Afro House

Abdel Karim – Me Gusta [Futura Groove Records]
Aero Manyelo – Nishe [KULTO]
afro drumz – Eleggua Co [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Bantwanas – Bravo Zulu [Bantwanas Kollektiv]
Cee ElAssaad & KEENE – Butundaile [Cacao Records]
CeeyChris & Thab De Soul – Subspace [Sunclock]
CobraTen91 – The Asylum [Music Shelf Records]
David Myrla – Dejalo Caer (Steve Aguirre Remix) [Latin Dutch Records]
DeeLight, Mastercris & Siri Svegler, Soundtripper – Burn
Dim Angelo & Afrofunk – Sempa [1db Records]
Dino MFU & Tony Loreto, Elyamont – Beautiful Liar [Retrolounge Records]
DJ Jarell – Chechen [Cuebans Records]
Dj Palhas & Dj Frankly – Fusion [Guettoz Muzik Streaming Pool]
Dj Roberto Da’Silva – Como Soy [Mas Music Records]
DJ Shine & Sinic Voice – Creme Brulee [Chivirico Records]
Ghetto Boyz – Ice Ghost [Upper Room Records]
Grace Bones – Bailar [Dopewax]
Ivory Child – Kon’nichiwa [Da Fuba Records]
Jose Alves & Andrés Hernández (VE), David Figueira – Melomanos
Knight Warriors – Back to My Roots [Guettoz Muzik]
KosmetiQ & Neutrinos – Da Dam Yo (feat. Afroganic) [SP Recordings]
Luyo – Cantores Del Mar [Double Cheese Records]
Mafia Natives – Native Reunion Vol.2 (Home Coming)
Marzi – Teles 1925 [Syndicate Music]
Metro DJ – Axle (The Mtrnm Mix) [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Nadia Pinto – Horizontes [Floored]
Realm of House – Move in Silence (feat. Mazet SA) [Arawakan]
Sebastiann & Adriano Nunez – African Riddim [Norvis Music]
Tennek – Inner Self [Sunclock]
Thulane Da Producer – Blood N Tears (Vengeance Mix) [Rage Sounds & Media]
Wesley LS & Ivan Afro5 – Buchecha [Mukua]


20syl – Bagarre [On And On]
Bobby Shoop Shoop – Crucify You (feat. Holly Rose) [MRL Records]
Chicken Paw – Sequence [Xclubsive Recordings]
Cyber Rodeo & Mary Droppinz – Crypto Queen [POPGANG Records]
D.Wingel – Above the Earth [Spatium]
Deekembeat – I-Wana-Be [Fantazia Music Records]
Deekembeat – Move-Loko [Creative Sound Records]
DJ Magic Mike & OnDaMiKe – Cutz the Record [Ravesta Records]
Donsurf – Breakwave [Gimme A Break Records]
Elemental – In My Darkness [E.lementaL Music]
Gaya Police – Life Is a Bliss [Gaya Police Records]
GreenFlamez – My Love For You Remixed [ONE7AUDIO]
GreenFlamez – Sublime [Creative Sound Records]
H4nt – New Glitch Thing [Glitch Hop Community]
Haúro – Nintendo Sw!tch [PRDS Direct]
J.Solo – Darkness [Greedy Beats]
Jedey & 7 Electronics – Nayara [Jedey Records]
Jeremy K. Melbourne – You play with my Nord [One Black Records]
Joby 1 – Karpinta [Greedy Beats]
King Scruffy – Prophecy is About to Reveal [Dub Culture Records]
Loopcrashing – Take Me Higher [Fantazia Music Records]
Losman – Bitche$ [Kaleidoscope Music]
Mamae – 1000 Yi Qian Ge Shang Xin de Li You (DJ Tik Tok Remix) [Indobass]
Matt Bass – Slammin Jammin [Raveskool Recordings]
Noisemachine – Post-Industrial Landscapes [Eclectic Productions]
Nudeldub – Nudeldub (feat. Audiogroove) [Natura Sinergia Musica]
Robert Babicz – Dirtcuts J – Robot Romance [DIRTCUTS]
SellRude – Chili [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Sick Run – Ex Machina [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Simbass – High Volume [Xclubsive Recordings]
SNC – Bebek Rampampam [Indobass]
The Element – Easily Thought & Simply Done [Diesel Recordings]
The G.i.G.O. – Spy Boy Dust [UNNITED]
UA – 3 Levels Down [In Open Space]
VA – Dark Music Collections 2021 June [Yavorovskiy Dark]
Viacheslav Serbin & Dmitriy Smirnov – Skylight [Yavorovskiy Dark]
Wardian – Molten Lights [Funn Dark Records]


84 Controller – U & Me (feat. Caitlyn Scarlett) [PBH & JACK Remix]
Adrena Line, M.J.E & Michael Chodo – Chicago Downtown [ZEROCOOL]
Adrià Falcó – Back to da Blues [Breeze Records]
Alanito – You’re Not Alone 2021 (feat. DARA) [Alanito.Music]
Aleph One – Balmy [Epidemic Electronic]
Allbitrik – Space Man [Shadow Man Music]
Álvaro Calderón – All I Have (feat. Yash) [Clipper’s Sounds]
Ampersounds & Rufus Wainwright – Technopera (Edit)
Anthony Paul – Brothers & Sisters [Anthony Paul Music]
Apollos – An Inner Ocean [Nogiveup Records]
Arr1ot – Need You Right Here [Day Dose Of House]
Azevedo – Nigeria Resurrection [Funky Sensation Records]
Bassique Musique – Muscular [Rollerblaster Records]
Bazz Haus – Hypnotize Me [Noise Centre]
BBB – Blackbird [d vision]
Brian Menzel – Circus [delafabricarecords]
BTTN – Can’t Slow Down (feat. Miss Sister) [igroovemusic]
Cagin Kulacoglu & Emrah Turken – Can’t Stop [LAB Recordings]
Calvins Smith – Find You [Noise Centre]
Candysio – Calmante [F2F Rcrds]
Chaz Ultra – Blush Thing [Sous Soul]
Chemical Surf & Tribbs – Same Stars (feat. RejaJay) [Proximity]
Clmns Brock – The Frog [Inferiae Records]
Cojac – #Instagram Model [Blanco y Negro Music]
Da Bug – Coming Back [Da Bug Records]
Da Vynalist – Da Vynalist Daily Release Week 3 [Vynalist Records]
Den Harrow – Overpower [Sony Music Catalog]
Den Pushkin – Still Drea About You [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Diba – Never Let You Know [PYRO NXT]
DJ Antoine & Tommycassi – Solo per stanotte (Ma Cherie) [Subside Records]
Dream Dance Alliance – Adagio For Strings (Extended) [NITRON media]
Dreamcather – Despair , The End of Days [Neverland Sounds]
DSP_GOD – Idk [Freshtunes]
Earsquaker – Hardstyle Concert (Eat the Beat) [Metrophonic Resistance]
Einfach Ich – The Flying Track (DJ Jon Doe Remix) [Nachtangst Records]
Elderbrook – Body [Parlophone UK]
EMADUS & Lusmad – Collide [1st Strike]
Enoki – Believe [XTRXX]
Espair – Infected Brains , Live in Illusion [Neverland Sounds]
Fairlane & Grant – Hypnotize [Proximity]
Farayen – For You [Mission Records UK Ltd]
Forever 80 – Aereodynamic (Remixes) [Digital Village Music]
Future Keys – My Salvation [d vision]
Giorgio Gee, DSTRT & NALYRO – Close (Extended Mix) [V Records UK]
Global Dance Tribe – Happy [SoundKandy Records]
Grecio – Devoted To Me [Swerve Collective Creations]
Groove Da Moon & DJ Bircoff – Different [One Seven Music]
Hemel – Among Us (Rivaz & Botteghi Remix) [Strakton Records]
Housefeller featuring Christine Moore – Mama [d vision]
Hoxtones & DFE – 2 Times (feat. Lina Moore) [JOMPSTA POP]
HYBIT, Jenil & Mashd N Kutcher – Elevate [HYBIT]
icoria – Call Me Back [Artistfy Music]
Igor Pumphonia – Sad But True [ChillRecordsMusic]
Insolito – Mousetrip [d vision]
Ipanov – Freeloader (Remixes) [Into My House]
Jack Baker – Close [V Records UK]
Jack Enox – Lit by Stars [Xone Records]
Jack Styles, Jordan & Baker – Bakerama [C47 Digital]
Jay Carraway – If You [Big Smile Records]
Jaytor – Your Love Is Nowhere [Maniana Records]
Jerry Donkins – Alone (feat. Jennalyn Ponraj) [Closer Music]
Jerry Donkins – Angel (feat. TheTruTabu) [Closer Music]
John Skyfield, Jay Fox & Karsten Belt – Doing Fine (feat. Leshii) [Diepgraven Records]
JRACE – Alright [Swerve Collective Creations]
Justin Lawson – Dash [Murston Records]
