Afro House

Annan Soulful – True Love (feat. K’1 Music) [DeepRoom Afrika]
BOVENS – Precious [Retrolounge Records]
César Baquero – Sol de los Andes [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Cuneyt Cilingiroglu – Vagari [OMENI]
Curio Tones – Zwelethu [FearlessTainment]
Dany Cohiba & Jerry Ropero – La Sorpresa (Vocal Mix) [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Dj Msoja SA – Turn Up the Club [ZK Music Records]
Dj Nayzoo – Level 3 Gutess (feat. TDP & Sam’s) [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Dj Roberto Da’Silva – Capricornio [Noisemusic Records VE]
Dj Roberto Da’Silva – Tauro [Chivirico Records]
Eli Brach – Afro Samba [Xumba Recordings]
Gabriel Dominguez – La Magia Del Tambor [Noisemusic Records VE]
K.M – Be Sure [Lull Music]
Kumasi – Live at Marigny Studios [Mystery Zone Records]
Manybeat – Rescata [The Warrior Recordings]
Markently – Out of this World [Do You Be You Records]
Preethevibes – To the Limit (Limitless) [Blingnot Media]
Saliva Commandos – Gueto Amor [IN COMMAND Records]
Scribebeatz – Cruise Exposures [Artist Republik]
Silvano Del Gado & Lisa Buralli – Sax in Ritual (feat. BaronSax) [DEL GADO REC]
Tanit – Yora [Wired]
VA – Soulful Respect, Vol. 1 [Nervous Records]
Villamizar – Dreaming [Tribu H]
Wandile – First Day [Sound Chronicles Recordz]


Albana Abazi & K,O Omega – I Love Candy [Chill N Bass]
aldn & glaive – what was the last thing u said [Pack Records]
Andrew Prior – Music Box [AP Music Services]
ATG – Ruffa Than Ruff [ATG Records]
CoolTasty – Acid 1992 [Banana Club]
DJ Pooch – Return of the Skrufneck [Amen Brother]
Hacobb – The Sunrise Washed Your Eyes [Manual Deep]
J.Solo – The Teacher [Greedy Beats]
KILIG – What My Mind Needs [Shall Not Fade]
Light Blaze – Wild Spirit [Glitch Hop Community]
Luxs Buggs – Lullaby [Creative Sound Records]
Mantis B – Medication Time [Right Music Records]
Nick Van House & Left,Right – Forget About It (feat. Denitia)
No Nice Things – Overgrowth [Occult Cats Records]
Nova Cheq – Staying Alive [Gimme A Break Records]
Nu Desire – Galaxy [Desire Trax]
OnDaMiKe – F Axel [Ravesta Records]
Perfect Kombo – Mr Shade [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Polar System – Rush [Cookie Records]
Royal-T – Unbelievable [Royal-T Music]
Samuel Thomas (UK) – Its Time [Koda Deep]
SellRude – Deep End [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Skynet – Tea Sessions, Vol. 1 [True Skool Music]
Someone Who Isn’t Me – The Girl’s on Fire (Lessie Zmorr Fire Alarm Remix)
The Bass Droppers – Get Over Here [Ravesta Records]
TR20 – Dawn Sky [Kyubu Records]
VA – 2sides [PointBlank Records]
Yosh – Strike Back [Time Is Now Records]


21th – Only Us [Pardon]
Aagentah – Breathin’ Space (feat. Dread MC) [Manuka]
Aash Mehta & Sonez – Ma [Sadboy Records (CMG)]
Aeron Aether – Samsarana [Monstercat]
Akorte – Current Mood [Sound-Files]
Alaskan Tapes – For Us Alone [Nettwerk Records]
ALE,STO – Started & Blue [Summer Music]
Amon Fly – So Can I [Sound Management Corporation]
Andrew Ross – Work It Out [Mrs.LoveYotubeRecords]
Andrew Spencer, Studi – Rest of Our Lives [Mental Madness Records]
