Afro House

Alexander Sony, Carlos Martínez & Uriel Ramirez – Tussi [Sur Music Records]
AlexZ Vasilivich – Abakua [Warairatech]
Andre Pulse, Annëto & JKaash – Born 4 Arpegios [Strawberry Moon]
Breyth – Atormento [Coringa Music]
Breyth – Kimmo [Coringa Music]
Brutal Bill – Musica [Sektor Rekords]
Buder Prince – Recovery [Deep Obsession Recordings]
César Baquero – Dreams [Calipso Recordings]
Charles Caliber – Ancestral Traits [Groove Centric Records]
Chopstar – My Own World [Maluku Records]
D. Manno – Amagwala [ArtnYou ent.]
Dany Cohiba – La Santa Muerte [United Music Records]
Dario Nuñez, RYAN (CUB) & Reitt & Shanara – Ulele [Made In Ibiza Records]
DarQknight – Africa Unite (feat. Ric4do) [Uncover Music]
David Marques – Extinto [Movimento Casa]
Daze Culture – Tomorrow Isn’t Promised [ThreeRecords]
Dj Cry – Sello’s Madness , The Pedi Tribe [Afro Rebel Music]
DJ Ex – Emarenkeni [Sfithah Entertainment]
Echo Deep, Hypnosis & Nickson – The Tunnel [Blaq Diamond Boyz Music]
Good Africa – Black West [Ritmos Latinos]
Hook & Bass – Cunbayay [Hook And Bass Records]
HyperSOUL-X – Mood [Hyper Production (SA)]
KauraDj – Tomasa [Xumba Recordings]
Luzio & Takashi Kurosawa – Season (feat. Morris Revy) [Unknown Season]
Majoro Majoro The Celeb – Mhango [Majoro Majoro Records]
Marco Barci – AFROdisiac [Stereo Skull Records]
Mike Shawr – Story of Something (feat. Lazaurusman) [unquantize]
MJ THE RIDER – Ke Mo Homane (feat. Torry Dion) [Dion Music Record]
Obdurate – Loosing My Mind [Retrolounge Records]
Simone Glad & Ollie Red – We Are One [Black Mambo]
Sonikem – Cotonou [Fines-lames Productions]
Soulmain – Samana [Chivirico Records]
Tankie-DJ – Hide & Seek [Sanelow Label]
The Young Collective – Ochun (feat. Jei) [Ferosh Records]
Tribalizer – Dazaza [Mycrazything Records]
V.Souza & Bertolini – Dandara [Fluxo]
VA – The State of Underground Sa 01
VA – Tribal Hippies 6
VA – Visions of Afro House [Retrolounge Records]
Xylo & BryD4D, Xylo – The Only Truth Is Music [Hila Records]


4Poles – Taking Action [G.Star Records]
A Blade of Grass & Kamyar Khanzaei – Distroid
Acidova & Amritone – Astral Sorcery [Calligraphy Recordings]
Alien Rave – No Gods [Alien Rave Beats]
AudioTrap – My Direction [GMF Music]
Baltra – 2050 Spice [96 and Forever Records]
Beats La Grand – Fraggle Rock [Remix Centre]
Boggot – Clap Your Hands [MojoHeadz Records]
Colombo – Train [Acida Records]
Freakenstein – Freak U [Hot Haus Recs]
JJMILLON – Music Is My Suicide [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Lorenzo Garista – Interplanetario [Lescale Recordings]
Nik Allen – 808 State [LANDR, Self-Released]
OLAN & Nourey – In Motion [Anjunabeats]
Raxer Sound – Radio Show [Glitch Hop Community]
Real Gone Kid – Laugh it up, Fuzzball [ASTIR Recordings]
Sergei Orange & Kelle – Exit LP [Rune Recordings]
Slaves Of Sinus – Standing At the Precipice [Diffuse Reality Records]
T.R.O. – Almost Surely [Furioso]
Twincidi – Let Me Go [Spitfire Music]
WheelUP – Take Me Higher (feat. Tiawa) [Tru Thoughts]
Yo Speed – 1 2 3 [83]
Yvaine – Flyers [Spitfire Music]


Aaron The Baron – Reflections [Armada Music]
Adrian Sellevoll, MIO & Nick Strand, Onklp & N- Bella Hadid
Aleco Mint – One More Time [Nevadun Records]
Alex Hidden – Pray [Venge Recordings]
Alex Parker, Bastien & Fullpoy – I Need You (Fullpoy Remix)
Alexander James Rodriguez – Doesn’t Matter To Me [BROHOUSE Music]
Alle Farben & Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree [RCA,Famouz Records]
Almanac – Sarrinho [Sony Music Entertainment]
Anstandslos & Durchgeknallt & Jazzy Gudd – Am Tag als Conny Kramer starb
Antheia Dreams – Fallin’ Angel [Be NEXT Music]
Antoine Chambe – Do U Ever (feat. Cimo Fränkel) [Roy music]
Apple Gule – SOUR [Sound African Recordings]
Ardian Bujupi – Ka Je Bonita [Columbia Local]
Aribo – Goodbye [YOKE Music]
August – It’s OK To Be Alone [Symphonic Distribution]
Bahari – Bipolar [Epic]
Bahari – Jackie Kennedy [Epic]
Batez – Look Away [Sirup Music]
Be Big – Till the End [treinta3tres]
Beatriz Pessoa – Primaveras [Beatriz Pessoa]
Beave – Intoxicated (It Goes Like) [Gameroom Records]
Benito Bazar & Dukwa, Benito Bazar – Back to Life (Dukwa Remixes)
Beowülf & D-Groove – Tu Turu Tutu [Sony Music Entertainment]
Besomorph – Playing With My Heart (feat. KARRA) [Virgin]
Beverly Pills – Yesterday (JOOLIA Remix) [Beverly Pills]
Blan7 – Love U [Spitfire Music]
Blue Cell – See Am Morgen [Pearldiver Records]
Bob Moses – The Blame (Lastlings Remix) [Domino]
Brieuc & Cassidy Mackenzie – Cry for You [Lithuania HQ]
Busy Signal & Jonasu – Bad Gyal [3Beat]
Byron Bae – Diva (Edit) [Reflected Sounds]
C4 pedro – Pele Negra [BLS Prod]
Cady & Fatt Bax – Live My Life (Radio Edit) [Liboo]
Cali P – Born as a Winner [Hemp Higher Productions]
Chochukmo – 8 [Cactus Creation]
Clément Leroux – Circle Line Sunsets [Armada Music]
Closcoll – Waterfall (feat. Bahadırhan Koçer) [Closcoll]
Cloudy Bubbles – Everything About You [Chillout Tales]
Coarby – If You Want Me [Jendex Records]
CRi & Daniel Bélanger – Signal (Jean – Michel Blais Piano Version) [feat. Daniel Bélanger]
Crux Pistols – Lights Go Down [Eskapaden Musik]
Cyborgs – Close to Me [BLACK.BLACK]
DaMos – Neverland [Definition Music]
Deeply Dip, Crystal Rock & Marc Kiss – Wonderwall (feat. Lazorra)
DEFSET – Deadlines [EMK]
Denis First & Tess Vockler – Divine [First Forged]
Difa – Feticism (2021 Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
Diplo & Sonny Fodera – Turn Back Time (KUU Remix)
DJ B-Dome – Everyday [Nettwerk Records]
DJ Benasso – Happy Birthday [Remix Centre]
Dj Fake – What You’ve Done [Spitfire Music]
