Afro House

Afrinetik – Gule Wamkulu (feat. DeAncestral Deep)
Angata – Mase Lala (feat. Fanta Koné) [MoBlack Records]
Bassfriend & Jet Airess – Warhana Aljannah
Corto – Feel This Good [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
DJ Roundy – Roundy [Artist Republik]
Double Drop – Naked Singularity [Xibalo]
Elton Hill – Afro Tunk (feat. Elton 3) [Artist Republik]
Harry Soto – Come On [TEQ and SOL]
IraaQ – Deep Expectations [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Kagiso – Mallet [Birkin Records]
KAMADEV – Nino Antocha [90watts]
Kekstar – Birthday [Azania Digital Records]
Loobub DJ – The Lockdown Amapiano
LUBELLO – Horizon [ChessBoard Music]
MarxNqodi – Izulu (feat. KingDonna) [NLM Music Group]
Mellodramatic – Contatinho (feat. Jéssica Campos)
Walt – Iwo Jima [Bibliotheque Records]


Bowser – My World [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Brkho, Daitm & YN – Va Datamoshpit
Calagad 13 – Latin Lotus 77 [Cosmic Tribe]
cosmox – Adiabatic Braiding Process [False Flag]
Daniel Englisch & Joera Mulders, Hein Schwund – Electro Breaks
David Starfire – Empyrean [Amrita Recordings]
DJ Fixx & OnDaMiKe – Turn the Music Up [Ravesta Records]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – Hurts Like Love [Kaleidoscope Music]
Fiqhi Anggai & MUDA TANJUNG – Bassline
KillBeat (SP) – Dubai [Strongs Records]
KOMAINU – Streets of Rage [Rune Recordings]
Kuso – Sippin [Noiseporn Records]
Nick Lewis – Seven of Nine [EC2]
Onyme – M_f Weed [21Floor Records]
RadioKillaZ – Whine Up Ya Body
Resonant Language – Gut Wrench [Colony Productions]
Sekret Chadow – Tribalizmo [Elektroshok Records]
Sick Run – Back in the Game [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Sparky – Make It Swing [Glitch Hop Community]
Speed Gonzales – Looney Tunez [childsplay]
Swarov – Nebula [Psicodelia Records]
Terry Da Libra – On My Mind [Silk Music]
Time94 – Promise [Crystal Orca]
Tom Place – Bioluminescence [Warok Music]
Underground Utopia – Whose This [Fantomas Records]
Wiseman (SP) – Redouble Gain [Glitchworld Recordings]


$Aks – Thinking of You [Deep Bear]
5EXTAPE! – Drowning [Global305]
A-mase – Insomnia [Amase Music]
Acushla – Illuminati [Acushla Music]
Acushla – Rock Shot [Acushla Music]
Alex Megane – Rise Again [Mental Madness Records]
An D. Atman – Shields of Wisdom
Andrew Spencer & Brooklyn Bounce – Don’t Stop (VIP Mix)
Ant Abbott – In My Mind [Made2Dance]
Antheros – Close Your Eyes [Deep Strips]
ARIUS – Medicine (feat. GLNNA) [Subsidia]
Arts – No Escaping Love (feat. Timpo) [Perfect Havoc]
Astronomica – Infinitum [Nustromo Music]
Austin Ingerman – The Odyssey [Intercept Music]
Axiis – Young and Free [Run Free]
Baked Brothers – You Can’t Stop Me [FLUFFY CHILL]
Berk Ocal – Don’t Give a Fuck [Half Lemon Records]
Bion – Layers [Embarcadero Records]
BlaekMusk – A Holy Place [AND records]
Bless You, Lost Boy & Blinkie – Head Under Water (Blinkie Remix)
Body Copy & Soren Bryce – To Be Mine [Body Cuts]
Bomarz & GDRN – Crystallized [Sony Music Iceland]
Carine Sroujian – For the Voiceless [10k Label Group]
Claudio Tempesta – AFRIKANO (Extended Mix)
Conro – luv(drunk) [Monstercat]
Cris Lynn – Thinking About You [nuOn Music]
Cultrise – I Know You Better [Bang It]
Daniel Jamezzz, Oh That’s Filthy & PRO The Spectacula – Mufasa
Daniel Slam – Tired [tkbz media]
Dario Synth – Never Let You Go [Full Stop Records]
Dastic – Undercover (feat. Madugo) [Revealed Recordings]
Decimal 5 & Jorden Lindsay – Currents [Purple Dinosaur Music]
Deep Parliament – Dance (Extended) [Melogamma Records]
Deepaim – Chasing Sunrise (Remixes) [TB Media]
Dexter King & Danyka Nadeau – Unbroken [Monstercat]
Diablobeatz – Oh My [kluBasic dance]
Disxete – Teraform [Monster Recordings]
Dj Berkin – Amnesia (Classic Version) [feat. Dj Past & DJ Letona]
DJ Hardhome – Sweet Blood (feat. Enilia)
DJ Leonardo Rafael – Reckless [DJ Leonardo Rafael]
DJ Vavvá – The Night Train [Dj Vavva Records]
DNMO & The Arcturians – Without You Near [Deadbeats]
Dream Dance Alliance – Legacy [NITRON media]
Emanuele Antimi – Not Around [Ego]
Erdem Yıldırım – Kelebek [Muhabbet Akustik]
Ether Drift – The Stella String Band [Horus Music Limited]
Flexxus – Little Things [Golden Chocolate Records]
FRHAD – The Message [Gloamed]
Galvi – Cosmic [Run Free]
Get’m Productions – Airbnbri (Bridm) [Get’m Records]
Giacomino – And the Bass Down [Black Boat]
Giacomino – Babylon [Digital Village Music]
Glitzch & Paije – Keep on Dancing (Acoustic)
Hands Up Rockers – Da da Boom [Mighty Dance Records]
Hot Pixels – You Wanna Be Mine [Epic Tones Records]
iNCODE – Love Me [Music Destinations]
Jadel – Deserve It All [Julianspromos Worldwide]
Jamaican Reggae Cuts – Summertime [Music Brokers]
Jason Lemm – With Me [Escape Underground]
Jason Mayhem – Let It Burn [Mandala Beatz]
Jazzy Leï – Satya [Prana Disk]
Jepac – Lonely Wicked GameZ [Je . Rec]
Joe Mann – Keeps Me High [V Records UK]
Jonas Blue – Cyan [EMI]
Justin Dahl – Outside The Cage [POSSESSION RECORDS]
Kaly Live Dub & Ondubground – Smoke Up (Ondubground Remix) [ODGPROD]
KEAN DYSSO & OG Project – 420 [Ghetto]
Keepin It Heale & Harry Bolton – Set Free (feat. Kate Aster)
Kenny Tynan – Rebel Yell [Blindsided]
Keyer – Hit My Heart (Somebody) [Shake It Up Recordings]
KNY – Seasons [XTRXX]
Korqi – Love My Love [G-Mafia Records]
Krystian San – Ananasan [PM Recordings]
Laidback Luke, Thomas Nan & Ally Brooke – Dance It Off (Thomas Nan Remix)
Lonsdale – Colour of Life (feat. Marian Dacal) [Previous Records]
Loops Empire – Empire of Dub [Kycker Electronic]
Luca LSDJ – Outside World [Bigtools Records]
Lucas Cozy – Million [Roy music]
Lusho & Juan Por Dios – Pillala [Afreaka Records]
Luxe & Rudi Simon – Are We Where We Belong [Optimacy]
Maazel – Dead Inside [Monstercat]
Mak5ast – Closer [VAST]
Mak5ast – Show Me [VAST]
Malarkey – Shackles (Praise You) [HEXAGON]
MAQ – Vikings [Nustromo Music]
Marc Benjamin – Dancing Alone
Marc Reason – Before Corona It Was Louder [tb festival]
Marco Mora – Osnhy [Go! Tech Records]
Mauro Picotto & Ayko – Elisir of Love [Alchemy (Italy)]
Michelle Shapa – Hurt (Remix) [Meditelectro]
MINDREM & Emmii – Drive Me Wild [Ensis Records]
Misha – One More Drink [Blanco y Negro Music]
Mobzz & Fabn – Secrets [Deep Bear]
MOD SUN – Flames (feat. Avril Lavigne)
Moonsound – Love Story [Teddy Bear]
Morice Philipe – Technology [Cynetic Records]
Mynea – Bella Ciao (feat. Herceg) [Gold Record Music Kft.]
Nael DJ – 5am [Bit Records]
NAFFFTA – Crush Damage [Xelima Records]
naun – borders [Trias Records]
Necker – Jungle [Deep Bear]
Neljo – Love Time [Freshtunes]
Niiko x SWAE – Friends (Esquire Late Night Remix)
No Hope – Sanctify [NO HOPE.]
No.13 – Chasing Morning [Dirty Beatz Records]
Novacloud – Shake In [Black Boat]
One Eighth – Good Vibes [Floorganic Records]
Ozan Huyukpinar – In My Head [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
Paul Alec & ØVERDUKES – Beast (feat. Nicolai Kersting)
Peran & Terry Dexter – You Will See Me Again [TopPassion]
Poulper & Cali Burton, Poulper – Premonition
Psytro Killer – Social Gathering [Rhino Star Records]
Punt Guns – R.M.X.D. [Cyber Ducks Music]
Queen ARIES – Come My Way (feat. Michael Black)
Ray Dalton – Don’t Make Me Miss You [Epic Local]
Rhythm Rockerz – Hold On to Me [Diverse Digital]
Roff – Elvis Tech [THC Records]
Samforza, Tre60 The Rookie & Yoddy Boy – A La Pared [Medellin Live]
Seekr – Come Back [Seekr]
Sergey Matsegor & Nika Freia – I’m Dancing
Shalan – Telefonik [ShalanMusic]
Sheschupek – U R What I Need [Twoja Stara]
Shiva Skank & Señor R – Pa’ Tol Mundo [South Yard]
Silverfox – Fundamental Diggers 4 [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Simon Fischer & Moelamonde – Exception [Pure Energy]
Snowk – Body [Deep Bear]
SoySaucePapi – Dirty Sexy [Deep Bear]
Spikaa – Get Over You [Keep!]
Stashion – Bad Day [Nustromo Music]
Steel, Calmani & Grey & Nick McWilliams – Drag Me Down
Stefan Torres & Alex Djette – Lie Machine [ONLY THE BEST]
Sulut – O Ina Ni Keke [Indobass]
The Phat Ones – Let me take a bite (feat. Tessa & Khanye de katarist)
The Same Persons – Dance with Me [The Same Persons]
Tiger & Phoenix – Divine [Cinnamon Star]
Tom Bones & Nebula – Fast or Far [Filterjam]
Unnidirectional – Odyssey [Bass Box]
VA – Best of Dark Devil Records [Dark Devil Records]
VA – Illuminated V2 [Tempura Records]
VA – Quintessential Sessions Booker T – The U.K. Edition
VA – The Annual Grooves Of 2020
Van Cosmic & Mason Tyler – Dreams 4Ever [Mandala Beatz]
Van Storck – She Is My Queen [VAN STORCK MUSIC]
Vintage Reggae Soundsystem – In Bloom [Music Brokers]
Virtuoz – Faster [Kazardia Records]
Woogees – Es Paradis [Balearic People Records]
Yarimov, Whiteout & PANE – Hope [Lithuania HQ]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

