Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

13-Side – Don’t Make Me Wait [Deep Root Records]
Afonelli & Peter Hecht – Ueberdoris (ZK Bucket Versions)
Ale Poe – Over [Gameroom Records]
Alexandre Louis Lino Olei – Get Down
Alexic Rod – A Palo Seco [Shaman Flow]
Alton Allen & NITEPPL – Stride [POPGANG Records]
Aluna Project – Brotando [Khanti Records]
Ankhoï – Ohiboki (feat. Rita) [Elbaraka Family]
Anko A – Broken Elbow [Karnal Records]
ASCENT – Don’t Go Easy [recordJet]
Assal – Don’t Stop (Revisited Mix) [Plaizir Muzic]
Baeka – Be What You Wanna Be [Pogo House Records]
Ben Harris – Dueling Disco [Disco Balls Records]
Berat Salman – What’s Wrong [Satsuma Music]
Berkan Sunteroglu – Be With You (Deepsan Remix) [Road Story Records]
Bernardo Campos – New York Landscape [Little Jack]
Bestami Turna – Luminera [Karia Records]
Big Asha – Code 64 [Sound-Exhibitions-Records]
BIONT, Tripp Daly – Feel Me [Storm Music]
Bjorn Salvador & Middle Aged Dad – Third Step [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
BNinjas – Alpha [Deep House Cats SA]
BNinjas – Thing About Deep [House Salad Music]
Bubs & Karmina Dai – Oooo [Springbok Records]
C. Da Afro – Rollin Disco [Funky Revival]
Carlos Rujano – Onlyfans [Dinastia INC]
CEAUS – Breathe [Rikodisco]
Ch4yn – Loose My Mind [recordJet]
Charlie de Ville & Tscnin – The Jungle [DataTech]
CharlySoul & Walkman Alkhebu, CharlySoul – Prologue [Tapedeck Produkxion(Pty)Ltd]
Chemars – Come and Get It [Campo Alegre Productions]
Chicken Grass – Snakebites [Tramp Records]
CLASSROOM (UK) – Oooooeeeee [i occupy music]
Claudio Iacono – Esto [Meaculpa]
Col Lawton – Neon Lights [Ripe Pear Records]
Col Lawton & Wez BK, Glass Slipper – Love & Logic
Creamtronic – Mystic Morning [Creamtronic Records]
CRIMX, Franco Cinelli – Get Back [Bass Culture Records]
Criss Hawk & DJ Macho – Disco Vibes [Soul Mood Records]
Da Real Emkay – Babylonia [Altitude of House Music]
Daniel Sbert – Mfb [Bully Beatz]
Danny Kane – Sweat (feat. Princess Freesia) [Midnight Riot]
Dave Rice – Paradise Lost Remixes, Pt. 1 [Musicon]
David Lowell Smith – Dreamulation [Space Vacation Recordings]
Davide Inserra – Funky Mood [B Club Milano]
De_Addict – The Tunnel (feat. Vutome) [NLM Music Group]
DeepNasik – Secret Steps No More [Deep House Natural]
Delaines, Delgado & Lloyd Haines – Golden (feat. Amelia Martin)
Delaj – Wasted [Lescale Recordings]
detPelle – On n on (Damn!) [Music for Clubs]
Diego Rivera – Eibisa (The Remixes) [Swat Rec]
Disco Lust – Body 2 Body [Dusty Disko]
DiscoGalactiX – Promise [Whitebeard Records]
Dj Balduin – Bauhaus Dairies [QC Records]
DJ I.N.C – Be kind press rewind [Symphonic Distribution]
DJ Maxim – Your Attention [recordJet]
DJGus – Want to [GusMusicRecords]
DominoProducer – Dance [Spinnup]
DominoProducer – Hitnation [Spinnup]
DominoProducer – Soulbox [Spinnup]
Don Aero & Carlos Blanco – Todo a mi Manera
Doneyck – Oudoo [Asane Records]
Doug Bass – Stop in Jupiter [Dark and Sonorous Recordings]
Elara – Lost [DistroKid]
Elaven – What I Am [Saudade Records]
Elliot Fitch – The One [Be Yourself Music]
Eren Sahin – Walking In the Sun [29 CHILL]
Eric Benoit – Record Jacket [Silver Jackal Records]
Ezirk – Push It to the Top (Discoholic Ken On Cowbell Edit)
F3LIX A. – Baby Psikoh [Snake Beat]
Feiertag – Saccharine 374 [Sonar Kollektiv]
Feyyaz Kosif – Lady Beyz (feat. Emma Harrop) [The Sin Records]
Four Legs – Sattaoja 01 [Sattaoja]
Fruut – ILYSB (Cover) [QR8ER Records]
Funkatronic – Play the Game [Purple Boogie]
Garo Beats – Alienation [DeepShine Records]
George – Strange Ways [Pocketmoth]
George Absent – Vimana (feat. Pelina) [Natural Vision Music]
George JJ Flores – Into the Groove [GJJF Music]
Ghost Creek, DMVU & Kala – Night Fog [Future Archive Recordings]
Gianmarco Limenta – Doesn’t Matter [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Gilianne Lazcano & Baleri Joan, Flotto Sax – Fearless
Glenn Molloy – Muddy Puddles [INU]
Goldspek – Spaced Out [Feel Hype]
HAKOW – Be Alone [Deep House Natural]
Harry Bolton & Rmac – Feel Something [Aero. Records]
Hazzmet & Marco Cardin – When You’re Coming Back
HEIN+KLEIN – In Your Way (Extended Mix)
Henry Navarro – Get On Down [Smokin’ Beat]
iMarcus – Don’t Run [Young Society Records]
Izakaya Deployment – Kaizen [No Signal Records]
Jacopo Sb – Lonely Heart [Lisztomania Records]
James Silk – Crussy [Blockhead Recordings]
Jas Artchild – El Shaddai [Candid Beings Recordings]
Jasmin Vetter & Ivan Spell – Zanzibar [Back Trunk Entertainment]
Jerem A. – I Have the Funk [Nu Monkey Records]
Jimmy Image – Soul Food [Plastik People Digital]
Joe Riviera – Let’s All Chant [Disco Down]
John Castel & Xan Castel – Fireflies [Miami Beats]
Johnson Righeira – Vamos a la playa ([ MONOTONOISE ] Remix)
Joltask – Feel so Right [Freivonwelt]
Jomeezius The Genius – Alwayz (Composition) [LMIT Worldwide]
Jonathan Kaspar – Muster [Kompakt]
Jordan Burns – Lost and Found [DistroKid]
Jose Vilches – Do What You Like [Smashing Trax Records]
JUJU – Live at 131 Prince Street [Strut]
kamosoul – Twilight , Dusk [Nite Grooves]
KDY – Two Left Feet [Moiss Music Black]
Kenny Summit – Galactic Cosmic Radiation [Good For You Records]
Kia Shine – Up to Something (feat. Tajje & Elijah King) [Rap Hustlaz]
Kinky Movement – Stepping Up [Replay Recordings]
Kovalenco Gennadi – 7021 [Black Jack Records]
Lalo Leyy – La Sason [Moiss Music Black]
Lan – Der Beat hat 5bpm und du triffst nicht mal den Takt [Spinnup]
Larry Peace – Burnin’ [Plastik People Digital]
Leko On Pluto – Still Dreaming [BLC Recordings]
León Napoleón – Hipnótico [Los Underground]
Levantine – Cosmic Sessions [Astrolead Recordings]
Liam de Bruin – Friday Evening [Heard And Felt]
Liam Leon – Meet Again [LAZERDISCS Records]
Lotche – OS051 [Open Sound]
Lstn – Take Me [DistroKid]
Lukão DuFlow – My Mind [WOLFLOW MUSIC]
MacRonik – Faith [TDGrooves Records]
Manu Santos – Streng Sensation [Zarabunda Records]
Marc Staggers – Yesterday (Rob Hardt Remix) [SedSoul]
Marie – Between Heaven and Hell [Deep Lounge Records]
Mark Du Zaid – Thinking of You [Musical Minds Records]
Mark Whites – Supreme [Super Spicy Records]
Matan Green – Dungeon Quest [Stand Up and Move]
Mau Bacarreza – Funky Loops (dj_responski Remix)
Max Lyazgin – Disco Delicatessen [Soviett Redisko]
MAXV – Grateful (feat. Mary Loscerbo) [Soulgem Records]
Midnight Chocolate Gospel – Mandibola [Taste Rec.]
Millie Jones – Funky Train (feat. Deejay P-Mix) [Spinnup]
Mitiko – Oops Upside [Fruity Flavor]
MODXI & Chez de Milo, SX2 – Koba , Adventures On The W4
Moreaway – Steamwalker [Cosmography Records]
Mr Doris & D-Funk – Ghost Dancer [In It Together Records]
Mr Vintage – Timeless Music [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Mr. Blue – Never Enough , You’re My Life (Remix) [BCR]
Mr. Watts Hows – Musicophilia [Old New Records]
Ms. Janette – Freschsoul [Sound-Exhibitions-Records]
N&W – Feelings [Coral City Records]
Nayio Bitz – Take a Look [DistroKid]
Nck – It Ain’t Right [Jendex Records]
Neil Chin – Deuces [Listeners Room Records]
Nel M. – Barcelona [Sandy Records]
New Alibi – Dance All Night [Unbelievable Music]
NewTonez – Yayinhle (feat. Khuyu) [Infant Soul Productions]
Nexuda – Hana [Ozran Sunset]
Nick Rockwell – Eyes On You [Chill Hard Records]
Nico Bertoni, Flymars & My God – I Like It [Hush Deep]
NICOLAS – Forget To Feel [Unity Rec]
Nightly Closures – Bite the Dust [Option]
Nightly Closures – Coqueta [Option]
Nightly Closures – Hooked Up [Option]
ocean vibes musiq – Gave Me Time [Artist Republik]
Old Oaks – Dancin’ With You [Kake Multimedia]
Oldchap – Keep the Light [Sundries Digital]
Orchestral Color – Space Lights [Corpse Recordings]
Ørjan Nilsen – Hold Me [OXYTIME]
Oussema Saffar – Leila [Empire Studio Records]
Panuma, TwoWorldsApart & Lissa – Like Mmh [Selected.]