Kalta – Bongo Cha Cha Cha [Ego]
Kenn Colt – Damn Right [Feels Like Home Records]
King ManP – Transformation [King ManP]
Kupol Neba – Archite Hopes [Umusic Records]
kuuki – Back To My Life (feat. Miguel Torres) [Closer Music]
LDB & BLINK ONE – FANTASY [Retune Music]
Lexwyn – California [igroovemusic]
LODIS – Call You Back [Adept Records]
LOFT – Wish It Would Rain [2 B REAL]
LOKI – I Won’t Surrender (feat. Elizabeth Ironic) [ records]
MAHAMI – Jaleo [Closer Music]
Marcus Cito – Medicine [Big Smile Records]
margø – Too Much [CloudKid]
Marsasta – Gozasht [AVER Records]
Matvey Emerson & Michel Fannoun – Back to You [Loudkult]
Michael Voorhies – Back To You [MC Nation]
Miss Jaedha – 9 Lives [CID Initiative]
Monkeyneck & Kama – Dear Life [Monkeyneck Records]
Mr.Da-Nos – All That She Wants (2K21 Remix) [feat. Eleven´s 2]
Muzi – Need Dat (feat. The Temple) [WE.THE.BUNDU]
Niklas Long – Cheating [Up All Night]
Ninajirachi, Kota Banks & umru – Secretive (Umru Remix) [True North]
Nippandab & Nito-Onna – Do You Love Me [Loudkult]
Omega – Saying Things [Front Room Productions]
Oskar Bo – Sunkissed (feat. Sareii Lennox & Alen Spahic) [Mismisimo Records]
Pesnya – Deep Abyss (feat. Sofia Rubina-Hunter) [UFO Recordz]
Phuture Noize – maniac. [LASER [BNL]]
Pluma – Let’s Go [Proximity]
Princess Nokia – It’s Not My Fault [Arista Records]
Pulses – Ariadne’s Thread [Wonderlust Records]
Red Gold – Behind Celebrations [Nogiveup Records]
Ringlstetter – Heile Welt [Sony Music,F.A.M.E. Recordings]
Romero Walker – Don’t Belong to Me [Noise Centre]
Saifa – Peak Peak , Rubin [Neverland Sounds]
Sasha Primitive – Fill My Glass [PRIMITIVE LOFT]
Scafetta – Hit Ya Wit Dat [High Caliber Records]
Scarl – Before Parties [Nogiveup Records]
Sense & Nxsser – Fall In [Lithuania HQ]
Serkkyii – It Ain’t Right [Kibbutz Records]
SGRN – Foolish (feat. Sayer White) [Remix] [Closer Music]
Shaqi – Booty Shake [PLEK Music]
Shio – Losing Myself (feat. Ivy Marie) [BonFire Records]
SilkandStones – Crossroads (feat. Werdy) [One Seven Music]
Skullkiid – Back Around [Kibbutz Records]
Sonarus – Rebellion [Bodhi]
Sondmire – Time of the Future [Sondmire Records]
Soul Control – Chocolate (Choco Choco) [Jonny Nevs Remix] [ZYX]
Spring Street & Ivy Marie – Breathe [Proximity]
Stroxic & Futurity Music – I’m No Better [Futurity Music]
Subground 3000 – Out of Time [Positiva]
Tessa Dixson – Promised Land (NightFunk Remix) [[PIAS] Recordings Belgium]
Tetsu – Tell Me Tell Me [Defined Music (UK)]
The Bestseller & Creyda – Amigo Remixes [Behalf Music]
The Knocks – R U HIGH (feat. Mallrat) [Big Beat Records]
The Pressure – Saturday Night (CHANEY Remix) [Undisputed Music]
This Other Space & VELDA – Acid Injection [CRCLS]
Tiien – Blossom [Spitfire Music]
TipZie – Drift Away [Noise Centre]
Tokatek – Your Girlfriends [Soup Records]
Tom Enzy & Able Faces – Death of Me [Lithuania HQ]
Tom Vill – I’m Not That Girl [Closer Music]
Tom Vill – If U Wanna [Closer Music]
Tom Vill – Like We Used To [Closer Music]
Tom Vill – The One (feat. Maiia Meskhadze) [Closer Music]
Tony Allen – Good Time (Party All Night Vocal Mix) [TONY ALLEN]
Tpyo – Need to Know [Noise Centre]
Tribalhead & Chenie Sinthang – Don’t Wanna Go Back [Spitfire Music]
Tweekacore – Parallel Universe (Quickdrop Remix) [feat. Emelie Cyréus]
V A L E – Reflective Heaven [Noumena]
Valefim Planet – First Day of Spring [Neverland Sounds]
Van Holt & Damian Frost – Move It [Van Holt Recordings]
Verdun Remix – Cool Tracks II [Urban Club (LRM)]
Verdun Remix & Cumbia Killers – #El Barco [Urban Club (LRM)]
Verdun Remix & Cumbia Killers – #Imposible [Urban Club (LRM)]
Verdun Remix & Cumbia Killers – #Te Reto [Urban Club (LRM)]
WhySoSerious – 420 (feat. Miss Baas) [PLEK Music]
Will Gunt – The First [Undertake Records]
Wohltat – Closer [7th Sense Records]
Yellow Street – Deltas of Crowds [Nogiveup Records]
YUKO – Anybody (feat. Ivy) [Remix] [Closer Music]
YUKO – Messy Love (feat. Natalie) [Closer Music]
ZPT Project – Break My Stride [Columbia (Sony)]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Aberant – Perception
ADVSD & Artson – Take Me Higher (feat. N3VAE) [Darling Music Group]
Aire project – Black Royal (feat. Natt Issa) [KARMA VIDA RECS]
Amateur At Play – Shake Your Lettuce! [3rd Way Recordings]
Andre Espeut & Julian Sanza – Crazy Love (Ft the Journey Men Remix)
Andre Longo – My Eyes [Potw Records]
Andrey Samoilov – Long Beach [Ultrasphere Records]
Artem Xio – Believer [Still X Records]
Axone , X_1 – Carbon Plumage [Room With A View]
Axxound – Chemical [Emergent Textures]
Bokéh – Cerulean [Gartenhaus]
Bonada – Beach At Night [Nomade Records (NO)]
Catoff – Melancholia [29 Deep]
Cherry Star – Broken Heart [Anakao Records]
Christian Arno – Harlem [Hustler Trax]
Coral O’Connor – Conversations [Rutilance Recordings]
Costela – Enticement [Spiritualized]
Dan Chi – Home Work [Schalldruck Music Records]
Dansky – Feel the Beat [Kiko Records]
Darzhan Eduardovich & Armat Yuryev – Lost in Love [Satsuma Music]
Deigen – Blame [Gloamed]
Depeloge – Cooking Silent [#BRF Music]
Diego Linares – Burning Soul [Burger Music]
Dimka – Thaidia Tou Theou (Happy Whistle) [Dimka Records]
Dirtytwo – Bliss Is the Key [Hive Label]
DNNL, DNNL, Fill Ferz & Pérola Stefanyni – Pandenemy [Our Dance Order]
Dr. Baker & Kenneth Bager – Kaos #1 [Music For Dreams]
Einka – The Call [Goldmin Music]
Evgeny Voytenko – Immersion [29 Deep]
EVVA & Igor Pumphonia – Digital Detox 10
Falso Simulacro – Looking Better [Papotako Records]
Faraón & Iriser – Iris Love [DeepShine Records]
Fatih Yüksel & Ritzodi – Baby Love You [LucidPlain Records]
Fogg & Mim – Hypnotized [Platform 7even]
G.P The Kage – Relief (feat. Designer Doubt, Ironik) [Sequence II]
Gabriel Black, Lazy Boy – Random Remixes & Other Late Night Musings
Gladiators Deep SA – Rural Boy 2 [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Gre.S – Feeling. [DeepMind Records]
Gus One – Ghosts [Deep House Natural]
HAAB – Everywhere You Go [Cherokee Recordings]
Happyghost – Come Up [Double Vision]
Haushouse – Last Bloom [Sound On Sound]
Haze-M – Riders on the Storm [Haze Music]
Heaven & Alone – Don’t Go [Road Story Records]
Henry Van Fog – Cloudes [Old Planet Records]
HiVACHi – Atonement [Sounds Of Meow]
Ivan Summer – Broken Love [Dopamine Cats]
jacob poe – Loving You (feat. Moonbeam Kelly) [Radda Records]
Jamie Trench – 4 Sides Part 3 [Roots For Bloom Records]
Jaydee – Constellation [Bonzai Progressive]
Jhon Denas – Modern House [Elantris Records]
John Key Om – Beyond [Natura Sinergia Musica]
Johnny Golden – Moon Express [Morning Sun Records]
Joseph Sinatra, Cacciola & Nick Barrett – Aicha [Southbeat Music]
Karo V – Secret Island [Redwave Recordings]
Kez YM – Dammed Up [Kooley High Records]
Kupol Neba – Following Mood [Umusic Records]
Leon the Lover – Bolo [Platform 7even]
