Afro House

Alex Gamez – Breeze
Axel Rey – Blue Pepper [Axel Rey]
Black Rythmo & Ian Kenzof – Meto Ayei [Soul N Pepa]
Bruno Cortez – Black City Imagination [Afrocracia Records]
Caianda – Stay True [Arrifana Records]
Chillzone – Afro Heart [Chill House Records]
Christian Dehugo – Tumbaito Original Mix [Distrito Music Label]
Cold Smack Attack – Big Ball [Big Ball Recordings]
Cosmosolar – Ohm [Obenmusik]
Danny Villagrasa – The Tribe [Blanc Stone Digital]
Dimension Tribe – Intelezi [Tribe Rawkan Records]
DJ Jarell – Pele [Cuebans Records]
Donavan Lewis – Submarine [Blaq Owl Music]
Exotic, Massianello & Sam Blans – Ice [Pandora Inc.]
Feiertag – Trepidation (feat. Msafiri Zawose) [Sonar Kollektiv]
Gordinni – Flute Jam [Fuba Land]
Ioan & Greco Soul – Thimithi [Retrolounge Records]
Jeremy Bass & All Fred – Guayabas (feat. Heydi Garcia) [Juicy Music]
Jheans Figueroa – I Am [Chivirico Records]
Karen Nyame KG – Sensei II [Black Acre Records]
Karlos Kastillo & Dj Crown – La Salsa [Futura Groove Records]
Kelson Mario – Amuse [Chasing Dreams]
Knight Warriors – Self Expression [InQfive]
Lee Triffon & Roy Regev – Meditate (Giorgio Bassetti Afro House Mix) [SHe]
Master A – The Forbidden Tribe [Seres Producoes]
Mawimbi, Spoek Mathambo & Morena Leraba – Malume [Mawimbi]
Max Palmer – Fire [Raid Records]
Mr. ID & Mehdi Nassouli, Mr. ID – Yakar (feat. Lass) [Elbaraka Family]
Nazimo – Find Me [The Remixes] [Sickest Sound]
Paperwater & Triangles, Paperwater – Bem, Vol. 1.5 [Wet Paper Records]
Phats De Juvenile – Conundrum [Bush Doctor Recordings]
Roberth Yance & DJ Tooper – Mi Lemba [Arawakan]
RosaMela – Madagascar [PLANE ARC RECORDS]
Saliva Commandos – Dayz of Ol’ [IN COMMAND Records]
Sr. Saco – Angola [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Studio Bros – Ritual (Incl.Remixes) [Studio Bros Music]
VA – Drum Kulture, Vol. 2 [Drum Kulture Records]
VA – For the Kulture, Vol. 1 [Drum Kulture Records]
VA – Summer Solstice I [Cadencia Music]


Animadrop – lazy late-nights
digaBoo & J.A.DJ – Bad Ass [Truespin Records]
Eric Martin & Akil the MC – Retro Flows 83 Remixes (feat. Me One) [Musicated Records]
First For Nieto – First For Music 002 [First For Music]
Rico Casazza – Yaman [Perceptive Dance]


Balduin – Melody
CRi – Juvenile (Remixed) [Anjunadeep]
Deepberry – You Spin Me Round (Remixes) [Into My House]
DeeRiVee – Dance With Me [Deepcloud Records]
DJ Teo – Opax [Urban Club (LRM)]
Fedde Le Grand & Melo.Kids – Losing Control [Darklight Recordings]
George Dare – Next [Artistfy Music]
Gorillag – Stereo Love (Remixes) [Digital Village Music]
Gr4vty – Lose Control (Extended Club Mix) [GR4VTY]
Jax Jazer & Jhedz – Latina [Four On The Floor]
Jax Jones & System.Inc, Jax Jones & Teqkoi – Deep Joy [WUGD]
Jorden Milnes – Summer House [Score Production Music]
M4B1 – Save Me Baby (feat. ARGO) [Digital Distribution Bundle]
MJX & Lokura Mira – Shock [Executiva Music]
Pseikomusic – Force Strike (feat. Anticeptik) [UGT Core]
Rafael Bossi – Over Time [Deep Bear]
SABAI & Rave New World – Me + You [Monstercat]
Sean Luiz – Lmtys [Beatbridge Records]
Sharnie B – Britney & Madonna [Orange In All Records]
Stewart Who – The Hustler [PERVHERTZ]
The Bestseller – Don’t Forget to Sleep [Impure]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

3ivissa 5oul – More Than Moments [Ultimate House Records]
A-mase – Just a Game [Cherokee Recordings]
A-mase – Summer Love Story (feat. Ladynsax) [Amase Music]
Alejandro Mosso – Dreamsco [When We Dip XYZ]
Alfredo Ávila – Gracias House [Paille Records]
Andrew Leblanc – Handle [Sound of Soul Records]
Angelo-K – Like We Used to Be Remixes, Pt. 1 (feat. Teodora Gosheva)
Angus Brown – Feel It [One Shot Records]
AniRhythm – We Are a Tribe [AniRhythm]
Ante Perry – Mirabelle [Be An Ape]
Antonino D’Alba, Tony Kairom – Hot Tracks Vol. 5 [Music Viral Lab]
Apparel Wax – 9 [Apparel Music]
Aquadeep & Veesoul – All You Need [Way Up Music]
Astrality, Arinn & B-Goss – Regret [Selected.]