Andymoon & Justin Garxs – When U Dance [MAGIA Records]
Andzy – Like Dis [Future Cuts]
Anstandslos & Durchgeknallt & jona – Wenn die Welt untergeht [Nitron Music]
Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco – Cold Blood [Sunflowermusic Records]
ApLeeD – Get to You (Nebelkammer) [Gloamed]
Arbelaster – Bad Guy (Remixes) [Crown Of Music]
Ashibah & Clerk – The Thrill (Stripped) [D4 D4NCE]
Au5, BT & Mangal Suvarnan – The Light Is Always On [Black Hole Recordings]
Basswoofa – You Can’t Stop Me [Blanco y Negro Music]
Beatbox Hommie – Salvation (feat. Perthias N’goma) [Pop Label Records]
Beringei, Mike-j – Without You [Spitfire Music]
Bertrand Burgalat – L’homme idéal [Tricatel]
Bingo Players & Oomloud – Touch & Go [Perfect Havoc]
Bowski Island – Physical Presence [Sony Music Local]
Camden Cox – Under The Water (Acoustic) [D4 D4NCE]
Catching Flies – GLY [Indigo Soul]
Charlie Brown & Joey V – Sorry (feat. Mardén) [LNG Music]
Costume – Blanditia Vol. 1 [2 Rhythm 4 Record]
Cumbia Killers – #Fiel [Urban Club (LRM)]
Cyran – Take You Where It’s Sunny [Circus Media]
Danny Darko – Wherever You Will Go (feat. Hannah Koski) [Oryx Music]
Danny Trexin & Get Far – Underwater (feat. Jaime Deraz & Bad Boyfriend)
Dapa Deep & Nowakowski – Silence [Dapa Music Records]
De Hofnar – Stacey [One Seven Music]
dePresno – Tokyo [Columbia (Sony)]
Dhanny Edoanda – You Mine [NSNTR Records]
DJ Benasso – High [Noise Centre]
DJ Mayson – Will You Remember [Epidemic Electronic]
DJ Seqa – Adventures [Runway Music Recordings]
DJ SP – Take Me to Paradise [Impure]
Dorzi – Skank Like Me (feat. Baby Grace) [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Dro X Yani & Argüello – See U In The Morning [Arguello]
Duygu Didi – Beni Ye [Beatkings Records]
Edd Blaze, Aurelios & Mixmash Deep – Tonight [Mixmash Deep]
Enki Nyxx – Stuck On My Miind [Dreamdealers]
Fabian Farell & Terri B! – Think Twice [You Love Dance]
FANiE MOi – Yoshi’s Soup [Venomous Motives]
Felix Harrer, Jay Frog & Sunny Marleen – Your Lies [Viventas Music]
Franco Focaccia – Trump [Clubhouse Music]
G4 Life – I Need U2 Listen [Anatomy]
Gaullin – Simple Song [Lithuania HQ]
Gothi & Bob Howard – No Good For Me (feat. Eileen)
Hellberg – Let You Down (feat. Magsy) [Columbia Local]
highrabbit – I Can’t Be Bothered [Diatribe]
Huey Mnemonic – Transmutation [Tresor Records]
Ilkan Gunuc & Clara Stegall – SexyBack [Lithuania HQ]
Ipanov – Jungle Bill (Remixes) [Crown Of Music]
İsmail Ceylan – My Way [Spitfire Music]
James Miller – Go Out [1st Strike]
JANFRY – Oh Nah Nah Nah [Loudkult]
Jauz & HALIENE – Oceans & Galaxies [Monstercat]
Jayson Miro – No No [Sick Dance]
Jaytor – Colors [Maniana Records]
Joe Killington – Recover [NHMM LLC]
Jowy – Back to you [PR Records]
Just Beat Production – Sax & Love [Phoenix Found Records]
Justin Lawson – What the Heck [Murston Records]
Katze – Psycho of Love [Umai Records]
Killman – Beyond the Sky , Dream Overlords [Neverland Sounds]
Knappe – Tschau [Columbia Local]
KR3TURE & Adrea Castiano – Mirrors [Westwood Recordings]
Kyle Meehan – Guilty of Your Love (feat. Jessica Hammond) [ChillYourMind]
LA Lost DJiEazyP – Depression [Artist Republik]
