Afro House

Alpha – 032 [Mellodramatic Records]
Claudio Cristo & Yves LaTroa – La Luna [Inameit]
DJ Timbawolf – Big Bad Wolf [About The Music Records]
Dj Voy – Condutor [Tinsimo]
DrumsMaster – Mamadi [Black Mambo]
Eminent’Soul – Two Galaxies [Ouana Records]
HAKA Project – Orisha [SP Recordings]
ICKY SHOW – Skree [Ellectrica Recordings]
Ivan Afro5 – Wallequia (Dub Mix) [Mukua]
Jon Mavek – Mfonobong (feat. Morris Revy)
Kates Lè Cafè – Mhlaba Nganerle [Afrocentric Records]
Kay-9ine – Refugee [SP Recordings]
Lester G – Tus Besos [Quattuor Records]
Mellodramatic – Recovery [ZK Music Records]
MoBlack – Nogre Soor (feat. Stevo Atambire)
Over12 & Wild One94 – Ferocity [Seres Producoes]
Pascal Morais & Dany Cohiba – Just As Good
Que’LaFloor – Being Alive [Sanelow Label]
sEEn Vybe – Zimbabue [Bass Box]
Shay DT – To Kende [Claps Records]
Shilowa – Access [Sunclock]
Sparrow & Barbossa & Djeff – La Negra
Sterio T – Ditaola (feat. San Ngoma) [Maluku Records]
Tankie-DJ – Rumba [Amarrage Recordings]
Tuxa – Cumbia [MLP Music Label]
XRobin M, Slay & Nabiha – So Long [Papa Records]


58MII – Deep Loneliness [See The Sea Records]
Arsa Ketoma – My Lovin [Elektroshok Records]
Bebe Breaks – Broken Wingz [Breaks Yo!]
Ben Hauke – One Year Dance [WOOP Records]
DiCE_NZ – Somebody Else’s [Hot Jandal Music]
Donny Fernanda – Expectations [BMG Records]
Donny Fernanda – Serendipity [BMG Records]
Dr. Thrill – Feel Tha Style [Strongs Records]
FoxyFly – Crime [BBZ]
Huda Hudia & Dj30A – My Feelings [Kaleidoscope Music]
Jennie Nega – Tora! [FM Records (Greece)]
Joe Zay – Broken Glass , God Rays [Westwood Recordings]
Nikitch & Kuna Maze – 46 Rue Du Fort , Sivey & Crafty 893 Remixes
Phone Robots – Sick Time [Glitch Stuff Recordings]
Q’V Vicenso – Sound of Sidrap [BMG Records]
R-kade Robot – Earthrise [Glitch Hop Community]
Shade K & Bad Legs – Loud [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Swarov – Atenea (feat. Mosky) [Psicodelia Records]
TURIAN – Glisten [SYNES]
VA – Scuffed Presents 005 [Scuffed Recordings]
Zuliando Abi & Juan Anggara – Save Me feat. Juan Anggara