Austin’s Groove – Slow Down [Spacedisco Records]
AZVRE & PRYCEWELL – La La La [Ghetto]
B’Bach – Shake It [Miami Beats]
beatenvy – Run Back To You [cocane]
Berk Canevi & Mary S.K. – Somebody [Sound of Soul Records]
Brian Don – Left Hand [Ole White]
Briela – Regrets [DeepMind Records]
BTWOB, YUNA & Dve – Keep Dancin [Ghetto]
Carboni – Why Don’t You Leave [Burn Music]
Carlos Bacchüs – Woodland [Maniana Records]
Ch!NJoNG x Ch!NJoNG – Eyere [SP Recordings]
Chagochkin – Meow [Tech People Music]
Chanwill – Alvor Jazz [Moiss Music Black]
Charly Angelz – Faith for Tomorrow [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Christian James – Tribute [Nicewon Recordings]
Clarks – Seychelles [Emergent Textures]
Cloosh – Riptide (The Remixes) [feat. Graham Sweeney] [Dance Artifakts]
Col Lawton – Madness [UM Records]
CoreDeep – Black Is Power [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Dam Swindle – The Wrap Around [Heist Recordings]
David Woodog – Red Candy [Old Planet Records]
Deep Chills & Jordan Jay – Bandaid [ATLAST]
Deep Lab 9 – The Contenance Years [Rowtown Records]
Desnop – Chaac in Kadistu [Kadistu Records]
Digital D – The Whip Up [Berimbolo Records]
Diligent Man – Hostage [Soundeo Records]
Dj Brown Meister – Nacpan [ASNAZZY Productions]
DJ Fizzy de Tonic – One for One [Deep Clicks]
DJ LINCS – Inner Sage [DeepWit Uncovered]
DJ Minx – Purse First [Women On Wax Recordings]
DJ Naid – The Day [Naid Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – Brand New Day [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Yakuza – As One [Soul Revue]
Drive7 – Tumbling [Platform 7even]
DuBeats & Sex on Decks – Jazzercise [Nite Grooves]
Dylan Debut – The Bluez [HOUPH]
Edgars Bukovskis – Sapnis [Deep House Natural]
Ego R & Americanna – Like a Prisoner [Human Resources]
Eli Escobar – String Loop [Night People]
Embadesoul – Deep Element [Lupa Afrika Production]
Emre Kabak – Deep in the Dark [Satsuma Music]
Erlandsson & Father Viola – Safe and Sound [TGR Music Group]
Ersin Atli – Closer [Majestik Records]
Ethnic – Abyss (Underwater Mix) [Do You Be You Records]
F3DEN – Don’t Let Me Go [Storm Music]
Fallenius – Stuck on You [Deux Trois]
Faraón & Iriser – In Your Arms [DeepShine Records]
Feta – CBG [Acilectro Blue Recordings]
Fidel Deniz & Eda Aslan – In My Dreams [Sound of Soul Records]
Filip Świniarski – The Distant Lands [CRD]
fleet.dreams – Return of the Dreamer [Leopard Cage]
FLOYD WEST22 – Fallin [Record Union]
Forteba – Harmonia [Batavia Records]
G. Brenner – Dee Dee [Very Jazzed]
Gabriele Congedo & Mauro Ghess – The Sunset Orchestra [Kattivo Black Records]
Gaddi – Trusted U [Fine Business Music]
Gae Harper – Don’t Know You [Sanlucar records]
Gary Hun – Uhh (feat. Anny Mac) [Duna Beats]
Gatto – Miss You [3Bridge Records]
Gavin Boyce – Anywhere Here [Nordic Trax]
Gert-Jan Kleyne – I Can’t [Biometric Music]
Gianluca Manzieri – Sunshine [Bit Deluxe]
Glass Slipper – Connected [Plastik People Digital]
Gosize – Dear Bae Dont Forget [Dizzines Records]
Gui Amaral – Lovesong [Flowing Movement Music]
Gus One – In My Mind [Road Story Records]
Heat Alliance – No More Tears [Gents & Dandy’s]
Henri Bergmann – Protection (feat. Wennink) [Automatik]
Houz Addictz – The Prophet [MuziTanium Recordings]
Hunadeep & Clyde Zeibs, Hunadeep – Krystal 3.0 [Deep House Cats SA]
I-Marcus – Naked Remedy [BBop Music]
Idan Chen – Spaceship [Deepsessions Digital]
Igone – Your Rain [Sonambulos Muzic]
Interstate – Dominion Swing [Shall Not Fade]
ivoschi – Just Breathe [iM Electronica]
Jack Rush & Cruze – Butterfly (Remixes Pt. 1) [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Jacob’s Island – Take Me Home [kookee underground]
Jason Lloyd – Castle in the Sky [Aurorafields Records]
Jay Aliyev – Beautiful [Baijan Records]
Jeancy – Middle [Jendex Records]
Jitwam & TEYMORI – Help Yo Self [Studio 54 Music]
Joe Lucchetti – Set You Free [kluBasic Records]
John Alto – Sirens (feat. Carpet Man) [TGR Music Group]
Jovonn – The Wait [NextMoov Records]
Karl Sierra – Drifting [Hive Label]
Katkush – I Got You [Meska Music]
KiloHeart – A Deeper State of Mind [989 Records]
Klub Rider & The Cooltrane Quartet – Wonderful Life (Klub Rider Remix) [Music Brokers]
KOLOKO – Midnight Driver [Ghetto]
Krauzen – All Right [Million Co]
Ksabe – Fast Foward [Catamount Records]
Kupol Neba – Edge Universe [Umusic Records]
Kvinn – Love Spell [Different Stories]
Kvinn – Two Moods [Different Stories]
Laurence Matte – Distant Times [Courage Holdings Inc]
Lebedev (RU) – Filtered [Rhythm Section]
Lee Runham – Careful [Aero. Records]
Logo Alloy – Gift of Love [Local Family Records]
Lucas Escarioni – Goce [As Now Records]
Luis Cubillo – The Moment [Native Music Label]
Maciel & Jeiang – In My Heart [Spectrum Recordings 2021]
Magnus Asberg – Into U [Viva Recordings]
Mantu – Deepest Thoughts [1st Strike Deep]
