Dave Stitch – Nonlinearthe [Tigerforce Records]
DJ Jon – Save a Prayer for Christmas 2020 [WhiteLab Music]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – I Bang [Kaleidoscope Music]
Eleksoul – Adventures of the Polifacetic Man
Marino, Same O – Mango & Patricia [44 Tours Records]
Match Box – Tneibma [Who’s Susan]
Ofk – Erratic Behaviour [Arboretum]
Randall Cpc – Biggy Break [Malice Recordz]
Rhades – The Wobbles [Banana Club]
Rob Analyze – 7th Mile [Ravesta Records]
RUNNY RUN – Black Jack [Unrated Music]
Sickdisco – Alien Yoga Distortion [IDA]
Urban Shakedown – Do It Now! (feat. Aphrodite & Kaukuta)
Wiseman (SP) – 70s [XPLODE-BOOM RECORDS]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

Abrantes – Filters [Jambutek Recordings]
Adolpho & Franky & Holger Zilske – Grosse Maschine
Adrian Castellon – Wura [Music for Clubs]
AhGo – The Temple [G-Mafia Records]
Alastair Lane & Lee Wilson – Come Over [Eros Music]
Alessio Collesano – A Voicemail [Rhythm Vibe]
Alex Maiz – Feeling You [Spiritualized]
Alex Rossi – Faccia a faccia (Remixes) [Kwaidan]
Alkalino – Bikini Island [Audaz]
Alper Gursoy – Darkness [Road Story Records]
Andrea Jeannin – Back From Outta Space [Cliveland]
Andrey Sostin – I Can [NEO]
Avra & Ida Long – Losing Control [Lamour Records]
Axel Crew – Dreamland [Rounded]
Back & Em Pi – Right [No Definition]
Bankwell – Be Somebody [POPGANG Records]
Bjorn Salvador & Middle Aged Dad – Steiná
Bonkie – Yesterday of Tomorrow [Antidote Music]
Boston George – I Should Do That [Elastic Dimension Records]
Caspian Pool – B.I.T.U. [Caspian Pool]
Dani Corbalan – Broken Hearts [Cherokee Recordings]
Darran Nugent – Power & Control [Sujet Musique]
Davdavis – Haribo [WeLikeMusic Records]
DE GRAAL’ – You Really (Remixes) [Sensoria Records]
Deep G – Sp12 [Agenda]
Deerway – Dare To… [Electric Romeo Records]
Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger – Force Majeure
Dim Angelo – Amare [Noevo Records]
Dirty Doering – Magnum [MoNSTER]
DJ Dicosta & VANDUKE – Lucidity [Konik Records]
DJ MAD – Strange Things [Digital Wax]
DJ Seinfeld – Mezcalita [Young Ethics]
Elía Hicks – Fuego [Hicks Records]
Eskapizm – Surf Village [Human Resources]
Essentrikality – In the Dark Times [Deeplethora Music]
Evren Paz – I Wanna Live [Pongo Records]
Felix da Housecat & Dave the Hustler – Sweat! [Founders Of Filth]
Franz Scala – Mondo Della Notte [Slow Motion]
Futuristant & Aura Nox – Universal Consequences [Science Cult]
Heaven42 – Hotel La Luna [Analog Language]
Hernan Cerbello – Chasing the Vibe [RYNTH]
Hi-Friendly – Subway Flowers [Seventation Music]
Ijan Zagorsky – Tell Me Why [DeepShine Records]
ImButcher – Cold Blood Warm Heart
J-Squared – Razzmatazz [M2MR]
JackT – Undercover [Erijo Gold]
Jay Aliyev & Roudeep, Jay Aliyev – Autumn [pulse.]
Jimmen – Love Affair [UM Records]
Jonathan Moly – Déjame Un Beso
Juan Rojo – Togetherness (You & I) [feat. Sophie DeFrench]
Kelz – Melancholy [Emergent Textures]
Le Twan – No Escape [Primal Flow Recordings]
Live For Love – Condense – Basic Beat [California Music]
Luc – Forget About It [Round Robin Recordings]
Lucy Hadley – You Prince [Hank’s Records]
Maicon Quadros – This Could Be [G-Mafia Records]
Mazimba – Thinking About You (2020 Remixes)
Mdouzz & Annuki – We Are Awesome [AU Music Label]
Mismisimo – Follow You Down [Mismisimo Records]
Monki – Queen of Hearts [&Friends]
Nicola Ambrosini & Alex Terlizzi – I’ve Got The Music (MastroMauro Remix)
Noxive – Love Drug [Funky Way]
Ozores – In the Club [Disco Groove CWB]
Perro Bueno Edits – YLMW [Perro Bueno Edits]
Pipi Le Oui – Friends Like Me [Disco Filter Records]
Polocorp – Gnawa [Disco Halal]
Portamento – Headrace [NYLO]
Pretty Drama – Feel What You Feel [BonFire Records]
Re-Tide – Funky Snippet [Re-Tide Music]
Rubén Guerin – Call for Love [Jendex Records]
Samii – Figuring It Out [2000black]
Shubostar – Lynch [Ano Ano]
Soder – Desire [DeepBeat Records]
Soul Gondwana – Armageddon [Devoted Music]
Soulwax – Empty Dancefloor [DEEWEE]
Terry Hossa – Rain [Yanovsky]
TheDjLawyer – Cause I Need You [Out Of Tune]
Tiger Tribe – Innervision [City of Drums Chill]
Tinlicker & Helsloot – Tell Me (feat. Hero Baldwin)
Tury – Mirage [SSL Music]
VA – Sound Creative VA 2 [Sound Creative]
VA – Vibration 14 [The Jar Records]
Vicky Montefusco – Rollin [Emerald & Doreen Records]
Wrigley & MKVG, VetLOVE – Come on Over
Young Mezzy – Fuck Love [Young Mezzy]
Young Mezzy – Redo [Young Mezzy]
Zaterka & Dice – Perfect Plan [G-Mafia Records]
Zongamin – O! Remixes [Multi Culti]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