Acushla – Radar [Acushla Music]
Affect Of Psychotic – What a Don’t Give Me
Aisatsaana – Anandamide [Umai Records]
Analise Hoveyda – Loco Amor [All Star Music Group]
Anton Ishutin – Space (feat. Note U) [Sound of Soul Records]
Arthur Whales – Kinderszenen [ChillCulture]
Audax – Bump (feat. Niles Mason) [Mixmash Deep]
Bakey – Limit [ec2a]
Ben Miller (Aus) – Ready [Record Union]
Billx – Hallucination [U Can’t Stop The Rave]
BLEM & I Am Karate – Good at First [One Seven Music]
Bobby Harvey & Yasmin Jane – Blinded [New State Music]
C-Ro & Beth – Never End [One Seven Music]
C37 – Synthetic reaction [Crossborder Records]
Carlos Anthony – Feeling of Falling [Deep Strips]
Chaemini – Bring the New Year In (Brighter Future Mix)
Chico Rose – Do It Like Me (feat. B-Case) [Robin Schulz Remix]
Chris Voss – Waiting for You [Run Free]
Cymatica – Somewhere in Between [Aztec Records]
Damond Ramsey – I Found Love (feat. Sheree Hicks)
Dante – Givin’ Up On Love (feat. Sam James)
Dean Robert – Gone [Tipsy Records]
Deebiza – You Give Me Hope [FLUFFY CHILL]
Deekey & Revealed Recordings – Without You
Deigen – Light It Up [Gloamed]
Disco Fries, Oly & Rain Man – Honey [Liftoff Recordings]
DJ Cola Girl – 7 Ways To Love [Perfect Havoc]
DJ Gersonscreator – Now Break – New Special
DJ Teo – #Bichotax [Urban Club (LRM)]
DJ Teo – #Confiesalox [Urban Club (LRM)]
DJ Vavvá – Quero Voar (feat. Los Tiburones) [Artdom Records]
DJ Vavvá – Remember Production [Artdom Records]
DJ Vavvá & DJ Lincoln (Br) – Desce Danada (feat. DJ Etho)
Dj Xthevibe – Route 69 [SlalaKey Records]
Dub Pistols & Dubmatix – Blue Monday [Cyclone Records]
Dub Pistols, Dubmatix & Gaudi – Blue Monday (Gaudi Dub Remix)
Elio Deejay & Emiah – Cruel Intentions [PM Recordings]
Everyone You Know – When the Sun Comes UpX
Fernando Picon – Voodoo Fiction [Surbeats Records]
FragileChild – Hurricane Redux [Artistfy Music]
Frey & Grissly – Delirando [Black Records (CO)]
Gabry Casarano – Electrica Salsa [Dance Republic]
Gaminow, Gama & Minow – Fooling Me [Holy Pig Records]
Gaya Police – Monkey Mind [Gaya Police Records]
Goji Berry – Exotic [Revitalization Records]
Headcornerstone – Suspicious [Oneness Records]
Henrik Høven – That’s How I Feel [daWorks Records]
Hopp I Polla – Rabbit Hole [Bodies In Motion]
Hush Empire – Lone Sum [L’America Music]
Idd Aziz & Nitefreak – Hinde [Deep Root Tribe]
inverness, Anthony Russo & KANG DANIEL – State of Wonder
Isaiah Wafer – In the Rain [One City Music Group]
J-MOX – Own Good (feat. Nonô) [Kwalete Anthems]
Jake Bugg – All I Need (Franky Wah Remix) [RCA Records Label]
Jay Drezz – Only Want You [Road Story Records]
JK Roth – It May Be [Indielabel]
Joey Antonelli, Loris Buono & Cruel Kid – 1986 [TurnItUp Muzik]
Kapuchon & Sven Fields – Ey [Kapuchon Records]
Keiks & Comiskie – It Ain’t Right [Blindsided]
kewell – Nothing to Say (feat. Scarlett Quinn) [Soundo]
Klangkrise – Schriller Scheiss [Flugmodus Records]
Kokiri, Jem Cooke & Todd Terry – So Free [Perfect Havoc]
Lazaro Marquess – Make It Happen [Black Lemon Records]
Leadius Maximus – Leadelicious [Leadius Maximus]
Lipless – Paradox [THRIVE MUSIC]
LJ MASE & The Doberman Club – Be There (feat. Ella X)
Local Sharks – Rock It Loud [Local Sharks]
Lucky Choice – Stay [Gameroom Records]
Mak5ast – Desire [VAST]
Marcel Scott – You & Me (Remixes) [Clipper’s Sounds]
Martin Meister – Pandemic Waltz (After Lockdown) [Dandy Boy]
MaX ForWorD – I Like It [Max Forword]
Max Lake – I0i0 [VAST]
Max Lake – Lather [VAST]
MC Groove, Coppola & Cicco DJ – Stand By Me
mind.area – No Enemy of Progress [ScentAir Records]
Mr. Benn & Tlya X An – Strangers [Nice Up!]
Museau – So Far Away [Mouton Noir Records]
NALYRO, DSTRT & Napexi – Bumpa [OXYTIME]
nathassia & Goddess Is A DJ – Star Sapphire (Goddess Is a DJ Remix)
NERVO & Carla Monroe – Gotta Be You [THRIVE MUSIC]
Noesis & Stoyancho – Perfect Storm [Blanco y Negro Music]
Onward & JadenGarcia – Take Me Away [+Mas Label]
Panix – No War [Hold Tight Records]
Patrik Remann – Into you [PR Records]
Perfect Pitch – Tainted Love [You Love Dance]
Peter Cruseder – Attraction [Peter Cruseder Records]
Pyrelight – Escape [Future]
Ross from Friends – Burner [Scarlet Tiger, distributed by LG105]
Sam Matthews – Pleasure & Pain (feat. Mia Londis)
SECAL – Love (Remixes) [Mental Madness Records]
Shane Aludud – Thank You [10k Label Group]
Simone Rossi – Alone (Na Na Na) (feat. Liz Jai) [Bang Record]
Tenebra Lux – Hey DJ [Tenebra Lux]
The Bestseller – Get Down [Impure]
The Far East – New York Is For Lovers [Names You Can Trust]
The Phat Ones – Open Minds [Jaydin Productions]
Tommy Tran – Make You Mine [YOKE Music]
Tyrvnt – The Message [Martians Records]
Underblessta & DJ Blux – La Llamada [Prix Music Group]
Verdun Remix – #Dime Cuanto Tengo Que Esperar 2K21
Vi Ta Lee & Marina Borodina – Verso Le Stelle (Hands Up Mix)
Victor Woo – Autumn Story [Victor Woo]
Vince Johnson, John Skyfield & James Stefano – Home
Yoe Mase – Jealous [Seeking Blue]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Acqua – Gold Sands [Parrots Records]
Akio Imai – Tropical Queen [S6A Music]
Alex Deeper – Take a Look Around [KudoZ Records]
Ali Love & Nicky Night Time – Ubiquity (feat. Breakbot)X
Alin Dimitriu – Let This One Ride [3 Liquid Hz Records]
Alyssia Shane – Phoenix [Agua Blanca Records]
André Magus – Purple Jazz [Captum Records]
Atlantic Crew – Distant Memories [Black Sugar Recordings]
Audioboy – On My Own [Cherokee Recordings]
AxMod – Less Is More [Sidekick Music]
B4N4N4 G4NG, Xtra Basic & m els – Tired [Panther’s Groove]
Back Is Beautifull – Deja Vu [California Music]
Bass Ace – You Touch Me [Clubmasters Records]
Belmondo Beats – Here It Comes [BBop Music]
Bianca Po & Moko – Freak Push [OZONO RECORDS]
Big Al – Kiwi [Sound Vessel Records]
Boddhi Satva – Tribute to Babson [Offering Recordings]
Breakfast Club – Terrigenesis [Wildfire]
Can Sezgin – Good Bye [Road Story Records]
Carlo Galliani & Gian Carl Gaultier – Jazz One
Carlo Galliani & Gian Carl Gaultier – Self Aware
Cavid Askerov – Empty Places of My Heart [Baijan Records]
Chewy Rubs – Voodoo Disco [Bandolier Records]
Col Lawton – Haunted By the Horns [Soul Room Records]
Colectivo Global – Memories of Kindness (MVC Project Rework)
Cristian Poow & Lucho Sanvitale – Take You There
Dainpeace – California Sun [Digital Village Music]
David Body – Rekall [Ripe Pear Records]
Deep Trouble – Take Me Home (feat. Nica Brooke)
Dim Zach & The Sweeps – Sentimental Disco
Dirty Doering – Été Pluvieux [MoNSTER]
Disco Secret – Blue Orchestra [BeachGroove Records]
DNVX – Talking to Myself [Storm Music]
Dott. Santafeo – Vapor City [ChessBoard Music]
Dyphtera – Nevermind [CrazElectro]
E.L.C.W. – Hold Up [Nero Nero Records]
Ed Lee – On My Mind [Soirees]
Elexhouse – Elexhouse [WR Records]
Ellroy – Asymmetry [Spinam Records]
Emmaculate – Feel Alright [Djoon Experience]
French Cities – Minimal Relax Sounds [Artist Republik]
Funk The Beat – Roller Skate Dancing [PPMUSIC]
Gianni Ruocco & Ottho – Reality [Uranobeat Records]
GMGN – Let’s Rock [See-Saw]
Göktuğ Erkün – Don’t Try to Say [Pepper Cat]
Harlem Dance Club – Back to Love (Hdc Club Mix) X
Hemi Riley – Touch To Me [Coco Beach]
HoniTape – Neomoon Wave [SpinCat Music]
Hotmood – DW040 [Discoweey]
Indigo Man – Cuida El Interior [Ampispazi Recordings]
Innervisions – No One Like You (Moscow Time Mix)
Ivan Jack – Anything for You (The Weekend Mix)
J.Dinga – Genesis [Side Religion]
James Silk – Fake It [Blockhead Recordings]
Jamie Nugent – Dreaming [Storm Music]
Jave’ – Barocco Analogico [Oh My Gosh]
Kinsuby – Wasuremono [Kinsuby]
Kohen, Guz Zanotto & Rickysee – Carry Through
Ks French – Glory Love [FKR]
