Afro House

Abdallah Oumbadougou – Tabsikt (Desert Mix)
Andreas Sam – Caule [imani made for music]
Atmos Blaq & Ade Alafia – 2020 [Uncover Music]
BELLMAZ – Acid 8 [Guettoz Muzik Streaming Pool]
Bre3lement – Astronomical [Deep Forest Records]
CEA – Le Serpant Etroit [CEAmusic]
Cj.Viper – South Kalacha [Figura Music]
Dim Angelo & Nikko Sunset – Karma [Noevo Records]
DJ Oscar Sharm – Desert Wind [Noixy Records]
Doneyck & Bamba Keita – Kamalanta – Lamara
Dr. Feel – Msitu [Reenboog]
EDGER & Kablitz – See the Light [Revkon Records]
GateMusique – Aeons [Open Bar Music]
Kekstar – Neruble Ayee [Azania Digital Records]
Kev Dot Kruz – Journey Agent [Afro Riddims Records]
La Revancha – Orbit [Giant Pulse]
Limitless & Double Face – My Africa [Mind The Gap]
Lisitsyn – Deliri [Exx Muzik]
Madame M. – Deep Line [Stereofly Records]
Maf3sto Musique – Another Moon
MANDLASOUL – Amacathu [Moving Deep Records]
Me&Only – Jughead [lorenZOO]
Mr OG. – Afro King [Ubizo Café]
Mtsepisto – Afro Quest [Da Fuba Records]
Muzari – Iphutha Lami (feat. GuguPash) [Uncover Music]
Nomaka – Over12 [Finason RCRDS]
Obdurate – Imvelaphi (feat. Ziphezinhle Celeshe)
Patris Boy – Do Ghetto [Guettoz Muzik Streaming Pool]
Phehh Minakho – Inyon’zezulu (The eagle scream)
Ruddy Jorge & Bruno Cortez & Reis Jr – Paradigm
Santos – Don’t Leave This Room [Let Me Understand Records]
Silvva – What Do You Want including Three Versions (feat. Bambi)
Sinic Voice – Candombe [Candombe Records]
Skyzo – Brick By Brick [Sky29]
Sololo – Taung [Fridge Magnet]
Soulman – Kufiri (feat. Black Soil) [Maluku Records]
Store – Umay [Positive Electronic Music]
TorQue MuziQ – King of Rotation VIII
VA – Africus [Lump Records]
Wadcutter – Dont Drum [Mint Trax]


220 KID & JC Stewart – Too Many Nights
Accee – Taste of You [Rioverse Recordings]
Adam Prescott & Tenor Youthman – Well Charged
Æj – Let Me Be Your Lover [Jendex Records]
Agrizzi Music & DJ Overcome – Vamos a Bailar
Ahnz – Always [Monkey Killer Tones]
ALAMPA – Paranoia 2.0 [Nopassport]
Alex DiscoMan – Musica [Alex DiscoMan]
Alex DiscoMan – The Groove [Alex DiscoMan]
Anarim 808 – Vandoon [Irresistible Music]
Andrew Ross – Love Me Now [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
Andrey Sostin – Maybe [Impure]
Angelo Ciaravola – Fischietto [A.C. Digital Records]
Arbelaster – Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Black Boat]
Astronomica – Fly Away [Nustromo Music]
Aurae – Can’t Breathe [Gloamed]
AVA (IT) – Freakin’ On the Line [Goosebump]
Benjamin Stone – Canon in D [ChillCulture]
Besomorph, Behmer & Lunis – What I’ve Done [Virgin]
Bladdy-T – Cause You [Ghetto]
Bodylove – Diamond Eyes [BMP Music]
BoyLoco & Drianu – Booze & Parties (Gaby Nieto Remix)
Bryce! & Anthony Meyer – Find My Way [Big Blind Music]
BUNT. – Crocodile Tears (feat. Jens Hult) [Interscope Records]
C-Ro, Don Bnnr & Uwe Worlitzer – Hate to Say Goodbye
C37 – Celestial Fragments [Soundtrip Records]
CARSTN & Jason Walker – Could You Love Me [Up All Night]
Cat & Calmell – dumbshit [EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd]
CHEHON – Champion Road [Sony Music Labels Inc.]
Chocolate Spread – Hugging Kissing [Tropical Disco Records]
Chrone & Bale – HYPERREAL [GL Music]
Ciava & Gwendolyne – Give Me That [Gameroom Records]
Cryosis – You Make Me [Brooklyn Fire]
D.O.T.I – Drive All Night [Artists Network Revolution]
Dainpeace – Just Dance [Digital Village Music]
Damon Hess & Lloyd Bentley Scott – Found a Love (feat. Mila Falls) [Extended Mix]
Dan McKie – Ginger Banjo [Solid State Disco]
Dapa Deep – Champagne [Dapa Music Records]
Dave Anthony – Search for Light (feat. Baba Israel)
deadmau5 & Kiesza – Bridged By A Lightwave (Lamorn Remix)
Death By Synth – Helden des Nichtstuns [Audiable]
DeeLight & Siri Svegler – Starlight [Myriad Pink]
Deigen – Far Away [Gloamed]
Demy Yorth – Child [Nustromo Music]
Dj Bala – Alice’s Hair , Jessica’s Coffee [Shadow Man Music]
DJ Byotas – Like It [21st]
DJ Christopher – Plata O Plomo [Spiral Music]
DJ Cosmin & Lawseed – Never Lock Me Down Again
DJ Cruse – Get You [Decibel Music]
DJ Geri – Tormenta! [Color Monster]
DJ Gersonscreator – Dancing for Lifetime [Gersonscreator]
DJ Nuck & Ivan Salvador – LET ME HERE (feat. MAESE SAX)
Don Alonso – Gopher [Nustromo Music]
Dubkasm & Ashanti Selah – Love and Overstanding
E92 – Ona [Erijo Gold]
el Hashem – Azez Alaya , Self Control [Supa Qween Records]
Esquire – Shine A Light (feat. Litening) [Perfect Havoc]
FabioEsse & Rob Cappadonna – El Varadero [Soundrepublic]
Faraón – Out of Control [Deep Strips]
FHE – You Want Some More [Synth Pimpz]
Fluxci – S o R R y (The Inaudibles Rethink)
Fredix – Music Parade [Nustromo Music]
Frenk Dublin – Moon Walker [Dub, Sweat & Beers]
Fricci – Tenerte (Horas) [feat. Alan Olmont]
Friday Night Firefight – Wild Love [Aztec Records]
G.Pantelidis & Hara La Boss – Strings Attraction
Gappy Ranks – Gangster Girl [Hot Coffee Music]
Getalife & Matt Powell – Demons [Liboo]
Gianluca Dimeo – Ooh La La [One Seven]
GRHHH – Fantasy [aisuru sound]
GRHHH – Tiffany [Gloamed]
H.P. Vince & LoMalo – Back Off [Tropical Disco Records]
Hatstar – Sath [Jass Records]
Heartbreakboy & Memento Mori – Drip [Psyfeature]
Helios Figueroa – Like a Drum [Beat Recordings]
Hottime – Vuelve [Deep Bear]
ImButcher – Stay Remixed [ImButcher Music]
J-Adiction – Kyoto Haus 95 [Nyumba Records]
Jah Bami, Ted Ganung & Roommate, Lutan Fyah – Roommate Meets Ted Ganung
James Godfrey & Zillionaire – Waiting for Tonight (feat. Harley Huke)
James Williams & The All That Band, Lori Glori – Children of the World Voice Aid Anthems
James Williams, Desiderio Fierro & Eric Conley – All That White Christmas
Jaques Le Noir – Bugatti Rider [Crown Of Music]
Jerry Davila, DJ Pelos & Radd – Loco (Remix) [Beat Recordings]
Jonasu – Black Magic [3Beat]
Jordiz – Hold You (feat. Sonny Wilson) [Beat Dealer Records]
Kato Kat – Hostage [Kibbutz Records]
KEAN DYSSO – She Rolls [Ghetto]
Kertscher – Mama [BLACK.BLACK]
Klutch & TVBOO – BTFU [Deadbeats]
Kola – She Will Be Loved (feat. Varsha Vinn) [Neon Records]
Krimsonn – December [Heartfeldt Records]
Kristjan Järvi & Nordic Pulse Ensemble – Nordic Maiden (Francesco Tristano Auricle Dub)
Krystian San – 1000 Missed Calls (feat. Ewa Ekwa)
Laco – Let You Leave [Maniana Records]
Laidback Luke, Dannic & Ally Brooke – Dance It Off
Laurent Schark – New Reason (feat. Darren Ellison)
Levantine – Nebula Steam [Silhouette Music]
Licia N – Afraid (feat. Right SA, Mashaba SA)
LikeHook – Take My Time [Big Hard Records]
Little Boots – Christmas Will Be Different (Demo) [On Repeat Records]
LIZOT – Weekend [Nitron Music]
Los Kaliman – Bonita [Prix Music Group]
Lost Outrider & New Arcades – Far from Home (New Arcades Remix)
Lynnic & Neil Richter – Zuhara [DEEP WOODS]
Mabel Caamal – Mexico [Caamal Records Underground]
Macaulay – Mi Pobre Angelito [Inmacaulay]
Mara Tata San – The Legend Joe [am Star]
Marc Fruttero – Clara (Neo Romantic Remix) [Marc Fruttero]
Martin Alegro – Thinkin’ Bout You [Frequency Music]
Matteo Candura – Can’t let go (feat. Cecy Santana)
mavzy grx – Wasted Nights [Mystery Freedom Records]
MaX ForWorD – Joss [Max Forword]
MaX ForWorD – Lai O Lai [Max Forword]
Men Office At Work – Kontrol Perk [JDR Music]
Men Office At Work – Mostaza [Irresistible Music]
Minor G – Never Quit [cocane]
Misoltri – Never Right [Up All Night]
Monogram – Proxima B [Venge Recordings]
Mr Pig, Gama & Holy Pig – Amarillo (Electronic Remix)
MURANA & The Dual Personality – Pheonix [Simplify.]
