Afro House

Achex & DJFD – Secrects of Gypsy [Pardon]
CoronaDj – I Miss You [Futura Groove Records]
Dorian Craft – Stuck in My Head [Madorasindahouse Records]
Dr. Feel – Icilongo Closed Eyes [Astral Card]
Elchinsoul – Sacred Sand [()utside Romania]
Elias Kazais – Kawari [Arawakan]
GATUPRETO – Distino DI Nos Vida [TINK! Music]
Manu Santos – Tonight (Remix) [Zarabunda Records]
Massianello & Jotadejuan – Okay (Latin Version) [Pandora Inc.]
Oguz Demiroz – Parallels [Deepmode Records]
VA – 7 Years of Good Music Compiled by Buder Prince


Alien Rave – Bennu [Alien Rave Beats]
Calagad 13 – Dark Matter (feat. BreakDJ Jan-Kit) [Cosmic Tribe]
Dark Arts Club & Ribbz – He’s up Now (Are You Ready to Party ) [W&O Street Tracks]
Dj GreenTone & Dj Sun Rise (Scratch), Dj GreenTone – Insane Break [Cantstapo]
Ill-Esha & K+Lab, K+Lab & Ill-Esha – Simplications [Westwood Recordings]
Xlarve – The Gray Air 2 [Xlarve]


Alann Nord – I Need You [Remix Centre]
ANGUS Brill Reed – Nth Degree [Angus Brill Reed]
Aren Mike – Soledad [Pandora Inc.]
Audax & Blackout, Audax – Sweet Emotion [Sirup Music]
Bamboo Busters – Dance Rumble [Big Hard Records]
Beats La Grand – Tiptoe Through the Tulips [Remix Centre]
Caglar Bal – In My Mind [DJ008 Records]
Clyde Diveira – Breathe (feat. Anna) [DVR Music]
DKEIN – Instagram [Pandora Inc.]
Doubl3 Mask – All Night Dance [Executiva Music]
Eric Martins – Pachelbel’s Canon [Remix Centre]
Eryn Martin – NOT [Cinematic Music Group]
G.LEF – Who Is She [Impure]
Gelvetta – Trance [Neverland Sounds]
Iceage – Vendetta [Mexican Summer (EU)]
Infinite Smarticulls – Down to This [Phat Panda Records]
Kabus Kerim – Kabus Gibi [Arsivplak]
Kurkuma – More Than Friends [Road Story Records]
Lari Hi & Leo Bomeny – Say Hi [CICLO Records]
Marcus Santoro & Isabelle Stern – It’s Not About You
Modern Brothers – Take Me Away [Cause Org Records]
Nathan Gilkinet – Dysfunction [Kinetic Recordings]
Neldy Huez – Te Fuiste [Pandora Inc.]
Nick Alexiou – Love is Love (feat. Naya Douka) [Meditelectro]
Nightly Closures – First Light [Option]
Oski & Leotrix, Oski – ANTAGONISTA [Deadbeats]
Pink Ly – Modo Avion [Pandora Inc.]
Poor In Spirit – Movie [Nustromo Music]
RAFA, Gareth.T & puff – Whole World [Proximity]
Raxell – La Bella & La Bestia [Pandora Inc.]
Redfox – Sleepless [Opski Worldwide]
Rickysee – Come Home [Jendex Records]
The Bestseller – 7 Years [Behalf Music]
Wézyma – Prometo (feat. Hernani da Silva) [Opski Worldwide]
Zareh Kan – Falevél (feat. Solange) [Matthew Beren X Delighters 2021 Remix]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Ablaikan – Mars [Sound of Soul Records]
Airsand & Wayward Brothers – Falling [Exx Muzik]
Andre Salmon – Hyman & Animal [Maniacs]
Anton Ishutin – Abstraction [Highway Records]
Budakid – Ringo Bingo [Exploited]
Carl Key – Reborn [dolcegroove]
CT Kidobó – Impulse & Inhibition, Pt. I [Zone]
Devaroux – Angels [Oh That’s Filthy]
Deyvis – Open Your Eyes [ALDEIA RECORDS]
DJ Iljano & DJ SK – Lost [Rikodisco]
Faraon – Nostalgia [Road Story Records]
Forteba – Housing Estate [Plastic City]
Funk Horse – The Mechanic [June 87 Recordings]
HOLY RIDER – Stars [Sepia Music]
Ian Ludvig – Fallen Skies [CAKTUS]
Joey Rundlett – Empire of Love Mission Essential [RnR Productions]
KARNASER – This Feeling [Sound of Soul Records]
Kid Sublime – Betta Tink Twice [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!]
Kurious K – I Feel You [Blessed Cross Records]
Magent – Mediterranean Etudes [TOR]
Mark Hawkins – Don’t Give Up EP AUS160
Mateus Borges Music – Do Before [Muzenga Records]
Mentol – Nunca Pense Llorar [Sepaya Records]
Priku & Dinu – ENDZ042 [Eastenderz]
Processing Vessel – Harmony of the Spheres [Batavia Records]
Red Adair – 25 Years [Red Adair Records]
Rene Onze – Uschbert [Plastic City Suburbia]
RoobJack, Enes Yaman, ATKN, Kaan Can & Emre Cizmeci – Come Play
Sercan Sonmez – India [FERDA RECORDS]
Sergio Vilas – Cobras Temple [Detour Musique]
Seryoga Force – Wet Asphalt [29 Deep]
Starmist – Sixth Sense [MegaVibeNetwork]
The First Station – Lights Off [The First Station]
Vaparone – The Word Is Open (feat. Toma Amot) [A.D. Group]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Carlo Ratto & JPB – Stars in Your Eyes [Ensis Records]
Carol Fávero – Midnight [Modern Conveniences]
Cooh – Emornal,Trinity [Sonic Terror Digital]
Crimson Child – Eleventh Hour [Space Yacht]
Dee – Hypersonic [URBN Music]
Esseks – Ellie’s Nap [Gravitas Recordings]
Fusion Bass – 90’s Childhood [Phat Panda Records]
Jazzinspired – The Love for the Upright [FX909 MUSIC]
Jkyl & Hyde – Little Off [SoundShield]
Koven – Numb , Worlds Collide (Grafix Remix) [Monstercat]
Maddix – Superheroes (Tribe Edit) [Revealed Recordings]
Marian Closca – Shocker [Smart Phenomena Records]
Mertiey – Stasis [Frostfyre]
Misshapen Mind – Battle Kicks [DNB Database]
OWTLAW – Hype Hype [Juize Box Records]
Peran – Clockdown [TopPassion]
Rivus & Shourya – By Your Side [Phat Panda Records]
V3R – Sabotage [ONLY THE BEST]
Whiney & Inja – Game Face (Stay Alert) [Hospital Records]
yetep – Broken [Subsidia]
Zeebest – Space [Indiefy]

