5messages & Ruffian Bomb – Wake Up [Electric Fox]
Accuface – The Change (Remastered) [Metrophonic Resistance]
AFROGUYS – Monse rat [Kalambur Publishing]
Agency – L.O.U.D. [Anticodon]
Alex Deeper & Paco Gipsy – Baila Mi Amor [Deep Strips]
Andrei Rinaldi – Feel Good [Alphabeat Records]
Arya Zappa – Dark Windows [Kobra Recordings]
Asmodeo – Dimension [Abitta Records]
Asmodeo – Rock [Abitta Records]
Benkay & OMZ – Freedom (Vee Brondi Remix) [Glorie Records]
Bertrand Burgalat, Catastrophe & Les Kids – Fizzy [Tricatel]
Bisi & Gavin Hardkiss – Better [Bass Rebels Recordings]
Bordeaux – Rewind Series Bordeaux – Love Like This Mixes [WoNKed Music Group]
DJ Prime-X – Dance All Night [DJ Prime-X]
DJ Prime-X – Reason To Love (Edm Remix) [feat. Neguine Niktash] [DJ Prime-X]
DJ Stranger – Tambo [Luxury Night]
DubVision – Sign [STMPD RCRDS]
DVRKO – Lights Up [L1N3 Records]
Enton Biba – Nowhere [Vinebeat Records]
Fio & Chrizz Morisson – Gimme Your Love 2k20 [ToCo Asia]
Flaunt – Instructions [Anticodon]
Four Of Diamonds & Mr Eazi – The Writer [Virgin EMI]
Galdive – 5AM [Avoca Drive]
Giovanni Cocco – Pa’lante Pa’tras (feat. Marcy Zullo) [Cv Music Label]
Groove Potatoes – Taka Takata 2020 [Dance Of Toads]
Guihean – The Groovy Whistle [Day Dream Records]
HackTVT – Surprise [Bigtools Records]
Helcirio & Hélio Plasma – Mais um [Mafia Music Recordings]
Igor Boldakov – First [Multiza Distribution]
IHOS – The Renewal. Part Two [Multiza Distribution]
Imola – Secret (Radio Version) [Muzicasa Recordings]
Jebroer & Outsiders, Regi – Zes [ROQ ‘N Rolla Music]
JG & Leeroy Spin Dem – Madness [Spin Dem Records]
JIZZY – Remedy [Scantraxx Silver]
Jo Fanciullo – Corallina [Native Records]
Justin Oh – For a Minute (feat. Park Jimin) [Monstercat]
JVNO – Bring Me Back to Life (feat. Mr. J. Medeiros) [DesTours Records]
Kamy & Layla – Me and You [Muqdisho Records]
Kazus – Mountain a Tide [Freshtunes]
Keith Ramaila – Amelia (feat. Tiyani Mbhokota) [Bokang M Records]
Khola – High Time [Multiza Distribution]
Kieran Harrison – Ordinary Love [Absorb Music]
Krimsonn & Reverse Prime – Chapters [Dharma (WMG)]
Laura Van Dam – I Got You [DOORN RECORDS]
Laurent Mayer & Maxime Augais – La chevauchée (Wild Horse) [Mind Odyssey]
LEID – It’s Ok [LEID Experiment]
Liam Laghan – In Search of Happiness [Twisted Cells]
LKDR – Diamant [Rockstroh Music]
LOS ANONIMOS & Azymaster – Pentru Ce Luptam Asa VetLove Remix [Norvis Music]
LST CNTRL & MATY DJ – Pillow [Clipper’s Sounds]
Luise Najib – 5AM (Remix) [Double Deer Records]
LXG (AlexG) – Breathing [Supertunes]
Mahalo & Milkwish – Love On A Real Train [Perfect Havoc]
Manuel Fischer – Bassline Providerz 3 [igroovemusic]
Marc Leclercq – Choices [Overture Music]
Marcapasos – Keeping Me [tkbz media]
Mark Perez – In the City [CALI-2-IBIZA RECORDS]
Matthew Drive – Beetween Them and Somewhere Else (2020 edit) [Kalambur Publishing]
Mauricio Cury, André Werneck & Gisele Abramoff – Something [Cury Music]
Memphis LK – Green Light [Dot Dash]
Micar, JASH & Syellow – Life Is Beautiful [Raison]
Michele Chiavarini – Divine Everything (feat. Carmichael Musiclover) [SPRY Records]
Moonsound & Marcus Mollyhus – Completely [Teddy Bear]
Mowgly3 M3 – First Time [Bang Record]
Mux Mool – Latest Sulk [Young Heavy Souls]
Nadezhda Boyadzhieva – Faraway India [Multiza Distribution]
Space Ranger & Karel HCKR – Kartel [Space Ranger Records]
Stephanie Carcache – Army of One [Total Freedom Deluxe]
Subkowski, DJ Sensey & Azzja – Your Dreams [Luxury Night]
Sy Sez Presents & Mind state – What in the World (feat. His Bitter Truth)
Technobeton – Abi’98 [Space Ranger Records]
Teknoaxe – Underwater Lifecycle [TeknoAXE]
Van Maximilian – At My Worst [Nimi Music]
XBan7 – Buoyancy [East Records (CN)]
XFour – Don’t Call [Run Free]
Zeck – 5 O’Clock [Alphabeat Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

316 – Commando for Christ (feat. Danielson) [Joyful Noise]
Aaron Lowe – Get Over It [Rhythm Culture Records]
Aldous – Bring The Phunk Back Now [Stordisco]
Alek Soltirov – Brighter Days [Campo Alegre Productions]
Alex Deeper – I Am You (feat. Mary S.K.) [Music Trap Records]
Alex Nail – Missing You [NFYNIA DEEP]
Alexei Maslov – Waiting for You [Nustromo Music]
Alexny, Mauro Vecchi – Va003 [And Friends Records]
Alison Maseko & Poetic Leestar – Musical Bliss [Do You Be You Records]
Beon Deep – Kalimba [NoiseFloor Records]
Berny Manfry – Deep Swing [Mind The Gap]
Big Poppa, Musical Globe – The 2020 Sampler [Mama’s Big Funk Recordings]
Bihh Im Frankie ‘O – Sacrilegious (Lets Get Lost) [BlackLampIsTheLabel]
Bjorn Salvador – If She [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
Black Light Animals – Halo [Fat Beats Records]
Blaq Owl – I Am a Vessel, Pt. 3 [Blaq Owl Music]
Boogie Boots – Feel My Love (2020 Rework) [Soulful Evolution]
Bubblegum Pop – Fall Apart [Bubblegum Pop]
C.A.R. – Recrossing Prior Street [Ran$om Note]
C&C – Fire [Findz Records]
Cabbie – Long Road to Chicago [Moiss Music Black]
Carl Nunes – I’m Yours (feat. City Fidelia) [NuCulture]
Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Chicago Waves [International Anthem]
Casio – Casio Sound Technology [ClubLAB]
cdky – En Vida [Villano Muzik International]
Coco Fay – Summer Calling [Subgroove]
Dacore – Motion [Rodawi Records]
Dahors – Deserved (Synthan Edit) [Improvise Records]
Dalez & Matt – Greedy [Breeze Records]
Daniel Monaco – Disco Italia [Spa In Disco]
DAS MAER – Der Baum [Peace Peter Records]
Delaney Venn, Errol H Tout – Antipodean Anomalies [Left Ear Records]
Demi Riquísimo – Stride [HOMAGE]
Desmond Dell – New Color [My Wife Records]
Diac – Tu Sabor [1101 Records]
Dimitri T Jay, Rianu Keevs – Nova [Bigfoot Music]
Din Jay – Close to Me [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Discosteps – Falling [Soul Beach Records]
dj loveshy – U Think [Elation Industrie]