Life of Puffin – Breeze (Duv Tales & Kim Young iLL Remix) [Mhost Likely]
Lilla Støv – Goyave [emengy deep]
Line Goodnight – Night Theme [UNOU Records]
Little Peter Esse – Energy Deep [Blaqhol Records]
LTK – Dont Need U [Deep House Natural]
Lukas G. – Heartbeat [Gloamed]
Luvolin – Garapena [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Marcus Raute & Ron Boss – Soul II Soul [Colour In Music]
Marvinmarvelous – All I do (feat. Soniq) [Cali Music Group]
Mat Lunnen – You’re Throwin Me [Kollusion]
Mattias Fridell & Alexander Johansson – Bekymmersfri [Motto Sono]
Michael Conroy & T1a, Michael Conroy – Locked Out [Koda Deep]
Miguel Campbell – Feelin’ It [Bubblegum Pop]
Mike Redfields – Fall Again [Fuzion Music]
Milani Deeper – Losing Myself [Pure Tunes]
Mind Archives – Cel01 [Naktema]
Monareta – Still Life [Future Sonar]
Mountage & Alfonso Ares – Fargo [Suprematic]
Nando Rodriguez & Black Of Birds – Let It Flow [Reflections Music]
Neogame – Path to Summer [Spyduge Record]
NILVO & garonzos – Don’t Be Scared [cocane]
Nowakowski – Coming Down [DeepShine Records]
Nowakowski – So Strong [Road Story Records]
Nstrument – Into the Groove [Sound of Soul Records]
ntox – Mom [G-Mafia Records]
Odd Ones Out, Coupe Melba & Miluhska – Biscayne Lady [Another Rhythm]
Paolet – Starting to Fly [Soulgem Records]
Parastic – My Way To Groove [Creamtronic Records]
Pedro Sanmartin – Streams [Be Adult Music]
Placebo 3ffect – Globe [Vinebeat Records]
Playin’ 4 The City – Mighty [Mamie’s Records]
Raiwa – What Is Love (Rudii Remix) [Road Story Records]
Rodri Jerez – Don’t Be So Shy [404 Deep Records]
Roudeep – Ywsm [Baijan Records]
Roughsound – All We Got [Roughsound Records]
Saes & Llieno – Bad [PURISM Wave]
Santos – Relation [Let Me Understand Records]
Sebastián Suárez – The Girl From Chelyabinsk [Conceptual Music]
SHAWNASTRO – Brigga Bhova! [Silhouette Sounds]
Spiderthumb – Fly Safe [Punch Up Records]
Stefan Thomas & Cubik On – Those Chilly Tracks [Oll Capoen Records]
Stiven Contreras – Antiseptic Love (feat. Florin Dumbraveanu) [404 Deep Records]
Stramiboi & Brom – News from TWR [Kizi Garden Records]
Sundeeper – DEEP House Vol.1 [WAVESFROM]
Swirl – All Nighter [Whoyostro White]
The Stoned – Beloved Lies [Pigeon Project]
Thulane Da Producer – Journey Awaits [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Tief Everything – For Love [Sojka Records]
Tom Vernon – Amber Fade [Lost Palms]
Tom Walsh – Space Race [LClub Music]
Tony Maione & Salvatore Oppio – Black Heart [Creative Lab Music]
Topsy Crettz – I Need Your Lovin’ (Remake) [Sound of Soul Records]
Untagged – Worth It [Plastic Music Group]
V77NNY – ‘True 2 Tha Game’ [Soul Room Records]
VA – Re Located, Issue 35 [Reflective Music]
Velloso – High as You Do [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
Veluzz – Paradise [Veluzz]
Vowel – Consonantes [TechGrooves Records]
WizzX – Broken Heart [DeepMind Records]
Yoshuaa – Acido en la Playa (feat. Euphemia Mon) [Free Society Industries]
ZDX – Pop Dat Thing (feat. Kille Billie) [HOUSE VIEWS]
Zgorski – Cycle de feu [Society 3.0]

Electro House

9BLADE – The Temple [Ilin Records]
214 – Around the Bend
ANG & BlackCode – Chasing Bliss (feat. Alessa) [Revealed Recordings]
Arias Retro & Bastien Blues – Unix Name
Bel Air Witch – SILENCE [Speed House Movement]
BoijST – Moving Up [Apache Records]
Christopher David Holmberg – Truth or Dare [purple palace productions]
Danny Villagrasa – Deep dip [ultrawave records]
Deugene – Back to You I Want [Deugene Deep]
Dj Crime – Asteroid [Stonyx Records]
DJ FEELING – Clandestina (Remixes) [CIRCUIT MUSIC]
Dj Profound – Move My Body [Mixa Records]
DJ Viktor Garcia – Dancing At Night [Hardminds Recordings]
EDBB7 – Diz Time [DP7 Music]
Erhalder – Chip Stress 01 [Chip Stress]
Erik b one & Laybe – New York [BENDIS RECORDS]
Gabriel Pinheiro – Crunch [Santander Music]
Gabriel Robella – Lost Without Your Love [Batuque Music]
Henrique Cass & Well Zack – Put Your Hands On Me (Less Vocal)
Jake Hunterz – Strong Heart [Plastic Island]
Jannik Vistisen – Come To Me [Wiking Recordings]
Jayden Vega, Sebz & Dropper Vampire – Sanctuary [Blvckbox Records]
Lacosta & Trần Mai Anh – Follow Trains [DeepZone]
Less Nothingness – Believe in Me [Eisblock Records]
LOW VISION – Devil [M&A Records]
Mannie Sapra – Like Dat (Extended Mix) [DENAR RCRDS]
Marc Blou – Back to Me [Seal Network]
Marcus Gauntlett – Fire [Plasma.Digital]
Martin Noiserz – Break Your Heart [Inferiae Records]
Mello – Violin [Deep Bear]
Messergeist – Innermantra [bringnewunity]
Mike Soriano – Love Got You [House Werk Recordings]
Mou5zyzz – Target [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
ÖFA – Marw Road [OFAMUSIC]
P4SS3NG3R – Sacred Sense (feat. Thalea) [1db Records]
PJ Goodwolf – Black Wedding (Do Your Thing!) [uVeKa Music]
Raztrix – Traz [Alveda Pulse]
Roman Falke – Augen Auf! (feat. Julie Feder) [Stampfkombinat]
Scooter – Get Ready! [Blue Lights Records]
Soundmasterz – Alien Invasion [Seal Network]
Stayer & Jean Luc, Stayer & Musata – Never Ending Story [Musata Music]
The Siberian – Drums of War (Hear the Call) [DENAR RCRDS]
Tjalling Reitsma & LRNC – All Your Fears [Verdana Bold]
Tom Strobe, Crackedman & Fox Invasion – Mad Squad [Fox Invasion Music]
Toquito – Status [DENAR RCRDS]
VA – Distortion Strategy Part 1 [Avoidant Records]
VA – Interzone [Zone]
Varylan – Rewind [Varylan]
Victor Cabral – Saxo Celebration (Brazilian Remixes) [EPride Music Digital]
Vindicci – My Broken Heart [iTracks]
XMOSS – Sunshine in You [Afterpresent Records]
Xzatic & Jan Johnston, Xzatic – Beats of Love [Xzata Music]
Zyaba – Sweet Escape [Gysnoize Recordings]

Electronica & Downtempo

3RR0R C0D3 – Cybermetal
Abstract Silhouette & Boskii – Till the End [Mood Element]
AK – Mellow Evening [Monstercat]
Andromea – Cloud Capella [Sky Waves]
Andy 234 – Deep Sea [Freshtunes]
Andy Vol – Enlightenment [Pacific Melody]
Aryozo – Blue-Ish [Wonderfly Records]
Ashes and Dreams – Hope That Hope [Dream House Beats]
Augusto Taito – Begin Equal Became Different [Edit Select]
Axel Johansson – Always Home (feat. Amanda Collis) [One Seven Music]
Azu Tiwaline & Don’t DJ, Azu Tiwaline & Flore – Draw Me a Silence [I.O.T]
Babasmas – No Place Like Home [Silent Running Scandal]
Baja Frequencia – Dom P (feat. Frank Takuma) [Chinese Man Records]
Blameful Isles – Yuki (Kensho) [feat. Myrthe van de Weetering]
Blank & Jones – Alone in This Rhythm [Soundcolours]
Blue and White – Tasty Bites [Chill Caterpillar]
Blue Crystal Star – Sympathy For the Sky [MOR Records]
Bowtye – Dreaming [Soulection]
Bowtye & Avalon Young – To Me [Soulection]
BSH – Phobia + Plaur + Uerda + Watermelon [Digital Village Music]
Christian Jay – Where’s Miso [Drum Syrup]
CJ Alexis, DJ Umka – Experemental Music [Atomrise Sounds]
Coastal – Midnight Sky [Aztec Records]
Colored Days – A Dope New Age (2021 Remaster) [cats rule.]