A Visitor From Another Meaning – Hills of Honolulu
Adrian Hour – AH001 [AHORA Music]
Al Bradley – Glacier [Rounded]
Alann M – Sintonia [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Alex W Marx & Ozanako – Underground
Amuse – Fear No Evil (Green Pastures Mix)
Andres Fernandez Aka Knario – Gustazo [Swat Rec]
Angelo Jsn & Staghorns – Sundae Drivers
Aninha – Feel Me [Neanderthal]
Anja Schneider – Turning My Head [Sous Music]
Ardok – Quarantine [Sound Management Corporation]
Ashworth – Manastira (feat. Robb E K)
Asix Andre – Primordial Fly [DiANDRE Records]
Augusto Casella – Singularity [GusMusicRecords]
B.Infinite – Whip It [KHB Music]
BAM – Too Young To Die [Bozandmonstrr Records]
Bassique Musique, Terri-Anne – Lost in This Groove
BeatBlasters – Flute [MODULI]
Benjin – Be With U [Quantum Records]
Berkan Sunteroglu – Your Love (Igi Remix)
Bjorn Salvador – Better Day [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
Bocahhh – Floor 41 [Freude Am Tanzen Recordings]
Bruverly Dubs – Take Your Pick [Smashing Trax Records]
CalReason – Play This Records [Deep Clicks]
Chill & Groove – Keys for G [Be Adult Music]
Chimancheck – Callin’ [UL Records]
Christian Hoekstra – Little Bit Piano [hoekstramusic]
Col Lawton – Tell Myself [Myriad Black Records]
Col Lawton – Where I Am [Rounded]
Creay – Yours [Erijo Gold]
Crystal Town – Lovelock (Gregg Dunsmore Remix)
Dani Corbalan – Your Number One [Cherokee Recordings]
David Lowell Smith – Sidestep Asteroids
DavidDance – Discomix [VIP Stars]
Deep Emotion – Touching the Sky
Den Pushkin – Not Available [BBop Music]
Derek J. Curtis – Feel It [Smokin’ Beat]
DHÅRULE – Raindrops [93]
Disco Secret – Woman [BeachGroove Records]
DJ Aristocrat & Eva Bristol – Don’t Ask Me
DJ Gamid – No More Pain [Baijan Records]
DJ Minx – Blind Amerikkka (feat. E-Man)
DJ Phellix & Adeia – DayBreak Ft. Behrooz Shiri
DJ Silverado – Please Walk Away [XDMC Records]
Dj Thimoz – Enigma [Househead Recordings]
Django Django – Glowing in the Dark (Django’s Iridescent Remix)
Domestic Technology – Nightcrawler [3S]
Ekkah – Wendy’s Yard (Gilligan Moss Remix)
Elegant Ape – Always [Road Story Records]
Fabrizio Monaco – Suspended in the Void
Fandor, Kuchinke & Bayer – Vocalized [Electric Romeo Records]
Fera – On the Wrong Planet [Audiophile Music]
Foxa – Can’t Let You Go [TGR Music Group]
Gabryo – Return [Escape Media Music]
Giser – X Alivio [Villano Muzik International]
Gyrotto – Every Single Time [DJ008 Records]
Hapi Soul – Don’t Mind the Baseline
Hypnotrixx – Hypnotic Influence [Eat The Beat Records]
Iain Jamieson – Calling (Extended Mix) [Poly Mono]
Igor Pumphonia – Against All Odds [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia – Climbing To Heaven [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia – Silly Game [ChillRecordsMusic]
Ijan Zagorsky – Life [DeepShine Records]
ImButcher – What Else To Say [ImButcher Music]
Intr0beatz – Good Luck [Cosmic Angles]
J Pepperwood – Open Your Eyes [Reflected Sounds]
Jade Rolt – sYnchronY citY [The Nerds]
James Silk – Give Me [Wigwam]
Janji Yusuf – Blame [Satsuma Music]
Jayden Klight – Click [Sound Avenue]
JAYEM – Anywhere with You [Storm Music]
Jerem A. – Take It Easy [Nu Monkey Records]
Jordi Cabrera – Fall [Listeners Room Records]
Josh Devon – Show Me Love [Rebelpark]
Juno D – Secret Space [BORSH]
Kag Trinity – Soul People [Funkymusic records]
KastomariN – Emotions [Sound of Soul Records]
King Schwarz – Go Free [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
Kosmoss – Diamond [RUN DEEP Records]
Kristoff MX – Mandrill Cuts 015 [Furious Mandrill Records]
Lefrenk – Reflected [Deep Different]
Lennart Richter – Vodoo Magic (feat. Caleb Garnatz)
Loch – Orchid [Floor 13]
Lounge Ibiza Cafè & Gold Fingers – Poolside Aperitif
Lulu Gaultier, MMM – Gota de Orvalho [Sol Recordings]
Manuel Manoli – Piano Trip [Dancewood Stage]
Mark Boman – Nightshift [Reflected Sounds]
Martina Budde – Nothing Better (feat. Priya Nayee)
Maui Sam – Now or Never [Storm Music]
Mpirgkel – Sweet Dreams [Maniana Records]
Mufti – Cold Relic [Rotten City Files]
MULICK – Seraphic-Serendipity [DRK records]
MVC Project – Love the Music [K-Noiz Select]
NoxiD – Turismo Sport [Suicide Robot]
Oleg Semenov – Nicole [Umusic Records]
Outtake – Be Your Law [Science Cult]
Paolo Bardelli & Trisoglio – Gotta Get Up (Paolo Bardelli Nu Club Mix)
Paschi – Sementia [Profound Sound]
Pfeffermouse & Frederik Gonzalez – Berlin
PINEL – Gardens [Journeyman Productions]
ppdee – Last Man Dancing [Cherokee Recordings]
Pure State & Rochelle Diamante – What Can I Say
Rafa Varela – How to Dance [Mezcalina Records]
Rektows – Tell You [G-Mafia Records]
Rene E-Dul – Needle of Steel [Goulash-Records]
Rhythm Inside Orchestra – The Island. (Originals pt1)
Rianu Keevs – When It Rains [Rianu Keevs]
Rob!n – La Banane (feat. Freiboitar) [La Banane records]
Rosewall & Shyam P – Destiny [REDOLENT]
Roudeep – Can You Feel It [Baijan Records]
Samuel Kean – Dance Day [Robino Family ed. Musicali]
Samvel T – Feel , Fly Speed [Make It Yourself Records]
Simone Celi – Invisible [Jendex Records]
Sleekwave – Orange Soda [So French Records]
Soldatov – Yellow Sand [Gardash Records]
Stan Boogie – Needin’ You [Mango Sounds]
Surgery Edits – Give Peace a Chance
Tensso – Stay (feat. Zi) [Night Drive]
The Los Sundowns – Al Final de La Tarde [Fat Beats Records]
Thyago Furtado & Cassio Vidal – Goldmines [Cativeiro]
Tonis – Don’t Go (Mar Vista Remix) [Kollusion]
TROPIKKAL – Like a Summer Breeze [TROPIKKAL]
Tserg – Futoure [A Friend In Need]
Tupal – Gone [Pavillonn]
VA – Depth Impressions Issue #19 [Voltaire Music]
VA – Houph Winter Sampler 2021 [HOUPH]
VA – Luxury 2020 [MCT Luxury]
VA – Streamlined 2020 [DeepWit Recordings]
VA – Young Society Records Electric Disco
Vanderkraft – John Mcenroe [Personal Belongings]
VEKY – In Love [Amind Two Guys Records]
Vuers – Patterns [Deep Fix Recordings]
Waajeed – Acts of Love Mixtape Act One
WALKR – Dance Tonight [WALKR BEAT]
XtrovetDJ – Memories [OneSun Yellow]
Zeck – Promise [SSL Music]
Zues Deep & Thulane Da Producer – Best Of 2020