DJ SK (MA) & Bayza – Alone [DeepShine Records]
Dr. Basement – Off the Ground [Alveda Deep]
Elan Fox – Resolve [Erotica]
Emcroy – Sunday [Shibiza Recordings]
Entropia & Vera di Lecce – Fragments [Eclectic Productions]
Extreme Wa Zb – Mjuzik [Deeper Interludes Recordings]
Ezy Jr – Gagged [Cool 7rack Records]
Fabiolous Barker – Get Up! [Ganbatte Records]
Julian Collet & Kröll – Summertime Sadness [recordJet]
Jumkins – Space Avalanche [Day Dream Records]
Jura Soundsystem – With You [Isle of Jura]
K.O.C Music & Rehel Music – Go Back [DeepShine Records]
KoKoPop Project, TheDjLawyer – Game over B , W Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Kousto – Guadapipi [Little Foot Records]
Ladies On Mars – Funky 2nite [Re-Loved]
LADS – Bamboo Remixed [Nie Wieder Schlafen]
lau.ra & Nova – Get Creative (Cousn Remix) [Needwant]
LFOS0 – Lost My Mind [IO]
Los Duendes – Mi Morenita [Dinastia INC]
Lotche – Crash test [Ship City Grooves]
Lucky Choice – Your life [Deep Strips]
Malaisha – Emotions in Love [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Marko East – 5db Higher Than U [Disco Halal]
Marvin Bloc – I Can See You [Em Bloc Records]
MEIYI – Honest [HUS Records]
MELD – Find a Light [Crescent Heights Records]
Michael Oberling – The Curse [Good Luck Penny]
Mightybeatz – Time Out [Gloamed]
Mike D’ Jais – Gonna Lose [Twin Girls]
Mildlife – Rare Air (Apiento Remixes)
Minas Portokalis – Te Quiero [Retrolounge Records]
Monsika Saferr & Tello – Copenhague [Suburban Spirit]
Monty Luke – World B Free [Black Catalogue Rewinds]
MORRIS – Antalya [Jhaps Records]
Moxii & Jason Taylor – Like a Drug [TID Recordings]
Msindo De Serenade – Into Deep [Deep Clicks]
Natio & Francis Skyes – Letting You In [Loud Memory]
Navaa – Mountains & Birds [RYNTH]
Niels McCarty – Counting Nights [Zeon Recordings]
Niser – Melancholy [Niser Music]
Norenoise – Movin Up [Discoring]
Nu Desire – Distance [Computer Love Records]
Oblomov – A4 [Muza]
OFFLINE & Daniela Weidlich – Encore Une Fois [Notchmusic]
Ömer Bükülmezoglu – Deep Star [DeepShine Records]
Özhan Özal – Our Love Will Always [Airport Records]
Pc-Pat & Claud Santo, Pc-Pat – The Bone Run [Corner Shop Records]
Pedro Campos & Wiska – Empty Streets [Pehuen Records Unlimited]
Pedro Campos & Wiska – Stuck [Pehuen Records Unlimited]
Platzdasch & Dix – Sweeping Away [Gents & Dandy’s]
ppdee – Godlike [Cherokee Recordings]
Radiotronic Enterprise – wtFunk [Serendipity Music Group]
Raven – Lagoon [TOSSA DEL MAR]
Reggie Got Beats – On the Floor [Beatservice]
Rhythm Staircase – Excuse Me (Remix) [feat. Karla Brown]
Rianu Keevs – Revelation [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Spring of Love [Rianu Keevs]
Ricoshëi – Growth Is Optional [What’s That ]
Rina – Bolamoadon [New Day Everyday]
Rund33p – D33p Is Deep – Pt. 3 [Rund33p Music]
Saucy Lady – Panorama [Audio Chemists]
Sean Norvis – Embrace Me (Dani Corbalan Remix) [feat. Copamore & Justine Berg]
Sean Savage – Starland [Dibgate Records]
Sebasti – Let Me Tell [Dusty Editions]
Sides – Good Dreams Remix [Ambious Records]
Softmal & LLølita – Keep On Groovin’ [Sunset Disco]
Soldatov – Light in Night [Gardash Records]
Sonni Lion – The Sonni Lion Mixtape [Villano Muzik International]
SOSANDLOW – La Espiral [Science Cult]
Soul 96, Dj Tremor, Pervy Sage & Phume – Life Lessons
Stan Seba – Yellow Parcel , Coffee Street [Groove 9]
Stergios – Painless [Regeneration Music]
Stranger Tourists – Borderline [Suprematic]
Syntheticsax – Dancing At the Equator [Russiamusic]
Taig – Clubbing [Gas Label]
The Chef – Rock ‘n Rollin [The Chef Music]
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – The 4th Commandment 2020 Chapter 22
The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – The 4th Commandment 2020 Chapter 23
The Tibbs – Takin’ Over (The Instrumentals) [Record Kicks]
Tommy Riley – Don’t worry But a Thing [Pongo Records]
Transistorcake – Cocktail Op. 2 [Eskimo Recordings]
Typeof – 460 [Libe Vibe]
Vertigini – Never Too Late [Society Hill , EMG]
Victor Andro & Alessandro Sansò – Falling for Love [Victor Andro Records]
WillowMan – All Your Dreams [Puro Music]
Wipe the Needle – WAIT (Zepherin Saint Remix) [feat. Alex Lattimore] [Makin’ Moves]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

2Housspeople – Piano Sessions (feat. James E Lofton) [1st Edition]
4nzek – Everazure [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Adesto & Jowaco – Kamikaze [Ancestral Army Records]
Adesto & Jowaco – The Alarm [Ancestral Army Records]
Akumo – Riot [Bassweight Records]
Alperen Ocak – My Lean [Ghetto]
ALRT & Aftermarket, DUBLIC – My Level (Remixes)
Andrew Ford – High Life [Horus Music Limited]
AnggaReka – Jungle Rave [AIDC Records]
AnkiraS2 – Runaway [d3ip Records]
Annix & K Motionz, Kanine – Tunnel Vision [Playaz]
Armak – Bassline Sound [FRKNTN]
Asi Vidal – The Bass (feat. Cash me) [Extended]
Athanasy – Go Stupid [Deep Bear]
Ayor – Crime Day [Mixmash Deep]
B00ST – Miss Me Too [Pure Tunes]
Bassface & J_V!0N – What! Boy Jump Vip [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Beat Assassins – System Overload (feat. Kaiys)
BEDDIN – Bongo Bongo [Digital Assassins]
Ben Ambergen, Starjack & Revealed Recordings – Free
Ben Vibrant – Between Us [DNBB Digital]
Berellion – Black Out [AY YO TRIP! Records]
BlackCode, Adventurer & Revealed Recordings – Love Is Violence
Blade – China Town Womad [Rhythm Syndicate Records]
Blaize & Daze OFF, Madreckless – Clique [Buygore]
Bludborne & Plazid – The Blud Tranzfusion [Prime Audio]
Blvckbass – Tell Me (feat. Elvyra Ekdahl) [SoundzAudio]
Brent Betit – Memories [Axtone Records]
Brian Botkiller – Dark Hamill [Fwank!Music]
Bungle – Bad Math , Moving Pages [Influence Records]
Camo MC & Infectiouss – Believe in You (feat. Jarni Blair) [Camo MC]
Catalyst.AD – Coming Home [Conjunction Recordings]