Marga Sol & Darles Flow – The Beach Bar (feat. Ramón Sanz) [M-Sol Records]
Marksoul – I Wanna Get Inside [Soul Gangster Records]
Mary S.K. & Hiss Band – Highway [Try That Records]
Matt Fischery – Sunday Melody [Glói Music]
Max Verrier – Where to Feat. Trumpet Z [Dustpan Recordings]
Maxim Aqualight – Twenty Seven [TwentySeven Recordings]
Miguel Souza PT – Rebirth [DSR LABEL]
Misha Koob & Solo Mind – This Is Our Stars [29 Deep]
MonoJack – Dimelo [Nomade Records (NO)]
Montagne – All I Need [Ninetone]
Morhyp – Warm Walk [ChoWall Records]
Msolnusic – Vanilla Kisses [What’s Dat Jam Records]
Munky Fike – Square City [Strictly Flava Deep]
MUSTAFA ALPAR – Flying Dreams [Soundeo Records]
N.E.O.N & Wolfgang – Watchout [Burn Music]
Nihil Young & Artifex Mundi – Running (Radio Edit) [feat. Luke Coulson]
NJ Carter – You Are the One [Rarefied Records]
Oblomov – Golden State [Moveton]
OF REZZ – The Gaze [Techno Flyer]
Owt For Nowt – Tonight Only [North Origin]
Panino – Right Now [Wight Label Records]
Paulyno – If with Love [Black Storm Records]
Pepperz John – Cars [Old Planet Records]
Phaze Dee – Single Story [Cross Land Music]
Philli Mou & HisKing, Philli Mou & Mtg-Beats – Salted Souls [Hard Knocks Digital]
PLANETBJORN – From the Peoples Streets [PLANETBJORN JAM]
Post Cap Era – My Life [4th Set Records]
Prudens – Deep Culture [Pitch Track]
pshiuu & Riyoon – Slowmo Funk [PRDS Direct]
Pushguy – Mishap [Sound Vessel Records]
Q-Lab – Vibes in a Different Rooms [Flying Muse records]
Rafael Francesconi – Deep Inside [Monkey Stereo Records]
Raffaele Ciavolino – Do You Love Me [Hive Label]
Roby Lion – Lipstick (feat. Joel Selon) [Storm Music]
Sakkusa – What U Need [Aero. Records]
Salvador – 0202 Overdue [Candid Beings Recordings]
Sharapov – Blue Sky Remixes, Pt. 1 [Nicksher Music]
Somethin’ Deep – Heresy [AfroMove Music]
Ster3öplay – Come and Get it [DaCosta Records]
STVN LEON – One Step Back [Asteroid Records]
Super Nebula – Way [Revolt Records]
Tebra & Elly Ball – Face Another Day [House Music With Love]
Teenex & Bladdy-T – Place of Demons [Ghetto]
VA – Aural Illusion 10 [Synopsis Musicae]
VA – Izinyoni Vocal Edition Vol. 1 [Round Robin Recordings]
VA – The Secrets of the Trade 020 [Piston Recordings]
VA – Timeless [Spundae Black]
VA – Unpublished Mixes, Vol. 9 [Groovy Riddim Records]
VA – Xoxoxo 9 [Flower Power]
VA- Ciao Italia (Generazioni Underground) [Rebirth]

Electronica & Downtempo

A.Bar – Deviation
Able Faces, Samuel Rhein & SOMMERS (UK) – Running [One Seven Music]
Absolute Valentine & Powernerd – Cyber Ravage (Matteo Tura Remix)
AGST – Virtual [Epidemic Electronic]
Albin Johnsén & Mattias Andréasson – Betyder ingenting [TGR Music Group]
ALC – Frontiers [Blakk Harbor]
Alex Core – Water [29 CHILL]
Analog Human – Magic Summer + This Is the Acid + Trade [Into My House]
Andrea Tempo – Demolition [Codek Records]
Andres Llado – Aura (Miramar Mix) [Eterna Recordings]
Anna Funk Damage, Dutch Courage – Dds04 [Dalmata Daniel]
Annihilation Of Self – First Orbit [AstroPilot Music]
Anushka – Yemaya [Tru Thoughts]
Arbelaster – Billie Jean [Hindu Vision]
Armat Yuryev – Follow Me [Jendex Records]
Ashi Minamoto – Black Sunglasses (Sunset Mix) [LoFi Music]
Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic Process & E-Mantra – Frozen Moment [AstroPilot Music]
Auf Togo – Pan Con Tomate [SaS Recordings]
Avetra & Mad Twinz – Sonar [Unclaimed Records]
Barbie Williams – Ocean Mind feat. Kangding Ray [ara]
Basic Rhythm – Pepper [Hypercolour]
Bass Physics – Every Lonely Day [Bass Physics]
Beardog – The Good Life [Moment Recordings]
Bidar – 3P2ni3 [CINCINATI]
Blood Wine Or Honey & KT Tunstall, Preservation – DTx2
Blue Miles – Sekushi [Global305]
Bosio – Jump sur la mélodie [Muzisecur]
Brandski – Signal Flow (Remix) [Division Virtuel]
Brunewell – Push [FLUFFY CHILL]
Caliph Koichi – Zubenneschamali [Oyoda Recordings]
Camilo Beltran – Reverie II [Saftig Records]
Captain Mike – My Summer Song [Spitfire Music]
Carpintero – Blinded by Love [Sintera]
Casual Jumper – It’s Raining Inside [Moment Recordings]
Chamberlain – Fifty Plans [Chamberlain Music]
Chilli Punk – Funk in da Punk [Tuft Wax]
Chris Liebing – Something Half Way (feat. Ralf Hildenbeutel) [MUTE]
Consor – Tumult (Remixed) [Creaked]
CuBox & NDMZ, CuBox – Distances [Hydra Music Records]
Daniël Tomàs – Ethereal [Revanche Records]
Danny Wolfers – Swan Song of the Skunkape Original Soundtrack
Dario G & Sonique – Keep On Lovin (Acoustic Mx) [FLP1]
DaveZ – Tropical Free Tones Part 1 [DaveZ]
David Harrow – Mokemoke [Workhousedigital]
De Hofnar & Ron Louis Smith 2nd – Sexy [One Seven Music]
Deep-Dee – Unification [Lull Music]
Desire & Ether – Haenim [Italians Do It Better]
DJEGO SILBER – Electro Shocked [Señorita Records]
DRAMA – Don’t Hold Back (Tensnake Remix) [DRAMA MUSIC]
Dried Flower – Prolusory + Why What [Crown Of Music]
Elenne – Dream Racket [Platonic Zoo]
Eli Keszler – Icons [LuckyMe.]
