Afro House

Alexander Ben – African Stomper [Wake Wood Recordings]
Ali Kuru – Son Mansour [MoBlack Records]
Breyth – Trust Us [Arrifana Records]
Claude Le Blanc – Shanti Mantra [Vamos Music]
Derrick Flair & Buder Prince – Ulithemba Lami (feat. Ze2)
DJ Bud Feeling – Invasion [ZK Music Records]
DJ Disciple – Poles Apart (Blackk Vocal Mix) [feat. Damilo] [Catch 22]
DJ Kafi – Ung’chazile [Ubizo Café]
DJ LeeMac – South Tribe [ records]
DJ Lizaboy – Africa Unite [Afro Truly Music]
Dr. Feel – Sinai [Guettoz Muzik]
Dust N – Dudlu (feat. Young Mbazo & Pacific) [InQfive]
Echo Deep – Tribalism [Blaq Diamond Boyz Music]
Edson López – Silenth [Finason RCRDS]
Edson Prod – On My Way [STUDIO KiNO]
Floyd Lavine – Story Tellers, Pt. 2 [Afrikan Tales]
France M & Mufazar – African Dream [Me and Music Digital Distributors]
Frannz – Passion [Inward Records]
InQfive & Thab De Soul – Perfect Stranger [SP Recordings]
Kathy Kay SA – Spiritual Talk [SMR]
Lala De Toxic – Mama Dlamini (feat. MJ the RIDER) [Dion Music Record]
Lies & Truths – Kuna Tulemala [Earthly Delights]
Linos Rosetta & Nurogroove – Open Minded [Aluku Records]
Marco Corvino – True Story [SP Recordings]
Mata Jones – Asi Que Figlio Unico [Conscious]
Mikael Martinez – African Rhythm [Chivirico Records]
Mosco Lee, Nubz MusiQ & Katika – Winter Dawn [Drum Kulture Records]
Mphozil & Sej_, Mphozil – Simple Overtones [Ocha Mzansi]
Mtsepisto – This Is Who We Are [Pasqua Records S.A]
Nero Adore – Hypocrities [Afrocentric Records]
Qarcii – Avara [BlackSea Records]
Roque – I’m Sorry Mercy (Dj Stherra Remix) [feat. Ms Dippy]
Shona SA & Audius – Kura Uone [Celsius Degree Records]
Soulic M – Nabaya [InQfive]
Thab De Soul – Beyond the Mountains (feat. Aimo) [My Sound Box]
UltraMatiq – Izulu [Maluku Records]
ZIDDO & TorQue MuziQ, ZIDDO & Vibe Afrika – Isphuzo [Seres Producoes]


Alanna Lyes – Back Around (feat. Atom Smith & Riff Kitten) [Freshly Squeezed Music]
DiscObeta – Down the Block [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
Face & Book – B-Code [Ravesta Records]
Forgotten Sounds – Space Jazz [Devil Den Records]
Fufi.SNC – Monsterra Mansion [Slam City Jams]
Henry Sparkz – Shape the Future [PointBlank Records]
Jubilee – Don’t Play This [Magic City]
Liquid Earth – Stereo Goblin , Native Sun [Liquid Earth]
Mauko – UFO [Amity Recordings]
Obsidian Wave – 8Line [Safe As… Records]
Paulo Ventura & SICKISH – I Don’t Die (Swag) [Phunk Junk Records]
Skynet – Lite Cycles [True Skool Music]
Slumgod – Awol [Free.99]
Ste Roberts – 6 [STE]
Swarov – I Want Peace [Psicodelia Records]
Trance Wax – Nitedream (Nathan Micay’s Radical Chic Mix) [feat. Jan Johnston] [Anjunabeats]
Zantin – Ptmb2u [Beast Trap Records]


!Tang, Prince China & Revealed Recordings – Don’t Wanna Fall [Revealed Radar]
5WEST – Anything Can Happen (Benny Benassi Remix)
Afro Bros & Iski – Pum Pum [Afreaka Records]
ALAMPA – Don’t Care [Nopassport]
Andrea Cecchini – Bonita (feat. Kreliska) [La Marema Records]
Ann Thaiss – Hear Me [Joyful Noise]
Aukai & Jamshied Sharifi – The Unanimous Now [AUKAI]
Banana Biz – Don’t Leave [TRENT]
Beatmount & ONEIL – Heads Will Roll [Lithuania HQ]
Beiba – Questo Swing [Epidemic Electronic]
Bellorum – Front [Dancing Dead]
BiEFFE – Way More Time [Seveneves Records]
Bless You & Magnificence – What I Did To You (Magnificence Remix) [One Seven]
Boisterous Men – Talasi [Feel Decimal Recordings]
Boy Kiss Girl – Sunny Malibu [Up All Night]
Braaten & Chrit Leaf & Aili – Seaside [Loudkult]
Breeze – Trying Not to Drown [Kibbutz Records]
Cégiu – I Owe You Nothing [igroovemusic]
Charlie Boulala & Andrew Ross – Sunset (Andrew Ross Remix) [V Records UK]
Charming Horses & MBP – Save Me [Nitron Music]
Chillpoint Charlie – Deadlock (Cpc Edit) [Revanche Records]
Chris Kaos – Make It Clap [ZEROCOOL]
Clueless – Yeti (Da Clubbmaster Remix) [ZYX]
Codeko – Setting Fires (feat. Lu-Ma) [THRIVE MUSIC]
Cosmo’s Midnight – The Get Down (The Romderful Let Down) [Nite High]
Crime Doctor – The Hum [Nevadun Records]
D’Sound & Macy Gray, D’Sound, Zida – Save Some (ZIDA Remix)
DA Monkey Business & German Leguizamon – Domala (Baila Cumbia)
Danny Villagrasa – Stay [ultrawave records]
DJ Click & Masha Natanson – Djclick & Masha Natanson [No Fridge]
DJ Drago – Destiny [D.D.S. Records]
Dj kica, DJ Vavvá – Kick the Scratch (feat. Dj kica) [Artdom Records]
DJ Teo – Cinco Docex [Urban Club (LRM)]
Don Paolo – Turn the Music Up [Keep!]
Dreem – Rayn , New Jade [Epidemic Electronic]
Dualities – For Your Love [LoudKult Div.]
Dwin & PollyAnna – Broken Record [Lithuania HQ]
Dymd – Changes [Columbia,B1 Recordings]
ESSED – Without U (feat. André Theo) [1st Strike]
EVAN GIIA – Mood Swings [Astralwerks]
Externe Speichereinheit – What About Us (feat. Shamala) [Bavaria HQ]
EyeMad – Single’s Dance [Kibbutz Records]
Fabian Palacios, Tommy Jayden & IMPVLZ – Stars [Protocol Recordings]
Fer Almeida – Dancefloor [Holy Pig Records]
Focality – Night Bus , Nation [Epidemic Electronic]
Földes & Martin Eriksson – My Everything (Edward Jonasson Remix) [Ninetone]
Frankie Solano – Around U [Frankie’s Kitchen]
Fun Fun – Color My Love (Rivaz ’80 Extended Remix) [Energy Production]
Gadyca & Duke Luke – Where Did You Go [Lithuania HQ]
Gian Zwick – Don’t Wake Me Up [Spitfire Music]
Hardware – Losing Control [Play Records]
Hardy Becker – Get Back to Love [Jendex Records]
Highly Sedated – FACE (s) IT [Size Records]
Hitimpulse – Caribou Lou [Columbia,Kookie Diamond]
Hoxtones, Aboutblank & D-Fe – Omen (feat. Menno) [Golden Chocolate Records]
Iker Azcué – Back To You [Stardome Recordings]
Jaxon Viaan, ACE Vision & TZ Easy – Make Me Feel [Jendex Records]
Mila Rubio – I Feel Free [Media Land]
Mila Rubio – Karma [Media Land]
Mila Rubio – Silence [Media Land]
Milwin, Discrete & Sofia Karlberg – Glowing Up (feat. Tudor & Tuso)
Mohtiv – Bounce Like This [ZEROCOOL]
Moses, EMR3YGUL & Can Baond – Paris [LAB Recordings]
Neonracer82 – Girls of Summer [Neonracer82 Music]
Nounours – Where My Heart Is [Miel Records]
Ostblockschlampen – Tomorrowland (feat. Octavian) [Nitron Music]
Patrić – Atomic Cosmos [DEEP WOODS]
Persida M. & Daniel Baciu – Only By Grace [Beat Of Heaven Records]
Sub Max Records & Rasky – See It in Your Eyes [Sub Max Records]
Teo Waves – Love You Anymore [RUN DBN]
The Greatest Bits – Among Us (Drip Remix) [BitCave Records]
Tima Dee, Madcon & Nairobi – Makes Me Feel This Way [Loki Artist Group]
Tom One, JenJammin Sax & Miranda Myles – Let the Freedom Begin [Kings Commotion Records]
Tom Wilcox & DJKC – She’s Like the Wind (feat. Tom Luca) [C47 Digital]
Tommy Marcus – By Your Side (Radio Edit) [Resolution Recordings]
Tracy Young & Duncan James – Doin’ Enough [Ferosh Records]
Twotripz – Running Back [Day Dose Of House]
Vandebilt – The House that Vandebilt [Unison Music & Events]
Vinze – No Need for Questions (feat. Joanna) [Up All Night]
Weninger – High Times [Underground Tunes]
X-Tropic & SKOMY – Do U Wanna [Behalf Music]
Yenko – Wao [Fresh Music]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