Lazy Luke – Mosey [Deep Clicks]
LesFUNK – Deep End [PlusA Records]
Leshii & Panski – Moving Forward [Miami Beats]
Lou Hayter – Time Out of Mind [Skint Records]
Louis Fortes & Le Ber – So In Love [Space Investigation]
Macoon – Higher [Marble Recordings]
MAN POWER – Multi Periodic Oscillations [Love Attack Records]
Marat Taturas – Saladdin 2020 [Solaris Records]
Mariusz Kryska – Staytogether [PURISM Wave]
Marko Volchkov – Something About Me [DeepShine Records]
Matt Fischery – Chilled Rhythm [Glói Music]
Max Project – Landing On Earth [Glitchworld Recordings]
Menagerie – Many Worlds [Freestyle Records]
Miname – Spring [Kognitiv Records]
Morris Tellez – Blue Sky [Bos Tech Records]
Mr Bailey & Dev Jamz – Sunny Day (The Remixes)
Ms. Fuji – Jupiter [Mesdar Records]
Muzzy Bearr – More and More [Electric Hawk Records]
Nebulaee, Sascha Dive – Avenger [Fuse Records]
Nicolas Giordano – Amanecer [7 Armies Music]
Niky Nine – Hollow Hawk [LAZERDISCS Records]
No.13 – Wait [Dirty Beatz Records]
NoxiD – As One [Suicide Robot]
Oliver Bach – Hypno Dance [Pongo Records]
Oussema Saffar – Carrousel [Empire Studio Records]
Padmeek – Avignon [Pollux Records]
Panko – Organ Morning [Moiss Music Black]
Patrick Hofmann & Sharapov – Love Me Anymore
Pc-Pat & Claud Santo – Just Ridin’ [Corner Shop Records]
Peppe Santangelo – Back on Track (feat. Venessa Jackson)
Pierre Bohn, Torsten Abrolat & SyncSouls – Bodyweight
Point Guard – Motions [Echocentric Records]
Reece Johnson – Your Love (Deep Inside)
Rianu Keevs – Crying Sky [Rianu Keevs]
Ricky KK – Admired [HouseBeat Records]
Robbast – Disco Moves [Whitebeard Records]
Robert Solheim – Stranger [Aquavit BEAT]
Roudeep – Desire [Baijan Global]
Rowan – A Partir Do Zero [Home Made]
Ruy Clifford – I Fun [Hank’s Records]
Sam Tyler – Leave Me [Moiss Music]
Sergeigray – Silence Inside [Ulysse Deep]
Sgt.Elias – Days and Weeks [Strange Stereo Storm Records]
Shild Movement – Sundaze [Conceptual Deep]
Smiles Only – Tell Me (feat. Amanda Jean) [emengy deep]
Swanky – U’r Lovin [Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records]
SypheWood – Don’t you listen [Opium Muzik]
T. Matthias & NEVRMIND – Addicted to You [Selected.]
Thano Vessi – Beautiful Things [Dustpan Recordings]
The Last Days of Pompeii – Make Me Believe
The Underground Unit – Surrogate [Afolabi Music]
Tony Soprano – Take a Chance (2021 Rework) [Soulful Evolution]
VA – Flavours #2 [Kooley High Records]
VA – The Dissonant 15 [The Jar Records]
Vic Yamamoto – What’s Bugging You [Street King]
VINI LAWZ – Where U Are [G-Mafia Records]
Wade Watts – Zodiac [Maison Profonde Recordings]
waste wisely – Rue de la Jazz [Outsiders Records]
Yoko Marie – Magic [Artist Republik]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Abel Same – Sad World [Papotako Records]
Adrian Miranda – Todos Locos [Agua Ardiente Records]
AEZZO – All I Wanted [Bavaria HQ]
Alia Cosmic – Gratitude [aberaudio]
Amare – Falling Like Stars [Afterpresent Records]
Badstate – Kickout [Intersound Music]
Bally & Boom, Jay Marwaha – Icarus (feat. Jay Marwaha)
Bass Station – Godb [Sweet Station Records]
Benny V & DJ Uniques – Next Era [Dance Concept]
Bitstreama – Airborn [BSA Recordings]
Bitstreama – Tl 64 [BSA Recordings]
Bowsar – The Rift [Delta9 Recordings]
Colda & Tippa Dread – Rough Like Rhino
Conrad Subs – Glory [Liondub International]
Cranium & Sammie Hall – Holding On [Druid Records]
DALEXO – Back to Paradise [Clipper’s Sounds]
Dany Mombelli – Vibration [Darrec]
Dash Berlin & ANG – Firefly [Revealed Recordings]
David Casamayor – Hope [Blanco y Negro Music]
DJ AKi, Yellock & Audio – Code to Optimize [06S Records]
Dj Greyhound & Dj naztik – Next [Revkon Records]
DJ Stephan 20 Steph – Choui Rdim (feat. Steff3Beatz)
DJ Trevi – Get Down [Impure]
Dna & Weaver – Feel It (BIGMOO Remix) [Cinematik Recordings]
Dodger – Ignite [Deep Bear]
DRS, HMD & Redeyes – Cinnamon Roses [Space Cadet]
Dyphtera – Skeleton Key [CrazElectro]
Eat This Frequency – Vicious Information [Diss Master Records]
ebin – Keero [DENAR RCRDS]
Elcamooze – The Invasion [Goryl Rec]
Evil Orchestra – Let it Out [Evil Beat Records]
Ex Duty – Confound [Ex Duty]
Farsight – Giza , They’re Here [WOWVE Records]
FEIER & EIS & Marc O’rell – Back To the Beach (Remixes)
Fushara, Indidjinous – Modern [Detrimental Audio]
Guillotine – Year of Hunger , Someone Gets Killed [Kevlar Beats]
Higher Sector – Anticipation [Higher Sector]
Higher Sector – Eternal Abyss [Higher Sector]
InnVoice – Gunman [Dream Killer Recordings]
Jake Millions – We Are the Streets [Mixa Records]
James Revill – Belgium Durt [Untidy]
JAXX DA FISHWORKS – 100 Percent [Night Bass Records]
Jedi – Killer Vibez [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
Jerry Davila & DJ Pelos – The Other Side (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)
Julius Beat & Madstring – Love Me [Dragon Records]
Katryyx – Red Bull , Out of Control [ONLY THE BEST]
Kleu – Keep Me from You (feat. Something Something)
L.O.O.P & Cool 7rack – Wiki Kick [Cool 7rack Records]
Laminar & Tom Wigley – Apollo [Azure Audio]
LUISDEMARK – Talum [Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music)]
M-zine, M-zine, Scepticz & Larigold – Eristic [Blendits Audio]
MacWills – Everybody Knows [Mixa Records]
Maddix – Activating [Rave Culture]
Mamae – Aduh Mamae Ada Cowo Baju Hitam (DJ Tik Tok Remix)
Manikin – Off Time , Reflection [Skankandbass]
Mansh – Groov [Bass Box]
Marcus Visionary – Critycal Dub Remixes [Stereo One Music]
Markka – Falling [Breakbeats & Basslines]
Max Lake – Juiced [VAST]
mikish – Things At Night (The Remixes) [The Half Heart Project]
Naudin – Crush [BROHOUSE Music]
Nick Aber & Aldimar – Interference [Mad Gear Records]
Nicky Romero & Timmo Hendriks – Into the Light (feat. David Shane)
Night Shift & King Yoof – High Grade (feat. Mikey Tuff) [Dub Shotta]
Nitepunk & Habstrakt – Flow (Habstrakt Remix) [HARD Recs]
Noname – Antichrist [Onset Audio]
Peter Lix – Over Your Soul [Dojo Audio]
Poschek – Planet Deep [Smooth N Groove Records]
Promi5e & Lackmus – Stay the Night [JSTDNTKNW]
PTSZ – Feels Like [Magnified Recordings]
Quim – That Shit [Deep Bear]
Raggatek Live Band & NeuroKontrol, MissaH&Weedo & Desika – Rlb 2020
Raiden Integra – The Maw [Good Noodles]
Retrika & Alex Mueller – Dark Space [Spinnin’ Next]
RNCBL – Ghost Cities Unlocked Soul [Jungle Pride Recordings]
Seathasky – Scither , Feel Again [Glitch Audio]
Seb C – Beggin [Phunk Junk Records]
Simstah & Chris Harmonics, Simstah – Uprising Dub
Skytune & BLAUD – Rave Police [HAWK4 Records]
Solsan – The Occult [Drum Army]
Sorse – Quiet Wanderer [Modern Conveniences]
Stereo Bros – Goodness [Exigua Records]
Steyyx & Rachel Morgan Perry – Together Apart [Ensis Records]
Stoic One – L’appel Du Vide [Decay]
Tek Gremlin – Hench [Beat Code]
Tephra & Kathryn Brenna – Free Your Mind , Endless X
The Akanauts – Get High (feat. Kyper) [TIP-TOP RECORDS INC.]
The Dark Stranger – Daydream [Music UK]
The Vinyl Gibbon & Sanna Hartfield – Cabin Fever [Krusbar Jam]
Thomas Oliver & Danny Byrd – Friendly Fire (Danny Byrd Remix)
Titus1 – Let It Go [Bang It]
Toxinate – Illegal Narcotics (feat. Nautik) [Cave Records]
Twentin Quarantino – Original Trap [No Definition]
Uri Farre – Sitar [PYRO NXT]
VA – Dancewood Stage – Two Years [Dancewood Stage]
VA – In Unity [Electric Hawk Records]
VA – Powered by Inspected Series 2 [Inspected Records]
VA – Terabyte Records Presents Winter Warmers
Vladzillah – Make 2 Move [DataTech]
Ward Junior – Be the One [Mustache Crew Records]
YaNo Maybe – Dance With Me [Household Records]
Yertion Trystien – Windy [Nustromo Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