Equal Frequencies – Karma [Armora Recordings]
Erstav – In Full Colors [Muti Music]
Eugenika – Sacred chants [EUGENIKA]
Eyolf & Matt Tondut – Journey [Valley View Records]
Fashion Suicide – John Black [Mist forma]
Fausto Mercier, trngs – I’m Too Sentient [Infinite Machine]
Faux Tales – Woven [Kensai Records]
Filmmaker! – Counterspell [HomeMort]
fire_sign – Bronze Recast [Versions] [4am city]
FiverKent & Proyect NSBSS – Darshan (Radio Edit) [Battlefront Records]
forever grown – Marmalade Sunset [Chill Caterpillar]
Fragile X – The Inner Circle [See Blue Audio]
Free Monkeys – Something About You (feat. Saydi Driggers) [Blue Thunder Music]
Full Woop – Breakdown [Chill Caterpillar]
FutureffeKts – Wide AwaKe [Deep Culture Music]
Futuristant – Money Power [no one’s lost]
G-Rod – Unman [Folcore Records]
Gabriele Panico – Vasconi [Pocket Panther Records]
Gert-Jan Kleyne & Roy Gomes – The Art of Relaxation Part 3 [Biometric Music]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Heavy Feet [Flowing Movement Music]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Shakti – Remixes [Flowing Movement Music]
Grima x Azza, Mr Traumatik & Devilman – Finesse Riddim [Grima x Azza]
Grum – Isolation [Anjunabeats]
Haldo – Sunrise Beach [Personal Belongings]
HARDTWALD & MB Valent – Klassenerhalt [Flexidisco]
Hartnoll & Young – The Virus Diaries [Hartnoll & Young Records]
Haveck – Boi Barroco [Audio B]
Helsinki Project – Cyberdrive [Retro City Records]
Hermanito – Open Up [Ad Hoc Records]
Horobec – Sound Bath [Forgotten Dreams]
Humann – Round In Circles [Beast Trap Records]
Hybrid – Flashpoint (Remixes) [Distinctive Records]
Imani – Shaning Stars [Vacadero Records]
Itah – Near Your Moon [Here To Hell]
James Black Pitch – Meet Her at the Love Parade [Neptune]
Jamie iD & Ronnie Pacitti – Call of the Void [Of Unsound Mind]
Jana Music – Lonely World [Sikia-Ema Records]
Jiunaze – Santa Monica (Yorekbirn Remix) [Zeitlyserg]
Joe Turner & Tom Dunne, Joe Turner – Wings [LG105]
Johnbilly – See Again [Bootable]
Johnny Golden – Monoton [Morning Sun Records]
Justav & SUPERPIG – Dale Sin Miedo [Mendossa Records]
KOCHAM & Aleks Cameron – Set Me Free [Play Two]
La Dame – Ternura (Remixes) [Turntables on the Hudson]
Labaci & BART DUSCIAN – I Don’t Wait [OIOI Recordings]
Lair – I Hurt So I Cry [Eotrax]
Laisse Faire – Roleplay [RockCd Records]
Leana Martab – Bubble [RZLV Music]
Leemansky – Travel [ADRO Records]
Level 1 – On a Mission [Zolex Records]
Leventis – Used To Be (feat. Kieran Alleyne) [One Seven Music]
LillyRazy – Under The Shining Night Sky [Spitfire Music]
LLusion – jealous [Republic Records]
LowAM – Advanced Technique [Lowcellence Records]
Lucía Luna – Shiver Remixes [Occultists]
LÜNE – Chambre aux Etoiles [Nowadays Records]
Maarten Vos & Nils Davidse – Superbloom [Mylja Records]
Mad Complex – The Arrival [Nekrolog1k]
Madda Brike – Elemental [Artistfy Music]
Mandy Barrón – El Juego (feat. Sage Skylight) [Aztec Latin]
Manold – Sadshit (Ep) [OneSun Yellow]
Mantij – Baru [Mantij Recordings]
Marc Hartman – Beautiful South [Lemongrassmusic]
Marc Houle – Gratiot [Sound of Berlin]
Marc Mosca, Alex O’Neill & BASECODE – Diversity [Glitchworld Recordings]
Mario Beck – Love You [BeXX Records]
Matteino Dj & Alessio Carli – Sex Disco [Workwear Records]
Mattew HT – Feeling Light [Jork M Sound]
MB_Reynier – All Gone [CuMeLaye Gomez]
Md Refat – Leave This Place [Bad Ignite Records]
Mica Eio – Kontoula Lemonia [Globalismo Music]
Micha Harri – Neverending Hope [Chakasha]
Minko Kalsbeek – Music for Sleeping Boy [Between Frames]
Moor2Sea Upnorth – Outward Bound [Kycker Electronic]
Moving Reef – Trees [Groove Butta Records]
Mowby One – Rules Religion Sin [Boomtic Records]
MS9 – Satori [Blackwater]
Mx. Sür & Kübra Uzun – Alan2021 [XSM Recordings]
My 1982 Project – Sunshine On You [Graffiti Pig Music (GPM)]
My Two You – Youthful Lovers [Chill Caterpillar]
Nadeem Ahmed – Desire [Inkognito Records]
Nerveclinic – Eerie Moment [SMR Underground]
Neuroactive – In Rust We Trust [Alfa Matrix]
Nova Materia – Xpujil ( Made to Measure, Vol.45) [Crammed]
NXV – Sarcasm Says Echoes [N-TXTRL]
O X EE N N – Learning Algorithms [Injected Poison Records]
Osoo – I’m Always Waitin’ (feat. Kyson & Merryn Jeann) [Average Negative]
Oussema Saffar – S’agapo [Empire Studio Records]
Paramita Ambient & Wendy Panoah – Phoenix Mi 528Hz [Paramita Records]
Paul Gauss – Clone-Unten [AUDIOZ]
Perila – How Much Time it is Between You and Me [Smalltown Supersound]
Personnage – Sgrm005 [Sigrún Music]
Peter Ries – Noiseless Storm [Sky Waves]