Paul J & Santiago Acosta – Deep Moon [Solarium Records]
Pawl – Al Capone [LoudKult Div.]
Pen – I Wanna Dance with Somebody , Don’t Start Now (Acoustic Version)
ppdee – So High [Cherokee Recordings]
Rastafair – Aysho [Deep House Natural]
Re-Tide – Cashback [Re-Tide Music]
Reagan Ruler – Slope [Soulstar Records]
Remywest & Brutu Music – Think Too Much
Reu-Ven – Psycho Ex [Home Made]
Rianu Keevs – Rainy Day [Rianu Keevs]
Ricardo Ruben – Cowbell Is the New Orange [Playground Records]
Right Mood – What Did They Say [Good For You Records]
Rob Jackson – Famous & Lonely [Pasqua Records]
Rodney Hunter – Love at First Sight [Hunter Recordings]
Rolf Zielke – Welcome the Shaman [Agogo Records]
RossAlto – Secret Spot [Disco Balls Records]
Saint Paul – Good Can Only Bring Good [Hive Label]
Sascha Sonido – No Turn Back [Microdrive]
Sean David – Lose For You [Natural Deep]
Sebb Junior & Shyam P – Blessed in Life [Large Music]
Sebjak & Fahlberg – Machu [Bibliotheque Records]
Sergey Masterov & Max Garand – To Long [Quarter Music]
Sesento – Bijou – Dub Mix [LANDR, Self-Released]
Sharlene-Monique – Of Love [Pretty Decent Music Records Limited]
Shulgin Hofman – Vortex [Never Heard Records]
Silverella – Synthetic [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Sinclair 808 – Fire and Blood [Here And Now Recordings]
Sirxam – Better Days [Fatal Music]
Somma & Fast Boy, Tatum & Kyle Watson – Fever [Selected.]
Sourires – Let’s Dance Again [DistroKid]
Standub – I Ain’t No Joke [Danceproject]
Susan Dewi – Infected [Hank’s Records]
Syrah – Now Listen [Greenskeepers Music]
Terry Jasinto – What You Got [HEAVY]
Tete Calme – Stay Home [Goryl Rec]
The Audio Manipulator & Doctor Boom – Smoke When I Smoke
The Deep Bandits – Deep Fantasy [Senior Boys Music]
The Lost DJ – Gold Groove [BeachGroove Records]
TheDjLawyer – Fallen Angels [Bruto Records]
Theus Mago & Mijo, Theus Mago – Consolidation [Pets Recordings]
Tier Ra Nichi – Phantasm [Capire Records]
Tom Saouz – Johnny Eagle Kick Jr. [Cabaret Sonic]
Toricos – Syncopate [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Triple.L – Ein Hauch mehr [Spinnup]
Troyon & Radium Man – The Feeling Is Right [Gents & Dandy’s]
Tunnelvisions – End of Time [Atomnation]
Ultra Funkular Sound – You Find Love [Ultra Sound Digital Recordings]
UUSVAN – Sky Crowds [Black Delta Records]
VA – Dazzling Star – Deep House Music For Dance Night
VA – Disco Paradise, Vol. 2 [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
VA – Fashionable Sound, Vol. 7 [Make It Yourself Records]
VA – Italo Holiday, New Generation Italo Disco, Vol. 15 [BCR]
VA – Mathias Modica presents Kraut Jazz Futurism, Vol. 2
VA – Neptune Waves [Enharmonic Digital]
VA – Nothing But… The Sound of Nu Disco, Vol. 14
VA – Nylon Trax ARCHV 2 [Nylon Trax]
VA – Synthwave Dreams, Vol. 13 [SOVIETT DJ Box]
VA – Va Dum35 [DUM]
VA – Various Artists 09 [Love & Loops]
Vibrate – A Little Jazz [Elegant Music]
Villes Wax – Winter Strings [Villes et Fleurs]
Virginyah – Therapy Sessions (feat. RSN) [Timewarp Music]
VLKN – Senses [Schallmauer Records]
Waby – Disco Daze [Black Riot]
Whatitdo Archive Group – La Pietra [Record Kicks]
William Kurk – Highway to Humanity [Midnight Riot]
William Lovitt – Dawn Departure [DistroKid]
Wonkers & Kaldera – Sahara [Legal Black]
Xavi Pinós – Come Around [Sweet Perceptions Music]
Zinner – No Reality [Enormous Chills]

Dubstep & Drum & bass

Aaron Shirk – Sacred [Simplify.]
ADChamber & SNDCLN – Flying High (SNDCLN Remix)
Adikia – Niket (feat. Särre) [Rutilus Music]
Alicya – Ferdig [RCA Records Label]
AM94 – Winter on Fire [Separate The Sound]
Andi – Matkan varrel [Löyly-Viihde]
Annix – Substance [Neksus Sound]
APHTA – Great Unknown [DistroKid]
Aquifer – Backup [VinDig]
ary Cole – Break [Soul Bro Records]
AstroLizard – Big Wub Energy [Wakaan]
Awlled – Glow [High Five Music]
AWO7 – Cant Lose Tonight [Xero Shift]
Ayo Britain & SL, Ayo Britain – Blue Woo [Virgin Music UK LAS (S&D)]
B Young – Ride for Me (Lynda Remix) [feat. Lynda] [Columbia (Sony)]
Bassi Maraj – Bassi Maraj [Sony Music Iceland]
Big Mali – End of Discussion [South Coast Music Group LLC]
Birdz – Fly (feat. Ngaiire) [Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.]
Black Mikey – Screwface [Have At It Entertainment]
Blair Aba – Ke Kgathetse (feat. DRAMABOI) [Rural Chants Records]
BLIN & LOD – Affection 1-1 [DJKOREA RECORDS]
BloodThinnerz & Berrix – No Remorse [Savage Society Records]
Bookey & Joely, Bookey – Sundown [Invicta Audio]
Bossman Hogg – Paid My Way (feat. Mark Knoxx)
Breakout – Sinister [Detonation Audio]
Brennan Wolf – With Or Without You (feat. Brynn Gotcher)
BRK & Drumcatcher – Rhum Ketchup
Brother Bliss – London [Dirty Beatz Records]
Bunnerz & DnB Allstars – Real Problem [Allstars RAW]
Cam Lasky – Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity #019 Sluice Out
Capolow – 2 Percs (feat. Nef The Pharaoh & Scando The Darklord)
Caspa – System Failure [Ghost Town]
Caster – Fallen’s Mantra [GRVDNCR]
Chloe x Halle – Georgia on My Mind
Cole James Cash, Napoleon Da Legend & Lex – Seize Production Sieze Power
Control Room – Bad Decisions [Low Freqs LA]
Creepy Uncle – Men Become Animals [Atmospheric Science]
Crucial Factor – Kill Again [Speedsound Music]
CRVN & ROY KNOX – Until the End [Future Generation]
Cryptochronica – Crazy Bout My Bread [DistroKid]
Cylotron – Acid Step (feat. Stick Up Boys) [Electronic Alliance Records]
D.Cypher – Off the Wall [Counterpoint]
Dadras & Heems, Dadras – Irrational Ham Gobbler [Uno NYC]
Deadcrow – Fallout [Sable Valley Records]
DEDALIVE! – Space [Pawa Records]
Deploy – In My Head [Deploy The Music Recordings]
Dinamiss – Rollie [Minos – EMI SA]
DJ Koncept – Simulation Theory [Vinyl Combat]
DJ YOUNG SAMM – Intro (feat. J-Dawg) [SoSouth]
DJ-G – Heartbreak (feat. Luke J West) [Vertigo Berlin]
Djam NiL, Marc OFX & Nayjam Bensonim – Jungle Drops 28
DR FIFTY – Switch [Glitchworld Recordings]
Dr Meaker – Here & Now [Bingo Bass]
Dr. Ozi, Chime & Trinergy – Motion [Never Say Die Records]
DSurr – Title of Release (Token) [Lotus Mathematics]
Dub Elements – Devices [Elevate Records (UK)]
Dubway & VAXLE – Had Enough [Power House Productions]
Duchess – Ever Ever [Lost Ones]
Dunk – Bad Trip [Trust Audio]
DVSL – Welcome Back [Corpse Recordings]
Elite Mafia – Ain’t Gon’ Stop [Symphonic Distribution]
Enduser & 2methyl, Enduser & Deformer – Collapse [Decay]
Erdit Mertiri, Time Travel – Different Ways [Ruff Guidance Records]
ESKR – Split-Brain [Patrol The Skies Music]
Fallsteeze – Zoned [Pantheon Select]
FCG Heem – Champagne Showers [Republic Records]
FD – A Vision of Hope [The North Quarter]
Felix Caso & Ynnox – Lonely Nights [Redacted Records]
Fenja – Lufthuller [Sony Music Entertainment]
Fishy & Peron – Dreamers Poison Vol. 2 [Exiled Recordings]
Flex Pistols – You Know I’m Jackin’ [Pure Sonik Records]
Flict G & Bei Wenceslao – Ikaw [Sony Music Entertainment]
