Amasonic – Mercury [bringnewunity]
Duke Hugh – Common Ground [Dance Regular]
FJAAK , Elli Acula , Steffi
Ivan James AZ – Time Knot [Saturo Sounds]
Jumanjee – Bassline Rumbler (feat. m.c GQ) [DistroKid]
Kryptik & Clearkut – Another Way [PMLG]
Mister Rodrigo – Here 4 U [Planetaria Soundsystem]
Mnemonic – Mnemonik [Hymen Records]
Nightdrive – Summer Sunsets [Midtown House]
Otto Von Schirach & Qebrus – Ottobrus [Triangle Earth]
Pteron – It’s Been Too Long [Draconian Audio]
Qdup – Party Beacon Remixes [Fort Knox Recordings]
Rituals of Mine – HYPE NOSTALGIA (Remixes) [Carpark]
Riuljs – Universe [Cosmilarve]
Rochelle Jordan – All Along [Young Art Records]
Saint Thomas LeDoux – Fragments [Dance Artifakts]
Ship Plate – Whit My Friends in My Spaceship [CollectiveAuthor]
Tokatek & DJ OleG – Chasing James Bond [Poison Beat]
Tommie Sunshine & Fahjah – Raise ‘Em Up [Brooklyn Fire]
TR20 – Monolith [Kyubu Records]
VA – North of the River Trent [Plates]
ZenSpider – Greasy Brain [Glitch Hop Community]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

2 Deep and Soul – You Had Your Warning
3ème Class – Demain [Khanti Records]
Abriviatura IV & Quetzalcoatl – Just Say Goodbye [Anbito]
Alar & Katie Pride – Teotihuacan [UFO Sound]
Alex Spite – Darling [Alex Spite Records]
Anaya Weathers – Turn Me On [Raw Substance]
Andy Bach – Body Heat [Salted Music]
Aroy Dee & Spaventi – Desire [Bordello A Parigi]
Bel Tempo – Guide Me Through [Amity Recordings]
Berk Ocal – Believe [DistroKid]
C. Da Afro – Disco Fever [Springbok Records]
Cantoma – A Night At Apres Midi Remixes
Carmen Rodgers – Hello Human, Vol. 1 [Candigirl Music]
Cosmocomics – Disco Mosquito [Moiss Music Black]
Dave Leatherman & Bruce Nolan – Show Me the Love
David Marques – Jumpin [Movimento Casa]
Dimaio – A Feel (Gonzalez (Mx) Remix) [Soulgood]
DJ Mark Brickman – Dancer [Midnight Riot]
Fancy Feelings & Fancy Colors – Fckd Up [BonFire Records]
Furkan Dulda – Give Me Something [DeepShine Records]
Gianluca Calabrese – Jungle Ritual [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
Great White Shark – Tapis rouge (Semodi Remix) [M&O Music]
H.A.Z.E – Your Shadow [Sound of Soul Records]
Hildebrand – Stones [NuZone Gears]
Horizon Music Ita – Soul of a Woman [DistroKid]
Intr0beatz – Irregularity [Cosmic Angles]
James Rod – Saratoga [Gouranga Music]
JazzyFunk – Rebound (feat. Notelle) [JazzyFunk Records]
John Cody – Don’t Wanna Go Back [Vintage-78 records]
Kevin Keat – I Need You [DistroKid]
KOMPLIC8 – Time [Exx Muzik]
Lauer – Altalenanti (feat. Fabrizio Mammarella)
LesFUNK – Tom’s Diner [PlusA Records]
Lojavreich – Masir [Chivirico Records]
Lord Pusswhip – Korea Groove [Fantastic Voyage]
