$LIM$ – Octane Sex 2 [Multiza Distribution]
2Whales, ShmelevSTP – Comeback [Multiza Distribution]
A1aska – Holes [A1ASKA]
Alex Braga – Spleen Machine [7K!]
Alex Guesta & Nicola Fasano – PUSH the FEELING (Nuote Remix)
Alex Kelman – Vesna (feat. Sasha Fanat) [Kysla Records]
Alexandrina-Sanita – Let’s Scream [Multiza Distribution]
ALRT – Vapour , Hydrogen [NRG Records]
Andrea Verona – Fever (feat. Maurizio Neri) [Anniversary 2002]
Anil Altinay – Anadolu [DigginRawRec]
Asmodeo – Illumination [Abitta Records]
Bobby Harvey, Yasmin Jane & Lxt – Crown [New State Music]
Brasta – Beauty of Fear (feat. Alessia) [94 Records]
Brodo & Økapi – Rivoluzione Informale [Parvati Records]
C-Ro, Uwe Worlitzer & Nazzereene – Imperfect Illusion [1st Strike]
Callum Mcintosh – Echa Palante [Baby’s Back]
Cassiopeia – Kaleidoscope [Multiza Distribution]
Catlikethief – Chaos Theory [Graveyard Beats]
Ceramic Stringz – Inside Imagination [Street Level Music Group]
Clueso – Tanzen (Remixes) [Epic Germany]
Coconut Wynter – Cryin Tequila [Twelve 30 Records]
CURLYROCK – Legends of Sound’n’Mayhem The Remixes Part I
CURLYROCK – Legends of Sound’n’Mayhem The Remixes Part II
CWECVMOZGU – Mint [Multiza Distribution]
CyberJesus – Last Call to Heaven [Multiza Distribution]
Dave Stevenson – Orlando (Radio Edit) [Synthomatic]
DejaVoodoo – CHIMERA [What When Who]
Deladap – Hello Hurry (feat. Melinda Stoika) [Chat Chapeau Nouveau]
Dennix – So Deep [Midas Music]
DentedAphid7 – Stonerator (feat. ICXU) [DP7 Music]
DIA-Plattenpussys – Pill of Love [DIA (Official)]
Dimebag Plug – Wu-Warriorz (feat. TVETH) [Multiza Distribution]
DIZILEIJI – Plasticine (Remix) [Dizileiji]
Dylan Matthew – Saturday Night (Marcus James Remix) [Lowly]
Elias Mazian – Vrij van Dromen [De Vlieger]
Eric Essebag – A Trippy Funky Disco [Caché Life NY]
Erik’s Own – Light [EDA Music]
Fader Beat – Can You Feel [Factoria K Music]
Fako – Ke Lorile [African Waves Entertainment]
Fast Eddie – Fye Remixes [AOU Entertainment]
flickloyd – Your Maniac [Multiza Distribution]
Fubu & Tobtok – Freak Like Me (feat. Kate Wild) [Remixes, Pt. 1]
Ghost DJ – Live Without You [Dance Tunes Records]
Giovanni Cocco – Pippa & titta [Cv Music Label]
Henry Hacking – New Love (feat. Holly Brewer) [Kokiri Remix]
Hoisin Sauce – Back Heavy (Nuance Remix) [The Spice Rack]
Jane C – Lifelong [Indielabel]
Janie – Depuis samedi [Play Two]
Jay Frog & Sunny Marleen – Amigos (BlackBonez Club Mix(
Jef Miles – Everybody Holla (feat. Twista) – Big Band Remix
Jef Miles – Everybody Holla (feat. Twista) – Club Smash Remix
Jon Fisk – Salutation [Jon Fisk Records]
Julio & María – Se Va El Amor [KronoMusic]
JY Akari – Smile [CHAPTERD Recordings]
Kissilâ Kay – Mythomanie [EarlyKiss Music]
Kryn – You Don’t Love Me (feat. Christianoshi) [Keep Out Recordings]
Laurette – Lemon (feat. Twizy Dady) [Norvis Music]
Lex Ventura – Wheres Da Party [Flashsteps Audio]
Lidell Townsell – Dance Dance [AOU Entertainment]
Louise DaCosta – LA MAGIC (feat. Grace Day) [DaCosta Records]
Maccio & H4z3r – Helium (feat. Sam Dawson) [Milleville Records]
Magdalen Silvestra – Hear the Stars Cry [Abora Symphonic]
Magic Bronson – Surfin [Handwritten Records]
Maicol Marsella & Tessel – Brother [Keep!]
Marc Reason – Helpless (feat. Linda Jo Rizzo) [Remixes] [TB Media]
Marco Marzi & Marco Skarica – Carichi di beat (feat. Khris) [Bit Records]
Martha Rose & Balayage – Give It to You [Martin Hossbach]
Matt Nash – Lose It All [STMPD RCRDS]
Matt Sharratt – Feeling For You [Perfect Havoc]
Menrva – Baby Boy [Insanity Records]
Montmoulin – Woof [Crosswalk Records]
Morgane Imbeaud – Beautiful Losers [Roy music]
Mou5zyzz, Dewik & ARIKADO – Exhale [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Mr Doo – My West African Queen [Araftu]
MS KUMAR – Chapter One K [Horus Music Limited]
Nathan Brumley – Rewind Series – We Ignite Deformaty Mixes
NESCO – Breathe [Bohemian Records]
Nicky Finesse – Maybe Then [Smile Creations Music Label]
Nimmo – Come Back [NIMMONIMMO]
Nio Cara – Esiste o no (feat. Dj Doc Tone) [G.M.I.R.]
