Afro House

afro drumz – ORIENTE [El Santuario Records]
Alex Aguiar & PURØ – Lihna (Joaco Arenas Edit) [Arenas Recordings (CR)]
Bruno G-Star – Dreamer [Bstudios]
Dany Cohiba, Para People – Special Remixes [United Music Records]
Deejay Vdot – Tech Man [Primal Drum]
Gianllis – Mamafrica [WE WORLD]
Hallex M & Balata – La Pena (feat. Manybeat) [United Music Records]
Kusini – Baba Wedu [Pablo Entertainment]
Lexa Hill – Dans [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
lotus land pilot – Aflo Head [Oyoda Recordings]
Luzio – New Stuff [Raid Records]
Manphezulu & Treasure Mabhegesh – Kunjani (feat. Sbuda) [H3M Production]
Massimo Carmassi – Sunset Blur [Karmax Records]
Neho – Malemba [Mantra Music Rec]
Perspectiv Soul – Techno Expression [Hard Knocks Digital]
Ray MD – My Parents [The Warrior Recordings]
Splashfunk – El Divino [Balearik Sunset Recording]
Thomas Chilume & O’Neal, James – Need You to Stay (House Villians Remix)
Tukz Ancestral – The Day That Was (Ceebar’s Re-Touch)
Valerio Bianco – Bianva [S6A Music]
Yael Arrieta – Fruits [Heavy Vibes]


Baltra – Ambition
Deekembeat – DI Samba [Creative Sound Records]
Distant Roots & Hotcut – Wall Shaking , Propaganda [Bassweight Moscow]
G.P The Kage, Designer Doubt & Ironik – Relief [Trap Hill]
Gosize – We Are Go Again [Dizzines Records]
Huda Hudia & Dj30A – Crowd Control [Kaleidoscope Music]
JM Lagares – LocoMotiva [Creative Sound Records]
Joby 1 – Midnight [Greedy Beats]
Julian Burger, Sir Troyan – Mandala [Golden Hands Recordings]
Lady Shade – CBD [Bassrock Records]
Mamae – Ji Shi Ben [Indobass]
Marco Bertek – Night City Lights [Yavorovskiy Dark]
Minor Issues – Unicorns Inside [Digital Paradox Records]
Paul Cronin – Burnin Rubble [Raveskool Recordings]
Scott Remedy – The Key [Theoryon Records LLC]
Sergei Orange – Too Much [Xclubsive Recordings]
SNC & Mamae – Build a Bitch Jaga Mata Jaga Hati (Mamae vs DJ Tik Tok Edit Mix)
Socratrees & GreenFlamez – Energy [Creative Sound Records]
Tane – Inspirational Speeches [Urban Waves Records]


Alex Aguilar – I Am Complete
Andrekza – Paris [Dim Mak En Fuego]
Apolonia Lo Re – Waves [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
Armin Van Masters – Nervous [Noise Centre]
Astronomica – Origo Initium (Extended Mix) [CARRARA]
BISHU – Be Cool (feat. Rue Melo) [Monstercat]
Chen Leiba & James Timms Music – You Can Put This Behind You
Covex – To Be Alone [Moving Castle]
Cruvan – Dreams (feat. Alessia Digiò) [EDM Club Mix 2k21] [ABCI Records]
Dainpeace – Bubble Gum [Crown Of Music]
Dan Smooth, Elena T & Panarin – Pleasure [Neverland Sounds]
Deep Silencio – Without You [Butterfly Effect Recordings]
Deepend & Julian Perretta – All Good [Guesstimate]
DJ Beda & Fr3y – Lost In the Dark [NEXIMA]
Drectn – Waves of Devotion [Noise Centre]
Esseks – Boss Lair [Deadbeats]
Fean DJ – Tetrix [Deep Bear]
Fluwence – Fault (feat. TheTruTabu) [Closer Music]
Fluwence – These Rhymes [Closer Music]
Furkan Sert – Stay Out Distance [Soulmate Music]
Gambafreaks – Down Down Down – One More Time (Holland Remixes)
Gek Sparro – Hero [Pe Fende Records]
Gre.S – Illusion [ChillYourMind]
groah leeney – Wish You the Best (feat. Gracen Hill) [Closer Music]
Hendrik Joerges & Paniik – October [Jadu Dala]
Huge Space – Higher [Cherokee Recordings]
James Black Pitch – Cyberworld [Digital Village Music]
James Black Pitch – Hot (Remixes) [Black Boat]
James Black Pitch – Push the Feeling On (Remixes) [Black Boat]
JK – Sweet Lady Night [Energy Production]
Kelly Marie Kissel & Wolfrage – Magnify [Wolfrage Recordings]
Kraig Rizzle – Down in California (feat. Aselle Nova) [Closer Music]
KVANT – On da FLoor [KudoZ Records]
Le Boeuf, Brandon Colbein & Abby Celso – Make It [Proximity]
Le Youth – Miraje [Anjunabeats]
LeBant – Dream On [Fanfare Records]
Leo Itskovich – Dreamer [AFTERTIME Records]
Lorda Mercy – Out of My Mind (Umop Apisdn Remix)
Lost Synths – Bright Lights [Candy Flip]
Mantly – Tomorrow [Nature Is Pure Love]
Marius mane – Fest i tensta , Sosehoder [STOLEN NOISE]
Max Lake – Hunter [VAST]
Max SunRise – Follow the Sunrise [Neverland Sounds]
MeLLena – Gentle Touch , Long Flight [Neverland Sounds]
Montparnasse Musique – Panter (feat. Kasai Allstars & Basokin)
Noise Invaders – Can Help [Some Proof]
poema the ice – Sky [Pe Fende Records]
Pumpkin Air – Laxed (Siren Beat) [Remixes] [Into My House]
Pynappol – The Space Between Us [Vitamin Hertz]
Richy B – Tu Te Vas [Sprint Music]
RUM SHAKERS – Wicked Game (feat. Kevin Davy White) [Do It Yourself]
Spring Street – Run (feat. Imallryt) [Proximity]
Statues – Let It Pass [eclectics]
Talix – Forward [onesevenfour]
The Festivallerz – Turn It Up [Noise Centre]
The Gilbert – Fiesta Loca [Freshtunes]
Tom Vill – Don’t You [Closer Music]
Tony Allen – Good Time [TONY ALLEN]
Valefim Planet – Spring Back [Neverland Sounds]
Voronsow – Unikorn [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Wandme – My Heartbeat Loud [Artistfy Music]
Whaces – Oriental Beat [Hessels]
Will Easton – Weakness (feat. Liz Cass) [Stress Records]
Wuki – Escaping [Watermelon Recordings]
Берег – Summertime Is Coming [Pacific Melody]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