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

A. Villegas – Tropicanto [Mantra Music Rec]
Afrow – Get Down To The Beat [Deep Bear]
Ahee – Animals [Producer Dojo]
Airstrike & Silence Groove – Dav’s Hope
Andymion – Ray [ONLY THE BEST]
Apashe & Buunshin, KOAN Sound – Distance (Remixes)
Azhot – Flower [Liquid Flavours Records]
Basstian, Kevin Brand & Revealed Recordings – Body Rock
Baz & Simplistix – Wicked Man [Radar Records]
Ben Summer – Day Dreamer [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Bergis – Where You Wanna Go [Sick Dance]
Bitstreama – 10 L [BSA Recordings]
Bitstreama – Skate [BSA Recordings]
Bitstreama – Trr [BSA Recordings]
BlckHry – Aint Hard , Falling [Subway Soundz]
BoonT – Anytime [Spinnin’ Talent Pool]
BROHUG – Fake Fake Fake [BROHOUSE Music]
BSEARL & X A E T I S, BSEARL – Mortal [PullUp Recordings]
Cole-Man – Deep Thoughts [Craze Records]
Colossus – Wake Up (When It Comes) [feat. Jess Ratcliffe & Echo Motion]
Daevoid, Jin Kyrie – Liquisteps 2 [Flexibilia]
Damageman – Shadow Soul , One of Us [Dutty Bass Audio]
Dani L. Mebius & Siix & Serello – Karnival [Musata Music]
dantee – Think [Mustache Crew Records]
dBridge – Weak or No Signal [Exit Records]
DJ Stress M.C.P – Be Real [Rubin Records]
Dropgun – Fisher (feat. Dimma Urih) [PROPHECY Recordings]
DSP – Fake Worlds [Symmetry Recordings]
Dub Beans – Never [Samsara Beats]
Dub Elements – Best of Dem [DEM Recordings]
Dyphtera – Age of the Virus [CrazElectro]
Edson Pride & Dudu Capoeira – Balacobaco
embe – Galactic [District-1 Audio]
Erritate – Airdresser [Section 23]
Fake Bricks – Where Ur Wrong [Trench Bass Music Records]
Fliwo – Say It Now [Liquicity Records]
Furney – Kingston Lonely Rainbow [Liquid Flavours Records]
Future Shock – Luminescent [Hardpoint Recordings]
Gerard Francis – Black Is Back [Musata Music]
Gie Hayford – Z Bot [Triplicate Music]
Gino – Risk & Reward [Down 2 Earth Musik]
Gollo & Elle Vee – After Everything [Fanfare Records]
Grimix – Cobra [TurnItUp Muzik]
Hexa – Comms , Road Test [Holographic Audio]
Hi3ND & Musata – White Hole [Musata Music]
Higher Sector – Mammoth [Higher Sector]
Higher Sector – Your Mouth [Higher Sector]
HoKø & Lucie Cravero, Malak – Fables from the Woods
Incident – Revival [Hyperactivity Music]
Infekto – Raise the Roof [Mystery City]
Ivy Lab & Frank Carter III – Soul Sista [Critical Music]
Jake Fill – Like This [Dancewood Stage]
Jedi – Quench [Dutty Bass Audio]
John Browne – Your Pathway [Creación Musical]
Jon Tetly – The Myst [Danger Chamber]
Just Mayhem – Polar Vortex , Somebody Say
Kohmi – Conflict [Confession]
Kradsen – Sakura [TOBE]
Kscerato – Slap That [G-Mafia Records]
Lac – Tribo , New Before [Underxpression Records]
Laidback Luke, Ally Brooke & Loge21 – Dance It Off (Loge21 Remix)
Levela – Play Again [RAM Records]
Lov – Non-Addictive [Sub 49 Records]
Lowez – Push [AT ME]
MadTing, Teseo & PRYVT RYN – Breathe [Ensis Records]
Magenta & Disrupta – Busy [Low Down Deep Recordings]
Marcus Pearson – Neon [Rubicon Dance Recordings]
Mauelen & YuranM – Rockin’ [Durn Records]
Micky Mouze – Hands Up High [Starlight Productions]
Miyoki & Sekai – Vengeance [Sekai]
MONSS – Sunrise [Project Kronik Records]
Mr. Sid & Sammy Boyle – Birds [Mixmash Deep]
Mr. Zalupkin & NoFace Records – I Like It [NoFace Records]
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing 25th Anniversary Remixes
Neoplanet – Smile [Smile Creations Music Label]
Noizesplitter – Defect Files [Sine Function Music]
Nykoluke – Kids [Excusez Records]
Oakly – Bright Lights [Breaking Point DNB]
Octobit & ShortsirKit, Octobit – Octobreaks [MMXVAC]
Ornette Hawkins – Swinging Flavors #9 [Beat Machine Records]
OverSky – All Time [Reload Music]
Pablo Lemon – Vapour [Liquid Drops]
Parasite – Itchy Trigger Finger , Sin City [Nuclear Bass Records]
PROJ3CT 7 – Drop’em [Adrenaline Records]
Qbist MC – Badboyz [SANDELLA MUSIC]
Qlank & Dread MC, JC Stormz – Weird Times
Quantum So@K – Dusk Til Dawn [Amphibious Audio Recordings]
R1KADA – Hurricane [ONLY THE BEST]
Rae & Jimmy Danger – I Don’t Give A… [Audio Danger Records]
Rainforest & Calculon, Viewer & Sirius Soundz – Shoot017
René LaVice, Richter & Dr. Apollo – I’ve Been Waiting (feat. Gracie Van Brunt)
robinmuniz – The Breakfast Club [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Sean Crazz – New Rave Era [Sean Crazz]
SECTION – Contagion , Design [Counterpoint]
Sined – Burning [ records]
Stayer & Chad Kowal – The Other Kids
Sterk – Bella [Digitag Records]
T-BOMB – On the Beat [Mustache Crew Records]
Team Karnage – Ocelot [Slingshot Audio]
Terraform & Horizon – Third Sight [Right Good Records]
Tim August – Empire [ONLY THE BEST]
Tom & Dexx – Shake Dat [WEPLAY Music]
Tom Westy – Tell Me [Skink]
TRST & Juice! the DJ – Get Dat [BROHOUSE Music]
Trukan – Get Money [Mustache Crew Records]
TWOH – Bring It Back [Ensis Records]
UltraNet – Next Crisis [Rogue Dubs]
VA – Annual 2021 [Viper Recordings]
VA – Audio Diary 001 [Loud Underground]
VA – Best of 2020 All Tracks [XBS Records]
VA – Best Tunes 2020 [High Resistance]
VA – Connected Through the Fire [Tribe Of Dub]
VA – Resist ed Five [Tech Itch Recordings]
VA – Trust Audio Best Bits 02 [Trust Audio]
VA – Unison 1 [MURKT]
Vecster – Mescalito [Tonrecords]
Voyager – Aurora [Eternal Soul]
Will Miles – Wonderlust [Miles A Head]
Winky Blinky – Raw Dough from My Daw [Silicio]
Yogurt Cookie – Close to the Moon [TurnItUp Muzik]
Yura RAKUS – Hurricane [Somewhere Out There]