41 Degrees, K.S. Eden – Passed Beyond [Stroom]
A5tro – Timeless [O-Town Records Inc.]
Alai-O & Angelrose – Bitten,Fangs [StonedDogs Records]
Aleksi Perälä – Midnight Sun 2 B [AP Musik]
Andradez – Infinity [Spinnup]
Astropilot & Andrew Odd – Eon [AstroPilot Music]
Atlant!c – Level Up [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
Aureal Number – Senales [Ovnimoon Records]
Axel Drive – Velocity Beach [KRLK Recordings]
BDVSN – Love Is a Blur , Dark Bast [Valentine Records]
BEUTE – My Pussy Can Fly [Beute Music]
Biagio Lana – Passport To Hell [iElektronix]
Boccy B – Far Point Encounter [New York Haunted]
Building a Building – Notebook of Strange Dreams & Nightmares
Cabaret du Ciel – The Breath of Infinity [Quindi Records]
Chihiro Hikari – Reflection of Acid [MUTED rec]
Chris Tha Crook – Big Chunga [Deathstar Cult Ltd]
Conny Frischauf – Die Drift [Bureau B 1]
CryHison – Range [Freshtunes]
Cudos – Doses (feat. Perrin Xthona) [BonFire Records]
Cyberneticohm – The Book of Deon
Daniele Principato – Magic of No Sense [Relative Clouds]
Dennis Science & Tyonik – To Be Continued [Easy Summer]
Di Carlo – The Sound of Love [We Are Remember]
Distortion Disorder – Dark Future , Revolution of Our Times
DP-6 & rcnetlark – 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko
DualXess – Indian Ragga Bounce (Radio Edit)
Electro Fabrik – Battle Within [Rabies Dog Records]
Elko B. – Realm of Rides & Romance [Ekster]
Elninodiablo – ShadowPlay [El Nino Diablo Music]
Emeka Ogboh – Beyond the Yellow Haze [A-TON]
ESIL – Deeper [MBMH Records]
Fabricio Henrique – Soltar [Tratore]
Felix K – Skulpturen Vol.1-4 [Nullpunkt]
Fleanger – Too Far [hoTei Records]
From Vacuum – Simpleasure [Mystic Sound Records]
Fungai – Love Story [Varkala Records]
Ghost Asset – Final Confrontation [Horus Music Limited]
Giacomo Sturiano – Opera Cosmica (The Album)
Grandbrothers – All the Unknown [City Slang]
Hokori – Wasteland [Lincor]
Hot Pursuit & NoFace Records – Turn It Up
IKSRE – Transmission [Hush Hush]
Jad Abstrock & MelkuMan – Believer [Danceproject]
Jesse Klein – My Big Synth [WhoShare]
Joe Jog – The Piano Room [Bigmo Records]
John Hobbs – Fight This Feeling [M-Sol Records]
Joseph Efi – This Is Lovely [Lowlife]
Joseph Rela – Le sabine [Waveskin Silver]
Juliana Barbosa & Rey Vercosa – Ocean Eyes
K.O., PBRM – Everyone on Acid X Jaelos [Jaelos]
Kaalaatita – Subramaniam’s Sequence & Bismillah’s Voice
KacC & Luke Hoodz – Don’t Hate Yourself (Outro)
Kanot – Hit & Run [Abstrack Records]
kimjooyoung – Defining Today [OverCurrent]
La Platja & Alberto Costas, La Platja – Splash
LARETTO & Aitor Galan – Para Vivir (Aitor Galan Remix)
Laura Brehm – Lighthouse [Antifragile Music]
Lemonchill – The Void [Lemonchill]
Like Post – Adios! Sex Rocket [Like Post Music]
Lili Haydn – Sayonara [Lakeshore Records]
Linipon – Sandcastle [2 Steps To Chill]
LODIEN – Vision [Myopic Sounds]
Loops Empire – Theology [Kycker Electronic]
Luka Sambe – The Fundamental Transience of Everything
M.O.B – Rumble [Fresh Coast Recordings]
Mad Man – Holiday In Every Home [Mad Man]
Mantris – Souvenirs from Imaginary Cities
Manuel Seith – Serum [DIMASI Music]
Mario Carbonaro – I Need You [M-Sol Records]
Mike D’ Jais – Lost In Paris [Different Twins]
MONGOA – Breath [Just Gazing Records]
Mylow – Voyager [Sonar Kollektiv]
Napoli Underground – Infinite Soul [Classè Records]
Norman Westberg – Short Songs for the Long Winter
NZE – Mystery of History Mastered
Oh That’s Filthy – PareShoot [Oh That’s Filthy]
Otm Shank – Who [Pinkturban]
P. Morris & Morrisman, P. Morris – BB4 [Bear Club Music Group]
Pakkio Sans – Pink Illusion [P Color Records]
Panda Lassow – Fruit Wharf 2 [Anus Records]
Patrick Harrison – I’m With You [Purple Dinosaur Music]
Photay – Villain (feat. golda may) [Mexican Summer (EU)]
Precenphix – The Winter Lp [Not Yet Remembered Records]
Rene Zmugg – Man lebt damit (feat. Jörg Veselka) [ZRecords]
Riffdale – Waves [Marble Recordings]
Rouborgen – Slavic Voron [#internetghetto]
Santilitre – Monologues of a Technophile [Avosync]
Sebastian Melmoth – Mourning Glory [Perfect Aesthetics]
Select – Gunsmoke [Maquisards]
Seljan – Slipped [STIG]
Shawn Rudiman – Flow State [Pittsburgh Tracks]
Sistal & s.soo – Microscopic [D.M.T. Records]
Sleepdealer – Roses [Cookie Records]
SlothyLyn – Electrogramme [Behavior Recordings]
Soltskval – Hope [Dream Catalogue]
SOPHIE & Autechre – BIPP (Autechre Mx) [Numbers]
Spiritual Element – Asana [SEGURO MUSIC]
Stan Chetverikov – Clarity [SOL (XYZ)]
Synthwave – Green Sphere (Synthwave Remix) [U7Dreams]
Teatisana – Blue Blackberries [Santa Voyage]
Tecnosine – Dark Shores [Tecnosine Music]
Themetique – Ms Devine (Remixes) [feat. Ras Vadah]
Thomas Lemmer – Ambient Nights [Sine Music]
Tripp Daly & NoFace Records – Back Again [NoFace Records]
Unknown Observer – Winter Tundra [Valley View Records]
Unusual Cosmic Process & Pantograph – Reminds
VA – Coffee Break [More In Motion]
VA – International Flights First Class [More In Motion]
Verum – Yria [AUDIOZ]
Viktor Wagner – Sunrise [Monofire Records]
Virgil Abloh – Delicate Limbs (Special Request Remix)
Whylie – Abt22-01 [Lith Dolina]
Wurnero – Tremor [Jendex Records]
Yamikami – Abyss [Ban Tai Records]
Yoikol – Witerico [808 Recordings]
Yousef Kekhia – Bshi Yom (Hello Psychaleppo Remix)

