Afro House

After Sunrise – Meeting With Friends (Mahasela Remix)
Alberto Tagliaferri – My Way Through [More than House!!]
Alessio Oldani – Sawubona [Pablo Entertainment]
atsou – Sleepwalk Town [Connected Frontline]
Bun Xapa & DJ Two4 – The Amadlozi Jin
Captain Muzi.GP – Vum Vum (feat. Loveness Maswanganye)
Carlo Daudt – This Feeling [Cause Org Records]
Chanell Collen – Clear Visual [Atal Music]
Demented Soul – Majesty [Tone Apartment Entertainment]
DJ Fopp & Ivan Trevisan – Coisa Dos Home [Full Dance Records]
DJ Randall Smooth – I Hoped You’d Remember
DJ VALTER & DJ Elson Drums – Jakarta [Africa Mix]
Ernest M & Deep Marinator, Ernest M – Innovated Future
Francesco Fernandez – Mai Tai [Elments Records]
House Assassins SA & Euphoriq Soul – Come Back Home (feat. Methu)
HyperSOUL-X – He’s a Happysoul (feat. Mogau SA)
Iman Hanzo & Idd Aziz, Enzo Siffredi – Garashe [Wired]
Ivory Child – Melo [Domozero]
Mattei & Omich – Arpoador (Moon Rocket Remix)
Noptic – Imbhokodo [NLM Music Group]
Oreja & Moon Rocket, Robin M – Vazilando (2020 Remixes)
Prophet K – Rosefontein (Main Broken Voltage)
Read, Ancient Deep & Red Eye – Speaking in Tongues
Saint Evo & Ch!NJoNG x Ch!NJoNG – Mantra Remix
Shauniment & Bony Era, Shauniment – Solitude Sounds
SissCok – Sunrise in Africa [90watts]
Starsign – Azania Calling [Azania Digital Records]
Stefano Ranieri – Wo-Man (feat. AdniL) [NuLu Electronic]
Subz – Roots [Azania Digital Records]
SWinc – Storm Is Over [Khali Recordings]
Tebu.Sonic – The Chance [Te.So Records]
Thiago Monteiro – Tomorrow [Wekanda Records]
Tom Watt – Lasseter [7 Armies Music]
Toti LWR – Alexander [Double Cheese Records]
Tsheps & Mash – Iyakhala (feat. Lizwi) [MoBlack Records]
VA – 3 Years of Music [BrokenSoul Records]
Vibes of Frequency – Brasilo [Headfire International]
vida soul – Oddhorn Man [Finason RCRDS]
Vilager SA & Ceey Chris – Most Wanted (Remix)
ZebraCak3 – Twist , Afro twist [Sunris3 Records]
Zen – Seroba Sub [Ancestral Recordings]


5zyl – Smoke These [PPP]
Agustin Barbei – F.B.A.W.L [Guerrilla Tunes]
ALEPH & Ekcle – Inbetween [Mad Zoo]
Alien Rave – Robot Life [Alien Rave Beats]
Ayrton Hood – What You’ve Done To Me , Check This Out
Bebe Breaks – Dude [Breaks Yo!]
Bobo – Q’s , I.W.G.F.U.W.M.F [Jerk It International]
Calagad 13 – Dark Side Breakz [Cosmic Tribe]
Cheeky D – Here We Go [Fresh Coast Recordings]
Clabelito – Light It Up [Diablo Loco]
Crakman – Rainy [Calligraphy Recordings]
Criss Conflict – This Is a Lie [Mad Panda Recordings]
DJ Doggo – Chicken [Wild Wolves On Acid]
Dj30A & Huda Hudia – Rock the Beat [Kaleidoscope Music]
Duane Barry – Ufouria [Digital Sensation UK]
Eira Haul – Lonely Water [Lemon Test]
Indobass Deejay – Lihat Kebunku [Double Circle Music Distribution]
JelixRu – Colors [Glitch Hop Community]
Jimmy Le Mac – Barrier [JLM Music]
JJMILLON – Súbele el Volumen DJ [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Keith Mackenzie, Whiskey Pete & MC Flipside – Dumptruck
Khoiser – Far Away [Breaks Club Records]
Mr Chuffed – Zugaikotsu [Underground Collective Records]
MyoMouse – Son Doong [Diverge Music Group]
Ntro ref – Ascension [Front Artillery Records]
Paul Blackford – Betamax [Central Processing Unit]
Plazkart – Kukaracha [Diana Recs]
Que Haces & Crown – Balla [Ravesta Records]
Riff Kitten – Nine Lives [Freshly Squeezed Music]
RLGZ – Final Cut [E.M.G Recordings]
RONEeS – Brake! [Mediterranean Music]
Scott Doe – Strings Alive [Enemy Digital]
SevenG – Give Me Sounds [SPACE PIZZA Records]
The Bass Droppers – Dancing [Ravesta Records]
The Harem King – First Return [Pakabowlo Records]
Tone Abstract – Drop It Now (feat. Thug Shells)
Tony Awake – Tube [Rune Recordings]
Zoo Look – Direct Contact , Ravioli Ocean [E-Beamz]