A.B.T. – ABT2 (A Burrell Thang)
Adam Stacks – Hafen 49 [Beans and Bacon]
Adrian Loyd – Down [Air Music]
Aglet – Sleep Now [Polarity Records]
Agnnih & Izhy – Zou [Circle of Life]
Ala Chokri & Salvo Migliorini – Pandora Deep [Tibetania Records]
Almad – Parallel [PlayHouse Time Records]
Altug Altay – Questions to Heaven [Audioffice Records]
Andre Longo – Expression [Potw Records]
Ante Perry, Dayne S & IMYD – Better Mind (Remixes) [Phoenix Soul]
Anton Ishutin – Talisman [Road Story Records]
Azit – Red Smoke [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Bahia 17 – Old Black Man [Grooveless Recordings]
BeeKay Deep – Aeons [Grooveland]
Bernardo Campos, Icle & Bruce Leroys – Connected [Underdogs Music]
Blakey – All Night Long [kluBasic Records]
BNinjas – The TV Commercials [True Deep]
Brothers in Lows – Fusion Flava [Ripe Pear Records]
Brutu Music & Remywest – Rainy Day [Society 3.0]
BWK Project & Sarah Etheridge – There for You [SSL Music]
Djexpo SA – In Killzit’s Image [Altitude of House Music]
DVRK Henning – Vetv [TDGrooves Records]
Edward Snellen – Close To You [cocane]
Eelke Kleijn – You (feat. Diana Miro) [Patrice Bäumel Remix]
Epicsamu & Jeremy Bass – I Wanna Know – Jeremy Bass & All Fred Remix
Eren Erdol – Not Your Love [NDYD Records]
Faraón – Touch Me Like You Want [DeepShine Records]
Ferdinand Kramer – Silver Man [Old Planet Records]
fleet.dreams – Infinite Divinity [Leopard Cage]
Franck Roger – Key Largo [Real Tone Records]
French Boss – People Will Disappoint You [Pure Beats Records]
Fritz Kölner – Der Atlas [Nomade Records (NO)]
Furkan Dulda – For Life [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
Gar & Smyk – Highlands [Hands In The Air]
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Trancelation [Biometric Music]
Gustav Boje – Hostage [No Fame Only Talent]
HEIN KLEIN – Sun Goes Down (Camps Bay Sunset Mix)
Hot Pixels – So Tired [Teddy Bear]
Hypnotrixx – In Search of You [Eat The Beat Records]
Immersif – Riding Fast to Watsons Bay [Sooo WET]
Imran Mwangi – So Good [Mole Music]
InQfive – Deeper Than Politics [InQfive]
IT-XPO – Super [Mechanical]
Jake Cooper & Otto Palmborg – Waiting for Love [Miami Beats]
James Silk – Hottie [Salted Music]
Jason Pascascio – Like a Child (Kingdom of Heaven)
Jay Sander – Flowers [Lemon Juice Records]
Jeme – Small Little Thought [KNZ Records]
Lee Houser – Poems Like These , A New Hope [Uniting Souls Music]
Lewis Daniels – Love Puss [Friday Fox Recordings]
Loxion OsnoTvni – Beees & Flowwers [Deep Clicks]
Lukysh – Disconnected [Enormous Vision]
Mago Jefa – Enlil [Nebular Tunes]
Maksim Biserov – Windowsill [TOKYO UNDERGROUND RECORDS]
Marc Cotterell – What You Need [Plastik People Digital]
Markeniy & Aslai – Albi [Futura Records]
Martin Hayes – Black Pepper [Mating Rituals Recordings]
Marvin Zeyss – Living Forever [Space Breaks Records]
Mauri Fly – Deep Mind [Graba Music]
Medlar – Aerial [Wolf Music Recordings]
Melih Aydogan – Ayo Technology (Sean David Remix)
Micky Stardust – Reading Between the Lines (Vocal Version)
Modern Culture – No Secrets [TGR Music Group]
Moshiana – Stay With Me [Da Fuba Records]
MOTAN – Closer [DeeVu Records]
N.A.O – Lose Control (feat. Clarence Clive) [Sub Max Records]
N.E.O.N & LRDZ – Losing Myself [Burn Music]
Nstrument – Over You [Ghetto]
Ordonez, Paul Van Duc – Lose Control [Sub Max Records]
Oscar Barila – In the Sky [Large Music]
Overcubed – Twice a Day [BBop Music]
Padmeek – Sailing at Dusk [Pollux Records]
Pc-Pat & Claud Santo – A Simple Exercise [Corner Shop Records]
Sleep Over – Ghost Dance [Rhythm Vibe]
Spacejam 92 – We Fly-hi [SOULIDAN]
Strainhouse – Devil’s Music [Frosted Recordings]
tallevi – Maresia [Wight Label Records]
Thomas Sol – Second Glimpse [Nomade Records (NO)]
Tommy Noir – House Is a Feeling [Plastik People Digital]
TriGo – Surrender [El Mental Souls Music]
Uli Poeppelbaum & Buhold – Follow Me [Stereo Poems]
VA – DOBRO Tape 001 [DOBRO]
VA – Exploring Planets [Sakasa Rec.]
VA – Hidden Places [Space Rabbits Records]
VA – Homepack Tones 3 [Limitation Music]
VA – Tetralogy, Vol. 4 [Denied Music]
VA – Universal Touch [Coco Recordings]
Valeriy Smile & Timber – Take Me [Ghetto]
Vicissu & Cool 7rack – Breezeblocks [Cool 7rack Records]
Von & Renauld – Moonlight [Music Brokers]
Wearing Shoes – Naked Nights [Little Angel Records]
Wez BK – Shadow [Cosmic Gems Records]
Wild & Kins – In My Hood [Eat and Beat]

