Afro House

Bilel Gargouri – Solo En La Playa [Wake Wood Recordings]
Da’iish Deep – Spiritual Healer (feat. MduvaTech) [Da’iish Deep Production]
Daniel Quevedo – La Selva [0212 Records]
DJ Disciple – Poles Apart (Laurent Schark Remix) [feat. Damilo] [Catch 22]
Dj Drift Franklyn – Soberano [ZK Music Records]
DJ Jarell – Walls [Cuebans Records]
DJ Randall Smooth – Crystal’s Cry (Smooths Deepsoulstripped Vocal)
Dr. Feel – Pula Yana [Afro Truly Music]
Fabrizio Delgarco – La Lolita (Splashfunk Remix) [Balearik Sunset Recording]
FabYo Gomez – Shadow [Mr. Afro Deep]
Fede Pironti – Sol Do Meio [Too Much Too Soon]
Francesco Almonte – Just Me [Mas Music Records]
Giorgio Bassetti – African Train [Sunclock]
Hever Jara – Shades [Latin Dutch Records]
Ian Justiniani – La Sabana De La Costa [The Warrior Recordings]
K.O.D & Tankie-DJ – Symbian [Sunclock]
Kususa & Dlala Thukzin, Kususa – Overtone [Sondela Recordings]
Lexa Hill – La Isla de Bes (Citarella & Mijangos 2021 Remix) [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Nkomazi Dreamboyz – Savika [Supreme AG Records]
Playtonik – Dance (feat. Cindy Leatame) [Impakt Musique]
Pueblo Curado – Sky Box [PLANE ARC RECORDS]
Pura Vida Blanca – Arlanza (Extended Mix) [Metropolitan Recordings]
Serj Ozerov – My Love [Soulbridge Records]
Sonikem – Late Night [Fines-lames Productions]
V-Cool – Spiritual Place [Me and Music Digital Distributors]
VA – 9 Years of Deep Resolute [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
VA – Afro House Instinct [Retrolounge Records]
VA – Secret Cuts Vol.3 [Double Cheese Records]
Zulu Dynamics, Ladi Adiosoul, King Bizza Keys & Thulane Da Producer – Mbokodo [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]


Al-Faris & Superfinger – Shout (Remixes Pt. 3) [feat. Genius Jane]
Arcturus – Ineffable [Shanti Planti]
Barchi – Oracle [Loop Soup Records]
Bert On Beats & Meri – Out of My Life [Piraat Intl.]
Blameful Isles – Eranikus [Urban Waves Records]
Burno – Satisfied , We Can [Hardcore Energy]
Cyclonix – Kaleidovibic [Amalgama Music]
David Corona – Infinity [Spektra Recordings]
DeeplyBlack – Space Timeless [Electronic Abrau]
Dovetail – Almost Like [DaCosta Records]
Fabrizio Monaco – South Side [Space Shuttle Recordings]
Face & Book – Hypnotic Tactics [Ravesta Records]
fleck E.S.C – Responsible Grown Up [Woodwork Recordings]
G.R. – AZALEAS [304 Music]
Good Trouble & Dialyup – Watch Yo’ Six [MMXVAC]
Kivema – Lockdown [ Records]
Mike G – Hands Up [Mixa Records]
Non Compliance – Time Lordz, Vol. 1 [Kut Off Records]
Orecch – Blueprint [Alien Records]
OZIA – Js4 [Glitch Hop Community]
Penner+Muder – Mothercity (Tom Jarmey Remix) [Suol]
Presidents of the Galaxy – Patrol [IndieSunRecords]
SellRude – Leviathan [SPACE PIZZA Records]
VA – Master Breaks [PROVOCATOR]
VA – Yellow Island 2021 [Yellow Island Records]
YNK – I’m Cool [Inferiae Records]


