Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance & Soulful House

AfroNerd, DeepQuestic, Yolanda Fyrus – Mamelani [MDR008]
Aftruu & Astroleaf – Rewind To Remind [SILKM267]
Agawe – Confused Karma [EXRD106]
Ahmet Kilic, Stoto – Good Ones Go (The Distance & Igi Remix)
AIKON – Saturn [EXP83]
Aiwaska – Noir [MODNWS003]
Alpha Dogg BG – Don’t Go Easy _ Heart Out [PUK422]
Alpha Human – Hurt So Bad [VR099]
Aninha – Andromeda [ND014]
Archy, ARKADYAN – Wild Life [RETRO153]
Arminoise – Souling Smile [DBR2029]
Asaga – Honey Girl _ Harmonic [HWD119]
Audax – Be With You [MMD084B]
Awen, Caiiro – Your Voice [MIDH018]
Azit – First Sounds [MOLE163]
Blood Groove & Kikis – Dreamland [SILKM266]
Buff – Feel That EP [SBR018]
Candyman, Dj Beekay – Aluta Continua EP [OBS177]
Charlie Banks – Dance With Me [PIV028]
Chromaticsoul, Real Tone – Keys & Chords [MOH002]
Claudio Ricci – Still Waters Run Deep [MOOD213]
CLiVe – Spring 1979 [DRR010]
Col Lawton – Mr Down One [KAWR006]
Concept E25 – Garage Session 1 [WXC009]
Cristian Vinci – Conguero Y Rumbero (feat. Manybeat) [UR189]
D.General – Kisses [MOG11]
Daniela Alban, Alfredo Alban – Feel Soul [SAGMEN052]
Dany Cohiba – The Wannabe [SSR2002100]
Dapayk Solo – Macaron [SOBER018]
David Duriez, Manuel-M – Unknown Pleasures [195081762401]
David Jackson – Breakthrough [STREC012C]
DeeptoneUnderground – ANOTHER WORLD [SR9011]
DJ 19, Norbert Meszes – Physical Destiny [19BOX173]
DJ Blackstone – Somebody To Love [TK038]
DJ NGK – Am In The Mood [OBS152]
Djoko – DJOKOCAMP, Vol. I (Djokocamp)
Djoko – DJOKOCAMP, Vol. II (Djokocamp)
Dorothy’S Dream – apa 02 [APĂ002]
Dvine Soul – What Are You Afraid Of EP [CTM021]
Elisa Elisa – Drum Love [HUP023]
Evotone – Sunshine [SSDIGI062]
Fabien Kamb – Stellar_Circles [LFR029]
Fat Sushi – Fanfare – Angry Driver [OOO08]
FLAVVIO – Trip to Juno [USDC0093]
Flayer – Wanna Get Back Your Love [DSM022]
FLXXX – Violent Birds Fly [ROM086]
Francesco Messina – MEDIO OCCIDENTE [DSM024]
Gregor Klamra – Ferris Wheel [505943 5844081]
Hanz Mx – Moments [FGR267]
House Beast, Miss Chilli – Get Down [GSR172]
Howling – Need You Now (Adriatique Remix) [COUNTDNL215A]
Ilya Gerus – Safiya [RYNTH036]
Jassie – Love Hurts So Much [DD026]
Jochen Pash – Mystic Soul EP [W234]
Jon Dixon – Times of Change [4EVR005]
Jorge Kabel – Deep Junkie [DP130]
Joseph Mancino – African Blood [EXPERIENCE006]
Justin-Sane – Neverland [PRREC323A]
Kelz – Renaissance [ETX080]
KingDonna – The Cow Song [MBR394]
Kings of Elements – Lacking Intelligence [MAD030]
Kings Of Tomorrow – Trouble II Part 2 [DVR047]
Koelle – Falling Upwards (feat Margret) [Gary Afterlife Remix] [194838081475]
Koelle – Other Side (feat Margret) [195069315674]
Kotelett – Lifted [EXP82]
Kuba Sojka – Future Mind [SUIT04]
Ladebare – What Are U Gonna Do [NEM01901Z]
Last Magpie – Organ House [WO090]
Lebedev (RU) – The First [RTM006]