Electro House

Adrien d’Elzius – Brnsrgry
Almero & Thomas Feelman – Bring Back Our Home [Crash & Smile]
Ansony Alberto – Feel the Love [Irresistible Music]
Bobbie Cam – Have Fun [Surry Hill Records]
Break 3000 – Electro Archive 2 [Electron Feel]
Connair – I Found Myself [Legion Records]
CYBRPNK & Truly Significant, CYBRPNK – Death Hacker [Barong Family]
DJ Aydogan & Play Funk – Make Some Noise [XLARGE RECORDS]
Downlow’d – Treadmills [Bass Camp Music]
Frank Joe Eilers – Helden (Drop Safari Edit) [Starhunter]
Fresh Mode – The Hustle (feat. Stupid Goldfish & FUEG) [Columbia Local]
Giacomino – Jump Jump [Digital Village Music]
Giacomo Bondi & Mozez – Shaping Me [GBMusic]
Hyper – Control [mau5trap]
Insane & Stone – Paradise [Electronic Pleasure Recordings]
Itay Dailes – Are We There Yet [Science Cult]
Jgcr – Al Callao [Soundside Records]
Josh Edge & Pjonax – Take It to the Stars [Legion Records]
Kevin Kitchen – Depths of the Ocean (feat. Chelsea Goodes) [Kevin Kitchen Records]
KUSMEE – Kool de Source, Vol. 3 [96 Musique]
Manche & DJ Guy – Valheim [Blasting Recordings]
Mariline & Asber – Vibes [Soundo GOLD]
MML-Crew – Banger [Run Free]
Nic Johnston & Stepuz – We Are Gods [Seal Network]
nms303 – E-Mancipation [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
PullerBeat – Fever [Sick Dance]
Scaredoor – Space Shuttle [Wiking Recordings]
Sielo & Oing – Take a Back [Chill Planet]
Slacker – Twisted Heads [Cyberdome]
The Exaltics & Paris the Black Fu – Dis turb ance int he tim eline [Clone West Coast Series]
The Jungle Giants – Treat You Right (Dan Shake Remix) [Amplifire Music]
The Visionaire – FAITH [Glerx Records]
Tommy Myst – Annihilating [Sektor Rekords]
Trufox & Chordz – Cheat Death [Sub Max Records]
VC-118A – Spiritual Machines [Delsin Records]
WHISK – The Ritual [Alusion Records]
Wismi – Bulletproof [Adara Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

3ric – Greater Heights (feat. Michael Shynes) [TGR Music Group]
03SIDIAN & Nicolò Melocchi – Indian Forest [SUPRANU Records]
3uki – Something More (feat. Simon Higgins) [Embassy Of Music]
Absolute Valentine & Powernerd – Cyber Ravage [LAZERDISCS Records]
Adrien d’Elzius – Burnout [Colony Productions]
Ahya Simone – Frostbite (Remix) [Asmara meets Tapiwa on Planet Kizomba]
Alessandro Cortini – Scuro Chiaro [MUTE]
AMA,,MIZU – One by One [SaS Recordings]
Amanita Phalloides & Heavenchord – Time Lag Accumulation
Andy Vol – Deepest Blue [Pacific Melody]
Arökem & Fabrice De Graef, Arökem – Guitarra Siete [NBM Records]
Askjell & iris – Sofia (feat. AURORA) [Universal-Island Records Ltd.]
ATOOMIS – Sunlight [U7Dreams]
Baked Brothers – Give It All [FLUFFY CHILL]
Banafsh – Ordibehesht [Tarr Records]
Biicla – Getting High [Young Art Records]
Blue Dust Archive – Blue Lilies [Burning Rose]
Broken Peak – Meet You There [Valley View Records]
Carolina Limón – Gael [Common Time Records]
Castor X – Tommy [Artistfy Music]
EBONY – Stray Cats [Wrong Era]
Ekin Fil – Aquarius,Pisces [Possible Motive]
El Remolón & Pol Nada – Que Bailen [Fertil Discos]
Electrick City – Middle of the Night [Indiefy]
Elenne – Snooze Snooze [Platonic Zoo]
ENKOUNTER – Distorted Memories [XMOD Records]
Eugeen – Stroll [BlockFour Records]
Eyolf & Andy Salvanos – What Awaits [Valley View Records]
Fifthchild – CIty Voices (feat. Zanky) [Beast Trap Records]
Framed Stories – Crew (Vip Mix) [feat. The Crushboys] [One Seven Music]
Fullsound – Moving To the Stars [Gysnoize Recordings]
Gabry the Sound – Genie X [The Music School]
Genrietta – Park Kulturi [Dragon’s Eye Recordings]
George Dare – N’t Leave Me This Way [Artistfy Music]
Johan Car¢e & Sofie Birch – Connotes Beauty [Stroom]
Julian Wassermann – People [Renaissance Records]
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Becoming Ferromagnetic [Ghostly International]
Ken Aoki – Ygna [Oyoda Recordings]
Kenny Segal – Indoors [Ruby Yacht]
Kirk Barley – Lake of Gold , Primer [HEALTH]
Kleft – Se mi lasci su whatsapp… non vale [ALCHIMIA RECORDS]
Kuman – Nocte Canticum [Puchero Records]
Kurasaki – Only One [Wolf Beats]
Lemon Pi – Sun Rose [Chill Caterpillar]
Lofi-Sky – Red Ocean [Lolou Records]
Lonasona – Uzak [FilFile Music]
Lukas Dreyers – Summer Love (feat. e L S K a) [Jendex Records]
Magic Music Record & Nelur – Scary City [Magic Music Record]
Maglido – Endor [you2records]
Mashk – Yadi [Labo T]
Max D Milford – Cat Magic [Wonderfly Records]
Night Sky Pulse – These Possible Lives [See Blue Audio]
Nina Missy – Moon [Ban Tai Records]
Opal Thalia – Mystic [Kiribati Records]
Ornu – Elektra [Zoundr]
Ornu – Shlum [Zoundr]
Ornu – Tokio [Zoundr]
Ornu – Umbrello [Zoundr]
Ornu – Venice [Zoundr]
Paramita Ambient & Wendy Panoah – Cassiopeia Re 417Hz
PaulWetz – Bruises (PaulWetz Remix) [hfn]
Peerte Trunt – Gemoed 21-18,21 [Basserk]
Polaris – Breath of Peace [Cool D Vision]
PYTKO – Save My Day [Phantasy Sound]
Qulan, IK-EY & Salla – Cinnamon Stars [21Floor Records]
RaFa Orchestra – New Begs [Epidemic Electronic]
Regis – Let the Night Return [Downwards]
Shome – Sambodromo [Dance Together Again]
Siavash Amini – A Trail of Laughters [Room 40]
Sophia Nzayisenga & Andi Otto – Abagore Barashoboye [YNFND]
Space Jam – Wob a Dub [Protonic Records]
SPARKLE DIVISION – Classified [Temporary Residence Ltd.]
Sublime & Phraktal – Transamerican (Phraktal Remixes) [Limbo]
Super Dragon Punch!! – Feral [ScentAir Records]
SUPERPIG – Tamo Ready [Mendossa Records]
Tenzin – Choice [Yalong Bay records]
Tescana – La Cuta [Sun Trax]
The Ambientalist – Ray of Hope [MQY Music]
THE DIABOLICAL LIBERTIES – Dub Protection & the Sportswear Mystics
The Freek Macheen – 2021 Remixes [Eisblock Records]
The Polish Ambassador – Cheeky Dolphin [Jumpsuit Records]
The Tschopp – To Myself [Decrypted Records]
Third Attempt – Make It Double [Beatservice]
Tile Shore – Hologram Starwaves [Forgotten Dreams]
Tim Ballo – trkk3 [Santa Voyage]
VA – Kendo Music 1st Anniversary (The Remixes) [Kendo Music]
VA – Spring [WHY Record Company]
Vincent Oliveira & Ludmila Vincent – The Underground [Project Beat One]
WALKR – Found Myself [Spitfire Music]
Woodju – Mood [M2 Music]
ykid – Too Much To Handle [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