ABSOLUTE. & A Shadow of My Former Self – Wonderland [Skint Records]
Adon, Falko Niestolik – Moving On [ChillYourMind]
aihi – Say It’s Over [Airis Music]
Alex Keeper – Fight for Me [Loudkult]
Alfiya Glow – New Earth (Remixes) [Enormous Chills]
Alicher KhAAn & Shifterjaxx – La la Jamboree [R3sizze Records]
Andrei Simea – Summerish [Norvis Music]
Angemi & Shiah Maisel – Play Pretend [ChillYourMind]
Aytac Ozalp & Nickobella – Without You (feat. Albin Hasani) [LAB Recordings]
Becky Hill – Last Time [Polydor Records]
Besko Deejays – Chasing Stars (feat. Sehya) [Clipper’s Sounds]
Boston George (UK) – Lightwork [Supertunes]
Brandon Chandler & Santti – Only Love [Braslive Records]
Charles & Carmichael – Talk to Me [Purple Tea Records]
Christian Desnoyers & The Man With The Oranges Eyes – The Sign (feat. Iva Rii)
Christopher David Holmberg – Anthem [purple palace productions]
Christopher David Holmberg – Not Sure [purple palace productions]
Christopher David Holmberg – Take Me Home [purple palace productions]
Cumbia Killers – #Mienteme [Urban Club (LRM)]
Daledo – Guessing Is Useless [Day Dose Of House]
Danny Fervent – Lebensfreude (Remixes) [Mental Madness Records]
Dee Jay Sound – Running [FunkHut Records]
Deebiza – Take Me There [FLUFFY CHILL]
Den Harrow – The Best Of Den Harrow [Baby Records]
Devadoot – No More [WOOMPA RECORDS]
Dhitarinho – Hanya Untukmu [Double Circle Music Distribution]
Discofields, Roiyal & Erlando – Heart & Soul [One Seven Music]
Dishock – Dat Shit [Nyumba Records]
DJ Bouchenka – Love Parade (Klaas Remix) [SUPRSOUND]
Dj Emma – High on Music [unquantize]
DJ Kukza – Ha Mina Loyi [KnaN Music]
DJ Vartan & Techcrasher – Maybe [Which Bottle ]
DZYZ – Stop Me [Ghetto]
Emuh – Next Best Thing [Brooklyn Fire]
Eru – In the Air Tonight [G-Mafia Records]
Faruk Orman, Nito-Onna & Glamii – Payphone [Loudkult]
FHE – Part of You (feat. Haddaway) [Synth Pimpz]
Florian Cassiede – Take Me Away [Jendex Records]
Focality – London Hacks [Epidemic Electronic]
Forester – Symphony [Palm Tree Records]
Forever 80 – Pullover (Remixes) [Digital Village Music]
Gambagroove – Gambagrooves, Vol. 3 (Loops, percussions & rhythm grooves)
Grecio – Won’t Get This Back [Aorta Records]
Henry Neeson – Losing Soul [Gloamed]
HUTS – Windowshopping [Beat Dealer Records]
Iceage – Seek Shelter [Mexican Summer (EU)]
Ipanov – Greece 2000 (Dance Remixes) [Into My House]
James Black Pitch – Hinei Ma Tov [Into My House]
Jarah Damiel & Joy Baller – It’s True (Extended Mix) [Hoop Records]
Jasper Tygner – Kashmer [Needwant]
Jay Drezz – Be With You [Deep Strips]
Julien Jabre – Lost Again [elias]
kartmannsch – Ohne Dich [Artistfy Music]
KLEIIN & RAI – Like the Ocean [Day Dose Of House]
Kornél Kovács & RFSU – Szenzus [Studio Barnhus]
Lance Jnr & Lilly M. – Ngoma Yorira [KnaN Music]
Lil Meri – Machanic (feat. Lexxyphonik) [H3M Production]
Lino Tenerife – Ya Lel [Impure]
Lipless & Richard Walters – Streetlights [Loudkult]
Luka Mielke – Kick It Back! [Artistfy Music]
Mahout, Couche & Kelly Matejcic – Speak to Me [Loudkult]
Manuel Seith – Dancing Fool One [DIMASI Music]
Marlie Spectrum – Hold on to Me [GOTTA RCRDS]
Mars Pluto & Gek Sparro – Nope (feat. MODENA FLOW) [Pe Fende Records]
Matt Wills – Marry You [TGR Music Group]
Metano – Under Pressure [Ghetto]
MML-Crew – Seize the Day (feat. Scarlett) [RUN DBN]
MOGUAI & Dubdogz – Next to You (feat. Jasmine Pace) [PUNX]
Moodshift & Johnny Sibilly – Hit It [Moodshift]
Moscow on Keyz – Umphefumulo (feat. Treasured Soul & Bassie)
Mudskipper & Styward, Mudskipper – Partially Exhumed [Digidub]
Mystery Shopper – Warehouse Kawasaki [Menta]
Nadina – By Myself [KudoZ Records]
NATAN – I Cry [Lit Bit]
Old Generation – In Vacanza Con Me [Dancework]
Palmu – Housewife [Burn Down Records]
Philip Manning & Deparo – Harder [Enormous Chills]
Philipp Wolf – Hover [Places]
Pierluigi Di Prinzio – Next To Me [NEXIMA]
Pifaz – Move [Kibbutz Records]
Plastik Funk, Pajane & Salvatore Mancuso – Through the Night [Mixmash Bold]
Ponette – Nude [Seeking Blue]
Poxrucker Sisters – Horizont [Sony Music,Barfuß Records]
Pumpkin Air – I Like That [Black Boat]
Ragazza XXI – La Flor de Jimulco [Promesses]
Rakel – Nothing Ever Changes [Sony Music Iceland]
REYAH – Feels Like Summer [Artistfy Music]
Rob Drody – The Wave [Streets of Esher Recordings]
Salkin, Brais Orx & Ali Diane – Memories [Loudkult]
SAMMY & LESEN – Chasing Dreams [SAMMY & LESEN]
Sasha Primitive – Soon Night [PRIMITIVE LOFT]
Scotty – Take Me Away (Klaas Remix) [Splash-Tunes]
Seven Moon – Back2Back [Neverland Sounds]
Showtek – What Is Love (feat. Theresa Rex) [RCA Group]
Simon Sixx & DJ Rood – Midnight [ONLY THE BEST]
Solodchi Mix – Peace of the Sun [Venge Tranquil]
Sonic Scope – World [Neverland Sounds]
Sonny Vice & Joe Crazy – Over You [Sirup Music]
Spoiljack – Love Is on Fire [SPOILJACK]
Strekel – Tie the Knot [NSNTR Records]
Summit Biscits – How We Like It [Candybar]
Systematic – Upside Down [Energy Production]
The Scene Kings – Pumpin [Liftoff Recordings]
The Unnamed – I Don’t Care [CONTROVERSIA]
TheDjLawyer – The Pink Panther [Bruto Records]
TheDoDo & Bausa – Rockstar [Four Music,Two Sides]
THRDL!FE – Turn Me Up (feat. Johnny Drille) [3Beat]
Tigi – Level Up [ records]
Tom Boxer, Pacha Man & Richy B. – Papushica [Tom Boxer Music]
Tyla Yaweh & Loud Colors – High Right Now (Loud Colors Remix)
VA – Blog Summer 2021 [Ibrida Records]
VA – Set Live 3 [ROS Label]