DJ Nano – Green Valley [WM Spain]
DJ Phocco – Saphier [Phocco Records]
DJ S.K.T & Example – Love Don’t Fade [3Beat]
DJ VEKTOR – Close to You [Spitfire Music]
Dj-Chart & Doba – Kein Ziel zu weit (feat. Prinzess Larissa) [igroovemusic]
Dmitriy Rs & XM – I Turn up the Bass [Intelligent Animals Records]
Dtrch & Hannah Bringmann – Dancing in the Moonlight [Jendex Records]
Dtrdjjoxe – Polar 2021 [Dtrdjjoxe]
Duccio – What If (feat. Emily Litta) [Disco Halal]
Duck The Bass & Jly – Phoenix [Blanco y Negro Music]
Dwin, Lucky Luke & NOTSOBAD – Hi Don’t Cry [Lithuania HQ]
DYTONE & Mixmash Bold – All for U [Mixmash Bold]
Egor Shleger – Nightfly Journey [Neverland Sounds]
Eichegul – Russian Roulette [Dancetool]
El Drink – Tidal Wave [Fireline Music]
Electrosignal – Charge [Multiza Distribution]
Elestee – Dream [Blanco y Negro Music]
Ellipso, Lucky Luke & Candace Sosa – Raw (VIP Extended Mix) [Lithuania HQ]
Emily Istrate – If You Want To (Cutmore Remix) [2220 RECORDS, LLC]
Emisferio – Jamil [Kareka]
Emma Bale – My Heroics – uit Liefde Voor Muziek (Live)
Enxy – Goodbye [HAWK4 Records]
Everyone You Know & Joy Anonymous – Just for the Times [RCA Records Label]
Excitation – How Will I Know [First Forged]
F.L.O.M. – Hey [Multiza Distribution]
Fairlane, ROZES & JT Roach – Out Loud [Monstercat]
Fakear – EWGA Remixed [Universal Music Division Caroline]
Fantabulous – Bitchin in My Kitchen (Harry K’s Outrageous Remix)
FATAN & Eugene Star – Back To My Place [Chadsound]
Felium, Xtinctor & Bayla G – LYMF (Let Your Mind Float) [Blanco y Negro Music]
Firebeatz – On Top Of Mine (feat. Kelli-Leigh) [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Fito Silva & Lily Hain – Holding You Back [Holy Pig Records]
FLERO – Acolyte [Future Cuts]
Francesca Michielin & Fedez, Mecna – FEAT Fuori dagli spazi
Frank Rigo – Edge of Seventeen Feat. Elga (Cover) [Islands Music Records]
Frankie Solano – Lost & Found [Frankie’s Kitchen]
Freejak – Lullaby (feat. Finchy & The Melody Men) [Perfect Havoc]
Frey – Tom’s Diner [SPRS]
Ftliz, Giovanni Gramegna & Bress Underground – Ftliz [Bress Records]
Future Soundscapes & Sao Vicente – Please Don’t Go (DJ Leao Remix)
FVLCRVM & Kilian & Jo – attentioncore (Remixed) [Universal Music GmbH]
fwd,slash – Aural Therapy [ChillYourMind]
Gascar & Maori – Better Than Before [Gemstone Records]
Get Far – Bad One (DJ Sghicio Remix) [Smilax Records]
Get Far – Bad One (Lennymendy Remix) [Smilax Records]
Gigi D’Agostino, VIZE & Emotik – Never Be Lonely [Epic Germany]
Gigi l’Altro – Disco Papera (feat. Roberto Francesconi) [Bit Records]
glaukor – Per Sempre (feat. Morgana) [Extended Mix] [Style Records]
Goksel Duran – O-U-Q-T [Kindergarten ICE]
Gram-Of-Fun & NCT – Lost In A Dance (NCT Remix) [Made In Baltics]
Groovefella – Days Like This [Moobla Music]
GusGus – Our World [oroom]
GWYLO & Raphi – Bouncer [RCA Local]
Havana – Last Night (feat. Yaar & Kaiia) [Skink]
Hissterix – Here Comes the Judge [Remix Centre]
Hugo Mari – Ain’t Got Time [High Praise]
Hynka – Don’T Stop – [Backbone]
Ima Boomer – Chemicals React [Remix Centre]
Infidiem & Badnights – Holding On [Blanco y Negro Music]
J.P.R.W. Gang – I Let You by the River (Ievan Polkka) [Dance Mix]
Jade Riverwood – This Distance [Impeccable Music Group]
James Arthur – Medicine [Columbia Local]
Joe Killington – Painkiller (feat. Lovely Laura) [Dirty Workz]
John Cody – Sunlight [Vintage-78 records]
Julia Alexa & Belfa – used to [The Bootleg Boy]
Justin Lawson – Stay Awake [Murston Records]
Justin Lipski – I Still Love You (feat. Elation) [Onze]
Kapera & Ava Silver, Kapera & Nina Carr – Introspection [Enhanced Recordings]
KEWX & VASS – Promises [Clipper’s Sounds]
Khryptic – Babylon Will Fall [County Lines Records]
Kohen & Malarkey – Going Under [CONTROVERSIA]
Kris Kross Amsterdam, Kraantje Pappie & Pommelien Thijs – Tranen
KRNCHY, DonDez & PANE – No Idea [Lithuania HQ]
KuKs – Burnin [Sirup Music]
LandeBoys – Tracktori [BrandLoud Entertainment]
Le Flex – And Then We Kiss [Crimson]
Lea Maria Fries – 22° Halo – Light at an Angle (feat. Lea Maria Fries)
Leo Dynamic1 – Will We Last Forever (Remix) [Blanco y Negro Music]
Leontine – Heaven [Fanfare Records]
Liam Mockridge & Molly Mae – Goodie Bag
LikeHook – Super Day [Big Hard Records]
Liza Owen – JOSIE [Epic]
Sam Fischer & Demi Lovato – What Other People Say (Stripped Version)
Scott McClelland – Take You Home [DaCosta Rocks]
Sebastian Shefferfield – Believe (feat. Mirya) [Tent Recordings]
Sebastião Oliveira & Pipa Maldonado – Vem [Maria Rosa]
Sepia Times – Out Of His Head [Sony Music Entertainment]
Shalan – Drowning in the Chords [ShalanMusic]
Shane Aludud – Right Now [10k Label Group]
SI US PLAU & Giorgio Gee – You’re No Good for Me [Lithuania HQ]
Skylorx – Be Yourself [UNDERTUNE RECORDS]
Sleepynator – Calming Water Sounds [igroovemusic]
Soul Fire – Wake Up Your Lion [Dubophonic]
Specifik – Emotion Tides [Specifik]
Specifik – Where You Are [Specifik]
SRJ – Pacific 101 [SRJ Productions]
Stanley – Mushroomia [Neverland Sounds]
Star Seed – I’m Outside (feat. Charity Vance) [Night Mode]
Stomp Foot – You Base [UNDERTUNE RECORDS]
STUBBVRN & Capturez – The Clock [Dharma (WMG)]
Svniivan – Wonderwall (feat. Sunnie Williams) [Golden Chocolate Records]
Sweeper – Brighter [Lowly]
Tahdig – Yellow Boxfish Named Labu [Spitfire Music]
TENACO – Can’t Stop [Columbia (Sony)]
The Bestseller – Amigo [Behalf Music]
The Cardinal Kings – Honey, It’s Like This (Frequency Creature Remix)
The Oddroots – Queen of Evolution [Orange Park Records]
The Streets – Who’s Got The Bag (21st June) [Universal-Island Records Ltd.]
