Dance & Electro Pop

Adi Rambo – With You [iM Electronica]
Adrian Donsome Hanson, Anthony B – So Dangerous
Alandon, Digital Ancient – Star Chile [Easy Star Records]
Ali Bakgor & Hugo Cantarra – Blinded [FRCST RCRDS]
Alone Again – Know Your Secrets [ToschMusic]
Alpha Steppa & Awa Fall – Walk on the Sidewalk
Aluna – Envious (GuiltyBeatz Remix) [Mad Decent , Because Music]
Andrew Spencer – Give It To Me [Mental Madness Records]
Angelo Venuto – One More Night [Romeo Entertainment]
Anton Ishutin & Nikita Malinin, Anton Ishutin – The Best of Anton Ishutin [Deep Strips]
Bart&Baker – Strange (feat. Pheel Balliana) – Electric [Bart&Baker Music]
Basil Soul&Shades – Qamatha [THDrecords]
BEAUZ, David Shane & JSY – Hotter Than My Exes [One Seven]
Becky G. & Ozuna – No Drama [Kemosabe Records,RCA Records,Sony Music Latin]
Birkan Demircan – I Believe in Love [SSL Music]
Bladdy – T & KEAN DYSSO – B.T.Y. [LucidPlain Records]
CAJOR – Meant to Be (feat. Nicholas Roberts) [Frequency Music]
Carpe Solem – Save Me [Sirup Music]
Clingony & Luis Baltes – Nobody [PYRO NXT]
Clyde Diveira – Down with Me (feat. Elica Le Bon) [DVR Music]
Colin – I Hate That Witch [Horus Music Limited]
Cristian Poow & Karimov Brothers – I Feel Alive (The Remixes)
Danny Darko & Hannah Koski – 50 Shades of Blue Remixes [Oryx Bits]
Dash Berlin – No Regrets (feat. Jordan Grace) [TurnItUp Muzik]
Deacon – Love For The Summer (feat. Loren Gray)
Diggvah – Man of Biznis [Geeby Dickie]
Dj Chama, Ricky Jo & Tony Flex – Toca Toca 2020 [Fantasia Urbana]
DJ Christopher – Skate Dancer [Gold Record Music Kft.]
DJ Hardhome – Easy Grinder [Lola Bang Bang Records Ltd.]
Dopelerz – Memories [Impure]
Eche Palante – Midnight [Tipsy Records]
Eliyahu – Keep Moving [endless vibezzz records]
Enton Biba – Saturday [Vinebeat Records]
EyeMad – You Miss Me [Clipper’s Sounds]
Federico Spinas & Ossèe – I Don’t [Mind The Floor]
Ferry – B.B.Q (feat. CHAD) [Ilin Records]
Freciso, Low Gong & Bog – Exclusivo [Gong Musique]
Knockwell – Phata Hua Doodh [Knockwell Music]
La Joya & Planton – Dembow [Puchero Records]
La Joya & Planton – Luna Llena [Puchero Records]
LAYRZ – Game of Love [RedGreenYellow]
Lemon & Herb – Aura [Mixed In Motion Recordings]
Liam Keegan & Steve Robinson – My Heart Goes Boom (La Di Da Da) [Radio Edit]
Lucas Nord – Boy Restless [Physical Presents , Fontana North]
M3RTGL – Sleeping Night [Ghetto]
MAKKA – Oriental Rave [Buzoku Records]
ManyFew – Higher [SPRS]
Mauricio Cury – Fire [Cury Music]
Max Chizhov – This Love [SuBmarine Record]
MaX ForWorD – Just Be [Max Forword]
Max Lean & Lucas Butler – Taking Me Higher (feat. Bonny Lauren)
Michael Oak – Hidden Tears [Atlantic Wave Records]
Miky Cookies – Jaguar (The Remixes) [Ashes Recordings]
Minkat & Purple J – Bermuda (Flash Finger Edit) [Discovery Young]
Mismisimo – Each Day [Mismisimo Records]
Moore Kismet & Pauline Herr – You Should Run [Night Mode]
Mosvil & PRCHT – Cry for Love [Worka Tune]
Mou5zyzz – Feeling the Same [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Myd & Mac DeMarco – Moving Men
Myre – Byte Sized [ultrawave records]
Natalie Gotman – Rainy Night [Natalie Gotman]
Paperwater – The 1 Rooftop [Wet Paper Records]
Reezer & Meca – Shining Soul [Braslive Records]
Riccardo Zunino & Pauljey – Sorry (Feel that Way)
Riotron – Dark Highway [Riotron]
Rivic Jazz – Iscima Mlilo (feat. Kaykay Daprince) [Acoustic Version]
Rockers Control & Afrikan Simba – Beware of Your Enemies [Tratore]
Roots Biocenose – Paz & Amor [Tratore]
Roots Of Azania – Umuntu Wami (feat. Kaylow)
S-143 – Future Legends [Crossbridge Records]
Sad Surfer’s Club – Flying Away [Bit Records]
Sally – Bad Mood [Velcro]
Sdudla Noma1000 – Take Your Love (feat. Exclusive Drumz)
Shaun Skerritt – Come Back to Me [Sound Beast Records]
Shuja Rabbani – Coronavirus [Rabbani Records]
Solven & Lena Luisa – Letting Go [1st Strike]
Steve Modana – Be with You [Lit Bit]
Steve RGA – Lie Machine [Deep Strips]
TFD – Vibes [Run Free]
Tobtok, Milwin & Alfie Cridland – New Levels (feat. Mila Falls)
Ultraflex – Visions of Ultraflex [Street Pulse]
Vicetone & Allie X – Shadow [Monstercat]
Vin Diesel – Days Are Gone [Palm Tree Records]
W.O.L.F., Adrian Bluper & Danno Summer – Fiebre (De Adrian)
Wax Wings – Reclaim Me (feat. Nimmo) [Maya Jane Coles Remix]
Will Sea – Lifeline (feat. Chrystal) [Inkognito Records]
Winstrong – People And Power [Black Star Music Group (BMG)]
XTAXY – The Other Side [XTAXY]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Adam Nyquist – Lifted Higher [Salted Music]
Adam Nyquist & Jay Gecko – It’s About Time [Rhythm Vibe]
Adryen – Aquilone [Soulgood]
Alberto Melloni – Disco Manesco [Paradiso Records]
Ale Poe & Lucky Choice – Feel Good [Gameroom Records]
Amasonic – Amazonas [Big Tunes Records]
Bassically – Prepare For It [Fossil Sounds]
Beesmunt Soundsystem, Cooper Saver – Hvn E,F
Blaikz – Bakerman [Viventas Music]
Bman – Walk a Mile [Seveneves Records]
BNinjas – Vibed [Moiss Music Black]
Bowra – Like Water [Downlow]
BrainMusic – Scream [BrainMixDesign]
BrightKay – Poison (feat. Nhlanzeko) [Sanelow Label]
Bustin’ Loose, Pete Maxey – Tough Love [The Disco Express]
Captain Sky – Pop Goes the Captain [Past Due Records]
Carvillo – Stardivari [UL Records]
Cavid Askerov & exMAD – Flying to Mercury [Natural Deep]
CHM – Begging 4 You [Cultural District Recordings]
Ciska & Mark Azekko – Pauvre Diable [Creator Music Wave]
Col Lawton – Going Down [HOUPH]
Colin – Orman Disko [Horus Music Limited]
Cosmo – These Times [Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Records]
Dani Corbalan – Let It Go [Cherokee Recordings]
Dany F – Tiburon [Platino]
Datarock – Tick Tock [YAP Records]
David Rolas & Frankie J – Yo Estoy Aquí (Dancehall Remix)
David Sharife – Between the Li_es [Factory Prime Recordings]
Die Orangen – Saft 3 [Malka Tuti Records]
Discosteps – Move Yo Feet [Moiss Music Black]
Diskomann – Burning Letter [Isendit.]
