,,mkültra – Love Struck [XTRXX]
2Touch – Young and in Love (feat. Sergi Yaro) [Graba Music]
ADLU & Kriztan Kay – Reasons [Sub Max Records]
Aiden Myers – Scared [Sadboy Records (CMG)]
Aiyo – Shallows [Epidemic Electronic]
Alex Ross & Futosé – Separated [Columbia (Sony)]
Alex Van Sanders – Wait For You [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Algrthm – Aint Nobody [KudoZ Records]
Alice Gray – Double Decker [BMG Rights Management (US) LLC]
Cosmo’s Midnight & Closet Yi – Unwind (Closet Yi Remix) [Nite High]
Cosmo’s Midnight & Gerry Read – It’s Love (Gerry Read Remix)
D!NAMO – Future [Clipper’s Sounds]
Danilo Orsini – Frio [Fantasia Urbana]
DeeJay Loreenz – It’s A Fine Day (feat. Tyna Ze) [Venus Records]
Kidd Ross – Elevation [Astronomic Music]
Kiki – Say It Right [Lithuania HQ]
Kiko&Niko – Loca (feat. Kreliska & Lolo El Giga) [La Marema Records]
Kiral – Again (Remixes) [Lowdown Recordings]
Korvez – All of Your Might (feat. Queen Ilise) [Quark Records]
Kosmonova – Billy No5 (Remixes) [push2play music]
Latroit & Charlz – Dance My Tears Away [Secret Technology]
Le Twins – Legoo [Holy Pig Records]
Lone Drop, Matthew Roweld & Joey Busse – Fall For It (Remixes)
Louis Vision – Fall 4 U [Proximity]
Lynnic – Something True [Frankie’s Kitchen]
Ma.Bra. – Outface (Ma.Bra. Mix) [Mabra Records]
Macadam Crocodile & MEZERG – Macadam Crocodile x MEZERG
Majkol Jay – Show Me [Total Freedom Deluxe]
Majurakk & mISHO – Miss You (feat. Mariel Gesualdi) [NuCulture]
Mal Blanc – Hide & Seek (feat. She Is Jules) [Blanco y Negro Music]
Marco Fratty & Marco Flash – Meteor Man (Remix 2K21) [Audio Recordings]
Mario Carbonaro – Feel To Fly [Seveneves Records]
Martha Rose – In the Evening [Martin Hossbach]
Mat Zo – Problems (Remixed) [feat. Olan] [Anjunabeats]
Matthew Beren & Delighters – Too Many Times in Love [Blank Beats Music]
Maunt – Make You Mine [Reload Music]
Mazlum Bakır – I Got This Love [ONLY THE BEST]
Melotika – 21 , Dancing Without You [Dibgate Records]
Millbrook – Instincts (feat. Nova Sky) [Deadbeats]
Molella – Easy People (feat. Nerone) [Silos Music]
Morphoice & Clint Alford, Mayah Camara – Vinyl City
Nicola Fasano & Lotus – One Million [One Seven Music]
Oliver Campbell – I Know You [Coco Beach]
Olvr… & Pierluigi Di Prinzio – Broken Pieces [Keep!]
ØRĒNDA – come home (feat. OMZ) [Lush Records]
Palmez & Domenico Ciaffone – Rise to Freedom [Soundrise Records]
Patricio Garma & Jandro – Mental [Outcast Music]
Patrik Remann & Max C – Your Love [PR Records]
Phuture Noize & B-Front – violent storm. [Black Mirror Society]
Piece Wise – Safety Net (feat. Vide) [Loudkult]
Pirra – Never Apart [BLK&WHT]
Pule, PAENDA & Third Snow – Animal [Tremble]
Purine – Mary’s Prayer (Extended Mix) [Fadersport]
Ran the Man – Circuits , Roundabouts [Epidemic Electronic]
Ravetop – Estado De Golpe [Ravetop Records]
RE KIDS HERO – Love You More [Retune Music]
Riversilvers – No Escape [Vyduta Mirnyy Distribution Music]
Rob Danzen – FeelzBad [Db Rush Records]
Robbie Rosen & Kacey Fifield – Last Breath (Toniia Remix) [Tipsy Records]
ROBIN GOOD & ALOTT – Run Through The Night (feat. MEELA)
RØMAN G – Destruction [decide. Recordings]
Roni Iron & Dino Grand – Cross the Line (feat. Dragana Bilčar) [The Hubsters]
SGV – Cyberspace [Proximity]
Shero – Fame (feat. JNM the Naked MC) [KlubKid Records]
Shoulder B – Closure & Therapy [CRCLS]
Shumba Youth, Sleepy Time Ghost & Fleck – Right Way (Fleck Remix)
Sinego & Gamuel Sori – Perder (Hakuna) [Sony Music México,ORIANNA]
Sobhan Safari – Ghost of Jungle [AVER Records]
Solr – Don’t Let Me Go [Enhanced Recordings]
StormeraH – CI VEDIAMO AL CHIRINGAY (Extended Mix)
VortX – Alright [Simplify.]
Yann Dulché & AnyRiad – Viva La Vida [Thrills & Beats Records]
Zipjacket – Cure [Kibbutz Records]
Zupi – The Battle Begins [Bionic Sound Music Group]

