Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

415-PR22 [PR22]
Amadori – The Void [SDM084]
Anton Ishutin – Stunning [MM13570]
Atelier. – Varsam Court Remix EP [LL1224]
Audiojack – Neon City Lights [GRU116]
Aüra – Las Mariposas [SWITCHLAB071]
BETA WAVES – Ep1 [AWD490877]
Beyond the Struttosphere – New Frontier (Director’s Cut)
BoogieKnights – Get Your Hands Up [BORD039]
Boy Funktastic – Chances [FD215]
ChicOlindo – B-Thing [BYUR001]
Christian Engh – Voltage [FPX002DIGI]
D.Marco – Home [NY0040X]
Dandara – Desolate Distopia [AEP035]
Darksidevinyl, David Herrero – Bah Ke Lee EP (Incl. James Meid and Tayllor remixes)
David Keno – Miami [DTZ127]
Dawn Again – Train The House Down [HW026]
Death On The Balcony & Flowers On Monday – Ways & Means
Deej – 248 [TGS022]
Deeplomatik – The Feeling [DPLM107]
DJ City – Your Love [PP044S1]
Djarama – Epikula – Orumba [ASA176]
Eamon Harkin – See You in My Dreams [HAZE012]
Eddie Ramos – Eddie Ramos Presents Musical Jorney EP [CJ302]
Edger, Kablitz – Kallista [INNU011]
Ela Minus – megapunk [RUG1114D]
Erdal Mauff – Some Things EP [EVIVE008]
Fabiano Binaglia – Forge [MER049]
Four Days & Levitone – In Too Deep [ST053]
Frederick – Black Body [FFD0200]
Gabriel Dominguez – La Playa (feat. Dayana Prado) [TWR134]
Gabriel Horizon, Ryan Gomez, Jose Crunchy Espinosa – Mi Casa de Rumba
Groovechild – Sonorous EP [CAT063]
Hadley (UK) – Millenium [MRF007]
HaZa, Dona – Leeta EP [OM064]
Headman – 01-11 (Relish)
Henry Pope – Ngene [TS018]
Hermanez – Sweet Karma [SOUKSONIC011]
HP Vince – Steel & Strings _ The Master Blaster [TDR135]
Ionov – Yeah [SOVLO081]
Iorie & Madmotormiquel – MCB [ATCK011]
Iron Curtis – Total Art Of Living – Part 2 [HUDD062]
Ivan Jack – Jelly Bean [NUDISCO014]
Jaime Read – PUSH 2 SHOVE 1 [CAT424937]
Jaymz Nylon – Baby Powder (Remixes) [NT091]
Jose Vizcaino – Transitions [7V087D]
KoKoPop Project – Dig It [BRV53]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Rebellion Der Traumer X (The 10th Anniversary Remixes Pt. 1)
Leo Guardo, Yoliswa, Cali Satellites – Makuthandwana [KNG857]
Luis Daniel – Nightmare Walking [TNT026]
Makito – All The Way Back [LAR338]
Mandas, Manecas Costa – Mantenha feat. Manecas [BI20568]
Manuold – Golia EP [IRR003]
Mario Grimaldi – El Amor [SWITCHLAB069]
Martin Kohlstedt – NIODOM (Panthera Krause Recurrent)
Matt Tolfrey – All Shapes And Different Sizes [LEFTCD008]
McCuemza Isaac’s – Distance [BLV7936965]
Mele – The Panther [CIRCUS132]
Might i – Endless Giving [POR002]
Monserratt – Chimera [BOS290]
Montel – I Heard It [MTLR08]
Moon Boots – PURE MOONS VOL. 2 [PM002]
Mr.Mercedes, NoKween – Slipping Away [MR007]
Mytron & Ofofo – Joint Ventures [MC049D]
Najdak – Oh My God [TRX005]
Naledi – Dreaming [MR005]
Nartist, Bizmee – Ice Cream Song [CPS2028]
Nas1 – Polaris Time (Bosconi)
Nerdistic Touch – The Red, Green and the Blue [SWI007]
Nhii – Matawa (Fluida Remix) [KD184]
Nicone, David Hasert – BeenTouchedSeries 54 [SYNCBT54]
Noisy Small – Island Mode [AL228]
nse (UK) – Neon Nights [WHW182]
O.N.O (Paris) – The American [EXPDIGITAL207]
Oliver Wickham, Crimsen, Feyln – Grey Skies feat. Oliver Wickham
Paolo Barbato – Why Not [DH028]
Payfone – Sofian (Leng)
Photographs – Nocturne (The Remixes) [4061707451720]
Pijynman & Paolo Rocco – Inthebooth01 [ITB01]
Pix, Elegant Ape, Amatista – Strange ways [DC012]
Platzdasch, Dix – Frozen BlMOISSB074]
Reza, JJ Mullor – Give It Up [PH174]
Ricky Kc19 – Aliens [XBL003]
Rp – Scharnhorst002 (Scharnhorst)
Scan 7 – Sooner Than Later [HEIST050]
Scott Diaz – Black Magic [AR085]
Smallz – Dreams [KM025]
Sonic Dust – Past Redemption EP [PR2020559]
Soul Duet – Love Somebody [BC002]
Soulnekta – Planet Afro EP [0757572913473]
Sound Support – Stab By Stab (Internasjonal)
Stefre Roland – Atmosphere [YA135]
Stefre Roland – Illuzion [YA166]
Stefre Roland – Own Story [YA171]
T.Roy, Able – I Like It BROAD077]
Tatsu, Moo Ve – Hard Chin EP [NUR25003]
The Organism – Ritual [EKV051]
Tilman & Rhode & Brown – Three Of Us [SNFSS004]
Tsepo – Twee [INT022]
VA – 20 Years of Trunkfunk, Pt. 2 [TF046]
VA – Play Nice [ST008]
VA – The Red One [SODA012]
VA – We Get Deeper, Vol. 50 [RTCOMP1611A]
VA – Where The Hearts Are, Vol 9 [WTHI036]
Valiete – Blackout [HOME044]
Yes Father – 1969 [ROM090]
Youen – Solstice [PLAC1016A]