ABISHA – If You Were Mine [Spindle Music]
Chuck Shadow – Nice One [Incursion Recordings]
CON X-SHN – Every Single Time [BARCODES]
Dina Turner – Get Ready [Fresh Coast Recordings]
Emma Cannon, Brad Braxton & Synthsdien – Breaking Up [AESDIS]
Groove Synergy – What Ever [Bumpin Underground Records]
groovy D & Emma Cannon, groovy D – AfterworldGroove [Time Is Now Records]
Justin Jay & Claude VonStroke – Oh [DIRTYBIRD]
KDYN – Solid Ground [Crucast]
Marc Mosca – Everybody [Glitchworld Recordings]
MURIX – Sense [83]
Ollie Weeks & Ben Rolfe – Lemon Sherbet [Four40 Records]
Riversilvers – Must Be Dream [Riversilvers]
Shamoniks – Dewisiadau Negyddol (feat. Eädyth) [UDISHIDO RECORDS]
Temgri – Olive Cream [Elektroshok Records]
Tuff Culture – Roots 3 Attack of the Retro Consoles [GS Dubs]
Vet3ranz – Hear That [Trouble Makers]
Vet3ranz – Light up the Dance [Trouble Makers]
WZA – Is This Love [Friday Rush Records]

Hard Dance & Hardcore

Akira & Khaoz Engine, Blockdata – Ggg001 Presents [Triple G Recordings]
Angry Birdz – Rock Me Baby [INNERGIZE RECORDS]
B.A.D. – Through the Darkness (Groove Control Remix) [feat. Ana]
BenAddikt – Nothing Can Ruin Us [Stomp-Inc UK]
Dean Richardson – Hooligan [Hot Box Digital]
Doris – Garden of Space [Euphoric Frenchcore]
Drunkenmunky – Drunken Sailor (Early in the Morning) [Sea Shanty Mix]
Hoodzie & Undefined, Mountain Terrace – PigSTYle LP – Part Two [24,7 Hardcore]
Inclination – Allopsychic [LOVERLOUD RECORDS]
J2S & James Nardi – Tough Business [Frantic Digital]
Kazzy Eff & Martyn B – Break It [Shock Records]
KURXCO & Equalizer, KURXCO & Hvrdscor3 – Flavor [Harsh Records]
Myst – Myth [Nightbreed]
Scott Attrill – Sunkissed [Riot! Recordings]
Southside Rollers – O.S.K (Old School Kandy) [Riot! Recordings]
Spyndl – Sudden Sunrise [Immortal Noise Recordings]
Spyndl – Tantrum [Immortal Noise Recordings]
Strange Arrival – Anticitizen [PRSPCT Recordings]
Tournevis & JoEkoaktif – Woody Wood Speaker Records 01
VA – PigSTYle LP – Part One [24,7 Hardcore]
VA – Relentless Records – Digital Re-Masters Releases 11-20
Vigny, Jian & .B.O.B. – Make It [Dragon Records]
Yosshie 4onthefloor – Present for You [4onthetrax]
Zeus – Flying Girl (Extended Mix) [feat. La Niña Voladora] [Sea Air Media]


