Afro House

Andre Junior MZ – 1974 [TSM017]
Band&dos – Bele Bele Ep [GDC057]
Bob Ezy, Nipho – Amahubo 23 [BOB004]
Breeze and The Sun, Mike Dem, Neil Amarey – Vamizi [MOSM01521]
DJ Norivaldo Metido – Reflection [ZKM008]
Eunique – Across the Nations [EUNIQUE026]
Gabriel Dominguez – Cantando en Africa [SSM016]
HyperSOUL-X – Kwa Heri [HPSA0165]
IMBEWU – Ubambo Lwam (feat. Sinethemba) [SWITCHLAB087]
Juan Mejia, Morris Revy – Cosmos EP [Dutchie 336 A]
Kara Mel – Tsar [RSR267]
KB Deep, Soul Des Jaguar – Siege [OBS254]
Kekzo – THE CODE [PD03]
Maurizio Baiocchi – Reset, Vol. 1 [SINSSOUND003]
Myles Bigelow, Toto Berriel – Wind Warrior Remixes [DCM057]
Parcel (SWZ), Zinia – Inhlitiyo Iyavuma (Parcel SWZ Remix) [ANTI034]
Roque – Bleeding Steel [DHP080]
Swift Vibe – pvt LCTN [SVE007]
TorQue MuziQ – King Of Rotation (Next Chapter) EP [OBS250]
Tyban – FREE FALL [TAE053]
Vigor Season-SA – New World [VNW 001]
WNOISE, Nada – We Are One (Part 1) [OBM853]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Alex Aguayo – Not Going Out [HLR006]
Alex Spite – Paris [ASR035]
Anton Ishutin – You Know [DMR120]
APNOEA – Why We Breathe [MOBILEE238]
Arnau Obiols, KAYYAK – Changan EP [CPT5763]
Artem Xio – Make You Smile [STILLX06]
Bertolini (BR), V.Souza – Dandara [FLX132]
Blue Hawaii – I Felt Love (Suzanne Kraft Remix) [ABT087dig4]
Boy Funktastic – LOTA EP [HOB090]
Bubaloo – Illusion [PUK450]
Caribou – Suddenly Remixes (Merge)
Christian Engh – Ctairs (Full Pupp)
Cup & String – No Pressure EP [NFR081]
Death On The Balcony – Only Temporary EP [XYZ030]
Denis Skok – Lucanus [SMNI117]
DJ Phellix & Chilx feat Shayan Mohana – All I Need [DT2172]
Domestic Technology – 3S COLLECTION PART ONE [3S006C]
Filizola & Macarena Hoffmann – Everything [NY011X]
Flor Coto – Butterfly [PHR276]
Giorgio Bassetti – Armendralo [KNG872]
Hiva – Hiva – Deep Snap [PR764]
HP Vince – Brothers & Sisters [SUPER14]
J.O.Y., Snowk – I’m Lost [SPSL017]
Jad Musica & The 7 Hills Band – Symphony [CAFEDEANATOLIA272]
Jepe – Retreat [TENA103]
Jimpster – Soul Spectral EP [FRD265]
Kek’Star – CASSETTE [CAT448167]
Kevin Yost – Opia [TSOY1040D2TRSPDBP]
Kristin Velvet – Rockin’ & Rollin’ [AL085]
Logo – To Reality [EUKE328147]
Lootbeg – Transferred [AFIN46]
Master Sizwe – 13707 Street [ABC001]
Maximus Rome – Cruel Soul [AD028]
Ministry Of Funk – Funky Groovers [SGR274]
Montel – Control [MTLR17]
Muta – Reliq [AMSEL057]
My Flower – Spheal EP [NCR038]
Nec SFS – Deep In Your Destiny [CBM083]
Nick Frequency – SUN [CWA364]
Nick Garcia – Tell Me [USR036]
Norenoise – Sparks [SSD238]
Notre Dame – Recital Ep [GDC058]
Rawdio – BACK TO DEEP [HCR094]
Ready In LED, DJ DIVO & OliO – Unreal Remixes [HORNYCITY002X]
Revolucien – The Sound of Love [HOLY005]
Roberto Palmero – Not Alone [CAT464561]
Roswell Brothers – The Old Empire [EDR410]
Sahar – Madi [PARA032]