LCKDWN – Tree People (Skyrun VIP Edit) [Lockerhead Collective]
Le Flex & Ben Macklin, Le Flex – Pay Close Attention [Crimson]
LEEPA – switch places [Columbia Local]
Leonardor & Stereomatic C.E.O. – Motif (feat. Μίμης Πλέσσας) [Meditelectro]
Lubronkz – Take Me to the Light [Vibez Sounds]
Lucas Cozy – Play More [Roy music]
Luma & Blanke – Like a Nightmare [24-8 Records]
M4RC3L – Too Late [Kycker Electronic]
Mackyy – Peace of Mind [Gloamed]
Mameli – NON CAMBI MAI (feat. Blind & Nashley) [Hokuto Empire]
ManCub – Disappear [Run Free]
ManyFew & LEO.809 – Locked In Your Heart [3Beat]
Marc Kiss, Crystal Rock & Lazard – The Business [Pulsive]
Marc Lawrence – Nah [Spitfire Music]
Max Lake – VAST House Party, Vol. 6 [VAST]
Mier – Piece of You [Jendex Records]
Milua – Symbol of Love [2Fine]
Mono Mode – Everyday [House Of Mono]
No1Knows & Kvne – Time of Death [Spitfire Music]
Noizu – Summer 91 (Looking Back) (Acoustic) [RCA Records Label]
Odee – Tu No Te Imaginas [Danza Fuego]
Ofenbach – Wasted Love (feat. Lagique) [Dubdogz & JØRD Remix]
Os Guttene – Surround Me (Omring meg) [A&S Records]
Ovil – Singing Nature , Unrealizable Dream [Neverland Sounds]
Punctual & Nabiha, Punctual, Nabiha & Pola & Bryson – The Step (Remixes)
Quarterhead – Touch My Body [Virgin]
R3HAB & Jolin Tsai – Stars Align (Alle Farben Remix) [Liquid State]
Rikk Earth – What If [DEEP WOODS]
Roads We Walk – Ruin My Mood [Gameroom Records]
RYMAN – Rewind [Cinematic Music Group]
Sallie Strong – Lo-Li [Noise Centre]
Scipion – Tik Tok [Uprise Music]
Sensorica & Tiff Lacey – Sunray [Magik Muzik]
Seven Moon – Good Day [Neverland Sounds]
Sharnie B & Radical DJ – Black and White [Orange In All Records]
Shoulder B – Workin’ [CRCLS]
SilkandStones – Wicked Game [One Seven Music]
Simon Field – Don’t Wanna Go [Perfect Havoc]
Sister’s Crush & Bono Badja – Sin Ti (feat. Aymar Torres) [Made2Dance]
Sky Roses – 23 [Spitfire Music]
Sol Novaro – Outside (Remixes) [Columbia (Sony)]
Sunrise Blvd – No More [SBentertainment]
The Good Kidz & Jewelz & Sparks – The Magic Key (feat. winnie)
The Speakers & Gabriela Atanasov – Mileniul 3 [Crosscode Records]
This Is B – This Is Bounce (feat. 120Bpm) [Artistfy Music]
Tom Enzy & Sam Welch – Sex on Fire [One Seven Music]
Torsten Stenzel & Mario Hammer – You’re in Heaven (feat. Asheni)
TRFN – Thirsty (feat. Siadou) [Lithuania HQ]
Tuna & OH, HAYIR! – Got Me Excited [SSL Music]
Two Fools – Piece of You [Classroom Records]
Unfolding – I Love It (feat. Brenna MacQuarrie) [Closer Music]
Urban Francis – Peace by Chocolate [Spitfire Music]
Valerie Dore – Get Closer (Luca Debonaire Remix) [ZYX]
Venture – I Gave You Love [DWX Copyright Free]
Wæver – Never Letting Go (feat. Kirsty Grant) [Spitfire Music]
Wolsh – Miss Little Runaway (feat. Flowerz) [Sirup Music]
WR3KA – Do It All Again [Noise Centre]
Yoav – We All Are Dancing ’21 [Yoav Music]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

2 Rare People, Brunetto – RE-THINK (2021 Remastered)
55yards – Get Enough [Melomane]
A-mase – Voyage (VIP Mix) [feat. Rinat Bibikov] [Cherokee Recordings]
Al3ss – Loving You [Adventure Records]
Andrew Waxman, Anthony Maserati – Weekend Deep, Vol. 4 [Urban GorillazY]