Cotton Drum, Drugless – Deep Reflexo Vol.1 [Graba Music]
Craig Vibes – More Than Me [#CVENT]
Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star – Magnolia (feat. Alto Aria)
Dan J. Wilcox – MIDI Life Crisis [Xephem Records Limited]
Daniel Rolsh – Zone High [WareMusix]
Daylight Rob – Tee Hee [Chill Caterpillar]
Den Venn – Drumming the Horse [Whole Story Air]
DILIFA – Katana [Beast Trap Records]
Dj Dharma 900 – Be Nice, Be You [Kuudos]
Dj Dwan – Fritando Paletas [Dinastia INC]
Dj IP – Prolong the Dream [Atomes Records]
Dj Monst3r5 – Metal5 [Monst3r5]
DJ Niko – Mojito (feat. dj hn) [M&A Records]
DJ Shub & Boogey the Beat – Calling All Dancers (Boogey the Beat Remix)
Dpat – In Bloom [Soulection]
Dpat – Unbound [Soulection]
DSP_GOD – Monetize [Freshtunes]
Easy Sadness, fifteeeight – Eastern Miscellanea, Vol. 5 [Tarr Records]
Echizo – Conjuroculto [Camp Records]
Ecozone – Imagination and Transforming [Dan Dada Records]
Ehsan – Blue Zone [Yalong Bay records]
Epilog & Alex Haßler – Cozy (Hide Remix) [Artistfy Music]
Erid – Phobos Anomaly [Agnostik Records]
Erik Jackson – Annunciation – Visitation [Nuages Records]
EROL TEMIZEL – Gel Yine (Remixes) [T-Ekspres Produksiyon Erol Temizel]
Etane – Fields Inside [LDN Trax]
Euthym – The Truth [Perihelion]
Evil Needle & Sivey – Constructive Interference [Soulection]
Farron, Lazarus – 5 Deadly Venoms Centipede [Shaw Cuts]
Flaviano Lanzi – Goa [Whitech Records]
Francis Scarlino – Afrotonic (Beach Heaven Mix) [ROHM Records]
Genfärd – Glemsel [Gys Records]
George Wilson – Kronos [Pretty Decent Music Records Limited]
Gert-Jan Kleyne & Roy Gomes – The Art of Relaxation – Part 2 [Biometric Music]
GhostChant – Half – Awake (feat. Georgia Mason) [Tangential Music]
Girls On Canvas – Lo [Krunk Kulture]
Grate Lakes – High Fructose [Rellman Enterprises]
Hardfloor – The Business of Basslines [WWW.HARDFLOOR.DE]
Henry Cortes – No One Like You (Extended Mix) [feat. Sus Rosete & MDRob]
HGich.T – Bienenstall [Tapete Records]
HKHKHKHK – Hk [Verydeeprecords]
HOAP – 11-21 [Psycoritmic Records]
Hypervigilance – Loud World [Fixed Rhythms]
Hypervigilance, NAVA – Bloom [Fixed Rhythms]
I-Marcus – Catch Me [YS,R]
icnoa – Authority [icnoa Records]
Important – De Javu [Dihanie Records]
Ivan Latyshev – 100 Syllable Vajrasattva Mantra (feat. Dinaram) [Alae Records]
Jados – Away [Bad Kids Party]
Jaisbraz – Joy [Atmosphere Recordings]
Jinjé – Open Unity [Mesh]
Juan Carlos Principal – Reencuentro En Si Mayor (feat. Chulo Cortès)
Jzules – State of Mind Part 3 [Berlin Digital]
Kabylie Minogue – physics.steps 60 (Musique de Fête, Vol. 1)
Kaleb Vikari – Agua Miel [2Clubber Records]
Kalvin H – Lockdawn [KNT Label]
Kanedo & Susana Lee – Enola [Personal Belongings]
Koste – Bleeding Sun (Deluxe) [Seeking Blue]
Kreidler – Nesindano (Single Version) [feat. Khoes] [Bureau B 1]
Lakim – This Is Her [Soulection]
Last Life – Destination Unknown [LL SERIES]
Last Life – Downfalls [LL SERIES]
Last Life – Genesis [LL SERIES]
Last Life – The Wolf’s Lair [LL SERIES]
Les Winner’s – Nous sommes en guerre [ACF Production]
Level 8 – Babylon Bass [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
Lone – Coming Into Being and Passing Away [Greco-Roman]
Lord of the Ants – We Too Are Gods [AD Music]
M. Vaughan – False Start [13th Hour Records]
M4730 – Breakdown [Normax Records]
maks0din – Future World [Spiralation]
Maksjaxx – Paradise [Ocelots Records]
Malstrom – Flaws [Pitch the Noise Records]
Mantij – Not Everything Is Perfect [Mantij Recordings]
Manuel Seith – Evanescence [DIMASI Music]
Marc Warbler – A Sort of Homecoming [Audible Solution Recordings]
Martinii – Wasting Time (feat. Sepia Brown) [Holy Pig Records]
Mathimidori – Akebono Remix [Echocord]
Max Mayorov – My Heart [Beast Trap Records]
MERYKO – Aurora [Blanco y Negro Music]
Michal Turtle & Suso Saiz – Returning to Brendleton [Planisphere Editorial]
Michel Banabila, Stijn Hüwels & Cok Van Vuuren – Across the Sky (Tr0212d03)
Midnat – Skov [Faint]
Mikhail Catan – Dreamcatcher [Yavorovskiy Dark]
minds&machines – Always [Anjunadeep]
Monoplay – Disagree [Tape’n’Pen]
MoonGaming – Cinnamon [Sweet Chilli Records]
Mücha – 4 Impulses [Broken20]
Naji – Might Just (feat. Krs. & Kingbnjmn) [Soulection]
Nyclon3 – Ahi Amare [102db]
Oora – Cadenza [Fenestra]
Oreste – Anachronistic Shipwreck [Lett Records]
Paolo Del Prete – Akasha [Mastercut Records]
Pathétique – Be With Me [Ragibeat]
Paul Haslinger – Emerald & Marienbad [Artificial Instinct]
Pheek – Sensibili [Archipel Musique]
Polar System – SHE [Cookie Records]
Pong HM – Casanova [Wild Youth Digital]
Poté – A Tenuous Tale Of Her [OUTLIER]
Primaudia Record – Acidic Augmentation [Electronic Alliance Records]
Progrez – Breathless [Spitfire Music]
Rafonic – Chant [Hottwerk Records]
Real Gone Kid – Divine Ambience [ASTIRchill]
Reba, Romain FX – Sai Ying Pun [Mamie’s Records]
Reptilicus & The Hafler Trio – Designer Time [Artoffact]
Richard Castillo – Pianistic [Film Vibes Records]
Rider – Round Thing [RedDiamond]
Rikaar – Vesta [Kraftoptical]
Rob Circuit – Tunnel Zum Licht [Dreibergen]
Rotwang – Sun Tzu [MUTED rec]
Royal Yellow – Still Until [Tonic]
Saimöö – Feelings [Spinnup]
Saint Of Sin – Deja Vu (feat. 432 Hz Chroma) [Sky Waves]
Sander-7 & DJ Combo – Change My Mind [Jambacco Records]
Santa Voyage – Sensual Seduction [Santa Voyage]
Sassafras – Never Ending Story (Original)
Sebastian Mauro – Collective Love [My Modular Synth Records]
Semjon Joosten – Coming Home [Revkon Records]
She Was A Visitor – Iso 220320 [Bare Hands]
Simon Le Grec – Close 2 U [Chouridis Productions]
Singularis – Soulection White Label – Singularis [Soulection]
Sivz – Voices [Hypetrak Records]
Sminos – Sminos [FM Records (Greece)]
Soulski – Baby I’m 2 Hot [ZETETiX]
Suzi Analogue – Super Smooth [Never Normal]
Taigherwuds – Done to Me [Spitfire Music]
The Black Dog – Dubs Volume 2 [Dust Science]
The JWA – Lunar Surveyor [FRBH Recordings]
The Micronaut – Archery (Nathan Fake Remix) [Ki Records]
