Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

8tyl – Echoes
Andrei RInaldi – Falling Down [Alphabeat Records]
Ant. Shumak – Movement [Tajna]
Baker & McKenzie – Real Love [ELITARIA]
Blank Sense, Joselacruz – Dimension [Moiss Music Black]
Brainstorm – Dark & Dangerous (Bastian.V & Xavi Prado Remix) [MAGIA Records]
Cheky – Doledo [Blue Coffee Records]
Closed Paradise – Set It Out , Dizzy Spell [Circle of Us]
D.M. Project, Diego Burroni & Marco Gobbi – Life In Space [Tailor Records]
Danny eM – New Mistake [Discos Aquelarre]
David Moreno – Revolution Feat. Caye Sanchez Guitar [Eivissa Fresh Flavours]
Eddie Bro – Chil Pill [Air Music]
Eric Deray – Unfaithful [Deep House Natural]
Espare and 808 Bronx – Deeper Through the Night [After Friends Club]
evvz – Honest [TGR Music Group]
Fred P – Play It Straight [Private Society]
Furkan Dulda – Ain’t Right [Sound of Soul Records]
James Martin – Happiness [BBop Music]
KARNASER & Andrew Leblanc – Versace [Sound of Soul Records]
Katy Fire – Old School [Jhaps Records]
Magmatunes – Right There [M-Sol Records]
Marco Pe – Unleashed [Marktek Records]
Mogrigo – Tunica [mOgrigo music]
Oblomov – Kauna [Moveton]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – I Can Be Around [DeepShine Records]
P-Deep – Dark Space [Rooted Minds Music]
Queemose – Fm Nostalgia [Abstracte Music]
Random Thoughts – Unsentimental [BaloElo Recordings]
Romain Pellegrin – Back to Main [EP Digital Music]
Sizzle Rose – Gifts [Jhaps Records]
Sundeeper – Deep House Vol.02 [WAVESFROM]
Swimming Places – Human Shades (Approved by Suleiman) [Places Records]
Synthea – Skywalker [Enormous Chills]
The Bestseller – Little Girl Remixes, Pt. 1 [Nicksher Music]
The Swan and The Lake, DJ DIVO & OliO – I Need U [Music for Clubs]
Toru S. – In Memory of Doc Yoko #40 You Can’t See You (Please Notice You Mixes)
UUSVAN – Through Me [Black Delta Records]
VA – Ciao Italia (Generazioni Underground) [REB047CD]
VA – Croatia Get Physical – EP4 [GPM632]
VA – Ingalaxy Vol.1 [Inminimax Records]
VA – Monday Dreamin’ Black EP [CLR001EP4]
VA – Soft, Deep & Dark #6 [7VC025]
VA – The Secrets Of The Trade 020 [PRCD2021055]
Violets – Five Rings Vol.2 [NYOZE Recordings]

Electro House

Annie Jun – I’m Your Boss [dB86]
ATabeck – Eagle Hashish [Privelege Music]
Barış Çakır – You and Me [Satsuma Music]
Barış Çakır & Sercan Ozkan – Nightmares [Satsuma Music]
Cleez – Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) [Playbox]
Confluence – Rush of Blood [Filthy Sounds]
CUEBA – Miracle [Musata Music]
DjSunnymega – Idgaf [Union Music Group LTD]
EEBONE – Mad (feat. Jensen Interceptor) [ECHO Recordings]
Harmel Balem – You Never Came to Our Date! [JorMos Records]
Herudor – Going Down [Arcade Media]
Hit Afex – Fall [Deep Bear]
Kabutey, Kuman – Neitreug Artists Compilation, Vol. 1 [Neitreug]
Kaelity – Magic [Vinebeat Records]
Klangtitan – In My Life [eeprecords]
Kris Ferreri – Throw It Up [Native Warrior]
Mike G – My City [Mixa Records]
Mou5zyzz, LollyPoP Lane & Arkin BeatS – Ooh Na Na
NEONHELM – No Sweat! [Soundo GOLD]
NoVert – Feel It Now [NSNTR Records]
Offer Nissim & MR.BLACK – Show Me Love [Revealed Recordings]
Real Nam – Don’t Wake Me Up [DENAR RCRDS]
Rendow & Darzhan Eduardovich – This Place [Satsuma Music]
Rory Godson – Everyday (feat. Johan Rensen) [mfgustafsson]
Rupin – Blakhaus [ records]
Salvo Riggi & Ira P – Tinder Blocked Me [GtrRecordingStudio]
Sandro Silva – Forever [Rave Culture]
Speaker Honey & vvvirtu, Speaker Honey – Together All Night [mau5trap]
Tomas Angel – Patent the Sun [Immigrant Wave]
Tommie Sunshine & Fahjah – Get Down [Brooklyn Fire]
VA – EPM20 EP 2 [EPM91]
Weytton Silva – GUERRERO [Santander Music]
Zen,it – I Feel It [Dharma (WMG)]