Lutek Bozek & MOTOKO – The Anatomy Of a Space Traveler
Marcus Joseph – Beyond the Dome [Jazz Re freshed]
Mister Sweatband – Speakers On [Black Riot]
Moday – Until I Fall [Sorta Kinda Music]
Moi Rodriguez – Liquid Minds [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
NA-NO – Y&I [Bohemian Records]
Nowakowski – Remedy [Road Story Records]
Parastic – Riptide [Creamtronic Records]
Paul Older – Editladia [Slightly Transformed]
Per QX – Change of Mind [Walk Of Shame Records]
Phantom Flag – The Call (feat. Lilia K) [Revolt Records]
Phill Music – Your Body (feat. Paul B) [Tropical Disco Records]
Roger Shah & Jukebox 80s – Hello Bound Goodbye
Ronan Portela & Spike Galarraga – Jo
Ruely – Circles [Music High Court]
S.Harpo – Tell Me [Soulful Evolution]
Santi Glen – Living on My Own [Clipper’s Sounds]
Sascha Satoshi – Clean up N.Y.C [Toshidiscorecords]
Scott Ferguson – Midwest Born & Bred [Ferrispark Records]
Space Food – Stay In [Sarcasm Recordings]
Stan Boogie – Hooked On You [sync.records]
Steve Hammer – Talking Mod [Recycle Limited]
Subgate – Alone [Half Lemon Records]
Tanori – Santana’s Groove [Super Spicy Records]
The Los Sundowns – The Los Sundowns [Fat Beats Records]
The Velvet Stripes – City Lights [Epic Tones Records]
VA – Beach Club Records Anniversary, Vol. 3 [BCR]
VA – Soviett Winter 2021 [SOVIETT DJ Box]
VA – Turbulance [Boite Music]
Van Aiden – Fashion [Fpo-Atlantic]

Electronica & Downtempo

Abel DJ – Manola [Dance Republic]
Alex Da Beat – African [Pukao Music]
Ali Ghieri – Luna (Hidden Crew Rework) [K-Noiz Select]
Andrew Bon Bosher & DSQISE – Cirrosphere
Angelo-K – Whatever You Need [Nicksher Music]
Arvid Roloff – Reality Rejector [Subtrakt]
Atom Swag – Around the Sun [YoD Light]
Augusta Sky – Feelings [Augusta Sky]
BLCKEBY – Inner Remix Pack [doubledoubleu]
Brian Keoco – Timebound [Sub-Label Recordings]
Bruno Belissimo – L’Italiano fantastico [Vulcano]
Cay-T – Zombie [OIOI Recordings]
Clio Tavu – Traffic Jam [Terror Corp]
Conetekk – Aditum in Infernum [Horus Music Limited]
Crispy & Mc.Crus – The World In Her Hands [Behavior Recordings]
Daho – I Can Feel the Bass [Arenas Recordings (CR)]
Dan Wainwright – Hope & Deliverance [Sprechen]
DJ Trotsky & Koralee, Shannon Hurley – Where in the World Is Dj Trotsky
Gail Guthery – Third Wheel [Bellum Records]
Gezim Vrioni – Love Letters for Caroline Princess
Glimmig – Lost Energy [Kabache]
Joachim Spieth – Ousia [Affin]
Kaisla – Relative Conceptions [Kaisla]
Koste – Figures,Kids [Seeking Blue]
Kusuma Orchestra – Variopinto [Stereoheaven]
Lee Yi – Perception of Invisible Forms [Rottenman Editions]
Lion’s Drums – Kagabas [Lion’s Drums]
MayTrix – Sunrise [Simplify.]