Musical Taste – Seele (feat. Stefan Solo) [Seveneves Records]
Mystic Experience – Bassdrive 2K21 (Remixes) [push2play music]
Natune & Two Modest – Make Me Feel [Impure]
No.13 – Secrets [Wiking Recordings]
North Satellite – A Rising Sign [Startree]
Ozlig – Back to You [Ghetto]
Paola Belletti & Marcello Sound – Magic World
Patrik Remann – Wanna Be Left Alone [PR Records]
Paul STR – Snapback [Petit Pot Records]
Pelican Beats – I Don’t Need You (feat. Junior Paes)
Peter Mac – Take It! [M-Sol Records]
PSYRUS & Lisa Williams, PSYRUS – Soldier [Amadei Bass]
Puppa Saga – Betta Fit [Fat Bird Recordings]
Ramon Bedoya – That Boy [BH Records]
Rich Delinquent – Cocaine Late Nights [24-8 Records]
RICH MORE – Serpentine [Freshtunes]
ROGE – What They Want from Me [ROGE]
Ron Rockwell – Fabia [Mental Madness Records]
Sanjoy & THEMXXNLIGHT – Treasure [Port 22]
Sasha Elektroniker – Planet Calling [MUSICLANCER]
Scooter – FCK 2020 (Raf & Superdefekt Rmx) [Sheffield Tunes]
Shestakov – Hush , Tacotwin [ONLY THE BEST]
SHTED – Find My Way [Deep Strips]
Shyloom – Fight Forever (feat. FJØRA) [Enter Records]
Silience – I Don’t Wanna Know (LOWES Acoustic Mix) [b1]
Sizzle Whip – Push (Remixes) [push2play music]
Spencer Tarring – Scandalous (feat. Scarlett Quinn)
Stenzel – Hera [ONLY THE BEST]
Steve Modana – Time Machine [You Love Dance]
SUMMER Rios – IDK You Yet [All Star Music Group]
Ta-K RaverZ – I’ll Be There [KOBBRA]
Terah Lynn – Enough [Impeccable Music Group]
Tim Lights – Fly With Me [Ensis Records]
tyDi, Wish I Was & Katie Sky – Real World (Wish I Was Mix)
UNIFI Project – My Love Story [UNI-FI]
Uplink – Worth It (feat. Linn Sandin) [1st Strike]
Uzzi – Turbocharger [Fresh Blood]
VA – Choppa Riddim [Kweku Records]
van Herpen – Waiting for You [Run Free]
Vendredi & Hi-Ly – Free Myself (feat. Hi-Ly)
Verdun Remix – #Pinche Dembow Bien Loco
Vhans – Fly With Me [Speaker Recordings]
Viktor Newman – Tell You Love [Wiking Recordings]
Vinback & Krasno – The End [Bavaria HQ]
William Like & Jason Mile – T-Rex [Blanco y Negro Music]
Wonga – Confession [Ghetto]
Xtralaut – Time to Say Goodbye [Uncased Records]
Young Lion – Sinking Sand (feat. Kingsley Salmon)
Zedd & Griff – Inside Out [Interscope Records]
Zonatto – Feeling This Moment [Impure]

DJ Charts

Amy Dabbs Girl Like Me chart
ANG Treasure Bay Chart
Armin van Buuren Que Pasa’ Chart
CASSIMM All Over 2020 chart
DJ Spen’s Dec 2020 Beatport Chart
DJ Top 100 (Based on the DJ MAG Top 100 2020)
Fresh House Friday Defected
Future House – by Spinnin’ Records
Housewerk Chart
Joyce Muniz Eastbound Chart
KASST A Magic World Chart
Laidback Luke Dance It Off Chart
Michael Bibi ISOLATE Chart
MORTEN Save My Life Chart
Oxia December 2020 Chart
Sasha Haunted Chart
Spinnin’ Records – New Dance Music Friday 12.18 (2020)
Tiesto The Business Chart
Trap Mojito Chart
Victor Ruiz Love Story Chart
Whitesquare Still in lockdown Chart
Yolanda Be Cool WNSA 10 Years Anniversary Chart

Electronica & Downtempo

11xxx27 & Mystics – Black Market [Infidel Bodies]
A Thousand Mouths – Thaw [Lamour Records]
Abstract Silhouette – Theus [Music UK]
Adam Kroll – Planet Plankton [Subtempo]
ADGRMS & Dexx! Turner – Leroy (Remixes)
Adrian van Sin – In Terms of IDM [Artist Republik]
Albert DesSophy – Quartz Antenna [Socsub]
Alex Justino – Reflection [Nin92wo Records]
Alex Lustig – Otherside (Night Edit) [Alex Lustig]
Alex Tronic & Shuna Lovelle – The Strangest Times (Snakestyle Remixes)
Ancylus, Lappländer & Ancylus – Veden varaan [Luola]
Andent Coimbra – Funaddict [Coimbra]
Arman – Raveyard [TGR Music Group]
Arqtic – Dekore [Impress Music]
Art of Drone – The Tomorrow War [Planet Ambi]
Arzenic – Definitions [Candy Flip]
Asphodela – Unmapped paths [Asphodela]
Basch – Social Media Tears [Polycarp Records]
Bert H & Elle Chante – Lost Universe [Pilot Records]
Bionautas – Cielo & Tierra [Dialog Discos]
Blackout & DJ Lud Prado – Giving up on Love [Alphabeat Records]
blanketdragon & Mr. Bill, premo. – Nothing Isn’t
Blundetto – Fly Dub (feat. Hindi Zahra) [Heavenly Sweetness]
Blusm Tusm – No Kick and Bass [Cosmilarve]
Bryan Kessler – New Feel, Pt. 2 [Bronko]
BVRRN & NoFace Records – Still In Love [NoFace Records]
C-Mo – Focus (The Official Clubcore 25 Anthem)
Calapou – Fresh [Terror Corp]
CHILD – Cover Up (Sj Remix) [AESTHETYK]
Citizen Of The Universe – Athens [2 Steps To Chill]
Cittagazze – Fme Zmb [Cittagazze Music]
CLIKBT, KuKs & NoFace Records – Jail [NoFace Records]
Clouter – Imagine [dEb Records]
COAM – Big Bright Extending Spaces [Mindspring Music]
CryHison – The Fire Gods [Freshtunes]
Cxsmo – High For Tonight [Dbeatzion Records]
Dani Native – For a Friend Two [Deep Division Records]
Daniel Imhof – In Between [Echoes from Venus]
Daniel Marcelo DJ – Spirit Elements (ARCHAL Remix) [avesso records]
Daniel Rhode & Adam Cuthbért – Greet the World Every Morning with Curiosity and Hope
Daphne Live & Tropic – Routine (Quarentine) [So Track Boa]
Dayans & Theo – See You Cry [Soundo]
DEEP LEARNING – Sunken Forest [The Ambient Zone]
Di Carlo – This Is a Seagull [We Are Remember]
Dirk Deafner – Nocturnal Woman [Hybrid Way Music]
Diz’in – Bug In the System (BITS) [Tratore]
DJ Furax – Day 36 (feat. Redshark) [747 Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – Street Voice [Deep Trance 7]
dj ry & Aries – Favola [ABF RECORDING]
Don Esquivel – Seduceme [Amplio Espectro]
Drooping Finger – Bleak Encounter Tape Interpretations
E92 – Gemsutato [Phunk Junk Bass]
Ebrar – Sad [Varkala Records]
Echos – Interlude Season [Seeking Blue]
Electronic Fluke – Lush Promises [Wonderfly Records]
Emma DJ – Legalize Everything [High Digital]
Eric Maltz & Brueder Selke – Zero Crossing [Flower Myth]
Eskadet – Nuages [Lemongrassmusic]
