Afro House

afro drumz – Yemaya Orisha [El Santuario Records]
Dj Msewa – Phakama [Msewa Music]
Dr. Feel – Ngoma [Black Mambo]
Dr. Feel – Of Masai [Da Fuba Records]
Flaton Fox – Virus [ZK Music Records]
JB & Da Lee LS – Storyteller [Guettoz Muzik Streaming Pool]
Joe Valentin – Breaking Through [Track Turners Music]
Jorge Kabel – Untitled [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
KauraDj & Bongotrack – Tropa Do BumBum [Xumba Recordings]
Kaylex – Skim Sami [Artist Republik]
MilloKwase – Omi [Artist Republik]
MPMC – Joy [Tinsimo]
Nicolas C – Tranquility [Lavenir Music]
Sonikem – Young Simba [Fines-lames Productions]
Soulconquer & Happnes Mdhluli, Soulconquer – Akula
Trax Machine – Random Soul [Mycrazything Records]
VA – Deep Resolute Best Of 2020 [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
VA – Mo’vibes (Various Artists) [MoBlack Records]
VA – Year #4 Celebration [Guettoz Muzik]


Beatloud – Two Cappuccinos [SPACE PIZZA Records]
DJ Hero – Anticipation Station [Solitude Studios]
Fian Marpan – Tuduh Fatimah (Fian Marpan Remix) [Indobass]
FullSwing – Bridge Collapse [Glitch Hop Community]
Headphone Jack – Get Loose [Indivision Music]
Hidden Crew – Best of Me [K-Noiz Select]
LoudGRIMM – Off Into La-La Land [Wave Science Records]
Nyrus – Boreal [Conscious Electronic]
OnDaMiKe – Um [Ravesta Records]
Yo Speed & Dasha Meelo – Gold Keys [83]