1RDREN, Alexis Peralta – Looking at the Stars [Morillas Records]
2CRE8 – Amazing (feat. Leon Sherman) [Interstellar Label]
4Ty $ing PRADA & Planton – Again [Puchero Records]
33 – Sogni e Cocktail (feat. ode) [Bang Record]
90 Special – Le Canzoni Dell’Estate [Executiva Music]
1234 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
1516 – Together [Energy Production]
A-mase, Sharliz & Ladynsax – Crush [Deep Culture]
A1aska – Quarantine Dreams [A1ASKA]
Adelana – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Eddie G & Sasha First Remix)
Aisha Vaughan, Kilanova & Chaouche – Say Something
Alber-K – The Unknown [Sonic Flash]
Alfie Cridland & Paul Kay – Last Day In Paradise (Gold 88 Remix)
Ali Bakgor – Demons [One Seven]
Alin Dimitriu – Back to Life (feat. Nokomis) [Inameit]
Alone Again – Living in the Moment [ToschMusic]
Altadonna Voice – Col Cuore (feat. Antonio Giaimo & Jalez)
Amazing Family – Outro Lugar [Mafia Music Recordings]
Amrlls – Can’t Stop [Morillas Records]
Amrlls – Game Night [Morillas Records]
Amrlls – Take My Hand [Morillas Records]
Amtrac & Zimmer – Between the Lines (Zimmer Remixes)
Arthur Kody & ZKRI – Angel [Fresh Finds]
Astronata – Survive [Slime Recordings]
Awaken Me – Under My Skin [Amadei Music]
AXXIK – California Dream – the Remixes [Watts Music]
Beck Martin – Friday Night (Radio Edit) [New World Arts Ltd.]
Belone – What You Wanna See [Sygye]
Beowulf – Lost Without You (feat. Romy Dya) [Heldeep Records]
Big Dog Yogo & MoJoe – Our Time [Chameleon Audio]
Black Biceps – Ma’caron [VinGas Records]
Blip – Crave (feat. Louise Golbey) [Nimi Music]
Blomsters – Volkano (The Remixes) [Freshtunes]
Blue Mask – Harder Without You [Break It Down Music]
Bolier & Console – Lose Control (feat. Lou) [Robby East Remix]
Boye & Sigvardt & Hazel – Confessions [GL Music]
BoyLoco & Drianu – Booze & Parties [DrianuMusic]
Bsharry – Rain Man Theme [Digital Village Music]
C-Ro, Uwe Worlitzer & Nazzereene – Imperfect Illusion (II & I Remix)
Dream Circle – Divorced from the Divine (feat. Omboy Rome)
Drenchill – Forever Summer (feat. Indiiana) [Nitron Music]
Dżeju – With You [Smile Creations Music Label]
Earl Beats & Happiness – Need You the Most [Elle Tone Recordings]
Ed Ward – Floating Island [Amsem Records]
Egzod – Ride the Wave [Lowly]
ElectricSkiess – Crowd of the City [Mojear Records]
Ellis & Pasha, Ellis – Recollection Prospective [Monstercat]
EQurnaz – Dodurga [Ottoman Records]
Erdim 24 – Yesterday [XTRXX]
Fadi Awad – Into the Groove [Artist Republik]
Faithroze & A.P. – I’LL Try [Mystery Freedom Records]
Faithroze & Jvckin – I Flow [Simplify.]
Fakti – Misery [Norsk Musik]
FANNYPACK – Goddamn (feat. Rachel West) [Be Yourself Music]
Faybl – Wild [Tell You Something]
Feky – Sonuma Gel [Muhabbet Akustik]
Filta Freqz – T.G.I.F [Seventy Four]
Flexxus – Stay with Me [Golden Chocolate Records]
Frente Cumbiero & Minyo Crusaders – Minyo Cumbiero (From Tokyo to Bogota)
Gajek – Vitamin D [Throttle Records]
Gino – Ik Wil Jou [Indielabel]
Gjon’s Tears – Répondez-moi (Sunlike Brothers Remix) [Muve]
GLD – Fell in Love at EDC [Circus]
Grant Genera – Madass [Genera Records]
Grapefruit Sound Lab – The Flavors of Tears [Howe Records]
Half an Orange – Mark Twain (Glacier Remix) [Monstercat]
Half an Orange & Ephixa – Time Travel Kool Aid (Volant Remix)
Harry J & Anna Yvette – Still Into You [Bounce & Bass]
HarryDj – Oh Ay Ya Ye [NSNTR Records]
Heliax, Jorge Ruano & JuJu – Remembering Moments [Morillas Records]
Henry Hacking – Kryptonite (feat. Litening) [Perfect Havoc]
Hijos de Algo – Puedes Ser [Nawal Rage]
Horsta – For Me [Techroad]
Inukshuk – Wallflower [Ophelia]
Jack & Jointz – Seeds Never Die (feat. Isha Bel) [Søndae Records]
James Carter – Almost Love (feat. Dominic Neill) [b1]
Kaylar – Only You Could Do (feat. Nuala) [Perfect Havoc]
Kicevski – I Want Your Soul [Maniana Records]
Kids At Midnight – All I Ever Wanted Was Your Love [Square Pleasure]
Kim Sinbee – The World People Livin’ [d3ip Records]
King Dice – Open Your Heart [Deep Bear]
KiNG MALA – Sugarblind [Handwritten Records]
Klam Vandmand – Det Drypper [Banger Records]
Klipr – Set Me Free [Streamin’ Music Group]
Kokiri – Walk On Water [Perfect Havoc]
Koolie Preach – Snack [Selective Records]
KSHMR & Stefy De Cicco – Kids (feat. MKLA) [Dharma (WMG)]
Kuma – All the Time [Torii Wolf]
Kurtis Mantronix – How Did You Know (2020 New World Mixes)
LEAVEYOU – red (Evelyne) [Wolfrage Recordings]
Leonail – I Had to Go [Golden Chocolate Records]
Liam Laghan – Liki Bang [Twisted Cells]
Lili Pistorius – Skeletons [igroovemusic]
Lively Rhymes – Unknown Space [Willow records]
LIZOT, Amfree & Ampris – Boom Boom Boom Boom [Nitron Music]
lodet – Chasing Circles [Allen Road Music]
LOS BANDEROS – Are You Gonna [Glorie Records]
Luca Hänni – Diamant (Crystal Rock Remix) [Muve]
Luca Janssen – Never Know [Luca Janssen]
Lucky Choice – Want You Again [Deep Strips]
Mick Miles – Herz an Herz [You Love Dance]
MidLifeMix – Liberation [Horus Music Limited]
Millenium Cowboy – MC-Mood [Magnetic Dreams]
Mobi Dixon – Save Me (feat. Nontsikelelo) [Sound African Recordings]
Moksi – Tidalwave (feat. Adam McInnis) [STMPD RCRDS]
Mooch – Rejoice [Mooch Club Music]
MOTi & NoMerci – I Don’t Wanna Know [ZEROCOOL]
Murlo – Primed for Primal [Coil Records]
My Bad Sister – Feeling the Love [M.B.S. Records]
Myd – Together We Stand (Remixes) [Ed Banger Records , Because Music]
Myles Bigelow – Long Game [Deep Culture Music]
Nader Razdar – Love Is The Answer [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
Negro Suave – Love I Never Knew [Balls To The Wall]
Neil Chin – Feelgood Music [Listeners Room Records]
NIVIRO – Life In Reverse [Spinnin’ Next]
NoChaserz – Infinity [Smile Creations Music Label]
NOCUI – Memories from Tomorrow [Wildfire]
Noise Cans & Doktor – Life (Clarx Remix) [Skink]
Nour Maestro – Taj Mahal [NOUR MAESTRO]
NUJA – Enough to Start a War [daWorks Records]
Oli Harper & Richard Judge – Anywhere [Kwalete Anthems]
Ooeez – The Hoop [49 Pounds Records]
Outo The Lerical & Luna Blake – Fxxk Wit Me [Black Butterfly Records]
Pablo Garcia – Right Away [Epic Tones Records]
Paleesii – Faded [Erijo Gold]
Palmez & Domenico Ciaffone – Into You [Lindagrooves]
Pass The Aux – Casually Cool [Storm Music]
Pat Say Jak – I Feel This [KHM]
Paul Harris – Say or Do (feat. Benson) [Good Company]
Pauluwe – Rain in the Street [Unround Sound]
Phidizz & Maniscooler – Finesse (R1+O) [Maniscooler & Friends]
Pillows – Music Sounds Better With You [ChillYourMind]
Pink Star Universe – Pyramids of El Salvador [Pink Star Media Productions]
Pokesh – The Loft [Uniqode Chill]
ra!s & NVMUSIC – Kill the Lights [Privelege Music]
Rave Republic – Free Fall (feat. Tim Morrison) [Spinnin’ Records Asia]
Remy Nettheim – Don’t Let It Go (feat. Lucalion) [Ninety9Lives]
Rene Rodrigezz – Better Where We Are 2020 (feat. Hellen Vissers)
Riva Elegance – Dress My Bitch Up [Underground Tunes]
RobbieG – You Were There (feat. Hayley May) [VIP Mix] [Perfect Havoc]
Rolaz – Rewind Series Rolaz Dark Skies Mixes [WoNKed Music Group]
Ru1sch – Oceano [Dirty Soul Music (Be Yourself Music)]
S-Project – Kill the Spotlight (feat. Charity Daw) [Run Free]
S.H.S.R. – February Rain [29 CHILL]
Sara Costa – Ms Lova Lova [Sara Costa]
Sasha Primitive – I Loose Control [PPG Recordings]
Scissors & Tall Boys – World Hold On (feat. Cam) [DJcity Records]
Seal De Green – You & Me [Highlimit Records]
Sergio Myers – Spending Money (feat. Roland Clark) [7 Ponies]
Seylow – Only Fools [Kibbutz Records]
Sharapov – Paradise [120bpm]
Shehzad K – Bless My Soul (feat. Sarah Janabi) [Acapella]
SHROOM – Your Love [Major Underground]
Sikiman – oN the pATH [Who,Nani]
Simmo – Spectrum [Dragon Tales]
Single Lash – To Laugh [Holodeck]
Skelectro & David Tokio – Tomorrow’s Lights (feat. Eggwyte)
Sl1kz – Falling (Remixes) [Danceclusive]
Sleeping Wolf – Wasted [Antifragile Music]
West Cartel – Don’t sleep until we die [Smile Creations Music Label]
Wez Whynt – Body Heat (feat. Earl W. Green) [Good Vibrations Music]
Wicked Wes – Hologram Fantasy [Beatfeeder Music]
Xixi Beat – Queres Mais (feat. Chelsea Dinorath) [Chasing Dreams]
Yank Zy – Young [Hands Up Freaks]
Yem – Again feat. PRYVT RYN (Vee Brondi Remix) [Glorie Records]
Zafrir – Lalawe [Maxximize]
Zara Larsson – Love Me Land [Epic,Record Company TEN]
Zazen – Sonic Boom [Bodhi Records]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