Lecomte De Brégeot – Paris 1985 [LDB03BTI01]
Lejazz – Late Winner [DHCSA043]
Liam Mockridge, Lowheads – Mess Around (Live Mix) [GPM595]
Local F – Free 99 [HTM004]
London Dj – Macoña [FGR293]
Madloch & Subnode – Abyssal [CS061]
Maegrit – Azara & Medina [DDDUBS035]
Manqo, Bill Loko – Won’t Change _ Nen Lambo [VOD006]
Marco Bocatto – Provential [UNS187]
Markus Wesen, Seelenwald – Stoney Path EP [BF305]
Mateyo feat Life On Planets – Energy [KMS 745]
Matt Fax & Levv – Always You (Remixes) [ENCOLOR236BE]
Matthias Meyer, Ryan Davis – Love Letters From Sicily [WGVINYL050]
Mike Dem – Pluviophile [MOSM00820]
MJ Cole – Sonoran [00602507367244]
Moon Boots – Bimini Road (Remixed) (Anjunadeep)
Morena – Just Believe [MDR009]
Mrfleamino – Easy [443455]
Msavaiva – Stampede (Original Mix) [LAV066]
Müge Isik – Let You Go [CWV310]
N.A.O – Alone [BLV7524330]
Natasha Kitty Katt, Danny Kane – Melted Funk [MIDRIOTD243]
Neo Human – Vision [299SDX]
Newmanhere – Madu EP [SP195]
Ney – Want You [BLS112]
Nick Beringer – Afterhours Cuts, Vol. 1 [LAX134]
Okiro – City Pets [M365UK]
Oli Furness – All Day Every Day [WXC10]
Oxana Yu – Gemini [4061798631711]
Pete Whiteley – Sea Harmony [CWV313]
Ples Jones, Kerry Reeve – A New Life [EXEC014]
Raul Pablo Sanchez – Morgentau [MAGICDEEP045]
Renuna – Quevosqueyo [LOG001]
Rezident – Blurred Focus [POM111]
Ron Carroll, Alex Kosoglaz – Don’t You Worry – Full Intention Remix
Sartorial – So Much [TDR112]
SHAWNASTRO – The Y2K Glitch [DHCSA044]
Skols – Urgent – Fog [NEOTECK258]
Softmal, Avrupts, Lucenamusic – Isis [RR002]
SONIN – Swans [SSR086]
St Jude – Clean It Up [NMR013]
Sunchain & Rada A – Voda [PURR249]
Synchrony – Stronger [AM034]
Tal Fussman, Analog Context – Synergia [HRB018]
Team Distant, Aimo, Mel D – Kangoma [MDR007]
Tibor Dragan – Voyage [DRM030]
Tomasz Wakulewski – SAVANE COLOUR EP [LP720]
Tortured Soul – Hot For Your Love Tonight [3616407001983]
Transistorcake – COCKTAIL EP [541416511603D]
Tripmastaz – Tripmastaz 06 (Tripmastaz)
TwoSlice – Masterplan EP [HHS006]
VA – Imprint Vol. 7 [WO091]
VA – OUR HOUSE, Vol. 1 [FDB026]
VA – Steyoyoke Vintage [SYYKCOMP013]
VA – Supreme 003 [LPSS003D]
VA – Watergate Affairs 04 [WGVINYL073]
VALL – Voices [TRUE036]
Varela CI – SPACE JAM EP [VQR074]
Vincent Marlice, Erhan Kesen – Centuries of traum [DTZ122]
Wez Baldwin – Flow [AR006]
ZebraCak3 – Gipsy [MIM097]
Zombies In Miami – Disco Nostalgia (A Marvin & Guy Mix In Space)
Zuka – This Feeling [STS580]

Electronica & Downtempo

Blue Hawaii – All That Blue [ABT076DIG1]
Frédéric Galliano – Plis Infinis N°2 – (F Communications)
Holed Coin – Ding Ding – (LNDKHN)
Karden, Garak – Empty Box [DROP022]
Laurent Garnier – Flashback – (F Communications)
Marco Faraone, Greeko – Armaghetton [USSX002]
Nuel – FANTASIA [AMB2004D]
Pandhora – Censorship [3701421596055]
Pierre Rousseau – Paris [BIS046DIG1]