Alex Tasty – You Go In [Monobeat Music]
Alphalove – Don’t Wanna Stop (feat. Conor Maynard)
AZI-A – Pandemic [Amadei Music]
Bee Yell – Do You Feel It [Feel Hype]
benuebermensch – THE REAL HU$TLE [checkmate]
Blundetto – Dub Azucar [Heavenly Sweetness]
Brunewell – Free [FLUFFY CHILL]
BUNT. – Unbreakable (feat. Clarence Coffee Jr.)
Clare Of Anthony – I Always Think of You [Tamase Records]
Danny & Maurice & BlackBonez – Tonight [Miami Records]
Dante Ali – Modular [76 Recordings]
Deepest Blue – Bad Guy [Warner Records]
Desa – Apuse (DJ Tik Tok Remix) [Indobass]
Diko Pratama – Anjing Banget [BMG Records]
Disco Drizzle – Happy Go Lucky Pandemic Warriors
Dj Berkin – Another Dimension [Doblesound Records]
Dj Berkin – Invader (DJ Julio Fiesta Remix) [Doblesound Records]
DJ GUNNHARD – Dancer (feat. Gino Soccio) (Renew Mix)
DJ Kryst-Off – Never Stop! (Norton Remix) [feat. Breaker] [Remixes]
DJ Ray – Analog Cat [Doblesound Records]
DJ Tempest & Wolfrage – Let it go [Wolfrage Recordings]
Don Alonso – Pekingese [Nustromo Music]
Dr Breezy – Iyabiza (feat. Noluntu J) [Dynastic Musiq]
Dr. Feel – Floating [Mr. Afro Deep]
DSP_GOD – Noise [Freshtunes]
DYLN – Dyln_02 [DYLN]
Ether Drift – World Warrior [Horus Music Limited]
Ezechiel – Nasty Girl [Digital Village Music]
Filterfox – Elegance [Filterfox]
Franc.Marti – Escape [Radiator Of Sound]
GENTLE LIMITS – I Am [Gloamed]
Gin and Sonic – Come Alive [SSL Music]
Hardware – Let’s Get Twisted 2020 [PMLG]
Irmak Akan – Chime Again [Akan Recordings]
James Black Pitch – Poker Face [Black Boat]
Jipsta – Year of the Tiger [Bandoozle Beatz]
Klipr – Final Hour [Streamin’ Music Group]
Kolya Festival – Festivalim [Crazy Russians]
Kooky – Nobody Like You [Purple Dinosaur Music]
Landy el Solido – Warning [Dpm Network Music Distribution]
Leadius Maximus – Transistor 8 [Leadius Maximus]
Levxx – Second chances [Smile Creations Music Label]
Local Sharks – Inside the Concrete Bunkers [Local Sharks]
Loris Caramanico – Never Ending [Shake It Up Recordings]
Loseluce & Jenny Wallis – Be My Love (Radio Edit)
M3DRADA, Vicissu & Taproz – Innerbloom 2k21 – Remix
Ma.Bra. – Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonite (Ma.Bra. Mix)
MARA J – Nobody [WM Music Rec]
mavzy grx – Turn Back Time [Mystery Freedom Records]
Max Lake – Ricochet [VAST]
Max Lake – Wild for the Night [VAST]
Miami Horror – Sometimes (French 79 Remix)
Mou5zyzz – Greatest Mistake [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
NENE (Br) – Funk Mix 2010 [Eletrofunk Records]
NENE (Br) – Nois Pega (feat. MC GURY(Br))
Nene & Mc Gury – Quer Fazer Amor Comigo
Ninurta – Sunshine [Digital Village Music]
NIVERSO – Forget You [cocane]
NxOms – Nama [Suonare Records]
Oleg Soldatov – Los Chayahuita [Karia Records]
Oskitronic – Keeping on Tech [Go! Tech Records]
Paco Martinez – Harmony [Base Industry Records]
Paige – New Mercedes (feat. Devin Kennedy)
QuanLaFlare – Hocus Pocus [Artist Republik]
Rolipso – Bugatti Ridin’ [Panther’s Groove]
SLANDER, Dylan Matthew & Greenice – Love Is Gone (Orchestral Cover)
Slippy – Free [Dim Mak Records]
Smart Drizzy – Sweet Vibe [Artist Republik]
Sonik Sun & Mickii – Lost (Intro Version) [Soniko Recordings]
Spyllo & MIDIcal – Hey (3X) [MIDIcal]
Stanley Ray – Lavender Boy [Artist Republik]
Tenebra Lux – Dangerous Levels [Tenebra Lux]
Tetra Hydro K & Mystically – Twilight Vision (Smoking Sessions 6)
Themanfrommars – Norska Blev vi [Artist Republik]
Tom Hall – What Love Is (feat. Salena Mastroianni) [Perfect Havoc]
Tosch – Sheer Out [ToschMusic]
VA – Good Luck Penny Records Best Of 2020 [Good Luck Penny]
Very Much Known – Weak [Alpha Music Collective]
yaboii – I Don’t Wanna Go [PYRO NXT]
Zerko & Stephen Alces – Talk to Me [Ocean Music Group]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Act Cool – Pages (28mm Remix) [Concrete Kin]
Alexander Koning – No Alibi (feat. Emarie) [King Street Sounds]
Alexander Koning & Antony Hequet – Strange Behaviour
Alt Control – Senegal [Camel Riders]
Angel Monroy – Deep Sala [LH Strikes]
Boogie Boots – All Yours (DD Rework) [Disco Down]
Boogietraxx – Dancin [Slightly Transformed]
Chris Lujan & Electric Butter – New Years Day (feat. Andre Cruz)
Cyril J – Alostro [AudioMeth Recordings]
Decent Rides – Britney’s Face [See-Saw]
Deland Beatz & Wolfrage – The Tribe [Wolfrage Recordings]
DH7 – Expression [Habitual Grooves]
Dj Element & Mellow Men – I Told You [Deep Clicks]
DJ J. Taylor – Speak Your Mind (feat. Nicole) [Duna Beats]
DJ Ragex – Winter Anthem [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Dubrowski – Boardwalk [Freq Freak]
Dyphtera – Ynaros [CrazElectro]
Father Rock – Your My Best Friend (feat. Norman Titcomb)
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Biometric [Biometric Music]
Hanny – Infrastructure [Black Studio]
HiVACHi – Horizon [Force Energy Records]
Ijan Zagorsky – See the Colors [DeepShine Records]
ImageBeatz – Now or Never [ImageBeat Recordings]
Ivory Child – Jam Lee [Turtle Musik]
Jeao – Reason to Fight for Love [Uba Lua Records]
Jo Beatz & Fishy_PKAT151 – Digital Sunset [SR Musics]
Joe2Shine & Zdeeps – Shutter [Lowly]
Konrad OldMoney, Cerbeus & Johnny Gr4ves – Callin Me King
Kvinn – Secret Love [Anbito]
Lamuzgueule – Electro Swing Best of, Pt. 1 [Asso Rock’volution]
Laphonzo – Hip-Hop 24,7 (feat. D’shon El Villano & Lish)
Leeviosh – Wanna Get Loose [Old Dayzz Recordings]
Lekanzasoul – Midnight Groove [404 Deep Records]
Leo Gitelman – Dimension ’92 [Smashing Trax Records]
Lisa Moorish & Andy Craig – Mr Friday Night (UMAI Cuts) [Shivar]
Lorenzo Chi – Come On (feat. Lil Bobster) [Deep Brothers Productions]
Lost Youth – Cocoa Beach [HQ Listeners]
Mario Arici – Harmony With Oneself [Moiss Music Black]
Marlon Kirk & Cyrus ‘Brew’ Grissom, Marlon Kirk – Time & Place
Matt Prehn & Marcus Zuercher – Skin Deep [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Matthew Carter – Night People [CrazElectro]
Mavalo – Wanna Be with You [Mango Sounds]
Milkano – I Can’t Preach [Creación Musical]
Mutca – Stars in Your Hands [DeepWit Recordings]
Neon Transmission – Endless Eyes [HouseBeat Records]
No.13 – Fly Away [Dirty Beatz Records]
Norenoise – Things To Say [Solivagant Records]
Nowakowski – Perfect [120bpm]
Nykoluke – Retrovision [Thunder Jam Records]
Orce Jordanov – Girls [Kontinental Records]
Pilch – Story Thief [Erijo Gold]
ppdee – Eclipse [Cherokee Recordings]
Rianu Keevs – Stay [Rianu Keevs]
Rianu Keevs – Surrender [Rianu Keevs]
Sandy Satriya – Like This Like That [NSNTR Records]
Sigaah – High Density [Dope Webside]
Soldatov – Hungry Games (feat. Alicedi) [Gardash Records]
Soul Bombs – Need Someone [Walk Of Shame Records]
Telman – Ma Quale Idea [Rebelpark]
Terrae – Da Way of Feel [S. Walker Choice Kutz]
The Audio Manipulator – Witherspoon Chinblade [Never Forever]
The Dutch Deepartment – Quarantine Winter [Airborne Rec.]
Thones Mamu – Goes Deeper [Manipura Music]
VA – Autumn Breeze [WayOn]
VA – Deep Smash [MCT Luxury]
VA – Sunrise at the Exit [Boite Music]
VA – Va006 [And Friends Records]
Velvet Valley – Source [KulturSounds]
Vito Von Gert & Artem Rubtsov – White Noise (Rework)
Wearing Shoes & Jemaho – Brothers in Soul
Zetbee – I Can [Hive Label]
Zyloh – Get It Up [Devil Den Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