3Beat & Elipzz – Requested [Subsense]
75ins – Human Wreckage [Free BPM Organization]
Achilles – Rydrz [Nightenjin]
Apaztron, Codex (SE) & Mike Miami – Remedy
AxH – Tripover ,, Tripover (B1tyze Remix) [Gradient Audio]
Bad Decisions – Dangerous Woman (MNNR Remix)
Big Boss & Prav – Horus [Recall Records]
Bolnichenka – Play With Us [Gysnoize Recordings]
Braveb & Mick3y – No Escape [ records]
D-Sabber – Algorithm [Simplify.]
Dan-BLAST – Moving [Get Down Recordings]
DeLaurentis – Life Life – The 4 Seasons Remixes
Destiny – Dark Place [24 Karat Jungle]
Diego Miranda, Lyopak & Fran Prado – Moby
Disaszt – Winter Is Coming [Mainframe Recordings]
DJ Direkt – Mask [Evolution Records UK]
Drop The Cheese – Sapera [Gold Record Music Kft.]
Faysha – The Squeeze [24 Karat Jungle]
Fello – Mischief [Exert]
Helder Simz – Panning [Carpet Abstract]
Hexa, KL – Connected Part 2 [Gradient Records]
Higher Sector – National Debt [Higher Sector]
Hipinozze – Da Da We (feat. Dubb Music)
Hyenaz – Born From Death [Slowtrane]
Jay Jay – Hot Shots [Subway Soundz]
Jeopardize – Keep It up , Manhunt Vip
Johney – Proximity , 40W [Soul Ex Machina]
Jora – Speak for Yourself (feat. Reptile Room)
Kastro – Volatile [Biological Beats]
Kevu & ANG – Treasure Bay [Rave Culture]
Kormz – War Shout [Hydrated Audio]
LEMATEK – Girl [G-Mafia Records]
longstoryshort – Warehouse Weapons [JustUs Recs.]
Luzzar – The Killer’s Song [Muzenga Records]
MadTing – Let Me Tell You Something [Ensis Records]
Malaa & Habstrakt – Riot Gear [Confession]
Markijii – Senna [ONLY THE BEST]
Martin Oakson – It’s Like That [Dance Of Toads]
MaxLi – Refract [Tonrecords]
MidKnighT MøøN – Around We Go Lp [Kos.Mos.Music]
Mikkim – Knight Jungle [Big Bong Records]
Mosaic – Hold Up [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Muffler – Ancestors [Unique Music Records]
MyoMouse – History of Vietnam [Diverge Music Group]
Nask Groove – Get Up [Muzenga Records]
Neonlight – Uhrwerk (Cuckoo Vip) [DIASCOPE]
Neptune XI & KITSUNE – Crystal Refreshed [Unmei Ongaku]
Northern Zone – Get Away [Santorin Records]
Phabiaz – Qwerty Boulevard Radical Peak
Phadix – Drop That , 24 Hours (feat. Murdyer)
PVRTY HVRD – Thang Low [Nightenjin]
Qedamawi – Amnesia [LowFreqMX]
QZB & Charli Brix – We Pretend [Critical Music]
Sabriel – Love Again [MAGIA Records]
Saladin – Never Stop [Sound Best]
Scro – Last Breath [BonFire Records]
Secret Bandits – Nasty Funk [ONLY THE BEST]
Shadow Sect & Dope D.O.D. – Stfu (Original)
Sikka – Trouble , Yesterday [Formation Records]
Simple Reaction – The Falling , Convex
St.Iff – Proof of Love [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Subterranean Knight – Interlinked [SubNight Records]
The Bassdraketh – Turn It Up [Gardash Records]
Tim Hox – Insanis [Revealed Recordings]
Toddlah – At the Afters (feat. Rowney & MC Reeality)
Tuno – Cyber Dharma [BeatPlant]
Unwalk & Cool 7rack – Mr. Williams [Cool 7rack Records]
VA – Dnb Music Delivery IX Sampler [BNC Express]
VA – Liquid [Nahual Records]
VA – Psycadelic [BRAWLIN-BEATZ]
Vipul Pawar – Siren [AIDC Records]
WDDS – Get Into , Lies from Diefeffel
Zarasko – Steel Body [TALENT HYPE RECORDS]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