Poranguí – Otorongo (Captures Remix) [RES013]
Ready Made – Opack – (F Communications)
Rone – Room with a View Remixes (InFine)
Russian Linesman – Monomyth IV – Apotheosis [LOKI024]
Sangeet – Heliostasio Remix Edition [MND016]
Scan X – Fcom 25 Remastered EP2 – (F Communications)
SHDW, Obscure Shape – Charity Version [FAMCV001]
Una – Noise of the Wing An Apology for Annoyance
ÜNAM – Belleza Oculta [HUP003]
VA – 15 Years Full Pupp Pt.3 – (Full Pupp)
VA – DFTD Accapellas VLM 02 [DFTDAC02D]


7 Minutes Dead – Without Chu [MCS782]
A Double, Ross Belloss – Maestro’s Of House EP [IIT045]
Alex LaMark – Broken Time [CAT392325]
Alex Virgo – Favourite Colour [PETS122]
Andreino Rmx – Ready To Go [SLAB166]
Ape Rebellion – Hold The Line [GU504TX]
Artichokes – Get Down – Extended Mix [BL2033DJ]
Babis Kotsanis – A Night with You [10175338]
BAILE, Felicia Douglass – Won’t Say It [COU012]
Benwah – Lost in You [BF372]
Big Miz – Short Stories, Vol. 2 [SNF045]
Bingo Players, Peyruis – Scoop [190295189471]
Blaqwell – Parkers Joint EP [SIMBLK219]
Block & Crown, Dzialach – PHUNK EP [NG141]
Block & Crown, Marc Rousso – I Can’t Help the Way I Feel [KK012]
Block & Crown, Marc Rousso – Why Should I Care [OR032]
Block & Crown, Martina Budde – Paris Latino [NG146]
Brock Edwards, concinnity – So High [HTM003]
Case Of The Mondays – Girlfriend [COTM001]
Dan-M – House Power [CWA351]
Dave Aude, Luciana – Watching You Watching Me (Tom Stephan Remix)
DIOLA – Brazil [CAT381548]
Dirtydisco – It’s On You [PLSTRX011]
Dirtydisco, Sweetpower – Need Love [PLSTRX009]
Disco Agents – Perfekt Disko Trak ’20 [CDR044]
DJ Quadratt – AQUAMARIN [PUW024]
DJ Sneak – The Difference EP [KULT003]
Dominus (UK), – Going Around [SUNFLV013]
Ebony Children – Can’t You Hear The Children Playing [DVM00075]
Electronic Youth – Understand [FREAK132]
Ferreck Dawn – Lights Camera Action [ARSBJKT138]
Fraktal – Shock! [194525363334]
Fremde Passagiere – Attention (Remixes) [TBM082R]
Gabriel & Dresden & Sub Teal – Something Bigger (Elevven & Nourey Mixes)
Greg Gow – Base Jumping [PFR233]
Henry Navarro – We’ve Got The Night To Prove It [LB020]
Honey Dijon – Not About You – Extended Mix [CMC241D2]
Howling – COLURE (Counter)
Icona Pop, Hayden James – Right Time [00602507263171]
ISSA (US), Thea Austin – 4 18 AM [ISSA015]
Jeremy Sylvester – Respect [UDZ119]
Jinadu, Illyus & Barrientos – The Stranger (In My Head) [UL01963]
Jon Gurd – District EP (Anjunadeep)
Joseph Bound – What Think About Me D [DBR1332]
Kiki Doll, Karen Flores – When I Think of You [NG142]
KPD, 84Bit – Take The City [84B059]
Kratex – I Like That [PD5393]
Lastlings – No Time (RÜFÜS DU SOL Extended Remix) [LRLP0021N]
Lefrak – La Jungla Ep [BSC148]
Leone – Someday [PHXBLK023]
Lil’T, Big Sexy – Gogo Juice [WLM92]
Luca Debonaire – High Energy [4056813181784]
Luca Debonaire, Madelain Gazette – Spacer [4056813190687]