AGO – The Night (Wakizashi Version 2021) [Joe Vinyle Records]
alessandro monti & System2Sound – Another Sunrise
Almaaz – Escape [Suprematic]
Ankhoï – Ohiboki (feat. Rita Kassid) [Elbaraka Family]
bollaastation – Burnin’ Flex [Stazis]
Carmelo Carone – Underground [Trax Mission]
Carol Fernandez – Sonnenberg (feat. Sabrina) [AOM Recordings]
Cuba Libre – Sun Goes Down [Borderline Black Records]
Dani Corbalan – Take Me Home [Cherokee Recordings]
Deepsan – I’m Gonna Still a Love [Road Story Records]
DesertF!sh – Complex Arguments [Thawra Records]
Dezarate & Jean Aivazian – Escape in Your Connection
Dirty Mouse & Victor Hernandez – American Beanty [Making Smiles]
Elliot Moriarty – Free Your Mind [Shake Recordings]
Emmett Zetto – Tears [ANDAGRES]
Fabio Macor – Paradise [Trend Records]
Fernando Picon – England [Techempire Records]
Fred P – Solstice [Private Society]
GRHHH & Aditii – Ask About It [Gloamed]
House Kapelle – Vibe Remixes [Electric Mode]
J. Garcia, Nicola Agostinelli – Heart & Soul [RF]
Jay Drezz – I’ll Be Missing You [Shield Records]
Jay Drezz – Let Your Love [Satsuma Music]
John Gold – Go Ahead [BeatCanteen Records]
King Schwarz – Go Free Remixes [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
Laurence Paul – Yasmine [Deep House Natural]
Lef Tso – Elysium [Revox Records]
Lounge Ibiza Cafè – Martini Dry [Southbeat Music]
Luccas Deo & Mahtuk – Waiting [Adventure Records]
Malkov – Poetry [DeepStitched]
Moe Turk & Mary S.K. – Beneath the Waves [KudoZ Records]
Orkeat – I Wanna Know (feat. Lara Hoff) [Out Of Doors Records]
Ottis Blake – ‘Take Me Away’ [Soul Room Records]
Pomboklap – Coffee with Nihaia [Animo Records]
Quadrakey – Coming Closer [Heat Up Music]
Rianu Keevs – Endorphins Effects [Rianu Keevs]
Robina – Come Back [Act7 Records]
Rosko De Soul – Fine and Dandy [M-Sol Records]
Roudeep – You Are Deep [Baijan Global]
Rover And Tiny Fire – One Shot One Chance [Forgotten Minds]
Salade Tomate – Peace (hey jack Mix) [X-Osted Records]
Sax Kipko & Talyk – Back to Retro [Symbios Records]
Sergeigray – Surplus [Ulysse Deep]
Sharkbate & Gary Cooper SA – Chances [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
SLH & Mary S.K. – What Is Love [Sound of Soul Records]
Starax – Mess [Air Music]
Tahoeca & Critical Dark – The Secret Deep [BOHO RECORDINGS]
Talyk & SGKISS – Fake [Symbios Records]
Toly Braun – Love Loaded [Sound of Soul Records]
Trey Vinter & 5irius7 – Light of Hope [Emergent Textures]
VA – At Night – New York, Vol. 2 [Re vibe Music]
VA – Nu Deep House, Vol. 2 [Global Player Music]
VA – Our Balearic Vision [Envy Music]
VA – The Perfect Soulful Vol.1 (Chillout Your Mind) [Chill ‘N Chill Records]
Victor Perez & Vicente Ferrer – September [Fatal Music]

Dubstep & Trap & Wave

082 PUNK – Peace [Flying Music Reloaded]
Acuna & 2Shy MC, David Boomah – The Way You Move
ÆTERNA – Internal Beyond
Alcynoos & Saï T – Kiso [VinDig]
Bert MX – Choice [Cataclysm Recordings]
Big John – Tier 4 [tenwest]
Brainpain – Unidentified Drum Object [ION Recordings]
Bymski – Blooming, Sugar Water (feat. Mima)
Change Of Pace – Rose Tinted (feat. Domini) [Yamatai Records]
CITRA – Serenity [FX909 MUSIC]
Clyde – Lockdown [Plastic Island]
Cotneus – Playlisti [Cotneus]
CPH & Jay Dubz, CPH – Separate Ways [Soul Deep Digital]
DartZero75 – Fly Away (feat. Stephan Subero) [Astazo Records]
Daryl Di-Kar & KOWZ – Pyramid [Dubstep Diaries]
DJ Direkt – Claret [Murky Digital]
DJ Komatose – Chasm , Liquid Lunch [Liquid Tribe]
Dossa & Locuzzed – Dusk (Original) [Viper Recordings]
Doubutsu System – Journey and Adventure [0103Records]
Dubsidia – Orisa [Funktasty Crew Records]
Ego Trippin – Eagles Claw [Super Lit]
ELEPS – Maniatic [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Fluwence – I’m Yours (feat. TheTruTabu) [Closer Music]
GOLD Dubs & Kalum – No More War [Jungle Cakes]
Grovch – The Kitchen Sink [AFTRLIFE Records]
Grynia – Level Up [Drumroom]
GUERRO – Hood [Guerro Music]
Helix – Ticking [Zany Hums]
Hydraulix & Nitti Gritti – Waratah [Wakaan]
iDOLEAST – Machines vs. Humans [iDOLEAST Recordings]
INSTAG8 – Psycho [Drum Lab Audio]
John Lui – Wake up Samurai [Oyez! Srl]
Josev – Electric Shadows [N Depth Studio]
Junglord – Uk Jungle Records Presents Junglord – The Forest
Kit Curse & Parasite – Scared , Primal Fear [Inception Audio]
Kraig Rizzle – King (feat. Megan) [Closer Music]
Kuuro & Hayve – Collapse (feat. Imallryt) [Monstercat]
Levela – Elyse [Critical Music]
Lishtvan – XXII pt. 2 [VinDig]
M.O.T.K – Do It [Liquid Disco]
MAHAMI – Deal with It [Closer Music]
ManBearPimp – Zooty Cru (Revisited) [The Wave Cache]
Mantarrow – Nu Move [Ocaso Records]
Metro – Catalina Seed [Omni Music (UK)]
MidKnighT MøøN – Tinka [Deeper DNB]
Moderate Hate, Modertate Hate – Revolution [Black Monsta Records]
Molly McPhaul & G Mills – Waterfalls [Chillhop Music]
Mystical Sound – Hell Bells [Kos.Mos.Music]
Numb – Groovin [VinDig]
One Mindz – Looking For Love [DNBB Digital]
Plutonic Lab – Long Slow (feat. Olivier St Louis) [Low Key Source]
Psynchro – Musicolors , Angara [Axon Records]
Q100 – Platypus [Bass372 Records]
Ray Volpe – Mixed Feelings [Subsidia]
Rbchmbrs – Estrella [1432 R]
Sampla – You Abandoned Me [Sublow Digital]
Sarah Kitching & Adam Jasim – Lonely [Simplify.]
Solix – Immortal , Rage [Subway Soundz]
SOLR – All of You [Influenza Media]
Surge – Encounter002 [Hanzom Music]
Terk – Beliefs [Liquid Disco]
The Funk Hunters & Eskei83 – Hit Like [Westwood Recordings]
Trex – Dopamine , One Time [Trust Audio]
Tribeleader – Grime Master [Tribeleader Music]
Tribeleader – The Light Is the Truth [Tribeleader Music]
Tribeleader – Time Shift [Tribeleader Music]
Tribeleader – Time Wake Simulate [Tribeleader Music]
VA – Immersion Series Vol.1 [Occupy Sound]
VA – Spring Tube Liquid, Vol.13 [Spring Tube Liquid]
Viilhot – Drop That Shit [Gravitation]
Vxli & MoJoe – De – Stress [Chameleon Audio]
Wodd – 4th Dimension [Kannibalen Records]
Wood Cherry – More of You (feat. She Is Jules) [High Five Music]
Wubson – The Evil [Surrealist Records]
XXIII & Cadmio – wake [VinDig]

