Afro House

Bhekzin Bafana – Kaliyo [Africa Mix]
Aux P – Nguwe (feat. Ma Eve) [Bengatainment]
Caianda – No Telling [Arrifana Records]
Camblom Subaria – Don’t Stop Believing [Sunclock]
Carbon Deep – May I See You (Africa) [Mindlab Recordings]
Dadiinho & Edson Prod – Na Cutelo [Africa Mix]
DeeptoneSA – Chapter Two [Khoisan Music Records]
DJ Manzo SA, P.M Project – South Dub Season
Dj Sona SA – Molatso [The November Man Music]
DJ Spencer – Overdose [Konik Records]
Dr zehny – Love Is the Only Way (feat. Disa) [Dr Zehny Records]
EL Xeno – Naruto [Way Up Music]
Etienne de la Sayette – Safari Kamer feat. Erik Aliana
Fela Kuti – International Thief Thief (I.T.T.) [Armonica & MoBlack Mix]
Fredrox & Deep Narratives, Fredrox – Odyssey
Gabriel Dominguez, Sr. Saco & Ray MD – La Diosa De Los Tambores
Galelio – Wonder Man [Celsius Degree Records]
Glass Slipper – Intersections [Moving Deep Records]
Groove Govnor – Feel [DopeLab Recordings]
Harry Soto – U-R [TEQ and SOL]
Hook&Bass – Bamboleo (Spanish Tech Mix)
iKeja – In the Zone [Afro Truly Music]
Javier Nuñez – Xpander [Hechos Music]
Jazzbeatz, Jayswizz & Jay Cavi – Heartless [Cavi Muzik]
K.O.D – Ejele (feat. Msiz’Kay) [Seres Producoes]
KeysGroove – High Tunes [Africa Mix]
KingMdava – Supremacy [Afrothentik Record Company]
Lindz SA – Mlomo Mnandi [FearlessTainment]
Lubza – Sauti Ya Afrika [Azania Digital Records]
Magic Brothers – Caos [2Deep Records]
Mahasela – Further Away (Ivory Child’s Afro Winter Remix)
Manu Free – One more chance [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
MoIsh – Love Is Not Enough (feat. Sego Lody) [Ocha Mzansi]
Morendo – Dancers in Africa [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Natordeep – Best Friend [Africa Mix]
Polback – Vanguard [Africa Mix]
Ray MD & The Warrior, Ray MD – Halloween 2020 Edition
Roberto Palmero – Buku [Pura Music]
Ronald Enakadm – We Were Slaves [Suonare Records]
Salvatore Agrosi & Black Soil – Fell in Love (feat. Priscilla)
Stones & Bones & Doug Gomez – Deeper Love (feat. Tweety)
Terry Tennaglia – Cement Jungle [Lab House Records]
Tshinooz – Deep Breath [Africa Mix]
Wranto & DJ Two4 – Hawk [Pasqua Records]
Xylo – The Only Truth Is Music [Hila Records]
Zakente – Pandemia [Diesis Records]
Zilla – Lava [Africa Mix]


Adon – Waterfalls [ChillYourMind]
AGANE – What Now ! [Prrrrrrr Records]
Airal – First Contact [Astralwerks]
Alessia – Lighthouse [10k Label Group]
Alessia Labate & Leonail – Highway
Alex Van Sanders – Deep Dream [Yeiskomp Abyss]
Alexei Maslov – Fire [Nustromo Music]
Alexis Knox – I Can’t Get Enough (feat. Evalina)
Amir – Need Nobody (Kelvin Wood Radio Remix)
Andrew Gabriel – Get Bangs [Electronic Alliance Records]
Andrew Spencer – Across the World (feat. CXC)
Andros, Donovan’s Playground & Mr. Pig – DNA (feat. FJØRA)
Andy Keppra – Parallex [Baby’s Back]
Angel Order – Faith [AOM Music]
Angerfist & Tha Watcher – Face My Style
ARKELL LDN – Merge [Kik Kik Snr]
Audiofreq, Somnia & Shanti People – Hey Adi Yogi
Axe Gabba Murda Mob – Bruk Up (feat. Hellfish & Bryan Fury)
Barssko – Know You [Gloamed]
Basic Beatz – Use Somebody [DNZ Records]
Basstube Rockerz – Let You Go [DROKKERZ]
Berat Oz – Need U [Rikodisco]
Bingo Players & Ida Corr – I Know This Club [Hysteria]
Bisken, Draze & LVNA – Dancing With a Stranger
BLK – Drifting Away [Sinister Sounds]
Blue Amazon – Interpretations – Mixed by Ian Ossia (12 Mixes)
Bright Sparks & John Gibbons – Real [Blindsided]
Bryan Kessler – Super Cruel [Bronko]
Caj Morgan – Mine Mine [Enormous Chills]
Caliajah – So High Cypher [LDEPRO Records]
Chuck Bari & The Shackers – Savoy Truffle
Cma & Crishater – Mucha Gente [Golden RNA]
Couche – If You’re Lovin’ Me (feat. Kenza Jax)
CRi – Never Really Get There (Gerd Janson Remix) [feat. Jesse Mac Cormack]
Daïtshi, Teva & Adam Wendler – Never Be Lonely (feat. Adam Wendler)
Darkskye – Black Friday [HazMat Productionz]
David Shane, Uplink & Samlight – Lay Me Down
Decided Dice – Troubles [Global Music Records]
Def Neon – War Beats [AnalogueTrash Records]
Diba – All My Love [PYRO NXT]
Dirty Disco – Let It Snow (feat. Debby Holiday)
DJ Byotas – First Date [21st]
DJ Den – Heartbreaker [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
DJ Gersonscreator – Melound [Gersonscreator]
Duma – Tiempo al Tiempo [Prix Music Group]
DXCOVERY – Happy Children (feat. Jeffrey Jey) [Roby Giordana – Luca Piazzon Mix]
Elium – Real Love [Bit Records]
Ev Randen – Mona Lisa [MRIU Publishing]
Faraón – Come Tonight [Deep Strips]
Fatih Yüksel & Ritzodi – So Loud [LucidPlain Records]
Felea Emanuel – Holdin On [LucidPlain Records]
Filippin – Imagine (feat. Cinzia Carreri) [Milleville Records]
Foxtrot – Carry On (feat. Kris Kiss) [Fanfare Records]
Franc.Marti – Contact [Radiator Of Sound]
Francesco Digilio – Bossa Nova Covers [Sifare Edizioni Musicali srl]
Fredix – Decreasing Moon [Nustromo Music]
FUTURE WAVE – Rock Into My Heart [Mental Madness Records]
Futuro Pelo, Naive New Beaters – A Bigger Splash Remixes
Gentleman’s Dub Club – Castle in the Sky [Easy Star Records]
Gesualdi – Finders Keepers (feat. Eva Eik) [Vibez Sounds]
Giorgio Gee – Bankrupt [Lit Bit]
GRHHH – Tufak [Ghetto]
hackeDJackerz & Revealed Recordings – Back to Me
HoodCelebrityy – Ungrateful [KSR Group]
Hotboxx – Vicios [Erijo Gold]
Hypanda & Raphi – What Goes Around
INOV8 – Ayamaye [Future]
J-Dream – Sexy Colombiana [AOM Music]
Jaido P – Brokoto [Inglemind]
James Bright – Camino (Remixes) [eclectics]
Jeff Tamelier – Monday Mornin’ Rose
Jewelz & Sparks – Chains (feat. Carly Lyn)
Joydan & Sr. DuBong – Not Easy [Lisburn Records]
Jugglerz & Kabaka Pyramid – Ready [Jugglerz Records]
Kacey Fifield & Robbie Rosen – Last Breath [Tipsy Records]
Karixon, Tribal Kush & Richie Loop – Big Batty (feat. Shalanda)
Koen Fagen & Lena Luisa – Escape [Frequency Music]
Kosa – Never Give up [Bombrush Records]
Kosmonova – Going Down (Remixes) [push2play music]
Kriz Quanta & Tharun Hardy – Kashmir [ultrawave records]
Krypt – Slow Down [Ghetto]
La teigne – Evil’s love [Le Bask Records]
Lazard, Crystal Rock & Austin Christopher – After the Landslide
Liam Laghan – New Horizons [Twisted Cells]
LOMONDO – Hevenu Shalom [S2 Records]
Loops Empire – La Otra Noche [Kycker Electronic]
Lovisa Nordin – Sparks [Safarimonkey Records]
Luca Augustus & Carlo Avanti – Avinu Malkeinu
Lulleaux & MACKS – Wasting My Time (feat. Able Faces)
Lyfes & Dasha – Losing My Religion [One Seven]
Manu WorldStar & MFR Souls – Choko Amapiano Remix
Max le daron & BRYTE – Traffic [Akwaaba]
MEY – Variety [Contrapol Records]
Michael Haaga – Wave of Mutilation [SoSouth]
Mike Bagrationy – Supernatural [DOT Dance]
ML Muzix – Success in D [ML Muzix]
MOD SUN – Bones [Big Noise Music Group]
More Plastic & Tylah Winyard – Midnight Train [Monstercat]
Mosees – Stumped [Ghetto]
Muzari – Innovation [Kemet Soul Records]
Natalie Gotman – Dance Floor [Natalie Gotman]
Nicolas Haelg – Gettin’ It [ChillYourMind]
Nigel Hayes – Elephunk [Astrolife Recordings]
Night Tapes – Download Spirit [Breaker Breaker]
NxT & Nguyen Hong Phuc – Leave Me Alone [Prexall Records]
Ommy Dimpoz – Dede (feat. DJ Tira, Dladla & Prince Bulo)
Onix Lan – New View [Wiking Recordings]
Paola Peroni – Song For An Angel (feat. Joda Omi)
Paul Richmond – Tattoo of Your Heart [Enormous Chills]
Prince Fox – Rock Paper Scissors (Jolyon Petch Remix)
Purine – I Engineer [Fadersport]
Qatoshi – LALALA [Amadei Music]
