Afro House

Cianda Point G – Fireflies [Galaxy House Music]
Abel Daizer – A Journey to Remember [Ohyea Muziq]
Alejandro Peñaloza & Krifa – La Vida [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Alkaline Georgi – Circle of Life [KUKUM]
Andrea Calandra – Breath of the World [Sneja Recordings]
Andrés Hernández (VE), Angel Doza – The Beginning [DESPLACE]
Aquadeep & Veesoul – Enkosini (feat. A.M) [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Blue & Smallz – Jangwa [BluFin]
BosPianii – Case Closed (feat. Gwyza & Mamiki) [KOMU Records]
Cristofano – African Woman [Mantra Music Rec]
DandyLisbon & Massivedrum – Tradison [NewLight Records]
Dany Cohiba – Destino [Miniaturesrec]
DJ Fopp & Ivan Trevisan – Bamako Sunset [Full Dance Records]
DJ Francisco Freites – Baron Ashleer [Big Latin]
DJ Giovannino & Pietro Nicosia – Covid [Sins Sound]
Hokkaido Miners – Nothing Else Matter [PLANE ARC RECORDS]
Hyenah – 3rd Eye (feat. Mr. V) [Rise Music]
InQfive & TorQue MuziQ – Blood & Roses, Vol. 2
Kekstar & Stickman – Latin Vibes [Azania Digital Records]
Laerhnzo & TooZee – Amasiko (feat. Zalous & Muzicar)
LiloCox – Amazzonia [Arrifana Records]
Luis Radio & Stefano Guerra – Bazaar [Groovebom Records]
Mikael Martinez – African Dance [Pablo Entertainment]
Ngalah Oreyo – Zanzibar [INI Movement (NL)]
Nigel Hayes – Jabbawokki [Archivators Records]
Ntsako – Long Distance [Black People Records]
Re.You & Robert Jankovic – Push Me [Moon Harbour Recordings]
Sakhile SK – The Good Lord [Old Dayzz Recordings]
The GNS Projekt – Blackout [BrokenSoul Records]
VA – Essential Vol.15 [Traktoria]


Advirr & Jackree – Cheri Cheri Lady [Jendex Records]
Alamo & Julia Hallåsen – Da Bop [Lithuania HQ]
Alek Sandar – Keep Waiting [Splendid Sounds Records]
Ales Fabiani & InI Jahtoni – Like an Angel [AF Mvsic]
Amixs – Bongo-T (Sauerkraut Version) [igroovemusic]
Andrew Roman – Borderline (feat. Louis Torre) [TGR Music Group]
Androjinni – I Don’t Wanna Cry [FVYDID]
ANiX – Everywhere I Go [RiSE UP Records]
AronChupa – Lai Lai (Radio Edit) [House of Albatraoz]
AstroWolf – The Good Things [Tensi0n]
At Last & Who’s John, At Last – Good Pretending [Brooklyn Blue]
Awakend & Nytrix – Message From the Stars [Proximity]
B Jones – Blinding Lights (feat. Jermaine Fleur) [After Dark]
Bedük – Live in London [Delises]
Benjamin Duchenne, Kinsuby – Closer [EMI]
Besh – Belgian Sound Hooligans [Consultune]
Caliber – The Bassline Archivez [Reson8Records]
Can2 – Detox Your Love (feat. Jei) [CAN2 Music and Media]
Chillymouse – ABCD (Dino Nilukki Mix) [ZYX]
Club House – Light my Fire (feat. Carl) [Jason Parker X Bootmasters Remix] [ZYX]
Code Red – Fool For Love [Pinnacle Collective]
Cookie Doe – Hypnotized [Armada Music]
Cumbia Killers – #Otra Noche Sin Ti [Urban Club (LRM)]
Cumbia Killers – #Sal y Perrea [Urban Club (LRM)]
Cursed Sall – Moments [Spitfire Music]
Darren Styles, Ashley Wallbridge & Gavin Beach – All My Life [Electric Fox]
DayFox – Complicated [Loudkult]
Dirty Mah – Convert [DRTMAD]
Discrete, Ouse & Dylan Fuentes – Drown In Me (feat. Kiesza) [Astralwerks]
DJ Dean – Balla Nation 2021 (The Remixes – Part 1 – Blue Edition) [Dean Beatz]
DJ Teo – Ademas de Mix 2 [Urban Club (LRM)]
DLMT & Cazztek – Better Off (feat. Sara Diamond) [Dim Mak Records]
Dmitry Titaev – Body Life [Neverland Sounds]
Druid Cloak – Bastion of the Sterling Thrones [Bad Taste Rec]
Dualities & Cally Rhodes – Don’t Feel Like Dancing [LoudKult Div.]
Dżeju – Think About Her [Smile Creations Music Label]
Enki Nyxx – Feeling Love [Dreamdealers]
Enzeo & Ginsong, Enzeo – Bliss [Global305]
Eqvals – Let Me Go [OXYTIME]
Eric Martins – Bad Intentions [Noise Centre]
Fluwence – Coming Home (feat. Red Ranger) [Closer Music]
Fluwence – Here for You (feat. Federico Navarro Trias) [Closer Music]
Fluwence – Lost in the Rain [Closer Music]
Fluwence – Lot to Say (feat. Michael Jefferson) [Closer Music]
Fluwence – Should’ve Never (feat. Aaron Lindenburg) [Closer Music]
Fluwence – Touch of Temptation (feat. Maiia Meskhadze) [Closer Music]
Fly & Sasha Fashion – The Best of Fly & Sasha Fashion [Deep Strips]
Freaky DJ’s, KaktuZ & Eddie Jonsson – All of my love [Deep Strips]
Gorillag – Gimme Gimme Gimme (Remixes) [Crown Of Music]
HEDEGAARD & Gustav Boje, Gustav Munk – DARK MATTER (Remixes)
Hissterix – Hit Me [Noise Centre]
Homo Novo – Pata Pata (Remixes) [Digital Village Music]
Hoxtones, DFE & Dashew – Back 2 U [SHOONZ]
humbl3 & Revealed Recordings – Feel In [Revealed Radar]
IMPP – Anything for You (Casaris Remix) [Sonic Flash]
Ina Wroldsen – Fires [Columbia (Sony)]
Jay Dixie – Decisions (feat. Emily Falvey) [ATLAST]
JBLS – I Can Replace You [Fitting Room]
Jesusdapnk & Ivonne Calvillo – Lesson [Good Luck Penny]
Jimbo Sounds – Gqom Take Over [Muzart Music Co.]