Akeem One Soul – We Work for [BCRMUSIC]
Al Laventure – Best Thing [Escamotage Records]
Aldo Cadiz & Andre Butano – Clown Beat [Rawthentic]
Alfonso Bottone – Crossroads , Expressions [Dailysession Records]
Alfonso Bottone, Discojuice – DSR House 2 [Dailysession Records]
Alfredo Romero, Monchan – Dailysession 005 [Dailysession Records]
AMIMEA – In Silent Cities [Revanche Records]
Andme & Bastian – Lamour [Subtractive Recordings]
André Visior & USP, Uzzi P. – Hold Me [Sub Max Records]
Andrea Jeannin – Mini Pop [Disco Flo Label]
Andrew Novelli, Nicola Serena & Benedetta Bianchi – Maybe
Andrey Shatlas – House Love [Atlas Music Sound Label]
Anthony Attalla – Skyline , Up and Down [Incorrect]
ASW, Klur – Roots [Shomi]
Atchoum & Grincheux – Shake This Mind Desire [Microondes]
Average Citizens – Paper (feat. MC Trigga) [UFO Recordz]
ay-Mill – Summer Nights [Ensis Discovery]
Belizian Voodoo Priest – Summer Celebration [Miggedy Entertainment]
Belly The Motive – Life After Matric [Dion Music Record]
Bergwall – Number 1 [Exx Muzik]
Better than Lex – Nothing Stays Wrong [Amber Red Recordings]
Binofski – Inertia [Uncut Rhythm]
Carter H – Sunshine [Storm Music]
Cedar Sound Workshop – Siren Resurrection (feat. Tshaka Campbell)
CGVE & Girwells – Intentions (feat. LINO Q) [All Is All Music]
Christian Cheval – Burn It [Little Jack]
Cliff Kendall – Wish You Well [Pongo Records]
Cloosh – Riptide (feat. Graham Sweeney) [Champion Records]
Corrado Alunni – Enjoy Your Life [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Crack D – Trust Me [Hive Label]
Croatia Squad – Keep It Rockin’ [Enormous Tunes]
D.J. Thor – Gipsy Beach [SJS RECORDS]
Da Funk Junkies – Space Funk (Jo Paciello Remix) [NSoul Records]
Dahouset – Ghostbusters [Plasticity Records (ES)]
Dance Nation – Sunshine (Dannic Remix) [Magik Muzik]
Danny Does Disco – Come On Sugar [FunkyTraxx]
DaSoul & Pakomo – Toque de Piano [Pasqua Records]
Dean Lindsay – Music Baby [Trick]
Dejector – If It Gets Too Much [Part 4]
Eighty2 – Tonite [Funky Revival]
ELKHVN – I Feel [Ghetto]
EmilZ – Cocoa [Filthy Sounds]
Eran Hersh – Lost in Dubai [Sirup Music]
Eric B Turner – The Baptism (Remixes) [Supa Qween Records]
Fabiasco & League of Lyons – Not Afraid [League Of Lyons]
Fabio Arriga – Déjame Amarte [Stoned Stork Records]
Fabio Luigi, Steve Kelley – Move Your Body [Sublease Music]
FALLLION & Andixa – Light [F2F Rcrds]
Fatih Basoglu – Lights [Sibourne]
Fish Scale – Fully Loaded [40oz Cult]
Flica – Fission [Memoir Music]
Florain – Mufasa [Kycker Electronic]
George Cynnamon – Smooth Flavour [theBasement Discos]
Giampaolo Pasquile – Moon Time [PLAY & Oracle Records Ltd]
Goleen – You Know That [Groove Soul Records]
GUN CTRL – Get Down [Bomb Ass House]
Hardhunterz – Monster [cocane]
Haus of Fraser – Same Ol’ Dance [Norma Music]
House Of Dice – Hey Hey [Buslife Records]
Illyus & Barrientos – Your Body (feat. Daniel De Bourg) [Toolroom]
Imag, InSulin – Subliminal, Vol. 6 [Sub 49 Records]
Indy Lopez – Filterbeatz [Musiczone Recordings]
INVIRON – One Day (feat. Irina FOX) [Extended Version] [Hot Stuff]
INVT & Coffintexts – MEDIA NOCHE [INVT]
J.D Finburg – Dig It You Creeps [Super Spicy Records]
Jacobo Palacio – Que Te Tomas (Johan Jay Remix) [Different Music Records]
Jade Elektra & Erik Elias – House Down [iUnderground Records]
Jason Brown (US), Dope Stars & Chris Allison – Superself [GMF Music]
Jay Frog & E.M.C.K. – Mia [Dance Of Toads]
Lamoa – So Far (feat. Estelle) [Artistfy Music]
Lars Karo – Breake [Artistfy Music]
LasKee – Enough [We Are Phonik]
Laugix – Love [Deep Trance 7]
Lounna Dazz – Beating Drums [Zero Eleven Record Company]
LOWIN & Alvix – Magnitude [Ninetone]
Luca Piermattei – Serotonin [Rawax]
M4PE – Giving Up On Love [Jackpot Records Italy]
Macro Nick – Go Surfing [Intercept Music]
Maffa – One Hundred Twenty Seven [Tall House Digital]
Malcom Beatz – Qamikaze [Malcom Beatz]
Mannix & VillaLife – Mama Used to Say (feat. Andre Espeut)
Marco Barci – House Things [ChessBoard Music]
Marian Portia – Anytime [Crystal Cove Records]
Mariano Aguirre & Escudero – Sunrise (feat. Madame Récamier)
Matt FX – A Love Beginning , Pero No Te Quiero (feat. Melika)
MATTHEW SAX – Shined On Me (feat. Shayee) [Saifam Dance]
Max Esposito – Your Mind [Reshape Records]
Maxx (PL) – It’s You [Randewu]
Melé – Soul on Ice Pt2 [Club Bad]
Micronoise – Everything Feels Right [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records]
Mier – Gang [Ghetto]
Mike Chenery – Welcome to the Disco [Disco Down]
Rokston – Switch [WEPLAY Music]
Roog – Move On Up [Glasgow Underground]
Ruby Von Traxx – Dome (Feel It Now) [SoulZ Records]
Saladin – Hold Up [Bang It]
Sampladelic – Umbrella [Sampladelic]
Sattam – Franklin [Eton Messy Records]
Saxsquatch & Half an Orange – Moondance [Monstercat]
Schlachthofbronx – Cabin Fever [Rave & Romance]
Seumas Norv – Elevated Love [No Definition]
Sinner & James – U Got Me [There Was Jack]
Sleater-Kinney – Path of Wellness [Mom Pop]
Slicer – Going Down [Back End Records]
Some Too Suspect – Una Cosa Llamada Amor [droorshouse records]
Sterbinszky – How We Move [Rioverse Recordings]
Stilo Mancia, SUNANA & NXNY – Return of the Horns [WINLIKE Music]
Street Choice – Proverka Saba [Nervous Records]
Street Sound – Tropical Island [Sonido D Club Records]
Subshock & Evangelos – Not Enough [Bass House Music]
Windy City Classics & Lucas Borchardt – Magamalabares (feat. Carla Costa)
Tom Weatherill – Bus It [Peanut Recordings]
Tomas Station, Two Thou – West27th St Deep [Dailysession Records]
Tommy Riley – Break You Down [Birkin Records]
TSVI – Sogno [Nervous Horizon]
Two Mad Bros, DJ Combo & Sander-7 – Higher Love [Jambacco Records]
VA – Ghetto Ghetto 4 Year Anniversary [Ghetto Ghetto]
VA – In Clusters [Fever AM]
VA – Rhythm & House [Rundell Beatz]
Valentine Martini – Five Peach Nectar [Intercept Music]
Vänel – IT’S A FUNKY FEELING [Trax Records]
Vincenz – Twinkle [LUXI Records]
We Don’t Exist, Art of Drone & Stars Over Foy – No More [Ambi Dark]

Melodic House & Techno

Acrobatik – Angels Cry [Prototype Music]
Adrien Kepler – White Clouds [Teoxane Production]
Akiie – Planet Earth [Suah Records]
Alejandra Rosales, Seb Mildenberg – Analog [Absence Records]
Alpha Frequency, Skyhunter – Summer Melody 100 Sampler Part 2 [Summer Melody]
ANASTASiiA – Timeless [Where The Heart Is]
Arteforma & Barba, Arteforma – Nebula , Vermiglio [Brise Records]
Benito Salvattore – Nosto [hypercubes records]
Bilel Gargouri – My House (Alexander Ben Re-Edit) [Wake Wood Recordings]
Borgeous – Stop Drop [Geousus]
C-Drix & Chris Roland – Matira (Axel Baldi Remix) [Deep & Groove Records]
Chris Herrera – Find the Others [Wulfpack]
Demir & Seymen – Second Thoughts [EmClap]
Dominik Gehringer – 24th Day [Purified Records]
Eddie Le Funk – Pyramid [Super Maniac Records]
Eleven Of July – Tarantula [Wold Records]
Fabian Krooss & Cioz, Fabian Krooss & Iorie – Pipe Dreams [The Gardens of Babylon]
Fabio Longhi – Konetica [ARROMA RECORDS]
FckngNoise – Sun Hook [Oxytech Limited]
Galexis – Motion [Alaula Music]
Guen B – Mercianna [Blanc Stone Digital]
Heatiack – Kesel [Sonar Records]
Ivory (IT) – Digital Odyssey [Exit Strategy]
Jossteel – Proelium [XTR Records]
Jumkins – Rh Null [Figura Music]
Kalipo – Happy Little Accidents, Pt. 1 [Ki Records]
Korb – Night Winds [Nature Collections]
Lessovsky – Mueve [Movement Recordings]
Lineki & Paolo Barbato – No Name, Vol. 3 [Graba Records]
M.Rox – Spectrum [Findike Records]
Mark Mywords – Wait a Minute [Magnitude Recordings]
matchy – Keep (feat. Paludoa) [Beyond Now]
MCHL51 – Space Rave [Reckoning Records]
Men On Black – PolyMatrix [Whole Story Lab]
Monoloko – Fract [Maetta]
Mosura – Lehnitzsee [Bathophia Underground]
MSRY & Lukas Schultz, MSRY – Light Rays Away [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Neon Movement – Feeling Fine [BMP Music]
Nina Joss – Air & Water [WAFO Music]
Nitescape & Queen Rose – Atlantis [Black Rose Recordings]
Rami Imam – Sand Circle [Bibliotheque Records]
Röyksopp – What Else Is There (ARTBAT Remix) [Dog Triumph]
Rtik – Blue Awakening [Wood]
Saad Ayub & Katrii – Shadow (Cory Goldsmith Remix) [VRTN]
Samer Soltan – Between the Rays [Metrica]
Serrano – Catalyst [Discos Platino]
Simon Rose – Vampire [8Xclusive]
Space Motion & Kashovski – The Sun Can’t Compare [Glasgow Underground]
StuMac – Voices [Sub Max Records]
The Tempest – Ars Moriendi [nuOn Music]
Tom Jonson – Walkertshofen (Extended Mix) [Black Lemon Records]
Umutbooy – Miraculous [Airlines Records]
Uzun – Rain [Space Dementia Recordings]
VA – PORTAL 01 The New Shores
Voices of valley & Remains Of Silence – Nymphes [Click Records]
Yorn – Follow You [Tächno]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Adrian Mart – Horse Man [Selectro]
Augusto Gagliardi – Lie Maschine [Outsiders Records]
Bloh – Street’ [LMNTAL Street]
Bloh & To.mi Hash – Centenario [1101 Records]
Blu.a – A Million Galaxies [Tanama Records]
Bottene – This [Street Grooves Records]
Dubphone & Cesare vs Disorder – Elegantly Wasted
Einka – Between the Lines [Goldmin Music]
Faylasuf – Utopia [My Little Dog]
Iannuzzi – Musik [Dobar House Gruv]
Ice Machine – Reconstruction Inc. [Mothr Music]
Ignacio Guerrero – Wachufleiva 83 [Wachufleiva]
Jay Heslop – Grown [Siena]
Jizz, Sheepie & Menesix, Thur-Man – Come Together (Thurman & Menesix Remixes)
JM Jiménez – Engabetao [Sacudan Records]
Jose Antonio Jaen – Bocanada [Houbless Music]
Joseph Edmund – Wild Thing [Kaluki Musik]
K-Style – Black Power [And Dance]
LEZZATH – Botanico [Mystic Groove]
Maikibi – Bumaye [Piston Recordings]
Marcos Calegari – Blow Your Mind [LMNTAL Music]
Max Koval – Warm Breeze [BQ Recordings]
MINT (JPN) – Phase [The Freak & Weirdo]
Narcotex – Mind Control [Trippy Cat]
Niko Maxen – Dogwood [Constant Black]
oOuts – R16y [Electronic Abrau]
Roger Torroni – This Turn , Somethings goes wrong [Deep Tech Lab]
Schorsch Clooney – Schorsch Macht Minimal [YouTunez]
Soundwave214 – Play On [Wolf Scream Records]
VA – Aesthetic 13 [Aesthetic Digital]
VA – Beachside 8 Years – Big Timers Vol. 2
VA – Microverse Vol.1 [Inminimax Records]
VA – Worst Date Records VA 003 [Worst Date Records]
ViD Sicious – T.H.I.S. [Street Grooves Records]
Westkreuz Beat – WKB.042 Say Done, Say One [WKB Records]
Yes’in – Dikrayat [Notonlabel]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