Rafael Moreno – Pipa [G-Mafia Records]
Ras Victory – Money Pre [Niyahfyah Records]
Ras Victory – Wah Dem Inna [Niyahfyah Records]
Reverber8 – Toy Soldier [VAST]
Rob Davy – She’s a Freak (Ithurtz Drive Remix) [Sunflower Records]
Roberto Mozza & Big B – Keeps Me High [Unit Media Music]
Roommate – Digi Dub Love [Avocaudio]
Roska & Razzler Man – Neutral Grounds [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Russian Linesman – Monomyth VI – Resurrection [Loki Recordings]
Ryan Song – What’s Wrong with Me [Onze]
Sad Puppy – (Loved You) Since I Met You [Sad Puppy]
Sam Dian & Celeno – Mélancolie [Crosswalk Records]
Sary – Intertwine [Muve]
Sasha Primitive – Fendi [PPG Recordings]
Scientia & Clarissa Carter – End of Us [Ensuna Music]
Semitoo & Marc Korn – Ready for Someday (Van Der Karsten Remix) [Remixes]
Seypro – Wall of Sound [Color Monster]
Shalan – Into Space [ShalanMusic]
Showtek – Show Some Love (feat. sonofsteve) [Skink]
Silience – I Don’t Wanna Know (Mark Knight Remixes) [b1]
Simmo – Spinback [Dragon Tales]
SRF Zwei Tracks – Going Up (Remix) [Immersive Music]
Stashion – Repit Don’t Slip [Nustromo Music]
Stoim – Forgive (feat. Lee Wilson) [Double Cheese Records]
Subatomic Sound System & Screechy Dan – Babylon Soon Fall
Taproz – The Business [Utopic Astronaut]
The Bestseller – Gangsta March [Ghetto]
The Bestseller – Throw It Up [Ghetto]
Theny – Unusual [Theny Recordings]
ThrObak & DOMENICO – Dreams & Memories
Tiki Lau – Full of Life [Kawaii Nation]
Tim Bird – Falling Down [Zeon Recordings]
Tim Lights – You Know Me Better [One Seven]
Tiscore & Stefy De Cicco – Down [Virgin]
Tom Ferry & Sylvie – Inhale Exhale [Sadboy Records (CMG)]
Tom Karlek – The Only One [Tom Karlek]
Tom Wax & Strobe – Thora Thora (Reloaded) [One Seven]
Trini Mic – Holding Through [Universal Stars Records]
Tryned – La Noche [Aorta South]
UNDERWATT – Hypnocoine [TUTU Music Label]
UNIFI Project – Our Trip [UNI-FI]
VA – Bangers Room [Crown Of Music]
VA – Dance Party Anthems [CR2C089]
VA – Dub-Vibrations [Presented by Sean McCabe] [GVM021]
VA – Lovebirds Edits, Vol. 1 [4056813230055]
Very Much Known – Screams [Alpha Music Collective]
Watermelon Boy – Remember Summer
Wender – 2AM Drive-In (feat. Arianna Palazzetti)
Yrique – On Fire [trench]

DJ Charts

5prite – Hot Groovers November Chart [Traxsource]
Alexander Technique Going Back Chart [Traxsource]
Boris Brejcha – Top 10 November [BEATPORT]
Dj Mag Alternative Winner Chart [BEATPORT]
Eats Everything 8 Cubed Chart [BEATPORT]
Johan S – Come Back Home Chart [Traxsource]
M. Rodriguez – M. Rodriguez October Chart [Traxsource]
Mark Knight Drowning In Your Love Chart [Traxsource]
Mason Maynard Propane Chart [BEATPORT]
Pawsa – Stop That Chart [BEATPORT]
Peznt Is What You Need October Chart [Traxsource]
Robiin Y.o.t Chart [Traxsource]
The Deepshakerz October Chart [Traxsource]

Electronica & Downtempo

3kStatic – Magazine Trash [PRDS Direct]
3uki & Miles Arnell – Don’t Know Me [Embassy Of Music]
351 Lake Shore Drive – White Sunrise (Best Of)
A’voed – Fantastic Depth [Songmoney]
Acute Onset – Antisocial [Monoscope]
Adam Knight – Say My Name [BonFire Records]
Aki Harunari – Blue Pond [Redux Sunset]
Aleksandir – Calvert [Omena]
Alex Lustig – Cloud9 (feat. Makk Mikkael) [Alex Lustig]
Ali Murat Karakus, Fatih Ata – Sunny Side Up
Alienoiz – The Universe of the Paradox [Wayside Recordings]
Alois Yang – Sonic Animism [Phinery]
Ambienzoid – Everytime [Tranquility Sounds]
ANA ANA & Itwo5 – Lion [Ana Ana]
Anatoliy Nesterenko – Dreams [Richy Records]
Anatoliy Nesterenko – Forest Valley [Richy Records]
Anatoliy Nesterenko – Water Mirror [Richy Records]
Androgynation – Multi-Dimensional (feat. cXrYsZ)
Antarctic Wastelands & Manuel Zito – Nightfall Reflections
Antonio Scannagatti – Meditations [Beat It Records]
Anywave – Super Santos [Festina Lente]
åpostol & Slasher of Souls – Fucking Dawn [Untitled Burial]
ARDEN – Wait for Me [Zekrise Music]
Are Morica – Where Ends the Land [Mare Nostrum Label]
Ascii.Disko – Death Comes Running (Unreleased and Rare 2000 – 2006)
Astral Vega – Apricot [Classè Records]
Astropilot & Astronaut Ape, Lauge – No Fear
Audiolove – Discovery [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
B. Ashra – The Sound Of Dmt (A Sonic Ayahuasca Journey)
Bang B – Fade Away [DJS4DJS RECORDS]
Batat – Violet Pier [Vinebeat Records]
Bawrut – AndreW (Future Beat Alliance Remix)
Ben Haydie & Noaski – Candy [Ballroom Purple]
Benin City – Get Your Own [BonFire Records]
Betonkust – BAR Records 06 – Betonkust [BAR Records]
Biome – Kora [Manuka]
Bionoid – Raver’s Guide to Love [Syberian]
Bitter Babe & Nick León – Fuego Clandestino
BKBZ46 – Allegorically [Pacific Melody]
Black Paper – Infinity [ForArt]
Blank Page – Phoenix [FSOE Chill]
Boskii – Cassiopeia [Music UK]
Brendon Moeller – My Foolish Heart [CRCLS]
Bufalo – Howdy Partner (DJ Getdown Remix)
Bulgemaster – Judas Pig [Sound Soldier Productions]
byjayr – Siren [Aquarius Records]
Cait Foran – Eternal Return [Phinery]
Capa – Chameleon [Lemongrassmusic]
Captures – Ancient Future [Earthly Measures]
Caracal – Pelted the Windshield [Kycker Electronic]
Carla Valenti – Gladys [Pirotecnia]
Cat Flexx, Realibah & NoFace Records – Lets Get Money
Charles & The Fury – Future Thinkers [Future Cosmetiq]
Chihei Hatakeyama – Autumn Breeze
ChillOne – Ambient 22 [2F Records]
Chris Heid – Jazzman [City of Drums]
Cirillo JR, Mesce & NoFace Records – Face To Face
Claremont & ASKYA – Control Over Me [Askya]
Colin Benders & Crouwel – Far Away [Reflektor Records]
Content of Void – Supernova [MOR Records]
Cooroot & Alpsol, Cooroot – Trap Clap [Atomrise Sounds]
Cosmic Crisis – When I Was Famous [RedSofa Records]
Costel Van Dein & The Wooyko – Bassline
Craven Faults – Enclosures [The Leaf Label]
Cyberiaaa – Tides of Light [Dream Catalogue]
Cyril Giroux – La vie en rose (Remixed) [District 6 Music]
Dan Bariani – A Prayer in Code [Tratore]
Dan J. Wilcox – Excess [Musique De Danse]
Danger Daz – Weirdo [Loudnuff Records]
Dapannu – Daemon [Chapter Eight]
DARK SPARKLER – Are You Working With Me, Or Against Me
Dark Vektor – Es el Momento [Motion Related Records]
DC Salas – Exquisite Chaos [Slowciety]
Decipher – Sacrifice [Deathstar Cult Ltd]
Deejay Cup – Emaphupho (feat. Mandisa Mamba)
dennio, Kadance & Leyna – Survivor (Smartsin Acoustic Mix)
Destind – War (feat. Serj Tankian) [Nfynia Music]
Di Carlo – The Last Mohican [We Are Remember]
Discoteca Fatale – Discoteca Fatale [Alakulttuuritalo]
DJ Eely – All Together [CRCLS]
DJ Mixture – Subnautica [29 CHILL]
DJ Sakin & Friends – Dirty Dancing (feat. Nadja Benaissa)
DJ Turbulence – Level 100 [DJ Turbulence Music]
DJNice – Fine day [Miami Sundown Records]
Don Piper – Caviar [4NC¥]
Drexler – Handles (Remixed) [Rhodium]
Dro Carey – Statue Garden (Sig Nu Gris Remix)
E-Saggila – Corporate Cross [Hospital Productions]
Echaskech – Dust Storm [The Ambient Zone]
Echo Of The South – Frontier [Tranquility Sounds]
Eleventh Grandson – Rejected Heat [Coldest Point]
Elijah Hill – Dry Signal [Seeking Blue]
Eliphas – Neverending Salvation [Ovnimoon Records]
Emac – A Part of Me [PLU Records]
Emperor – Rangefinder [Drum&BassArena]
Engyn – Erregendes Moment [Outcast Oddity]
Ensemble du Verre – Scenes [Batterie]
Erland Cooper – Landform (feat. Marta Salogni)
Ethimm – By Night, Pt. 1 (Remixes)
Exhausted Modern – Conditions of Struggle, Struggle for Conditions
Exit 59 – Echos [Exit 59, Inc.]