$H The Producer, Slowie – Signs (feat. Komposa)
Auxcent – Crusin’ [Yosh Pit]
Biome – Far Lands [Deep Heads]
Cajama, Hoda & Eloquin – VIP 2 [Crucast]
DJ Crisps – Diamonds [Time Is Now Records]
Eleven Fly – Too High [Tastebooster]
Ethan Marin, Max Casebolt – Subtle.Hints.006 [Subtle Records]
Jay Ward & No-El Dacosta – Fight the Feeling [Captum Records]
JLSXND7RS – Ceres [Dream Eater Records]
Kiddah – The Vice (feat. MRo) [Southpoint]
Kobe JT, Ronnie Loko – Rks Allstars 9 [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Message North – Blank Slate [Tasty]
Ollie Weeks – Wake Me Up [Friday Rush Records]
PAV4N – Stasis (feat. Kromestar) [4NC¥]
RightMind & Gid Sedgwick – On My Mind [YosH]
Shaun Dean, Gemma Fox & Bomma B – Boxers [New State Music]
Tigs & DJ Wisk – All Right [Raw Tactics]
Wilfy D – Vitd003 [Vitamin D Records]

Leftfield Bass

3wa – Bronca [Foundation Audio]
Ape Suit – Flight Path [Muti Music]
Caspa – Let’s Get Weird [Ghost Town]
Hitman – Fetish [Dirty Beats Music]
Kromestar – Aftermath , Missing [Nebula Music Group]
Rdubz – Fumes [Macabre Unit Digital]
Sepia – Flutez [Infernal Sounds]