OSITO – Backstabber [OSITO]
OYABUN & Bubi – Need You [Skink]
Papa Genius – Shamisen [PAPA GENIUS]
Pink Cat Empire – Creng [Multiza Distribution]
Polina Nord – Hold Your Breath [Multiza Distribution]
RealForReel – Summer [Multiza Distribution]
Ricky RF – I’ll Be There for You (feat. Jia Miles) [Wikolia Music]
Roda – Funky Flight (feat. Skrilla) [Adorma Records]
Rolaz – Missy… Call Me [WoNKed Music Group]
Ronny Hammond – Motion of Your Body [Tropical Disco Records]
Ruff Loaderz – Falling in Love [Somn’thing Records]
Ruff, Mikey C & Lila McKenna – Self Sabotage [Teamwrk Records]
Rustam Abrekov – Rustam Abrekov [Multiza Distribution]
Sam Fischer – This City Remix (feat. Anne-Marie) [RCA Records Label]
Sektor37 – Parasite [Multiza Distribution]
Shaun Frank, Alicia Moffet & Famba – On Your Mind (Remixes)
Skot & Dooya – Road Bounce [Faceup]
Sleen Mp – Haze [Sleen Mp]
Soa Dreams – Ya Staralas’, Vy Slyshali [Freshtunes]
Steve Kroeger & Skye Holland – Through The Dark [SOURCE]
Taigherwuds – Run In The 90s [27H Records]
Time in Antarctica – Dreams of an Outside World [Rezzelectro Records]
Tommy Pulse – Miami Sunshock (feat. Gettoblasters)
TRALIX – Bad [Freshtunes]
Unknown Brain & Steve Andreas – Slow (feat. Laurell & Haj)
UTGZ – Shaking Riddim [Stellar Recordings]
VA – Disco Life [Dance All Ways Digital]
Vishal Ramakrishnan – Share the Love [Smart Records UK Limited]
Wizzay – Hooked (feat. Rachel Woznow) [Tipsy Records]
Woodworks & Kruse – Reason (feat. Kruse) [Diepgraven Records]
Xsonatix & Steeller – Rewind Series – Kings of Dance Mixes
Yann Camargo – The One [O Problema é GRAVE]
YARO – Talk to Myself (feat. Philip Strand) [Record Company TEN]
Zafrir & Chemical Surf – Paranaue [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

A-mase & Sharliz – Say It Right [Try That Records]
Acerak – Waveforms [Paunchy Cat Records]
Adham Zahran – Sunbron [Mole Music]
ALbarnes – Nethya [River Sounds]
Alex Cooksley, Mallin, Sam Dexter & Tokio – Chilli Jam
Alex Deft – Into Summer [Ouse]
Alex Sadman – But Not Me [Scratch Style Brothers]
Alex Sadman – Tsoy [Scratch Style Brothers]
Alfred Beck, Francis Davila & Sapir Amar – Over the Sea [Uprise Music]
Andrew Chibale – Blue Moon [Mr Cosmic Recordings]
Ascot – Alright [Static Bass Recordings]
Atom Of Soul – Utopia [R.D.A. Records]
Audio Gorillaz – Joy Feat. Ottis Blake [Audio Gorillaz Ent]
Aussteiger – Introspection [recordJet]
Ava’s Verden – Where Did You Go [Salon Records]
Bentley Grey, LaKayte & Chris Arna – Slow Down [LucidPlain Records]
Berkan Sunteroglu – All Around the World [Road Story Records]
BEYO – Existence [IO]
Black Light Animals – Playboys of the Western World [Fat Beats Records]
Boogie Boots – Never Too Young (2020 Rework) [Soulful Evolution]
Boogie Boots – Shake It Down [Disco Down]
Brock Edwards – Every Night [Smashing Trax Records]
C. Da Afro – The Box [Mango Sounds]
Carlos Francisco & City Soul Project – Dubwiser [SP Recordings]
Celso Fabbri – Energy Remixes Part One [DeepWit Uncovered]
Chris Burke – Too Good [Chris Burke]
concinnity & DJ Timbawolf – Fly [About The Music Records]
corandcrank – Vera [Alatoran Music Entertainment]
CYRIL AWAKENS & Josu Mämmi – Intermezzo [Chaos Lab Records]
Dasco, Twan Ray & EV Palmer – Magik (25Bit Remix) [Radikal Records]
Dead Pop Stars – Sugar Sweet [Hottwerk Records]
Deep Dementure – Attention [MK837]
Deep London – Greatest Thing in Life [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Din Jay – It’s Not Over [Soul Beach Records]
DJ DIVO & OliO – 1998 [Music for Clubs]
DJ Matpat – Club on Hold [Clubby Boy]
Dj Mpumza DHWL – English Vibes [Diptorrid Recordings]
DL3R – Feeling Good [Spastik Records]
Emira – Drunk Texting [Roya]
EntiQsoul – The Gifted [Way Up Music]
Evy Dream – Feel Paradiz [Paradiz]
Fabik, Moffe & Fabik – Allsgate , Individual [Mhost Likely]
Fabro & MarcLo – Space Jams [Radiola Records]
Falcos Deejay – Above Your Mind (Remixes) [AMVA]
Feta – Deeper Addiction [Acilectro Blue Recordings]
Foxa – What We Had [TGR Music Group]
Frankie Levan – Lonely [Moobla Music]
Franz vu Letzebuerg – Can’t Get Enough (12” Old School Mix)
French PlayerZ – Close to You (feat. Paolo Giffoni)
Funk Mediterraneo – Lovely Life [Tereysa Records]
Funkatomic – Push the feeling on (feat. Richelle Hicks)
Fynite – Missing Love (Afro Mix) [feat. Bobby Saint]
Gees – Miles Apart [Lavenir Music]
Giacomo Sturiano – 1988 [Mind The Gap]
Greg Foat – Symphonie Pacifique [Strut]
Harmogy – Stay Calm [Harmogy Records]
Haus-A-Holics – Losing Myself [DJ Booth Records]
Havana Hustlers & George Calle – You & I Forever [Henry Street Music]
HELAY JUDAS – Sunny Punch [DTL Records]
Hooraaz – Gira [Ario Records]
Igor Pumphonia – Caribbian Sun [ChillRecordsMusic]
Ijan Zagorsky – When You See Me [DeepShine Records]
INDEB – Revelation [Green Grooves]
Janosch Marek – Westwind 2 [ThreeRecords]
Jay Dallenback – One More Time [Mar de Fóra Records]
Jean Tonique – Too Bad (Kraak & Smaak Remix) [Boogie Angst]
Jens Witzig – What Do You Know [1st Strike Deep]
Jonasclean – No Escape [Kolour Recordings]
Jossteel – I Love Think [Jossteel Music]
Kalu Bandali – Zanzibar Nights [Deep V Records]
Kan – Full Control [TID Recordings]
Kark Ulster – Tscanzi [Chola Records Group]
Karl Sierra – Freedom Forever [Moiss Music]
Karo V – Equals [Yuna Beats Records]
KastomariN & Tim Dian – Leyly [DeepShine Records]
Kelly Page & Ian Barras – Rescue Me [Azra Digital Records]
Ken Fan – Sometimes (feat. Ira Ange) [M-Sol DEEP]
Knate Koti – A Z I e L [Far Yards]
Known Unknown – Dream The Living [Nervous Records]
La Bors – Daisy [404 Records]
Leandro Castillo – Suelo Confundirme [Buenos Aires Underground]
Lia Blue – Blue Smoke (Rich vom Dorf Remix) [1st Strike Deep]
Lost Prince – Nver [Axtone Records]
Macu – 0104 [Kryzar Music]
Magnifik & MCKY – Let It Go [Bobbin Head Music]
MAN OF THE MANOR – Seven Night [Kalambur Publishing]
Marcus Layton – Sweet Dreams [Selected.]
Mauricio Cury – Middle of the Night (feat. Evelton Rodrigues) [Cury Music]
Mazlum Bakir – Flyreap [IO]
Mert Yenidunya – Asena [Ray Collect]
Milton Gray – Touch the Sky [Mooloo Records]
Milty Evans – Shoot You Down [Whitebeard Records]
Minimal Groove – GM Feeling, Nice 21 Chapters of Kaifeh [Far Yards]
Morkehtts – Trapped In Time [Morkehtts Records]
Msindo De Serenade – Psychophath [Deep Error56 Records]
mthique cruz & Phats De Juvenile – Ezizweni [AFMmusic]
Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – To Know Without Knowing
My Boy Roy – My Champ [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Native Intelligence – Flip the Diamond [Lookbook Recordings]
Neon Movement – Over [BMP Music]
Nikitch & Kuna Maze – Débuts [Tru Thoughts]
Nilo Damasceno – I Get [Rice Bowl Recordings]
Niv Ast & Cornelius Doctor, Niv Ast – I Remember [Correspondant]
Orlando Magik – Get Down Tonight [Dish Of The Day]
Pablo Rey – Etops [Imploxion Records]
Patient Zero – Drugs Are Ok [Aquamelon]
Paul VHR – Nobody Else [Boogie Angst]
Pee.J Anderson – Hermitage [NC4K]
Peppe Santangelo – Your Heart (feat. Benedetta Bianchi)
Pookie Knights – Makes Me a Weiner [Sundries Digital]
Pramster – Street Moves [Moiss Music Black]
Prince De Deep – Karma [Sanelow Label]
Questionwork – Turel [See The Sea Records]
Ralph Session – Til the Dawn [Half Assed]
Random AKA Tolin – I Feel Fire [Creationz Records]
Raoul – Cabin Fever [Static Bass Recordings]
Reagan Ruler – The Beast (Miguel Scott Remix) [AfriNative Soul]
Remundo – Balearic Beauty [Cherokee Recordings]
Rianu Keevs – Beg In Your Life [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Birth [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Crossroads [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Destination [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Message [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Sail [Rianu Keevs]
RISS – Shake That Flow [Agenda]
Riversilvers – All This Time [Make It Yourself Records]
RuDii – I Am Here Now [Sensoria Records]
Saúco – Something Special [Espacio CIELO]
Schattenfrequenz – Kardioversion [ZZ-Music Records]
Secretsundaze – Devious [Secretsundaze]
Shtuby – The Beauty of Chaos [recordJet]
Simple DJ – Cape Fiolent [Day Dream Records]
Sir Bonez & Miguel Scott – This Feelings [AfriNative Soul]
Siso Em – Be the Sunrise [Deep Clicks]
Sona – Giving It All [BonFire Records]
Sonnik – Chasing Dreams [Heart N Soul Records]
Soulshine – Announcer [Pequi Records]
Stefano Amalfi – With Me [Glitter Paradise]
Stéphane Salerno – Miedo Global [Crossings]
Syniro & NAAZUK – Never Give You Up [Redspace Sound]
Syrah – Sometimes [Greenskeepers Music]
TAKIRU – Man on the Run [2030]
Tommy Glasses – Oh Yeah [WhoBear Records]
Tony Soprano – Show You My Love (2020 Rework) [Soulful Evolution]
Undefined Pattern – Convergenxia [Richmerch]
Unick – Sunset in Your Eyes [Dimka Records]
VA – Pedro Sanmartin Plays 7V [Seven Villas]
Viktor Wagner – Give It To You [Angel Helicopter]
Withheld UK – Distant Highways [Lisztomania Records]
Yordi – Funk You [Groove Foundation Recordings]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Dave Till & Everex – Chaos [Brook Gee Records]
2¢, Craze & Four Color Zack – Rebel (Remixes) [Slow Roast Records]
A.M.C & Phantom – Flows & Hooks [Drum&BassArena]
Acid Lab – Secret Weapon [AGN7 Audio]
Aleksey Beloozerov – Music [Valentina Records]
AN3M & Bengston – Sanatorium [Reload Music]
Antares – Five Rivers [Danger Chamber]
Antent & Amplift – Luna [Simplify.]