Deep House

3RIN & Starla Edney – Cherry Baby [THRACE MUSIC]
Adarra – Coming Back (feat. Moe Palau) [bocina records]
Alex Spite – Phoenix of Love [Ulysse Deep]
Alias Frank Omaley & Jerry-Jerr – Anymore [Blanc Stone Lumiere]
Alkalino – Back To Limelight [Audaz]
B-Liv & Anthony Poteat – Over the Drums [PHXBLK]
Brock Edwards – My Boogie ’93 [Bob’s Your Uncle Records]
Buzz William – Screaming [Aero. Records]
Cafe Sol y Mar – Ocean Drive (Deep Mix) [Quark Records]
Can – I Don’t Need You [Soulmate Music]
Cavid Askerov & Gunel Veyisova – I Find You [Cavel Records]
Charles Stoner – Umbrella Issues [Wha Tha Loopers Music]
Charly Angelz – Gonna Be Alright [Moiss Music Black]
Chillin’ Williams – Business [House of Huemans]
Chris Stussy & S.A.M. – Get Together [Up the Stuss]
Christian Hoekstra – At Piaty [hoekstramusic]
Coco Basel – Shadow [Hoboken House]
Cristian Villagra – Travel [Estribo Records]
Cut Off – All I Want [DeepShine Records]
Dario Rosati – Sintonia [Valesca Records]
Darryl Albers – Show Your Love [Sub Factory Records]
David Kassi – Keep Groovin [Hit Me Up Records]
De’Real Musiq – Music & Glass of Whisky [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Deep Koliis – Distance [Sound of Soul Records]
DeLura & Liezl – Perfectly [Excuse My Gramma]
Dest Beatz – Tuluminati [Democratic Taste]
Detailed – Idylle Und Ruhe [Piston Recordings]
Dilby – No More Love [8Bit]
Dj Crazy Goat – Lifetime [Jhaps Records]
DJ Czezre – The Prodigy [Night Scope Deep Recordings]
Dj Elly – Elly – Let Him Go [Reacted]
DJ Leandro – Good Vibes Only [Hats Off Records]
DJ MARTY MCFLY – New Horizon [Balearic Trax]
Dj Steaw – Luv & Aron Volta remix [hedZup records]
DJ Tommy Noir – Let There Be House [Olbito Music]
Domestic Technology – Bye and Hello [Sol Y Playa]
Don Sizzle – Ten Minute Break [Deepen Sound]
Dopa Loka – Jungle [Jhaps Records]
Downtown 212 – Naive Love Song [Kaiser Wilhelm Records]
Franck Roger – New Hope [Real Tone Records]
Frede – Shore [Nomade Records (NO)]
Frede & Dylan Wayne – Power of Love [Kiwistage]
Gabriel Rocha – Machali [DECHAPTER]
Gert-Jan Kleyne & Roy Gomes – Guanaja 2021 [Biometric Music]
Gijs Cox – Endless Nights [Gijs Cox]
Gino Love – Brooklyn Banger [Veksler Records]
Goldspek – Cura [Feel Hype]
Gorum – Da Groove Funk (Remixes) [Banger Box]
Hoavi – Until Tomorrow [Minor Notes Recordings]
Jerom – Bluebox Immersion [FTLOH RECORDS]
Jesusdapnk – Fusion Roots [Purveyor Underground]
Jesusdapnk – Love the Mood [Lisztomania Records]
Joao Saad – Never Ends [AK Cartel]
John Umbrella – Orange Rain [Old Planet Records]
Justin Bely – Cardio [Jhaps Records]
KastomariN – Sorry [Sound of Soul Records]
Kgabz – Deuteronomy [TDGrooves Records]
Kokko Perelli – Forse [8Xclusive]
Kvinn – Cosmic Swing [Gravity Recordings]
Leandono – Dub Sessions [Hungry Koala Records]
Leeman Brothers – Deep & Delicious (Nickon Faith Remix)
Matt Taylor – Juno [Teo Florez INC]
Neon Transmission – Already Know [OverSoul Records]
Nerdbird – High (Alexandria’s Genesis Remix) [feat. Alexandria’s Genesis]
Nicola Nisi – Better Place [Moiss Music]
Nightly Closures – We Can Go Anywhere [Option]
Paizin – Reality (Radio Edit) [Deep Fild Recording]
Palmate – Mittelweg [Mutombo records]
PARA DEEP – Best Recipes [Jhaps Records]
Paratone, Giorgio Gee & Max – Johann – My Heart Is Trippin’ (feat. Indiigo)
Pascal Junior – In My Mind (JYYE Remix) [feat. Bastien] [Epic Tones Records]
Pycorns – Am loosing My feeling (Coozah Remix) [Ohman Records]
Quincy Raw – Big Fermion [Pocketmoth]
Ramon Bach – Evolution of Being [AIA D]
Random Fact – Suid Tronica Release May 2021 [Suid Tronica]
Red Bow Deep – House [Old Planet Records]
Rendow – Day [Gloamed]
Rianu Keevs – Elumination [Rianu Keevs]
Riky Mura – Around You [Kattivo Black Records]
Russell Trent – It’s All About the Gruv , Goodbye Summer [Electric Dangerous Records]
s0nicsp4ce – Rainy Nights [s0nicsp4ce]
Sable Blanc – Embrace It [Hustler Trax]
Savan – Llamarada [noto discos]
Schlindwein – Piano Tales [R.O.T]
Spiderthumb – Kashmir [Punch Up Records]
Static Bloom – Venomous Mind [Emergent Textures]
Stefan Addo – Sehnsucht [MUKKE]
Stefano Ardi – Fire [Floored]
T-Drum – The Book of Dave Tempo [Suonare Records]
T4ILSPIN – Rise Up [Standby Records]
Tape Maschine – Loosing Control [SoHo Beats Recordings]
THOMAS LIVING – Set You Free [DataTech]
Tom Boxer – Get physical [Tom Boxer Music]
Tom Conrad – Sativa Sundae [Adaptation Music]
Touch RSA – Black Crow [Diptorrid Recordings]
Tulshi – Chasing Shadows (feat. Inca Jones) [Sunken Sun Records]
Ulascan Topçu – Unshakeable [Soulmate Music]
Under Above – Nights Like This [Storm Music]
Uzzi P. – Can’t Replace [Jendex Records]
VA – 5 Years of Metro Compilation, Vol. 1 [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
VA – 40 Kymata [Dimka Records]
VA – Beach Side, Vol. 16 [Wight Label Records]
VA – Finest Summer Deep House [Final House Rec. (Spain)]
VA – For Your Senses Vol. 5 [Shamkara Records]
VA – Powerplant [Obazda]
VA – Remixes, Edits, And Old Stock [Aspect Audio]
VA – She’s Deep, Vol. 6 [She’s Super]
VA – Springbok Summer Opening Compilation [SBK235]
Vereux – Coast2Coast [Oh So Coy Recordings]
Viktor Wagner – Give It To You [Monofire Records]
Vincent R. – Ain’t No Sunshine (feat. Demitri Medina) [Asteroid Records]
Vloe_love – A Hint of You [659 Records]
Yunn – Someone Like Me (feat. Matteoni) [TGR Music Group]
Zetbee – Slave [Hive Label]
Zeuskiss – Drink Coffee [29 Deep]
ZHURO – Beginning [Wight Label Records]

Electro House

A DJ & a Singer – Our Boy [DJ & S music]
Alexander Vija – I’d Like for You [GOTTA RCRDS]
Alpha – Trainwreck [Null Recs]
Altra – Anywhere [Wiking Recordings]
Andy Ztoned & Chris Galmon – Falling Down [Paranoja Records]
Apex Shift – Panther (Radio Edit) [Hydrolyze Entertainment Studios]
Aslei de Calais DJ – Eletrika (feat. Karim Platinum) [EPride Music Digital]
BACKFLASH – Homeless (feat. Tjindjara) [Storm Music]
Berzerk & Twyzen – Waves [ONLY THE BEST]
BMP – Dare Mighty Things [Ypsilon Musix]
Boris Divider – Likvidatory [Propaganda Moscow]
Bruno Bassi – Batuk [Santander Music]
Brutal Oppozitz & Enak – 3 Dirty Musketeers [Walk Unit Records]
Bvltic – Go Hard [ONLY THE BEST]
Cheb Miaou & Shermar – So Far Gone (Remixes)
Konerytmi – Trilleri [Space Factory]
Leyla Deep – Anna [Raise Recordings]
Loky & Syneski – Dnt Forget [PLAYPACK RECORDS]
Max Roven & Musata – From Dusk Till Dawn [Musata Music]
Mike Miami – Ederlezi [Seal Network]
MusicByDavid – Help Me [High Five Music]
Nerdbird – High (Lorda Mercy Remix) [Nerdbird Records]
Nina Indi – Hovering in Space [Born To Live]
nms303 – Determination [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
Oguzhan Asil – Feel Like [Satsuma Music]
Oguzhan Yalaz – Easy Come Easy Go [ONLY THE BEST]
Pink Cat Empire – Vikky [Blondie Records]
Quando & Ezra Hazard – Into the Unknown (feat. Alex Jones)
Rafael Daglar & Marcelo Almeida – Lusa [EPride Music Digital]
Raffael Ferraro – Summer Love [Nervosound]
Roblox – Gameover [Headbox Records]
Sad Isaac & MagneticK TeMpoz – Gqom Trial (Remix)
Safwan – Extinction [BBX Music]
Scan 7 – Out of Nowhere [Transient Nature]
SEEQ – Festa de Fogo [Seal Network]
Shamil & Maniac – Lambo [Reload Music]
Verdun Remix & Noelinar – #Todo de Ti [Urban Club (LRM)]
Vincent Oliveira & Ludmila Vincent – Break Through
Vlad Lux – Flying [Hot Out The Oven Records]
wili – Heretic Maniac [ONLY THE BEST]
Yantosh – Love Got You [Music Laboratory Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