Chaser, Eternal Vision – Ignescent Chronicles 010 [Ignescent]
Chi No – Space Wolves [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Chris Burke – If You Never Leave [Chris Burke]
Commandeur & KLP – Feel the Love (Commandeur Remix) [Cereus Records]
Cooper – Pachinka [Expression Audio]
Corroded – Cross (Zardonic Remix) [Despotz Records]
Costel Van Dein – Fuck Em [Darklight Recordings]
Counterstrike – Scorch the Sky [Algorythm Recordings]
Crash Bass – Good Night Reset [Creative Sound Records]
Crowley & E S P, Crowley – FKOFd045 [FatKidOnFire]
Cybear – Sense [NoFace Records]
D-Sabber – Barabulka [BBZ]
Daji Screw – Happy Then and Now [K-Noiz]
Darktober – Whisper [Smart Phenomena Records]
Darta & Wyls – Time Warp [EML Recordings]
Darwinx – Dark Side [Turtle Musik]
DavidDance – Plastik Dreams Reload [Aliena Records]
deadmau5 & The Neptunes – Pomegranate (Ninajirachi Remix)
Deadvader – The Final Bass Force [Versatile Productions]
Deep N Beeper & JT, Deep N Beeper – Deep Feed 006 [Ambiel Music]
Deuce & Charger & Kritix – Never out of Sight (Kritix Remix)
Dipstep – Feeling Right [Front Artillery Records]
Distort – Operation Back Stage Pass [Digital Assassins]
DJ Deluxe & Paul Bradley – Wait a Minute [Endor Recordings]
DJ Direct, JG & Leeroy Spin Dem – Pally [Spin Dem Records]
DJ Fixx – Werk Your Body [Ravesta Records]
DJ Junk – Rare Earth [Meditator Music]
DJ Madd – All Massive [Unchained Recordings]
DJ Marky, Pola & Bryson & Javeon – Trouble [Shogun Audio]
DJ Monk & Top Cat – Love Me Sess [Deep Jungle]
DJ Ollie – Big Sound [Direct Recordings]
DJ Ransome & SynthForce – Midsummer Boulevard [Default Recs]
Dj Wank – Reaper [Recall Records]
DJNice – El Aliento [Crossborder Records]
Doug Knox – Mop De Clique [Vinebeat Records]
Drunken Master – Kung Fu [Ten Ton Beats]
Dunk & Stillz, Dunk – Killers On the Loose [Pick The Lock Records]
Dylan S – Hands in the Air [Stats Records]
Eliza May – Krishna (The Remixes) [UFO RECORDZ]
Elluy – Aquosus [DIVIYA RECORDS]
Emba & DRS – Move Steady [Spearhead Records]
Enei – Voices [Critical Music]
Ennemi – Nuisance, Pt. 2 [Chateau Bruyant Records]
esun – The Outcast [Shawh Audio]
Evil E – Afterlife [Onset Audio]
Fearless – Rampage [Gutting Audio]
Fluffy – Water [Run Free]
Fonso De Frutos – Biologycal Artillery [Merkaba Sound]
Forever 80 – Bitter Sweet Symphony [Crown Of Music]
Fraxure – Somatic Damage [Poltergeist Records]
G100 – Gray Skies [Behavior Recordings]
girlsgetlow – Funeral March [outofprint]
Glock Lee – The Expedition [Dragon Records]
Kalum & Erbman, Kalum – Find & Kill [Juicy Fruit Recordings]
Kanine – Lighter Crew [Bassrush Records]
KAY C TUNES – The Truth [Smile Creations Music Label]
Kazbo, MsDoS – All Day , Bridge To Exit [Deegree Recordings]
Kendrick – Say You Do , Shotgun Scatter [Bites]
Kid Aspen – Energy [Filthy Sounds]
King Kasta & SUOB – Tanger [Golden RNA]
Kleu – Dubslut , Let’s Go [Gorilla Warfare]
Kleu – Odd Ball [Dub Shotta]
Kodagraph & Like Liquid, Kodagraph – Warlord [PRIME]
Kolectiv & OB1 – Common Ground [Rebel Music]
Krusty – Boom Bye Bye [Eternal Muzic Records]
Kuuro – Crash & Burn [Monstercat]
L Motive – Bring the Hype [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Labi Ramaj & henrikz – One More Night [frtyfve]
Leotrix – Collapse [Disciple Round Table]
Lexurus & Rhode – Magnify [Liquicity Records]
LIZZIP – By Now [CHAPTERD Recordings]
LUCA – All Night , My Affection [YANA Music]
LUCIFER BEATS – Into the Coffin [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Lye-Low – The Show [Digital Assassins]
Malign – Heathen , Hierarchy [Paragon Productions]
Man Cub & JEN – Better Now [Enhanced Recordings]
Marcus Visionary & L-Side, Rms – Real Warrior Remixes [Stereo One Music]
Maxled – Wanhoop [All Is All Music]
Metrik – Ex Machina [Hospital Records]
Mr.Magicall – Atlantis [Adrenaline Records]
MTave – Nei Tuoi Occhi (K.E.) [Blackout BOX]
MUSTAFA ALPAR – You Get [Ghetto]
SYN – New Rave Pt. 2 [Welcome Records]
Tag! You’re Dead – Mixed Feelings [Badkill Records]
Tekel – Tilt [Subtitles Music (UK)]
Teknoaxe – Waves in the Sky [TeknoAXE]
Tendo UK – Freaky Stuff [Synergist Records]
Terror Tory – Festival of Lights [EDMA]
Terror Tory – The Calling [EDMA]
Thahanee – Too Late [Smile Creations Music Label]
The Colonel, Sheena & Franz Von – The Mash Up Song
The FifthGuys & Atarii – Royal [Actuation]
The Lord Razu – Hope Ali Way [Nin-Shuriken Records]
Tom Boxer & Alex Mica – Caliente Daiana [Tom Boxer Music]
Tom Lucas – Blunt [Pure Tunes]
Tom Lucas – Ukulwa [Pure Tunes]
Top Dolla – Mask [Re-wired Beatz]
Triple M & Danni Darries – Bazzline (Thomas Gold Edit)
Trivecta – Wasteland (Wooli Remix) [Ophelia]
Tubba T – The Essence of Life [Drevobos Recordings]
Tuff Gee – Welcome to the Soultrain , Way Ahead (feat. Carter & Paul SG)
TVB – Fresh Everyday Man [TVB]
Tyrone – The Disciple , OG’s [Guidance (UK)]
VA – For Wiggo [Wiggo Records]
VA – Mixed Feelings [VIS-3]
VA – Omega [Through These Eyes Records]
VA – Revelations [Deeper Vision Recordings]
VA – World Wake Records Summer Edition 2020 [World Wake Records]
VARGENTA, Moji & Arild Aas – One of a Kind [Revealed Radar]
Vaven & Highland Sanctuary – Drifting Apart [Profimedia]
Vêtu de Noir – Augura 1033 [Karpat Rekord]
Vichingo – You Don’t Love Me [Ocean Music Group]
Vici & Miss Understood – Child of the Moon [Drum Army]
Vince Rathead – Select [Vince Rathead]
Vital Techniques & MC PEAN – Bun Up the Ting Remixes
Voicians – Unbreakable [Liquicity Records]
Vynek – Regrade [Pure Tunes]
Vypes – Nightlife [Scapegot Records]
watso – Musicians Vip Vip [AY YO TRIP! Records]
WDDS – Reunited , Wilderness [Hectare Discs Recordings]
WILDE THINGS – Catalyst (feat. Jess) [She Was Silver Remix]
Wolfgang Gartner – Supercars [ALT Vision]
Xaia, Rain Man & Oly – Rain Man x Oly [Lowly]
Xmies – While I Was Gone [Blammo!]