Arcane Trickster – Project Sign , Grudge [Slice Records]
Asymmetric, Limit – Dissymmetrical 12 [Dissymmetrical Music]
Au5 & Prismatic, TruFeelz – Invasion
Auba – Mastiff [Privelege Music]
Avila – Ctrl [DENAR RCRDS]
Aweminus – Thunder Stomp [NSD Black Label]
Axell Page – Chronicles [Wolfrage Recordings]
Bad Behavior – No Bitch [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Bad Influence – Split [Vengeance Recordings]
Benny V, K.Warren & Deemas J – Jungle Rebel [Jungle Cakes]
Blinders & Cesqeaux – Go Back (To the Oldschool) [STMPD RCRDS]
Bluckther & Justy – Rock This Down [Darklight Recordings]
Blueroom – Up (Drum & Bass) [Quarantine Records]
Brankmann – Lovely Birds [BIG BADA BOUM!]
C.R.N – Retrospective [TM Records]
caxapkpem – galaxy taxi [VODA Records]
Charlotte Haining – Daydreamer (LSB Remix) [CJH Songs]
Check Point – Hey U [Kendo Music]
Chris.SU – I’m Fine (Without You) [feat. Fedora] [FATE Recordings]
Chu Hi, Calculon & Lil Kevo 303, Cloak & Dagger – Shoot015
Conrank – Sound Burial (feat. KJ Sawka) [Circus]
Controlled Opposition – Larry [Prototype Recordings Corporation]
Cooper – Chippa [Expression Audio]
corandcrank – To One’s Own Heart [Alatoran Music Entertainment]
corandcrank – Tra Tra [Alatoran Music Entertainment]
Corx & Revealed Recordings – Get It [Revealed Radar]
Cryogenics – Stories of Progress [Omni Music (UK)]
D-Mak – One More Night [Mak Recordings]
D3xt3r’s – Saturn V [Security Sounds]
Damien N-Drix & MorganJ – Sing Swing (feat. Anne July) [SPRS]
Danny Wheeler & Command Strange – Ordinary Love (feat. Blu James)
Daspa – Follow U [Daspa Music]
Davri – Jump [Wolfrage Recordings]
Denis Mysko – Wings [Afterpresent Records]
DentedAphid7 – Seven Nation [DP7 Music]
DeSeville – Tenebrocity [Deep Art Records]
Dexta & Pepsi Slammer – Heater [Dope Plates]
Divis,On & Arson – Rustle [Jendex Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

13th moon – ilumina [Lying 8]
Abyss X – Palpitations [DMOTH]
Alexan Sou – Soulen [Terrenal $elf]
Alienoiz – Double Dub [Wayside Recordings]
Angeloider – Sentimental Days [29 CHILL]
Anhalten – Low Orbit [uSound Records]
architect of life – Borderline [Kassiopeia]
Arrio – clairvoyance [Double Deer Records]
Artisan – Freedoms Kiss [What When Who]
Avenue Of Pines – Mindscaping [The Night Sky]
Back For Good – Strg F5 [Turn It Down]
Balearic Lounge Boyz – La Bomba [Ragibeat]
BAYNK & Tei Shi, BAYNK – A Study in Movement [AllPoints]
Ben Dynamit – Short Message [goodstone media UG]
Berny Manfry – NYPD [Mind The Gap]
Blackboxx – Seablushed [Slime Recordings]
Bobryuko – At Night [See The Sea Records]
Butter Bahamas – Fireteam [goodstone media UG]
Carlos Benedetti – Amenaza [CircularSonora]
Cem Ak – Cobweb (feat. Cansu Ozdenak) [Pro Clubbin Records]
Chemical Waves – Lasting Forever [ScentAir Records]
Chicane – No Ordinary Morning (Remixed) [Modena Records]
Contours & Kmru – Portals [Rhythm Lab Records]
Controfase – Segnali Dal Futuro [Controfase]
Cristina Amaya – Last Chance [RushproXy]
D. Batistatos – Invation [Cosmicleaf Records]
Dallanoras, Forest Louche – V.A Bioma’s Series 1 [Bioma Rec]
Deep Space Communications – Entropic Novelty [Instruction 137]
DEHRIOW – Estilo Fita Loka [Tratore]
Depari Neveren – Ghetto Funk [World Wide Warlock]
dfodtermaal – 12Full12 [Freshtunes]
Diamond Soul – Maya’mi [Orange Milk]
Doriand – Portraits [Kwaidan]
DSP_GOD – Fake Memes [Freshtunes]
DVCO – Contando Gotas de Chuva [Tratore]
DYLOH – Mash Pit [Beast Trap Records]
Echo Grid – Neon Nightmares [HYBRID BLAK Records]
Eidetaker – Hreyfring [Aquavit BEAT]
Eidetaker – Myrkur [Aquavit BEAT]
Electric Echoes – Magic Fire [Ragibeat]
Electrogang Pete – The Love Effect [goodstone media UG]
Elihpoeht – Highter [Behavior Recordings]
Emile Val & Pablo Tonali, Emile Val & Sinhue Navarrete – Free Spirit [Sons Mystiques]
Emra Grid – A System a Platform a Voiid [Opal Tapes]
Enrique Ramírez – Plunging Collapsing Surging [Optical Sound]
Fenmie Ambient – Summer Scenery [Fenmie Music]
Filter Dread – Trickster [Coyote Records]
Four Birds – Canopy [recordJet]
Four-Sided Circles – Ave Fortuna Sp (feat. Al’mA) [Alien Delirium Recordings]
From Vacuum – Parallel Symmetry [Melusine Records]
Futurum – 4D [Nadaville Records]
Gatz2Gatz – Blinded by the Breach [GOODMOOD]
Gee – Gee Presents, The Elegant Illegal [Aberton Records]
Ghang Drums – Wherever You Run [Fitting Room]
Gimmik – Entre les chambres [N5MD Records]
Giovanni Cocco – Astro Stars [Cv Music Label]
Global Goon – Give It 2 Ya [Balkan Vinyl]
Gonzi – We Never Stop (Remix Contest) [Medusa Records]
Halosaur – Lonely Shapes [Rhythm Cult]
Hayden Flock – Past Era [The Night Sky]
HEIMYA – Tropical Travel [NBM Records]
Henry Klangballon – Modern Art [goodstone media UG]
Hernoky – The Last Night [Tratore]
Huko – Huko [Roy music]
iamalex – Beats On Boat iamalex [recordJet]
Igor Pumphonia & Ilya Mihaltsov – It Never Rains [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia & Ilya Mihaltsov – Sweettalk [ChillRecordsMusic]
Inal Bilsel – Transmissions [Epic Istanbul]
InnrVoice – To Fall & Rise [Future Cosmetiq]
Instant – Live At Moni [recordJet]
Ireen Amnes – In the Land of Silence [Sonic Groove]
JaguarTree – Relics of Consciousness [Merkaba Music]
Jake Brice – Tempesta [Musicdigi]
Jake Rivera – Kwa [Bos Tech Records]
Jesza – Journey [Pelican Fly]
JK Flesh – Depersonalization [Hospital Productions]
JK Soul – The Outlaws [Fat Sound Records]
Joedan & HomeSick, Joedan – Raw Form [Mangoes + Melons]
John Beltran – The Season Series [Delsin Records]
Kazus – Synthparty [Freshtunes]
Kevens – Wine [KTF Music]
Kevin Follet – Outlander [X-Tapes]
King & Joker – Missing [Loud Memory]
Klazina – Heartline [Cala Bassa Records]
Kmyle – Keroual [Astropolis]
Kupol Neba – Changing Past [Space Music]
Kyoto – De Lorian [AstroPilot Music]
Lacrima – St. Petersburg [Opal Tapes]
Lafoliedamour – Discreet Invitation [Traumnovelle]