Electronica & Downtempo

7action – 2020 The Deception
AK – Smoke [Monstercat]
ALL OF THE WORLD – Lull [Thanks Giving]
ANO1HER UN1VERSE – Can’t Sleep (feat. Carie) [Beast Trap Records]
Axel Mattou – Rock On Lake [RZLV Music]
Bahadırhan Koçer – Abstractions, Vol. 1 [Bahadırhan Koçer]
Benatural – Hard Stone + Human + Hurry [Into My House]
Benatural – Lesson of Love + Little + Master [Digital Village Music]
Benny K.J – Clumsy Robot [Jork M Sound]
Blue Boatz – Words Numbers [Chill Caterpillar]
Brothertiger – Arizona [Brothertiger]
bubumatik – Torture [red jungle]
Bullseye Release – Belief Tree [Chill Caterpillar]
Cerberuh & Rasmus Blom – Telling You Goodbye [Beast Trap Records]
Dan Be – Goodbye Me N You [Part 4]
Danil Gilmore – Feel the Sun [Le Guaro]
David Harrow – Dub for Chango [Workhousedigital]
Debris Rouge – Ezine (feat. Goodtime Sam) [Ubomvu Records]
Dimilyan & DiZeX, Dimilyan – ViaWind [29 CHILL]
Divider – Lazerboy [Icon Series]
DJ Queto – Journeys of Harmony [Deep Strips]
DJ Valveder – Midnight [Analop Records]
Été 97 – Far Away [INTERVISION]
ETRA – Bubblegum [Neptune]
FAR74D – I’m Alive [Adrenaline Black]
Fmesier – See Another World [Melusine Records]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Surreal Mind [Flowing Movement Music]
Jospeh Pebriss – Future Nostalxia [TRIPPELPUNKT]
Laura BCR & Forest On Stasys, Laura BCR – Initial [Something Happening Somewhere]
Lelo Machado – Keep On Dancing [Spitfire Music]
Lil Bobster – Live Jazz Soul Freestyle (From Africa) [Deep Brothers Productions]
Lorenzo Dotti – Nature [College Music Records]
lotus land pilot – Wsy [Oyoda Recordings]
Maha Quest – Sorry [Westwood Recordings]
Master Haratt – Left [Chill Caterpillar]
Minimal Kommando – The Best Of [YouTunez]
Moya81 – Hexatomos [ScentAir Records]
Nemo Filou – Amber [Nicksher Bundles]
Nick Roselin Oleksiak – Dark Chapel [Behavior Recordings]
Olga Kouklaki – Haze [Little Doll Music]
Pretty Pink – Let You Go (Jon Gurd Remix) [feat. Emina Sonnad]
Rafael Natal – Femme victoire [Piknik Elektronik Records]
Rita Raga – Slava [Raga Rhythms Records]
RONEeS – Tele Train [Atomrise Sounds]
Sam Ourt, Andrew Caryl & Robbie Rosen – Hope [Spinnup]
Santa Voyage – Bluer [Santa Voyage]
Satchel Kebab – Brats [Chill Caterpillar]
Scarlet Fantastic – Make Way For Love [Hottwerk Records]
Seul Ensemble – You and Me Tsunami [Clan Destine Records]
SHERELLE – 160 Down the A406 [SHERELLE]
Sheschupek – Wiry [Twoja Stara]
Sounds of my Nature – Village [Ideas Sound]
Spyte Tracks – Complicate It [Urban Sound Of Amsterdam]
The Editor – Footprints to Heaven [Avatar Productions]
TOR – Eleuthera (Catching Flies Remix) [Youth and Progress Recordings]
Translippers – The Gorge [Cosmicleaf Records]
Two Mad Bros – Without You [Film Vibes Records]
VA – 20 Years of Moonbootique Records [MOON140]
VA – Crysta Ensolaris [La Forge]
VA – Joint Vacation, Vol. 4 [Recreation Recordings]
VA – Thee Alpha and Thee Omega, Vol. VI [Clan Destine Records]
Veslemes – Apolithoma [Invisible Inc (UK)]
Yalisaxx – Burgoyne Scene [Myco Music]
Zil Baii – Two Sugars [Chill Caterpillar]
Монофон – Emoli [Informe]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Baker – Never Coming Back [Big Boy Beatz]
KnightBlock – All About [Yosh Pit]
LimeCuts – Oh Right! [SPACE PIZZA Records]
My Bad Sister – My Face [M.B.S. Records]