Fabricio Henrique – Paradigma [Tratore]
Faithful Tragedy – Swings [Mojear Records]
FakeAno – Lotto (feat. CK the Dj) [Blank Space Records]
Farafi & Tulshi – Kalila [Sunken Sun Records]
First Circle – Untitled (Push) [Precious Snowflake]
fleet.dreams – Selph Luv (feat. Supercoolwicked)
Fragile X – Chromatherapy [See Blue Audio]
franskild – Burnout [Lotss Records]
Fretters – Relax Mode [Freshtunes]
Funk Butcher & Mighty Moe – The Venue [Houseology]
G Donte C – I Feel Gone [Artist Republik]
Gaal – Small [OIOI Recordings]
Gallery Six – Blue In the Midsummer [Huinali Recordings]
Gaya Lovers – Frequencies 12 [Inspire Music Records]
George Dare – The Middle of Nowhere [Artistfy Music]
Giorgio Moroder – Never Ending Story (Marko Bussian Remixes)
Giorgio Moroder – Our Love (Nu Pilgrims, Nolan Remixes)
GreatAudioRecorded – Elenya [picturesque.]
Group Rhoda – Passing Shades [Dark Entries Records]
Gryff – New Religion ‘the Remixes’ [Aztec Records]
Gustav Boje – Money in a Safe [No Fame Only Talent]
Hanegi Koen – Polaris [Subtempo]
Heaven’s Phase – Feel Good [Tranquility Sounds]
Hector Plimmer – Tapeloop (Kidkanevil Remix)
Hokori – Drone Mother [Lodjiya]
How To Loot Brazil – Summer Of 89 [Look! Mum! No Hit!]
I Dream No More – Fade Die (Remastered) [Void Overflow]
Igtoluh – Sora No Yoroi [Whole Story Air]
Infinite being – Sun & Moon [X-Perimental Label]
Intermezzo – Baozi , Amek [Intermezzo]
Isak Dahling & Laura-Mae – Young Years [TGR Music Group]
Island Thugs – Love Me Now [Intensity Recordings]
iTaZe – Grace [Dbeatzion Records]
Itona – (Baby) Just Let Me Know [Morii Records]
Jacques C – Where We Belong [Funk Noir]
Jakobin – Locked [forTunea]
James Black Pitch – Dance Monkey [Urban Tunes Records]
James Ireland – Hold Me [ZEROCOOL]
James Orvis – Katharsis [Balter Records]
Jaymie Silk & Jesza, Richelle – Pf Camp 01
Jennie Nega – I Agapi Mas! [FM Records (Greece)]
Jesse Bru – Life’s Alright [Happiness Therapy]
JfAlexsander – Fusion [Zarabunda Records]
Johnny Bolzan – Outside (Remixes) [Mandril Audio]
Jon Kennedy – The Blue Zones (feat. Disastronaut) [Jon Kennedy Remix]
JP Sunshine – I Want to Stay [Steel City Dance Discs]
Julia Döhler – My Kind of Style [Alphabeat Records]
Kaltner – Ana Kata (feat. Pyron) [NFTR]
KayL – Fika [Prexall Records]
Keclo & Droma – Rain Dance [Petit Pot Records]
KÉDU CARLÖ – 2005 GTO [Kartel Dance]
Kerys – Inner Depths [Nova Lotus]
Khan – Ride Me [Cheap Classics]
Kindimmer – Planned Obsolescence [DAWN STATE]
Klangkarussell & GIVVEN – Follow (Max Manie Remix)
Klangstein – Atlas [Schalldeluxe]
Koki Nakano – Birth Canal [No Format]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Rebellion der Träumer X – The 10th Anniversary Remixes, Pt. 2
KS7 – Covid Life [Khanti Records]
Ksky – Radioland [KSKY TRX]
Kuarz & NoFace Records – Rewind [NoFace Records]
Late Night Clouds Project – Caged [Milled Pavement]
Later. – Highway 10 (Saib Remix) [Cookie Records]
LaToya Kent – Nothing [Fat Beats Records]
Le Code, Multivoq – Various #5 [SOUPLEX RECORDS]
Lelya Kursanova – Color Music 5th Dimention
Liam Mour – Nineteen Ninety [Ode To Youth]
Lightseeds – Monolith (feat. Saint Of Sin & Peter Ries)
Little People – Preemo [Youth and Progress Recordings]
Long Play – Iskul [Dinastia INC]
Lost Circles – Allways [Tranquility Sounds]
Lost fx – A Moment’s Pause [{int}erpret null]
Low Ratio – Layers [Step Rec.]
Luke Hess & Jeff Hess – The Sea Was No More [DeepLabs]
Luke Mornay – The System (F’ed Us Up) [Mornay Music]
M.J.E & Michael Chodo – I Am a G [Strakton Records]
Malik Faquir – Serena [Suid Tronica]
Mantus – Intercosmic,Dark Star Bar [Retro City Records]
Manu Zain – Dreaming of Better Days [Silk Music]
Maor Azulay – Far Away [Zalmanim Records]
Marcelo Villalobos, No Carrier – Ambient [Severus Records]
Marco D’Agostino – You Save Lives [Arneo Foundation]
Marco Erroi – Edge of Blue [Pregnant Void]
Max Cooper – Earth [Mesh]
Max Mason – Romjet [Boiled Wonderland Records]
Meriç Bringmann – Interstellar Friendship (feat. Tobias Philippen)
MESZO – Sense (feat. Emily Marks) [Lemon Drops]
Mieux – Params [Affine]
Milton Channels – Enter the Password [Steam Circuit]
Mirroreyes – Final Head (No.31) [Edited Arts]
Misoltri, Gavss & Camero – Conversations [Chapter Eight]
Mizz Wallace – Good Morning Queen [Miggedy Entertainment]
Mo Anando – Sirocco [The Long Echo]
Mohican Sun – God of Ages [Ekho]
Moif – Calling Out [Tranquility Sounds]
Mood of Departure – Roadmap LP [Ornaments]
MoonDoctoR & Yoshinobu – Dream,Inspired
Mosacos – K7 [White Spider Records]
Mystic Letter K – Dreamstate [Mystic Letter K]
N1T30wl – Sweet Temptation [Suithe44 Records]
Nadam_ – Underthe_Blanket [VinDig]
Neural Flux – Distant Dreaming [Neural Flux]
Nexcyia – Crawl [Alien Jams]
NHYX – Zéphyr expansion [Pavillonn]
Nick Warren & Black 8 – Freedom Call , Electro Shock
Nicola Albanese & Erez Jinno – Illusion (Ambient) [AP Digits]
Nicolay – Never Stand Still [The Foreign Exchange Music]
Nikita Scion – 2157 [Sister Synth]
Northdown – Dancing Alone [Interzone Music Club]
Nuclide – Reforma [BlockFour Records]
NYÄE NYAE – Growing Down (feat. Mara) [Boy’s Deep]
Ohrgasmonaut – Fountain [Chaos Sequence]
OKADA – Mono No Aware (Full Version) [N5MD Records]
Olev – Everybody Clap [Salmiak]
Omri – Overdue [NOYZ]
Palitra – XX0005 [Thousand Kisses Place]
Panda’s Dream – Shaman and the Space
Parov Stelar & Georgia Gibbs Voodoo Sonic (The Album)
Pavarino – Cream Cake (feat. Spee) [Bit Records]
Peter Ries – Home (Rework) [Sky Waves]
Petroza – All In [Lurid Music]
PiMO – Celestial Touch [PiMO MUSIC]
Plato – Rueda [Sideshape]
Practitioner – Rushlight [3.0 Records]
Praveen Walker – Boss [Chakra Records]
Purfakt & Jonah Hodges – A Look Into the Soul
Pythagore – ET3 [Capitaine Mastering]
Rachel Palmer – Antecedent [Modularfield]
RafaeL Starcevic & Liu Rosa – Magic [Freak StarZ Records]
Raids – Karismatik [Terror Corp]
Ralph Kinsella – Abstraction [8D Industries]
RDSagitario – Self-immersion [Pacific Melody]
Roby Zeta – Uah [K-Noiz]
Ross Roys – Waves [DistroKid]
Roxfield – Run [Create Music Group]
Saint Of Sin – Law of Attraction [Sky Waves]
samAwake – Unscented [samAwake]
Samba De La Muerte – Motech & Friends (Remixes)
Sami El-Enany & Dampé – Opix [Faith & Industry]
Samo Zoko – Elements [AstroPilot Music]
Scald – Plunge (feat. The Seer) [Combat Recordings]
SEEK PROJECT – Septem-Octob [DRK records]
SEMATICS – Insomnia [Human Disease Network]
Seong-Min – Subliminal [TOSSA DEL MAR]
Shafkkat – Ode to None [Camel Hump Records]
Sheschupek – Moog Love [Twoja Stara]
Sieren & Veronica Maximova, Sieren – Timelapse
Simple Horizon – Baltic [Tranquility Sounds]
Snakestyle – Aurora Borealis [Alex Tronic Records]
Sophonic – Senna [Champ’Caine Records]
Sound Mind – Hibernation [Tildmusic]
Spill Gold – Highway Hypnosis [Knekelhuis]
Steamy Windows – Wave Rider & Shades Go Down
Steve Chris & NoFace Records – Push ‘Em Now
Steven Garza – Voices [Connected Sounds]
SUGAI KEN – Tone River [Field Records]
Sullen Sky – Aftensol [Valley View Records]
Swwwisha – Been Stuck [Fat Beats Records]
TadIR – Postponed Sound [Armadillo Records]
The Blue People – Disintegrate [Blank Capsule Records]
The Culprit Manifest – SubRosa [just mediaworks]
The Last Concorde – Looking Back [Outland Recordings]
The Lost World – New Day Dawning [Tranquility Sounds]
The Mighty Schooners – Cohr [Iron Noise]
The Nomad Project – Midnight Run
Thiago Brey – Get Me Love [Crown Of Music]
Thomas Blondet & Steven Rubin – Animals
thys & Amon Tobin – Ithaca [Vision Recordings]
Tixis – Pulowi [Delirics]
Tom da Corte & WD2N – Só Quero Você (House Edit)
Tree Knows Everything – Urban Zen [Sikia-Ema Records]
tsone – Airmass [Satellite Era]
TTFZ – Chillin [Artist Republik]
Tunes of Negation – Like the Stars Forever and Ever