4Ty $ing PRADA, FLOWNAUMI & Whami – Along
Alchemyc – Move My Body [True Generation]
Alex Slk & B-Plexx, Alex Slk & Bully – Game Changer [Pick ‘n’ Mix]
Bc#9 – Loving You [DNB UNITED RECORDS]
Big Cash & Miss Fox – Arabian Night [Filthy Sounds]
Bonsche – All the Ladies [YouTunez]
Brick Top – Gooba [Wiking Recordings]
David Damage – Hit It! [Rewind Records]
DB Patrick – Full Flight [DBP Recordings]
Debrief – Tendril [Wobble&Bass Audio]
DIFRI – Dystopia [Grand Dark Audio]
DJ Fusion – Vortex , Escapade [Life For Music]
Dj Greyhound – Hands Up [Revkon Records]
Domeno & Richie Loop, Domeno – Reminisce [Revealed Recordings]
Dtx & MSSVKNTRL – A Faint Hope [Invert Recordings]
Esave – The Essential Rhythm [Nahual Records]
FDJ – Absolute Zero [Recall Records]
Filthy P – Pull Up [Big And Heavy Recordings]
FVLK – Jvngle [Norvis Music]
Fynxx – Destiny [Musata Music]
Geety & Skydata – Elusive [Samsara Beats]
Genom – Tokyo Station [Genom Audio]
Glockz & LV, Glockz – Murder Call [Broken Vault Records]
Higher Sector – Milky Way [Higher Sector]
Jana de kneef – Fly [Artist Republik]
Jaxx Inc. – Just Bounce That [Dirty Dutch Music]
Karpy – EVRY DAY (feat. Damaged Goods) [Confession]
Kraux – The Bomb [Studio59]
L!NK – Free Your Soul [True Generation]
Lar Fugee – Lar Fugee – eMdantsane III [Artist Republik]
Leks – Chat So Much [Maad Ting]
Master Error – Find Our Way , Mankind [Pick The Lock Records]
Molecular – Annual 2020 [Delta9 Recordings]
Mr Quest – Blastout [Solid Vinyl Music]
Naco – Tranjit , Koeq [85acid]
Nautica – Check This [Phunk Junk Records]
Nymeos – Copa Cobana [Mixa Records]
Octo Pi & Teej, Octo Pi – The Boz Boz [Nuusic]
Özhan Özal – Place for You [Airport Records]
Payback – Realist [Smooth N Groove Records]
Peeb – Iceness [Guerilla Bass Records]
Pex L – Best of Big Fish 2020 [Big Fish Recordings]
Pharakami Sanders – Pharakami Sanders [85acid]
Puzzle – True Colours [Redacted]
Qbist MC – In Your Eyes [SANDELLA MUSIC]
QZB – Elektron Dub [Critical Music]
Redline – Street Knowledge [Dutty Bass Audio]
Salviatto – Dark Thoughts [Deep Bear]
Samlight & Stage Republic – Show Me Love (Thomas Gold Edit)
Scythe – Fractal [Razor Audio]
SEM!O – Night Rider [Rhino Star Records]
Semjon Joosten – Our Story (feat. Emelyn) [Revkon Records]
Sheiksphere – The Big Banger Theory [Spaced Out Records]
SHOTSFIRED – Overspill [Drama Records (US)]
Sign – Forced Conflict [Subplate Recordings]
Simple Souls – Sweet Love [Liquid V]
SlYder & Ben Chaverin – The Key (Remixes) [Simplify.]
SoopaDaark – Asteroids [Ruff And Tuff Recordings]
Soul Connection – Too Soon , Can’t Tell You Why
Souya – Reunion [Elliptical Sun Recordings]
Stan Creed – Sverkay [Rerobotic]
T.K – Platformate [Kojiki Records]
Tharun Hardy – Athena [ONLY THE BEST]
The Burner Brothers – Get Real High [Patrol The Skies Music]
Timmo Hendriks – Memories (feat. Jordan Grace)
VA – Best of HyperBlast 2020 [HyperBlast Records]
VA – Fuck 2020 [I Am Audio]
VA – Treasure Cave [Deep Quake Music]
VAl – For All Mankind End of the Year Edition 2020
Veak – Shock [The Foundation]
Vozon Azzteca – Kali [Musata Music]
Xampah – Funkot Downbeat 788 [Kota Records]
Yed Prior – Bouma , Shine [Midnight Sun Recordings]
Zero G – Bounce , 2 Styles [Dub Shotta]