Electro House

Alterace – Junk [ALT Production Recordings]
Almirante Ramos – Volta (Remisturas)
Aragog Ivanova – Warmth City [YouTunez]
Arkins – New World [nowhere nowhere]
BADMOUTH & Justin Moreira, BADMOUTH – Run It Up
Bugra Atmaca – Indiana [Satsuma Music]
D-Mont – Bring Ya Rock [Some Record Productions]
DaniGarcia & Roberto Caldas – Low (Bootleg) [Mantra Music Rec]
Esteban Lopez – Silence 2k21 (Joe Gauthreaux & Leanh Remix)
Hamed – Morning Time [Revkon Records]
HypeMusic – Worlds Collide [DENAR RCRDS]
JM Blex – Locomotive [Dilematic Records]
K3WRO & Verox – Lost in Emotion [House District Records]
Kyrix & NoFace Records – Losing Control [NoFace Records]
Long Route – Tsunami [Musata Music]
Mocongo – Coffee Break [Depot6]
Mou5zyzz – Steady Blazin [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
NekoZilla – Insomnia [Baxtown Records]
Owl Vision – Exoduz [Comorbid Records]
Rutra – Take your Time [LoudX]
STEVENJAXX & Thousand Places – Our Love (Radio Edit)
The Maximus & Paultrixx – Crazy [Alveda Pulse]
VA – Power Fitness, Vol. 10 [Gysnoize Recordings]