Simplex Motive – Brand New Life [MBR67]
Softmal, Nytron, Cadu Novellino – Heat [PUK453]
Stergios – Nioti (Silence Mix) [REGEN107]
Syon, Kisch – Magic [SELECTED107]
TAYA. – Reakt (Extended Mix) [RLM064]
Télépopmusik & Young & Sick – Circles [BLV8527326]
The Blockchain – Autogenic Training [PLY006]
The Noir – BLE 001 (Black Label Edits)
Thomas Gandey – We Survive [HYD002]
VA – Bar 25 Music Selektion 2017 [BAR25064SB]
VA – Bar 25 Music Selektion 2018 [BAR25086B]
VA – Bar 25 Presents Bordel Des Arts Vol.1 [BAR25051K]
VA – Bar 25 Presents Bordel Des Arts Vol.2 [BAR250070B]
VA – Onside [STT114]
VA – Street King Presents Miami 2021 [KSD437]
VA – Unike Muzik Classics [UNIKEMUZIK012]

Electronica & Downtempo

Acado – Hypnos [ATCK017]
Alessandro Cortini – VIVOVALVOLE
Booka Shade – Pray (Chris Malinchak Mix) (Blaufield Music)
BummelzugAcht – Colours (Stephan Zovsky Remix) [ACKER073S1]
Cabaret Contemporain – Séquence collective (Remixed) (Blackstrobe)
Conoley Ospovat – Hooked On Static [CER060]
FJAAK – WHT (Tectonic)
Grum – Human Touch (Deep State)
Jose Wated – Without Ashes [SAGMEN106]
Justin Jay, Fabriq – Rumors (Edit) [FV31CE]
Les Enfants Sauvages – Tell Me (3000 Grad)
Linnea Dale, Of Norway – Heart & Soul [BS242]
Metro Area – Metro Area (Environ)
Peter Van Hoesen – Echoes from Westbrook Bay (Time To Express)
Toulouse – Rite [TOULOUSE004]
upsammy – Bend (Dekmantel)
VA – Oslated 5th Anniversary Compilation [OSC004]
VA – Post Office 5 (Telegraph)
Wanduta – Melissa [RR006]


Aaron North – Won’t Forget You [505971 3219181]
Adelphi Music Factory – People Everywhere (Can You Feel It) [Club Mix]
Arturo Macchiavelli, Lee Wilson – Hold On My Heart [GU570]
Babert, Iago, Peter Ellis, Rion S – Hey Baby [MSR242]
Bleu Clair, OOTORO – Beat Like This – Extended Mix [STMPD416A]
Block & Crown – The Boss [KK028]
Block & Crown, Jordan Kaahn – Music Is the Answer [OR064]
Bram Fidder, Stefano Iezzi – You & Me (Together) – Extended Mix
Carl Cox – Sand, Moon & Stars [4050538679182]
Curtis Richa, Emdey – All or Nothing (Extended Mix)
Dance System – Strings 4 Love [SNATCHRAW005]
DJ Huguito & Diego Antoine – BomBom [GD194]
DJ Lora, James Geary – They Don’t Know [SIMBLK250]
Fabian Haneke, Divine (NL) – Get It Right [SIMBLK249]
Flashmob – Long Before [GSR407]
Fluxci – Love Me [CWV325]
Greg Marty, Rio Dela Duna – In The House So Funky [CUBE204]
Iban Montoro – We Are Going To Fly [TMR082]
India Jordan – And Groove (Ninja Tune)
Jack Shore – Out Of Love – Extended Mix [HEXAGON212B]
James Haskell – Make You Feel – Extended Mix [D4D0009D2]
Laidback Luke, Steve Angello – Show Me Love – Vintage Culture Remix
Landis – Step And Repeat – Extended Mix [FS001B]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Geto Weird Traxxx, Vol. 5 [UKR224]
Lohrasp Kansara – Thinking [WBT395]
Mahalo – Not Watching Anymore [CAT438254]
