Afro House

Alan de Laniere – For No Reason [Mycrazything Records]
Albert Delgado – Keep the Bass [T Sounds Recordings]
Bamba & Martial TP – Luminary [Drum Kulture Records]
Bamba Keita – Sunpower , Sweet [Asane Records]
Black & White – Trip to Abuja [Drum Kulture Records]
Black Mambo – Botafuego [Sony Music México,ORIANNA]
Casa Flayva – Moroccuban [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Catsinka – Bella María [Sumision Records]
Christos Fourkis – Egara [Retrolounge Records]
Da Capo – Femi & Gene [MoBlack Records]
DJ Vivona – Clock [BALLLOOM]
Dj. Monteiro – Feel My Sounds [Africa Mix]
Double Face – Dark House (feat. Morris Revy)
Dudu Capoeira – Batuquedu , Africanera [Vamos Music Talents]
Ikaro Gratí – Forrest Rain Dance
Kev Dot Kruz & The Man Who Creates Clouds – River’s Edge [Sunclock]
Liva K – Late Again [Moon Rocket Music]
lotus land pilot – Bedala Funk [Oyoda Recordings]
Melokolektiv – Bakari [AZZUR]
Minas Portokalis – The Way You Get [Retrolounge Records]
MR TAFFA, DJ Supa D & Lily Mckenzie – You Don’t Know
Nixxa – Ibere [Afrohauz Records]
Phasedeep & HoneyBSoSilly – Kwanele [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Qarcii – Repentance [BlackSea Records]
Rod Koppar – Saint Paul (Tony Loco Remix) [Floored]
Ron Carroll – Waited (feat. Aires Adora) [Quantize Recordings]
Ronny Santana – My Funk [Afterhours Recordings]
Sebastian Rivero, Alberto Dimeo & Javier Light – My Congas [Wired]
Sergio Martella – Body & Sun [WorldWide Muzik]
Simone Pagliari – Tribalismo [The Warrior Recordings]
Taken By Cars – Turn of the Tide Remixes [Sayaw Records]
The Boss – Orisha (feat. Niña Rodriguez) [DIRIDIM]
Wilgenis Vergara – Psy [Noisemusic Records VE]
Wolffer – Kon Ku Na [Conexa Records]


Bastián de Luka – Rhodes Trip [Varialstudio]
Crisisbeat – Operation [Bunker Records (ES)]
Dijeyow, DJ K – Breaknest Records 04
DJ Fixx & OnDaMiKe – Off the Wall [Ravesta Records]
DJ Hero – Surround Sound [Solitude Studios]
FriendlyFire & DZ – Sold Our Souls [Glitch Hop Community]
Gigi el Amoroso – Un Pensamiento [Wostok Records]
Hawt Coco – Nonsymbolic [The Gradient Perspective Records]
Hutenberger – Theory of Broken Dreams [Lauter.]
Javi R – Let Me Know (Vip Mix) [KeyBreak]
Kid Panel – Bring the Funk Back [Elektroshok Records]
Lakewest – Blood Orange [LW]
LEX – Not, Love You More [Microgravity Music]
Mracni Sin – Warming Up [DaCosta Records]
OnDaMiKe – Drop It Baby [Ravesta Records]
Patricia Gurband – From the Bottom [Obscure Sorrows Records]
Shade K & JS-BREAKS – Mortal [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Sheriff Noise – Somon DNA [Synæsthesia Records]
Tone Abstract & Underground Utopia – Do You Like
Windom R – Symbolism [Calligraphy Recordings]