LamatUuc – Hadjitek Madjitek [Wanderlust Musica]
Lapalux – Esrevoinma [Brainfeeder]
Leslie – Out of Hand [Algarve Records]
Liam Thomas – Bitter Feeling [Sine Music]
Liebchen – Daemon [Just Gazing Records]
Logan-47 – The Art of Electronic Music 2 [Oddeo Netwerx]
Lounge Flight – Seelen [Ragibeat]
M2M – Chromed to Harmony [Cosmic Audio Label]
Makhalisa – Ushisa Bhe [MABABU RECORDS]
Maltash – Clown for a Cold Audience [Opal Tapes]
Manysheva – Alataou Piano Solo [Kwaidan]
Marina Rosenfeld – Joy Of Fear [Room 40]
Marvel & Eli – Bad Man Sound [Marvelis Records]
Matgroove – Space Conga [Haustronaut Recordings]
Mellius & Heptakosmoj – Melodies of Heptakosmoj [Lokovsky’s Dream]
Menta – Jules Dassin [Innersense Productions]
Michael Simon – Waitomo Cave [Aversion Records]
Mondkopf – The Day He Lost It [Opal Tapes]
Nadeah & Beki – DreamBitches [Kwaidan]
NEENOO – Imagine (feat. Joe K) [ZEROCOOL]
On1 – Ryobi [On1]
Orlando Rivae – Du Repos [The Night Sky]
Ouhana, Urem & Ouhana – Levaa [Talpa Records]
OXALIS – Escapist [Yaya]
Paranoid Sales – Stems & Loops [Generated Samples]
Paul Sirrell – Dub Number 8 [Orange Groove Records]
Peppe Plutino – Amore In Saldo [Extra Level Records]
Pointerhed – What She Said [ToneDef Beats]
Prequel Tapes – Ruin [Mannequin]
Pure Faith – South Ocean [goodstone media UG]
Qasim Naqvi – Beta [Erased Tapes]
Raubermukke – Wind & Waves [Raeubermukke]
RAZZER – Rumba Loud [Ashes Recordings]
RezaKarami – Beautiful [GrooveLounge records]
Robert Falcon – Lucky Star (feat. BISHØP) [Spinnin’ Premium]
Robert Merlak – Finomehanika [SWIMS]
Roni Iron – Yahabibi [Retrolounge Records]
Samsun Doga Koleji – Ata’nin ilk adimi [Bukalemun Music]
Shlizk – Helicopter [NoFace Records]
Sirius Rush – Water [Paper Wave]
Solanos – Piel De Naranja [Stereoheaven]
Sonarpilot – Fossil [Sonarpilot Audio]
Sonic Junior – HEY BO BO [Tratore]
Space Above & Boyboy – Movements [Space Above Music]
Special Request – Spectral Frequency [R&S Records]
Sufjan Stevens – America [Asthmatic Kitty]
Sunbane & Adventsong – Tempest Accelerant [Disintegration State]
Superspeed Flowers – A Week From Hell [goodstone media UG]
Surrender – Dissapear (The Remixes) [feat. Jolie Lindholm] [Aztec Records]
SVWAP – Outback [Beast Trap Records]
Sweet Suite – Down Trip [K-Noiz]
Tantsui – Another [Nopassport]
Thai Lorran – The Feeling of Bliss [The Night Sky]
The K Program – American Boulevard [989 Records]
The Micronaut – Olympia (Summer Games) [Ki Records]
The Swan and The Lake – Det Ved Jeg Ikke [Music For Dreams]
Thriftworks – Movement [Thriftworks]
Tom Tropic – Bei mir [Artistfy Music]
Tom Tropic – Hey du! [Artistfy Music]
Tommy Marcus – Party82 [Resolution Recordings]
Twin Shape – 45 – 2020 Remixes [Mindspring Music]
VA – Borvi [Relish]
VA – Cocktail Pool Music [Nidra Music]
VA – Ecstasy & Transmutations [Rubber Mind Recordings]
VA – Time to Reset [Future Sonic Media]
VA – Yoga Feelings Summer [Atomrise Sounds]
Valgeir Sigurðsson – The County (Reworks) [Bedroom Community]
Valtella Jr. – Daylight [NCS]
Venz – On Site [Off Me Nut Records]
Vic Flairs – Future T-Rex [Nobody !mpr!nt]
Vlad Dobrovolski – Natursymphony No. 3 – Vibrant Matters [Klammklang]
Vox Populi – Mysticismes [Platform 23]
Vyacheslav Sketch – Muffler [Amend Dark]
Way Way Up – Mountain Swell [The Night Sky]
Zé Tó Lemos – Disharmony (Chapter 1) [Farol Musica]


Alexei Maslov – Azure Waves [Nustromo Music]
7even Icon, Boxedge & Neena – Strange [Grooves Music Label]
Abraham Soul & Chus Soler – Mamba Out [DeepSkyline]
Ace2Ace & Agent Greg – I Want U [Sosumi Records]
Aidan Sokol – Bomba [Nite Records]
AkashVani – Lost Sky [Freshtunes]
Akiia – Rocket [Pure Tunes]
Alex Kein – Deer [Alveda Music]
Alex Lasslix & Aris Nich – Masked Happiness [Spitfire Music]
Alex Rai – Super [Refined]
Amadeezy – Jackavelli [Moveltraxx]
Andita – Tarantella Napoletana (BK Duke & Bootmasters Remix) [ZYX]
Andrew Foy – Before You Go [Opposition]
Angelo Ferreri, Red Met – Higher [MONOSIDE]
Asjoomijoomoll – Brimming With Boom [DDGL]
Astrodisco – Disco All Night [Astro Digital Records]
Audio Shiner, KzH – Regeneration [Beatbridge Records]
BBwhite – Give U Up [Funky Revival]
Benasis – Want You Here [Admit One Records]
Benjamin Koll – All Systems Go (Remixes) [Juan Belmonte Music S L]
Bihh Im Frankie ‘O – Slip Away [BlackLampIsTheLabel]
Bizio Cool – Faith [Nervous Records]
Blindsoul – Everybody [Disco Filter Records]
Block & Crown & Martina Budde – What a Fool Believes [Next-Gen-Records]
Bound to Divide – Indigo [Vibes Records LLC]
BURNSY – A la Disco [Dirty Retro]
CALEIDESCOPE – Enjoy the Silence (feat. gxldjunge) [Remixes]
Canta Bille – Wanna Go Again [S2 Records]
Captain Mike – Still Waiting [Spitfire Music]
CCO – Waiting For U In Bed [Victor Nova Records]
Christian Hoekstra – Coffee & Listen [recordJet]
Cisco Barcelo – Pump Disco [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Claudio Tempesta – Zumbaie (Basic Mix) [kluBasic Records]
Dan de Leon & Fadi Awad – Off the Wall (feat. Shawn Breathwaite)
DanBeatz – Castle In the Sky [Seveneves Records]
Dani Masi & Feria – Muchacho [WINLIKE Music]
Danny Cruz – Something Special [Cruise Music]
David Duriez – David Duriez Classics from the Vault (2020 Remastered)
Delgado – You Must Breathe [Haines House]
Dim Chord – Let’s Go! [Tactical Records]
Dippu – Gradle [Big Tunes Records]
Dj Bala – Im Back Strong [Shadow Man Music]
Dj Big Latin – Vibras 2020 [BGL Media]
DJ Disciple – The Sweetest Sound (feat. Anna Awe) [Catch 22]
DJ Gozzi, New Ordinance & DaChonne Nicole – Take Me Up [Magik Muzik]
DJ RASHID – Feel the Beat [trx4djs]
Dj Sa Correia – Looking Back [S&S Records]
Dj Tim V – Renegade [Naturall Products]
Ego & Angel Rodriguez – Bored [Groove Sound Records]
Electrick City – The World Changers [Chemiztri Recordings]
Elliot Adamson – 95 Bonnie and Clyde [[IDEA]]
Esteban de Urbina – Bella Stripper [One Track Mind]
F.Physical – Give Me [Tactical Trax]