2 Deep and Soul – Love Sunshine (feat. Richelle Hicks) [Rework Records]
3mon – Never Let Me Go [Soundo]
4Ty $ing PRADA & Planton – Activao [Puchero Records]
5irius7 – Marika [Emergent Textures]
70’s Network – Ugongetit003 [UGONEGETIT]
Abrina – Boat [Dazzle Records]
Adam Stacks – Smiley [Beans and Bacon]
Adil İnan & Batu – Eyvallah [Rikodisco]
Aidan Baker, Simon Goff & Thor Harris – Gait [Gizeh Records]
Alex Deeper – Nada Es Igual [Natural Deep]
Alex Zela – Dans Le Club [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Alex-K – June Evenings [Edelgran Records]
Alexny – Trust & Believe [Soul Beach Records]
Alexose – Pills X Love (feat. Tye Grees) [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Alia Fleury – Dedication [Jet Life Recordings]
Alisa Inez – Morning Dew [S&S Records]
Amalga – Know You [Kalushi Recordings]
Amir – Got It for You (Optixx Remix) [AMSLiCE Records]
Amount, Arutani – Particularity [Mystic Tales]
Andrey Sostin – Take Our Time [Deep Strips]
Angelo Diaz Jr – Pulse [MAISON DU SONS]
Anton Ishutin & Andrey Exx – Losing Control (Remixes) [Exx Muzik]
Aristo G – Temptation , Touch [Disco Fiasco Records]
Arşivplak – Turkish Disco Folk Mirror [Arsivplak]
Corrado Alunni – Groovylicious [Funky Revival]
Crisologo & NVRT – Piña Colada [Get The Sound]
Cristian Poow & Late Than Ever – Make This Happen (The Deep Remixes) [Dbeatzion Records]
Crystal Rock, KALUMA & Blaikz – Diamonds [My.Cover.Music]
D.O.T.I – No More [Artists Network Revolution]
D.Tanzo – Without You [ShineMusic]
Da-1 – Ultraviolet [Dead Man’s Dance Records]
Dandroid – Analog Dreams [Kendo Music]
Daniel De Roma – One Soul [True Deep]
Dapa Deep – Ask Me [Dapa Music]
Dario La Mazza & Dimitri (GR) – Dolomite [Be An Ape]
Darper – Crow [Suprematic]
Darren Studholme – Saturday(Deep Sunrise Mixes) [Welcome To The Weekend]
David Lizana – Stupid [Three Notes Records]
David Lowell Smith – Throttle [Space Vacation Recordings]
Deep Sort 95 – Playing With Emotions [TDGrooves Records]
Dennis Jernelius – Rumblebee [Edelgran Records]
Desib-L – Your Eyes [Music Trap Records]
Digitalic & Nightshadow – Be Yourself [SonicBass Records]
Dim Angelo & Alex Mihalakis – Feel the Summer [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
Dirty Sole – Let It Ride [Dirty Sole Music]
DISCO DIP – Something Special [Messier 87]
Distant Roads – Can You Feel It [DeepShine Records]
Distortion Disorder – Sauna [Distorted Records]
Dj Beloved & DJ Spen – Grey Clouds [unquantize]
DJ Kosmas K – Lost Dream [LAD Publishing & Records]
G Monk – Wise Way [Feel Hype]
G-Luv, Sanna Hartfield & G-Luv – Deep Inside [Krusbar Jam]
G.Pipini – Alchemy [Uba Lua Records]
Gaijim – Lost [Traktoria]
Gambitto – Take Me Higher [Erijo Gold]
Gary Superfly – Endless , Purple (feat. Other Lands) [Mother Tongue Records]
GeeS – Toucan [Lavenir Music]
Giser – Toxica [Villano Muzik International]
GL4M – Alila [Critique]
Glenn Gonzalez – Utld [Red Shield Records]
Gorillag – Blue Mashroom [Complex Destroyerz]
Gustavo Quintero & Los Hispanos, Gustavo Quintero – Imaginacion [Dinastia INC]
Gzz – Boogie Thang [Sure Cuts Records]
H.P. Vince – I Am Trapped [King Street Sounds]
Honest Lee – Last Call for Lion’s Milk (feat. Nathan Graham) [Growroom Productions]
Housiac – Sunset Avenue [SSM Records]
Hvbs – Raw Authentic Unique PT 2 [Devine Studio Corner Recordings]
IAMYAMZ – The Adventurer [The Travelling Bear Records]
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids – Shaman! [Strut]
Igloo – Better With Bass [Immoral Music]
Igor Kalinin – Let It Go (Remixes, Pt. 1) [Make It Yourself Records]
Jp Orpha – Oval Portrait [Papotako Records]
Juan Rojo – Sky High [HOONOH]
Julian Cardona – El Acierto (feat. Nauj Project) [Julian Cardona Music]
Justin Kayser & InfectedSun – Remember the Remix [Club Kayser Records]
K-Zan – Love & Hope [Craniality Sounds]
KAIROS – No Reason [Deeper Motion Recordings]
Kamanda – Mosaic [Multi-Racial Records]
Kansiik – Make Me Live [Lowly]
Karam – Cruise [Bass Box]
KastomariN – If You Love Me [DeepShine Records]
Kelson – Eu Sou Eu [Be Adult Weapons]
Khalil G – A de Amor [Gong Musique]
Kid Crème – Funk Particle [Future Disco]
King T -Finesse – Good Things Go 2 Soon [King T-Finesse]
Kino B – Oui c’est Poétique [Khanti Records]
Kornum & Karma – Nothing Better [Villes et Fleurs]
Kreebosh – Get Up [Vibez Sounds]
Ks French – Soultrip grooves [FKR]
Kumikäki – Le Bob [Komitea]