Joe Le Blanc – Wishing Well (Remixes) [Black Boat]
Joe Lepler – Desire [Aries Sky Records]
John Patch – Sleep Schedule [Ingenious Records]
John Roberts – Lights Out (Felix da Housecat & Dave the Hustler Remix)
Josh Nor – Maniac (Flashdance) [Remixes] [Digital Village Music]
KASPERG & Palma – Give You My All (feat. Molly Mae)
Keanu Silva – Do Or Die [Virgin]
Kenneth Rossetti – Sambà (To Camino Real – Remix) [d vision]
Kkomjirock band, Ruv Vallan – Krossroad [Magnus Records]
Kraig Rizzle – Got Problems (feat. Miguel Torres) [Closer Music]
Kylo Walker – Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat Theme)
LAYRZ – Heatwave [igroovemusic]
LEAGUE – Don’t You Let Me (feat. Ariadni Kidonis) [Closer Music]
LEAGUE – High Like This (feat. Brenna MacQuarrie) [Closer Music]
LEAGUE – The Fall (feat. Adam Aris) [Closer Music]
Lee Marrow – Do you Want me (Block & Crown Strobelight Mix)
LEOWI & Aivarask – Dynamite (feat. Siadou) [Lithuania HQ]
Little L3GENDS & Jodi Valentin – Closing Time [FARMACY]
Løyd – Bunker III [LASER [BNL]]
Luma & Blanke, Luma & Yuppycult – Kill the Night [24-8 Records]
Lydien & PiKMUN – Getting on Down [Outta Phase Records]
Madism & Kigali’ – BTL [RCA,Famouz Records]
Manu Delago – ReCycling [One Little Independent Records]
Marcelo Demarco – Dark Matter [Louder Records]
Mark Storm – Falling in Love [Alveda Gold]
Martyn Walsh & Simon Lyon – Afterglow
Matironi – Rainbow Clouds [Spitfire Music]
MD Dj – Heart in Motion (feat. Scarlett) [Radio Mix] [MDM Records]
mitch murder – Then Again [Mad Decent]
Monamour – Just Like This (feat. Jana) [Blanco y Negro Music]
MVDNES & Guapa – Come On [Lithuania HQ]
Mynastic – Hatsune [Digital Music Crew]
Nathan Gilkinet – Macro Cosmos [Kinetic Recordings]
Nerdbird – Geeks and Beats [Nerdbird Records]
Nickveezee – Earth Tones, Vol. 1 [BBM]
Niser – Je Suis Music [Niser Music]
ONEIL & Titov – Heathens [Lithuania HQ]
ONnotez – Do for Love (feat. Rowana) [The Sin Records]
Paul Mccan – Chimborazo [Libertas]
Picard Brothers – Blessing In This House [Universal-Island Records Ltd.]
Pratic – All the Things [Blanco y Negro Music]
Raflesia – Serenity [Crypto Music]
Rave Radio – Dutch (feat. Emy Perez) [Skink]
Remundo – Baila Conmigo [KudoZ Records]
Riss Yeno – Do It! [Wavebox Records]
RORRE – Karaoke Queen [Teamwrk Records]
Ryan Blyth – Do Me Right [Perfect Havoc]
Ryan Hagan – Don’t Let Me Stop – Corrigan Remix [2220 RECORDS, LLC]
Sasha Primitive – Lost Tonight [PRIMITIVE LOFT]
Scudda – Chasing (feat. BrannCoxx) [Borderline Records]
Serkkyii – Let Me Leave You [Kibbutz Records]
Sexgadget – Come To Me Like [Mental Madness Records]
SGRN – Livin’ (feat. Gracen Hill) [Closer Music]
SGRN – One Night (feat. Ariadni Kidonis) [Closer Music]
SHTED – You Are My Warrior [Deep Strips]
Simon Vendeme – Le silence est un bruit [DesTours Records]
Sonny Fodera & Just Kiddin – Closer (feat. Lilly Ahlberg) [EMI]
Sour & Kaese – Can’t Live Without You [Sirup Music]
SpaceWind – Children of the Sun , Republic Open Hearts
Stonebank & Nino Lucarelli – Strength Unknown [Monstercat]
Sven Klak – Home [Chase the Sound Records]
T-Bor – Be With You [New State Music]
T-Shirts & Sweats – Bellator , Acidum [Epidemic Electronic]
Tagtreumer – La Orilla Del Mar [Tag Treumer]
Taim & Alyss – If You Need [Confession]
Taurent & JEANDER – Gran Miura [Dawn Recordings]
Tennek – Energy [Kingdom]
Terry Lex, DJ Dave Dee & DJ Milentija – I Wanna Find You [Push On Music]
Thandeka Ngwenya – Umuntu [Chocs Pro Sound]
The Two Fake Blondes – Good 4 U [Gameroom Records]
Tiktoker – Jump & Shout [Venus Records]
Tom & Collins & RØZ – Come Back (feat. Dream Safari) [Terms & Conditions]
Tony Momrelle – Lockdown Acoustic Sessions [Vibe45 Records]
Udzundza Nenkhali Zebhosa – Music Online [H3M Production]
Umberto & Marvin Klein – Breathless [Up All Night]
Unfolding – Out of Time (feat. Macy Marshburn) [Closer Music]
Unrthd – Don’t Close Your Eyes [InExtinct Records]
VA – Dark Side of the Galaxy (Themes for the 4th)
VA – Foliage Acapellas Volume 3 [Foliage Records]
Vee Brondi – All In (feat. PRYVT RYN) [Glorie Records]
Visioneight, Efimia & Trevor Jackson – Happy End [Mellowave Records]
Wild Culture – Ice Cream [Wilderness Rec.]
WTHD – Fck Me Up [LAB Recordings]
Zafar Rahim – Dance Until the Morning [ZIFOSTUDIO]
Zeni N – Can We (Get Back) [Three Dot House]
ZHU & Arctic Lake, ZHU & partywithray – DREAMLAND 2021 [Astralwerks]

Dubstep & Drum & bass

0-500-NITO – Bansuri [AY YO TRIP! Records]
2 Spliff Shorty – Irieshun Dub [AY YO TRIP! Records]
5LINK – Say Your Name [5LINK Music]
7th Sense – Benediction [True Color]
8B@LL & Enuf Dubz – Blazin [AY YO TRIP! Records]
A.M.C – Eject [Titan Records]
Alpha Rhythm & Humanature, Conrad Subs – Headsbass Volume 6 Part 2 [Beats In Mind]
Alr – Faceless [Pick The Lock Records]
Andromedik & Voicians – Won’t Let Go (Used Remix) [Liquicity Records]
Artificial Red – Behind Her Eyes [Omertà Recs]
Artilect – Infinite Tension [Samurai Music]
Arxiva – Ego , Chains [Modular Carnage Recordings]
Arxiva, INDUKT & Arxiva – Entheogen [immrsve audio]
Basscodez – Bittersweet [DNBB Digital]
Bill & Ed – Juicy Gang 002 [Juicy Fruit Recordings]
Black Tiger Sex Machine – Creature (feat. JT Roach) [Kannibalen Records]
BLANG – Behind Signals [Bell Ringer Records]
BlckHry – I Don’t Wanna , Bite Vip [Bites]
Brusten & Freqax, Brusten & Mighty Boogie – Bad Mistakes [Counterpoint]
Cadense & Sinematic (UK) – Forgive [Bowlcut Beats]
Caramel, MadRush MC & Mr Ink, Ne.Man & Caramel – The Art of Blending 4.0 [Drippyboiii Recordings]
Chubbs – Forever [Young Guns Recordings]
Clik – Deep Down [Sub Factory Records]
Clik – High Ground [Sub Factory Records]
Critical Matter – Break of Dawn [Mute Grid]
Cryptographic – Light & Darkness [Nurtured Beatz]
Define Unit, ElectroNobody – Chasing the Wind [ElectroNobody]
Deploy – Get Me High [Deploy The Music Recordings]
Dextems – Watchers , Traces [Ignescent]
DinJest – Transparent [Broesh]
DJ Komatose – Body Bass [Big And Heavy Recordings]
DJ Max Lietta – Fast [Maxlietta Records]
DJ Osheen – In the Sky [Ani Records]
DJ Paul Crisil – Heritage [29 DNB]
Doctor Neiman & Micah Martin, Doctor Neiman – Chapter 1 And So It Begins [Circus]
Dr Prozak – Bloodclaat [Viral-Mental Records]
Ego Trippin – Jelly Grots [Super Lit]
ESP r & WAKIKI – Missme [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Extrose – Reluctant , Swell [Stoic Sounds]
Firestarterz – Feel Your Heart Beat (feat. Summer Rona) [Center C Recordings (Club G Music)]
Flipnosis & Justjo, Flipnosis – Flavours [Informal]
Foreign Twiinz – Lockdown [Deep Tech Records]
forms of sorcery – Pandora’s Box [banging dem tunes]
Freaks Out Sound – Explosion [Interesting Music]
Freqkid – Step on the Frequency (feat. Yazee Jay) [Pulsatil Records]
FROSTI DUBZ – Mercy [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Fuelized – Perspectives [Bassface Audio D&B]
GAINCHANGER – Basic Shapes [Gas Money Music]
Grafoman, Reac-Zo & Esthetic – Archetype , Dungeon [Onset Audio]
Hadron Sounds & Soraya Grosso – Carry Me Away [Hadron Sounds]
Headroom – Kbd (feat. Tee) [Identity Records UK]
HERMEX – Vengeance [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Hostyle – Back with Da [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Hvlf Pvst Grime – Syncronizing [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Hyde UK – Unruly [Double UV Recordings]
Iggy Rom – Insanity [Korsakov Music]
ILLUMINI – Fly Away [Illuminated Records]
Ipsiom & KNÖDE, Ipsiom – Diamond Dust [Railbreakers]
J.Solo – Ruff Beats [Greedy Beats]
J8r Ri88im – Critical Hit [Chapel of Dubstep]
Jay Walker & Krash, Joshwana – Eggs over Easy , Ultimate Seduction
JOA Dubz & E4RC – Space Hole [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Joe Roller – Onyo [VELA Music]
KaventG & Dubnuat – Culture Shock [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Kelsey Ray & Stryer – Waves [Simplify.]