Fabricio Henrique – Desperto [Tratore]
Fallacy – Angels [FinestBlends Records]
Fauren – Conception [Solar Phenomena]
Flávio da Conceição – A Lua e o Sol [Tratore]
Flora & the Zephyrs – Mororo Tribe [No Slack Records]
Frainbreeze – The Golden Flame (feat. Natune) [Frainbreeze Sound]
FunkshyBeats – Finkin [NRR Music]
Gareth Whitehead & Werner Niedermeier – Heat [Bulletdodge]
Ghang Drums – Wherever You Run No One Knows [Fitting Room]
Gigi el Amoroso & Em Kay – Jazztronic 2
Gilligan Moss – Lee’s Last Dance [Foreign Family Collective]
Gramegna – Winds [Putsch Records]
GreatAudioRecorded – Anduril [picturesque.]
GUXI – Opaque [Festina Lente]
Hattori Hanzo – Visions [Edit Select]
Helvig, Doggie & Juliana Barbosa – Changes in My Life
Hendrik Meyer – Kaum ein Flackern [Cabdriver]
Hudson Mohawke – What U Need [LuckyMe.]
Hustle B Hustle – Itz Me [Artist Republik]
Hyukari & Moon Jelly – Escape [Pilot Records]
ilover – Oozing Charm [Liquorice Fields]
Ingrid Chavez – Justify My Love [Ten Windows Records]
Jably, Samer Soltan – Path Integral IV Part 2 [Sum Over Histories]
James Black Pitch – Bag [Urban Tunes Records]
Jamiryo – Kyiv [Safarimonkey Records]
Janax Pacha – Caracol [Earthly Measures]
Jasper Drummen – About Last Night [Fabfloor]
Jimmy Svensson – Escape the Grid [Lamour Records]
Joe Lepler – Cyberpunk Waves [Aries Sky Records]
Joe Mann – Keep Me Up [Jendex Records]
Joey Pecoraro – Forgot My Keys [Alpha Pup]
JP Mantero – So Much To Me [mfgustafsson]
Juanita – Dèmos [Forbidden Colours]
Just Big Hills – Hibernate [College Music Records]
Karma C & Espineli – COMO UN FLOTADOR
Keeana Kee – Sweet Heaven (HerbertSkillz Remix)
Kenneth de Heer – Face 2 Face [Digisounds]
Kinder – VHS [Fat Beats Records]
Kröm & LOFI PAX – Bowl Pack [ARIA Records]
La Boutique – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (For Xmas)
Leinart – Wake Me on Me [Crosswalk Records]
Lekind – The New Gen [Robsoul Recordings]
Life on Planets – Grateful [Studio 54 Music]
Life on Planets & Taylor Bense – Glowstick (David Marston Remix)
M Bootyspoon – My House, My Rules [LuckyMe.]
M.R. Shajarian & Seventh Soul – Gol Be Joosh Amad
M.R. Shajarian & Seventh Soul – Janan [Tarr Records]
M3GA & TurboVCR – Beginning [Auryn 64 Music]
Machino & Drvg Cvltvre, Machino – Espejos [99CTS Records]
Mandarin Plaza – Sun Comes Up [Different Twins]
Mandelbrot Spiral – Otherside [No Slack Records]
Mantij – Valquiria [Mantij Recordings]
Marco Attali – Feelin’ Sub Mix [PULSE]
Martins Hundred – Histories I [Future Cosmetiq]
Matan Arkin – Lost [OIOI Recordings]
Max D Milford – Transient Visitor [Wonderfly Records]
MBO Music & Malibul Music – Castelhana [Alphabeat Records]
meaning of nonsense – Ambiguous Feelings [Extal]
Michael Harris – Lost in Time [Anunak]
Michael It’z – Polytechnic Confusion [Cleopatra Records]
Mined Music – In Pieces , Under My Spell [Sondae Records]
MMs Proyect – Abduction [dEb Records]
Moby – Refuge (Raul Campos Remix) [Little Idiot]
MoMa Ready – HAUS Psychology [HAUS of ALTR]
MOTi, DES3ETT & Gerson Rafael – Body 2 Body [ZEROCOOL]
MTG – Valhalla [SoulZ Records]
Musho – Trig In [Right Music Records]
Nepotek – Floating Island Soundtrack [Plus Future Records]
Neural Flux – Carpe Deum [Neural Flux]
Nicke Sandberg – Get It [Lamour Records]
Nro – Blast from Childhood [2 Steps To Chill]
Nuell Martin – Iovis [Mystic Sound Records]
Oblique – Back to Christmas [Aztec Records]
October Jack – Bob’s Delight [Winter in Venice]
Offerton Comms – Zipped Lines [Bellum Records]
Ohrgasmonaut – Harlekin [Horus Music Limited]
Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind – Acceptance
Pat The Cat – Last Sunset (Radio Edit) [AventuraDeep]
Paul Seling – You Dream in Technicolor [M-Sol Records]
Peaking Lights – Walking with You [Mexican Summer (EU)]
Plasma2097 – Hopes Up [Estebam Records]
Positive Wizard – Binaural Beats Mind Treatment Anxiety Conquest
PRAYA1R – Mystery-Street Life [AUDIOZ]
Primaudia Record – Denial (feat. Skyline Tigers) [Primaudia Remix]
Promis3 – Last Christmas 2049 [Simulated Paradise]
Pye Corner Audio – Black Mill Tapes (10th Anniversary Box)
Red Adair – Eat Less Meat! [Red Adair Records]
Repeat Eater – Cycle Box [sitdownandance]
Robaroe – Easy to Love [Crosswalk Records]
Roman Flügel – Mutter (2020 Remaster) [Sister Midnight]
San Hell Sing – Acapulco [Raibano Records]
Sasha & Franky Wah – Haunted [Last Night On Earth [UK]]
Seljan – Polem [STIG]
Seryoga Force – Healing [29 CHILL]
Shanti Matkin & Jimbo Lovitsz – A Constant Journey of Perplexion
Shimon & Farry, Shimon – Ouch Ananas [& Other Moods]
SHSTR – The Council [Ghost Boy Society]
SHUM – Phantom Limb [Sowasvon]
SIAMSIAM – Glow [Lamour Records]
Smoke Density – Lycopersicum [HUBsolut]
snakestyle – Glacies Dissolvit [Alex Tronic Records]
Soulflight – Soul Sleep [Sky Waves]
Spatial Awareness – Viddy Bruiseboys [Science Cult]
Squibb – Hexagon [Welovemusic]
Sterfry & josh pan – Winter (feat. Josh Pan) [Jadu Dala]
Suba – Wayang [Offen Music]
Subnode – Evolving [Caapi Records]
Svoboda Zvuka – Taina [Svoboda Zvuka]
Sylar & Static Interference – Blinding Lights [Bakroom]
Tammo Hesselink, Thessa Torsing – Zeekasteel , Ballet Mécanique
Télépopmusik – Who Gives a Fuck (feat. Sylvia Black & Mau)
Thomas Ragsdale – Credo , Alpha Wolf [Soundtracking The Void]
Time Police – Oxygen Tank (feat. Starkey) [NOREMIXES]
Tre’Von – Bank (Radio Edit) [Darklight Recordings]
Turmiks – Pusherman Remixed [Klima Records]
Two Internet Ghosts – Grow Up , Live to Tell [Tratore]
Tycho – Weather Remixes [Ninja Tune]
ÜNAM & Moonstoned, ÜNAM – 0005 [Hackney Rhythm]
Until Death Overtakes Me – Funeral Path
VA – After Hours Vol.I [Micra]
VA – Elements [Indiefy]
VA – Five Years of Love [S108]
VA – LuckyMe Advent Calendar 20 [LuckyMe.]
