Afro House

Carlos Dominguez & Nico Basstidas – Secret Inside
Color Blind DJ, Sacred Soul – Blind Man’s Vision
Cosmosolar – Himba [We Are The Underground]
Diaki & Wallid – Teimosia [Mukua]
Dj Doraemon – World Union [Africa Mix]
Doogoo D – Farabakan (feat. Papa Gedeon Diarra) [Supanova]
George Dare – Robert Johnson, My Love [Artistfy Music]
Hildreth RSA – The 5th Chord [Sanelow Label]
Ivory Child – Juja [Domozero]
Joe Valentin – Opulent Flow [Track Turners Music]
Kekstar – Simbol Dance [Azania Digital Records]
KingCoOxPro & Deejay Bassulas – Dreamy [Africa Mix]
LuuDrumma – Last Wall of Defense
LuuDrumma – Sepedi Sere [LuuDrumma Record Company]
Pastrana & ECHO12inch – The Future Is Now
Pearl Andy & DJ Ex – Lyrics Dololo [Sfithah Entertainment]
Qarcii – Blacksea Asu [BlackSea Records]
RhythmDB – Rejoice [Chivirico Records]


Ashyl – Polar Lights [Vernacular Records]
DJ Tik Tok – Terpesona [Indobass]
DJ Xema – Gamberra [WeLikeMusic Urban]
Duckystar – Pinky Lines [Artist Republik]
Edd Mein – Longing [Glitch Hop Community]
Forty Cats – From the North [Silk Music]
FunkyBitz & GreenFlamez – Forget Love [Breaks Yo!]
Given Miracle – Next Level [NSNTR Records]
Glacci – LCD Sunscream [The Wave Stage]
GreenFlamez – Rare Candy [Diablo Loco]
Huda Hudia & Dj30A – You’re the One
JottaFrank – Keep It a Secret [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Line Of Sight & Sabiani – Heavy Weights [Digital Paradox Records]
Mind Artifice – Flwrs [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Moveton – Old Time [BORSH]
Pepenk Beatmap – Summon Cobra [BMG Records]
Q’V Vicenso – Surrender [BMG Records]
Rasco & Jonay – 1999 [Elektroshok Records]
Static Guru & Sean McClellan – Alien Focus
Swingrowers – Rose [Freshly Squeezed Music]
The Officer – Polisi Beraksi [Indobass]
Wasabi Bytes – Twenty Twenty One [Decisive]


A’LONE & Da Boi Hamma – Bugatti Riding
Adam Kush – In the Dream [MRIU Publishing]
Adam Pearce – October (Get Got Remix)
Alex Borrelli – Will You Be Mine [Dance Tunes Records]
Alex Zind – Tears in B Minor [ZZ-Music Records]
Ambra & Chris Rain – Sun Goes Down
Apollo – When You Were Mine [New State Music]
Balvn – Las Mujeres [Blanco y Negro Music]
BeDJs – Money Honey (feat. Morgana)
Ben Rainey & Lewis Roper – Say My Name (feat. Jade Cotgrave)
Benito Bazar – Back to Life (feat. Tinuade) [Avoca Drive]
CHIM SAN, Terri B! & Ski – Needing You [Ensis Records]
Christy Swan – Feel Like [Groover Sounds]
Claudio Tempesta – The Pool (Vocal Mix) [The Squad Rec.]
Colored Days – Spiritual [cats rule.]
Cortez & Zoldan – Talk to Me [Smoke Music]
Cuish – More Than Friends [Jendex Records]
Dan Port – You Don’t Know [Lithuania HQ]
Dani – Yellow Sweater (feat. Pierre Stemmett) [Polydor]
Das Tu – Synergy 5 [MRIU Publishing]
Dimitri Serrano – Maze [Satsuma Music]
DJ JEDY – Again and Again [LucidPlain Records]
Dj Kolyn – Without You [Blanco y Negro Music]
Dj naztik – Never Look Back [Revkon Records]
DJ Sbarrell & Maik Haunt – Drop the BBQ [DEAF TOLL]
DJ Teo – #El Cielo a un Diablox [Urban Club (LRM)]
DJ Vavvá – Sem Querer (feat. Mark Quinziano)
DJ Vavvá & Mc Dupack, DJ Vavvá – Pegada Louca
Doug Knox – Truth Remixes [Vinebeat Records]
Drectn – Jessie’s Girl [Remix Centre]
Duke Boara – Rain [Caroline International (P&D)]
Dylan Dunlap – Follow My Echo [Nettwerk Records]
Easterbed – Amigosamantes [YOURBAN MUSIC]
Elaine Winter & Uli Poeppelbaum – One Love [Stereo Poems]
Elestee – Our Way (feat. Zach Teo) [Blanco y Negro Music]
Famba – Still Call You Mine [Sony Music Canada]
Faraón – Another Way [Deep Strips]
Fedde Le Grand & 22Bullets – Bang Bang
Felix Harrer – Goldener Reiter [Viventas Music]
Fischer & Fritz – Aloha Heja Hey (Andrew Spencer VIP Mix)
Freisig & Comaro – On the Beach [Quattro Music]
Galardo & Stage Republic – Mesmerized [Sirup Music]
Gappy Ranks – Run Up [Hot Coffee Music]
Gareth Emery & THE LASERS – Sad Song [We’ll Be OK]
General Levy – Gal U2 Rude [The Good Times Co]
GRBA – Swallala [Clipper’s Sounds]
Gualtiero – ChooCoo Riddim [Los Excentricos Records]
Halfcian – Drown in the Dark [AshesToFlame Records]
Helena Carmo – Rosalita [Vacadero Records]
Hola Magred – Otras Vidas [Midnight Language]
Hottime – No Way [Deep Bear]
Igla – Street Samurai [Shell Shock Recordings]
Ima Boomer – Word Up! [Remix Centre]
Izabel & Lexim – Nothing Like Me [Generation Music Group]
Jabbadub – Steppa [ODGPROD]
Jaenga – We Dun Care (feat. Bijou Violet) [Deadbeats]
Jagger – Feel (feat. Luke Coulson) [1st Strike]
Jah Legacy – The Weight of Cross [Khanti Records]
Jam Mattia – My Boy (feat. Anisa Eich) [Future Plan Digital]
JhannDJ, TOSCA & Dj Zetian – Terquedad [Nostic Music]
John Arway – On the Moon [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
John Castel & Xan Castel – Wonder [Blanco y Negro Music]
Karl Wine – Baila (feat. Franglish) [Play Two]
Kidd Island – Underground [Kingside Music]
KILLME – Babylone Goodby [Quarter Music]
Klaas – Flashdance, What a Feeling (feat. Emmie Lee)
Kosaa – Flying Cars [Vinebeat Records]
Kristine W – No One (Remixes) [Fly Again]
Kurtis Maverick – Perception [Fashion Recovery]
Lenii & Callie Reiff – The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0 [10Eighty]
Leroy Romans – The Master’s Plan (432Hz) [Intercept Music]
Marco Manu – I Wanna Be Sedated [Remix Centre]
Mentis – Faces [Exit Music]
Mike Candys – Darkness [Sirup Music]
Nathan Gilkinet – Timelord [Kinetic Recordings]
Novö – Need Your Love [Shake It Up Recordings]
Paper Cut Pony – East Germany (feat. Marlana Sheetz)
Pavarino – Let’s Have Sax (feat. Spee) [Bit Records]
Quandulay – Ninety Hundred [Quandulay]
Queens Of Club – Bones [WHTVR]
Rhye – Home [Loma Vista Recordings]
Ricii Lompeurs – Live Fast (PUBGM) [BLACK.BLACK]
Rico & Miella – Remember Me [Proximity]
Robin Knaak & Kazhi – When You Call [Raison]
RomancePlanet – December [Cleopatra Records]
Rossa Rosso – Tiritas Tiritonas [Unnamed Music]
Ruthless Vision – Resurrection Mary [Careless Records]
Sauniks – Holding My Breath [Spiffy Recordings]
Savant – Void (DLC) [Vybz]
Sercan Kaya – In Your Eyes [Road Story Records]
Sholinger – Win-Win [Sholinger Records]
Simon Pagliari – The Satisfaction & Passion for Love
Sounds in Projects – Other Side [Artistfy Music]
Spatarini & T2B – Stone Cold Heart (feat. Heermand) [Keep!]
St. Simple & Phenomeno – Archegonia [Deepsessions Recordings]
Steel, FSDW & Gordon & Doyle – Stand by Me
Stereo Looky – Waiting [LucidPlain Records]
StolenKidz, DNVX & Aman Saeed – Keep Dancing
SUPTA – Haha (feat. Lady Zamar) [Sound African Recordings]
The Festivallerz – Funkytown [Remix Centre]
The Oddroots – Strangers [Orange Park Records]
Thomas Costantin – Berlin [FLUIDOSTUDIO]
Tim Lights – Dreaming [Ensuna Music]
TimMey – Arcade Disco [Artistfy Music]
Tnzkrnz – Sparks [PR Records]
Toby Romeo, Felix Jaehn & FAULHABER – Where The Lights Are Low
Twins Project DJ’s – On Stage (Instrumental)
u o & tumy – 2SPARKS [Promesses]
Unified Highway – The Truth (SubDocta Remix) [Easy Star Records]
V A L E – Agent of Chaos [Noumena]
VASSY, Outgang & TwoWorldsApart – Oxygen (The Acoustic)
Vicetone – No Rest [Monstercat]
Willcox – Over (feat. Myra Monoka) [Remixes]
William Lugo – Set Us Free (feat. Star Hanson) [4 Media Records]
William Lugo – The Masters Plan (feat. Star Hanson & Chuck Roberts)
Y-Not – One Night [FLUFFY CHILL]
YT – Pressure Buss [Oneness Records]
Zookëper – Think of You (feat. Marlhy) [Enhanced Recordings]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