Fatblock – Camouflage [Houserecordings (Plasmapool)]
Fred Dekker – Dirty Dancing [Tru Musica]
Full Moon Music – All I Want [Nimi Records]
Fuzzey – Nebula [Esprits Croisés]
Good Tough – It Began in 1992 [Scratch Style Brothers]
Gyradix – Two Weeks of Freedom [Spitfire Music]
Henry Fonda – Feel So Good [Desperadoz Records]
Hever Jara – Gangsta [Latin Dutch Records]
Housego – Amphonic (Remixes) [Bid Muzik]

Melodic House & Techno

Abstratique – Montagne [Karia Records]
After Sunrise – Beautiful Day [Nustromo Music]
Anet Music – Inception [Oxytech Limited]
Audiense & S.Birin, Audiense – Rangiora [Awen Tales]
Bakka & Elly Fly – Other Side Voyager [Elly Fly]
Baleyg – Graft [6913 Digital]
Berx – Despair (Memories Hurt) [Hydra Music Records]
Binaryh – Palladium [Prisma Techno]
David Vendetta & Damon Grey – Like an Eagle [Jango Music]
Daze Culture – The Uncharted [ThreeRecords]
Divestorm – Aurora Borealis [DHB]
Dj Saibot – Of These Days [7th Cloud]
Fernando Romano – The World Is Yours [ThreeRecords]
Frankey – Sing [Poker Flat Recordings]
Freaky Farm – Biokarma (Remixes) [3-4-1 Cuts]
Hakan Akcan – Antidote [Estribo Records]
Hannes Bruniic – Mataro [DJ Culture Records]
Jo Fanciullo – Angeli & Demoni [Native Records]
Jo Fanciullo – Disco Gatto 2 [Native Records]
Jo Fanciullo – Final Mood [Native Records]
Leon Blaq – Singularity [Syncopate Afterhours]
Lumiereh & Missa L – Melodic Soul [Fine Rhythms]
Mac Dephoner & Camaaaron – Carolina Pte [Dephone Music]
Matías Delóngaro – Dramaturgia [Route 375]
Matias Fontanella – Unify [Ninefont Music]
Miriam Cremonesi – Spaceless (feat. Mattew Reppy)
Neon Movement – Every Moment [BMP Music]
Noonan & Schörmann – Tether [ThreeRecords]
NTO – The Kid and the Planes [AllPoints]
PH Muniz – Blind Spot [Route 375]
Philippe Ralos – Back for More [Fresh Lemon Records]
Pintamooner – Live Rec [Kawabe Records]
Ra7a – Morden Eyes [The Garden Records]
Riversilvers – Seraphim [Riversilvers]
Rottom – The Seed of Tomorrow [White Line Music]
Ryan M – Another World [ThreeRecords]
Scorch (FRA) – Sentence , Consequence [Early Origin]
Sebastian Cartagena – Al Despertar [DTL Records]
Snipe X – Tomorrow [Blanc Stone Digital]
Tomin Tomovic & SOUNOM & Sagou – Illuminate
Tweaken – Invisible Trap [MY Connected Records]
VA – MeloTechTraxxx 03 [7th Cloud]
VA – Mystic Earth. Two Years of Ozono [OZONO RECORDS]
Valen Frando – Virus [8620 RECORDS]
Vincent Price – Solaris [Spielwiese]
Volkt – Insecurities [MyPrimus Records]
Waleed Mowafy – Tell Your Story [Elastic Dimension Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Aantigen – Nordwachs [ANALOGmusiq]
Acid Kids – Saxon [Rendr Records]
Ahmed Yasser – Complexe Rythme [Tactil Music Label]
Alson – Concave [Static Bass Recordings]
Antelope Cruz – Unknown Streets [Mosquito Music]
Antonio Cardilli – Advice [Beat Circus Records]
Baltimore Chop – Limitations [Koma Recordings]
Bigstate & Tonnen – Loose [Ritmika Records]
Boran Ece – Broadcast [Lemon Juice Records]
Carlos Lobo – Deep Connection [Upper Records]
Censor – Palingenesis [Different10]
Chalex – Lenguas [Kore Music]
Chris Nord – Mikrogigant [Underground Kollektiv Records]
Corra DN – Balik [Hibe Records]
Critical Endeavour – Addicted [Static Bass Recordings]
Daniel Becerra – Surrealism [Triangular Recordings]
Denny Kay – Substream [Russians Did This Records]
Dimitri T Jay – Rewind [Bigfoot Music]
DJ Joker & KawaY – Crash Test [Joke-R MNML Records]
Donny King, Emanuele Inga & Kolombus – Polvory
Draco – Beyond Time [Static Bass Recordings]
Dtrdjjoxe – Mechanical Garden [Dtrdjjoxe]
Duky – Little Helpers 366 [Little Helpers]
Duv Tales & Kim Young iLL – Jeg Vet [Mhost Likely]
Entoniu & Agape – Too drunks [21th Street Records]
Fab From Toulouse – Black Thanx [Chupa Records]
Flix – Moving Backwards [Pistolero Recordings]
Franco Andino – Soul [Sarcasmos Music]
Giovanni (AR) & Edu Escartin – El Movimiento [And Dance]
Giuliano Rodrigues – I Can’t Believe [DUBGIU]
Green Void – Voices [Static Bass Recordings]
Harrisburg – Grotesque [Mutterkorn Records]
He Did – Santo [Salomon Records]
Horatio & Trippy Soul – Selene [()utside Romania]
Hugo – Apoca Lips (feat. Triptease) [idiom]
Hyacin – To This Beat [Hyacin]
INVU – Eau De 90s (feat. Robert Owens) [Vibe Material]
Jas Rial – Monomental [Hatch Recordings]
Jason Xmoon & Tanori – Flip [CREAM]
LeehongMusiq – Dark Days [Neu Gravity]
Legit Trip – C’Mon Baby [DPE]
Locklead – The Sonorous [Pleasure Zone]
Lorendo – Space Future [Neu Gravity]
Luca Blanco – Missing [Static Bass Recordings]
Luixar KL – 3B [SOS Rec]
Luiz Ferrari – Suriname [Eleveh Records]
Marco M – OutLine [Static Bass Recordings]
Mark Row & Rob Manuello – Kombo [Lemon Juice Records]
Militienii – Nu Mai Delira [Groove Records Dublin]
Monomachine & Polloni – Its Time [Mountains Records]
Mr. Fowks – Sensitive [Play Groove Recordings]
NTSCKT – Cosmic [Pleasure Zone]
Nutmann – Hilltop Views [Metaphysical Records]
Ocktu – Drifting [Ozran Sunset]
Pedro Campodonico – Critical [DUB]
Pedro Floriani – May Connect [KANKA DANKY]
QATCH22 – Funkadelic [Youth Culture]
Qubachki – Right Spot [Marba Records]
Rae Rooney – Dark Matter [Static Bass Recordings]
Ralph Kings – The Lights Are Talking [Aquasound Recordings]
Raltek – Interceptor. [Static Bass Recordings]
ramB8 – Saphir [recordJet]
Renaud Vallet – Cliche [Abyce Sounds]
Rigzz – Sugar [Laguna Records]
Sebastian Cipa – Ocaso [Deep Tech Lab]
Sheepie – Embroidered [Tres 14 Music]
Sundersky – Golden Teacher [Principal Musik]
Tek’Noir – THC [EVOLVE Music]
Untangle – Land of Ink [Palor]
VA – Johnny Johnny Various Artists 01 [Johnny Johnny]
VA – Techno Kush Colorado Style [Technosforza]
VA – VA01 [b haus]
Vishal Unni – Ectype [Techgnosis Records]
Yanacone – Mercurio [Dark Groove Records]
Zeitgeist – Kmy006 [Kematiky Records]

Organic House & Downtempo

André Hommen – More Than This [These Eyes]
Anton Feine – Transit to Orient [down.]