Van Herpen – Hollywood [Panther’s Groove]
Van Storck – Falling Down [Spinnup]
VASSY & Bonka – Chase [Robbins Entertainment]
VIIIHOT – Fantasy [MNK]
Vinze – Right Here Beside Me (feat. JJ Bloom) [Up All Night]
Wav3motion & Anklebreaker – Away from Me [DWX Copyright Free]
Whales – Souvenir (feat. Dutch Melrose) [Monstercat]
Wolky – Stayin’ Alive (Remixes) [Black Boat]
Wolky – Sweet Dreams [Digital Village Music]
Yvrh – So Good [Frankie’s Kitchen]
Zaneti – Navigator [Neverland Sounds]
Zion Agreement – Amen [Chocs Pro Sound]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

A-Link – Human Biases [Miura Records]
Afrotone-SA – Ungi’ Shiyelani (feat. Kay-Divine)
Alex Harrington – Champion Sound [Great Stuff Talents]
Anthony Spallino & Aurelien Stireg – Ocean Depth [Alveda Deep]
AROM – Overthinking [TGR Music Group]
Audio Flora – Satisfy [Little Jack]
Bastian Rothballer – Stadtpark Mate [Scheppert Schlicht]
Black Fan, Greymatter – Tesla , Cuttlefish [Quintessentials]
Bodybangers & Giorgio Gee – Somebody To Love [Storm Music]
Bruno Barudi – Number 5 [Retrologue Recordings]
Camillus Furius – In Style Of [Feather Tones]
CTRL42 – Waiting [Worse Records]
D’vine Brothers & Dj Bakk3 – Lemme Groove [Dvine Brothers Music]
Dani Corbalan – Run Away [Cherokee Recordings]
David Zimmerman – faith hope LOVE [DOM Music LA]
Den Prückner – This Time [29 Deep]
DJ Icy – Imagine the Future [LDG Records]
Dj Jambo – Oud Dreams [Jambo]
DJ Silverado – Satellite [XDMC Records]
Dj Softman – Restless Minds [Dark Light Rec]
Doggy – Psyche [Mint Condition Records]
DRMGN – I’m Falling for You [Moments.]
Ds Cart – Just One Night [Priorities Sessions]
E.M.C.K. – Moon , Pyronano [Fukai Music]
Elan Fox – I Wish I Knew [Kommunity]
EVVA & Igor Pumphonia – MYSLI [ChillRecordsMusic]
EVVA & Igor Pumphonia – NEBO [ChillRecordsMusic]
F D FRAME – Ghosts [Vanguardias Sonoras]
Futureplay – Seco [Society 3.0]
Gaddi – Lies [Fine Business Music]
Gert-Jan Kleyne & Roy Gomes – Give Me a Bassline [Biometric Music]
Gioal – Renovable [What Now Becomes]
Goldhand – Rain Down on Me [LoveStyle Records]
Grush – Bageera [Ciuff Records]
hatmore – Y.m.D [Karia Records]
HOVR – Messy Memory [Dantze]
Ijan Zagorsky – Go Away [DeepShine Records]
Ivan Garci – Second Chance [Vlosfer Records]
Jesse June – Innocent Moon [ARTEMA RECORDINGS]
Jochem Hamerling – Stretch Mark [90watts]
John Gold – Heatwave [BeatCanteen Records]
Jose Vilches – Buddha [Zarabunda Records]
Juscalava – Captured Moments [Old Dayzz Recordings]
Karim Razak – Smooth Operator [Starlight Records]
Karz – Diving [Muza]
KastomariN – Selene [Sound of Soul Records]
Kastumi Komaru – Pole Dance [Old Planet Records]
King Felix & Switch – Queen Chanel [Topless]
KIZĒ – Hold On [Online Records]
Lacognata – Da Dreams [Stay Groove Records]
Lena Glish – Make It Through [2Dutch Deep]
Local Options, Saison & Kid Enigma – No Fuss Remixed Part 7 [No Fuss Records]
Love Studio – Weekend Deep [Marin Music]
Luke Hazell – Deeper [Hatch Recordings]
Lush Djs – Deeper Effect [Lush Life]
Maws – Lose Love [Munix Records]
MCG – Keep It Coming [Storm Music]
Meticulous – Percussion Overload [Infinite Xperiments Recordings]
miksklim – Let You Go [Loud Memory]
Moe Turk – In a State [BEATZ]
Molavie – Wasted Time [Road Story Records]
Momus, Momüs – Khoeli [Yamba Waves]
MonoJack – Three14 [Nomade Records (NO)]
Moonshine – Lost with You (Feat. Feldz) [Linc Music]
Mproenza – Sugar [MODULI]
Mr. MoudZ – Tell You Something [Storm Music]
NaughtyBoyzSA & The Inches Sounds SA – Techno 2
Neon Transmission – What Makes You [HouseBeat Records]
Nightly Closures – Once Again [Option]
Nour – Don’t Leave Me [DJ008 Records]
Nu Loop 4 – The Island Of Love (Sunset Mix) [Grooveless Recordings]
OneSelectiøn – You Got Me [Aero. Records]
PAAEEDS – Save Me [AHOLIC Family]
Paulo Kestrel – Salt [KOLE Records]
Recette Orientale – Poseidon [ImButcher Music]
Rianu Keevs – Deep Love [Rianu Keevs]
Sam Tyler – Wine Lips [Spiritualized]
Sencity G – Internal Search [Deepmode Records]
Seryoga Force – Fire In the Jungle [29 Deep]
Simon Newman – Not for Nothing [Attic Jam Recordings]
Skenna & Riigs, Skenna – You Look Like You [Manual Deep]
Snowblack 96 & John Dezvar – Let Me Show U [Aero. Records]
Steve Cass – Take My Hand [Storm Music]
SumSuch & Will Brock, SumSuch – There Comes a Time [Colour and Pitch]
Tankie-DJ – Mother Earth [Me and Music Digital Distributors]
Theore – Happier [EMIX Records]
Thomas Rincon – Dance Water [Old Planet Records]
Thulane Da Producer – Biggest Lessons [Rage Sounds & Media]
Tomas Sanchez – RetroWave [ContraPaso]
Toprak Baris – Keep My Distance [Candy Flip]
Trần Mai Anh & Chemist Dmitry Rubenovich – Ahead of All [DeepZone]
Trần Mai Anh & Chemist Dmitry Rubenovich – Call Me with Your Eyes [DeepZone]
Tukz Ancestral – Sababta [Simply Jemz Records]
VA – Hotline Miami [Road Story Records]
VA – Kollusion Kuts Volume 1 [Kollusion]
VA – Lysergic Acid [Flower Power]
VA – Modular, Vol. 41 [Re vibe Audio]
VA – Spring Moods, Vol. 10 [DeepWit Recordings]
VA – Whirwinds [Stereoheaven]
Vacca & Clover – You Know [Deep Fix Recordings]
Vadim Antonov – Smoke House [Ulysse Deep]
Wadie Benabdouh – Kosatka [Deep House Natural]
Waeldt, Ilsemann, Merboto & Fülllenhals – Supertruckk [WAELDT]
Workin’ Happily – Reach [Soulstar Records]
XNXX – Magic [Future Sonar]
Yaku means water, Julian Rhodes & Cristian Monak – Oonach [Beesound Recordings]
Zues Deep – Holy Temples [Rage Sounds & Media]