TheDoDo – Wenn Der Mond Scheint [Four Music,Two Sides]
Tobias Bergson – I Know That You Miss Me [Armada Music]
tod – California Girl (2021 Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
Tommy Tran – With You [OXYTIME]
Tyler Shaw & Dzeko – When You’re Home (Bundle)
VA – Go! (Vvaa) [Go! Tech Records]
VA – Oberwave Vol. 3 [Oberwave]
VA – Remix Centre – For DJ’s Only, Vol. 2
Venoz & Bassbeast – You and Hell (feat. Mila Kayling) [Hypoxia Remix]
VR – Let It Go [VR Vernon Rosser]
Xavi – To the Endless Searing Skies [Ophelia]
Yanno – Mrs. Officer [Ultra]
Youngr – Brothers & Sisters (feat. Bright Sparks) [Armada Music]
Zac Tenenbaum – Just for the Night (feat. ilayda) [Embassy One]
Zara Larsson – Poster Girl [Epic,Record Company TEN]
Znoijk – Sunset Serene (Edit) [Reflected Sounds]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

3J Toca – Peoples Love [DistroKid]
Aberant – Wheel of Time [aberaudio]
Absenol. – Control [Seshling Records]
Absxntminded & kamosoul, Absxntminded – The Awakening
accatone – Potentially Different [Sicut Erat]
Akif Sarıkaya – Pump That [Glactro Music]
Alberto Melloni – Dandelion [Midnight People]
Alex Dovo – Sky [1st Strike Deep]
Alex Fa – Vasisis [Rturn Ibiza]
Alexander Miguel – Rodina [Chuvstvo Ritma Rec.]
Altaya – Revelation [DistroKid]
Aluna Project – Mamitas [Khanti Records]
Amelie’ – Intoxicated [Pongo Records]
Andres Lima – Growing Up [P21label]
Angelo Ruis – Get Up [Yousel Records]
Anton Ishutin – Together [Discombobulate Records]
Antonio Restivo – Xibet Deep 2021 [iM Electronica]
Arie Mando, Billy Butler – 10 Years of Crazy Monk, Vol. 3 [Crazy Monk Records]
Aske Izan – Jazzy [Outsiders Records]
Austin X Machine – Internal [Trunky Tracks]
BA33 – Thought [treinta3tres]
Bayza – Without You [DeepShine Records]
Claudio Tempesta – TRY IT OUT (Extended Mix) [The Squad Rec.]
Corentin Casillas & DJ COPPOLA – Du port (feat. Marie-Alix Grenier & Tony Burnz) [WARMA]
Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss & Chris van Dutch – Unwritten [My.Cover.Music]
Cycloid Dyaxis – The Mission [FenixFire Records]
Da Hussla & Jamie Van Goulden – Changin’ Face [Ghetto Disco Records]
Dancing Divaz & Sherie Hartill – Special Love [Maison Records]
Daniel Ołdyński – Your Eyes [Vinebeat Records]
Dark Funk – Sunset Flute [Pulsar Sound]
Darles Flow & Tomin Tomovic – Explore [DeepStitched]
Dave Mago – Funk That [Soulsearcher Recordings]
DavidDance – Deep Train [MO2 Records]
Deepinity – The Cry Within [Open House Records]
Deepscale – I Feel It [DJ008 Records]
Dennis Buné – Lets Dance [Fatal Music]
Dia Hassan – Shadow [DIA]
Digitale Analogik – Lose Control [Tächno]
Disco Endeavours – Move On Up [Moiss Music]
Distant People – Let Me Love You (feat. MissFly) [Arima Records]
DJ DIVO & OliO – Frunki [Music for Clubs]
DJ Marc Money – Undaground Funk [DistroKid]
DJ Silverado – Ever Seen [XDMC Records]
DJ Snow – Let the Bass Kick [DistroKid]
DJ Two4 – Wet Cloud , James G [Senior Boys Music]
Dj Vanwells – The Lost Boys [Deep Jam Records]
Dmitriy Rs & XM – Music Like a Drug [Clab Zone]
Don Amore – Leave Me Alone [BCR]
Dozikur – Monstera [Open House Records]
Dr Gabbo, Mellowdy – Feelings [Koma Recordings]
Dr Mendez – Fantasy [Mojear Records]
DreamGrid – A Better Time , Rise Up [De-Funkt Recordings]
DUAL CHANNELS & ROGUI – Only a Few [Blackartel]
Elektrik Disko – Own Devices (Instrumental) [Club Luxury]
Enzo Pianzola Mr. Trend – Enjoy the Funk [B Club Milano]
Even Funkier – Dis Respect [Ripe Pear Records]
Even Funkier – So Precious [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
Foreman And James – Red Legend (Deep House MIx) [POSSESSION RECORDS]
Fred Berthet – Ril [Numoment Recordings]
Fresh Dom, Zyno & Revealed Recordings – Bad Habits (feat. Aleesia) [Kultura]
Gavio – Between You & Me [PuzzleProjectsMusic]
Gran Torrino, Diego Burroni & Matteo Aloisi – E.P. 001 [Tailor Records]
Great White Shark – Choices (Skelesys Remix) [M&O Music]
HAKA Project – Gakut (feat. Faith) [Golden Factory Hole]
Happyghost – Ishy Really Bad [Aathee]
HeartWerk – The Alley Behind Elgin Ave (JM-A! Remix) [U Don’t Dance]
HERMANN – Burning Inside [WARMA]
Jenia Kulikov – Tangier [Inhale Records]
Jerry Aura – Lose Control (feat. Flavio) [Riptide Originals]
John Cody – Belong to the Sky [Vintage-78 records]
Jonny Broda – Stay With Me [Soundeo Records]
Jouzen – Feel the Heart [Kendo Music]
Jozin X – I’m N Luv [A D]
Juan Mejia – Atlas [Personal Belongings]
Juliano, Nathalie Capello – Paloma Vs Virus 004 [Paloma]
Kamensky – Only You Can Make Me Happy (feat. Katya Olszewska) [Anbito]
Kantora – Rumor Goes Around [SGMX Records]
karlolivas – Love & Passion (Extended Love Mix) [DOS – Diverse Onde Sonore]
Kevin Gijsen – Frozen [DeeVu Records]
King Luthi – Ngiyabonga (feat. Michelle Fani) [The Travelling Bear Records]
Kode Breakerz – Going Deeper (Loz J Yates 2021 Remix) [Open House Records]
Krauzen – Para Mi [UL Records]
Kristoff MX – Freaky Love [Super Spicy Records]
Lamadrid – DW043 [Discoweey]
Lance – The Astronaut’s Tale [Busywax Recordings]
Larry Funk – You Blow My Mind [Boogie Land Music]
Lesny Deep – Follow Your Heart (Dave Mayer Remix) [Cyanide]
Lex (Athens) – Super Charged World (feat. Harriet Summer) [Black Riot]
Lex Ventura – Back Onstage [Flashsteps Audio]
Life on Planets & Taylor Bense – Glowstick (Soul Clap Remix) [Kitsune]