FooR & Cameron Bloomfield – Going Nowhere Soon [FooRge]
Frizzo – Drift (feat. Fri) [DistroKid]
Ganon – Release Yourself [Disciple Round Table]
Ghost Rider & Phaxe – Falling [Den Haku Lofi]
GLXY & Rhi, GLXY – Sweet Lows [Shogun Audio]
Gobsmakkr – Shaman [The Derrrty Boyz]
Gucci Smoke – Cold Summer (feat. Biv Da Great & Sosa YB)
Haku – Endeavor [Chateau Bruyant Records]
hayve – Heavy Right Now , Bounce [Viper Recordings]
HelloWorld & Pauline Herr – Voices (with Pauline Herr) [Heaven Sent]
Henyong Makata – Di Na Pwede [Sony Music Entertainment]
Hullabalo0 – Habaneuro Remixed
ISKANDER & BakaB – DARKSIDE [Music Development Russia]
Ivy Lab – Suzuki,Paradise Pistol [20,20 LDN Recordings]
Jam Thieves – Sativa [Serial Killaz]
Jamaika, Branco & Dree Low – Nascar [Universal Music A,S]
James Sight – Been Said [Universal Music Oy Distributed Labels]
Jeff Agnes – Cenarius [Marble Recordings]
Jerome – JC in Town [Epic,DOPE]
Jkyl & Hyde & Shiverz, Jkyl & Hyde – Shell Tha Place , Distortion [Bassrush Records]
João Tamura & Beiro – Ovelha Negra (feat. xtinto & Pedra) [CRVVO]
Johny Holiday – Tous Les Jours [Radicalis]
Jono – Calabasas [Teamwrk Records]
JP Dexter & CoCo Svcre – Moonwalk [Artistfy Music]
Juelz – Distancing [Lowly]
Jvck James – JOYRIDE [RCA Records Label]
K Suave – Mandarin [Create Music Group]
Kasey Jane – Break My Heart [Kasey Jane]
Kayzo – Never Let You Down (with Telle Smith) [Welcome Records]
Khyenci – Only Fans (feat. Tory Lanez) [3Beat]
Kilate Tesla & Sacci – Lies [Avalon Music]
King Fou – Get Em [Blimp City Records ,Bungalo , Universal Music Group]
KOCMOC – Space Dance [Underground Is For Everyone]
Krease – Soundboy , Sluggish [USV Recordings]
Kuhlosul – Raid [Badkill Records]
KVMTZ – Good Foods & Good Moods [VinDig]
Kyduh – Chris Paul [I Gotta Win Music Group LLC]
Lennix & Miruna – Star – Crossed Lovers [Shake It Up Recordings]
Level 8, On The Hunt & Justtjokay – Money Callin [ON THE HUNT]
Leya – 5 Elements [Musiques Des Sphères]
Lil PoP & DonBeatz – Den Thelw [Minos – EMI SA Distribution Deals]
Lil Poppa – Boys To Men [Rule #1,Interscope Records]
Lil Tjay, Polo G & Fivio Foreign – Headshot [Columbia (Sony)]
Little Tools & Sulim – Cash Out [Techenies]
LMS – Freestyle #213, Pt. 3 [Horus Music Limited]
Lofi Kitchen, Benck & Torsten Abrolat – Lofi [Zebralution]
Loomis – Blurred Horizon [Modern Conveniences]
Lundy – Zombie , The Trap [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
LUX – TEUFEL IM DETAIL [wirscheissengold]
M.I.C. THA CAPT & Koo Qua – Bandos [LMIT Worldwide]
Maeta – Toxic (feat. Beam) [Maeta’s World Music]
Main Concept – Brecht Was Right [Buback]
MAJAN & FOURTY – Get Me Out [Four Music,Schere Stein Papier]
Man Cub & Lucas Marx – In the Air [Enhanced Recordings]
Mario Chris – Clocks [Elektrify Records]
Mark Battles & Big A – Applying More Pressure (feat. Big K.R.I.T.) [Vasi LLC]
Masayoshi Iimori – In My Soul [Monstercat]
Matt View – Don’t Stop , Garden State [Skankandbass]
Max Ryper – Alone [TRXX]
MC Shabba D, Skamma, Frenzee, MC Endo, Swifta, Tanz & Steelo182 – Feel No Way
Melo – Pcp (feat. Ibarra) [DistroKid]
Mestiic, Jay Fonseca & Aire Urbano – La Chilena (No Pare)
Mg. & Moon Ghetto – Cookie Dough [Den Haku Lofi]
Michael Stefan – Breath It In (feat. Hyphen The Chop Gawd)
Monika & Akuratyde – Haunted (feat. Oktae) [Soulvent Records]
MoonDoctoR & J. Mundaca – David Blaine [Freshmoon Records]
Mr. Fink & Sharabii – Sanctuary [Cross Faded Records]
Mt. Eden – Cruel [Ultra]
Muerte – Deed [Fresh Blood]
Murdock – Waterfalls [Liquicity Records]
n1co – Light [FREE FALL]
Nathan K & Wafi – Fiesta [Virgin Music UK LAS (S&D)]
NeapolaXi – Ketamina Ballerina [TAR]
Nick The Lot – Oceans of the Universe , Fader [Grid Recordings UK]
nikan – shorty klickt [Four Music,November Eleven]
Nitosphere – Sadge [Wolf Beats]
Noa Erni & Robot Orchestra – Damn It’s Sunny [Kommerz Records]
noego – OZ [Sony Music Entertainment]
Nómadas del Destino – Loca Cordura, Pt. 2 [RockCd Records]
ONO1 & Bjard – Pa Stranden [VinDig]
Opek – Sock with a Hole [Wadada Records]
OSKVR_ – Cup Heart [Gasent Shona]
Papillon – Melancholia [VinDig]
Paradise Beta – Black Tape Lisasion [Sidewayz Mafia Family]
PhazeShift – Fly High [Voodoo King Records]
Physics – Live for Tomorrow , Live for Tomorrow (DJ Sofa Remix)
Piracle – Checkmate [Broken Vault Records]
Preacher Bishop – Make Way [Rich & Loyal LLC]
Presidents of the Galaxy – Machine [IndieSunRecords]
Prophectical – 1984 [Dark Thunder Records]
Protracto – Koala [Somewhere Out There]
Quany Owe – Timeless (feat. Chicken Sieg & Richavelli)
Raf Zero – Threw Her Away [Symphonic Distribution]
Raiden Integra – Imp Mischief [Good Noodles]
Rebel Culture – Blood Moon , X Ray [Subway Soundz]
Riot Ten & STARX – Get out (feat. Blupill & Dopeboylo)
Ripple & Manta – Violet (Manta Remix) [Ripple LTD]
‎SackLife PG – SKELETONS [Big Play Ent]
Satsuto – Feelings For You [DistroKid]
Sayes – Gardinensilhouetten [VinDig]
Scandal – Cruel [29 DNB]
Scott Haining & Emba – Holy Ground [Spearhead Records]
Selah – Next Dimension (feat. General Levy) [SELĀH]
Selecta J-Man – Couple Guinness (feat. Suku) [Born On Road]
Sigourney K – Echte Meisjes Huilen Niet [LASER [BNL]]
Single Friend – Lofi 90s RnB Love Ballad [Vintage Currency Music]
Sjaak – Verder Dan Dat [LASER [BNL]]
SLASQUE – Tappad som barn [TGR Music Group]
Slatt Zy – Don’t You Fold [Slatt Zy]
Slayter & Jay Critch – LOSSES [Cinematic Music Group]
Sneako – Something Diffrent
SNF.JT – Try Again [Murder, Inc.,Epic]
Spekti – Don Quijote (feat. Nelli) [Universal Music Oy]
Spinal Twist & DOWORK – Couch Potato [ReauBeau]
Stance DNB – The Sins [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Sugar Rody – Space [Working Creative]
Sulex, Zound – Gallery [Engage Audio]
T Smoke – What If [Everplast Music]
The Brig & Prismatic – Dying Sun (The Brig & Meroshi Remix)
Tik&Borrow – Torn [Simply Deep]
Toby Schay – first light [VinDig]
Todd Buchler & Pish Posh – Melt [Boomslang Recordings]
Trampa – Sick Head [NSD Black Label]
Twiss Paper – DAM [Smoke Shop Click]
Tyler Frost – Per Ardua III (feat. Kola Nut) [Context Audio]
VA – Full Fat 01 [Goldfat Records]
VA – Future Symptoms, Vol. 1 [Hospital Records]
VA – Liquid Drum & Bass Selections, Vol. 01 [LW Recordings]
VA – Prime Deep Vol.1 [Prime Audio]
VA – Ready For Ripple [House In Love]
VA – Running Rhythm 005 [LW Recordings]
VA – Syntax Compilation [Kuro Records]
Ville N. – Travelling [Speedsound]
Vincent Kuhl – Morning Stroll [Über den Dächern Records]
Viper – Nightmare Sequence [Noize Cartel Records]
Viv4ce – Feelings [20 RISING APPAREL]
Vovking – Tears [Mainframe Recordings]
Wun Two & Knowsum – Sex Planet [Sichtexot]
WZ DUBZ – Pressure [AY YO TRIP! Records]
YungManny – Clap For ‘Em (feat. Flo Milli & Sada Baby)
Zo! & Tall Black Guy – Hold My Hand (feat. Darien Brockington, Muhsinah & Phonte)

Electro House

Aaron James & James Nardi, Henry Carlin & Jay Hayton – Break Free
Alan Feik – Outbreak [Heartbeat Records (CO-FR)]