Kilarchi – Merciless [Ascended Audio]
Kilarchi – Vibe the Night [Ascended Audio]
Kleu – One Night Only [LoveThatBass]
Komax – Nymph [Live History Records]
Koshiid – Snowball [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Lenzman & Slay, Lenzman – Lil Souljah [The North Quarter]
Lite Headed – Oh My [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Lone Wolf – Naughty Guitar [lone wolf]
Marma – Beep Boop Boogaloo [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Martyn Nytram – Auroras [Dubplate Dread]
Matrix 808 – Possessed [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Moppy – Beans [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Mundee – Dignity (The Remixes) [Aesthetica Records]
NBFY – Heaven Lights [Spiralation]
Ńemy – Flux , Catalyst [inHabit Recordings]
Orgoth – Ghidorah [Cross Faded Records]
Paragon – N.A.T , Lowlife [Paragon Productions]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Retired Reptilians Lp [Spun]
PH42E – Hivemind [Skalator Music]
Phace & Buunshin – IDLE [Neosignal Recordings]
PhoneCall & Kadri Hansen, PhoneCall – Lost & Found [Lejal Globe]
Prestige – Long Ride [Holographic Audio]
Q Project & Myth, Q Project – Demonz [Computer Integrated Audio]
Qant – Worries , Bam Bam [VIBEZ’ 93]
R3dX – Straight [AfterNight]
René LaVice – Budz [DeVice]
Rhepuls – Tungsten Rd [Cherch Recordings]
Saint Rigal – Maelstrom Gang [Saint Rigal]
Salix – Distance [2,57 Recordings]
Sazi & NOTA – Fizzy Lifting Dranks [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Scafetta & Kodiak – Mkay [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Sick Run – Wtf [Nuclear Bass Records]
Simple Reaction – Rock and Roll , Nickandrop [Histeria Records]
Soul Intent – Bite It [Commercial Suicide]
Starz & Deeza & Content – Love Dnb (feat. Mc Zee) [Starz & Deeza]
Sultan + Shepard – White Lies (Keeno Remix) [feat. The Cut]
SYNFLEX – Fired Up [Diverge Music Group]
Teffa – Kings Lodge , Hostile Worlds [Hotplates Recordings]
Teknical – Warmth [FX909 MUSIC]
The Dark Stranger – Depth Charge [Intel Audio]
TIM3Limit – Dawn [Easy]
Trempid & WondaMike – Slasher [Pandorum Records]
VA – Back to Jungle, Vol. 2 (Pt. 3) [Formation Records]
VA – Evolutions, Vol. 10 [Blackout Music NL]
VA – Resistance [Indefinite Recordings]
VAULINK, Roussontchik & Alex Teretto – Vibes [Negative Sound Recordings]
Wrekka – Bulletproof [Dutty Bass Audio]
Xenon (DNB) – Bitter Sweet Lips [Humanoid]
xyaz & Blashee – 8820 [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Yonoh – Liquid State [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Yung.Raj – Bassw8 [4NC¥]

Electronica & Downtempo

03SIDIAN & Mario Massa – Karl Johan [SUPRANU Records]
Adryon De León – Ally (Narf Zayd Remix) [Red Night Recordings]
AERYS – Chemical [Spitfire Music]
Affelaye – Fewer Looks [Bad Taste Rec]
AFO & BART DUSCIAN – Tell Me More [OIOI Recordings]
Alessandro Cortini – Lo Specchio [MUTE]
Alexander Gorya – 6 HOURS of Rural Life [Alexander Gorya Records]
Anagod – Df-19 [Indefinite Records]
Arantxa Denegri – Salva [Big Mono Rekords]
art&fuzz – Sometimes Damage [Metel Music Records]
arte roubada – Superficie De Novo [MOR Records]
Babah – Black (feat. Maria Papidaki) [BETWIXT]
Ben Reymann, Jack Fresia – Various Artists [Modular Side Music]
Billy S. – Acoustiq Contrast [Agnostik Records]
Black Deer – Kraut [Verge Of Tears]
Blan7 – Good Time [Bluebird Day]
BRNM – You Never Change (feat. Grazen Hill) [Closer Music]
Broeliyoek – Darkness [Machinewerkz]
Bruno Chaix & Franco Rossi, Bruno Chaix – Quasar [Xelima Records]
Calv, Corx & Epic247 – Home [MuziTanium Recordings]
Christopher David Holmberg – Sorcerer’s Tone [purple palace productions]
Christos Chondropoulos – Athenian Primitivism [12th Isle]
Cosmal – Infinite Divine [MalLabel Music]
DA¥PLA$H – Searching for U [Freshtunes]
Daisy Daze – Winter Is Done [JamLoch Records]
Daniel Marcelo DJ – Deep [avesso records]
Danny Goliger – Accidents Happen [Fantastic Voyage]
DarkBreakfast – Chameleon [Pretty Vacant Recordings]
DarkBreakfast – Ginger Beer [Pretty Vacant Recordings]
DaveZ – Waiting For Summer [DaveZ]
Debris Rouge – Ezimbili [Ubomvu Records]
Deep Sleep – Binaural Meditative Dreams [True Nature Records]
Deriva Collective – Your Face [Deriva Collective Records]
Discojuice – Child Song [Baci Different]
DJ 6ix9ine – Bonbon [Black Recordings]
DJ Frankie – Ba$$ Control [MANHIGH Recordings]
Dj IP – Jazz in Dub [Atomes Records]
DJ LIFE NIK – Natural World [Contemporary Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – Show It to Me [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Rhythm Hypnotism – Dollar Monger [Spitfire Music]
Dj Sergeiedition – Liberty [Beast Trap Records]
Downtempo Kings – Paradise [NSR ONE]
Dustrializer – Glitch Face [Nekrolog1k]
EA7 – Future Rasta [Bolderline Music]
ECKHNOM – Bottle Cap [Plastic Island]
ELWD – Bad Timing [Bad Taste Rec]