Electronica & Downtempo

Abstract Silhouette – Healing [Mood Element]
Adon Nahar – Blueness [Six Sense Music]
Adon Nahar – Pure [Six Sense Music]
Afronti Shaweki – Orange Juice [Six Sense Music]
Ahmed El Shitawi – Dubai Vibes [Six Sense Music]
Aiki Tzato – Chill Vibes [Six Sense Music]
Aiki Tzato – Indian Memories [Six Sense Music]
Aiki Tzato – Night Chill [Six Sense Music]
Alderaan, Dario Duegra – Distorted Shapes [NODE Recordings]
Alessandro Cortini – Verde [MUTE]
Alex Somers – Siblings 2 [Krunk]
Alvin Drake – Voices In the Sahara [Exafyne]
amiDim – Agony. Scaenia II [Sikia-Ema Records]
Ashiri – Portraits [Six Sense Music]
Ashni Vari – Wild Spirits [Six Sense Music]
Bergsonist – EMOTIONAL [Platz Fur Tanz]
Bey Boo – New Era (Prod. By Ikki) [Clipper’s Sounds]
Black Dermot – Choirs [Six Sense Music]
Black Dermot – Fields [Six Sense Music]
Bosquemar – Integraciones #02 [Fertil Discos]
Bruno Gosselies – Chill Rhyme [Six Sense Music]
BUMPY – Mood Swings [Too-Chez]
Cass. – Ambient Music for a Young Girl [Growing Bin Records]
Chill Tenaka – Blue Lagoon [Six Sense Music]
Coout – Time To Believe [The Rust Music]
Cora Ellis – Piano Blue [Six Sense Music]
Cotton Mango – Flying Birds [Six Sense Music]
Coxie & CFORM – Need U [CForm]
Darlan Himashi – Gaya Energy [Six Sense Music]
Dave Baron – Nothing Lasts Forever [Mediterraneo Records]
DaveZ – Asmr Sounds For Relaxing Part 3 [DaveZ]
David Goldberg – Eurocore [Molten Moods]
Diamos Roll & Rusya, Diamos Roll – Rosecode [Ezhevika]
Die Braut – We Belong To the Sun [ScentAir Records]
DJ Beriba – Rubburn [Ledo Techno]
Dj Monst3r5 – Pa’ La Ex [Monst3r5]
DJ W!ld – Magic Fingers [The W Label]
Dr Cryptic – About You [Chip Butty Records]
Dream Lanterns – Sun Glitches [Chill Caterpillar]
Ecovillage – New Reality [Constellation Tatsu]
Eleanor Millis – Smooth [Six Sense Music]
Eleanor Millis – Synths [Six Sense Music]
Electronic Fluke – Photo Ghosts [Wonderfly Records]
Electronic world – Lost In Sequence [Behavior Recordings]
Emmy Koshi – Healing Mind [Six Sense Music]
Enaya Woods – Feeling Happy [Six Sense Music]
HYPOXIA LDN – A dead man in depford [LowerHand Records]
icnoa – Icnoa [icnoa Records]
Ilka Lichi – Destroyed [Grey Dome Records]
Infamous Heads – CMYK [Underground Avenue Records]
Intr0beatz – Today’s Courage [Mineral Records]
Iya Ko – Yallah [Mineral Records]
Jehan – La Fonk [Mineral Records]
Jim Janski. – Dark Light [Survey Static]
Josh Willz – I See You [GOTTA RCRDS]
Juan Carlos Principal – Mis Desvarios
Julian Skiboat – Flowers (Thoreau Remix) [Alt Vision]
Juno Mamba – Slow Malady [Soothsayer Rec.]
Just Skye – Pathfinder [Six Sense Music]
Klang Der Frequencies – Chill Happy [Six Sense Music]
Koh Atzko – Houston Springs [Six Sense Music]
Koh Atzko – Tender Feelings [Six Sense Music]
L,F,D,M – Dance Music Derivatives, Vol. 2 [Clan Destine Records]
LAMAFRA – Sht [Eniverse Records]
Leonardo Cappiri – Sweet Dreams [Six Sense Music]
Leonardo Cappiri – Tubar Bells [Six Sense Music]
Limitless Wave – Hope [WELLKRAUD]
Lost Control & Drawattention – Aegis [Beast Trap Records]
Lue Deupree – Fallen [Six Sense Music]
Luís Carlos Pinheiro – Mearim Grajau [Red Lotus]
Magistrater – Anhedonia [Magistrater]
Margo Fly – My Life [Spinnup]
Mari Dia – Ice Drips [Six Sense Music]
Mari Dia – Trouble Water [Six Sense Music]
Mark Dawdle – Spirit Evolution [Atomes Records]
Marlene Magnoli – Dimensional Goose [Ukiyo]
Martin Dramatic – Untitled [Freshtunes]
Metronomy & Anna Prior, NZCA LINES – The English Riviera (2021 Band Remixes)
Miranda Ocean – Spring Blues [Six Sense Music]
Modena Flow – Travel [Pe Fende Records]
Nother & Matilde Davoli – The Distance [ABYOND]
Noy Adair – Opening Flowers [Six Sense Music]
Noy Adair – You’ll Be There [Six Sense Music]
Nuka McRae – Afterglow [Six Sense Music]
Nuka McRae – The Moon [Six Sense Music]
Okwen Nokoyo – Coming Home [Six Sense Music]
Petrus Baran – Tyro [Via Del Sol Records]
Poolside – High Season (with Buscabulla) [Pacific Standard Records]
Primaudia Record & Mechanical Flesh – Tyrannus Machina
Punar Kohawali – Opening Ceremony [Six Sense Music]
Punar Kohawali – Seeds [Six Sense Music]
Redrum – Phases [SSKWAN]
Richard Castillo – Primitive [Film Vibes Records]
Romanski – Matter & Time [Wonder Music]
Ron D 8 Lim – Brotherly Love [Power Of Love Productions]
RUNN – Better (Acoustic) [Seeking Blue]
RUNN – Better (Remixes) [Seeking Blue]
RXXAN – India [Ultra89]
Saccades – Lady Blue (Peaking Lights Remix) [Fuzz Club Records]
Saeztti – Esplendor Artificial [Discos Aquelarre]
Sarah Shawnce – The Streets [Six Sense Music]
Sasha Primitive – Better [Seeking Blue]
Satel Light – Constant Stream [RDTR]
Shartif Makandi – Deep Sea [Six Sense Music]
Shartif Makandi – Horizon [Purple Dinosaur Music]
Shawn Kays – Tick Tock [Six Sense Music]
Shura – Blessed [Varkala Records]
Slow Valley – Pitch Black [Mineral Records]
Soire – Monograms [BEATZ]
SSIEGE – Meteora [Knekelhuis]
Stefano Patarnello – Summer Special [CENTRO STUDI TOFFLER]
Tales from the Creek – Dinami [Six Sense Music]
Tales from the Creek – Floating Boats [Six Sense Music]
The Polish Ambassador – Space Bacon [Jumpsuit Records]
TheSteveCraft – Black Midi [Artistfy Music]
Thomas Nordstorm – Nordic Landscapes [Six Sense Music]
Troels Hammer & Felix Kingo – Unique [Music For Dreams]
Tsaniki Hiraki – Floating Sea [Six Sense Music]
Turfu – Astrale nouba [Airfono]
Uhur Saik – Soundtopia [Six Sense Music]
Utop Tahir – Dancing Stars [Six Sense Music]
VA – Fruits of Resilience (Mixed By Ilyss) [RED REC]
VA – Ideal Rules [Mineral Records]
VA – Spring Come True [WELLKRAUD]
VA – Tu Alfa Y Tu Omega, Vol. 5 – Colombia [Clan Destine Records]
Xarissa Wong – The Woods [Six Sense Music]
Xian San – Peking [Six Sense Music]
Xian San – Shenzhen Blue [Six Sense Music]
Yellow Rat Kingston – Jamaican Chill [Six Sense Music]
Yonti Floko – Saigon [Six Sense Music]
Yonti Floko – Silence of the Monks [Six Sense Music]