L_Cio – Monolance (feat. Ellie Ka) [Black Diamonds Records]
L.Paradise – Palingenesis [YUNG DUMB Records]
Lars Sommerfeld – Deep Clock [Two Faces Records]
Late Night Tango – Ay Chihuahua [Mr. Nice Guy]
Lau Frank & Janelle Pulo – Up to Me [Profound Sound]
LeDeep – Dark Butterfly [Dimka Records]
Lee Houser – Rhodes to Nowhere [Deep Fix Recordings]
Legentic Deep & Blessing White – Bang You Uluru
Lenny Dtox – Waves [TID Recordings]
Leo Goulart – Saturno [Complexo]
Linius, Kordas & KEAN DYSSO – Dont Wanna Go Home (KEAN DYSSO Remix)
Liquid Trax – Into 2nd Gear [Pure Beats Records]
Loren Oden & Adrian Younge – All Roads [Linear Labs]
Lucid Grooves – Movin On [Smashing Trax Records]
Lucio Momo – I Need You [Marqeez Records]
Luk$ – Mi Manera De Andar (feat. Fire, Wanaco32, Norton Repex & Elayaz)
Luvolin – Early Rays [LUVOLIN MUSIC]
M O N I T O R S – Plastic Jesus (Better Prophecy Rework)
Mafia Natives – Searching for Heaven [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Mara Tata San – Funky Girl [am Star]
Marco Volpino – Trinity [Low Pressings]
Margad – Till the End [Lowly]
Mario Bianco & Love Drone, Mario Bianco – Aurora [Roundans]
Mark Slee & boys be kko, Florian Rietze – Seizoen
Marlon Kirk – Liquid Love [Unprincipled Records]
Master MC – Mi Tesoro [Master MC Music]
Max Marotto – Brothers [Super Spicy Records]
Max TenRoM – Abysses [Blue Coffee Records]
Maxim Andreev & Natune – Better Place
Me & My Toothbrush – Tasty [Enormous Tunes]
Metronomy – The Light (Kero Kero Bonito Remix) [Because Music]
Michael Gray – Take Me Back (Ian Ossia , 84bit Remixes)
Middle Sky Boom – Don’t Stay Negative [Innisfallen Records]
Midi Culture – The Deep End [Selected.]
Mier – Foolish Game [KudoZ Records]
Mike Chenery – Sunny [Disco Down]
MixteryDJ – Road To La Perla [Secret Sessions]
Mo’Cream – U Can Do It Remix [84Bit Music]
Moonroy – Funky Cuts 1 [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Moonsound – Sky & Sand [Teddy Bear]
Mr Morek – Chi a Chi , Delightful [Needwant]
Musk – Manchester Burning [LGDZ]
Nanokosmos & Maureen – Uncertainty Principle Part 2
Neon Cassettes – Numb [Enormous Chills]
NFC & Key Sokur – Next Town [Hive Label]
Nicola Ambrosini & Alex Terlizzi – I’ve Got the Music (Basic Mix)
Nicola Nisi – What You Wanted [Solid State Disco]
Nicolaas Black & David Isaac, Jamesen Re – Chrysalis
Niconé & Dirty Doering – Geil (feat. Enda Gallery) [KATERMUKKE]
Nightfall – Addicted to You [Suprafive Records]
Nightfreaks – Feel So Right (feat. Jess Hayes) [Nimi Music]
Niko Garcia & DJ Lemy – Deep Forest [RYNTH]
Nile Rodgers – Do What You Wanna Do (The Reflex Greatest Dancer Mix – Shorter Edit)
Nudisco, Nudisco feat. Dede – Telebox [Dash Deep Records]
O’Neill & JAOVA – With You [Emprise Music]
obylx – Through the Night [Guise Records]
Oki-uk – Jackin Off [Indeed Records]
Ollie Weeks – In My Soul [Deep V Records]
Orestes T – Colourful Emotions [My Neighborhood Recordings]
Paper Street Soul – Cosmic Evangelist [Citizens Of Vice]
Richard Scholtz – Love Letter [Boogie Land Music]
Roman Truth – Heavy Wonders [Black Riot]
Ron Boss – You Born Musical [Moiss Music Black]
Roudeep – Baby You [Baijan Records]
Roudeep – So What You Say [Road Story Records]
Ruben Valvet – Nirvana [Blessed Cross Records]
Rubens 1210 – Underwater [Lemon Juice Records]
Sahar – Flashback [Paradiso Records]
saintmark – Morning Coffee [Smile Creations Music Label]
Sammy J – What To Say [Dubplate Disco Recordings]
Schwarz & Funk – Such a Shame [Boxberglounge]
Sebastián Suárez – Here Inside Me [Conceptual Music]
See Thru Hands – Connectivity [Sprechen]
VA – Deep&Dirty [Audiolounge]
VA – DP@TH_House #001 [7th Cloud]
VA – Most Summer 2020 [MYRIAD]
VA – Social Distancing 1.6 [C12 Records]
VA – Spirals 01 [Suprematic]
VA – Street Tracks The Remixes (feat. James Organ) [W&O Street Tracks]
Vaudafunk – 116 To Eternity [Goosebump]
Vini Pistori – Louco & Sobrevivendo (feat. Abrão) [Calypso Records]
WhoisBriantech – On It’s Way [S. Walker Choice Kutz]
Working Men’s Club – Valleys [Heavenly Recordings , Co-op]
WrightVibes – DNHM [Certified Organik Records]
Wunderwerk – Luftschloss [Atmospherica]
XtrovetDJ – Destination Remixes Part 2 [Househead Recordings]
Y.M.D.F. – Young Men Drive Fast [NuNorthern Soul]
Zheno – Tell Me More [Smash Deep]
Zibadan – Funky Paradise [kluBasic Records]
Zoot Woman – Where Is the Man (Twin Sun Remix) [ZWR]