Minimal & Deep Tech

7Hills – No Return [Sunclock]
Actomawn – Unsown [Bellum Records]
Alesis – Sweet Space [Votiva Records]
Alex Zola – Resketch Series 001 [Resketch Records]
Andrea Presutti – Vibe [Light Music Recordings]
Angel Carriazo – Blue Dot [Free Society Industries]
Awake From A Dream – Bird on a Wire [XMOD Records]
Bleckout$ – Di$co G [Disco Groove CWB]
Broäme & Kambra, Klaän – Various Artists 001 (Cnr004)
Carl Fons – Melamina [Neu Gravity]
Chris Brooks – Assuming [Herloop Records]
Clive – 3,25 [Solivagant Records]
Dandy Gioia – Faith [FCZ records]
Daniele Bussoleni – Back On you [Zerooitocentos Music Lab]
Danny Nectar – Give Me That Bass [Beachside Records]
David Gtronic & Hector – Ataraxia [DONTALKMUSIC]
Derrickhand, Tony Romanello – Revelation [Embliss Records]
Dmac & Lowkee – Christmas Time [Get It Entertainment]
Ebee – Pale Blue Dots [Far City]
Ebee – The Fourth Dimension [Far City]
Endroi – C++ [Binary Order]
Fatclap – Flex [Reecords]
Francesco Poggi – The Message [Plastik Galaxy]
Franz Jäger – Luzi [Point Nemo]
Greck B. & Anko A – Start Again [The Freak & Weirdo]
Jayro – Alone [Kubbo Records]
jina – In Silence Spooken (Cnr005) [Canelura Records]
Kazko – Shopping [Luthier Music]
ki ya tori – kurenjingu [mimoton]
Klordop – Stopn [Roo Records]
Kraust Sonido – Ashoka [Disctance Records]
Kryptonicadjs – Sunday [Kryptofabbrikk]
Lou Flores & Leand – Unicos [Alegria Records]
Luis Fruelas – Grow Up [4 Quarters Music]
Marco Briguglia – The Time Has Come [Substrate Music]
Matías Sapag – Order 66 [Magic Hand Records]
Matt Wills – Federal Dreams [M-Tone Records]
Matteo Floris – Messin [Svogue]
Max Tocci – Pushing On [dZb Records]
N-Telekia – Blue Dream [Kief Music LTD]
N-U-endo – Drums of Apollo [SOS Rec]
Nick Holz – Fish Style [Wiking Recordings]
Pinney – Still Here [Level Records UK]
Quantumono – Hangover [Hypnologic Music]
Reto Erni – At Some Point [Framed Realities]
Roberth Grob – Smashing , Loba [Kubu Music]
SharpEar – YouMadeMe – Boogie Nights [Asane Records]
Stereomod – Deep Trip [ROMANTEK WORX]
Todz Music – Bass [Disco Groove CWB]
Triad – Deep Forest [Hubble Recordings]
Tristram Shandy – Heavenly [Marba Records]
Willy Poveda – K-Hole [Levandgroove]

Progressive House

aihi – Maybe It’s Not You [RaveUp Alley]
Allvix & SMKR – Beluved [Houseando]
Arteze – Universe [TALENT HYPE RECORDS]
Aurel den Bossa – Sunos [BQ Recordings]
Auxwave – I Can Feel [Basement]
Cj.Viper – Farma [Electronic Abrau]
INNERPHONIC – Sampler 2020 [Caravelle]
Jose Ponce – Progressive [Kassette Music]
Kaskade – Solid Ground [Monstercat]
Kenshi Kamaro – Tuvalu [3rd Avenue]
Lil’ John – Navigating [Amun Records]
Lysa Chain – Empty Space [On Circle Music]
Marc Mosca – The Sequence [Glitchworld Recordings]
Mavra – Sweet Dreams [Basement]
Melih Kor – Amnesia [NON,DUAL]
Mikx & Khaki – Can’t Get Over [Six15 Music]
Nabroc – Deimos [i occupy music]
OSC3 – Macrocosm [XMOD Records]
Pashaa – September [Make It Yourself Records]
Patricio Mucchielli – Life’s Cycles [Future Avenue]
Posydon – Imaginarium [Build It Deep]
Rianu Keevs – Valley of Echoes [Rianu Keevs]
RNN – Tundra [Estribo Records]
Sandoval – Zona 34 [Duo Box Understream]
Secret Society of Tech – See Beyond [XMOD Records]
Sher M@n & P4sc4l – Wild Love [Dancewood Stage]
VA – BC2 Winter 2020 [BC2]
VA – Extended Play 04 [Stripped Digital]
VA – Limited Selections [Droid9 Limited]
Wash T – X-Land (Hypnotize) [No Sync]
Woodii – Safe & Sound [Alveda Music]
Xiasou & Nikko Mavridis – Instant Specs [Electronic Tree]
Yvaine – Put Your Hands Up [UVEEFEUVE Electronic]
Znoijk – Sunset Serene [Reflected Sounds]