Agata Gołemberska – A Niech Mnie [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Aiobahn & NUZB – All of This [Monstercat]
Aldo Curti – I Can Feel It [AK Cartel]
Alejandro Zherdmant & John Foster, King ManP – Dark Side [King ManP]
Aperdon – Dont Tell Me [Gloamed]
Ax & Ex – I Found You All Night (MuSols 21st Century Mix)
Badjokes & Tambour Battant – Oui [Gold Digger Records]
Buggzy Westside & Chxmelexn – T – Bone [G-Mafia Records]
Car Seat Headrest – MADLO Influences [Matador]
Cavalli – Flow [Revanche Records]
Chłodno – I Co Dalej [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Cindys Pearl – Europhoria [Loose Lips (UK)]
Clownfish – Drum Machine + Eclectic Sun + I’m in Love [Into My House]
Clownfish – Loto + On the Sun + Rudimental [Black Boat]
Colossi Rah, DEVOTED – Not Another Filet Mignon! (Red) [Record Record]
Cotton Animals – Body Back [Tiltools]
Davide Ducci – Trumpets [Hindu Vision]
Daze Lake – Needed You [Stash Records]
Del Water Gap – Hurting Kind [Mom+Pop]
Demeter – Freak [Demeter]
Dennis Buné – Lisboa Remixes [Fatal Music]
Devstar & PRVNA, Mediman – Let Myself Go [Make You Move Records]
DJ Minco x D.K.O – Where Did You Go [Bryndák Records]
Dj Nexus – Breathe [Big Tunes Records]
DJ Noise – Freedom [Actuation]
DJ PP – Going Away [Flashmob Records]
FROZT, Cammie Robinson & JEONGHYEON – Living in a Dream
Got Dibs & Emily Weurth – Cheshire Moon [Green Trombone Records]
Hakan Türkürer – True Love (feat. Gökçe Hilal) [Main Records]
Hakes – Light It Up [Lemon Drops]
Hans Göran – FIKA [Bisous]
Hany – Papas Platten [Calls and Puts]
Isaac LM – Down [Record Union]
Jack & Jones – Need to Love [Darling Music Group]
Jake Anderson & Kuraj-Bambey – Get Up [Rezone Records]
KIIO – Got This Love [G-Mafia Records]
Latin Boom – Cafe Con Leche [Urban Sound Of Amsterdam]
Lee Freeman – Free Love [Find Yourself Recordings]
Loch – Chillin [Deep Bear]
Lush Djs – This Is the House [Lush Life]
Madizzy – Ose Tsubile [Lav2Rais Media]
Mark Knight – Untold Business TOOL104201Z
Mota Music – Vem Tranquilo! [Mustache Crew Records]
Mr Tng – Colors of World [Mr Tng]
Nevolla – Beyond [House Instincts]
Pablo Rey & Raul Romo – Summer Love [Imploxion Records]
Peter Dennis – Come to Me [Chilli Groove Records]
Pha Thal – As Within so Without [ATASON]
Pistol – Won’t Let U Go [DaCosta Records]
Plastik Funk & Inpetto – I’ll Be the One [Future House Music]
Red D – Red Basics 3&4 [Red Basics]
Reni Jusis – Lawenda [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Riss Yeno – March in a Dream [Big Tunes Records]
Rorschach – Phase Locked Loop [Massive Impact Records]
Rund33p – Iron Roses [Rund33p Music]
Samuele De Santis – Baltic Trip [This Is Not]
Selivan.DJ – Summer Vibe [SelivaN Music]
Serge Rey – Lunar Eclipse [Chill Caterpillar]
Seumas Norv – Love Is Secret [Crown Of Music]
Shalon – God’s Plan [Nik El Entertainment Group]
Sin Plomo & Torsten Stenzel – La Baile [Chica Discos]
Stileto – Half Past Dead [CloudKid]
Sum Bloke – Rude Boy [Quincy Boy Records]
Susan Corenelius & REGGAO – Give Me Your Love [Darling Music Group]
Swimming Places – Disoriented (Myself & Tomorrow ReTouch) [Places Records]
Swimming Places – Hakela (feat. Mel C) [Places Records]
Swimming Places – Tahir [Places Records]
Thanasis Sgouros – Dance With Me [Smart Phenomena Records]
Tnzkrnz – Sunset Session, Pt. 2 [High Vibe Records]
Tokyo Cartel – Cicero Ave [Content Records]
Tomy Montana – Let You Go [Play And Tonic]
VA – A Million Miles from Mecca (Soundtrack) [CAT512852]
VA – Atjazz – More Than a Remix
VA – Cfm Summer 2021 [Crazyfriends Music]
VA – Dobar House Heat Vol. 3 [DH043]
VA – House Of Ibiza 2021 [KSD444]
VA – Jack Ur Body, Vol. 37 [CSCOMP2647]
VA – Let There Be House – Summer Solstice 2021 [LTBHA020]
VA – Nothing But… Pure Jackin’ House, Vol. 01 [NBPJH01]
VA – Pornostar Sessions_ St Tropez 2021 [PSR100]
VA – Summer Groove 2021 [Groove Tom Records]
VA – Unquantize Your Mind Vol. 13 – Compiled & Mixed by Abco [UNQTZCOMP015]
Vanzellott – Surface [Liamba Records]
Vinicius Zahra – Life Off [He-Cass Records]
Vladislav Benefick – Take Over [Crazy Dog]
Walter G – Bossa Nostra [Jazz In Da House]
Wandme – It’s over Now [Artistfy Music]
Wilkie – Push Me [House of Now]
Xooxz – Do Me Like That [Gloamed]
Xyafter – Tears For Love [K-Noiz]