Lush Djs – Low Key [MUK113]
Mario Basanov – When I’m Falling Feat. Nnaji – Don’t La La La
Mat.Joe – Off Ma Mind (Remixes) [NEM02001Z]
Matt Sugar R – Seein’ U (feat. Thomas Barnett) [VSD008]
Matthew Dear – Backstroke 3
Matthieu Faubourg – Infinity [STRCTR008]
Mele – Conga Mode EP [CLB006]
Midnight Kids – The Lost Youth (Remixes) EP (2020) (RCA)
Milk & Sugar – Let the Sun Shine (Alaia & Gallo Remix) [MSR231]
Nightshift (UK) – Journey EP [UNI169]
OFFAIAH – Play It By Ear – Club Mix [DFTD610D2]
Pangaea – Like This [HES036]
Peter Brown – Disko Madness [LTBH095REMIX]
Retinue, Kimpasso, Joanna Holstein – Make Me Feel – Robbie Rivera Remix
REX & LYDA, Rossell, Filizola – Nasty Funk [SOV151B]
Risk Assessment – Hurt Me [PHM173]
Ryno – A New York Thing EP [AM107]
Softmal – Touch [SSD040]
Spoiljack – Your Love (Nylo)
Street Angel – Orange Trumpet [STW038]
Suburb Beat – Let’s Groove On [RB239]
Teddy Cream – Home (Rokston & Leon Brooks Extended Remix)
Thomas K – This Cant Be [WR178]
Thomas Newson – I Got Y’All [ARDP524]
Tiesto, ILIRA – Lose You [00602507367985]
Tilman – One for the Trouble (Shall Not Fade)
Timeo, Lim Nylon – 70 Things [PR2020546]
Tzesar – All For You [PHUNKZ100]
VA – Continuous Transition of Restate (Amselcom)
VA – Crossworlder Universe 10 [CRM133]
VA – Dance To The House Issue 11 [GSRCD086]
Zucchi – Tururim [190295188788]

Progressive House

Ahau, Arkay Koo – Paoyhán [GHR20]
Airwave & Phi Phi – Today Is Made Of Yesterdays [BP9572020]
Alex Gilev – Music Of Our Sphere [FIGURA158]
Alex ll Martinenko, Eugene Mako – Viscious Lava [SMPH443]
Almi, Theus (BR) – Wishes [BP9542020]
Aneesh Gera – Aurora [FSOEUV121]
Ashkan, Tomy Wahl – MITHRA EP [KTN086]
Bee Hunter – Sandwalker (2020 Re-Edit) [PMW058]
Cosmaks – Departure [ESM416]
De Graaf – Allumine [NOIR081]
Death on the Balcony – Perpetual Hunger [HV052]
Eric Rose, Comax – Pogo (incl. Rafael Cerato Rmx) [FG405]
Ewan Rill – Cute Beast [ABO031]
Facundo Sosa – Madness [CONS057]
Fake Mood – Howling [RVNZ02S]
Fidan – Symphonic [IS041]
fran&co – Today [MADHAT030D]
Ghostt, Ghabe, Lucaas Be – Eu e Você [G010004399685V]
Going Deeper & Amba Shepherd – Raindrops (Marcus Santoro Remix)
Govinda & Loli Alvarez – Meloir [OOAK110]
Graviton – Shivering Sky [BC2320]
GRAZZE, Rauschhaus – Nord [ZT17101Z]
Gux Jimenez & Noiyse Project – Feel The Calm [MAM066]
Guy J – Beast Of Sea [LF070D]
Havana – Ethnic Prayer (Jay Kay Remix) [LIMB176]
Hernan Cerbello – Roasted – (Itom Records)
High On Mars – Take Over [SUPER253]
Houce – Finding You [MM018]
I.R.A.L.I – Jorneyss – Freedom [FG404]
Icoen – Antique [ETREE378]
Ilya Gerus – Cancer [AL219]
J Lauda – Lyra [MIST769]
JaccoWork – More Than a Decade [LUPSREC342]
Jorré – Trembola [SP364]
Juani Otatti – Lazeta [BQ451]
Julian Nates – Megara [BALKAN0634]
Kamilo Sanclemente, Dabeat – Lonely Space [PSR025]
Kardon – Sunrise [BVL044]