Electro House

A7rium – IHeardU (feat. Jomo Beats) [SonicBass Records]
Airyule – Machine [No Static Automatic]
AROT & Disnoktia – Goxpa [House District Records]
ArrowArrow – Think About You [DENAR RCRDS]
Atherys, Hurmat & Jack El West – Be Myself [Blvckbox Records]
Bangoverz – Hard Reality (feat. Melike Konur) [GRGDN Records]
Checco – Drama [Deep Bear]
Chris Notz – Wellerman [Analog Digital Music Notz]
Christopher David Holmberg – Lear Jet [purple palace productions]
Chrizz Luvly – Rider [Dreamdealers]
Claudia Marni – Happy [Indiefy]
CLAVS – Stamp [IMPVLSE Records]
Cleez – Last Night [Playbox]
CR3CS – Wild [Big Smile Records]
Cyrus Khan – Fire [Run Free]
DAAI – Restless Legs [Daai]
David Hazard – Nyc [Corpse Recordings]
Dirty Nice – Get In Your Head (Malkovich Ya) [Chiverin]
DJ Trevi & Mike Avery, DJ Trevi – Open 24,7 [CS Recordings]
Elestee – Vodca (feat. A.mole) [Dancewood Stage]
Emre Kabak – Race with Me [Satsuma Music]
Esto – Popaya Anggur [NSNTR Records]
Evil Orchestra – Thylacine Tasmanian Tiger [Evil Beat Records]
Exxall & Benster – Kids in the Town [Kibbutz Records]
Guido Berrino – Rosario [0420]
Haus Of Panda – OKAY GOOD [Brooklyn Fire]
Henry Neeson – Keshia [Satsuma Music]
J.S.Bagri – When the Dead Man Floats [Solemne Records]
Jayrob – Next Level [Mixa Records]
Jonas Schmidt – Ragnarok [Maxximize]
JUCAL Mx & ONNT3X – Rave Religion [Legion Records]
Julius Beat & Edison Ochoa – I’m a Mess [Dragon Records]
K1 & Dopplereffekt – Star Gazing [Puzzlebox Records]
Kaotix – Rave Tribe [Outrave Recordings]
Kayan Code – Ignite (feat. Lyd14) [Baxtown Records]
Killearn Ritchie – Get Back [Fresh Coast Recordings]
Konig – Substance Abuse [Webbed Records]
KzH – Poltergeist [Filthy Sounds]
Lusit – Polarity [Bavaria HQ]
Minos – Compose Urself [Abu Recordings]
MØRZEY – Dark Vibes [Satsuma Music]
Nocturnal Zen – Hot Room [Wiking Recordings]
Paranoid London – The State of That [Paranoid London Recordings]
Pha Thal – Fire (Extended Mix) [Atomes Records]
PNC RM – Lights [Ensis Discovery]
Ravek & Rek – Time Out [HOUSE VIEWS]
Rawkng – Valhala [Corpse Recordings]
RESLOG – Ocean [Run Free]
Rhodz & MYLK – Sidequest [Tasty]
Richie Haley – High On Dreams (feat. Diandra) [BIP Records]
Simon Sixx – Not Control [Musata Music]
STARX – Monster (feat. Tara Louise) [TurnItUp Muzik]
Trezz – Feeling High [Pocket Stars Music]
Umut Bahar – In the Club [SSL Music]
VA – Dragon Bombs! [Dragon Records]
VA – Next Gen Vol. 1 [Speed House Movement]
VA – The 3rd Anniversary [Medusas Records]
William Rizz – Back & Forth [Feel Hype]