2tronic – Rhythm to Dance (Remixes) [ADM Soundworks]
3N3MI – Astronaut in the Ocean [Nevadun Records]
Aben – Rewind Series ABEN – Horizons Mixes
Acushla – Kingston Park [Acushla Music]
Adam Griffin & Ando Loki – Free My Mind [Perfect Havoc]
Adjao & Tim Lois – Until the End (Remixes) [Mental Madness Records]
Aexcit & Alex Byrne – Better For [Loudkult]
AINT & Strobe – Kids of NYC [Be Yourself Music]
Alan! – Gangbanger [Ghetto]
Alex D’Rosso & Swizznife – Bad Karma (feat. Kash Boykin) [Loudkult]
Alex Freud’s & Patrick Hofmann – Mental Picture [Seveneves Records]
Alexander Winkelmann – Babies [Martin Hossbach]
Alexei Maslov – Alien [CARRARA]
AMARI – Sober Up [BIP Records]
Amixs – Bongo-T (Max Version) [igroovemusic]
Andrenachrome – Fear & Loathing [Electric Hush]
Arnoon, Cosabar – Smile (Remixes) [feat. DJ Ronaldo]
AVW & Indivision – Promise Me [Indivision Music]
Baked Brothers – Movements [FLUFFY CHILL]
Bamboo Busters – No No Only Hard Bass [Big Hard Records]
Beam – Odin (Remixes) [FutureBase]
Beneath My Shade – Ride [NEDOSTUPNOSTb]
Big Iyz – Piece of You [Spitfire Music]
Bjorn – When It Comes to You [Spitfire Music]
Blaise – Moments (acoustic Version) [feat. Poppy Baskcomb]
BLEM & Jackson Bales – Taking Hold (Extended Mix)
Bodylove – Alarm [BMP Music]
Brizi, Diskomachine & Ciskoman – Ai Ai Ai (feat. Laura Gaeta) [Remixes]
Burak Beldek – Mama Said [DJ008 Records]
Chillymouse – Try Me Out (Dino Nilukki Mix) [ZYX]
Chong the Nomad & Laureli – No Pulp [Kitsuné Musique Singles]
Christopher David Holmberg – Alive [purple palace productions]
Christopher David Holmberg – Energy in Motion
Codeko – Cursed (feat. Becca Krueger) [THRIVE MUSIC]
Conru, Sam Flynn & Dillian – Dive [LAB Recordings]
Costume – Blanditia Vol. 2 [2 Rhythm 4 Record]
Cozmic Cat – Make Love [HE.SHE.THEY.]
D.I.Y.S. – Feels Like Falling [Golden Chocolate Records]
Dame Dame & Wonder – Daisy [LoudKult Div.]
Danny Dearden, David Hopperman & Attia – Overrated [Onze]
Dare – Weightless [Freshtunes]
Dash30 – My Senses [Moving Castle]
Denis First, Tyron Dixon & Ellie Lowe – Too Close [First Forged]
Dex Wilson – City Light (Remixes) [Mental Madness Records]
DJ Arvie – Baby Let’s Love [Candybar]
DJ Lathish – Moving On (feat. Chris Blaine) [AJME Records]
DJ Natale – Unreachable [Keep!]
DJ Vavvá – Come Lets Gol [Dj Vavva Records]
Dmitry Titaev – Biorhythms [Neverland Sounds]
DNL! – Revenge [About Last Night]
Elephante – High Water [Zoo Music]
Elio Foglia – Want More [Phoenix Found Records]
Elvatix – Promise [Linc Music]
Emil Key – Back to Me (feat. ARISHA) [Run Free]
Enki Nyxx – Deeper [Dreamdealers]
F.E.D.O. – Mogador [d vision]
Fatih Yüksel & Ritzodi – You Got Me [Spinnup]
Freaky DJs & Dimitri Serrano – Bring It Back [Ghetto]
Gavrill & Meredith Sanders – Want to Stay [Reload Music]
Gilles Bordenave – Autrement dit [Atomes Records]
Glammer Twins – Porque [Nimi Music]
Glant – Warrior [Inclined Records]
GOODAFTERNOON, Bmurph & Whywewish – Headshot
Henning B – Young and Brave [Afternova Productions]
High Life – You & I (feat. Further’s Child) [Wiking Recordings]
Hockeysmith – Sorrelful [eel]
Iag & Omoc – Up & Down (Remixes) [Into My House]
Izack – Louder [Spitfire Music]
Jack & Jones – Music Is Freedom [BGT Music]
Jamie Nugent – With Me [Loudkult]
Jason Lemm – Blue [Jump2High]
Jauz & HALIENE – Oceans & Galaxies (Acoustic) [Monstercat]
Jeylux – You Make Me [M31]
Joe Turner & Tom Dunne, Joe Turner – Noir [LG105]
John Alfa – Just Give It [Libertas]
John Skyfield, James Stefano & Karsten Belt – Get Together
Jules K (ARG) – Pressure [Astralwerks]
July – Ty Moe More [Otselot Records]
K-Klass – Wildlife, Pt. 2 [Klass Action]
Kaan Pars, D.Polo & Koa – Dolce & Gabbana
KDMNF & Can Baond – Watchout [W.A.V. RECORDING]
Killman – Cybertrip [Neverland Sounds]
King Topher & MUNNDAY – Pressure (feat. Mao) [Astralwerks]
SAMMY & LESEN – Love In the Air [SAMMY & LESEN]
SAMMY & LESEN – Run In Circles [SAMMY & LESEN]
SAMMY & LESEN – To the Speed of Light [SAMMY & LESEN]
Sasha Primitive – Touch On Me [PRIMITIVE LOFT]
Segervald & NoFace Records – Never Let You Go [NoFace Records]
Shumy Luke – Psychopath [Columbia Local]
SM1LO – About You [Total Smash]
Somma – Breaking with You (feat. Nina Chuba) [Selected.]
TaylorX & Charlie Lane – Bright Lights [Gameroom Records]
Teddy Cliff – Me Time [Crystal Cove Records]
Terry Rollz – Beyond Obsidian , Old Timers [36 Hertz Recordings]
Tesero & Dirtyfrequence – Follow (Mixes) [feat. Sebastian Mucha]
Thandi – Monument [2Dutch Air]
Tharindu Dhanushka – Mage Adarii (feat. Isuri Hansamali)
The Bitch Hotel – C’Mon [d vision]
The Bitch Hotel – End of Time (feat. Rivaz) [d vision]
The Unknown Artist & Karl B – Let’s Fly Away [Karl B Music]
TheSteveCraft – RFPNetwork [Artistfy Music]
TheVortx – Truth or a Lie [TheVortx]
Timmy Mallett – The Latin Lover [FILTRE]
Tolga Aslan & Scarlett – White Horse [LAB Recordings]
Tom Jonson – Augsburg (Jon Thomas Remixes) [Black Lemon]
Tujamo – You Know [Virgin]
tyDi, Peytn & Bella Renee – Feelin’ Right [Global Soundsystem Records]
VA – Molecular Structure [WayOn]
Veeshy & Phonic Youth – Arcade Highs [Monstercat]
Vindata & Kaydence – One Time [Monstercat]
Vindicci – Live My Life [iTracks]
VOLB3X, OH, HAYIR! & C4-TO – Waiting for You [SSL Music]
Voxi & Impulse – Ocean Soul [Chadsound]
Wave Wave – Missing U (feat. EMIAH) [offrami Remix]
William Trilogy – Nice Leap [House Salad Music]
Woel Jebster – Rainbow Road [True Sound Records]
Xack – Rara , All Night Long [Epidemic Electronic]
XD & Duke Luke – Ghosts in My House [Lithuania HQ]
Young Empress – Saturday [Aztec Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Adam Nyquist – One & Only [Soul Revolution Records]
Adam Stacks – Ocean View [Beans and Bacon]
Alan Da Funk – Jazz In My City [Funky Floor Records]
Alex Cortiz – Magic Touch (Remixes) [The Third Coming]
Andrew Edward Brown – Tell Me (Main Mix)
Arnaud Denzler, Pipo Rodriguez – Forever [Amsem Records]
Atnarko – Aspects of Raw, Pt. 1 [Infiltr8 Celebr8]
ColorJaxx – Crank [Hive Label]
Cristian Poow & Self sh – Nobody (Mier Remix) [Dbeatzion Records]
DaDa Sound Project – Ahval [Oxygen House Music]
Deejay Virus_Soulkid, Tim Ismag – Transcendence [Tim Ismag]
Deep Acolytes – Dusk to Dawn [Deeper Interludes Recordings]
Deep Factory – Randomize [Auraviss]
Deep Inzhiniring – Spring Morning [Tech People Music]
Deepear, San Pacho – Give It Up [Staybad]
Diego Olivares – UUH (feat. Diego Hidalgo)
Dirtytwo – Output [Hive Label]
Dj Dark & Mentol – Porto [Sepaya Records]
Dj Jambo – Deep Dream [Jambo]
DJ Jon – Save a Prayer (Exotic Mixes) [WhiteLab Music]
DJ Linus – Princess of Georgia [Piston Recordings]
Dj Nacito – Pixel [Baby Surround]
Duckmaw – Calm Down Rewind [Epidemic Electronic]
Eddie Le Funk – Timeless [Super Maniac Records]
EL-Deep Da Soul, Imprazen – Blessings
Espiritus, Freak Unique – Midnight [Mosotho’s House]
Fabrizio Leggieri & Davide Leggieri – Dance All Night [Snake Beat]
Faithman – I Can Feel (feat. Barbara) [Alphabeat Records]
Frank Taurus – Elixyr [Lotus]
Goksel Duran – Destructive Feelings [Kindergarten ICE]
Greenice – Gimme Love [AESDIS]
Gyrotto – Every Single Time (The Distance & Igi Remix) [DJ008 Records]
Hardphol & Vadim Adamov – Mystery [OXYTIME]
Harry Color – 8 Hours [SUBE Records]
HUGEhands – What I Need [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Ijan Zagorsky – Nothing Is Forever [DeepShine Records]
Iner – Baba Misha [Rough Recordings]
IraaQ – Proman Dao, Vol. 1 [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Irene J. Eileen – Phone Home [Dishevelled London Recordings]
J Dovy – Mirror Chronicles, Pt. 1 [somanymusic]
Jabarov – Dawn [Baijan Records]
Jabarov – Very Deep [Aypara Records]
Jakob Apelian – Better Dimension [Apparel Music]
James Go – Ojos Abiertos [Deep Focus Records]
James Godfrey & Edward Snellen – Moving On
Jeremy Reinhard – Tu Tambien [Lekker Records]
Joris Delacroix – Early Hours (feat. Run Rivers) [SmallFishBigSea]
Judd – ulor 1 [Greedy Beats]
Julian Bates & Mathic – Faster [Lilly Era]
Julio Garces – 008 De la Sultana [Discos Páramo]
Jwalker, Small ToK – Reality [AfriNative Soul]
KALVYN – Outer Space [Seal Network]
Karlton phillips & Grant James – Justice [29 Deep]
KID K4NDI – Weaker & Deeper [K4NDILAND]
King Mutapa – Funky Bump [Remixed] [Selville Records]
Klaän – Talk To Me (Seagma Remix) [Artist Republik]
Klasbak – What Is Love (feat. Mingue) [KEK]
Kopelo – Banna Wee [Senior Boys Music]
Kristin J. & Kato Kat – Still Love Me [Jendex Records]
Lady Blacktronika – Overdose [Step Rec.]
Lectric Sound – Transcend [Biometric Music]
Local F – Kultural Association [Smashing Trax Records]
Macro Nick – Breakfast [Intercept Music]
Majed Salih – Mope [Medievil-Music]
Marco Sees – Woods [BIT Records]
Marlon Kirk – Forever More [Unprincipled Records]
Marwyn & Sam Strat – Caught My Eye [1st Strike Deep]
Matan Green – Desert Breeze [Stand Up and Move]
Matan Green – Give it to Me [Stand Up and Move]
Matteo Marini – Together Again (feat. MerQ) [Gaya Blue Records]
Miguel Graca & Ladybird – All I Wanna Do [Viva Recordings]
Miguel M. Nunez – Move Your Body [Old Planet Records]
Monno – Historie [Nature Collections]
Morest – Mariola [Córdoba Music Group]
Nick Stoynoff – Lotties by Night [Vervo Records]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – Asgard [Release Soul]
Only Fusion – Rhythm [PR Underground]
Pablo Moriego – Kill Me [ADRO Records]
Pablo Moriego – Treze [ADRO Records]
Peetrass – Mystic [X-Swing Revolution]
PVLMS – Realizing the Limits [Fantastic Voyage]
Q Narongwate – Don’t Understand [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Rawkng – Chi [Corpse Recordings]
Red Box Lounge – My Angel (feat. Estela Martin) [GUARAXANDO]
Red Box Lounge – Sweet Love (feat. Estela Martin) [GUARAXANDO]
ReverbSounds – Pertinacity [Diptorrid Recordings]
Rianu Keevs – Back in Time [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Tomorrow Never Dies [Rianu Keevs]
Thulane Da Producer – The Sun [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Topsy Crettz – Let Them Talking [Sound of Soul Records]
VA – Chromatic Series Selections Vol. 3 [Shamkara Records]
VA – Deep & House Guide, Vol. 4 [Weekend Warriors Day]
VA – Deep-House Gang, Vol. 1 [Weekend Warriors Day]
VA – Deep-House One Love, Vol. 3 [Urban GorillazY]
VA – Disco Faces 4 [Faces]
VA – Giungla D’asfalto 2 [Natura Viva In The Mix]
VA – Hi Berlin! (Deep-House Tunes), Vol. 2 [Weekend Warriors]
VA – Katze 16 [Katze Gang Records]
VA – Perfect Duality Series [Deeppa Records]
VA – Pogo Stamp 09 [Pogo House Records]
VA – Rebirth Pitaya [Pitaya Records]
VA – Techno 1 [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
VA – We Like the Deep, Vol. 3 [Dessous Recordings]
VA – XL Project [Fuba Land]
VetLOVE – Storm [Gravity Recordings]
Vincent Caira – Do U Love [Spacedisco Records]
Xila – Unstoppable [Walk Unit Records]
Yassine Irbox – Normally [Deep House Natural]
Yoshi – Grooves from My Garden [Jazzy Butterfly Records]
YOUNOTUS & MBP – Upside Down [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Yumi Kobayashi – Prospero [Suprematic]
Zues Deep – Deep Underground [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]