Twins Project DJ’s – Wake Up (Instrumental)
Tyrant – Grim Adventures [Kycker Electronic]
UNCLE BIBO – My Time (feat. Aunt Nana)
Universal Algorithm – Midnight Cruising
VA – 20,20 Fox V.9.3 [Clan Destine Records]
VA – all my thoughts, Vol. 1 [All My Thoughts]
VA – Delightful Christmas 2020 [Stereoheaven]
VA – Enormous Tunes – Acapellas & DJ-Tools, Vol. 3 [ETR555]
VA – Evergreen Styles [Stereoheaven]
VA – Galaxy [Boite Music]
VA – Ibiza Family [Afford Recordings]
VA – Pop Ambient 2021 [KOMPAKTCD161D]
VA – Seres Accapellas Volume 1 [SPACVOL1]
VA – Supergau 5 Years of Love on the Rocks
VA – Winter Sports (Chill Lounge) [More In Motion]
VA – Zen Relexation [Good Vibes Only]
Valeria Ray – Magic Box [Songmoney]
Variéras – Variables [Kowtow Records]
Varsity Star – Slinky (Coolgirl Remix) [Star Player Sporting Goods]
Vavva – Call Me [Lounge Bazar]
Vavva – Let Me Go [Dj Vavva Records]
Veeshy & Phonic Youth – Sunset Strip [Silk Music]
VHOOR – Baile & Drip [VHOOR]
Vladimir Kusijanovic & Vero Monsh, Vladimir Kusijanovic – Templanza
Wapi – Don’t Go [2DIY4]
We Are Lovers – The Same Creator that Created the Cosmos, Created You
Wendy Panoah & Paramita Ambient – Hidden Light
Wildlight – Live Inside a Dream (Our Game Redux)
Zamaroch – Mysticus [Pacific Melody]


2LoverS – Don’t Let Me Down [Hotfingers]
27th Street People – Werk Dat [Rejoin Records]
Aaron Lowe – Something Tonight
Adam Grant – Together [Houseledge]
Adam Twelve & Sebastian Esh – I Want U [Melodicall Recordings]
Adln – Blues Monkey [MCT Luxury]
Adrian Mønteiro & The Ølivers – Different People
Adriano Nunez – Lights On Me [Norvis Music]
Afterman – La Tequila (JL & Afterman Remix) [MilanoNights]
Ale Molinari, Mimmo Errico & Sam Stray Wood – Bounce Back
Alex Preston & rion s – The Saint [Simma Black]
Alice Kübe – I Believe in Christmas (feat. Morgan Munroe)
Alonse Burg – Nos Esperan [Total Freedom Recordings]
Andrelli – So Much for Love [SNSD Records]
Andrew Foy – Mistletoe (feat. Renee Foy) [Opposition]
Angelo Diaz Jr – Meggy [MAISON DU SONS]
Anilom – Hhhhot Anthem , Garage City Anthem
Anthony Francis – All I Want [Darkest Before Dawn]
Apple Tree – Future Shock [Nocolors]
Arcknight & Viktoria – Uh-Oh [Arckopolis Records]
ARKTEK – Hell Bound (feat. Slim AB) [Spitfire Music]
Audio Flora – Keep Moving [Deep V Records]
B4N4N4 G4NG, Xtra Basic & m els – Watch Me Go
Balm – Jaguar Mood [Ebisu records]
Bass Boxx – Woke Up [Bass Boxx Music]
Bastian Fuchs – Got the Move [Musicistheanswer]
Beigean – Mujra [Hot Concept]
Ben Muetsch – All the Things [Enchant Audio]
Billon – Release Me (feat. Rationale) [Jess Bays Remix]
Block & Crown & Lissat – Cut It Up (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – DJ Bring That Back (Extended Mix)
Boddhi Satva & Kaysha – Somebody Call 911
Bogenhausen – Cover It Up [panta rhei]
Bon Ai – Da Nubes [SOA Music]
Breezy – Surfing in the Dance [Recyeco Records]
Bro2bro – Back Home [Devise Deep]
Bruno Kauffmann – Roll with Me (feat. Coel Mahal)
Bubs – Te Quiero para Mi [All Night Long Records]
Buzlanes – Too Far [1st Strike]
C-VEN – Dazzle [kluBasic plus]
Caleb Eutsler – Disc 2 [U Don’t Dance]
Carl Bias, Debrice King & Becka – You Don’t Know (Debrice’s Dubset)
Carlington – Viva La Revolution [Aquamelon]
Carlos Mantilla – Our Love [Dish Of The Day]
Carlos Vargas – Missing You (feat. Nicole Mitchell)
Carola – Lo Que Soy [Lemon Drops]
Cesare Caccia – Oud 6 [Total Freedom +]
Charmes – Into the Groove [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
Chew Fu, Bootsy Collins & Ivory – Dance Burglar [Antifragile Music]
Cheyne Christian & Frank Lamboy – Salty (Frank Lamboy Remix)
Chocolate Puma & Mike Cervello, Dennis Quin – You Are My Life (Dennis Quin Remix)
Christian Desnoyers – Oriental Dream [Alveda Subject]
COBRA SANTA – Eden [TINK! Music]
Col Lawton – Happy Go Funky [Hive Label]
Cole-Man – Don’t Say Goodbye [Craze Records]
Craig C – Love Can Do Without You (Second Time Around)
Curly Bracket – Exited [DrumComputer Records]
Cuti – Need Your Love [CLAB Records]
Cyborgs – Tu Ru Tu Tu [BLACK.BLACK]
Dakota Tibby – Don’t Turn Aroud [BEATER RECORDS]
Dan-Rider – In Your Eyes [Deep Strips]
Danny Villagrasa – Express Yourself. [ultrawave records]
Danny Villagrasa – I Love the Bass [ultrawave records]
Danth – It Kills Me [IMPVLSE Records]
Darrell Story – Xo Tour Llif3 [Lithuania HQ]
David Nova & Jay Klash – Underwater [Independent]
DAZED & Jeal Eleven – Take a Chance
Decent Rides – Buenos Aires [theBasement Discos]
Dee’Small T Soul SA Deej Ratiiey – Shona Phansi (feat. OwGee & Mbuso)
Deeplow – Chillin in the Sun [Suprime Music Records]
Deftone – Easy in the Morning [Forward Thinking]
Deftone – Purple Haze [Forward Thinking]
Demuja – All Night Long [MUJA]
Divided Nation – Dance With Me [Soulful Evolution]
Dj Aaron Kennedy – Fire in your Heart [DaCosta Records]
Dj Boog – Son of Hers [Non Stop Rhythm]
DJ Elmo – Look at You [Captum Records]
DJ Freshly & Dj Jhonaz – Arabe [Triplepoint Distribution]
DJ Gradus – Long Way To Heaven [Luxury Night]
Dj Jack Smith – Another Day In Paradise (feat. Sevda B)
DJ Jarell – Farewell My Love [Cuebans Records]
DJ Jarell – Ina Le [Cuebans Records]
DJ Jarell – This Feeling [Cuebans Records]
Dj kool Bob UnderGround Snappa – Eye Candy [Unable Records]
DJ Malvado – Borututu [Big Bit]
Dj Manuel.T.J. – Eternity (Radio Cut) [Puro Beat]
DJ Matheus Lazaretti, Kaoru & Walter Mourão – My Joy [ONErpm]
Dj Monst3r5 – Como Arabe [Triplepoint Distribution]
DJ Nelasta Nel Flow – Fantasy [Big Bit]
DJ Nuck – Wide Open [Why Not Recordings]
DJ Overcome & Agrizzi Music – City Night [Somes Records]
DJ Slugo – The Art of Juke Series 1 [Blok Club DJs Inc]
DJ Threejay – This Ones 4 U [Dubstar Recordings]
DJ-G – Lift You Up [13 Records]
Duodisco – Piper [Blacktone]
Dylan Forbes – Coy002 [Coymix Ltd]
Ed Gamston – Do You Love Me [Kycker Electronic]
Elee Bermudez – Zoldyck [Mexican Tribe Records]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – I’m Gonna Change That Tune [Eat Parade]
Fabio Pierucci – Now [Ocean Trax]
Fahri Mac – Love Feels Like (feat. Ryan J) [DaCosta Records]
Farsi – Freeda [Eton Messy Records]
Faywltrs & PRMGH – For Real [Loud Memory]
Ference – You Are The 1 [Frncn Music]
Fhaken, N-Telekia & Alaan H – Mole [Nervous Records]
Fiorious – Follow Me (Remixes) [Glitterbox Recordings]
Flxmusic – Break Down [nightstage records]
Foggy – Find a Place [DaCosta Records]
Fr3netix – Wander [AshesToFlame Records]
Fran Trelles – Sun Goes Down [Exlight Records]
Francesco Panettone, Twerking Class Heroes – Cantanti Dall’est
Franky Phox – Alright [Cruise Music]
Freak Division – Bring the Beat Back [Freak Division]
French Dressing – Music is My Life [Sunrising Records]
FunkshyBeats – Alejandra [NRR Music]
FVHM – Dimensions (Instrumental) [feat. Kyd Nereida]
G-Ross, Javier E. & The Pharmax Boys – Dancin’ In September
GBR & Mc Rd – Rave Do Guindaste [BACK IN STREET]
George JJ Flores – Acid Dance (Remixed) [Selekta Recordings]
ghost.slut – In Scorpio [Loveless Records]
Giorgio Moroder – Our Love (Dereka, Vaskeez Remixes)
Giulio Mignogna, Mimmino & DJ Pax – Light (feat. Morris Revy)
Goodkid & Chilltone – Go Slow (Edgar Orn Remix) [Blacktone]
Gorillag – After the Clouds [New Creatures]
Gorillag – Feel the Beat [New Creatures]
Groovenerd – My Soul Is Burning [Juiced Music]
Gualtiero – WEPA [Los Excentricos Records]
GUILC – Childish [So Track Boa]
Harpoon – I Still Feel You (feat. Jasmin Jade) [HOOPS Remix]
Harry James – Lost in the Bliss [Boot Music Records]
Hassan Abou Alam – T44 [Naivety]
HEDEGAARD – 0 to 100 [Louder Records]
Highness – Clap Your Hands [Another Rhythm]
Holmes John – In This Building [We Out Here]
Hugo Doche – How Bad [Uncaged Records]
Hyun Han su – I Want to Fill My Heart [Jung eun Lee.]