Maximo, Swingers – Had Enough [CAT457554]
Mimmo Errico – Pom Pom Pleasure – C-Fast Extended Remix [CF2104DJ]
Mind.E – Diamonds (Ferreck Dawn Extended Remix)
MOGUAI, Graham Candy – A Little Bit of Faith (feat. My Parade) [Remixes]
Moon Disco (US) – Don’t Step To This [TRUEHOUSE194]
MWRS x Dirty Ducks – Sublime – Extended Mix [GNHX142B]
Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez – U Wanna Get Up [GR601]
Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez, Brian Forrest – All 4 Now [GR606]
Niiko x SWAE – Blah Blah Blah – Boges Extended Remix
Noone, Alakin Kirill – Puro Extase [29TECH0002]
OVSKY – Missing [TM012B]
Page 97 – Remedy [526287]
ProOne79 – Jack Up The Power [QQ79]
Raven & Kreyn x Jeonghyeon – Out Of Me (Extended Mix)
Retrovision – All About U – Extended Mix [HEXAGON229B]
Riva Starr – Ride This Sound (feat. Imaginary Cities) [Extended Mix]
Romzello – Just To Be In Love [LUX056]
SAINT PUNK – Empty Bed [MCS1117]
Sound Support – Clavi On The Rocks (House Of Disco)
SounDDizer, Lottz – Be Alone [1957896167]
Strapontin – Eunuque (incl. Sascha Funke Remix) (Invisible Inc)
Sugar Hill, G. Felix – To Your Love [TRANSA209]
SWACQ – Purification – Extended Mix [HEXAGON234B]
Ten City – Devotion – Marshall Jefferson Extended Mix [UL02689]
That Kind – One Last Time (KC Lights Extended Remix) [190295006631]
The Cube Guys – Gravity (The House Bag) [8052469615372]
The Two Fake Blondes – Insecurities – Extended Mix [BTK030B]
Tzesar – You Can’t Stop It [PHUNKZ109]
Vicetone – No Rest – Extended Mix [MCSX1118]
Vlada Asanin – Anthems (Latin Side) [45KE044]
Yvvan Back – You [NDF370]

Organic House & Downtempo

Boy Funktastic – SYNICAL [FD233]
Diass – Bloom Together [PPP042021]
Dokho – Balmung _ Jamir [ENCOLOR272E]
Larson (AR) – Nefelibata [MR021]
Luca Musto – Toledo [MF022SIN1]
Luka Sambe – Michelin EP [SOUKSONIC013]
Madraas – Melanie – Meia Lua [SG042]
Makebo – Skyline EP [ADID068]
Marabou – Morgen nach Fest [URSLINT039]
Nōpi – Bueno Me Piese [DNSOTF039]
Pablo Bolivar – Tali _ Cunna Remixes [7V105]
Saorom, Dadoro – Nebo [TRNDMSKFREE53]
Seba Campos – Respirar [CA066]
Soble, Lui Mafuta – You Don’t Say (Lui Mafuta’s Can’t Remix) [TRNDMSK37]
Think City – Trinity [PAP050]
VA – Bar 25 Music Presents Sounds of Sirin Vol. 6 [BAR25126]
VA – Mediterranea [LUMP4]
VA – This is Bar 25 Music [BAR25140]

Progressive House
21street, Burak KESKIN – Guinea [10187512]
Alejo Fochi – Sometimes I Dream [BDB004]
Andrés Moris – Above the Sky _ Astro [D9LTD012]
Andrés Moris & Altsenses – Mystic Thoughts [BCSA0481]
Andrey Semenets, Sashanti – Rain [DPL111]
Anton Tumas, Treavor Moontribe – Secret [SB190]
Atribút – Tanquility [SNA046]
Chanu – Voices [MYC095B]
Daniel Corner – New Horizon [SOL159]
Deadline – Believer – Extended Mix [CAOS005DJ]
Di Rugerio – Ahau [SYMM102]
Dimi Mechero – Moonrain EP [RM072]