Melodic House & Techno

A503X – 9 Fx [A503X Records]
Adrian Zenith – Mystery Inside [Hotmind Records]
Alt Control – Robot Berlin , Sweet 16 [Hey, Location! 2.0]
Andy Bsk – Together Again [PDD Tamed]
Balad – Existential [Natura Viva]
Ben C & Kalsx – Borealis [Teoxane Production]
Bound to Divide & Lumynesynth – Replace You [Monstercat]
Can Ergun – My Neighborhood [Babolim Records]
Cut Off & Robert Delaney – All the World’s a Slave [İam Cutoff Records]
Deep Inzhiniring – Changes to the Present [Human Dreams]
DeepBreath – Beyond Humanity [Razzer Records]
Deniz Has – Processor [SKULP MUSIC]
Duck Sandoval & Vale Sandoval – Viva Mexico [Kontact]
E.O.N, Hesham Watany & Al Nenni – Resurrecting Oz [Brilliant Audio]
Faro Alip – Above Talking [7 Vibes Journey]
Flourish AU – Tangled [Black Bubble Records]
Forty Cats – Color Textures [Monstercat]
Frank Von Welt – Nordish [Art Unnamed Deep]
Glass Heights – Bad Love [Ferocious Label Services]
Hector calypzo – Lost On Forest Album [ANALOGUE STRINGS]
Julius Beat, Madstring & Julian – The Return of King [Dragon Records]
Jumilian Kidz – Kalahari [PureCode Records]
Kiantek & Siaah, Kiantek – Divine Patterns [Grey Bar Hotel]
Kimishkez – Aggresive Man [Neonius Records]
Lightning Effect – Heaven [Mystic Carousel Records]
Luisso – Missme (Radio Edit) [Adventure Records]
Lunar Tone – Empire [Tropical Heat]
Lycoriscoris – Chiyu (The Remixes) [Anjunadeep]
Mantly – Atribut [Nature Is Pure Love]
Marco Bedini – Delorian [Unison Recordings]
Massane – Wild (feat. Colouring) [This Never Happened]
Massimo Logli – Cujam – Hatysa [Superba Records]
Max Cooper – Leaving This Place [Mesh]
Monotique & Inkd – Evolve [TheWav Records]
Mr Rog – Rain Drop [Rog Rec]
Nemila – Where Do I Go (Max Evo Remixes) [Figura Limited]
Nik_Tizzani – Out of Her [BASIC Music]
Old Guy – Fly High [Rebellious]
Phouz – Second Breath [Shadowy Records]
Sam Hendrix – Ocean Sunset [Late Nite Recordings]
VA – Progressive Goa [Compiled by Maxxim] [La Mishka]
Vito Raisi & Federico Alesi – Immunity [33 Degrees Fahrenheit]
Vivaldi – Golden Sunrise [DaCosta Records]
Wojmann – Vars [Sinners]
Wolk – Forever Seeking [K-Noiz]
Zaria – Eta Carinae [Revelation]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Amadeo Vozé – Sounds of Fiction [Vizionaire Records]
Animal Play Minimal – Minimal Arp [Irresistible Music]
Augustus – Don’t Sleep [Parrots Records]
Clark Davis – Endspurt [Hypnotic Room Japan]
Court, Mario Bianco – Distances [Roundans]
Cubex & Eric Schaich, Troopina – Small Talk Series, Vol. 22 Inspirations
Daan Steenman – Ecstasy [Airtime Records]
Daktari – Sugar Bob [Smash Bang Records]
Dani R & lauti mina – Villa Miami [R Records]
Daniel Sanchez & Nima Gorji – One (Morning Favorites) Remixes [Bla Bla]
DJ GIO.PO – Speed [Mystic Carousel Records]
DJ K.I.K.O. – Taboo [Klap Music]
EDO (UK) – Moulded [THANQ]
Esven – Apt 4d in Nyc [Priroslin Recordings]
Exxes & Alex Rojas – Brooklyn Nets [Not So Serious]
Ferum, Giampi Spinelli – Minimal Stories Vol.VII [No Ordinary Music Records]
Gabriloh – Out of This World [Global Music Records]
Get BH – Abcd [Bombga]
Immature – What the Funk [likeminded]
Jake Cusack – Flout [Funkdog Recordings]
Jizz – A day with you [Dots and Pearls Records]
Jorge Herrera – Walking [Bajos Fondos]
Jose Diaz – No Sleep [Just Be Music]
Koichiro Okada – Earthtone [Dewing Records]
Leo Christopher – Glitch [Not Allowed]
Luke Drash – We Play House []
MaSSive H. – Bad Year Started [TRIP and dream]
Mateo Bermejo – Wachufleiva 80 [Wachufleiva]
Mauricio Spencer – Digital World [Agua y Sed]
Michael Biti – Immunity X [Immunity X]
Michael Rosa – Why You Do [Fast Lane]
Millidiu – Breakingpatterns [ID Music]
MINT (JPN) – Its Alive [Fragments]
Nacim LaDJ – Advanced, Vol. 8 [Level One Records]
Never Alone In A Dark Room – Past Synth Leads [Wild Thing]
Odd Ones Out & Lou Flores – 141 Flushing Ave [Odd Pleasures]
Paluma – Britney [CIRCA TRAX]
Pedro Campodonico – Landslides [Run Records]
Pęku – Magnetic Wind [AMPED]
Pęku & Bluntac – By My Side Remixes [AMPED]
Pinney – Can’t Stop [Surge Recordings]
Raphael Mader, Stanny Abram – Down Under [TOKYO SINDROME]
Riccardo Ricci – MoskoSky [Chichi Music]
Robert Kaa – 07.16. [4 Quarters Music]
Roffe – Sauce [Bayres Label]
Roger Torroni – Lost in Drums [Lemon Juice Records]
Rupert Ellis – Crossed Grooves [Jambutek Recordings]
Stiven Escarraga – Vol 003 [Cee Music Limited]
The Unlocker – Borderland [Go On Trax]
VA – Remixed 3 [X-Osted Records]
Victor Polo – The Weekend [Blind Vision Records]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

Afro Image Band – Beakdance 2000 [BeachGroove Records]
Afro Image Band – Put the Keys & Turn On [Funky Sensation Records]
Andy Mate – Dance, Dance, Dance [Funky Sensation Records]
Andy Mate – Violins in the Wind [Funky Sensation Records]
Block Street Sound – Yellow Vibe [Funky Sensation Records]
Carlos Cmix & Carlos Greeg – Distmatling My Mind [JAM 21]
Chamba Sound – make me feel good [Funky Sensation Records]
Deepsan – Just Say [Maniana Records]
Disco Flutter – Gone , Believe Me [Bassmatic records]
Disco Secret – Arabian Sands [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Bathroom Suite [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Funky Disco Materials [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – I Want a Man [BeachGroove Records]
DJ FP & JACK.5 – Music in My Eyes [LABELGICA]
EOD – No One Knows [Deep Bear]
Erik Ellmann – DW044 [Discoweey]
Gaidaa – Let Me – A Colors Encore [colorsxstudios]
Halba x Foldino, Bleu Smith & ydn – In Love [Oyez! Srl]
Hector Lima – Need U [Birkin Records]
Indigo – We Told You [BeachGroove Records]
Ivan De La Rouch & Rams, Ivan De La Rouch – Bats [Espacio CIELO]
Jeff Cormack – Run (South of France Remix) [Staycation Records]
Kate Stein – Mystic Saddle Ranch [Playground Records]
Lime Chick – Your Body [Funky Sensation Records]
Los Fugazzi – Unpunctual [Richmerch]
Max Project – With Elon To Mars [Glitchworld Recordings]
Middlestones – Take Me to Paradise [Middlestones]
Mike Chenery – Thinking ‘Bout [Soulful Evolution]
Pantheon & Gelassenheit, Mike Rish – Together (Remixes) [Interfonic]
Ruby Skye – Colors [Embarcadero Red]
Syntheticsax – In the Rays of Sunset [Russiamusic]
Tokyo Groove – Blow My Mind [Funky Sensation Records]
Toxin Lash & Killervybez – Eternity (Summer Bounce)