Atom Swag – Rafitic [ONLY THE BEST]
Augie Kelliher – Upsey [DistroKid]
Bauti Tesei & Revealed Recordings – Ain’t No Looking Back
Belocca, Hellomonkey & Daniel Nike, Lorean & Mixmash Bold – Awakening
BlackJack & Darwin – The Himalayan [Wiking Recordings]
Brett Oosterhaus – Drop the Beat (Remixes) [Queen House Music]
Crankstar – The Underground [Minted Records]
Dave202 – Warehouse Rave [S2 Records]
DentedAphid7 – Askcomba [DP7 Music]
DentedAphid7 – Stridom [DP7 Music]
DJZII – Don’t Hold Back [Lowdown Recordings]
Fahjah – Party People [Brooklyn Fire]
Hi Fi Gloom – Profane [iM Electronica]
Indivision & MCB – Cold Sun [Indivision Music]
Jesse Voorn – Realize [Pyro Records]
Justin Faust – Jini [toucan sounds]
KARIOKO – Drop the Bass (Extended Mix) [Córdoba Records]
Kevu – Galaxy [Rave Culture]
Ktvs – On My Own [DENAR RCRDS]
Leon Shady – Be My Home [Shadytronic Music]
LUTCH – Never Gonna Be the Same [PYRO NXT]
Lux Mosso – Feel Again [Spitfire Music]
Marc Need – Shooter [push2play music]
Mark Bale – Call You XXX (Cleez Remix) [Playbox]
Mark Ventus – Stay Forever [Uncased Records]
Mike The Force – Jump Up [3rd Power Records]
Mou5zyzz & Yago Music – Did You Really [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Nico Rothmann – Her. [DistroKid]
Nocturnal Hippies – 90815 [ANALOGmusiq]
Northern Born – The Wild [Ninety9Lives]
Omàdá – Gan Ainm [Plan G]
Paul Novox – Drip Tech [Discoshit Records]
Pavlov – My Sound [Musata Music]
Phase Inverters – Dada [Reload Music]
POMP – Heller [Record Union]
Reptant – The New Adaptive Lacerta [Die Orakel]
Rev-Players – Look Out [Amathus Music]
Ridwello – Give Em Hell (Remixes) [Madafaka Music]
Sander-7 & N.R.S. – Can You Feel [Cherry Pepper Music]
SC-164 – Generator [Modal Analysis]
Seylow – Reasons [Kibbutz Records]
Sharia Tasin – Club Comin Down [AshesToFlame Records]
Sickwaves – All We Do [All Is All Music]
Special Vibe – One More (Remixes) [Playbox]
Stayer & Jean Luc – Shotgun [Musata Music]
Stefano Malleani & Revolution 68 – i didn’t expect it [Royal Supremacy]
Sweet Beatz & Diego Santander – Like This (feat. Raffael Moreira)
TH Moy – Conversion [Vitioh]
The Other Side Of V.O.C. – Dot Dot Dash [The Other Side Of V.O.C.]
The Surprises – Temples of Kerala [DENAR RCRDS]
Thomas Gandey & Donatello – You Don’t Know Me [UFO Recordz]
VA – Occupants Alpha 1 [Science Cult]
Verdun Remix – #Nasty Girl [Urban Club (LRM)]
Victor Tellagio – Trippy [Darklight Recordings]
VIIO & Skydyve – Red Lights (feat. Camila Bearzi) [DistroKid]
Voster & Gallardo & Destin – Savior (feat. Max Landry) [TurnItUp Muzik]
Zareh Kan & SomX – Los Trumpetos [Massive Duck Records]
Zyaba – No Light [Gysnoize Recordings]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Burt Cope – Business [Four40 Records]
Chitoon, Teddy Beats & Jacob Browne – Flowers [Mudra Music]
Digital Koala – Treacherous Three [Crucast]
Gebwiller – Dangerous [3rd Way Recordings]
Guau – Dangerous [83]
Livsey & Dread MC – Breakthrough [Livsey]
Prozak – Make Me Feel [Time Is Now Records]
The Specialist – Vault Cuts, Vol. 1 [Digital Tape Recordings]
VA – Ostara [Future Cosmetiq]
Vital Techniques – Don’t Want You Anymore [Second to None Music]
Zero & Devilman – Casual (feat. Riko Dan) [BARCODES]


08 Pulse – Saturn Sunset [Drop it Records]
68 Beats & Allen Wish – Made it [Juicy Dance]
404vincent – Girlfriend [Wired Audio]
A.v.A – Mills Hills [Juiced Music]
Aalexis – Don’t Know Me [DistroKid]
Abear – On & On [Morphus Records]
Adam Germaniuk & Victoria Fisher, Adam Germaniuk – Planets
Adam Sibeal – No Feel Good [My Wife Records]
Adrian Saguna – Losing Control [Delayed Music]
Afro Medusa – Dreams [Armada Music]
AKIAL – Room 69 [Loud Memory]
Alberto Costas & Un Tal Tony – Castellers [Strabaganzza Records]
Aldo Bergamasco & Gianni De Santis – Cool Time [MORENSOUL]
Alex Amaro & Chuck Shadow, Disco Dikc – Make You Sweat
Alex Grafton & Anthony Laim – Feel the Face (Remixes) [Exx Muzik]
Alex Parker – Satisfied (feat. Bastien) [Creator Music Wave]
Alternate Perceptions – Losing My Mind [Terminal Underground]
Andrew Pololos – Until We Dance [Aquarius Records]
Andy DelaCruz – Somewhere [Soulsearcher Recordings]
ANT LaROCK & Tone Troy – Makem [Simma Black]
Ant Schillaci – You Know [Souluxe Record Co]
Anthony Louis – I Lose My Faith [Milk Records (IT)]
Apexape – Hold On (Take Me to Church Mix) [feat. Reigns]
Arno Gonzalez – Take Asia [Brique Rouge]
astroloud – Everybody Dream [recordJet]
Atlant!c – Techno On My Mind [Revealed Radar]
Ava De Bara – Enough [TCBYML]
Axel Boy & Paper Dragon – Carry Me Away [Our Space]
Ayotheartist – Divine Gourd [Pariwo Records]
B4ssvibes – Dreams Come True (DuDuDu) [DistroKid]
Baxix & 4rpege – Flames [Gallant Records]
BEATTHEDIP – Hipshaking [DistroKid]
Bellaire – Trumpet Call (feat. Roy Markson) [Allo Floride Records]
Big Rob Martinez jr – Interpretation [Campo Alegre Productions]
BIJOU – 187 Proof [Night Bass Records]
Bimma – Baby [Stereofly Records]
Block & Crown, Lissat & Maickel Telussa – Got to Be Free [Save The Nightlife]
Bomat – Doing All Right [Nervous Records]
Boss Priester – Only Up [HAAS Records]
Brian Ferris – Safari [Nastytunez]
BrnDffrnt – The Moon Man [DistroKid]
Camishe – Forever In Your Arms [DistroKid]
Carl Osce – Thank You (feat. Giorgiath) [PUSH BEAT RECORDS]
Carlos Mantilla – P.I.J [Dish Of The Day]
Carlos Salas – I Like [Ovest Music]
Carlostella – Again [CRMS Records]
CASHEW – Balcony [Brooklyn Fire]
CASHEW & Vantiz – Addiction [Skink]
CCO – Love Where Is It [Victor Nova Records]
CERV – Pusher [Somes Records]
Cesar A,X – Raza [Plush Label]
Chance the Closer – Vybz [Phat Panda Records]
Chance the Closer & DJ Bomb – Dm Me Baby [Phat Panda Records]
Charles B & Dispose – Back and Forth (feat. Genesis Elijah) [Skink]
Chemars – Disco Degree [Funky Revival]
Chew Fu & Jimmy Castor – Stay With Me, Spend the Night [Antifragile Music]
Chicco Allotta – Feel the Music [VeryNice Records]
Close Mouth Open Ears – Undercover [Darkest Before Dawn]
CLUSTERFVCK & Glockwork, H0K & B3NK – Metro [Phat Panda Records]
Coqui Selection – Apache (Extended Mix) [Tactical Records]
Crazy Decibels – Strange Love [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
CRS-1 – Get Your Kicks [Whiteberry]
D-Fault & DJ Unite NI – Emily’s Journey [Juiced Liquid Recordings]
Dalic – Lullaby [Loud Memory]
Daniel Page – Foolish [Campo Alegre Productions]
Daniel Steinberg – Needy [Arms & Legs]
Danny Ocean – You Tell Me [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Dao Tuan Anh – When You Cry [LE Distribution]
Darryl Albers – Lets Fly [Sub Factory Records]
Dave Winnel – Jungle Juice (feat. Alst3n) [Armada Music]
David Parson – Activation [Milano Records]
Deep Coste & King Loopstar – Mutation [Music Geniuses Records]
Deftone – Groovy Jazzy Funky [Loser Lab]
DELUCA – Never Give Up [Stardome Recordings]
Demuir & Hector Morales, Demuir – No F Ks Given [Rawthentic]
Dennis Beutler – TONIGHT [Erase Records]