Tech House

AiDENN – Retrospect [DataTech]
Arminoise – Bring Me Down [Soundrise Records]
Banana Mambo – Ghetto Flow [Martians Records]
Behache – Wachufleiva 50 [Wachufleiva]
Beko Voice – Beware the Train [Tempora Records]
Bessey – Back To Basic [DataTech]
Big Miz – Cartha Street Cuts [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
Blaf – It’s on the Floor [Disco Groove CWB]
Blank Sense – Check (Dots Per Inch Remix) [High Definition]
Bob Remis – Can I Pop [Phunk Junk Dark]
Break the Speaker – Groovestia , Flow Maleantoso [less is nice]
Brooklyn House Mafia – Gah Yeta [Head Vibe Records]
CALI (EC) – Love Me [Street Habitat]
Celta – Tamoryayo [BeMore Records]
CHAMALEON – Kiss Roll [Lemon Juice Records]
Charlie Rice – Listen [Koda Recordings]
Christian Belt – Dmp 087 [DMP Records]
Crackman – Wild Nelson [Inspirado Records]
D0octor – Nuestro Fandango [Disco Groove CWB]
Da Hauz – Dont Fuck [No Topo Music]
David Quartz – Can’t Stop It [V2K-Records]
Delfrate & Gavo BR – Enough [Mustache Crew Records]
Diego Olarte – Drummer [Stinky Label]
Disk Nation – M.O.B.B [Marktek Records]
Doc Brown – Twitch Chat [Farris Wheel Recordings]
Don Pelojo – Da Body [Stereophonic]
Ducamp & Housewerk, Ducamp – The City
Dwayne Drake – Middle East [Spira Music]
Ebee – Ride the Rhythms [Far City]
Elegant Producer – Censored [G-Mafia Records]
Emejota – Lets Go Dancing [Silicio]
Ernest Ragusa, Filippo Pizzuco & Nicky Marotta – Retrograde
Federico Grossi – Candy Love [Stoned Stork Records]
Follk – Up N’ Down [Mustache Crew Records]
Frank Kintella – Of Course Is True , Black Paris , Stainless
Gargot & Zaneev – Groove On Display [DataTech]
Gunhorse – Zero [Deep Family Records]
Hermann Bravo – Get Into It [Clvb95 Music]
Hilton Caswell – Swerved [AO (Artificial Octaves)]
Hypnotrixx – Airborne [Eat The Beat Records]
Iker Cantarero – Samba [48007 Music]
Indigo Affair – Elevate [Undressed Music]
Jo Medina – Feel It [kluBasic plus]
Jordan Allinor & Brandon Caballero, Kevin Corral – They Make Me Feel
Jose Luis Bernat – You Know [Enjoy It Productions]
Joss Nhza – Here We Go [Saitech Records]
K.Ring – Drunk with Me [LowFreQ Records]
K2K the Dj – Terraform [PR Underground]
K3Y5HIFT3R – Iron Techman [Xzata Music]
Kaos Kid – Action [Glamorous Recordings]
Karmina Milojevic – Drop That Bass [Claps Records]
KingBear – Houle [Disco Groove CWB]
krämek – Whitey On the Moon [BeMore Records]
Kring – New Groove (feat. Adk Music) [Disco Groove CWB]
Kye Murray – Dancing Come On [Erijo Gold]
Labass & Dexxter, RED Achinelli – Soul Vibrations
Lavelle Dupree – Somewhere Deep [Twisted Funk Records]
Leo Astorga – Strange Feeling [Hungry Koala Records]