Yerlan – Scope [MojoHeadz Records]
Zerx & LöK, Zerx – Alligator [Citate Forms]
Zezalien – Dust It Off [Skalator Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

A Thousand Skies – Fight Within [goodstone media UG]
A-mase – In a Lost Paradise [Nicksher Music]
AAMac – Pec23_Am [MAAAC]
Abramov – Low Tide [Tofistock]
ABwalk, Ndoniyamanzi, Thulani & Zakhele – Gelebhani
Abyce – Morning [Abyce Sounds]
Ackson – 9Teen8e6 [Open Outlets]
ADALNA – Feel Free [ER Recordings]
Airform – Province of Mirrors [Mystic Sound Records]
ALEPH – Breaking and Entering [Renraku]
Aliyah – I Want To Fly [Cala Bassa Records]
Allin1, Rianu Keevs – Inside [Freshtunes]
Andi Müller, Dualize – Unity Two [Seven Villas]
Ando Laj – Dog Insight [Wandering Eye]
Andre Salmon & Tara Bloom – Shake That [Ouch!]
Aspetuck – Unknown Future [Aspetuck]
Aura Fadi – Spectre [Algarve Records]
Aurora Watching – Files of Valley [goodstone media UG]
Axel Baldi – Keep Cool [Deep & Groove Records]
Ayden Carrigan – Going Under [ZERODEEP]
Baal & Mortimer – Deixis [Bureau B 1]
BAILE & Lukas Oppenheimer, BAILE – Winte (Remixes)
Bantou Mentale – Congo Animal [Glitterbeat Records]
Bartosz Kajdasz – Find Land [Father & Son Records & Tapes]
Beats By Night – Audio Rebel [Horus Music Limited]
Beije – Gaia [trndmsk]
Ben Pierre & Beamy – Bittersweet Nightshade [Fuzion Dreams]
Black Paper & ERMITE – The Last Farewell [ForArt]
Blue Luminescence, Dasya – Summer Time [Young NRG Productions]
BODYWORX & MOTi – The Squat Song (with MOTi) [ZEROCOOL]
Boniulab – Obsession [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
Breex – Feel Waves [Atomrise Sounds]
Brenda McMorrow – Agua De Estrellas (Mose Remix)
Bress Underground – Sudden Ballad [Bress Records]
Café Alé – Touch Whisper [Simballrec Music]
Calmere – Platitude [Highland Music Reflections]
Cecilia Chelo – Silent and Grey [Kamari Records]
Charles & The Fury, InnrVoice – Litha [Future Cosmetiq]
Collioure – Euphoria [Songtradr]
Current Control – 2020 Remixes [Teknofonic Recordings]
David Starfire & Arula – Keepsake (feat. Drumspyder, Jef Stott)
Dayne Harper – Licks Like 96′ [Strictly Flava]
De Feo, Techne – To Be [TOBE]
Désaccord Majeur – Sunquake [A Colourful Storm]
Detroit’s Filthiest – Nightmares 2 Realities [Bass Agenda Recordings]
DJ D-Rave – Trust In Yourself (feat. Toni Fox) [recordJet]
Dolenz – Golden Spike [Exit Records]
Doogatron – Audrey Witherspoon [Doogatron]
Double Geography – Elephant’s Ear [Invisible Inc (UK)]
E&A Rueger – Feu Au Lac [Strecke]
Echo Knight & Negativ, Echo Knight – Lost [Southpoint]
Gajek – The Shape of Pipes to Come [Throttle Records]
Glass Roots – The Idiot [Triplicate Records]
Gnin – Exposure Zwei [EXPLORER RECORDS]
Go Nuclear – Torture Chamber [Bass Agenda Recordings]
Hernan Piña – New Day [Severa Records]
Hybrid Theory – Burn (feat. Nehanda) [Bass Mix] [Crucast]
Hyldypi – Umbreyting [Moller Records]
Ibiza Air & Walter Silva P. – A Wonderful Experience (2020)
Igor Pumphonia, DEKU & ITLP – Doing Good , Light Summer Mix
Igor Pumphonia, DEKU & ITLP – Us [ChillRecordsMusic]
iker Azcué – Cora [Holy Pig Records]
InFx – Consume Your Own Identity [Klammklang]
Istia – Lockdown Grooves [Jazzea Recordings]
J Sudarsan – Spectrum [Vox Music India Records]
MAZN – Silver Night [recordJet]
Medo3a – Metamordo3a [VIS-3]
Melodiesinfonie – Fragments [Radicalis]
Memory Lake – Do for Love [Serafin Audio Imprint]
Middlestones – Lose Control [Middlestones]
Modis Chrisha – Simplicity [Modis Records]
module.asm – Desolate [Highland Music Reflections]
Mogrigo – Run [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
MONSTVBOI & Rvptor – Project X [Flexagon Recordings]
Morozov – Fly Guitar [Andrei Morozov]
Mothers Favorite Child – Purple Funk (feat. Saeeda Wright & Chubb Rock)
Narik – Falling For You [Baobab Recordings]
Nick System – The Amber Rising [CRASHLAND]
Nightdrive – Companion , Cascade [Bonum Vibe]
Nimanty – Elianon+ [Venonza Records]
Nitecaller – Space Memories [Nitecaller]
NOCUI – What Do You Want [Wildfire]
Nude, Snowk & Froya – Lost Soul [Crosswalk Records]
Nuform – Daydream World (feat. Victoria Fisher) [AB Music]
Nure – Sakura [Intention Music]
O.C. Mella – Vere Noctem [Techno Frequency Records]
OnScreenActor – Crisis Act I [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Operand – International [Highland Music Reflections]
Operand – June [Highland Music Reflections]
Pilkush – Apollo Remixes [Beat Boutik Records]
Quantum Transition – Ascension [Unison Recordings]
Rancido & Dogus Cihan, Rancido & Naeiiv – All [OMENI]
RETRONOMIX – Cyclic Life [Attic Studio]
Sacrobosco – Dam [Switch Music Recordings]
Terabyte & Quiet Domino, Terabyte – Gps [Qentaro Records Germany]
VA – Best of Deep Electronic Berlin Club Culture [recordJet]
VA – Dubmania [Garage Shared]
VA – Electric Avenue Electronic Soundscape for Experts [Electro Babes]
VA – Krafted Chill 2020 [Krafted Records]
VA – Meeting of Minds I [Annuna Music]
VA – Nova Vita I [Nova Lotus]
VA – The Chill Stompers, I [AstroPilot Music]
Vladislav Benefick – Survive [Octiive]


67100 – Through the Window [Dope Tones Records]
Aberton & Peppesun – Dedication of Love
ADEAN – Dream of Me [Jendex Records]
Agent Stereo – Disco Insurance [Disco Explosion Records]
Al3ss – Dont Lose It. (feat. Sergi Yaro) [Adventure Records]
Al3ss – To Late (feat. Jenny Nilsson) [Adventure Records]
Alejandro Peñaloza – Ritual del Mono [Check In Recordings]
Alex Greenhouse – Do You Know (feat. Cameron J.)