VA – Mental Influences [Bahn Records]
VA – Porcelain Atoll [Moving Pictures]
VA – The Feathers’ Eyes Best Of [Klassified]
VA – This is Blue Dot 2020 [Blue Dot Studios]
VA – Works 2020 [Moonbootique]
Valotihkuu & Dynastor – Midnight Fairytales [Dronarivm]
Vayron – 2 Years [U.Baba]
VEKY – No Stress Time [Amind Two Guys Records]
Victor Meira & Joe Irente – Dois Peixes [Tratore]
Vladoni – Mood Cycle [Global Music Records]
Vocy & Noa Klay – For Real [Chapter Eight]
Volker Lankow, El Fonbeck & Michael Prawos – Wanderer
VVV – Kill Switch [Holodeck]
Wet Sunset – Apricale (Stal Remix) [Aztec Records]
Wigstover – Carnival Fantasy [Bellum Records]
Wilderness Tail – Representative Friction [YouTunez]
William Tay – The Azarenza [Plant It]
Wolfgang Tillmans – Can’t Escape into Space [Fragile]
Zebio – Bbang [Zebio]
Zinuru – Evolution [Ovnimoon Records]
Zogacbo – Waiting Waiting Waiting (feat. JAVELY)
Zoom – Clear Sky of Nibiru [ZOOM]
Zoom – Talking Stones of Kailash [ZOOM]
Zwoen – Aether [Trebuchet Music]


2 People – Nast Boy (Lake Koast Remix) [Nocolors]
Ace Shyllon – Groove It Centric [Metronoyz]
Adri Block & Paul Parsons – Do 4 Love (Clubmix) [Gimme The Night]
Altar – Away From Me (Junior Senna Remix) [feat. Amannda]
Ametista – Liver Opal [Technocube]
Andre Dimune & D Jaguar – Beat Consciousness [BOOTH]
Andrea Lane – Look At Me [Finally Records]
Andrew Foy – Therefore I Am [Opposition]
B9dger, Sophie DeFrench & NoFace Records – Down For It
Be Like Butter & J.O.S.H.U.A, Be Like Butter – Big Yellow Bird [Don’t Just…]
Bellaire – My Love [Allo Floride Records]
BKT & Kayleigh Gibson – Feel it [Bassball Records]
Block & Crown – Can You Feel My Wish (Extended Mix) [Koolkutz]
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Boogie No More (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown, Lissat & Paul Parsons – Gonne Wait No More (Extended Mix)
Bobby D’Ambrosio – First Noel [Moon Rocket Music]
Bogenhausen – Say Yeah [panta rhei]
Bontan – Kalambo [Club Bad]
Breyth – ATOM [Guettoz Muzik]
Brice François – Timeless [EnVogue Records]
Buck Townsend & Bobby Lava – Front Feeble [Cool Contest]
Calderas – Another Day [Smashing Trax Records]
Carmella – Pasilik [LaLand]
Charles J – Fall Down [NUANCES RECORDS]
Chef Boyarbeatz & STICKYFANGAZ – Consume
Cityburn – She Thinks of You [Blacktone]
CJDJ – Work It Out [Bassick Music Group]
Cogollo – Relexium [NO PAIN RECORDS]
Colour Castle & Damon Trueitt, Ruby Turner – Hot Sunday
Conde – Manda Aluimbo (feat. Mavhungu) [Kazukuta Records]
Crâne De Poule – Jampando [CDP REC]
CUKIER – Herc (feat. Łukasz Korybalski) [Kayax Production & Publishing]
CyburmusiQ & Staggah dcp – Made in Nintey Eight
D’Lavro & Iceburg – Mjolo [Lav2Rais Media]
Da Funk Junkies – Do It Tonight [Zero Eleven Record Company]
DA LO & Jean Beatz – Freak [1980 Recordings]
DaniGarcia – The Moment [Mantra Music Rec]
DARKSIDE – Liberty Bell [Matador]
Dave Blink – Overnight [Nimbus Records]
Dawson Viegas – Keepin the Program [KIDK UK]
Death By Funk – Let Me Go [Barbecue Records]
Deep Factory – I Believe It (Remixes) [Auraviss]
Dennis Jernelius – Beginning [Edelgran Records]
Depdramez & Davis Mallory – Broken Dreams [LoveStyle Records]
Devara – Break the Law [Subliminal Senses]
Dino DZ, Ted Funke & Ida Flo – Keep Movin’ [There Was Jack]
Disco Incorporated, Ministry of Funk – Disco Funkers
Disk Nation – Chicago Street [Juiced Music]
DJ Bigspin & DJ Physical – Woody WoodPeckham
DJ Csemak – Old Piano [Underway Productions]
DJ Disciple – Beautiful Day Remixes (feat. TheRealShakar)
DJ Fopp – I’ll Be Good [Disco Explosion Records]
DJ Giovannino & Pietro Nicosia – Tribute Track [Sins Sound]
DJ Goozo, Massianello, Sam Blans & Landa Freak – Que Rico (feat. Landa Freak)
DJ GUNNHARD – Paradise Island (feat.The Wonderland Band)
DJ Huguito – Back 2 [Groover Records]
Dj Mauro – Thinking on You (feat. Clei & Ppito Sarria)
Dj Mauro Ala – I’m Crazy [Netswork Digital Records]
DJ Nax & DJ Nemj – Sabrosura [Solo Sabrosura Records]
DJ Nuck – Help Me [Why Not Recordings]
Dj Oleg Skipper – Cosmodrome [E.M.G Recordings]
DJ Phantom 7 – The Piano [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Qness & Dele Sosimi – L’owe L’owe
DJ-G – Burning Up [13 Records]
Dry Martini, siFa & Leiguz – Up Tunes [Blacktone]
Edgar Orn – Higher [Soundo]
Elee Bermudez – Stopping Time [Mexican Tribe Records]
Elodim – Animus [Boot Music Records]
Esover – Blonde Bitches (feat. Beck Longbottom)
F.A.C.S & Theo Aguilera – Talk to Me [FakeGods]
Filta Freqz – Streets of Cairo [Seventy Four]
Fiores – Envelope [Kids Recordings]
Flo Førg – Love Tonight [Eskapaden Musik]
Francesco D’Amico – Forgive Me [Boot Music Records]
Frank Joshua – Panic in the Kitchen [Numen Records]
Freak Division – Make You Feel [Freak Division]
Frog – Funkoff [HJM Records]
Gastah – Rain [Gastah]
Goblin Hulms – Tirha [Black Boat]
Great Good Fine Ok & Abigail Barlow – Last Christmas
Grenno – Bone Siren [Deep Root Records]
GROXBE & M3RTGL – Red Light [SSL Music]
Guateke – UDK (U Don’t Know) [Wild Music]
Harry Soto – Jack the Freedom [TEQ and SOL]
HEDEGAARD – Ratchets [Louder Records]
HEEN – Old Friends, New Strangers (feat. L.E.F.E.)