Electronica & Downtempo

A.T.N.E – Nightmare-Wrong Destination [AUDIOZ]
Absolem & Onlybeat – Valhalla [Minus32]
Aleksi Perälä – Midnight Sun 2 A [AP Musik]
Alevoid – Ganz Andere [Assist For Artist]
Ambiroot – Praya [Ozran Sunset]
Amigdàla – The Best Of [Polena Records]
Armando Traglia – Spaccanapoli [Resonate Beat Records]
Aryozo – A Fistful of Tomorrow [Wonderfly Records]
Astropilot & Dynamic Illusion – Last Dance [AstroPilot Music]
Atal Malik – Haguily Mae [Mantha Music]
Blacklight Chameleon – A Love Moment for the End [Nutriot]
Blanck Mass – Starstuff (Single Edit) [Sacred Bones Records]
Blank & Jones – Cinque Terre [Soundcolours]
Bot1500 – Seabird, Pt. 2 [Lith Dolina]
Cameo Blush – In Cadence [Unknown Untitled]
Candy Machine – Deep Drone [WhoShare]
Candy Machine – Long Way [WhoShare]
CausaliDox – Consensus Reality [Diffuse Reality Records]
Centola – Burnin’ [Zekrise Music]
Cesar Martinez Ensemble – Sol Y Sombra [Stereoheaven]
Cheaptune – Silver Chain [WhoShare]
Cheaptune – Spirit of 90s [WhoShare]
Chillson – Different World [M-Sol Records]
Chris Abrahams & Mike Cooper – Praxis [Room 40]
Chrissanth – Empowered [Zekrise Music]
CJahVoid – Da Pony [Behavior Recordings]
CJahVoid – Edge of the Anthropocene [Behavior Recordings]
Coloboma – Glorious Hitchhikers [Archipel Musique]
Coma – Start,Stop,Rewind [City Slang]
Daivic – Love Her [Alphabeat Records]
Di≠verso – Mr. Acid [Screw Records]
DJ Groove – Zozulya (feat. Бег Вреден) [DJ GROOVE]
DJ NikiforoV – Lima Beans [Clab Zone]
Djavolos – Silent Rave [Arkita Records]
Dog And Fox – Anno [Dream Catalogue]
DSP_GOD – Pump It [Freshtunes]
E-Zuck – Balanga Sax [Alphabeat Records]
EC Twins & Rossi – Blinded by the Light [One Seven Music]
Edgar – We Never Leave [Zekrise Music]
Elyot – Ant Bots [Reiver Records]
Elyot – Save the Exocomps! [Reiver Records]
Engyn – Peripetie [Outcast Oddity]
Ensaime – Happy in the morning [Techroom Records]
Escaflowne – Shades [Substandard Deviations]
Evgeny Prokhorov – Valery [Beverly Pills]
Fallsteeze – Down [Pantheon Select]
Feliks – Hrvatski ratnik (Instrumental) [Feliks Records]
Fernweher – You Don’t Know Me [Slowtrane]
firastical – Everlasting Flight [Mango Alley]
FiverKent & Regbrick – Back Strong (Extended Mix)
Frythm & Ras!, Frythm – In Time [SXN]
Gi Gi – Lumino Pleco [Quiet Time Tapes]
Good Willsmith – HausLive 2 Good Willsmith at Sleeping Village, 4,25,2019
GreatAudioRecorded – Fea [picturesque.]
Groovefella – Gotcha [Moobla Music]
Haechi – Bop [Initial Music]
Hasse de Moor – Spice [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
Hayo – Murg [Dream Catalogue]
Herbert Savage – Renaissance [Prosa Verso]
Hit Fish – Finding My Hometown [YouTunez]
Hotel Garuda – Olivia (Remixes) [Mom+Pop]
I Am From Another World & The Dead Company – Forever Lost as a Child
Iamk – OM Chanting 108 Times [HUMAN3000]
INVŌKER, Skatman – Path Integral IV Part 3 [Sum Over Histories]
Istia – Jungle Coffee [Jazzea Recordings]
JÄDE – Better Things [Zekrise Music]
James Dymond & Linney – What Have I Got to Lose (Acoustic Mix)
Jasper Tygner – Never Leave [Jasper Tygner]
Jesse Klein – Locked Sequence [WhoShare]
Jesse Klein – Metal Industry [WhoShare]
Joe Falduto & NoFace Records – Release Yourself [NoFace Records]
Jorden Milnes – Powerful Promos [Score Production Music]
Kakou Stik – Strange world [Terror Corp]
Kiddus – PAIR (feat. Tahir & Ed Riley) [Kitsuné Musique Singles]
Klubbingman, Andy Jay Powell & DJ Fait – You Look Like Fire (feat. Kim Alex)
La Ph3nixx – Fire [FIRE]
Las Bibas From Vizcaya & C’Damore – In the Air, Pt. 2
Lex Bogger – Imagine My Dance [YouTunez]
Loko Velocet – 4.24 [Shooklyn]
Love Horses – Beep of Bodming Mor [Lith Dolina]
Luca Pincini – Urbe 3D [Fm Records Music]
Mad Man – Pulse In the Head [Mad Man]
Manthy – Want It , You & I [Turquoise Records]
Mart Ceiner – Fill You [Secure Connection Records]
Martin Roth – Love Theme [Anjunadeep]
MDeco – Ancient Memories [Wildcraft studio]
Menta – Cheep Cheep Cheep [Innersense Productions]
Michael It’z – Plastika Music for a Film [Cleopatra Records]
mtoti_musiq – Electronica Meets Afrika [World Musiq Records]
Mugi – Pure Sentiment [Mod-Records]
Nelver – Consequence [Indivision Music]
Novikoff & Mark Youssef – Dimenshion [ARRVL Records]
Nth Wave – I.C.E. [Elegant Regrets Music]
Nude – Ataya [Crosswalk Records]
Of Norway – Petit Pets (feat. Linnea Dale) [Beatservice]
Ole Brolin – Going Up the Country [Sowasvon]
Optimal Chill State – Blunder Nap [This is…]
Papa Zin – Golden Tomorrow [YouTunez]
Pineapple Crocodile – The Giant [Biokip]
Qbt – Dynamics [Graba Music]
Qik – Cenit [Aula Magna Records]
Rêves sonores – Mondial [Youngbloods]
Rock3tbox, Rock3tbox X Ockle – Wandering Moon [NOYZ]
Saba Rock – A Kinky Blink (feat. Milfy Cougar) [Loungemasters]
SAFARI BOMB – Over [Frostfyre]
Santiago Gonzalez – Africa Bambata [AMPLE RICH RECORDS]
Saros Sky – Lonely Satellite [Valley View Records]
Sheschupek – Not Just a Walk [Twoja Stara]
Slidedream – Cloudbase [Creación Musical]
Star Seed & Meggie York – Broken [Enhanced Chill]
Strangebird~Sounds – Chirping Away [TruthTable]
Sullen Sky – Himmelbjerget [Valley View Records]
Swwwisha – Hazing [Fat Beats Records]
Teatisana – Lovely Lavander [Santa Voyage]
The Future Kids – Midnight Drive [Outland Recordings]
The Jaffa Kid – Strenna [Lith Dolina]
The Polish Ambassador – Bebe (Sol Rising Remix)
Third Ring – Spring of People [YouTunez]
Tokatek – Inspiring Object [iQuestion Records]
Tony Stark – Iron bEast [2 Steps To Chill]
Tweaks – Older Now [Tweaks]
VA – Active Life [Stereoheaven]
VA – Ambient World 14.0 [National Sound Records]
VA – Best of Samui Music 2020 [Samui Music]
VA – Exploring the Path [Nidra Music]
VA – Groove Generator, No. 15
VA – Nova Vita II [Nova Lotus]
Vatriox – Isolation [Artist Republik]
Virgil Abloh – Delicate Limbs (feat. serpentwithfeet)
Vodun – Unlit [MOR Records]
When Waves Collide – Valhalla (Subdivided Remix) [Artistfy Music]
Zen Wires – Autumn Moon [Whole Story Air]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Colombo – Flamenkao [Low Groove Records]
KDYN – The Edge [Crucast]
Pasquale Landi – Hypersoul (feat. Kikko Palumbo) [4Matt Productions]
Rebz – Ocd [Loyal Fire]
RONEeS – Morning Rays [ReState Records]
shuaybhamed – Through It All (feat. Jenna Evans) [Smart Records UK Limited]
The Relatives – Step Outside [Back2Bump Records]