Alvaro Cabana – Amor Salvaje (feat. Snem K) [Roam Recordings]
Andie Jude – Another One [Sanlucar records]
C. Da Afro – Class Girl [Sunset Disco]
Calibro 35 – Post Momentum [Record Kicks]
Chamba Sound – Come and don’t stop [BeachGroove Records]
Crack D, Igor Gonya – Don’t Get Me Wrong [Fresh Take Records]
D.M. Movements – Ooo Wee Baby [Tramp Records]
Da Lukas – I’m Gonna Getcha (Extended Mix) [Cut Rec]
Daniel Monaco – Tu Sei Pazza [Bordello A Parigi]
Daytona – Nuevos Romanticos [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Dirty Doering – Airwolf [MoNSTER]
Disco Secret – God save the Funk [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Sparks – Danger Zone [NightSpot Recordings]
Disco Suicide Club – Sunshine People [Dusty Disko]
EchoDroides – Continuum [Worker Droides]
Emmaculate – Cosmic Funk [Red Night Recordings]
Erik Ellmann – Lasse’s Movement [Villes et Fleurs]
Ezirk – Yabai Gang [Sundries Digital]
Fantastic One – There’s Movement in Town [Funky Sensation Records]
Flávio La Barre – Synaesthetic [Basspatrol Records]
Gorillag – Loves Before [Hindu Vision]
H.P. Vince – We Will Get By [Funky Revival]
Hotmood – Tropical [Fruity Flavor]
Joseph Terruel – Hot in Here [Material Disco Records]
Joseph Terruel – Lost Grooves [Paraiso Musique]
Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel – Sexmachina (Rahaan & Dave Allison Re-work)
Katorzi – Take the Heat [PuzzleProjectsMusic]
Ken@Work – More Love [Hive Label]
Levantine – Colores Santos [Young Society Records]
Love In Colour & Johansson – Gonna Get You [Sure Cuts Records]
Marc Gonen – In Love and Dreams [EKORD]
Margus & Marse – Something Other [Playtime CDj]
Mathlovsky – Yassssin [Ohm Resistance]
Micah Edwards & David Blazer – Lovestone [Sundae Sauuce]
Michael Emet – Never Let Go [Thunder Jam Records]
Mikal Lillo-Stenberg – Orange Juice [Saftig Records]
Most Dangerous City & John Paul Lakes – The Game [panta rhei]
Mozambo – Move Move [Headroom Records]
Nobe & Deflee – Kunbaya , Palmira [Bassmatic records]
Ottis Blake – Disco Roma [Devine Sounds]
P Burg – Milly Up [Blingnot Media]
Pete Le Freq – Sweaty Baboon [Hot Gorilla Records]
QLAPs – I Can’t Wait [milestone music]
Real – Message (Danny Clark Edit) [Dallinghoo Recordings]
Reverse Osmosis – Easy Kill [Desert Disco Records]
RoboRob – Get It Thru [Occult Cats Records]
Rodney Hunter – Lift Me Up [Hunter Recordings]
Roman d’amour – La romance (Remixes) [Computer Science]
Sarah Wild – Planet Glitch [Feines Tier]
Sercan Sonmez – Waiting for You [FERDA RECORDS]
SHKHR & Shawn O’donnell – Crushin on You [Enormous Chills]
Solitario – In Her Eyes [BCR]
Stephen Joseph – And Loud (All and Everything) [feat. BoardWalk Baby]
Stewart Birch – All Day Long [Tropical Disco Records]
Storken & Brynjolfur, Storken & Prins Thomas – Lowrider [Storkenland]
Sunner Soul – Close Encounters [Vintage Music Records]
The Royal Dees – Please Some [Tramp Records]
The Satum – Stellar Kisses [Craniality Sounds]
TroyBoi & Destructo – You’re the One For Me [All My Friends]
VA – Acid Nights Vol.1 [Acid Fruits]
VA – Timeriders, Vol. 2
Weiss – Lift Me Up (feat. Sharlene Hector) [Hunter Recordings]