Organic House & Downtempo

3C – Shadowplay [3345 Music]
Aktnuance – A Sneaking Ambition [Traumnovelle]
Amirite Amirite – Rainforest [JamLoch Records]
Apaj, Patrick Clifford – Rewind [Leveldva]
Botanicus & Shankar Shamir, Botanicus – Devaraja [Tibetania Records]
ELE & Skarú – Second Grind [Hug Records]
Emily Play – To My Space Again [emilyplay]
Formel – Lost Bells [All Of A Sudden]
I-One – Altai Pass [Cosmicleaf Records]
Igor Pumphonia – Glow [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia – The Finest [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia – Touch [ChillRecordsMusic]
John Junior, Peejay Vincent & Arty Violin – Vasilando [Paradiz]
Jose Ramos – Whithout You [Contrasena Records S L]
Kachelly – Volna [Bokesound Records]
Leo Martera – Evolution [Rebeat]
Lone Wolf – Night Sky [lone wolf]
Loveiscoil – Nuove Costruzioni Che Crollano [CollectiveAuthor]
Luca Giacco & Stereo Dub – Repetition [Music Brokers]
Madloch, Subnode & Pedro Capelossi – Vanilla Noise [Sound Avenue]
Mehari – Fame (Abstraal Romantica Vision) [MPH Music]
Namer of Things & Stefan Goodchild – Nof003 [Triple Geek Recordings]
Olivier PC – Time to Change [Mycrazything Records]
Pau Viguer – End of the Spring (Jjos Remix) [Contrasena Records S L]
Paul A. George – Cassowary Kids [Glitter Soup]
Pha Thal – Rain [ATASON]
Rainboy – Mintaka [Holographic Musik]
Style Project – Good for You (Krister Remix) [Music Brokers]
T-Puse & LennyTunes – Shuff [Cosmic Awakenings]
Tooker & Shawna, Tooker – Nang’o [Ouie]
VA – Amid the Waves [Nidra Music]
VA – Eclectic Dub Tuned [Mentaltunes Rec.]
VA – Home [Bercana Music]
Worldwithoutfear – The Wind the Waves [Kidwlaptop Music]
Yuul Kin – Nila [Kosa]

Progressive House

Adrian Zenith – Lost Connection [Hotmind Records]
Amigos del Mundo – Secret Paradise [Pink Flamingo]
Ant Roberts – Breathe [See The Sea Records]
Ayhan Akca – Purple Turtle [Dramatic]
Burned Fruitcake – The Search [EC2]
Christian Maestre – From the Darkest Depths [Park Limited Muzik]
Craft (EG) & Hazem (EG) – Hades (feat. Hazem (EG)) [TRIP and emotions]
Midnight Warrior – Canggu Skavenger [Shadytronic Music]
Mindskap & Krishno – Relentless [MINDSET]
Nelin – Reconstruction [Stripped Digital]
Nokto – Can I Dream [SAINT VIXEN]
Omar Nickel – Waiting For You [Chill & Let It Out Records]
Reggy Lem – When There Is Nothing [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Reptian – Voyager [DataTech]
RezQ Sound – Cruise [YoD Recordings]
Rianu Keevs – Despair Symptoms [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Heritage [Rianu Keevs]
Roam Freely – Temporal Rift [Future Avenue]
Roi Ferrari – Critical Process [Droid9]
S3KTOR & DJ Mandraks – Heavens Above [WTF! Music]
Sapienta – Live the Moment [Embliss Records]
SAVG – I Can Dream [Alphabeat Records]
Sebas Ramos – Manata, Pt. 2 [Estribo Records]
Son of Goa – Orison of Healing (Spiritual Deep) [Son of Goa]
Sonarus – Calamitous [Bodhi]
Stereolynk – Zephyr [Pangea Recordings]
Tim Penner & Gai Barone – Fade Away [Mango Alley]
VA – Clinique Sampler, Pt. 289 [Clinique Sampler]
VA – Dark Trax, Vol. 13 [Superordinate Music]
VA – Disappear of You [Vocapraya Music]
VA – Unique Series 5 – Anniversary [Golden Wings Music]
Valerio Bianco – Blanco [Radiola (IT)]
Vincent Roche – Fly High [One City Music Group]

Tech House

[one+1] & Camilo Gil – Le matin [Adult Only]
4mant – Break It (Radio Edit) [Formant Records]
500 Floor – Slip Away [Neologism]
Adriano Roveri – Rock the House [World Sound Trax]
AKURI & Mallada – Killa Back [LowFreQ Records]
Alan Beckdorf – Russian Train [Tune Nuxcore]
Ben Spalding & Ronald Christoph – The Ego Death [PuzzleProjectsMusic]
Big Gabee – Show Me [Pure Tunes]
BLACKVEL & Malik Mustache – Tyga Floww [Maze Records]
BORO – Don’t Mind [Bass Box]
D’Tenorio – Acid Dance [G-Mafia Records]
Depth Phunk – Repeat [VIVOR MUSIC]
Depth Phunk & Xenso – Groove Thing [Sonambulos Muzic]
DJ MAD – Number One Tech [Digital Wax]
DJ Skinny – Heart Rate [Future Society Records]
Elio Riso & Muter – Back That [Happy Techno Music]
Ender Royers – Me Phunky [Sugaro Music]
Fabio Spzz & Ken Rok, Fabio Spzz – Menostar, Vol. 96 [Menomale Records]
FDF – Everything I Want [THE KEY!]
Fonnz – Once Again [Fonnz]
Gabriello – Dance with Me [DRK records]
Genomig – Get Punchis [Banger Box]
Gianfranco Di Paola & Marke – Look My Way [Lemon Juice Records]
GIMBO9000 – Destiny [Just Be Music]
Giorgio Moroder – I Wanna Rock You (J.C.Fous De La Mer Remix)
Goma – Come Around [Doop Rec]
Guru Reza & Victor Romero – Guateque [Tanta Music]
GUSTAFF – Make Me Dance [ADN Records]
HeavySwing – Snowstorm [MusicMiill Records]
Heynric – Real Ly Beach [Reverso Music]
Hilton Caswell – Scratchin [AO (Artificial Octaves)]
Hitty – Smoke [Nocturnalist Records]
Jake Smye & Beate – Drive It [Subsolar Music]
Javi Borda – Crazy Mind [Strictly Records]
Jay de Lys & Piem – Intentions [Moon Harbour Recordings]
José Aranda & Ismael Molina Dj – OH [Elantris Records]
Jose P – Next Level [Array Music]
Jous Rick, Technasia – Bring It Back [Toolroom]
Kevin Andrews & Flaunt-It – Bad Bad Man [Twists Of Time]
Kevin Borges – Boldness [Freshly Cooked Music]
Lex Frequencies – Robert Talking [Little Insects]
Lexont – Tonight [Almas Music]
Lipous – Amnesia [Eleveh Records]
Loco Motiiv – Bassline [Tempora Records]
NoBreak – Crazy [Alphabeat Records]
Organica – B Natural [Space Tech Records]
Oryx (FR) & Sandro Srt – Bang [Feel Hype Black]
PARAFA – Dreaming High [Mar de Fóra Records]
Pawel Wadowski – Right Here, Right Now [M Code]
Pedro Gaspar – Bed Trip [Sweet Milk Records]
Pedro Panona – Calambre Mental [Happy Records]
Philip Z – Sexy Sexy [Friends Through Tech]
Q-Walker – Desert [Space Investigation]
Rankay & Uriah persie – Who You Are [Marba Records]
Roffe – Love [Carboware Records]
Rogerio Vegas – Republish (The Album) [ALL ABOUT MUSIC]
Roman Lars – Vulnerability [Vinebeat Records]
Sebastían Carreras – Pugliese [Cocoa]
Sir Francis – Thrown Out [Check In Recordings]
Sonarus – Kyem [Bodhi]
Sugartrane – Honey [DataTech]
Tech Us Out – Hold Up [Household Records]
The Hat Girl – On the Playground [Weeolino Tech]
Tim Davis & Bahia – Nobody Knows [ANA Records]
Tony Beat – Ending Everything [Retracker Music]
Twin Bros, Ernest Ragusa & Nicky Marotta – Casablanca
VA – Gleefreshing [Stammtisch]
VA – Selective Tech House, Vol. 40 [RH2]