Melodic House & Techno

Benttum – Tension
Charly Beck – End of All Errors [Charly Beck Records]
Cuneyt Cilingiroglu – Longin’ [Yulunga Music]
Eli & Fur – Found In The Wild ANJCD098BD1
Folkien – No Vocals [Thin Records]
Jamid – Body Work [Martbeat Records]
Kometa – I See You [Gravedad Zero]
Le Brave – Folklore [Roxxx]
Longhi Bros. – Olimpia [Elettra Music]
MOKX – Daylife [bringnewunity]
My Friend – Atomic Burger [W&O Street Tracks]
PaccoTheRealOne – Über einer Wolke schweben [TheRealOnes]
Phouz – All in One [Shadowy Records]
Roditelev – Alliance [Lummi]
Seymur Aliyev – Invulnerable [Duo Box Understream]
Sotela & Javier Portilla – Raval [Moonchild Records]
Timmy Pinder – Bright Star [Sausage Fingers]
Umid – Right to Be [La Mishka]
VA – Apocalypso 2021 [Usanza]
VA – Four to the Floor 19 [DIYFTTF19]
VA – Monarke Presents Authentic Steyoyoke #018 [SYYKAS018]
VA – Super Collection, Vol. 6 [SUPER319]
VA O.N.E. – Haunting [Saudade Records]
Victor Tello – Aquelarre [Nativa Recordings]
William Ferodo – Force [Jossteel Music]
yilo & Jascha – Aloni Chiari [Dramatic]
Yøhkan – The Valkyries [Humans]
ZYFU – Cosmos [AST Recordings]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Agustín Rose – Outta My Mind
Alex Arnout – Hypnotherapy [S.A.S.H.]
Alexander Matchak – Catty Feel the Dance [ExpMental Records]
Ambito, Demenz – Various Artists [Drogalipz JAMZZ]
Antonio BM – The Moon [Techempire Records]
Boran Ece – Traum [Lemon Juice Records]
Dalex (MX) – Apolo [Surrealismrec.]
Dan Calle – Everyday Life [Minemal Records]
Diego Eugenin – These Dayz [Fencing Records]
Entech – Cyberpunk [SAMPLESS]
Giorgio Robles – Apachu [Tanapa Records]
Jimmy Wins – Tsurf [jwins]
Kidoo – 1,2 Step [Selectro]
Kondo & Shark, Kondo – Space Odissey [Quanticman Records]
Manu Desrets & LondonGround – O.V.N.I. [Family Partner]
Marco Scherlich – The Q Vibes [Discolored]
Mettā Atom – Good BRKFST [STIG]
Overtracked – Brouwersdam [OVT Records]
Rich (GT) – Stone Run [Manicomio Music]
Stiven Escarraga – Vol 010 [Cee Music Limited]
UrbanCode – Never Stop the Swing [AMHRecords]
VA – 1 Year Of Radar [RDR013]
VA – Extended Family VA Part. 2 [FPRD043]
VA – Luthier Compilation #7 [LMC182]
Valen Carta – Music Is Moving [Kief Music LTD]
Zebra Rec. & Martelli – Mangata [Zebra Rec.]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