Alexander P & Zama – Bum Bum Tribe [Jackpot Records Italy]
Alexander Zabbi – Esto Es Pa Bailar [Xumba Recordings]
Andrea Jeannin – Gipsy [Solid State Disco]
Andrew Dance – Seara [Burnk Digital]
Anfunk – Come on Around [Soonor]
Ant Brooks & Arthur Khoy – Horizonte [Automation Nation]
Antony – Simbiosis [AXM Records]
Asmodeo, Nyamkey – Future [Diana Recs]
Baeka – It’s Ok [True Deep]
Bart Ricardo – Easy Summer [NYON Records]
Baxix & 4rpege – Going Deep [Gallant Records]
BBwhite – Funk Funk [Disco Filter Records]
Bellaire – Daytime [Allo Floride Artist Services]
BlackLight – Check This [Plurred Vision Records]
Block & Crown – Fall Down Tonight [Koolkutz]
Block & Crown – Pray for More [Tactical Records]
Block & Crown & Martina Budde – Those Days [Next-Gen-Records]
Block & Crown & Soulvation – Ti Vedo [Next-Gen-Records]
Bloque M – Summer Vibe [Loop Current Records]
Bmark – All of My Love [Run Free]
Bohemien & Raf Parola – Lie to Me (feat. Ryan Konline)
CAB 3 – Dirt Dub [Radhaz Records]
CAPPA – Untitled [Uba Lua Records]
Diver City – Get on Up [Tactical Records]
Divius – Follow Anywhere [AX RECORDS]
Dj Big Latin – Vibras Buenas [BGL Media]
DJ Istar – Belleza Bailamos Para Siempre [Sunrising Records]
DJ Jarell – Forget About It [Cuebans Records]
DJ Jarell & Umber Bandi Ville – Deep In My Sax [Cuebans Records]
DJ Licious – You Only [Shomi]
Dj Markin – Gangsta [MILTLIM]
DJ Patsan – All Okay [Pdms Records]
DJ Self – We Go To Work [Ravesta Records]
DJ Symoz – Paranormal [Boot Music Records]
Dj Victinho – Rave da DUALIPA [Synth Labs]
Dj Victinho & dj lm original – Rave Dragons Believer [Synth Labs]
DJDFFRNT – Patlock [MojoHeadz Records]
DoubleV & DJ Xquizit – Paradise (feat. Osito) [GLN & Mark Vox Remix]
Dovah – Chilling [EP Records]
Eat SherBit – Addicted (feat. Sunita) [Supertunez]
El Mate – Mi Amor (Extended Mix) [Soundrepublic]
Erk & Emre Cizmeci – Darker [Hyporia Records]
ESPIAUT – Ekstatisk Kristall [Recyeco Records]
Eventual Groove – Derph [Konura Recordings]
FabioEsse & FederFunk – My Brain [Juiced Music]
FederFunk – Stop It Now [Bid Muzik]
Filta – Cmon Gangsta [Red Lamp Records]
Foam Ocean – It’s a New Dawn [Foam Ocean Records]
Forever 80 – Bukovina [Crown Of Music]
Frasser & Sebastian Tobon – Get Up [Baila Latina Music]
Funkin’ Dough Nuts – Time [Beatbox Records]
Funkstar De Luxe – Raise Your Spirits (Move Your Soul)
George Cooper – Energizer [1st Strike]
George Dare – The Night in Drums (Remixes) [Artistfy Music]
GIOC & Cahio – Everyday [Erase Records]
Giovanni Cocco – Mexico Legend [Cv Music Label]
Good Tough – Disco People [Scratch Style Brothers]
Guray Kilic – Dance Naked [Peak Digital]
Guray Kilic – Never Love [Peak Digital]
Haruka Salt – Pitch ‘n Itch (feat. Fat Tony) [toucan sounds]
Heizer – Let It Go [Sorta Kinda Music]
Hermann & Harleatz – Ananas [Komete Records]
Houseswingers – Swing in My Head [CRMS Records]
Iaco – So Good [Souluxe Record Co]
Inod Studio, Miss Nine – Don’t Let Me Go [925 Music]
Insulin – All Night [G-Mafia Records]
J Avant Garde – Move Me (feat. Emily Coy) [J.A.G]
J. Orleans – Baja y Arrasa [YOURBAN MUSIC]
J.B.Boogie – The Disco Is…. [Seventy Four]
Jack District – Times of Change [DeepBeat Records]
Jaded Soul – No Compromise [Njoy Music]
Jadjazzyjay – Holiday (feat. Yasi) [Ministry Of Dance Arabia]
Jay Vegas – The Summer [Hot Stuff]
JedX – Wut Wut [Music Marks The Spot]
Jerem Maniaco – Hetnotek [MojoHeadz Records]
Jesús Dávila – No Words [Dammove]
JIPMANN – Rave on Acid [Groove Clinic Recordings]
Jo Fanciullo – Tonky Papas Swing [Native Records]
Jo Fanciullo – Type 52 [Native Records]
Joe Riviera – You Are My [Disco Down]
Joe Ventura – Come With Me [Big Speaker Music]
John Dell – Cry No More [BEATER RECORDS]
Jon Thomas, Naxwell & L.K. – On My Team [Black Lemon Records]
Jorick Croes & Kenny Kelly – Baila Mujer [Catamount Records]
JR (John Foulds) – Dirty Sexy Freak [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Juana Diabla – Contigo No Vuelvo [Beat Music Records]
Julio Sotelo – Hot Line Miami [Adventure Records]
Juonne – Deep Waters [Sirup Music]
Kashwell – Aguardiente [Dinastia INC]
Ken Holland – Aliento [Groover Records]
Kevin Faria – Word Play [Sabroso Records]
Kisembo – Keep It Together [BEATER RECORDS]
Knopha – Gym [Ran Groove]
Kooky – Preach Me [Make A Records]
Kormak – Let’s Talk About It [DVINE Sounds]
KUSMEE – Grindin [Ondule Recordings]
La Riff – Jazzy Soul [Super Spicy Records]
Lello Russo & alex rai – In the Park [Traktoria]
Leo Oliver – Summer Vibes (feat. Demetrio Fonseca)
Leonardo Roney – Take Anything [L.B.A Groove records]
Lo Cutz & Ev Wilde – Follow Me [Blindsided]
Lomandeep – Season [Opium Muzik]
Lukas G. – Show Me [Del Mar Records]
M. Perdomo & Trivans – Escucha eso [Baila Latina Music]
Madam Misfit – Elixir of Swing [Electro Swing Thing]
MAKITO – You Got Me [Juiced Music]
Marco Bardi – Romantic Holiday [BCR]
MARCO FRATTY & MARCO FLASH – Disco Is Back! (Extended Mix)
Mardahl & Jon Thomas – Where Were You [Black Lemon Records]
Massivedrum – The Groovemaker [NewLight Records]
Matteo Longbois – Come On Get Up [Captum Records]
Mavalo – Chocolate [ChessBoard Music]
Max Esposito – Disco Luna [PuccioEnza Records]
Max Esposito – Lose Your Love [Star Funk Records]
MF Productions – Word Up (Remixes) [Tactical Trax]
Mfundo Khumalo – Impiko Zenhliziyo [Authentik Music Productionz]
Michael Gray – The Weekend (Low Steppa Remix) [Altra Moda]
Michelino – Take Notice [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Micky Uk & Simon Shane – Your Love [Individual Music]
Milo Sky & Puro – Neocumbia [WINLIKE Music]
Mirko & Meex – Corazon [Night Beat Records]