Electro House

Alex Zapata – ROLL [Lowdown Recordings]
Anub1s & I’Maya – Dragon’s Fire [Hyporia Records]
Austin Beat – Radical [Córdoba Records]
AX15 – Moon Landing [MÉTIER]
Blekttause – Feeling the Fall [Corpse Recordings]
Brainwasher – Tribe of Light [Mind Odyssey]
Break 3000 – Electro Archive 1 [Electron Feel]
Carta – Big Beat [Rave Culture]
Castor & Pollux, Diego Olarte – Ultron [Seal Network]
Christopher David Holmberg – Hidden Beauty [purple palace productions]
Chrizz Luvly – R U Ready [Dreamdealers]
Cliff Dalton – Rise of the Robot Man [Specimen Records]
Dallas James – Regulate [LBR Records]
DOLF, Dysomia & RayRay – Born To Be Cool [Barong Family]
Dsmall – Tao (feat. Dustee) [29 CLUB]
Fantasy Project – Dam Dadi Doo 2021 [Paranoja Records]
Ferality – Electricity [DENAR RCRDS]
Freestyle Man, Phonogenic – Marinair 3 [Moodmusic]
Futuristic Polar Bears & Sammy Boyle – Mind Reader [CMMD Records]
Georvity & SNI – Raaga [Blvckbox Records]
Geral GT – Vamos [NSNTR Records]
Gregory Dillon – Lovely (Stone Van Brooken Remix)
Groovy & Skeleton – Love Again COCO [KSLRECORDS]
Haezer – Exit [CNSLR Recordings]
Isaiah Wafer – Ultrasound [One City Music Group]
IsakOne – Lonely [Million Co]
Jeffrey Sutorius & Krimsonn – Nostalgia (feat. Krimsonn)
Johnfaustus, Serge Geyzel – Return of the Space Gate
Johnny Bolzan – Mike Tyson (feat. Eduardo Bolzan) [Mandril Audio]
Just Visiting – Brain Machine [The Seed]
Justin Prime & Onderkoffer – Wtf [Revealed Recordings]
Karl Guest – Dance Again [Zone Focus]
KC4K – The Scent [KC4K Music]
Keven Le Fonque – Smpl Fckr [Ruckerz Music]
KOAV – Odysseus [House District Records]
Mark Ventus & Andy van Dusk – Waves [Uncased Records]
Mephi & Zahia – Need U [Den Haku Records]
Mister EEE – Robot Overlord [sonic silk]
Mou5zyzz – Girls Drop That Thing Lower [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Navigare – Ecstasy [Hungry Koala Records]
NEVVEN & SANT0S – Reflection [Razzer Records]
Psytro Killer – Tokyo (Extended Mix) [Rhino Star Records]
R. Missing – Crimeless [Sugarcane Recordings]
R3 Bass – Graffiti Riddim (Dsliver Remix) [Medusas Records]
RDC – Judgement [6 Season Records]
Redoken – Cristoned [G-Mafia Records]
Rehoxx – Doom [DENAR RCRDS]
Sass – Make the Floor Burn [Sassinated]
Smasher – Saudade [nowhere nowhere]
SUNANA & Sexgadget – Drop It Lo [Musata Music]
Thomas Vann – Warrior [ records]
Trixtor & Zaronn – Back to Back [Ninety9Lives]
Uli Poeppelbaum, Elaine Winter & Joy Kitikonti – Porno Joyenergizer [ZYX]
VA – Black Lemon Drops, Vol. 5 [Black Lemon Records]
VA – Brutalism [Bogoture Records]
Van Snyder, Rpx & SICKWENZ – Favela [Future Rave Music]
Violet Sky – Bounce to the Limit [Vlad S. Project]
Weytton Silva – Me, You [EPride Music Digital]
WHKRS & Jack Light – Livin’ My Dreams [Speed House Movement]
Wolfgang Gartner – Octopus Teeth [Alt Vision]
woofa kid – Who [KARDO Records]
ZOOPLING – Revolt! [K-Noiz]