Electronica & Downtempo

Adam Francis – Constellations of Space , Summer Sunset
Andreas Sam – Anatolia [imani made for music]
Aor Agni – Inner Peace [Elixion Records]
Audrey Vixen – Head Underwater [Sonaris Music]
Bedrave – Revisions [Sub-Label Recordings]
Bloo Crane – Fallin (feat. Natalia Nykiel)
Blush To The Snow – The Drift 2 Perihelion
Bootleg Contraband – Don’t Know Why [Section Eight Music]
Bruno De La Mola – Lagartijas [Dan Dada Records]
CJahVoid – Neurosis De Capital [Behavior Recordings]
De Mian – Sogno Pandora (feat. Sveno)
Di Carlo – Bella Ciao [We Are Remember]
DJ KoT – Next Level [Diana Recs]
Doc Timit – World Relaxations [White Rooms]
Dysiumex – Remember [CongaRecords]
Electronic Fluke – Fortune Cookies [Wonderfly Records]
Essence Project – Moments of Being (feat. Jonathan A)
Feliks – Ne zaboravljaj (Instrumental) [Feliks Records]
Fortex – Long Way [2 Steps To Chill]
Francois Manzoh – Baila Amigos (feat. Isabella de Flore)
Garçons ! – We All Shall Die [EDITION JAW]
George Dare – Feels Like Fucking (Remixes) [Artistfy Music]
Ghost Money – Exotic Celestial Phenomena and Human Affairs
Gians – The History of Ann [Good News Records]
Glimmig – Outside [Kabache]
Grimes & i_o, Grimes – Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition) [4AD]
Jave’ – The Shannon [Oh My Gosh]
John Numa – Regeneration [Musica Machina Records]
JussComplex – Mysterious Love [Chill ‘Til Late Records]
Kaisla – Flashlight [Kaisla]
Kaleidoscope – Faithfull Horizons [Classè Records]
Kelzy, Gizi & Vechigen – Believe in Yourself [Divergent Industry]
Kensho Vibes – ReConnect (feat. DoubleCrush & Erica Eldridge)
Keops 13 – Brave Driver [Cosmonaut 13 Records]
Koen Groeneveld & Stem – Put Ya Muddafakkin’ Hands Up
Luvolin – Related Souls [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Luvolin – Resonate [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Masentunut Huomenna – No Dates [Alakulttuuritalo]
Metaman – IRINA Remixed [Inside Out Records]
Moveton – Sok Iz Peska [BORSH]
Nex LiVe – Sin Rencores [Electronic Latin Music]
Niels Gordon – Helio (Lehnberg Remix) [Lamour Records]
Nro – Just a Day [2 Steps To Chill]
OPtunes – Pflaum (Molum Molum Molum) [YouTunez]
Oscar Werner – Equity [AST Recordings]
Pensées – Eclectica [Pensees Music]
Phenomenology – Behind Your Vacant Eyes [MOR Records]
Project B.I.O. – Autumn Morning [29 CHILL]
Qbt – Waves [Graba Music]
QUAAD H & Carsten Kurpanek – Breath [TT7 Records]
Sergio Helou – Neo Vibe [California Music]
Subscape – Departure [UKF]
Teatisana – Loving Cherries [Santa Voyage]
The Sonic Company – Retrophony [DY MO Music]
Themanfrommars – All Over Again (feat. Anna Zitnikova)
VA – Act III Alliance [Baku Records]
VA – Best of Promind Recordings 2020 [Promind Recordings]
VA – Fullness of Life [Nidra Music]
VA – Leisure Time Style [Nidra Music]
VA – Morning Paintings [Stereoheaven]
Voltus – Resotone [Eutuchia Music]
White Page – Sexynth-Sonic [AUDIOZ]
Yekuro Losho – Two Things [Blissful Moods]
Zoom – Equatorial Stars [ZOOM]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

2Sleep – I’m Groovin’ [Friday Rush Records]
Atom Swag – Jump [Smart Records UK Limited]
Bassboy & DJ Fen – Symptoms (DJ Fen Remix) [Upcycle Recordings]
DJ Pencil & The Cut Up Boys – Groove Rider [PointBlank Records]
Drinks On Me – Exhale [Wang Records]
Elemental – show me [E.lementaL Music]
Gianfranco Cirillo – In My Head [PuccioEnza Records]
Groove Synergy – Move Your Body [Bumpin Underground Records]
Higher Sector – Anarchist Archives (feat. Mr Traumatik) [Higher Sector]
McAlvis – Cure [Brimstone Records]
McAlvis – H.T. [Brimstone Records]
McAlvis – You’re Near Me [Brimstone Records]
Riversilvers – Infatuation [Riversilvers]
The Relatives – Take Me in [Back2Bump Records]