Kay-D – Mutation [ASR252]
Kay-D – Tethys [ZMR087]
Laidback Luke, GATTUSO – Heart On My Sleeve – Extended Mix [UL01881]
Lane 8 & OTR – Shatter [TNH057D]
Lucas Frota & Blakkat – Alone
Mark Digital – Play [SMLD070]
Masella – A Place of Saturn [ALPHABLACK011]
Mat Zo – Problems [ANJ636D]
Matan Caspi – For A While [OL368]
Matchy & Johanson – Bodytalk [KATER217]
Mesotec – Timedive [8719729722002]
Mr. Poo – Cyber Passion [DBESP88]
Mr. Poo – Destiny – Morning Shadow [DBESP78]
Narcotex – Erotic Nights [MYC926]
Nebula (AR) – Voodoo Children [KD178]
Nik Nazarov – Magdalena [ST266]
Ocean of Emotion – Smoke on the Water [MVT470]
Pavel Petrov – Generation [EXA002]
Praana – Sun Sparks [ENCOLOR242E]
Reschke – Need You [CLR341]
Ricardo Piedra – On The Mountain [MHR380]
Rick Pier O’neil – One Side Of The Underground, Vol. 4
Riyoon – Change of Plans [LD038]
Roo Mckeller – Contemplation [PHWE273]
RYAN (CUB) – Perplexing Forest [3XA429]
Saive & Kleiber – AlAwal [SAILP01]
Sasha White – Freedommaker [MF037]
Sebastian Sellares – Reaching Kairos [OTS41]
Sergey Muzarks – Mantra [RM049]
Serhe – Hypnosis [FIGURALIM010]
Sinan Arsan & Axel Zambrano & Jfr – Aglaya [D9SA002]
Squarz Kamel, Woti Trella, States Trigger – Go With The Flow [JA066]
Stage Van H – A Long Time Ago [BALKAN0635]
Stan Kolev & Aaron Suiss – Anomalous [OL370]
Stergios, Thanos Gountanos – Meditation [REGEN063]
Stil & Bense – Pythia [RBS189]
Stoned Dreams – Satellite [BCSA0458]
SUZe – Urban Butterfly [KATER218]
Tim Iron – Bipolar [ESM417]
TLT – Around Us [DD014E]
VA – Balearic Beach 03 [SOL128]
VA – BCSA Sampler, Vol. 1 [BCSA0457]
VA – Dear Deer Bundles Vol 19 [DDBNDL019]
VA – Don’t Panic – It’s Organic [HWD118]
VA – Kappa – (Lump Records)
VA – Novus Vol. 5 [BU006]
VA – Three Of A Kind #05 [3AV206]
Valiant – Alpas [ESH205]
Van Yorge – Whitehaven [PHW404]
Vitaliy Zubarev – A Mixture Of Different Worlds [FIGURALIM012]
Will Easton – Radio Star (Extended Mix) [STREC023B]
Xavier Montrier – Alligator Savannah
Yashar – Chronos [DPW013]
Yeadon – Sundance [FSOEUV122]

Tech House

Affani – Jammin EP [GT035]
Albert Aponte, Chris Groovejey – El Gran Cantante [BHR057]
alexanderlouis – The Traveler Ep [MAYA186]
AndMe & Bastian – All We Want – (Phoenix Music)
Andrew Meller – Watching Her Sleep EP [INC173]
Anicée – What You Want [BOR328]
Anthony Megaro – Weed [MRCARTER136]
Anthony Spallino, Aurelien Stireg – Night Shift
Avesie – Soho [WT371]
BRK (BR) – ISOL8 EP [NL013]
Bruno Furlan – Intoxicate [WHISTLE34]
Coqui Selection, S7VEN (SP), Alex Lafuente – Boyz [TK040]
Dale Howard – The Beat (Extended Mix) [CLUBSWE268]
Daniell Spencer – Adult Only Records 06 (Adult Only)
Darjush Fassih – Push by Photay [PR068]
Das Kapital, Eyes Everywhere – Interstellar Pirate Material
Datatab – Mind Eraser [PSYCHD094]
Detire – Out Of My Life [AS138]
Don Voyer – Need You [ICR013]