Electronica & Downtempo

Autechre – PLUS (WARP)
Autechre – SIGN (Warp)
Deep Dimension – Deeper Into The Night [ETB064]
Fanatico, Mathias Schaffhauser, Jorge Socarras – On The Brink, Vol. 1
Jepe – The Realm Remixes, Pt. 2 [MOOD215]
Majnoon – Kanundan Kacilmaz [RR008]_
Mom, Holed Coin – Amanecer [TRNDMSK19]
Opila – Walk Around [BHD258]
Rapossa – GHOST TOWN [LCR005]
Touchsoul – Give My Love [DISCOANON005]
VA – fabric presents Chase & Status RTRN II FABRIC (FABRIC)

Homero Espinosa Carry On Selections Chart

Chaos In The CBD – Emotional Intelligence feat. Nathan Haines, Dave Koor (Original Mix).mp3
David Harness – We Got It (Original Mix).mp3
Dawit – Level 7 (Original Mix).mp3
DJ Rasoul – Let Me Love You (SF Vocal Vibe).mp3
Ferry Ultra, Roy Ayers – Groove Garden feat. Roy Ayers (Original Mix).mp3
Homero Espinosa – Carry On (Original Mix).mp3
Inner Life – Pay Girl (Original Mix).mp3
Jimpster – Smile For A While (Original Mix).mp3
Kassian – 8th Movement (Original Mix).mp3
Larry Heard – Gentle Morning Rain (Original Mix).mp3
Marshall Jefferson – Vibe Three (Original Mix).mp3
Miguel Migs – Soul Patrol (Miguel Migs’ Transporter Vibe).mp3
Powerline – Journey (Original Mix).mp3
Rudolpho – Sunday Afternoon (Original Version).mp3
Solas B. Lalgee, Sounds of Noah – Sun’s On Call Till Morning (Allen Craig Remix).mp3
Space Ghost – New World Energy (Sunset Mix).mp3
The Checkup – I Got To (Original Mix).mp3
The SyntheTigers, Tobirus Mozelle – Stand Up (Original 80’s Tribute).mp3
The SyntheTigers, Tobirus Mozelle – Stand Up (The Tell Everybody House Mix).mp3
Till Von Sein, Tender Games – Let Go (Original Mix).mp3