DJ Schwa, Guchon – Steps 02 [Step Rec.]
Doctor Boom – Nightshade [Del Sol]
Dolly Gamble – Good Vibes [Situationism]
Dom Nero – Hypnotica [ShockIt]
Dubran – Burning In My Soul [Koda Disko]
Emiliano S – Ballata [Semplice Records]
Erbil Dzemoski – You Don’t Know [DJ008 Records]
Essentrikality & Mzenge – Colluding [Deeplethora Music]
Euggy & Dylan-S – Sikasso [Groundid Music]
Exotic Duo – I Like It [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Eyor & Rajol, Rajol – Apollo 11 [What Now Becomes]
Fabry Saxa – Go! [InDeep&Dance]
Fay Victor – We’ve Had Enough
Feiertag – Encino Boogie [Boogie Angst]
J. Banks – I Noticed She Still Not Ready, Pt. 3 (feat. Clyde Carson)
J.B Boogie – So Hot [About Disco Records]
Javi Sphere – Solidarity [Dry or Wet Records]
Jodadj – Proclamation [Pasqua Records]
Joey Rundlett – 219 [RnR Productions]
Johnny Mine – Hold Me [Dbeatzion Records]
Joint4Nine – Blue Kindness Part II [Ondule Recordings]
Jorge Araujo – Secret Story [Deep Firehorse 66]
JR Blaze – Stand up and Protest (feat. Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.)
Kaskade & The Moth & The Flame – Haunt Me [Arkade]
Kaum – Jaded (feat. Akacia) [Look Up Music]
Ken@Work – Super Dynamite [Mango Sounds]
Kerouac & Smile – Exhale [HAAS Records]
Kev Dot + Jiggx – Said Love [Afro Riddims Records]
Kevin Theroux – Moments Kept in My Soul [AfroMove Music]
Kye Murray – Heart Beats Faster [Kibbutz Records]
Leandro Lee – Pataxo [Leeloop Records]
Little Man Big – Love Is Real [Buslife Records]
Live For Love & Rainbow Project – Love 2 You [California Music]
Madd Rod – Potens (Rafael Cerato Remix) [Inner Shah Recordings]
Madoc – Just Good Vibes [UFO RECORDZ]
Maffmatix – Wake Up (feat. Atiya) [SHRELL]
Majed Salih – Popcontrol [Medievil-Music]
Mannix – Find a Love [Slightly Transformed]
Marcobella – Yellow [Pitch the Noise Records]
Marem – Hypno [Feel Hype]
Marian Müller, MLM – Underground ExCessus of Them Serotone CoNoctcoes Mate_x4 Add
Mario Acquaviva – Notturno Italiano Reworks
Mark Os Soulbahn – My Sensations [Be Adult Music]
Marotti – New Seeds [Nordic Trax]
Mary S.K. & Hiss Band – I Will Try [Impure]
MasaH – Impress Me [Khoisan Music Records]
Maui Sam – Lost Me [Storm Music]
Maxzim – Every [Toiled]
Maya Azucena – You Matter [Azucena Songs]
Mazozo – Zooids [Busywax Recordings]
Mazozo & Syuko, Mazozo – Circles Part Two [Deep Clicks]
MC Groove & Cicco DJ – Jazzy Space
Melissa J. – Oasis [Hardtimes Records]
Menny Fasano – Love Potion [Abstracte Music]
MikeStheShame – Non Mi Perdi (feat. Gino Stoia)
Milty Evans – The Disco Scene [Whitebeard Records]
MiraculuM – White Elephant [Quiet Waters]
Mitiko – It’s a Long Ride [Fruity Flavor]
Monsieur Van Pratt – Groovers [Thunder Jam Records]
Moodena – The Chase [Tropical Disco Records]
Moxura – Coming Home [RKJ Music]
Mr Gee – Monday [True Deep]
MRVLZ & Gytlaz – Remedy [Mixmash Deep]
MULICK – Atom-Humanoid [DRK records]
Mustafa Yıldırım – Hysteria [deepgate]
Na-Un – poison [Trias Records]
Ndoza De Swayer – Robotic Language [SAS Entertainment (SA)]
Neon Room – Syntronic Dancer [Künstlerhertz Records]
NFC & Key Sokur – Afro Community [Moiss Music]
Nick Hook & Majic Eye – Femme Fatale [Jeepers! Music]
Nikitch & Kuna Maze, Pablo Valentino – ZBRA (Pablo Valentino Remix)
NisapaMusiQ – Genius [Deeper Interludes Recordings]
NSH – Waterfalls [Get The Sound]
Octive – Aqua Bliss [Limitless Musik]
Oleg Soldatov – Should I Stay [Karia Records]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – Return [Release Soul]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – Turkey [Release Soul]
Out to Lunch – Drop of a Hat (House Dance) [MesaBluemoon]
P-Sol – Stay Right Here [Wall Of Fame]
Sakhile SK – Long Delayed Flight [Old Dayzz Recordings]
Sharapov & Apelislin – So Free (Remixes) [Road Story Records]
Snowblack 96 – Underground (feat. Rikardo Imbacuan)
Sonnik – Shades of My Mind [Heart N Soul Records]
SpockNinja – I Can’t Wait Remixes [Floor 13]
Squib – New Horizon [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Stephane Deschezeaux – Don’t Go [Boogie Land Music]
Stupak – Hypnotized [Soundo]
Superguest – Little Thing [Shibiza Recordings]
T. Ruggieri – Fantastic Place [Oh! Records Stockholm]
Ta-ku – Notice [Future Classic]
TECKNLGY – No Getting Over [Erijo Gold]
The Family Stand – Song For Michelle [W.A.R. Media]
The Silhouettes Project, Elisa Imperilee & Whoeva – Closer
The Velvet Stripes – Mandrill Cuts 013 [Furious Mandrill Records]
Thor Rixon & Deep Aztec – Dark Side [Eko Worldwide]
Tojami Sessions – China Town [Deep Site Digital]
Tomy Piscitelli – Searching Dance [See-Saw]
Tony Madrid – Little Spicy [Indeed Records]
Tony Soprano – So Right for Me [Disco Down]
Too much disco – Age Of ’80 [M2 Records]
Traci C – Saturday Vibes [Baxtown Records]
Ulaşcan Topçu – Give Up [DeepShine Records]
Unknow – Deep Salad [Deep Rhymes]
Untagged – Nonstop [Plastic Music Group]
VA – 5 Years of Late Night Jackin [Late Night Jackin]
VA – False Reflection [Khimera Rec.]