Diminished 7 & Kosala B – Stalk Peacock Wave [AHD191]
DJ Paul (AR) – Calm Atmosphere [3AV239]
Echo Daft & Artn – Truth Or Dare – White Moon [ABO040]
ELI DAVID – Ormia [MIRM066]
Ewan Rill – Be Original [BALKAN0672]
Ivanshee – Unicorn [SMD249]
Jamie Baggotts – Vortex [FOR087]
Jerome Isma-Ae – Baharat [JEE064]
Koalla – 90’s-Eighties [9229450280]
Marc (AR) – Highland [STB039]
Matan Caspi – Endless Haze [OL399]
Matt Fax – Torn _ Wonder [ENCOLOR271E]
Michael A – Sub Station [GNSYS098]
Mooncat, Ferank – Hear What Was Said (2021 Remixes) [FOR2001]
Morttagua – Imentet – Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix [TM096]
No_Audio – Hive – EP (Extended Mixes) [EPIC0009EXT]
Oldloop – We Gonna For Clouds [IA0000016]
Pysh, LADS – Different Point of View [POM128]
Rick Pier O’Neil – Slow Burning [JA073]
Sebastian Weikum – Razor [ST070]
Stergios – Distance [REGEN108]
VA – Clinique Sampler Part 282 [CLS282]
Vincent Marlice – Aragonite [POM127]

Tech House

Aaron Sevilla – The Jam [PW038]
Adam Lance – Off Your Knees [APZZ023]
Aderfia – Control Freak EP [HUAM466]
Alex Kenji – Indigo [HFS2110]
Alexander Tishkov, PVLSX – Party Time [SOV193]
Amandra & Karim – Sqala (Tikita)
Andres Blows – Shooting Star [DM161]
Antonio Rec – Wake up EP [HUAM473]
Antony PL – Panic On The Dancefloor EP [WSTD016]
Apollo Green – Don’t Stop [RPF002]
Bess Maze – On Your Feet [MZV064]
Brandon Caballero, Jordan Allinor – Saturn Baby [ER593]
Bruno Furlan, Ciszak – Shake It EP [SOS031]
Butane, Riko Forinson – Little Helper 376 [LITTLEHELPERS376]
Carbajal – Querido [HT070]
Carlos A., Gunther Beats – Big L [NP0357]
Cele – Mulatita [HBT330]
Clay J – Blow [SHK0183]
Dario Nunez, Javi Colina, Quoxx – PAMPITUP [361]
Darren After – Feel [FOH048]
Dj Overcome, Leo Silveira – Cash [MZF242]
DJ Susan – Matador [CAT461588]
DJ Susan – Nexus [DRR032EM]
DJD3 – Slave Of System [GAM010]
Dots Per Inch, NO1NO’s – Burnin’ Up [OTBDR005]
Eddy M – For Real [EMREC003]
Ellison Hard – Okay [PPREC032]
Frame (IT) – Inspiration [PJD060]
Gaarcia – Shine (Original Mix) [NOTP019]
George Benson, Steve Aoki – Give Me The Night [AGO002]
Gero Ojeda – Milkeight [MATERIALISM192]
Gettoblaster, Freqish – So High [WJ027]
Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona – DeathRow EP [TEC141]
GiddiBangBang, Elternhouse – RVNG _ I.D.E.D [MTWAT183]
Gunnar Stiller, Distale – Umbral EP [SCN001]
Habbo Foxx – Love Soul [CRA018]
Iglesias – Mr Big EP [ETI03001Z]
Ilary Montanari, Gianfr & Markè – In The Place [BTRN026]
Ivan Serra, Glockë, Mr. J (Official) – Supergloop [MDR0006]
Jack Rush, Ezra Blissard – Dark Side [GB034]
Jamie Roy, Jay de Lys – Something – Extended Mix [UL02666]
Jorge Hurtado – Music Control EP [HUAM474]
Joy Marquez, D-Fake – In To My Mind [SS617]
Kato – Chew Chew (Extended Version) [BLV8448245]
Kevin Andrews – Don’t Push Me [TOT031]
