah – John Wick [Daimon Recordings]
Liam Keery – Won’t Stop [Sabroso Records]
Loudnezz – Move Down [Deep Bear]
Lowe Music – Baby [CLAB Records]
Luca Taruchi – Go Fuck Yourself [No. Music]
Luis Cortés – I Feel Much Better
Luis Pergo – Why Not [Knuck!]
Luv Society & Meskit – Mi Son [G-Mafia Records]
Mac & Groove – The Frequency [Phonetic Recordings]
Maffmatix – Something Stronger [SHRELL]
Medesen – Salty [Chemiztri Recordings]
Michael Ainsley – Rocket Fuel [Catamount Records]
MichaelBM, SBM & House Music Bro – The Lights
Mike Catherall – Buggin’ [Farris Wheel Recordings]
Mike Ivy – Found Muzik (feat. Luv Junkie) [Flashmob LTD]
Mike McFly – Cucamonga [Sink or Swim]
Move&Low – 1Ep [La Pieza Corp.]
Mr. Le Funk – Triptamina [Dope Music Mx]
Nacho JM – Synchronization [Soundlection]
Narik – Pandora [KLUBINHO]
Nepotek – Optimum [Superfreq]
Nicolas Ming – Super Soul [Beathey Recordings]
Non-Essential – Gold Digger [Deephour Music]
OEL – Tonight Sold Out [B79 Music]
Oliver Böll – Just Vibing [KORECRAFT Dusk]
Pau Mind – Funoi [Sr. Events Music]
Phari – Insomnia [Votiva Records]
Pleight – Banger [Rawsome Recordings]
Renaud Genton – A Bit Sketchy [REFILL MUSIC]
Resa Dadash – Give Me a Sign [Reluxe Tech]
Rhythm Part & Kamil Van Derson – Testing [dZb Records]
Richi Savage – Tweak [Seshling Records]
RIMNO – Elephant [Not So Serious]
RkInG – Wtf [Excusez Records]
Roach – Giant Ghost [Brown Records]
Roberth in da house – The Power [Dinastia INC]
Rod Bormal – Too Many Plugs [DDGL Experimental]
Rogerio Vegas – Perfect Liberty [Magic Beatz]
Roland De Saint, Simplex Sensus – Reframing [Obazda]
Roxanne – Crowded [Pasir Records]
Rulf & Oldskool – Part Time Lover [CICLO Otherside]
SHWEXX – Burner [G-Mafia Records]
SIDE B – Take Acid [Loser Lab]
Silver Ivanov & Alexander Savov – People
SlothyLyn – Dreamfull Trip [Behavior Recordings]
Sothe – Get Money [VAMO DALE]
Sovax – Girlz [Dusty Nose]
Spacefunk Dub – Street Player [Marba Records]
Spencerdare – Ride [Mismisimo Records]
Strace – Bells [kluBasic plus]
Suprimo – Press Rewind [We Jack.]
Terri-Anne & Alex Reid – Not Going Home
Ton TB – Think [Zoomer Records]
Tony H & Spiro Catalano – Air Max
Trigger Finger – Infinite [DTL Records]
VA – Full Beat [Graba Music]
VA – Halloween Cuts 2020 [Rave Music]
VA – Halloween Tech Beats 2020 [Stammtisch]
VA – Illuminated [Tempura Records]
VA – Njoy Music Winter Sampler 2020 [Njoy Music]
VA – Retriggered [Stereoheaven]
VA – Techno Producers 5 [Water Oak Rec]
Vakabular – Girls Wait [Hollystone Records]
Vylow & Ventura – Go Dumb [O Problema é GRAVE]
WTFCK DUDE – How Many Time [Soncold Records]
YRM & Javier De La Vega, John Keys – Everybody’s Like


18 East, John Monroe & Calicko – Scent of Acid
Acid Enigma – Moon Presence [Reload Black Label]
Ad Nauseam – Fear Unknown [Tension Music]
Adam & Todd – Searching For Truth [i occupy music]
Adam Rosso – New Reality [Techno Die Recordings]
Adri FC – Textures [dZb Records]
Alexis Gautier – Lyman Alpha [Maison Sonore]
Alexskyspirit – Judgement Bells [Induxtriall Records]
André Koppe – Bee Attack [10th Planet Records]
Anew – Airborne [Anew Records]