VA – One Night In Mykonos
VA – Routine Espresso VA004 Caffeine Alley
Vedat Unal & Sercan Ozkan – Smile [Night Light Company]
Vertigini – City Life [Soul Beach Records]
VetLOVE – Intruder [Nicksher Music]
West Coast Swingaz – The Way [Delve Deeper Recordings]
White & Berg – Walk Away [Groove Soul Records]
Yasha F – Acid on my coat , Punky Queen [Bassmatic records]
Zaq – Chronicles of Athens, Pt. 4 [Opilec Music]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

2CHNS – Talismanic [Amphibious Audio Recordings]
Alcemist – Visions , Attention [Biological Beats]
Alex Amaro – Creep [Rock Bottom Records]
Alimba, AXBLA – Alone [Smily-Records]
Ash Vix – Happy Halloween [Noobish Records]
Ashflo – Broken ,, Wave [Patrol The Skies Music]
Average Citizens – Rave Ting [Sheppard Records]
Basscroster & Slayer Brand – T.MX.C [Dawn Recordings]
BassKaster – Lunar Flag (Radio Edit) [DENAR RCRDS]
Bereneces, Kelayx – Samhain [Onset Audio]
BEX3M – Stranger Shit Happens (Edit) [Cheetah Play]
Cloverdale – Racket Tactics [Vibrancy]
Coldpast – Trojan , Jim Corrigan [Frothys]
Colored Days – Hijack Swag [cats rule.]
Complex – Lifeforce [Out1ine]
Crazy Mofo – Never Ending Drums [Rabies Dog Records]
Culturno – Wobble Dubplate [AudioFund]
Damaged Goods & NEVERGLOW – Foxglove (Keep On Rocking)
Damon Rush & Alex Mind – The Show [Plasma.Digital]
Dangerfxx – Vampire [OTC Recordings]
Deagon & Revealed Recordings – Forever Young (feat. Alex Jones)
Deploy – Show Them Love [Deploy The Music Recordings]
Dextems – Head Crusher [Neuropunk Records]
Diego Miranda & Ricardo Mello – Future Rave [LESS IS MORE Records]
Diplomatta – Sarrinho [Deep Fild Recording]
DJ 3D – All of the Youth [UDM Label Group]
DJ Direkt – BALLroom [24 Karat Jungle]
Dj Twiz, Ikon-b – Get You & Code – M [Format Music dnb]
DNF – What You Talkin’ About [FRKNTN]
Dobermens – Halloween [Big Tunes Records]
Dreamtrak & Ade Omotayo – Raging Hyperdebt
Dubruvvas – Worst Ways [The Mob Recordings]
Dutch Demon – Happy Halloween [Noobish Records]
Dynamick – C.R.A.Z.Y [AT ME]
Elusiv – Interlinked [Digital Assassins]
Enei – Sinking Vip [Critical Music]
Evos – Fire [Sub 49 Records]
Exalto & Ethereal Voices – Asylum [Blvckbox Records]
Exile & Mark XTC – Pull UP, VIP Bizness! [Serial Killaz]
Flowidus – Shelter [Elevate Records (UK)]
Fushara, Infest & Mr. Walker – Varitone [Next Phase Records]
FVLK & Noisewall – Tambur [Afterpresent Records]
FX909 – Jungle Drops 24 [Liquid Drops]
GAWD – Howl at the Moon [Selekta Recordings]
Glinskiy – Let Me Go [First Guide]
Golosa Predkov – Chuzhie Idut (Drum & Bass Remixes)
GPK – Night Science [Mechanical Advantage Records]
GRINY – Check Dance [HAWK4 Records]
Gustavo Mota & BR!@N – Feeling [FEATURE]
Haezer – Fat Eric [UFO RECORDZ]
Harmony – Ever More , Abbey Road [Deep Jungle]
Hex – Delirium , Phosphorus [Nurtured Beatz]
Houseium – Ride the Rave [G-Mafia Records]
HugoLogic & Karminis – Turn Up [Repulsive Records]
Illphaze & Flint, Illphaze – Creature [Down 2 Earth Musik]
Infotron – Lost in Time [Big Tunes Records]
IONBORG & Pardx – Look Around [AirXone Musik]
Javano – The Drift [Peer Pressure]
Javi Sphere – Storm [Dry or Wet Records]
Jaybee – Full Moon [Elm Imprint]
Jayhaan – Jungle Aahe Jungle [Ghelo]
LeKtriQue & Wenzday – Break (My Heart) [Kannibalen Records]
LGHTR & Ramuto – Hallucinations [Madox Records]
LickThePaper – Do You Think About Me [Mad Cactus]
Lotusz – Follow You [Muzenga Records]
LowParse – Dead Again [Group Chat]
Mancha – Backspin [Gutting Audio]
Marcapasos – What! [TB Media]
Marxxam – Reveal [Get Down Recordings]
Maryag – Second Autumn [Full Flight Records]
Maurizzle – Ipso Iure , Road Trip [Nuclear Bass Records]
mavzy grx & Marnage – Who We Are [Mystery Freedom Records]
Mazare & Monika Santucci – That’s on You [Monstercat]
Mindeep – Lua Azul [Oak Grooves]
MsDoS – Ghost , Nomads [Exiled Recordings]
Natural Error – Handz Up [HI-DEF]
Nfunk – The Colossus [Black Monsta Records]
Niiko x SWAE – Can’t Feel My Face [THRIVE MUSIC]
No.13 – Walking Over Bifrost [Wiking Recordings]
Noah B – Heavy Armor LP []
One87 – New One , Ten Sound [Flexout Audio]
Opia9 & Last Ronin – We’ve Got Wings [Second City Records]
PA – Stolen Souls [Grid Recordings UK]
Patience – Elysian [Liquid Tribe]
Pelixir, UnRestricted Agent & Pelixir – Chapter I
Peter Lix – Somewhere [Dojo Audio]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Rise Like Lions [Spun]
Physical Illusion – I Wanna Get Close [Intelligent Recordings]
Precise – Trauma [Locked Up Music]
Qant – Transgressive [VIBEZ’ 93]
Quando & Robbie Rosen – Know Us [Revealed Radar]
Rabbit In the Moon – Raver Girl [Thumper Music]
Raptor – Karate [Bassface Audio D&B]
Ravez – Space [Ionic Records]
Raztrix – Lulu [Flexagon Recordings]
Reblok – Player [Heldeep Records]
Rebz – Going on Sick [Machine Made Records]
RENAYM – Mayday [LXXIV Records]
Renegade A – Way Home [Alysseum Records]
RQntz & LoudTech – Night Whispers [FEATURE]
Sahala – Time Travel [Forest Biz Records]
Sammy Legs – Sniffin’ [Box Of Cats]
Spiffy Man & Staysis – Signs in the Static [Spiffy Recordings]
STEEZ – Off the Record [Play Me Too Records]
Stenio Mendes – Back To Love [EPride Music Digital]
Stephan Vanbergh – Black Box [Vanbergh Music]
Subdue – Dusk [Riddim Records]
Subrix – Raw New World That’s So Real [Liquid Flavours Records]
Sustance & Charli Brix, Sustance & Monty – Blood Money
T Kay, Veak – T Kay Vs Veak [The Foundation]
Tenz – Blacktop Jungle [Subwork]
The Twisted Twins – Family [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Think Tonk – Police Baton , Sunshine Through the Ceiling
Tokyo Prose & Satl, Tokyo Prose – Gossamer [Footnotes]
Tomoyoshi – Be Water , Kung Fu Master [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Tropic Terror – Rise [Tribolt Records]
Type – Picknmix016 [SweetBox]
UnRestricted Agent – Deep in the Jungle , Law of the Jungle
VA – Crowsnest Elite #3 [Crowsnest Audio]
VA – Halloween [@SUPERSIZEUK]
VA – New Lights [No Tomorrow Recordings]
VA – Reflection [AGN7 Audio]
VA – Talent Discovery 7 [Ensis Records]
VA – Tessitures Records Headbangs!