Henry Passion – Dance Moves [D60Records]
Hoodzz – Wake Up [DeeVu Records]
Horse Love – Husarbeid (Lysgaard Remix) [Mhost Likely]
Hybrid Theory & passé – Sherbs [Simma Black]
IAMPocks, Kaang – Kuba [DRMZU]
J. Caprice – Enjoy the Ride [Lofrequency Recordings]
Jacki Flower – Releoad [Pongo Records]
Jay Gunning – Jack da Ripper [Jackie Knows Karate Records]
JedX – Bring Bass Back [Music Marks The Spot]
Juan Mejia – Black Sugar [Wind Horse Records]
Juarez – Kibou [Phoenix Music Inc]
Judy Jay – Get up and Dance [The Ashmed Hour Records]
Juliana Lima & Hasan Ghazi – I Need a Woman (Juliana Lima Remix)
Just Bart – Always [Xzata Music]
Kaspro & MATT – Take It Slow [Light Night Group]
Kenny Bizzarro – Ghetto Love [Bunny Clan]
Kid Massive & South Blast! – Funk Master [Get Down Recordings]
Killian Christolomme, Rio Dela Duna & Tesz Millan – On Target (Chris Valencia Remix)
Kim Zuluaga, David Eusse & Valeria Serna – Anhelo
Kindred Score – Nights Like This (Remixes) [Kindred Score]
Kratehead – We Came Alive [Bridge & Tunnel Beat Co]
Kris Ferreri – Bass in Your Face [Native Warrior]
Kris Ferreri – Low Down [Native Warrior]
Kris Ferreri – Money [Native Warrior]
Krloz – What [Blacktone]
Kurd Maverick – Dancing To [Toolroom]
L cy – Garden of E10 [SZNS7N]
Lana Rossa – Harmonic [HAUSA GROOVE]
Landon Valentine – Break It [SOL Records]
Legos – Tibet [Kids Recordings]
Lofgize – Radar [Grantown Records]
Loftsoul – Far East Soul. [R2 Records]
Lonmax – One Different [Boot Music Records]
Loris Buono & Alexander Cruel – Drifting Away
Love In Colour – Draft My Way [Suppressed Energy]
Luca Fabbri – Imaginary Landscapes [Ambiotic Records]
Ludo Lacoste – Good Love [Love & Other]
Madison – Leave the Light On [CRKD SMLE]
Malasombra – Jazzly Girl [Nifu Nifa Records]
Mall Grab – Room Full of Rothko [Steel City Dance Discs]
Marcus Grimm – Gaia (Piano Solo) [La Valigetta]
Maria Amor – Her Roses Dance Louder Than Tears [Naivety]
Mario Eddie – Porche [BLACK.BLACK]
Mark Radford – London Sound [Glamorous Recordings]
Marx James – Old School Love [Funky Creatures]
Matt Kerley – What the Disco [Somn’thing Records]
Matt Smith & Ron Trinidad – Sexy Boots [Blindsided]
Max Di Bart & V.I.N.X L – Ashes [Streetlab Records]
MAYIM – Endorphins [Revanche Records]
MD Dj – Ocean Eyes [MDM Records]
Melsen – Walk Alone [Enormous Chills]
Mickael C – Rhythm [Dancetrack]
Miki Zara – Never Forget [More than House!!]
Milan Fourie – Don’t Wanna Wait [Cardinal Records]
Milk & Sugar – Stay Around (Earth n Days Remix) [Milk & Sugar]
Mister Jam – So Happy [Massiva Media]
Mkey – Enchanted [Traded Music]
MODUS DEEP – Modus Deeper [Modus Deep Records]
Mushkilla – RMX Dubs [ec2a]
Navid Jabbar – Young Dumb Naive (feat. Aleesia) [Run Free]
Ninevibes – Devious [Audiplex Music]
Noro – Deep End [Lithuania HQ]
Origclubkid – Luv Dancing [Blackdeep]
Owly – Walk Away [Deep Winder Records]
Paperwater – It’s Hot [Wet Paper Records]
Paul Rudder & Hurlee – Losing Dreams
Paul Sirrell – Discomaniac [Orange Groove Records]
PHE & JonFX – Follow Me [Basshall Records]
Physical Dreams – Fabulas [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Meditations 4 [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Pleight & Kera – Art Nouveau [Blacktone]
Propane – Full Throttle [Banana Whale Society]
Quasar – Walk [Deep Medi Musik]
Rafa Barrios – Firefly [Mindshake Records]
Raffaele Ciavolino – Space Satisfaction [Traktoria]
Rally – Come For Me [DJ Rally]
Reboot – Sunset Sherbet [Rhythm Cult]
Repiet – Change Me [Loud Memory]
RiotvsBlack & Todd Terry – Revolution [Kiccdrum]
Rob Cappadonna – 2 Am [DOT Dance]
Rob Hayes – I’m Not Afraid [Audio Honey]
Roby Zico – Houselight [MYRIAD]
Rocas – Wish U Well [Nocolors]
Roman Flügel & Roman IV – Neues Testament (2020 Remaster)
Romy Black – Am what I am [Souluxe Record Co]
Ron Maino – More Than Love [SOUTHERN SOUL]
Sebastian Rosse – All I Want [EP Records]
Serafino Prosperi – Dark Night [Danca Lenta Records]
Sheeva – Macarale [Nomad Music]
Sisto – Fresh! [Kultur]
Slamden – Don’t Call It a Comeback [Jendex Records]
Solven, Lorenzo Ramani & Hysaze – Come and Go [Spitfire Music]
SWORRA – I Love You M’y Wife [Neitreug]
Taiko – Oaken [White Peach Records]
Thano Vessi – All Because [Pluralistic Records]
The Blade & Turkish – Chat Chat [City Soul Recordings]
The Crazycookerz – Can’t Stop Me [Vib’in records]
The Oliverwho Factory – Art and Money [Madd Chaise Inc]
The Stoned – A Family Affair Called Soul [FederFunk Family]
Tim Gläser – Stop the Violence [Breadmaker]
Todd Terry & Alexander Technique, Dred Stock – Rewind (Volume 1)
Tom Sawyer – MiRitmo [PuccioEnza Records]
Tone Troy & Max Parkinson – With Me [Purple Tea Records]
Tony Deledda – Keep It Coming [Eightball Digital]
Tony Madrid – It’s About the Music
TOSCA & Joel Cervantes – Cumbia [TOSCA]
Tuccillo – Work It [Moscow Records]
Used Disco & Daniel Dash – Believe [Play And Tonic]
VA – 50th Release [Bunkaball Records]
VA – All Colors Are Beautiful [Uncanny Valley]
VA – Best of True Romance 2020 [True Romance Records]
VA – Ethnicity [Noixy Records]
VA – GFR Best Of 2020 [Groove Foundation Recordings]
VA – Gok Wan Presents Isolation Nation
VA – Nervous Rewind 2020 [Nervous Records]
VA – Street Tracks 2020 [W&O Street Tracks]
VA – Various Artist [Casa Club Records]
Velkelmer – Deep [Criminals Collective]
Venky & Lennart Richter – Closer [Wanderlust]
WEAPON TYPE – Money Rain [Amadei Bass]
WIB3X – On Fire [Spitfire Music]
WIGGLY – The Edible [Buslife Records]
Wolsh & Cris Hagman – Falling for You [Vibez Sounds]
YAKECAN – Manhá de Carnaval [Clipper’s Sounds]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Alez – Ludo [Beachside Records]
Alverto Maya – Love U [Kief Music LTD]
Andreas Christou – Smooth Emotions [Dazed]
Andrei Ciubuc – Equinox [minilon]
Andy Caz – Home Grown [The Freak & Weirdo]
Anton Kurt – Taxon [Natura Soul]
Ayala042 – Strong , Paranoia [Tzantza Records]
Baris Erdemir – Beyond the Skies [ANALOGmusiq]
Behache & deluc, deluc – Wachufleiva 51
Ben Murphy – Borrow Tears [Plastik Galaxy]
Boshan Montes & Kevin Moreno – Body Texture
Brandub – Modern Family [Circa Groove]
C.E.S.M. – Colombus [Moob Records]
Chris Kennedy – Brains [Routine Espresso Recordings]
CL-ljud – Lost in My Mind [Enfant Records]
Clock Poets – Rules Everywhere [Amam]
Corvin – Doina [Defora Records]
DAMNC & And1 – Upperbound [Substrate Music]