Anml Mthr – Output 03 [FLASH Recordings]
Antonio Ruiz – Sura [Pure Dope Digital]
Audio Shiner – That’s My Drink [Beatbridge Records]
Avox25 – Dynamic Tension [Gordo Trax]
Axis of Time & Nikolay Kirov – Unknown Species
Basstrologe – Fck U [Destrukt Sound Records]
Bervon – Freedom [Soundscape Records OFF]
Betanc – Vanitas [Surfing The Void Records]
Bionic Age – Area 51 [CPR]
Boan Leitt – Dark Path [Beats HD]
Body Copy – PTERO [Body Cuts]
Brian M – Visions & Dreams [Dead Man’s Dance Records]
Brookarter – Escape Vault [DDGL Dark]
Bruit Blanc – Syv (Remixes) [Apnea Label]
Carlos Inc – Mist [The Other Face Records]
Chane – Back to the Rhythm
Chiranuma – Fragment.You [IDA]
Christian Belt – Gravitons [strictly T. Records]
CHRLS X – No Window [Stealth Nights]
Craig Moffer – Crushing Beneath [Effusis]
Cramz, Jando – Connected [InDeep’n’Dance Records]
D-Richhard – Disturbed [Vibetek Records]
D3xt3r’s & Garcia – Jungle Demon [Alveda Subject]
Dark Saw – MICHAEL MYERS [Puchero Records]
Darkphobia & Karim Alkhayat – Black Hole
Darrow Farjier – Prelude To Something [Effusis]
Dean Durrant – Accessible Objective [Neu Gravity]
DI.CAPA – Landscapes [Koslif]
Distant Frame – Crossing Zero [Relate]
DJ Jock – Nostalgia [Pornographic Recordings]
Dmitry – Ravers Revenge [Rhythm Records]
Dorian Parano – Saturation [Darkness Sprawls Records]
Dr. Chekill – City Girl [6 Years In Shorts Recordings]
Drumknight – Afterparty [Technolife]
Dry Wet – Anatra [Syncopate]
Dustin Husain & DH – The Adjudicator
E.D.D.B, Franc.Marti – Bad Bug [Radiator Of Sound]
Eats Everything & Felix da Housecat – 8 Cubed [EI8HT]
ED.E – SONDER (Album) [Stazis]
Ednner Soares – Zombar [ID Music]
Edwin Noita – Mechanisms [DDGL Experimental]
Emaenuel – Contact 7 [All Centre]
Emilia Verdi – Sixoneos [Eichtal Recordings]
Eurostep & Tara Bloom – Goddess Room
Fatloow – Gentlemen [Synthétique]
Fernando Garrido – Positive Artists Positive Fernando Garrido
Flatliner – Sun Hazed [Holodeck]
Florian F. – Amerikill [Awakening Records]
Freak Unique – Out of Your Mind [Airborne Black]
Gem Cellular – Cornstarch [Effusis]
Gerrit X – Surveillance [Techno Expedition Records]
Giovanni Carozza – Engine [Unrilis]
Greg Soma – Zen Punk [The 5th]
Gregor Klamra – Chandelier Tree – Lambert Remix
Grooveandyes – Klamaut [Reload Records]
Gween D – Reinadeapulia [Westernaap]
Hardware – Ruthless Aggression [PMLG]
Hitam – Path Research [Secession]
Hitone Functioneers – Intruders [Effusis]
Ian Fordham & KSone – Ancient Ritual
IAN LAEZ – Gallant [Árido Records]
Imus – Rodex [Deep Division Records]
James Tech – The Law of Attraction [Freaky Sounds]
Jonah K – Amass – Remixed [D.M.T. Records]
K.A.L.I.L. – Sarat [Fluxo]
Kakofonico – Acid Desert [INTERSEZIONI]
Kcin – Global South [Spirit Level]
KISSTEK, Shadym & Tximeleta – Back Strong
KJ Nomb – Special Horses [Effusis]
Klanglos – I Can Feel the Pain [ERROR Records]
Kleur & Keary – Unstable [Elation Industrie]
Konstrukt Alliance – Parallel Society [DNA_rec]
Lim Nylon – Obcutki [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Liziuz, Sharad Sood & Liziuz – Drone Operations