Dreamers Inc. & Mimis Nikolopoulos – Moonlight Rumba , Flying Lovers The Remixes
Elmara – Hopes [Publimaster]
Frigga – The Nordic Council [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
John Baptiste & A-Muze, Jamie Stevens – Time Machine
Kaimo K & Gemma Pavlovic – Leap of Faith (Sadege Chill out Remix)
Laraaji – Lifting Me [All Saints Records]
Michelangelo Maio – Velozes [Mikky Records]
Raniero – Liebe Und Hoffnung [TRAUMWEG Records]
Santi & Tugçe Kurtis – Respira (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix) [Kybele]
ThroDef – Elazubie (ThroDef Remix) [feat. Nicos] [FM Records (Greece)]

Progressive House

Adrian Zenith – On My Way [Hotmind Records]
Abel Encina – Department (Two On Lab Remix) [Elektrona]
Albano Bastonero – Big Dream [Think About Records]
Alex Guerrero & Canelita – Contigo quiero estar [Caresse-Records]
Alex Guerrero & Victor Magan – Cocotal [Caresse-Records]
Andrew Ddm – Road to the Stars [DDM Records]
Audioglider, Dan & Dan – Spring Sampler 2020 [Pangea Recordings]
Avroh Softonik – Sahyadri [AIDC Records]
Ben Pierre – Every Time [Appointed Recordings]
Bernardo Basso – Trust Remixes [JDR Music]
Berny Manfry – One Way [Mind The Gap]
Bitteti & Vit, Bitteti – Catedral [Allornothing Recordings]
Boston Switch – Warrior (feat. iDo) [Remixes] [Future Global Records]
Bruce Banner – Blue Dream [Check In Recordings]
Chemical Boy – Hinkebein komm herein [Shelter 54]
CRYDITS – After Night With New Remixes [Force Energy Records]
Dclick, Gari Wald – Not Even Afraid [Madness-Room prods]
Deadomino – Praxis [Tapewriter]
Delta9 & Zeia – Nightrain [Oniryzm]
Digitalic – To Stand Again [Emperor Recordings]
DJ Paul (AR) – Atmos [Another Life Music]
DTALM – Summer Love [Progressive Dreams]
Echo Chamber – Time Lord [Static Bass Recordings]
Erik Lucas – Worship [Gate18]
Fab From Toulouse – Pressure [F#cklite]
Faraón – Magical Summer [DeepShine Records]
Find Connect – Uno [Baikal Connect]
Frank Pyres & Parleon – Universe [Explore Records]
Frozen City, NorthNation – Underground Star [Afford Recordings]
Gabo Mez – Breathe Free [Mystic Carousel Records]
ITM – Lotus [RockRiverRecords]
Jerome Zambino & Chris’n B, The Trackseller – One PM in Another World
Jonatan Bäckelie – Dark Matter [Bloodstone Recordings]
Jordan B – Order Behind Chaos [Music Over Matter]
Joshua Fields, Marlo Morales & Adrian Castro – Paint Me
Justo Perez – Avior [JAM 21]
Kaito Aman – Wheel of Life Incl. K Loveski Remix [Terasonic Records]
KEPIK & David Shane – Take Me There [Reaching Altitude]
LeGround & Kevin Belushi – Runaway (Tivish Remix)
Lisa Bauede – Somewere [Fatal Music]
Luckick – Nuclear Sun 2020 [Graba Records]
Macedo – Europa [Static Bass Recordings]
Madstring – Green [Dragon Records]
Mantij – Lisbon [Mantij Recordings]
Manu F – Curuzu Cuatia [Pro B Tech Music]
Matthias Bishop – Night Sky [Sunset Dreams]
Mauricio Morkun – Slowing Down Fast [Noobish Records]
Miguel Angel Castellini – Kamila’s Love [Day Dream Records]
Miguel Villa – Saxofoneado [CamelMusic Records]
Mogal – Techy [Static Bass Recordings]
Morris DJ – Notte Progressiva [Monster Rec.]