dbasser & Kenya Dewith – Weird Nights
Diego Olarte – Morir [Not So Serious]
DJ Phantom 7 – Einer 3 [Deep Trance 7]
Etzu Mahkayah – Refubrished [UNK PLANET]
FABRIK – Wiggle Wiggle [Ritmika Records]
Fabrizio Placidi – Pull Upon Them [Tanta Music]
Fede Lamark – Giggs [Kief Music LTD]
Ferdinando Daneri – Bomb [Blasa Records]
Flavio MP – Detention [dZb Records]
Franco Alexander & Calmet – Side Dub
Franco Villaflor – Lie to Me [Music Key Records]
Funsize – Soliloquy [Funny People]
Gabriel Evoke – Vip Girls [Erase Records]
Guterres – Anti-Racism [Conceptual]
Guterres – Whats Moves You [Zerooitocentos Music Lab]
Hell-Low – Say What [Talisman]
Heynric & Emerik – Pater Secret [Reverso Music]
Hostox – Utopia [Ponza Records]
Ian Silva & OutsiDER (RU) – Dimensional Core
Imar – Losing My Mind [Don’t Play Recordings]
James View – Disparu Incl. Two Coats & Ben Murphy
Jesse Jacob – Sketchin [Airtime Records]
JfAlexsander – Enjoy Like a Child [Enjoy It Productions]
Jizz – Mental Notes [Manicomio Music]
Jon Hechollu – Fine Cityscape [Bellum Records]
Junior Avila – Templo [Deep Forest Records]
Kai Ando – Kogane [Oyoda Recordings]
King I Divine – The Christmas Song [King I Ent]
Kricked – Micro Swords [Slightly Sizzled White]
Limitless & Double Face – How Do You Say [Mind The Gap]
Load Bug – Right Now ep [Techempire Records]
Lotrax & Gourlay – Wound Up [Andhera Records]
Luskaka – Viruslise [Floresta Records]
Maják & Diego Knows – Space Invader [As.if]
Martin Mosquera – Free Dragon [kluBasic plus]
Matías Sapag – Quarentimes [Dark Groove Records]
Mihai Popoviciu – Feleac [Cyclic Records]
Mike Morrisey – Snkys [Zest Records]
Milos Pesovic – Sin Fronteras [Bombga]
Mineground – Sweet Swing [Street Habitat]
Monsieur Le Détraké – Shanti [BIG BADA BOUM!]
Olivier Romero – 77 10 [Lescale Recordings]
Paolo Solo – Dancing With… [Olatu Recordings]
Ray Go – White Nights [Half Lemon Records]
Reno Renatama – Indecent [Love International]
Ricco Mazzer – Influence [Katayy Records]
Rooléh – Playbook [till records]
Roope Luokkamaki – Internal Organs [Le Platine Records]
Sebastian Henriquez – Verses [Beats Life Records]
Steno – Extra Extra [BASIC GROOVE Music]
Tech C – Memory Decoder [Neapolis Records]
Tejen – Lizard [Gran Torino Records]
The Leptumists – The Distillation [Bellum Records]
Tomas Musik – Caress [SouthTech Music]
Topper – Saturday Night’s Dawn [BP Digital]
Tred Litely – Que Lamour [Habits Records]
VA – 3 Years of DENSE AUDIO (Best Tracks) [DENSE AUDIO]
VA – 4 Years of Inkal , Meta [META]
VA – 11 Years of Dark and Sonorous
VA – Fantasy [Flip-Flops Records]
VA – Kollektiv 1 [Underground Kollektiv Records]
VA – Late Ninety V.A [Late Ninety]
VA – Merry Christmas [Kore Music]
VA – RDR007 Winter 2020 [Radar Records Ltd]
VA – The Best of the Year Part. 1 [IWANT Music]
VA – World End I [Neuter Records]
Viktor Wagner – Phobia [Monofire Records]
Welcome2hills – All Night [Irregular Musik]
Xenso – One Day [Sonambulos Music]
Yefim Malko – Old Man Band [25Hours Records]
Yogi P – Remedy [LuvRhythm Records]

Progressive House

Abstract Silhouette & Invisible Woman – Fascination
Adjei – Solo Voyager [i occupy music]
Alash – Day Dreams [Mystic Carousel Records]
AMSS – Kubemark [Ace Music]
Arkatekt – Lost Without You [Reworck]
Artrik – It Is Real [Schoenbrunner Perlen]
Arzuk & Nazarud, Arzuk – Meraki [Electronic Tree]
Betoko – Ruun (Club Edit) [OKO Recordings]
Bobby Deep – Rev Bounce [KTR]
Boskii – Portia [Music UK]
Bral – Keep Me Close [Houseando]
Calzedon Guy – Nothing [Suffused Music]
Capadalt – Wake Up [Madden]
Choujaa – There’s a Feeling [RaveUp Alley]
Dallic – Night Drive [PM Recordings]
Damzy – Dance With Me [Area Verde]
Darren Bray – Perpetual Emotion
Deadomino – Sorry [Fitting Room]
DJ GrooD – Atoms [Karma Lite]
DJ OleG, Tokatek & Moon Cat – South Africa
East Cafe – Postcards From Mingonga
Edvard Hunger – Special Mirrors (Remix Edition)
Eliyahu – Sit on the Moon [endless vibezzz records]
ElvioMV – Sons [Estribo Records]
Emcroy – Mystical Flowers [Elastic Dimension Records]
Erofex – Equinox [Audioreaktor]
Evegrem – White Soul [One Of A Kind]
Fluze – Shattered Hearts (feat. ROYAL) [Shootin Records]
FRANCIS JAMES – Drive [So Deep Recordings]
Furkan Senol – Every Sunrise [Nicksher Music]
Garret – Renegade [Decrypted Records]
Grundrauschen – Dang Rocker 2.0 , Farbfernseher
Heard Right & OAI – Things (Motives Remix)
Hokori – The First Cold [Sawagi Noise]
Horizon One & Jose Tabarez – Summit [Droid9]
Jaxmor – Love’s High (Radio Edit) [DENAR RCRDS]
Jose Morillo – Jaquima [Deep Tech Lab]
Josh Lasden – 25 Years Josh Lasden Album (Separated Tracks)
Julio Marcus – Crocket [Amapola Records]
Justin-Sane – Fragmentation 2 [PR Records]
Karlos Encinas – Low Drums [Candombe Records]
Kenshi Kamaro & Bynomic – Pieces of Memory
Kerabo – Kabini Remixes [Lohit Deep]
Kevin Vega – Shinto [Future Avenue]
Kevin Yair – Green Empire [Massive Harmony Records]
KYOTTO – Finding Estrella [MNL]
Laera & Wondermee – Megalopolis [LaeraTeam Company]
Leandro Murua & Danny Moreno – Insomnio
Lio Q, Anhauser & Nicolas Leonelli – Sands of Time
Maxi Welchen – Odisea [Shine]
Mayro – Be Yourself [Balkan Connection South America]
Mick Whitehouse – Colours [BC2]
Micke – Hold on Me [Pro B Tech Music]
MIGANOVA – White Sand [Jane Music Agency]
Miss Monique & Two Are – Andromeda [Siona Records]
MLDJ – Old Piano Keys [Soluna Music]
Morttagua – Plato [Timeless Moment]
Mr. South – Feeling Love [Invisible People]
Nightbob – Crystal Madness [INU]
Nik Nazarov – Above the Clouds [Balkan Connection]
Phalguna Somraj – Lucid Dreams [Zephyr Music]
Plazkart – Casdar [Diana Recs]
Ran6dy – Sarang [ANCL Lincor]
Rianu Keevs – Deep Time [Rianu Keevs]
Rich vom Dorf – So in Love with You [Tächno]
Rod V – Boreal (Remixes) [Future Avenue]
Roger Martinez – Cosmic (Jamie Stevens, Paul Deep, GMJ & Matter Remixes)
RoyCaster – Nobody Knows Me – [BOX4JOY]
Stas Drive – Inspired Four Candles Edition
Steffen Laschet & Mister Bailar – Jaunty Wave
Subconscious Tales – Soulreaper [Proton Music]
Tenerfuse – Empty Island [ICONYC Noir]
Tim van Werd – Same Three Words [Protocol Recordings]
VA – Aboriginal Highlights 2020 [aboriginal]
VA – Balkan Connection Winter 2020
VA – Best of UV 2020 [UV]
VA – Black Hole Trance Music 12 – 20
VA – Eros [Droid9 South America]
VA – Manualism XIV [Manual Music]
VA – Nature VA [Nature Rec.]