The Policy – Digitize [[PIAS] Holland]
Tony Garviz – Night Grooves [M-Sol Records]
Too Lamb – Once Upon a Time [Chill Caterpillar]
TVO – Cordiform [Broken20]
VA – All Mixed up Volume 1 [WiddFam]
VA – Battle of Gaugamela [DRK records]
VA – Comme de Loin [Blank Mind]
VA – From Belfast with Love II [Nocturne]
VA – Frozen [WayOn]
VA – Maison Grabuge (VA01) [Maison Grabuge]
VA – Under Water LOFI [WayOn]
Vibrational Souls – Eternal Ease [Outer Limits Music]
Vincent Oliveira & Ludmila Vincent – Be With You [Project Beat One]
Voxel9 – Chariot [Dreams Come True]
VYYL – Deja Vu [Dihanie Records]
White Alien – Magic Flip [Freshtunes]
Wise Koala – Acceptance [Three Hands Records]
Y.N.V. – Astral Delight [Lurid Music]
Zohra – Badala Zamana (Habibi Funk 015) [HABIBI Funk Records]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Acid Kids – Tell You
Badger, Burt Cope – 1fbss006 (Bass) [1Forty]
Bermal – Back to Basics [Bermal Audio]
BLK JCK – Get to Me (Everyday) [Four40 Records]
Charlie X2C – Midnight [Krach Machen Records]
CODE NUMBER – Back Together [GS Dubs]
Eric Mark & Fantom Freq – Big Beat Manifesto [Thiccfreqness Records]
Jay Ward – Crazy [Strictly House And Garage]
Mind Artifice & HEAVNLY – Pack One [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Plus – Calories [Nightflower Records]
Soulstate – Come Home [Garage Shared]
Trudos Sound & MC K – Burning Up [Jam Tasty Records]
TUMARE & Ric Waves – Hit da Sound [Elektroshok Records]
UltraNet – Never Forget [Rogue Dubs]


2 Da Rhythm – A Special Groove , Take ‘Em Up [Nervous Records]
5messages – Take It Slow [Dragon Records]
10BREWS – Your Heartbreak [High Five Music]
15 Switch – Come and Follow Me (Extended Mix) [Tuneart Records]
AceAcer & Depo On Da Beat – Intro [StrangR Menace Records]
ACHS – El Sun Tsung [ACHS]
Aditii & YCONN – Warm [Gloamed]
Adri Block & Paul Parsons – Butterfly Boogie (Club Mix) [Gimme The Night]
Aleksandra Andrzejewska – Lato [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Alex Blond (ITA) – Vibrations [D60Records]
Alex Inc – Dreamer [Moiss Music Black]
Anatoliy Nesterenko – Summer Mix [Richy Records]
Angel Anx & Stoxx – Choices , Espira [Tested Records]
Angelino Loren – Night Work [Angelino Loren Music]
ATG breaks – Rad 303 [ATG Records]
ATTIC ANTICS – Sneakers [Salford City Records]
Avalanche & Flash Finger – QANUN [Electric Station]
Balm – Basement Tales [Ebisu records]
beatenvy – Love Yourself [Gloamed]
Beatline – Bugatti [Darling Music Group]
Bee Soul – Bafana Badi Lolly [Blaq Owl Music]
Bigginz – I’m Comming Home (Main Mix) [Run Bklyn Trax Company]
Biz, Relaviorn – Malya [Electric Station]
Block & Crown – Disco Steppers [Rawtone Black]
Bonnis Maxx & DJ Marco Santos – Musica Feliz [PURE CIRCUIT MIAMI]
Boomclap – Honey (feat. Cerys) [Electric Mode]
Breaks Music – Should Be [G-Mafia Records]
Capri Project – That’s Amore Capri [Big Tunes Records]
Carlo Riviera – First Choice (Del Distrito Garage Mix) [Distrito Music Label]
CEV’s – DNA [Transcendance Music]
Chaco – My Mind [Future Cuts]
Chad Moon, Morgan Cole – All I Want [Nervous Records]
Chapeau Claudette – Fashion C’est La Latest Attraction [Into The Light]
Chavela – Don’t Be a Habit [SMG Publishing]
Chemical Disco & Catz N Motion, SAMN! & DR1GØ – Find Me [FEATURE]
Claudio Giordano – Black America [Sonambulos Muzic]
Crosfader – Hot Gruv [CibiCaldi Records]
CutWires – Workout [Youth Control]
Damon Rush – Kinda Freaky [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Danny Wyatt – The Time is Now [Nabyara Records]
Daphne Live & DANTEE – Phoenix [Blacktone]
Data Punk – Daft Tuner [Buddha Hemp Mafia]
David William – Funniest Day [SMG Publishing]
Davtyan Beats – Burnin [The Jani Music]
Deejay Soso – Ever Changing Times [DSM Entertainment]
DentedAphid7 – Gamer [DP7 Music]
Dj Beda – California Dreaming (feat. Joanna Angelina) [D60Records]
Dj Emir – Burning (feat. J-Why) [Bandito remix] [LaBlacklistList]
Dj Emir – Burning (feat. J-WHY) [SIINA remix] [LaBlacklistList]
Dj G Smallz & Ukg Takeover – C4 Anthem [Soundtown Records]
DJ Yanks – El Ayer (EP) [Blahove Music]
Douglas Allen – Mollys Groove [VIP Stars]
Easy Rouge – Strawberry Melon [Alveda Deep]
Eksokosmikos – Ypnosi [Innersense Productions]
Erik Bo, Sacre Francais – Respect [Funk Mansion]
Eva Forte – In All the Realities [40eva]
Fabian Hernandez Dfh – Whistle Song [LUNI Records]
Filta Freqz – Double Exposure [Seventy Four]
FRNIK – U Got Me [Vamos Music Talents]
Galoski – Casualty [ChillYourMind]
George G-Spot Jackson & Freddie Fiyah – Alien House Heads
George Von Liger, Sakke – Sellection #7 [Nipplekiss]
Goblin Hulms – No Sweat [Itemize]
Gorillag – Hate You [Crown Of Music]
Hans Göran – GANG [Bisous]
Hidden Crew – Freedom (WOLK’s Fake Reality Remix) [K-Noiz Select]
Hoax – On a Ride [Paralism Records]
Househeadz – ‘Let the Music Take You’ [Soul Room Records]
Ibranovski – Ding Ding [BROHOUSE Music]
Indivision – Deeper [Soulmode Records]
islandman & Kenneth Bager – Aku Membawa (Gerd Janson Remixes) [feat. DJ DIVO & OliO]
J Caprice – After Midnight [Natural Rhythm Music]
Jacidorex & DYEN, Jacidorex & Epidemie – Neoacid07va [Neoacid]
Jay Drezz – Dance for Me [Kiwistage]
Jazzy Moon – Bulletproof [DistroKid]
JCLD – Blaster One [Atomika Records]
Jeremy Sylvester – Chicken Nugget [Urban Dubz Music]
Jimmy V – New Dawn [Sunrising Records]
JoC H – Le Groove [T-Groove]
Joe Valentin – Paradise [Stabby Records]
Johnny Stayer – Bugabo [Audio Bitch Records]
Juan Carnal – Feeling All [mfgustafsson]
Juan Carnal – Wonderland [mfgustafsson]
JUSCUZ – Heaven [Love Some Dance]
Kai Shibata – The Way [Modarnity]
Kamasutra & Corinna Joseph – Burnin’ [Wildflower Records]
Kardano – Weekday [DDiaz Recordings]
Katarina Fes – Nothing Was Real [Creative Records]
KC4K – Sapphire [KC4K Music]
Kemp&Thompson – EgoChaser [Jet Alone Music]
Kenny Bizzarro – Dip [Bunny Clan]
Kenny Charles – Jazz (If You Can Call It That) [MR-RE Records]
Kerkhoff – Finesse Girl [Deep Insane]