Aaron North – BreakThrough [STASHD087]
Alessio Cala’ – Maata [SBR071]
Alex M (Italy) – On My Mind [TMR066]
Aya, The OtherZ, Samhara, Exotique – Trippin (Extended Mix)
Big Gabee – People Stars [BLV7936361]
Bunce – Affection [NUR24968]
CAARL – Remember feat A.D.A.M [AWD485748]
Dale Howard – Keep on Dancin [MOTHER117]
Dezza & Lauren L’aimant – Settle [ENCOLOR255E]
Dohko – Just an Illusion EP [TNCR007]
Doorly, Mike Konstanty – Say Nay Say (Extended Mix) [RLM054]
Duck Sauce – Mesmerize [195497477715]
DVBBS, Sondr – Swim – LIZOT Extended Remix [UL02059]
Jacob Gurevitsch, Islandman, Tolga Böyük – Kara Toprak
James Curd – Fly In [CT049]
Jerico, Siara Killer – My Love [CWV319]
Jerome Robins, Joey Avila – Natural Blues ( Gioc – Teklow Rmx )
Joe Mattei – The Struggle [VALR027]
Julian Cross – Step Into My Shoes (Extended Version) [NB20006]
King Arthur – I Found You – Extended Version [BTK011B]
King Arthur, Dot N Life – Sax In The City – Extended Mix [BTK019B]
LOKII, BRKLYN – Bass Face [ARMAS1832]
LRMEO, Sxint Prince – If I Know You (Extended Mix) [195497085378]
Ludovic Allen – Praia Da Luz [TW033]
Nile Rodgers, Maurice West, BERNARD EDWARDS, Maurits Westveen, Robert Pronk – This Melody
Opolopo – Sickla [LTCD014]
Out_Ctrl, Pirate Snake – Jungle Rule [MOMENT23]
Paul Woolford, Solardo – Tear It Up – Oliver Heldens Extended Mix
Saliva Commandos – No Fact Checking EP [STEALTH206]
SIS – Carousel (Stride)
Sofasound – You Been On My Mind [BBA0081]
T.Markakis – Say What [EFM129]
The Cube Guys, Adamski Products Inc. – In The City 2020 (Club Mix)
The Mario – Funky Riff [KODISKO014]
Thonig, Be Romaguera – All I Want [1769PKK157161]
Tough Love, Willemijn May – Crazy – VIP Edit [ITC3133BP]
Upercent – Llum (Tau)
VA – Imprint Vol.8 [WO102]
VA – Mundo Perro V.A Vol.1 [MUPE001]
Wh0 – You Got Me [190295141608]
Wolky – Air Force One [BLV7843215]
Yolanda Be Cool – Frisky In Fortaleza EP [CLB010]

Progressive House

Alan Prosser – I’m Back [PANGE91]
Alex O’Rion – Navagio 2020 [NYC164]
Amine K (Moroko Loko) – Keya [AKBAL194]
Brian Cid – Cease the Mind [BALANCE014EP]
Digital Symphony – Circadian Rhythm [INB1DIGI025]
DiMO (BG) – Lavender _ I Want Peace [W243]
Dj San – Nightgoggles On Off [FG420]
EDU – Simulation _ Reality [FSOEUV134]
Ercos Blanka – Kafka [SA116]
Eugene Mako & Alex Ii Martinenko – Viscious Lava
i_o – In My Head [ARMAS1829]
Innerphonic – Renaissance Of Voice [3AV219]
Jon Bourne – Maracuja [PHW416]
Juan Pablo Torrez – Jara – Nia [PSI2020]
Kleinsky – Memories [EST252]
M3SIA – The Messenger [BCSA0468]
Max Freegrant & Slow Fish – Elon On Mars [FG419]
Morttagua – Tesla – Redox [TM087]
Nishan Lee, NAHS – Matrix EP [BF264]
S-Donz – My Luv SS616]
Sean & Dee, 21street, Burak KESKIN – Arya [FSOEUV133]
Sightlok – Polywave [INTRICATE387]
Solee – Luft [PARQUET226BP]
StanV feat. Glasscat – World On Fire (Robert B Remix)
Teklix – SADHANA EP [OL378]
Th;en – Samojede [MOG022]
VA – Extended Play 03 [307SD]
VA – Mistique Series (Vol 6) [MISTD197]
VA – MU [LMP105]
Virgil Hill – 7 Years Of After [BP9772020]
Wuachuma – Keep on Ridin’ [SAISONS012]
Zahna – Neuson [PHWE284]