Lobo Lawen – Do Not Say No [DistroKid]
Longstocking & Baby Weight, Hanssen – Troupe [Late Night Munchies]
Louie Fresco & Hector Moralez, Louie Fresco – Still Drippin’ [Music is 4 Lovers]
Louise DaCosta – All Night All Day [DaCosta Records]
Lounge Ibiza Cafè – Erotic Poison [Southbeat Music]
Mielafon – Neva and Coffee [Crossfade Sounds]
Mighty Real – On the Very Spot [Quadriga Recordings]
Mike Chenery – Winter in Miami [Soulful Evolution]
Mike Drozdov & VetLOVE – Sunrise Remixes, Pt. 2 (feat. Dophamean)
Miracle Thomas – I’m All You Need (Rob Hardt Mix) [SedSoul]
Mobay – Fbg St Martin [Khanti Records]
Modern Boots – My Final Romance [BCR]
Mondmann – Strong Enough [Moonshades]
Monsieur Van Pratt – Lindo Momento [Hive Label]
Moses Belanger – Steady (feat. SaidLow) [DistroKid]
Most Eye – Danger Zone [Flexin Aces]
Msindo De Serenade – Soneni (feat. Lunga) [Studio 98 Recordings]
Musetta – Ultramarine (Fromwood Remix) [Musetta]
Nash Cedar – Hit It Up [Hank’s Records]
NatQosmic – Lambent [Funny People]
Nepotek – Magenta [Plus Future Records]
Never Heard – Borders [Never Heard Records]
New Order – Be a Rebel (Mark Reeder’s Dirty Devil Remix) [MUTE]
Nowakowski – My Soul [Road Story Records]
Onacity – Justified [DistroKid]
Oscar K. – Run My Friend [29 Deep]
Otho and Grag – Hello New York! [Electro Disco Records]
Outside The Disco & Manganas Garden – Liquid Dreams (David Bay Remix)
Ozgur Uzar – Cybertron [Beachside Records]
Özhan Özal – Why [BCR]
P1,E – Von Trips [Wild Youth Digital]
Papfay – Anfhu [Pal’s Records]
Paul Soir – Soulvibes [Mango Sounds]
Paysage – Bedouin [Suprematic]
Peter Dennis & Ana Rita Rocha – Feel My Touch [Hush Deep]
Pisti – The Acienda [Elektro Pink]
Pitchy & Scratchy – Are U Alright [Big Chest Records]
Point85 – Good Girls (feat. Maex) [Ripe Pear Records]
Poylow, Kédo Rebelle & Ivan Jamile – Airplanes [LoudKult Div.]
Radelet – The Time We Met [Split & Connect]
Revels On Poolside – All Dressed [Revels On Poolside]
Rianu Keevs – Romance of Autumn [Rianu Keevs]
Riky Mura – In My Deep [Orange Groove Records]
RO BINSON – Fireworks [Sweat It Out]
Roller Coaster – Strange Shelters [Irma Dancefloor]
S.Harpo – Bite the Apple [Disco Down]
S.Harpo – My Darling Tonight [Soulful Evolution]
Sakhile SK – I Can’t Stop [Old Dayzz Recordings]
The Soul Combo – My Beach [Stomp House Records]
TheDjLawyer – I’m So Pissed [Bruto Records]
Thulane Da Producer – Unity Within [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Thulane Da Producer & Danny Saurez – Art of Tones [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
TJ. EDIT – Funk Evolutions # 16 [Sound-Exhibitions-Records]
Tomahawk Bang – Indigetech (Revisions) [Atjazz Record Company]
Tony Nova – First Touch []
Tracey Cooper – Spiritual [mGrooves Music]
Tripp Daly – All I Need [0212 Records]
Tuna Özdemir – Paradise (The Distance & Igi Remix) [DJ008 Records]
UC Beatz – 803 Crystal Grooves Collective Cuts, Vol. 5
VA – Amplify [UNMUTE]
VA – Deeper at Night, Vol. 53 [RH2]
VA – Forgotten Gems [Mango Sounds]
VA – Highlights Compilation 3 [Beachcoma]
VA – Love Disco [Discoring]
VA – Sandy Records 2021 [Sandy Records]
Vasovski Live – No Scrubs [Shine & Silky Records]
Victor Mendoza – Salty Noodles [Loudeast Records]
Vito Vulpetti – Like in Rio [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
VRX – Colours [ANDAGRES]
Walter Scalzone – Shams [DistroKid]
Windy City Classics, Database & Superlover – I Gotta Breathe (Superlover Rmx)
Y.M.O – IWii [Khulu Records]
Yunus Emre Özdemir – Never Be Sad [DeepShine Records]
Zeca Baleiro – Telegrama (Double MZK Remix) [Braslive Records]
Zo! & Tall Black Guy – Talkin’ To Myself (feat. BeMyFiasco)

Electro House & Big Room

Alan Capetillo & Nina Flowers – La Moza [Queen House Music]
Anil Bütün – XYZ Themes [Loud Underground]
Barco – Infinity [ records]
BHANZ & Fiqhi Anggai – Harmony [Bass Empire]
Coffintexts – Connected [Record Union]
DentedAphid7 – Allef Lobo [DP7 Music]
Dudnetic – Firefly [bringnewunity]
Dumday – No Longer Afraid (feat. Michael Shynes)
E-Zuck – Just Come [Alphabeat Records]
Elcamooze – Big Trick [Goryl Rec]
Elcamooze – Morning [Goryl Rec]
Fred Pellichero – Dusk , Falcon [Orchestra Records]
Grimix & Gellero – Break It [TurnItUp Muzik]
Jairo Barreda – X5 [DistroKid]
Jewelz & Sparks & Lion – Told You [Skink]
Jitin & Ravejaxx – Blackout [Honour Records]
Joey Antonelli – Puma [Dirty Dutch Music]
Max Zierke & MALA – Vermissen [Beatbridge Records]
Mike Candys – All My Friends [S2 Records]
MosSkal – Something in My Veins [Chris Cat Records]
MR.BLACK – Top of the World [Revealed Recordings]
Rogelami – Euforic Flow [Soundsella records]
Sk8Dron – Big Bang [DistroKid]
Solune – Convolutions [HMiT Records]
Thorone – No Need [Soundo GOLD]
Tony Deledda – Disco Loko [Kattivo Records]
Touchfreak – Petulance [Malagueño]
Vychod – Pursuit [EDITION JAW]


68 Beats – Paris [Juicy Music]
A Basic Guy – No Way [T-Groove]
Acid & Time – Bloodshot [Heartbeat Records]
Adrian Grey – Okaeri [LE Distribution]
Adrian Saguna – Boli De Dragoste (feat. Sorin Saguna)
Adriana salena – Take a Change [Crystal Cove Records]
Advythe – Signz 2 [Phat Panda Records]
AfroNerd – Npor (feat. TorQue MuziQ) [Solarhousemusic records]
Akeru – Music Box [Annielynn Music]
Alex Belloni – We Are People [Four Stripes Records]
Alex Bosar & J8Man – Travesuras – Robbie Rivera Remix [Juicy Music]