Kevin Caceres – Largo Tiempo [DUB]
Kim Anh – Shadows [Can U Not Talk]
Kohmi – What We Do [Monstercat]
Kresko – Always Be There [Cases de la Musica]
Kristof Tigran – Be Myself [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Kurt Maloo – Come over Here 2021 (Remixes) [Aardvark Dance]
KVPV – Arabian Night [KVPV MUSIC]
Larry Scottish – Agua , Axel F , Be the Same [Into My House]
Lempo & Emma Clair – Cheeky Sound (feat. Lord KCB, 80d & CatD) [Trax Records]
Leon Rouge – 126 to Life [agemusic]
Levrige – Big Trig [Elastic Rhythms]
Lijah & Big Nate, Lijah & Minny Juno – Brighter Days, I Seek [LJH Productions]
Liquid Lasso – Illusions [Chill Caterpillar]
Liz Fr – Running Around (21 Mixes) [New Creatures]
Loco Dice – Re-Transmit 07 (feat. Ghostface Killah) [Transmit Recordings]
Lookus – Amnesia [Dark Soul Music]
Love Nine – Sab Sound [Two Faces Records]
Luca Lozano – Boss Moves 2 Welcome Back [Running Back]
Luis Ferro – Deep Inside [Be Positive Records]
Luis Rees – Hold Me Now [Yuna Beats Records]
Luiz Uchoa – Let’s Talk About Trumpet [G-Mafia Records]
Lush Djs – Music to Me [Lush Life]
Lux – The Mad Drunk [DIGYLUX]
Lyneker Keroake – Bailadores [11 SDA LABEL]
Mad Hed City – I Am Legend [Mad Pak]
Mad Rey – Brazil Melancholia [Mamie’s Records]
Maiczik – Insane [Minus32]
Manu Falcon – Promised Land (feat. Taona) [Opal Music]
Manuel Grandi – Smack My Bitch Up [Samui Recordings]
Mark Stereo & Dr. Berk – Booty Shake Remixes [Xtereo Recordings]
Mark Taaffe – Around Me [kookee records]
Markiss Knobs – All Night Dancin [True House LA]
Master Master – Circle 32 [Hyper Master Recorders]
Maurice Joshua – We Fall Down (feat. Joyce Hurley) – Remixes [HEAVY]
Maze More – Found You [PRDS Direct]
Melt With Miami – Drip Drop [ONLY THE BEST]
Mestereo – This Dream [Darling Music Group]
Mole – Czas Na Mnie [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Mosaic Musiq – Rusty Dusty (feat. MacGuitar & SBY de Mdee) [Z M G Music Records]
Mproenza & Cool 7rack – Animals [Cool 7rack Records]
Mr. Nabi – Hello [Freshtunes]
Mr.Tune – Rolling Notes [DUB&BOOM]
Mrfleamino – Be Somebody [Nu Disco Deep Records]
MushDJ.official – Litty Gun [G-Mafia Records]
Mutehead – Abscisic + Absell + Access [Crown Of Music]
N Passant – Disco Dancer [Houseledge]
Narcotic Symphony – Nature [Introspection Recordings]
Nomar Boltier – Aggressive Funk [SpinCat Music]
Norberto Acrisio aka Norbit Housemaster – Cut and listen, Vol. 1
Nostalgix – Black Mirror [Deadbeats]
Obtteck – Kick Drum [Deep Bear]
OOTORO – Breaking Away [STMPD RCRDS]
Otokton – Indigenius [Big Crunch Records]
Palla-Bee & SGurvin – Goodphoria [Euforisk]
Paul Parsons & Block & Crown – Brown Sugah [PLAYEDiT Records]
Paul Worker, Paolo Travagliante & Wolfrage – Keep Me Closer
Peder Mannerfelt – And the Band Played On [Voam]
Pepe Le Punk – Runnin’ [Zulu Records]
Petwo Evans – Double Drop Bootstrap [On The Corner Records]
Phạm Thành – Mood Blind [SMG Publishing]
Philip Alarico – Away Winter Time [SMG Publishing]
Prince Of Deptford – Wild Left [Blaq Records]
Project 88 – Inner City Dubs Vol 10 – Displaced [Inner City Dubs]
R-Ash – Random Woman [Lobby Records]
Rick Marshall – Candy [Funky Revival]
Riva Starr & Gavin Holligan – The Feeling [Snatch! Records]
Rob1 – Melting Moment [Gardenia Records]
Roland Clark – All My Friends [Get Physical Music]
Rolling Pistons – Boy Bye [Embarcadero Red]
Rory Godson – Onward [mfgustafsson]
Roughion – Cydymffurfiwch Comply (Son of Abe Remix) [Afanc]
Roy Jazz Grant – What She Said [Apt D4 Records]
Rubber People – Hey Daddy [Safari Music]
Sam Collins – Bad Bitch [WEPLAY Music]
Sammy Slade – Crush [Enormous Chills]
Samuele Capito Masella, Giacomo Cetera & Davide D’Onofrio Sax – Come On
Scafetta – Bring the House Down. [Phunk Junk Records]
Sergey Oblomov – Green Morning [Muza]
Sickmon & Tommy Soprano – Astral [Ghetto]
Silverfox – The Balance (feat. Morris Revy) [Transcendance Music]
Slyngshott – Dang Booty (Johnny Nutzz Remix) [Aim For The Face Records]
Snake Black – 80’s Memories + Advance + Cashe [Black Boat]
Soldatov – Telephone [Gardash Records]
Son Eward – Summer Light Rain [SMG Publishing]
SONIKSSP – I Can Shake It (feat. UltraViolette) [dotdotdot records]
Soul Groove, Andrea Erre & Venessa Jackson – 2 Faced Lovers – The Remixes
Soundsider – Missing You [FTLOH RECORDS]
Stefano Sorge – Purple [History Recordings]
Sub Conflict – Blooming Berry [The Earth Music]
SumSuch – Dulcie Caught a Cricket [3Bridge Records]
Sweater On Polo – Travel International [Fixed Rhythms]
SYN23 – C’Mon [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Szigeti Juli – All About That Bass [Electro Swing Thing]
The High Breed – Demons (feat. Inspeckta Veg) [Black Prism]
The TerraNova Experience – Deep Roots , Zenora [Patina Skye Music]
Theofred – Morning Light [Toy Box Records]
This Is the Kit – Keep Going (Desert Island Version) [Rough Trade UK]
Today’s Relaxing Music – Sea Whispers [SMG Publishing]
Tokyo Cartel – Slow Desire [Content Records]
Tom HP – Crazy Kid [VNP Entertainment]
Tom Junior & Sulene Fleming – All the Blues (Joe Ventura Remix)
Tony Beat – Come On Boy [Bearlin Records]
Toru S. – In Memory of Doc Yoko #41 Oh Gay (Edits) [Nohashi Records]
Truong Xu – Broken Angel [VNP Entertainment]
Tumelo Nkata – Bow at His Throne [Mofunk Gospel]
VA – Chez Critique_ Synesthesia [RU275457]
VA – House Nation Clubbing Spring 2021 Edition [RH2]
VA – Pure House, Vol. 13 [Van Czar Series]
VA – Road to House Music, Vol. 48 [Play This! Records]
Waterstone – I Miss You (feat. Tracy Hamlin) [Groove Culture]
West Coast House Project – Connected Through House [ROOM 82Records]
Winesk – Tee-Town Bownz (feat. Carmen Miller) [BestMusic Records Inc]
X Project – Beats Remaster [Cock Pitch Records]
Yenk – Solo Gozar [Kinki Pride]
Yo2zing – Feelings in the Rain [yo2zing]
zms & WBN – Too Good for Me [Kiwistage]
Zone 2 – All Nations,I Need You [Street Recordings]
Zuukou mayzie – Haku – A Colors Show [colorsxstudios]