Modular 020 – No Sleep [Streetlab Records]
Modular Attack – Vortex [KNR]
Mourad Hany & Blacksam – What You Want [Bewild Records]
Mr. Mayhem – I Believe [Inmania Records]
Mrfleamino – I Can Feel the Sunshine [Nu Disco Deep Records]
Myomi – Animal (Remixes Vol, 1) [Sunflower Records]
Mystik Vybe – Take Me Home [Deeplomatic Recordings]
Nachamuni – Never Underestimate Me [MojoHeadz Records]
Nader Razdar – Pachacama [Monogram Music]
Ndumiso_M – Letters [Ndumiso_M]
Nexuda – Rose [Ozran Sunset]
Norwood Bass Cartel – Come Together [Pop On Demand Music]
Notorious B – C’est Le Rythme [Souljack Digital]
Oki-uk – Style [Funky Floor Records]
Oliver Bach – Try It Up [Mooloo Records]
Omer Kavak & Özgen Çavus – Space Way [Sibling Records]
Orlando Magik – Popeople [Dish Of The Day]
Paolo Bardelli – Got to Think [B Club Milano]
Party Crasher – Fuck You [Ghetto]
Patrick Wayne – 21 Years [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Peter Ellis – Baby Without You [Funky Revival]
Phil Phauler, Rogi & Aleksandar Vidakovic – Sound Boy [404 Records]
Phunk Investigation & Vinjay – Being Boiled (feat. Jim Kerr)
PNE – Blame You [Lowdmouf]
Popcorn Poppers – It’s Really That Simple [Which Bottle ]
Przemaz B – Lift Me Up [Indeed Records]
Puppy Sierna & Miss Aleen – Bailar Pegadito [Solo Sabrosura Records]
R3V3S & Ruben Naess – Like This! [Pocket Jacks Trax]
Reveh & Drezza – Slave To Bass (The Remixes) [Karioka]
Rich Martinez – Your Soul [Craniality Sounds]
Rick De Hey – Tiramisu [GLB Records]
Ricky Chopra – Baile Bonita [Spectrum City]
Ricky Chopra – Got My Body [Spectrum City]
Rishi Bass – Karamba! [Urban Sound Of Amsterdam]
Rizzo DJ – Open Your Heart (feat. Amon Fly) [Pop Label Records]
Rojaca – They Don’t Know [DaCosta Records]
Rondon – Take a Chance [Smokin Joe Records]
Ryan Truman – Four Your Love ep [droorshouse records]
RYNO – Groove N’ Jump [Smile Creations Music Label]
Sandro Puddu, IsaVis & Joe Mangione – See the Light (feat. Dan Tanner)
Sattam – Let You See [Eton Messy Records]
Scotty Boy – Let’s Kick It [Sosumi Records]
Sean McCabe & Lem Springsteen – Connection
Second Sense – High Life [Static Bass Recordings]
Shaun Williams – Rocket to the Moon [Flaunt]
Signal Deluxe – Hawai (feat. Elbee Bad) [Compute Music]
Silkroad Sicily – Disorganized Crime [Arc De Triomphe Records]
Simioli & Frank Russo – The Grace of God [Total Freedom +]
Simon Pagliari – Funky Guitar For the Song
Sordid Soundz – Feeling , Magic [Groovy Riddim Records]
Spiriakos – Let’s Make Love (The Remixes) [Climax Digital Recordings]
Ssin – The Soul Inside 98 [theBasementDiscos]
T.E Project – What Name [Caleto Records]
Terry Williams – Strange Year [ORGASMIxxx]
The Death Beats – Stop Trying To Give Me Your Love (feat. Little Panda)
The Fabulous Joker – I Can’t Stop It [NSoul Records]
The Travellers – Out Law [Spitfire Music]
Timechaser – Forbidden Fruit [Beira Mar]
Tokatek – Lego Creator [Beat Coin Records]
Tokatek – X [Beat Coin Records]
Tom Chubb – I’m Coming for Ya (feat. Rebecca Burgin)
Tom Junior – Going Home [Cultural District Recordings]
Tony Momrelle – My Paradise (Louie Vega Remixes)
TooLi – E14th Street & Avenue B [Omena]
Uppermost – The City 2 [Uppwind]
VA – Dance on Sunday [Reshape Records]
VA – Toolroom Poolside 2020 [Toolroom]
VA – Whole Story Factory 1 Year [Whole Story Records]
VA – Zirkeltraining Musical Accompaniment to Achieve Your Goal
Varning – Snake [Pure Tunes]
Vlad Rusu – Disco Bus [Total Freedom +]
Will Varley – You & Me [13 Records]
Yamin Bene – Of Devla [Mistaken Records]
ZatX – Zvcii [Knife Recordings]
Zëro & Despentes – Requiem Des Innocents [Ici d’ailleurs]

Melodic House & Techno

ADONAI – Magnetic [Grrreat Recordings]
Al-Faris & Superfinger – Shout (Remixes Pt. 2) [feat. Genius Jane]
Andrew Ddm – Hidraulic [DDM Records]
Apollo Jr – Voke [DTL Records]
Arash Shadram & Sophijan – The Covenant [4our Records]
Armin van Buuren & AVIRA – Hollow (feat. Be No Rain)
ATARAKT – Odhin [Oniryzm]
Austin Leeds & Danko Skystone – Noche [Sirup Records]
Axel Zambrano – Melody in Tone [Elastic Dimension Records]
Ayhan Akca – Hayat Zor [Dramatic]
Baphömental – Asteroid [Whole Story Lab]
biskuwi & JOMA – Half-True [Mercurial Tones]
Bryan G – Point of view [Elments Records]
Caglar Bal – Jungle for the Bass [Ray Collect]
Castlebrook – Ignition [Sen Records]
Chris Venola & Modeling Motion – Vibration [Land Escape]
Cliquee – There Goes (Apo Tulup Remix) [Whole Story Lab]
Connor Mac – Hinterland [UGENIUS Music]
Copini – Hold You [Real Supernova Records]
Jay Martin – Balboa [8620 RECORDS]
Klankveld – Evolve [Infinite Depth]
Koichi Sato & Mika Kitten – Sunset Drive [Digital Records Agency]
Legroni & Peredel – Feel Me (feat. Ilana Lorraine) [UFO Sound]
Lucas Limas & Ricardo Luiz, Lucas Limas – Challenge [Fluxo]
Mac Dephoner & Valhen – God Hand ll [Dephone Music]
Mahu – Gallery [To The Core Recordings]
Miguel Matoz – Karma [Tech Warriors]
Moril – Floresta [Eternalism]
Narem – Swimming Pool [Elyontro Records]
Naylo – Right Here (EP) [Hungry Koala Records]
Nico Aviario & Mary S.K. – Planet B [Deep Strips]
Oramm – They [Universal Love Tribe]
Pablo Awad – Scalar [DXT Records]
Rabota – Solipsism [Cerebro]
Rave Deck – Dreams Before Love [Feel Hype]
Rockka – Star Voyage [Deepwibe Underground]
Romulus – The Storyteller [Romulus Music]
Samihe – Star Crossed [Minds Alike]
Silver Lionel – Fully Charged [Filthy Sounds]
SNYL, Tobak & JESSIKA ZESE – Turning of Tides feat. Jessica Zese
Soel – Ambrosia Lp [ORACOLO Records]
Stergios – Love Era [Regeneration Music]
Talla – Shutdown [Technoclub Pure]
Tide Light – Your Hero [DOT Dance]
TOJ – No Ego [Archon Records]