Esteban Torres – Barely Art [Freshtunes]
FANiE MOi – Lemon & Pepper [Venomous Motives]
Francois Dillinger – Icosahedrone [Diffuse Reality Records]
Franz Bart – Lights of Dawn [Varkala Records]
G-Prod – Ngc-3576 [Deeper State Records]
Gadget – Dating Game [JamLoch Records]
Gastah & Eone – Do You Mind [Gastah]
GENES – Helix Spirals (feat. Timbah) [Bad Taste Rec]
George Dare – Leave Them Behind [Artistfy Music]
Gert-Jan Kleyne & Roy Gomes – The Art of Relaxation – Part 1 [Biometric Music]
Glowing Terms – Hold a Candle [PITS]
Harmonium – Eternal Love [Redux Sunset]
Iaco – All I Ever Wanted [Spitfire Music]
Indigo Skies – Polaroids (Rory Godson Remix) [mfgustafsson]
Innesti – Filament and Place [Dronarivm]
Ishi Vu – La Luz [Different]
Itoa – French Cola [Bad Taste Rec]
Joe Black – Chillaid [Tamil Nadu Records]
John Blast – Happiness (feat. Natalie Angelova) [Spitfire Music]
Koste – Bleeding Sun [Seeking Blue]
Lagardere – Beloved Shadows (feat. Mareva) [Vanina Hanin]
Les Gordon – Dripping [Morning Crash Records]
Liss – F.Y.A. [Spitfire Music]
Lord of Silences – Ici Paris [Atomes Records]
Lyxodian – Ape Invaders [Kycker Electronic]
Made Noise – Ambient Nocturne [Ignore The Past]
Made Noise – He Is the God [Ignore The Past]
Marden Hill – Casino Muse [Ramrock Records]
Mat Hours – L’assiette [Musigamy]
Matt Robertson – Enveleau [Subtempo]
Matt Tondut – Fractured [Echoes in the Valley]
Matthias Grübel – Futuro [TruthTable]
Mauro Ghess & Efer Dee, Gabriele Congedo – My Music
Meni McFly – Battle Mode [JamLoch Records]
Misleading Structures – Outer [Archives]
Missuri – Vengo de la noche [Taurine Records]
Molife – Flo , Splish Splash [Epidemic Electronic]
MOTHERMARY & HERO – Resurrection (HERO Remix)
Musci & Intersound Music, Jeco Ivan – Journey Northern Section
Nana Adjoa – Big Dreaming Ants Remixes [Bloomer records]
Nikgrech – Electric [DTL Records]
Nitemoves – Antipode [Mechanical]
Peter Meadows – Chaotic Tales [KolorMax]
Peter Ries – A Quiet Mind (feat. Ries) [Sky Waves]
Psybort – Illusion of Time [OM Mantra Records]
Qasim Naqvi – Aftertouched [Erased Tapes]
R. I. B. – After All This Time (Cover Version) [Easy Summer]
REOS – Absolute Zero [Intensity Recordings]
Riccardo Lippi – Let Your Love Sorround Me (Re-Edit’s)
Ruf Dug – Crystal Maze [No Bad Days]
Rum Guzzler – Archipelago [Avocaudio]
Sara Berts – Ayni [Gang Of Ducks]
Sharnie B – Burning Out [Orange In All Records]
Shervaan Bergsteedt – Cockaigne [Round Robin Recordings]
Shxade – Fade [Riffraise Music]
Signalstoerung – A [Hymen Records]
Simba II – Nature’s Cool [JamLoch Records]
Smooth Selektor – Cherry Pie [Camp Records]
sneaky jesus – Battledance (Awkward Corners Remix)
Søren Sorry – Foreign Love [Obakat]
Syntronix & Chris KD – Solace [Aztec Records]
Tambour Battant & Makla, Smell – Galore Remix
The Greatest Bits – Controller Crew (TheGrefg Emote) [BitCave Records]
The Illusionist – The Space We Know [Polar Patterns]
The Quinsy – Le Vide [ScentAir Records]
The Subtheory – Fader [Quickfix Recordings]
Timbah – Can’t Love Without You [Bad Taste Rec]
Timbah – Flow Poke [Bad Taste Rec]
Tom Since Birth – The Clown [Tom Since Birth]
Touch & Go – Deep Regret [Mena Music]
Trashy Beats – Lil Uzy [Spitfire Music]
TrizzyBeatz – Home (feat. Michel Frey) [MuziTanium Recordings]
Uasmi Nasser – Distributed Systems [Appendix.Files]
VA – Bad Taste Records 5th Anniversary, Vol. 1 [Bad Taste Rec]
VA – Berlin Minimal Underground, Vol. 62 []
VA – Coffee Beats [Good Vibes Only]
VA – Echoes in the Valley, Vol. 3 [Echoes in the Valley]
Valpix – Happy (feat. Michael Mccradic) [Spitfire Music]
Very Yes – Roaring Twenties Beat Tape [Magic Magic]
Vizcaya – Intrinsecum [Okmuzik Records]
WinWel – Until I Go to Sleep (feat. Lua Lua) [Circus]
Yestergrey – Busy Rushing Nowhere [ScentAir Records]
Zaffirium – Hexagon [uVeKa Music]


4handz – Hustle [Mustache Crew Records]
5LINK – Mimosa [Caleto Records]
303 and Me – Acid Bird [Good Groove]
ACDHSTLR – Ain’t Got Nuthin [303AD Records]
Adri Block & Paul Parsons – Jack with Barry (Club Mix) [Gimme The Night]
Adrian Hour – AH002 [AHORA Music]
Albert De León – Agua Ardiente [Agua Ardiente Records]
Alex Lonov & Jason Wats – Faded [High Five Music]
Alex Ramos & Alessander Gelassi – Criminal [Rejoin Records]
Alex Simmons – Katie [Cik Records]
ALRT – Let Me Know [Bass House Music]
Anatoliy Nesterenko – Horizons of Infinity [Richy Records]
Apexape – Beautiful Day (feat. Lisa Millett) [New State Music]
Aryiss – Being in Love [Ghetto]
Ava De Bara – Be the Reason [TCBYML]
Bad Banana – Blame Me [Gloamed]
Beate – sAxY [Subsolar Music]
Benny Dawson – High Town [KIDK UK]
Benny Dawson – If Everything [KIDK UK]
Black Villain – A Universe Reimagined [Black Villain World]
Bloque M – Gay Drum [Loop Current Records]
Cassius Select, Ebb – Cassius Select & Ebb [Raw Basics]
Cave Studio – Show ‘n Realize [Uprise Music]
