Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Addvibe – Grounded [Kolour Recordings]
Aldous – Birthday [Stordisco]
Alek Soltirov – Your Inner Spirit [Campo Alegre Productions]
Alex Spite – My Heart Is for You (Rework) [feat. Olga Shilova]
Alkalino – Gonna Diss’ You [Audaz]
amerot & noptvl – Amour (Noptvl x Amerot Cover)
Ana Colle & Nollan – Stars [Sensoria Sounds]
Andy Bach – Lost in Disco [See-Saw]
Andy Craig – Skydive (Remixes) [Shivar]
Arnaud D – Betrayal (feat. Earl W Green) [Makin’ Moves]
Art in Motion & Fred Torres – Wild Runners [Plano B Records]
Ata Öztuna – Let Me Know [Maniana Records]
Audiolog – Komplete 2020 [Audiolog Music]
Bonnie Drasko – Restarting [Biometric Music]
Boogie Boots – Don’t Break My Heart [Soulful Evolution]
C. Da Afro – Xmas Disco Special [SpinCat Music]
CEA – L’entretien Eternelle [Palacemusix]
Chico Flash – Breathless [Bob’s Your Uncle Records]
Cioz & Yannek Maunz – Rabbit Bass (Rackatin Edit)
Claborg, SunAndrey & James Garrison Summers – Turn It Around
Darque Meta & Soul Des Jaguar – Darque Soul Chronicles
dasgeraeusch, Der Mexikaner – Amigo [grschtrgr]
David Leoni – Crackdown [Expérimental Label]
Deepah Thoughts & Woolta Gee – 4th Dimension [Sanelow Label]
Dim Angelo & Nikko Sunset – Alchemy (feat. Nikos Giouletzis)
Distant People – City Morning [Arima Records]
DJ Frisbee – Vice [Azima Deep]
DJ Nuck – In Control [Why Not Recordings]
DJ Tchok – Got My Attention [Delve Deeper Recordings]
DP-6, Max iD – Re2020view [DP-6 Records]
Dual Sessions – Radioactive (Krister Remix) [Music Brokers]
Dubez – Dark Ages (feat. Sfatro) [Sanelow Label]
Duy Lennox – Put My Life [Pongo Records]
Enrico Chirchiello & Disco Ball’z – I Want You [Disco Flo Label]
Gabriel Balky – Love Around Us [7 Armies Music]
Gee Dee – Ocean Walk [Superior Elevation]
HeartWerk & Nick Minieri – Walls Painted a Deep Forest Green
Illume + Naughty, Rex Buchanan & Wessyde – Cream
Jeme – Beginning of the End [KNZ Records]
Jerem A. – Get It Right [Nu Monkey Records]
Jo Paciello – Deep in It [MONOSIDE]
Jordan Strong & Tony H – Be See Seek (feat. Ramiro)
Jose Rodriguez, Justo Perez & Dave Rosell – Academy 21 [JAM 21]
Julian Sanza – My Love For You [Heartbeat Revolutions]
Kaysha & Sauti Sol – Your Loving [Sushiraw]
Ken@Work – Shake Baby Shake [Moiss Music]
Kev Dot Kruz – Red Ball Express [Afro Riddims Records]
Lebedev (RU) – I’ve Got It Soul [Rhythm Section]
Love In Colour – Nothing to Fear [Suppressed Energy]
Lucio Momo – Fall into You [Marqeez Records]
Masupilami – One to Bow [Dance Petrol Records]
Mehen – Dance with You [Cool 7rack Talents]
Miguel Ríos & Pete T – That Feeling [Kollusion]
Mthora, Rey De Casa & Bobbie Manglez – Saturday Vibe
Nacho Romero – The Creators [Beats Life Records]
Newmanhere – Mumbi [Sunclock]
Nicola Corradino – Straight To The Bank (feat. Gianni Binetti)
Nicola Nisi – You Got Love [Moiss Music Black]
Nitescape & Augusto Gagliardi – Calas [Moiss Music]
NoxiD – Full Circle [Suicide Robot]
Ömer Bükülmezoğlu – Yuliya [Release Soul]
Pajackok – Bubble Gum [Madzonegeneration Records]
Panderma – Say No More [Mutant Bit]
Parisian Soul – Another Man [Denote]
Paul Hoffer – Legacy [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
Paul Soir – Bless U [Ripe Pear Records]
Q Narongwate – Together [Little Jack]
R.O.D. (Rainie Of De’ Lacy) – The Cure (Conway Kasey Remix)
RAF RAVE – Chances [UL Records]
Rik spin – America in love [Cv Music Label]
Sagravto – Without You (Feat. Pears & Mach)
Sander & Radoo – Atomistic [Hey, location!]
Sascha Lebemann – Tarnung [Audiothentica]
Sasha Barbot – We Are United [Cosmic Sound Records]
Sebastián Suárez – Memories [Conceptual Music]
Soldatov – Air Paints [Gardash Records]
Somma – Howling [Selected.]
Stewart Birch – Moonlight Disco [Campo Alegre Productions]
Tantok – Care for Me [Impure]
The J. – From D to Double D , Electric Fresh
The Menzia – Tentacular [Astrolead Recordings]
the urban district – Radiometry [Limitation Dust]
Tief Everything – Ken Miles [Sojka Records]
Tomy Piscitelli – Can You Feel It [Mango Sounds]
Tony Flow 84 – Morir Riendo [Villano Muzik International]
Tony Kosa – Solid Nature [MYRIAD]
Tony Soprano – Searching for Your Love [Soulful Evolution]
Touch RSA – Where Do We Belong [Deep Clicks]
Twerking Class Heroes – Dance Extracts [Oro Negro]
VA – BackNotBack Vol. 1 [FLAC]
VA – Industria #2 [Industria]
VA – Mango Pudding Pt.2 [Mango Sounds]
VA – Nightborhood [GLBDOM]
VA – Xmas Bells [Groove Tom Records]
Verderbte Braut – Die erste Braut [Uplifto]
Waltervelt – Blood Blue [Crow]
Zicarius – Skylight [Holy Pig Records]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