2Deep2Keep – Piste 001 [Africanesa Records]
2soul Solution’s, Andradez – Dreams [California Music]
Absolute Valentine – American Nightmares
Acnatro & Kübra Yıldız – Hide [SSL Music]
Ahmed Abdurahimli – Ocean [Baijan Records]
Al Davis – Put A Twist In Yo Dip (feat. Jeter Jones)
Alessio Collesano – Keep and Swing [Bunny Clan]
Alquimia Official – Never Let It Go [Mustache Crew Records]
Alto Kango – Bv003 [From disco to disko]
Andre Salmon – We Rawbots & Luna Human [Maniacs]
Andy Bach – Gimme the Funk [Boogie Land Music]
Anub1s & I’Maya – Raining Booty [Hyporia Records]
Ayotheartist – Onitsha [Pariwo Records]
B1980 – Warrior Two [MSQ Records]
BAILE – Visage [Last Night On Earth [UK]]
Bajazo – Blessed You Are [04177 Records]
Bibby Bust – Lost in Paradise [Artist Republik]
Bonalt & Hadi & Tom Mårtensson – In My Box [Vynx Records]
Bonnie Drasko – Strange Times [Biometric Music]
Boogie Boots – Starting Over [Disco Down]
Brooklyn Baby – Get It Together [GLBDOM]
brotherwell – The Glorious Exhale [Digital Vinyl Recordings]
Claudio Tempesta – Turn on to Love [kluBasic Records]
Col Lawton – Feel Love [Serendipity Music Group]
Costela – Alone in Ur Mind [Personal Belongings]
Daddato – Deixa Deixa [King Kong Records]
Dani Corbalan – Blown Away [Cherokee Recordings]
Dark Arts Club & Chris Simon – Be With You
David Preciados – Star [Comedie Records]
Deep Chills – Parrot Cay [Miami Beats]
Deep FX – Body Lovin (feat. Sistah Yah) [Veksler Records]
Derek J. Turner & Nyquest – And Now… With a ‘J’
Disco Secret – Sweet Flower [BeachGroove Records]
DJ Disciple & Banji Boyz – United Colors of Freaks (Deez BP Remix)
DJ Peisch – White Island [Rounded]
DJ Queto – Saba [Deep Strips]
DJ Ragex – Another World [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
DJ VaRLeN – I Can’t Be Alone [Funky Green]
Dr Green – Grey Scale [Half Lemon Records]
Ed Balloon – I Hate It Here [Fat Beats Records]
Ed Staal – Into Me [Polarface Records]
Erdit Mertiri & NatureVibes – Feeling Lonely [DeepShine Records]
ESSED – Uh La La [Storm Music]
Ewerell – Sweet & Low [Munix Records]
Familiar Oddity – Begging for More [DeepWit Recordings]
FLV – Lose My Mind [Believe Records.]
French & Lou – Winter Walking [Groove Soul Records]
FunkeeSounds – Waves of the Time [PuzzleProjectsMusic]
Furkan Sert – Hold on to Me [Sound of Soul Records]
Future Self – Nightfall [Self Control Records]
Gianni Ruocco & Ottho – Feelling My Body
Goosebump – Keep Up [Chemiztri Recordings]
Gratien Midonet – Bourg La Folie [Time Capsule Space]
Haze & Mellow – Don’t Let Me Down (YUNN Remix)
Hypnotic Progressions – Sequoia Sempervirens
Ibiza Air – Flow With Hope (Dom Paradise Edit)
Igor Frank – Secrets [Clab Zone]
Izakaya Deployment – Plug in Maybe [No Signal Records]
Jodium – Like I Want You [Talisman]
Jon Dixon – Lineage [4EVR 4WRD]
Joplyn – Mind Actress [Stone Free Berlin]
Joplyn & Florian Kruse – Pappelallee 01
Jose N Yorgov & MD Dj – My Arms (feat. Dalia)
KastomariN – My Lungs [Sound of Soul Records]
Keith Smackdown – Agent Jawbones [Sidekick Music]
Ken@Work – Here for You [Hive Label]
Klazina – Don’t Give Up [Mooloo Records]
Koffin Fly – Beach Blonde [VinDig]
Lejazz – For You [Batavia Records]
Loonafon – Big City [Findz Records]
Lucien – Just You [Jendex Records]
Madala Deekay – Carriabian Shores
Mario Valente – Veneti [Diamond Rec Luxury]
Marko Volchkov – You and Me [DeepShine Records]
Massivan – The Belt [Modest Electronica]
Melih Aydogan – Will You Stay [Road Story Records]
Merkush – All Night [DGTL]
Middlestones – I Believe in You [Middlestones]
Mother of Mars – Durga & Demon (Edit) [Ran$om Note]
Mr. TR – Stop Me (feat. Thato the vocalist & Iv Vega)
Neel Switch – Identity [Artist Republik]
Neiro, Saldan – It Took Me the Whole Day Nu Home
Nelson Cuberli – Jazz Number [Late Night Jackin]
Neon Cassettes – Coastlines [Enormous Chills]
Nicki Fox – Someone Is Here [Day Dream Records]
Omar Ortiz – Bailosongo [Arizonica Music]
Ossaim – The Oak [Me Gusta Records]
Owl Vision – Nosferat [Comorbid Records]
Pandastic – Part of You [Seal Network]
Paolo Lucchi – Freedom [MIXROOM]
Patrick J. Kelly – Short Back and Sides
Paxxo & Dot Larisa – Love [Sensoria Sounds]
Pedro Costa – Woman [The Freak & Weirdo]
PVLMS – All the Time [Fantastic Voyage]
Quin Pearson & Isabel Higuero – All I [Selected.]
Recette Orientale – Clarin [ImButcher Music]
Renzo Monteleone – Never Let You Go [High Five Music]
Rianu Keevs – Folk Dances [Rianu Keevs]
Rita Ange Kagaju – You Are Mine [Aorta Records]
RNBI – Desires [Wit A Banger Ent.]
RNBI – Say So [Wit A Banger Ent.]
Rob Laniado – Love Me [Phunk Junk Dark]
Roger Shah, Jukebox 80s & Jackie Bristow – Nightride
Roudeep – Voyager [Baijan Records]
S.Harpo – No Big Thing [Soulful Evolution]
Sakhile SK – Down the Street [Old Dayzz Recordings]
santpoort – feather light (feat. Little Green)
Sartorial – Together [Ace Kings]
Sean Prusko – Someday [Epic Tones Records]
Sequencer 94 – I Will Be There [Deep Bear]
Sezer Ulker – Go Back (Igi Remix) [Road Story Records]
Shalon – Life’s Flowing Smoothly [Amarrage Recordings]
Shoulder B – Huskur [CRCLS]
Simon Newman – When This Is Over [Celestial Recordings]
SirTroniik – Paces [NLM Music Group]
Situation – Beyond Compare (feat. Andre Espeut)
Small Nyana r – Take Your Time [Electrolux Real MusiQ]
SMHRS – I Belong Here [Smashing Trax Records]
Smyk & Graviton – Dreaming Abyss [Hands In The Air]
Snupi Puppi – Vormittag an dem Tag [Artist Republik]
Starfari & NITEPPL – Soul Purpose
Stefanescu – Need You Now [Epic Tones Records]
Tdarksoildeep – Dust Before Rain [Sanelow Label]
Telman – Catch & Release [Rebelpark]
The Funkee Dove – She’s Stronger Than Me (Sunset Mix)
The Moho – Ocean Deep Inside (feat. Ohhmme)
The Soul Movers – Hot Sauce [Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC)]
The Sunchasers – Symetrical Moon [Dutchie Music]
Tolya UND – One Dub [Glowworm]
Trevor Gordon – The System [Gents & Dandy’s]
Troy Fisher – Boring [Floor 13]
Tupal – Too Far [Pavillonn]
VA – Dance & Clubbing 2021 (Deep Edition) [OXGEN]
VA – Dog Records Winter Sampler 2021 [Dog Records]
VA – Redlight Visions 8 [Redlight Music]
VA – Urban Soulful Grooves Vol.2 Urban Vibes for Urban People
Vasily Umanets – With Tenderness [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records]
Vesim Ipek – Pure Love [SSL Music]
VetLOVE – Soul Melody [Natural Deep]
Vicissu, Facunh & Cardinelli – Start Again – Cardinelli Remix
Vleks – Mata [Veneno]
Westcoast Goddess – Four Acapellas [YUNG DUMB Records]
Wez BK – Superstitions [Deep Fix Recordings]
William Garcia – Dancer in the Night [Plasticity Records (ES)]
X Gets The Crest – Make Believe [Sundries Digital]
Xan Castel & Baaptiste – Ache [Cherokee Recordings]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