Afro Image Band – A Sexy Voyage [BeachGroove Records]
AINZ & Fran Deeper – Rare Room (feat. SLYNC) [Boite Music]
Alexander Alar & Indie Elephant, Povar & Alexander Alar – Berberia [Tech Warriors]
Andy Mate – The Groupie [Disco Pool]
Antonio Rao – Communication [Mystic Carousel Records]
Block Street Sound – The Bull Theme [Disco Pool]
Block Street Sound – Trumpet Groove [Disco Pool]
Breakout UK – Floripa Groove [SpinCat Music]
Chamba Sound – Miami Bus Stop [BeachGroove Records]
Coco Cool – Hear This Music [Disco Pool]
Coco Cool – Let’s the Piano Play [Disco Pool]
Davide Inserra – House in My Heart [B Club Recordings]
Disco Secret – Ghetto Reprise [Funky Sensation Records]
Disco Secret – Shine on me [Disco Pool]
Disco Secret – The Situation [BeachGroove Records]
Kimchii – When the Night Falls Down (feat. Gabriella Lahti) [Big Romantic Music]
Kimchii – You’re Not Around [Big Romantic Music]
Manfredas, Red Axes – Multi Culti Solstice I [Multi Culti]
Midnight Man – Disco Majesty [BeachGroove Records]
Pato Rivera – 84 King Street [Disco Pool]
Rapaik – Scranton Strangler [Urge To Dance]
Samuel La Manna – Innesto [LOWEGATE]
Sharapov – Back Around [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Sunner Soul – Orange Clouds [Vintage Music Records]
Thomas K – Jokes On You [Midwest Hustle Music]
Tokyo Groove – All Night Long [BeachGroove Records]
VA – Summertime Chi 2021 [WBR181]

Organic House & Downtempo

Aurtigards – Back in the Days [Traumnovelle]
Autonne – Pictures of You [SPRYA RECORDS]
Bastián de Luka – Intergalactic [Varialstudio]
Carerra & Tavares – Tomorrow [Mirrors Label]
Crypton – Altered Carbon [Clone 2.1 Records]
GMS & Jimbo – Dune [Clone 2.1 Records]
Hatha Yoga, Yoga Music & Meditation Music – 432hz Meditations Mantra & Forest
Jaffna – Oslo [Enchante Records]
Jarl Flamar – Langskip on the Euphrates [MONADA]
Luca Brunetti – Down the Hill [Kadmio]
Odagled – Bubastis [Runemark Records]
Phouz – Requiem [Shadowy Records]
Shivanam – Viral Shroom (Zero Cult Remix) [Cosmicleaf Records]
Soire – Maqam Hijaz [BEATZ]
VA – Biocenose [BIO0022]
VA – Emotions [Nidra Music]
VA – Harabe Daydreams III [HRB046]
VA – Hoom Side of the Sun, Vol. 03 [HOOM023]
VA – Mind at Large, Pt. III [MAGIC020SI3]
VA – Omicron [LMP116]
VA – Renacer Solar, Vol.1 [TSR001]
VA – When Tigers Used To Smoke [SHNGCD15]
Waxwood – Lesami [Amselcom]
Zac F – Enas Ouranos M’ Asteria [Meditelectro]
Zyan Terrance – Wallbird [Phunctional Loungin]