Techno & Minimal

18 East & Arkatekt – Devil’s Breath
23.4 – Dub Fragments [OneSun Yellow]
Acutech – Disco Pulce [Technodrome]
Amazingblaze – Speed Tracks Vol.2 [Ismus]
Ambient Soul – Not Error [7th Cloud]
Amour Noir – Trinity [Unusual Records]
Amstra – Blissful Solitude [ERADYS Records]
Anna Bolena – Pandemoniak [Witches Are Back]
Antfactor & K-Tel Jenkins – Acidosis [The Seed]
Anthony Brahv – Disease [Ushuaia Music]
Apokryph – (C) Raving [Eremit]
Aske – Gnosis [Substratum Records]
ATØNAL – Came 2 Blows [Otium Records]
Chicago Loop – A New Day Breaks the Dawn [InDeep’n’Dance Records]
Cugar – Acid Storm [MTDN Audio Rec]
Cutoff_Sky – Gloomy Day [BMP Music]
Daiper Deeper – Garden Fairy [Stay Label]
Damne & Speed Mode – Lobster [De-Konstrukt]
dan palmer – Heavy , Doom [Machine Control Records]
Dark Smoothie – Break line [Trashz Recordz]
David Moleon – Animal Lust [Moop Up]
Deano (ZA) – Monomaker [Knowledge Imprint]
Demaklenco – Tarantella Techno [Montedo Music Production]
Derlich – Resistance [Zhark Recordings]
Destination Unknøwn – Fallen Angels [Sunora Recordings]
Destination Unknøwn – Karnak [Sunora Recordings]
Destination Unknøwn – Sonido [Sunora Recordings]
Desynchronized – 3Rr0R [Active Meditation Music]
Diego Amaro – Reincarnazione [No-Match]
Disrupter – Sound and Sand [Heaps of Love]
DJ Nasty Deluxe – Violet Sky [City of Drums]
DJWhaters – Knock Knock [DJWhaters]
Double Si – Summer Beat [Global Music Records]
Dragon Hoang – Degree [Intuition Recordings PT]
Dragon Hoang – Groove Group [The Black Wolf Recordings]
Drone 81 – Nachtprogramm [Groove Meter Records]
DRWNDSPDR – Malevolent [Aesthetics Records]
Duellist & Kenny Campbell – Slow Demise [Dissonanze Recordings]
Dyno – Isia [Dyrwalk]
EKKA – Ode to Purity [Introspective Rec.]
Emiliano Cassano – Desert Life [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Entoni Quartz – May Day [Rest Music]
iBOT – Distortion [SubStance_TechnoEssence_Rec]
Idnas Hyde – Flight Control (Part1) [Mismatch Music]
iMike – Bass 208 [Finder Records]
Innersection – Agnee [Innersection]
Joe Fisher – Fishing Box VII [Rezongar Music]
John Katzkan – Game of Ultrapong [Elektrobeats Records]
Jorge Ciccioli & Max Donato – Variants [Voices Records]
Juan Idex – Xkandalo [Winked Records]
K-Deey – The Riddle [Beenoise Records]
K3RSEL, KEIN – Elevator [Ultim Atom Records]
Katarina Ohalloran – Everything Is Possible [Toxic Recordings]
Kevin Villa – Decisions [Vector Functions Records]
LEAVEYOU – Tongue – Nima Tahmasebi Remix [World Nima Records]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Fuse Box [Electronic Union Records]
LEXT – Rear View Mirrors [Truc Record]
Lkas – Anaitat’s Way [Swiss Electronic Music]
Luca Cortellessa – Acid Techno [Techno Wood Records]
Luis Xander – Under Cold [Instinct Music Records]
Marcex & Hear us – Discount (Remixes) [Dark Mirror Records]
Marta Bertolami – Dysphoria [Milano Connection]
Mary Mesk – Desert [Mesk Records]
Matthew Creed – Hidden [Alfa Matrix]
Miguel Lima – Online [Delirius Steel Records]
Mike Jaguar – La Noche [Mimetic Music]
Mimy – Another Side of Story [Oyoda Recordings]
Miss Adk – Victim & Victimizer [Underground BeatCode Records]
Mixsa – Eru (Introspective Progression Mix) [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
Mr Brico – Surface [Rhythm Robot Records]
Mr. Mem – Hardware Breakdown III [Noiiz Records]
Ness – Trancemigration LP [The Gods Planet]
Niall Farrall – Hard Step [WLM Hard]
Niall Farrall – Pause…Breathe [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Nicolas Vec – Abnormal Reality [Keyhole Records]
Nokte – Bass Addict Records 10 [Bass Addict Records]
Old & Kid – Fucking Waved [Plastica Music]
Omega Drive – I Belive [New Robot Rec]
Ovium – Hidden Enclosures [Tlaloc Records]
Ozerov & Radiorobotek – Aerobika [Second Air Records]
Pablo Caballero & Tony Romanello – In Fall [Stickrecordings]
Padre El Ferenco – Ein Monster tanzt [tanz mich mal]
Patrick Arbez – Earth Deleted [Volume Berlin Records]
Pona – Anubispill [ERADYS Records]
R.Hz – Dub Ratio [spclnch]
Rakkatack – What [LETS TECHNO records]
Rave Syndicate – Global Death Cult [Hate Ministry]
Rene Park – Push It [Mellowave Records]
Renke – Harvest Queen [Clero]
Subtraum – Abstracto [Deep Division Records]
TANKHAMUN & Pablo Caballero – Dark Perception [Hypnotic Skull Recordings]
Temporary Permanence – Modur [Counter Pulse]
The Engineer – Rainfall [Daibutsu Music]
The Rocketman & D3FAI – The Present [3rd Dale Universe]
The Speed Freak – Rave Muzik 045 [Rave Muzik]
Thedtry & GUTA, Thedtry – Universos [Mental Schizophrenia]
Thulane Da Producer – Origi [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Thyme – The Great Noir [Sunora Recordings]
Tony Che – Dreamwalk [Invert]
Travek – Explorer [Monoloco Records]
Trotty Velasco – Something in That [Undgrd Music]
Trym – London Rave [ERADYS Records]
Ugo Anzoino – Anthem 2K21 [LETS TECHNO records]
Uto Karem & Hollen – Code Black the Remix [Agile Recordings]
VA – Beirut Will Rise Again [System Revival Recordings]
VA – Black 166 [Black Reverb]
VA – Courtoisyd04 [Courtoisy Records]
VA – ERVL001 [ERADYS Records]
VA – Hard Drive 18 [DSR Digital]
VA – Infinite Ocean [BAHN· Records]
VA – Monophon, Vol. 24 [Variety Music]
VA – Nine Style 2021 Vol.2 [09RECORDINGS]
VA – Nocturne Va.Level 12 [Black Kat]
VA – Sonic Textures 03 [Syncretism]
VA – SR100 [Árido Records]
VA – Synergy [Aedi Records]
VA – Techno Addicted Vol 16 [Techno Addicts]
VA – TGP Extra Series 2014 – 2020 [The Gods Planet]
VA – The Secret Remixes [Minar Records]
VA – Trivmvirate Back Slash 001 [Trivmvirate]
VA – WMC Miami 2021 Techno [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
VCI – Falso Redentor [Voltaica]
Venedetty – Modular Dispersion [Asphixia Records]
VII Circle – Warriors [Destroy To Rebuild Records]
Whaces – Techno Plantopia [Hessels]
Woktrax – Serious Darkness [Army of Darkness Records]
X6Cta – War Consolation [Technz Records]