Alex Laslău – Gone yet Never Forgotten [Phat Panda Records]
Alex Menco – Love Me [OXYTIME]
ALI-J – In the Zone [Phat Panda Records]
altero – The Way I Feel (feat. Dylan Wright & Alessandro Grasso) [Get The Sound]
Amisso – The Resistance [Phat Panda Records]
Andrea Belli & Gas Di Fede – Hypnotize (Biggie Biggie) [Do It Yourself]
Andrea Riccio – Whaaat [Discombobulate Records]
Andreas Wedel – My Friend Cappuccino (feat. Robert a. McKay) [Orca Records]
Anthony Louis & Alain Diamond – Disco Champagne 2021 (feat. Tonia & Dustin Powder) [Milk Records (IT)]
Anton Joseph & Bean Hurt – Pretty Lies [Creator Music Wave]
Antonio Caballero – Dreams [Panama Red Records]
Appleby – Here With U [Wilder]
Arek Kłusowski – Antarktyda [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Ari Grey – Sand Storm [Phat Panda Records]
Armand Walker – I Take You Up [BEATER RECORDS]
Armando Rosario – Aura [Phat Panda Records]
Artash – Guitar Star [Azibi Music]
Artiks – Don’t Go Away (feat. Maya Wagner) [Clipper’s Sounds]
Ashe & FINNEAS – Till Forever Falls Apart [Mom+Pop]
Ata Fidan – Beat Back [DistroKid]
Atmos Blaq – Indodana Ka Sfiso [DistroKid]
Aussteiger – Let It Go (feat. Terrence Bowry) [Strictly Rhythm]
Austin’s Groove – Take You There [Spacedisco Records]
Axel Boy – Air Raid [Maraki Records]
Ayotheartist – The Vorticist [Pariwo Records]
BADDIES ONLY, PvssyCat & Neon Hitch – Una Locura [UFO Recordz]
Basile de Suresnes, Ten Fingerz – Jtekken 3 [Frappé]
BassJacked – In This Party [LXXIV Records]
BBwhite – Mr Right [Funky Revival]
Belljack – Stargaizing [Family Grooves]
Benny Montaquila Dj – Granada [Italian Way Music]
Beny Junior – Stacy [Moonshine Records]
Biba Dee J & Vanessa Elly – Better Than You [Strakton Records]
Bl Bex – Baby Toes [Electro Swing Thing]
Blakey – Covid [Bluerobe Entertainments]
Blakey – Just One Kiss [Indeed Records]
BlareMob – Speak Your Name [Streamin’ Music Group]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Talk Sex [God Made Me Funky]
Boges – Nobody Else [Loud Memory]
Boogie Builders – Play That Funky Groove [Audio Bitch Records]
Bop – Perehod [Hospital Records]
Boss Aritra – You Break Me Down [Birkin Records]
Brian Jarvis – Surrender [Revanche Records]
BrisyB – Down Down [4Twenty Logic Records]
BrisyB – Won’t Ya Do One [4Twenty Logic Records]
BROHUG – Chocolate [BROHOUSE Music]
Brunori Marco – Do It Again (feat. FabioVox) [Dance Republic]
Bryonii – Paradise Lost (feat. Act Cool) [Concrete Kin]
BRZLN AIR – Blackout City [Playperview]
Bubble Gump – Musical Ride [Flavor Savor]
Caamp – Square One [Mom+Pop]
Cafe 432 – Misled (feat. Phebe Edwards) [Soundstate Records]
Calle Lebraun – 100% Braunhaus [Reson8Records]
Carmen Gonzalez & Yvette Lindquist – Power in Your Soul [Finally Records]
Caro Emerald – Wake up Romeo (Pisk Remix) [Grandmono]
Casablanca 303 – Vague Doubts [Mhost Likely]
Celldweller – Demo Vault Wasteland [FiXT]
Cenzored – Paint [PinkStar Records]
Cesar A,X – Don’t You Ever Stop [Plush Label]
Charles Caliber – Call On Me [Groove Centric Records]
Charles Dollé – Morning Commute [MENACE]
Charlotte Devaney & Shosh – Girls [Karma London Records]
Chinahblac – Any Love (FNX OMAR Remix) [Omni Music Solutions]
Chris Fennec – Feeling Higher [BIP Records]
Claudio Giordano – Sub Groove [Xamaky Records]
Cloud Mind – Pls Don’t Be Me [Revanche Records]
Conrad van Fifel – The Rave Rite [recordJet]
Contours & Werkha – Sweat [ANMA]
Craque – Adapta [TruthTable]
CRS-1 – Trust His Name [Whiteberry]
Daniel Rangone – Look Around [Duqua Records]
Danny Emme – The Waag [Micro Sound Records]
Dave Lauren – Uganda [Blanco y Negro Music]
Deech vs Akim – Test the Mind [Gloriosum Records]
Delaines, Lloyd Haines & Delgado – Sass (feat. Chloe Singh) [Haines House]
Delema – Confession [Corpse Recordings]
Desaparecidos – The Witch [Saifam Dance]
Deskfunk – Show Me Your Love [Deskfunk Records]
DGT & Roney Jay – So Easy [Rump Records]
Difa – Sexology (2021Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
DiscoGalactiX – With You [Disco Explosion Records]
Discoloverz & Rick Marshall – Here We Go Again [Disco Down]
Disfu – Disfu [DistroKid]
DJ Carma – Massage My Brain [DistroKid]
DJ Crezo – Wonderland II [Mafia Natives Recordings]
DJ Den – Do Not Say [DeeVu Records]
DJ Juan Coon – You’ll Never Find (feat. TAJ DYAMI DEY) [DIAMOND LIFE MUSIC & MEDIA]
Dj Mauro Ala – Listen To My Dance [Netswork Digital Records]
DJ Nuck – Permission [Why Not Recordings]
DJ Slugo – Still A Vulture [Blok Club DJs Inc]
Dj Thes-Man & Lindiwe Msweli – Because of You (feat. DJ Thes-Man & Marlon Saunders) [Pasqua Records S.A]
DJ Timbawolf – Chills [About The Music Records]
DJ Timbawolf – Creeper [About The Music Records]
Dj Vanwells – Freak Like Me [Deep Jam Records]
DJ-G – Like a Star [Full Dance Records]
DJiPHONE – Jupiter Funk 1 [THE TRIP]
dominik – Impact [Boot Music Records]
Dr. John Douglas, The Nature Soundscapes & Naturalis – White Noise Rain [Mind Traveller]
Droopping – Solow [Tao Valley Records]
DropFlow – White Coffee [Creative Records]
Ds Cart – Sunny Days [Priorities Sessions]
Dverz – Rush [theSoundSystem I-label]
Ecco – HoUzE iT [Kiss My Beat Records]
Edinho Chagas & Magal Sid – Move That Body [House Seasons Records]
Enea DJ & Ezio Centanni – Believe in Yourself [Bewild Records]
Eskelate – Underground State [Liminal Music]
EvidenceS – The Morning Sun [Infinity Rec.]