219 Boys & Love Rossylo, 219 Boys – Certified [Night Bass Records]
A.M.C & Turno – Mind the Gap (Turno Remix) [Titan Records]
Aaron Kiasso & Andrew Storm – You Like This [Which Bottle ]
Amplify, Fanatics – Connected Part 4 [Gradient Records]
Andrex – Saturday Night [Sunny Moves Records]
Apin 17 – Terus Mencari [Indobass]
Arthur Baker & MistaJam – Born To Be Wild (HUGEL Remix) [New State Music]
Avaxx – Collusion [Pressurized Records]
Axel Boy & Blossom – What They Say (feat. Samara)
BEX3M – Dirty Oceans, Clean Conscience (Edit)
Blade (Dnb) – O7s 004 [ONE7SIX]
Bobby & Points NCM, Bobby – Back to Lockdown [Kosenprod]
BROHUG – Do Me Right [BROHOUSE Music]
Cassio Vidal & Thyago Furtado – Goldmines (CyberKills Remix)
CITRA – Untitled Journey [Liquid Flavours Records]
Colombo – Pleased [Acida Records]
Conrad Subs – Fury , Run It Pon Dem [Influence Records]
cwsth – Leave You [G-Mafia Records]
Daba Makourejah, Fak Scratch – Bamba , I Still Alive [Melting Pot Records]
Damage Report – Creepy Crawler [N.W.S Digital]
DankBaar – No Friends [Bass Box]
David White – Welcome To the Rave [Mystery Freedom Records]
dBlvrries – Get Dwn [Kibbutz Records]
Dino Shadix – Way Back When [NOYZ]
DJ Eterno – P.Y.F. [Bang It]
Dj Karantin – Bana Tap [Clab Zone]
Dopplershift, Dopplershift, MC XL & Sub Mortal – 666 [Monk Audio]
Dub Phizix – Game Over [SenkaSonic]
Eauki – Chamas [Good Times Bad Times Records]
EBK Juvie – 6 West Home [CX Exclusive]
EBK Juvie – Side a.Trapise Side B. Valuables [CX Exclusive]
Elcamooze – Waiting [Goryl Rec]
ELEVTE – No Sleep, To Dance [Notyon Records]
Empher – Body Rock [Deep Bear]
enta – Vortex [Biological Beats]
Evan Wilder & Wes Lee Wates – On My Mind [Ensis Records]
Falco – Technology , Unbalanced [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Flicka – How Can I (feat. Chris B.) [Detached Audio]
Frances Wolfe – Monster [Artist Republik]
Future Class – San Francisco [AT ME]
Grizzly Deer & Elijah Soltan – Water [Brash Beats]
guizzera – Cruel Gate [Bass Box]
Guzz & TALK WOBZ – Plucked [Subsense]
Halflight – Six Days [Rampage Recordings]
Heist – Celestial (feat. Noize Komplaint) [Boomslang Recordings]
Heist – Watermelon Girl [Liquid Lab]
High Demand & Noco, Vertigo – Retribution (feat. Noco & Vertigo)
Higher Sector – Initiation [Higher Sector]
Hyper & WARGASM (UK) – Spoiler (Recoil) Drum & Bass Remixes
Hyzan & Beumont – Moments [Muzenga Records]
Infekto – Massive Know It [Mystery City]
Jedi & dEEb, Jedi – Shapes [Nuclear Bass Records]
Jeff – The Phantom Mafia [J&J Music]
John Blame – Hi-End [Atlantics Records]
Justin Prime & Futuristic Polar Bears – United We Stand
K-Aus – Slow Down [Mixa Records]
Ketafere & Parkinson – Narcotics [UFO Recordingz]
Khramer – Bodied [Parallel Depth]
Kidd Island – Blow [History Recordings]
Kosmoss – Fight [Inferiae Records]
Kumarion – Instinct [UKF]
latesleeper – She Grew Wings , Six Gill [Skankandbass]
Lost City & Spyda – Can’t Get Enough [Liondub International]
Lost2C – Believe In You (feat. ZHIKO) [Fanfare Records]
Loxy & Resound, Loxy & Skeptical – Dispatch Dubplate 017
Lurch – Sun It May Rise [Intrigue Music]
Majed Salih – Loucraiom [Medievil-Music]
Majed Salih – Qevutrapes [Medievil-Music]
MC Emil’en – Feel the Madness [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Mike Rivera – Endless Road [Pyro Records]
Mistwist – Membrane [Tonrecords]
Mou5zyzz & Yago Music – Formidable [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Neil S – Capricorn [Energy1058 Recordings]
Netrek & Captain Bass – Echo [Exert]
Nick Aber & Aldimar – I Want You [Mad Gear Records]
Particle & Klinical – Cult Process [Critical Music]
PLTX – Spaced Out [PLTX MUSIC]
Poor In Spirit – Vice [Nustromo Music]
Qemu Machine – Leave Me Alone [Lizplay Records]
R-Vee – Steady Rockin’ [D-LiQ Records]
R3 Bass, Dsliver, Nykoluke & Alessandro Myrex – Like This
Raditya – Eagle [NSNTR Records]
Reggio & Rave Republic – Legacy [Revealed Recordings]
Rogelami – Never Forget [Soundsella records]
Ryan PWM – Run Catch Kill [Incursion Recordings]
S9 – Get It Right [DeVice]
Scythe – Bad Boy Chune [Razor Audio]
Selecta DnB – Skrilla [Nahual Records]
Sem Torre – Time [Run Free]
Semko – Lunar [Lotus Mathematics]
Sercan Sonmez – Never Forget [Soundsella records]
Sick Individuals & Robbie Rosen – Come Alive (Ewave Remix)
Sidney Jacobs – The Voyage [Riddim & Groove]
Slippy – Lone , Feel Alive (feat. Soundr) [Night Mode]
Special Request & Tim Reaper – Hooversound Presents Special Request and Tim Reaper
Special Vibe – Narcotic [Playbox]
Superkomputer – E.S. [Kultura]
T & Sugah – French Fries [Liquicity Records]
T.noize – Welcome Back [tb festival]
T.R.A.C. – Life in Remixes [V Recordings]
Technical Itch – Digital White Label 001 [Tech Itch Recordings]
Temple Grooves – The Music [Complex Destroyerz]
The Square Nut – Bad Guy [Tamase Records]
The Twisted Twins – The Spoon [Sub Factory Records]
Thomas Gold & R3SPAWN – Letting Go (feat. David Shane)
Tim Reaper & Dev,Null, Tim Reaper – Teletext [Lobster Theremin]
VA – Drum & Bass In Your Face #1 [Tronic Soundz]
VA – INVASION Best Of 2020 [Invasion Recordings]
VA – Playboy VIP + Remixes [Nightenjin]
VA – Tunes to Train to 004 [HOT-Q]
VA – Unidentified Dancefloor Objects [Dancefloor Impact Research]
VA – Unsung Heroes 14 [Soul Deep Digital]
VA – Vibrations VII [Grand Theft Audio Recordings UK]
Vantiz – Do It Right [Skink]
VEIL & NotLö – Exoplanet [Wakaan]
vrthnkk – Monster in the Chest [Purple Dinosaur Music]
Wenzday & Capozzi – Bright Lights (feat. Lil Debbie) [Confession]
Where It’s ATT – Follow Me (with Veste) [Word On The Street]
Will Fast – Direction [Quantum Records]
Workforce – Moods [Critical Music]
Xenso – Raices [Sonambulos Music]
Yatuza – Macumba [Weapons of Choice Recordings]
Zacomo Omocaz – Yufuin Pet Shop [Wobble Warriors Audio]
Zafrir – Warfare [Maxximize]
Zakariae – If You [CHAPTERD Recordings]