7-Eleven – One of Two [Spin Twist Records]
Aeron Komila – Ocean Tide [Nu Communicate Recordings]
Alessandro Sansò & Victor Andro – Perseverance [Fatal Brightness]
Alex Al Onions – Alone in the Dark [Yavorovskiy Dark]
Anton By – Influence [Neostatics Sounds]
Atara – Proud Lsd [Solar Tech Records]
Audeeo – Maasai Warriors [Enterrec]
Chronical Effect – Ancient Dark Entities [Psy4Aliens]
D-Fault – Circuit Breaker [Radiation Recordings]
David Mayne – Mad Max [Progressive Vibes Music]
Deep Creation – Formas de Vida [Sonitum Records]
DGM – Arise [Nanostate Music]
District Solaris – Phantasam [Tremor Records]
Dj Rayne – Spaceship Assault [Energy Hard Espana]
Ebrax – Visions of Tomorrow [Upward Records]
Echos – Exodus 20 13 [Phantom Unit]
Ed Sánchez – Memories [Yeiskomp Leisurely]
Eds Dead – Evolved State [Progressive Vibes Music]
Elijix & PIRAMD – Love Me Now [Minus32]
Enkime & ZeiTrex – Fill Time [Let It Out Records]
Escea – Destiny [Nahawand Recordings]
Forza Duo – One Night In Lyon (Extended Mix) [Kinected Recordings]
Gisthead – Edge of Essence [Yeiskomp Leisurely]
Hizaq – District x [OUTSIDE STUDIO]
Hizaq – Get Ready [OUTSIDE STUDIO]
Indecent Noise & EverLight – Kernel Panic [Pure Trance NEON]
Inner Lux – Apophenia [Antu Records]
Introspective – Powerful Energy [Expo Records]
Jacob – Moody Night [Odiva Records]
Kasa Remixoff – Believe (Reconstruction 2k21) [Kasa Records]
Katari – The Dancing Clown [Butterfly Music]
Khoa Tran – Introspection [Abun-dance]
Madwave – Vooteta [Phoenix Recordings]
Mahaux – Litha [Ruda’ Records]
Mattuc Plex – Plastic Spastic [Hydrah Records]
Midnight Evolution & Mashbuk Music – Embody [Mashbuk Recordings]
Name In Process & Aran Project – Let’s Get Lost Together [NEA RECORDS]
Neava – Losing My Mind [Progressive Dreams Emotions]
OXIV – Echoes [TesseracTstudio]
Paranoid Project – Mushroom Trip [Shark Attack Inc]
Paul elov8 Smith – Best of Us [Ultima Audio]
Ricardo Guerra – Eternally (Extended Mix) [Liquid Emotion Recordings]
Scott Kearon – Take Back [KENGDIE RECORDS]
Shortwave – Karamay [TAR#138]
Snowface – Shamanic Tale [Joyride Recordings]
Step Inside – Lex [Eutuchia Music]
Sun Spot – Life In Motion [Sun Spot]
Tapestreamer – Desire [Tapestreamz]
Tapestreamer – Surrender [Tapestreamz]
Tom Reise – Dreamer [Yeiskomp Velocity]
VA – Exotic Paradise, Vol. 2 [Neostatics Essential]
Vadim Bonkrashkov, Natune & KWONE, MNBT – Life Breath The Remixes Part II
Yahel, Upgrade & Raz – Intelligent Life (RAZ Remix) [Regroup Records]
Yuri Yavorovskiy – Senja 2021 [Yavorovskiy Dark]
ZSD – The Source [Hypno]
Zumbo – Exceptions [Let It Out Records]