Electro House & Dubstep & Drum & bass

3RR0R C0D3 – Alien [MDNGHT Recs.]
Abbsolut – Master of the Bass [Triplepoint Distribution]
Abstract Drumz – The Vendetta [Ruff Cutz]
Abstractivve, Scafetta & Abstractivve – Grave Spitters
Adame Twins – Ola [Lowded Recordings]
AdamMaca – Revenge of the Fallen [Adam Maścianica]
Æther State – The Parallels [Street Ritual]
Agasp – Get Down [East Records (CN)]
Akano – Shades of Grey [Paradise Lost Recordings]
Alex Reece – Basic Principles , I Need Your Love (2020 Remasters)
Amrlls – Black Heart [Morillas Records]
Amrlls – Romance [Morillas Records]
Ancilla – This Is Noise [Aesthetica Records]
Andornaut – Airlock [Jendex Records]
Andre – Hard Drum [SoundzAudio]
Andzy – Mdma [Wiking Recordings]
ANKUDUBS – Badboy [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Arya – Stay with Me [Run Free]
Atlas & K Super, Black Orchid – The Pullin’ Teeth [Ruff Cutz]
Autodidakt & The Arcturians – Every Beat a Shadow [Maehtrasher]
Backup, Inerpois & Backup – Sickman [Drumatch Records]
Bad Influence – Power of Creation [Cutting Edge Soundz]
Bandlez & Nyptane – Dough , Dough (VIP)
Baphömental – Bass Monkey [Córdoba Records]
Bareon – Hades [DENAR RCRDS]
Bass Alliance – Neo Noir [Techenies]
Bass Station – Maxburn [Sweet Station Records]
Bassgrow – Beacon [Storno Beatz Recordings]
Bazza Ranks – Feel Good Factor (feat. The Ragga Twins)
BCee & Lita – Hold Me [UKF]
Beat Tech Knowledge – Skulls Versions [BTKMusic]
Benny Johnstone – Murder [VIGORUS RECORDS]
Big Booler – Fifth Series [Effusis]
Biggoose – Nuetoo [Privelege Music]
Billy the Kit – Da Funk [Generation Smash Official]
Binap – Messy [Poltergeist Records]
BlackJack – Deep It (feat. Onix) [Wiking Recordings]
Blacklab – Violet [Soulvent Records]
Blaine Stranger – Dragon [Viper Recordings]
Blinders – Sabotage [STMPD RCRDS]
Boo Yakka – Rocket Pump [DOT Dance]
BorkerBrothers & Smeerlapp – Panic Room
Bruk – Hold Back (feat. Static) [Dreamdealers]
BrunchBeatz – Bizcocho [Electric Hawk Records]
BrunchBeatz – The Menu [Electric Hawk Records]
Bsharry – Carry You Away (GCMN Remix) [feat. Frank Ford]

Electronica & Downtempo

BHX Dubs – The Terminal [PointBlank Records]
Biagio Lana – Birdsong [Tangenziale Est Recordings]
Black Marble – I Must Be Living Twice [Sacred Bones Records]
Blonde Maze – Not All Flowers Bloom [Enhanced Chill]
Bobby Magnifique – Weight of the World [Lea Music]
Boriqua Tribez – Roxana – The Remixes Part 2 [Techsturbation Records]
Boskii – Natural Noise [Music UK]
Brain Dancing – Irrelevant Riff [Brain Dancing Records]
Brothertiger – Shelter Cove [Brothertiger]
Buscabulla – NTE (Jonti Remix) [Ribbon Music]
Buscabulla – Ta Que Tiembla (Pachyman Remix) [Ribbon Music]
Café Alé – Third Age [Simballrec Music]
Canebrake – Ocio de Hoy [eclectics]
CaspianKhw & I Am the Digital Madman – Afraid to Die (Feat. I Am the Digital Madman) [Rabies Dog Records]
Cecilia Chelo, Didac – Love [Power Tracks Records]
Chilltronic – Diva Fox. Nocturnal [Audibest]
Chilltronic – Inesa. Game over [Audibest]
Chris Aux – Solid Need [Terrachorda Recordings]
Chris Heyday – Homesickness [Freshtunes]
Chuwa-K – In the City [Experience Things]
Claudia Marni – Hot Long Time [Cala Bassa Records]
Connie – Laid Back [Kamari Records]
Conrad Schnitzler & Frank Bretschneider – Con-Struct [Bureau B 1]
Criss Conflict – Nothing Wrong [Mad Panda Recordings]
Cyrk – Balloonatix [DRED Records]
D-Fast Beats – Old School [ONE7AUDIO] – Because You Try to Catch the Last Train (Remixes)
Daesyn – Ukiyo [Atmospheric Science]
Dallanoras – Acefalia [Bioma Rec]
Daniel Peixoto, Getúlio Abelha & DJ Chernobyl – La Isla Bonita [Tratore]
Dariux – Universal Laws [Adrenaline Black]
Darkzy – Slow Down [NCS]
Datacide – Datacide I [AtomTM Audio Archiv]
Deekembeat – Butterfly [2 Steps To Chill]
Deepspace – Red Planet [Tranquility Sounds]
Deltacut – Super Super Scacco [Pitch the Noise Records]
Dersed – On My Way [Songtradr]
Deskai – Baka [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Devastral – Frequencies Dissolved [Electronic Alliance Records]
Devious Dreams – Moonlight Dreams [Badkill Records]
DEW – Bounty [Intensity Recordings]
Didier Leclaire – Solo [Beast Trap Records]
DJ Campira – Carambas [Roots Records MZ]
DJ Pencil & The Cut Up Boys – Here’s the Beat [PointBlank Records]
DJ Rob – Distant Dreams [One DJ Rob Music]
Dojalum – Libertas [Citizens Of Sound]
Don Cartel – Bring That Beat Back [NoFace Records]
Doogatron – Mutable (feat. East of Awake) [Doogatron]
Dottiy – Find a Way [Privelege Music]
Dronesy – New Jersey [Tranquility Sounds]
Drumterror & Photes, Drumterror, Photes & Sleepy – 6 Years, 14 Minutes [Third Sunrise]
Dust In The Sunlight – Dust in the Sunlight (The Big Pink Remix) [Project Melody]
Duval Timothy & Mr. Mitch, Duval Timothy & Twin Shadow – Help [Carrying Colour]
DVRKO – Lights Up (MUUS Remix) [L1N3 Records]
DVRKO – Lights Up (The Remixes) [L1N3 Records]


Alex Skrindo – Probably Not [LoudKult Div.]
Alex Spite – White Sail [Alex Spite Records]
Alex Spite & Anastasia Nevskaya – Inspiration [Alex Spite Records]
Alperen Ocak – Dollars [Ghetto]
Anoraak, Anoraak, LUXXURY & Lauren Turk – Fire Inside [Paper Disco]
Anthony Natale – When Come the Night [Exlight Records]
Antonio Sagrero & Isabella Gil – Mira Como Lo Baila
Art Popper – Sensations [Citizens Of Sound]
Aso Tandwa & Lizwi – Ukhona [iTolo Music]
Audio Jacker – How You Love Me [PLAYEDiT Records]
Augmented Soul & Earl W. Green, Empress Rosta – Augmented Playlist
Aur3lio & Yusuf Norris – Malibù [Kalabria Records]
BackstoryDisco – Black diamond (feat. Splat)
BBwhite – Old School Rocks [Black Rain Records]
BBwhite – Walkin’ Disco [Tereysa Records]
Beat Junkiez – Get Down (feat. Ruth McFarland) [Stash Records]
BEBURI – 12Am [Deep Bear]
Ben Walsh – Music Is the Rhythm (feat. Leah Rose)
Beni-B, Delighters & Geriskillz – Subedubah [Baby Smile Records]
Bexxie & PLEXXAGLASS – Drawn to You [Vivifier Records]
BJNR & Oddeez – Rock [Barvy]
Black Point – Interstellar [Boot Music Records]
Blake Leisurely – Loopy Fiasco [Hot Sunday Records]
Block & Crown & Martina Budde – Let’s Celebrate [Next-Gen-Records]
Bob Shepherd – Internally [WHO’s TRACKS]
BOLTUNA – Spirit [Hydra Music Records]
Botang Brothers – Eldorado (feat. Keezy) [DJ League]
Brillstein – Brassy Shadowz [Refuge Recordings]
BWSK – Coffee [Spitfire Music]
Carl Fons – La Traviatta [Welcome To The Weekend]
Carl Holmes And The Commanders – Soul Dance No. 3
Carlos Dominguez & Nika Pretty – Vanguardisko
Carter H – Hidden Beauty [Blacktone]
Chalov – Is It Love [Spitfire Music]
Chanknous & Roddy The Dude – Dilemma [Calls and Puts]
Chip Yunz – Eyes On You [ShineMusic]
Chris Voss – Life [Beats HD]
Chuck Bones & Imposters Of Groove – Chicago [XMOD Records]
Chymamusique – Hold On (feat. Siya) [Remixes]
Claudio Pintus – S.A.X. Bitch [La Isla Records]
Coats – Just Anxiety [Circulate Music]
Cody Kirby – Like This [Phunk Junk Records]
Colour Castle & Damon Trueitt – Feel the Sun [Hot Sunday Records]
Coustan – Nice (Deadfly Remix) [Construction Time Music]
Cowton Bark – Food Man [Effusis]
Culsu – Appeal , Please to Go , Relax [Crown Of Music]
Damarezcurtis – Nothing More [Mystery Freedom Records]
Damien N-Drix – Tars [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]