Angelina Lavo – No Shame (Club Mix) [VOL-UME]
Aztec, Naems & Max Landry – Make It Right [Revealed Radar]
Banana Biz – I’m Getting Tired [TRENT]
Bassment – Golden Scars (feat. Philth) [Counterpoint]
Charmes – Elevators [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
Climpo – Drown it Out [Captum Records]
Dan Guidance & Fishy – The Mind State [Offworld Recordings]
Defizit & Bassinfected – Hang Out [True Color]
DJ Getdown – Pyhu [EnVogue Records]
DJ MDW – Rhumba de Guaracha [Soul Flava Recordings]
DJ Vavvá – Got Some [Dj Vavva Records]
DJ Vavvá – Kick Base [Dj Vavva Records]
Dubnostics – Horizons [Dubnostics]
Eris & Oz1 – Purgatory [Ohm Resistance]
Ferry & U’Moon – Kolkata [Ilin Records]
FIGMVNT – Missing Love [Chase the Sound Records]
Funkware – Rangel, Seven On Kee Street [Funkstuff Recordings]
Henry – Dystopia , Deeper We Go [Skankandbass]
Higher Sector – Covid – 19 [Higher Sector]
Holt 88 – Brack Down [DIRTYBIRD]
Hugo Doche & Slow Mafia – Poppin [FEATURE]
IJO – Here It Is , Inter Revolution [IJO]
IJO – Mally Astik , Iron Bag [IJO]
Insideman – Electrotype [Soul Deep Digital]
Javani – The Show [Chase the Sound Records]
Jay Colyer – Vintage Bass [Immoral Music]
Kakha Tomadze – Old Days [Mixa Records]
Kazenn – Project X [LUXI Records]
Kip Killagain – Bad Boy Roller [Kingz Of The Jungle]
Krasilnikov SK, Samline & Hetno – Atraction [Cracknight People]
Labora Trixx – Lol Grammer [Uba Lua Records]
Latte – Shit Happens [Dubz Audio]
longstoryshort – Red Dot [JustUs Recs.]
Mark Dinimal – Surplus [Drum Army]
mavzy grx – Miss Me Too [Mystery Freedom Records]
Michael Carey & Black samurai.T – Viper [Jin Records]
Michel Sowards – Use My Body [Ravesta Records]
MiCON (UK) – Alone In My Dreams [Koda DnB]
Midst – Bootyroll [Nuclear Bass Records]
Midst – Confused Sally [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
MsDoS – Red Yellow Green [Liquid Drops]
No Thanks – Front To Back [Confession]
Oldloop – Best Weapon [Uba Lua Records]
ORGXM BOY & Wizerfrost – Beautiful Life [Intersound Music]
Problems – Ought Not Be Overthought [Knightwerk]
Qqu – Dan Six [Cool 7rack Talents]
RickFire & B0R0 – Sippin’ [Atrium Collective]
Ripple – Words [Ripple LTD]
ROB NOA – Blooper [We Funk]
ROB NOA – Irrgarten [We Funk]
Ronny Berna – Techies [BROHOUSE Music]
Rootkey – Bad Smell (feat. Kris Kiss) [Saturn V Recordings]
SaNyOk – Jingle Bells [Digitag Records]
STACHE IT! & Wolfrage – Stay Right There [Wolfrage Recordings]
Standard Procedure DNB – Active Gang (feat. Rowney, Toddlah & MC TNT)
TaKuMi & Miyuka – Last Hour [Unmei Ongaku]
Terrence & Phillip – Just a Feeling [T&P Music]
Tomas Angel – Glimpse of Time [Immigrant Wave]
TOSCA – Besame [Sur Music Records]
Trakker – Curiosity , Angel [Wrong Turn Recordings]
VA – DNB Vibes [DNB Vibes]
VA – Mindocracy FU 2020 [Mindocracy Recordings]
VA – Music Box Pt . 18 [SAM SOUND]
VA – SUBHIVE Essentials 2020 [SUBHIVE]
VA – Va Aw20 [Sub Edit]
Verdun Remix & Derkommissar – #Mi Cuarto [Urban Club (LRM)]
Vihaan – Musu [Wiking Recordings]
Vimat – Vimat Rite of Zombies [Tonrecords]
VOLB3X – Surp On the Surp [SSL Music]
Zomani – Good Days [Top Dawg Entertainment,RCA Records]