Garage & Bassline & Grime

$H The Producer – Views from Feltham Court [Dee Oh 7]
Alfred Romero, JoeJoeMojo – Subtle.Hints.007 [Subtle Records]
Bailey Ibbs – Gurl [Dansu Discs]
DMize – I Need You [Bumpin Underground Records]
Efflex – Brawl [Tormented Audio]
Gualtiero – Wiki Wiki [Los Excentricos Records]
JAIKEA – Rinse It [Four40 Records]
Kricked, Zeppho & Cooky – Emotions [Crucast]
The Relatives – Hurt [Back2Bump Records]
Tuff Culture – Another Night [Nuvolve Music]
TUMARE – Freak It Out [Elektroshok Records]
VA – Ones to Watch 2021 [Garage Shared]
weekz & Bo, weekz – Badboy [Project Allout Records]


AceMo – All My Life 2 [Sonic Messengers]
Æj – Give It Up [Future Plan Digital]
Alan Brador – Tangeante [Amsem Records]
Alicia Trapone & Lobo Jones – The Night [Crazyfriends Music]
Altaire, Metropolitan Soul Museum – A Family Affair
Andrea Jeannin – Bailadores [Cliveland]
Angelo Diaz Jr – Spirit [MAISON DU SONS]
Animal Croxx & DJ Yanks – Vivo Aqui [Blahove Music]
Anthony Thomas – Promised Land [DJ International Records (2020)]
AudioBytes – By My Side [Nervous Records]
Aun No – Boxes [Fulmen Records]
BASECRAFT – Mariah [Kleos Recordings]
Bass Project & Huge Carter – Thang Low [Monarchy Records]
be.m1RO – Giving Up On Love [Artist Republik]
Block & Crown & Maickel Telussa – Let There Be Disco (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Control da Powah (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Give the Drummer Some
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Hit It Once Again (Extended Mix)
Body in the Thames – Public Domain 3D Terrain [Disintegration State]
Brutu Music & Dobie – Would You Eat (feat. Alpo3 Strong)
Cam Lasky – Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity #112 Snow Samurai Residents
Cam Lasky – Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity #114 Winter Diner
Carl Chaste – This Is Me [NUANCES RECORDS]
Cazes – Every Little Thing [Chrmatic Records]
Chenandoah – You Don’t Own Me (Reloaded) [feat. Laureen]
Chew Fu – Greasy, Like Corn On the Cob, Mad Butter and Onion Rings (feat. Evitan)
Colour Castle & Ruby Turner – Heartbreaker (Melbourne Drum Authority Remix)
Cravach – Bye Bye 2020 [Merci Soleil Records]
Cravach – Voyaaj [Merci Soleil Records]
Currents & Jesusdapnk – Latin Touch [Brobot Records]
Da Monk, WGT & Introspect Deep – Zig Zag Remixes Pt. 2 [Striking]
Deep Aztec – Don’t Keep Me Waiting [Nervous Records]
Delbar – Issues [DistroKid]
DiscoGalactiX – Disco After All [Juiced Music]
Discoloverz – Dig This (feat. Rick Marshall) [Disco Down]
DJ Fopp – All Because of You [Disco Explosion Records]
DJ Jarell – More Life [Cuebans Records]
DJ Jose – Do You Know [Side Recordings]
DJ Lady Dice – Juke My Daddy (feat. DJ Slugo) [Blok Club DJs Inc]
DJ Madd – Soldiers [Badman Studios]
DJ Manuel.T.J. – Free [D60Records]
DJ Slugo – Cycle Zone 2 [Blok Club DJs Inc]
Dominic Marceux – Palace [CLUB BABE INTL]
Donny Rotten – Falling in Love [Eton Messy Records]
Ds Cart – What U Want [Priorities Sessions]
ELLES & Violet – Midnight at the Premier Inn [Naivety]
Evgenii Ipatov – Go to Sax [Ulysse Records]
Ewo Ramirez – Pornographie [Boot Music Records]
FederFunk – Amalfi Coast [Antani Music Recordings]
FederFunk – Choose You [Funky Revival]
FederFunk – What You Think [Groovy Riddim Records]
Felix da Housecat & Chris Trucher – All I Do [Founders Of Filth]
Fendant – Twisted [Overbeat Records]
Ference – No More Tears [Frncn Music]
Filta Freqz – Cre8 [Seventy Four]
Fiores – Lead [D60Records]
Frasser & Camistar – Full [Baila Latina Music]
Freak Division – What You Need [Freak Division]
Fremde Passagiere – Teenage Dirtbag [tb clubtunes]
Game Over – Took My Love [Smashing Trax Records]
Gas Di Fede & Dave Roy Bland – Take Control
Gewalt – What Can I Do [NovaFuture Recordings]
Giusy Consoli – My Way [Beatrain Records]
Gktrk & Daïtshi – A Week in Paradise (feat. Adam Wendler)
Hall Cooper – Go [My Wife Records]
Hard Ton – Make Up (feat. Snax) [Freeride Millenium]
Heidi B – Somebody [Embarcadero Records]
Hilton Caswell – Bla Bla Bla [AO (Artificial Octaves)]
HP Vince, Killed Kassette & Divine (NL) – Mirror Ball [HouseU]
Hudson Cerone – The Vibe [Casa Day Pots]
Ibrido – Bass Deep [D60Records]
Jairo DJ – Moving Down [FederFunk Family]
James Pepper – Triple Take [Gallery Recordings]
Javier Orlando – We Need Love (Remixes) [Beira Mar]
Jay Vegas – Express Yo’self [Hot Stuff]
JazzyFunk – Flowing Up [JazzyFunk Records]
Jibbeat – Future Now [New Kicks from the Block]
Joe Riviera – The Player [Disco Down]
Jony Virnaith – Nightmare [Abracadabra Records]
Joseph Sinatra – All I Want [Total Freedom Recordings]
Joshwa (UK) & Martin Badder – By My Side [Nervous Records]
Kaan Pars – Onetwo [Lithuania HQ]
Kasket Club & Soul Gem – Tonight, I’m Gone [Uppwind]
KNOX – Want You Back [KHM]
Kong 909 – Broken Circuit [State Logic]
Kris Ferreri – Ball [Native Warrior]
Kris Ferreri – Get High [Native Warrior]
Kris Ferreri – Get Some [Native Warrior]
Kris Ferreri – Kick Butt [Native Warrior]
Kronix – understand , faded [USV Recordings]
Layer 808 – Medusa [D60Records]
Leandro Castillo – Espejismo [Indie Emergente]
Lofizerr – Basement [DJ Leonardo Rafael]
Lofizerr – Inside [DJ Leonardo Rafael]
Luca Lozano – Lozano 2.0 The Music Man [Klasse Wrecks]
Luk Mayer – Analogy [D60Records]
Luke Davidson – Blushin’ [Simma Black]
Luna City Express – She Don’t Dance (feat. Aaron Palmer)
Maciel & MORVN – San Francisco [Loud Memory]
MadeMix & Manelizz – Smile [Million Co]
Maickel Telussa – Together for a Night [Which Bottle ]
Maneten – Remakes and Remodels (EXP.2) [Lamour Records]
Mark Fiorre – Blended Light [DOT Dance]
Mart Ceiner – Deep Disco [Secure Connection Records]
Mart Ceiner – Love By [Secure Connection Records]
Matias Sundblad – Summer Feelings [1 Stop Records]
Maurid – Get Groovin’ [Curvilinear]
Maycelli – So Natural [Rebelpark]
MC Mario & Hoss – No Xplanation (FrankNoMore Remix)
Megatronik – Blueberry [Do You Be You Records]
Mike Vaughn – Don’t You Worry [PMLG]
Mister Jam – So Happy (Remixes) [Massiva Media]
MKJAY – 369 [Terminal Underground]
MODUS DEEP – Brand New Day [Modus Deep Records]
Molly Blac – Used to Say [Maniana Records]
Morsy – Feel Tonight [The Sin Records]
Mr.K & DPRTNDRP, Quasar & Nova – Mortal Kombo #1
Mrfleamino – I’m Feeling Fine [Nu Disco Deep Records]
musicalmaestro – Back Together Again (Rework 2021)
NCPTN – Memories [SSL Music]
NHYX – Soulclap [Pavillonn]
Nosk – Dream [2Dutch Records]
Novalima – Madretierra (TolinchiLove, Vitu Valera & Vazdra Remix)
Oggie B – Heaven and Earth [Bunny Clan]
OJ Santos – Lets Straighten [Little Jack]
Oliver Heldens & Party Pupils – Set Me Free (feat. MAX) [Martin Ikin Remix]
Omido & Silent Child – Me & My Demons [CloudKid]
Oskar Jay – Tropicana [Under Town Music]
P2P – Levitating [Rejoin Records]
Pat Waller – Locked Away [Hush Deep]
Pedro Duarte – Care (feat. Morris Revy) [Soulful Evolution]
Pinegrove – Amperland, NY [Rough Trade UK]
Playmen & Player1 – Elephant [Actuation]
Poison Dart – 4,4 Dancefloor [Symbiotic Records]
Randy & Renect – Feel it [Blue Records]
Randy Birth – Chicken or Beef [Boston Community College]
Red Leaf Hill – Leaves [Revanche Records]
Renzo Monteleone – Back Around [Jendex Records]
Ricci G & Josh Goodwill – Ride with Me (feat. Emily Williams)
Rick Marshall – Doin’ It [Funky Revival]
Royal Music Paris – Spiritual Vibes 2021 [Royal Music Paris]
Sam Girling – Burning Up [Weapons]
Santorino & Wild Dogs – Muéstrame [El Muerto Records]
Sattam – Coast , When You Felt Free [Plaza]
Sexgadget – Feel The Energy [Looper Records]
shabel – On My Way [Saifam Dance]
Silvia Zaragoza & Francois A. – Idinma (feat. Morris Revy)
Sirota – Private Eye [AP Digits]
SoneD – Fire in the Hole [Amathus Music]
Sonickraft & Hako – With You [Flamingo Recordings]
Sounderson – Jackin a Broad [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Svet – The Deep End [Extra Sound Recordings]
Sycco & Billy Lemos – Germs (Billy Lemos Remix) [Future Classic]
Tailored – Emerald Moment [Solivagant Records]
Talkbøx – Reach Out [TCBYML]
Tek Jack – Echoes [D60Records]
TekTonicSoul – EP 2 [Grounded Records]
TGW – Fighter [Xclusive Records]
The MSM – Together As One (Jordan Trove Remix)
The Stoned – International Language [Marinated Music]
Torsten Stenzel & Sin Plomo – Charleston , Tonight I Stay
Umbe Nalle – Free of Frustration (Remixes) [Accussi Records]
VA – Fade Out 26 [Crossfade Records]
VA – You Said House [Vamos Music Talents]
Viana DJ, Milo Sky & Geezy Line – Hasta Que Amanezca
WALKR – Heartbreaker [HOLY]
Will Varley & Skuba Steve – Right for You [13 Records]
Wine & Cheese – The Feels [Craniality Sounds]
Yumi Zouma – In Camera (Unplugged) [Cascine (Redeye)]