Progressive House

After Sunrise – Advantage
Aurelien Stireg – Dragon Heart [Dancewood Stage]
Awila – Mirage (Reimagined) [Always Different]
Bora & Shori – Journey [Figura Music]
Celal Yavuz – Mantranizm [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Deejay Stella – Motivi, Vol. 3 [IDP Records]
Deep House – Moave [Green Leaf (UK)]
Edu Yattah – Fragments [TRIXXTER]
Fishela – I Love Rosario City [Allgeneres Record]
Jaytech – Amnesia Dreaming [Positronic Digital]
Kazi – Moksha (Extended Mix) [Namaste Records]
Kohlenkeller – The Protagonist [Sky Academy Records]
LANTAO – Limbo [Mystic Carousel Records]
Mark Stereo – Remember [Xtereo Recordings]
Mono Mode – Many Times [House Of Mono]
Origin of X – Emulate [Grass Route Records]
Outtrtd – Ethereal Dreams [Futurity Music]
Rianu Keevs – Baking Sun [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Hot Line [Rianu Keevs]
Rod V – Camino Del Viento [Droid9]
SALAZAR – Theia [Future Avenue]
Sam Lamar – Infinity [Balkan Connection]
Sergio Vilas – Insightful [Holy Grail Music]
thesuspense – Happiness Setpoint , Late Night Walk [Deep Tech Lab]
Tokatek, Dr. Nice & Светь – Who is it [Beat Coin Records]
VA – 4 Years Synth Collective [Synth Collective]
VA – Melodic Ibiza, Vol. 3 [RI007]
VA – South Strangers, Vol. 5 [STB047]
VA – Vibrant Vibeland #15 [ST309]
Yordee – Titan [73 Muzik]

Tech House

Adam Dietze – Burn [Kattivo Red Records]
Alex Losavio – Boom [WE WORLD]
Alonse Burg, Bemac – Hidden Jams Vol. 5 [Terms & Conditions]
Alt & Delete – Like This [BLCK]
Arkhaizm – Feet Back [Complex Destroyerz]
Balderas – Crush Moon [Ofrenda Music]
Bitrarex – Blurry + Body Rebels + Bouncer [Digital Village Music]
Black Michael – Clandestine [Jhaps Records]
Botugen – Cloak-And-Dagger [Jhaps Records]
Brad Wood, DJ Opium & Brad Wood – It’s Gettin’ [Baikonur Recordings]
BYKETYSON – Got Fuss [Electric Love Records]
Chalex & Sarah Muñoz – In My House [Code Label]
Chapter & Verse – Forget You [IN , ROTATION (Insomniac Records)]
CTERO – I’m a Mess [Chutney Records]
Damn Square & CASTRO (BR) – Hit the Club [Muzenga Records]
Dany Fright – Sunrise [After Mood Label & Agency]
DavidDuran & Juan Corredor – Babe Feel Me [Lemon Juice Records]
DestroyedBird & NitroLine – Activate [Isida Records]
Diego Sosa – Come With Me [Happy Play House]
Different Shapes – Bumpa [Metatronicle]
Different Shapes – Insight [Metatronicle]
DJ Aydogan & Escobar (TR) – House and Techno [Maidens Tower Records]
DOSHi – Pumper [Candy Flip]
Fabian BOSS Encina – Vertical Killer (Cartel’s Influence Mix)
Frank-lo – Everytime [Final Haus]
Hardfloor – Lights, Camera, Acid [WWW.HARDFLOOR.DE]
Jay Drezz – Catch Me Outside [Deep Bear]
JazzyFunk – Illusion (feat. Pyma) [Levitium Records]
Khouri – Don’t Wanna Fall [O Problema é GRAVE]
LockWave – Blackout [Euforia]
Low Sam – Funkybeat [LoveStyle Limited]
Low Vision & Phormat – Joys [Muzenga Records]
Loyik May – Ice [Groove People Records]
M. Rodriguez – Sound of Batteria [Marktek Records]
Marco Tisano – Disgrade [Vulkano Records]
Mass Medel – The Analog Squeeze [SAUCETICAL RECORD LABEL]
Matteo Pagliarella – Get It [Check In Recordings]
NEWEM – Dance Again (feat. Baby Alpaca) [Agape Muzik]
Oli Hodges & Will Varley – I Want You [13 Records]
Oracle – Hunt Down [Cavi Muzik]
Oscar Jamo & RBSN – Play It Loud [Bomb Ass House]
Paskman – Mamacusa [blaah! Raw]
Pedro Campodonico, Shapov & NERAK – Illusion [Levitium Records]
Ragde Santos, Victor Avila & Victor Trujillo – Put It Nan Stap
Ramseth – Gold Flavor [Difussion Records]
Renan Muniz – Deeper [Muzenga Records]
Sacha Robotti – Fuck The Pain Away [THRIVE MUSIC]
Simon NTRG – In Da Ghetto [WE WORLD]
Softpaw – MDD [Against Everything]
TomSilver & Cesar Marquez – Conocerme [Sr. Events Music]
Tony Dee & ManÔmic – My Beat [Oto Music]
Toomy Disco – They Are Here [Deep Base Records]
VA – 10th Anniversary, Vol. 2 [BOC028]
VA – Dance to the House Issue 15 [GSRCD94]
VA – Invaders From Space, Pt. II [SPACEINVDRS53]
VA – Movements Pt.1 [CIRCUS144]
VA – Ten – 10 Essential Tech-House Tunes, Vol. 44 [Re vibe Audio]
VA – Terra Ferma 3 [NATCOMP022]
VA – The Copilation [Siestamusic Digital]
VA – Toolroom Vaults Vol. 1 [TRX18301Z]
VA – Various Artist [Panorama 36]
Viviana Casanova – Shoes [Vassnova]