Melodic House & Techno

Baphömental – Oracle [Forgotten Minds]
Baset – Time Lapse [Harabe]
Beguel – Souls [Oniryzm]
Ben C & Kalsx – Perpetual Wave [Teoxane Production]
Benja Molina – The Awakening [SafariPark Recordings]
Bsharry – Odissea Veneziana [Crown Of Music]
Caballero – Terpeno [AlpaKa MuziK]
Caio Moretti – Rise of Cthulhu [L.B.A Groove records]
Carlisle – Nelayan [Wanderlust]
Carranco – Using a Dilogy [Oryx Music]
Child Of – Spanning Time , Emanon [PRGRSSN Records]
Chris Miranda & Jason Xmoon – Water for Fire [Catamount Records]
Close Encounters – Kronos [Umai Music]
D-lonic – Leave Me [Boston Underground]
D.S.L. – Drive to Outerspace [Bos Tech Records]
Danniel Odell – Inspired [Steam Circuit]
Dantian – Immanence [Digiment Records]
Darbinyan – Seven [Egocentric Records]
Demir & Seymen – Grounding [EmClap]
Diego Veira – Hondo [Beesound Recordings]
Dima Deemidoff – Dancing With the Stars [Karia Records]
Dirk Sid Eno – Nightfall [Frequenza]
DISCO DIP – A Deep Story [Messier 87]
DJ Jamal G – Watershed [Votiva Records]
DJ KoT & Victoria Ray – In Love I Trust [Diana Recs]
Dopsy – Freedom [Beyond Now]
Dott. Santafeo – Corde [Organica Sound]
Dudley Strangeways, Mortalyf & Annie Errez – Sunday Steppin
Echo Deep – Mungu [Blaq Diamond Boyz Music]
Elena Kulstof – Desert of Fears [Vision 3 Records]
Enclave – BeaBop [Hypnotic Room]
Fonzerelli – 2106 [Mena Music]
Fredi Vega – Adhara [Misplaced Music]
Gabriel Castillo & Gustavo Lobo – Prophecy
Gobi Desert Collective – Noor (Sineu Remix) [Suprematic]
Goldhood – Holy [Deepmode Records]
Gone – Tauro – Capricornio – Aries [Opium Muzik]
Greene – Desire & Bipolar [Audio Safari]
Groove D’vision – An Ancient Calling [Out There Records]
hannes bieger – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest – Tephra (Remixes)
heatscore – Zr3 [Lazuli Records]
Hesemani – Lidar [Naturall Products]
HOKI – Crash [The Young Proprietor]
Ilka Lichi – Walking Night [Mirror Walk]
Imar – Wind Is You [IbogaTech]
Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY – Reborn [Area Verde]
Irmak Akan – Abendsegler [Akan Recordings]
Ivailo Blagoev & Singing Body – Tibet [Russians Did This Records]
Jaden Raxel & Severin Su – Words of Zeus
Jake Kaiser – Pai [Purified Records]
Jonas Leibinger – Amira [Offline Recordings]
Rada Sounds – Morning in Riga , Insomnia [QM Allstars]
Raphael Mader – We Will Never Know LP [Running Clouds]
Raumstadt – Magnetic Midnight [Space City Recordings]
Renhet & Mr.Orpheus, Renhet – Orient , Erebus [Glory Hill Studio]
Rhomb – R4 [Rmb]
RisingSun – Prometheus [Sound Optix]
Rotten Roots – Prima [MyPrimus Records]
Sassa & High Minds – Vos Semper [Ambivert (Media Records Evo)]
Savio Buonomo – Saudade [Muzik 4 Tomorrow]
Sean Harvey – Overzone , Rockstock [Transform Recordings]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Barbara Alvarez – Diggers [Conceptual]
Bassler Disconnect – Nova [Phantom Deck Records]
Beckford – Revolution of Your Mind [Celestial Recordings]
Bielous – Melloydi [Epiks Recordings]
Brad Brunner & The Gang – Back & Forth [Cocoa]
Cabayo, Lafontaine (DR) – Mercury [Strange Stories Records]
Camel Fou – Savannah Sparrow [Eagervision Records]
Carbon – Yours or Mine [Alula Tunes]
Catalin Sima – Hallucinate [Knostra Music]
Chalex – Ancestros [Code Label]
Copasetic – Varanda [Kubbo Records]
Cosenza, De La Swing – Key Gems 001 [Key Rec]
Cristian Dumitru – Ritmuri Romanesti [Dark Alien Records]
David Lowell Smith – Lost Eye [Poolside Deep]
DMSS, DubluD – Different Minds [InSound Minimal Records]
Domo – Right Here [Not So Serious]
Dtrdjjoxe – Bicycleman [Dtrdjjoxe]
Dubfound, JNJS, Jay Nortown & Jacobo Saavedra – VA Nomer Odin
Enrico Chirchiello – West Coast [Last Drop Recordings]
Ernesto Barrese – El Baile [Marba Records]
Evan (Italy) – Green Hope [Laguna Records]
Fatih Makul – Black Hole [Main Records]
Gaga & Mateo – Get Ready [Rebellious]
Genetika – Sentinel [Koma Recordings]
Giuliano Porcelli – Electric Damn [Out Of Body Recordings]
Glasinovic – Bouncing To the Stars [Whizal Records]
Hector J Rodriguez – Twin Flames [Uniting Souls Music]
Herman Crantz – Flying Kite [Dash Deep Records]
Hugo Villanova – The Leader [DIFF Records]
Humanex – Vision 2020 [Divided]
Ivan Fernandez – Arise [Epiks Recordings]
Ivan Lopez & Pedro Guerrero – Desolat (Rework Deep Tech 2020)
Jaco – Walking Through the Slums [The Red Skull]
jeaneiffel – Turbine [Manicomio Music]
Jey Fever & Veronika Kosh – Reflect [BlockFour Records]
Joe Scimo – Natural Wave [Tonic D Records]
Juan Marias – Good Smoke [Glerx Records]
Juciff – Mom Tecnology [EP Records]
Kabbina – Amnesia [Issues]
Kevin Nordstad – Lost [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Kolplein – Flipz [Effusis]
Laurus – Regulators [Northbeatz Digital]
Lee Pearce – Afternoon Snack (Artmann Remix) [Swerve Digital]
Luiz15 – Chandel [Space Bird Records]
Maldonado – Whispers [Luthier Music]
Malice Entity – Snuggle Butt [Deep Tech Lab]
Marc Gickel – Mama [Drehpunkt Records]
Marcos Lazarte – Omotenashi [WAFO Music]
Mariano Fonrouge & Martin Minnucci – Karizma
Mateo Dufour – Start Again [Airtime Records]