Electronica & Downtempo

03 AM – Stones (Extended) [Beira Mar]
Aderfia & NoFace Records – Have Ya [NoFace Records]
Adriano Koch – RESTRAINT [Radicalis]
Alexander Gorya – The Rain Stops and Spring Comes
Ali Ghieri – 1987 [K-Noiz]
ANAKLAV – ENERGY! [Embassy Of Music]
Anne Kicker – Kicker Release [Artist Republik]
Aphonix – Transdimensional [Nuit Blanche]
Arkezeck – Mountain Muzik Part 2 [sitdownandance]
Astronautica – Take a Hike [Alpha Pup]
Astropilot & Annihilation Of Self, Unusual Cosmic Process – Echoes
Aummaah – Games []
Aviaviavi, JB – Electronica January 2021 [Atomrise Sounds]
Bantwanas & Tim Engelhardt – In Silence
BBB – Initial [Human Disease Network]
BEUTE – Eisenpimmel [Beute Music]
Biome – The Joker [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Black Dive – Free Me from Fears (feat. Joy Adegoke) [Soukzen]
Blacklight Chameleon – Young Summer [Nutriot]
Brian Kross – Bounce [GOTTA RCRDS]
Brook Line – To the Dawn [Mouton Noir Records]
Bruno Maia – Saikou [Privat Records]
Chandra – Waziri [Via Del Sol Records]
Chie Chie – Sommer Laune [Artist Republik]
Christakis – Gloom [Elephant Beach Records]
Clap Wave – Smokey Moon [Oyoda Recordings]
Clusta – Future Failed [Horus Music Limited]
Devin Morrison – Bussin’ (Instrumentals) [NBN Records]
Devinne – Move Your Body [Minor Scale Records]
DJ Artak & Natune – I Am Saved [Nicksher Music]
DJ Jon & Paul Manners – Inspirational [WhiteLab Music]
Doctor Pizz – Mermaid of the Nile [Woogees Records]
Downson – Planet [Artist Republik]
DUAL CHANNELS – Different Things [Add Music]
Electronic Fluke – Getting Used To It [Wonderfly Records]
Elemental – Lost soul [E.lementaL Music]
Elori Saxl – The Blue of Distance [Western Vinyl]
Emerson – Sadness [Camp Records]
Ends 84 – Thunder (feat. Power Rob) [Aztec Records]
Etilen – Autopilot [Putsch Records]
Exolanter – Max Power [YouTunez]
Fanfara Awantura & Michael Mayer – Polka Techno Dziadek , True Polish Techno
Fosh – Alien 2.07 [Plastic Island]
Frère Jack & Sam Welch – In Your Dreams [Myriad Pink]
Future Skies & Adell – Chemical [Lemon Drops]
Gacha Bakradze – Obscure Languages [Lapsus]
GateMusique – Another World [Melomania]
Glimmig – A New Way [Kabache]
Goodknight. – Sublime [Below The Surface]
GreatAudioRecorded – Elysian [picturesque.]
Groovefella – Night Bandits [Moobla Music]
HAKA Project – Beauty Poetry [Miyako Records]
Halina Rice – Terrain [Halina Rice Records]
Heathered Pearls – Cast Remixes Part I [Ghostly International]
Heavenchord – Listen to Your Conscience [Secret Domain]
Hendrik Joerges & Sojan – Back As One [Below The Surface]
Hertz – Lock off the Dance (feat. M&R Rush & Legend4ry) [WiddFam]
Hibrid & malbeku – Liria [Podmornica]
Hockeysmith – Down Love (Tieks Remix) [eel]
Human Escape – The Bird is Flying [SUPRANU Records]
Hyperlink Dream Sync – Hyperlink Dream Sync [Fonolith]
Instant Chiller – Cold Day [2 Steps To Chill]
Jogging House – Lasting [The Ambient Zone]
JonathanD Music – Global Agenda [Epic Forest Records]
juuku – Warmth [Moving Castle]
K3NX7 – Neon Rider [Louis Capet XXVI]
Kaleb Vikari – Cibernetica [2Clubber Records]
Kaleb Vikari – Sonidos del silencio LP [Crazyplug Records]
Karlo Blender – The Beat is Now [Artist Republik]
Kchi homeless – La Boca Beach [Amplio Espectro]
Kesia – Let Me Out [Alphabeat Records]
KEUS – Yol [Rist Records]
Kid Cala – I NEED A CLUB [Kid Cala]
Kingslow – Potions & Dragons [Marble Recordings]
Koste – Weather [Seeking Blue]
La sphère – Soul Chapter [White Rooms]
Lady Skavya & Radikal Guru – Lost and Found
Laura Dre – Moving Spaces [Outland Recordings]
Lenomad – Memories [MOR Records]
Linus Hillborg – Magelungsverket [Moloton]
Loch Raven & Shauni – Disappear [baseline HQ]
LofiMonster – Whacha Gonna Do [LofiMonster]
Luca Averna & Chris Coco – Oh! [eclectics]
Lyre – Queer Beauties [Pitch the Noise Records]
Manuel Seith – Spheres One [DIMASI Music]
Mariana Miska – I Apologize [Blue Bay Records]
MartyParty – Extortion [MartyParty Music]
Mary S.K. & Alex Deeper – Deepest [Different Twins]
Mathyk – Jazzhouse [YouTunez]
MikeyGoodfire – To See and Be [Behavior Recordings]
Minor Code – The Reaper [avesso records]
Misaïdu – Half Light [U.Baba]
Moonfang – Space [Below The Surface]
Nate & LJAI – Season of You [Jendex Records]
Nezim – Blame [Kiribati Records]
Niju & Rasar – Mountains of the Moon [Ketoga]
NINA – The Beginning [Aztec Records]
Nojanoise – Easter Monday [Dyrwalk]
Nro – One of These Days [2 Steps To Chill]
Of Thread & Mist – Static Hymns to No One [Gizeh Records]
Oleg Xaler – Midnight Dreams [BMP Music]
OxYdeBlue – Trinit [SOAME]
Pablo Rey – No Out [Imploxion Records]
Panda’s Dream – Underwater [Panda’s Dream Music]
Perry Frank – Landforms [Valley View Records]
Positive Wizard – Binaural Beats Mind Treatment Extreme Relaxation
Psycho & Plastic – Soundtrack 1 Schwelen [GiveUsYourGOLD]
Purple Kaiser – Entangled [Ballroom Purple]
Raspy – May the Veil Ve Forever Lifted [Diffuse Reality Records]
Reid Willis – The Separator [Mesh]
Ricoch3t – Fall 4 U [Chill District Recordings]
Rudess & NoFace Records – Sunset [NoFace Records]
Shoko Rasputin – Wakibara Acid,EP [U.G.JAMMIX]
Shuja Rabbani – Sly Fox [Rabbani Records]
SidiRum & Iorie, SidiRum – HEMI [Lassi International]
Simurata – What [Artist Republik]
SlothyLyn – Your Mind [Behavior Recordings]
Soire – Realms [BEATZ]
soulecist. – Right There [Below The Surface]
Spiridion – Capriccioli [More In Motion]
Spyros Polychronopoulos, Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris – Widdershins
Steve Parker – Mind Fluxtuation [MUTED rec]
Substak – Another Planet [HDR Limit]
Sweety Lionas – Andere Materie [Artist Republik]
Swwwisha – Multitool [Fat Beats Records]
Tembe Loop – Loop Master [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
TENSHU – Serendipity [Wang Records]
The Ambientalist – On a Good Day [MQY Music]
The Dead Company – Goodbye Dear Little Man [ZBM Recordings]
The Dr.Bugi Project – Had I Been Dreaming [Pacific Melody]
The Duty Freedom – Grand Theft Uber [SNC RECS]
The Gibraltarians – Empathy Machine Recovery [Disintegration State]
The Polish Ambassador – Gathering of the Tribes (& Friends Mix)
The Soul Crusaders – In My Dreams [M-Sol Records]
The Tuning Brothers – Piano Oho [Artist Republik]
To the Tide – Beach Glass [Below The Surface]
Tokatek & DJOleG – Expanding Consciousness
Tom Furse – Ecstatic Meditations [Lo Recordings]
Tom Leclerc – Sun [Mare Nostrum Label]
Tristan Bay – Sharp Left [Hydra Music Records]
Turbolader – Dog Eat Cat [Artist Republik]
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk – Asteroid 2467
Underscorer – Soul Star [Veksler Records]
Unusual Cosmic Process & Pantograph – Reflection
VA – Ones to Watch 2021 [Yosh Pit]
VA – Urban Life [More In Motion]
VA – Urban Orange Music 3 Downtempo Experience
VA- Pure Sunset (The Chill-Out Edition) [Paradise City]
Val Maz – She’s Confused (feat. Lucia Brù) [Kaleido Gang]
Verlatour – Evasion [Bon Temps]
Vihaan & Phillora – Moment [Shango Records]
Viragi – Into the Clear Light [The Ambient Zone]
VOLTAGE – Ai-Pokalipsa [Pantheon Select]
Vulgare Beats – Stripes [Artist Republik]
Waves_On_Waves & Donaccia – Internal Murmurs (feat. Chris Sevier)
We Will Kaleid – Mute (Jan Wagner Remix) [Sinnbus]
Yafe Young – The Journey [BM Records]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Airal – Sonar [Airal Music]
Arundel & Bitlo – Irie Bless [Yosh Pit]
Deepminds – Deep Inside [SoulfulLovers]
Kona – I Am Fungi [Fresh Coast Recordings]
Low Poly – Dreamstate [mau5trap]
March 13 – Take Your Time (Hexlogic Remix) [Tastebooster]
Mariiin, Monika Ross – Black Label Series 05 [Banoffee Pies Records]
The Relatives – Feel So Real [Back2Bump Records]
VA – Best of Russian Bassline [Alien Technology]
Vital Techniques – Judging Me [Garage Shared]
Wulflock – Rampant [Crucast]