Chilli Black, Ricky Montana – Cry No More [DugOut Records]
CRSD UP – High’s N’ Low’s [G-Mafia Records]
Cuneyt Z – No Sweat [29 CLUB]
DAN ROS & T.Markakis – Can’t Get Enough [Little Jack]
DavidDance – Free With You [VIP Stars]
Deborah Aime La Bagarre – Sapiens Sapiens [Deborah Aime La Bagarre]
Derrick Da House – Deep Inside [750 Records]
Dex Wilson & P4sc4l – Brightness [BIP Records]
DJ Landan Time – Who Got the Funk [Urban Penguin]
DJ Livio Bivi – Get High [Dolphin Sound Recordings]
DJ Polkovnik – Electro Chic [Clab Zone]
DJ Zinc – Free Again [Bingo Bass]
DJacuzzi & DJibouti – America [Critique]
DOCKER – Bugatti Ridin [HUSBEKDEM Records]
Du Richy – Coco Butter [CIM Records and Entertainment]
Eighty2 – Disc Jockeys [Funky Revival]
Elsa Hewitt – Lupa [ERH]
Emperor – Loosen Up [Emperor Music]
EROL TEMIZEL – Stop (feat. Zeynep Önkaya) [T-Ekspres Produksiyon Erol Temizel]
Fahjah – B-Side [Brooklyn Fire]
FIGHT CLVB & Ravek – Drop One [Skink]
Fran Valdivieso – Suave [Groover Records]
Freaky DJ’s & Dimitri Serrano – Be Afraid [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
FREE5OUL – Infected [5OUL Records]
French La Touche – Hard Life [Shocking Sounds Records]
G-Ross, Javier E. & The Pharmax Boys – Body & Soul [Herloop Records]
G1ST – Gangstas Heaven [Anatomy]
Gianfranco Cirillo – A House Thing [Indeed Records]
Gianni Lee & Andrea Valle – Gas (Roska Remix) [Alma Mater Records]
GotSome & George Kwali – In the Dark [Toolroom]
Green Ketchup – Bass Nation [LXXIV Records]
Hannibal Peck – Zenobuurt Torries Lp [TH Tar Hallow]
Hansel D – Higher [Big Records]
Hawk, Vitor Bueno & Jesus Luz – Habla Compadre [FEATURE]
Heat Ledger – Losing My Mind [Electric Love Records]
HERITAGE X – Come With Me (feat. Liel Bar-Z) [TNT Recs]
Hidd3n Hand – 3Dk [Maison Fauna]
House Dat Shit – Peacemaking [Jakdat Records]
Iban Montoro – #Snoking [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Il Mona – Chapeau [Boot Music Records]
ill.45 & Xander Rose – Burnout [40oz Cult]
IMGJ – A Latin Thing [PRDS Direct]
Insignificant Others – Got Me Thinking [Other Half Records]
Jav Teran – Done (feat. Budda Khan) [JIATRecordsNYC]
Jav Teran – Moliendo Cafe [JIATRecordsNYC]
Jazzek – My House [FDF Records]
Jerem Maniaco – I Love Music [Jango Music]
Jonk & Spook – Funk Anthology [SJS RECORDS]
Josh Nor – Fletcher’s Theme (Murder She Wrote – The Woman in Yellow) [Remixes]
Joshuah – Yanoro [Blue Lizard]
Jubley – Lost Dubs [Gather Records]
Justin Nils – Glory [DOT Dance]
Kariya & Big Miz – Let Me Love You for Tonight (Big Miz Remix)
Kazarian – Drunken Master [Underground Is For Everyone]
KNOX – Back Home [KHM]
Kocs Duran – Detener el Tiempo [Sweet Karma Inc]
KREG – Blocks [Ensis Records]
Kristin J. – Days [Decrypted Records]
Lioger Reyes – I Style Venezuela [Solo Sabrosura Records]
Lora Jane – Losing My Self [Birkin Records]
Loud.Drop – Real [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Lucas Alexander – King K [MOXY MUZIK]
Luisjause – Back to the Roots [Disctance Records]
Lux – Good Vibes [DIGYLUX]
Luxford – KTC [LSA]
Macro Nick – Guiding Spirit [Intercept Music]
Maickel Telussa – Zanzibar [Which Bottle ]
Make Illusional & Alex Trauben, Interra – Sonohokano
Malcom Beatz – Go Sleep [Malcom Beatz]
Maniscooler, Morgan Munroe & Priv – Drip (feat. Zak Joshua)
Mark Funk – Block Walk [Cruise Music]
Mark Kaylan – Lifeline [Open House Records]
Mark Masters – I Want U [Phoenix Soul]
Matzet – Don’t You Ever [Next Gen Audio]
MaX ForWorD – You Shape Go [Max Forword]
Max Vangeli & NoFace Records – Good Times Ahead [NoFace Records]
MelyJones, Darren & Cashwell & Revealed Recordings – Fresh
Michael Paul – Reggae Music [Kalita]
Michele K – Sacred Marriage [Aureon Records]
Mike Chenery – Get Enough [Disco Down]
MJ Mat – House Man [Artistfy Music]
Modern Citizens – Solo (feat. DYLAN) [Double-Up]
Modestep – Forever [Smashing Trax Records]
Monsieur Puke – Got a Love [Disco Down]
Murder He Wrote – In Too Deep VIP (feat. Maddie Ellerby)
NeaMarti – Sweet [Darling Music Group]
Nemo Filou – Ivory [Stress Records]
Nicholas Anastassiou – AIN’T RIGHT [Open House Records]
Nick Raff & Mixmash Deep – Cut the Line [Mixmash Deep]
Ninckx – Back the Round [High Five Music]
ogfbs – Donuts [Play Nice]
OJ Santos – Kenny Jazz [Organized House Recs.]
Oli Hodges & Will Varley – Why Can’t I [13 Records]
Orhuz – Wherever I Go [Gloamed]
Ozlig – Anybody [AfterSilence Records]
Paul Parsons – Loose on the Dancefloor (Hammertime)
Physical Dreams – Minimal Scenes [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Physical Dreams – Solstice [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Picaro – Get Back on Track [Next Step To Future]
Pumpkin Air – Living on Video (Remixes) [Crown Of Music]
Queshin Mark – Elixir [Club House Group]
R3tzho – Gas [Filthy Sounds]
Raul Soto – The Flute Song [30 Finger Music Records]
Rayllex – Zamane (feat. Prabuddha Lokhande & whocares!)