Vengeance – Equinox [Vengeance Recordings]
Vex – When I’m Alone , Motive [Subplate Recordings]
Vibbex – Diamonds [G-Mafia Records]
Vihaan & KARTLE – Bass Ragga [Wiking Recordings]
Wagz – Forward Motion [None60]
Winslow – A Man & His Kettle [Pilot Records]
Winterman – Cousteau [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
Yggdrasil & Voxkai, Yggdrasil – 9 Ways To Die
Zar – All That Jazz [Liquid Lab]
Zesto – All Night [Divided Audio]
Zolrac & Cool 7rack – Consequence [Cool 7rack Records]
Zov – What If [Cisma Records]
ZVVL – In the Shadows [EL1T3]

Electronica & Downtempo

1i41i – Public Order [Way Way Records]
28 Lines – Leaves and Stories of Other Times
Abstract Silhouette – Aquila [Music UK]
Acid Amazonians – Handlebar (Sweat Edit)
Advanced Suite – Waves of Conclusion [Eucalyptus Network]
Al Pagoda – Lucky Veil [Bigamo Musik]
Albert Ugarph – Pull Up [Beast Trap Records]
Alek Sandar & Andrea – Never Be the Same Again – Bon-Psy Remix
Ambient Mate – Unwind Night [Ambient Mate]
Andrew Gabriel – Feel the Waves [Electronic Alliance Records]
Angelo Diaz Jr – Road to Unknown [MAISON DU SONS]
Antarctic Wastelands – Pacific [Echoes in the Valley]
Antichrist Buffalo – Madame Heart Healer
Ape Suit – Keep Quiet & Listen [Muti Music]
Apta – 20 [The Slow Music Movement]
Arnaud Rebotini – Halloween Theme [Blackstrobe Records]
Arthur Noir – Trust [Before Eight]
Azanda – Trap Gods [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Carter H – Drink Fast [Before Eight]
Chad Dubz & Teffa, Chad Dubz – Foundations Lp [Foundation Audio]
Chinu – Reality Beyond [Senior Boys Music]
Chris Randall – Depth of Field [Triplicate Records]
Church Andrews & Matt Davies – Neighbours. [HEALTH]
CIFIKA, Girl Ultra & Flava D – Watching You [Flava D Music]
CiM – Series Two [Delsin Records]
Clafrica, Pats Favorite – WLS22 [Wilson Records]
Clinton Shawe & Bianca – Could Just Be the Bassline [Koda Bass]
Cloud Division – Basement [Yosh Pit]
Coout – Forget You [Future Garage Worldwide]
Coreysan – Deeper Than Skin [Blind Colour]
D’Stil – Let You Go [Red Side Records]
DÆMON & Endgame – Dxe [Infinite Machine]
Danced Til Midnight – People Get Up (feat. Carmelle Cox)
Dark Silence – Connect [Tranquility Sounds]
De Mian – Giorni (feat. Sveno) [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Dexter Love – Jabber Wocky (feat. Rick Hill)
Flora Yin-Wong – Holy Palm [Modern Love]
Frankie Bates – Temporary (BoyBoyBoy Remix) [Before Eight]
Frère Jack – Bisous (feat. Jules Gabriel) [Myriad Pink]
Future Museums – Damo’s Dream [Aural Canyon]
Gaki & NoFace Records – Blunts & Stunts [NoFace Records]
Galen Tipton & Miedo Total, Nmesh – Ungoliant
Garoa Fina – Stay In [Tratore]
Geoblu – Neck [Indiefy]
George Dare – Electronica White 1,8 [Artistfy Music]
Giulio Vinci – Invincible [Another Wave]
Gleb Choutov – Tuvalu , Kiribati [Keep Deep]
Good Weather For An Airstrike – Ebb [Echoes in the Valley]
GRiZ & Wreckno – Medusa (Remixes)
Gueva – India [N I G H T N O I S E]
Haus Asche – Nebo [welofi]
Hayro Kurillo – Secret [Spazio Sonoro Records]
Headman – 01-11 [Relish]
Heliocentrism – Field v Aspatt [DeeperSoundscapes]
Heliocentrism, Netsu – Homeship [Microcosmos Records]
Hiku – Animals [Pantheon Select]
Hilyard – Apogean Tide [Echoes in the Valley]
HomeSick, Hudat – Mm012 [Mangoes + Melons]
Hoyd & Tali Rush – Bubblin’ (feat. Pavv) [ZEROCOOL]
Hurtdeer – Fragile Golems [In flux Audio]
IJO – Qrantin [IJO]
IsaVis – Vintage Electronica [ORGASMIxxx]
isayiam – Serpentine [Himmlisch Records]
Jacaszek – Gardenia [Touch]
Jasmine Guffond & Erik K Skodvin – The Burrow [Sonic Pieces]
Jayda G – Are U Down (Kootenay Klub Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Jermainesoul – Oneirism [Disintegration State]
Jerome Isma-Ae – Sea and Sky [JEE Productions]
Jesse Bru – Summer Rain [Happiness Therapy]
Kangkan Nath – Dreamcatcher (feat. Kayleigh Hughes)
Kelypso – She From Japan [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
Klaxil – Imagine [Beat Sound Visions]
Max Vangeli, Dkuul & NoFace Records – Love Ain’t Enough
Memento Mori & Mercuriall – Naa [Eniverse Records]
Mercenio – Melo [less is nice]
Michael Shynes – Love it or Let it Go (FYNN Remix) [Before Eight]
Miguel Palazuelos – New Years Eve (1994) [Strawberry Digital Made Recordings]
Mindex – Nap on the Rainy Day [Time Resonance Music]
Moelamonde – Halloween [D.MAX Deep]
Moontricks – Bones (An-Ten-Nae Remix) [Westwood Recordings]
Mousse, Trevor – Northstar , Darron [Butter Sessions]
Mutanity – Digital Dancing [Kycker Electronic]
My Bad Sister – Rave Til Morning [M.B.S. Records]
My Cruelty – My Promises [Edited Arts]
nami sato – TEN [The Ambient Zone]
Nikolife Aleks – The Celestial Ocean [Pacific Melody]
Noa Klay – Like That [Before Eight]
NRLSD – Orange Leather [Man Band]
Nyte – Miss You [Nyte]
NZE – Tibet [SubTonal Music (Promind)]
Olga TiZi – Back to the Future [Samui Music]
Oliva – Lilith [Alcione]
Olivia Ellen – Reasons [Wreckastow Records]
Open Horizon – Sublime [Tranquility Sounds]
Oxtek & Alexis Page – Do Momento [AMPLE RICH RECORDS]
Paul Beahan – Black Pyramid , Pyramidion [Manimal]
Peter Güttinger – Synthwave 2020 [Weilhalt Studios GmbH]
Peter Ries – Outside [Sky Waves]
Philipp Gorbachev – Nichego Ne Ponyal [S108]
Pop District – The Gold Rush [Far Away Tapes]
Pounding Grooves & Roland, Raimond Ford & Steve Land – H13 – Audio Flights 1
Roberth in da house – Trumpets [Dinastia INC]
Roberto Marcolo – Giuliet [Keep!]