49th & Main – Catching Eyes (Tom Ferry Remix) [frtyfve]
Aaron Lowe – Gently [Rhythm Culture Records]
Alan Beckdorf – Shine In Your Eyes (feat. Lara Brejcha)
Aliens Like Us – The Collective [Flood Tide Music]
Alphabeat Official – Soft Words [DaCosta Records]
Alternatively Tonic – Close Call [State Logic]
Anabel Sigel – Flying to Freedom [Exosphere Records]
Andradez – New Style – Splash [Purple Boogie]
Andrew Foy – Space Girl [Opposition]
Andy Craig & DJ Prodígio – Pimp Up the Jams [Shivar]
Argh & Wag – Desert Town (feat. Neja) [Distar]
Blaq Owl – I Am a Vessel Part 4 [Blaq Owl Music]
BlareMob – Falling [Streamin’ Music Group]
Block & Crown & Lissat – Hot Freak [Save The Nightlife]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – When Love’s the Feelin’
Bo Degas & SverreV – C’est Logic [Nomade Records (NO)]
Brad Machado – Cinco a Tarde [Man Cave Recordings]
Bruno Browning – Squeezing in [Soulsupplement Records]
Bvrnout – Move It [Gold Digger Records]
Caffeine Productions & Lynda Law – Movin’ On (Mr.Tune & dj Lib Mixes)
Carl Cozmo – Lambo [Monarchy Records]
Carter H – Honey [Storm Music]
Casa Devi & Nicky Prince – Night Sky (The Remixes)
CASHEW – Need You [Gameroom Records]
Charlie Roennez – Ven Paca [Revoke]
Chris Lynx – Moonlight [Jendex Records]
Claudio Dellarole – Words Words Words (Rework) [Lovintimes Records]
Cozmic Cat – En Route [Jupiter Productions Toronto]
Dani Masi & Santos Garcia – El Amor Es Mas [Which Bottle ]
Daniel Kalaszi – Just Life [CUWATYA]
Daniel M – Dope [MDV RECORDS]
Deejay Soso – Elinye Ithuba [DSM Entertainment]
Deftone – Sushi Takeout [Blockhead Recordings]
Departures – Don’t You Know – Remix Pack 4 [Refined]
Diego Fierro – Good Inc [Ouch!]
diola – Heartbreak [DOT Dance]
DJ Juan Coon – Do You Remember [Rod Winston Digital Entertainment]
DJ Livio Bivi – Quiet [Freedom For Rhythm]
DJ LoverBash – Movement [Nipplekiss]
DJ Patti Kane & DJ Jigsaw, Petra Acker – Ma Valeur
Dj Tim V – Can’t Stop [Naturall Products]
Dominic Marceux – I Can’t Stop (feat. Crestridge) [CLUB BABE INTL]
Don Diego – Strawberryes and Milk [NSoul Records]
DUKE – So in Love with You (feat. Cengo) [Cengo Remix]
Earth n Days – What You Feel [There Was Jack]
Ednner Soares – Oba [ID Music]
Efren Valdivia & Bloky – Snake [All Is All Music]
Esox – Morgentau [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Filta Freqz – Freq Da Funk [Seventy Four]
Flauschig – The Way You Give [RUN DEEP Records]
Franck Roger – Salsa Moves You (feat. Tomelo) [Real Tone Records]
Freaky DJ’s – Boomerang [Clipper’s Sounds]
Fred Dekker – Sweet Lala [Little Jack]
Funkerman – Things I Meant to Say (feat. Enlery) [Flamingo Recordings]
G-Pol – What U Need [Actuation]
Gene Tellem – The Inner Dance [Bienvenue Recordings]
Gianluca Dimeo – Deep into My Heart [One Seven Music]
Gold Fingers – Roots [Southbeat Music]
Groovegetters & Will Alonso – Plena Anthem 2020 (Remastered)
GuruTech & Liz Jai – Stronger [BeLove]
Gyradix – Tabaco Y Ron [Blanco y Negro Music]
HeartWerk – The Alley Behind Elgin Ave [U Don’t Dance]
High Reason – Be My Soul [High Reason]
Hooders – The Reason [Uprise Music]
Horse Love – Husarbeid (Remixes) [Mhost Likely]
Hoster – Shake It Down [No Definition]
James Pepper – Games & Music [Gallery Recordings]
Jaques Le Noir – I’m Not Your Lady (Tom Tom Baby)
Jason Kravitz – SuperHero [Artist Republik]
Jim Aves – Say It [Get The Sound]
Joe Black – Manhunt [BEATER RECORDS]
K-Vision – Disco Biscuits [Vivifier Records]
Katie Kittermaster – Lukewarm Lover [Revanche Records]
Kazko – La Vela [Martians Records]
Kid Massive – Don’t Know [Get Down Recordings]
Kikoman Antonio – Circles [Kikoman Production]
Kontzz & ZedGan – Get Down [G-Mafia Records]
LARETTO & Stereo Coque – Para Vivir (Stereo Coque Remix)
Lasso The Sun & WildVibes – Reunite (Remixes) [RUN DBN]
Leo Blanco – Whores [Drum-Ah Records]
Leo Martera – Get on the Floor [Golden Factory Records]
Leoesco – LLD presents La Trocha [Younan Music]
Lofizerr – Leave [DJ Leonardo Rafael]
Louis Bongo – Over [FTLOH RECORDS]
Louise DaCosta – Disco Bots [DaCosta Records]
Lush Djs – Show Me [Music UK]
Maliki & Fickry – S.E.N.S.E [Bonanza Records]
Marco Bartolucci – Don’t Worry [HOUSETRIBE RECORDINGS]
Marco Molina – Rebuke [MU.SE Records]
Mark Picchiotti – Love Is the Message (DJ Spen Remix) [feat. Kenyata White]
Max Alzamora & NUCLIUS – Everything Changed
Max Lake – Kiss [VAST]
Max Lake – Lines [VAST]
Merk & Kremont, Buzz Low – Do It (Extended Mix)
Michel Senar – Paraba [CLUBBERS & FUN]
Mick Mazoo – Everything I Wanted (feat. Ni,Co) [Actuation]
Mickael C – Miss You [Dancetrack]
Mike Chenery – Every Night [Disco Down]
Miki Zara – In the Music [Valesca Records]
MOGUAI, Moya, Future Kings – Laser Beams (Extended Mix)
Montel – NASA [Montel Records]
Mysticage – Something Blue [Pop Label Records]
Newtonez & T-Drum – New Beginnings
nicolas bassi – Hang up First (feat. Terrell King) [Bassi Digital]
NonCitizens – The Night Shift [Black Circus Records]
NUVILICES – Magnum Opus [CloudKid]
Nyte – Blossom [Nyte]
Paride De Biasio – Feeling [Stereophonic]
PHE, Kybba & Tribal Kush – Ready [Basshall Records]
Puppy Sierna – Soy Latina [Solo Sabrosura Records]
Radec – Visage [Phunk Junk Dark]
ReTone – I Can’t Feel (Jenny Dee & Dabo Remix)
Reu-Ven – That Way [Home Made]
Robber Hawk – Let’s Dance [B Club Milano]
Sage Ray – She’s Worth It [AESTHETYK]
SBY de Mdee, MJ da Soul & Mosaic Musiq – Makhelwane
SeeMeNot – Joan of Arc [Brainstream Music]
Seumas Norv – The Star , Future Funk [Crown Of Music]
Shelby Carmel – You and I [Vamos Music]
ShowBanned – Light Travel [Micia Recordings]
Simon Adams – 1974 [kluBasic plus]
Solo Jøns – El Viaje [Musex Industries]
Sonnenkind – An Wintertagen [Sonnenstrahl Records]
Starkillers & Andrea Godin – Die Bod [TerraTraxx Music Group]
Stars Over Foy – I Am Divergent [Planet Ambi]
Stevy Vee – Let’s make love [kookee records]
Stranger Danger – Excursions [Moulton Music]
Sunset – Ishigaki [ChillxChillVibe Music]
Super Clap, Henrique Cass & Viny Duarthe – Got My Power
SWIERNALIS – Tango (feat. Sarsa) [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Terance James – Down the Pipe [Sounds Of Ali]
The Other Side Of V.O.C. – Wanting & Needing
The Owl – Only You Baby [Cardiology]
The Relatives – Find You [Back2Bump Records]
The Scene Kings – Like This [Sektor Rekords]
Tiger & Phoenix – Smile [Cinnamon Star]
Tigerblind – So Good , Repercussion [Part 4]
Tschiz – Promised Land (feat. Jerome Stokes)
Ubi Dj – Bum Dum [AREA 94]
UNIFI Project – Love Forever [UNI-FI]
Unknown Neighbour – Million Miles [Revanche Records]
VA – 3 Anni Bellissima! [Bellissima! Records]
VA – 9 Years of Vamos Music [Vamos Music]
VA – Abstrax V1 [RF]
VA – Incenerate [Graba Music]
Vanderpool’s World – Free [Mindlab Recordings]
Vittorio Iuè – Relaxing in Maui [Andronic Records]
Vizcaya – Ponto de Vista [Okmuzik Records]
Yuto Takei – Bells From the East [Flippen Disks]
YVI – You Say (Live at Hedon, Zwolle) [Revanche Records]