Organic House & Downtempo

Artenovum – A World of Beauty [Freebeat Music Records]
Bae Toven – Slides [Loudkult]
Blockhead – Let’s Play the Feud! (Single Edit) [Future Archive Recordings]
Blooy – Carousel [Sine Music]
Davka – Sometimes a Great Notion [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
DeeBizness – Music for Thought [206 South Records]
Doga Erbek – Thoughts & Memories [Faraway Scope]
Dominik Petzold – Who to Be (Monkyman’s Trance Revision)
DP-6 – Lotus [DP-6 Records]
Eli & Fur – Carbon [Anjunadeep]
Ephlum – Andalusia [Cosmic Awakenings]
Evan Hatfield – Raag [Pinkturban]
Feiertag – Encino Boogie [Stella Polaris Music]
Foby – Timeless Dreamer [Blessed Cross Records]
Fractal Impulse & Dense – Because It Is Hard [Cosmicleaf Records]
Groovy Waters – These Dreams (feat. Luca Giacco) [Music Brokers]
HOKI – Then There’s You [The Young Proprietor]
Kaame & Well R. – Talaria [Suprematic]
Kattia – Babylon [Paradiz]
Laudness – Serenade in Park D5 [Music For Dreams]
Lokz – Batteries Not Included [Room14 Creative Sound]
Max the Sax – Forever [MAX THE SAX RECORDS]
Michael Simon – Aroma Garden [Aversion Records]
Middlestones – Promise I Got You [Middlestones]
Milton Gray – Express [Varkala Records]
Moles Andreas – Mellow 5 [Dialtone Records]
Mystee – Late Nights (feat. Ribeiro) [3 6 9 Recordings]
Paradoxov – Gong Game and Associated Ripple [Bos Tech Records]
Quasimodo – Actuality [Varkala Records]
Ritmicki Hram – Religious Practices [Xibalo]
Rob Binner – Blossom [Kitchen Recordings]
sean antoni – After the Storm [sean antoni music]
Slow Nomaden – A Night in Beirut (feat. Ghenwa Nemnom)
The Cobb – -102C [-102°C]
Thunder – Love Me Now (feat. Dominic Donner) [ChillYourMind]
Tullio – Coasting [Loudkult]
Uppermost & Ambyion – Sanctuary Tree [Uppwind]
VA – 10 Years URSL – Offroom Flow
VA – Best of RYNTH, Vol. 3 [RYNTH]
VA – Final Trip Hop [Atomrise Sounds]
VA – Mind at Large, Pt. II [The Magic Movement]
Xila – Spirit Driver [Lump Records]
Yun-Seo – Make Move [Miyako Records]

Progressive House

A-mase – Daughter’s Dreams [Amase Digital]
AC Lights – Memory Lane [Redux Deep]
Alan Cerra – Globetrotter [Mistique Music]
Alberto Blanco – Distance [BC2]
Alex Panchenco & Olesya Safarovskih – Mistress [UNCLES MUSIC]
Alexxi – Scars , Mantra [RaveUp Alley]
Anton Make – Auriga [WARPP]
Anton Stelsi – Rain City [Revolt Music]
Arnaud Le Gamin – Zodiac II [Tantalum Records]
Arqoblast, Nik Alevizos – Feelings [Córdoba Records]
Audioglider – Sutures the Remixes [EC2]
Aurelien Stireg – The World of Darkness [Alveda Deep]
Bojan B & New Now Project, Dalex (MX) – Eclipse [Groove 9]
Bootes Gray – Desenlace [Transensations Records]
Budal – So Far Away [Alphabeat Records]
Cary Crank – Die Dampflok [Monkey League]
Chalov – Come 2 U – Prostration [Papotako Records]
David Vendetta – Alive (feat. Sylvia Tosun) [Smash Deep]
Demy Yorth – Noname [TRIP and dream]
Dennis Buné, Numbrs Game – Hope [Fenestra]
DJ Paul (AR) – 1987 [Deepwibe Underground]
DNYO – Radiate [Juicebox Music]
Dobie – Drowning (feat. Xavier Clayton) [DNBB Digital]
Domcha O.J. – To Me (Kardon Remix) [Four Stripes Records]
Dunadry – End of Days [Genesis Music]
E.F.G. – Twin Year [Dynamica]
Eric de la Vega – Sun at the Terrace [Soluna Music]
Eric Rose – Citta Alta [Emotive Sounds]
Erick Dumonts, Jhonny May – Four of a Kind [Tezana Records]
Fernando Olaya – Kuvik [Superordinate Music]
Flucturion 2.0 – Hidden Vision [RDTR]
Graviton – Serving the Shadows [Big Bells Records]
Gulec – Sun Sparkle [Qualified]
Heard Right – Escape , Whisper [AVA Deep]
HydeClip – Shadow Bring Me Light [INU]
Jab Vix – Revenant [Synth Collective]
Josha Daniel – Alive [Smash Deep]
Leo Perez – Indico [One Of A Kind]
Liam Laghan – You Can’t Understand [Twisted Cells]
Luman – Pipa [Massive Harmony Records]
M!NDRSH & Revlin – Dream [Reload Music]
Majed Salih – Moluve [Medievil-Music]
Marco Fredrick – Under Control [Clinique Recordings]
MarQ – Protolyse [Build It Deep]
Matik – Deconstruction [Belong To Label]
Michael Mashkov – Ceuta (The Remixes) [Intricate Records]
Nahuel V & Dimel De Silva – Dimension [Soundteller Records]
Neil Richter – Bonaire [Wanderlust]
Nicolas Navarro & Federico Massara – Look at the World [AH Digital]
Nir Yooz – Reef [Electronic Tree]
OSC3 – Weathered [XMOD Records]
Rauschhaus – Waiting For the Birds [Einmusika Recordings]
Rianu Keevs – Spiral [Rianu Keevs]
RYAN (CUB) – Plasma [Droid9]
Secretly Famous – Chimera , Antares [3xA Music]
Shower Cap – Seringa [360 Degree]
Simos Tagias – Sinners [Lake Underground Music]
Stereolynk – Tubes [Pro B Tech Music]
Steve Arnold – Magma [64K Recordings]
TEELCO – Moonbow [Dopamine White]
TH Moy – Hypatia [Vitioh]
Urbaniza – Say Goodbye [Another Life Music]
VA – Fahrenlab Techno [Fahren Lab]
VA – Krafted Re-Wind #03 [Krafted Records]
VA – Terapia Sonora I [Terasonic Records]
Valerio Reali – Rising [Get Physical Music]
Van Dope – Lyteo [Odd Olive Records]
Zane Malone – Don’t Leave Me [Coconut Grove records]