VA – Nimbus 6 – Side a – Various Artists [Nube Music Records]
VA – Progressive Vibes, Vol2 [FunPan]
VA – Progressive Vibes, VOL3 [FunPan]
VA – SkyTop 2020 YearBook [SkyTop]
VA – Soundteller Best Of 2020 [Soundteller Records]
VA – The Best Of 2020 [BeatFreak Limited]
VA – Timeless 2020 [Timeless Moment]
VA- Coastal Selections 013 [Emergent Shores]
Varun Fernandes – Forgotten Moments [Zephyr Music]
VeeQue & Daniel Maya – Plataea Descent [PHW Elements]
William Medagli, Thallulah & Shemsu – Solar Warden
Wipalis – My Friend [Spiffy Recordings]
Zahna – Relent [3xA Music]


3Xy – When We Were Young [Spiilbuub Records]
11 Void – Live In Acidgrad [EXE]
Adam Krasz, AGA2L – Brv002 [BRVTAL]
Adore, FAR – Samizdat [Sample + Hold]
Adriano Bugmann – Choices [Pure Dope Digital]
Airod – Venom [Lenske]
Airpeople – 7 Deadlies [Terrestrial Funk]
Alex Moss – Reunion [Ithica Records]
Alex Vigo – Inbox [The Other Face Records]
Alex Vigo, Dj Pepo – Chapuzas [Synthesis Records]
ALEX von PANDER, Jared Austin – Paradox 2020
Alvinho L Noise – Moda [Noise Music]
Andrea Signore – Chromosphere Photosphere
Angelo Bass – Through The Window
Antonis Zeos – Recoil [Red Smoki]
Apollo (Mx) – Take Off [Platino]
Apropos – Constellations [Reload Records]
Archaic Intellect & AgainstMe, Daniel Marinello – Lucid Dream
Armando Almeida – Reajuste [Almeida Music]
Armando, Arnaud Is Dancing – Armando , Arnaud Is Dancing
Asedub – Southern Soul [Maison Profonde Recordings]
Astatine – Dub Genesis [Seed Recordings]
ASTER – Ananda [Winked Records]
Atol – Psychologia [7th Cloud]
Avernus Prod & IvaNoise – Dimension C-28
Backyard Aliens – Ende [NovaFuture Recordings]
Basswell – She’s a Dancer [Basswell]
BEC – BEC 003 – The Remixes [BEC]
Bedez – Deconstruction [Monoloco Records]
Ben Haydie – Tohu (Panik Pop Remix)
Biemsix – Apparently Meaningless Storylines [Enemy Records]
Blackwing – Brain Control [Syncopate Limited]
BOXXER – Low Voltage [Oxytech Planet]
Carara & sneakerbub – We Walk the Line
Carbon & Lampe – Right Here [Alula Tunes]
Carl Haze, Dominik Gehringer – Dope Five [Dope]
Carles DJ, Joon Davies – Face Rave [Deep Face Records]
Carlos Fontana & Renzo – Prisma
Casual Mechanism – Device [Stemwinder Recordings]
Charles Trees – MMXX [Portage Garage Sounds]
Chris Fire – We are passengers [Let’s Go Dancing Records]
Chris Van Deer – literally [Betrieb Records]
Christian Meinert – Alone [Sound Kleckse Records]
Chub – Just a Dream [PAIN BENIT]
Cia Rebëck, Dominique Silva & Cia Rebëck – Magnitude
Citizen Maze – Northern Angelique [Analogue Attic]
Conceptual – Introspective Research [Faut Section]
Corza Hares – Testing Always [Effusis]
Cosmic Growl – Event Horizon [Planet 66]
CrussHer – Target Acid [Murder Capital]
CVSO – Basic Cuts [Cheezy Crust Records]
D-Richhard – New Journey [Marktek Records]
DALI – Leviathan [Hobbes Music]
Dalton – Inormality [Underground Casuals]
Dan Curtin – Spatial Relationships [Metamorphic Recordings]
Daniel Englisch & Adjust , KReeD – The Attic Tapes
Dave Tarrida – The Destroyer of Worlds [Wunderblock Records]
David Bowman – BSC 100 [BlackStars Corporation]
David Sellers – Deep Impact [Affluenza Records]
DCHS & RUSRUS – Morgenrot [STRND Records]
DCID – Secuaz [LETS TECHNO records]
Deedak & Loa (ARG) – Keeping Chaos Alive [PDD Tamed]
Deep Inzhiniring – Fly [Tech People Music]
Demon Noise – Deep Mind. [Black Light Music]
Dennis Bauer – Planet Omega [Neu Gravity]
Developer – Developer Archive 11 [Developer Archive]
Dhar V – Resistance [CODE Group]
Diego Olarte – Purge [Overside]
Divinorum (FR) – The Veil [Standing Wave Records]
dj genderfluid – Hard Acid Trance 1 [Wet Trax]
DJ KEPI – Luau [Elevate Music Recordings]
DJ Spandex – Let It Go []
Dominic Delay – Respond [Techno Expedition Records]
DominicG – F2K20 [Eichtal Recordings]
Dominik Fröhlich – 4th Dimension [Cocunà Records]
Droid Army & No Requests – League of Shadows [Vudu Records]
E & G – Anxious [AESIR Records]
eddie riot – TRX [Dron3 Recordings]
ELAKTO – Amphibious [IAMT Red]
Electric Supply Station – The Last 10 Minutes [Erbium Records]
ElPierro – Spaten Funk [Nice & Nasty]
Elso (GER) – Vicious [Airborne Black]
Emanuele Marini – Better Than Her [Reload Music]
Emilove & Emiliano Naples – Do You Want To Play
Endlec – Kalposa (feat. Deep Dimension) [GEN X]
Eonan – Virus Rising [Nomad]
Erika Krall – Chiribim Chiribom [Wejustman Recordings]
Eugene Vibe – Exponential [Elastic Dimension Records]
Fisherboyz – Infinity [Air Music]
Franco Paulsen – Cornered Approach [Cerebro]
Franco Rossi – Tremor [Xelima Records]
Freqkid & Junkyard – Watuganado [Pulsatil Records]
George Kou – Back In the Days [Feel Hype Black]
Gigi de Martino & ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Plamen N – Beats Showcase 10
Giorgio Leone (IT) – Infectious [Neu Gravity]
Gipsy Family – Système k [Colina Records]
GLG & V.I.B, GLG – Big Faith [Dusted Recordings]
Gostwork – Burn the System [SUB TL]
Gregor Size – Topless [Basics Avenue]
Grünberg – Berliner Zimmer Immer Remixes
Guillaume Leerdam – Astronomical Touch [Antruwa Recordings]
Guillaume Leerdam – Trippy AF [Antruwa Recordings]
Gusttavo Luys – Orbit [Enter Music]
HAREL & Talson – Electronic Emotion
Hermes AB & Leo Rojas – Te Quiero (feat. Male Marquez)
Hi Hat – LEGADO II – Mr Andrew [Swing Format Records]
Hi Hat – LEGADO III – Hi Hat [Swing Format Records]
Hoovercraft – Born Sweaty [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Hug3 – Origins [Wolfrage Recordings]
Humantronic – Bring the Message [Manakacha]
Ilauv – Rhodope [Point Nemo]
Ili Alsaad – Black Matter [Venture Records]
Implse – All Night Long [bringnewunity]
Infinity – Terapija [Aarden Records]
Irregular Synth – Cyberman [Dirty Minds]
Isabel Lewis – Erotic Love as Sociability [Fiedeltwo]
James Lealand – Safe 2 Save [TaiJi Records]
Jesika Jane & NEM3SI$ – Existence [Set About]