Mike D’ Jais – I Wish I Could Stay [Different Twins]
Montenegro – Senderos [DIAPHRAGM]
Mou5zyzz & MeliniBands – Dripp [Mou5 Chee5e Records]
Øut of Phase – Wanna Be Free [Kaleido Gang]
Pete Peroni – Woods [Harmor Records]
Rudda Sounds – Cyber Babylon [Kysla Records]
Statistic – Sunset Wave [Azania Digital Records]
Sunbather – Chillout of India [recordJet]
Takle Brusko – Good Vibes [Santa Voyage]
Tessub – Phantom Time [Tri Music Group]
Timian – Sleep [Recall Records]
Tokatek & DJ OleG – Hope For Failure [iQuestion Records]
VA – Valentine’s Day Love Playlist 2021 [Stereoheaven]
Vendex – The Void [TOBE]
Verde – Night Rebirth [2 Steps To Chill]


2Sleep – I Know [Friday Rush Records]
Atom Swag – Mirk [Sonnenstrahl Records]
Back N Fourth & Disclaimr – Free (Shosh Remix) [Cr2 Records]
BCMP – Heatin’ It Up [Sexy Chalet]
Bee Yell – Real Lies [Speedsound Music]
Block & Crown – Houston Boogie [Next-Gen-Records]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Hope This Night Last Forever [Sophisticated Elite]
Casual Order – That Thing [Muzenga Records]
Claborg – Butterfly [B Club Recordings]
Coke Straw – Amapiano Is Electronic [Mellodramatic]
Coke Straw – Stoicism [Mellodramatic]
Coke Straw – Take Me to Dalriach [Mellodramatic]
Coke Straw – Take Me to Mountain [Mellodramatic]
Coke Straw – Volturi [Mellodramatic]
Coke Straw – You Against You [Mellodramatic]
Criss Conflict – Running Backwards , Feelin Alright [Mad Panda Recordings]
CutWires – My Island [House Of Hustle]
Devara – It’s Crazy [T-Groove]
Diephuis & Eastar – Be Yourself (feat. Tracy Hamlin) [King Street Sounds]
Disco Ball’z – Paris Nightz [Xamaky Records]
Dj Aaron Kennedy – Losing Control [DaCosta Records]
Dobermax – Circus (2021 Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
Echotrixx – Beirut Remix (feat. Jadjazzyjay & Maria Manok) [Remix] [DistroKid]
Exte C – Groove On [Chymamusiq Records]
FDF – Oh Yeah! [Shared Rec]
Filta Freqz – Hype N Dope [Seventy Four]
Flying Moon in Space – Faces (Xiu Xiu Remix) [Fuzz Club Records]
Glen Costa – War Inna Dance [Devine Uk]
Harrisen Larner-Main – More Than Just the Night (Karl G Remix) [SENDIT Records]
Hysteri Cat – Shallow Gestures [Fragrances]
Ike Release – Night Calling [Episodes Air]
Jacobo Palacio & Alexander Zabbi – Se Pone Loca [Sweet Karma Inc]
Jas & Jay, Frank-lo & Massive Project – Sax Fugue [Groover Records]
JedX – Ballad of JedX [Music Marks The Spot]
Le Duke – Ghosting [Etiqueta Negra]
Leo Blanco – Aire [Drum-Ah Records]
Leo Oliver – Glitter Rain [Mukeka Records]
Lesbian Speed Dating – Drive by Love [Paroisse Records]
Mad One – Ditto [Devine Uk]
Mad One – LockDown [Devine Uk]
Maickel Telussa – Brighter Days [Colour and Pitch]
Mitiko, Sub Consciouss – Get Down [Senssual Records]
Modica – Going Down (Extended Mix) [Hoop Records]
PIMU – Your Game (2021 Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