Electronica & Downtempo

A-Sim – Don’t Lean on Me [Human Disease Network]
Adina Lover – Fast Fingers [Robino Family ed. Musicali]
Affelaye – Maybe There [Bad Taste Rec]
Alessandro Martire – A Turn of the Page (John Talabot Remix)
Alessandro Martire – Truth (BLR Remix) [Carosello Records]
Alfredo Botta, Mewa & Martin von Siebenthal – Dreamer [FruityAlfred]
Andrei Rotary – My Memories [Eternalism]
Andrew Odd – Discoveries (Remastered 2021) [AstroPilot Music]
Andrew Odd – Unknown Phenomenon [AstroPilot Music]
Andryxx – I Hear You [Mendossa Records]
Andy Vol – Attacience [Pacific Melody]
Angelica S – Prelude in e Minor [Crystalclouds Recordings]
Antarctic Wastelands – Meltwater Canyon [Echoes in the Valley]
Antichrist Buffalo – Version Islands [Chill District Recordings]
Arredo – Night Attraction [ITALO DEVIANCE]
Artefakt – Days Bygone [Delsin Records]
Asa Spades & MagMag – Uniquely Zany Intuition [MMXVAC]
Astro Raph & The Ghost of Joel Garnier – Life of Dread
Astropilot – No Fear (Annihilation of Self Remix) [AstroPilot Music]
Aura Borealis – Brainsugar [Ovnimoon Records]
Azanda – Wild [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Back – Gouge IT [Behavior Recordings]
Baja Frequencia – Tatoo (feat. Kimbaya Ripuff)
Be Still the Earth – Permafrost [Echoes in the Valley]
Beazar – Amazinger [Moodfamily]
Ben Caballero – Down [Spinnup]
Bill Speakman – Daylight Wasting [Rhythm & Culture]
Black Box – Dreamlanders [Groove Groove Melody]
Blivinhertruth – You Don’t Even Revamp [Kundry Music]
Blurstem – Quiet Dust [Echoes in the Valley]
Borja Moskv – Cocodrilo Jones [Spitfire Music]
Brandon Lucas & HoneyLuv – Love No Limit – ReFreak
Calimex Mental Implant Corp. – El Saber Del Arpavor
Cam Deas & Jung An Tagen – Presentism [Diagonal Records]
Canilla – life without the human look [Street Pulse]
Casca – Shavasana Heaven [Cascatoma Recordings]
Christopher David Holmberg – Akana Motra [purple palace productions]
Christopher David Holmberg – Beginning [purple palace productions]
COAM & Elad Nehmad – White Figures
Corbin Canvas – Til Forever [Mineral Records]
Dalibor Cruz – Riddled With Absence [Natural Sciences]
DaProducer & Barcode, Nestro DaProducer & Injvstiz – Rebirth
Daven – Getting Started (na Na Na) [Spitfire Music]
Der Waldläufer & Lauge – Morgenfrisk [Echoes in the Valley]
Diego Olarte – Alone [LANDR, Self-Released]
Dj Alex M – New Culture [Percussion Functions]
DJ Angelo Pepe – Attac N Protec [Peace Bisquit]
DJ Hold, Eyolf – Reflections [Moving Stills Records]
Dj Monst3r5 – Mueve La Matraka [Monst3r5]
DJ Phantom 7 – Bauwerk [Deep Trance 7]
Dj Softman – Elements Sounds [Dark Light Rec]
DJ Varsovie – Tes Derniers Signes [INTERVISION]
Don Kashew – White Series #1 [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
Doss – 4 New Hit Songs [LuckyMe.]
Doss – On Your Mind [LuckyMe.]
Dr. Onionskin – Electric Mod [Base 9]
Eric Electric – Walking In Space [Ease Division]
Fashion Victims – Both (Dream Mix) [On Work]
Foam – Where Did You Go [Spitfire Music]
Foínix – Montego Bounce [Spitfire Music]
FRANCESCA PRESTO – Cambio pelle [Extra Level Records]
Free Monkeys – Push Me [Blue Thunder Music]
Gabriele Toma – Faber magister [DaniRava Records]
Galoop – Pollo Asado [Mendossa Records]
Gastah – My Mind [Gastah]
Gegen Mann – Everybody Wants To Feel Release [MAXIMA CULPA]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Wrong Communication
GUCCI BASS – Mindless Machine , Bass Mod [Divine Audio]
Gwyndolyn Camaraza – Surrendering Flowers [Artist Republik]
Hannibal Rex – …Is Not Your Father [Kikuji]
Havar – Every Morning [Kerala Records]
Heartleader & Mado – Kovid [YouTunez]
Hidden Element – Cycles [Thousand Kisses Place]
Iamk – Yoga Nidra 3D [HUMAN3000]
ireless – Dark Alleyways (Alternative Version) [FRBH Recordings]
Itoa – Persuasive Percussion [Bad Taste Rec]
J.CMZ – Feel So Alive [Mendossa Records]
J.Folk – Bittersweet Days a Week [College Music Records]
Jaydee – We Control Our Destiny [COMBINED]
JIO – 4D4U4MEP [J. Albert Productions]
Joad – The Drop [Mendossa Records]
Jordan Nocturne – 22BB [Nocturne]
Jorja Chalmers – Bring Me Down [Italians Do It Better]
José Soberanes – Multiversos [Blaq Records]
Junior Sanchez – Melbourne (Remixed) [Refuge Recordings]
JussComplex – Curiosity [Chill ‘Til Late Records]
JXH & Λnxiety – Fuck [Mendossa Records]
Kaisaku – Cerulean , Remnants of Us [Enhanced Chill]
Khardask – No More [Spitfire Music]
Khromotek – Dimenzions [Kraftoptical]
Kiko Voice – Sarò lì [Extra Level Records]
Klazina – Glisten [Yalong Bay records]
KR DS & Alexskyspirit,Decoder – Cosmic Principles
Kučka – Wrestling [LuckyMe.]
NGA – Punk Funk, Vol. 1 [Suborder]
Nic Arizona – Floating the Flood [Malka Tuti Records]
Nick Roselin Oleksiak – Lil Mafia [Behavior Recordings]
NICOHERNAN – Wireless [Battlefront Records]
Nicolas Negrete – Back Home, Hello People [Beathey Recordings]
nightcity. – Tachi [Beast Trap Records]
niklas wandt – Balearische Bibliothek [Italic]
Norvik – Ventus [Echoes in the Valley]
O’falco – Elderly (Transmission) [Spitfire Music]
OH PANDORA – Mendoza (Bonus Track) [OH PANDORA]
Oona Dahl – Morph [Hallucienda]
OSABA – Dicotomia [Appetizers]
OVNIBOY – Chichicuacks [Mendossa Records]
OVNIBOY – Pandemica [Mendossa Records]
Pablo Rey – Vuelo de Papel [Imploxion Records]
PACO BLAZE & Dj Magnify – Dance With Me [Klens]
Pardizen – Bazou [YAC PROD]
Paul Haslinger – Mishkin & Septuagint [Artificial Instinct]
Paul Traeumer – No Pocket Guide Through Heartache [kontrapost]
PaulWetz – Bruises [hfn]
Perti Badise – Funky Madness [Mendossa Records]
Phraktal – Nightwalk [Limbo]
Poket Coffee – Pun Mjesec [Podmornica]
Quiet Noise – Story Machine [Audiobulb Records]
Radha – Tomorrow [Miyako Records]
Random AKA Tolin – Mars Dances! (Extended Mix)
Ravek – Impulsive [Mendossa Records]
rewindsound – The Lighthouse [Mescaline Beats Records]
Rey Guerra – Old Chants [DDiaz Recordings]
Rita Masuzi – Yesterday [Tulua Records]
Rob Stroud – Locked [true blockhouse]
Rodri Jerez – Big Fish [404 Deep Records]
Rodri Jerez – Panacea [404 Deep Records]
Rodri Jerez – Self Contradiction [404 Deep Records]
Roman Flügel – Eating Darkness [Running Back]
Route 1 – Peter Pan (feat. Zizubaby) [KASIA MUSIC GROUP]
Royal Yellow – Until [Tonic]
Running in Reykjavik – Go Toe the Line [Running in Reykjavik]
Running in Reykjavik – Whatever We Please [Running in Reykjavik]
SANDEUL – Contemplation [Subskillz]
Sarmoung – Aman [Echoes from Venus]
Scott Stevenson – Puzl [Shsoo Records]
Simon Le Grec – Mistakes [Chouridis Productions]
Simon Wester – Revelation [Echoes in the Valley]
SJXB – Again [Spitfire Music]
Sllash – 186 [Diffuse Digital]
Snasen – Conversation Pit [SellOut! Music]
Sorcinet – Glitch In the Climate [Billegal Beats]
Soulspace – Tattva Bodha [Spacelabs]
Stephan Seddel – Dreams Collide [Spitfire Music]
Stilhed – Tundra [Valley View Records]
Stoch Blaize – Rhythm of Love (feat. Jimmy Burney) [Spitfire Music]
Studenchuk – Pulsar [Spitfire Music]
Teia, Lil Marlin & David Myrla – Hulaju [Triangular Music]
Tenqz – Ocean Breath [Forgotten Dreams]
The Ambientalist – Under the Moonlight [MQY Music]
The Breathing Effect – Moki Dreams of Brazil [Alpha Pup]
The Editor – The Editor’s Deep inspirations Waveforms (ambient live sessions)
The Freek Macheen – Mysterious City [Eisblock Records]
The Gospel Division – Book 1 [somanymusic]
Thomas White & Timbah – Right Here [Bad Taste Rec]
Tiien – Alluvion [Spitfire Music]
Tindersticks – Man Alone (Can’t Stop the Fadin’) [Charles Webster Mix]
Tony Quattro – Out on the Floor [Bad Taste Rec]
TOR – Oasis Sky [Youth and Progress Recordings]
Tristan De Liege & 9 Theory, Askanse – Usawa Remixes, Pt. 2
Unusual Cosmic Process – Our Home [AstroPilot Music]
Up1 – Digital Dream [Metel Music Records]
VA – Blissfulness [Stereoheaven]
VA – For Relaxation and Study [WayOn]
VA – Forte, Vol. 8 [Qilla Records]
VA – Volt [Ambidextrous Records]
Vapour Trail – Now and Forever [Spitfire Music]
Vase – Variations [Appendix.Files]
VEKY – Ultima Noapte (Chillout 2021 Edit) [Amind Two Guys Records]
Waldgrenze – Triskele [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
Wendy Panoah & Paramita Ambient – Nebulae [Khanti Records]
Wolf Player – Changes [WELLKRAUD]
XINGO & Mithoz, XINGO – Natural [Ep] [Glitchworld Recordings]
Y.LOH – Down To Timing [Spitfire Music]
Young Jing – Die Kamele [Nomade Records (NO)]
Youth Novels – Woman (Hannes Kretzer Remix) [Unperceived Records]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Carlos Jaxx – Done Enough [Garage Recordings]
Dan T & Bear Winder – Tuff Love [Captum Records]
Doc Zee & Griz-O, Doc Zee – Eski Flava [Four40 Records]
F.D.C – Full Tilt [Yosh Pit]
FM3 & Bowser – Mash It Up [83]
Gabriella – No Escaping You [PointBlank Records]
Hybrid Theory – Bring Me Back [Nuvolve Music]
Jay Faded – Enemies [YosH]
Keg Fool Venz, KegOne – Carnival [Off Me Nut Records]
Kryphon – Lovers [Kryphon Music]
Minista, Oppidan, Sam Deeley, Sensa & Zefer – Real Soon
Rob Circuit – Doors Wide Open [Dreibergen]
Sammy Virji – Alright (feat. Lucy Virji) [Sammy Virji]
Skepsis & Cajama – Verdansk [Future House Music]
Subatomic – Absolute Zero [Strictly House And Garage]

Hard Dance & Hardcore

Aleks & Could – Let There Be Light [TAKIKARDIA RECORDS]
ANDY SVGE & Hardstyle Pianist – Moonshine
Atmozfears & Demi Kanon – Ghosts (feat. David Spekter)
Axel Gear – Cape Fear [Shizzle]
Bass 2 Headz – Heavy Machine (Part 2) [K1-Recordz]
BENGR – Monster [RSU Records]
Blooded Minds – Drop That Fucking Shit [Bounce Back Records]
Borja MD & Starbass – Feeling the Funky Melody
C-Netik & Fragz, C-Netik – Occult Sciences [Motormouth Recordz]
Chedda Bob – How Could You [Lightning Trax]
Creeds & AKSYS – Making Kicks [UGT Core]
D-Noizer & Jeroxis – Hokey Pokey [Exploud]
Dark Intentions & Sasha F – The Chosen [X-tinction Recordz]
Darwin – Ardcore from the Start [Brutal Kuts]
Darwin – Circle of Time [Energy Field]
DJ Inox – Fake Show (Remixes) [feat. Tango] [Xoni Records]
DJ Nemesis – Trancity [ADM]
DJ Vortex & Kaïros – Remember Us [LOVERLOUD RECORDS]
Dr. Peacock & Sefa – Adagio [Frenchcore Worldwide]
Dressgo – Pletorika [TNR MEDIA]
Durky Bass – Stand Up [Kiss & Ride]
Electroman – Back 2 Club [Sea Air Media]
Essiuah – Global Killer [Enemy Digital]
Ezkill – Oi Mat3 [Justice Hardcore]
Fancy Friends – Seiken [Energy Hard Espana]
Frequencerz – Tomorrow & Beyond (Lars Edit) [Roughstate]
Hardnoizers – Love Guides You [Wardog Records]
Heppy – Struggle for Pleasure [Fatal Energy Records]
Imperialite – Colors [Akkros Records]
James Nardi & Ostyn – Asylum [Vicious Circle Recordings]
Jaxx Players – Discover [Soundside Records]
Joe Longbottom – Bassline [Shock Records]
Jonas Wood – Rewind [Oblivion Music]
Jony K – Suprise Attack [Dark Entities Recordz]
LOK-E & Risa – Night Terrors [Ultratech]
Luis Junior & Kike Boy, Luis Junior – Let’s Go [Previous Records]
Luqu Chaos – Watching Over Me (feat. Melissa Pixel) [Tydo Black]
M. TouNu, Sergie & M. TouNu – Cpa1rav [Menuise Records]
Major Conspiracy – Heavy On the Dancefloor (feat. MC Robs)
Mansy – Runaway [Scarred Digital]
Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee – Nemesida [VIMB Music]
Matt Com dj – Bassbomb 2.0 [Activa Records]
Max Shade – Morok [Noisj]
Meta – Centaur (feat. Ethan Fox) [Bishops Bloc]
Morturom – Reborn [Blackbox Digital]
Nicknition – Don’t Let Me Down [TIOS Digital]
Nik a.k.a. NKM – Crazy Dreams [NKM Records]
Pascal Rolay – Going Down [Blow Beatz]
Repeller – Nightstalker [Upcoming Records]
Samba D & Ellie Jay – Over the Rainbow (X-Cyte Remix)
Silent Stunt – Unexplored Mistery [Efectiva Records]
Simpleksradium & ADChamber – Get You Grooving 2021 (Extended)
Sound Rush – Lifetime (Stormerz Remix) [SPEQTRUM]
Stateline – Matte Gloss [Safe As… Records]
Tectonic – Laughing Gas [Impulsive Records]
The Prophet – Creatures of the Night [Scantraxx]
TimeWaster – Let’s Make Love [Plplpl.]
Udex – Lies [Heart For Hard Records]
Unit DVSN – Give Me Something (Boski Remix) [Hot Box Digital]
Yosshie 4onthefloor – Pure Arrow [4onthetrax]