Drew Dapps – Jewelz – Extended Mix [GM089E]
Dub Taylor – Forms & Figures (Forms & Figures)
E.R.N.E.S.T.O, Black V Neck – Ronca [HM008]
Ekoboy – Sweet Lil Thing [SF040]
Fabio Neural, DJ Fronter – Bumble [SOLA119]
Farid Odilbekov & Wyro – Engineer Records #05 [EEE005]
FK Anyway – Velvet [195081118987]
Fond8 – Digital Rhythms – (Metropolitan Recordings)
Frankie Fandango – Sunshine (Factor 20 Rework)
Frankie Solano – Rich Out [ML073]
Fuzzy Hair – You Give Me Everything
Gettoblaster, Daddy Dino – I Need To Know (Incl. The Deepshakerz and Lonely remixes)
Giorgio Maulini – Spaceport [FFRLIMITED023]
GK, No Hopes – Feel The Groove [TK041]
Gonzalo Risso – Everybody [TSL137]
Guti & David Gtronic – Personality Disorder Remixes LP
Hannah Wants, Eskuche – The ISH EP [ETI02501Z]
Hollaphonic – Wicked & Lazy [190295197087]
Jack Whitworth – No Kicks_ [RSH195]
JNZO – Let You Get to Me [HP071]
Joc House – Bulla & Conga [TTR114]
Josh Baker – Y [SOI010]
Julian Collazos – IPANEMA EP [DM206]
Kenny Brian – Go Girl EP [STEALTH202]
Kikka Vara – Be [BB009]
Kirik & Ya.svet – Space Moods [EWXW002]
LA Riots – Acid Roll [HP070]
LAMMER – You From [195335609209]
Lil’M & Jok, Niki4 – Sentimi – (Street King)
Lo Coco – La Pluma [MATERIALISM176]
Loco Dice, Eddie Fowlkes – Boogie Mandroid [ENC002S]
Lophius Rec, Guti Legatto – Hold You Tight EP [BSM002]
Lubelski – At Night [GRU107]
Lulla – Universe B [ALTH003]
Manu Fuentes – Back to the Underground [PERA173]
Marco Anzalone, Dead Space – Outside – Lost Souls
Mark Johnstone – Where’s The Action [UUR003]
Martin Bordacahar – Libertad [STH136]
Mauro Venti – Psychosis EP [SOS018]
Mendo – La Ramona [4056813174694]
Mescal Kids – Never Knew [HP073]
Miguel Bastida – Soul Sunset [SOLOTOKO062]
MKJAY, Breaking Beattz – Dangerous (Extended Mix)
Omar Labastida – Atamante [303L2015]
Peter Pavlov – All About House [PJT222]
Pinto (NYC) – Stepped Into EP
Qubiko – The Light [KBP035]
Rafa Barrios – Voixe EP [SAVED21801Z]
Rayan Hermes – Soldier [SAGMEN050]
Reblok – Provoke [BR003]
Reydel – RAÍCES EP [DUB001]
Roberto Surace – Joys (Remixes) – (Defected Records)
Rov – Feel Alive EP – (Loulou Records)
Safinteam – The Avalanche [MOONMAGICM03]
Sara Fry – Let’s Freak [STASHD081]
Sebastian Ledher – Benedictions EP [MINDSHAKE068]
Sera De Villalta – Gichie Gichie [MOL013]
Shane Patrick Riley – Piano Tune [CAT401988]
Siege – Forget EP [SAVED21701Z]
Skonka – Little Night [HP076]
Slushii, RayRay – ET [SLU0007B]
Sonny Wharton – Never Say Never [LH008]
Soulvation – I Need You [OR031]
Stereotypes – Stand Up [WLT002]
Sunday Noise, Katopodis – This Is It EP [PSL0343]
Techouzer, Lujan Fernandez – Frequency [PP30]
Thatmanmonkz – Exosemiotics [SMDIGITAL21]
The Deepshakerz – Reach Out [TRX15001Z]
VA – Material Trax Vol.31 [MATERIALTRAX31]
VA – Snatch! Collection Vol. 4 (2015 – 2020)
VA – To the Underground, Vol. 19 [GSRCD085]