PooYar – Cosmic Harmony [psy funktion record]
Ragg – Lose Control [Gangsta House Rowdy Records]
Ranaka Ranaka – Extraterrestrial Love (feat. Bluustatic & Perp)
Ray Kandinski – Out of the Dark [Record Union]
Richard Goez – Great Nation – Musura [California Music]
Richard Grey – Fantastic Voyage [G High]
Runge – Let It Ride [High Definition]
Ryan Herr & Jesse James Hendricks – Canyon Song (feat. Timo Beckwith)
So Sexy & Dj Bodysoul – Reboot [Mellodramatic]
Sr. Funkie & Kuu´n (MX) – Come Down [Clvb95 Music]
Steven Stone & Lee Wilson – Will You Be There (Soulbridge Remix)
Summer of Haze & Beneath My Shade – Until We Die
Terry G – Sunset Mood [Midwest Hustle Music]
The 69 Project – It’s Party Time [Nu Flame Records]
The Cabas & Revealed Recordings – Flex [Revealed Radar]
Thismood – Cyber Heart (feat. Polly) [DistroKid]
Tom Leeland – It’s Too Much [Tall House Digital]
Usica & Vissex – Booty Luv [Brooklyn Fire]
VA – House Invaders Pure House Music, Vol. 5.1 [RH2]
VA – Instinct 14 [INSTINCT (UK)]
VA – Katze 15 [Katze Gang Records]
VA – The Rhytms of Winter [Strabaganzza Records]

Ada Kaleh – Zana Zorilor [Ada Kaleh Romania]
Agustin Mofficoni – Culto [Urban Garden Recordings]
Belmat – Roman Road [Underhouse Label]
CL-ljud – Quella Ispirazione [Sakadat Records]
Dadou – Imminere [Conceptual Deep]
Daniel Sbert – Poseidon [Bully Beatz]
Dannx – Pandora [Bedroomrecords09]
De La Swing & Ion Pananides, De La Swing – Contiene Groove [elrow Limited]
Diego Aguirre – Eternal Sunday [Ofrenda Music]
Diego Olarte – A1 [CLX]
Dimyx & Lonmax – Stoccolma [Puro Beat]
Domo – Wachufleiva 60 [Wachufleiva]
Dylan Andrew & Memo Rex, Dylan Andrew – Hornet’s Nest [Shadow Wulf]
EzeRostagno – Sonidos Profundos [Good People Music]
Felipe Fella – Mothership [Lab Underground]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Symmetry [DUBGIU]
Golosa Predkov – Lost in Space [Kaprimula Media]
Goras – Road to Space [Odd Pleasures]
GruuvElement’s – Rokfin [Solid Grooves Raw]
GYK, Too Many Grooves – Jamzz [Drogalipz JAMZZ]
Heaven’s Kitchen – Funk Magic [Hush Deep]
Ian R & Gogue – Sea of Green [Floorpiece Digital]
krämek – Haus [BeMore Records]
Lello Palumbo – Who Patch [kluBasic plus]
Louden – Red Lips. [Insane]
M.Rodriguez – Baby Feel It [Kubbo Records]
Max Klebson – Chinese Market [Interplanetare Lab]
Mr. Fowks – Black & White [Black Sea Side Music]
Nae Tek – Psychic Retreats [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Nativity – Level B [Dank Radio]
Nikus – Out of Phase [Tactil Music Label]
Olarte – Safari [Stinky Label]
QuestionmarQ – Hats Off,Head Down [DistroKid]
Rama – Desole [Affinity Lab]
Reckless Ryan – Black Out (Hybridphonic Remix) [Flunked Records]
Stiven Escarraga – Desde Antes [Bombga]
Tapesh & Toochi (SA) – Don’t Go [Rawsome Deep]
Theory27 – The Snow Queen [Figura Music]
VA – NoStandardMusic Classics 001 [Nostandardmusic]
VA – Telurian The Rominimal Experience [Zebra Rec.]