Electronica & Downtempo

1RDREN – Vort1x [AK Cartel]
Accor – Saxo [Spitfire Music]
ADELAIZ – Lost [Cala Bassa Records]
Alex Hoevelmann – Reunion [YION]
Alex Klein – In the Mood [Dream Diary]
Alex Tronic – Wax (Instrumental) [Alex Tronic Records]
Alicia Tacoronte – Breaking Beats [Sonido D Club Records]
Allan Brodway – Rave In the 90s [THEDAMNYES Music]
Andy Craig & Lisa Moorish, Moses Murphy – Chill Out the Jams [Shivar]
Andy der Glückspilz – Ob seelisch oder Fleisch [Ask Music]
Anton Svetlichny – Industrial Wastelands [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
Anushka – You Mine [Tru Thoughts]
Ara Coiset – Theta6 [Loco Drum Records]
Ark Patrol & Late June, Phantoms – Let Go – Remixes (feat. Veronika Redd)
Astronaut Ape & Translippers – Highland River [Cosmicleaf Records]
Aura Gaze – Sky Mind [Aural Canyon]
Bad Colours – CMYK (Jamal Dixon Remix) [Bastard Jazz Recordings]
Billion One, The Golden Vortex – My Favorite Ghost [Samplefriends]
Bkgd Audio – Sufi Service [Sweat Equity NYC]
Black Deer – Melodic [Verge Of Tears]
Black Paper – No Calls Received [ForArt]
Boisterous Men – Ja Sam Taj [Feel Decimal Recordings]
BPMoore – Hold Your Own [Rhodium]
Broken Peak – Meadows [Valley View Records]
Brook Line & Modern Men – A la conquête de la France [Mouton Noir Records]
Caro C – Dreamers for Elisa [Caro C]
Cathode Ray Tube – Who Woke the Demons That Broke Down the System
ccctyyy – Reappearance [Tax Free Records]
Cenizacromada – Falsos Profetas [Days Without End]
Cheb Miaou & Shermar – So Far Gone (Bad Architect Remix)
Chris Liebing – Whispers and Wires (feat. Ladan) [MUTE]
Cookiee Kawaii – Relax Your Mind [The Cookiee Jar , EMPIRE]
cvbox – XB-VCO [Uncanny Valley]
Damiana – Sunken Lupine [Hausu Mountain]
Danny Goliger & Sensor, Danny Goliger – Meaningful Pursuits [Fantastic Voyage]
Danny Ozark – Highs & Lows [JamLoch Records]
David Wright – The Lost Colony [AD Music]
DB Armitage – Lovelow [GIVE,TAKE]
Deathpact – SPLIT ,, PERSONALITY, Pt. 02 [World Record Recordings Intl.]
Deltacut – Caterina Barbieri [Pitch the Noise Records]
Dive Index – She’s Exploding (feat. Natalie Walker) [Mike Lindsay Remix]
DJ Dr. ALEX – Samba Electro [Apollo Happening]
DJ Jordan, Hollie Hedges – Positive Vibes [JamLoch Records]
DJ Pantelis & Nick Saley – Unexpected Lovers (feat. Ikonnya) [Synthetical Records]
Dustin Lefholz – Uptick [Digital Vapor Music]
dv,sn & Ray Ben Rue – Personal Touch [Yellotone Music, LLC]
EGBO – TWoD [Extended Records]
Electronic Fluke – The Slightest Gesture [Wonderfly Records]
Ember Glow – Sleep Waves [Sky Waves]
EMKR, Stefan Bors & Faahsai – Solar [Intensity Recordings]
Emotn – Sitting Under a Tree [Nu Chill Recordings]
Eon – Sanctum [onesevenfour]
EyeMad – Open My Heart [Clipper’s Sounds]
Fabremar – Last Forever [Phoenix Found Records]
faintface – Intro [LNG Records]
Feirn Laun – Thyme [Wout Records]
flipperbloom – Robot the Traveller [flipperbloom]
Forever 80 – Do What You Like (Alternative Mix) [Urban Tunes Records]
Fresh Prince – Filter [JamLoch Records]
Future Beat Alliance – Primordial Sky [Reward System]
G.A.S. & Noa – Senti la cassa [Workwear Records]
Gadget – Grafting [JamLoch Records]
Gary Rees – Southwest Passage [Triplicate Records]
George Dare – Sudore [Artistfy Music]
Gilberto Samba – Garden of Eden [JamLoch Records]
GreatAudioRecorded – Titanomachy [picturesque.]
Groke – Paradise Lost [Mad Zoo]
Hartronn – Break Habit [Bass Box]
Helene Vogelsinger – Reminiscence [Modularfield]
Hesh & Oliver Si – Schatz [Initiate Records]
Holeg Spies – Supramyth [Liquid Sound Design]
Holswarth – Morning Forest [Forgotten Dreams]
Humbaba – Wellbody [Trancesylvania]
Hybrid – Nails [Distinctive Records]
Hylu – Latent Variables, Vol. 1 [Unit 137]
Ian Webb – Take Me Home [Spitfire Music]
Ikaru – Kavim (Mercan Dede & Dexter Crowe Remix) [Gülbaba Records]
India Jordan – Watch Out! [Ninja Tune]
Insect O. – Landscapes, Loops and Low Pass Gates [ETUI Records]
Isak Dahling – Stay with Me (feat. Danny McMillan) [TGR Music Group]
Jason M Norwood – Optics [WEATNU Records]
JDee – Algo Natural (feat. La Fusión) [Mh Musik]
Jem Stavros – Mpalanta [Tribu H]
Jen Perr – Salania Project [Spitfire Music]
Jerez – Your Lady [Spitfire Music]
JJ Limehouse – Come As You Are [JamLoch Records]
Joaquín Cornejo – Morning Eyes (Hermanito Remix) [Ad Hoc Records]
Joe Smokes – No Limit [JamLoch Records]
Johnny Golden – Teil vom System [Morning Sun Records]
Johny Grimes – Runnin [High Five Music]
Jonas Kopp – Technocracia [Osmosis]
Justrat, Negastiv – Remix [Plipki Records]
Kako Martinez – London Black Movement (Charles Leiv Remix) [On Work]
Kamala – Sister [Kiribati Records]
Karter – Surrender [Via Del Sol Records]
Kavari – If the Benign Was to Ever Be So Pure [MELD Records]
Koreless – Black Rainbow , Moonlight [Young]
Kroki – Underwater [Kayax Production & Publishing]
LANTAO – Distorted Room [WEATNU Records]
LANTAO – Let’s Stay Together [WEATNU Records]
Lau Frank – Born Jazzy [Jazzea Recordings]
Laura Greaves – Into the Dark [Circus]
Les Winner’s – Deepness Electric [ACF Production]
Lomate – 12 [Lolou Records]
Low Key Trampoline – To Forget Ourselves [Whole Story Air]
M Knowledge – Tfila [Azbuka Deepa]
Maffmatix – Shelter [SHRELL]
Manuel Seith – Dubbie [DIMASI Music]
Marius Circus – Just Like That [In The Garden]
Markuz – A Loss [EMIX Records]
Marnage – You & Me [Night Vibez Records]
Marquee – People Looking at Them [XCM Records]
Martin Jarl – The Forest Knows [Secret Domain]
Max D Milford – Ether [Wonderfly Records]
Max Ryper – Coming Down [Beast Trap Records]
Maxx Parker & LAU – Drown Your Sorrow [Aztec Records]
Methyl Ethel – Neon Cheap (Lauer Remix) [Future Classic]
Metronomy & Mr. Mitch – The Bay (Mr. Mitch Remix) [Because Music]
Mike D’ Jais – Lovers [Different Twins]
MNKN – No Signal [Kycker Electronic]
Mr Thruout – Push me deep (Alberto Tagliaferri Remix) [Performance Label]
Mykola – Isolated Bitch [Spitfire Music]
NaNNa Robot – Contentment [Nuit Blanche]
Nick Monaco & Dave Marston, Nick Monaco – ORIGINS [UNISEX]
Night On Wish Mountain – Clairvoyant [Bishops Bloc]
Nuclide – Muse [BlockFour Records]
Overmono – If U Ever [Fabric]
Ownboss, Krieger & Moonphazes – Strange Love [MGR Music]
Oxtek & DeckHouse – Go Again [AMPLE RICH RECORDS]
P-Sol – Quiet Hours [Wall Of Fame]
Palms Palms – Plant Serum [Otake Records]
Paolo Del Prete – Game Beat (Roberto Albini Mixes) [Mastercut Records]
Paolo Del Prete – To Be (Stefano Tot & Enzo Cassini Edit Mix) [Mastercut Records]
Pele Pablo – Out of This World [JamLoch Records]
Perry Frank – Nebula [Valley View Records]
Peter Pearson, steven Solveig – Peter Pearson Meets Steven Solveig
Peter Ries – After Dawn [Sky Waves]
PneumaSphere – The Singing moons of Qhushlicentroviix [Rites]
Polukary – Peaches [Lolou Records]
Populous – Pietre Roventi [La Tempesta Dischi]
Proa Deejay – Heartbreak [Spitfire Music]
Rahat – Sunlight [Kerala Records]
Ray Mond – Night Boarding [Globalismo Music]
Reno – ÀlaMaison, pt. 1 [Happy Life Records]
Residentes Balearicos – La Musica [Archipelago Records]
RETE – Temporal [Dasa Tapes]
Richill – Who I Am [Spitfire Music]
Robert Holzberg & Anton Boguslawski, Robert Holzberg & Hix – Fire & Ice [YouTunez]
Ryan Crosson & Kenneth James Gibson, Ryan Crosson – Monoceros [NFI Recordings]
Safby & Orchestra – Reassessment [Pacific Melody]
Sammy Peralta – Electric Shock [Funkatronik Music]
Scoom Legacy – Voices [Annuna Music]
Shades of Thunder, Powernerd & Edictum – Laidback Lane
Shrii – Echo [Deep Bali Records]
Shympulz – Spacetime Jump [Shympulz]
Significant Other – Oblivion [anno]
Skytechnic – Waiting for Changes [RDTR]
Slim Vic – Dagens Dubbel (feat. Dub Margareta) [Lamour Records]
Somervail – Wait [Somervail Music]
Soulier – Therapy [Soulier Music]
Sven Miesner – Soaring [Facetten]
Sybe – Sorry State [Assist For Artist]
Theo Chillcott – Nightly Nuances [JamLoch Records]
Third Son – Kortisin [Polymath]
Tiia – Impressions [Yalong Bay records]
Tinnitus – TrES-2b [Ease Division]
TOBSIK & New Northern – In Your Arms [ZEROCOOL]
True Peak Limit – Carriages [Mesh]
Tuxa – Loving You More [MLP Music Label]
Tyema – Hetleipa 1R [Oyoda Recordings]
UNIT KAI – Breakthrough [Alpha Pup]
VA – Chill Out Occasion, Vol. 4 [Paradise City]
VA – DDSC, Vol. 1 [Dream Diary]
VA – From Within [Symbiostic]
VA – History Is Prelude [ASTIRchill]
VA – LOFI Love, Vol. 1 [WayOn]
VA – LOFI Love, Vol.2 [WayOn]
VA – Love of Spring 4 [Blue Flame Records]
VA – Organic House – Space Organic [Pino Music]
VA – Tales of Time – Chapter 2 [Juicebox Music]
Veiga – Run It [Spitfire Music]
Vifak – Moments [Inkognito Records]
William J. Canning – Love Tipped Wings [Burning Rose]
Woodleigh Research Facility – Vernal Invocation [Facility 4]
Worriedaboutsatan – Providence [This Is It Forever]
Xordox – Omniverse [Editions Mego]
Ylva Falk – Honey BB Love (Nodey Remix) [Johnkôôl Records]
Yo Speed – Stay With Me [TGR Music Group]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