Romane Santarelli – Zero [Unicum Music]
Ron Ractive – Airport X X [Styledriver]
Rusher – Follow the Bleeder [Black Lodge Audio]
Sam van Velzen, DAF & NoFace Records – Danger [NoFace Records]
Sami El-Enany & Dampé – Rabbit Hole (feat. Orlando Weeks)
San Proper – San Proper & the Love Presents L.O.V.E., Pt. 3
Scarr. & Haen – Moved [Silk Music]
SciFiSol – Alien Tung [Detroit Underground]
Sebastián Suárez & Proyecto Morlock – Contact [Especie Recordings]
Serge Geyzel – Blurry Vision [Science Cult]
Sergio Colpacini – Bright Memories [29 CHILL]
SetSquare – CR20xx [Woodwork Recordings]
Sgt.Elias – This Time Last Year [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
Six – Lights of Future (Moholy-Nagy 125 Soundtrack)
Slow Glass – A Million Pieces [Light Of Other Days]
SnareByt & TOMOYA – Mutual Pain [AshesToFlame Records]
Soa Dreams – Pole [29 EXPERIMENT]
Sonja Tofik – Anomi [Moloton]
Soul Mass Transit System – Blocked [Time Is Now Records]
Soul Surfers – Unique [Attic Forty Nine]
The Ambientalist – When Autumn Comes [MQY Music]
The Last Concorde – Last Call [Outland Recordings]
The Soundseekers – Antarctic [AROS Music]
The Sura Quintet – Sol De Luna [Stereoheaven]
Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Bergblick
Tinmixer – Destiny [Dream Catalogue]
Tobias Bergson – I Got Feelings [Before Eight]
Translate – Observable Effect [AWRY]
Trees Speak – Shadow Forms [Soul Jazz Records]
Turk Turkelton – Hive Mind [Lunar Orbiter Program]
Unclean – Flatlands [ANTE-RASA]
UNDREAM & Hannabelle – Backfire [CloudKid]
Urban Francis – Dark Waters [Fresh Finds]
VA – Echoes in the Valley, Vol. 2
VA – Speechless Wonder [Stereoheaven]
VA – Trame Due
VA – Trick NO Treat AHOY! Curse of the Fluffy Booty
Vakanzregel – Under the Covers [Otium Garden]
Verdex – Less And Less [External Input]
Verum – Ethereum-Harpetic [AUDIOZ]
Vittorio Iuè – Relaxing in Rome [Andronic Records]
Withheld UK – Nebulae [Lisztomania Records]
Wulffluw XCIV – Ngoma Injection [Hakuna Kulala]
XINGO – Feel the Place [Glitchworld Recordings]
Yanimal – Altiaia [Uhh ahh records]
Ziyon – Algrthms [Mentalwave]


Aaron Lowe – All in My Head [Rhythm Culture Records]
Aazar & Tony Romera – Trippin [SANS MERCI]
Adam Barnes – Drive [Revanche Records]
Adam De Maaral – One Life [kluBasic plus]
Agrume & Naux – Dom Nidiou [96 Musique]
Alberto Costas & Sayko Kalahashi – Country Brothers
Algiers – Cleveland 20,20 [Matador]
Allume – Churching [Crown Of Music]
Andrew Foy – Lovesick Girls [Opposition]
Andy Callister – Buena Cancion [IAMM MUSIC]
Atlantic Crew – Galaxy of Love [Black Sugar Recordings]
Attic Grooves – Face It [Mavela Records]
Balduin & Masha Ray, Balduin – Cats & Caboodle [Balduin Music]
Balmoral Trax – On Your Own [Rewritable Records]
Beatmount – Adios Amigos [Lithuania HQ]
Bernardi, Girotto – Move Your Body [4AllClub]
Bitrarex & Homo Novo – Plate [Drumstep]
Blaise – Everyday [Jinsing]
Blake Walker – Dangerous Love [Subtoxic Records]
Deep Throat – Step Into It [Imprinted Records]
Dried Flower – Mund [Crown Of Music]
dudegotosleep – Vibin [YBRthelabel]
Dusty Vinyl – Backdated [Psyklone Records Ltd]
Eivo – Open Your Eyes [Speedsound Music]
El Caveman – Can’t Stop Chicago Groovin’ [Pica Stone Recordings]
Erthlings – Irrational [Future Classic]
F-LIMA – Gonna Do [Blacktone]
Fabrizzio Alarcon – Garage [Levitar Recordings]
Fatblock – Back 2 Life [Houserecordings (Plasmapool)]
FDF – Nobody’s [Room 104]
Federico Formica & Dharmik – Space Dune [Chakra Records]
Filta Freqz – Don’t Wanna Be [Nine Sixteen Muzik]
Filterfox – Splash [Filterfox]
First Son – Sky Lights [ROO]
Fran Bortolossi – Modern Run [Otherwise Records]
Frankie Solano – Won’t Give Up [Little Jack]
FYI Chris – Black Dragon Loop [Black Acre Records]
Garden City Flow – Eres Mi Sol [Konga Music]
Gavril – I Like It [WOOF]
George Acosta & Clinton Cartel – Once Upon A Time In Colombia
Ghost Meets Girl – She Mixes Audio [Wave Science Records]
Gio Silva – Wepa [Silva Records]
Giuseppe Vittoria & George Redwood – Save Tonight [Smash Deep]
Gorillag – Loves Before [Black Boat]
Gronny – Nature Adventure [atroq lab.]