Melodic House & Techno

7seventy – Time for Music [MBMH Records]
After Burn & GESPONA, GESPONA – Talud [Wildfang Music]
Andreas Lambert – The pined Bluff [LostCentral]
Animum – Bowed [Awen Records]
Bob Tosh – Dacarys [Us & Them Records]
Convinzed – Confidence [Verflixt.]
Cusp – Nevermind Tomorrow [Black Senses]
Derivativ – Accelerando [Mercurial Tones]
Dimitrios V – Natural [Accurate Black]
ELE-U. – Dancing Bear , Maudi [La Mishka]
ELE-U. – Deep Landscape [Deepmode Records]
Elias Uberhausen & Kirsten Rea – Unfamiliar Place Remixed
Eminosi – Remedy [Essential Music]
Fabio Fuso – Earth [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
InFusco – Sakin [Vesta Records]
Jack Arisen, Jackie Mayden – Sargalicious 003
Jem – Dublove Naked [ON Recordings]
Jeroen Viktor & Satoshi Fumi – Cyclone [Adeon Records]
Kaos – Wanderlust [ThreeRecords]
Kas Yonen – Calypso [Sounds Of Urban]
Ksabe – Insolence [Catamount Records]
LEANDERS – Goat [Astral Void Records]
Luis Kill & Maximiliano Db – Dualidad [ONISM]
MANU6T9 – 303 Dopamine [Creaminal Grooves]
Mind Conspiracy – Face Control [Déjà Vu Culture]
Modern Talker, Nopopstar – Minimal Vibes [Hush Recordz]
Nickon Faith – Release Me [Vision 3 Records]
North South Project – Black Shadows (Remixed)
Peter Mac – Nightwatcher [Elastic Dimension Records]
Phoenicia – Teardrop [BeatFreak Recordings]
Rowdy – Misconception [Infinite Depth]
Ruimte Vogel – Deep Underground [Space-Echoes Records]
Sergio Batista – Forgotten [Khulu Records]
Synthetic Redemption Project – Overthrow [Grey Dome Records]
Templanza – Lost Mind, Elysium [Visionary]
Trần Mai Anh & Chemist – No5 [DEEP ZONE LABEL]
Unick GR – Fifty [Fishtone Records]
VA – 50 Releases Anniversary [Amber Blue Recordings]
VA – All of 2020 Part 1 [Ballroom Records]
VA – Best of ThreeRecords 2020 [ThreeRecords]
Walls of Arctica – Frost Flower [Agara Music]
York & 23rd – Do You Think About Me (Remixes)