$Aks – Mistakes [Muzenga Records]
Adam & Todd – Feeling [Dancera]
AGLF – Boogie [Terminal Underground]
Aisia Casanova – Twin Flame Love (feat. Gari Sinedima)
Akylla – Holding On [Westwood Recordings]
Albert Wesker, Crazy Daylight – Temptation [G-Mafia Records]
Alessandro Angileri – Free Calling [Bunny Clan]
Alex & Martin & Dave Left – Missing You [IMPVLSE Records]
Alex Blond (ITA) – Fanfare [Over House Records]
Amália Rodrigues – O Senhor Extraterrestre
Anatoliy Nesterenko – Bubble Echo [Richy Records]
Andrew Galaxy – Andromeda [One Fire Recordings]
Ankker – People Dance [Loop Wave Records]
Archi & Magnanimous – Luminescence [Kycker Electronic]
Armat Yuryev – Despair [Satsuma Music]
Ascii.Disko – Unreleased and Nameless (Live Edit 2008) [Icon Series]
bbno$ & Diamond Pistols – help herself (with BENEE) [bbno$]
Bessie Kukka – Coming Down [My Wife Records]
Blind Colors – Found Love (feat. Melonie Daniels Walker)
BLK OUT – Bounce [Phunk Junk Records]
Block & Crown & Lissat – A.B.C. [Tactical Records]
Bloque M – Busy Texting [Loop Current Records]
Bloque M – Byzantium [Loop Current Records]
Branko & Iúri Oliveira – Ctg [Enchufada]
Bremer,McCoy – Mit Hjerte [Luaka Bop]
Brett Oosterhaus – Are You Living (feat. Kalia Medeiros)
Brock Edwards – Tru [Simma Black]
Bruno Barudi – Move It Up [Retrologue Recordings]
Bruno Barudi – V.I.P. [Retrologue Recordings]
Bruno Barudi – Work My Body [Retrologue Recordings]
Bruno Salles – Dance and Relax [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
Bundarr – Al Souk [PMP Records]
Burak Yeter & Double·N – Needed U [Connection Records]
C. Da Afro & J.B Boogie – Disco House MasterClass, Vol. 4
CASSIMM – Down To Me [HouseU]
Chara – Touch Me (All Night Long) [WORKROOM]
Charles B & Justmylørd – Nobody Else (Vip Mix) [Revealed Recordings]
Charles Schillings & Hemanifezt – We Lift Them Up [Karmic Power Records]
Chemars – Cubano [Ginkgo Music]
Chris Cox – Disco Doghouse [Buildup Music]
DJ Tripswitch – Switch the Mix [Run To My Beat]
Dom 877 – Done Talk [877 Records]
Dr. Space & SEM – Won’t Give It Up [SJS RECORDS]
Dream Lanterns – Glitter Bug [Chill Caterpillar]
Drerrera & Lonewolf – Helpless [Vibez Sounds]
Dubman F., The Cabas & Revealed Recordings – Get Down [Blasa Records]
Dundar Erken – Passion [Janizary]
Dunning Krueger – First Love [Stepback Records]
Elieser Ambrósio – Go To Beat [CLAB Records]
Elijah King – Booty [Basshall Records]
EME – We Forgive Them [ONErpm]
Enigmix – All Over [Subsense]
EQ Why – Drop Lil Booty [Equalized Records]
Ezechiel – Fork [Crown Of Music]
Fabio Salerni – FAREWELL [Trax Records]
Fatesky & Lodgerz – Gambetta [Dancing Dead]
Fayss & Chrizah – U Like 2 Dance [Little Assembly]
FederFunk – All About Disco Love [Nu Monkey Records]
Firemik3 – Summer Whistle [Corpse Recordings]
Flight Facilities – Lights Up (feat. Channel Tres) [Future Classic]
Flip & Fill, H.P. Vince & Yvvan Back – No Worries [Phoenix Music Inc]
Frankie T – Good Morning [099Rec]
Fredrik Ferrier – You [ASUP Records]
FridayAfterWorkAffair – Find a Way [FridayAfterWorkAffair]
Gabriele Silvestri – When U Feel It (feat. Aivlis) [GOODLIFE RECORDS]
Geral GT – Xo [Corpse Recordings]
Golowko – Nobody Else [Munix Records]
Græns – Universal Dub [Höga Nord Rekords]
Groove Shakerz – Get Saxy (Radio Recut Verion) [GSMusic]
H.P. Vince & Yvvan Back – Clear My Mind [Glasgow Underground]
Hendo – Need Your Love [13 Records]
Hoani Teano – Jirijirimo [Nomadism Records]
Hot Since 82 & Miss Kittin – Naboo [Knee Deep In Sound]
Ipanov – Phoebe [Crown Of Music]
Italo Vieira & Wayward Brothers – Diamond [Exx Muzik]
Ivan Jack – Funky Pride [NUDISCO]
Ivan Pica – Disco Never Dies [There Was Jack]
J-Box – It’s Like Sun [Jbox Music]
Jabberwocky – Feeling Dancing Tempo
Jack Black One – Biki Biki [Crown Of Music]
Jaded Soul – Baby Don’t You Know [Frequency Deep Recordings]
Jaimy & Con-Am – Melody of Bells [Fatal Music]
Jako – Bite My Hand (feat. Lil B) [Motherwolf]
Jam Funk – Trust [Dustpan Recordings]
James Miller – Body Drop [ZERODEEP]
Jasted & Mixmash Deep – 2Night [Mixmash Deep]
Jazzy Rossco – Lovin [Little Jack]
JJMusical – More Love [Fopheii]
Jo Paciello – New York Skyline [kluBasic Records]
Jody – Destination (feat. WICK) [Chill Planet]
Joka Chups – Shout out Loud [Black Boat]
Jona Fosh & Joel Oliva, Jona Fosh – Rocket [Harbor Records Collective]
Jonas Eb, AcroniX & Irito Kazuto – Love We Had [Panther’s Groove]
Jotadejuan & Conley Broome – One Love [Sweet Karma Inc]
Juan Carnal – Blurred Thoughts [mfgustafsson]
Julian Marsh – These Lovely Days [Aardvark Dance]
Juvenile Delinquents & Brian Smith – Love Me Again [Vivifier Records]
Kaos Kid, Romzello – Alright [Luxury Night]
Ken Aoki – Land666 [Oyoda Recordings]
Kimberose – Pull Me Down – A COLORS ENCORE
Knijax – Your Heart [Darling Music Group]
KNOX – Free (OG Mix) [KHM]
Kobes – Rum Boom [Black Boat]
Kodp – No Conversation [Kycker Electronic]
Kubi & Nickao – Can’t Be There [Alphabeat Records]
LangeSjaak – Flavad Oldskool [De Formule]
Latch – Supernova [Trusted Rhythm Records]
Lebedev (RU) – Memories [Jump Recordings]
LeBon – Love Drug [All Night Long Records]
LEFTI & Calo Vance – Honey [Quincy Boy Records]
Lillo R & startech42 – Saxo [SRNDR Records]
Lineen – All I Need [Loud Club Records]
Vinylsurfer – Boja el Sol [Sirup Music]
Vlada Asanin & Wayne Madiedo – Everlasting Punk [45ke]
VZXX & ReddCross – Feel Like [Million Co]
Wager – Vector [Scuffed Recordings]
Wavezd & jrehd, Wavezd – Amsterdam [There Is Love In You]
Wenzday – Actin’ Up [House Call]
White x Wakeup & FVME – For the Night [WEPLAY Music]
XTEQUILAX – Move My Body [Musata Music]
YREDEF, Simone Celi & Project 97 – Baila [Ensis Records]