Melodic House & Techno

3imol – Nebula [XTR Records]
Abadesa – Retro Via [Routine Espresso Recordings]
ADNT & Thoda – Dance in Knee High Water
Aryon – Mey [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Auggie, Sale Jankovic – Path Integral IV Part 4 (feat. Enrico Sturm)
Avant, Solique – Initium [PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH]
Ben Böhmer & Tinlicker – Run Away (feat. Felix Raphael)
BillyJay – Dunnun [Fishtone Records]
Blancah – Signs of Bliss [Hiato Music]
Bunnkid – Jungle Man [Oniryzm]
Cosmosolar – Dumin Mantra [Dear Deer Black]
Dan & Dan – Vatican City [White Line Music]
Debitae – In the Morning [STIG]
Deekembeat – Fantasy [Mirror Walk]
Di Rugerio – Levenslang [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Disolart & Sharandixzy – We Now
Fady One – Dilara Daniyal [Piknik Elektronik Records]
Far From Home – Baykok [Fengari]
Floott – Time Machine [TheWav Records]
Foby & Giangi Cappai – Clouds [Blessed Cross Records]
Fredi Vega – Black Desert [Groove Room Records]
Giovanni Mastantuoni – Old Memories
Gutenn – Burning Fire [ONISM]
HNTR – The Odyssey [No Neon]
Jaime Read – Games I can’t win [Jaime Read Music]
Javi Sphere – In the Dark [Dry or Wet Records]
Jope – Run Away [Sekora]
Kamal – Organic [Blue Coffee Records]
Kanas – Cada Segundo [Waveskin Yellow]
Kohlenkeller – Extra Welten , Loud Comp
Larry Scottish – Devil’s Bridge [Digital Village Music]
LasKee & Wylam Dene – Abyss [We Are Phonik]
Lasse Tapio Junnila – Nickel [Luola]
Lucciano Vittorio – Cielo Strellato [FERDA RECORDS]
Lusii – Parvatti [Transensations Records]
Mavra & Zaterka, Mavra – Blue Sky [Basement]
Meinstein – Theory of Vocal Activity [8620 RECORDS]
Michael Christian – Kiss the Night Goodbye
Mojulo – Trapped [Immersed]
Mood Syndicate – Will O the Wisp [Differed Records]
Mr. Progressive – Close to You , Escape 2020
Nebogitel – Jupiter [MOOFLY]
NonReal – Lyra [Astral Void Records]
Omer Bar & Liad Douk, Omer Bar – Beatrice [Kinesen]
Ornery – Mind Games [Valkyria Records]
P.Lima – Starlight [Vibez Sounds]
Phonique, Tiefschwarz – Dance Tili You Popo #1
Proluction – Call [Extra Sound Recordings]
Purson – Inertia [Railroad Recordings]
Rage – Extasis [Maffia Music]
Ruimte Vogel – Two Voices [Space-Echoes Records]
Savann – Believe in Me [Tächno]
Silvio Soul – Love Me For Me [Ame Records]
Stefan Addo – Suveyda [Wold Records]
Stephan Pokorny – Rebirth of Nature, Pt. 1
Stephan Zovsky – Kryptonite [Soleid]
Tide Light – We Are the Problem [DOT Dance]
Timo Häusler – Murals [DEEP WOODS]
Toigo – Winter [Clash Music]
TORTEKA – Eternity – The Mixes (feat. Kachina Elu)
VA – Best Of 2020 [Artessa Music]
VA – Elements Mg [Whole Story Lab]
VA – Hidden Quads 03 [Duenia]
VA – Odd Echoes, Vol. 4 [ODT018]
Zerep – Anxiety [Groove Room Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Ada Kaleh – Diafan [Ada Kaleh Romania]
Agustin Müller – Cosmic Places [Dark Groove Records]
Ali Demir – Mahana [Totoyov]
Altered Feast – A.W.O.L. [Floorpiece Digital]
Andre Buljat & Cali Lanauze – Hello Stranger [Wildfamily]
Avstin Frank – Tarazet [Alegria Records]
Bengal (CL) – Trop [Coquimbo Music]
Carlo Capuzzo – Alien [Matilab]
Chamdiaz – Puerta De Atocha [WDT Records]
Dany Fright – Living Happen [DTL Records]
Davide Maione – Mercy People [Wajiro]
DC Dubz – Wachufleiva 57 [Wachufleiva]
Dimatik & MINDREM – Let’s Pretend (Mausio Remix)
Domenico Brena – Deep Inside Me [Kief Music LTD]
drS (FI) – From Pillar to Post [Amber Blue Recordings]
Drum Treasure – Back in Time [worldwile dreamworks]
Dubphone – Brainwashing Dub [Tren iki]
Dubtommy – Cosmic Entity [Electrolux Real MusiQ]
East End Dubs – London Thing [East End Dubs]
Eddie E – Raw Exciter [DataTech]
Enzo Leep – Molina [Dreams On Wax]
Evray – Tuman [Fantastic Friends Recordings]
Facundo Altuna – Coraje [Beachside Records]
FOURM – Habitat [In Dushe]
Franc Mamba – Go Back [1101 Records]
Francesco Nikolai – Praf de Stele [Lescale Recordings]
FSDubDrummer – Start After 5.00 [F&M Records]
FunkyTino – Sankeys Soap [Flip Finesse Records]
Gåddisøn – Green Belt [Gaddison Music]
Genetika & Genetikira, Genetika – Soho [Obvious Records]
Henry Riquelme – My Little World [Beats Life Records]
Iva Dive & Arxip, Iva Dive – Underground [Ovest Music]
Jas Artchild – Three Dragons In Synth Form [Selville Records]
Jay de Lys – I Got U [Manicomio Music]
Jiggy (IT) – Jiggy Can you See [Be Water Recordings]
Ken Aoki – Xga [Quanticman Records]
Kullat Nunu – Outwork [Sequencer]
Languez – Detroit Mystery [X-Osted Records]
lotus land pilot – Xecom [Oyoda Recordings]
Manu Marrero – The Beat [Loser Lab]
Max Esposito – Deep [PuccioEnza Records]
Mike D. – Habilidad Sutil [Microgravity Music]
Pepe Garabato & Gaston Lopez – Pleasure Abduction
Ralfus – Hidden Places [Yokai Recordings]
Raul Figueroa – Obtuso [LMNTAL Music]
ReddCross – Soul [Whoyostro White]
Remi Blaze – Audio Fix [Redline Productions]
Ricardo Who – Trippin Advisor [Love International]
Rilo – Chez [365 Musik]
Robert Martinez – Pills [lockedpro]
Roberto Contessi – Minimal Joy [Innocent Music]
Schime – Numbed [MUSIC&LIFE]
Sergey Blast – Sub Extazi [Tech People Music]
Statik – Moltask [Abbysal Records]
Steffie Ditzel – Galago [Substrate Music]
Tamir Malka – Controller [Dazed]
Triptah – Cerocerocinco [io.ou records]
Unknown Civilian – Urb001 [Urban MIDI Records]
Uriah persie – High the Way [Beachside Records]
V.K (LV) – Lotus Flower [EMFM Techno]
VA – Lemon-Aid Cuts [Lemon-aid Music]
VA – Secret Weapons 2020 [eMBi Music]
VA – Tentaculos 003 [Tentaculos Records]
Viktor Wagner – Neon [Monofire Records]
Warehouse Rats – Poison [TOKYO SINDROME]
xonic – Another Round [Lemon Juice Records]
Za__Paradigma – Acro Datura [Stinky Label]
Za__Paradigma – Body Shakes [Wild Nature Dub]

Organic House & Downtempo

Ai Case – Peak Remixes [Sujet Musique]
Alex Spite – Be Healthy [Alex Spite Records]
Ambient Pino – Raga Spirit [Pino Music]
Arutani – Likely to See [Amselcom]
Beije – Sonder [Harabe]
Bross (RO) & Double Touch – Trubadour De Puente
Camp Of Wolves – Granite Creek
Charlie Coxedge, Worriedaboutsatan – An Tiaracht , Who is to Say
Darko De Jan – Povik [Bercana Music]
Darper – Space & Time [Ton Töpferei]
Deep Inzhiniring – Parallel Mind [Tech People Music]
Dense & Fourth Dimension – Technopolis
DJ Phellix – Delwan [Suprematic]
DJ Zombi & Guy Davidov – Free My World (feat. Seth Vogt)
Dolow – Something’s Missing [Loudkult]
Eduardo McGregor – I Fall [TOR]
Einarindra – Without you (Tonik Remix) [feat. Abbey]
Elfgar – It’s My Life [TOSSA DEL MAR]
Flunk – Under the Covers [Beatservice]
Forniva – Insolite [COYA MUSIC]
GÆO – Amber Tide [Embliss Records]
Geju & Hovo – Easy Tiger [Leveldva]
Glisz – Himba [Ego]
Grisp & C4C, Stuffed Tomato – Sunny Days in Life
Hic et Nunc – Deux Gobelins [Traumnovelle]
Igor Pumphonia – Appearance [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia – Euphonia 28 [ChillRecordsMusic]
INDIA & The Reflex Artists – Stab a King [Reflex Recordings]
JCROW – Breeze [Midtown House]
Jjos & Manu López – Dream World [Contrasena Records S L]
Juantxo Munoz – Kick , Off the Wall [Moon]
Justin Lawson – Drama [Murston Records]
Kalima – Voyage [Tezana Records]
Laureano – Broken Paradise [TGR Music Group]
Metatext & Karhua – Til the Moan [Magician On Duty]
Michael Felix – On the Balcony [Hungry Koala Records]
Namito & Brams, Farhood Kavan – Relentless
RUMTUM – Borealis [Bastard Jazz Recordings]
Samarana – Yomi [Deep Bali Records]
Shunus – Reshape [WAYU Records]
Sincro – Fragments [Raion Records]
Stereomatic C.E.O. & Marianna Efstratiou – Pare Me Mazi Sou (feat. Μίμης Πλέσσας)
Tantorum – Come Back [Diana Recs]
Terah Lynn – Listen No More [Impeccable Music Group]
Tia-Mellow – La Magia Della Noia [TiaM Records]
Tubbs & Oats – Isolation Frequency [Amiti Group Recordings]
VA – Nu [Lump Records]
Vincent Gericke – State of Mind [Talpa Records]
Zyan Terrance – Consider [Phunctional Loungin]