DentedAphid7 – Physical Presence [DP7 Music]
Dian Solo – Miracle (No Hopes & Pushkarev Remix) [Which Bottle ]
Diego Galvis – Sunshine Day [SIGNALS RECORDS]
Disco Daddy – Dancin’ & Singin’ [FederFunk Family]
Disco Soda – Close your Eyes [Burundanga Label]
DiscoGalactiX – Palm Beach [SpinCat Music]
DJ Csemak – Funky Chose [Underway Productions]
DJ Deano DNA – Hold You in My Head [Pogo House Records]
DJ Flashdrive – Signal Lost [Groove Estate]
DJ Fopp – Baby, Give It Up [Disco Explosion Records]
DJ Giacomo Bandera – Uuh Lalla Lallalala La [SPACE RHYTHM]
DJ Jarell & Umber Bandi Ville – Take a Ride [Cuebans Records]
DJ JEDY – Away [Prexall Records]
DJ Johan Weiss – Electronixx [Phat Panda Records]
Dj Light Wizard – Motor Heart [AUDIO Stage Records]
DJ PALEFACE – For Real (feat. Sherona Knight) [Pasqua Records]
DJ Psychiatre – Never Complain [Lost Palms]
DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ – Love Foundation (Comanavago XTC Remix) [Spells On The Telly]
DJ Shoddy – Do It [Mafia Natives Recordings]
DJ Slugo – Sista 2 Sista [Blok Club DJs Inc]
DJ Threejay & Patrick Wayne – I Believe in You [Onako Records]
DJ Timbawolf & Jay Baptiste – The Escape [Just Jay Records]
Dom Navarra & Kat Kyrris – If You Knew [Indeed Records]
Dommix – Ortofon [The Archives]
Driule XL – Lover [Tactical Trax]
dzill – Falling for You [Gameroom Records]
Edu Trevizan – Bass Drop [Muzenga Records]
Ekula – Enc054d [Encrypted Audio]
El Mate – Keep Movin’ [Dance Republic]
Elcamooze – Bass In the House [Goryl Rec]
Eleganto – Voltage Control [Vibrancy]
Emily Hard – Over Now [Coco Beach]
EmilZ – Cry for Love (Official Valentine’s Song) [Filthy Sounds]
Erik Deam & PVLZ – Trippin On Acid [Mixa Records]
Escaflowne – Looseys V5 [Substandard Deviations]
Ether Drift – I Feel Like (feat. Endorma) [Horus Music Limited]
Ethiopian Chyld – Places I Have Never Been (feat. Ace Bliss & Lyrica)
Fabio Tavares & Low Control – Keep [MudPie Records]
Fares – Toxic Beats [Phat Panda Records]
Fflora & SUBB – Look At the Sky [Future House Music]
Filta Freqz – Needlez [Seventy Four]
Flash Atkins – Super Manspreader [Sprechen]
Flowersons – 4 Me [Lisztomania Records]
Fonzerelli – Easy [Magik Muzik]
Fonzie Brekhouse – Running [Over Noize Records]
FORLEN & Nastia Zoloto, Tom Leeland – Get Down [Tall House Digital]
Foundless – Diminishing [Maison Fauna]
FRATTA & Gaba – Thugstools [Confession]
Freddy Fosters – Moving Up [Plasticity Records (ES)]
Full Flava – You Are the Universe (Michele Chiavarini Remix) [feat. CeCe Peniston]
G-Groove & Ditsuo – Chapeuzinho Vermelho [Deep Insane]
Gadboa – White Lady [DistroKid]
Galik – Disco Move [Hive Label]
Gaston Arias – Agua [Noil Recordings]
Gavinco – Dumont [Shall Not Fade]
Goldyounge – Boilin’ [recordJet]
Grissly & TOSCA – Tribaland [TOSCA]
H.P. Vince – Find Me a Man (feat. Silvio Gigante) [Revoke]
Harvee – Get Together [Phoenix Soul]
Henry Hacking – Touch Me (Carnao Beats Remix) [Cayenne Recordings]
Him&Her – Let U Go [DaCosta Records]
Ilker Ceylan – Touch Generation [La Casa Recordings]
Infrasoul – Rituales [theBasement Discos]
Injun Trubl – Wind It Up! [OddSpot Records]
Itan Romo – Heaven Lights [DistroKid]
J. Lopez & Vicente Roca, J. Lopez – Enjoy [84Bit Music]
Jackers of the Midway – House of Magic [House of the Sun]
Jake Aspii – Lord Know’s [Check In Recordings]
Jamaal Meeks – Bounce (feat. DJ MARK WEST) [Deep Tech Lab]
Jamie Knowles – This Could Be [Tripout Music]
Jaques Raupé – It Goes Like [TB Media]
Jay Robinson – Heartbeat (feat. Charlotte Haining) [Axtone Records]
JazzyFunk – One For U [JazzyFunk Records]
JedX – Shine on Me [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Jerem Maniaco – Disco Inferno [Jango Music]
Jhony Rx – Feel the Vibe (feat. Daniela Sanchez) [SoulZ Records]
Jo Paciello – Savage Dreams [Senssual Records]
Jobu – Get a Grip [Chicago Skyline Records]
Joe Riviera – Stay in the Groove [Disco Down]
Joey Vasquez – Take a Chance [Strong Island Records]
Jolyon Petch – Holding On (Remixes) [Central Station Records]
Jordan Arts – Destiny [DistroKid]
Jordi Cabrera – Running Away [Soulful Evolution]
Josh Hunter & Mila Falls – No Limit [Stashed]
Juannan – Make It Hot [Ocean Trax]
Justin Joe – My Friend (Jackin House Mix) [THE BASE TRAX]
K Alexi Shelby – God’s People (feat. Tony Loveless)
Karl Frampton & Bassique Musique – What Is House
Kendoll & Wenzday – Crawl [Pinnacle Collective]
Kenny Hooper – The Genesis [HLX-1 DETROIT]
Kevin McKay & DJ Mark Brickman – Comin’ Home Baby [Glasgow Underground]
Kidd Island – Close to Me [Queenside Recordings]
Kidd Island – Move [History Recordings]
Kindred Music SA – Exposed [Pocket Food Audio]
Klondyke – Sea Fret [Seveneves Records]
Ryan Paris & George Aaron – Human (feat. Anita Campagnolo)
Ryden – Love On U [DistroKid]
S.Kull – Overflow [recordJet]
S.O.H. – Dangerous Love (feat. Fenia) [Phat Panda Records]
Sage Act – Anne Bonny [Sage Records]
Santhox – Mango (feat. Paris Gilton) [Drum-Ah Records]
Sarah Stansfield – Seat Up [Soulsearcher Recordings]
Sean Finn & Selda – Don’t Cha (feat. Inaya Day) [BIP Records]
Seb Skalski & Adam Joseph – Believer [Phoenix Music Inc]
SebTeix & Frank Savannah – Fever (Joe Mangione Remix) [feat. Morris Revy]
Serge Reba – Melody [Boot Music Records]
SHA MAN – Residual Ripples [SHA MAN HOUSE]
Shahay – Bounce [Deep Tech Lab]
Sharplines – Stay Sharp [NovaFuture Recordings]
Sico Vox & Jobaa – For the Paper [Basshall Records]
Silver Birch – The Simple Life [Mouthwatering Records]
Simone D Jay – La Voz De Tu Amor [K-Noiz]
Simone Pagliari – Groove Time [Loop Play Records]
Sir Maffhi – Let Them Judge [Twisted Tone Music]
SJX & De Munari – Be There (feat. De Munari) [Xcluse Records]
SKRS – The Hammer [Strakton Records]
Solanium – Just U [BOHO RECORDINGS]
Solo Piano Group – Winter Wind (feat. Michaela Overall) [TNT Recordings]
Sonnenkind – Fisherman [Sonnenstrahl Records]
Soul Extract – Centigrade [FiXT]
Sound Syndicate – Everybody Feel the Sounds (Extended Mix)
St.Luke – Horned Up [Wicked Wax]
Stacie Fields – The Gift [Basement Sound]
Stars Over Foy – Northern Lights [Planet Ambi]
Stashion – Fire Fire [ANDAGRES]
Sterre Weldring – Not with Me [Revanche Records]
Stranger Danger – Proper Lovin [Hi! Reaction]
StrezzSkills – Gay for Pay [Nomer1media]
SubSoda & Nikki Ambers – Umbrella [Cayenne Recordings]
Sullybush – Bring It Back [Open House Records]
Sunareht – Amorama [Paradoxe Club]
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – Let It Lie [SONO Music]
Superflat – Madagasikara [Furious Mandrill Records]
Swanky – I Wanna Feel [Smashing Trax Records]
Synaptic – Dum [DistroKid]
T.Markakis – Don’t Need Another Love [Little Jack]
T.U.R.F. – Whatcha Gonna Do [Exploited]
Tabonika – Future [Harmor Records]
The Deepshakerz & Divine, Marck Jam’z – Funky Bongos & Put You On
The Fog – Been a Long Time (Full Intention 2021 Remix)
The Frenchies – Do It To Death [Basica Recordings]