Phortah – Sadaken [Earthly Measures]
Pledge Point – Hochste [PULSE]
Polly Resonance – forget [Manimal]
Polymorphik Skyzophrenia – Acte 8 [WEATNU Records]
Professor Pickle The cat – Night Into Day [Flaunt]
Prvrln – Mind Upgrade [CDLand music]
Pushing Daizies – I’ll Be Alright [Dim Mak Records]
Rambutan – What You Want to Do [Epidemic Electronic]
Ramen Police – January 2nd [Chill Caterpillar]
Ramxes – Deep Crimson [Italians Do It Better]
Räubermukke – Rambazamba [Raeubermukke]
Rebecca B – Murphy’s Law [Zissou Records]
Reinggy & Neon913, Reinggy – Soul Eater [Freshtunes]
Rene Zmugg – Prinzessin (feat. Dark VJ & Corinne Casey) [ZRecords]
Rezident – Reflection [Opposition]
Rich Ruth – Where There’s Life [General General]
Ricoch3t – Esther’s Theme [Chill District Recordings]
Romain Frequency – The Colour of Space [Rock Machine Records]
Roze – In a Nutshell [Akumandra]
Rum Guzzler – Havana Twilight [Avocaudio]
Running in Reykjavik – Caught My Eye [Running in Reykjavik]
Ryder Sinclair – Know Your Name (feat. Vanessa Eriksson) [Spitfire Music]
Sailingwing – A Cottage Garden Favourite , In a Mix of Colours for Spring [Great Curve]
Santi Lesca – Mente Viviente [VIC NIC]
Scout – Synthetic Summer [Electronic Abrau]
Serocun – Nineteen [Palvora]
Shaka – From Distance to Common [Vibes and Grooves]
Shura – Mighty [Pasir Records]
Shura – Out of It [Agua Blanca Records]
Sir Peanut – Regular Guy [Chill Caterpillar]
Skysia, Sommer Love & After the Fall – Free (After the Fall Remix) [High Vibe Records]
Sterling Grove & Ellyn Woods – Cabin Days [House of Youth]
Substak – Mds [Expérimental Label]
Sunshine and Raindrops – Set the Sky on Fire [Chill Caterpillar]
Sweatson Klank – Jewels from the Sun [Friends of Friends Music]
Synths Back – Kioku [Krunk Kulture]
Tamara Montenegro – Fractal Tentacles [UUCHUL]
Tape Maschine – Kontakt [SoHo Beats Recordings]
Tarnoise Spaceman & Haustek Agency – Ao Ma Canada [Haustek Agency]
tddshka – Dark [Freshtunes]
Tetzlaff – Asphalt (LP) [Melodien der Ewigkeit]
VA – Adventures on the Dancefloor 2 (Compiled by Fibre Stomp)
VA – Future Classic DJ Tools, Vol. 1 [Future Classic]
VA – Interflow [Musicdigi]
VA – Joint Vacation, Vol. 5 [Recreation Recordings]
VA – Matters of the Heart [Behind The Sky Music]
VA – Meditations A sonic response, Pt. 2 [MISBHV recordings]
VA – Obskurities, Vol. 2 [Obskure]
VA – Oversights [Subeast]
VA – Soul Jazz Records presents Cold Wave #2 [Soul Jazz Records]


#pusto – Seriy Vozdux [Pusto]
A.Ramon – Pandemia [Big Tunes Records]
ACG – Been Done [Calls and Puts]
AGAPO – Radiant [JOL Music Geneva]
AndRave – Funky Spring [Eventandrave]
Angel Rodriguez – Santa Mónica [Moonshine Records]
ANITA BO – Home [29 DISCO]
Ant Schillaci – Reel You In (feat. Venessa Jackson) [Souluxe Record Co]
Antwerp House Squad – Love Tonight (feat. Sakso) [BIP Records]
Arbelaster – Magia (Remixes) [Black Boat]
Arrjay – Need a Lover [High Five Music]
Ash Summers – Amor (feat. Angelica Linares) [Big Tunes Records]
Astrophel – B.M.G. [Astrophel Recordings]
B. C. Slumber – More Than Ever (feat. Prizefight) [Calls and Puts]
Basement Jazz Ensemble – Shuttle Train Remixes [Konura Recordings]
Benin City – We Belong to Us [Project Melody]
black midi – Cavalcade [Rough Trade UK]
Blackout JA – Police Brutality [JEWEL DEAL LTD]
Bombast & DRS, Bombast – Where We’re From (Edits & Remixes) [4NC¥]
Carlos Fas & Vicente Fas – Believer [World Sound]
Chance the Closer – The Flow [Big Tunes Records]
Chemical Crash – Chemical Crash All Times Tracks [Techna Records]
Claudio Giordano – Professore Di Musica [Sonambulos Muzic]
Clubzound – Noize Spirit [Audio Killers Distribution]
Cotton Animals – Tell It to My Heart + Thank You + the Pain [Crown Of Music]
Covid – Never Say Goodbye [A&S Records]
Damian Holden – Sweet Sensation [Whore House]
Dana Abbazova – Affection [Multiza Distribution]
Danny Darko & Dark Society, Dark Society & Danny Darko – Funkmania [Oryx Music]
danny G – old me [Opposition]
Danny Wyatt – B&W [Nabyara Records]
Deep Inc – Nothing Lasts Forever (feat. Stee Downes) [Dallinghoo Recordings]
DELBIG – Orion [Infrasuono]
Detroit’s Filthiest – Smoke Suggests Fire [House of Underground]
Digi – AMR Dance Party Mix 2021 [Agenda Music Recordings]
Dino MFU – Not True (feat. Alxndra Good) [King Street Sounds]
Diskette – The Double Triangle 22 [Sprechen]
Disko Box – Get Low [TRXX]
DJ Csemak – House Lovers [Underway Productions]
DJ Ditch – FAVORITE EMOTION (feat. Elielle) [Trax Records]
DJ Freshly – Taka Taka (Tribal Mix) [Freshly Music]
DJ Hardhome & AAP – This Life I Choose [Lola Bang Bang Records Ltd.]