Melodic House & Techno

,,mkültra – Emotions [iM Electronica]
Air Jackson – The Beekeeper’s [Ten One Records]
Aleksus Sanchez – Never Know [Make Time Records]
Alex Powell – Only Human [ISOLATE]
Alexis Samaan – Are You Feeling This [Amber Red Recordings]
Altbach Heftiger – Tribe [Sirup Records]
Amber Broos – Moon Shimmer (feat. Bo Vera August)
Anomalje – Bass fishing [Anomalje Records]
Anshee – Another Story [Underground BeatCode Records]
Ark of Mind – Momentum [Prototype Music]
Arkaene – Chronicle [Awen Tales]
ASW – A Garden Overrun [POPGANG Records]
Bacavi – Closer , The Bell Jar [Fly Boy Records]
BackstoryDisco – End of Days [Wavebox Records]
Be High – Alien Dance , Moonwalk [Highway Records]
Ben Scsi – Stream [PDD Tamed]
Broken Drum Machine – The New Normal [Revolt Records]
BrownSuga SA – Crazy (feat. Lee-Ron Malgas) [iM Electronica]
Bruno Lino – A Universe [Hardonymus Records]
Carbon & Aves Volare, Carbon – Wild Signals [Alula Tunes]
Charles Wastrel – Demon’s Infinite Sonata [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Christopher David Holmberg – Gravity [600 Degrees]
Curt Reynolds – Resonate [Understated Recordings]
Dakuan – Down Stairs [Dance Gang]
DaniGarcia – La Playa [Mantra Music Rec]
David Di Sabato – Tenaya [Awen Records]
Declan Burke – Ordinary Everyday Experience [Dance Artifakts]
Dextermusik – Cleopatra [Huum Records]
DJ Jackson – Cold War [Neonius Records]
Durante & HANA – Celestia [Anjunadeep]
Echoplays – Gangster [Figura Music]
Element3 – Evolution [Auditive]
Fabian Argomedo – Ralun [Konzepte]
FiveP – Holding Pattern [Rezongar Music]
Funkstille – Rise & Fall [Sujet Musique]
Gaisfool – Rebound [Southbeat Music]
Galactic Force – Bass On Mars [Puchero Records]
Guen B – Whistles from Agartha [Blanc Stone Digital]
Guy Mantzur – My Wild Flower [Lost & Found]
Het Masteen – Tiger Sushi [Perihelion]
Itgo – Magnetic [Road Story Records]
JackvonM & Ingerl – Somnianti [Blanc Stone Digital]
Jako Diaz & Lvdovica – Alo [Ego]
Jon Bubble – Mantis [XTR Records]
Joris Voorn – Psyche [Global Underground]
Josefono L Telefono – Multicolor, Feather Lights [Whole Story]
Justizia – Uluwatu [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
KAMADEV – Before You [Somatic Records]
Kenzoo – Amphibious [Blue Bull Music]
Kohlenkeller – Frequenzen , Mind Control (Space Is the New Club)
Lightning Effect – Step by Step [Mystic Carousel Records]
Luttrell – Operation Midnight [Anjunadeep]
Luxor Ray – Eleven [Azura Recordings]
Madd Rod – Lust and Euphoria [VIAGE]
Manjit Makhni – Rat Race [Neele Records]
Mardraüs – Tired [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Massane – 5am [This Never Happened]
Mazarany – Kabul [Callote]
MERE – Kassiopeja (Origina Mix) [NIGHTRIDE Music]
Metatext & Karhua – Lungern [down.]
minimalArchiv – Transfigured [Integrity Records (SG)]
Mister Monj – Continuous Imagination [Evitative Records]
MOKX – Drown in the Dark (feat. Tisomé) [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Motip White – Purple Crown [When We Dip XYZ]
Nico Morano – Flammes (feat. Donamaria) [Ontourage Music]
Noori & Umbra – 1001 [Sweet Ace]
OTNO – Brussels Tapes Vol. 2 [Analog Focus]
Peter Iv – We Will Dance Again in Freedom [Clipper’s Sounds]
Peter roots – Battle of Elements [Luzztro Records]
Quint S Ence – Chillin’ Brazilin’ [UPUK Records]
Reezer – Remember Me (feat. Michael Nicholas) [Braslive Records]
Road Kahan – Remember Tomorrow [Purified Records]
Rodrigo – Magma [Dear Deer Dubs]
Roocklast – Magia [Musica Fluida]
Sannterkoma – Disclosure [RDTR]
Shay Hajaj – I want to Know [MBMH Underground Recordings]
Sixty Feet Deep – Monolithic [Endangered]
Soel – Corrupt Utopia [Mobilee Records]
SOJO (UK) – Battle Acid [Pitch Track]
Spintribe – Binac [Techgnosis Records]
Ten Walls – Lord of Fallen [Dear Deer]
The Ataman – Brut Cuvee [Lummi]
Tiefstone – Protective [Nightmare Unlimited]
Truth Decay – Paradigm Shift [Mena Music]
VA – Continuum ,, Hypothesis Vol.1
VA – Decameron Volume I [NOTTURNA]
VA – Elements K [Whole Story Lab]
VA – Fade Records Presents The Next We, Pt. 2 [Fade Records]
VA – Nocturne, Pt. 02 [Digital Structures]
VA – Notes of Our Souls
VA – Phantasmal Techno [Duenia]
VA – Rebirth 002 [Mirror Walk]
VA – Various Artists, Vol. VII [ONISM]
Waltervelt – Turbo Sequencer [Ellum]
Yves Eaux – Craving [Shibiza Recordings]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Absxntminded – Esoteric [Jiggy Astronaut Music]
After The Tide – Lazy , Simple [California Music]
Airmonkey – Li Quid [Crossworld Academy]
Arturo Gioia – Pillolozzo Remixed [Beachside Records]
Atoms N Molecules – Monodes [Jiggy Astronaut Music]
Bastard Koyolin – Darkness in Space [Jiggy Astronaut Music]
Belmat – Photography [Tanapa Records]
BNGL – Cycles [Kukratxa Records]
CAlinie – Vorbescu [Raslup]
Coldface – Oblivion [Lipstick On Records]
Cosmin Horatiu – Milion Things [Techaway Records]
Cupido – Distancia [Strange Stories Records]
Cupido – Eli.sound Presents Cupido From MEXICO [eli.waxx]
Danny Snowden – Night By Night [Sulko Records]
David Lowe – Another One [Kubiq]
Djey Piko & DA LO – Action [RAMBLA records]
Edu Escartin & Giovanni (AR) – Soul [Tanta Music]
Entech – Quasar [Vizionaire Records]
Fetish – Series w, Fetish [Indeep]
Fin & Stanley – Gluggavedur [Selectro]
Flavio MP – You Got It [AK Cartel]
Fracktion – Ding Dong [CLX]
Fracktion – Saw [CLX]
Franky Rizardo – Chutoro [LTF Records]
Gaetano Inglese – Blue Rocks [Vulkano Records]
Gaspar-On – Namaste [Wajiro]
Gioseph – Squamish [WAXX LABEL]
Golosa Predkov – Carnival [Kaprimula Media]
Gregory Flores – Calle 13 [lockedpro]
Harry Leon – Alcatraz [Street Habitat]
HeartWerk – Xanther [U Don’t Dance]
Hosain Ali – Burning disc [In Dushe]
Jizz – Mental Notes [Manicomio White]
John Amy – Complex Behaviour [JA Sounds Records]
Josh Martin – Easy Motel [VIVOR MUSIC]
Juan Rodriguez – Tribulations [Nostandardmusic]
Kahu – Wchoppa [Order]
Kerouac & Smile – Hustle Groove [Blind Vision Records]
KisssandFly – Slide Out [MUSIC&LIFE]
Konstantin Gabbro & Mikael Stavöstrand – Above the Vaulted Sky
Kullat Nunu – Deep Trip [Sequencer]
Kuzey – Accident [WS]
Ky William & Fear & Lowe – Ridicule [Andhera Records]
Lee Guthrie – Rabbit Hole [The Freak & Weirdo]
Left Noize – Under the Rain [Human Rave]
Matt R. – Freaky [ALTR Records]
Michele Conte – Yesterday (Deep Tech Ambient Mix) [Uber Fit Records]
Miguel Moraleda & The Minimum – D’ont Tell Me [Rave Music]
Neenz – Whats That [Minimal Nest Records]
Nico Hansen – All This Time [Not So Serious]
Nicolas Veccia – Morning Grooves [Sonido D Club Records]
Niko Adriatti – Can I Help It [CamelMusic Records]
Nistoroiu – On You [PhonicHouse1 Records]
Olarte – Numade [Stinky Label]
Omar C – Fly Away [Inwave]
Pablo Simone – Children of the Disco [House of the Sun]
Phonika – Abandoned by Mercy [Jiggy Astronaut Music]
Pomme Rouge & Etyen, Funkermonk – Cut in Half
Rahel Santhos – Auron Star [Mystic Groove]
Remove Before Flight – Clap Your Handz [Cliveland]
Renaud Genton – Drop the Needle [PuccioEnza Records]
Rich Monzon – King of Mayas [Wild Nature Dub]
Ron Ractive – Endpoint [Styledriver]
Shavezz – The Club [Radioactive]
SHEEP – Zoma [Techempire Records]
Sidney Charles – ENDZ044 [Eastenderz]
Simmo (UK) – A Bad Trip [Late Ninety]
Simone De Biasio – Change the Rules – (Mode2) [SDB MUSIC]
strippd – Deranged [Rawsome Ltd]
television lies – Empty Mansions [The Antisocial Club]
Theo Poles – Give It To Me [Houbless Music]
Tomas Bisquierra – God! in the Face [Kubbo Records]
Unknown Civilian – Urb004 [Urban MIDI Records]
VA – Pnh002 [PhonicHouse1 Records]
VA – Treasures [Form & Terra Records]
Waitz – What Is Funk [Deeperfect Records]
Warboy – Estranged Nights [Save Our Souls]
Za__Paradigma & Disease – Wet Rain [Arawak Records]