In Fields – Sing It [Höga Nord Rekords]
Indigo Rogue – Higher [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Isaac Palmer & Flynninho – Pressure [Actuation]
Italo Vieira – Where Are We Going (Remixes) [Exx Muzik]
Ivory Child – Naha [Miniaturesrec]
Jack The Box & Bobby Starrr, Tyree Cooper – Side A
Jack The Box, Bobby Starrr & Tyree Cooper – Heat Remixes, Pt.2 (feat. Mandel Turner)
James Curd – Freak Them Horns (feat. Bear Who )
James Womersley – Go Back [Gameroom Records]
Jay Kay – DNA (Remixes) [De-Funkt Recordings]
JAYEM – Let Go [Indivision Music]
Jaymz Nylon – Nylon Trax ARCHV 1 [Nylon Trax]
Jean Marie, Robert Blues & Audiosonik – Freed from Desire
John Amaro, The Trixx & Evolsi – This Ain’t Love
Jonzun – Jack Me Baby [Society 3.0]
JOOLIA – Walls [Beverly Pills]
Jorge Herrero & Spiriakos – My Love Is Never Ending
Juannan – Funky for You [Incoherence Records]
Julian Kid – Braveheart [No Definition]
Justin Hobbs – Hang Out [Disco Fiasco Records]
Kaan Pars – Summer Jam [Lithuania HQ]
Kako Martinez – Love (Soulful Mix) [On Work]
Kalico Jak – Alotta Colada [Embarcadero Red]
Katie Kittermaster – Every Breath You Take [Revanche Records]
Khan – Blue Box Sessions [Second Circle]
KickHabitz – Shapes [bringnewunity]
KienThien & PhoenixZ – Happy [SoulZ Records]
Kislaw – Lovin’ It [BonFire Records]
Koios K. – Electric [Creative-House]
Korova – Reminiscence [See The Sea Records]
Kosmoss – Don’t Worry About Me [RUN DEEP Records]
La Battue – Get, Set, Go ! [Parapente Music]
Laesh – Be On Acid [Last Forever Records]
Lake Haze – Natural Insight [Atlantic Thunder]
Lan Damon – Fiesta [Total Freedom Recordings]
Laroze – Licence to Kill [rtct.records]
LeBaron James – Happy Hour [Bid Muzik]
Lee Wilson & Kane Lane – All I Ever Wanted [Stereophonic]
LemoDj – Club Pub Reboot [Wavable Records]
Lenny Fontana & True House Stories – Feel The Fantasy, Pt. 2
Lobos – Clap your hands (Dero & C.F.S Beat Remix) [Juicy Music]
Lockdown 2.0 – 2020 in Less Than 2 Minutes [ToschMusic]
LocoWolf – Believe (feat. Mr Maph) [LPSTUDIO RECORDS]
Low Steppa – You’re My Life (Keepin It Heale & Michael Walls Remix)
Lucas Rama – People Around Me (feat. Andre Castaman) [Blacktone]
Lykov – Keep Dancing [Road Story Records]
Maciel, Gavss & Veronica Bravo – No Pressure [Loud Memory]
MacMorin & Ramilus – Take It [Groover Records]
Mafia Mike – Latin Up [Groove Tom Records]
Maickel Telussa – I Believe (Get Up) [Which Bottle ]
MAKITO – Chicago Disco [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Maneten – Love and Bass (Art Alfie Remix) [Lamour Records]
Manodom & Folakemi – Give Me a Sign [Blacktone]
Manwel – 4U [Spitfire Music]
MarcLo – Timetravel [Odyssey Rec]
Mario Dubbz – Soul Villano [Jacked Out Trax]
Mario Marques, Alex Ander & Michelle Weeks – I Can’t Let You Go (Mijangos & Inaky Garcia Remixes)
Markosa – Gonna Get High [Revoke]
Marti West – All Along the Road [Revanche Records]
Martina Budde & Alexander Cruel – Needin Love
Massivan – Found [Modest Electronica]
Mauway – Give Up (Michael Ford & Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
Maxv – Nights in Dubai [Boot Music Records]
MC CJ – Amiga Best No Baile [BACK IN STREET]
Mc Magrinho – Rebola Pra Mim [BACK IN STREET]
Meems – Neon Dreams [Craniality Sounds]
Mel Ody – People Are Crazy (feat. Dominic Donner) [CloudKid]
Merger – Backseat (feat. Luke Coulson) [Onze]
Michelino – Please Don’t Leave Me [Juiced Music]
Mike Chenery – The Force (Main Mix) [Disco Down]
Mike Rosales – The Creator [Selecta Music]
Milena Scheide – Out of Me [Alphabeat Records]
Milty Evans – Hey Momma [Tru Musica]
MJSM – Summer Nights (ThatBoy Tim Remix) [ultrawave records]
Monrow – Nightingale [Dammove]
Moon Visitor – Dream Engine (Extended Mix) [IBMA II]
Morttimer Snerd III – Jo Leen [Miggedy Entertainment]
Moustache – Waiting 4 Twenty One (Panico & Folli mix) [Keep!]