Moshé Galactik – Mesi Bon Dye [Ape Raw Records]
Mysticall & Binz – Flowing Memories [D-Force Records]
Pablo Gargano – Abyssal – Skyline [Phronesis Digital]
Pako Mike – Jucundum [JAM 21]
Pykie – Vaccine [Alvea Recordings]
Raul Ron – Overlords , I Hear the Sirens Sing [Wanderlust]
Renhet & Van Garen – Moon Walker [Toretum Records]
Rhoden – City Lights [Static Bass Recordings]
Rianu Keevs – Ascension [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Be My Victim [Rianu Keevs]
Satvik – Don’t Wake Me Up [Venge Recordings]
Scott G – Shenanigans [Static Bass Recordings]
ShemoW – Safe [Yeiskomp Leisurely]
Tritonal & Brooke Williams – Someone to Love You (Dubvision Remix)
VA – Underground Tunes [Afford Recordings]
Yan Niklas – Unknown [Explore Records]

Tech House

3than – Tutti Frutti [Force Of Habit]
Ablecraft – Tech Story [GrooveArtMusic]
Aguilar (Italy) & Havoc & Lawn – Move Your Body [Playmobil]
Alessandro Arbola – Sexy [Space Invaders]
Angelo Fe – Pueblo [DUB]
B Low & Lowphat – Illusion [Shield Records]
BA33 – Vanity [Treinta3tres]
Bastian Zacit – Stars Aling [Pixbae Records]
Bence K!SS – Island [SMR Underground]
Big Gabee – No Deeper Feeling [Pure Tunes]
Blueice DJ – Back to Life The Quarantine Album
Boo Yakka – Back n Turn [DOT Dance]
Bugatti Music – Bass of Ass [Deep Bear]
Calvin Pepper – I Know [Groove N Dark]
Cat’z Brothers – Get Like (Remixes) [Freaky Music]
Cavalca – Pop Noise [DataTech]
Cescoto – Shake It [Music On People]
Ch4yn – Tonight (Badam Bam) [recordJet]
Charlie Morris – 281 [Space Plug Records]
Cloud Ferrer – Hamerhead [Radiator Of Sound]
Daniel Diaz – Listen [MUSCARIA PROJECT]
Danny Nectar & Hsu – Wachufleiva 39 [Wachufleiva]
Darren J – Machine Freak [Noise Tank Records]
Davide Mazzilli – Two Beat [Ocean Trax]
DJ Alexis Freites – Keep on Moving [Big Latin]
DJ Francisco Freites – Porque te Gusta [Big Latin]
DJ Jaun – Wawa [Moovee Music]
Dj Jeff Moore – Cielo Moto [Stars Artillery]
DJ KBV, Reddy Law – Zero K [Kleos Recordings]
Dj Vitto, Marco Anzalone – Reconnect [Flashmob Records]
Dr. Modelers – Best of 2007 (Tribalism Boys Remix) [Dome Music Therapy]
Eddy Sanz – Spinning [Valencia Records]
Edu Iglesias, Ernesto Deep – Autumn Tech 2020 [Fresh Form Records]
Erik Budai – Wanna Love [Groove N Dark]
Esteban Savas – Mojana [Not So Serious]
Ezequiel Asencio – Reaction [WhoBear Records]
FARR – Heal Me (Born Dirty Remix) [Way Way Records]
Felipe Brizzi – Life [Luminax]
Giuseppe Raimondi – Zulema (Pierpaolo Cricenti Rework) [kluBasic plus]
Grayscayle – Umami [Woodwork Recordings]
Guillermo Jamas – Mazemerising [Automatic Writing]
Helen Brown – Bubble Gum [Lemon Juice Records]
Hi Tech Chaos – Ping [Diana Recs]
Hiago Bueno – Raw & Raw [Trash Society]
Houze Return – Lucky Grooves [Futurefunk Recordings]
Ibizamotion – Step Ahead [Ibizamotion]
J-CAZZ – Bem Beem [DUB]
Jadjazzyjay – Chi Town [Ministry Of Dance Arabia]
Joen – Shot [Lunatik]
Jose Vilches & Doctor dreu – Slow Dreams [Sonambulos Music]
Julian Boschetto – Guajira [DUB]
JUMP OFF BOYZ – 312 Lp [Dem Werkz Records]
Kevin Rodriguez – Tak Tak [Arenas Recordings (CR)]
Kevin Solardo – Intensity [Futurefunk Recordings]
KLVSH – Music Is the Answer (feat. Liz Jai) [Dance Tunes Records]
LBM – Siente [Prototipo Records]
Lennox Greenfield – Perfect Jump [Tinted Grooves]
Loren X – The Mist [iTracks]
Luciano Neri – No Steam [SlowPitch Recordings]
Luis Fruelas & Edward Plank – Sabrosa [Lit Music]
Luis Meza – Weyi Noknin (feat. Eduardo Torres) [Jashtme Music]
Lumak – Give Me That Bass [RIM]
Lunic – Ama (Ismael Cortes Remix) [RLM Recordings]
Majed LeRouge – Whisper [Ecurie]
Mark Fiorre – Not Far [DOT Dance]
Matt Dawson – Never Stop [Stash Records]
Michele da Santo – Up and High Smoke Dawn [Leeloop Records]
Mike Phyton – XPlane [Boutech Records]
Moog Sane – Mosambique [Triplepoint]
Nader Razdar – Psyco Beat [Monogram Music]
Nino Bellemo – Concentrate [Catamount Records]
No-Alias – Rich Summer [Yanking Records]
Paul Grabowski – Influences [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
Paul Sun – Warsaw At Night [White Widow Records]
Pit Ahmeti – Luv Hurts [Audio Safari]
Reno Renatama – Where R You [Neu Gravity]
Riky Ild – Sink the Pink [Klaphouse Records]
Rizza – Allianz [Clan Club Rec]
Rob Bello – A Stone Beyond [Slightly OFF]
Seb Zen – Killer Issue [Terrenal $elf]
Sophia Essel & DaniCW – My Love [Cruise Music]
Sound of Ghetto – Let’s Jack [CamelMusic Records]
Suits – Danone [Disco Groove CWB]
Televisor – Work [LE Distribution]
Tranxpler – Aero (feat. Drumatik) [Space Kitchen Production]
Tuco Pérez – Hands Up ep [Techempire Records]
VA – Demounting [Obazda]
VA – Sonar 2020 [Mooncircles Records]
VA – Trip to Techno [Ganzer Takt]
VA – Underground Favs [Stammtisch]
Vincenzo Pasculli – Dark Weather [Sr. Events Music]
Wally Lopez – The King Is Back Remixes [The Factoria (Factomania)]
Xeno – Warehouse Tech [Bad Dog Records]
Yorgen & Seb Zen, Yorgen – Yorgen & Friends [Terrenal $elf]
Zack Brown – Cocain [Pure Tunes]
Zurra & Oraqle – Make the Beat Go [Get Twisted Records]

Techno & Minimal

2-STROKE – Divok [Fingers Records]
0010X0010 – Live from BH 90210 [MODULAR FREQ]
14thFLOOR – Virus [Elantris Records]
Abkin – Window Whistle [Low Noise Productions]
Acid Diamond – Red Rain [Ocaso Records]
Adri FC – Quarantine Time [dZb Records]
Advanced Dreams, Heavenchord – Simplicity [hello strange]
Akenaton – The Right Decision [SUB TL]
Akuaryo, Ayako Mori – Underground Acid Remixes 002
Alec Di Largo & Tim Gläser – Space Ace [House42]
Alex Diaviera – Zero [Silent Space Records]
Algia – Still Steel [Pinch Point Records]
Almi – Void [Neu Gravity]
Andreas Seeber – Universe [Ristomusic]
Andres Gil – Timeless Acid [Refluxed Records]
Annonhakhi – Nuclear [Blazar Sound]
ANONIMOSDJS – Vibrations [AMU Recordings]
Antidote – Endless Nights [Northern Parallels]
Aumer – Psyco [Deep Division Records]
AXBLA – Elevate [Astral Void Records]
AXBLA – Planet Machine [Astral Void Records]
Azu Tiwaline – Magnetic Service [Livity Sound Recordings]
Baris Erdemir, Flex Baudrillard – Nachschlag [CANCELLED]
Barok – Overcome [2037 Records]
Ben Bondy, Christian Coiffure – Delicate Cycle [Electromenager]
Ben Junction – Juneyayo [TaiJi Records]
Brian M – 90’s Kid [Dead Man’s Dance Records]
Broken Robot – Lockdown [Pure Dope Digital]
Bruno Ledesma – The Disappointment [Concepto Hipnotico]
Cascabulho – Release [#thatechno]
Centurion One – Spiral Space [Díscola Roots]
Christian Tibor – New Living [Energie In Bestform]
Cinema Airport – Beneath Fire [Allan Folt]
Cook & Stans – Running from My Demons [Cook & Stans]
Cory Goldsmith – Slipping On Icy Roads [Blue Monkey Records]
CTILICT, Daribone – Anonymous Axolotl Various 2 [Anonymous Axolotl]
Cyberdine Systems Corp., Alex Jann & DJ Haus – Cyber Attack
Daiper Deeper & DarkCold – Libelula [Stay Label]