4Traks – Operation Chaos [Chill Caterpillar]
A e 1 – Recurring Dream [Forgot Imprint]
A Hundred Drums – Enough Is Enough [Deadbeats]
Above the Mex – Golden Cat [Chill Caterpillar]
Adam Francis – Shangri-La , Zen [Redux Sunset]
Aksutique & Matthias Springer – Subcomet [zerO413]
Alex Bimson & Miranda Myles – Angel Like You [Defined Music (UK)]
Alexandre Billard & Rosarum Rosis – Hyperstition [UML Records]
ALIX – All I’ve Got [ALIX]
Alterleo – Jeirach [Higher Love Recordings]
Amelie’ – My Mind [Miyako Records]
Amir Lee & Sora Ere – Virus Area [Amir Lee]
Analog Human – Deyrt Effort I Wanna See You Sweat [Into My House]
anatoly grinberg & Andreas Davids – Silence Noise [Ant-Zen]
Andy Slate – Pegasus#1 [Trippy Drops]
Andy Vol – Forrest [Pacific Melody]
Antonio Lopez – Ocean View [Halaveli Records]
Artem Cheros – So La La La (feat. Sheemy) [Past Future Jam]
Arthur Badasian – Big City [Ambient City]
Arthur Badasian – Bronza [Ambient City]
Asketa & Natan Chaim – Resuscitate (feat. Ni,Co) [Future]
Avetronics – Past has gone by (Radio mix)
Awo Ojiji – Nucleus Accumbens [Eclipse Tribez]
Bailo – Drillin’ [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
Beatwave – Back To The Start [FLUFFY CHILL]
Beneath Ancient Branches & Boy 8-Bit – Musical Accompaniments for Home Micro Role-Playing, Vol. 1
CUT_ – Breathe [[PIAS] Holland]
Dalston Druids – High Street Blues [Chill Caterpillar]
Daminika, Bryan Milton & Natune – I Won’t Sleep Remixes, Pt. 1
Daniel Hokum – Shadowman [LNDKHN]
Daniele Ippolito – Tempo [K-Noiz]
DarkBreakfast – Solstice [Pretty Vacant Recordings]
David Fragile – Feel Like [Seal Network]
David Lenders – Lie to Me (feat. Rhett Fisher) [Blanco y Negro Music]
DELETED SOUL – Oblivion [Elastica]
Derek May – Give Me a Moment [Sanlucar records]
Desire Marea – Tavern Kween (Single Mix) [MUTE]
Diamans – Brut [Estetica Records]
Dj Dharma 900 – Be Nice, Be Chill [Kuudos]
DJ Phantom 7 – Honeys Way [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Shub & Classic Roots – Shake Ya Bustle (feat. Hellnback) (Classic Roots Remix)
Dmoreno – Easy Come Easy Go [Spitfire Music]
DMP Tunes – Destitute [Baxtown Records]
Doc Timit – Orthopedics [Artistfy Music]
Dogmatic Ways Of Announcement – Audrey [Known Recluse]
Dream Web – Soft Slap [Chill Caterpillar]
Maori – Clothes Off [One Seven Music]
Matt Atten – Fm8090 [diametricaudio]
Matt Mirter & Raphael Palacci – Funky Plane [UML Records]
Methodub – Homeless Gods [Darkmospheric]
Michael Ford, NVSV & Menno – Safe and Sound [One Seven Music]
Michal Turtle & Suso Saiz – Static Journeys [Planisphere Editorial]
Michel Banabila & Jeff Greinke – Latitude and Longitude [Tapu Records]
Mick Jorgensen – Moons Cape [Dirty Lane Studios]
Mike Wayne – Happy Now [K-Noiz]
Milayo – Little Things [Pasir Records]
Minor Crime – Calumet [Capital Heaven]
Modeselektor – Dating is in China [Monkeytown Records]
Modulaar – Eternal Vol, 1 [Pitch the Noise Records]
Modulaar – I Give You My Heart [Pitch the Noise Records]
Mojuba & Chad Berry, Mojuba – Just a Minute [Magpie]
Moon Tripper – Ancestral Vision [Altar Records]
Moonshowers – Shadow Caster [Interhit Records]
Morgan Wright – Dysthymia [Burning Rose]
Mr.Animal – Believe in a Miracle (feat. Júlia) [Spitfire Music]
Mutehead – Crazy , Dancing in the Rock , Derby [Digital Village Music]
Narbsekt – Hipster [Ectomorph Record]
Nkom Bivoué – Before Zeun Ya Yop [Rebel Up Records]
Notron – Redefine [LYFE Records]
NoVert – Crank [NSNTR Records]
Nusaibin – Istan [Gülbaba Records]
O-GALLA – Be In My Life [Spitfire Music]
Onur Koç – Milos Remixes (Remix) [Pati Muzik]
Outrenoir – Loveless [Onto Records]
Palmer & Kadum, Palmer – Conjunction [DSRPTV Records]
Paul End – Bad Intentions [Stardome Recordings]
Paul Haslinger – Exit Ghost II [Artificial Instinct]
Pie Eye Collective – Flibbers (feat. Hector Plimmer)
Pinty – Tomorrow’s Where I’m Dub [Winged Feet]
Polymers – Phenomena [Kraftoptical]
Potlatch – The Moment [Cosmicleaf Records]
Qasim Naqvi – Head Within a Head [Erased Tapes]
QazOfficial – The World of the Future [Freshtunes]
Remedy Number – The Thief [Global Music Records]
Rob Circuit – Moos Pop [Dreibergen]
Robert Di Cosmo & Tomby – Missing [Sulino Records]
Rogg – Vincent Van Gogh [Euforisk]
Royal Blood – 100K [80’s Hop Records]
Ruido Selecto – El Barrio [Folcore Records]
Running in Reykjavik – Electronic Prisoners [Running in Reykjavik]
Sunrom – Nocturnal [Ano Ano]
Tally Tilly – Listen Up [Chill Caterpillar]
Talmaci – Plasma Phantasma [Freshtunes]
Tasda – Diva [Chill Caterpillar]
The Green Kingdom – Empyrean [Dronarivm]
The Horizontal Society – Lo Fi Sunsets [lo fi spiritual]
The Microgram – Give It Some Time [Forgot Imprint]
The Scientists – Quantum of Sound [Armadillo Records]
Thomas Blondet & Steven Rubin – Reflectioneering
Tim Ballo – Aldeide [Santa Voyage]
Tribeleader – Soulmate [Tribeleader Music]
twotrees & Nicolaj, twotrees – Nature [College Music Records]
Ugress – Scavenger Royale [Uncanny Planet Records]
Unthotof & Frythm, Unthotof & Saya – Lilac [SXN]
VA – Beats & Smoke Vol.3 [WayOn]
VA – Beats & Smoke, Vol. 2 [Bootable]
VA – Meditations A sonic response, Pt. 1 [MISBHV recordings]
VA – Rave Encounter, Vol. 3 [Rave Or Die]
VA – Seasons 2021 (S,S) [No Slack Records]
VA – Summer Moonlight 2 [Noevo Records]
Valance Drakes – A Patternless & Endless Soul [YUKU]
VSN7 – Anhedonia [NEDOSTUPNOSTb]
Wolk – The Journey (Sweet Suite Remix) [K-Noiz Select]
wtfhaks – Falling from the Moon [Emanate Direct]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Ambient Light – Northern Ridge
Axone , X_1 – Spring’s Getting Late [Room With A View]
Darkzy & Wulflock – Hold On [Crucast]
Dubplates From E14, Sa-Fire & DRS – Holding On [Discotheque Credits]
Jay Colyer – Tried [Nuvolve Music]
Matt Jam Lamont & Echelon (UKG) – So Good , Don’t Be [Undagrnd Freqz]
Mikey B – Need To [Wub Club Records]
Sling & Amanda Veneri – Still Save Me [Jendex Records]
Soka – U Know [Strictly Flava]
TM1 – Digital Glitch [Yosh Pit]
Troublesome & Statix – Real Vibes [PointBlank Records]