Movenchy – Nuts [Gold Digger Records]
Mr Berbar – BMH 2020 [X-Osted Records]
MSTRMND – Talk Talk [Nocolors]
MTHI HD & Kaygeeziles, MTHI HD – Look Who’s Here (feat. Domino)
Mute Box & PhunkBomb – Rollerskatez [Invisible People]
Myles X – The Same [ARTWRK]
N Passant – Disco Dancer [New Creatures]
Nelson Cuberli & SOKUR – Jazzham [Moiss Music Black]
Nicholas – Ghetto Opera (feat. Nikki-O) [X-Masters]
Nkuly Knuckles – No Situation Is Permanent [Knucklesprosound]
Noro – No Idea [Lithuania HQ]
Northern Dusk – Everything Is Lost [Bellissima! Records]
NUMA A TFIVE – Old Good Time [HouseU]
Olive Pickers – I Like the Way [Revoke]
Onna Limb – The Lesson [Revanche Records]
Original Italian House Journey – Don’t You Want Me
Partiboi69 – Freaky Dreamz (feat. Liam Conroy) [Mutual Pleasure]
Pastel Blue – You Know That [We Are Phonik]
PatrickReza – Sweat [CloudKid]
Patrik Remann – Loosing myself [PR Records]
Paul Morgan – Survivor (The Remixes) [feat. Marina Lin]
Paul Parsons – Makes Your Body Groove (Nu-Disco Mix)
petitMaurice – Midnight Theme [Fresh Take Records]
Pex L & Azzip – Feeling so Lost [Future Cuts]
PHE, JonFX & Kybba – Call Me Crazy [Basshall Records]
Phil Gherardi & LSD Crew – Joy We Had a Groove [MHG Records]
Physical Dreams – Distant Worlds [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Invisible Spirit [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Piri – Little Black Disc [Cuete]
Pirra – No Mans Land [BLK&WHT]
Potenza – Sweet Temptation [Salford City Records]
Princess Superstar – Perfect 2020 (Todd Terry Remix)
Puppy Sierna – Guaracha Sabrosona [Solo Sabrosura Records]
PVA – Toner [Big Dada]
Quantum Theory – Fire [Yes Yes Records]
RAZIL – We Can Make It [Chivirico Records]
Replica – I Will Come Home (feat. Vittoria) [Reload Music]
RICCI – Shan Tina [Actuation]
Ricci G & Josh Goodwill – Living For the Weekend (feat. Ika)
Richard Ulh – Feels Like [Mother Recordings]
Ridney – Dont Wanna Let You Go (Roisto Remix) [feat. Natalie Wood]
Rigon – Can You Feel [Gold Digger Records]
RMA – Ride Together [Blanco y Negro Music]
Robosonic, Rah Digga & Craig G – The Shining [Outtakes]
Rod Koppar & Stefano Ardi – Urban Strings [Baxxline]
Roland Clark – Love Me Good (Kryder Remix) [Sushi Muzik]
Rondon – Dat Classic [Belowdeck Records]
Rondon – Feel Dat [Belowdeck Records]
Rondon – Take Me to a Club [Smokin Joe Records]
Rosebud & Juwan Rates – Devotion [Lingo Recordings]
Ryan Blyth – Right Back Here (feat. Katt Rose) [Love & Other]
RYNO – GET IT ON [Trax Records]
Salade Tomate – Lift Me Up [MCT Luxury]
San Pacho – High [Terminal Underground]
Sandra Wilson – Slap Back [Ministerium Records]
SASHA MALIS – In the Jungle [Sound Explosion]
Saturday Night Rush – Relief [Lobster Theremin]
Sebb Junior – Feels Good (feat. Oggie) [Remixes] [Motive Records]
Seumas Norv – Bottle of Hell [Crown Of Music]
Silent Child – Heart Attack [CloudKid]
Simon Adams & Max Millan – Give Me Love [On Circle Music]
Sndwave & Sam Rose – Hey Girl [+Mas Label]
Snooze – Pasion Loca [More Horizons Music]
Solidstice – Wanted U [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Some Too Suspect – La Musika del IN [Moustache Label]
Sonic Juncture – Unified [Chequered Wax]
Soul Essence – Hands On 81 [Houseledge]
Soul Renegades – Speak to Me (James L’Estraunge Orchestra Remix)
Starfari – The Weekend (MPHD remix) [POPGANG Records]
Stefano Tirelli & KAI – When You Kiss Me (Dimo Edit) [BeLove]
Steve Jor-El – Home Circuit [Sifare Edizioni Musicali srl]
Steve Jor-El – Iconic [Sifare Edizioni Musicali srl]
Stones Taro – Pump [Highball Records]
STRAAW – People Sometimes Fall [Blanco y Negro Music]
SypheWood – Funky Pills [Opium Muzik]
Tanera – In the Midnight [TNRA]
Tangz – Bounce with Me [Electro Swing Thing]
Tarj – Can It Be All [Mutombo records]
Tasteful House – My Way [IONSphere]
Tekno Park – Elektro Sound [Nocolors]
Tentendo & Jordan Dennis – Make Me High [Sidekick Music]
The Club Kidds – During Peak Hours (Mood II Swing Dub) [Harry Romero Edit]
The Exorcist GBG – Stonerdisco , Superstandard [Höga Nord Rekords]
The Lab Wizard – Hearts [PR Records]
The Muziq Broz – Chillax [Mafia Natives Recordings]
The Robinson – Midway [Taste Rec.]
The Space Knights – Dancing [Shocking Sounds Records]
The Teachers – Keep Me Burning [RUN DBN]
Theo Schmitt – A Classic [E63 Recordings]
Tiptoes – Lessons in Viability [Morris Audio]
Tobeck – My High [Purple Tea Records]
Toby O’Connor – After Nightfall [Drippin’ in Disco]
tommy tickle – Trace [Part 4]
Tony Berudo – Vibed Mind [Diana Recs]
Tony Madrid – Drop It [Run To My Beat]
Tony P., Walter scalzone & Mr v – The Rhythm (Peppe Citarella Remix)
Tony Romera & Mokoa – Aerobic [NUANCES RECORDS]
Toucan – No Money [Blindsided]
Toxic Joy – Cloud Nine (feat. Jenny Borough) [Loud Memory]
Trakno – Feeling Down [Lemon Drops]
Triple888 – Did You Like That [Triple888]
U4JA – Night Light [PR Records]
VA – Chill [Instant Groove Records]
VA – Freakin Sampler, Vol. 1 [FREAKC026]
VA – Friedlich Feiern, Vol. 06 [BESE160]
VA – Jackin’ Selected 1 [VA007]
VA – Russian Winter Vol. 39 [RW039]
VA – Sampler [RB247]
Vanderpool’s World – Value Proposition [Mindlab Recordings]
Varhat – Vrht555 [Aku]
Victor Braz & COLØNEL – Human [Lemon Drops]
Vinnci & Buggre – Senzala [RITIMALLISMO]
Vinyl Convention – I’m on Fire (feat. Melissa Gaynor) [Remixes 2020]
Vizionerz Culture – Leave [Xmax Records]
WHD – O’ Street [WINLIKE Music]
Whisper Machine – Falling [Nervous Records]
Will Gunt – No More [Horus Music Limited]
Wolfgang Lohr – Hold On [Electro Swing Thing]
yergurl – until we meet again [Future Classic]
Zonatto – By My Side [ARMD Music]

Melodic House & Techno

6RAJ – Resynthesize [Duenia]
Adam Helder – Floating [Hawthorne Sessions]
Albors – Freckles in the Skin [STRYKE]
Alexey Romeo – Kudaga [HRBT Melodic]
Ambient Pino – Melodic Techno [Pino Music]
Ambient Soul – Sapfeer [7th Cloud]
Anammox & ourirra – The Walking [BASIC Music]
Arosound – Salvation [Mental Schizophrenia]
Ashworth – Acceptance [Enormous Chills]
Audio Arq. – The One [Across The Time Records]
AudioClass & E.D.E.R – Earth Life [Playtech]
Baphömental – Antagora [Sounds Of Urban]
Bart van Rijn – Fyr [STUG Music]
Bills – Infinity Waves [TheWav Records]
Booka Shade – Teenage Spaceman (2020 Remixes)
Chagochkin – Cold Road [Tech People Music]
Daijan – Nocturnal [Isolabella Recordings]
Darknezz – Maximus [Wajiro]
Dave Van Guten – Babel [73 Muzik]
DECIDUOUS, Federico Geckard – Logos [Awen Tales]
DJ Le Roi & Roland Clark – I Get Deep (Ed Ed Remix)
DJ Psy Inertia – Asia [Mechanic & Tropic Records]
DJSILVIO – 1 Cinco [Freaky Sounds]
Drew Holly – Ada [Wulfpack]
Easy Tigers – Global Communication [Stunt Cuts]
Ed Lee – Alright [Soirees]
Eddy Hart – Nublado [Seshling Records]
Envyro – Shredder [Fanfare Records]
Fabio Fuso – Wonderland [Callote]
Felmz & Antônio Farhy – Mizaru [4AllTech]
Filor – Zooplancton [Digital Village Music]
Fredi Vega – Aura , Origins [Wanderlust]
Gabriel Di Pasqua – Moonlight Walzer
Gai Barone – Suitcase [Patternized Recordings]
GNTN – Wolves & Angels [Perspectives]
Hanna Hais – Mandala (feat. Tritha Sinha)
Helmut Dubnitzky – Proll , Doll [Brise Records]
Herr Oppermann – Never Ending [Amber Blue Recordings]
Hools – Temeraire [Inner Symphony]
Irajá & Herr Lang, Irajá – Aether [Verflixt.]