Progressive House

A. Clayton Gross – Trying So Hard [Artist Republik]
Above & Beyond – Sun in Your Eyes (Spencer Brown Remix)
Adem Çelik – Isfahan [Dejavu Tunes Records]
AG10 – Basic [RaveUp Alley]
Aldus Barus – Coming Home [Night Sounds Records]
Alex Leavon & Wesand – Say What You Want
AlipTech & Blackfeel Wite – Focus on my own
Art Object – Daybreak [FunPan]
Axel Zambrano – Knight [Strangers Beats]
Barrera – Robber of the Rich [LAIKA Sounds]
Boskii – Celeste [Music UK]
Bynomic & Kenshi Kamaro – No Way Out
Carsten Halm – Indigo [Pirahã]
Claudio Giordano – After The Dark [Radiola (IT)]
Claudio Giordano – Black Angel [Moon Of Great Extent]
Dan & Tom – Undertow [XMOD Records]
Dav Lauken – Illusions of Time [Moonkoder]
Dionigi FAccenda – Thank U for Keep on Dancing
DJ Jurij – Blade Runner [Royal Beat]
Ed Lopes – Stay in Me [Space Blank Music]
Edvard Hunger – Because I Need [Stazis]
Elx – Show No Fear [Ear to Brain records]
Emrah Balkan – Naprosync [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Fede Pals – Helper [Future Avenue]
Feron – Unknown [Epic247 Recordings]
G Monk – Los Angeles [Superordinate Music]
Graham Dunn – Exploration [Bos Tech Records]
Hasekura – Mine [LUXI Records]
Industry Insiders – This Moment [Starlight Productions]
Jair Ydan – Because I [Tribu H]
Jose Rodriguez & Justo Perez, Dave Rosell – Uke & Geri
Julius Beat & Madstring – Lies [Dragon Records]
Kaöb – Viatge d’Inici [O’Tawa Records]
Katoff – Long Night [RaveUp Alley]
Kid Krishna – Quick Fire 1 [Aquamelon]
Leon Mills – Decade [Chrom Recordings]
Lisitsyn – Meduza [Exx Muzik]
Luthor – In My Mind (Radio Edit) [Virata Music]
Marwin Smith – Let It Go [Revkon Records]
Maxx Mulder – In Search to Harmony [PEREGRINO]
Mike Pearl – Back in Love [Universal Love Tribe]
Monuloku – Seasons Turn [Reformular Records]
Movement Machina – Rebirth [outlet]
Nicki Fox – New Horizons [Day Dream Records]
NIMAT – Syncopated [Pirate’s Cove Records]
Orvec – Speachless [Taanaj Paax]
PANORAMA EQA – Vengree [Sahar Records]
Plaztik – Endless Night [ThreeRecords]
Pranay Ryan – Warsaw by Night [Zephyr Music]
Presi On & Renate – Stole My Love [Hot Vibe On Records]
Rexwake – Curve [AVA Deep]
Rianu Keevs – Dark Matter [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Skylight [Rianu Keevs]
San Schwartz & Carlos Pires – The Key
Sebas Ramos – Anghelis [Estribo Records]
Shanil Alox & Perc Capsule – Tough Love [Bevel Rec]
Souden – Time to Dream [Deep Music Frequencies]
twoDB & Viiq – Beating for You [Liftoff Recordings]
VA – After Hours – The Remixes 11 [AH Digital]
VA – Constellations Capricornus [SLC-6 Music]
VA – Klang Kraft [Pino Music]
VA – The Sound of Emotional Content Recordings 2020
VA – Zeus [Droid9 South America]
William Rizz – Latin Experience [Audioreaktor]

Tech House

Alessandro Calzolaio – Oh Baby
Andruss – La Rumba [Terms & Conditions]
Andy Mayja – In the Mood [BEATAHOLIKZ]
ARIKADO – Revive [InRave Records]
Audiophonik, Ender Royers – The Losers pt.2 [Loser Lab]
Bsharry – La Fiesta [Complex Destroyerz]
Chris Santana – Bronx River [Artillerycrewrecords]
Christo Ferti – Through My Eyes [Autosuggestion]
Clubbers – Sleep Talking [DIRTY DEEP DANCE]
Clydus – Overdose [Beatrain Records]
Command System – Vae [UNMODE]
Cristian Merino – Everybody Prance [Slightly Sizzled Records]
Cristian Rodriguez – Rave Repeat [Mambo Lab]
Danek – Fuck Beat [Adventure Records]
Daniel Grillo – Non Stop [Papotako Records]
Danil Gurov – I’m Coming [Groove 33]
Danny Kolk – So Sexy [PAIN BENIT]
DavidDance – Hand Archive [7]
Davide Mazzilli – Everything U Need [REFILL MUSIC]
Deftone – Honey Walk [Marba Records]
Deni Van Ruz – Panic Attack [29 Tech]
Diego Cardarelli – Ride the Beat [DCM LAB]
DJ Christopher – Moving On [Spiral Music]
Donaccia & Jason Rivas – Golden Ticket
Dubman F. – Hollywood [Household Digital]
Elx – Corroded Melody [Ear to Brain records]
Fabian De Marco – Underground Muzik (Dirty Underground Mix)
Fabian Viquez & Saul Padilla – Sexy Questions
Francesco Bigagli – Route [Tanta Music]
Francesco Casciaro – Breakbeat [Doop Rec]
Francesco Ruggiero – Reset [Xclusive Records]
Full Nelson – UFO [Bish Bash Records]
Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona & THR3MIND – Without Rules
Grothers – Monster [GRF Sounds]
Guille Forteza & Seba Harper – Miami Bien
Heater & Crunch – Obey Me [UFO Recordingz]
Hsu – Wide Turns [Funny Music]
Huseq – Clover Bounce [CamelMusic Records]
iamcalypto – I Put My Life [Erijo Gold]
J-Sed – Lies [Exit Music]
Jazzy 22 – Fast & Slow [World Up Records]
Jochen Simms & Nat. D – I Play Music
Jose Vilches – La Musica [Sonambulos Music]
Kadosh – Drink [Tao Valley Records]
Kelsey keep – Smooth Transition [Behavior Recordings]
Kenan Olden & Simon Dager – Look At This
Kevin Allen, Lamont Johnson – Shine
Kevo Krows – The Madness [Musical Minds Records]
Lenna (FR) – Holloway [Subliminal Senses]
Litchy & Smiley – Addict [Walking Beat]
Loconaz – Body Language [Together Music Records]
LUCASMB – Undrgrnd [blaah! Records]
Lui Danzi – Beat On [Xima Records]
Marc Mosca – The Darkness [Glitchworld Recordings]
Mark Du Zaid & Kevo Krows – M-K [Musical Minds Records]
Mary Klare – Better Us [TROPICA RECORDS]
Mateo Bermejo – Groove [Innocent Music]
Mattia Fiorani – R H L M [Shaman Records]
Maximo & DavidDuran – Mujer Divina [Lemon Juice Records]
Michael Barone & Flero – Queen [Wildfire]
Microdim – Overdrive [Wildisc Underground]
N1MA – Kick It [Vivifier Records]
Nero Grey & The Ectoplasmic Associates – Chosen You
Neural Flux – Owed to Joy [Neural Flux]
NGFT – Biggie, Fat & Funky [No Topo Music]
Nite Self – Lowkey [BBop Music]
No Hopes & Tom Forester – It’s Over (Dead Space Remix)
ONNE – Back 2 You [LowFreQ Records]
Ooeez – Oi! [49 Pounds Records]
Pahomoff – U Got Me Burn [Moiss Music]
Pedro Virguez – Welcome to Eternity [Techempire Records]
Per Nord – Work That Body [Black Lemon Records]
Peredelsky – First Time [Dbeatzion Records]
Poeni – Dusk to Dawn [Asia Music]
Poor Pay Rich – Tessellation [Observatory Music]
QUOBRA – This Time [G-Mafia Records]
Redux Saints – Higher [Deep Tech Los Angeles Records]
Renato Pezzella – Fog [Zenith Recordings]
Rettake – Bang Bang Bang [Force Of Habit]
RONCO – Movin’ You [User Friendly]
Sam van Velzen – I Got the Feeling
Sasha HiT – Dance With Me [Escade Music]
sEEn Vybe, TekNoNo – Work [DataTech]
Shaun Williams – Right Now [Flaunt]
Simon NTRG – In the Night [WE WORLD]
Slim Cat – Body Shaker [SLIM CAT RECORDS]
Slugg – Rookie of the Year [Rawsome Recordings]
Sound Process – Sociopath [Sublease Music]
Spiros Davios – Hard Times [Hobo]
Stanny Abram & Damir Pushkar – Do Your Own Thing
TedC – The Nights Over [Exlight Records]
Terry George – Raise Your Gun [Glamorous Recordings]
Tuiki – Atmosphere [Basement Dub]
TYSHER – Sunrise [Tysher Records]
VA – Molotov21 Special Blends [Molotov21]
VA – Protocol 25 [Techno Libraries]
VA – Tech Me! 27.0 [Low Blow Records]
VA – Variously 1 [Otherwise Records]
Vitamin J – Bringin It Back [Trivium Records]
Volum1k – Frequency [Mooncircles Lab]
Will On Cloud Nine – Conical Flow [TALLDOOR RECORDS]
Withoutwork – Liquid Synth (feat. Side B) [Music Key Records]
Yana Paisley – Special Breed [Knuck!]
Youknow – Run It Up [Goodside Records]
YRM, Bwotah & Erik Chico, John Keys & Joseda Leonardo – The Magic’s King
Za__Paradigma – Wonderwall [Digital Under Records]
Zeno Jones – Federation [More Horizons Music]