Groove Synergy – Pray [Rump Records]
Groovenerd – Treasure Mind [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Hall Cooper – Bye Bye Boy [Hank’s Records]
HARBER – Stayin’ Alive [LoudKult Div.]
Hasan Ghazi – Don’t Stop This Feeling [Reckoning Records]
Helado Negro – Lotta Love (feat. Flock of Dimes) [4AD]
Henrell – Don’t Wake Me Up [Glorie Generation]
Hidër – Shine [Pe Fende Records]
Hille – Karabennemsi [Finebeatz]
HUD & A.Trudaev – Aah Aah [About U]
Ibird – Jazz Bar [Elbaraka Family]
Ivan Cappello – Light Me Up (feat. Nadjah Nicole)
J Roddherz – Luna Llena [Vnylside]
J.B Boogie – Missing You [Funky Revival]
Jack Wish & Andrea Consoli – Ecstasy Remixes
Jae Katlego – Her With Me [Pirate’s Cove Records]
JazzKafely – Overload [Old Street Records]
Jbmixx – Superfly [JBMixx Records]
JedX – Bump Your Body (Vol. 1) [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Jobu – Compact Kick [Selecta Music]
Joe Bermudez – Skitzo (feat. April Efff) [617 Records]
JollyJ – Addicted [Vamos Music]
Jones Suave & 7IORR – Adicto [PM Recordings]
Juannan & Tatiana Cabezas – Solo Una Noche
Marshall – Easy Tiger [Cultural District Recordings]
Marsion ft. DANGER – Nice Song [Alysseum Records]
Martina Budde – Leveling Up (feat. Helen)
Marty Lightbody – Artist Series 002 [The Warrior Recordings]
Maurizio Basilotta – Groove Power [No Definition]
MGNO & Jax Jazer – Get Up (Edwick John Remix)
Mike Chenery – Nice One Bruva [Disco Down]
Misael Deejay & Fran perez – Sex [Noentiendo Records]
Mishel Dutch – Are You Ready [Connected Records Holland]
Monolithic – Alone With You [Eye Witness Records]
Mrfleamino – Deep Love (feat. Dj Solferino & Morrone)
N.E.S. – Birthday Suit [Admit One Records]
Naturelle – Close To You [K-Noiz]
NW & Sun Gun – Waste Management [Sample Delivery]
Oggie B – Back at Gino’s [More than House!!]
Oggie B – Le Bon Ton [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Ozkar Ramirez – Noreste Lights Army [Agua Ardiente Records]
Paper Head – Sense [Rounded]
Pascal Junior – Touch My Soul [Epic Tones Records]
Paul Najera, Jr. Quijada & Boys Don’t Disco – Downtown Disco
Paul Parsons – Lock in [Which Bottle ]
Paul Parsons – The Origins of Love 1985 [PLAYEDiT Records]
Per QX & Elias Bravo – Take It Higher [Phoenix Music Inc]
Physical Dreams – Ancestral Souls [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Binaural Sounds [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
PiMO – The Verde [PiMO MUSIC]
Proj3ct 7 – You Sexy Bass [tb clubtunes]
Pyramid Project & Mutoriah – Mangroves (Contours Edit)
Pyramid Project, Boaz Jagingo & Contours – Driver
Raffa Maru – Feel your touch [Accurate Deep]
Rezak & Alipassat – Boujan [Tehroom Records]
Rich Era – El Momento [Rich Era Co]
Richelle – Have a Great Day [Pelican Fly]
RIMEDAG – Infinity [Aphthong Records]
Robert Woodfield & Invisible Shadow – Clouds of Rain
Rod Carrillo & Diego Brown – Soulful Thang (Remixes)
Roger-M – Kitt [Tactical Records]
Roland Cost – Think Twice [Kibbutz Records]
Splendore – There’s Nothing of You Anymore [Ivreatronic]
Stefano Sorge – Kaos [History Recordings]
Stickman & Kekstar – He Loves (Bootleg Mix)
Stuart Ojelay – Wanna Dance (feat. Pianoman)
SUNANA – Body Locked [Alveda Music]
Tasty Wave – In the Club [Future Cuts]
Teo Mandrelli – Can’t Get Enough (Alterboy Remix)
The Accountant – Group !Dentity [Eyethought Records]
The Gruv Manics Project – Unlimited Gruv
The Stoned – Fruits of Knowledge [Craniality Sounds]
The Stoned – Magic Spell [Dubstar Recordings]
Wankelmut & Anna Leyne, Martin Ikin – Free at Last
Wayne Brett – Keyed in [Lofrequency Recordings]
we.amps – Paradise Rhythm [Bellissima! Records]
Wheeler del Torro – Quite Alright [Dog Day Recordings]
Whenuknow – A Little Closer [Desfase Records]
WIZZERT – Vibes [Xzata Music]
Yves Jones – The Creature [RUN DEEP Records]
Zakem – It Was All a Dream [Moon Rocket Music]
ZimZima – Back and Forth [Albom Records]

Melodic House & Techno

28mm – Numb – Remixed [Understated Recordings]
After Moments & Innure, Bloemer – Ravi’s Law
Amin – Visibilio [Wood Limited]
Andrew Topolsky & Sasha Vasilyev – Flying Star [Estribo Records]
Bitonal & Sotomayor – Sunlights [Kitu Records]
BOXROCKER – Heal [Omnis Recordings]
Brandon Hombre – Reksai [Darksound Recordings]
Bruce Ivery – The Rebirth [Faith Beat]
Ca3l & venzon – True Story [G-Mafia Records]
CamelPhat & ARTBAT, Cristoph – Dark Matter
Castlebrook – Strong [Sen Records]
Cem Arik – End of It [Althea Records]
Chad Hardcastle – Fruit Bat [Sentient]
Chris Luno, Discognition – Purified Fragments
CJW – Beneath [Wirelab]
Copini & Thomas Rossoni – Never Alone [UP Club]
Cosmosolar, MAM (AR) – Wave of Change
d.I.M.. & XayZz – Time Change [Stazis]
D’nox & Gai Barone – To the Disco [KATERMUKKE]
Dahli – Dyana [Embarcadero Records]
De Facto – Aurora [Teoxane Production]
DISCO DIP – Passenger [Messier 87]
DJ Maxo – Janal Pixan [Ocaso Records]
Don Bnnr – Only You [Kenja Records]
Double Drop – Until We Love Again (feat. 808DNA)
E.M.C.K. & Lars Orison – Evolution [BeXX Records]
Erich Fortov – Depth [Kassiopeia]
Evelynka – Why’s Your Love [Harabe]
Ezek – Moonlight [KULTO]
EZEK – Open Mind [Oniryzm]
FckngNoise – Twenty One [FckngNoise]
Felix Raphael & Yannek Maunz – Measured
Fonce – Blu Scuro [Catamount Records]
Gabriel Castillo & Gustavo Lobo – Unstoppable [Hovvler Music]
HAARI – Cyris [Bos Tech Records]
Hackfreed – Pandemie [Vorwärts Musik]
Handsdown & Leigh Boy – Mantra [Euphorie Bezirk Records]
Ian Kenzof – Goza [MBMH Records]
ICHIVAN – Kremlin Palace [Exaltation Records]
Ikåro Gratí, Ivan Pugliares, Althoff & Reezar – Bouquets de Fleurs
Inkfish – 6.06 [Inkfish Recordings]
Jacqueline Mielitz, Jason Pascascio – Various, Pt. 8
Santiago Acosta – Andes [Solarium Records]
Silvano Da Silva, Valiete – Blackout [Hommage]
Starkato – I Hope You Care (feat. Matru) [Somatic Records]
Stergios – Moan [Regeneration Music]
SuperHuman(UK) – Black Alps [PDD Tamed]
Synasthesie – Tiny Room [Time Code Music]
Tæil – Existence [Wout Records]
Team Sly – Save Me [Saved Records]
Tidal Lock – Surface [Differed Records]
Unick – Musangwe [Dimka Records]
Uxorem – North Waves [Young Society Neon Edition]
VA – Ethereal Techno #009 [Steyoyoke]
VA – Hanal Pixan [Whole Story Lab]
Vini Pistori – Shofar Remixes [Not Another]
wouds – Acres [Standby Records]

Organic House & Downtempo

3C – This Touch [3345 Music]
Ahau & Arkay Koo – Symbiosis [Tchamma Yapu Records]
Amir Telem – Keshava [Camel Riders]
Benny Bishop – Bum Bum [Coral Gables Records]
Bisu, Ka lu – InCanto 3 [Hupupa]
Charlie Spot & Matizze – Sadaca [Cadencia Music]
Chea – No Is Through [Cala Bassa Records]
Chinwendo – Medina [Tamil Nadu Records]
Deni Diezer – Atoll [atroq lab.]