F. Physical – I Want You [RENNA RECORDS]
FDF – All Right (GROOVENERD REMIX) [Shared Rec]
FederFunk – Be the Same [FederFunk Family]
Ference – You Don’t Know [Frncn Music]
Filor – Coffin Dance [Digital Village Music]
Filta Freqz – My Man [Seventy Four]
Fishela – Day of House [Allgeneres Record]
Flyn & Kaos – Feel the Beat [Mustache Crew Records]
Ford Chupik – Want To Know [Divided Souls]
Franco Focaccia – Focaccia Is Burning [Clubhouse Music]
FTP – Mutumbu , Munschon (Joker) [feat. Go Dugong] [Lowup Records]
Future Class & Ingek – Saxfaction [Revealed Recordings]
Galaxy of disco – One Luv [NSoul Records]
Georges – Pantoufle [AOC Records]
Gerome Sportelli – Acid Krax Vol.2 [Sporty Limited]
Gie Hayford – Nyanga [Triplicate Music]
Giorgio Moroder – I Wanna Rock You (Chew Solo & Sandra Gold Remix) [Solaris Records]
Glorious & G’key – Guess [Tiger Records]
GOTTI (Br) – Why U Think [Mustache Crew Records]
Groovemonk – Pick Your Host [NOISEIST]
Hashira – Cascade [Hashirasama]
Hector Plimmer – Step (Daz I Kue Remix) [Albert’s Favourites]
Heike – Sleeping [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Helder Simz – Im In the Top [Opski Worldwide]
Henry Hacking & Anni, Henry Hacking – Touch Me [Cayenne Recordings]
Hey Jack – Everything Will Be Alright [MCT Luxury]
House Divided – Where the Beats Go Low [Terminal Underground]
House Generator – People Everywhere [Revenge Music]
Housefly – This Is Love (Na Na) [TB Media]
Hyzan & Adrian Mønteiro – Buttons [Deep Insane]
IACO – Back in Town [Moiss Music]
Icevena – Follow Me Down [Devotee Records]
Il Mona – Energy Key Pt.2 [Boot Music Records]
illusionize & 2Strange – Vennon [Elevation Music Records]
ImageBeatz – Summer Almost Here [ImageBeat Recordings]
Ime Keala – Two Fold [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Internet Explorer – Split Personality [Casa Música]
Iscøm – Feelings [Flash Forward Presents]
Jackers of the Midway – Get the Crowd Into It [Midwest Hustle Music]
Jairo DJ – My Struggle [Loser Lab]
James Alexandr & Mind Electric – Testify (In Your Body)
Jane Weaver – Flock [Fire Records]
Jaques Le Noir – Stan [Crown Of Music]
Jason Rivas & Creeperfunk – The Amazing Mutants [Tarangrooves Music]
Javier Mio & DJ Bernar – Blue Mountain [Blanco y Negro Music]
Jay Baptiste & FromLondon – Rivermill [fromLondon]
Jazzamplers – Jazzamplers, Vol. 12 [La Casa Recordings]
Jeancy – Problematic [Artist Intelligence Agency , Azureon]
JedX – Favorite Song [Craniality Sounds]
jFET & Ski,,i – Guiro [Record Union]
Joe Diem & Guezmark – Melody [Vamos Music Talents]
John Gold – Show Me How [OXYTIME]
johnnylove – Edge of the World [Record Union]
Jones Suave, Atomic Otro Way & Locura Mix – Si Te Gusta (Trappea 2)
Joni Music & Maiibo – Innapeace [Mustache Crew Records]
Jonk & Spook – Perdido Street [Cruise Music]
Joog Knight – Say Yes or Say No (feat. Rexx Life Raj) [Rexx Life]
Joram Feitsma – Im [Bigamo Musik]
Jorda, Jones Suave & Jay Fonseca – Calentura (feat. Peso El Connect)
Jordan Kaahn – Stay [DistroKid]
Jordi Cabrera – You & Me [Soulful Evolution]
Jose Vilches – Lovely Day [Hi! Reaction]
Jossy Mitsu – Planet J [Astral Black]
Julien Baker – Little Oblivions [Matador]
JUST LUIS – Do You Wanna Funk (Marco Fratty vs Marco Flash Remix)
Justin Bjur, hs. & Alex Shane – Magical Realism (The Remixes V1)
KACZ – Who Got the Funky Sound [Juiced Music]
Kako Martinez – 57 Street [On Work]
Kaval, Lobby – Nadar , Firing Devices [Club Djembe]
KEjNU – Apeland [Mouthwatering Records]
Kevin Brand, Guztavo MX & Nitai Charan – Brake Test [Revealed Radar]
Kevin Moncado – Love Me Love [Reload Music]
Key Crashers & Joanna Cooke – Apathy [EVOX3 MUSIC]
King T-Finesse – Don’t You Wanna Go [King T-Finesse]
KoMaa – Lockdown [recordJet]
KoreaDead – 2nd Summer of Love (Acid Memories) [We Play Acid]
Kossa – Destiny [Phat Panda Records]
Kostenko Brothers – Dtmd [Dirty Low Rec’s]
Kresko – Neural Vision [Cases de la Musica]
Lamento – Balama [Man Recordings]
Lazy Bear & SYBM! – Give Me Up [Alphabeat Records]
LeeeN – I Need [Cheetah Play]
Maze More – Mirror [PRDS Direct]
Meese X Hell, Jonathan Meese & DJ Hell – Trommeln [Buback]
MERYKO – Housezilla [Hyporia Records]
Midas – Nothing Serious [Vivifier Records]
Mike Chenery – High Steppin [Disco Down]
mimi bay – No Doubt [Record Company TEN]
Misael Deejay – Now [Noentiendo Records]
Modern Ruin – Tense Soup [Höga Nord Rekords]
Mono Lisa – In Good Shape [Beat Coin Records]
Moon & Evolux – Welcome To My World [City Boy Music (US)]
Moon Visitor & Calm Panda – Existence of the Universe [IBMA II]
Moonbootica & Ante Perry – Blow Your Cool (Remixes) [Kittball]
Mou5zyzz, LollyPoP Lane & Yago Music – Another Day
Mrfleamino – Soul Machine [Nu Disco Deep Records]
Msindo De Serenade – Rock My World (feat. Komplexity)
Mudaca – The Groove [Chrono_logic]
Nari – In Our Minds [Revanche Records]
Nask Groove – It’s the Boys [Silvio Rodrigues Music]
Necrotic.SIX – All Hope Is Gone! [Artistfy Music]
Nhyx – Technicolor [Pavillonn]
Nicola Brusegan – El Gringo [Caleto Records]
Nicola Nisi – Hiding [Senssual Records]
Noisewall & Dubguy – HitDat (Extended Mix) [DENAR RCRDS]
NorthSound – Lost Cause [Dope Webside]
Novablood & Last Survivor, Novablood – Distraction the REMIXES [DistroKid]
NYLONICS – Mountain Break (2021Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
Ollie Remington – Rift [Exigo Records]
Ovid – Purple Heart Dubplate [INDEXLIFE]
Ozanako – Talkmaster [Covid69]
Pajackok – Time For Love (Club Mix) [Madzonegeneration Records]
Parov Stelar – Brass Devil (Stelartronic Remix) [Etage Noir Recordings]
Patrick Legont & Ian Source – Good Be [TB Media]
Paul Parsons & Bronx Cheer – Name Droppin [Tall House Digital]
Phatt Freddy – Perihelion [TaiJi Red Records]
Physical Dreams – 432hz Healing Music 2 [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Little Heart [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Signs of Life [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Signs of Life 2 [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Pogo – Back To 90s [Naucrates Music]
Puppy Sierna – Que rica [Solo Sabrosura Records]