2soul Solution’s – Caribean [Purple Boogie]
Aazar & Tony Romera – Trippin (Badjokes Remix) [SANS MERCI]
Aggressive Beat – My Sex My Beat (feat. Vavva) [Dj Vavva Records]
Alex Spite – Thank You [Orange Grooves]
Angelus Marino – Ran [Boot Music Records]
APPRENTI – Move Yo Feet Like This [Kibbutz Records]
Archelli Findz – Lose Your Mind [Findz Records]
Arestral – This Is Funk [Herloop Records]
Art Supplies – Keeping It Real [Multiplayer Records]
AudioMan – Alive , Road to Happiness [Decrypted Records]
Avidd – Your Soul (feat. Bellatriz) [Vibez Sounds]
Barry Can’t Swim, Hawi & Jacana People – Some Day I Will (Remixes) [Part 4]
BENRED – Back Around [High Five Music]
Big Babol – Extreme [Kids Recordings]
Bjørn Torske – Ramma [Full Pupp]
BlackLight – Everything Will B Fine [Plurred Vision Records]
Blaq Owl – Billie Jean (feat. SKay Muzic) [Blaq Owl Music]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Lessons in Love (Extended Mix)
Bombay Traffic – Boogie [Headfire International]
Brakick, Musiq Junky – Good Vibes [Househead Recordings]
Brine, J. Onstott – Mkd002 [Mickey’s Laundry Line]
BULLICA & Dj Fabio Lopes – In the Mirror (feat. Lui Medeiros)
butterfly tunes – All You Left [Butterfly Tunes Records]
CellarHouse – Should Have Been [true blockhouse]
Cesare Caccia & Dina York – Hell of a Lifetime [Total Freedom +]
Chapter & Verse – Sinner [New State Music]
Charles Dollé – Funambule [MENACE]
Chrizz Luvly – Shine Jack [Dreamdealers]
Command System – Play [Knob Records]
Criminal Noise & Jean Luc – Tell Me How
DAEWLK – Bound to You (feat. JENNY VOSS) [Temple]
Dailin Schafer – Tonight You Are Mine [Schafer Records]
Daniele Danieli – Ready for This [Disco Explosion Records]
Davide Marchesiello – Resume Mind [Passion Recordings]
De La Trinidad & LUJANO – Masterpiece [Soundside Records]
Deadpm, EIGHTY2 – The Losers [Loser Lab]
Denis Rublev & Dj Anton – No More (Angelo Ferreri & Alessio Cala’ Remix)
DiMo – She Doesn’t Know [Duqua Records]
DJ Dep – Sex & Chic [Rawthentic]
DJ Island – Those Hollywood People [Hovse]
DJ Julian – Just Move [EP Records]
DJ Nuck & Ivan Salvador – All About Love [Why Not Recordings]
DJ Slugo – Sweaty Clothes (feat. Cerrissa Koza) [Blok Club DJs Inc]
DJ Steve Jones – You Should Be Dancing (Again) [Club Edit]
DJ Tommy Noir – From Amsterdam To Miami
Dran Matras – Ti Ne Izmenish Nichego [Rubin Records]
Drics – Ya Everything [Get The Sound]
Edward Snellen – Hurts (Extended Mix) [OXYTIME]
El Gringo – Tribute to 89′ [SP Recordings]
Elodim – Subconscio [Boot Music Records]
FABRIK – Rising Sun [Valesca Records]
Falcos Deejay & Crown & Beyond – Do the Work
Federico D’Alessio – Shining (feat. Yvette Pylant)
Federixa – Color Word [Boot Music Records]
Fernanfloo – CuacuaVakaNaka [Opposition]
Filta Freqz – Belong [Seventy Four]
Francesco V – High Dancing [Holy Pig Records]
Friends & I – Yellow Coat [Get The Sound]
Future Islands – For Sure (Dan Deacon Remix) [4AD]
Geri Domini – Cold Blood [Spiral Music]
Glant – Rose [Heartbeat Records]
Goblin Hulms – Trough a Bounce [Digital Village Music]
Gorillag – La Vie En Rose [Black Boat]
H.P. Vince & Le Babar – Funky Lights [Groovy Riddim Records]
Hermann – Back from the Days [EnVogue Records]
Hilton Caswell & Andy MacDougall – Inca Man
Hoax (BE) – Gonna Get You [Loud Memory]
House Dat Shit & Nia Christine – Set Me Free
Housefly – Close to You [TB Media]
Ian Blevins – The Lobster Who Was Criminally Insane
Illyus & Barrientos & Laura Davie – Disco Hearts [Toolroom]
Indigo Group – Hey Mr. DJ [Streetlab Records]
Jacobo Palacio & Sofi Za – Adicta (Feat. Sofi Za)
Jay Dallenback – Give Me Up [Karia Records]
Jay Vega – This Tune (Feat. Luar) [Santurce Recordings]
JedX – Learned in Turn [Music Marks The Spot]
Joel Berry – Unreality Test [Metro North]
Joy Rogers – 2Gether [Deskfunk Records]
Justin Hobbs – Remedy [Stashed Cutz]
Justin Lawson – Molecules [Murston Records]
JY Akari & MVLDER – Going Crazy [CHAPTERD Recordings]
Kamuflars – Guinea Pig , Sumfin (Incl. Remixes)
Kazi – Shanti [Nirvana Records]
KIDY – Pakula [Future Plan Digital]
KILLSWSH – Hold Back [4NC¥]
Kookmode – Black Forest [Data Dance Records]
Lennard Ellis – My Groove [Gold Deeper]
LentoLEXX, Serafino Prosperi – Christmas Editions
Leon Skeptic – Vibes [Yellow Rhinestone Records]
LEOSOLAR – I Got 4 Ya (Orgasmic Club Mix) [LEOSOLAR MUSIC]
Lotte Pen – Aquarium [Revanche Records]
Lounna Dazz – Amazonas [T-Groove]
Lucy Waldez – Origami [Artist Republik]
Maffmatix – Green Monster [SHRELL]
Mario Beck – Around (feat. DJ Schillings) [BeXX Records]
Mark Taaffe – Watching [kookee records]
Mart Ceiner – Do You Want Dance [Secure Connection Records]
MartyParty & Minx Musix – Champagne Blondie
Mert Can & Matt – Summertime Sadness [BLACK.BLACK]
Mike Konstanty – Release Me (feat. Leela D) [Dirty Hills Records]
Mike Tunes – Backstage Pass [IMPVLSE Records]
Mr & Mrs Keya – Thank You [Orange Grooves]
Mr. Argenis – Possibility [1101 Records]
Muztagh – Make Story [Caleto Records]
Navos & Luan Trombin – Take That Back [We Are Phonik]
Nicky Jones – Feel so Alone [One Seven Music]
nse (UK) – Warm Embrace [Cool Contest]
Onna Limb – Veer [Revanche Records]
Oussema Saffar – On My Mind [1980 Recordings]
Panooc – Softie [Sorry Records]
Paul Jockey – Everybody’s Free [Tactical Records]
Pedestrian Tactics – The Accident [Muti Music]
Pedro Costa – My Way [Dancewood Records]
Physical Dreams – Akasha [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Total Relax [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Pimlican – Stronger [Belgrave Road Records]
Quandulay – Sixty Seventy [Quandulay]
Rap-Scallion – Burn [Fresh Coast Recordings]
Roads We Walk – Lose Control [Jendex Records]
Robbo Fitzgibbons – You Will Find [Groovy Music]
Ronald Hopman – Live for Today [TL Records & Music]
Rund33p – Once We Became Deep [Rund33p Music]
RYNO – Just Dance [Serendipity Music Group]
Sahasrahla – The Dweller [Autodidact]
Sean Biddle & Oggie B – Champagne Flute [Bid Muzik]
SEB – Club Phisolophy (Rework 2021) [Lovintimes Records]
Sebka – Welcome [Emocia Records]
Shady Beats – Disco Ave [Konura Recordings]
Snowzy – Djow [Dancewood Stage]
Stereo Mars Project – Running Back (feat. Kevin King)
Steven Stone & Pete Simpson – Sometimes (Opolopo Remix)
Synfidel – Tripolar [Behavior Recordings]
Terry Jee – Did I Dreaming [BreakONE Records]
Terry Wolf – Ride [Birkin Records]
The Doberman Club & Vicky Buffy – Oh My Groove
The Fabulous Joker – Dvine [NSoul Records]
The Teachers – That Thang [Cinnamon Star]
TheDjLawyer – It’s Just an Illusion [Out Of Tune]
Thunder – Slow Ride (feat. Adam Wendler) [Get The Sound]
TomCole – Pushin for You (Gabry Venus Remix) [feat. Rion S] [Remixes]
Toti Andaloro – Freedom [RUN DEEP Records]
Tyler Tran – Boombah [Sabroso Records]
U4JA – Carousel (round and round) [PR Records]
Unknown Gangsta – Gangsta 003 [Monday Morning Records]
VA – Love Connection [Good Vibes Only]
VRTCL – Aria [Heartbroken Club]
We Don’t Exist & Art of Drone – Forever , Ending [Ambi Dark]

Leftfield Bass

Blackout JA & Liondub – Love Dancehall [Liondub International]
Bushbaby & SaidWho – Plaistow (Daseplate Remix) [Southpoint]
Cam Lasky – Occulted City – Swordsmith [KWAIOTO Records]
Chendah – Enc053d [Encrypted Audio]
Diskade – Old Timer [Rabies Dog Records]
Jeffsua – I Saw You [Ashes Recordings]
Mungk – Tarot [Simply Deep]
Saka – Stasis [Inspected Records]
Slick Shoota – Function [Teklife]
Substrada – Eerie Lab [Basskruit]
Too Late Productions – Infected Trax [Knightwerk]

Melodic House & Techno

808 Minimal – Matrix [Frasigan Music]
Agustín Buaon – Diluvio [Vesta Records]
Alex M.I.F. – Levitation [Stellar Fountain]
Baset – Dawn [Us & Them Records]
Beyhude – Katastrof [Harabe]
Carlos Pashe – Noche Estrellada [Stripped Digital]
Che-Yung – Gratitude [Purified Records]
Chris Bernhard – Hypnotized [DTL Records]
Close Encounters – Antares [Umai Music]
Dahli – Locate Vacate [Embarcadero Records]
Dark Engine – Acid Lake [DTL Records]
David Hasert & Lena – Immer Wieder [KATERMUKKE]
De Facto – Serein [Teoxane Production]
Didacte – Anatta [Oleeva Records]
Dole & Kom – Jackal [Bar 25 Music]
Dosem – Eternal Summer (Marsh Remix) [Anjunadeep]
Echoes – Space Above [Valkyria Records]
Emmanuel Morales – Alquimia [Mystic Carousel Records]
Emorine – Yed [ThreeRecords]
Evgeny Kutsenok – Russian Soul , Peshavar [Hey, location!]
FOURM – Silhouette [STIG]
Frank Sonic – Gravitational Arch of 20 [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Frost – Overtones (The Remixes) [Anjunadeep]
Giverr – Dreaming [Aviary Recordings]
Goi Kopher – Karma [Nebur Recordings]
Graumann – Plan for a Miracle [Duenia]
Great Lion – Digital Vibrations [Something Melodic]
Homo Novo – Supernature [Digital Village Music]
ISKO & Nevermore – Fractured [Awen Tales]
Jaffer – Before I Forget [La Mishka]
James Trystan – Colossus [Desert Hearts Black]
Jo Fanciullo – Ultimo Impero [Native Records]
Justin Nils – Spaceship [STIG]
KARAM – Serenade [Déjà Vu Culture]
Lay Waste – Deep and Deeper [No Sync]
Lex-Stalker – Dark Inside [Mufon Records]
LFOS0 – Listen To Yourself [Smart Phenomena Records]
Lorenzo Colombini – Wachufleiva 54 [Wachufleiva]
Lost Rhythm – Transcendence [Lostium]
Mah Bod & Ehsuny – Believe [Neu Gravity]
Marcovits – Monomer [Mercurial Tones]
Martin Martin – Psy Issues [Bullfinch]
MATE 0000 & JCKRSS – Hometown [Seven Villas]
MattMokṣa – Contact [Acusmonium Records]
MattMokṣa – Eye [Acusmonium Records]
Mechanism – Katana [Tech Warriors]
Miguel Montez – Dynamics [MK837]
Minörs – Narayannah [Ballroom Records]
Mr Rog – I Don’t Know Why [The Black Wolf Recordings]
Naimo – Lives [73 Muzik]
Onelas – Space Time [Oxytech Limited]
Orlando Voorn – Internal Destination [Kompakt]
Pashenog – Debris of Oblivion (Kim0 Remix) [8CELL Studio]
Paul Diep – Hera [NAM Recordings]
Paul Kalkbrenner – Graf Zahl [Columbia,B1 Recordings]
Pig&Dan – Telegraphy [Truesoul]
Resonant – Leave Me Alone & Infected [Dear Deer Black]
Romain Garcia – White Flag [Ton Töpferei]
RUSRUS – Distance [Neu Gravity]
Saporta – Our Story [Clubba]
Sex Mind – Dopamine [Audioreaktor]
Shay Hajaj – Just To Be Life [MBMH Underground Recordings]
Simon Rose – Road Beat [Uba Lua Records]
Sultan + Shepard – Solid Gold Love (feat. Richard Walters)
Tech Disco Machine – Social Distance [Delicious Records]
Tenzig – Newborn Soul [Dear Deer White]
The Slum Vagabunds – Obscure [Ambivert (Media Records Evo)]
Tomas Sanchez – Blue Moon [CODE Group]
Tyler Kahn – Monsoon Season [Seshling Records]
Ugo Anzoino & Nik Wel – The Last Sunset [Dead Groovy Deep]
VA – Black Diamonds Records Best Of 2020 [Black Diamonds Records]
VA – Dream Into 2021 [Oniryzm]
VA – Elements Na [Whole Story Lab]
VA – Figura Good News Pt.3 [Figura Music]
VA – Inner Symphony Gold 2020 [Inner Symphony]
VA – Soul Diary Chapter.1 [Soul De Anima]
VA – Winter Selections 06 [Silk Music]
VA – Young Society Neon Edition 2020 [Young Society Neon Edition]
Vallent – Dancing With the Wales [CLAB Records]
Vanity Police – Beautiful Lies [Exlight Records]
Worakls – Hortari & Detached Motion Remixes [Hungry Music]
Yiğit Karakaş – Sailor [Sibourne]