3ilha – Canto de Clara [Tree Sixty One]
Adelphi Music Factory – Electric Arc Furnace [Shall Not Fade]
Against The Tide – Frozen [VELVET BASSMENT RECORDS]
Alan Junior & Discodena – Purezza [Cadena Records]
Alan! – No Stress [Ghetto]
Aldous Harding – Old Peel [4AD]
Alex Spite – Foose [Alex Spite Records]
Alfredo Magrini – Darling [Made2Dance]
Algrthm – HP HP [KudoZ Records]
Allume – Appearing You [Hindu Vision]
Bellaire – Daytime (Session Victim Remix) [Allo Floride Records]
Ben Rainey & Caleb Laurenson – Love We Had [Cr2 Records]
Benny Dawson – Back In the Day [KIDK UK]
Benny Dawson – Undercover Lover [KIDK UK]
Biggoose – Fantasm [Alveda Pulse]
Bigstate – Classic [Another Rhythm]
Biósfera – Qzart [X-Swing Revolution]
Blawan – Soft Waahls [Ternesc]
Block & Crown – Listen To the Music [Next-Gen-Records]
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons & Maickel Telussa – Mighty House
Bloque M – Disco Warehouse [Loop Current Records]
Bomel & Georges, Bomel – I Left School For This [AOC Records]
Bonetti – Friends Like Mine [Groovy Riddim Records]
Bress Underground – House Attack [WAREBLUES]
Brick Top – Neon [Dirty Beatz Records]
Bruno Browning, Corduroy Mavericks – 15 Years of Soulsupplement Records
Brutu Music & Dobie – Funkupa (feat. Skinny Scotty & Queen Minerva)
Burn666 – Badhousemusic – Just House [Burn666Music]
C. Da Afro & J.B Boogie – Disco House MasterClass Vol.5 [SpinCat Music]
Calton Coffie, Peetah Morgan – Peak Riddim [Nah Lef Ya Muzik]
Canis Major – Baby [Soirees]
Carl Hanaghan & Ridney – Peace [Let There Be House Records]
Carmelo Prato – RUNNING [Trax Records]
CEEOFUNK – Little Dog [Bunkaball Records]
Chairmen of the Board & Wheeler del Torro – Reach Out (Doug Gomez Remix)
Charly Angelz – Get Loose [Little Jack]
Chris Jones & Miss Autumn Leaves – HOLD ON (ROGIER DULAC REMIX)
Clapmun – Black Shadow [X-Swing Revolution]
Col Wright – All Good [Chill Caterpillar]
Colour Castle & Ruby Turner – Chasing Love, Pt. 2 [Hot Sunday Records]
Cooler Da Souldigger – Stadiana [Mangie Business Solution]
Cooops – Like or Love [You Funked Up]
Corazon De Melon – Musica Que Envolve [Casa Club Records]
DJ Dove & Fred Dekker – Ruthless Aggressions [Total Freedom ]
Dj Emir – Fearless [LaBlacklistList]
DJ Monteblack & Rob Cappadonna – Oshivaba [El Muerto Records]
DJ Osiris – No More Drama [Delayed Music]
DJ Panya – Can’t Replace You (feat. Alice) [Big Tunes Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – Home Dance [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Pit – Shut the Funk Up [Elantris Records]
DJ Y & Coco Bryce – High Life [Dance Trax]
DJ-G – Lies (My Luv) [Rounded]
Dom Donato – Exotic [Digital Room Records]
Double B – Don’t Stress [Juicy Music]
Erdem Gul – Running for You [SSL Music]
Erol Temizel – Girl of Mine (feat. Macbayli) [T-Ekspres Produksiyon Erol Temizel]
ESPER & Courtney Drummey – Can You See It (Cappa Regime Remix)
Fabrizio Monaco – Disko Frisko [Space Shuttle Recordings]
Fantom Freq & Trst. – Diamondz [The Boat House]
Feenix – Better Things (feat. Jacko) [Down 2 Earth Musik]
Ference – Never Thought [Frncn Music]
FETISH – Rooftop Love [Pinnacle Collective]
Fil Alberga – One Love [Tactical Trax]
Frank Joshua – Hope Truth & Iodine [Numen Records]
Franky Rizardo & Ros T – Out the Fire (At the Hotel) [feat. Eunice Collins]
Franky Sweetz – Love Keeps Going On [S.M.A.S.H. Records]
FunkTonix – Flying Machines [Late Night Munchies]
Gallegos – Chronic Ensoniq [Holding Hands Records]
Inner Axes – Cosmic House [Zeroocho Records]
Isaac Rodriguez, Roy Garza & Jorge Ferron – Perla Negra [Marachi Records]
Jack District & Fantin – Jazz Pass [DeepBeat Records]
jacob poe – Soul Foundation (Includes 4Peace Remix) [Juiced Music]
Jairo DJ – Acid Jackin [FederFunk Family]
JAKE BR – Critical Mass [G-Mafia Records]
Jake Cusack – LUSH! [Funkdog Recordings]
Jam Jamiro – Feel Free (feat. Bianca Aristla) [SINTEZO RECORDS]
Jaxx – Searching 4 [Jaxx & Jordan]
Jaxx & Jordan – You Got Me [Darling Music Group]
Jessrey Glitch – Weep [Big Tunes Records]
Jetelmen – Filling [welofi]
Joe Valentin – Go Low [Track Turners Music]
Johnny Van Der Velden – Can’t Get Enough [Kiwistage]
Johnnydangerous – Callin You Lord (Remixes) [feat. Kenny Bobien]
Kazko – Candy Lover [Cultural District Recordings]
KB City, Raflo & Laura Vane – Roller Skate [Juicy Dance]
Keita Sano – In the Pool [Esuoh]
Kel Lee – Hot Summer [Chill Caterpillar]
Kid Simius – Chicken Mango [Jirafa Records]
Kikaterremotodj – Apollo [Power Of Love Productions]
Law & Wheeler, Mister Shifter – Dreada VIP , Visions of Apparitions
Leon Benesty – Pictures [Dobar House]
Leon3s – Faster [Privelege Music]
Leroy Tayler – Sun-Aqua Vibrations & Thumping Jello Beats
Lineen – Dancing at the Rain [Loud Club Records]