Jnks & Redraft Memories – Conquerors
Joonmack – Deresolution [Feather Print Records]
Josh Coakley – Skeng [UNCAGE]
Jul’s – Iso Night [Saphir Records]
Jules Wells – Stars Hero [Brique Rouge]
Kalbee & Raimer – Hypnoshine [Coldharbour Black]
kazuho – Blitz [99CTS Records]
KJ Nomb – Daily Task [Effusis]
Kleiman – Reconnection [Techgnosis Records]
Koredeiv – Mental Collapse [Syncopate]
Kovyazin D – Last August [Craigie Knowes]
L-Monk – Shine [Neu Gravity]
Lagos – Ritualistics [Ogoun Records]
Lemo – Around the Drums & Borealis [Estribo Records]
Lena Bee [GER] – Night Mode [Finder Records]
Lennox Greenfield – Focus Your Mind [Marktek Records]
Lex Gorrie – Changing of the Guard [Remain Records]
Lluis Ribalta – Arouse [LR Recordings]
Luca Bisori – Time Control [Great Stuff Recordings]
Lucianos – Let Yourself Go [Triskel Music]
Lukas Manjaro – Osiris [Crossworld Academy]
Luvolin – Coherency [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Luvolin – Diluvio [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
Luvolin – Don’t Forget To Stay Rookie [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
M.Rox – Falcatrua [Vibetek Records]
Machine Lab – SVF , Thru Zero [City on Fire]
Maciel – On the Fly [Dilaudid Records]
Manjit Makhni – Let’s Rock [Audiobrain Productions]
Marck D – Don’t Loose Control [Red Code Music]
Mark Flash – Alkebulan [Still Techno]
Mehmet Özbek – Acid Rain [EXTIMA]
Meta – Positive Affirmations [Down Right Dirty Records]
Michael Lambart – The Pitcher [Northbeatz Digital]
Michel Lauriola – Listen to You [INNSIGNN]
Michele Conte – Derail [Uber Fit Records]
Microdot – The Golden Pill [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Mila Dietrich – Call Me Daddy [Maquisards]
Mirá Mirá – The Vanishing Face [Elsewhere Records]
Modulator (US) – HeartMath [Electric Music Foundation]
Monstergetdown & Born in 92′ – Weapons V9
Mosher – Pretty Visitors [Redlof Records]
Moth, Opak – Furie [Askorn Records]
Mr. Mem – Sin [UKR Special Series]
Mylba – Owls [Emperor Recordings]
Nas Nerdat – Breaking the Walls [Effusis]
Natalino Nunes & WLHM – Acender [Ipanema Records]
Nene H. – Scene Analysis [Moral Standards]
Niccolò B – Smoke and Mirros [Fucked Up!]
Nick Coleman – Skyline [Suckmusic]
Noizehead – Tech-X [Estribo Records]
Not That We Know – Screamer [Not That We Know Records]
Nuno Bessa – Ballet For Androids [Sunora Recordings]
Nuno Bessa – DeepSpace 909 Trinity [Sunora Recordings]
Nuno Bessa – Mod Source [Sunora Recordings]
Oall Hates – Adderol (Flore Remix) [Of Paradise]
Ogmah – Askorn Free Download 01 [Askorn Records]
Olan! – Instrumental Convergence [0x01 records]
Olēka – Ktenology [KR,LF Records]
Oliver Queen – Dance with Us [Jumpstereo Records]
Omega Ohm – Burning Collapse [Format Recordings]
Omgonoson – Spectral Interferences [SMSH]
Orion – Hell Scorchin’ [Absence of Facts]
Osiris4 – Rise [D.M.T. Records]
Otharox – Acid World [Artist Republik]
Pablo Rey – Alarm [Imploxion Records]
Pain&Panic – Megatron [Reload Black Label]
Paranormal – Black Obsession (18 Track Compilation)
Patrick Scuro – Syndicate [Kaligo Records]
Paul Gauss – The Drill-Principium-Inner [ESSET]
Peskymantis – The Prophecy [Tejobeat]
Peter Van Hoesen – Debord’s Children [Center 91]
Peter Wok – Bizarre [Blanc Stone Digital]
Pfirter – Paralelo 003 [Paralelo]
Pierpaolo Bonelli – NOTTURNO [Trax Records]
Potesov – Raptor [Golden Lion]
Pulse Plant – This Is…Pulse Plant The Singles [This is…]
Pushmann & DJ Rush, Ken Ishii – The Feather
Raimond Ford – Industrial Frames [3-4-1 Cuts Dark]
Rantoiner – Spice Magic [DDGL Intense]
Rappiera – Na Paru Oria [7th Cloud]
REDD 42 – Reflection [REDD 42]
Rhythm Design – The Temple (Zetacode Mixes)
Richard de Clark – Deep Feelings Enjoy Relaxed
Rillegis – UnlimiteD [Rhythm Records]
Robin Hirte – Reborn [Das Ohr Digital]
Roby M Rage – Pulse [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Roger Burns – Angel Dust [Burnzzz Records]
Rondell Adams – The Forgery (feat. Kamil P)
Ronnye M – Algorithm [Catamount Records]
Schallfeld – Alter Ego [nown]
Seddior – Hello Slave [Seddior Records]
Sektor M – Meditation [FCZ records]
Sensurreal – The Occasional Series [Frame of Mind]
Shane Wells – Techno Distortion [LETS TECHNO records]
Silver RC – Tiagun [EP Records]
Sinistermind – N88 [TNR MEDIA]
Sinistermind – Sinister Pt. 2 [TNR MEDIA]
Sinistermind & Zelf – Acid Jungle [TNR MEDIA]
Sleepy & Boo – Miles from Mars 38 [Miles From Mars]
Soa Dreams – Blossom [Wejustman Recordings]
Sommo – New Disorder [Groove Room Records]
Spartaque – Feel Burning Remixed [Codex Recordings]
Subset – Corruption of Form [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Tamsis – Inferno [Cold Tear Records]
TH Moy – Natural Force [Vitioh]
The Binary Mind – Reverse Transcription [Gynoid Audio]
The Roman Tech Brothers – Pleiades [RT TRAX]
Themaddeejay – Orbits [LETS TECHNO records]
Theo Schwarz – Some Say Love [Ts Music]
Theobald Ringer – Comme par enchantement
Thomas Labermair – Doomsday [City of Drums]
Tiefschwarz & Yotam Avni – Hybrid Sounds (Yulia Niko Remix)
Tobias Köppel – Awake [21st]
Toma Hawk – Women [Lakota Music Raw]
Tonya Carlopio – 1012 Kosmic [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Trashman – Overheating [Moop Up]
Tremonjai – Infect [73 Muzik]
Trevor Abernethy & Lester Fitzpatrick – Joker
UNREALNUMBERS – Beesang [Ameniia]
VA – (Tru003) V.A [Trucking Records]
VA – 1 Year of Airsound Records [Airsound Records]
VA – 50.2 [Dreiton]
VA – A Year in Moments 2 [VapourTrail Records]
VA – Alien Connections V [West Rules]
VA – Best of Kuukou 2020 [Kuukou Records]
VA – Best of Monark Recordings 2020
VA – Best of Plattenlabel 2019 – 2020 (50 Exclusive Tracks)
VA – Best of Playoff 2020 [Playoff]
VA – Best of Ristomusic 2020 [Ristomusic]
VA – ELBEREC 05 1st Anniversary [ELBEREC]