Luke Davidson – Distance [Hard B!tch Records]
LUXIFA – Sick [Synaptic Anarchy Records]
M.Rox – Marimba [Vibetek Records]
Mabel Caamal – Dance In the Ocean [Fresh Stuff Records]
Mar Petrice – Warped Imagination [Effusis]
Mark Broom – She Don’t Like the Collar (2020) [Edit Select]
Marta Bertolami – Faded [Milano Connection]
Maskmada – Hottrack [Out Of Body Recordings]
Max Foley – Hombre 2020 [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Max Foley – Melancholia [Botanica Records]
Melina Clade & Proyal – Clade Projects SKN01
Mightybeatz – Moment [One Black Records]
Milena Adamis – Galactica [Monoloco Records]
Moodyboy & Barbuto – Connected
munfell – Estatica [Deep Tech Lab]
N.E.S – AcidStellar [Neu Gravity]
Neither Nor – 444 [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Nnl – No Effect [Raving Society]
No Shelter – The Devil’s Scream [Hxagrm Records]
Nur Jaber – Love Is in the Air (feat. Kara) [OSF]
Passwar D – Xhjduik [The Dj’s Daughter]
Peter Mills – Back To Reality [Luft]
Pfirter – Paralelo 002 [Paralelo]
Phosphane – Just a Glitch [Effusis]
Planctophob – Carotis [Cerebelo Records]
Plural_izm – Reborn [Panik]
Population One – Hcs994x [Harbour City Sorrow]
Psy Sui – Soulless [Artistfy Music]
Ramon Amezcua – Bluga [Milovat]
Ramon Amezcua – Stip [Milovat]
Reflect – Dubstorm [RFLCT]
Rhythm Part & Kamil Van Derson – Scientology
Rhythm Part & Kamil Van Derson – Tape
Risa Taniguchi – Rockim [Kneaded Pains]
Ron Impro – Voice of Acid [Ithica Records]
Rothchord – Vein of Ore [Zero Signal Records]
Ruffneck Prime – Ruffneck Prime X Voodoo Chambers
Sid Vaga & Herald – Eight Zero #34 [1980 Recordings]
Simon Pagliari – Mk49 [Minimal Kids]
Simone De Biasio – No Play [SDB MUSIC]
Slinky Wire & Matura – Shifting
Snowbeasts & Solypsis – Fever Dream
Soa Dreams – Femida [Wejustman Records]
Space 92 – Acid Waves [Codex Recordings]
Sterling Moss & Mark EG, Tiago Santos – Rebeltek 007
Steve Marie – Ho! [Philoxenia]
SwaggaCats – Violacid [The Seed]
T-Krau – Wave [Soundfreaks records]
Technopeuten – Steinkautz [Vorwärts Musik]
Thaled Music – Shadow Hunter [Catamount Records]
The D3VI7 – Dooms Day [Sound Kleckse Records]
The Preventer – Interlock [trau-ma]
The Rocketman – Dna [The Rocketman]
The Smithfield – Dates [Holliday Addicts]
The Sunrise Treasure – Renegads [Raise Recordings]
Till Moninger – Puls der Zeit [Kattiwa Musik]
Tony Bioflex – Cyborg [Latrodect]
Tony Bioflex – Night Flight [Latrodect]
Tonya Carlopio – Bad Mind [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Toxic D.N.A. – Darker Days [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
VA – Bestover03 [Over Records]
VA – Fahva001 [Flesh and Hammers]
VA – Fascic Techno Music 10 [Cieli Di Orione]
VA – Heuristique II [909 Connection]
VA – SILENCE! This Is Techno [No Mercy]
VA- Techno Selections 001 – Curated by Nicolas Taboada
Venture Silk – The Gateway [2064 Recordings]
VHS – Textura [Hayes]
Vito Von Gert – Alien [Technocolor]
Wall Seich – Winday [Elments Records]
WBR – Wild Thoughts [Marked]
Will Clarke & MK – My Church (Matt Sassari Remix)
Zipman – Metafase [ID Music]