Electronica & Downtempo

3STRANGE – The Way You Hold Me [Apex Faction]
A-Koda – 2984 [Amase Digital]
Aeox – 12.3 [Pantheon Select]
Affentanz – Fuck You (Remixes) [Zweikopfhund]
Boketto – Immure [Sentimony Records]
Chelou – Sugarloaf Mountain [Indigo Soul]
Cittagazze – Calm Highs [Cittagazze Music]
Cuevas (ES) & Figueredo (AR) – Guantanamera [DJcity Records]
Deep Inzhiniring – Highnaturon [Tech People Music]
Detz – Prana [Detz Music]
Ecozone – Unilluminated Side [Dan Dada Records]
Electronic Fluke – Dope [Wonderfly Records]
Eliyahu & Yahel – Shaman [endless vibezzz records]
Emir Palacios – Evolution [Be Adult Weapons]
Eulalie – A Day in the Videodrome [Dream Catalogue]
Fabian Mings – Every Single Day [Bellum Records]
Georgia Chudleigh – Educator Edge [Bellum Records]
Horisone – Together [Lemongrassmusic]
IWDG – In a Lonely Place (AW,RW 2020) [Rotters Golf Club]
Kirel – Crazy [Jendex Records]
Lo-fitronics – Flood Cannon [The Ambient Zone]
MAAR – Good for Me [Jendex Records]
Mantus – Delorean,Down the Rabbit Hole [Retro City Records]
Maxi Wox – Maybe They Sing Only for Us [Something Melodic]
Mike Lazarev – Finale [Injazero Records]
Mke Mlln, Ciervo & Karen Gares – Tu Interior
Nadina Zarifeh – Let This Go [BEATZ]
Pycorns – Tropical Smiles (Tropical house) [Ohman Records]
Richastic – Guantanamera (feat. Sesman) [DJcity Records]
RIDDLE – Leri Go [Bass Box]
Silent Progress – Love Exposure [AquariusNeptune]
SmokeFade – Aroma Therapy [Phat Panda Records]
Spatiatica – Break Point [Astray in Paradise Records]
Taras Bazeev & JAW – Innerlight [Bazeev Music]
Universal Algorithm – Above [Universal Algorithm]
W. Y. Huang – Alone Again [Twin]
WD OkrYM – Native Voice [Behavior Recordings]
Woogees – Waiting the Sunshine [Balearic People Records]
Xavi Carrique & Mike Valero – Don’t Break [BlakEvva Records]
yehno – Our Best Selves [Courage Holdings Inc]
Zamilska – Fragile [Untuned Records]