Achickwitbeatz – Maybe Again [Nylon Trax]
Adarra – Purple [bocina records]
Albert De León & Eliuth Sax – El Saxero [Agua Ardiente Records]
Amyl and The Sniffers – Born to Be Alive [Rough Trade UK]
Andrea Palazzo – E4 – Break the Glass [Ænima Recordings]
Arbelaster – Riverside [Black Boat]
Beezy – Spantsula [Artist Republik]
Ben Hixon – N.I.C.E. [Dolfin Records]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Try Again (Extended Mix)
Brad Miner – Vault Selections [Housepit Chi]
Brrak – Double Dealin [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Chemars – Jack Is Back [Ginkgo Music]
Chrizz Luvly – Come With Me [Dreamdealers]
Claborg & Paolo Bardelli – Just 4 Fun (Jackin Club Mix)
Clive – The Twins [Solid State Disco]
Cold Winter & Robert Woodfield – Covid Experiment [Planet Ambi]
Customs DJ – Sweet November [iparallels]
Dailin Schafer – Thankful Heart [Schafer Records]
DJ Fopp & Ivan Trevisan – Uno Dos Tres Mambo
DJ Frog & Revealed Recordings – On My Back [Revealed Radar]
DJ Midimack – I Get [Mack Tracks]
DJ Vavvá – DJ Se Toca Pra Carai (feat. Los Tiburones)
dudegotosleep – The One [YBRthelabel]
Ethan Wood – Boogie Tonight (feat. Morris Revy) [SoulRise Records]
Everyday Avenue – This Is the Return [Juicy Music]
Falcos Deejay & Crown & Beyond – Lay It Down , All Goes Wrong
FDF – The Main Line [Juiced Music]
FederFunk – Alright I’m Out [Shared Rec]
Fernando Picon & Carlos Puentes – Chimo Loco [Surbeats Records]
Filta Freqz – Bassline [Seventy Four]
Gas Di Fede – Feel It [Groove NY Records Inc.]
GL4M – Mad’ouk (feat. DJibouti) [Critique]
Glen Costa – Paradise [Devine Uk]
Iag & Omoc – You Wanna Dance [Digital Village Music]
Jackson Munn – Breathe [Teknofonic Recordings]
Jon Lockley – Bring Back the Funk [Craniality Sounds]
Katie Kittermaster – The Problem (Acoustic) [Revanche Records]
KuKs – Take Me Back [Electric Station]
LaNesra & Chelsey Shannon Brown, LaNesra – The Beginning (Best of 2020)
LEOSOLAR – Adelante! (feat. Culture Beat) (LeoSolar Renew Tribute Mix)
Levelmute – Don’t Break [Knob Records]
loft 93 – Take Me High [Planet Hum Records]
Mad One – Jungle Cave [Devine Uk]
Mad One – Rusta Ama P [Devine Uk]
Mad One – Rusta Stance (feat. N . Love) [Devine Uk]
Mad One – Satisfaction [Devine Uk]
Mad One – Triblenatic [Devine Uk]
Maneten – Remakes and Remodels (EXP.1) [Lamour Records]
Martina Budde – I Love the Nightlife (Remix) [Deep Firehorse 66]
Michelino – 123 Music [Nu Monkey Records]
Microdim – Rockit [UNMODE]
Mike Chenery – Get On Down [Disco Filter Records]
mowie – Land Love, Pt. 1 [CollectiveAuthor]
Nate Laurence – Got Dang [Do U Boo]
nearonex – Good Day [Artist Republik]
Neat Mess – Club Talk [Seveneves Records]
Norberto Acrisio – Hertache number 9 [Bit Deluxe]
Norberto Acrisio aka Norbit Housemaster – The Underground
Olof Mengede – Low Behaviour [Feel The Bass]
Parametricz – Save Me (From Myself) [High Five Music]
Paul Sirrell – Move That Body [Orange Groove Records]
Photonz – Daylight Saving [Naivety]
Physical Dreams – Ethereal Escapes [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Reggio – Resurrection [Actuation]
Ryan Sadorus – Momentos [Passion54]
Sebastian Barrera – Yeah [Alpha & Omega]
Sebastian Rosse – Take Over [EP Records]
Shaun James – Don’t Stop [Innersound Digital]
Single Spark & High Line – That’s a Lie [Get The Sound]
Sonnenkind – A New Beginning [Sonnenstrahl Records]
Sonny Beau – Young Days [Nu Monkey Records]
Sonny Taylor – Errr Ma Gerrrd , It’s Over [Vamos Music]
Sterk & Vitto Rio – The Final Countdown [Digitag Records]
Stuart Ojelay – Put the Work in [Word Of Mouth Records]
Svet & Morelly – Tell Me [Extra Sound Recordings]
Terry G – Funky Junk [Midwest Hustle Music]
Terry Sartor – Pump It Up [Valiant Horizon]
The Hood Brodz – Into the Hood [Milky Way Records]
The K Program – Cruise [Puro Beat]
TMGROOVE – Lie Machine [Erijo Gold]
To Twelve – Picture of You [Revanche Records]
Tom Carruthers – Don’t Make Me Wait [Non Stop Rhythm]
VA – All Year Long 2020 [All Night Long Records]
VA – Best of 84Bit Music 2020 [84Bit Music]
VA – Best of CRMS Records 2020 [CRMS Records]
VA – Electronic Club Music [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Launch Live In New York [Launch Entertainment]
VA – Moon Sound [MOON SOUND]
VA – Muchacha Loca (feat. Los Tiburones) [Dj Vavva Records]
VA – Rh2 Tastemakers #26 [RH2]
VA – The 2020 Wrap Up [Bid Muzik]
Walter Gardini – Chica Baila [Fly Night Records]
Warhol77 & DJ PP – I Need You Now [Knuckles Rhythm]
William Tay – The Rahpsody NYC [Plant It]
Xlarve – Dance for Taurus [Xlarve]
XZEEZ & ErgiDede – Gta [Light Night Group]
YOYOHONEY & MANI-S – Sing Hallelujah (feat. Judy Kim) [Dark Star Mix]
YOYOHONEY & MANI-S – Sing Hallelujah (feat. Judy Kim) [Hugo Cantarra Remx]
Yvvan Back, Frank-lo & Massive Project – Ojala’