Trwvk – Orbit [Yatramusic°]
Umami – Soltornet [Human By Default]
VA – Experience Transition [Laark Records]
VA – Harabe Daydreams II [Harabe]
VA – Whole Story Lab 1 Year [Whole Story Records]
XeKe – Like an Ocean [BRAIN PAIN RECORDS]
Yord & Geeyo Ibra – Abstract Dimensions [Neu Gravity]
YOS & Drumknight – Cs80 Ghost [Unknown Musik]
Zaria – Impact [Mioli Music]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Abriel – Inima [Cimelde]
Akio Imai – Yearning [7 Love Records]
Alessio Oldani – Beat Going On [Wajiro]
Andre Salmon, Elboy80 & Melodic JayE – Don’t Log On
Aquadeep & Veesoul – Just Listen [Moish Records]
Ariel Sacone – Mos [Lemon Juice Records]
AS_Brain – Only Groove Music [Nostandardmusic]
Astral Fresh & Erick Ro! – Wtf! [Resonance Space]
Bagoukan – Baku [Mercy Records]
Bondaleira – Fly (Incl. Ironpaul Remix) [Bathophia Underground]
Chalex – Flute [Code Label]
Chiccaleaf – Ways [Ritmika Records]
Comah & R3ckzet – Contact 6.0 [COMAH Music]
Costin Toronila – Ce Faci Ma [TaiJi Records]
D’Mo – Event Horizon [Sheppard Records]
Daniel De Roma – Tampico Skies [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Davide Sala – Faddi [Substrate Limited]
Denny Kay – Insomnia [Russians Did This Records]
Diego Olarte – Azindi [Interplanetare Lab]
Diego Olarte – Bender [Stinky Label]
DJ Marks – Caminando [Stereofly Records]
Dubb Crafty – Break Out [Licked Label]
Erosion Desert – Reset 002 [Betrieb Records]
Felipe Cobos – Details [NG Trax]
Gil Acevedo – Drumsmin [Triangular Recordings]
GIMBO9000 – So High [Kubbo Records]
illAx – Try & Understand. [Habitación 909 Records]
Impalaya – Laya [Mercy Records]
Inkari & Kiril Melkonov – Killing the Killer [Original Label]
Ivan Longoria & Kertox – Old Memories [Bass Zone Music]
Jorick Croes – Let’s Talk [High Contrast]
Mosura & Dj Coolpix – Rude (feat. Dj Coolpix)
Msolnusic – Stormcloud [Underground Kollektiv Records]
Only Slave Nation – Acid Waves [Djebali]
RCS – The Irish Accent [Outcast Music]
Sebastian Eric – Overthinking [Nurum Music]
Stemi & Germano – Colors [Habits Records]
SubFNK – Lucid Dub [Soul Room Records]
SummerThe – Soul [Mercy Records]
To.mi Hash – Cambios [Vizionaire Records]
Toni Manzano – Pandemic [Tentaculos Records]
Under The Radar – 4 More [Zingiber Audio Digital]
VA – 8 Years of Wulfpack [Wulfpack]
VA – Sunny Groove [Low Groove Records]
VA – Warehouse Techno 5 [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
VAL MAZ & Vishuddha – Nobody Can Save Alone [Kaleido Gang]
Vitor Berneira – Pleasure [Atmospherica]
Wren – Groundswells [Gizeh Records]
Yakari (CH) – Colours [Elastique Music]

Progressive House

Aaron Kid – Black Box [ANCL Lincor]
Alande – Hey You [Trust You Melodic]
Aled Mann – Andromeda [E=MC2]
Alemaozuk, Jorge Araujo – Riding the Dark
Alex Noise – Nice People [Noisetown Records]
Andree Morillas – Welcome to My World [Morillas Records]
Apste – Heart and Soul [LuPS Records]
Arcturus – Alpha Portal [Future Scope Recordings]
AudioStorm – Gibraltar Gate [A Must Have]
bonatti – Reason [Discolored]
Cay-T – Old & Grey , Karma [OIOI Recordings]
Dan Lofflex – Interection [Sound Optix]
Dave Daley – Reaching Out [Static Bass Recordings]
Deadomino – Imago [Tapewriter]
Delta9 & Kin Izaguirre – 30 Earths Away [3xA Music]
DigBaker & Blackhaotty – Don’t Fuck My Vibe
Dim Val Pol – Modulation Wave [Inception]
Disfunktion & Kris O’Neil – Stemmen [Avanti]
DJ Johan Weiss – Solar Circus [Estribo Records]
Jo Fanciullo – Nostalgico [Native Records]
Keith Harris Experience – The Marquee Remixed
Kew – Yuragi [RockRiverRecords]
Laera & Dario Giliberti, Fuiano – Beta Test [LaeraTeam Company]
Lock Chords & Black Boi, Paranormal Attack, Elleven BR & GAIA – Hold On
Loren X – Layer Dance [iTracks]
Lucadjelite – Hera [Alternative grove]
M0narch – 159 [Votiva Records]
Matt Sparks – Sunshine , Searching for Love [Wolfrage Recordings]
Mavra & Du Saint – Let’s Make Fire [Blacktone]
Max Metrix – Ayo [BQ Recordings]
Michael A – Lunar Eclipse (The Remixes) [Abstract Space Records]
Morgin Madison – New Life , After It All [PRGRSSN Records]
MysticallFever – Smooth Science (DJ Dave Van Breemen Remix)
Nacho Duncan – Exile , Evening at Realico [Wander Nation Records]
Orphix – Are You Waiting [Somn’thing Progressive]
Pashaa – Huh – Breaks Mix , Yellow Belt [Something Melodic]
Plaztik – Sheep or Wolf [Beatbox Records]
Propulsive & Robin Embrace – Voyager [PM Recordings]
Qarrassa – Parzival [Chrom Recordings]
Rich vom Dorf – So in Love [Tächno]
Richie Luchese – The Healing [Veksler Records]
Rob Hilgen & J.P. Velardi – Guitar Trip
Robin Toy – Tribe Matters [Booya Records]
Sasha Sound – Bank of the Don [See The Sea Records]
Scaramouche – Love a Stranger [NMK Records]
Seth Vogt – The Walls [Dissident Music , EMG]
Shane Jay – He’s Back [Elastic Dimension Records]
Sunflare – Eclipse (Remixes) [Electronic Tree]
Tazberg – Symphony Lights [Lolapad Recordings]
The Dilemma – Clound [Progressive Dreamers Records]
The Koma – Wiping [Pepper Cat]
Tokatek – Solid Sky [Poison Beat]
toy5bro – Uprising [Figura Music]
Two by Two – Rich in Grooving [Previous Records]
VA – Black Cube of Saturn [Lowering The Tone]
VA – Integration [i occupy music]
VA – Stellar Fountain Presents Summer 2020 [Stellar Fountain]
Victor Tello – Pueblo Libre The Remixes [Nativa Recordings]
VØLT3K – Loss of Space [Solarium Records]

Tech House

3than – Don’t Give It Up [Darkest Before Dawn]
Aaaaa.Live – This Is My House [Whole Story Factory]
Adriel Rodriguez – Everyday [Tanama Records]
Aleksandr L&N – In the Head [DIVIYA RECORDS]
Alex Abreu – Brooklyn [Game Theory]
Alex Diro – Quiere Bailar [JEFES.]