AK – Back Again [Monstercat]
Beatloud – Showtime [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Bru.V – Coming Back [NightChild Records]
Dan Laino – Won’t Do (2step Mix) [Friday Rush Records]
Dan T – Pick Yourself Up [Captum Records]
FooR & Bar Li – Rum Woman [Garage Shared]
Matt Jam Lamont & Echelon (UKG) – Something Real [Undagrnd Freqz]
Oldboy – Keep It Locked [Reloaded Sounds]
Ryuken & Mutya Buena – The One [Upcycle Recordings]
Soulecta & Leanne Louise – Something About You [Garage Shared]
VAMP – Dollars [Yosh Pit]
Wulflock – Head Spinnin , All Set [Crucast]


Alden Edwards – Gentle River [SMG Publishing]
Alex Amaro – In Soul [Brooklyn Fire]
Ali Ghieri – Losing Control (Miami White Remix) [K-Noiz]
Anatoliy Nesterenko – Night Dialog [Richy Records]
Andrew Foy – Peaches [Opposition]
Andy Ztoned – Loosing [Muzenga Records]
Angel Rodriguez – Never Go Back (Angel Rodriguez One Year Remix)
Angelo Ferreri – What Choice We Have [Bunny Clan]
Apex Jusen – Heavy Cargo [Grind Hard Music]
Arena & Noone – Lágrimas Negras [AREA 94]
Argonaut – Feeling Great [EnVogue Records]
Aryue & Moji – Lambo [Revealed Recordings]
Astro – Into the Past [Lost Palms]
Atelieur du Soleil – Wake up Everybody [Pocketlounge Records]
Awellcii – Sorry For [Dragon Records]
Azawi – My Year [Swangz Avenue]
Ballistika – Let the People [Bodies In Motion]
Baltra – Work (It) Out [Local Action]
BASSHUGGER, Klipr – Slap That [PYRO NXT]
Ben Rainey & Michael Walls – With You [Which Bottle ]
Benfay – Pretty Wasted [Nivispluma]
Bergwall, Terri B! & Marc Staggers – Never Give Up [Koolkutz]
Big Ever – Otto [Incienso]
Big Thief – Live at the Bunker Studio [4AD]
Bignoise & Yvvan Back – Try Again (feat. Gladiah) [Riversilvers]
BLACK,WHITE – Make Ya Move [Check In Recordings]
BLACKVEL & Hadart – Watch [House Mag Records]
Block & Crown – The Ultimate Jackin’ Weapon [Rawtone Black]
Blue Peach – My Future [Pocketlounge Records]
Bomel – Shame [AOC Records]
Bruno Barudi – You Are Not Alone [Retrologue Recordings]
Buddy 86 – Agua Clara [SUBE Records]
Cavallieri – Let’s Take a Time [Elevation Music Records]
Cave Studio – My Own [Terminal Underground]
Caville – Krzykiem [Kayax Production & Publishing]
CeCe Peniston & Steve Silk Hurley, Sharon Pass – Zonum Classics (S&S Remixes)
CEV’s – Occult Art [Ohmelya Music]
Chemical Modulation & Moritz Schippers – Marking [Rehabilitation Productions]
chilledlamb – To Study [Chilledlamb Record]
Chris Galmon & Andy Ztoned – Life Line [Paranoja Records]
Criss Hawk & Simone Bardelli – Sunshine Groove (feat. Tommie Cotton) [B Club Milano]
CRISSY.P – So Much in Love [Open House Records]
Curol, Nivek & Sam Ferry – Kikiki [Lemon Drops]
Da Funk Junkies – Meant to Be [No Definition]
Dallien – Move On [Loud Memory]
David Blackman – My Eyes [Rupture UK]
DavidDance – Shadow [House Freedom]
Deekrai – Break Your Heart [Darling Music Group]
Deepflected & Disco Pinz – Rock the Disko (Club Mix) [Deepflected Music]
Delistic – The Hammer [Bubblegum]
Dhar V, Todd Edwards – Mystery [Afterave 74 Records]
DJ Eibhlin – Got Me [Cube Recordings]
DJ Frankie P & Ciuffo – On the Sky [Black Trad Music]
DJ Midimack – My House [Mack Tracks]
DJ SGZ – Trouble (feat. Nina Provencal) [Cacique Records]
DJ Suzmo – I’m Gonna Miss You [TV Showw]
DJ Threejay – After Midnight [Dubstar Recordings]
Doc Link – Jim Brownski [Sunrising Records]
E-Sound – Told You So [One Seven Music]
Ebin Augustin – Alarm [SoulZ Records]
Electrick City – Temperature [Chemiztri Recordings]
Elohim & Big Freedia – Strut [Elohim Music]
Encrypted – Kill Switch [G-Mafia Records]
Erdem Ozkan – Happiness [Re-Fresh Music Turkey]
Erik Sibelle & Darian Crouse, Van Luco – My Five Selections Vol 1
Farrah & Osins – Omen [Jadu Dala]
Flo.Von – Want It [Terminal Underground]
Fulavieri – After Life [Pocketlounge Records]
Glass Petals – All Night [IN , ROTATION (Insomniac Records)]
GROWL – Future [El Fortin Music]
Gryfo & Toki – Jungle [Dancehall Diamonds]
Happy Feelings – One Night in Amsterdam [Happy Feelings Records]
Henrik Villard – PS I Luv U (Remixes) [Mhost Likely]
Holt 88 – Steel , Who’s Bad [Dtuned Records]
Hotswing & Liz Hill – In My Mind [Mother Recordings]
Hott Like Detroit – Picnic in Space [Aether Recordings]
Iain Howie – Patterns [0110 Records]
Ignatius – These Times [Envy Music]
Indigo Rogue – They Still Reminisce [Turtle Wax Recordings]
jACQ – No Matter What They Say [Wh0 Plays]
Jairo DJ – Groovy Old [FederFunk Family]
Jakadam – Drop the Bass [DaCosta Records]
Jake Hynes – Without Me [Blindsided]
Jay Caruso – That’s All I Do (feat. Davide Labbate) [Stereocity]
Jay Kay & Mark Jackson – System [De-Funkt Recordings]
Jihell – Poly Love [Brique Rouge]
Jose Vilches – Hause healed me [Sonambulos Muzic]
Joshua Cooke – Hold On to Me [Big Boy Beatz]
Joshua Cooke – The Drama [Big Boy Beatz]
Jowy – Let’s take it back [kookee records]
Joy Bell & One Way (CH) – Triangle [DREZCODE]
Julian Calor & She Is Jules – Deep End [Monstercat]
Juliet Sikora – Diva Disco [Kittball]
Just Fran – Keep It Groovin’ [We Are Phonik]
K1ng – Stan Smith (feat. Zalika King) [Londiniumrecords]
Karz – Longing [Muza]
KATO – Left Right [Skink]
Kaval – Surdo [Kaval]
KÉDU CARLÖ – Let’s Get to It [Kartel Dance]
Klangfarbe Blau – Venus Alive [ZMMN Entertainment]
Kobes – Super Bomber [Crown Of Music]
KOLORY – Szorty [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Kristian Arango & Sergio Angel – Como Te Sientes [Sweet Karma Inc]
KVPV – Wonderland [KVPV MUSIC]
Kyle Kollins – United Together [Chill Caterpillar]
Ladybird – Passionate People 2 [Passionate People Recordings]
Latino – Madara [SMEC]
Lenny Braam – Bermuda [Chill Caterpillar]
Leon Skeptic – Good for Nothin’ [Yellow Rhinestone Records]
Leotrix – Honesty Trax [Night Mode]
Liax – Away [Meet Records]
Louis Feen – Level Up [DOT Dance]
Ma.Bra. – Inside [Clipp.Art]
Mad Hed City – Rough Jj Rough [Mad Pak]
Madison Real – We Got Love [Creationz Records]
Malina, Soundland & Gino Manzotti & Maxx – Moonlight Shadow [SDL Music]
Mantly – One Love [Marylebone Records]
Marc Benjamin, Moonway & Chacel – Lovin’ You [Future House Music]
Mark Dawdle – Outward Journey – Fly with Music [Atomes Records]
Mark Faermont – I Got To Know [78 HAUS RCRDS]
Martin Badder – So Close [Love & Other]
Martina Budde – I Can Fly [Deep Firehorse 66]
Matias Sundblad – No When You Lie [PPMUSIC]
Matt Crisis – 90’s [Gold Deeper]
Matthew Herbert – The Way [Accidental]
MATTNEZZ – Moonlight Love [Clipper’s Sounds]
Max-A-Million – What You Do [DJ International Records (2020)]
menomale – Luna Park [Oyez! Srl]
Mi Ni – Tulum [Crown Of Music]
Michael Sparks – Kuju [BARCODES]
Miki Zara – Never Forget (Soulful French Touch Remix) [More than House!!]
Mirko Dee – Show Your Love [True Deep]
MoreCause – Stop the Nonsence , Say It Again [Muziek Colours LTD]
Mrfleamino – I Need Your Love Now [Nu Disco Deep Records]
MRGN MAAR – Rewind [AK Cartel]
Mykee Phunkee – Nothing Else Matters [B Phunkee Music]
Newsboy – Wait [OXGEN]
Nhyx – Rive droite [Pavillonn]
Nick Harvey – Jack Is Here [Rejoin Records]
Nicola Nisi & Loris Altafini – Blue Note [More than House!!]
Nombuso Busakwe – Sisamile [Gobz Nogwaja Productions]
Obtteck – What [Deep Bear]
Odd Chap & Sonia Elisheva – On the Run [Electro Swing Thing]
Oli Harper & Andrea Brown – Inside of Me [One Seven Music]
Oscar Gs – Thank You [4 To The Floor Records]
P O N ¥ – Safari [La Valigetta]
Paul Cutie & Silvano Del Gado – Calenda [Workwear Records]
Paul Francis – This World [Coconut Grove records]
Paul McCabe – Sunrise [13 Records]
Paul Parsons & Bronx Cheer – Who the Hell [Tall House Digital]
Pedro Cañas – Minimal Pop (feat. ST.ARY) [Midtown House]
Peter Luts & Basto! – Nebula [Voyager Records]
PHE & Harmony – Breakfast for Champion (English Remix) [Basshall Records]
Phil Phauler & Aleksandar Vidakovic – Islands In The Sky [1st Strike]
Pink Beaches – Two Night [Chill Caterpillar]
Pull n Way, LEROCQUE & DSM – Temporary Fix [PM Recordings]
Red Giant Project – Outside the Lines [Muti Music]
Reggio & Thyse – Harder [Revealed Recordings]
Rene Rodrigezz, Martin van Lectro & Patrick Metzker – Like This [#Lectronation]
Reno Renatama – Jazzy Fox Remixes [Love International]
Reverend Mitton – Rainbow Sherbet [Depths Of Heaven]
Reynes – Mono Memory [SITU Records]
Rovedy & Wolfrage – 7th Roof [Wolfrage Recordings]
Rubber People & Harvee – Wanna Dance [Safari Music]
Sakari – Money Can’t Buy Style [East London Bass]
Salvatore Vitrano – Emerald Groove [Boogiemonsterbeats Recordings]
Sami Dee – Dirty Jungle Rhythms [The FUTURE Digital]
SASHA MALIS – Stole My Eyes [Sound Explosion]
Sebastian Murox & Kashwell – Se Acabo El Amor (feat. Leidy Moon)
Second Guess & SK – 3am (feat. Albzzy) [About Last Night]
Senior Angelo – Nobody Like You [Deep Territory Records]
Simeon Clarke – Get That Acid Kid [Dog Wax]
Simon Dager – Wanna Move [RUVA House Records]
Simon Fava & Yvvan Back – Vagabundos [Enormous Tunes]
Simon Kidzoo & Elliot Fitch – The Reason [Toolroom]
Soda – Help Myself [Soho Music]
Softmal, Lucenamusic & LLølita – Sing It To Me [Sunset Disco]
Sounderson – Jack Name [Late Night Jackin]
Sparrow & Barbossa – Stay [TurnItUp Muzik]
Stefan Groove – take me higher [Death Star Records]
Stefan Thomas – Get With You [Crossback Records]
Steve O Steen – Houz [Juiced Music]
Super Disco Club & Birdee, Super Disco Club & Sgt Slick – We Are One [Vicious]
Sybranax & rshand – Phantom [Hydra Music Records]
Tanzil – Save Me [BBX Music]
Teaman – Wine [Black Boat]
The Accountant – Roadside Dream [Eyethought Records]
The Fish House, Mylo & Kaoru – Break Necks (feat. Fame Faiellla) [FEATURE]
The Shadow Kings – So Beautiful (feat. Lee Wilson) [Dallinghoo Recordings]
The V.O.C. Other – Absorbed [The Other Side Of V.O.C.]
The Wooyko – Above the Sky (feat. Marce Smith) [Rainbow Music]
Tjalling Reitsma – These Four Walls [Verdana Music]
Tonte Concept – Stuck [Nymphony Records]
Turdus merula – Summer Coquetry [SoftSet Records]
TWENTY SIX – Masala [UFO Recordz]
TYCE & NoFace Records – My Meaning [NoFace Records]
Umaedo – Push (feat. Mr Dave’s) [noir sur blanc records]
VA – 5Y Heideton, Pt. 2 [HR05YP2]
VA – 5Y Heideton, Pt. 3 [HR05YP3]
VA – Bridelity Visions 001 [Bridelity]
VA – Choices – 10 Essential House Tunes, Vol. 26 [RH2]
VA – Leads & Bites Vol. 4 [Ibadan Records]
VA – Nbz Va1 [Enbeezee]
VA – New Era [Prophecy Records]
VA – Oh My House, Vol. 62 [RH2]
VA – One City Music Group Miami 2021 [One City Music Group]
VA – Return To Innocence [This Is Our Time]
VA – The 80’s Revisited [Easy Street Records]
Valentine Martini – Protected Identity [Intercept Music]
Venus Bay – Luna [Chill Caterpillar]
Vettafaen – On My Mind [One Seven Music]
Vic Yamamoto & cxdx – Oldskull [Tuamotu]
Vito Vulpetti – Lost in Club [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Wantij – Dispersion [Revanche Records]
WOOHOO – Yo He! [Muzenga Records]
Zlat – Lty [Cicadada]
Zulu Wow – Horizon Island [Chill Caterpillar]