Melodic House & Techno

Alande – Its All Leftover [Trust You Melodic]
Alberto Santana – The End of Summer [Matinal Records]
Anima – Mercury [Iguana Music]
Binarium – Sun Reload [Ancient Pyramids Records]
Blanka Barbara – Winter Wonderland [Remixes]
Charly O-F – I Falling [Brigantia Records]
Creative Machine & Sergio Le Kid – Stella
Dasq – Interstellar [Space Star]
Dasq – Reborn [Space Star]
DJ Paul Stöcker, STOECKER – traeumchen [hoerbar musik]
Hackfreed – Dream [Vorwärts Musik]
Heaven’s Kitchen – Liquid Kindness [Hush Deep]
IR – Mindscape [Elastic Dimension Records]
Jaques Le Noir – Azimut [Crown Of Music]
Jo Fanciullo – Deep The Trumpet Love [Native Records]
José Diaz – Emotional [Karnal Records]
K-Aus – Facula [Monkey Project]
Kaan Pınar – Oma [Areena Records]
KutMe – Low Graphics [Bananas Records]
La Hera – Strike the Rampage [Beenoise Records]
lefthandsoundsystem – Nyah [Beachside Records]
Machete (AT) – Rocket [KRZM Records]
Manu Santos – Kamasutra (Remix) [Zarabunda Records]
Matt Pravisani – Dynamic [Groove Room Records]
Max T – Antares [Interstellar Records]
Mr. Sosa – Zealous [Elation Industrie]
Nakul C – Magus [VIAGE]
Ninshu – Sazrdo [SP Recordings]
Parallel Preservation – Susana [DTL Records]
Rokazer – Polaris [Mirror Walk]
Sergio Linares & Nicolas Piper – Jengibre
Spille – Blazy [Uba Lua Records]
Steve Levi – Everything You’ve Done [Starz Records]
Teua – Next Thing [Symbiotic Records]
Timo Veranta – Bot 147 , Let It Go [Amber Blue Recordings]
Tymore – Circulation [Basement]
Ufuk Yıldırım – Ultraspace Remixes [Airzwo Records]
URANNIA – Tampo [Toxic Astronaut]
VA – 2020 [Feel Hype]
VA – Best of TAMED 2020 [PDD Tamed]
VA – Best Remixes of ThreeRecords 2020 [ThreeRecords]
VA – From Chicago With Love 2020 [Vested Recordings]
VA – Muscaria Project Underground 2020 [MUSCARIA PROJECT]
Virox – Geminis [Kleos Recordings]
Vizard – Tropica [Botanica Records]
Wacko & Leedman – Zadeh [Suah Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Acid Kids – Electropical [Slightly Sizzled White]
Alejo (UY) – Cr012 [Craft Records]
Alex Dam & Zambiancki – That’s the Way
Allen Lee – Wake Up! SINGLE [Natura Soul]
Amadeo Esteche – Giza [Kief Music LTD]
Andrey Loud & Bronxy – Water ripples
Awake From A Dream – Particles [XMOD Records]
Brad Shu – Dance [Innocent Music]
Diwox – Take Off [Half Lemon Records]
Domo – Dark Peace [Game Theory]
Duppeditt – I Have Come [Romklang Records]
Duppeditt & Faia – 3 Years in the Amazon
Duppeditt & Faia – Go Away [Romklang Records]
Duppeditt & Faia – Scarecrow [Romklang Records]
Duppeditt & Steve Hex – Earworm [Romklang Records]
DYI Mob – 25Mas [Rodents]
Edu Saiz – Breathe [PITS]
Faia – Dance Police [Romklang Records]
Hilton Caswell – Mali [AO (Artificial Octaves)]
Isak Gomez – Close To Me [Techempire Records]
J Allende – El Loco [Coquimbo Music]
Jandro – Magenta [Dusty Editions]
Jizz – Eli.sound Presents Jizz From MEXICO [eli.waxx]
K POD & Indygo – Mindfulness [Lauter.]
Leo Anaclerio – Aphopis [Harbor Records Collective]
Lipean – Prosperidad [Merah Music]
lotus land pilot – Wonka [Oyoda Recordings]
Lucas Ferreyra – Art Night [Handing Tech Records]
Man Ego – Out of Planet [Tactil Music Label]
Martin Molina – Two Step (feat. Max Lane)
Mnk4 – Dance On Floor [Flow Recstore]
Murkafa – Parcuri Si Locuri Pentru Odihna
Nick Holz – Clap [Wiking Recordings]
Prince.L – Honey Berry [Foreign Roots.]
Qindek – Slice of Light [Autodidact]
REFIND SHAPES – Blurry Nights [DRK records]
Rod Contreras (ARG) – Groove Club [Stop Motion]
Supermono – Introduction [Wildisc Underground]
VA – Introspective Dub (Dive Deep into Your Feelings)
VA – Katze 14 [Katze Gang Records]
VA – Sustain Sampler 2021 [Sustain]
VA – Voorpret Records New Years VA [Voorpret Records]
Vitalii Sky – Reflections On [STIG]

Organic House & Downtempo

Alberto Olea – Andante [Volulab]
Alex Twin – Dance to the Beat [Pipe & Pochet]
Ali Termos – Arezu [Tibetania Records]
Beachfront – Soothe [Loudkult]
COAM – Exhilarating Peace [Mindspring Music]
Doctor Flamingo – Sentir (feat. Nuria Swan)
Gaya Brisa & Ambient Pino – Back to the Source
Herrman – Saltando Al Vacio [Caapi Records]
Itona & Enigma Dubz – First Light [Morii Records]
Nōpi – Landscape Cloud [When We Dip XYZ]
Relaks – Give Me Some (feat. Christy Vain)
Schlichting – Dashing Steps [Otium Garden]
Sergio Oyarvide – Oxitipa [Perphetual Music]
SHAPERS – Brumes [Deep Bali Records]
Skydrips – Metropolitan Overdose [Amselcom]
Sonny Lover Boy – Drift [Suite Voyage Records]
tearo, the ghost – You Pieced the Wires [Loudkult]
The Sektorz – Cyberchill 2021 [The Sektorz Electro]
The Soul Brothers – Talavera Records 17 [Talavera Records]
Timboletti – Wouwo [Copycow]
VA – Winter Fas II VA [Fantastique Sound]
Zero Bala Sounds – Indiandes [Mana Music Records]

Progressive House

Baxix & 4rpege – Let’s Dance [Gallant Records]
7 Horizons – In Your Eyes [Disfunction Records]
Boskii – Nova [Music UK]
Danilo Fiuza – When I Wake Up [Bass Box]
Dj Capitan – A New Age [Quattuor Records]
DJ enGine – Ra [ONLY THE BEST]
Dynamic Similarity, Ewan McBryde – The Art of Sorrow
Gar – Lofoten [Hands In The Air]
Gertha – End of Flight [CARPS]
Hendo – Move On [13 Records]
INNERPHONIC – Our Groove [Faraway Scope]
Ksabe – Innocence [Catamount Records]
Liam Sieker – Good Intentions [Serendeep]
Loux – The Flowers of Dawn [Zekrise Music]
Majed Salih – Calligrunt [Medievil-Music]
Merkie – Germania (Extended Mix) [GRF Sounds]
Mood Shifter & Tom Distortion – Friction
Mylod – Dreaming [Artist Republik]
Mylod – Para Siempre (feat. Alex Rispoli)
Myron Eugene – Feel It [Silvio Rodrigues Music]
OSC3 – Goodbye, Envision, Miles Away [XMOD Records]
Óscar Ulloa – Scheduled [Rounded]
Peppe Alberti & Vincent Palazzo – Storm
Rally – Enlightened Signals [DJ Rally]
Rianu Keevs – Useless Expectations [Rianu Keevs]
Secret Society of Tech – Ray of Hope
SuperHuman (UK) – Ether [Bag Of Bones]
TH Moy – Decadencia [Vitioh]
VA – 9 Years of Smart Phenomena Records_Part II
VA – Autumn Season 2020 [Estribo Records]
VA – Basic Emotions [Gaya Blue Records]
VA – Best of NEO 2020 [NEO]
VA – Pure Winter [Pure Music Label Group]
VA – The Best Of 2020 [Freegrant Music]
VegaZ SL & ALPHA21 – Silence Between Us [Bevel Rec]