Link95 – Pray [Simma Black]
longstoryshort – I’ll Be Down [JustUs Recs.]
Luca Debonaire – On You [Sophisticated Elite]
Lucky Vegas & Diezcha – Carnival [Vamos Music]
Lug – Tellin’ Me [@SUPERSIZEUK]
Magitman – Soul Express [Mode Rhythm Records]
Makla & INNOBASS, Makla & White Gangster – Baile Haus [Group Chat]
Malcom Beatz – Copines [Malcom Beatz]
Maninginingi 26 & Sincola SA – Ao Nrekele [Dion Music Record]
Maninginingi 26 & Sincola SA – Mali Ya Spoko [Dion Music Record]
Mantissa & Ciel, Mantissa – Mantissa 001 [Mantissa]
Manu Santos – Liberulalism [Zarabunda Records]
Marc Mosca – Can See You Smile [Glitchworld Recordings]
Mark Stereo & Gio Padron – Como Una Novela [Xtereo Recordings]
Marvin Aloys – Control of My Life [Tactical Records]
Mat-Eeez – But Not for Me [Cabbie Hat Recordings]
Maxime Barthe – Last Exit [ANA Records]
Maximono – Real Talk [Parasoul Music]
Maze – Look Back [Mixa Records]
Memorie Cluster – Brother [Lescale Recordings]
Mick Jeets – Ne Sunsets [Comfy Sounds]
Pierre Codarin, Ruff Driverz – Pierre Codarin 007 [Pierre Codarin]
Pink Beaches – Sea Ya [Chill Caterpillar]
PLOMONN – Back in the Club [Mustache Crew Records]
Pocket Size Dave – Get Funky [Musical Euphoria Records]
Precious Touch – Bob [Dusty Gruvz]
Precursor (NL), Viktor Pavlik & Jenia Smile – Human [Luxury Night]
Pretence – Emotions [Uprise Music]
Pretty Fun – Make Em Say [Kiwistage]
Puch Flow – Dembow y Guaracha Vol 2 [Solo Sabrosura Records]
Pyerre – Little Light [Alphabeat Records]
Raredub – Moover [Sofia]
Redfox – Superstar [That Track]
Reggae Roast – Stop That Train (Outta Babylon)
rei brown – I Feel So Cold [Heroic]
Renaud Genton – Watcha Doin [Agenda]
Rescue – Go to Work [Pluralistic Records]
Sapienza & Maikel Miki – Picante [Dance And Love]
Scott Doe – Get Ready for Dis [Enemy Digital]
Sebastian Hanisch – Dance [Enjoy It Productions]
shiino & yankk – Bounce (Extended Mix) [Marylebone Records]
Siana Catherine, Xadrian & Priyasha – To Bae [FEATURE]
Sikker & Ovenlive – Falling For You [Alphabeat Records]
Simon Fava & Yvvan Back – Cuban Riddim [Enormous Tunes]
Sivz – All Night (feat. Mynxy) [DeepNHeat]
Slowpalace – Blurred [Night Mode]
Soft Sea – On the Reef [Chill Caterpillar]
Softmal & LLolita – Another Star (Sunset Anthem Mix) [Sunset Disco]
Soul Nomad – Kulengale [Subsume Records]
Soulbasics – City Lite [Dallinghoo Recordings]
Spayds – Cold Blood [Open House Records]
Spike Rebel – Music Talks [Patina Skye Music]
Stanislav – Ice Rink [OPENERS]
Starkov – Stand Up [P21label]
Stefan Groove – love feels good [Death Star Records]
Stefano Ardi – Shake (Santibyron & Rod Koppar Remix) [Baxxline]
Stereosoulz – So Alone [Street King]
Sub Conflict – Japan Warrior [The Earth Music]
Sugarstarr & Sandra Huff – Get Up (Andy Reid Remix) [Phoenix Music Inc]
Swanky – Keep Going [Pogo House Records]
Sweet LA – Make It Go [Zulu Records]
SYN23 – I Wanna Rock [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Synfidel – Rockstar [Behavior Recordings]
TAHIRI – Ratata [Alveda Music]
Taner Ozturk – Finally [Selfie Tunes]
Tanera – Saturday Night (Down Town) [TNRA]
Terry Wolf – Obvious [My Wife Records]
The Sharp Boys – Sharp Tools, Vol. 3 [Sharp Digital Recordings]
Thembeka Zungu, Jay B McCauley & Tony Garcia – African Woman (Mfazi Womafrika)
This Is the Kit – Off Off Oddities [Rough Trade UK]
Tisakorean – Drift (feat. Mighty Bay & Number9ok) [Opposition]
Tom Leeland – About Your Special Love [CRMS Records]
Tom Strobe & Lazy Squad – The Really Best of Tom Strobe
Tony Vinchi – Right Now [Sexy Chalet]
VA – Choices – 10 Essential House Tunes, Vol. 27 [RH2]
VA – Community Center’s Banger Service [Community Center]
VA – Defected Presents House Masters – Todd Edwards [HOMAS33D3]
VA – Disco Jackin Tunes [ULR539]
VA – Mid-town House Vol 2 [Mid-town Bundles]
VA – Midnight Vibes – The Jazz House Selection [SSRC005]
VA – Monday Dreamin’ Green EP [CLR001EP2]
VA – Monday Dreamin’ Violet EP [CLR001EP3]
VA – Street Bangers Factory 18 [Moveltraxx]
VA – Tullido Records Compilation, Vol. 16 (Tribute to Lyon) [Tullido Records]
Valentine Martini – Dropper [Intercept Music]
Vanessa Becker – Take Me Away [3rd Way Recordings]
Verdun Remix – #Sensual Seduction [Audio Killers Distribution]
Vernon Bara – Level Complete [Brique Rouge]
Verydisco – Roller Girl [Panthera]
Vin Vega – A Bailar Salsa [Eisenwaren]
Vincent Oliveira & Ludmila Vincent – Not Givingin [Project Beat One]
VINNE – On My Body [Revealed Recordings]
Vito Vulpetti – Perfect [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
von Eirichstein – Spring Sky [Artistfy Music]
XORCHN – Enigma [Night Sounds Records]
YAMOHE – Sola [D.D.S. Records]
Zapoff – Fearless [Big Tunes Records]
Zegg – Looking for You [PYRO NXT]
Zhanti – Come2Life [Kiwistage]