Melodic House & Techno

AB & EZEK – Homogeneous [Concept Records]
ALEX.C – Fragments of Life [Aviary Recordings]
AlexC. – Somnium [Katz & Kauz]
Ambient Soul – May Night [7th Cloud]
Anthony Middleton – What Could Have Been [Get Physical Music]
Arnaud Le Gamin – Zodiac [TheWav Records]
Artdynasty & Time In Mind, Artdynasty – Foundation [Fallenstar]
Augustine Wrong & Executive Producer – Trust x Love [Strange Town Recordings]
Axel Zambrano – Terra [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Booka Shade & Joe Killington – Hope (Club Mix) [Blaufield Music]
BRKT, hoodyhoo – Re Sound Selects 005 [Re Sound Music]
Bushbaby – Hypnodancing Underground [chord & clank]
Christian DRUXS – Red Sands (Melodic House & Techno Edit) [LittleibizaRECORDS]
Cortexmaltex – Metamorphose [Traum]
De Facto – Hiraeth [Teoxane Production]
DeadRobot – Sinking [AROS Music]
Depaart – QMCP Pt.1 [Depaart]
Detrusch – Riddles [Painted World]
Diego Beccaris – Monite [Archon Records]
Dirk Sid Eno – Toxic Skin [Dear Deer Black]
donnerstag & Kadhem – Al Malja [Kitu Records]
Fabian Soll – Voyager [bringnewunity]
Froyke – Consistency [Zalmanim Records]
Funk V. – Night On the Room [PULSE WAVE]
gils sellig – Again [MBMH Records]
GNTN, Stefanie Raschke & Eleonora – Through the Silence (Stefanie Raschke Remix)
Grezzer – Scream [Metro Dance Records]
Gustavo Villegas – Agata [MUSCARIA PROJECT]
Heard Right & (Oai) – Time of Knowledge [Purified Records]
Ito Cekaj, Rasange & Noceur & Valon – Alektopat [Suah Records]
Ivan Chebo – I Miss You [Digiment Records]
Javi Polo – Open Heart [AST Recordings]
Javier Morales – Amore Rosso [Breaking All Illusions]
Johnvee – Enigma [Fishtone Records]
Jordin Post – Azure [Anjunabeats]
Kivema – Second Sun [V.M.K Records]
Kreisler – You Can Try [Across The Time Records]
Krista – Kora [Cope]
La-African Musique – Parallex [Round Robin Recordings]
Lara Koll & S3RIOUS – By Your Side [DJ Camp]
LEANDERS – Melodies In Your Life [Astral Void World]
Lightning Effect – Back to the Beginning [Estribo Records]
Low5 – Triplicitous [The Acid Mind Recordings]
Mar Dean – Perseverance [Heinz Music]
Mazarany – Self Immersion [Callote]
Melum – Mantra [Dear Deer White]
Mind the Gaap & PIUR – Perun [Suprematic]
Minitronik & Matke – Jungle and Rainforest [Happy Days Records]
Monoplate – Over the Sky [Mercurial Tones]
Mount Mike & Savaggio – The Promised Land [Suckmusic]
Naze – See the Light [One DJ Rob Music]
Nebukad – Freaky Heart [franko forge main records]
NeKKoN & Nico – I Wish I Knew [Revkon Records]
Nima Sarshar & Hamoon & AmirAlee – Wing to Wing [OMENI]
Not a Scientist – One of Everyone [Magnetik Music]
Omar Soukane – Lines [Oxytech Limited]
Özhan Özal – Sadness [Airport Records]
Ricky Frengue – Let Me Know [Valesca Records]
Ricky KK – Mystical Journey [HOUPH]
Robin Schellenberg & VRuno – Stories From Space [EIN2]
Roscoe Foy – 9 Lives [Rote Recordings]
Rose Sunset – Camel Walk [Camel Riders]
Sassa & Flaor – Rise (feat. Artem Tolkach) [Ambivert (Media Records Evo)]
Savaaq – Vuoto D’Amore [Duenia]
Secret Pleasure – Forest [Factory Beat Recordings]
Sleepless Skies – Fissenau [Night Visions]
Synthetic Redemption Project – Spirit in the Nebula [Grey Dome Records]
Teho – Glacier 3000 [Cercle Records]
THE NUNE – Rising Dimensions [Overload Records]
The Tempest – Modus Vivendi [nuOn Music]
TwoWorldsApart – Over Now [Alaula Music]
U.Stone – Ancestry [Fishtone Records]
Unnayanaa – Eski Dosew Yewta (Incl. Ivory Rmx) [feat. Fitsum] [Borders Of Light]
Uzun – Empire [Polarity Underground]
VA – Low-End Basslines, Vol. 1 [Joyride Music Progressive]
VA – Malices [PLAY IT]
VA – Secret Garden (Compiled by Thomi B) [Pino Music]
VA MO LA – Nasa [V3 Records]
Veljko Jovic – Outcast [Lowbit]
Viktor Wagner – Ice Floe [Monofire Records]
Vins Massaro & FRANCESCO THE VIOLIN – Red Desert [Raid Records]
Vladimir Garcés – Elements [DNA MUSIC Records]
WhoMadeWho – Mermaids [Embassy One]
Yorn – Nothing Last [Tächno]