Melodic House & Techno

2Sound – Trip to Mars [Slow Deep Records]
Anthracite – Galaxie [Moon Rocks Schallplatten]
Aurelius Zon & Deep In Calm – Momentum (Deep In Calm Remix)
B-Rockwell – Deconstruct [SuperPosition Records]
Caike – Fawkes [TheWav Records]
capespring., Mentat – Indigo [Cirrus Sounds]
Cayto & Mathia, Cayto – Last Glance [Running Clouds]
Chris Aux – Infinity [Terrachorda Recordings]
Chris Bernhard – Stasis [DTL Records]
Christian Bachmann – Rotstein [Manual Deep]
Contribute Translation & Xiasou – You , My Heart
Crépon – Magnesium [Teoxane Production]
Dj Fuzzy – Sodfa [Krafted Underground]
Eke – Color Story [Abstract Line Records]
Empiric & Nic Vegter – L’anima degli angeli [Azura Recordings]
Epicsamu & 68 Beats – I Wanna Know [Juicy Music]
Faris Lukovac – Carbon Room [Mimesis Records]
Giorgio Moroder – Our Love (Andrew Becks Remix)
Godinbols – The Endless Journey [Tanzgemeinschaft]
Groovetique & Prove Them Wrong – Light After Dark
Interest Of Mind – Gargantua [Moon Rocks Schallplatten]
isayiam – Fable [Hayanarooma]
Jerro – Go Back Now (feat. Beacon) [Anjunadeep]
JMesa – Disturbances [Sound Optix]
Joao Ferrari, V.Souza & Veronese – Felicidade [Black Senses]
Jukka – Grand Connection [Nature Collections]
Karim Azak – Secret Lab [Fashion Recovery]
Klartraum – Anna [Lucidflow]
Klaud Wein – The Partner [Brigantia Records]
LACULARIS & The Dara – Vajra [KIDS Records Foundation]
Lee Pennington – Worlds Apart [Paradiso Records]
Marco V & Vision 20,20 – Hu,Nt
Mustafa Cihan & Spiritual Explosion – Good Idea [KRSL]
Nik Alevizos – Breathless [Sekora]
No Name – Pulse , Love Planet [Bassmatic records]
Özhan Özal – Berceste [Airport Records]
Polarfunk – Nacht und Nebel [Ton Töpferei]
Rafa Lanfredi – I Am Alive [Feel Hype]
Raginmund Falk – Remission [MDMA]
Rancido – Clocks [OMENI]
Roby Loco – Rebirth [Syncopate Afterhours]
Roman Kandel – Carina [Deepwibe Underground]
Rustyfarian – Time [Good Company Records]
Samuel Sonder & Frank Bono – Want Me [Exlight Records]
Secret Society of Tech – Trying, Somebody Someday
Tahdig – Zagros [Sentient]
VA – Anjunadeep Explorations 16 [Anjunadeep]
VA – Back to Earth #03 [Duenia]
VA – Depmode Special [Deepmode Records]
VA – The Best of Azari 2020 [Azari Records]
Veronica Elton – Midnight [Euforia]
Yeahman & Aluna Project – Baixi Baixi
Ytram, Martin Garrix & KAIOS – Fire (KAIOS Remix)