Rhyval – Footcell [Off Beat]
Rick Marshall – Future Sound [Soulful Evolution]
Samuel Abello – Candela [We Are Phonik]
Sarah Rebecca – The Guitar Sessions [Alter K]
Seagma – Without You [Ensis Discovery]
Sebastián Suárez – El Codigo Enigma [Conceptual Music]
Shane Patrick Riley – Recharge [Onako Records]
Shub Nigurat – Drunk in Vogue [Vengangza]
Siema Ziemia – Bells [Byrd Out]
Siema Ziemia – Epa 1 [Byrd Out]
Sinnfeld – Let Me Free [Freigeist]
SIRS – Arrived [Live At Robert Johnson]
Small Town Dubz – Lion Heights , Soundman a Play [Dub Communication]
Softmal – About Me [Pizza House]
Sophiegrophy – Cringe , You’re the Boss [Onelove]
Spencer. – Automatic (Orion Sun Remix) [4AD]
Stephanskiy & SINDICVT – And I Know [Ghetto]
Strk, Tom Brownlow – Believe [Storm Music]
SWIM & Crush3d, SWIM & Skin On Skin – Love (Remixes) [GYRObeats]
T Sounds – Nfive [CamelMusic Records]
Tanaka (BR) – Drop It [Mustache Crew Records]
Taxmaster – Like a Lady [Tactical Records]
Thabang Phaleng – Funk in Our Groove (feat. Nastic Groove)
The Cube Guys – Santhosh (feat. Mandy Smith) [Club Mix]
The Deepshakerz & Sllash & Doppe, The Deepshakerz – Any Day [elrow Music]
The SoulClub – How Exciting [Alma Recordings]
Tony Future – 2021 Edits [Organic Boogie]
Ty Harlen – If I Need You [Open House Records]
Ultrasoul – Bizarre (JL & Afterman Mix) [MilanoNights]
UTGZ & J3MV – Tateou [Corpse Recordings]
VA – Back to Groove (Amazing House Vibes), Vol. 1 [Weekend Warriors]
VA – Funky, Jackin & House Grooves [Tall House Digital]
VA – Housdeep Signs – Vol.33 [Houzier]
VA – House Seduction, Vol. 35 [RH2]
VA – House Space Mix – Vol.31 [Love In Space Rec]
VA – In To the Wild – Vol.36 [Aborigeno Music]
VA – King Street Sounds Reformed Classics 2021 [Street King]
VA – Rh2 Tastemakers #28 [RH2]
Veev – Do What You Do [Cueca Recordings]
Velogic – Go Back [Chill Planet]
Verydisco – Copycat [Panthera]
Volac, MKJAY & Daft Hill – Candy Shop [Mix Feed Agency]
We Funk – Felicity [We Funk]
WHSK – Like That [Sensoria Sounds]
WYR GEMI – Ethnics [Ghetto]
Yo Johnny – Like That (feat. Nylon) [Sensoria Sounds]
Yvvan Back & Zetaphunk – John the Revelator [Samui Recordings]
Zev Lyso – Monkey Tail [Chill Caterpillar]
Zov – Clap to Good [LESS IS MORE Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Adam Chapman – Turn It On [Surge Recordings]
Aleets – 50 Shades [mINT]
Alessdy S – Da Lo Mismo [Savitar Records]
Alpha Hz – Imagi-Nation [Minemal Records]
Andres Shockwave – Art of Chill [NOPRESET Limited]
Andrew Azara – Arp City [Heavy House Society]
Barac – Axis Mundi [Cronos]
Beafair – Everytime I See You [Kontact]
BenShock – Communicate [P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records]
Billy R – Quarks [Crossworld Academy]
Bohemian (ESP) – I Believe [Street Grooves Records]
Bohemian (ESP) – Jazz Bass [Harbor Records Collective]
Chris Di Perri – Just Blaze [Agape Muzik]
Claudio Solis – Brahmachari [Lescale Recordings]
DaveJ – Flexy , So Sweet [Inspirado Records]
Davide Mentesana – Clubbers [Floor 13]
Eliseo Delbaldo – Freak Pool Moon [WAFO Music]
ENZO LEEP & Andre Buljat, ENZO LEEP & Lee Burton – Last Dance Together [Decay Records]
Federika – Reconocer [Kapikua]
Francesco Bottalico – Bossanova [Interplanetare Lab]
FunkyTino – Fresh Barnet [Flip Finesse Records]
Gåddisøn – 848 [Gaddison Music]
Gonzalo Barrera – You [Paranoide Wax]
Jandro – Ignorance is Bliss [Microgravity Music]
Jizz & Sheepie, Jizz – Come Together [Swerve Digital]
Jon Mesquita & Birat Bitz – Dark Experience [Madhaya Records]
Jonnie Sparko – Sundown Till’ Monday [Casa Do Conde]
Kambra – Ambiance [Bonjour Musique]
Keyn Cazorla – Deeper [High Grooves Records]
Kowsk – Girls Liked [Traxford Records]
Laurent Ci – Smartworki [25Hours Records]
Leom – Boombayah [Manicomio Music]
LOGGANN – Retro Message [Desired Music]
Mario Daic – Lets Go Out Baby [Kubbo Records]
Martin Hallak – Club de Mantis [Mind Hub]
Matteo Floris – Shakin Thangz [Svogue]
Mau Zeti – Echoes [Conceptual Deep]
Mihai tsk – Calatorii [smashead.]
Ming & Thomas Garcia, Valerio Bonfa – I Work Hard (feat. Big Mike) (Remixes)
Molski – Galena [GuessWhat Recordings]
Nacho Rojas – Head Over Heels [mINT]
Nathan Alzon – Looking At You [NO ART]
Nazumi – The Ground [INSOUND]
Pablo Hdez – Little Things (feat. Juanma Martinez (AR) & Josh Burnett (UK))
Palmiz – Dunn [Moiss Music]
Perky Wires – Grace [likeminded]
PRiiMO – Nice Cut [Floorpiece Digital]
Prince.L – Here & After [Baila Tu Cuerpo]
Remi Blaze – Believer [Redline Productions]
RYNO – It’s Not Easy [kluBasic plus]
Shelldom – Fraudes [La Madre Suprema]
Sheriff Dj – Groove Lecture [Jiggy Astronaut Music]
St. Jean – Kora [Stereofly Records]
Stiven Escarraga – Vol 006 [Cee Music Limited]
Transformation In O – Catastrophic Change [Superordinate Reverie]
VA – Antidote [LuvRhythm Records]
VA – Clarisse Various Artists, Vol. 4 (feat. Jenna Evans) [Clarisse Records]
VA – Conceptual United Sampler 8 [Conceptual]
VA – Matchbox Sampler 001 [Matchbox]
Victor Polo – Primary Materials [Eject Records UK]
Vitess – Hacking System [Dansu Discs]
Yogi P – Locomotion Incl. DXNBY Remix [SelectA Rec.]

Organic House & Downtempo

AFT Lounge Tech – AUTO reverse [Woodwork Recordings]
Alanna Lyes – Disappear [Freshly Squeezed Music]
Andrew Reyan – Horizon Shift [LOKRUMENTAL]
Artenovum – Colourful [Freebeat Music Records]
Copenema, Rodrigo Sha & João Viana – Focus (Meditation 3) [Music For Dreams]
Cosmic Mantis – Equatorial Barbeque [Mentaltunes Rec.]
DJ Nicka – Is There a Garden on Cloud Nine (Bsb’s Stella Touch) [Stella Polaris Music]
Dkeymusik – Forest [925 Music]
Dolow – Good Morning [Loudkult]
Drunken Beats – Lazy Sunday [Yhos Music Group]
EL NN – El Mensajero [Socsub]
Enigmatic – Blind Faith [RADIANT.]