Alonso Bierg – Extasis [Habitat]
Alvaro Zeta – Yeah Oh! [This Is Groove]
Amorhouse & Tonix – Make You Down
Andrea Tonso – Love the Disco Way [Sr. Events Music]
ANONIMOSDJS – Unitech [AMU Recordings]
Anton Bykov – Whistle [Papa Black Records]
ARIKADO – Solitary [InRave Records]
Axl – Bring It In (feat. Hector Chaparro) [Holy Pig Records]
B. HAMMER – Front N Back [Only Hammers]
B. HAMMER – Trip to Knowhere [Only Hammers]
Balzer – Arimba [Eisenwaren]
BANTR – Funky [DataTech]
Break the Speaker – Bless , Malicioso [less is nice]
Break the Speaker – Flac O , Gold a [less is nice]
Bullet Time – All Night Long [Deep Bear]
Catsinka – Out of My Life [Clover Records]
Cesar Green & Jazzam – Reverendo [Addiksion Music]
Chance King & Braden Paul – Live & Die in the HI (feat. DIER)
Charlie Morris – Day Dreams [Space Plug Records]
Charlie Tadman – Lost Your Mind [You Do You]
Chistic – Pixels [Chistic]
Cut Snake & Qualia – Forever [BIG BAM BOO]
Danny Howard – Pumpin (Inc. Archie Hamilton Remix)
Dany Fright – Big Mami [Candy Flip]
De crypt – Lr1 [Decrypted Records]
Deep Factory & Fred Costa – Be Somebody [Auraviss]
Deepsto – Corre [Open Music Records]
Dirrty Berry – U Gonna Get [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
DJ Benz, Jnana & Pete D – Snap That Bass [Get Down Recordings]
DJ John Garcia, Manuel Ibáñez – Essential Tech [76 Recordings]
DJ Lucerox – Mombasa [Xumba Recordings]
DJ Nox – Obadiah [Plastik Galaxy]
DJ Soda – Shooting Star [Dynamic Musik]
DJR3ZZ – Tech-Nology [Kattivo Records]
Dochez – SF-UR [Bad Father Records]
Down Bear – Pull Up [Flash Forward Presents]
Eico Robledo – Freak You [MUSCARIA PROJECT]
Fedu – Amistades Musicales [Kryzar Music]
Fer Fisterra – Kalimba [Mar de Fóra Records]
FÜRTON MUSIC, Jonathan Touch – Heartbeat Technical 01
Garka – Oh My Club! [MojoHeadz Records]
George Smeddles, Joseph Edmund – Lockdown Remixes
Groov3lix – Let’s Go Flex [Duo Box Understream]
Guigak – Cheek [PIXELATE]
Hebdonis – Electric Frequencies [Knights of Frequency]
Hernandez.D – Paradise [Magic Beatz]
Hole Diggers – I Can Feel It [Envisage Records]
Hugo Villanova – Monologue [DIFF Records]
Impossinatti – Freak [No Topo Music]
Jamison Daniel – Everything I Said [Feel Hype Black]
Jhon Gutierrez – Churchill [EP Records]
Naveen – The Adobe of the Cloud [Ghara Records]
Next Of Kin – Full Circle [Horizon Records]
Nick Guarise – Company [Bambole Records]
Nicola d’Angella – That Thing [Knuck!]
No-Alias – Ghost Ubique [Yanking Records]
Ollie Sanders – Tease Me [Twisted Funk Records]
Oscar Cano – Jaus [Souldag Records]
P4RKER – Tremorlow [Music UK]
Pablo Public – I Belive [LMNTAL Music]
Ruben Zurita – Toure Ana [The Roost Music]
Samuel Pomata – People Are Still Having Sex
SHERATONE – Ba Ba Tasting (Davide Mazzilli Remix)
SpexJam – Mama’s [Nightwatchers Records]
Thiann – El Cuento [Inameit]
This Culture – A.C.I.D [SA1]
Tom Riddle – Coming Down [Safari Music]
Tony J Guarino – Around me [Unbelievable Records]
Trizzoh – Crack [Rhythm Culture Records]
VA – 5 Hidden Years Spieltape [Hidden Vibes]
VA – A Decade of AudioBite [AudioBite Records]
VA – Summer Essentials 2020 [Stereoheaven]
VA – Whole Story 1 Year [Whole Story Records]
Victor Romero & Maxz, Victor Romero – Soul
VLTRA (IT) – Fresh Air [Skullbusted]
Walter Vooys – Border Control [Salford City Records]
warr groove – Never Lose [Mar de Fóra Records]
Wayne Madiedo – Cubana [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
wlancelot – Future Bass []
Yves Eaux & Octabar – Dutch Kiss [La Mishka]
Z’gross & Titomahi – Post Exotic FX [INNERA Records]

Techno & Minimal

A503X – The Other Side [A503X Records]
Adam Rosso – Elevate [Techno Die Recordings]
Air of Wave – Dungeon Clock [Catamount Records]
Alderaan, Felicie – Ocsdgtl002 – Va [OECUS]
Aleksi Perälä – Spectrum 7 [AP Musik]
Alex Progress – Interaction [Sound Progress]
Almir Ljusa – Object 279 [Vertex Records]
Altone – Fatal Journey [hello strange]
Andrea Cusaro – Energy [Finder Records]
Andy Moon – The Old Stuff (1998-2010) [Art Unnamed]
Anthony Castaldo – Take My Body [Unrilis]
Arah – Chant of Sirens [Future Techno Records]
ArchivOne, Georg Bigalke – Collective Futura V
Badador – Be Yourself [Advanced (Black)]
Balkonkind – The Great Awakening [Alienator Black]
Bas Zanen – Rave Whistle [techbld]
Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri & Aliens Bad Brothers – E.P
Black Lotus (GER) – Poems Against the Empire
Blck Sftwr – Mechanical Forms [TLILTIC Records]
Bork – Recycled [Active Meditation Music]
Boskii – Oblique [Music UK]
Broken Robot – Lunarium [Reload Black Label]
Bruno Caro – Encierro [UFR]
Cancel & Wanton, Cancel – Bloodstream
Carbajal – Ameba [Null Recs]
Carles DJ & Phoenix2kx – Tear in the Rain
Chane, Looper – Motus [DYNAMIC Recs.]
Chris Keya – Autopsy [Magnetfeld Records]
Chris Van Deer – Brain Death [Betrieb Records]
Christian Lazzara – Voyages [Lazar Rec]
CLD9 – Elevated Escape [After Recordings]
Commodore 69 – Consumer [UKR Special Series]
Cony La Greca – Renaissance [Defora Records]
Crossbow – Meridian [NUDE]
d lewis & henry pass – Atomi [Strakton Records]
D.L.K. – Boiling Point [Dead Man’s Dance Records]
Darren Jones – Rtfcts005 [rtfcts]
Dartkrait – Escultura de craneo [Acid For Rats]
David Dream – Night Magic [K-Noiz]
David Sellers – Look Around [Enter Music]
Deano (ZA), Faretrade – CITY BOWL WAX NETWORK [ISSUE 02]
DerFrosch – Night 61 [CARPS]
DJ D ReDD – Time to Cook LP [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Dj Jassa – With Nothing To Do [Zuno Recordings]
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