Minimal & Deep Tech

ADRIANZA – Sky Is the Limit [Adrianza Records]
Agus Pazos – Stone Age [Innocent Music]
Alex Sounds & Del Fonda – Best of Beat Circus Records 2020
Bernardo Basso – StereoTecnico [JDR Music]
Beukhoven Sloopwerken – Nanbu Bijin [Oyoda Recordings]
Bosley – The Great Start [Whizal Records]
Clive – 3,5 [Diamond Sizer]
Conceptesia, Unit For Unity – Nothing Has Changed
cyd & Clefomat – Anew [Luzztro Records]
Dasero – Dubitative [Inregistrari Interplanetare]
David Alec – Holotropic [DMT LBL]
DEDS – Quarentine [Zerooitocentos Music Lab]
Denso, FlashGang – State of Mind [Soul State]
Domenico Scavone & Mata Jones – Play In My Head
Fernando Campo – Betty [MUSE]
First For Nieto & Juan Leal – Aamber [Conceptual Deep]
Grace Ellis – Midnight [Impeccable Music Group]
Horse Love – Husarbeid (Insectoscope’s Experience Mix)
Hostox – Pardon [Ponza Records]
Ian Silva & OutsiDER (RU) – The Nine Muses [Conceptual]
Jacobo Saavedra – Nahasu [Re.Face]
Jason Rivas & Elektronik Kitchen Of Ideas – Spectral
Javi Sphere – Saturday At 10Pm [Dry or Wet Records]
JfAlexsander – Rain [BQ Recordings]
Jhon Alejandro – Womanizer [The Black Guys]
Kevil – Viaje [Bombga]
Kylan K – See You Again [Mystic Groove]
Lemongrass, Tom Flynn – Balance [Into Orbit]
Lexmic – Xtra [Moovee Music]
Liam D. – Casa Colina [Grass Route Records]
Linoh & Nikhony – Ka’an Awat [Habitat]
Lost House Rhythms – Winter On Mount Olympus
Lunatic Caricature – Isology [Arrossdisco Records]
M.Rodriguez – Ritual [Beachside Records]
Manoova & Matu (UK), Manoova – Mind Blend
Marco Briguglia – We Are Music [Discord Music Record]
Martin Bordacahar – In Time [Tanta Music]
Milos Pesovic – Limited [Ovest Music]
OutsiDER (RU) – Eli.Sound Present OutsiDER (RU) From RUSSIA
Promet – Under Lights [Honne Music]
Pulver – Mental Uberdrive (feat. Baba Jega)
Ramiro Alfonso – Shynthline [Kief Music LTD]
Rndm – Trust Me [Alula Tunes]
Son of Elita – Give Me [Salomon Records]
Soul Data – Alucinado [Tres 14 Music]
The Koma – Bafola [Hungry Koala Records]
TheBens – Cant Handle Incl. Not Brothers & Lotrax Remixes
TiM TASTE – Nondescript [Soupherb Records]
Toman – Otro Mundo [NO ART]
Ulises Espindola – Fliying on Buenos Aires [Beats Life Records]
VA – Dushe Sampler 2021 [Dushe Label]
VA – Jiyu 004 [Jiyu]
VA – Unmixed Ages [HerVee Ground Music]

Organic House & Downtempo

121569 & Zero Cult – Chill The Morning [Unicorn Music]
Astrolemo – Jellyfish [Astrolemo]
Cahyo – Young Lady [Blue Bay Records]
Cbas – Rocinante [Clash Music]
Cipy – Paamul Sol [DowntempoLove]
COAM – Jaffa Sunset Tribe [Mindspring Music]
Dabritz – D 4 B R 1 T Z [Gula Musik]
Ejiro – Lines [Kiribati Records]
Espiritus – White Seals [TOSSA DEL MAR]
Felipe Gonzalez & Mariana Iturri – Come On [RYNTH]
Firas Nassri – La Levantine [Cosmovision Records]
George Dare – Chillma [Artistfy Music]
Greg Ochman – Delylah [Lost Miracle]
Henrik Meierkord – Kval [Ambientologist]
Inocuo – Big Bang [Basement Dub]
Izar Malia – Let It Go Love [Via Del Sol Records]
John Rous – Canim [Satsuma Music]
Klangstein – Chemicals [Sine Music]
LADS & Traumhouse, LADS – Stoyote (Bengal, Simos Tagias Remixes)
LVGSH – In and Out the Pocket [No Slack Records]
Maklary – Agua Hora [Embliss Records]
MBM – Sleeping Warrior [Onde Sonore Ltd.]
Melly Sandree – Purple Elephant [Paradiz]
Modd & Ventt, Modd – Beyond [Anjunadeep]
Monvol – Game of RA [Cosmic Awakenings]
MXMBTZ – Hightimes [Caapi Records]
Nosegrab & Dineh – Summ [Tribu H]
Nuka – Be Mine [Cala Bassa Records]
Paul Traeumer – No Spell Left for Sha [Magician On Duty]
Perpetual Loop – Iso004 [Digital Duvet]
Potlatch – After Rain [Cosmicleaf Records]
Replicanth & Shadow Gruuv – Solid Matter [Manicomio Music]
Sonny Lover Boy – Love Me (Retrowave Mix) [Suite Voyage Records]
Tomo-Nakaguchi – Smile [Audiobulb Records]
Umami & Headwaters, Oedipa Maas – Unconditional Love (Oedipa Maas’ Forbidden Fruit)
Unders & Noraj Cue – Jims [Happy Camper Records]
VA – Blanche II [When We Dip XYZ]
VA – Bouquets de Fleurs #3 [AZZUR]
VA – Suprematic Sampler 06
Vioflesh – Excusas (Version 2021) [Raion Records]
VKD – Horn [The Purr]
W.A.H. – Smart Move [Kadmio]
Zoe Xenia – Chaton Doux [Cervidae Recordings]