Kevin Rodriguez – Remember It [CVR146]
Lamban Brother – Mamma Mia EP [HUAM475]
Lewis Boardman – Summertime [MHD124]
Liam Keery – Won’t Stop [522324]
Lui Danzi, Aurinha Do Coco – A Fonte [UTR113]
Manuel Crow – It’s House [REH049]
Manuel De La Mare – Evil [303L2105]
Marc Alex, KoKo.ARG – Trips [SAGMEN111]
Marco C., Elternhouse, VLTRA (IT) – Stoplease [WAF24B]
Mark Ambrose – Mystery Club House Trax [VES010]
Matt Caseli – Def Jam – Dub Power [CLUBSWE310]
MITA (BR) – In The Air [MZV078]
NASH. – Down [LDKSG003]
Nofex – My Body [GB039]
Nutty, Scones (US) – Losin’ My Mind [CHR098]
PAIRETTI – Hold Up [DEN171]
Paul Parsons – Crowd Pleaser (Club Mix) [UTG001]
Peredelsky – Chicken Or The Egg [WIK165]
Plus Beat’Z – Sunny (Extended Mix) [LSL007DJ]
Roffe – In The House [MZF237]
Rowhle – Have You Gone Me EP [DCM112]
Sacha Robotti, Mikey Lion – Do or Die [DH098]
Sansixto, Castion – See the World [VNDLS006]
Skymate – The Sound [AMB030]
Tech Me Good – Golden Cage [RLS00091179]
Tektonauts, Armandd G – Suenan Los Tambores [072]
THR3MIND – Hidden Rythnm [SS110]
Touch The Mind – You Come Now [DRR021]
VA – Imprint Vol. 10 [WO116]
VA – La Sociedad Vol. 7 [TSL157]
VA – Tech House Culture Vol.37 [RH2COMP1393]
VA – Variety Music pres. TEN Vol. 33 [VMCOMP710]
Venditti Bros – Essential Moringa [GST039]
Version (Ca) – BANG BANG [SHR 085]
Wildfire, Sophiegrophy – Live the Dream (Club Mix) [ATN017C]
Yosef, Tex – Reset EP [HUAM470]

Techno & Minimal

747 – While My 303 Gently Weeps [AQR017S1]
A Made Up Sound – I Repeat (Delsin)
Aaren San – Solar Wind [AEPO060]
Adrinalin, META (GER) – Further [UXE225]
Aera – Jack Leather Devil’s Gap [AM003]
Alexander Johansson – Polymorphism [FLOAT049]
Alexandros Djkevingr, Greg Ignatovich, Kostakis – Erebus [KATER237]
Alvaro AM – Duuc EP [BALLP03]
Am Cla – Erotic Dreams EP [NFU242]
And – The Hardware Sessions Three (AnD)
Arnaud Le Texier – Dark Savior EP [WRG001]
ARTBAT, Sailor & I – Best of Me (CamelPhat Remix) [MP009]
Astronomical Telegram – DELTA EP [PRPH011]
B3ATS – Disco Chin [ISS010]
Bassam – What’s the Place [HHH03]
Be-Vardo – Get It Up! [HCZR366]
Bebetta, HRRSN – Eating People [EP001]
Bodj, Roksi – Mega Funk EP [EWX015]
BORNE ALOFT – Grinding Molars [EXA006]
Bound To Divide – Journey EP [ETC304]
Brian Cid – Bluiris EP [ENDGRD018]
BRODYR, MKEY (UK) – Propaganda EP [WSTD015]
Butane, Andras Toth – Intergalactic EP [EX27]
Carbon – Something Bad EP [M4A052]
Carlos A – Get Perc EP [RB46]
Chicago Loop – Edging Closer EP [NLD187]
Chihiro Hikari – Intergalactic Acid EP [303PH11]
Childov – Go [UNI198]
CIOZ, Boy Oh Boy, Sides – Focus Pocus _ Warm Worm [GPM615]
Cøld Project – Bongo [KM005]
Connor Simpson – Go Away [UTS001]
Cramoki – Take Me Back EP [SIR1324]
Cullin – Scratch EP [IW085]
Curt Reynolds – Don’t Let Me Down [024543262282]
D-Unity – Distraction [UNI199]