VanLah & Pablo Hdez – Back to the island [LowerHand Records]
Walcon – Dance [Ole Rec]

Progressive House

Adam Taylor & Jan Johnston – Bouncing Between Memories
Artem Rubtsov – Rockets [Sota Records]
Ashkan Dian & Yashar – Le Chat Persan [Freegrant Music]
Auxwave – Encounter the Remixes [Basement]
Axel Zambrano – Evolution [Estribo Records]
BlackLight – Knew U Would Come Back [Plurred Vision Records]
Chris Gavin – Afterhours [Midnight Lab]
Claudio Giordano – Stars Of The Night [Radiola (IT)]
Dany Howard & Eli & Fur – Next to Me [Nothing Else Matters]
Dark Affair – Dos Amicos Locos [Electronic Tree]
Defiant-Nature – Four Walls [Natural Defiance Records]
Delta 78 – Nimbus [ABX]
Denis Efremov – Just Be [Make It Yourself Records]
DJ Aptekar’ – Top Club Hits 2020 [Magnetico Club]
Echo Daft & ARTN – A Walk Between Earth to the Sky
Ewan Rill – Flaming [Sever Records]
Fawad Shah – Long Road to Goodbye [immanent music]
Following Light – Bifurcation [Sawagi Noise]
iCoen – In the Clouds [BQ Recordings]
JMC Beat – Tell Me Why [IJ2 Records]
Joono & The Loco – Reflection [BC2]
Juanes Mesa – Growing , Incipient [Onestar Records]
Kajis – Insider [Tension & Release]
Katoff – Far From Home [Luxury Night]
Kevin Vega – Crayon World [Vesta Records]
Kostya Outta & Sistersweet – Bali River [Balkan Connection]
Leossa – L Minus , Alouette 1 [PRGRSSN Records]
Levelthree – Reborn [Disctance Records]
LFOS0 – Angel [Stazis]
M3-O – Kiss Me [TiOS Phase 2]
Majed Salih – Givualere [Medievil-Music]
Martin Cozar – The Pulse of Everything [3xA Music]
Max Koval – The Coast [Sound Vessel Records]
Miss Monique – Raindrop [Siona Records]
NEVVEN – Wild Love [Razzer Records]
PIERG MUSIC – Recovering [FB Record]
Progressive Prince – Deal with the Devil [Progressive Prince Records]
Rianu Keevs – Broken Hearts [Rianu Keevs]
Ricca – You Never Paid me [Sensoria Sounds]
RICZA & Bening Tirta – Rumit [WHRCDS]
Sakorka – Lifeart, Miami Beats, Vol. 1 [LifeArt]
Seven Wells – Thirst [Future Avenue]
Surge In Madness – Feel This Snow [Tech People Music]
Tangible & Benite – Rebound [RaveUp Alley]
Tim Loco – Asteri [Deep Family Records]
Toby Tech – From Here to Eternity [Reflected Sounds]
VA – Best of 3rd Avenue Spring 2021 [3rd Avenue]
VA – Dusk to Dawn [AH Digital]
VA – Figura Winter 2021 [Figura Limited]
VA – Melody Masters Exclusive [One Of A Kind]
VA – The Oz [Oz Land Music]
VA – Various Artists [JAM 21]

Techno & Minimal

A Sagittariun – Minor Malfunction [Kneaded Pains]
A.P., Benji303 – Interruption Records 002 [Interruption Records]
Adam Helder – In Absence [Hawthorne Sessions]
Adrian Oblanca – Genesis [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
AINT.S, Albert Chiovenda – Formed Ethics (feat. FLAWS)
Alavux – Claustrophobic [Diffuse Reality Records]
Alex Leon – Dog Pipe [LostCentral]
Ali X – Objectifier [LPZ Records]
Astatum – Experience [Reload Black Label]
Audio Units & Denise Rabe – Reduction
Azogiař – Distortion [Habitat Musical Records]
Bardini Experience – Hoover [Techsturbation Records]
Basscontroll – Nuke Planting [Bang Le Dex]