Purient – Memories [Zemyu]
Qarcii – Yellow Leaves [BlackSea Records]
Rave Mysterio – Metal Tape [Merge Layers]
Ray Martinez – Come Out At Night [Onako Records]
Real Nam – Fire Up My House [IMPVLSE Records]
Real Nox – Undiyeke (feat. Mr Abie) [Renk Groove Recordings]
Realms Of Imagination – On Your Mind [Ensis Records]
Reel People, Eric Roberson & Terry Hunter – Save a Lil Love (Terry Hunter Remixes)
Remi Blaze – Work That [Redline Productions]
Reverend Mitton – Gawd’s Voice [Depths Of Heaven]
Richard Goez – Originality Remixes [California Music]
Rick Marshall – East Side Jack [Funky Revival]
Rob Hayes – Come On [Audio Honey]
Roberto Ceccato – Even If [Adulta Records]
Roger Guevara – Soul Feeling [Adventure Records]
Roque – Gave you everything [DeepHouse Police]
Ros T – Get Me Through , Stranger Danger [Eton Messy Records]
Ryan Herr & Jesse James Hendricks – Juju (feat. Tropo)
RYNO – The Reconnection [Serendipity Music Silver]
Sam Frederick – Face Dancing [Groove Estate]
SameThoughts & Alizaar – Summer Breeze [Loud Memory]
San Pacho – Side To Side [Repost Network]
Sandgino & Defeo, Sandgino – Take Me High [Blacktone]
Sara Simms – Love’s Got Me High (feat. Desiire) [Intangible Records]
Scoop da Loop – Don’t Go [Instant Groove Records]
Scott Lawer – Super Moona [Manipura Music]
Scott, J – Oh Baby [De-Funkt Recordings]
Shaun James – It’s Like That [Innersound Digital]
Silverfox – Boom to da Rhythm [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Slackers Paradise – Nightshift [Kycker Electronic]
Sound Syndicate – What You Say (Funkopolis Mix) [Eterna Recordings]
Vito Vulpetti & Gianluca Calabrese – Next to You [Lupara Records]
Wheelman – Reaching For a Higher Place [Stereotone Records]
White Label Will – “Bennie From the Bronx” Original Mix
Wydaday – Trompeta [Futuro Sounds]
Xisco Sanchez & Cisco Barcelo – Everybody Get Up , Roller Dancer
Yeah Ok – Seasonal Impression [Phunk Traxx]
YOYOHONEY – Sing Hallelujah (feat. Judy Kim & Mani S) [Son of 8 Club Remix]
Zepar Madness – Duality [Boot Music Records]

Melodic House & Techno

AB12 – Interestellar [We Love House Recordings]
Afrosends – Travel on Water [Anfrix Records]
Alex Aguiar – Insane Trip [Reenboog]
Alex Turr – Mayfly [Ideological]
ALLAN (ES) & Mark Duel – Drama [Moon]
Alto Omega – Beta [Graba Music]
Aux n Morris – Error 404 [Terrachorda Recordings]
Awake From A Dream – Take Flight (feat. Phaire) [XMOD Records]
Ben Haydie – Felt [Tächno]
Booka Shade & Chris Malinchak – Pray (Chris Malinchak Mix)
CANVI – Lost in the Darkness [Terranova]
Ceas – Tears [Labo T]
Charles Moui – Lost [Fatal Music]
Cowlam & donnerstag – I See the Light [Kitu Records]
Dario Gismondi – Astro [Androgyne Audio]
Dav Lauken – Reborn [Moonkoder]
David Balmont & Matt Sebastian – Sirio [Karnal Records]
Dawn’s Odyssey – Pink Water [UndGrd Melodic]
De Facto – Kalon [Teoxane Production]
DEKOVA – Voices (feat. Sash Sings) [Radio Mix] [Hood Stories Records]
Dimyx & Saxado – Futurama [Beat Records (IT)]
DJ Jackson – Tunisiano [Beat Code]
Dj Sa3ed – Emotion [Audioreaktor]
Dr Pius & Felipe Ochoa – Placeres [BH Records]
Earthenware – Life [Grey Bar Hotel]
F4T4L3RR0R – Generation Noise [Addictive Sounds]
Fede Archdale – For Aguas Vivas [WS]
Felix Kröcher – Hope For (GNTN Remix) [Felix Kröcher]
Giorgia Angiuli – Learning (Pisetzky Remix) [United]
Glenn Storey & Hall North – Monsoon Season [Resonate Together]
Gloom – Tenet [Morion Records]
Guau & MURIX – Hope [Paul Music]
Gui Buanton – Synastry [ARRVL Nero]
Hector IbGar – Seconds [ARROMA RECORDS]
Iac Side – Risky [Fine Rhythms]
INAMAR – Lost and Found [Adorma Records]
Into The Ether – Just One Way [Sekora]
Ito Cekaj, Rasange & Guido Flava – Deep Blue [Trusted Tracks]
Javi Sphere – Lifetime [Dry or Wet Records]
Kaleema – Círculo de Arena [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Kali_Slytherin – Alcohol [Record Union]
Kanas – Patrol of the Hero [Waveskin Yellow]
Kennedy One – Calling You (feat. Shelley Harland) [Avanti]
Khainz & Asphalt, Khainz & Frohburg – Entropy [BeatFreak Recordings]
Klod Rights – Zenith [Graba Music]
Kreisel & Yfirum – Technetium [KRSL]
Ksabe – Eternal Sunshine [Catamount Records]
Lhg Musik – Orient [Eins Droid]
Lindorno – Things You Do [House Groove Six]
Luis Solé – Pulse Hypnosis [NachtEin.TagAus]
Marc Gruau – Chords [XTR Records]
Marcus Santoro – Running (feat. Blush) [ESH Remix]
Mattia Nicoletti – The Lodger [Milano Connection]
Mattisix – Don’t Be Scared [Sojka Records]
Melatron – Perceptions [Balter Records]
Mettie Chandler – Dark Sea [Oxytech Limited]
Michael Beiruty – Galactique Ritual [Awen Records]
Modern Modern Life – London Wants You There [Different]
Nik_Tizzani – Walking [Oniryzm]
Norma – Full Emptiness [Nomadism Records]
Olffmann – Landvaettir (incl. Der Effekt Remix) [Freegrant Music]
Ossmosis – Implocize [deep dip]
P.Lima – Awakening [Vibez Sounds]
PANORAMA EQA – Bullied Up [Symbios Records]
PANORAMA EQA – Defeat [Symbios Records]
Paul Anthonee – A World Beyond [Astral Records]
Phil Monday – Neverending Sunrise [Chrom Recordings]
Plazkart – Aryax [Chris Cat Records]
Presman – Message for God [Progline Records]
Renaldas – Arcane [Force Energy Records]
Ricky Leo – Moonrise [Morbidyne]
Riggel & Amirali Shakoori – Parallasse [Us & Them Records]
Riko Forinson – Panic [Omnia Rec]
Roger Vasha – Wisdom [911 Recordings]
Saintbull & FLRK! – Hide & Seek [Vertex Recordings]
SANJAY – Dive [Purple Condor Records]
Sarcasmo – Nowhere [Androgyne Audio]
Slow Crime – Alone [Spaghetti Monster]
Sonnenkind – Wide Awake [Sonnenstrahl Records]
Soul Alchemist – Alchemy [Esoteric Records]
Stan Kolev – Ahimsa (Stereo Express Remix) [UV]
Stereopeppers – Psycho [SINTEZO RECORDS]
Steve Levi – I Like the Way [Starz Records]
Sven Howard – Blackhole [Delicious Records]
Taylan Karabulut – Serenity + Anaphori [VapourTrail Records]
The Spark – Unconditional [UNRIPE]
Thibault – Dalou [iM Electronica]
Trikoma – Only Me [Groove 9]
Ultrashockers – Outline [Human Turbines]
Verom – Hold On To Hope [Maffia Music]
Vertical Smile – Eaux Troubles [Vertical Smile Music]
VNTM – Mystic [Apparition]
Wall Seich – Taler of Your Mother [Moovee Music]