Tech House

8ubbles – Electric Lies [BHR001]
Aitor Pastor, Joe Diem, Beki M, Luigii Nieto, Harttins – MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE
Alejandre, Muñoz Brothers – Funking [UN119]
Armitage, Digital Impression, Will Clarke – 2020 017
Athos (GR) – Substances EP [UNI176]
Bes – Give All Your bES [LNMM118]
Carbon, Kuestenklatsch – Cushions on the Wall [4056813176032]
Carlo Lio – Acting Kinda Strange [MINDSHAKE070]
Cele – True Game _ Through The Flight [TRUESTORYCOMIC025]
Chriz Samz, Grillo – VUUR (Remixes) [JMD553A]
D. Tiffany & DJ Zozi – Phase Ur Reality (Planet Euphorique)
Damon Hess – System Down [PIXELATE44]
Daniele Cognata – Dimelo (Remix) [COC126]
David Aurel – Magic Within [BKB062D]
Demuir – Soul Muzak [MM007]
Desert Dwellers – Breath Re-Imagined, Vol. 3 [DAK009]
Dino Soccio Edits (Razor-N-Tape)
Dompe – Hippie Crack Remixes, Pt. 2 [JACKFRUIT021]
Ellie Cocks – On The Run EP [THU037]
FreedomB – Twister [KLP340]
Gettoblaster, Kid Enigma – Break Em Off [WJ032]
Gruuve – Ice Cream EP [4056813214949]
GruuvElement’s, Iulian Badea – Gravity EP [DP211]
Huxley – Who Sez [TOOL97201Z]
Jean Bacarreza, Ashibah, Juany Bravo – They Don’t Understand
Jho Roscioli – Revolution _ Insomnie [BB012]
Jimmy Edgar – Cheetah Bend (Innovative Leisure)
Josh Butler, SOHMI – Get It Together [ORIGINS30]
Julio Cr – Engaños [TSL141]
Kevin Deep – Distance [WHW181]
Mark Boson, 68 Beats – Vox Populi [S17]
Matthias Tanzmann – Lumas [MUSE016]
MEEN – Sugaa & Spice [CAT432662]
Mladen Tomic – Different Nights [NLD183]
Mollono.Bass, & Matan Caspi & Einmusik & Paul Ursin & I Am Halo – Woods, Tales & Friends Remixes – Part 1
NERVO, Krewella, Raja Kumari – Goddess [THR20]
Notches – Shake Me [SHK0162]
Papa Marlin, Bondar – Make You Move EP [SOS024]
Per Johann – Shake [MATERIAL189]
Pirate Snake – Black Mamba [HP088]
Ricardo Espino – You are the DJ [OBM042]
Sam Beach, Mizo (UK) – Loco [FTF010]
SamBRNS – Baila [PLAYMOBIL180]
Sameseven, Sticklip – The Way We Are [PL0272]
Sander Dellariva – Escaping You [FMR169]
Seewrd, Big Ma.Mi – Garga Me [FMRLTD038]
SIDE B, Franco Andino – Follow The Toms [BMU006]
Siege, Shyam P – Too Far Gone _ Deep Down [INC176]
Sino – Problems [CABA169]
Siwell – Cruel Summer [TPC005]
Sllash & Doppe – Clothes Off [BBR008]
Sloth – Booty Clap [BLDRT024]
Sooney – Party Time [GTR157]
Sovax – Voodoo [DN013]
Steve Clash – Get Some Funk [195595762355]
Sweetpower – Venus (She’s Got It) [PLSTRX017]
The Deepshakerz, Simon Kidzoo – Weird Chant EP [KITT204]
Tomi&Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero – Beat Machine EP [TB015]
Tone Troy – Surrender (Extended Mix) [LJR0025E]
Toto Chiavetta – Anti Loudness [DIYNAMIC128DN2]
VA – Coven [BROR12]
VA – Street King presents Autumn 2020 [SK563]
Zone7 – La Bailacion [MST092]