Tech House

Aggressive Beat – Take Your Body Crazy [NeneRecords]
AKA-OKO – Tantra [AKA-OKO]
Alp Vice – Back to Basics [A3 Music]
Ava Lantern – Reality [Vallie Sounds]
Ayesha Pramanik – Unity [Groove 9]
befree & DJ Yanks – Space [Bad Father Records]
Brown Vox – Wachufleiva 53 [Wachufleiva]
Bufinjer – Raise Your Glass [Electronic Alliance Records]
Byron Rod & Fernando Campollo – Show Me
Carlos Native – Methods [Deep Division Records]
Cesar Marquez, Pedro Krywokulski – Watch Me
Curriculum – No Entry [Vorwärts Musik]
dbasser – Anxious [Stereofly Records]
Dj Asney – American [Vulkano Records]
Ed Lee – Nude [Jouissance Recordings]
FABULOUD & Yosef – Density [Spicy]
Fars8ad – Keep On [Suicide Robot]
Fast Eddie – You Like My Style [AOU Entertainment]
Froex – Get_Hype [G-Mafia Records]
Funkspin – Feel My Boogie [Peanut Recordings]
gabry the sound – Feeling More (Shake Your Head)
Gee Cooper – I Just Wanna [Hungry Koala Records]
Guuty – Move Your Body [Upper Records]
Huyrle – Drum & Bass [Bad Father Records]
Inavo – Disco Balls [Persona Audio]
Jefone – Bells & Bells [Zapatilla Records]
Jh0ssu – Bailar [Glerx Records]
JØASE – Dish [Carousel Muzik]
Josselyn Santillan, Mauro C.Dream & Luigi Mulett – Ella Ya Me Olvido
Lautaro Castro – Clusterfuck [Suicide Robot]
Lowjess – Funky [F cking Sound Inside]
Luan Trombin & NoFace Records – Hope You Like It
Luvolin – Nu Power [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
M. Rodriguez & Jiorgio Ranion – You Back Up
Manny Martey & Joey Martin – Ya Booty
Manuel Mendosa – La Matagorda [Duqua Records]
Maria Ebra – Victim [SINTEZO RECORDS]
Mauro Vega – Unknow Land [L2P Records]
Meeleed – Nighlife Sins [Baked Birds]
Michael Felix – Good Luck Energy [Hungry Koala Records]
MoDaH UK – Sally Loves Toot [Odd Realm Records]
MRNC – Big Thing , Kaleidoscope [Knight Yellow Music]
Mylod – Indiamos (feat. Alex Rispoli) [Artist Republik]
Near & Far & Gabi Galhardoni – Welcome to the Jungle
NO1NO’s – No Doubt [DataTech]
Pirro – Crocodile [Beats Life Records]
Prado & Frank Salassi – Bad Clap [Holy Pig Records]
Quiz – Day One [Muted]
Rankay – Can You See the Lights [Knuck!]
Raxvy – Practice [Insurgent Music]
Roger Torroni – Ola Papi (feat. Dita) [Hungry Koala Records]
Rogier Dulac – Turn Off the Light [Connect and Progress]
Saul Antolin – Snapping [Kubbo Records]
Stefano Sorge – Lift [History Recordings]
Stylo – North East Regional [mGrooves Music]
Understate – B2B [Safe Ltd.]
VA – Elitist Beats [Obazda]
VA – Global & Wild 2021 [AMVA]
VA – Happy New Year 2021 (Discokat Records)
VA – KUKUshka RecorDS 2020 [Kukushka Records]
VA – Sardinia Winter 2021 [Monkey Stereo Records]
VA – Space Ecosystem [Stereoheaven]
VA – Tech Messages [Stammtisch]
VA – The Dark Side of New York [Urban GorillazX]
VA – Urban Artistic Music Issue 33 [Variety Music]
Vlad Sebastian – Marchin In [More Horizons Music]