VA – Voltaire Music Pres. Monologue Vol 9 [VOLTCOMP927]
Vicente Guevara, James Long – Las Guerras de las Hayacas
Vince Versa – Broken Up [AS133]

Techno & Minimal

29 Palms – Unfolding [195081121666]
Accented Measures – Photons [467811]
Alan Banjo – Race [ORANGE135]
Alberto Ruiz, Gaston Zani – Dark Space [WERAW007]
Aleksander – Uprising EP [RVK014]
Alex Deft – We Go [MXL093]
Alex Dolby – Dog Eat Dog EP (sequenzial shift)
Alexandro G, Bastien Groove – Charlando EP [T4L023]
Allesman – Cosmic Dust [SDU009]
Andrea Signore – The Awaken [ORANGE136]
Anoo Rado – On The Move EP [OVRD014]
Arash Shardam – Things Fall Apart [UT098]
Arnaud Le Texier – Urshanabi EP [MATERIA033]
Asyncronous – Pangaea Nova EP [PHONICASPECED007]
Audiolog – The Revenant [AM026]
Avec Nous – Geometry EP [RC30]
Axon. – Almost [DIGISTR89]
Balaur, Sakdat – Summon The Magic EP [TZH136]
Black Chapel, Ntsha – Stargate 7 [EJU248]
Blin Eff – Solstizzio [LLB048]
Booka Shade, Jan Blomqvist – Blaze [BFMB074]
Bookwood – Nowhere But Here [URSLINT034]
Brian Cid – We Will Rise [ENDGRD015]
Callum Plant – BOUQUET EP [UT065]
CamelPhat feat. Yannis Foals – Hypercolour (ARTBAT Remix)
Carlo.s Rauw – Friends [LVD11]
Carlos A, Astre – QUE PAHOO EP [INM099]
Carlota – the bow [TRP031]
CAYN, For2 – Init [AR049]
Celic, TekanismTheory – Arnor [PLO076]
Cessy – Take A Ride [NOART031]
Cetz – Dos Sentidos [KM286]
Chilly Beats – New Morning [UXE193]
Chris Maico Schmidt – Automation Remixes [BF308]
Chris Veron – Power Drop [PSR111]
Christopher Kah – Unraised [TNL001]
Cor100 – Sign In [CPL238]
Craig & Grant Gordon – Intention EP [LAM190]
Cri Du Coeur – Erickson – Erickson On Acid [ARKIO03]
Crocetti – Poseidon [LMTRAX158]
Dab Mode – Time To Breath [SDU008]
DamienJ – TechnoWorkxx [FWR176]
Damienn, Valvan – Modus Operandi [MIOLI064]
Dance Spirit – The Sound Of Souls EP [BALANCE011EP]
Danny Wabbit, Karim Alkhayat – The Great Sin
Dav’bond – Progressive World [EST223]
De Hombre – Mictlan [SIN029]
Deiver – Hysteria [KLP334]
Devoteex – DARK SHADOW [RC29]
Domo – Empty Streets [INDUSHE212]
Drunken Kong – Where We Start (Remixes 3_3) [TR365]
Echo Inspectors – Lunar Shadows [PCB01]
Ed Lee – 1989 (Remixed Part I) [265SR]
Edu Imbernon & Mordem – Underwater Breathtaking (Innellea Remix)
Eduardo De La Calle – SARPE [EKT000132N]
Elif (TR) – Moonspell [ATCK009]
Erofex – Senda [AR011]
Esoteric Circle – Tomorrow Is in Your Hands [ODT013]
Ewan Rill – Unlocked [GR9036]
Ezek & Katerunser – Someone Is Watching Me [D34]
FiveP – Andromeda [BFL058]
Foreign Guest – Ley Kargo EP [OO013]
Forest Weed & Smyk – Silk Road [BF292]
Francesca Lombardo, Hannes Bieger, Day By Day – SPLIT 01
Franco Motta – Noticia de Ultimo Momento [PURISMW29]
Fur Coat – Hurricane [REN2007D]
Gabriel Evoke – Na Mata [NPL023]
Galestian – L’Amour [MAN300]
Gero Jansen – Tpod [IAMT215]
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