J.P. – Mirissa [Kundry Music]
Jair Ydan – Sky Fall [TechMex]
Jaydee – Music Forever [Flash Forward Presents]
Jo Fanciullo – Cenerentola [Native Records]
John Wolfskin – Escape From Reality [Transfiguration Recordings]
Jossteel – Return [Jossteel Music]
K-MRK & Droid Army – Humans [Kryteria Records]
Kaame – Khanjira [Be Adult Music]
Kaz James & Nick Morgan – Dazed [Saved Records]
Khalvin – Out Gravitas (Remixes) [Gertrude Stein Records]
Kim Sane – Plethora [Somma Records]
Ksabe – Mecanical Interest [Catamount Records]
Kyoot – The Album [VapourTrail Records]
Lex-Stalker – Afterword [Mufon Records]
Lian Gold – Shambala [Inhale Records]
Literatura – Desert Karavan [Connected Frontline]
Liudicrous – 432.1 Hz [AROS Music]
Lutzenhouse – Vienna Deep [Yellow Tail]
Mainterm & Gatnau – Stratosphere [XTR Records]
Markyño – 70 Oldies [Deepmode Records]
Martin Andrioli – Dimple [Shine]
Mehill – Los Villanueva [Exit Strategy]
Melodica – Berlin Calling [Black Robin]
Miklavcic – Dimensions [Purple Sun Records]
Monophase – Stellar , Edge of Our Mind
Monostone – Drive [BlackBeard Records]
Moonbeam & Ira Ange – Take Me Away (Safinteam Remix)
Mount Mike – Queen of Hearts [Suckmusic]
MuHav – Moon & Sun [Pray4Techno]
Nafets, Miller & qBon – Elbsaiten [KLANG IM PULS]
Nazım Pusok – Touch [Atmospherica]
Nebogitel – Sun [MOOFLY]
Oagora – Outro Eclipse [Samambaia Records]
Oprak – Meditate [Paul Music]
Out of Saturn – Advent [Crossworld Records]
Patrice W. – Planetary [Delude Records]
Patrick Galbano & Mathias Moritz – Elements, Pt. 2
PIUR – Deeper Mind [Figura Music]
Possamai – Esmeralda [Cabana Music]
Prince Hovse – Touch [Atmospherica]
Radeckt & Jean Michel, Radeckt – Deceptive Rules
Raphael Mader – Tabularasa [Steyoyoke Black]
RAV3N – Blue Sunday [Whole Story Factory]
Riktam & Bansi & CELLI – No Way out , Charlotte
RUSRUS – Panjim [Déjà Vu Culture]
Sabino Colombo – Emmunt [Red Smoki]
Sassa – Steve Jobs [Blazer Records]
Saveprjct. – Sarabande (Extended Mix) [DEEP WOODS]
Seawayz – Arabica [Lowly]
Seb Charge – Solar System [Anarchie Records]
Solidstice – Signals [Pepper Cat]
status plethora – All I Need [GRF Sounds]
Strath – Dead of the Night (Rami Imam Remix)
Taylan – Feel Me [Filthy Sounds]
Terry Hossa – Pacific Ocean [Yanovsky]
Tiefstone – Sauron [Nightmare Unlimited]
Tomy Wahl – Search Inside [UFO Sound]
Ustica – Space Sustain [Ustica Music]
VA – 10 Years of Music [CibiCaldi Records]
VA – All Colors, Vol. 1 [SILQ005]
VA – Future, Vol. V [RADIANTVA008]
VA – Hello Autumn [Lohit]
VA – Steyoyoke Paradigm, Vol. 08 [SYYKPARA008]
Zorbs – Construction [Madusa Records]

Organic House & Downtempo

Amoa – Kind [Radicalis]
Animal Trainer – Le Flute [KATERMUKKE]
Ash Walker – Thunder (Faded Remix) [feat. Laville]
Ashkan – Autophobia [Sorou Recordings]
Balint Boldizsar – Space Ride [trndmsk]
Carerra & Tavares – Tydlose (Madraas Remix)
Christian Löffler – Ronda [Cercle Records]
Cihangir Aslan, Hannok & Koner Memili – Ride to Light
CS + Kreme – howwouldyoufeelwithoutthatthought
Daddy’s Wave’s & Mushroom, No Preludes – Karkadann
Dandara – The Beginning [Dandara]
Dark Engine – Shambhala [Magic Garden Records]
Dileep Rani – Default [Via Del Sol Records]
Elias Kazais & Haris Kate, 7even (GR) – Uga Lavaguga
Ellroy – Personal Universe [Spinam Records]
Erik Griswold – Wallpaper Music IV [Room 40]
Ertunç Şenbay – Luna [Evigilare Records]
Fiddler – Along the River Bank [INU Musika]
Frigga – Fata Morgana (The Fermat’s Principle)
Galimatias – Shy Dancer [Galimatias]
Gazinami – Two Life [Tamil Nadu Records]
Giovanni Lucchetti – Piccolezze [Meaculpa]
HAYATO.T – Organic [LHF Records]
Jeff Bennett’s Lounge Experience – Hopefulness
Joe Livingston – Wave [Aloma Recordings]
Juan Deminicis – Now Here [Flug Lab]
Kermesse – Awake [The Magic Movement]
Landhouse & David Rausch – Sleep Is Holy (Bassara Revox)
LANG – Breez [Loudkult]
Late Night Movie – The Haze at Dawn
Lifeboy – Hi-Hat Freestyle [92FLOWERS]
Liraz – Sight [Blue Bay Records]
Maneela & Leo de la Rosa – The Sadder [Publimaster]
Manu Santos – Ploviska [Zarabunda Records]
Mariano Mellino & Interaxxis – Flashback
Max Wexem – Magic Desert [Freegrant Music]
MI.LA – Balagan [Lump Records]
Mirida & Aquarius Heaven, Mirida – It’s Not Over
MONKYMAN – Strange Visitor [Amselcom]
Moti Brothers – We Are the Dreamers (Reinterpretation 2020)
My Friend Dario – Cosmic Sailing [NuNorthern Soul]
Nährwerk – Binate [Amselcom]
nicolas bassi – Flying on the Clouds [Bassi Digital]
Nina Missy – With You [Coral Gables Records]
Nurul – Close Your Eyes [Algarve Records]
Pablo Bolivar – Tali , Cunna [Seven Villas]
Padma – Sweep Down [Cable Records]
Peter Mac – No Puedo Vivir [Be Different Records]
Philip Chedid – Le Voz De Tu Alma [Wanderlust Musica]
Potlatch – Beside the Dawn [Cosmicleaf Records]
Rumii – Sirrang Song [Deep Records]
Savvas – Loneliness [Lasting Moments]
Seventh Soul – Hegmataneh [Dialtone Tales]
Shantam – Robaitvarp [Parvati Records]
Sir Robert Orange Peel – The World Used to Be Good but Now It’s Shit!
Slow Crime – Keep Inside [Spaghetti Monster]
Sonny Lover Boy – Cosmic Meditation [Suite Voyage Records]
Summer – The Missing Pieces of You [SZEKELY RECORDS]
Sunny G – Muse [Exaltation Records]
Suppressed Emotions – Lights On Me [Rabies Dog Records]
Tempura, the Purple Boy – Proverbial Microbial [Undergarden]
Tibor Dragan – Vedana [Amulanga]
Uone & Antsmif – Shapes of Desire [Magician On Duty]
VA – Arrivals III Exclusive [PURR262]
VA – Arrivals III Exclusive [The Purr]
VA – Oppo I [025]
VITE & Hole Box, VITE & Jesus Nava – Pleasure [Tale & Tone]
Yannick Omaj – I Have No Idea [Mikky Records]
Yemanjo – Na Procura (Mose Remix) [Kybele]
Yemanjo – Na Procura (Zuma Dionys Remix) [Kybele]
Zé Tó Lemos – Military Suicides [Farol Musica]

Tech House

2sabnch – Que Cuento [Not So Serious]
A.D.M. Italy & fnKey – Go Find Your Love [Duqua Records]
Aggressive Beat – Look Down [NeneRecords]
Airball – Darn It [Slightly Sizzled Records]
Alessio Collesano – Don’t Take Your Time [Refined]
Alex Aguiar & William Rivero – De Cristal (feat. Labass)
Alex Aleman – Lose Your Love [Tested Records]
Alex Rojas – Maths [Ballroom]
Alexandro G & Bastien Groove – Crazy [DTL Records]
Alldis – Feeling Low [Grass Route Records]
Aminix – Game Plan [Playmobil]
Angel Order – Techno Tides [AOM Music]
Anthony Attalla – Far Side [Klaphouse Records]
Antony Way & Erick Gomez – Sigo Vivo
AOTA – Duality [All of the Above]
Aren & Luizo Ortega – La Santera [Freshly Cooked Music]
AXBLA – Dope [Astral Void Records]
Axel Crew – Compass [My Own Beat Records]
Barcellos & Migatte – Let Me Dry [Mustache Crew Records]
Ben Bux – Buzz Kill [ODTech Selects]
Bes – bEXIT [Tech Avenue Records]
Bigfett – West Coast [Candy Flip]
Biscits – Me & U [THRIVE MUSIC]
Borgeous – Someone Save Me [Geousus]
Boye & Sigvardt – What’s Your Problem [GL Music]
Brauh & Leon – Blaasje [Beachside Records]
Brown Vox – Vitamin Danger [Sticker Music]
Bruuno Diz – Drunk [Lemon Juice Records]
Buba’Loo – Poison [Dynamic Musik]
Bush League – Closer to You (feat. Steve Deziel)
Cavallieri – Damn Girl [O Problema é GRAVE]
Ceezar & Zaac – Crazy Shot [CLAB Records]
Cesc – We Dream [Play My Tune]
Chapter & Verse – Acid Baby [The Myth of NYX]
Cheyne Christian & Arturo Sanchez – Salty (Arturo Sanchez Salado Remix)
Cheyne Christian & Brotech – Salty (Brotech Remix)
Chris Maze – Gimme That Rush [TALLDOOR RECORDS]
Classmatic & guerrA, Classmatic – Without You [COCO]
Connor Hart – Every Step [Hot Sunday Records]
Creative People – Milx Shake [Deep Bear]
Curol – Flecha Feat Dorah [O Problema é GRAVE]
Curt Lopez – Going Down [You Do You]
D.Noriega – Deathouse [Famillia Recordings]
Daddy Russell – Diva [Agape Muzik]
Dan Soden – Underneath [New Era Recordings]
Daniel Jaimes – Daniel Jaimes [Weird Records]
Dante – My Body [Monarchy Records]
Dark Kandy – Lucado [Abstract Tech]
David Duriez & Manuel-M – All You Can Eat The Chicago Releases 2020 Remastered Edition
David Fesser – Swag [PIXELATE]
David Lizana – I Have a Dream [Three Notes Records]
David Museen & Erik Christiansen – Hoss [Space Invaders]