Aftercash & Blazeline – Edge [Muzenga Records]
Bakey – Dismantle [Time Is Now Records]
Bakongo, Spectr – Close Call HFT081
Bernax & Goak – Impaciente [FEATURE]
Bonetti – Hot Rhythm [Forward Thinking]
Carlostella – Never Stop [Fogbank Recordings]
Cazztek – Live My Life [Glo Records]
Cesar A,X – Fuego Intenso [Plush Label]
Dahouset – Big World [High Grooves Records]
Dahouset – The Fire of Two [Plasticity Records (ES)]
Demuir – Where You From [Kultur]
DJ Ekl – Sunrise [Ravesta Records]
DJ Panya – Breath (feat. ELD. ZHUNS) [Phat Panda Records]
Erick Sapinhos – My Whisper [Rounded]
EXTRA – You , Pretty Faded [ONLY THE BEST]
Fendant – The Jump [Overbeat Records]
FEX (IT) – Fleur [Superfett Records]
Heros Apolloni – Like This [Xelon Entertainment]
Huseyin Onen – Whoever You Want [The Sin Records]
Jose Vilches – Letting Go [Sonambulos Muzic]
Joy Corporation, Antdot & Alternative Kasual, DEADLINE – Dawn (Remixes)
Juicy S & Mellodramatic – Me and My Crew [Mellodramatic]
KC Lights – Cold Light (feat. Leo Stannard) [Toolroom]
Lavern – Move Me [Get The Sound]
Lee Foss, Ferreck Dawn ft. Alex Mills – The Void RPM095
Levi Smith – Lavoe , Move [Check In Recordings]
Mapp4 – Booker T [Mantra Music Rec]
Mari & Carl – Parablan [Disco Flo Label]
Max Lake – Mini Rave [VAST]
Mr. Tony Technics – So Fantastix [Lookbook Recordings]
Ney Bass – Wtf [Agua Ardiente Records]
Nimo(HUN) – Freak [Audio Bitch Records]
Old Sport – Bad Guy [G-Mafia Records]
Pako Mike – Because You [JAM 21]
Pirate Copy & Rowetta – Flashback [Kaluki Musik]
Puppy Sierna & El Banshee – Le gusta [Solo Sabrosura Records]
Redeem & Dragonfly – Guajira [Juicy Dance]
Reeverb & Pando G – Alive [Bass Solution Network]
Saaith – Villain [Saturn V Recordings]
Search Bloc – Midnight Booty Call [Rounded]
Tech Support – Euphrates (System Olympia Remix)
Thomas Bardi & Dave Tais – Morpheus [Get Down Recordings]