Melodic House & Techno

2Qimic – Never Mind
A million pretty things – Noire [30hertz]
Aamish – Interstellar [Pal’s Records]
Abysmal – Adventum [Nightfall Records]
Adrian Garza – Aurora Borealis [Sound of Life]
Aklow Official & Roger Vasha – People [911 Recordings]
Alegra – Founder (feat. Luke Coulson) [MONO.NOISE]
Alex Aguiar – Back to Me [Alveda Deep]
Alex Progress – Receptor [Sound Progress]
Alexander Ben – Deep In My Soul [Wake Wood Recordings]
Alkay – Ascension. [Mercurial Tones]
Andre Pulse, Anneto & JKaash – Following Your Eyes [Strawberry Moon]
Andrea Ghirotti – Vormir [Lamia Recordings]
Booka Shade – Heart of Stone [Blaufield Music]
Borne Aloft – Cinar [Ellum]
Borowsky – Gooma [Exx Underground]
Bruno Mendoza – Meditation [Deepmode Underground]
C37 – Needing Some Help [Crossworld Academy]
Can Durmus & Audionoble – Blitz [We Are Dreamers]
Celal Yavuz – To the Sea [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Charles Wastrel – Bokhe Log [ADRO Records]
Chen Her – My Dark Tears [Our Muzik Records]
Chris Albert & Fran Valdivieso – Safety [Sirup Records]
Christian Maestre – In Loving Memory [Deepmode Underground]
Closed I – Stereolito I [Stereolito]
Craft (EG) & Hazem (EG) – See You [TRIP and emotions]
Craig Gunn – Wizards of the Dune [DTL Records]
Daio Ruan & T-Chez, Daio Ruan – Friendship [Daio House Rec]
DECIDUOUS – Other World [Astral Records]
Dennis Engelhardt – Osmosis [Moon Rocks Schallplatten]
Dennis Franchi – Intuition [Vesta Records]
Detrusch – Dreams [Painted World]
Difive – Red Moon [Clipper’s Sounds]
Dilight – Digital Turbulances [Awen Tales]
Dj Global Byte – Steel [Speed Of Life]
DJ Leoni – White Wall [ADRO Records]
DJ Low Low & Caseet – Levitating [Normax Records]
DJ Stress M.C.P & Karz – Spring Rain [Azbuka Deepa]
djkool – Calling You [Sunwaves Digital]
Ducharme, Sam Holland – Genesis [Stanza]
Elias Soria – Attention [Mystic Carousel Records]
Ellis Sexton – Asia [Amadei Cultura]
Elysian – Time & Space [NIGHTRIDE Music]
Hannes Bruniic – Volt [Boiler Underground Records]
HD (BE) – Digital Army [SMR Underground]
Hector calypzo – Space Celesta [ANALOGUE STRINGS]
Hendo & Obiter, Hendo – Iconic Movements (Remixes) [Verflixt.]
Jack Carver – The Letter [Sounds Of Urban]
Javad Sedigh – Atlantis [Go Trybe Records]
John Wolf – Run It Down [Late Night Records]
Johnnyv & Acrobatik – So Afraid [Fluxo]
Jolasol – From Now On [HuL]
Jono Stephenson – Liberty [DIT KLINGT JUT]
Jordi Iven & Ray Rose – Lose Yourself [Memoirs Records]
Kapibara – Gaboon [Récits de Mars]
Kapshul – Oblivion [Beetroot]
Kayranda – Be Close [Sonar Records]
Kiman – Cassiopeia [Somatic Records]
Kooku – Kismet [Redwave Recordings]
Lady Caro’zart – Pretty Madness [Mental Schizophrenia]
Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray – Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen) [16BL Remix]
Larm Wolke – Oncidium [Lärm Wolke]
Leksom – Love Fractal [Red Eclipse Recordings]
Lian Gold – Alpha [Trippy Code]
Longflexion – Awakenings [Falling Recordings]
Małgorzata Staszak, Grzegorz Tarnik & Sander-7 – Neverland
Marc Spieler – Stranger [Morion Records]
Mario Mocca – Driven [Trippy Code]
Mark Tarmonea – Hunting [Bull In A China Shop]
Marymoon – Nalu [Anathema Records]
Matara – Both [ThreeRecords]
Mathey B – Titan [Alveda Music]
Matias Burna – Baltimore [Nightmare Unlimited]
Merkie – Soleil [Enormous Chills]
Michael Ritter & Felix E. – Heard You Say , Back in the Game
Michele Devito – Seasons [Outer Space Oasis]
Mika Henning – Cloud 9 [Ushuaia Music]
Mikalogic – I Can’t Go Out [RF Digital Factory]
Miles Atmospheric – Calling You Out (feat. The Apparition)
Minders, Ta’kaam & Xtabay – Silver Lining [ARKHAMRA]
Mood Gorning – Akoyeh [OMENI]
Mr Wof & Ivan Die – Tequila (Interludio) [Ivantisouls]
Mybestfrank – For an Angel [Nouveau Niveau Records]
Nandhouse – Red Zone [Mental Schizophrenia]
Nassim Mehran – The Bliss [Panterre Musique]
Natasha Wax – Morning Stars [Music4Clubbers]
Noidor – Cropp [Awen Records]
Nomann & Kegma – Selemene [Space Tale Records]
RasadRashi – Forest System [Agaraki]
Revenänt – Fortune [ONISM]
Shane Robinson – More Than You Know [A Must Have]
Shayan Pasha – Restless [Rezongar Music]
Simon Doty & Ezequiel Arias, Simon Doty – Solaris [Anjunadeep]
Slytek – Navigator [Standby Records]
SOSANDLOW – Stela [Cacao Records]
Sound Nomaden – Day in the Park [Nu Boheme Recordings]
That Ash – Afterglow [Chutney Black]
TNTS – After the Rain [HE-ART Blue]
Tomcraft & Artora – Hey [Magik Muzik]
Topsy Turvy – Fall Out [Differed Records]
VA – Better Togehter [V Sun Records]
VA – Suah Throwbacks [Suah Records]
VA – Summer Vibes 2021 ,,, The Originals [Flash Forward Presents]
Vêtu de Noir – Hell Fire Club [Karpat Rekord]
Wacko & Leedman – Never Was [Sequence Music]
Wasabi & M0B, Wasabi & Pollock – Everything Rmxes [Erase Records]
Washington Balduti – Simple Wave [IDGZ]

Minimal & Deep Tech

7even Icon & Yako – Deep Space [Urban Beat Records]
Ak (BE) – Week End [AXA Lab]
Alex Sounds – Hey Kids [Luthier Music]
ALOT & WasaoneR – Free Series 02 [Island Beats]
Alvaro Medina – Milwaukee [Dreams On Wax]
Ciclo & Jose M. – No Pics Here [PEOPLE SAY]
CL-ljud – Cambiamenti [Hosting Rebels]
Clark Morrison – Plage Notre Dame [STIG]
Clodoveo – Gotta Light [Bella Vie Music]
Close to Custom – Ratched. [Insane]
Close to Custom – Rhythm Import [Metafloor Records]
COLAMBO – Don’t Worry Boy [Le PaRi Records]
Cosenza – Mandela Effect [Djebali]
Dubb Crafty – Squelsh [Licked Label]
Dubphone & Igor Vicente – Gravity [Double Trouble]
Dxnby – Music Mind Incl. Tiorted & Canty Remixes [Abstrakt Music]
DYI Mob – Defecto [Rodents]
Elléot & Andrey Djackonda – Housebound [AVOTRE]
Erw Tek – Motion Sound [Asone Records]
Esteban Gutierrez – Diatomea [Quattro Formaggi]
Exxes – Organette [Not So Serious Deep]
Fab Spina – Season One [Dushe Label]
Felipe Vargas (CH) – l’attrice [Sacudan Records]
Fernando Campo – Agosto [Rec Musique]
Flaker – Hatman [Fonosfera Records]
Gon Baigorria – Dance Hell [R Records]
Grwvtec – Candi [Benichyo Label]
Hart & Neenan & Elliot Chapman – Do It Again [Do Not Sleep]
Hassio (COL) – Loco Loco [Vulkano Records]
Heartwerk – I Woke Up a Badd Mann [Never Forever]
illAx – The Resistance [Dul Recordings]
Jake Boomer – Rocket Science [Seshling Records]
Jake Twell & Lyand – Bring Tha Funk [Muka Records]
Jay Oss – Wonderful [Ofrenda Music] Julian – Ciphers [Eagervision Records]
Kai Zen & Vitor Lang – Set Me Free [Aloha Records]
Keano (UK) – Go Ahead [ALTR Records]
Lubelski – B Yrself [Superfreq]
Lucho Bragagnolo – Croissance [dZb Records]
Luke Nash – Take the Groove [Cocoa]
Magnus Asberg – So Now [Future Is Now Records]
Manuel Guzmán – Groove Element [Street Grooves Records]
Marios Groove – Stargate [Odd Pleasures]
MartinoResi – Girl Voice [Techaway Limited]
Matias Menafra – Hustling [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Maxwell Gonzalez – Gloom [Tactil Music Label]
Medu & Odille Lima, Medu – Re-Edits 3 [Tip Tap Records]
Mi MA – Lucky Punch [Dark Groove Records]
Miguel Duque – Remind Me [The Antisocial Club]
Moko & Bianca Po – Let Me Tell You [OZONO RECORDS]
Munkel Mann – Reality [Techgnosis Records]
NEATKID – Dusk – Down [Kootz Music]
Nic Siena & Sossa – I Want It [Sunclock]
OLLVR – Felicidade [Miaw]
Paniz69 – Sick Fruit [Boh]
Paul Gavronsky – Deep Travel [CamelMusic Records]
Peku – Electric City [Evil Flow.]
Peku & Bluntac – Cosmic Dust [Clacking Drums Music]
Perky Wires – Jettin’ [Moan]
qqqq – Eli.Sound Presents QQQQ From USA [eli.traxx]
R Frederick & Guti Legatto – El Arte del Groove [BNN RECORDS]
randy adams – Bon Voyage – [BBop Music]
RL – You Are My Heartbeat [Klap Music]
Ron Ractive – Sometime [Styledriver]
Sam Haskin – Polonio [Key Records]
SameSame – Undisputed Champion [Elarum]
Samuel Rodriguez – You Got Soul [T4 Label]
Sergio Del Sol – Funkomelo [Hatching Creatures]
Shelldom – Al Caer la Noche [La Madre Suprema]
Thorkell Máni – And Again [Conceptual Deep]
To.mi Hash – One Step [IWANT Music]
Unknown Artist – Forno d’autunno [Conunder]
Use Kit – Bro(t)adcast [Baked Birds]
VA – Blbva01 [Borderline Black Records]
VA – Deeptrick Vol. 11 [WHO276]
VA – Dimbideep Music 10 Years Anniversary 1 – 3 [DimbiDeep Music]
VA – Experience, Vol. 6 [Carmelo Carone Experience]
VA – Hot Tracks Vol. 1 [Music Viral Lab]
VA – Lively Trend [4 Quarters Music]
VA – Sides B like Bohmbs Vol.1 [Boh]
Vadi (AU) – Dope [Street Habitat]
Vidaloca – I Got This [Whoyostro]
Watsche – What About the House Music [Miffed Out]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