Ant KLENT, Tad & TYLS, Tom Klark & DJ Niglo – Social Security
Aomusiq & Irene Ngomu, Aomusiq – Salt & Pepper [Music Shelf Records]
Asix Andre – Paradise [DiANDRE Records]
Aurelien Stireg – Voyager [Alveda Music]
B4N4N4 G4NG, Xtra Basic & Emily J – Pain Away [Panther’s Groove]
Berk Ocal – Delusion [DeepShine Records]
Blaq Huf – Sasha’s Fallen [Half Black Records]
Bob Manzanilla – We Run This City [Foundations Records]
Charlie Hesen – WareHouse [Simply Jemz Records]
Chris Zent – Give It [Dimka Records]
Danny Saurez – Lost Colony (feat. Thulane da Producer) [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Deep Chills & Yarden Saxophone – Tahiti [Miami Beats]
Deep Eyes – Give Me Your Hand [Cherokee Recordings]
Devine Maestro & Synth-O-Ven – Status in Mind [DeepStitched]
DJ Joma – Leo , Draumur [Nordic Voyage Recordings]
DJ Leonardo Rafael – Inside [Big Bunny]
Duske – Gotta Notice [Alphabeat Records]
Duskope – Work It Out [Urban Dubz Music]
Elliot DeHoyos – Drift [Global305]
Frank Zorzetto – Fiery Dragons [Blue Coffee Records]
G-Mode – The Mysterious [Desperadoz Records]
Gabriel Rocha & DJ PP – Since 90s [DECHAPTER]
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Deconditioned Reflex [Biometric Music]
Gokhan Akkas – Promise Me [SSL Music]
Gyrotto – Secret Memories [DJ008 Records]
Hammerton – South Main [Lefty Shades Records]
Hayk Rafael – Voice of Reason X [Sunrising Records]
HigherVibes – Starlight [One Shot Records]
Iannam – Live Your Life [Southbeat Music]
Igor Pumphonia – Speed Connection [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia, ITLP & DEKU – So Let Me [ChillRecordsMusic]
ImButcher – Paradise (feat. Cory Friesenhan) [ImButcher Music]
Invisible Tune – Beach Bar, Vol. 3 [Sbl Records]
Itona – Hold Me [Morii Records]
Ivan Garci – Old House [Vlosfer Records]
Jamza – I Never Thought [PRDS Direct]
Jason Merle – A New Dawn [4E&A]
Jay Aliyev – Don’t Leave Me [Baijan Global]
JazzyFunk – Popstar (feat. Pyma) [JazzyFunk Records]
JEROME LA SOURIS – The Woody Men [Raw Substance]
Jimmen, Terror Tone – Hypnotized [Deep Fix Recordings]
Joe London – Vapour [Seshling Records]
Johnny Van Der Velden – Free Falling [Storm Music]
Jorge Mattos – Sunset At Home [Innocent Music]
Karm – Night Before Dawn [TRK Records]
Kev Kleinfeldt – I Feel You [Seveneves Records]
Lights & Fade – I Wish Remixes, Pt. 1 [Nicksher Music]
Lukão DuFlow – Selfish Desires (Remix) [WOLFLOW MUSIC]
Lyente – Start Over Again (feat. YNNOX) [Miami Beats]
Marga Sol & Darles Flow – Say No More [M-Sol Records]
Marlie Spectrum – Never Let U Go [Jendex Records]
Melih Aydogan – Will You Stay (Rivo Remix) [Road Story Records]
Meynberg – Wait Forever (feat. Vide) [LoudKult Div.]
Mike Ekim – Slices [True Deep]
Moe Turk – Night Stories (Dub Mix) [BEATZ]
Nicky P & DJ Frankie B – Breakin’ My Heart [Plastik People Digital]
Omer Kavak – Offshore [Sibling Records]
Oscar K. – Euphoria [29 Deep]
Playin’ 4 The City – Night Shades [Mamie’s Records]
Reznikov – Wild & Free (Extended Mix) [OXYTIME]
Roudeep – Moon [Baijan Records]
Scanty 88 – Ebony Chick [Easily Distracted]
Schwarz Dutch – Outsiders Society [Muzart Music Co.]