D1E1 – Love Concoction [CH104]
Dale Howard – U & ME [RAWDEEP025]
Darian Jaburg – Lost Control [SR181]
David Keno – Find Me [KENO062]
David Moleon – Diana rework [MOOPUPDIG085]
Digital Illusion – The Birth [RBR046]
DJ B (JO) – I Don’t Need [PPREC034]
Douse – Dancefloor [STH158]
Drumcomplex – The Story Of Now – Remix EP Part 1 [CMPL098]
Drumstone – Guiding Light [RH053]
Dwight Evan – Luminous EP [MNT018]
Edward Norton – Crimson Legacy EP [SUPLU005]
Ender Royers – Sensations [KU036]
Episode1 – Duhongo [JAM023]
Fatima Hajji – Ykn [SA093]
Federico Moore – After Moon EP [TBLD019] 2
Foulkz – We Are Not Alone [MZF247]
Four Hands (GER) – Dive Into the Shade [HRB038]
Function – Misinterpretations Of Reality [TRESOR320S1]
Fur Coat & Julian Wassermann – Parallel Reality EP [SYSTDIGI46]
GIMBO9000 – Hot! [KU037]
GruuvElement’s – Romanis [195081685595]
Hans Ninchritz – D.O.D. Dreams [ATKD071]
HARI – Deosebit [NZR044]
Hassio (COL), Syrk – Tilita [BRISE137]
Heinick – Timeless [10188645]
Herbrido – Moving Faces [LAKMUSIC 00]
High Soundsystem, AQUATI – Funkasizer EP (TwoSlice & Kreech Remixes)
HIGHTECH (ARG) – Understand the Rhythm [HTM132B]
Highwalker – Apollo 13 [LAKMUSICRAW005]
Horatio – Baby (The Love Song) [W304]
I Am Bam – XLRate [DM271]
Indent – Falling [HHDIGI001]
James Andrew – Mission Of Vision EP [NBN002]
JARD – Disco Swing [564572]
Jay Caesar – Deeper [FM101]
Jeff Mills – The Clairvoyant (Axis)
Jennings. – Into The Sunset [RPR034]
Jens Lissat, Bisou (DE) – Pitch Me Feat. Bisou [STU143]
Jorge Mattos – Culture Swings EP [LLR235]
Jose Diaz – No No No [MTD040]
Jozef K, Winter Son – The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back
Juliche Hernandez – Colored Theater EP [UNC005]
Junction One – That Way [GBB040]
Kakoon – Skylight [ALAU009]
ki ya tori – kurenjingu [MIMOTON006]
Kirk – Tomorrow Starts Without Me [SLP024]
klynk – Klynk EP [PETS133]
Knyazev (RU) – Transcendence [INDUSHE237]
Koen Groeneveld – Galabal E.P. [ABZ175]
Lampe – Rise [DA062]
Lowerzone – Mind Abyss [JAM024]
Lucass P – In da Hood [LP01]
Made in Paris – Wonderlust [UA0175]
Maetim – Lone Wolf Dance [VIAGE012]
Marco Berto, NaeTek – Solidarity ( Deep Tech Edition ) [SUPDUB279]
Martin Bellomo, Cajal – IYASHIKEI EP [SNR198]
Martin Cloud – Ankh (Basstakil Remix) [MR159]
Martin Mosquera – Pepper [KM318]
MATRiXXMAN, Ø [Phase], Phyxix – Phyxix 002 [PHXX002]
Matt Sassari – Fono [WERAW018]
Maxi Vega – Asimetria [SYYKBLK064]
Maz (BR) – Smile & Fly [1769PKK178636]
Micah Paul Lukasewich – Evening Winds (feat. Kiki Cave)
Michel Lauriola – POINT OF DISORDER EP [COTD035]
Mikel Gil – Impossible To Concentrate [BMR018]
Mindscream, Johnny Magnus – La Bruja [TYC463]
minimal violence – Phase Two [TRESOR322]
Mr. Lekka – Temptations [TNT23]
Mrodriguez – Dark Fantasy [MUV045]
Müzmin – 1998 EP [PRRUKD20030BP]
N.O.B.A – Destination Moon [PSR121]