David Museen, Erik Christiansen & Pinco – Interference , Dubashe
Davide Mazzilli – Dont Stop [REFILL MUSIC]
DavpaK – Common Baby [Ritmikal Records]
Dear Mila – Enjoy [Lupulo Records]
Deej Ratiiey – Umtshina (feat. Majoer Prodi)
Delain – Whipit [Phunk Junk Dark]
Delux Twins & Repeated – Inside of Me
Den Pushkin – Blockage [Luxury Night]
Depth Phunk & Disco Ball’z – African Rhythm
Diaspora Unit – MMXX [Filigran]
DIM FLO – Why Your Here [Subinstinct Records]
Dipzy – Bubble [Box Of Cats]
Dj Cogollo – Alexum [Moovee Music]
DJ Deeon – Ready When You Are [Ghetto Rhythm Composers]
DJ S.K.T – Like This [Stashed]
DJ Wady & Rio Dela Duna – Pistone
Dmitri Saidi & Jean Bacarreza – La Raza [Terms & Conditions]
Dr Gabbo – The Vibe [Spira Music]
ELboy80 & Melodic Jaye – Da Equalizer [Odd Realm Records]
ELEVTE – Move Now [Better Day]
Emanuele Cappello – Impossible Love [Royal Supremacy]
Emiliyan Ivanov – Yakuza [DFRNT MINDSET]
Emilove – El Canto RMX 2020 [Love to Love Records]
Enzo Tucci – ZON [CibiCaldi Records]
Evil Solo – Mary the Most Wanted [Cool 7rack Talents]
FAB – Redlights [Trees Music Studio]
Fabians – Bom Bom [Made In Italy Music]
Fast Eddie – Energizer (Burning Bridges Remix)
Faster – Twisted Cables [SCI+TEC]
Felipe Cardona – Sabroso [BeMore Records]
Fill Cround – One Two [Pedroche Recordings]
Flashmob & Kevin Knapp – Who (Flashmob 2020 Remix)
Foxtrot – La Vida [LoveStyle Limited]
Francesco Catto – Mountains [eMBi Lab]
Franco BA & Calo Vance – Images [South Of Saturn]
Funk Tribu – Thirsty Boys [Hot Vibe On Records]
Funkspin – Beat the Bongo [Mavela Records]
Gabriele Neri – Always in Rhythm [DataTech]
GiovB – SurgitEgo [dib records]
Goody – Lose My Breath [Feel The Fruit Records]
Grimm Brothers – Girls In the Club [Strakton Records]
Groovekode – Todo Mundo [Price Incorrect]
Guzz – Break This [O Problema é GRAVE]
Hakala – Woah [GOONS Music]
Hef Teppa – Sofia [Hot Fuss]
Heydt – Dirty Sexy [Deep Bear]
HolyHades – Public Enemy [Lowdown Recordings]
HouseWerk – Good to Me [+Mas Label]
Imposters Of Groove – Move [XMOD Records]
J Avee – Music Taking Me Away (Club Mix) [Noise Gate Records]
Jack Rush & The Oddictions – In My Soul [Dekonia Records]
Jacques C – Remixed Not Hurting Anymore [Funk Noir]
Jaruslav – Timor Deficire [35 Grad Records]
Jason Bye – Love Drum (Ridney Remix) [Perfecto Records]
Jay Cavi – Fugazi [Cavi Muzik]
Jay Kingu – Disco Sugar [Reluxe Tech]
JENNY VOSS & Anthony Bolt – Feeling You [Final Haus]
Jesus Di Mata – Rezos y Cantos [BeMore Records]
Jey Aux Platines – Take Me Higher [Minitricks Music]
Jh0ssu – Underground Ancestral [Glerx Records]
Jo Crimaldi – Stop Somebody [MONOSIDE]
Jøase & Dujak – So Right [Groove Bassment]
Junior RZ, MATI Rivaday & Junior RZ – Non Stop [REC Low Records]
Kadenza – picasso [Kukushka Records]
Kalu(SP) – Rescue Sounds [Thin Records]
Kiraforte – Freaky [CP7 Records]
Kjackley – Come Ya [Blow Music]
Klle Dawid – Love the Way [O Problema é GRAVE]
Köbes – Trigama [Complex Destroyerz]
KostadinXIliev – Sexy Groove [Together Music Records]
Kuestenklatsch – Givin’up [LouLou Records]
Kyle Zuck – Da Remix [Kolme Records]
Leventina – Raveology [No Definition]
Lewis Turpin – Jack the Beats [REFILL MUSIC]
Liand Villus – Think Positive [R3 Life & Music]
LNDN & Ketafere – Pandora [emengy deep]
Lorenzo al Dino – So Nice (Raphael Siqueira Remix) [lorenZOO]
Lorenzo Dotti – Wide [Substrate Music]
Loudness Patrol – I Am Trak [Hartica]
Low5 – I Need Reality [Liquefied]
Lrya & Plaztik – Back & Forth [Spira Music]
Lucio Rocale – Breath [Abitta Records]
Lucio Rocale – Flirt [Abitta Records]
Lucio Rocale – Heart [Abitta Records]
Lucio Rocale – Nature [Abitta Records]
Luigii Nieto & Harttins – Racism Is Satanism [Automation Nation]
LutchamaK – Omen [TERMusik]
Maffmatix – Hex [SHRELL]
Maitrai – For My Brothers [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Maitrai – Twisted [Knuck!]
Manush-K – Houstep [Holy Pig Records]
Marco Carpentieri & ALPACA – I Wanna Know You [+Mas Label]
Marcus – Ufo [PLU Records]
Mario Biani – Paupau [Victims Of The Groove]
Marko Zalazar – Chica Plastica [Otherwise Records]
Martin Parra – Lemonade [Bajos Fondos]
Marx James – Human Kind [Njoy Music]
Matt Jenks – Drum Moves [UNDR THE RADR]
Matt Kerley – Playing Drums [Force Of Habit]
Matt Reid – Ya Know [Koda Recordings]
Matteo Pagliarella – Vodka [Check In Recordings]
Mattia Barcellona – Black Lights [Conscious]
Mauro Pacheco – Fenix [Sr. Events Music]
Maxi Galoppo – Everyday Going In Like [Astral Card]
Meeleed – La Mort [Baked Birds]
Meli Rodriguez – Vibrate [BOOST WEAPONS]
Mhono Type – Heavy [Gezvolt Records]
Michael Rogel – Hours [Behavior Recordings]
MindGazm – ONE FUNKY EVENING [Trax Records]
Momis Alanis – Get Wild [Holy Pig Records]
MS Pika – The Move [Mambo Lab]
N-Thony-N – The Beginning [Freaky Sounds]
Nacho JM – New York [Upper Records]
Nacho Molina – Feeling Now [Díscola Roots]
Naksy – Aversa [Arrossdisco Records]
Nestor Sanchez – The Beat [New School Lab]
Niceteed & Rowen Clark – Nothing Serious [Chapeau Music]
Nikhony – Say It All [Knuck!]
Nino (BG) – Too Many Voices [Back It Up Records]
NO1NO’s – Move [Outbound Sounds]
Nollan – Strange Signal [XMOD Records]
Novatec – Gormiti [Puro Beat]
NowInSky – Without You [COCO]
Ordonez & Dilby, Mon-Ra – Tunz Tunz [UNDR THE RADR]
OxYdeBlue – Remember (feat. Brice Amo) [PLUGS]
Paolo Del Prete – Dopamine (feat. Karlot) [Mastercut Records]
Paul Orwin – Work It Harder [Cheeky Trax]
Planeters, Saverio Celestri – Area [Rawax]
Ray Levant – Down Under , S.D.A.S. [Spins & Needles]
Ray Ricch – Its My Time Baby [Sr. Events Music]
Renaud Genton – Good Old Days [Clvb95 Music]
Roffe – I Hope [Cool 7rack Talents]
Ryno – My Boombox [Black Rain Records]
Scipion – Casting Couch [Uprise Music]
Seek-One – Creatures of the Night
Sexgadget – So Heavy [Catamount Records]
Shermanology – Pop That [Sola]
shiino & Matheus Rosa, shiino – Running out of Black
Shocknorte – Battlefreaks [F cking Sound Inside]
Shuriken DJs, Rogério Teixeira, Marih Alves & Henrique Cass – Alarm Clock
Side B – X Type [Clvb95 Music]
Sistah & WOMAH – Wanna You [Mustache Crew Records]
Skymate – Diamonds In the Rough [AOM Music]
Sllash & Doppe – Ha! (Remix) [Street King]
Snare & Summanus – Losing My Mind
Snooze – Activation [More Horizons Music]
Solanium – Pologue [BOHO RECORDINGS]
Some Black Cat – Make Me Melt! [Trashed Panda Music]
Sonne – A Thousand Times , By Rich [PLU Records]
Soul Data – Trabalenguas [Funny Music]
Sovax – Startin [Dusty Nose]
Steve Conelli – The Chicken [Waaz Music]
techMOUSE – What Tha F@uck [Minitricks Music]
Terri-Anne – Raving to Something [Rollerblaster Records]
Texxy – Jump [No Topo Music]
The LORD – Sentimental Robot [Junky Robot]
The Shooters – Money Maker [Dirty Dutch Music]
Thomas Krings – Like This [Minou]
Tobias Köppel – Negative Goal [21st]
Torren Foot – More Life (feat. Tinie Tempah & L Devine) [FFRR]
Tourneo – True 2 Yourself [Carousel Muzik]
Triviño – My Team [KNCK LTD]
Tyler Coey – Future [Traxford Records]
TZEN – World is on Drugs [WyldCard]
Uppermost – Missing Link [Uppwind]
VA – Autumn Sampler [UNI175]
VA – Basement Thirtythree [Techno Materials]
VA – Movers and Shakers, Vol. 2 [GSR402]
VA – Muna Musik 012 [Muna Musik]
VA – Psb Sampler, Vol. 6 [PSB129]
VA – Set You Free [flowtek]
VA – Stammtisch 100 [Stammtisch]
VA – Tuff Sound Tech-House 10 [Tuff Sound Records]
VA – Unexpected Choices [Stammtisch]
VA – Urban Artistic Music Issue 32 [Variety Music]
Vakabular – Bang Bang [Hollystone Records]
Veltrek & Society Haus – Smiles [KNCK LTD]
Vicdata – Guajira [Agenda]
Victor Bari & Poolhaus – Thicker [Vivifier Records]
Victor Vergara – Palatine [Magic Beatz]
Vinnci – Way to Go [Beat Bass Music]
WAL-ID – Ciliana [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Willtech – Wood Block [VAMO DALE]
Willy B – That’s Gross [Tech Avenue Records]
Y-DAPT – Love Thang (Garruk Remix) [Flowing NRG Records]
Youknow – Booty Shake [Monkey Stereo Records]
Yves Eaux – Back and Forth [HOUSETRIBE RECORDINGS]
Zeuqram & Joy Marquez – Saray [Futura Groove Records]
Zolrac – Down [LowFreQ Records]
ZOOPLING – Captain Cosmic [K-Noiz]