Scott – Rainure [Mismatch Music]
Sergio Helou – Falling in Love (Doneyck Remix) [Zarabunda Records]
Seth – Te Iert (feat. Alexandra Gheorghe) [Delayed Music]
Simplex Motive – You Make Me Loungey [Hive Label]
Skeyo18eightyFiv & EikaMano – Curse You Perry (Incl. Remixes) [Ababili Recordings]
Stylenz – I Need You [D-Force Records]
Svenj – Synth Casette. [Animatek Records]
Theny – Eunice [Theny Recordings]
U4iKK – Genesis (Future Beach Edit) [Dbeatzion Records]
UMX – Calling [Graba Music]
VA – Night Traffic, Vol. 3 [Make It Yourself Records]
VA – So What Sessions Vol. 2 [Deeper Interludes Recordings]
VA – Strongly Stratified [Obazda]
VA – Urban Boy (K21 Extended Version) [Kalambur Publishing]
Velloso – Come Back To Me [Mixsa NuNRG Recordings]
Vibrate – Jack House [Elegant Music]
VOWED – Games (feat. Scarlett Skies) [Storm Music]
Wiener Luft – Stuck In a Dream [Soundeo Records]
Yisus – My Recitation [Yisus Music]
Yuma & Lissa – Mean to Me [Selected.]
Zues Deep & Thulane Da Producer – Mayhem [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]

Dubstep & Drum & bass

Alchemist, Daniel Matzinas – Self Observation [Liquid Drops]
AM94 – Closer [Separate The Sound]
An-Ten-Nae & Subp Yao – Way Up (Subp Yao Remix) [Medicine]
ARMNHMR & Anki – Sun Comes Up On You (feat. AMIDY) [Dim Mak Records]
Arrax – It’s a Trap , People [High Bass Audio]
Atom Swag – Shambala [Kibbutz Records]
Beatnok – Where to Now [Steppe Two]
Blade (Dnb) – O7s 006 [ONE7SIX]
Boardgame James – Overtime [1000Doors]
Caleo & Aniseed – Pushed It Down (feat. Aniseed) [Deeper DNB]
Capital J – Throwdown Remix [Wikkid Records]
Conrad Subs – Straight Up [O.R.C Recordings]
Cyntax – Eat It , Nerve [Neurofunk,what else ]
D-Sabber & INSPIRA – Our World Order [WASTIX Records]
Danny Anger & DJ Chef, Danny Anger – Oi Distortion [K2]
Darkho – ID 3000 [LowFreqMX]
DirtySnatcha – Snatched, Vol. 2 [DirtySnatcha]
Dronique – Rain-Slicked Neon Streets [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Fracture – Some Love (feat. Lucie La Mode) [Astrophonica]
Freak Static – Snooze (ASHFLO Remix) [Patrol The Skies Music]
Fuckin’ Edgy!! & Proofs – Geese Howard [BONELESS]
Gancher & Ruin – The Sect [NMA]
Ganja White Night & Boogie T, SubDocta – Dark Wobble
Ghosty – Rattlesnake , On Fire [Agitated Audio]
Giga impact – Vibrate [Eternal Muzic Records]
Gobs De BXL – 350 [Space Pirate Recordings]
GPK – Croaking Device [Mechanical Advantage Records]
Hairitage & Wasiu – Sin City [Kannibalen Records]
I-Mitri – Who Can See (DJ SS Remix) [Formation Records]
Incorporate – Tinker , Time Travel [Dirty Hole Music]
Indivision – One More Mile [Indivision Music]
INK – The History Collection, Vol. 1 [Architecture Recordings]
INSTAG8 – Cold Killer Lp [Dutty Bass Audio]
J Select & Disrupta, J Select – Losing My Mind , Stutter [BassLayerz Recordings]
Jantsen & SuperAve., Jantsen – Gutter Til I Die [Subsidia]
Jason Ross & Nevve – Wild Ones [Ophelia]
Jaybee – Consciousness [Exiled Recordings]
Jkyl & Hyde – Protocol Shift [DPMO]
Joely – Liondub Street Series, Vol. 59 Badman [Liondub International]
JOJO – Vaccine [Royal Audio Recordings]
Kezman – Sacrifice , Already Dead [Bites]