The Mechanical Man – Ortigara Street [Eat More House]
Timberr – Your Vibe [Rosso Tunes]
Tommy Jayden & Castion – Untouchable [Revealed Recordings]
Tommy White & Luke Richards – About Love [Loser Lab]
Traxman & DJ Deeon, Traxman – Off the Streets [Moveltraxx]
TrinoVante – Shake Your Booty [TV Sonicblast Records]
TrinoVante – Trapped Inside the Ibiza Bass (feat. Mikey Bakes)
Tristan Arp – Oddkin [Human Pitch]
TWOFLAGS – Greatest Mistake (Extended Mix) [Hoop Records]
twoloud & Deeperlove – Move Like That [Playbox]
Typo Clan – Wake Up [Vulcano]
Unknown Artist – QC Passed 2 [QC Records]
Unknown Neighbour – Greater Heights [Revanche Records]
Uppermost & OBu – Warm Winter [Uppwind]
VA – Bills & Aches & Blues2 (40 Years of 4AD) [4AD]
VA – Circus Recordings Moments, Vol. 12 [Circus Recordings]
VA – Dance a Dub (Dubtraphobic Remixes) [Echo Beach]
VA – DJ-Kicks Special Request [K7 Records]
VA – Downtown Nightlife, Vol. 1 [Big Tunes Records]
VA – Goonsquad VIII [GOONS Music]
VA – Monster Music, Vol. 1 [Big Tunes Records]
VA – Over Miami 2021 [Over House Records]
VA – STPH Limited Vol.3 [Stereophonic]
VA – Unpublished Mixes, Vol. 8 [Groovy Riddim Records]
VA – Wmc 2021 [Empire Studio Records]
VA – Yes, It’s a Housesession, Vol. 47 [RH2]
VA – Zntr-Va001 [La Zintrie Records]
Vann Morfin – Love Ahora (feat. Laura Noble) [Jacob Colon Remix]
Vann Morfin – Love Ahora (feat. Laura Noble) [Vann Morfin Mix]
Verboten Berlin & David Bay – Dawn Of Truth (David Bay Remix)
Victor Alc & DeKaz – Gaya [Muzenga Records]
Vincent Kwok & Nina Lares – Won’t Ever Forget [eight-fifteen]
Vito Vulpetti – Oh Yea [Lupara Records]
Vivien Lula – Break Down My Walls [Crystal Cove Records]
Voko & Koray Gunes – Wild and Free [Open House Records]
Walter G – Need Rhythm [Jazz In Da House]
Walto – Now [Muzenga Records]
Wheels (UK) – Bang the Drum [Frequency Deep Recordings]
Xavi Pinós – This Is Your Moment [Sweet Perceptions Music]
Yan Cloud – Parfume (feat. Julia Turano) [Which Bottle ]
Yatabe – Pretty Truth [DistroKid]
Yeyo Gonzalez – Crazy Piano [Sonido D Club Records]
Yoghee – Mean A Thing (feat. Federico Perazzani) [Extended Mix]
Young Muscle – Amalgamation [Scuffed Recordings]
Z A K – Save Our Souls (feat. Sho kid) [40oz Cult]
Zack Le Nez – Piano Shock [DeeVu Records]
Zibadan & Nicola Corradino – Never Give Up (feat. Gianni Binetti)

Minimal & Deep Tech

Ada Kaleh – Dene Descris [Ada Kaleh Romania]
Alex Leavon & Wesand, Erik Develin – Long Way Home
Ali Demir – Arya [Re.Face]
Aphro – Mental Sublime [LMNTAL Music]
Arcane 15 – Sideways [Antwrx]
Audiphobia & Bootloada – Papito [DistroKid]
Ayzk Rovshan – Cake [MK837]
Bohemian (ESP) – Game Boy [Street Grooves Records]
Bohemian (ESP) – Money [Street Grooves Records]
Brad Brunner, GruuvElement’s – Abstract Story [Bamboleo]
Cecilia Tosh – Order [SEV Records]
chathura – Silhouette [Dark Groove Records]
Chris Aux – Der Massai [Terrachorda Recordings]
Chris Stath – Space Jams [DistroKid]
Clain – Panique , Space Connection [Amber Recordings]
Clive – It’s Gonna Right [Cliveland]
CRKmarrss – Dystopian [MojoHeadz Records]
Daemon – New Horizons [MojoHeadz Records]
Dani Labb – Dans Pupil [Psyche]
Daniel De Roma – Austral [Secret Jams Records]
Deep Inzhiniring – Kriptology [Tech People Music]
Degrand – Seriously Sound [Music Key Records]
Denis Andreev – Wwiii [Arupa Music]
Diego Olarte – Duck [Stinky Label]
Dimyx – After War [Puro Beat]
District Solaris & Wolfboy, Wolfboy – Dystopia [Subliminar Records]
Draganeskool – Down Down [Great Stuff Talents]
Dubman F – Xtremely [Beachside Records]
EDDY M. – All Good [EMrec]
Emanuele Inga – Hell Is On Earth [ADN Records]
error13 – Broken Sonar [MojoHeadz Records]
Fedu – Create Yourself [Soblazn Music]
Fernando Jaziz – Thc [minipig]
Fishela – Bra [Allgeneres Record]
FSDubDrummer – The Sound of Space [F&M Records]
Galo & Nolon – Sun Spot [Rawsome Recordings]
Hector IbGar – Ikigai [Panorama 36]
Hook & Bass – Plastic People [Hook And Bass Records]
Juan Dragster – Fiesta [Nostandardmusic]
Justin Vilhauer – Blurred Lines [Percomaniacs]
KawaY & Yiwer – Tamagotchi [Joke-R MNML Records]
Kikkii – Insomne [smashead.]
Klover Haze – S’ Il Vous Plait (feat. Contraria_mente) [ZooTechnique Label]
Knyazev (RU) – The Ritual Process [Deep Tech Lab]
Lautaro Xavier – Flesh [Dark Wave]
Leo Christopher – Breathing [Radar Records Ltd]
Lorenzo Chi – In Thiz Houze (Deep) [Statics]
Luigi Rossi – Tonno [Chronovision Ibiza]
Luuk Van Dijk – Lose Control [MOXY MUZIK]
Malicia Darkwave – Spell My S.P.E.L.L. [MojoHeadz Records]
Maligo & Pure-G – Illumination [SMR Underground]
Marader – Technogirl [MojoHeadz Records]
Martin Occo & Greck B. – Give Up [Hibe Records]
Mattia Evo – Alibaba [Oltre Music]
Mental Carnival – Who Is the Clown [Default Machine]
MFD, David Labeij & Julien Chaptal – Mfd 001 [MFD Records]
Mike Sharon – There’s Something About Us [Floorpiece Digital]
Mogier – Getting Over You [DistroKid]
MOONWALKER (ITA) – MadHouse [Beat One Records]
Moray & Muse Groove – Extrafreak Rare Resourses [Tren iki]
Nektar Agu – Eli.Sound Present Nektar Agu From ARGENTINA [eli.traxx]
Newball – Disco Groove [Kubbo Records]
Nick Mendes – I Dance Like This [Mamaluca Records]
Nicolas Barnes – Moments [Microgravity Music]
Pablo Bravo – Pinzon [Wajiro]
Pablo Public – Chimichurri [Blasa Records]
Phantum Nebulosa & Sergi Sech, Sergi Delgado – Espacial
randy adams & Leon the Lover – Tell Me So [BBop Music]
Rave Erase – Rave Nation [Static Bass Recordings]
Rigobacsi – Vau [Rioverse Recordings]
Riley – Effortless [till records]
Robin Rafa & Jizz, Robin Rafa – Dive [PUSH]
Ryan Resso – Stroke It [Kaluki Musik]
Shack – Life Begins At 130 [DistroKid]
Son of Elita – Unitora [Elarum]
Space Scavengers – Selenographies Near Side [Cold Tear Records]
Steff Corner – Five Stupids [X-Osted Records]
Steve Judge & Steve Valentine – Gangster [Pure Tunes]
Too Rare – Wachufleiva 67 [Wachufleiva]
Undtkg – Check It Out [CamelMusic Records]
VA – 3 Years of Habits Records [Habits Records]
VA – CM Vol 17 [Cee Music]
VA – Engineer Goes Digital [Engineer Records]
VA – Looking for the PerfectBeats Vol.2 [PerfectBeats Records]
VA – LSDP Special [Music4Group]
VA – m_N_m_l [7th Cloud]
VA – Tempura [My Own Summer]
VA – The 5Ive 03 [The 5ive]
VA – This Is Deep Tech, Vol. 01 [LW Recordings]
Walter Albini – Hot Body [Arawak Records]
Xipisy – 9Venta [House Groove Six]
Zonesix – Selection of Groovy [Disco Groove Rec]

Progressive House

Antdot & Meca – Never Enough [Braslive Records]
Armon Apex – Maybe One Day [Dynamic Progressions]
Artis Gato – Techno In the Dark [Progressive Vibes Light]
Atmospirit – Above Clouds [Color House Records]
Blue Cell – Gezeiten [Future Avenue]
Borgeous & Leah Culver – Never Know [Geousus]
Breaking the Bubble – El Marquesado [Melodiös Music]
Brotherhood Sled – Black Hole [Phat Panda Records]
Charles Sebastian – Waiting For You [AX RECORDS]
Chris Burke – Heart of Glass [Chris Burke]