Melodic House & Techno

Alex Aleman – Infinity [Minar Records]
Alex ll Martinenko – Aledxandr – Reincornation [Alien Delirium Recordings]
An On Bast & Douglas Greed – I’m Right Outside If You Need Me [Kiosk ID]
Anmol Khanna, Sudos – Elements Ca [Whole Story Lab]
Ant J Steep, Butters – Higher State Vol 1 [Reckless Republic Music]
Arni – Automan [Trippy Code]
Artem Kazantsev – Another World [Wood Limited]
BeatQueche – I Believed and Trusted 2021 REMIXES [Trippy Code]
Bensus7 – Echostein [SANiLLE Recordings]
Blank Vision & N3MO, Blank Vision – Papillon [Morion Records]
Bobby Makk – Makkes , Hysteria [Somma Records]
Brandman – Miracle [Bokesound Records]
Celal Yavuz – Abandoned [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Celal Yavuz, Emrah Balkan & Mr. Jerry Jr. – Son Prova (Destiny Vocal Mix)
Cosmosolar – Indiferente [Alpha Black]
Darko Milosevic, Nick Devon & Monarke – Anniversary 09 (Part 2) [Steyoyoke]
Darren Bray, Remains Of Silence – Horizon [Emotional Content Recordings]
Deepaa – My Inner Demons [Revolt Records]
Diego Lima & James Hopkins, Iuvenes – Pressure [Huum Records]
Djanke – Beneath Mona Lisa [Across The Time Records]
Edoo – Purpose [Human Dreams]
Edvard Hunger – Sometimes I Feel [Neonius Records]
Emcroy – Universe Seven [Ardigital Records]
Emmanuella – Encounter [Natura Viva]
Enrico Sturm – 0.34 [Dilate Records]
Ezra Folds – Unfolding [Musical Euphoria Records]
Fatso – Dream Spirit [Fat Bomb Records]
Franca, Johnny Da Cruz – 10 Years URSL – INAYACHI [URSL]
Fredi Vega – Skyline [Ushuaia Music]
Freshair – Happy Fish [Young Society Neon Edition]
FUZIGER – Inside Me [House Box Records]
Gianni Astrale – Kugelblitz [Raumstation Musik]
Hauz – All This Time [Sirup Records]
Hector calypzo – Complements Album [ANALOGUE STRINGS]
Ian – Nat J [Astral Void World]
Irwin Romero – Old Cloud of Melody [Techara Music]
John Wolf – Darkness Looms [Late Night Records]
Julio – Far Away Connections [Nala Music]
Kakha Tomadze – Black Sky [Take My Space]
Knaap – Ytana [Progressive Vibes Light]
Kostas T – Sequencer 32 [Grey Dome Records]
Laurent Chanal & Yonel Sun – Je Danse [Red Ant Records]
Leandro Taibbi – Stelle [Natura Viva Black]
Lino Fuso – Can’t Get Over [Endless Records]
Luvolin – Korken [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
MAAND – Omega [Love Matters]
Mad Gregor – Triptych [Techno Vinyls Records]
Mångata Projekt – Strange Things [Awen Tales]
Maru – Kolibri [Nachtaktive Resonanzkörper]
Matching Raptors – Starfish Island [0FACTORY]
Max Evo – Janna [Figura Limited]
Maximo Quinones – Colombiana [We Are Phonik]
Mental Order & Tim Øthy – Dopamina [ONISM]
Metha – Phobia [BeMassive Records]
Mike Sulu – Another Person [Superordinate Music]
Modern Modern Life – The Hard Copy [Different]
Monodusk – Kosmos [TRIP and dream]
Mr. Rog – The Beginning [Techno Deaf Recordings]
Nando Rodriguez & Black Of Birds – Balearic Waves [BE BALEARIC]
NEN400 – History Remixes, Pt. 2 [Callote]
Nora En Pure – Aquatic [Enormous Tunes]
Nu’bal – Smaragd [Red Eclipse Recordings]
Oguz Demiroz – Journey To 1649C [Deepmode Digital]
Ori B. – Lonely Star in Open Sky [Mystery Train Recordings]
P.Lima – Eternal [Vibez Sounds]
Quenions – Frozen Grass [Seta Label]
Rafael Marquez [RM] – Nicotine [DTL Records]
Raffaele Petralia – Waiting For the Noise [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Rayan Hermes – Message [Sagmen]
RAZZER – Edom [Razzer Records]
RBP – Moanshine [Roughness Records]
Rogerio Vegas – Meridians [Natural Feelings]
Rose Aloy – Angels [Medrado Music]
S.Hess – Burn Out [MTZ Noir Records]
Samantha Loveridge – Delatosi [Suah Records]
San Nicolas – Lights [TRIP and emotions]
Satoshi Fumi – Colour Drops [TOR]
Sean Harvey – The Rhythm [PL7]
Settantanove – Pazzo ciro pericoloso [BMMR]
Simon Rose – Breaking Longer [Zalmanim Records]
SOLSTICE – Wiser [Family N.A.M.E]
Son of Goa – Lucid Dreams [Son of Goa]
Soul Alt Delete – Ideology [Minds Of Sin Records]
Stazam – Ameno [Stazam]
Stefano Mapo, Federico Maviglia & Enzo Siffredi – Bagheera [Wired]
Stil & Bense – Doomscrolling [Raving Society]
Tal Fussman – Down & Out [MoBlack Records]
Technetium – Dark Piano [Ushuaia Music]
Till Antonio – Nocturnal Voyage [ThreeRecords]
Tomas Sanchez – Ace of Bass [Code Label]
VA – 5 Years of Experiment Records [Experiment Records]
VA – Blaze 9 [People Like Us Records]
VA – Dark Memories
VA – Progressive 2021 [Usanza]
VA – Reconstructed 1 [Aftertech Records]
VA – Synths and Notes 51 [Voltaire Music]
Vlad Jet – Laruge [Nightcolours]
VOBEN – Controlled Night [Musical Euphoria Records]
Wave Alchemy – Marago [Forgotten Minds]
Wendy Mather – Soul Shadow [Hovvler Music]
WSILVA&DMORAE5 – Essential [Pitch Track]
Yago Oyarzabal – Twenty (Santosa Twenty One Mix) [Three Sounds Records]
Yann Watt – Arabia [MBMH Underground Recordings]

Minimal & Deep Tech

A503X – Return In the Crypt [A503X Records]
Alan Becker – Learning Machines [Hijacked Records Detroit]
Alessandro Calzolaio – Flamenco [Klap Music]
Alex Baciu – Don’t You Be Afraid [NG Trax]
Alex Gamez – Sabik [Okean]
All Fred – Emerald [SouthTech Music]
AMIRALA – The Planet of Love [Poolside Recordings]
Ammo Avenue – Help Myself [TBX Records]
Andrea Doronzo – Sweet Freedom [Global Music Records]
Andy Clockwork – Light Speed [Elephant Chords]
Anton Kurt – Pocket Sky [Kootz Music]
Antonio Rizzo – Symbols [Tanapa Records]
B-Sights – Music [Moiss Music]
Babi & Gabri – Ever After [Morbidyne]
Bloh – Eli.sound Presents Bloh From ARGENTINA [eli.waxx]
Butane & Riko Forinson – Feel it [San Bolsa Music]
CAlinie – Deep Mirror [Microgravity Music]
Cosmicfellas & Ricky-O – Bonnie [Manicomio Music]
Cristian Dumitru, DubluD & TzBz – VA – To spear life [Abbysal Records]
David Delgado – Free Until Four [L.E.T. Music]
Davide Mentesana – Ring [Rave Music]
Dimitrios V – Spring [Accurate Black]
DJ Buhle – 4 Seasons [DJ Buhle]
Elijah Jones – Vision [Grass Route Records]
Emerson Collin – Ley Caza [MinimDisck Record Label]