Limited Life – Never Know [RUN DEEP Records]
LOS BANDEROS – Are You Gonna (4Rule & Whispers Remix)
Luan Trombin – No Type [Exigo Records]
Lucio Ka – Look Baby [Wajiro]
Luigi.M – Hello Envious [New Horizon Recordings]
LUXIFA – Losing Gravity [Synaptic Anarchy Records]
Magthegreat – Feel This Beat [SuperPosition Records]
ManuLele & Pino Firmani – Yeah!!! [BLACK MONKEY TRAX]
Marco Di Rienzo – Fired Up 2020 [Freshly Cooked Music]
Marco Voccia – Oh Right [Ritmika Records]
Mark Fiorre – Unreal [DOT Dance]
Matteo Malfa – Levitation [Street Sound]
Moonlight Fiziks – Phat Cat [FRESH BAKED RECORDS]
MS Pika – Sorry Men [REFILL MUSIC]
Newzs & Dormidontov – Heartbeat [Mask Sexy]
One Shot – Voices of Darkness [Disco Groove CWB]
Oravla Ziur – Space Pussy [Tanta Music]
Orce Jordanov – Lights [Kontinental Records]
Orvec – Whisper [Taanaj Paax]
Paul Orwin – Start This [Mooncircles Lab]
PHONIXX – Funny Groove (feat. Mnk4) [Disco Groove CWB]
Proa Deejay – BassKick [Complex Destroyerz]
Ranger Trucco – Tiffany [Space Yacht]
Return Of The Jaded – Automate [Box Of Cats]
Reydel – Impacto [Wajiro]
Ricky Sierra – New Power [Low Groove Records]
Robert Moriello – Music’s Revolution [TOBE]
Rocco Kredo & Erik Schievenin – Waiting 4 You [Wanderlust]
Santeli & Bigstate – Doing It [Purple Tea Records]
Santi Dominguez – Still Got It [Tech Avenue Records]
Sebastian Rios – Dreamers [Tetractis Music]
Sebastián Suárez – Run! [Conceptual Music]
Sergey Bedrock – Mr Johnson [Digital Paradox Records]
shiino & Matheus Rosa, shiino & yankk – Candy Flip [Space Invaders]
Skymate – Sounds of Earth [AOM Music]
Sloth – Move Back [Uprise Music]
Sloundness – Haters [Muzenga Records]
Sol Glissant – Funkin Gonuts [Immers Music]
Sovax – San Francisco [Dusty Nose]
Strong R. – Str014 [Strong Music Records]
Supermono – Slow Down [UNMODE]
Tech Thai – Grind Grind [Disco Groove CWB]
Thierry Romero & Cool 7rack – Understand [Cool 7rack Records]
Timothy Allen – Moving Slow [ARTWRK]
TMT – Have a Dream [G-Mafia Records]
Tom Craig & NoFace Records – Alesca [NoFace Records]
Tom Keller – Close Your Eyes [Sensoria Sounds]
Tonino – Killin It [Fever Records]
Tracker B – Ai Que Gostoso [Disco Groove CWB]
V3O – Big Girls [Moustache Label]
VA – Best Of 2020 [Agile Recordings]
VA – D – Loop 26 [Magic Loops Rec]
Varning & ISZAPP – Moonda [Pure Tunes]
Volex Music – Pey [Disco Groove CWB]
Vulknez – Last Night [Disco Groove CWB]
Walker & Royce – Need2Freek [DIRTYBIRD]
Ward Junior – Tech Dance [Green Deep Collective]
Wildcard – Gucci Louie [Lemon Juice Records]
Xenso – Lunaticos [Sonambulos Music]
YariD – Dirty [Raise Recordings]
Zeno Jones – Afrikan [More Horizons Music]