Deniz Özçelik & Majnoon – Neylerim [Rist Records]
El Huervo & Ratvader – Nightengale [Swedish Columbia]
Eudaimonia – Erskine [Suckmusic]
Fried Man – Spider Web [ArcTown]
Henry Pope – Ngene [Tierra Sounds]
Jose Solano – Soul Flowers [Magic Garden Records]
K.O.D & Tankie DJ – Two Nations One Song [Open Bar Music]
Komplextum – Speechless Wonder [Traumnovelle]
Lasha Chapel – Too High [Amselcom]
Luciano FM – I Feel Like [Be Different Records]
Marcelo Berges – Universal Language [Deep Bali Records]
Miguel Ante – Candles [Tezana Records]
Monte la Rue – Butterkiss (Sweet as Salt) [La Maison La Rue]
Mrs Lang – Solina [Loudkult]
Nährwerk – Breakthru [Amselcom]
Native Tribe – Life on Earth [Suonare Records]
Nicolò Simonelli & OniWax – Mi Corazon [Seres Producoes]
Nina Missy – Pretender [Miyako Records]
Om Aurea & Hang element – Zama [3rd Eye]
Potlatch – Inward the Breeze [Cosmicleaf Records]
Puma & The Dolphin – Indoor Routine [Invisible Inc (UK)]
Rotem – About Me [Ban Tai Records]
Side Liner & Aviron – The Noriv Project [Cosmicleaf Records]
Simon Ferdinand – Hotel Stadt Altona [Polycarp Records]
Sonny Lover Boy – A Star Is Born (LoFi SLB Mix)
Sonny Lover Boy – Never Look Back [Suite Voyage Records]
Stéphane Salerno – Salvador [Zolotaya Orda]
Studio Apartment – Krut Pha (feat. MAUMA) [N.E.O.N]
The Native Language – Elephant Chase [Hunt & Gather]
Tibor Dragan – Meraki [Zenebona]
VA – Eclectisch 7 [Chuvstvo Ritma Rec.]
Viktop – La Llave [Minds Alike]
Wanduta – Out of Sight [Underyourskin Records]
Yarosslav – Elephas [Rituel Recordings]
Zero Cult – Air [Cosmicleaf Records]

Tech House

21 Souls – Standup [Groove 33]
Acidsex, Matt Star – Acidsex#7 [Acidsex]
Agola – Rebirth [OG Recording]
AMAHAUS, Criminal Crazy & Jhonatan Moraes – Heavy Feeling
Andre Salmon & A R C, Andre Salmon & Marc Alex – Rusty
Andrea Tonso – Hard Funky [Sr. Events Music]
Andreas Greiner – Imagination [FM Digital]
Anthony Megaro – Sexy Robot [Plastik Galaxy]
Baby Weight, Johnny 2 Shots & Baby Weight – Kinda Trippy
Blaise – Say You [Jinsing]
Bru.V – Funny [Cool 7rack Records]
Bruno Mendoza – Push Me (Remixes) [PEARLS FOR PIGS]
Camarda & Almero – Good Old Days [Protocol Recordings]
Chris Falco – Goes Like This [Stoned Stork Records]
Chris Valencia & Rob Vanz – Body Right [Feel Hype Black]
Croatia Squad & Fort Arkansas – We Don’t Care
Crystal & Holy Pig – La Bruja [Holy Pig Records]
Da Silva (ES) – Flawless [Nevada Label]
Dan McKie – Good Call [33 Music]
Dr. Space – My Noise [Duqua Records]
Drewski – Together [Therefore Records]
Drunk & Play – Juanita [Dogghaüz Records]
Eduardo Alba – Dance [Vnylside]
El Rayo – Milano Underground [Array Music]
Emelly Bergamasco – Shameless [WDT Records]
FEITOZA [BR] – I Keep [No Topo Music]
Felix Leiter – Mind Dimension [Stashed Cutz]
Fellipe Beckman – The Future [Deep Bear]
Fenn – LFO [Grass Route Records]
Francesco V, Iker Azcue & Holy Pig – Hombre Lobo
Francis De Simone – Superfly [Mooncircles Lab]
FunkFrankie – Three word slogan [Kukushka Records]
Gene Farris – Soul Food [Farris Wheel Recordings]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Calling the Rhythms [DUBGIU]
Giusy Consoli – Get Now [Beatrain Records]
Harley Scott – I Want U [Goodside Records]
Hausmore – You Know [KLUBINHO]
Hilton Caswell – Rock This [AO (Artificial Octaves)]
Housewerk & Ducamp – Go Dancing [Lemon Juice Records]
Hypnotrixx – Deep Hypnosis [Eat The Beat Records]
J Kolo & Mark Fox – We Need a Doctor [Strictly Bullets]
Marc Gruau – Faces [Neu Gravity]
Marco Dassi – Jerk & Clean [Beatraxx]
Mayor M – Do Something [SKYDANCE]
Melanie Ribbe – Shaman [Agape Muzik]
Mikie Format – Mr Nice Guy [ICONOS Records]
MINT (JPN) – Hydrogen [Digital Under Records]
Murphy’s Law – Feel Alright [Libero Records]
N.O.H.A. – Manuela Groove [Subsolar Music]
Nexway – Bass Face [Whole Story Factory]
NightScout – Superposition [Naked Records]
Niko The Kid & Daisy Guttridge – Secrets [The Myth of NYX]
Nimble – Hidden Voices [Nimble]
S!M & Max Garand – Erotic [29 Tech]
Sebastian Darez & Lexan, Sebastian Darez – Baratheon
Self Xpression – Again [Mtion Records]
Serotonin – Just Bass (Swedish Revolution Remix)
Truth x Lies – The Drip [Space Yacht]
Used Disco – Snatch Remix [Play And Tonic]
VA – Ade 2020 [Monkey Stereo Records]
VA – Día de Muertos
Xtasy – Sweet Dreams [Xtasy Records]
YOUniverse (IT) – Freaky Beats [Issues]
ZoDeep – Versace [No Participation]

Techno & Minimal

A503X, Lahas – Ade 2020 [Borderline Audio]
Abstract Silhouette & Boskii – Astra [Music UK]