Ever Tapia & Gabriel Volt – Catarsis [Plastica Music]
First For Nieto – First For Music 001 [First For Music]
Gianni Ruocco & Ivano Bellini – Broken Rhythms [Uranobeat Records]
Giomar M. – Voices in My Trip [Tres 14 Music]
Gringow – Keep on Going [RAZOM]
HIGHTECH (ARG) – Homecide [Bella Vie Music]
Ikem – Set Breaker [Hot Stuff Record]
Iulian Badea – Rabbit Hole [Sweet Milk Records]
JAVO, JAVO, Jay Caesar & Adiel Mora – Paris [Cocoa]
Jean Pierre Carvin – Blow Ya [Hatching Creatures]
JONA (AW) – Pandora’s Box [HardCutz Records]
Jona Cerezo – Vintage Shapes [mINT]
Jonas Franzen – Be Quiet [Sound Vessel Records]
Jorick Croes & Dirty Dan, Jorick Croes & Soul Data – Ramo’s Revenge [Ofrenda Music]
K-Elements – Algorithm [Dewing Records]
Kevin Caceres – Needed [Harbor Records Collective]
Knyazev (RU) – Back to Past [Incur]
M.James – B Somebody [EWax]
Malle – Radar [Floorpiece Digital]
MAR-K – Pink Madagascar [Kankari Records]
Martin Mosquera – House Gangster [4 Quarters Music]
Mattia Menga – Pantoprazole [Monday Morning Records]
Mecie – Cocktail [Motion Bass]
Mikel GH – Coming to Mordor [48007 Music]
Mind Archives – Cel03 [Naktema]
Mist – Unter Strom [AMPED]
NANDO SPANÒ – Do you know Nancy [BASIC GROOVE Music]
Nano Garrido & Bruce Baps – Remixes Vol.2 [Asane Records]
Nimhaz – El Viaje [Revival records]
Nook – Highway 99 [PULSO]
Norbert Beyer – Whatever , Dope [labelsR4pussys]
Ochu Laross – Aura [Minordub]
Ochu Laross – Butterflies [Casa Do Conde]
Ochu Laross – Exercise [P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records]
Paolo Dominique – Firecat [Hot Wax]
parsec – Achernar [Habits Records]
Rafa Treseiscinco – Climatology [Sonido Central Records]
Rama.W – Primeros Pasos [Samani]
Ray Mono – Amongst Friends [AVOTRE]
Rick Silva – The House of G [Circus Magna]
Sascha Sonido – Diva [Framed Realities]
Solntsev – Late Reply [Lemon Juice Records]
Son of Elita – Some Questions [Wowie Music]
Stiven Escarraga – 009 [Cee Music Limited]
The Checkup – I’ll Let You in [AVOTRE]
Theo Poles – Groovin [IWANT Music]
Tommaso Pizzelli – Galassia [YELRAE_Music]
Transformation In O – Attack on Linking [Superordinate Reverie]
Uriah persie – Angelina [Kief Music]
VA – Bombgeros Vol.1 [BMBG001]
VA – Indeep 1st Anniversary Compilation [INDP008]
VA – Le Chevere Sampler 001 [Le Chevere]
VA – Minimal Black, Vol. 3 (Overdriven Minimal Volume) [Level One Records]
VA – Minimal World Vol 1
VA – Roller [Flip-Flops Records]
Walcon – Breaf of [Kief Music LTD]
Warboy – Tell Me Now (feat. Nadia D Juma) [Save Our Souls]
Workleft – Belling (Special Edition 2021) [argia rec]
Zmindi – Dreams [Expérimental Label]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

Afro Image Band – Night Dancer [Funky Sensation Records]
Afro Image Band – Shock Out [BeachGroove Records]
AUTOFLOWER – Cyberpunk [La Mishka]
B. Smiley – Plants for Pollinators [Late Night Sneakin]
Basileus – Katabasis [Logia Records]
Block Street Sound – Progressive Orchestra [BeachGroove Records]
Chamba Sound – Dancing fever [Funky Sensation Records]
Chamba Sound – Walking On Music [BeachGroove Records]
Coco Cool – Femme [BeachGroove Records]
Color Trip – SalFunky [BeachGroove Records]
D_VERGENT – Befreie Mich Vom Realen [House Of Boost Records]
Dim Spirit – Help [YEAR0001]
Dimi Vavi – 83 [Soluna Music]
Dionigi – Hot Oxygen [Quantistic Division]
Disco Secret – Always True [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Fat Sax [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Miami Skyline [BeachGroove Records]
Disco Secret – Super Feak [Funky Sensation Records]
Domestic Technology – Lookback [3S]
Don Ray Mad & Danodè – Free Breath [Big Bull Records]
Emissive – Wave Science [Pacific Rhythm]
Esteban Calvet – Going Down [Hive Label]
FM Attack – The Never Ending [Starfield Music]
Funkytown – Bass Section (Extended Mix) [Cut Rec]
Good Time Federation – Disco Round [Twisted Filter]
Greymatter & GOLDSLANG – Can Be Mine [Unique Uncut]
Hannes Lohrer – Admin 247 [Rurutu]
Ian Upfold – Distance Living [Bandolier Records]
Infravision – Illegal Future [Fleisch Records]
J.Robb & Devin Tracy, sheisDEJA – Soulection White Label – J.Robb
J&M Brothers – Strings 54 [Good Stuff Recordings]
Jason Balala – Jungle People [Funky Sensation Records]
Jorkes – Dancer in the Dark [Freeride Millenium]
Judith Ahrends & Rafaele Castiglione – Smoke [Amselcom]
Keyklova – No One Else [Hindu Vision]
Ks French – Soulness Love [FKR]
Kubebe – Candiru [Belly Dance Services]
Los Dvtsuns – Dime Que Si [HEARec]
MALIA – Play Sides [Soulection]
Marcus Pearson – Push the Funk [Rubicon Recordings]
Mars Today & ESTA. – Summatime Fine [Soulection]
Massimo Voci – Discomusic For Airports [Turntables on the Hudson]
Michael Elliot – Love [June 87 Recordings]
Michael Mayer – Brainwave Technology [Kompakt]
Morgendugg – Kanskje i Morgen [Akustikk Recordings]
Musumeci & Dodi Palese, Lehar – Discoteca Italiana [Diynamic]
Neutro Johnson – Aprile [Wooden Haus Records]
Never Dull – Call It House [New State Music]
Of Norway – Vapour [Secret Fusion]
Ojerime – Often Enough – A COLORS SHOW [colorsxstudios]
Özhan Özal – Come on Over [Airport Records]
Pato Rivera – Frilled Fllters [BeachGroove Records]
Pato Rivera – Orchestra 1978 [Funky Sensation Records]
Pato Rivera – The President [Funky Sensation Records]
Putsch ’79 – Winterslam [Klakson]
Rich vom Dorf – Chains of Madness [Tächno]
RNBI – Better [Wit A Banger Ent.]
Robert Solheim – Dead of Night (feat. Rick O’Disko & Rune Lindquist)
Ryan Shade – All Night Long [Ryan Shade Records]
Sunner Soul – Sunny Disco [Vintage Music Records]
Syst3m Glitch & Dimi Kaye, Shadowrunner – Beyond Stars
Tay Iwar – 1997 [Soulection]
The Lost DJ – Mosquito Sax [BeachGroove Records]
Tokyo Groove – Catch Me Lady! [BeachGroove Records]
Tokyo Groove – thrill 80 [Funky Sensation Records]
VA – Owl [Mélopée Records]
VA – Re_Commended – Nu Disco Edition, Vol. 10 [RVMCOMP2286B]
Vanilla – Turn Me Loose [Kampana]