Techno & Minimal

2nd Phase – Mind Loss E.P [DM258]
3phazegenerator, Maxx Rossi – Justice EP [POLXD2]
Aerton – Me And The Crew [NUR25068]
Agus Pazos – Blend EP [TBX09]
Agustin Barbei, Xuacu – Mariposa Fx [L90R006]
Aire Terra – El Matoto EP [SOF004]
Airwave – Trilogique Re-Invented [BP9782020]
Alan Fitzpatrick & Reset Robot – The Cosmic Opera [WATB057]
Alessio Viggiano – Standing On Saturn’s Rings [DTW002]
Andrew Azara – Onyx EP [DOM015]
Andrew Meller – Sins [EXA004]
ANOTR – Paint A Picture EP [NOART034]
Aree – Domino [ID021]
Bagagee Viphex13, Pierre Blanche – Get Off [IAMT228]
Ben Murphy – Losing Control EP [DM140]
Ben Riss – Activate [DMR119]
Besty Fritz – Can’t Be [CATBE269]
Black Synth (IT) – Parabellum [DSRD481]
Bleur & MB1 – Belfast [SNDST083]
CamelPhat – Dark Matter [G0100044752162]
Christian Smith – Your Lovin’ [DC233]
Christopher Kah – Tenor EP [ECHO002]
Cour T. – Dope Farm [DB243]
Craig Hughes – Equinox [RR348]
D-Nox & Gai Barone – To The Disco [KATER228]
Danilo Schneider – Let´s Fly To Another One [ML013]
Dapayk & Padberg – Decade Two – Booka Shade Remix [SOBER020]
Dart – Sweet Nectar [LNOE127]
David Granha – Ultraheroe [CODEX089]
David Moleon – Money [MOOPUPDIG078]
Dawn Razor – Lost tapes (Diffuse Reality)
DJ 3000 – Werkin EP [MT138]
DJ Rush, Eric Sneo, Harry Romero – Body Control _ Take Me Back (Remixes)
DMX Krew – What Happened to Peace_ [BRK60]
Dolby D – Sex Cat [FREQ2033]
Domo – Get By [BLR061]
Doppel – Vaulted [EINMUSIKA182]
Dorisburg – House Organ For The Lonely [PHONICA028]
Drumcomplex – Atomic Remixes [OFF225]
E-Runner, Axones – Infinite Landscape [10180284]
Eli Brown – Killer [00602435224527]
Estiva, Diana Miro – All Of Me (Estiva Club Mix & Khåen Remix)
Extrawelt – Extra Welt Hits [CORLP048DIGITAL]
Ezekiel (DE) – Lust & Life EP [STU129]
Faide – Lychee [ALPHABLACK021]
Florian Meindl – OUTPUT 02 [FLASH247]
Fort Romeau – the mirror (Permanent Vacation)
Fracktion – Substance [UNS043]
Francisco Aguado – Looks That Kill [SNG015D]
Gam3 – Vilupt [RUNE032]
Glaskin – Konsumfusion [WH005]
Groover – Moonlight [CVR137]
Gustaff, Alberto Cristian – SENOR COKE EP [HBL142]
Gustav_s – Resilience EP [SUARA411]
Hexjaz – Collide (Morning Mood Records)
Hito, SUDO – Kobe [KKU040]
I7HVN, Mizzy TheCosmic – Beneath the Ocean Surface [BF298]
Inessa – Life Patterns [TYC516]
Innure – Ravi’s Law [PRT010]
iO (Mulen) – Meuse EP [CEC038]
Josh Mckenzie – In Your Eyes [TNH073E]
JP Lantieri – Lifetime [FER0060]
JUAAN – Intriga [LAND16]
Justin Jay – GNARLY BOI EP [SUARA407]
Kadosh (IL) – Panorama [UY158]
Kalkara – Radioactive [EB003]