Progressive House

Agustin Pietrocola – Sauvage [One Of A Kind]
Alan Cerra – Reloaded [Siona Records]
Alfoa – Timelapse [Massive Harmony Records]
Ali Penstone & Derek Chase – The Abyss [Feel Hype]
Audionoble – Nevermore [Movement Recordings]
Betelli – Don’t Let Me Sleep [Betelli]
BXL – Never Let Me Go [LUXI Records]
Chanu – Journey [Estribo Records]
Damian Cruga & Replicanth – Treasures [PULSE WAVE]
Daniel Helmstedt – Parallels [Tächno]
David Torres – Cor Et Vita [Superordinate Music]
DECIDUOUS – Shards [Vagabond Recordings]
Dezza & Lauren L’aimant – Settle (Remixes)
Diwox – Portent [Mystic Carousel Records]
djimboh – Be Brave , Undertow [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Echo Babylon – Metanoia [Mistique Music]
Echo Daft – Durbar [RPO Records]
Eukali – Inti Punku [Deepersense Music]
Fiqhi Anggai – Ready [NSNTR Records]
Gadi Mitrani – Fewer [Love and Above]
gardenstate & Marcus Schossow – Surreal (Bart Skils Remix)
Gary Afterlife – Imaginary Roads [Emergent Shores]
High Voltage – Cosmic Ride [Wanderlust]
Isaac Differding – Empathy [Balkan Connection]
Javi Sphere – Beat to Beat [Dry or Wet Records]
Jean Steel – Sun [BASIC Music]
John Clarcq – Hidden Secrets , Echoes in the Dark
John Otto – Breathing [Rezongar Music]
Jose Tabarez – Agave [Just Movement]
Libere – Softskin [Libertas]
Libere & Madman J – Replica [Libertas]
Lorianh – Luminus [Cuepointrecords]
LTN, Ghostbeat & Nina Carr – Captivated [AVA Deep]
Madman J – Reincarnate [Libertas]
Majed Salih – Avernneza [Medievil-Music]
Majed Salih – Froadesia [Medievil-Music]
Majed Salih – Vlickspat [Medievil-Music]
Mathewu – Endless Journey [Round Robin Recordings]
Matias Carafa – El Mundo [Future Avenue]
Matthew Carter – Everloving [CrazElectro]
Mauro Masi – Someone in the Clouds [Droid9]
MC Kasper – Drop and Drug [3xA Music]
Mellodramatic – Angel of Darkness [Mellodramatic Records]
Mohn (NL) – Polygon [Manual Music]
Neesha – Get on Me [Human Turbines]
Nicolas Leonelli & Luciano Rêgo – Spring Breeze [Soundteller Records]
Nightplayers & Riigs – Nightplayers & Riigs [Zephyr Music]
Nikko Mavridis – Halkyon [BC2]
Nu’bal – Merkur [Hungry Koala Records]
P4sc4l & Sher M@n – Hold Your Hands [Dancewood Records]
Pavel Tkachev – The Scarcrow Toxin [Atmosfera Records]
QDream & Bondarev – Amathusia [aboriginal]
Rianu Keevs – Atomic Heart [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Ruthless Gods [Rianu Keevs]
Ric Niels – Neowise Rottne [Kitchen Recordings]
Ricardo Piedra – New Moon [Symmetric Records]
RML – Together [Bevel Rec]
Rodyy – Decagono [Eternal Beats]
Ron Flatter – Amantes Amentes [Pour La Vie]
Santiago Acosta – Eclipse [Solarium Records]
Sean Bay – Back to Basics [Magenta Recordings]
Sencity G – Wake Up From Sleep [Catamount Records]
Seven Wells – Amidst the Clutter & Mess [3rd Avenue]
Shatadru Sensharma & Weiyu Shen – To a Better Place
South Punk – Nothing Is Real [Digital Structures]
Spiffy Man – Eden 3 Dweller in Darkness [Spiffy Recordings]
Stergios – Compassion [Regeneration Music]
Sterk & Alex Greenhouse – XP Never Die! (Elektroenergie Remix)
Tim Iron – Dark River [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Tom & Collins & Jem Cooke – Glad I Came (Different Stage Remix)
Torsten Fassbender & Bryan Wolf Ear – Hummingbird
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VA – Best of Clubsonica Records 2020 [Clubsonica Records]
VA – Figura X-MAS 2021 [Figura Limited]
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VA – The Best of Both Worlds 2020 [Full Tilt Recordings]
VA – The Best of Transensations (2018 – 2020)
VA – Winter Clinique 021 [Clinique Recordings]
Zaeino – Around Your Soul [Estribo Records]

Tech House

7midi – Confusion [G-Mafia Records]
Albuquerque & Foletto – Radiola Belvedere [Radiola Records]
Alejandro Peñaloza – The Call [Lemon Juice Records]
Alex Kenji – Right Now [Hotfingers]
Andres Garcia (CL) – Crazy Criminal [Coquimbo Music]
Andrew Peret – Meeting [Clipper’s Sounds]
Anto & Rare Candy – Got Money [Cravin’ Records]
Barc – Kryptonite [Notyon Records]
Betatone Collective – Passion [Marba Records]
BOBBY SHANN – Takeover [Shann Music]
BOOLIT & AKURI – Haunted Night [LowFreQ Records]
Cassetta – So Hot Remix [Sujet Musique]
Chemical Disco & THE KLASS – The Crow [One Stamp Records]
Chris Manura – Jeahr [Pour La Vie]
Cubba Jr. – Why [KLUBINHO]
Daniel Garuz – Logic [Revival records]
David Preciados – All Day [Comedie Records]
DavidDance – Fearless [EKO Sounds]
DJ Disciple & Banji Boyz – United Colors of Freaks [Catch 22]
DJ PIZZINI – Ternura [Vibetek Records]
DJ Zepka – Free Things [New Horizon Recordings]
Dmitri Saidi & Groove Killah – Funky & High [Bunny Tiger Dubs]
Domscott – War & Peace [UM Records]
DTAILR – Keep It Up [Elegant Bastards]
DubVision – Deeper [LE Distribution]
Eddie Kitsner – Ghost Eclipse [A3 Music]
Edu Campos – How I Do It [Inexplikable]
Emanuel Satie – One Love [Moon Harbour Recordings]
Emolw – Shake That [Playmobil]
Exency & Maceo Rivas – Dreams [Revoke]
Francisco Allendes – Roulette [Saved Records]
Fuertech – Disco Bass [Floresta Records]
Gabo Vizcaino – Talk Talk Talk [VIZ]
gabry the sound – Rocky Store [The Music School]
Galo Azin & Gonzalo Risso, Santiago Diaz – Funky Drums
Gaty Lopez & Morsy – Wepa ! [Jango Music]
Gie Hayford – Altitude Bop (Club Mix) [Triplicate Music]
GRIDMUTE – All Night [Mute Grid]
Guigak – Don’t Sleep [Molotov21]
Hector Valadez – Mr. DJ [Ocaso Records]
Hoani Teano – Tankwa Karoo [Nomadism Records]
Horsta – Off My Brain [Lemon Juice Records]
HÜGGØ – Since 1980 [Codigo56 Records]
Igor Zanga & David Cueto (ES) – Double Bands
J-Onyx & Santiago Corral – Zulu [DataTech]
Jack Burt – Crush on You [BEATAHOLIKZ]
Jake Ness – Rhatta [Nervous Records]
James Hurr & Glovibes – Champion Lover (feat. Frankco Harris)
James Reid – Etern [Dubwise Records]
Jess Bays – Every Little Thing (Stanny Abram Remix)
Jiorgio Ranion – Groove the Latin [Marktek Records]
Joe Valentin – Whatever It Takes [Track Turners Music]
Jose Vilches – Magic and Dream [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Josh Coakley – Ain’t Got Time [Chapeau Music]
Juan (AR) & Stefano Kosa – Gowl [DCM LAB]
Juligan G – Acid Groove [Feynman Records]
Justin Lawson – Low Pro [Murston Records]
Kadenza – Love [Automation Nation]
Kenny Ground – The Beat is Rockin [Old School Department]
Kevin Corral – Circus [Space Invaders]
Kirwan – Fire In My Hands [Innocent Music]
Knyts – Overpower [Groove Bassment]
Kuestenklatsch – Is Now [Material]
Late Replies – Nine Forty PM [Deeperfect Records]
Lenna & Benjamin Barth – While [Jango X]
León Napoleón – Revolt [Los Underground]
Lester G – Reality [Quattuor Records]
Luigi Muletto – The Brandoom [Groove Lovers]
Luzio & Takashi Kurosawa – Flip the Script [Claps Records]
M.Rox – Lost Tribes [Vibetek Records]
Mad Brother & Phineo – Bruuuh [Slightly Sizzled Records]
MadMaster – Freedom [Eisenwaren]
Madtracks & Abel Suarez – You [Arizonica Music]
Martin Nail – My Girl [Vulkano Records]
Mikp – Narcos [Disguise Records]
Ms.Fuji – The Code [Kiko Records]
Neculai – Put It On [TOKYO SINDROME]
Nestor Sanchez – The Hell [Back It Up Records]
Nick Silva – Live Up [Not So Serious]
NoCornerS – Time [29 Tech]
Norbee V – Left 2 Right [Wiking Recordings]
Novecento – Division [Unbelievable Music]
Oscar Mackenzie – Fortune [Heaven Tracks]
Peter Prk – Tech Funky [Sr. Events Music]
Pitchy & Scratchy & Calmright – Omnipresence
Plaztik – Wanna Dance [REFILL MUSIC]
Rob Stillekens – Confirmed [Youth Culture]
Roxy – The Contagion [Nervous Records]
Ruben de Medina – Miau [Suma Records]
Ruzmore – Summer [Drak Records]
SIDEPIECE & Tom & Collins, SIDEPIECE – Fallin for You (Tom & Collins Remix)
Stefano Kosa – Tigghy [Klaphouse Records]
Steve Darko & Nala, Steve Darko – Descending [DIRTYBIRD]
T.Do.Mass – Exstasy Boom Boom [GUICHET RECORDS]
Taurean – Mozi (Made In Brooklyn) [It’s Alive Vox Imprint]
THE PEPIX – Papua [Sonido D Club Records]
The Unlocker & R&ber, The Unlocker & R&Ber – Ironed Bass
Tony J Guarino – Get Ready [Monkey Stereo Records]
Tony Metric – Moves [Knuck!]
Trukan – Dope [Shield Records]
VA – Armonia Universal – Chapter One [Venezuela Electronica]
VA – Conglomerations [Stereoheaven]
VA – Convergences [Obazda]
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VA – Talking Machine 8 [Spiral Groove Recordings]
Valerio Bonfa – Focus [Insurgent Music]
Xenso – Magic [Sonambulos Music]
YRM – The Return [Mambo Lab]
Zeno Jones – Tu Calor [More Horizons Music]