DJ Istar – Fiesta Del Amor [Sunrising Records]
DJ No Sugar – Soy sincera [Smile Creations Music Label]
DJ Sanchez – Yebisah [Eleveh Records]
DJ Soul Posada – Moving On [H.O.S. Music]
Dmitry Hertz – Political Killer [Compilation Best Music]
DMP Tunes – The New Breed [DMP Tunes]
dreamcastmoe – Soul Belongs 2 U [In Real Life Music]
Durante & 31021 – Wishing On a Star (feat. Naima) [Groove Foundation Recordings]
Emotional Ty – Purest Blue [EMTY]
Ezio Centanni – I Can Feel [Nero Nero Records]
Fatblock – Heater [Houserecordings (Plasmapool)]
FederFunk – Filter Movement [Organized House Recs.]
Fiorez – Relax [World Sound]
Four80East – Mixed Up [Boomtang]
Fresh Eagle – Never Felt This Before [Poolside Recordings]
Funkatomic – Stay Around Me (feat. Venessa Jackson) [Funkatomic Mix]
Funky DL – Neon [Washington Classics]
Funky Fable – No Te Puedo Olvidar [World Sound Trax]
Gio Silva – ME ENCANTA TU CUERPO (feat. Efrain Guzman) [PURE CIRCUIT MIAMI]
Go Nova – Burnt Ash Beats [Lets Go Bowling]
Goatleng – Revenage [Basic Primitive]
Homo Novo – Around the Floor + Avocado [Black Boat]
Hrag Beko – Its Not Over , Animation [Whore House]
Husky – Don’t You Leave Me [Bobbin Head Music]
imagiro, ChArlie & Bad Snacks – Boardwalk (Bad Snacks Remix) [Memoir Music]
J-SHADOW – Snkrx08 [Sneaker Social Club]
Jackob Session – Black To the Night [Desperadoz Records]
Jacque Saravantè – Silver Street [Accueil]
Javonntte – Cowboys & Aliens [Calls and Puts]
Jay Baptiste – Suppose To Be (feat. Freya) [Just Jay Records]
Jazzek – Burnin’ [FDF Records]
JedX – Exclusive Love [Music Marks The Spot]
Jipsta – Get You Home (Radio Edits) [Swishcraft Music]
Jipsta – Get You Home (Remixes Part One) [Swishcraft Music]
Johnnypluse – Skank Eire [Bulabeats Records]
José Aranda – Asia [Elantris Records]
Jose Vilches – Nevermind [Sonambulos Muzic]
Juan Marias & Paul Stenn – Solo Quiero [Rave Cave Records]
K.Beverly & Saxado – Instant Crush [Puro Beat]
Keano (UK) – Way They Used To Be [You Funked Up]
Ken Figueroa – Magic Fairy Dust [Khaotic Records]
King Macarella & Aleesher – Yor Yor [KMT]
Kris Ferreri – Make You Freak [Native Warrior]
La Dame Blanche – Veneno – A Colors Show [colorsxstudios]
Lenny M – Show Me [World Sound Trax]
Lexx Groove – Swing Mood [Mood Funk Records]
Lightning_Seeds – Good Times (Instrumental Mix) [CDC RECORDS]
Love Nine – Brass Chord Burner [Two Faces Records]
Low Tempo – Detroit [L2L Music]
Luett Matten – Bactria [PRDS Direct]
LUISDEMARK – Back Home [Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music)]
Lush Djs – Looking At the Stars [Lush Life]
Mademoiselle Sabah – In Ur Eyes [Vamos Music Talents]
Manuel Grandi – Another Chance [Samui Recordings]
Marcel Herrschaft – Inflagranti [Pottwerke]
Massimo D Andretta – Summer Vibes (Extended) [iM Electronica]
Matrix Fast – Your Heart [Forgotten Minds]
MattMokṣa – Entirety [Acusmonium Records]
Meinfried Zander – Objectivity [Craniality Sounds]
Melo Blanco – Deviously Deep [Bassment Tapes]
Miami White – Fuego [K-Noiz]
Miku Desca – Break It [iM Electronica]
Mogi – Akarui [Record Union]
Monxo Soulful & Angie Brown, Monxo Soulful – Mxo (feat. Angie Brown) [WeLikeMusic Records]
Moon Disco (US) – Feel Me [Twists Of Time]
Mouna Bai – Bust a Move [Yah Man Records]
Mr.Nu – Call Me [KudoZ Records]
Nacho Tranquilo – Cymande [Oyez! Srl]
Nagilo – Lost in Your Eyes (Extended Mix) [Close Recordings]
Ninja Exotic Machine – Wokatikitanku [Pho Bho Records]
Nouveau Arcade – Summer Is Over [FiXT]
Oneste – Aesthetic Talks [iM Electronica]
Pako Rubio – Cozumel Waves [Iside Music (IT)]
PHINOVA&ANFISA – Muto [Phinova&anfisa records]
Pink Cat Empire & Funky Doc. – Aurora [Blondie Records]
Plastik Flamingos – Red Dwarf [Chill Caterpillar]
Q Narongwate – Down for It (This Is We Dance) [BALLLOOM]
Roddy The Dude – Witness [Calls and Puts]
Roger Macké – Alien [Big Tunes Records]
Royal Music Paris – Just Say Yes [Royal Music Paris]
Ryan Truman – Time Lapse [Jump Recordings]
s0nicsp4ce – Soul [s0nicsp4ce]
Safarimode – Renegade Master [SafariRec]
Sami – Bright Blue [1432 R]
schiena rotta & LilBrook – Don’t Waste My Time [Pe Fende Records]
Seth (RO) – Somebody [Label One]
Sin Plomo – You Got the Love (feat. Janet Taylor) [Chica Discos]
SITRO – Food for the Body [ANDAGRES]
Soulmain – Cantando [Afrohauz Records]
Sr. Saco & Joanna Brea – El Poema [Chivirico Records]
Stefano Sorge – Make Me Feel [History Recordings]
Stefano Sorge – Stefano Sorge Collection, Vol. 1 [History Recordings]
Synfidel – Stay High [G-Mafia Records]
Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura & Sehya – Take My Hand (Iriso Mix) [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Teak Makai – Dama De Rojo [True House LA]