Adam Curtain – Doors of Perception [Trouble Maker]
Adrian Cadena & Osvaldo&Beat – Cashi [LMNTAL Music]
Alber Andreu – Darknees [CODE Group]
Alexander Brydges – Fuel [Brydges]
Alexis Moralez – Balanced Situations [Potti Records]
Alinep – Sayaw Galaw [Deepsomnia]
Ana Even – Delirium [Modern Classic Sounds]
Andes Devill – Underworld [Marwin Smith Records]
Andre Vertex – Energy [Destination V]
Andrea Verona – Extasy [Puro Beat]
Anitamoon – Excelsior [South American Concept (SAC)]
Assuc – Human Secret [Right Music Records]
Audiolog – Tenet [Audiolog Music]
Axel Brann – Central Elements [Effusis]
Barbeau – TinaTek [Machine Above]
Basik Phase, Miss Kali – Techno Project [ALTEKNATIVE]
Beat Crusher – Malfunction [Junky Robot]
Bernardo Hangar, Dark Quadrant – IV Years [DarkForest]
Betty Hill – Tsubasa [Space Travel Records]
BNGI – Dirty Electronics [Oxytech Records]
Bolz for Boys – Maschinen [Ristomusic]
Boris Knift – So Easy [Dark Alien Records]
Borja Martín – Area 51 [Energy Hard Espana]
Buhoo – 3am Invasion [FREQ IN ME]
CAlinie – Pe Dincolo [Zebra Rec.]
Centeno – Rutaceae [Xelima Records]
Chabi – Noise. [Phunk Junk Dark]
Charles Stoner – La Otra No! [Alveda Deep]
Christian Tibor – Look for My Tape [Energie In Bestform]
Chriz Unknown – Nasty World [Axone Rec]
Ciara B – Mirage (Myxzlplix Remyx) [Techniche]
CKOLE – Asphyxiation [Oxytech Records]
Collatiö – Ambedo [Neu Gravity]
Cory James, Ogend – Maestrale Va 005
Corza Hares – Taxi Home [Effusis]
CQNZR. – Cosmos [CQNZR.]
Cristian – Controlled [Ecstasy State]
CROOZADER – Roasted [FATSTEP Records]
Cultra – Technikolor Black [Base Records]
D-Richhard – Hot Box [Vibetek Records]
D.A.V.E. The Drummer – No ID [Mechanikal Hard]
DaCrazyFish – Excuse Me [Excusez Records]
Daniël Ortgiess – Parallel Dimension
Danitz – Powder [Alienator Records]
Danny Goliger – Appliances [Fantastic Voyage]
Danny Kissane – Fallen [Mas Sonido Records]
Dario Sorano & Sarah – Don’t Fly Alone [Hybrid Rec]
Dark Prophet, DSG – Israfil [Hilltown Disco]
Darknet, Wigbit – Touch the Mind [True Skool Music]
Dave Alyan – Lost in the Darkness [Black Line Recordings]
Delba Myst – Polished Emerald [DDGL Experimental]
Deljoi – The Search [8620 RECORDS]
Diemen Duff – Union [Half Lemon Records]
DJ Alien – Focal Point [dZb Records]
DJ Lily, Dorisburg – BROR12 – Coven [BROR Records]
DJ Sinchronic – Rave the City [Flash Forward Presents]
DJ Tess – Cattiva II , Nightmare [Future Bounce]
DJ ZAfrica – The Parallax [Zafrica Music]
Djames Techno – We Need Rave [Pitch Track]
Djin Mask – Human Era [Krysha Mira Music]
Doltz – Mujo [Oslated]
Dope Amine – Zero Gravity [Destrukt Sound Records]
Dresvn – Metro [SUED]
Dtrdjjoxe – The Second Wave [Dtrdjjoxe]
Dubrunner, Heritage – Scuffed Sampler 002 [Scuffed Recordings]
Elek-Fun – Unknown Code [Leading Astray]
Manjit Makhni – Submarine [Audiobrain Productions]
Manuel xero – Fizeau (Remixes) [CPR]
MarAxe – Titan [dZb Records]
Marwin Smith – Unbound [Revkon Records]
Matt Fischery – Drifting Down the Road [Glói Music]
Matthias Springer – A Lovely Place [zerO413]
Matthias Torm – Cebrenia [Betrieb Records]
Mauk – Exhale You [Archon Records]
Mâyörk – Infected Mind [Neu Gravity]
Mechanic Freakz – Bad Movie (feat. Tawa Girl & Zeit,Bypass)
Metehan Pala – Kintalirin [Wejustman Records]
MicroValve – Osmosis [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Midnightfunk – Floating Journey [Das Rauschen Der Nacht]
Migel Gloria – Danger Zone [MEDIO]
Mijary – Time [Paktoor Records]
Mike Skoëll – Impulsion [Stoned Wash Records]
Minus 25 – Der Bin Ich [Pvlse]
MISIGII – Ultras [Neu Gravity]
MiSinki & Stefano Pelle – Elevate [Reload Black Label]
MLPR – Amnesia [Melodark Records]
Monophaze – Blood Pressure [Wolf Trap]
Rhythm Part & Kamil Van Derson – Interview [dZb Records]
Riccardo Gi – Dubhe [Digital Groove Records]
Riddika – The Mechanic [Physical Techno Recordings]
Roberto Corvino – Sethlans [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Robin Hirte – Shanghai [Das Ohr Digital]
Russ (ARG) – Reaching the Unknown [Signal LTD]
Rusuden – Big Whole Too Much V3
Ruud S – Thnks Tb [Feather Tones]
Rwbel – Ernesto’s Legacy [Ghara Records]
Sam Cuadra – Dauntless [Diskonnected Records]
Sebastian Ramos – Black Hole [DSR Digital]
Serapis Bey & Erick Khalifa – Go Like This [Urban Wavve]
Shimmer – Pyrrhic [Green Fetish Records]
Sig Nu Gris – Quatro [Spirit Level]
Tera – Legem [Coded Platform]
Tetsuya5october – October Sky [Dog And Man]
The Second Wave – Fallen Star [Black Snake Recordings]
ZLV – Dark [Cosmic REC]