Organic House & Downtempo

Alexander Tarasov – Good Morning [Contrasena Records S L]
AmuAmu – Cosmos of Thoughts [Tepeme Música]
Atari Sensei – Weather Landscape [Kendo Music]
Catbeats & El Huervo – Yakobi! Rolling an Egg Down a Hill with El Huervo
Chomba – Chai Kaa [Hupupa]
Danny Holden – Bartender Please [Stache Records]
Decalculator – Summit the Sun [Metanoia]
DJ AMIGA, Lukas Endhardt – Furyosa [Amselcom]
El Mundo & Rohrer & Stohler – Wonky
Electricmonk – These Odd Times [Eucalyptus Network]
Erik Wøllo – Emotional Landscapes (Remastered)
Eulenspiegel – Learning to Breathe [Traumnovelle]
Ferndo Herndo – Talker Room [YouTunez]
France Jobin – #Moresynthporn [Room 40]
Frigga – Kundalini (Last Lotus Dark Desert) [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
Hannok – Sixteen Minutes and Twenty Two Days
Holz – Crowded Mirror [Lowly]
I-Monk – Empty Acres (feat. Jaro) [Yaya]
Jago Alejandro Pascua – Travelling (2020 Restyle) [Magisterya]
Jake The Rapper – Lullaby No. 2 (Remixes) [Ouïe Circle]
Jjos – Balearic Sunset (Special Edition) [Contrasena Records S L]
John Junior & Criswell – Angelito [Paradiz]
Kerlyns – Wizard [Lolou Records]
Kuan – From Here On [Kadmio]
Liquid Bloom & Poranguí – Peyote Canyon [Desert Trax]
Ludvigsson – Easy Way Out [TGR Music Group]
Lukas Endhardt – Faint Young Sun [Amselcom]
Lukas Visti – Just Like That [Music For Dreams]
Mark Giardina – Genesys [Attic Studio]
Maxi Degrassi – Liru At Nom [Melody Of the Soul]
Monte la Rue – Sunday Blue [La Maison La Rue]
Moving Reef – Reset [Groove Butta Records]
Nadav Dagon & Daniella Tourgeman – When I Dream [Drumtek]
Nathan Clement & Brandon Scarbrough – How We Fall
Noom – Microcosms [Addictech Records]
Noti – 85km,h [Radicalis]
Paul Seling – Moonlighting [SPRYA RECORDS]
Paulo Vicente – Night Drive [Agua Blanca Records]
PP DIAZ – Cinco Gaia [Elly Fly]
Rafael Anton Irisarri – Distance [Room 40]
Roudeep – I’m So Embarrassed [Baijan Global]
Ru1sch – Ho’omaha [Dirty Soul Music (Be Yourself Music)]
Saultloom – Aquiver [Seven Villas]
Siloppil – Badia [Meaculpa]
SmokeFade – Temporal Disturbance [Papotako Records]
Sonny Lover Boy – Strawberry Smoothie [Suite Voyage Records]
Soul Escape – Pagoda Sunset (feat. Rich Machines)
Stefan Thomas – Clarence Is Alive [Purple Sun Records]
Stephen Vitiello – Brood IX [Room 40]
Terah Lynn – Not So Nice [Impeccable Music Group]
The Vinyl Gibbon – Felt Train [Krusbar Jam]
Tolouse Low Trax – Jumping Dead Leafs [Bureau B 1]
Troskardy – Florenty [Deep Well Music]
Untilidie. – Presence [Lowly]
VA – 8 Years of Amselcom [Male Cmos]
Vruno – Burned Out [Copycow]
Yarni & Alexandra Pride, Give Me Monaco – Spirit Animals
Yogurt Cookie – Recondite [Kiksuya Records]

Progressive House

Arnaldo Amaral – Light Spirit [Life Town Records]
Audioglider – Fifty Five Fathoms [Pangea Recordings]
Axxound – Idle Awhile [Emergent Shores]
Belly Blanket – Dream of VolatirRe [Day Dream Records]
Billy Paul Williams – Got Me Feelin’ Again (Noel Sanger Remix)
Boskii – Vega [Music UK]
Bynomic – They Are Coming Back [Another Life Music]
Cates&dpL – Sunday in Portland – Artist Album
Chance King – Oceans (feat. SIDDHI KID) [Dirty Feet Crew]
Clangwood – Silky Essence [KORECRAFT Dawn]
D.A.D – Immagini (D’Wachman Remix) [Extreme Records]
d.I.M.., Yulua Oreshko & XayZz – Contrary [Stazis]
Daniel Merano & Dino Mileta – Last Chance [Siya Recordings]
Deep Finback – Nimbus of the Sun [ANCL Lincor]
Deepimalism – Agoge [In Dushe]
Destroboy – Melodic Rave [Renaissance Digital]
Digital Brains – Abstract Forms [Renaissance Digital]
Digitale Analogik – In My Mind [Songtradr]
Diwox – Surfer [Estribo Records]
DJ SuhaaN – To the Moon [Progressive Alive Music]
Djlo & Asi Vidal – L.A (2020 mix) [Rhino Star Records]
Edgar Orn – All Night [Basement]
EDHI EDWARD – Makes Her Want To [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Edvard Hunger – Unique Moments [Stazis]
Eelke Kleijn – Woodstock (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)
Elle Onyx – No More Mirrors [RaveUp Alley]
Esteban Ikasovic – Transistors [3xA Music]
Floydz – Boogie [Suicide Box Records]
Forgotten Modern – Cool Blue [ALXNDR]
Freemood – Like That [Neu Gravity]
Gar & Guineve – OCTANE (Album) [Hands In The Air]
German Angeleri – Kate [Random Rec]
Geronimo Eguiguren – Land of the Lost
Glerix & Maxine C. – Feels Better [Extrinsic Records]
Goom Gum & DJ Pressing – Banabantu [Zerothree]
High On Mars – We Are [Area Verde]
Hydro 89 – Better Paradise [Ozran Sunset]
Imposters Of Groove – Cascading, Transit [XMOD Records]
iNTRUDE2 – Alone [Progressive Dreamers Records]
ISEMG – Universe [Filthy Sounds]
Ivan Starzev & ANTON%F – Creme Brulee Remixes
KYOTTO – I Am Back [Dopamine White]
Laroz – Apoca Lips [Tech Warriors]
Lepô – Genesis [RockRiverRecords]
Lesh – Spirit Remixed Pt. I [Soluna Music]
Marcus J3nson – Your Heart [Seal Network]
Matt Black & Paul Hawcroft – Transcendence [E=MC2]
Matt Fax – Fallen (PROFF Remix) [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Matteo Marini & DNKNN – Momentum [IHU Records]
Nacres – White and Blue [Sever Records]
Net Core – Discovery [Groove Room Records]