Melodic House & Techno

Adamant – Behind All Clouds [Awen Tales]
Alex Grafton – Of You Dark [Suprematic]
Alvez & Mirko Bpm – Paisajes Negros [Sequences Music]
biskuwi – Untimed [Mercurial Tones]
Booka Shade – Caverna Magica [Blaufield Music]
Bunnkid – Lost Minds [ARROMA RECORDS]
CEAUS & Kerim – Mogoru [Harabe Lab]
Drey Kinian – Basel [Tanzgemeinschaft]
Eleven Of July – Black House, Black Window [Rezongar Music]
Emanate – Passion [Click Records]
Eugene Pascal, Eugene Pascal, Sam Brickel & Louis Marlo – Neutral Density [Night Tide]
EZEK – New Dawn [Valkyria Records]
Fran Rodriguez – Bassline [BeMore Records]
Fur Coat – The Storm EP REN2102D
Galck & Vicentini – Kansha (Maz Remix) [Braslive Records]
Impérieux – Modus Operandi [Sum Over Histories]
LOPA – Black Heart [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Lucciano Vittorio – Volare Sopra Le Nuvole [Elastic Dimension Records]
Marc Werner – I Need You (Remixes) [Kittball]
Notre Dame – Inner Mechanism [Harabe]
Øctahedral – Voodoo Village [Route 375]
Placebo eFx – Running [Deep Tech Los Angeles Records]
SinSonic – Meta [FSOE Clandestine]
Sultan + Shepard – Nctrl [This Never Happened]
VA – BTR Artist Series – D.S.L. [Bos Tech Records]
VA – Carnival (2021 Edition) [Madzonegeneration Records]
VA – Elements 8 [ZEHN Records]
Vini Pistori – Steel [Nebula Sounds]
wlancelot – Lifecycle []
Yann Watt – Karnaval [MBMH Underground Recordings]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alex Dittrich – Morning Breeze [Namata]
Ander P – Pandemic [Manicomio Music]
Arkady Antsyrev – I Need [SOS Rec]
Artur Achziger & Jerome Steam, Jerome Steam – Minor & Beginning [Music4Clubbers]
Chris Mindel & FITTA – Exist the Resistance, The Remixes [Wulfpack]
Eugenio – Merka Bash [Deep Taste]
Hostox – Faces [Ponza Records]
Mariano Fonrouge – Forever [Beachside Records]
Matt Egbert – Everything You Need [Percomaniacs]
Nicola Gavino – Tropicana Cookies [Issues]
Pedro (IT) – Journey Into Sound [Not So Serious]
Perky Wires – Come to Rhythm [Deeperfect Records]
Rupert Ellis – Concrete love [Blind Vision Records]
Sabura & Lampe – Black Smoke [Alula Tunes]
Sasha HiT – Karantine [Aura Music]
Shuski & Tom Spark, Shuski – Complicated [PUSH]
Sunday Noise & Coroncho, Cris Ocana – Give Me
Xenso – Depths of Acid [VIVOR MUSIC]

Organic House & Downtempo

Anima Universalis – Eclipse of Thales [Caapi Records]
Caymane – Never Before [HRBT Melodic]
Complex Reality – Reason [Dream Machine]
E.A.R. – Step Away To Paradise [FumPin]
Edu Schwartz – Sentient [Roaming Leaves]
Eguana & Side Liner – You Are My World [Cosmicleaf Records]
El Suchi – Tejidos Sonoros [Resueno]
Eternal Moment – Moong [MONADA]
Fatia – Aiwa [DHB]
Jaalex – Suya [Cosmic Awakenings]
Jares – Nothing Left [ThreeRecords]
Jay Sander – Tensions [Lemon Juice Records]
JJ, Koma & PANE – Sad! [Lithuania HQ]
Jose Solano – Solace [Shango Records]
JPattersson & Lui Mafuta – Tango With Edda [Leveldva]
Lee Jones – Nautilus [Bar 25 Music]
Li-Polymer – Jacaranda [Particles]
Luca Averna & Chris Coco – Il Tempio Dell’Amore [DSPPR]
Mik Kartl – Pluto [Suprematic]
Nōpi – Fenomena Udara [Kiksuya Records]
Salvo Migliorini – Pegasu [Tibetania Records]
TEE MANGO – You Are the Sun [Permanent Vacation]