4 Strings & Susanne Teutenberg – My Summer
Afterus – Myself With You [Starsphere Records]
Ahmed Helmy – Founder [AVA Recordings (Black Hole)]
Alasis – Mentality [Tecnomind Uplifting]
Alex Shevchenko, Ithur & Hidden Tigress – Fill the Sky
Alienatic – Freedom [Nano Records]
Allen Belg – Predestination [Emergent Skies]
Andy Jornee – Tears Reaching the Sky [Universe7]
Andy Prinz – Provision [Adrian & Raz (AdrianRazRecordings)]
Aressa – Onyx [Nanostate Music]
Ash Woollacott – Moments Away [Extrema Global Music]
Asthar – Think for Yourself [1db Records]
Bedroom Logic – Bravery [Emergent Cities]
Ben McConnell – Causeway [Addictive Sounds]
Bliss & Volcano On Mars – Trippy Blinders [Sacred Technology]
Bodo Kaiser – Finding Neverland [Rice Bowl Recordings]
Brandon Hombre – Palantir [Psyfeature]
Browkan & Fnx – The Surge [Dacru Records]
Burnz B – Fate Await [N-Motion Recordings]
Camazots, Leafar Nayrb & PSY-DAN – Bug Bandicoot [Kryked]
Codex (SE) – Close to Me [Seal Network]
Cosmic Culture – Off to New Shores [Future Sequence]
Daniel Baumann – Forever Together [ToySounds]
Daniel Cesana – Empyrean [Ablazing Records]
Daniel Wanrooy – Radiophonic [In My Opinion]
Dave Steward – Born In Chaos [Metamorph Seismic]
Davey Asprey – Desperado [Subculture]
DJ Fuel & Ibazz – Ethereal [Pumping Records]
DMP Tunes – Mr. President [DMP Tunes]
Dmpv & Anveld – New Level [Last State Records]
Dream to Me – Cyber Life [iTracks]
Ecoteric & Battlefloor, Hybrid – Zenesis [Universal Tribe Records]
Emov & ABAT, Conwerter – Best of E-Mov [Dacru Records]
Epika – Amore [D SIDE]
Eugenio Tokarev – Rise Up , Rewind [Elliptical Sun Recordings]
Fake Time – Massage [Burn Up Records]
Fiction (RS) – Papillon [Maharetta Records]
Fonzerelli – Everlasting [Coldharbour Recordings]
Fortness – Zapland [Ruda’ Records]
Fredix – Music Patrol [Color Monster]
Gio Parmento – Silk Cravat [Audio Diez]
Hays – Rising Star [Uplift Recordings (RazNitzanMusic)]
Henry Caster – Daylight [Ozran Records]
Hypersia – Dark Passenger [Hypersia Records]
ilostleoh – Close To Me [Seal Network]
Independent Art – Your Worst [CrossAIR Recordings]
Interactive Noise – Exile [Spin Twist Records]
Jack Hollow – Smooth Buzzing [Hollow Records]
K3Y5HIFT3R – Rise [Xzata Music]
Kaimo K & Elles de Graaf – Made of One
Lightning & Waveband – Restart [Mental Asylum Records]
Lucidious, St. Jean – Vishnu [Stereofly Records]
Madmace – Gravity [Rodawi Records]
Magnettor – Back 2 Basics [Perfecto Records]
Makida – Body & Mind (Bellatrix Remix) [Expo Records]
Manuel Rocca – Caribe (Exolight Remix) [Levitated Music]
MaRLo – Venom [Reaching Altitude]
meHiLove – Universe [YHV Records]
Mou5zyzz & LollyPoP Lane – Play [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Neelix & Durs – Mirror [Spin Twist Records]
night sky – Airborne (Northern Skyline Remix) [Time Leap Records]
NoxiD – Mang0 [TRANCETRXX]
NRSMN – Misteria [Perfecto Records]
Paul Denton – Re – Offender (Zondervan Remix)
Phaxe & Querox – Freetown [SYNK87]
Planet Pluton – Sinapsi [Artrance Records]
Psyawaska – Pa Moru [Phased Mind]
Psycrain – Vertical Poetry [Bassclef Records]
Rakoviny – The Real Stuff [EMIX Records]
Rataman – Excite [Underground Mania Records]
ReMech – Follow You (feat. Marianna Ray) [Defcon Recordings]
Ric Aires – Your Soul Is Mine , The Day We Meet Again [
Rising Galaxy – Signal [Cosmicleaf Records]
Robert B & Nick Hayes – Conrail [Scorchin’ Progressive]
Ruben De Jong – No More Silence [Legacy Of Trance Recordings]
Sanani – Favara [Tecnomind Uplifting]
Seinez – Toxic Thought [Digital Drugs Coalition]
Shaun James – Pariah [Innersound Digital]
Signal3 – Be Alone [Mechanism Recordings]
Signal3 – TRY [Mechanism Recordings]
Simon Flashback – Drama [Nutek America]
Space Heal & Diksha, Space Heal – Digital Healing
Space Organ & Omega Sound – Behind the Universe
Status Zero – Under Pressure [X7M Records]
STNX – Vakkra [Progg’n’Roll]
Super8 & Tab & Factor B – From Way Back [Who’s Afraid Of 138 !]
Suzume Hashiya – Karuna , Sattva [RockRiverRecords]
Syncrotron – Deep Thought [Frankfurt Beat Productions]
Synergy – Osiris [Ambush Digital]
TH3 ONE & Arjans – Aurora [Entrancing Music]
Thorment – Tonight Emotions [Avant Garde Music]
Tokyo3 – Legion [Chilean Factory Recordings]
Tom Kala & John Manz – Never [Azzurra Recordings]
Tonideck – I Won’t Ever Leave [73 Muzik]
Trance Synergy – Escape [Mighty Dance Records]
Undercover Alman – Craving for Harmony [Beatbridge Records]
VA – Cosmic Unity (Compiled by Elfie) [Digital Shamans Records]
VA – Depth Implosion
VA – Dimensional Vortex
VA – Ebb & Flow #2 [Enhanced Progressive]
VA – Seed of Visions [Quantz Records]
Valiant Vibes – Multiverse [Embolden Records]
Venado Sonar – Alien Yisus [GOA Records]
Victor Andro & Alessandro Sansò – Trail of Light [Victor Andro Records]
William Byrne – Echo [Pure Trance]
Yondo And Lorca & Chinguaga – Organic Tea [Ovnimoon Records]