Minimal & Deep Tech

ABC Collective – Always Bring Cash 002 [Always Bring Cash]
Alejandro Escala – Exit Lights [Tentaculos Records]
andiem – Too Late [Herbst und Musik]
B-Liv – The Monkey Thing [Freshly Cooked Music]
Bestiei – Other Side [CODEC Records]
Camou Flanger – And Back It Up [Diamond Sizer]
Carlo Crosta – Head Up [Monday Morning Records]
Dan Walter – He Is Coming [Selectro]
Daniel Nike & Furtee – In My Memory [Spiral Music]
Diego Palacios – Decision [Chibar Records]
Diskjoker – Vocogame [Audioffice Records]
DOMO – Find a Way [Distrito Sonoro]
Dr Gabbo – Feels Good [Street Habitat]
DRAGOS – Fortuna In Iad [Jashtme Music]
Dubtil – Paradox [BP Digital]
Gastón.SP – The Jump [Finish Team Records]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Sentimos [DUBGIU]
Hilton Caswell – Need 2 Be [AO (Artificial Octaves)]
Hogi & Fickry – Ratata [Love International]
Hrisq – The Way of Life [Zebra Rec.]
Iggy Rom – Device [Leading Astray]
JAOV – New Generation [Panorama 36]
Jose Vilches – El Saco [Sonambulos Music]
lauti mina & Josefina Tapia – Magic Blue
Lavy & Eli Samuel – Middle of the Night
lotus land pilot – Eraom [Oyoda Recordings]
Luis Fruelas – That Imagination [Radioactive]
Mares & Fernanda Leiva, Mares – Soul Vibes
Mike Browne – Mezzo [Marktek Records]
Nicolas Barnes – Embrace [ECOUL SND]
pinto – Daxz [Totoyov]
Prince.L – Sexy You Know [Mut]
Remi Blaze – Dust [Beachside Records]
The Riddler – Ask Me Twice [8CELL Studio]
VA – Best Tracks Remix 2020 [Herloop Records]
VA – Key Gems 002 [Key Rec]
VA – Mk2020 [MK837]
VA – The Best of the Year Part. 2 [IWANT Music]
VA – Underbeats [REC Low Records]
VIIRO – Oria [Moiss Music Black]
Vincenzo Perez – Rituals [Revoevol Recordings]
Vlad Bretan & Zebra Rec. – Why Do Our Dreams Go Wrong
Will Taylor (UK) – Sweet Shop [NØID]

Organic House & Downtempo

COAM – Pentatonic Garden [Mindspring Music]
Di Rugerio – Sumeria [Sons Mystiques]
dj poolboi – motions (feat. FLOOR CRY) [Ambient Mix]
Doctor Flamingo – Torna Amb Mi (feat. Nuria Swan)
Figaro de Montmartre – Hidden Eden [Figaro de Montmartre ltd]
GÆO – Touch, Grip, Release [Stellar Limited]
Glacier – Vantage [Wolf Beats]
Hannes – Stormfield [Finebeatz]
Ivan Afro5 & H-Baraka – Kioteki (AfroTech Mix)
Joe Black – Kiss the Night [Blue Bay Records]
Klazina – Ensemble [Miyako Records]
Marga Sol & Darles Flow – Bedouins Tale [Tibetania Records]
Menchaca Pres. Ain’t That Love – Desolate [Tribu H]
Miguel Roldán – Land of Nod [Via Del Sol Records]
Monte – Chibi Chibi (Savage Project Remix)
Moran – Plastic [Kamari Records]
Planet Caravan – Spinnerei [Serafin Audio Imprint]
Reese – Surfers Delight [Cable Records]
Santi & Tuğçe Kurtiş – Gelincik + Remixes [Kybele]
Sleepdealer – Tappin [Loudkult]
VA – End of Year 2020 [Flug Lab]
VA – Harabe Reimagined Feelings I [Harabe]
Von Gauss – Special Mornings [Otium Garden]
Yamin Bene – Over the Edge [Ouana Records]
Yon DJ – Al Mughamara [Differed Records]
Yuki Tosaya – Neon Versions [Elastic Dimension Records]