Minimal & Deep Tech

Accumbens – Orange Realms [smashead.]
Akademik & Henao (COL) – Perseverance [Habitat]
AQUO – Never Give UP [Acid Mind]
Atomic Dj – Sunrise [Labdab]
Ben Murphy – Girls Talk [Innocent Music]
Ben Vedren – Chiang Sheng [Logistic Records]
Bongo Beat – Steppy [Stop Motion]
Campbell Fryer – All Black [WYLD]
Canard – Time-Lapse [Blank Beats Music]
Carlo (MX) – Miraculous [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Cescoto – Ven Pa’ Ca [Street Habitat]
Da Conist – Deportment [Sanelow Label]
David Scuba & Lubelski – Broke [Superfreq]
Demesure – Switching Lanes [ARTEMA RECORDINGS]
Ekoboy – Junk Meal [Follow The Eko]
Emerson (MX) – Unknown Mack [Interplanetare Lab]
Entoniu & Agape – Insanity [21th Street Records]
Erick Ro! & Acidic Beats – Rock Me Baby [Resonance Space]
Gabriele Intrivici, Raland – Believe [Substrate Music]
Hebdonis – HausMuzick [Moiss Music Black]
Incus (UK) – Solidarity [Liability Production]
iSteph – Relief-Rote [ESSET]
Javi Sphere – A Christmas Dream [Dry or Wet Records]
Jhon Alejandro – Find Out [LMNTAL Music]
Jonny Lexxs – Dark Places [kluBasic plus]
Kiksu – Oh Right! [PULSE WAVE]
Kloppenburg & Heinzen – Missing Pieces [Kapelle]
Lamberto Gabrieli – Sex Tapes [Lemon Juice Records]
lotus land pilot – Aveli [Oyoda Recordings]
Marcibagoly – Diving into the African Groove
Mauro Diaz – Espera [Kief Music LTD]
Mauro Rodriguez & Nico Cavigioli – Wachufleiva 55
Max Lake – Squad [VAST]
Mikromatika – Elevator [DistroKid]
N-Telekia – Ding [Herloop Records]
Navigare – Nebula [Wiking Recordings]
Oblique Industries – Eye Contact [Small Records]
Ochu Laross – Dead Piano [Merah Music]
Olarte – Origato [Code Label]
parsec – Atria [LuvRhythm Records]
rausch&metrik – Traveler [wanted BEATZ]
Rodrigo P. & Vloon – Maybe Later [Vivus Records]
Sahasrahla – The Wise Man [Autodidact]
Silver – Say That Again [Radar Records Ltd]
Snatio – Bad Habits But Good People [Good People Music]
Solntsev – No Dogs! [Lemon Juice Records]
Stanny Abram – Smile [Marba Records]
Stefano Crabuzza – Shake Shake [DPE]
Substak – Roud [Microgarden lab.]
Tania Pinotti & Sonia Coles – Malice in wonderland
VA – 11 Roads [Array Music]
VA – Moovee 003 [Moovee Music]
VA – The Explorer I V.A [POINTZER0 Rec]
Valentino Orsini – Dino’s Move [Sintoniza Records]
Victor Polo – 2 Longgers [SOS Rec]
VWV – VWV 002 [VWV]
VWV – VWV 003 [VWV]
Zolottsevlos – Eternal trance [MISTIFY]

Organic House & Downtempo

Analog Jungs – Punilla (Remixes) [3rd Avenue]
Andre Salmon, Merac & Isa(Eros) – Nunca Le Sueltes La Mano
Augenstein – I Wrecked [Random Collective]
Biagio Lana – Voltage Dub [Tangenziale Est Recordings]
Blundetto – Atras Desse Ceù (feat. Leonardo Marques)
BRO3886 – Greens [MegaVibeNetwork]
Cathy Burton – Heaven (Sadege Chill out Remix) [PureBliss]
Chris Coco & George Solar – September On the Island [DSPPR]
Clodia Ale – Rebirth [Tejobeat]
Desertor – Tu No Sabes [Raion Records]
Dileep Rani – El Viaje [Algarve Records]
Franz Bart – La Bajani [Kiribati Records]
Ilya Gerus – Moscow Underground [Mistique Music]
Jendro – Cozy Grooves for Heart and Soul [grschtrgr]
Jose Solano – Magic Garden [Magic Garden Records]
Kodium – White Grape [Traumnovelle]
KÖNI – Switzerland [Soleid]
Marcus Groos – Character [Dreibergen]
Monojoke – Butterflies , Take Me Home [AMITABHA]
MT AXEL & Emre Ataker – Ya Kalbi [Rist Records]
Notre Dame – Dreamers [Wired]
Nursultan Kun – Desert Spirituality [The Purr]
OTNO – Soho [Analog Focus]
Otobong – Nuevo [Miyako Records]
Paulo Vicente – Here I’Am [Coral Gables Records]
Piccaya – Ananda [Kosmozoo Records]
Piccaya – Balkani [Kosmozoo Records]
Ranta – Monblan [Journey of the Soul]
Rising Galaxy – Fear, Cops and Data Brokers
Scanner – Trawl [Bette]
Smooth Vanilla – Beginning [Loudkult]
Sonny Lover Boy – My Work [Suite Voyage Records]
Taras Bazeev – Desu [Bazeev Music]
The Muhammads – Vinaya [RYNTH]
Tserili – Mkholod Musika Gvinatebda Gzas [Prison Entertainment]
VA – Kanto’s 2020 Survival Guide for Time Travelers
VA – Tribu Ancestral (Compiled by David Madrid)
VA – Unterman Treasures [Unterman]

Progressive House

Abel Di Catarina – YoDream [Juicy Dance]
Abriviatura IV – Legacy [Sota Records]
AcexSpade – Unshakeable [Mystery Freedom Records]
Adventure Tale – Abyss , Aether [PHW Elements]
Agustin Paez & Geronimo Nicolas – Vad Hander [MNL]
Alty – Sounds from the Ocean [Better Day]
Andre Gazolla – Scarab [Go Trybe Records]
Ars3nic – Flames [Electronic Latin Music]
Auxwave – Sledge [Rice Bowl Recordings]
Axel Zambrano – Nova [BC2]
Bestami Turna – Vortex [Karia Records]
BTY – Liquid Blue [Starlight Productions]
Chanu – Strange World [Mystic Carousel Records]
Che Jose – Way Out [F.T.F.T records]
Christian Gainer – The July Rose [3xA Music]
CLASSROOM (UK) & MBS (UK) – Inception [Sojka Records]
Dekkai – Komorebi [Asra]
DJ Burlak & Mark Neo Marvin – The Only Person
DJ Spandex – Sunny []
Djcybertsai – In Control [FunPan]
DrunDel – Zumbari [Beverly Pills]
Efemena – League [Pasir Records]
Foxtrot – Aftermath [Candy Flip]
Franny – Balance [Cable Records]
Furkan Senol – Every Sunrise (Remixes, Pt. 1)
Jassouille – Cajuna [Artifique Records]
K.O.F – Mold [Estribo Records]
Kajis – The Detroit Funk [Tension & Release]
Kare – Ambient Meets Delta [Artist Republik]
Kieran Fowkes & JEI BLVCK – Feel {Original Vocal Mix}
Leandro Murua – Libertad [Bevel Rec]
Magneticx Deejay – Closer [Elastic Dimension Records]
MARC – Turn My Back On You [Ocean Music Group]
Marcus Caballero – Mahitha [Exx Muzik]
Matteo Sala – Urban Shakedown [Presscode Recordings]
Mattias Herrera – Starburst [INU]
Maxi Basshead – Games [Bassic Records]
Namatjira – Hemera [Beat Boutique]
Neil Preedy – Dante’s Inferno [i occupy music]
Nurkesh – Unravel [Addictive Sounds]
Orgymu5ik – The Road [North Origin]
Replicanth – Solstice (Remix Edition) [Balkan Connection]
Sanzy – Roadtrips to Bangsar [Future Avenue]
Sasha White – What the Bounced [BQ Recordings]
Sebastian Moore & DJ San – Accretion [Welcome Music]
Sergey Muzarks – Radiance [Soundteller Records]
Simon Sinfield – That’s Cool [Mission Records]
Sinan Arsan – Afaki [One Of A Kind]
Tav Bord – Buhardilla [Future Avenue]
Titanium Object – Nambia [FunPan]
Ucros – Ushuaia , Mango Terrace [PRGRSSN Records]
VA – Persephone 2 [Natura Viva In The Mix]
VA – This Is Underground 27 [Mystic Carousel Records]
Zy Khan – Giving Up [Vision 3 Records]