Dale Fairbairn – Transition [IAMT]
Daus – It’s in My Brain (Alphatech Remix) [Animal Vector Records]
Daus & Astrodisco – Amore [Proto Records]
David Moleon – Circle [Moop Up]
Demah – Mind Control [WLM Hard]
Ditty – Restlessness [The Data Artists]
DJ Mourad – Lunar Rotation (Remixed) [Selekta Recordings]
DJ Overlead – Art of Techno [Damned Klan Records]
Dj Rayne & Tommy Naboo – Acid Rain [Energy Hard Espana]
Djames Techno – Aruba [Sound Kleckse Records]
Dmitry Budnik – Nostromo [Tettix Records]
Dr. Modelers – Best Of 1999 [Dome Music Therapy]
Dr. Modelers – Best Of 2005 [Dome Music Therapy]
Dragon Hoang – Groove D2 Remixes [Techno Deaf Recordings]
Dragon Hoang – The Name Is Groove [Dragon Hoang Recordings]
DreiToenig – Break Your Head [Oxytech Planet]
DT233 – Alt [360]
Dylab – The Distant Echo [White Line Music]
EAS – Welcome to My Death Machine [Clergy]
Editer, Signal Slave – Polvo de Estrella [Four T Four]
Efe Ce Ele – Inside [Dissident Movement]
Efu – Konstrakt [Silence Waves Record]
Elyot – Zoning Out [Reiver Records]
EM + STAV – Afterglow [Intergraded]
ENC0_DE – Collasse [Wolfrage Recordings]
Ethereal Mind – Feel Alive [Blazar Sound]
Fatih Ata – Optical [No-Match]
Faunes – Feed Your Imp [Analogue Texture Records]
FEDERICO CARELLO – Train [Shark 55 Minimal & Deep]
Fiorella – Physical [Wefine]
Fishela – Technicks In Love [Severa Records]
FlyingFrequencies – Endless Loop [Neu Gravity]
Foamplate – Nightjars [Magic Toast Recordings]
Franc.Marti – Panic [Radiator Of Sound]
Gametime – Dark Future [Oxytech Records]
Gange – In Tenebris [Basse-cour]
Gjidoda Jr. – Disorder [DTL Records]
Goldhood – Anesthesia [Deepmode Records]
GraySP – When the Stars Talking [Tech People Music]
Greenjack – Soda [Codex Recordings]
H.Mess – Sigga [Agora Records]
Hardy101 & Ghool, Hardy101 – Vision [Kitu Records]
Hokori – Quantum Leap (feat. Elaven) [Figura Limited]
Hypnekzo – Sculpture [Russians Did This Records]
Igor Elshin – Get Away [Figura Limited]
Invalid user – Sistema Letal [Analogue Texture Records]
Ishii Fuwa – Jealousy & Death666 [Oyoda Recordings]
J SEBBS – Que Paso Ayer [Solarium Records]
J. Augustus – Mind Control [Room 2]
Jackson Brainwave – Elevation [KONTAKT]
José Arroyo – Distanciamiento Social [Adventure Records]
Jose Solano – Dual [Segment Recordings]
Judge Jay – Family Bizz [LETS TECHNO records]
Juggernauts & Simon Guerra – Primal Dinosaurs [NoFace Records]
KaioBarssalos – Lobster [Nin92wo Records]
Kasst – Road to Nowhere Remixes [Flyance Records]
Kay (ES) – 36 Cores [Leading Astray]
Kenzz – Tension [Sonusfield]
Koichi Sato & Mika Kitten – Mojave [Digital Records Agency]
Kraust Sonido – Sleepers Cities [JumaRecords]
Lazarus (UK) – Broken , Clocktower [Machine Control Records]
Leckther, Nekrend – Herhiskan [Alkaudhonrecords]
Leonardo Barbaresi – Viaggiando [kluBasic plus]
Leonardo Chevy – Synthezoid Age [Sunclock]
Letaem – Supermoon [Tech People Music]
LFSC – Pablito [UKR Special Series]
Lief & Johnny T – Nuclear Bomb [Boomtic Records]
Linear System – Parallel World [Edit Select]
lotus land pilot – Pss10 [Oyoda Recordings]
Luca Bartoletta – techno project digital clok [Neapolis Records]
Luca Beni – Reclusion [TaiJi Records]
Lucio Rocale – 111 [Abitta Records]
Lucio Rocale – Keep It On [Abitta Records]
Lucio Rocale – Sexy [Abitta Records]
Lucio Rocale – Sparks [Abitta Records]
Lucio Rocale – Sundays [Abitta Records]
M.i Dreamers – Falling Stars [Artists Network Revolution]
MaKaJa Gonzales – Hurricane [Technodrome]
Marc Monier – Game Over [Bass Empire]
Marcos Salas – Debye Model [Feynman Records]
Marcos Salas – Drell-Yan [Feynman Records]
Marika Rossa – Mom, I’m Done [Fresh Cut]
Mark Greene & Sara Landry, Mark Greene – Memo [Zeca Records]
Mateus Castro – Flowering [Mystery Train Recordings]
Matt Sorrenti – Decorum [Darksound Recordings]
Mauk – Thunderstorm [Reload Records]
mdBa – Takover [EastYourHead]
Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. – Let It Ride [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Migel Gloria – Stay True [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Miguel Moraleda, Pinatamooner – Free Mind [Kawabe Records]
Miinuetto & Queemose – Pacific [Music Pushers Records]
Monthy Nolan – Breathing [Techno Vinyls Records]
Morbe – The Stygian Crypt [Cartel Recordings]
Morfin Ma’fer – Empty Flow [Spin Underground Records]
munfell – Hide n Seek [Catamount Records]
Neida – Orchid [Le Ciel Records]
Nexgar – Wrath of Hell [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Niereich – Redemption [Himmel]
Night Tantra – Intellego [Lincor]
Nikki Nair – Singular Vectors [Tram Planet Records]
No!!! Droids! – Queens [Sonambulos Music]
Notnotice – Cypherpunk [Diffuse Reality Records]
Novelo (MX) – Teknology [SouthTech Music]
O.D.W.L. – Material Serious [Cyberna]
Omega Drive – Bitch from Heaven [The Black Wolf Recordings]
Omer Kavak – Night Vision [Sibling Records]
Peter Van Hoesen – Illusions of Contribution [Center 91]
Plexis – Tremor [Raving Society]
Pulse Plant – Future Proof [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Rabo & Traumata – Breath of Resurrection [White Line Music]
Raho – Back to Origins [Reload Black Label]
Recouvrance – From a Warehouse to Paradise [World Nima Records]
Redox – Mirage [Bunk Audio]
Retroaerobica – Growl of the Soul [Past Future Jam]
Rob Circuit – Wavelength [Dreibergen]
RUSRUS – Alkaloid [Neu Gravity]
Sakin Bozkurt – Train [Pure Dope Digital]
Schvédranne – At the Lips of a Kiss [Slab Note]
Sebastian Mora & Mondragon – Unfold [Mechanikal]
Siguiente Tecnologia – Creature [Affluenza Records]
Sintekk – Medicane [Back In Black]
Sofia Alcon – I Love Techno [New Horizon Recordings]
Somar Sevleuh – Hyperacusis [Mind Games Recordings]
Sonorous – She’s Monja [Neu Gravity]
Søulless – Suicide Machine [Corresponding Positions]
SS Tech Force – Running Snowflakes [LuftWaffle Records]
Stanny Abram – Flycatcher [Eichtal Recordings]
Stantz – Phantom [Stantz]
Stephan Crown & Sabrina LCF – Satricon [Space Beat]
Sterk – Rave [Tech Units]
Stopcode – Down and Up [Dog And Man]
Surany Holguin – High, One [Groove Black Music]
Techno Phobia – Lost Station [NotNull Records]
Tony Ess – Acid Demond Remixes [Sanitarium]
Tosch – Desert Rave [ToschMusic]
Ugo Anzoino & Black Pearl – Varazslat [WLM Hard]
Utroit & K.O.S – Cloria Reinvention [Mitsubasa]
V-Core – Star System [Projektor Records]
VA – Break the Silence [United World Music]
VA – Pote 3 [Blind Arc]
VA – Radioactive Berlin [Space Beat]
VA – Rayleigh Scattering [Rouge]
VA – Techno Town [Technosforza]
Vancaniga – Pataxo [Leeloop Records]
Venenum – Metamorphosis [Young Society Neon Edition]
Xenesta – Rewind Ideas [StrongWaves Records]
Your Silent Face – Fukanzen’na Ongaku [Tethys Records]
Zabota – Grime [NUYAMA]
Zack Brown – Don’t Stop [Pure Tunes]