Progressive House

Alton – Fraud , Noun [Gallant Records]
Boven & Joseph Carlo – You&Me [Vagabond Recordings]
Choopie & Tom Kin – Licht, Invisible Bodies, Aum [Agnosia Black]
Dark AREK – Izometrical [RPO Records]
Different Stage – Regenerate (feat. Run Rivers) [Braslive Records]
DJ Ukito Parn – Reflections of Moon [Phat Panda Records]
Edvard Hunger – Maybe in This Time [Stazis]
Fabri Lopez – Of the Group [Freegrant Music]
Greg Venny – Time Traveller [Future Avenue]
Harrywho – Get Moving [Ozran Sunset]
iChordZ – Neptune [Vibez Sounds]
Joey Rundlett – Focus Horizons [RnR Productions]
Marcel Vautier – Album 1 [Vautic Records]
Mattias Herrera – Ango [Massive Harmony Records]
MiraculuM – Wingless [Stellar Fountain]
Monostone & Krista Mitsopoulou – Life
Montini – Home (feat. Lourandes) [Alphabeat Records]
Moril – Venice [no-tab]
Near & Far – Columba [G-Mafia Records]
Paul Angelo & Don Argento – Ithaki [UV]
Ran6dy – Suzerain State [Mystic Carousel Records]
RAZZER – Dianthus [Razzer Records]
Rianu Keevs – Breath of Wind [Rianu Keevs]
Rikki Sawyer & Darren Bray – Take Me Home [ASTIR Recordings]
Simone Berto – Dance With Me [Estribo Records]
Skyhunter – Childhood Dreams [Masvingo Recordings]
Stas Drive – Dogu , Satori [Proton Music]
Vintage & Morelli & Arielle Maren – Dreamers [Monstercat]

Tech House

Akiia – Mantra [Pure Tunes]
Andre Salmon & Kricked – We Are All Jamie Jones [Slightly Sizzled Records]
Bigfett – Gentleman [CamelMusic Records]
Black Deeper & Tape Low – Grasshopper [LowFreQ Records]
Blvckr – Bizznizz [Stashed Cutz]
Brad King – The Flute [Force Of Habit]
Check Up Twins – Tech Two [Kalambur Publishing]
Cowlin & Pavzo – Right Furr [Eat and Beat]
Crossnaders & Rhiannon Roze – Swipe This [The Myth of NYX]
Cupertino – Sweet Dance [Deep Bear]
Daniel Dos Ramos – Mushrepeat [lockedpro]
Daniel Orpi – Deep Inside [Rawthentic]
Dillon Nathaniel & Rowetta, Dillon Nathaniel – Reason to Fly [Sola]
Echover & DankBaar – Antissocial [Blasphemy Records]
Emre Cizmeci & Anub1s – Over There [Hyporia Records]
H.Aguilar & Kevin Alesi – Atabalipa [No Topo Music]
High Status – Brass Push [Hidden Vibes]
Houkes & Amaral – Oh My God [Muzenga Records]
Ian Gutii – No Complaints [Synergia Records]
James Koba & DJ Lorran – Mais Polvora [Deep Bear]
Josu Freire & Jaime Soeiro – On Me [Techaway Limited]
Justin Lawson – Distraction [Murston Records]
Klazer – Funky Babe [Lemon Juice Records]
Los Donatos Organos – My Mind [Marba Records]
Luca Beni – Afro Andromeda [TaiJi Records]
M@stahouz – U Move [Groove Foundation Recordings]
Madtracks & Abel Suarez – Like That [Arizonica Music]
Mark Boson – The Interview [Oto Music]
Moshem – Fantasy [Material]
Oliva Be – Freeze [Valorize o Groove]
Ramon Bedoya – Quinto Elemento [High Quality]
Rogerio Vegas – Eternal Love [Mufon Records]
Szara Mgła – Equinox [Diana Recs]
T.I.O – Quieres MMM [Serrano’s Kitchen]
VA – Aural Illusion 9 [Synopsis Musicae]
VA – Music Seal [Pink Panties Records]
VA – Stereohype Label Sampler Volume. 2
VA – We Are Playmobil [Playmobil]
Victor Vergara & Zarek (COL) – Keep Moving
Vincenzo D’amico & Lina Simons – Giamci
Wayback – My Friend Lucy [M5]
Will Taylor (UK) – Walk with Me [South Of Saturn]