Tech House

Alec Lino – BaseMent EP [BRM312]
Alexandro G, Bastien Groove – Little Helpers 373
Andre Salmon, Draganeskool – Robot Love EP [OLEG029]
André Salmon, J Avila – Music Bomb [MATERIAL193]
Andre Salmon, Kricked, K-Mack, Steven Joint, KC Wra, Bambi Margera – Disslexia
Andruss – Pretty Boyz [PERA185]
Audiophonik – After Midnight PPM380]
Auspex – The Lesser Key Of Solomon EP [OATH002]
Bassel Darwish – Weekend [LGNR37]
Beth Lydi – Tell Everyone [SNOE049]
Brad Shu – Work It [HP181]
BRK (BR) – Alien Dj’s [NL015]
Butane, Riko Forinson – It Was All In My Head [EX25]
Calypse – ABBA [COC059]
Camilo Do Santos – Weed And Dollars [ML215]
Charles Ramirez, J.Nandez – Stupid Question (Extended Mix) [HOF142]
Chico Diaz – Sweet Dreams (Ramon Bedoya Extended Remix) [CIR302]
CID, Riddim Commission – ME N U (Gene Farris Extended Remix)
Dario (DE) – Uh Yeah [FPM014]
Dennis Greppi, Damian Cotto – El Sur [THE024]
Diplo, SIDEPIECE – On My Mind (Ferreck Dawn Extended Remix)
DJ On – Bizcocho [LULO001]
Espinal & Nova – Bad To The Bone [EX078]
Fabio Neural, DJ Fronter – Enemies EP [4056813214956]
Fiocco – Galaism [HOLLOW5830]
Flavio Martini – Bass and Drum [HFS2051]
Funkerman, Shermanology – Amen – Danny Howard Extended Mix
G Spec – G Spec [RCKBTM037]
Gaspar-ON – Sex Robot [TSL148]
Guilherme Rossi – Thanks [ULR152]
Juan Cuadros – Sexy Dirty Beat [RLT013]
Jungñe Jack – Ruff [MRCARTER146]
Junior Sanchez, DJ Boris – Move It [SAVED22901Z]
Kolombo – Super Free EP [OWR008]
KOOK!, MTZ Music – Back [MZF223]
Lee Pennington feat Manbear – Wilhelm Scream RE HASHED [KT034]
Left Side Concept – The Sentinel (Suara)
MANO – Fnky Sound EP [PKS331]
Matthias Kick – Nova _ Salom [BRISE134]
Michael Conroy – V.1.N.N.Y EP [KODA129]
Misc Mood – Influence EP [KR058]
Morelia – Damage Control [INR0145B]
Moshem – Funked [CHR092]
Nico Hamuy – Forgive Me (Remixes) [PPM393]
Out_Ctrl, Tyler Coey – Oh Yeah [RLT021]
Patrick Conway – Hypersocial bw Safety Test [ESP054]
Reechar Nills – Picadilly Circus [195497405053]
Return Of The Jaded feat. Born I – Automate [BOC105DJ]
Riccardo Barbaro – Love For Music [SJS028]
Rodrigo Veiga, Bossy Ing – Tense EP [CCR01]
Rone White, Rowen Clark – Freak Machine EP [UNI180]
Ryan Shepherd (UK) – I Wanna Jack [SM025]
Sascha Sonido – Jack The House [OBM045]
Silva Bm – Do Not Hit Him EP [SWM0170]
Simone Burrini – Question Ep [BSC156]
Sqnc.d – Simplicity (Morning Mood Records)
Stanny Abram – Ghosts in My Arms [GST034]
Stu Laurie, Damon C. Scott – Trapped 2020 [RV021]
SUBB, Diskover, Willa – Black Out [NYX030D]
Superchip – Dance Or Die [PLAYMOBIL184]
Tapesh, Ricardo Espino – Dance Loud [TB016]
VA – Audio Safari Passion, Vol. 2 [AS002P]
VA – Best of Loulou Records 2020 [BOLLR2020] [FLAC]
VA – Best Of Tech House Winter ’20 [33OO3]
VA – Best Tracks 2020 [LMC152]
VA – Latinoamérica, Vol. 1 [HTMC16]
VA – Luigi Rocca, Alex Kenji & Manuel De La Mare Present B3B [303L2025]
VA – Nasty2020 [NF171] [FLAC]
VA – New Decade Compilation [RBR200] [FLAC]
VA – Old But Gold Compilation [CHR093]
VA – Secret Jams 2020 [SJRS0203]
VA – Stammtisch NYE Session 2020 [STT105]
VA – Swiss Alps (Vol. 13) [SA013]
VA – The Best Of Siena 2020 [TBOS05]
VA – The Story So Far…, Vol. 4 [GSRCD91]
VA – Totally Mobilee – The Greatest Hits 2019 [MOBILEECD032]
Vicente Larrain – Sir Philip EP [MBR049]
Will Taylor (UK) – Acid [DPS001]