Aaron Sevilla – City (Alejandro Manso FRSCKO Interpretation)
Afro Image Band – Disco Paradise [Funky Sensation Records]
Afro Image Band – La Vie en Rouge [Disco Pool]
Afro Image Band – Stretchin [BeachGroove Records]
Alexny – If You Missed the Groove [Slightly Transformed]
Alpha Dogg BG – Away [Maniana Records]
André Rech – Universum [TheWav Records]
Andy Mate – California Mode [Disco Pool]
Andy Mate – Come On Baby [Funky Sensation Records]
Andy Mate – Mosaic Bass [BeachGroove Records]
Antiteston Corporation – Sound of a Boy [Stereofly Records]
Antonator – Shadows (Remixes) [Anto Recordings]
AP & Edd, AP & NYRK – Somewhere New [Fantastic Voyage]
Disco Secret – Agua de Mar [Disco Pool]
Disco Secret – Blondie Rap [Funky Sensation Records]
Disco Secret – Boogie & Walk [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Cosmic Loud [Funky Sensation Records]
Disco Secret – DANCE and GROOVE DO the FUNK [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Disco Desire [Funky Sensation Records]
Disco Secret – Funky Do It Better [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Glad You Make It [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Hot for Me [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – James Bond [Disco Pool]
Disco Secret – Sexy Satisfaction [Funky Sensation Records]
DiscoGalactiX – One More Time [Whitebeard Records]
Domestic Technology – Miss June [3S]
Drunvaloop – Akula [Mole Music]
Eisor – Night and Day [& Other Moods]
Elsa Del Mar & Jason Rivas – Paraguas de Colores [Tarangrooves Music]
Even Funkier – Gas in the Tank [Ripe Pear Records]
Faroul – Live ,, Inch by Inch ,, Open Office [Faroul]
Frank Fonema – Lovin [Les Folies Digitales]
Funkatron – Con il nastro rosa (Extended Mix) [Cut Rec]
Gain Of Seven – Atmosphere , Foreigners In Paradise [PRDS Direct]
Gyrotto – Carry On [DJ008 Records]
Hall Cooper – Go Away [Anakao Records]
Hallex M – Everybody (feat. The Illustrious Blacks) [United Music Records]
Manuel Costela – Noir [Boite Music]
Manuel Grandi – Here We Go (feat. Lisa Rudy) [B Club Milano]
Micky More & Andy Tee – Not Your Average Kind (feat. Angela Johnson)
Midnight Man – Decide [Funky Sensation Records]
Midnight Man – The Rocket Starts [Funky Sensation Records]
Ministry of Funk & Zingabeat – Join Hands (feat. Liber Galloso)
Nelli – Vostok [Nein Records]
NODARLING – Spaceship (El Fulminador Remix) [Fulmen Records]
Pato Rivera – Me Gusta Bailar [Funky Sensation Records]
Patrick Alavi – Targeted Individuals [Patrick Alavi]
Phatt Freddy – No Disco [TaiJi Red Records]
Psychedelic Digestion Therapy – Psychedelic Digestion Therapy
Rasmus Faber & David Harks – Never Enough [Paper Wave]
RBZ & THEUS FERREIRA – Storms Don’t Last Forever [Voyeur]
Roberto R11 – Darkseid Evolution [L.B.A Groove records]
Robiin – Be Blind [Reborned Music]
Roma Alkhimov & Gleb Bykox – Idyll [Chain Recordings]
Ronan & Lila Frascara – Never Forget [Music Brokers]
Santa Voyage – Just to Me (feat. Kelebriligi) [Santa Voyage]
Shanique Marie – Gigi’s House [Equiknoxx Music]
Silence Fingers – Digital World [Purple Boogie]
t-Zhuk – Trunk [MOOFLY]
VA – Exhibition, Vol. 3 [Multinotes]
VA – Nothing But… Keep It Funky, Vol. 01 [NBKIF01]
VA – Summer Essentials [TRC97]
W.O.L.F. & Miguel de Bois – Main Roll [Phisica]
Yasii – Talk 2 Me [1015 Digital]

Organic House & Downtempo

A.M.R – Smile [Monstercat]
AA-Shaa – African Buddha [BEATZ]
Abdallah balti & TrykY – Arabica [Beyond Recordings]
ADWAITH RAGHURAAM – Lakelet (feat. Neha Narayanan)
Aksak Maboul – Tous KO [Crammed]
Amonita – Aura [All Day I Dream]
Andrea Onorati – Ancient Ruins [Blessed Cross Records]
Anna Vega – Keep On Dancing [Algarve Records]
Art Demoir – Obvious [Phunctional Loungin]
Eguana – Exotic Sweetness [Cosmicleaf Records]
Evan Hatfield – It’s Midnight [Pinkturban]
fwd,slash – Irregularity [ChillYourMind]
fwd,slash – Lullaby [ChillYourMind]
Gabriel Balky – Souls [7 Armies Music]
Glint – Gotta Move On (feat. Mia) [Sine Music]
Greg Ochman – Enjoy the Stars [Sirin Music]
Heavy Pins & YAAN – Nostos [Nostalgia Records]
Hireneus – Blue Sky [Naucrates Music]
I Am Jas – How Can I [Musica Cavernicola]
Igor_Pumphonia – Desert Love [Stazis]
Jazzy System – Hybrid Jazz [Freebeat Music Records]
Jimba – Sunny Days [Blue Bay Records]
Jonny Martyr – Dms (Dokkodo Sounds Remix)
Jose Solano – Karma Machine [Magic Garden Records]
Kalvo – Rusty Rhodes [One Of A Kind]
Kapchiz – Todo [Kosa]
Sylva Drums – Erg Chebbi [Cadencia Music]
Tha_Guts – Fake Stone [COCADA MUSIC]
Thanos Kalentinis – Thourion Asma (Remixes) [Meditelectro]
ThroDef, Michalis Koumbios & Panos Dimitrakopoulos – Astradeni (Summer Dub Mix)
Transient Lines – Calm Unrest [Radicalis]
Trippin Jaguar – Moon [Amselcom]
VA – Chilling Summer House [Weekstart Music]
VA – Soukmelange Vol 5 [Souksonic]
Valeron – Bali [Bercana Music]
Waxwood – Who’s Your Real Friend [Hug Records]
X-Attack – To Telefteo Psema (feat. Stadi) [Meditelectro]
Y.LOH – Illusione [WAYU Records]