Techno & Minimal

AD and Mr Barth – Things in Flux [AD Limited]
Alejandro Alfaro – Never Ever [Creación Musical]
Alejo, Bocha – [Tbr_001] [The Bassment Records]
Alex Turner – Secret Society [Machine Control Records]
Amour Noir – Molnia [Unusual Records]
Atesh K. – Peace Generation [Regular Beats Records]
Atroxx, Brennen Grey & Atroxx – Ignorance & Fear [Respekt Recordings]
Back Yard – Loose Control [Alien Theory Records]
Baro – Ritual [New Horizon Recordings]
Cal Carey – Hymn Fourty Four [Cal Carey]
Carl Conky – Final Countdown [Cause Org Records]
Dasq – Melody [Berlin Wall]
Dasq & Techead – Aliens [Marl Music]
Dave Sinner – Never Enough EP EI8HT013
Deepbass – Atmos Lp [Informa Records]
Deeputy – Rumble Bee [City of Drums]
Der dritte Raum – Hale Bopp Mutation [Harthouse]
Destination Unknøwn – Polarity [Sunora Recordings]
Diego Olarte – Contrus [Unsorted]
DJ Bomb – Cyberpunk [Phat Panda Records]
djseanEboy – Paradigm [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Emilove & Emiliano Naples – SubsTep [Love to Love Records]
Geoffrey Murdock – Conquer [No Neon]
Hunter Beat – Kuiper [Déjà Vu Culture]
Ivan Casero – Zero Gravity [Pure Dope Digital]
J. OSCIUA – Datadrum [Space Beat]
Jens Mueller, Mielafon & Radiorobotek – Techno Selectiva Vol.07 [Second Segment Records]
JonJo Drake – Dangerous & Mercy [Lakota Music Records]
K.O.Sound – Sleepless Sound [LS-2020]
Karim Alkhayat – Fallen Angels [IAMT]
Kelsky – New Beat [7th Cloud]
Kolzoff – Crystal Rain [7th Cloud]
Konrad Italy – Opal Dimension [Codex Recordings]
Les Tournesols – Imothep [Eichtal Recordings]
Letherique – Emergence Pt. 3 [Bella Ursa Recordings]
Luce – Funny How [Room 2]
Luvolin – Aero [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Luvolin – Allure [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Magic Lock – Deep Space [DDiaz Recordings]
Marcio aka Dj Bat – Samba Tech [MK837]
Marco Wellisch – Singularity Is Near [KlangWild]
Mario Andretti – Mitology [Oxytech Limited]
Mauro Mirisola – Nr5 [Mastino Records]
MDeco – Dark Magic [Wildcraft studio]
Midge – Enigma [North Origin]
Milos Vujovic – Rave Bells [Loose Records]
Mister C. – Crusade [Machine Control Records]
Moleculez – Malign Presents [AudioVoid]
Mr Brico – Transgression (feat. Kelly Scollard)
Nasty Boys – Sox [ABM]
Ramiro Lopez – Into the Code [Filth on Acid]
S-Donz – Sodfa [76 Recordings]
Sean Dee & Nakadia – Sonic Fuse (Remixed) [Set About]
Semsa Bilge – Jericho [Karia Records]
Space Modular – Machines [Bazovoe Techno]
Suspect Raver – Lost in the Fog [SIDE B] [Snatchers]
Syrus – Lucky 7 [LETS TECHNO records]
Techflex – 10 Seconds and 5 Years [Beats HD]
Tetractys – Kaleidoscope [LETS TECHNO records]
The Flying Carpet Band – Eclipsing [Beatschain Lab]
Tim Williams – Fever Dream [Khazad Records]
Tito K. – The First Time [Refur Records]
Uncertain – Frantic [Mindshake Records]
Vargdeck – Possible [Days Without End]
Vince Weyn – Dark Memories [Affluenza Records]
Xenso – Medusa [VIVOR MUSIC]
Zeena Christy – Xee [La Divina Records]