Nae-Tek & Marco Berto – Solidarity (Deep Tech Edition)
Nasser Tawfik, Sione (SP) – Insolence [UV078]
Nathan Paul, Dappa D (UK) – Octopi [MOM016]
Neritaan, Tommaso Pizzelli – Pin-Up Ep [ZZO020]
Nicolas Angeles, Tommaso Pizzelli – Orchestra EP [DPR007]
Nicolas Barnes – Blanc [TAIKA025]
Nicole Moudaber – The Volume _ The Music Is Mine
Oliver Rosemann, Pfirter – Beta [STHLMLTD057]
Omis (Italy) – Move Your Body [HDRZ056]
Oshana – Viparinama EP [BPV010]
Panos Pissitelis – Over Hear [SHK0179]
Parsec (UK), Tom Spark – Dazed EP & Artmann remix
PASTICHE – Ravers Palace [ABR058]
Phill Prince – Notorius [BOL183]
Porra – Manic [SG043]
Radyon, Faith – No 7 Years [SNKE042]
Rame – Time to Change EP [ALLE156]
Ramsey Neville – Internal Conflicts [BLR034]
Raul Facio – Event Horizon [DHB023]
Ray Mono – Rewire EP [BALLP04]
ReAxis – Cosmic Realms [MONOCLILTD002]
Rebuke – Wasp [DC239]
Redraft Memories – Behind The Lines [BITT166]
Regent – Obsidion [PRRUKBLK060]
Rich NXT, Shyam P – Other Side Remixed [FUSE044]
RIZZER – Interference EP [GD028]
Rob Hes, Naji Arun – Armageddon [PRST047]
Robert Babicz – Orion EP [BABICZSTYLE29]
Seba Schirone – Baby [LJR277]
Shamans – Ares [AWEN133]
Sond Zpace – Compass [FS577]
Stefano Richetta – Formica [CR151]
Stella Bossi – Molly for Breakfast [BLV8427949]
Stergios – Sub Music [REGEN106]
Steve O’Sullivan – berdea [TRP035S]
Stiven Escarraga – Bangkok EP [PGR217]
Stranger Souma – Everything I Wanted [195542909819]
Stylo & Space Motion – Dancing In The Desert [SMR024]
Sugartrane – Just A Bit [DATA768]
Teenage Mutants – Fortune [FOA090]
Terrace – Isolation EP (Delsin Holland)
Theo Poles – You Know [HHW078]
Timid Boy – Raw Robot [THCD200]
Tom Felix – Lemonade [HHW077]
Trym – In the Air [TG08]
Tsai, Fillimonov – Expectation [RPRT003]
TwoPlus – Blended Dust _ Planetary Odyssey [KTN109]
Umberto Pagliaroli, Withoutwork – You Got Me Time EP
Umutbooy – Fusion Current [D61]
VA – 5 Years of Addeepted [AD072]
VA – 9 Years Of Moan Part 1 [MOANV30]
VA – 60 [AFILES060]
VA – 61 [AFILES061]
VA – Affin Selection (Affin)
VA – Analog Sampler 06 [UXE224]
VA – Bar 25 Music Selektion 2019 [BAR25110]
VA – Chromologic, Vol. VI [CHROM051]
VA – Conform Re-Touched Series Vol.IV (Conform)
VA – Crossworlder Universe 13 [CRM136]
VA – Gregor Tresher Pres. Breaking New Soil Vol. 11 [BNS072]
VA – Heavy Dub, Vol. 6 [CTR142]
VA – Lo Elemental Vol.1 [LMT040]
VA – Rave the Planet Supporter Series, Vol. 002 [RTP002]
VA – Sammenhold [CDR001]
VA – Tales from the Dark Side, Vol. 3 [KW039]
VA – We’re Going Deep Volume 001 (We’re Going Deep)
VDLL – Hellblau [BLACKSR291]
Vilko – Dark Purpose [SOLAMENTE094]
Vocoo – Butterfly [MDK004]
WhoMadeWho – Abu Simbel (Extended) [BLV8602759]
Wyro, Katsuba, Doubtingthomas – Volga [BP086]
Yannis PK – Alcyone [TRAUMV250]
Zafer Atabey – Syntonic Wisdom [ETM647]