Wally Lopez – Renewable Energy [ZEHN Records]
Warung – In My Mind [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
Wave Point – Shadows [Armada Electronic Elements]
Wydji – Silvae [Teoxane Production]
Zak Joshua – Hold Me [NEMESIS92]

Tech House

AKURI – Always Lonely [LowFreQ Records]
Ambient Pino & Oscar Colorado – Just a Feeling [Pino Music]
André Sheridan – Im No Body [Underground Progressions]
Angelo Scalici – Groove All Night (Remixes) [Lupulo Records]
Ant. Shumak – Driven Bass [Barracuda Music]
Anthony Attalla – 112 [Incorrect]
Anthony Hugh – Right Now [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Barefoot Prince – Drifting Away [Hobo]
Bnjmn Sndvl – Slang [Codigo56 Records]
Brockwell – Footrub [48007 Music]
Brown Vox – Life Some Chill [Five Finger Discount]
Caitto – Give It Up [Monkey Stereo Records]
Camille Dibano, Chris Magg – Like This [Techaway Limited]
Carlo Medel – Medio Loco [KNCK LTD]
Chicks Luv Us – The Goat [elrow Music]
Chris Sammarco – Testify [Smashing Trax Records]
Contribe, Noise Clap & Contribe – Feel Like [OKNF Records]
Cosimo Papappicco – Lookdown [Nevada Label]
Danny Alpha – Your Life Is Mine [Soho Music Movement]
Dashtoc & LaFred, Dashtoc – Locked Up [GAMAD Records]
Dave Summit – Wasting My Time [The Myth of NYX]
David Cueto (ES) – Kitop [Mooncircles Lab]
Davide Messina – Bad Girl [kluBasic plus]
Dean Church & Paul Compson – Da Rolla [Bosh Recordings]
DEAR TECH – Drop That Booty [Smilax Records]
Denis Jakupi – Got the Light [Party Playground Records]
Deny Martinz – Rehap [Psycologic Records]
Diego Olarte – Monolite [Unsorted]
Dillon James Torok – Backlight Superstar [LayZee Records]
Dillon Nathaniel & Clementine Douglas – Here With Me [Glasgow Underground]
Disaia – Caliope [Superfett Records]
DJ Code – Deep Street [29 Tech]
DJ Daz – Things She Said (feat. Andy Mayja) [BEATAHOLIKZ]
DJ Oliver – The Muppets [Klaphouse Records]
Djane My Canaria – Listen [Canaria Records]
Double Reaktion, Erectus Void – Synchronized Vol.37 [Async Records]
DUCX – I’m Not Freaky [Gold Coast]
Dwight Rass & Thierry Lucas – I’m Comin’ [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
DZRT FRST – Sometimer [Hug Hug]
Elos & Vegas – Cut It Out of Me [Beste Sonne]
Evan McGee – Too Fast [Spira Music]
Fellipe Beckman – Doing [Muzenga Records]
Fer Dina – Stratosphere [REFILL MUSIC]
Fishela – Hey [Allgeneres Record]
Foggy – Comet [DaCosta Records]
Four Handz – Danzfloor [Spira Music]
Gerard FM – Goin’ Crazy [RIM]
Gerperc – Deep Pussy [0212 Records]
Gregor Heat – Living Room With Amphetamine [Idea Records]
Guido Cea – Ameba [Satsuma Music]
Guido Farias & Lautaro Bidegain – The King [Clover Records]
GUNHORSE – Crystal [Music Makes You Feel Records]
GUSTAFF – Back On Cluj [Black Seven Music]
Gustavo Mota, Zuffo & dantee – Shake It [South Of Saturn]
Hannah Wants – Oh Really [Armada Subjekt]
Hippocoon & Gabriel Rosin – You Get Me [Blacktone]
HOTINGA – Fool for You [Suma Records]
Iban Bernad, Jimmy Rolle & Jordy Martin – Jaleos [Sonido D Club Records]
Infamous DK – Take Me Higher [Euforia]
Ironic Project – Recommend [Techempire Records]
Ivan Kook – Te asustas con la Electronica [Techempire Records]
Jaffer Bloz – Get By [Turtle Musik]
Jaffer Bloz – Loving [Turtle Musik]
James Silk – Thrill [Refined]
Jason Rivas & The Creeperfunk Project – Something in the Fog
Jaytor – Hypno Dance [KTR]
Jaytor – Perception [KTR]
Jhon Denas – Nano Groove [Selection Recordings]
Jo Paciello – Summer Time [Digital Empire Records]
JOHLOW – Unbreakable [Somes Records]
Joshwa (UK) – Love Somebody [Cr2 Records]
Joy Marquez – Magdalena [76 Recordings]
Kadosh – You Say [Wajiro]
Kevin Alesi – Funk Love [Monkey Stereo Records]
Ki Creighton – My Beat [Sola]
KOCHAM – Your Body [Groove Bassment]
Kollah – Add [Cause Org Records]
Kommando & Withoutwork – That’s My Thing [No. Music]
Kook – Fire [No Topo Music]
Krilly – Mau [CoLu Records]
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – SPARKLING WATER [Trax Records]
LaTour & JUST2 – Whachusay [G Spot Records]
Lee Young – Drum Diaries [Baffo Records]
Leif The Viking – Do You Smell Smoke [Emanate Direct]
LK Jon Blazt – Here’s the Jack (Mat’s Infinite Jackin’ Mix)
Loudbeatz – Give Up [Lit Music]
Louis Gustavo – Few Weeks [Revenge Music]
LowSize – Do You Like [UNMODE]
Luca Lazza – Hot [Duqua Records]
LucaJLove – Yeah [Famillia Recordings]
Luis Pergo – A Rhythm [Lemon Juice Records]
Lusso – High [Club Edition Records]
M.F.S Observatory & Oliver Knight – Dum Dum
M.Rox – Back to Reality [Marktek Records]
Magthegreat – After Midnight [SuperPosition Records]
Manuel-M – Silent Factory [Brique Rouge]
Martin Badder & Space Jump Salute – Boom [Armada Music]
MartinoResi & Nacho Scoppa – We Are Complicated
Maxinne & Lauren L’aimant – Tell Me Something [Toolroom]
Mellodramatic – Ladies and Gentleman [Mellodramatic]
Mexes & Ramon Bedoya – Circus [High Quality]
Middleground – Lessgo [illuminati music]
Mike Atom DJ – Maracas [Mazoom Lab]
Mike Bagrationy – Big Pimp [DOT Dance]
Mike De La Torre – Comes y te vas [Ancient Pyramids Records]
Mike Renza & Kevin Faria – Sunshine [Sabroso Records]
Monkey Twerk – That Thang [G-Mafia Records]
Morena Taylor – Scare You [Justo Records]
Moshem – Honey [Playmobil]
MushDJ.official – Sanfoninha [G-Mafia Records]
Mustafa Can Aladag – Deep Well [Progressive Prince Records]
Mustafa Can Aladag – Holy Tech [Progressive Prince Records]
NEENOO – Movin [Get Down Recordings]
Nils Von Tek – Come [Rocinha Records]
Nodek – She Dances [Wajiro]
Orate – Electrica Again [Revival records]
Papa Marlin – Do It Again [Knuck!]
Paul Grabowski – Jungle City [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
Paul Grabowski – Robotnik [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
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Ritmos – Groove Room [Club Edition Records]
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VA – La Troya – Ibiza Spring 2021 (Compiled by Oscar Colorado)
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warner case – sing me a song [Unity Rec]
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