Tech House

Eagles Trip – Project 73 [Sr. Events Music]
DJ Ethanol – Retrovision [eggbby records]
DJ Opium – Get Me High [Complex Destroyerz]
DJ Takemi – False Acacia & Hydrangea [Tribal-Tokyo]
DJane Pinklady – Boomerang [Carpe Diem Records]
Dr. Fresch & LO’99 – Ravewerk [Insomniac Records]
Duodisco – I’m the Dopest [Cool 7rack Records]
Dwayne Drake – Feel It Deep Inside [Spira Music]
Earstrip – Phenomena [OH MY BASS]
Electro Sunshine – Good Plan [Game Theory]
Ender Royers – To My Mind [Loser Lab]
F.capel – Dance On the Streets [SouthTech Music]
Federico Rosa – Acid Laugh [Force Of Habit]
Five Past 5 – Hit Me Up (feat. Roxze) [Inhale Records]
Flavio Martini – Guataqui feat. Martina Camargo , Alma Colombiana Club Mix 2020
Folgatto – Gimmicks [Sonambulos Music]
Francesco Dinoia – The Booty [Rawsome Recordings]
Francesco V & Holy Pig – La Escalera [Holy Pig Records]
Frank Kintella – All Sensation [Complex Destroyerz]
Franky Rizardo – Foley [LTF Records]
Franky Trova & Roy Batty – Come On [Smash Deep]
Gaba Kamer – La Noche [Valorize o Groove]
Gaminow & Holy Pig – La Campana [Holy Pig Records]
George Adi – Echowaves [Plastik Galaxy]
Gettoblaster & MADVILLA – Tear Da Club Up [Desert Hearts Records]
Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona – Get Down for This
Groovekode – Gear [BOOST WEAPONS]
Guido Farias – Aliens Exist [Hot Squad]
Guilherme Rossi – L & R [True Generation]
Guilherme Rossi – State [Bass Box]
Hiago Bueno – Innovate [Trash Society]
Hoani Teano – Navajo [Nomadism Records]
HRVI & Joe Tiseo – UNDRWR [Madafactory Music]
Ihopeyouboughtflowers – Toolfunk-Recordings 40
Inrra & Rober – Velo Jumper [Kryzar Music]
Insert Coin – Kontatho [Tao Valley Records]
Italobros – Hasta Manana [Cocoa]
Iva Dive – Val [Monkey League]
Ivan Salvador – Asere Nova [Smile Records]
Jacq (UK) – Disco Check [Toolroom Trax]
Jake Kerr – 9 to the 5 [DaCosta Records]
Jh0ssu – Andes [Glerx Records]
Jimmy Wins – Sharksighter [jwins]
Joc House & Joseph Gaex – Red Planet [Eisenwaren]
Jon Lee & Richard Salazar, Slurm – Slung Low
Matthias Tanzmann – Bulldozer (2020 Remix)
Maty Badini – Energy [L2P Records]
Mauro C.Dream – Esperanza [Mousinc Recs.]
Mauro Vega & Kroleer K – Unfinished [L2P Records]
Mayze X Faria – Disco Is Back [Supertunes]
Meli Rodriguez – 2121 [Fingerprints]
Michael Ainsley – Digging Deeper [Catamount Records]
Michael Rogel – Apparitions [Behavior Recordings]
Miguel Villa – Da Fck [OZONO RECORDS]
Mike Luppino – Move On [dib records]
Mikey Palermo – What’s Poppin [Nightenjin]
Mikie Format – Hustle Bass [One City Music Group]
Minosmenos – These Things [Zoo Series Recordings]
MKJAY & Cesar Nardini – Tequila Sunrise [MOMENT]
Mr.Drops – Aint No Stoppin This [Magic Beatz]
Mr.Tchello – Paredao Funk Tech [Deep Bear]
My Secret Garden – Stay [BMP Music]
Narda – Sentience [Back It Up Records]
Narro – Insoportaneo [Planum Polare]
Navos – Hook Like the Beatles [Cravin’ Records]
Nick da Cruz – Whisper [RotRaum Music]
Oravla Ziur – Liquid Paradise [Knuck!]
Pagano – Naxos [Toolroom Trax]
Patron & Lemon – F en el Chat [Play Cue Recordings]

Techno & Minimal

3CITY – Jumbo Jazz [VHZ Abstract]
5h55 – Quantum Modulator [Wejustman Records]
11 Void – After the Void [LEVEL]
70551 – Illusion Movement [Xelima Records]
Aeron Kellan – Last Breath [Neu Gravity]
Agustin Mesa – Brainwash (feat. Pino Peña) [EINZ records]
Airyule – Kraken [Thorium Records]
Ákos Szabó – Fractal Dimensions [Minimal Force Records]
AKWIUS – Clever Girl [Upper Realm]
AL3XANDRIA – Modular Whistle Remix [Raven Black]
Alex Rampol – Run Mode [Techno Vinyls Records]
Alloopz – Chromatic dynamics [Boykot]
AmirAli Amiri & Shayan B – This Is It [Neu Gravity]
Andrea Sabato – Terra [Music Pushers Records]
Andree Morillas – Dead Symphony [MORILLAS]
Andrew T Dorn & Joseph Dalik – Witchraft [Techno Vinyls Records]
Anet Music – Baobab [Neu Gravity]
Angioma & Blanka – Dirty Pattern [Room Trax]
Angry Baffle – Only Humans [Oxytech Records]
Animistic Beliefs – Thief of Sanity [brokntoys]
ANONIMOSDJS – Hard Memory [AMU Recordings]
ArchivOne – Raw Samba [Archivio 01]
Arcoiris & Acul – Esageratio No. 1 [Bresaola Records]
Army of One KC – Tear Down This Wall [XMOD Records]
ARPPA, Camila Villegas – Dance Trip [Austro]
Arthur Blackpudding – New Horizon [L&T Recordings]
Audio Flora – Focus [Destination V]
Aumer – Nautilus [Deep Division Records]
AX1 & Chriz Unknown – Leaving Reality [Axone Rec]
B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy – Colours of My Mind [LAD Publishing & Records]
B4RBRA – Jupiter [Neu Gravity]
Baabal, Inglawt – Va , 04 [Truc Record]
BackFire Alpha, Peryl – Rebellion [Beats HD]
Bart Van Santen – Impact [Sound Kleckse Records]
Bautista Ha – Hypnomaniac [Morpheus Black]
BECK AND RIUS – Betelgeuse [Reload Records]
Beko Voice – Land of the Sun [DIAPHRAGM]
Ben Delaney – Feel the Future (EP) [Hungry Koala Records]
Big Enos – The Fields [Fox Paws]
Biomechanimal – Enter the Animal [HYBRID BLAK Records]
Bobby Cowley & Koen Groeneveld – Megatronik , Italo Disco Is Dead
Bogen – Tidal Moons [TCHNC HEALING]
Borja Salvador & R.Román a.k.a. SHÜE – Drum Essence [73 Muzik]
Bosskid – Biggest Heart [Eins Droid]
Breyth – Control [Bloody Moon Records]
Buogo – Mirror Image [DataTech]