Minimal & Deep Tech

accatone – We’re Here [Sicut Erat]
Ali Demir – YZTA 01 – Jam Relaxed [Pan Panic Records]
Anas M & Komey – Hungry Donna [atroq lab.]
ANATTA – Kickback Afterhours [Music is 4 Lovers]
Andradez & Back Is Beautifull, Andradez – Cinema [California Music]
Andrea García & Juan Rodriguez – Toolroom [Nostandardmusic]
Benny Delara & Advan, Benny Delara – Brain Laser [Plastik Galaxy]
Bernardo Campos – Marapendi [Molotov21]
Berni (COL) & Wuez – Toxic [PULSO]
Brny Owl – Voces en el Tren [Techempire Records]
Calabasa – Who’s the Blacksheep [Odd Pleasures]
Charles Stoner – Not the Music [Peanut Recordings]
Chufas – Xpassion Sound [Sacudan Records]
CLAPBACK & Massimo Russo – Technation [PuccioEnza Records]
Cristian Villagra – Other One (Remixes) [Estribo Records]
Cupido – Green Sabre [Fencing Records]
Daniele Casa – Strange Illusion [Cue]
Decalli & Line9 – The Pan [EMIX Records]
Deep Factory – Black Flight (Good Vibes) [Auraviss]
Densonido – Warehouse Cutz [Rhythmic Lab]
Diego Olarte – One Reason [Stinky Label]
Dj Softman – Great Excitement [Dark Light Rec]
Dramachine 909 & Mylena – Simulation [Podvodo Records]
Dubphone – Polen [Vandalism Musique]
Emmasoul & Themetique – Dark Days [Sanelow Label]
Emrat – Soul [Kootz Music]
Evando Moreira – Nightmare [Harbor Records Collective]
Farid Odilbekov & D.I.P, Wyro – Digital Tibet [Engineer Records]
Fia Nyström & Tomas Blank Project – Nyx [LMNTAL Music]
Figueredo & Prado – Dr. Dre [Handing Tech Records]
Flow & Zeo – Pleasure Remixes [Me Gusta Records]
Fracktion – Shape [CLX]
Gabski – Mr. Dream. [Insane]
GVtec – All Around the World [Street Habitat]
Heynric – Pharos [Reverso Music]
Irregular Live – The First Album of Irregular Live [Recreo Music]
Jaxx B – Mi Vida [RAMBLA records]
Jay House & Tony Metric – Lo-K [Habitat]
Jay Oss – Board [Tanta Music]
Jeremy Bass – Los Chicos Del Coro (All Fred Remix) [Lupulo Records]
Jhon Alejandro – I Know [Not So Serious]
Jhon Alejandro – Keep On [Arawak Records]
Joel Hernandez – Kids Story [Inexplikable]
Justin James – Viral Load [refused.]
Kreech – Whatever [Rawsome Deep]
Liand Villus – So Gut [Difussion Records]
Luis Cubillo – Analogue [Carboware Records]
Maligo & Pure-G – Sizzler [LETS TECHNO records]
Matchuka – Mister C [STIG]
Matthew Hat – Detroitian [Kief Music LTD]
Mattia Barcellona – Wtf [Array Music]
Menzaro Suzaki – Take a Breath, Pt. X [Jiggy Astronaut Music]
Niconé & Dirty Doering – Monsterbüro [MoNSTER]
Palmiz – Palamine [Dobar House Gruv]
Sam Haskin – Reflective Surfaces [Distinct]
Sawer – Claaaps [Cocoa]
Sium – Midnight Bath [7hDuMat]
Teddy Walker & Wodda – Groove Theory [MAISON Label]
Transformation In O – Reverie [Superordinate Reverie]
VA – Electronicamente, Vol. 3 [Rehabilitation Productions]
VA – Looking Back 002 [LBD002]
VA – Maiora, Vol. 6 [ADM027]
VA – Sure Shot [smashead.]
VA – V,A Vol. III Aniversario [SouthTech Music]
VA – Vandalism Musique 8 Years Anniversary (Best Of) [Vandalism Musique]
Valenzia – Something Deep [Radiolab]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

Amouyal – Saturday [Mismatch Music]
Andy Bach – I Don’t Understand [Tropical Disco Records]
Angelo Maria Calderano – I Got Love [SJS RECORDS]
Antichrist Buffalo – Heavy Metal Rose Petals [Chill District Recordings]
Aries – Universal Love (feat. Alessandro Marino) [ABF RECORDING]
Armendáriz – AndromeDhance [Veneno]
Aron Cair – Second Change [Coco Beach]
Azevedo – Funky Bar [Funky Sensation Records]
BacktoX – Night Time [ExTy]
Bobbie Cam – Living You [Hank’s Records]
Chrome, Myth Egoli & Skyl – Sosha Vibes Freestyle [Artist Republik]
Crooked Stilo – La Bala [Mastered Trax , Mi Estilo Inc]
Cyence – Pulsate [Roam Recordings]
Da Lata – Jungle Kitten , Asking Eyes [Da Lata Music]
Damon Jee – Hangar 77 [Dust & Blood]
David A. Tobin – Magic in Love [SedSoul]
David Body – Soundstation [KADETT MUSIK]
Disco Secret – Disco Trip [Funky Sensation Records]
Disco Secret – Night Connection (feat. Jami Vox) [Funky Sensation Records]
Dj Isat – Something Like This [Corpse Recordings]
DJ Zapy – Yalta Summer Jam (feat. Dj Uragun) [We Love Breakz]
FUNKYBEAT – Love Me Better [Funky Revival]
Gino Holroyd – No Biggie [Sidekick Music]
Ibiza Air – Everybody Cha Cha [Planet Inspiration]
Igor Pumphonia – Paris For Your Lovers [ChillRecordsMusic]
Indigo – Tiger Dub [Funky Sensation Records]
Jack Henri, Xerosorex – The System [FenixFire Records]
Jaguar – Síguele el paso [EL PALMAS MUSIC]
KIDO, Kindred Soul & onwrd – Hooked on You [Southbeat Music]
Lou Hayter – Telephone (Crooked Man Remixes) [Skint Records]
Modento – Like That [Soul Beach Records]
MV Edit – The Quantum Spacetime [Atop Records]
Nicola Nisi & Loris Altafini – Old Times [Ripe Pear Records]
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Rebecca & Fiona – Rivers (Uncle Knows Remix) [Big Romantic Music]
Spaghetto Kid – Seagulls [Santa Voyage]
Spatial Awareness – The Day That God Went Mad [Sous Music]
St. Jude – I Love U [Disco Explosion Records]
Surv – Sunray (At Dawn Remix) [Routine Espresso Recordings]
Toby O’Connor – Hot Steppin’ [Smokin’ Beat]
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Unusual Cosmic Process, Sasha Malkovich & Astropilot – Midnight Express
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VA – Va010 [And Friends Records]
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Organic House & Downtempo

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ENKOUNTER – Discord [XMOD Records]
fwd,slash – Take Your Time with Me [ChillYourMind]
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Hermann von Asunción – Sweet Love [Welovemusic]
Ibizamotion – Towards the Sun [Ibizamotion]
Ivette Moraes – I Never Thought I’d See the Day (Dalbani Remix)
Jagel – Skyway [Otium Garden]
Jessie Rey – Back to Sinai [Paradiz]
Juantxo Munoz – El Califa [Basement Dub]
LANDR, Ruuben & Walle – Let Her Go [Loudkult]
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Mr. Kju & The Waz. Exp. – Sunrise 4 You [Electunes]
Nandão – Espanola Way [Cosmic Awakenings]
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Slowtekk – Orient Express [Ketoga]
Space Mariachi – Mictlan [Tierra Sounds]
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