Fabian Palacios – Aeris [FPO Music]
Gratien Midonet – A Cosmic Poet Revisited [Time Capsule Space]
Grenly Mill – Forever Together [YouTunez]
James Farrelli & Sarah Menescal – Eye in the Sky (Dj Style Remix)
Julian Cardona – Consolate (feat. Dr Pius) [Julian Cardona Music]
Kresko – Hidden Sense [Cases de la Musica]
LADS, Traumhouse & LADS – Stoyote (Particles Edition) [Particles]
Literatura & Stereo MC’s – Downtown (feat. Junket) [Connected Frontline]
Loveiscoil – Hipster [CollectiveAuthor]
Mahandana – Die Weltanschauung [Ambious Records]
Malaca – Hacia El Sur [3rd Eye]
Martín Ojeda – Majestic [In Dushe]
Mauro Augugliaro & Luca Cociuffo – The Only Way [Flug Lab]
Mechanical Flesh – Dark Days [Electronic Alliance Records]
Nicolas Schilling – Bisquit 001 [Sektor Evolution]
Polifame – Koi Koi Pna [Duzz Down San]
Potlatch – Leaving Nothing [Cosmicleaf Records]
Raz & Afla – Benwa Marafi [Afro Zone]
Rebelski – Kaleidoscope [Amulanga]
Reinhard Vanbergen & Charlotte C. – Julien [Music For Dreams]
Roudeep – Kill Me Now [Baijan Global]
Third Attempt – Beats from the Quarantine [Beatservice]
VA – Bar25 Zeitgeist, Vol. 8 [Bar 25 Music]
VA – Beat Crush Vol.2 [WayOn]
VA – Outdoor Best Playlist [Nidra Music]
Vakanzregel – I Don’t Care [Otium Garden]
Xplore – City Lights [Subspace Transmissions]
Yow – Drop In Desert [mfgustafsson]

Tech House

Aaron Noise – Funky Love [LoveStyle Limited]
Aaron North – Lies (Radio Edit) [Mission Records UK]
Aleanza – I’m Not Gone Away [Inveniux Records]
Alex Galiver – I Feel You [Space Shuttle Recordings]
Alles Dans – Imagination [Whole Story Factory]
Andent Coimbra – The Life Rally [Coimbra]
Andre Salmon & Kricked, Andre Salmon, Moon Blessed & Ulloa – Hardclouds , Twirks [My Techno Weighs A Ton]
Andre Vertex – Don’t Stop the Music [Lemon Juice Records]
Andres PM – I Feel [Street Habitat]
Anton Koch – Omletique Wax [Toiled]
Arthur Ferrèyra – Ultimately [Metrical]
Audioleptika & Housekeepers – Back into Space [Great Stuff Recordings]
B-Phreak – Hope [Bomb Ass House]
Biscits – Jungle Sounds [Sola]
Bizza – The Monkey Dance [Habitat]
Bobby L’Avenir – EKGO [L’Avenir Records]
BOBBY SHANN – Bonerjam [Shann Music]
Bohemian (ESP) & Disolart, Disolart & Bohemian (ESP) – Go Dawn [Sonido D Club Records]
Bosley – The Super Duper Sonic [Bunny Music (UY)]
C37 – Tech Care [C37music]
Carbajal – El Bravo [Grand House Recordings]
Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato – Girl Meets Boy [Rawthentic]
Carlo Riviera – Bugg [Lupulo Records]
Catsinka – Acid Rave [Baila Tu Cuerpo]
Chapter & Verse – Lights Go Out [The Myth of NYX]
Ciabi – Chupa [Strakton Records]
D.Noriega – D-Roowne [Nevada Label]
Dalfie – Happy to Be Here [Nothing Else Matters]
Darran Nugent – Learner, Master [Elevation Recordings (Ireland)]
Darren After – All Over [Force Of Habit]
DEMIXL – Just Clap [nowhere nowhere]
Different Shapes – Daylight [Metatronicle]
Digitalic – Artist Series [Emperor Recordings]
Dj Dark & Mentol – Bucovina [Sepaya Records]
Dj Face Off – I Swear [Playmobil]
Dj Sniper – Don’t Make Me [ToolBox House]
Djerr – Play, Bitch! [29 Tech]
Dor Halevi – Back Once Again [Satsuma Music]
Dum K – Call My Mom [Knuck!]
Edu Saiz – Play the Point [Sr. Events Music]
ELEVTE – Disturbed [VAMO DALE]
Enrico Caruso – Keep Survivin’ [Cocoa]
Francisco Samuel – East Coast Jungle [MK837]
Frank-lo – Don’t Stop Me [Groove Bassment]
Funk V. – Burj Khalifa [Plastica Music]
Funky Friends & Guillo – Give Me Fire [Roots Music]
GABE – High Like a Mtfck [blaah! Records]
Geo Daft – It’s Got Live Is [DOT Dance]
Giuseppe Raimondi – Deep Groove [kluBasic plus]
Haris Custovic – Figaro [Laus Music]
Haris Custovic – Party-Zan (feat. J.B. Tito) [Laus Music]
Houtan Shini – Avoi [Artist Republik]
Hrish – Everything I Want [Deephour Music]
Humans in Space – Africa [Complex Destroyerz]
Ilya Verano – Keep Moving [Suma Records]
Italo Perez – Must Be Love [Beatrain Records]
Jan Danen – Freak [RIM]
Jason Galleth & 4B3ATS – Heart (feat. Chris Ponate)
Jeff Bennett – Destination [Laus Music]
Jeremy Bass – Drumba the Bass (15 Years Later Mix) [Dirty Music]
JMP – Get Along [Exigo Records]
Jonathan Dominguez – Walking On Street [Ofrenda Music]
Kacic – Don’t You Try [Muzenga Records]
KRiSTOnE – Coming Strong [Cheeky Trax]
Leenah – Kikko [Daimon Recordings]
Lessone – El Pueblo [Ovest Music]
Lessum – Check the Technique [Sonido D Club Records]
Little Fritter – 100% Tapped [Catch & Release]
Lofish – Tactel Feat. Irene [November Music]
lotus land pilot – Expand [Oyoda Recordings]
Lucky Vegas – Got My Power [Twisted Funk Records]
M.Rox – African Rhythm [Marktek Records]
Mabshur – Corruption [Supertunes]
Marco Rubin – Big Dik [BASIC GROOVE Music]
Martin Valencia – Bufos [0212 Records]
MattMokṣa – Iside [Acusmonium Records]
Mauro Arriagada & Eric Zobarzo – Mayez [Panorama 36]
Mesquitas – In a Nutshell [Superstitious]
MSTE – To Be Continued, Pt. 1 [First Impression]
Nefarious – About My House [Immoral Music]
Not That We Know – Lizardman [Not That We Know Records]
Omer Kavak – Can’t U See [Sibling Records]
Omer Kavak – Giving Up [Sibling Records]
Orkus – Beacon [Flying Muse records]
Pablo Public – Haunted Pills [Wajiro]
Pako Ramirez – Don’t Want You [And Dance]
Paradox City – Busted [WYLD]
PEACE MAKER! & Birthdayy Partyy – Rock Wit It [Dim Mak Records]
Pedro Cazanova – Keep It All [DTM (Don`t Tell Mama)]
Pierre Ponce – Latino [Happy Play House]
Raffa Fl – Lose Control [Criminal Hype]
Remi Blaze & Paddy Hunter – Our House [See The Sea Records]
Revuk – Deep Clausure [We Lovin Music Corporation]
Riyad & Alasteezie – The Beginning [Formality Records]
Rob Analyze – Fresh Kat [BomBeatz Music]
Roberth in da house – Espinal [Dinastia INC]
Rodrigo Seixas – Bad [No Topo Music]
Rodrigo Veiga & Bossy I.N.G – Groobot – Rodrigo Veiga, Bossy Ing