Techno & Minimal

3voice & Cynical – Sub Terrain [Deeptakt Records]
30drop – Obsessively [30drop]
Adam Bacon, David Temessi & Marco Ginelli – Dope Five
Albert Kempelen – Ajolote [Crazyfriends Music]
Albert Moon – Blackhole [STRND Records]
Alex Zhukoff – Friday 13 [Nustromo Music]
Bad Omen – Nsx777 [Mainmise Records]
Bedez – Disorder [Monoloco Records]
Booz – Arcadia [Edit Select]
Bunched & Tom Bosley – Come to Me [Ton Liebt Klang]
Christian Belt – Atman [strictly T. Records]
CLOSAR – Resurrection [Falsive Records]
CQNZR. – Bomb Alarm (feat. Cusimano) [CQNZR.]
CQNZR. – Wave [CQNZR.]
Cybercat – Tatooine [Audioffice Records]
D.J. MacIntyre & Casper Keys – Event Horizon [SLC-6 Music]
Daniel Kaiser Malengo – Believe Always [Puro Recording]
Daryn Steytler – Ambitious Addiction [Black Robin]
David Sellers – Equation [Zeca Records]
Dclerk & Mauk – Endless Empire [Reload Black Label]
Denny Kay – Kunstwerk [Russians Did This Records]
DiskoTetris – Walze [Ballroom Black]
DJ Dubba-D – Paradise [Moonspin Records]
DJ Jace – The Reality of Hallucinations [FGA]
DJ MARTY MCFLY – Nārada [Balearic Trax]
DJ Spandex – Excuse Me []
DJ Spandex – Holiday to Africa []
DJ Spandex – Nightfall []
DJ Spandex – Still Remember []
Dj Steel – Pressure Force [EXTREME PLEASURE RECORDS]
Dominik Becker – Page Six [Ristomusic]
Dominik Gehringer, Gabros & Marco Ginelli – Dope Five [Dope]
Duppeditt – One Tracked Mind [Romklang Records]
Duppeditt & Faia – Up to No Good [Romklang Records]
Ebd – Capsules [Black Line Recordings]
Elhase – Metatron [COSMOTRAX]
Eme Kulhnek – Side Bells [Detach]
Emilove & Emiliano Naples, Francesco Fontanella – Old School
Facundo Fernandez – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
FLIPSILV3R, Hugo Hasani – Beats Showcase 11 [Beats HD]
FWLR & JELO, Qwinn – Road Trip [TEKnology Productions Inc.]
GAVID – Welcome to Me [Archon Records]
Gladyshev & Terra4Beat, Juank Heart – The Best of Mephyst 2020
Hardware – The Fascinator 2020 [PMLG]
Hi Hat – LEGADO IV – Hi Hat [Swing Format Records]
Ishii Fuwa – Unmask666 [Oyoda Recordings]
J.A.O.P. – What Could Have Been [am Star]
Jason Johnson [DE] – Infinity [COSMOTRAX]
Javi Sphere – Black Friday [Dry or Wet Records]
JAY-OWEN – Apolo 13 [Estribo Records]
Joey_M – Etheraeal [Solemne Records]
Kaylah – Tiny Lights [Prodigal Son]
Koine Dialektos – Reborn [Archon Records]
KROCODEAL – Electric Highway [Underground Is For Everyone]
Le Son Du Placard – Panorama [Soupherb Records]
Left Noize – Dark Rhythm [Human Rave]
Linear B – Acid 18 [Rainbow Tipi]
Lino Fuso – Realm [Endless Records]
Luca Notdead – Medianoche [Survival Alliance Records]
Lucky Jnr & Karo+, Lucky Jnr – Music Is Life [Oxytech Limited]
Luxtondrew – Unaware Stories [Vallie Sounds]
Maåsym – Perpendicular [SOPTIK]
Maligo & Pure-G – Echo Madness [Pure Earcandy]
Manjit Makhni – Needle on the Record
Marcio aka Dj Bat – Baile 39 [MK837]
Matt Krilert – Jack Rock [Rhythm Records]
Mavi – Silence [Strom Records]
Metrakit – Overdose [Rhythm Records]
Morph19.78 – B23 [Dark Modular]
Mr. Rog – Oh Yes! [Techno Deaf Recordings]
Natalino Nunes – Stone [Prescribed Trax]
Nicolas Vec – Not Real [Keyhole Records]
Oblomov – Roboteka [Moveton]
One O’ Sics – Marble [106-Records]
Ornella – Minoan [Infernum Collective]
Owen Ni – Chromatic [Run On Trax]
Pablo Caballero – Darker Rawness [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Pierre Deutschmann – Simplicate [XLR1507]
Poetnik Zero – Klang der Nacht [Rebelpark]
Psy Sui – Whistleblower [Artistfy Music]
Pulso AS – Cognitive Side (feat. Bernardo Hangar) [DarkForest]
RanchaTek & Phased – Ethereum [Reload Black Label]
Rane Vega – Toronto [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Rndm – Reload [POINTZER0 Rec]
Rob Circuit – Augenkullern [Dreibergen]
Ruben Real & SUNREALDJ – Revolution Techno [REAL5 RECORDS]
Ruimte Vogel – Neue Welle [Space-Echoes Records]
Sean Ocean – Tetrapod Beach [Resource Records]
Sebastian Ossavelas – Dmr8 [Fluctuat Records]
Shilverback – Esoteric [Tremor Records]
Simon Rose – Gateway [Zalmanim Records]
Skinner (UA) – Kinceva [Finder Records]
Stu & Brew – Living Your Life [Strohm Records]
SuperHuman (UK) – Clocks [Bag Of Bones]
SuperHuman (UK) – Come on Make It [Bag Of Bones]
T-78 – Nezquik [Autektone Records]
T.S.T.B. – Coral [7th Cloud]
Tech C – sin test [Neapolis Records]
Tekstasy – Geld regiert die Welt [Circolo Records]
The D3VI7 – Missile System [Digital Under Records]
The Fabric Of Reality – Holographic Principle [CODE Group]
The Yard Woman – One Snake-What If [ESSET]
Tony Romanello & MiSinki – The Uninvited [Dolma Records]
VA – A Year in Moments 4 Remixes [VapourTrail Records]
VA – Alma [Árido Records]
VA – Bb 003 [Rhod Records]
VA – Best 3 Years Dolma Red One [Dolma Red]
VA – Best of Rewasted 2020 (Warehouse Rave) [ReWasted]
VA – Best of Techno 2020 [Wejustman Records]
VA – Devotion To Pleasure [Rubber Mind Recordings]
VA – From the Box II [#thatechno]
VA – Gynoid Audio Best of 2020 – Originals
VA – Hungry Koala On Air 012, 2020 [Hungry Koala Records]
VA – New Year Dub [Bos Tech Records]
VA – Parallel Massive Waves 08 [Parallel Thoughts]
VA – Paranormal Techno Activities – Happy New Year
VA – PDD – Best Of 2020 [Pure Dope Digital]
VA – TTNS (Stories Six Thru Ten) [Green Fetish Records]
VA – X Year Anniversary [EUN Records]
Valeria Valmori – Camazotz [Twisted Freud Recordings]
Vendex – Imperator [OBSCUUR RECORDS]
Vlien – Hypothalamus [Acid]
Vlien – Kleinhirn [Acid]