Techno & Minimal

Adam Pits – Piston Pump [X-Kalay]
Adrián Román (ES) – Killing Goals
AiKAi & Chris Lehmann – Mind Control
AKRS – Mindsai Helicoid [Lincor]
Alan Kale – Kale’s Space [Influx Reborn Records]
Alan klap – Strike [dZb Records]
Amour Noir – Ural Typhoon [Unusual Records]
Andent Coimbra – New From BB [Coimbra]
Anhum – Purple Symphony [COLOSSUS]
Antonio Ruiz – Droggon + Is Everything Ok
Antonio Ruiz – Venom [Black Drop]
arda eren – Play Ground [7th Cloud]
Arno – Motorbass [EON3]
Atilla The Hvn – Courtoisyd02 [Courtoisy Records]
Atypikal – Siel [Koslif]
Aurelien Stireg & Anthony Spallino – Earth
Bebhionn – Positron [SUB TL]
BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm) – Darkness Closing
Billie Jo – Lilies7 [LILIES]
Bork, Desynchronized – Emotional Navigation
Bruno Lino – Obscure [Hardonymus Records]
Bucle, Clotur – Somatic Chains [NODE Recordings]
Carles DJ – Schizophrenia [Sound Kleckse Records]
Cato Canari – New Direction (Remix Edit) [Delusive Disco]
Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid – Straight to Hell The Remixes
Chris Cooper – Bayon [Coop Records]
Chris Klein – Alone [Biometric Music]
Christian Hornbostel – Anthology I [Smashead Records]
coaxer – A.M. F.M. [Lodjiya]
CQNZR. – Momento DI Panico (feat. Cusimano) [CQNZR.]
Cyprusian, DJ ZAfrica – Galactic Space [Zafrica Music]
Da Bug – Dryade [Da Bug Records]
Dandi & Ugo, Sopik, Steve Soprani – I Was EP [FIN614]
Daniel Englisch & Adjust, Joera Mulders – Weekend Madness
Davide Giorla, Kabaya – Beats Showcase 12 [Beats HD]
de form – Off the People [mindhackmusic]
Dean More – Don’t Have [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Denevrelizator – Hytrap [Dub Doze Records]
Destination Unknøwn – Breaking Point [Sunora Recordings]
Diego Olarte – Replicate [Unsorted]
Dimitar Georgiev – Bratan [Corpus Black]
DJ Jace & Tyler Hill, Tyler Hill – Emotions [FGA]
DJ MAD – Never Let Me Go [Digital Wax]
Domolazov – Magica [Figura Music]
Dorian Parano – Modulate [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Drums Theory & PROXYMA – False Reality
Echobeat – Rush [Toxic Recordings]
El Brujo – AntiMateria [Berlin After Dark]
Emanuele Vernarelli – The Bloodmold [No Design]
error.func – Fusion Der Techniker [Lucidflow]
Eva Benfenati – Inside [Switch Music Recordings]
Evgeni Bubenshikov – Storm of Love [7th Cloud]
Ezek – Inspiration from the Past [Human Dreams]
Fatima Hajji – Liberty [IAMT]
Frankie Solano – Latife [LoveStyle Limited]
Fredstyler – Lithium City [AST Recordings]
FUAM – Arrhythmia [Mainmise Records]
Full Court – Blank Space [Night Shift Audio]
German Agudo – Ghost Extructure [Drehmoment]
GFX & Vendex – Way to Death [SINDEX]
Giulio Franceschelli & Franz F. – I AM FREE [Trax Records]
Goldfaust – Digital Birds [Mosquito Beat Records]
Gui Buanton – Demether [ARRVL Nero]
H! Dude, Hanubis – Dope Five [Dope]
Habgud – Hope That Kills [B.A.B.E (Burned at Both Ends)]
Halekx & BÄSK, Halekx – Rekindle [Marktek Records]
Henry Greenleaf – Taking First [Par Avion]
Hine – CLXIV [Otomo Trax]
Hughes Giboulay – Wander in Sleepy Hollow
Huma-Noyd – Evolution [Digital Waves]
Hynka – Zero [Marktek Records]
INJECT31 – Raving in Orán [Vnderstand Recordings]
Insolate – Sins [Symbolism]
Ivan BM – Mental Access [Hybrid Rec]
Jacidorex – Artificial Paradise [Neoacid]
Jesus Eme & P-dro Pablo – Siete [Saori Music]
Jey Fever – Baroque [BlockFour Records]
John Barsik – Repeat [Simplecoding Recordings]
Josh Holiday – Acido [The Seed]
Kas Yonen – Rotor [PR Underground]
Katze – Last Fantasy [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Katze – Space Bud [Tettix Records]
Kevo Krows – The Chaos [Musical Minds Records]
Killerbass DJ – Andromeda [Mind Crusher Records]
Kolzoff – CyberCity [7th Cloud]
KSNC – Unrest [Genoma Clubbing]
Kurl – Vision of an Old Man [Organica Sound]
La Fraicheur & Léonard de Léonard, Oliver Deutschmann – Gegen002 , The Grace
Laera & Henrik Voght – Megatone [Muneko]
Le treiziEme projet – Sound ONE [LoupBlanc Recordings]
Lord Jaw, S.E.B (BE) – Harakiri [Betrieb Records]
Loris D’Ettorre – Gilgamesh [TTR]
Lovexit – Hit Et Nunc [Arinushka Records]
Lucas Wirth – Harps of Doom [Mechanikal]
LutchamaK – Pi [TERMusik]
Maciel – Lakveri Certan [Dilaudid Records]
Marcelo Antonio – Ancestrales [UTCH Records]
Marco L Ramos – 5Ht [LETS TECHNO records]
Marco Wellisch – Another World [KlangWild]
Mark Dekoda – Seelenfinsternis [Scythe Recordings]
membran 66 – New Dimension [Ome-Records]
Mickey Nox – Give Up Your Vows [Mindcut Music]
Naotaka Anada – Hk Disco Music [Four Fader Recordings]
Nastia Reigel – Superposition [Non Series]
Nick Acid & Miss N-Traxx – Shook the Ground
Nick Coleman – Live [Suckmusic]
Nick Klein – Jesus Take the Wheel [Viewlexx]
Nicolas – Prowling [Circulate Records]
nms303 – Divergence [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
Operandum – Wrong Harmonics [Operandum Records]
Orlando Voorn – Meditation 4 All [Berlin After Dark]
Out Of Cosmos – Balkart [Bassics Records]
Pablo Patch – Sky Rhythm [Right Music Records]
Peku – Distorted Memory [Voices Records]
Pipo Rodriguez – Confinement [The Other Face Records]
PLAYR2 – Just Fucking Dance [PLAYR’s Club]
Project 8 – I’m Saying [FSOE Clandestine]
Razeed – Philosopy of time [Geometrika Fm]
Remco Beekwilder – Culture Vulture Rmx (feat. Nur Jaber)
ReturnCodeZero – Memory Programme [Grey Meta]
Robotics Club – Next of Kin [Robotics Club]
Ronnye M – Hight Frequency [Catamount Records]
Rosati – Portable Universe [Sungate]
Satoshi Nakao – Lunisolar [Right Music Records]
Saumon – Devil Fish Gang [TDF Records]
SCRWZ – Gawinulim [Deep Hurtz]
Semsa Bilge – It’s My Favorite Day [Karia Records]
Sergeigray – Enough Is Enough [Young Technic]
Shoott – Space [Oxytech Planet]
Shyam & Elistratov – Dubby [MixCult Digital]
Side Liner & Renil Edis – Hypothesis [Cosmicleaf Records]
Simay Akca – Dorian’s Face [Déjà Vu Culture]
Simon Rose – Broken Frequencies [Human Dreams]
Slam – Final Conflict [Soma Records]
Soko & Sev – Helium [Reload Black Label]
SOL3M & Wolfrage – Deep Space [Wolfrage Recordings]
Soter – Perseverance [Dark Zone Records]
SP012 – Not Eye [Oxytech Planet]
Stanny Abram & Art Of Zync – Last Chance
Stefy – Lost Control-Disorder [ESSET]
Stoked & Fire Between Us – Bitonal Creatures
Szmer, WHT MOTH – Sample & Hold [Secret Keywords]
Tamu – Wake Up [Tettix Records]
Tan Yetkiner – Tubi [No-Match]
Tania Pinotti & Sonia Coles – Malice Moon [ZFF]
Tech C – hajaden crash [Neapolis Records]
TERRY GHOST – Magnum Powered [Space Beat]
Tessub – Keep Going , Iridescent Drops [Tri Music Group]
Tetractys – Rabbit Hole [Underground BeatCode Records]
The Rocketman & 3rd Dale Universe – Flight Radar
TheKidnapper – Environmental Degradation
TKNO – Acid Track [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Tomazeli – Violent Delights [WAXX LABEL]
Tony Ess – H2020 [Sanitarium]
Tony G – Space Army-Empty Port [DRK records]
UFOreal – Ufology [Future Lab Recordings]
Use Kit – Market Place [Tejobeat]
USER 46010 – R Uno [iElektronix]
VA – 3afak Love to NYC [3AFAK]
VA – Ag003 [Agora Records]
VA – Berkana [Under Division]
VA – Brazilian Summer [LouLou Records]
VA – Constructors 08 [Primitive State Records]
VA – Dia Cero V [SCOM045]
VA – Elektrax Music Techno Best Of 2020 [Elektrax Music]
VA – Golden Circle 7 [Code Is Law]
VA – Hard Drive 16 [DSR Digital]
VA – Hidden Sounds [Monark Recordings]
VA – Juicy [Loose Records]
VA – Klangfeld VII [Sonusfield]
VA – Odd 4y II [Odd Recordings]
VA – Ozone [Musique Pour La Danse]
VA – Tech Arzt – Symptom 36 [Krankenhaus Musik]
VA – Techno Selectiva Vol.03 [Second Segment Records]
VA – The Energy U Need 1 [Low Life Club]
VA – Translucent (Best Of 2020) [Translucent]
VA – Various Artist [PAF Recordings]
Vernucci – Isolation [Winked Records]
Veso – Milky Way [Oxytech Limited]
Villainous Gents – The Finer Things [Techniche]
vorc – Exalted Human [Santurce Recordings]
Weever – Jour de lamentation [Vives]
Wolk – Enemy (Fake Reality Remix) [K-Noiz]
Wrath Beats – Aklov , Moonraker [Botanica Records]
X-Reaxion – Gate of Triangle [Divergente Recordings]
Yana Remix4life – Victory [CARPS]
Yanimal – Hegelian [Joca Records]
YariD – Again [Raise Recordings]
Zafer Atabey – Threshold [EXTIMA]