Ronnie Jake – Feel Your Love [Dirty Feet Crew]
Santi Dominguez – Full House [Mambo Lab]
Sasha HiT – Groover [Techempire Records]
Scoopy & Rondon – La Carra (Remix) [Glamorous Recordings]
Sentinel Groove & Galluzzo – I Like It [Sagmen]
Shermanology – Boyz N Da Club [D’EAUPE]
SIDEPIECE – Acrobatic [Insomniac Records]
Silverfox – Call da Future [Anonymous Black]
Skull Tech – Main Frame , Very Simple [Deep Tech Lab]
Sugartrane – Can’t Stop [DataTech]
SWAYLÓ – Open Up [IN , ROTATION (Insomniac Records)]
Sweater Disco & Troll – 320 Drip [Home Planet]
Synaptic – Explorer [Shiva Records]
Takashi Kurosawa – Clipper [ORGASMIxxx]
Tavz – Bayana [KNCK LTD]
Timber – Bansuri [29 Tech]
TolinchiLove – Flowting [Aloha Records]
Tony Adamo – Bad People [Tony Adamo]
TRYAX – Interstella [Raylinx Music]
V-Dat – I Can [DJ008 Records]
VA – Droplow Records Sampler Vol. 1 [Drop Low Records]
VA – Knd [REC Low Records]
VA – New Grooves Vol. 1 [Bella Vie Music]
VA – Street Tech, Vol. 8 [We Are Klexos]
VA – Techhouse Fav 2021 [Stammtisch]
VA – Ten – 10 Essential Tech-House Tunes, Vol. 42 [Re vibe Audio]
Victor Rios – Inmodular [Deep Tech Lab]
Vinnci – Astronaut Space [Soundscape Records IN]
Volex Music – Everyone Danced [Figura Limited]
Vortex – Ethical Choices [Progress Recordings]
Woki Toki – Don’t Stop [Music Department Label]


Access 69, Shifter – All I Want [Redux Magic]
Ahmed Walid – Distant Worlds [The Locker]
Aleksey Sladkov – Long Island [Intricate Records]
Alex Byrka & Hoenir V – Anywhere Near You [Ablazing Records]
Alex Romane – The Never Ending Journey [EMP]
Anton By & DaWTone – Exploler [Uplay Recordings]
Arman Harooni & Shaymin – Wings of Freedom
Audiobass – Bubble Gum [Artrance Records]
Ben van Gosh – A New Hope [ZYX]
Blashear – Hatoch [Discover Dark]
Chris Connolly – Terminal Synthology [Pure Trance NEON]
Cole Twains – Beyond time [Redux Recordings]
Creative Mind & Megalight – Cyber Revolution [Nutek Records]
Cript – Apologize [ProgWorx Records]
Cryptic Diffusion – Adhesiveness [Frankfurt Beat Productions]
Curutech, Highpo – Everything in Its Time [Hypnotic Records India]
Dailbeny – Bell Toll [Audio Diez]
Dean Zone – Can You Feel Me [Terminal Trax]
DentedAphid7 – Gu Long [DP7 Music]
Dheeva – Lord of the Flies [FLANGERINE RECORDS]
DJ Overlead – Call of the Sky [Damned Klan Records]
Dj Xboy & Joorg Matt – Thoughts [Nahawand Recordings]
DNA – Space Invaders [Boomtic Records]
Eku & Boris Gallo – Perfect Nightmare [Global Minds Records]
Elenski – Her Eyes Give Birth to a Feat [Redux 138]
Epiphanyc – Divine Elements [Uxmal Records]
F.G. Noise – Hardlift [High Voltage Recordings]
FAWZY & Gayax, FAWZY, Gayax & LR Uplift – Stronger Together [Abora Recordings]
FDJF – The New Apocalypse [Fatal Energy Records]
Franck FTC – Eden [#FTCMZK]
Fredd Moz – I’ll Find You [Magic Island Elevate]
Gary McPhail – Above the Clouds [Regenerate Records]
Hiroyuki Oda – Flower (2021 Rework) [Otographic Music]
Hkuya – Hypnotism [Musata Music]
Holymen – Color of Sound [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Etno Trance [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – Seven’th Heaven [Eutuchia Music]
Holymen – The One [Eutuchia Music]
Humalien – Dance Is the Answer [FreakingBeats Records]
Hushrov Bhesania & Andy de Baeke – Reflux (Nautic Boy Remix)
inverted world – Bush Ritual [Universal Tribe Records]
Ismael First – Venus [Redux Fantasy]
Jak Aggas – Bish Bash Bosh [Regenerate Records]
JH Dalton – Mystic Voices [73 Muzik]
Jimmy Chou – Like the Wind [Digital Society Recordings]
Jovita – My Old Stuff – Vol. 1 [Al-Trax Records]
Katray Louva – Listed Plot [Audio Diez]
Luke Larssen – Afterlife [Alveda Music]
Maorcyn TI – Silver Window [Audio Diez]
Matt Alvarez – Night Sky [Alter Ego Progressive]
max dansky – Elbereth [Therefore Records]
Median Project – Another Galaxy [Suntrip Records]
Ministry – Bafoj Bayaya [Skypeople Music]
Modus & Freedom Fighters, Modus – The Future Is Behind Us
Mood13 – Petrichor (The Album) [Nu Chain Music]
Need One – La Vida [Ipnotika Unit Records]
Nexum – The Universe [Soundserfing Records]
Neztor Torrez – Crashing Down (Extended Intro Mix) [Artistfy Music]
Nomad Aliens – Wasteland [Beyond Visions]
oneL & Enarxis – Sandhills [1db Records]
Optimize – Hyperstate [TNT Records]
OXIV – Just Be Quiet [TesseracTstudio]
Rated R – Asylum [HTE Recordings]
Rich Triphonic – Exhale [State Control Records]
Richard Tanselli & Sholan – Obstaian [Nocturnal Knights Fusion]
Rob Circuit – Free Fall [Addictive Sounds]
Roburck – Psychedelic Drugs [Artrance Records]
SICKCODE – Lightning (Extended Mix) [D.MAX Deep]
SICKCODE – Memory Area [Uplay Recordings]
Siit – Insomnio [Puertalaxy Records]
Sinus – Frozen Planet [Middle-aged Dude’s Mystical Audio Records]
Steve Dekay – Geminidi [Kinected Recordings]
Sunbasket – Ancient Dog Trails [GOA Records]
Sunny Lax – Controlled Chaos [Anjunabeats]
Sygma – Ayama [Edge One]
Synesthetic & Shanti People – Gurudev [Blue Tunes Records]
Tempo Giusto – In Another Life [Who’s Afraid Of 138 !]
VA – Ablazing Spring Sessions [Ablazing Records]
VA – Awareness of Progressive, Vol. 7 [Blue Tunes Records]
VA – Brought Through Silence Volume One Pt. II [Dense Nebula Records]
VA – Cabin Fever [Phonix Records]
VA – Genetic Engineering Vol.1
VA – Genetic Engineering Vol.2 [Tryptech Records]
VA – Redux Selection, Vol. 4 , 2021 [Redux Digital]
VA – VOODOO RHYTHMS (Chapter 9) [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Vaughn Dervish – Around the Night [Last State Records]
Vishva – Quarantinized [29 Trance]
Vladimir Lebedev – My Way [Gert Sound Records]
Woody van Eyden & Quantor – Rocker [High Contrast Recordings (Be Yourself Music)]
Zack Roth – Cloudbreak [FSOE Parallels]
Zekrom & CHOCK, Zekrom – Which Video Game [Escuadrón Records]
ZeroMusiX & Adam Morris – Euphoria [State Vision]