Tech House

$UN€ULT – Inside My Heart [Peking House]
Aboywithabag – Don’t Trip (Chris Maze Remix) [House Techno Authority]
Alejandro Peñaloza & Edwar Reyes – Grulla (Extended Mix)
Alex Goto – Gotta Give [Complex Destroyerz]
Andy Ztoned & Chris Galmon – My Life [Music By The Eye]
Apotech – Oxytocin [Apotech]
Arash Hef – Groove Moove [Mixa Records]
AYAREZ & Niles Shepard – Hot N Cold [We Jack.]
B3TIN – Here You Go [LowFreQ Records]
Beki M – I Need You [There Was Jack]
BKLN – Dance [recordJet]
Bunce – I Lost My Mind [Hit Me Up Records]
CASSIMM – The Glitch [Brook Gee Records]
CHRISTIAN AC – Coffee Nouvell [AC & AP]
Dr. Space & SEM – Save the Drama [SJS RECORDS]
Drop Department & SuitStatic – Paloma (Anderblast Remix)
Edu Escartin, Groover (ARG) – Owners [Roots Music]
Enrico Caruso – Pitched [Five Finger Discount]
EyeRonik – Story to Tell [EyeRonik Productions]
FEMAN – Time To Get Funky [29 Tech]
Fhilip Suaz – Do You Waned [Soundlection]
Fillas – Take Control [Smash Deep]
Francky D, Stas Simple & Sessi D – Here Comes [Lowdown Recordings]
Frank Franco – Index [0212 Records]
Funk Off – Work…And Pause [Clover Records]
Furkan Kurt – Justin [Papa Black Records]
Galactic Force – In This House [Puchero Records]
Loyik May – Gracias [2BEmusic]
Luca Bisori – People Here [kluBasic plus]
Luis Ferro, Soulthek – Positive#1 [Be Positive Records]
Mario Gitano – Horizon [Techords]
MARKYNO & Montanelli Leonardo – Let’s Get Ready [Dacusan]
Max Lake – Space Junk [Bass Boosted]
Michael Felix – Ship Banger [Hungry Koala Records]
Nimas Groove – Jump Up [Nima Recordings]
ODCEE – DuttyVibe [ODTech Records]
Piero Scratch – Hey ya Boy [Refined]
Put Volume – Pesada [L.B.A Groove records]
Susio – Drive Me Crazy [Kino Village]
Syphon – Slim [Parity Records]
Stereophonie – Acid Shit [Les Amants]
Sugartrane – Freak You Out [DataTech]
Tech Us Out – Make It Different [Khaotic Records]
Terri-Anne & Medusa – Move Forward [Distortion]
The Mae – SDF [Dinky Kinky]
Thomas Xavier – Ballin’ [I AM Records]
Tocadisco – Deep Meditation (Tocadisco’s #420 Remix) [Toca45 Recordings]
VA – 8th Anniversary (Music, Rhythm & Passion)
VA – Desfase Jams, Vol. 1 [Desfase Records]
VA – Laid-Back 9 [Night Off Recordings]
VA – renacer [Marda Records]
VA – Summer Beatz [Obazda]
Victor Vergara – Adagio [Magic Beatz]
Vincent Ache – Get Up [Veksler Records]
Wladimir Tegarid – Tok Tok [Orange Groove Records]
Zizzu Dj & Max P. The Voice – Crazy Trumpet [Wallet Music]


Alex Drane – Shattered [Redux Magic]
Alex Leavon – Renaissance [Perspectiv Music]
Alexander Popov & Natalie Gioia – Dreamtime [Interplay Records]
Alternate High & KADA – Love On the Moon [Ablazing Records]
AM94 – Right Now [Cherry Pepper Music]
Amplify (MX), Hypnoise & Amplify (MX) – Visionary World [Maharetta Records]
Arkadia – Ravelution [Ovnimoon Records]
Ashley Wallbridge – Beautiful Lies (feat. Dean Chalmers) [We’ll Be OK]
Asteroid & R-TEC – Nobu (Trust) [Regenerate Records]
Audiojacked – Dancefloor Destruction [Belowdeck Records]
Autopilot – Global Contamination [Prog On Syndicate]
Avenia – Elation [Scorchin’ Records]
Boris Deckert & Paul Cemball – Golden Gate [Always Alive Recordings]
Capes (SA) – Zeno Effect [Sun Department Records]
Corleo Core – Congratulation [Get Rekt Records]
Cript – Escape [JourneyDeep Records]
Davey Asprey & Evan Henzi – Lost Boys [Valteon]
Dennis Sheperd & EKE – Playing with Fire [Black Hole Recordings]
Dmitry Kostyuchenko – Zirconium [Exia Recordings]
Drival – Tempus Fugit [Uplift Recordings (RazNitzanMusic)]
Elastic – Paradise on Earth [Sol Music]
Electric Dada – Waiting for You Remixes [KORECRAFT Dawn]
Etnica – Prismatic [Plan B Recordings]
Exolight & Suncatcher – Sunset Drive (Remixes) [Euphonic]
F4T4L3RR0R – Magic [Addictive Sounds]
Forbia – Inner Space Forms [Harkali Records]
Franc.Marti – Humanoide [Radiator Of Sound]
Fredix – Reflections of the Stars [Soundserfing Records]
Glyph – Dark Omen [Erebos Records]
GMS, Shanti Matkin & Jimbo – Thermal Lance [SYNK87]
IAm Sputnik & Yodah – Burn In [Blue Tunes Records]
JC Frank – Please [Its Not A Label]
Kainar & Toporkov Slow – Back in Time [Danca Lenta Records]
Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow the Last Pirate (Spench and Twisted Reality Remixes)
Kenneth B – Stay (DJarle & Kanyle Remix) [Cenium Records]
Khoa Kenny – Devil Inside Me (feat. Navy) [VNP Entertainment]
Koxbox – Masters of Psytrance Vol. 1 [memo604]
Leroy Moreno – Morocco [Aetheria Sound System]
Macker – Lost in Space (Remixed by Simon Bostock) [Pure Trance]
Magical – Hamburg City (feat. Livia) [7SD Records]
MakeFlame – Our Love [Entrancing Music Relentless]
Matt Farmer – Moody [Defcon Recordings]
Max.On & Alex Cava – Fantasy World [D SIDE]
Michael Kaelios – Dolores [High Voltage Recordings]
Need One – Trip In India [GOA Records]
Omniks – Sorcery [HeavensGate]
Orion (Br) – Desperte [NeoDream Records]
Polzn Bladz – D Complex [Division 8]
Polzn Bladz – Eminent Unknowns [Division 8]
Purecloud5 – Secrets Inside of Me [Deugene Deep]
Rafael Osmo – Custom , Raash [Perfecto Records]
Raul Mad – That Night In Fabric [Galaxia Music]
Richard Durand – White Dolphins [In Trance We Trust]
Richard Tanselli & Mickey Marr – Got That [Nocturnal Knights Fusion]
Ruslan Borisov – Waiting for the Miracle [Synchronized Muzik]
Satya & Braingineers, Whiptongue – Run Bitch Run
Science Deal – For Elisabeth (The Joy of Those Who Mourn)
Sinova & 08 Pulse – This Wave [Uplay Recordings]
Specnoize – Atmospheric Oscillation [Mosaico]
Spiritual Mind – Temple of Dance [Sonitum Records]
Stnx – Nazk [Redux Fantasy]
The Obsessed – Equinox , Let the Bass Kick [Techburst Records]
Tilt – Invisible (Jaytech Remix) [Solar Storm]
Tom Bro – Homework [Antima Music]
Truong Phan – Get on Da Move Teemin [VNP Entertainment]
Ubik – Field Trip [Armada Music]
Ulvae – Modus Nocturnus [Parvati Records]
VA – Exploited Lover [AVA Recordings (Black Hole)]
VA – Goa Unite 2021.2 [Treasure Records]
VA – Planet Love Vol. 1 – Early Transmissions 1991-95 [Safe Trip]
Vadim Bonkrashkov & Andrew Ovadchuk – Giant [RaveUp Records]
Vectro & OVERDIGITAL – Dipped in Acid [Protonic Records]
VNP Entertainment – Trouble (feat. KeyLee) [VNP Entertainment]
Yahel – Imaginary World [Spin Twist Records]
Yohhanan – El Carnaval [Gallant Synthax]
Zach Zlov – Separate Ways [Lethal Shots]

Trap & Wave

ADDicted! & Jammez – Bumpa [Timeless Audio]
Alix Ford – Gonna Do [Cuts, A Division Of Broderskab]
Alix Perez & Monty – Untitled Malware [1985 Music]
Amalgamate & Markka – Destroy Humans [Breakbeats & Basslines]
Artix & Chibs, Artix – Gomenasai [Buygore]
Au5 & RUNN – Make You Cry [Enhanced Recordings]
AYDN & ES.Kay, Kate McQuaide – Through the Dark,Listen
baskets – Kill You (feat. peytn) [Chase the Sound Records]
Ben Soundscape – Bronx Jazz [Liquid Lab]
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