Teaman – Nopliu , Raz , Revoke [Digital Village Music]
Teoss, Thor Dj – Legacy [Renegade Alien Records]
The Afrolian – Mambo from Bklyn [BCRMUSIC]
VA – All Sides of the House Vol. 2 [Sictone Records]
VA – Bite This Now Vol. 2 [Bite This Now]
VA – Dobar House Heat Vol. 3 [Dobar House]
VA – Future House Vibes, Vol. 6 [Queenside Recordings]
VA – Housdeep Signs – Vol.33 [Houzier]
VA – LitterBox X [Box Of Cats]
VA – United Colors of House, Vol. 58 [RH2]


Blutch – River [Astropolis Records]
Freqkid & Yazee Jay – Sanoma Beach [Pulsatil Records]
Geist – Uppers N Downers [Good News Records]
Lime – Angel Eyes (Tiga Remix) [Unidisc Music]
Mister Sticktalk – Criminal Intent
Sedef Adasi – Fantasy Zone [Public Possession]
VA – Citizen 20th Anniversary [Citizen Records]

Melodic House & Techno

2Qimic – New Place [Underground Progressions]
about river – Go Into the Mist [Particles]
Ahmet Kılıç – Breathe Me [DJ008 Records]
Airsand & Max Freeze – Magic Trip [Exx Underground]
Alan Amorozzo & Dude Skywalker – La Ceremonia (feat. Viper) [Espacio]
Alan Prosser – Expressionate [64K Recordings]
Alex Turr – Kniva [Coramunro]
Alfonso Ares – Minha Loirinha with Eric Ramoa (Remixes) [Animo Records]
Andre UIO – Atlas [Lincor]
Andrea Martini & LEOPLD – Burn [Emotive Sounds]
Andy Cronix – Surge [SuperPosition Records]
Anna Reinhard – Waiting For You [Wanderlust]
Anrey, Eskape – Purified Fragments III [Purified Records]
ArtLec – Close (Remixes) [Raving Society]
Aryozo – Winter Morning [Wonderfly Records]
Astrea, Angela Von Trier & Ivan Guasch – That Feeling REMIXES [Head Cuts Records]
Audiogenics – Supernova [DTL Records]
Bad Selection – Constellation [XTR Records]
Baez – Is It Real [Minds Alike]
Baris Bayrak – Run for the Infinity [Monkey Project]
Blïghïgh. – Running With Clouds [Record Union]
Bujjhati – Move Your Heart [Evigilare Records]
Christoph Kardek – Believe or Don’t Believe [OraisonSonoreMusic]
Crépon – Axiom [Teoxane Production]
CRi & Jesse Mac Cormack, CRi & Sophia Bel – Juvenile (Remixed Part Two) [Anjunadeep]
Danniel Odell – Aqua Wobble [Steam Circuit]
Darcy Stephens – The Calling [Awen Records]
DECIDUOUS – Solum [Us & Them Records]
Dernis – Relics [Inquiry Records]
Diggant – Dis-Identify [Alveda Deep]
Dj Leluc – Just the Beginning [Leeloop Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – Robo 3.4 [Deep Trance 7]
Elena Kulstof – Desiderium [Vision 3 Records]
Emrah Balkan – Bounce [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Fabian Argomedo – Animous , Azua [Pressure]
Faith F.A – Take Me Home [Infinity One Records]
Fehrmon – Imagine [Amber Blue Recordings]
Fenilconic – Connection [Fenilconic]
Ferum – After the Apocalypse [7th Cloud]
FiveP – Lost [Frequenza]
Fonnz – Turn Off the Light [Fonnz]
Francesco Ruggiero – Phenomena [More Beats Recordings]
Franck FTC – Aeroplane [#FTCMZK]
Gabriel Razo – Spark Man [Routless Records]
Gianluca Calabrese – Espera [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Gidronique – Mechanoid Raven [Dog And Man]
Guido Flava – Dalsland [Trusted Tracks]
Hannes Bruniic – Mekka [DJ Culture Records]
Hannes Bruniic – Warschau [DJ Culture Records]
Intox – Into the Sky [Roxxx]
James Harcourt – Changeling [Traum]
JCKRSS – Butterflies and Whales [Concrete Kin]
Joey Rundlett – Balance [RnR Productions]
Khaled Abdrabo – Tequila [Awen Tales]
Kinnison – Cosmic Whisper [Print Screen Lab]
Konetl – Agorafobia (Alfy D Remix) [Phonocat DJ Records]
Kris O’Neil – Canvas White [KONtour]
Krysenstern – Casual [ONESUN RECORDS]
LAR – Flawed [Monstercat]
LEANDERS – Urania [Forgotten Minds]
Leon Rouge – Death in a Way [agemusic]
LIONOTE. – Back to the Ocean [Purple Sun Records]
Lonya & Mattia Pompeo – Lofstrom Levitation [Einmusika Recordings]
Madeus – March Unto Dawn [Estrella Recordings]
Malla – Bronze Horseman [7th Cloud]
Manjit Makhni – Multiple Realities [Audiobrain Productions]
Manuel Maga – Radical , Strive [Meow Audio]
Maor Azulay – Everything Is a Miracle & Dusty Synth [Oxytech Limited]
Marceo – Never Gonna Break [Flymusik Records]
Markus Swarz – About Time [Sub-Label Recordings]
Marsh – Heaven [Anjunadeep]
Max Ches – New Age [TheWav Records]
Max Stay – Falls [Progressive Vibes Light]
Maximus Rome – No Time To Chill [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Metha – Lotus Esprit [BeMassive Records]
Mitch & Kawz – Maori [Dear Deer Dubs]
My Flower – Wroclaw [Soundtracking The Void]
Mystic – Portal Shapes [Modelsynth]
Naethan – Everlast [Kanvas]
NEN400 – Invisible [impressive harmonies]
Nir Shoshani – Hieroglyphics [3-4-1 Cuts]
Nosegrab – Love Won’t Wait [Tribu H]
Nox Vahn – Tribute [Anjunadeep]
ParadoXX – Fractals [Vorsprung Durch Techno !!!]