Cailin – Phantom Love Affair [Gurriers]
Carlos Almazan – Acamar [WAVESMAN]
Carlos.M & Inigo Perez – Acid Crew [Stage Records]
CeKay – Andromeda [Adiktiv]
Charlie Sparks (UK) – Hyperspace [Marked]
Chris Aux – Minimal Tempelhof [Terrachorda Recordings]
Chris Coles & Latex Zebra – Hammerhead
Chris van Neu – Space Mission [Westernaap]
D-Richhard – Thinking About [Vibetek Records]
Daniel Sbert – Defcon2 [Sbert Records]
Danz Maxine – 15751 [Bunk3r R3cords]
Dennis Siemion & Yfirum – Melon
Destination Unknøwn – Interception [Sunora Recordings]
Developer – Developer Archive 12 [Developer Archive]
Diogo Fukumoto – Hook Up [Fukumaniac Records]
Discknocked – Bad Habits [DVNTT]
Dj Carlo Bardini – Skylab [Das Musik]
DJ Spandex – Orbit []
Doktor Loop & Demaklenco – Technofear [Montedo Music Production]
Don Goliath – Minimal to the World, Vol. 1 (The Reggae Mixes)
Dutek, Jason Xmoon & munfell – Under Disco Lights [Deep Tech Lab]
FDJ – Remixed – Part II [Beats HD]
Fernando De Matos – Come [Oscillator Music]
Formato BU – Drum Machine F [The Acid Mind Recordings]
Giampi Spinelli – Don’t Lie [Spin Head Records]
Giuseppe Rizza – Endlos [recordJet]
Harry Soto – TEKNOCHANT [TEQ and SOL]
Juan DDD & Dante Filacanavo – Unception [Red Code Music]
Julian Oliver – Acidulous [Basics Avenue]
Juliano Silva – Resonator [Boston Underground]
K.O.Sound – Free Your Mind [LS-2020]
KaliMike – District Ninety Nine [LETS TECHNO records]
Kellener – Modulate Oblivion [Devotion Records]
Koelvrieskombinatie – Zure Koffie [Jssst Records]
Lorenzo Oppo – Bubble Percussion [Meliodika Records]
Lucas Wirth – Tension [Cerebro]
Mauro Somm & Unlighted – Access Floor [Renesanz]
Mike Shepherd – Kings and Queens [Dark Distorted Signals]
Neo Mind – Saturns Hour [Sound Kleckse Records]
Nick Fetcher – Raggery [RaveUp Alley]
Oscar L – Under My Skin [Truesoul]
Phouz & Leyn, Phouz – Back From Ashes [Shadowy Records]
Placiid – Surgery [Unusual Records]
R&Ber – Orion Remixes [Beat Code]
Ralph Chalhoub – Slave of the System [Oxytech Records]
Rangel Coelho – Eloquence [Sonusfield]
Rezwan Khan – The Further [Rated Records]
RobJanssen – Something About Techno [Zoomer Records]
Rødhåd & Rene Wise – Wsnwg007 [WSNWG]
Roma Zuckerman – Stage of Loyalty [Trip]
Sasha Kato – Ready [VETTWERK]
Shawn Cartier & Dufraine, Shawn Cartier – Crazy Boy [childsplay]
Sineu – Cronos [Abracadabra Records]
Siyuan Wang – Maybe Tomorrow [Siyuan Wang]
Spencer Parker – The Theme [Rekids]
Svarog – 23 Hours of Drama [Edit Select]
Sylph – Braid (feat. Terence Fixmer) [MUTE]
Teamworx & Almero – Run [Kira Music]
Tezz (DE) – Schwarze Puppen [ERROR Records]
THD+N – CLXV [Otomo Trax]
Thomas Stark – Balance [exp]
Tommy Sunsets & Cotton Socks – What Is the World
Tonino – Revenge of Zeus [Fever Records]
Trokopotaka – Boiling Broth [Pitch Track]
VA – Bt002 [Be Techno]
VA – From the Shelf 002 [Ghost of the Shelf]
VA – Stream State Remixes [Counterchange Recordings]
VikBlau – Mindcuffs [KRSL]
Wave Function – Spatiotemporal Tissue [Raven Black]
Zurrenda – Orchestrated Paradise [Moziion]
Zwei Kanister – Faces [3°]