Kev Willis – Below Thoughts [EMP0172]
Khonsu The Child, Connor-S – What Ya Gonna Do [195542137892]
Kieran Ishimaru – Mt. Fooji EP [PSL0351]
KUSP (UK) – Flow EP [KP72]
Lagware – Q@ [SUBTL055]
Lexer – Gemini Bridges Room 4242 (This Never Happened)
Loco Dice – Don’t Run [ENC001S]
Marcal – Timeless EP [PRRUKD20063]
Marco Tuccillo – Never Hold Back EP [DM144]
Mario Ochoa – Moonwalker [AVND347]
Mateo Dufour, Cosenza – Atlantic EP [ERLTD011]
Mathimidori – Akebono [ECHOCORD086D]
Max Jacobson, Alejandro – Aerial Space EP [HSBRG062]
Mehlor – Avalon EP [MOAN137]
Mijk van Dijk, Baby Doc – Teenage Tricks EP [BF312]
Mintech – Meteora [LR094]
Miyagi, Allies for Everyone – Far Away [BAR25132]
Movement Machina – Take Me _ Shine _ Find [YOMO029]
Nadja Lind – Solar Water [LF191]
Nhii – Answers [SIRIN015]
Nils Hoffmann – OIABM (Remixes – Part Three) [POM118]
Nopopstar – Atmospheric [LMKA115]
Oliver Carloni – R-90 [TR034]
OVNIE 001 [OVNIE001]
Ozgur Uzar – Black Protest [MUV038]
Paniz69 – Noir [BOH003]
Paralel – See Me From Beyond [PRST038]
Ramiro Lopez – Density EP [RXR004]
Reinier Zonneveld – Eating Concrete (Julian Jeweil Remix)
Renga Weh – Traces (Magician On Duty)
Rezident – Chapters EP [ANJDEE534BD]
Roberto Clementi – Seas of Seas [ARTSW003]
S.ONE – Desire [LM041]
Sanchez & Narvaez – Underground Artists [RSH208]
Sanoi, Rattler – Walking [BNP034]
Sascha Sonido – Hands Up [IML108]
Sian – Are You Ready_ [OCT190]
Simina Grigoriu – Line Runner [PSR114]
Simon Berry – Maelström [PLATMU112]
Simon Field – Sirens (feat. Yasmin Jane) [Tube & Berger Remix]
Skov Bowden – Smoke And Mirrors [CATALOG]
Soulfreq – Conflict [DHGRUV011]
Steno – freia [BM001]
Stil & Bense – Alpha [HM118]
Tebra & Elly Ball – The Call [PURR258]
Theydream – Equilibrium [FS035]
Tim Engelhardt – Sun [ELS044]
Tocadisco – Symbiotikka [DM252T]
Tony Romanello – Synewave [AVK002]
Trojan Horses – EZRA EP [BUNK047]
Uncertain – Tribe EP [KP75]
Uto Karem – Watching Stars [AGILE116]
Uvarltd004 [UVARLTD004]
VA – 10 Years of Dame Music [DAME042043]
VA – 51 (A_Files)
VA – Artemisa [D9SA005]
VA – Botanica Records presents Techno Trax Vol. 1 [TT001]
VA – Bouquets de Fleurs [AZZ37]
VA – Deeperfect Autumn 2020 [DPE1722]
VA – Ethereal Techno #009 [SYYKET009]
VA – Free Series 925 [FS01]
VA – Hourglass (Planet Rhythm)
VA – Perspectives Around the World (Vol. 3) [PSDI081]
VA – V.A [DM135]
VayFlor – Atmosphere [BQ464]
Velax – Generation Y (NEIN)
Vern – Clarobscur [OCTOPHONIC002]
WTTM – Red Stone _ Green Stone [BCAL02]
Y do I – Future Techno [TYC514]
Yousef – Save Me (feat. Molly Green) [SAVED22801Z]
Zerotonine – Saturn [ORANGE142]