Techno & Minimal

753 – Raving in the Abyss [SINDEX]
Absolar – Orbital Convergence [Stimular Recordings]
Adarta – Ravelation [Adarta Records]
Adrián Román (ES) – Razors [Mal Karma Records]
Adriana Ray – Time Wave [Plazma Records]
Agu Paredes – Unity [Tentaculos Records]
Ak (BE) – Belle [Turtle Musik]
Akenaton – Conclusions [Hxagrm Records]
Alan Morales – State of Hallucination Part 1 [Kombo Records]
Alpha Particle Assembly & Anders Reitz – Complex System
Analog Shift – Rocket Punch (Remix) [NuZone Gears]
Analogik Voice – Time Gong [Saphir Records]
Andrea Bertolini, TaxKiller – Alla Fine [Kidz Luv Tekkno]
Andrea Paz – Bali Remixes [Discos Pato Carlos]
Army of One KC – Addiction [XMOD Records]
Atze Ton – Under the Ground [Rhythm Records]
B.Straxcid – Code One [Black Bore Records]
Bad Teckno – Extinction [Radiator Of Sound]
Ballistika – Beatdown [Bodies In Motion]
Bastian Balders – Bal003 [Balders Audio]
Begg – Corporal Pun [null+void Recordings]
Ben Scsi – Error [ImButcher Music]
Benfay – Timing Error [AEYumaX]
Black Lotus (GER) – Quantum Vacuum [FLASH Recordings]
BUM DRUM´S – Basuko [DarkCrow Records]
Burak Eren Ozcan – Arche [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Carbon Street – Amalgam [LETS TECHNO records]
Carles DJ – Teknora [LETS TECHNO records]
Carlos Inc – Killing [The Other Face Records]
CementO – Industrialized Filter [Faarikaal Records]
Coinnealbhá – Credulous [Grey Beard Records]
David Pulido – Vice [RAW WORX]
David Sellers – Alternate and Focused [IAMT Red]
Deep Digital – Moments of Liberation [Marktek Records]
DHÅRULE – Digital Poison [93]
Diego Asbell – Schizophrenic [Digital Under Records]
DJ Dano – All United as One [TPF Records]
DJ GIO.PO – Music Surround [Mystic Carousel Records]
Dj Kapral – Tech Now [29 Tech]
DJ Lion – Hunt Jung [Harthouse]
Dj Matt Black – Time Machine [Trax Records]
DJ Spandex – Space 2021 []
DJ Spandex – Underneath []
Djo – Let‘s Get It Start It [Human Rave]
Domenico Crisci – Tutto [Summa Cum Laude]
Dott. Santafeo – La Fascia di Kuiper [Apnea Label]
Dreian & Karim Alkhayat – Subtance [Reload Black Label]
Duppeditt & Faia – By Midnight [Romklang Records]
E11 – Wanna Be Possessed [Unusual Records]
Einka – To Waken Doubt in One Remixed [Goldmin Music]
Elyot – Deus Ex Machina [Reiver Records]
Elyot – Not Detroit Techno [Reiver Records]
Exposed 2 Radiation – Evil Rage [Dark Distorted Signals]
Fabio Rietti – Deeplocomotive [Luminar Records]
Fane – Voyage [TaiJi Records]
Farfacid – Happy Dark Age [Alien Theory Records]
Fes Bondat – Explode [Botanica Records]
Fleeky Croomes – Technophysics [The Seed]
Fractions – Fractions – Violent Eyes [Fleisch Records]
Fredstyler – Prediction Finale [AST Recordings]
Frode – Ghetto Blaster [SMSH]
Fuzzmode – Rainy Day [Ithica Records]
Gabo Zandetti – Maya [DIAPHRAGM]
George Adi – Hamos [Playoff]
Greg Denbosa – Make My Way [Airsound Records]
Harkus Mahn – Start Up [SMR001]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Reflect [Mord]
Hurm – Superheat [Hot Fuss]
I Am Bam – The Sixth Sense [Alaula Music]
I’m FGR – Focus [Oxytech Planet]
Ignacio Arfeli – Danger [Octopus Warehouse Series]
Ignacio M. – Half Life. [Black Light Music]
Inrra – Magma [Kryzar Music]
Insteption, Tomas – Elect 09 [Plasteline]
Interagent – Empirical Research [2RB Records]
Italiander – My Muse [Epic Forest Records]
J.O.S.H.U.A & Mergim, J.O.S.H.U.A – Stay Hard [Don’t Just…]
Julio Armada – Redention [Avaken]
Junior Serra – Atami [Clipper’s Sounds]
Kanyl – Mxvsatv [Point Nemo]
KASEI – Children of the Night [Mimishvi Records]
Keah – Quimica [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Kellener – Solar Fields [Music From Exo-Planet]
Kenny Kelly – Alice & Her Rabbit , Like Stone [Deep Tech Lab]
Keops 13 – Andromeda [Cosmonaut 13 Records]
Ksabe – Wonderland [Catamount Records]
Likuidvibe – Above [Stahlplatten]
Loris Panaia – Kiss My [LRS Private Distribution]
Luigi Donvito – Ghostly Job [Sunora Recordings]
Luke’s Anger – Micro Dose [Bonus Round Records]
Luvolin – Unconditional [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Madow – Abstractivate , Launch in Progress [Techburst Records]
Matt Ess – Stay Away! [Mechanikal]
Maurel & Pardy – Twist & Scream [Ipsographic Records]
Mauser – Upside [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Maverik Madness – The Eviction [Ravesolution Records]
Max Müller – The Future [Switch Off Records]
MCHL51 – Amsterdam95 [Reckoning Records]
Minor Code – Move the Crowd [avesso records]
Miss Sonik – PeRsepHonE Remix 1 [Stereofly Records]
Moodyboy – Electricity [Mavic Music]
Moth – H.W.P.O [Winked Records]
MSTRBLSTR – Ill Acid [Ill Acid Records]
MZDZ – Insight [Emphatic Records]
New45 – Chemo Fog [Past & Present]
Niamiha – Syxt018 [SYXT]
Nick Coleman – Continuum [Suckmusic]
No-link – Dance Stance [VIICE RECORDS]
Nomarex – Skyler [X-trax]
Notnotice – Neomidevalism [Underdub Records]
Oall Hates – Tranceporter The Remixes [Of Paradise]
Oldskool Boyz – I Want More [Znas Music]
Oscar Mulero – Tormenta [PoleGroup]
P-Ben – End of Tatouine [UKR Special Series]
Pas Cam – Trifase [No Design]
Patrick Dandoczi – Deetroy [Hijacked Records Detroit]
PETER PAHN – Anytime You Like [Reload Black Label]
Plus Beat’z – Sunny [LoveStyle Limited]
Primaudia Record – Brutagion [Electronic Alliance Records]
Project Noire – Elektrons [Crosstech Records]
Qual & Freude – Basilisk [Betrieb Records]
Red Apple – Alone [Evitative Records]
Rob van Hell – Heavy Machinery [Black Drop]
Robert Furrier & 18 East – Crescent Moon Remix [Furrier Records]
Ross Roys – Wind (Anthony M. Remix) [K-Noiz]
Ruimte Vogel – Drop Down Sun King [Space-Echoes Records]
Sanja 3×9 – CLXIII [Otomo Trax]
Seicker – Rave On [Archon Records]
Sine Tempus – Survivor Cult [Black Dragon River Music]
Stan Christ – 911 [Revised Records]
Stanny Abram & Art Of Zync – Mechanical Life [Eichtal Recordings]
STELAN – Autumn Travel – Repainted [iElektronix]
Steve Parker – Elevate [Dolma Red]
Surit – Bureaucracy Against the Joy Population (feat. Anfs)
Sven and Haris – Microdose [Human Dreams]
Tano Barbuto & Marco Puglisi – Lune [ZFF]
Tawa Girl – Dark Evening [Destrukt Sound Records]
Tech C – Hiden Hart [Neapolis Records]
The Kompozitor – Reaper (feat. Meeleed) [Baked Birds]
The Plant Worker & Maureen – Trauma [Translucent]
Till Sort – CC [DSR Digital]
TineX – Astrologic [Pure Dope Digital]
Tommy Naboo – AU (Acid Underground)
Tonkraft – Seelenfresser [Destrukt Sound Records]
Tony Ess – Fck It [Sanitarium]
Tony G – BNT162B2-I Hope [ESSET]
Tony Kosa – Polsant [MYRIAD]
Tony Romanello & Salvatore Mediana – Mare Tranquillitatis
Tonya Carlopio – My name is Techno [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Tuber – Shifting Perception [Inguma]
VA – Avaken Origins The Best Of 2020 [Avaken]
VA – Beat Warriors Pres. End of Year 2020 [Beat Warriors Rec]
VA – Elektrax Recordings Best Of 2020
VA – Good to Your Earhole [Smashead Records]
VA – MaKaJa Gonzales, 10th Anniversary
VA – Noritian Mysteries II [Norite Records]
VA – PTR Best 2020 [Physical Techno Recordings]
VA – Quarantena Acida [acid boiler coalition]
VA – Sound Kleckse Records Collectors Edition Complete 2020
VA – Synergy [SQNC Records]
VA – Techno Selectiva Vol.01 [Second Segment Records]
Vain Nofler – Sheath [Neu Gravity]
Veritaz – Remarkable Record [Rebelpark]
Victor Zala – Laika [Koslif]
Vilas Monnappa – Udarke [Differed Records]
Vynek – Creation of Mind [Kidz Luv Tekkno]
Wide River – The Lab Works [Grasshopper]
Xenia (UA) – Stimulant X [Numen]
XVIII – Phi 4 [Aurea Records]
Zack Eyes – Entire [Syncopate]
Zurrenda – Tribalgen [Moziion]