Claudiu Adam – Beauty and the Beat [AVA Deep]
ClearMajeure – Digital Space [Clear Majeure]
Cogollo – Moliyo [Moovee Music]
Cook & Stans & 1Planet – Leaving Babylon 9 [Cook & Stans]
Dan & Dan – You , Alabama [Perfecto Black]
David Grant – Gonna Let You Go [18-09 Records]
Davidee – Neo Resurgence [Night Light Company]
DBM – My Baby [RaveUp Alley]
Dimitris Dagas – State of Mind [LuPS Records]
DJ Ragex – Crap Out [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Dkeymusik – Dypnosis [Sota Records]
Dylan Deck & NOIYSE PROJECT – Amrapali [Modern Agenda]
Electric Clouds – Massimo [DistroKid]
Eunique – Creatures of Mars [Eunique Soundz Records]
Evan Wilder & Revealed Recordings – Can’t Sleep [Revealed Radar]
Ewan Rill – Life Sine [Sever Records]
Fabian Palacios – Lights [FPO Music]
Firewolf – Rebirth [Skipe Records]
Fishela – Alone [Songspire Records]
Focus – The Vortech [Dissident Music , EMG]
Frank FB & Xeruc – Honeymoon [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Haking – Falling [Mirage Recordings]
Harley Sanders, Rion S & Paul Thomas – Awakenings (Paul Thomas & Fuenka Remix)
Henrell – Origins [Glorie Records]
Imar – Far Away [Vagabond Recordings]
Jassouille – Dancing in the Rain [Artifique Records]
Jay Del Mar – Odyssey [EDM Recordings]
Jay Nu – African Astronic [Mystic Carousel Records]
JDC – Alter Ego [Made Crazy Music]
Jeremiah McKnight – Electric Haven [10 Steps North]
John Wolf – AGORA [Late Night Records]
Joy Marquez – Respect Througts [RPO Records]
JP Mantero – Bliss [mfgustafsson]
Ken Bauer – Free [2Dutch Records]
KRIEGER (BR) & Talkz – Bring It On [Lemon Drops]
Kroman – Black Slopes [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Kyboo – Masai Mara [MABE BLACK RECORDS]
Lachie A’rden – Love Me Again [DistroKid]
Luthor – Hong Kong [Virata Music]
Madman J – The Cave [Libertas]
Madomo Planet – Cloud’s City [no-tab]
Mantly – Dance On Indian Road [Nature Is Pure Love]
Marco Calanni & Rente – Rush of Sounds
Martin Parra – La Rosa [76 Recordings]
Mathey B – Just Dream [Alveda Music]
Mees Salomé – Fool’s Paradise (feat. Celine Cairo)
Miss Kiff – Shit Ass Music [Kiff Music]
Miss MAD – Abysse (Original) [GaGa Records]
Nik Alevizos – The Energy , Odyssey [PRGRSSN Records]
Oh Balboa – I Got Ya (Child of Remix) [PRGRSSN Records]
Omar Nickel – Dance With Me [SoulArt Recordings]
Ozan Vardar – Everybody Clap Your Hands (feat. Patriot & Play Funk)
Pavel Shypta – Wild Destiny [Synthétique]
Quiesce – Charm Infection [DistroKid]
Rafa Streye & Sophia Allen – Against the World
RafleSTone – Hold Me up Remixes, Pt. 1 [Nicksher Bundles]
Reyvax Duared – Geastrum Minimum [UY! Records]
RezQ Sound – Superoider [YoD Recordings]
Rianu Keevs – Echoes of Fate [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Somewhere Far Away [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – The Unbearable Heaviness of Being [Rianu Keevs]
SALAZAR – Adamas [Another Life Music]
Seawayz & Ineli – Forget U [Tastebooster]
Sebastian Blanco – Serious [BQ Recordings]
Seleck – Stronger , Harem [Freegrant Music]
Sergio Zener – Infinite [Indiefy]
Seven Hills, Piaria & NoFace Records – Sometimes [NoFace Records]
Shayan Pasha – Catalina [Wander Nation Records]
Shiralee Coleman – Can You Feel It (Daniel Tonik Remix)
Simos Tagias – Euphoria , Emotion [meanwhile]
SITROF – Waiting For You [Clipper’s Sounds]
Sokkary – The Rift [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Sound Remedy – Dark Waves [DistroKid]
Teamworx & Paul Aiden – Actions [Protocol Recordings]
THE ZAZU – Grateful [House Box Records]
Tim Light – Noxious [Bunny Tiger Dubs]
Tom Kingston – Aura , Garden of Eden [MOSP Recordings]
V-Vast – Back Underground [Ulysse United Records]
VA – 100th Release Special [Zephyr Music]
VA – Circuit & Tribal Hits Vol. 3 [Sweet Karma Inc]
VA – Collective Remixes 01 [Synth Collective]
VA – Higher Pulse, Vol. 28 [Higher Pulse]
VA – Textures, Vol. 5 [Krafted Underground]
VA – We Are the Future 2021, Vol. 1 [3rd Avenue]
Valentino Volta – Exito [recordJet]
Vitto Rio – Neon [Digitag Records]
Volkan Topal – Undivided [Wavebox Records]
Whenuknow – Steam Loop [DistroKid]
Wilson – Agulhas [3xA Music]

Techno & Minimal

0=3 – Bad Numbers [Diffuse Reality Records]
3J Toca – The Noise [DistroKid]
08 Orbit – Let Her Out [Drop it Records]
753 – New Regime [Definition Of Hard Techno]
A Taut Line – To Live and Die in Shinjuku , Woken [Diskotopia]
A.Nazar & Michael Echo – Dämmerung [KEINBORDER]
AGON – Open Wound [ESSET]
Alessandro Febbraro – Enjoy Yourself [Kleos Recordings]
Alessio Conti – Serendipity [Oxytech Planet]
Alex Deor, Feyser & Vilence – Residency [Manufactory]
Alfred Novack – Room – Part I [Beats HD]
Alien Communications – Ozone 22 [Alien Communications]
ALIVEMAEX – Amx_01 [recordJet]
Allan Feytor – Oblivion [Black Codes Experiments]
ALLELES – Sirius [Airborne Black]
Amir Tibi – Space Lake [3.Stock Electronic]
André Koppe – Feeling of Hope [10th Planet Records]
Andrea Signore – Escape from Jonestown [Made In Brussels]
Andrea Signore – In My Veins [Codex Recordings]
Andrea Signore – To Divide & Conquer [EXTIMA]
Andy Mart – Miles from Mars 41 [Miles From Mars]
Anela – Triton [IAMT]
Antartic – Reaching out [Cherry Moon Records]
Any Act – Ne Boyat’sya [Tram Planet Records]
Anya Rei & Headon, Inner & Key – Two Years of Elettra Music – The Rewired Two
Artu Monte – Don’t Need to Ask [vacuum]
Artu Monte – Wwlowwd [vacuum]
Artywell – Acid [Archon Records]
AXBLA – It’s Too Hard [Studio3000 Records]
AXBLA – The Cosmic Fly [Oxytech Records]
Axel Karakasis – Procedures [Remain Records]
Bad Boombox – Journey [The Beat Must Fuck]
Bad Teckno – Tempting [Radiator Of Sound]
Balkonkind – Wwg1wga [Alienator Records]
Ballet Mechanique – Borrenbergs 12 II [Delsin Records]
Bassler Disconnect – Distortion [Synthetic Core]
Bearman – Hypnotic [Bearman]
Ben Dive – Shuffle Dance [Songtradr]
Benou – Acab [Pimp’s Tits Records]
Big Martino & Stephan Barbieri – Boris Grishenko [Domozero]
Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri & Aliens Bad Brothers – Unstableness
Bill Hates – Maietikos [Tenebrae]
Bill Kraemer – Gilded Midnight [The Seed]
BįňÇ – Ghost Train Protocol (Live) [Jambalay Records]
BIZBAZ – Metastazys [Radiator Of Sound]
BIZBAZ & Elektra-RTK – Cinematox [Radiator Of Sound]
BLAPER – Convulsions [VK Underground]
Bluenoid – Submotive [Kortsluiting]
BMG & OBSKURO – Peitsche des Muerte [Tekk Dich Weg]
Broken Robot – Bitter End [IAMT]
Bruno Aguirre – Carbon [Unrilis]
Buben – Golden Age [Techno Parade]
BXTR – Automata [PRIMUS]
Cecilia Tosh – Disorder [SEV Records]
Cecilia Tosh – Flashout Bones [SEV Records]
Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid – Breaking Your Heart
Chris Liebing – Burn Slow Remixes PT. III (feat. Miles Cooper Seaton)
Chris Veron – Drift Line [Codex Recordings]
Confidential Recipe – What You Think [Rekids]
Cosmo jack – Division [Underground BeatCode Records]
CQNZR. – Haus [CQNZR.]