Progressive House

AkkiraVH – Promised Place [Futurity Music]
Alande – Reason , Why [Sekora]
Alberto Santana – Deep Breath [Bonzai Progressive]
Alerio – Nest (feat. Merve Ekinci) [Moonster Music]
Alex Wave (RU) – Arabian Dune [TRIP and dream]
AlexK – Love, Mistery [C.A.Y. Records]
Alfonso G – Yeah [76 Recordings]
Connor Martin – The Persuader , Fool Me Once
Corren Cavini – Close Enough (feat. The Ultraverse) [Zerothree]
Cosmosolar – Mystery Gas , Yokise [La Mishka]
D’nox & Stan Kolev – What If [Outta Limits]
David Torres (COL) – Dedham [TRIP and dream]
Deviu – Forever with Us [Purified Records]
Dieter Dressler – Black Box [Fatal Music]
Dimel De Silva – Chiththakara [Another Life Music]
Dion Anthonijsz – Vulcan [AAAMSOUND]
Dirk Bettermann – Kinda Wrong [Dancewood Stage]
DISCO19 – Sea of Stars , First Stones [Pure Progressive]
DJ Krav – Free Fall [AIDC Records]
DJ Ruby – Parallel in Time [aboriginal]
DJG – Tripping into the Wrong Cloud [Triskel Music]
Doma – Lucero , Kolibri [Plattenbank]
DPS – I Will Let You in [73 Muzik]
Dr. Polak – Aquavit [Cloud Of Silence]
Dudu Nahas – Red Eyes [Highbytes Records]
Enio Prod – Lone Raven [Take My Space]
Enlusion – Astarte , Crepuscular [Forescape Digital]
Ersin Atli – Wonders [Majestik Records]
Fatih Kosar & E. Eren – Warrior [Techno Tehran Records]
Fazlen, Mattim – Aboriginal Instincts 04 [aboriginal]
Feyln – Burn (Radio Edit) [Emercive Recordings]
Following Light & Geerk – Twisted World [LOS SANTOS DIGITAL]
FRANCIS JAMES – Follow Me [So Deep Recordings]
Giorgi Magradze – Defenders of the Valley [Take My Space]
Goda Brother & Gabriel Filip – Crepuscular [Eat My Hat Music]
Govinda (Arg) – Formentera [Massive Harmony Records]
Grammik – Questions [Steyoyoke]
Gray-LAN – Quasar [Sunset Horizon]
J-Me Griffiths & SJ – Place & Time [Foxtrot Alpha Recordings]
Jona Fosh – Plasma [Street Grooves Records]
Josep – Flux [Deep State]
Juan Erbin – Better Days [Droid9]
Juan Sapia & Hasith – Masana Embrace [Clubsonica Records]
Kamilo Sanclemente & DaBeat – Atria [Plaisirs Sonores Records]
Moe Turk – Darkness [BEATZ]
Narel – Relinquish [JOOF Recordings]
Neptun 505 – Sequent Sunset [IONO BLACK]
Nick Lesta – Forgotten Places [Nick Lesta Records]
Nick Lewis – This Is Love [JourneyDeep Records]
Nicolas Calderon – Hold This [Underground Roof Records]
Nōpi – Ethnic Kiss , Window [BeatFreak Recordings]
Olly Klars – Full Moon [Capital Heaven]
Paul Honey – Its Been a While [Melodic Beats Recordings]
Raul Ron – Paragon [TRIP and emotions]
Redspace & Robby Castellano – Red Zone [Monkey League]
Remiel – Another Round [TRIP and dream]
Ricardo Piedra – Astrophysics [PHW Elements]
Ricardo Piedra – Sacred Home [Future Avenue]
Ridwello – Lose Control [RUN DBN]
Robbie Rivera – Compressor [Dancepush]
Rockka & VegaZ SL – Endless Borders [Mistique Music]
Rod V – Natura [BC2]
Rudra – Pariwartan , Bhor [Mango Alley]
Saash – Heart [Deepmode Digital]
SALAZAR & Hobin Rude – Maeror , Lacrimae [Stellar Black]
SANI NIMS & K3SARA – Masadda [Mystic Carousel Records]
Sebastien Kills – Angel [KILLS PROD]
Sedoy – Chance [SevenSky Records]
Sedoy – Matter [SevenSky Records]
Sergey Kolchak – Easy Climb [Elastic Dimension Records]
Simon Berry – Lark Descending [Platipus]
Sixteen8 – Baatara [Emergent Shores]
Smart Wave – Melancoli3 (Remixes) [Summer Melody]
SmokeFade – Appreciate Loneliness [ReState Records]
Space Motion & Sassa – Sadness [Area Verde]
Stashion – Dont Let Down [TRIP and emotions]
Tedra – Supernova (Remixes) [Dark Mirror Records]
TourerDJ – Speak to Your Higher Self [U-NIGHT RECORDS]
VA – BCSA Sampler, Vol. 4 [BCSA0493]
VA – Visceral 095 (2021)
VA – Visceral 096 Past Forward VIII (2021)
Vasily Goodkov, Ann Polsh, Lessya & Mashbuk Music – Imagination
VegaZ SL – Black Hole [OLD SQL Recordings]
Volaeo – Dive [Love Some Dance]
Wondermee – Depeche Down [WE WORLD]
Zain Conor – Future Rave [Electric Station]

Tech House

Aaron Noise – Let Me Out [RUVA House Records]
Adryen – Kina [Techara Music]
AHOBAKA – Back in Business [NAIPE RECORDS]
AKURI & BOOLIT – No Tomorrow [LowFreQ Records]
Alberto Olea & 4LBA – Diguerengue [Free Society Industries]
Alevtina – Speak to Me (Miguel Bastida Remix) [RIM]
Benny Camaro – DIsconnected [Under Town Ground]
Berley – Warm Coast [Marktek Records]
Bipolar Mind – Cyclone [Materialism]
Bitrarex – Airside Bass in Your Face Black River [Into My House]
Bloc-Chain – Heart Sink Boy [Onelove]
Bodygroove – Phonk [Ribox Records]
Boo Yakka – Crazy Diamond [DOT Dance]
Bowie & Tony Bezares – Hesitate [Nu Life Recordings]
Branco Simonetti – Yo [Go On Trax]
Brunelli – Pac Sessions [NAIPE RECORDS]
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High Clap, Cool 7rack & Remix Dance Covers Culture – Beautiful Diamonds
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Juampi Saillen & Samuel Rodriguez – One Night
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