Tech House

2ways & Pavel Shchukin – Scary Clown [Escade Music]
AKRS – Xunzi [Dog And Man]
Alex Borz – Let’s Go [Ouana Records]
Alex Di Sano & Giuseppe Salustri – Synthesized
Alex Helder – But If You Feel [Groover Records]
Aliens Bad Brothers, Big Martino & Stephan Barbieri – Hula Hoop
Andrea Satta – Drop It Low [Wallet Music]
Anko A & Greck B. – Backing Up [MUUV]
AXBLA – 64 Bits [Astral Void Records]
BeatBlasters – Don’t Stop [No Topo Music]
Black Fader – Legend [Universo Music]
Bufinjer – Bad Hatter [Electronic Alliance Records]
Bullet Time – Hallucinations [Disco Groove CWB]
Catica – Disassembly [Slider Trax]
Chapter & Verse & Vanilla Ace – Cancel It
Cosmin Simionica – Tuesday Afternoon [Tom Boxer Music]
Cubemode – Bubbles [Wildisc Underground]
Cuevas (ES) & Albert Garcia. Lautaro Bidegain – I Don’t Need
Curtiba & Garruk, MUUS – High On You
CUX – System [Esrever Recordings]
D-Fake & Joy Marquez – Indian Soul [Riviera Underground Music]
D.Noriega – Mclaren [Knuck!]
Daka Graykeep – Pray for Love [Five Finger Discount]
Daniel Jaimes – Be Yourself [Mustache Crew Records]
Dario Nuñez & David Ferrero – Format [Soleado Recordings]
Deeper Funk – Dancing On the Beat [History Recordings]
Delistic – Funkadelic [Seshling Records]
DIM FLO – Drinks On Me [Stashed]
DJ Nuck – Cheq Diz [Why Not Recordings]
DJ PD – Walking Flute [Force Of Habit]
Falcos Deejay & Crown & Beyond – Depression
Federico Rosa – Daylight [Reluxe Tech]
Fhaken – Guataqui [Terms & Conditions]
Flipoov – On My Side [Seal Network]
Frank-lo & Massive Project – The One (Remixes)
FreedomB – Stop Judging [Dark Side Of The Sun]
GeorgeGeorge – I Knew You Would [Shomi]
HAYATO.T – Don Watchme [LHF Records]
Heider – Oh Babe [Purple Tea Records]
Hitty – Issa Vibe [Nocturnalist Records]
Igor Zanga – My Show [Insurgent Music]
Incognet – Botanique [Groove Bassment]
Iñigo Parra – Dime [The Society]
Joe Valentin – Won’t Stop [Ole Groove]
Josh Ramadan – Rush [Price Incorrect]
Lexx Groove – Earth [PIXELATE]
Lino Acampora – Stop Techno [Wajiro]
Martina Budde – Don’t Stop [Tech Firehorse 66]
Martyn Playfrd – Sunset Glare [Carousel Muzik]
Matthias Leot – La [Techempire Records]
Max Lake – Virtual Reality [VAST]
Meli Rodriguez – Coconut [Baila Tu Cuerpo]
Mellodramatic – Hold On [Mellodramatic Records]
Meny – Mark 6 [Radioactive]
Miki Stentella & Secret D – Among Us [Adunanza Records]
minidnts – Where Did U Go [Subsolar Music]
MS Pika – Are u a Fun [REFILL MUSIC]
MT11 – Where You At [A Good One]
Nacho Molina – In My Brain [Díscola Roots]
Niko Freij – Histeric Yeeaahh [Astral Card]
Oskar Syk & Norborg – Intoxicated [Moustache Label]
Plastiqe Mojo – Jessica Rabbit [2U Records]
Pleight – Shake It [CICLO Otherside]
Rafa Nandez – Below [Innocent Music]
Raffa Fl – Twist [Howedo Music]
Ramon Bedoya – Cocaine [Shibiza Recordings]
Rich Bo – Transport [Deepnd Records]
Robiin – Take Over Control [Ofrenda Music]
Röde & hollywhaaat – say whaaat again [HUB Records]
Roger & Free Love – Light Brass [MUMI Records]
Sam Rodz – Fleje Acid [Sonido D Club Records]
Santorino – Press Start [Kendo Music]
Seba Machado – Sunday [Mambo Lab]
Senor Zavala – Cancun [Nevada Label]
Shiino – Taco [RIM]
Siktune – Movements [Trashed Panda Music]
Slim Cat – Fire Up [SLIM CAT RECORDS]
Stanny Abram – Racku [TOKYO SINDROME]
Stereosoulz & Serop – Illusions [ARMD Music]
Tomico – Yeah [Urban Garden Limited]
VA – Distorted Club Minds – Step.22 [Thinking Teck]
VA – It’s What You Hear 2021 [AMVA]
VA – Leaders of the New School 2021 [Toolroom Trax]
VA – Light Up [Obazda]
VA – Objectivity [Stammtisch]
VA – Superfett Records Best of 2020 Pres. By Nhan Solo

Techno & Minimal

4brownbottles – Leonia [Black Boat]
Aardy & Shaun Moses – They Don’t Know
Acid coming Acid burning – Self Construction, Pt. 2
Adam Helder & Hunzed – Pandora [Hawthorne Sessions]
Akenaton – Confusing Impression [AL3 MOVEMENT]
Alan Kale, Lorenzo Chi – Our Way [Influx Reborn Records]
Alexskyspirit – District X17 [Quartz Rec]
Aliens Bad Brothers, Big Martino & Stephan Barbieri – Breakdown
AM.I – Fugitive Bliss [Set About]
Anahit Vardanyan – Tatev [Hydrozoa]
Andy Clap – Voting Right [Ubertrend Records]
Arkan, Casual Treatment – Aurora Introduce France [Aurora.]
Arosound – Electric Energy [Archon Records]
Art und Weise – Fusion [Evitative Records]
Assuc – Lord Minuta [Radiator Of Sound]
Audio Shiner & Rea FX – Come On [Beatbridge Records]
Audiolog – Arcane Flows [Audiolog Music]
Automated Acoustics – Barebow Rebellion (Warehouse Mix)
BB2S & Chalex – New Order [CODE Group]
Bellamy Parker – Show Love [Rebelpark]
Boris Lynch – I’m Dead [Soniculture Unlimited]
Bruno Chaix & Franco Rossi – Pistones [Xelima Records]
Carles DJ – Lost in Reality [Radiator Of Sound]
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DéRidge – Kontrol [Ghara Records]
DJ D ReDD – Greenwood [Underground BeatCode Records]
DJ Spandex – City Nights []
DJ Spandex – Forever []
DJ Spandex – Hyperdrone []
DJ Spandex – Opium []
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Dok & Martin – The Joker [Mindshake Records]
Dominus – Tech Noir [Spiffy Recordings]
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Du’Art – A Very Long Night (The Remixes)
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Einridi – The Phone Call [Revkon Records]
EiZer G – Celestial [Space Beat]
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Femin-XY – Femin-XY Reloaded [Wet Trax]
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max dansky – Threads [Therefore Records]
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mowie – Heroes of the Wind [CollectiveAuthor]
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Syndicate – Temple of Life [Wiking Recordings]
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Tech C – mortal beat [Neapolis Records]
Teckni B – Eruption [4 The Planet]
Téo Dréan – Protagoniste [Affute]
Teo Harouda – Virtual Morality [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Terry Sartor – From the Heart (Michael Byrnns Remix)
The Awen – Disturbed [VapourTrail Records]
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Three Hammer´s Boys & Fabio Obifa – Kempelen
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VA – Through the Loophole [Death Bell Records]
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VS51 – Forever [Afford Recordings]
Wavebndr – Cult 30.3 [Cult Collective]
YariD – Axienty [Raise Recordings]
ZØE XGK & Archaic Intellect – Inappropriate Behavior