Cristian de Leo – Lost in the Sound [Bunk3r R3cords]
Crossbow – Astral [IAMT Red]
Dale Fairbairn – Live Through the Night [Respekt Recordings]
Damballah Wedo – Perestroika [DistroKid]
Dani Borges – Into the Blue [KLUBINHO]
Danitz – Broken Morals [Global Tribe Records]
Dark Saw – Pasado Y Confesó [Symbiostic]
Dave Bregoli – Zed’s Dead, Baby [Trivium Records]
David Moleon – The Bee [Moop Up]
David Sellers – Discovery [Kaligo Records]
David Sellers – Reverie [MAKE ME FLY]
Deep Mind Direction – Last Man Dancing [Darkart]
Demon Noise – Time Is Over [IAMT Red]
Denise Rabe, dotwav – Sammelwerk III [KONFLKT]
Developer – Olympian 15 [Olympian]
Dimitri & Jaimy – Waitress of an Open Mind [Fatal Music]
Diofaro – La Llamada De Cthulhu [DarkForest]
DJ Chinook – Spycho [Radiator Of Sound]
DJ Joys – Tribal [7th Cloud]
DJ Pavel Slim – New Formation [Dolphins Cage]
Dmitry Granovskiy – Find Me (TIRANN Remix) [Immunitet Recordings]
Dmitry Granovskiy – Liquid Lead [Tech People Music]
Domenic Cappello – Movements in Mind [Alien Communications]
Don Williams – Blithe Spirit [CHILDHOOD]
Dr. Ekdis – Surfeon [DistroKid]
Droplex & Steve Kid – What’s Your Name [Kidz Luv Tekkno]
Dry Wet – Mig [Syncopate Black]
DULEP – Error [Black Drop]
Edel Wise – So Long [DOT Dance]
Eisen (JP) – Heel002 [Heel]
ELLA WAX – Altitude [Pure Dope Digital]
Emanuel Querol – The Notebook [Maximal Records]
Emi Allende – Explosive Moon [PDD Tamed]
Emilove & Emiliano Naples – Saturno [Love to Love Records]
Endplate – Reset [Granulart Recordings]
Esilum – Clouds [Blush Recordings]
ESSMEE – 9Daggers [Sampatic Records]
Estella Boersma – Dance Trax, Vol. 32 [Dance Trax]
Exparagus – In Greed We Trust [Trapez]
Fabian Palacios – Evolution [Catamount Records]
Filthy Rich – Captain Tom’s scratchy Rascal [DistroKid]
Findike – The Dark [Underground Roof Records]
Francesco Fontanella – Dystopia [alwaystechno]
Francesco Kaino – Journey [1984recordings]
Franco Alesso – The Wake [Xelima Records]
Frequency – Panic Mode [Repetitive Rhythm Research]
G5O – You [MVA Star Records]
Gabriel Wnz & Pitch – Engel Der Tenebris [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Gal Tsadok-Hai – The Realm of Wandarg (Original)
Genix – Dance It Out [Anjunabeats]
Gerrit X – The Stranger [Destrukt Sound Records]
Giulia – Proxima Centauri [Reload Records]
Giuliano Stelea – Reflection [TECHNO WORLD]
Hans Ninchritz – Atomic Nrg [Zoomer Records]
HARUOSEVEN – course of action [RouteR]
Hashira – Hashi Style [Hashirasama]
Hector Cardenas – Pump It , Wisdom [Surbeats Records]
Hector Moreno – Space Return [Eclipse Recordings]
Hedström & Pflug – Syxt019 [SYXT]
Hertz – Elevation Remixed [Made In Brussels]
Hesemani – Control [Naturall Products]
Hoffmen – Sequential [925 Music]
Hybral, Laren – Harder Va001 [harder traxxx]
Hybrasil – Dezik [Awesome Soundwave]
IABUD – Rain [Paktoor Records]
Implse – Only War [Get Large Recordz]
Iriam – Skulptor [MOTIVANT Records]
J.O.S.H.U.A – A Convo With K1R3BY [Don’t Just…]
Jassouille – Final Fantasy [Artifique Records]
Javi Sphere – The Destroyer [Dry or Wet Records]
Jem Stavros – Mt 10 [ON Recordings]
Jiberish – Natures Complicity [Turtle Musik]
Joao Ceser – Crossing the Terminator, Pt. 2 [Pitch the Noise Records]
Juan On Drugs – Mind – TMR [369 Records]
Juan On Drugs – Rocksteady – TMR [369 Records]
Julien Earle – My Eyes [REFLECTION]
Juliet Fox – And Find Myself [TREGAMBE]
Justin Jay – Trick or Treat [Trick]
Karen Echev – Acid of Me [Redlof Records]
Kay (ES) – Rearranged Noise [Leading Astray]
Key M – Turbit [Numen]
Klanglos – Hiding in the Dark [ERROR Records]
Klaudia Gawlas – Momentum [KD RAW]
Kolt Us – access to memory [Basics Avenue]
KomaCasper, Dirty House Ink. & Tiefundton – Holiday (Tiefundton Remix)
Korben Nice – Zares [Concerns Music]
Kresko – Enter Your Mind [Cases de la Musica]
Kristian Heikkila – Bring the Disco [Konstruktion]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Blast from the Past, Vol. 5 [UKR Special Series]
LEVT – Prisoners [Coeur Records]
LHVB – Singular [PACE]
Lorenzo Bianco – White White [HBR Music]
Luke Bathwine – I Catch You [LB Music]
M. Rodriguez – Unity [Marktek Records]
Maksim Dark – Rise from the Fire [DENSE AUDIO]
Manuel Bayer – Hibiscus [Daisy Dans Records]
Marcel db & Der.Henry – Black Glow [Akustikkuss]
Mark Du Zaid – 915 [Musical Minds Records]
Martin Knapp – Noises from the Basement [Revkon Records]
Marton Project – To Change In Myself [Black Bore Records]
Matt Fischery – Complex Theory [Glói Music]
Matteo Veroni & Dim Zach, Matteo Veroni – Work
Maxizulu – Solsice [Away Recordings]
Meduzza – Invisible Hero [OPTN]
Metrakit – Funkytown [Transfiguration Recordings]
MicroValve – Vapour [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Migel Gloria – Under Influence [Cieli Di Orione]
Miguel Roncal – R.E.A. [Xtereo Recordings]
Mike Davis DE – Rom [Brenda Records]
Mikmoog – Peter Punk [Labdab]
Mr Luu – Various Artists [Offering Recordings]
Mython – Freedomfighter [STRGHTx]
Myxzlplix – Sydwyzyn [Techniche]
Nacim LaDJ – Hi-Techno 8 [Yokai Music]
Nahuel Rivero – Quantum Travel [FCZ records]
Naudhiz – Eclipse [A503X Records]
Needles Musik – Be a Friend [Bunte Liebe Records]
nms303 – Odyssey [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
nms303 – Utopia [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
NZM 99 – Walkyries Walk [Tjalk Records]
OLIC – Ultratumba [TechnoZone Rec]
Oliver Rosemann – The Itchy Onion [Recorded Things]
Omega Drive – Gelatin [The Black Wolf Recordings]
Óscar Sánchez – Lupp [Syncopate Limited]
Otm Shank – Rela [Pinkturban]
P-Dub – Freeze Fry [Invisible People]
Pablo Gonzales – Acid Jam [Renaissance Digital]
Parapher – Realm of Destruction [Flesh and Hammers]
Passarani – Flash Zero [Unrelatable]
Paul Evolution – Voyager 2 [FumPin]
Pegasuskick – Cloudy [Paktoor Records]
Pfirter & NØRBAK – Life, Truth, Freedom, Fear [MindTrip]
Pha Thal – Los! Davay! Hadi! [ATASON]
Pigmental – Triton [DistroKid]
Pintamooner – Trip to the Moon [Kawabe Records]
Pizzini – Lost Promises [Marktek Records]
Pointless Animals – Blah Blah [Syncopate]
Prevision – Remember the Time [recordJet]
Proa Deejay – Mind [Stay Gold Records NYC]
PvrvllelSelf – Obituary [Hivemind]
R&Ber – Androgeno [The Other Face Records]
Rame & Asswann, Rame.col – Timeless Sequences [Binaural]
Ramzes – Raptor [DarkCrow Records]
Ranjit Nijjer – Desolated [Machine]
Rhyw – Slithering [Avian]
Ricardo Carmona – Try [Not Play]
Rob Circuit – Sprudelbad [Dreibergen]
RobJanssen – Syndrome , Holy Kid [AUTEKTONE DARK]
RØWMÄN – Fusion Bastard. [miniTek Records]
RoyJ & IsaVis – This Is Not a Test [ORGASMIxxx]
Sabrina LCF, Stephan Crown & Sabrina LCF – XXX Techno Amsterdam
Sakin Bozkurt – Asgard [Mechanikal]
Sam Monie – Haircut [Superfreq]
Sasa Radic – Flow [Vezotonik]
Segtiga – Dark In My Mind [29 Tech]
Senhor Smith – Formatrol [Eins Droid]
Sensurreal – Newbranddesign [Frame of Mind]
Sergio Mañez – Bkxs 09 [Blackxess]
Sim Johan – Automatic Body [Sonusfield]
Soundfiller – Change of Power [Raise Recordings]
SparroX, Vier Equis – Darkness [Insectum Records]
Sporegular – Relativism [SMSH]
Staim – Chord141 [Stützpunkt]
Stealy Dan & The Belgian Stallion – Wenn nicht mit Rap
Sterling Moss & Zyco, Zyco & R-Drum – Barcelombia Army on Acid
Subtile – Like What [Drehmoment]
Techne & Keah – Deianira [TOBE]
Teckni B – Sahara [4 The Planet]
The Boogeyman – Fate [DistroKid]
Tiko (DE) – Acid, What Else! [Prescribed Trax]
Toku Collector – Analog Synths [Marwin Smith Records]
Tony Di Angelis – Energy [Stay Gold Records NYC]
Trauma Team – Exorzist [Radikal Bunt]
Tyler Watkins – Set Me Free [Reload Records]
Ugur Project – Nova [Set About]
Uncertain – Combat System [UNCAGE]
Use Kit – Do it Dirty [Tejobeat]
VA – Amazzinga Winter 2021 [Mazzinga Records]
VA – Analog Sampler 06 [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
VA – Circus Recordings Moments, Vol. 11 [Circus Recordings]
VA – FLASH Back 13 [FLASH Recordings]
VA – Szrogh [BRVTAL]
VA – Take Hit Va, Vol. 3 [Take Hit Records]
VA – Technonite (Ibiza Underground Compilation) [Pino Music]
VA – Two Years Celebration of Rhythm Records P1 [Rhythm Records]
VA – VA003 [Maison Close]
VA – We Own the Night, Various Artists Vol. 3
VA- Nobody Listens to Techno 13 [Colore]
Vain Nofler – Hard Mud [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Viktor Larzev – Erkenntnis [recordJet]
VSN7 – Hippocampus [NEDOSTUPNOSTb]
VTSS & Crystal Geometry, Jasmine Azarian – Borderline Tenderness
Wall Seich – Sasori [alwaystechno]
Wild 84 – Afterlife [Royal House Records]
Worldnation – Stateless [Sunset Sounds]
YUADA – Hidden Story [Third Floor Records]
Zilm – Blinding Lightning [BOHO RECORDINGS]