Trap & Wave

4D – Don’t Sleep LP Album Mix [Camo Tribe]
6eadink & SCRVP, 6eadink – Imprint [MMXVAC]
A Cosmic Gift, Nic TVG – Neither Here Nor There [Pinecone Moonshine]
A.G. – Guitar Sound [Gravitation]
Abracadub & Julia Dreamhacker – Dream Reality [Azbuka Deepa]
Aktive – Obey Or Die [YANA Music]
An-Ten-Nae, Morillo & OAKK – Twilight (Oakk Remix) [Medicine]
Annhell – Dark Space [Devil Den Records]
Ashwin – Now That You’re Fine [THE CAUSTIC FAMILY]
Àtic & Exosphere – 7 Inch Death & In the Fold [RedCell Agenda]
Atreus – Mutant (Remix) [Surrealist Records]
AWO7 – Certified (feat. Mc Arion Lee) [Xero Shift]
Azanda – Anubis [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
b l o o p r & Notation – Mountain Smoke [Birdhouse]
Back Up & Inerpois – Gudron (feat. Dunats) [Triamer Recordings]
Barök – Move [Indiefy]
Big Stan & Dark Pro – Peligrosita [Prix Music Group]
Bogenhausen, Kraven – Dystopia [Unrealist Music]
BRAINWAVEZ – Undead [Sleeveless Records]
Break – Never Say Never , Zodiac [Symmetry Recordings]
BVRRN & District 13 – Erase Me [Spitfire Music]
Change Of Pace – Jungle Law [South Yard]
CHPTR – Promise [Simplify.]
CLYDE – Rally Finish [Dome Of Doom]
Crankdat – Better Without You (feat. JT Roach) [Monstercat]
Curio Watts – Year Long Daydream [VinDig]
Cyantific – Falling Apart [Viper Recordings]
Dack Janiels – Fancy Footwork [40oz Cult]
Danny Anger – Oi Distortion – The Sequel [K2]
Darwinx – Deceiver [Turtle Musik]
Dead Man’s Chest – Myth & Fire [Western Lore]
Dean August – While I’m Still Here [Artist Republik]
Decimate & SVGMAZE – Defective [Disciple Round Table]
Deltafox – Autumn Morning Sky [Future Garage Worldwide]
Demrick & Mike & Keys – Another Day [DEM (Foundation)]
Demure – Square [Southpoint]
Diodem – Setup System [Grand Dark Audio]
Distinct Motive – Wy [Sub Merchants]
Distort – Can’t Dance [Digital Assassins]
Djedi – Feels Right [The Wave Stage]
Doctor Chubs & Dunder Cheef – Brainstorming [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Dumbsteppaz – PanDumbic [Hum Fi Drum]
Echo Motion, Jaybee – Arrivals Vol. 3 (feat. Nada Monada)
El Yousef & Kid Sauce – Flower [Amadei Music]
Enigma & High Demand – Encrypt [Incurzion Audio]
Es.tereo – Drifter Dub & Perception [YUKU]
Evoid – Rogue Planet [Reinelex Music]
Ex Duty – Momentum [Rebel Music]
Excel and Vintage – Fuck Love [Amadei Music]
Fallacy – Alterboy [FinestBlends Records]
FDB – Home Away From Home [Artist Republik]
FDB – Pain [Artist Republik]
FDB – Time To Win [Artist Republik]
Finneh – Wut! [Iceberg Productions]
Fopheii – Happiness [Fopheii]
Freqmind – Between Clouds [Flashmuted Recordings]
Freqmind – Miracle [Flashmuted Recordings]
Freqmind – Return of Robot [Flashmuted Recordings]
Frostloud! – U Make Me [Madox Records]
Frzn+chzn & Thomas Sahs – 94 94 [Chrome Friends]
Funkware – Jazz Liberator [Funkstuff Recordings]
Fvck Totvm & Kyem – MECUM VOLA [SME Strategic Marketing Group]
G-Wizard & Zannon – Smiles All Round (feat. Big Red Cap) [Crookwell]
Gaiden, KOAN Sound – Chronos [Vision Recordings]
Gamba De Bass – 2 AM in Bologna [VinDig]
Gentlemens Club & The Slopes – Wasted Time [Pilot Records]
GLD – I’m Sick of Your Shit (JEANIE Remix) [Circus]
Go Pnik – No Mercy [Fresh Blood]
Goddard – Nicotine [DNB Allstars Records]
Godfather of Harlem – No Bark When I Bite (feat. Rick Ross & Cruel Youth)
GPK – Frog Fone [Mechanical Advantage Records]
Granturck – Noise [Goldrapp Music]
Grim Hellhound – Deepwater Drill , Bones [Huski Records]
HEFT – Makes Me Stronger , Feelings [Digital Blus]
Helzak – Departures (feat. AXYL) [Sleepless Collective]
Henri Noire – Ote (feat. Tommishock) [Mörssi]
High Demand – Confession , Lust , Confession (Bungle Remix) [feat. Bungle]
Howtodie & Angry Apple – All That Jazz [VinDig]
Hugh Hardie – Dream in Green [Hospital Records]
HugoLogic & Karminis – Vibe [Repulsive Records]
I7 – Bored [Halcyon Music House]
i300 – Pop Wow [Balti Productions]
Illegal NoiZe – Back 2 Yesterday (feat. OitzE) [YOURBAN MUSIC]
In Most – Voyager Alternate Routes [Soulvent Records]
Incident & Sonic Rain, Incident – Echoes , Never Be [inHabit Recordings]
Indivision – Disturbia [Indivision Music]
Ivy Lab – Novv,Nasdaq [20,20 LDN Recordings]
Jack Rapture – Wastelands [Danger Chamber]
Jedi, Lymitless – Martial Law [Rebellion Records]
Jeey Rodriguez & Skinny MVP – Mi Unico Amor [JNV Records]
Jeremy SØmedieyoung – Clouds over us… [VinDig]
Jessy Mariee – One Night Stand [Artist Republik]
Jhonsian – Cuando Te Vi [Medular Records]
Joogornot – Death Match [DirtySnatcha Records]
K.RYD, Smuj – One Phat Trip Hazard [X-AMNT]
Kacha – Punchlinet Justu [El Distro Network]
Kaelin Ellis – Noise [Retro Jungle]
Kalez – Infection [Drevobos Recordings]
Katon & Medusa, Katon – Regulate [The Mob Recordings]
Kill Paris & ESPER, Fluencee – Couped Up (Remixes)
Krak In Dub – Negra Soy (feat. Mónica Castillo & Mary Grueso)
Kryos – Dark Portal [Black Inferno Records USA]
Kuhlosul – D.G.A.F. [High Caliber Records]
Kumarion – Pure Action [Monstercat]
Kwizz & Timeless – Be Like That [High Five Music]
L’indécis – Motions [Retro Jungle]
Leo Zen – Trust [recordJet]
Linguini & VHOOR – Total 90 [VHOOR]
Lipoov & 93Alekk – Feeling Changes [VinDig]
Lmnt5 – Menuete [sidewayz sounds]
Lofi Hifi – Earth Garden [Affliction Audio]
Madusea – Ripples , Deity of Emerald Nights [Detached Audio]
Mani Festo – Toxic Waste , Warehouse 2.0 [SweetBox]
Marian Closca – Solar Flare [Smart Phenomena Records]
Marteria & DJ Koze – Paradise Delay [Four Music Local]
Meeploss – Raw Ta!!K [13LOWBACK]
Mental Split – To the Sky [Raylinx Music]
Midst – One Kiss [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Millbrook – You & Me (feat. Selin) [RAM Records]
Mind Artifice – Dreams. [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Mineral – Silent Promises [Omni Music (UK)]
Mlr – No Cap [Artist Republik]
Mungk – Pangu [DUPLOC ROYALS]
Mystical Sound – Dusk , Magic Chimes [C Recordings]
N-Gine – Exterminate the Human Mind, Vol. 2 [N-Gine]
Oblomov – Marla [Sambit]
Paradise Beta – Demon Child [Sidewayz Mafia Family]
PAUZK – Long Story Short [VinDig]
pettersson – one way [VinDig]
Phocust & Clinton Sly, Phocust – Entheos [Drama Club Recordings]
Piif Jones – Mine Only (feat. Steven Young) [Loopy Life]
Piif Jones & Havoc – Prosper [Loopy Life]
Piif Jones & Kiing Shooter – Too Easy [Loopy Life]
PLTX – Jungle Pattern [PLTX MUSIC]
PURGE – Rage City [Welcome Records]
Quintin Copper & Nas Mellow – April Dreams [Sonar Kollektiv]
Rasmich – Lost In the Space [LowFreqMX]
Ray Volpe – Feeling This Way [Subsidia]
Rebornn. – Chilling Days [VinDig]
Reesession & Isreal – Ghosts’ Worst [Artist Republik]
reezy – MANCHESTER [Four Music,Two Sides]
Replicant – Death Watch [Slow Roast Records]
Rich Delinquent – Bad Time [24-8 Records]
Røhaan – CCC [Sable Valley Records]
S.I.A.D – Giftige Liebe [VinDig]
SAAS – Double Dose [The Gradient Perspective Records]
Sakura – Wakefulness [VinDig]
Science of Man & SECTION – What You Wont Do [JUST NOYZE]
Serum – Gator , Tokyo Rose [Critical Music]
sfam – Forefront [Wakaan]
Shinogi – Seisei [VinDig]
Shonen Ultra – Night on Earth [Birdhouse]
Sierra – Profondamente [RCA Records Label]
Simon Jay, Villem – One Track Mind [Spearhead Records]
Skeaz & Rotor – Orbital [Mash Up Recordings]
Skybreak & Prismatic – Meteorite [Stratos Union]
Skyler Madison & Leah Culver – What it Feels Like [Circus]
Slin – Any Op [4NC¥]
Slings – ONLYFANS (feat. MamboLosco) [Epic]
Smuggler – Special Request [Young Guns Recordings]
SOTA – Moshers , Slayer [Low Down Deep Recordings]
SP-Mato & Saiman #POW! – Blessed [VinDig]
Static Structures – Duck & Cover [Nice & Deadly]
Step Inside – Uniform [Dawn Of Music Records]
Stoned Level & Baerli – Never Back Down
Strappa – My Love [Majestic Casual Records]
Sublimit – Flatline , Found Something [Random Concept Origins]
Surreal Tendencies – Breezy [Lo-fi clouds]
Surreal8Zero – Enter This [Rabies Dog Records]
The Deadbeats – Funky For You Remixes [Space Hopper]
Thread (DNB) – Eyes on You , By Ur Side [Impact Music]
Tomoyoshi – Be a Bad Boy [Deep Quake Music]
TOSCA – Caliente [TOSCA]
TRP0902 – One Way [VinDig]
Tyler Frost – Blackwood , Thoughts [Incidental Sonics]
VA – Chillhop Timezones Vol.2 – Nostalgia [Chillhop Music]
VA – Fourth Estate
VA – New Drop – Drum & Bass [SLiVER Recordings]
VA – Spacewalkers [Anticlockwise Music]
Veak – Bringing the Vibe [Original Key Records]
Vex – Never Be Enough [Rollout Records]
Vital – Institutions , Good Old Days [Dub Shotta]
Voltone – Octane [RAVR]
Warm Roller – Cold Heart [DNBB Digital]
Wildi Horses – Happy Birthday, Luv [Horus Music Limited]
Will Coode – If We Could Fly [VinDig]
Wood Packa – Obscurity [Monofire Records]
Worlds Apart – One Day Closer (feat. S.H.A.) [Wolf Beats]
Yvng Jalapeño & Jayceeoh, Yvng Jalapeño – Lunatic [Bite This!]
Zack Merci & Adam Knight – Friday Night [Paradise Circus]