Perlen on Acid – People of the World Remixes [Schoenbrunner Perlen]
Petzoo – Prypiat [GoldenTears]
R10(Al) & Maze 28 – Equal [Best Pro Records]
Rad.Lez – Reborn Remixes [Sujet Musique]
Ressdan – S.O.S Colombia [Neonius Records]
RezQ Sound – Protector [YoD Recordings]
Riigs – Origins [Sound Optix]
Roger Guevara – La Vida [Sublime Motion Records]
Roswitha Nash – Don’t Go Asking [The Other Eye]
Rowland (UK) – Return Statement [Wabi Sabi]
Sainte Vie – Cenote [Cercle Records]
Samet Zorlu – Get Rid Of [We Are Dreamers]
Shamans – Clone [Androgyne Audio]
Shaul Eliyahu – Claiming Territory [Zalmanim Records]
Sher M@n – Dreamville (incl. P4sc4l Remix) [Yeiskomp Abyss]
SmokeFade – The Suffering That Permeates Everything [ReState Records]
Sonnig 28, Sonnig28 – Midnight (feat. Laila Marius) [Mystery Train Recordings]
VA – 2021 Melodic Summer [DHB]
VA – Best Music Compilated [Dragon Records]
VA – Chromologic, Vol. VII [Chrom Recordings]
VA – Electric Storm 2021 [Usanza]
VA – Enchantments V.1 [Valkyria Records]
VA – Fluxo 01 Year – Compiled by Zac [Fluxo]
VA – Four to the Floor 19 [Diynamic]
VA – Hier Kommt Die Parade #2 [Tanzgemeinschaft]
VA – Monarke Presents Authentic Steyoyoke #018 [Steyoyoke]
VA – Perspective Visions I [Human Beyond Records]
VA – Sub Rosa Dark Kitchen Vol. 1 [UP Records Australia]
VA – Supernature 2021 [Usanza]


AdamMaca – Trance Trumpet [Adam Maścianica]
Aesis Alien – Mandala [Polena Records]
Alex Delta – The Art of Coincidence
Amos & Riot Night & Aylin – Mercurious [FSOE]
Ash K & Junior & Trance Ferhat – Our History , All Falls Down [Nahawand Recordings]
Aspiration – Dominant Ability [Aspiring Records]
AYLO VIZO – Acceptance [Neostatics Sounds]
Bhastian – Side To Side [DNA MUSIC Records]
Bliss29 – Andromeda [Trance All-Stars Records]
Bobby Hass – Ennoblement [Actuate Music]
Criostasis – Evening Breeze (feat. Rita Raga) [Futuredrive Recordings]
Dais – Something Was Wrong [VERSE (Equinox)]
Dj Oops & Auden – Set You Free [Sub Max Records]
Franck FTC – Too Late to Live [#FTCMZK]
Frieder Morneweg – Drift Away [03FLA]
Harshil Kamdar & Grande Piano – Bismarck [Nahawand Recordings]
Henry Caster – Neon [Progressive Vibes Dark]
J. Rogers – Optic Coherence [Idiosyncratic Audio]
Jarvith Bhaut Perz – Small Soul (Khalo) [Joke-R MNML Records]
Jedmar – Complicated Processes [Ultima Audio]
Julio Posadas – Golden Fire (Remixes) [73 Muzik]
K Studio – Deified Thoughts [29 Trance]
Kievostro – Rarula [Get Rekt Records]
Mark Versluis – Ocean Therapy [TAR#138]
Melchi – Neptune [Emergent Cities]
Mohamed Tohamy – Vague [Juiced Digital Recordings]
N-sKing – Hope for Escape [Digital Euphoria Recordings]
Nerdbird – I Need You (Lord of Light Remix) [feat. Lord of Light] [Nerdbird Records]
noptvl & amerot – REM [Distant Network MGMT]
OBM Notion – Red Sun [Undervise Records]
San Frozen – Never Be , A Million Faces [Make It Yourself Records]
Seegy & Make One – Stranger (Incl. Seegy Progressive Remix) [Interplay Records]
Spaceline & U-Mount – Stellarium [Yeiskomp Velocity]
VA – Alter Ego Records Vocalize 08 [Alter Ego Digital]

Trap & Wave

11th Hour – Forensics [Basskruit]
Geminus Helix – Geminus Helix [Wolfrage Recordings]
Ultimate Fantastic – Gadzooks [Gravitas Recordings]
VA – Hounds [Electric Station]
VA – The Lodge Volume 2