Techno & Minimal

Abkin – Reboot [DTL Records]
ADR Arregoitia – Rugged Ways [Instinct Music Records]
Alber Andreu – My Addiction [CODE Group]
Alex Brend – CCCP Time [7th Cloud]
Allex-A – Frenetic [White Line Music]
Armando Frames – Km60 [Null Recs]
ASKE – Magnetic Pulse [Warg Records]
AZYK – Coins for Caronte [Bunk3r R3cords]
Bad Teckno – Beating [Radiator Of Sound]
Biagio Lana – Elektrik Orange [iElektronix]
Blastculture – Metafonia [Machine Control Records]
Bokard – Sirius Trip [LETS TECHNO records]
Bovykin – Robotic [7th Cloud]
Celestial Sounds – Velvet Hammer [Phunk Junk Dark]
Centeno & Franco Rossi – Ciclo Lunar – Long Play [Xelima Records]
Cogollo – Dardek [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Cosmov – Cosmic Traveler [Red Code Music]
CQNZR. – Pulse [CQNZR.]
Dany T – Orbital [SytryS]
Dario Caruson – Waves [PDD Tamed]
David Serrano Dj – Drunken Driver [Techno Factory]
DJ Balu – Hypnotized [Hardwork Records]
DJWhaters – Chicken Mushrooms [DJWhaters]
DJWhaters – Oliver Twisted [DJWhaters]
Domingo Caballero – Wasted [Beats HD]
Egorov – Justice [No Rules Techno Records]
Fredstyler – Weed Up [AST Recordings]
Jacidorex – Mindset [Rave Alert]
Kalevo – Marca Diablo [Monoloco Records]
Kilany M – Mercure [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
KUWAGO – Infinity [Diverge Music Group]
Leenah – Grime [Daimon Recordings]
Lorenzo Chi – The Intro [4Matt Productions]
Lucas Wirth – Going Down [Reload Black Label]
Luka Daniello – Skalpel [Frequenza]
Luscious Phoenix – Mass [Nogiveup Records]
M2M – Sweet Visualizer [BASSTAPE]
Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. – Papacito [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Mike Torres & Jason Xmoon – Timba [Deep Tech Lab]
Mircea Ivan – Reflex [Shodan Records]
MoussLeChat – Lysergide [ALTEKNATIVE]
Mr Wof & Ivan Die – Versa Sin Titulo [Ivantisouls]
Nik Wel & Rohan (IT) – Connection [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Non-specific Defence System – Theories [Xelima Records]
NØRI, Stefano TT – From a to Z [[RE]SET]
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Trap & Wave

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