Knuckle – Vamos [Extra Spicy]
LCKDWN – Blaze Up [Lockerhead Collective]
Lenzman & Danny Sanchez – Gimmie a Sec [The North Quarter]
Leo Cap – Anapskiy Skank [DUB’RAW]
Luke Sentric – First Principles [Xsentric Sound]
Mark C – Amen Service , Another Galaxy [Hazardous Musik]
Maze & Mofes, Maze – Powerslide , Odin [Shadow Demon Coalition]
Megahurtz & Sluggo, Megahurtz – Fall of Zion [High Caliber Records]
Mosillator – Spectrum [4NC¥]
MrMaunus – Daydreaming [E-Dreams]
MrPhoneTell – Aliens [Sub Real]
MsDoS – Ghetto Song [Lizplay Records]
Native C – Same Mind , Retrospect (feat. Flynn Green) [C Recordings]
No Human Sound – Space Debris (feat. Mad Thematics) [Lost Recordings]
No Patterns – Bamboo [Monk Audio]
Nu Elementz – Ghosts [Deathstar Cult Ltd]
Orakol – Red Stripe Anthem [I Am Audio]
Panda Eyes & Gabriel Guardian, Panda Eyes & Mindy – Journey Pt. 2
Physics & J7, Physics – The Devil’s Lust , Africa Vip [Midnight Sun Recordings]
Psych & Procedure – Who We Are , Mutant [Jumped Up]
Rated R – Hostage [SLUGZ Music]
Republic of Danger – Unreal [Artist Republik]
Result – Supernatural , Totem [NËU]
Revalation – Badmon Sound [Dutty Bass Audio]
Rico – Brain Damage [Close 2 Death]
Rinat Invert – Sigh (feat. Matt) [29 CHILL]
Ripple & Eviya – Summer Lights Feat Eviya [Ripple LTD]
SB1 – Killer [Speedballas LTD]
SHADOWCYPHER – Obsidian [Phunk Junk Bass]
Simon Splice & Eidna, Simon Splice & Exile – Dark Contrast [Eloisa Records]
Skellism & RayRay – Emotional Violence [Barong Family]
Skuff – As One , Plucking at Straws [Hazardous Musik]
Sl8r – Other Life , Peyote [Chronic]
Sqishi & HAMRO, Sqishi – Trench Glue [Fresh Blood]
Stevie SP & Papa Gee, Stevie SP – Gunslinger , It’s All Good (feat. Papa Gee)
Stillz – Bleep Riddem [Vihara]
Sub Killaz – Feel Ya Vibe (Heist Remix , Riddim (Code Red Remix)
Subrix – Gentle [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Sun People & Yorobi, Sun People – Transitions [Exit Records]
Taos & Kaiza – Just , Stuck [Deegree Recordings]
Taxman – Utopia [Playaz]
Technimatic – Everlasting [Technimatic Music]
Throe & Kowa, Throe – Shangri la , Exposed [Redacted]
Todd Buchler – Smnl036 [Seminal Sounds]
Tomoyoshi – Temple In the Forest [Tribe Of Dub]
Toxinate – Exorcism [Liondub International]
Trauma DBC – Fire & Time to Pay Remixes (feat. Knightmare 2 Fresh) [Hustlin Beats]
Traumatize – More Than Love [DNB Allstars Records]
Tremorr – Error [Raw Audio Distortion]
Trinergy & ulwu.nite, Trinergy – Romantic Story [Halcyon Music House]
Tuskan – Foul Play [AFT Records]
VA – Architextures III [Parallel Depth]
VA – Mach X 02 [Machinist Music]
VA – Russian Blood [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Vanatice – Oyster [The Half Heart Project]
WALKR & Riya – Paragon [Spearhead Records]
Weekend Warriors – Sigma [Cross Faded Records]
YDG – Work That [GRVDNCR]
ykRRR. – Parovoz [Tonrecords]
Zukeepa – Foot Knuckle [ZuBeatz]

Electro House

9BLADE – Showdown [Ilin Records]
Aitor Galan – Our Chance [uVeKa Music]
Al Sharif & Zakfreestyler – Mawal [The New Movement]
André Schlüter – 27442 Gnarrenburg [NorwaySounds]
Awnix & Toobaï – Lockdown [Sexy Chalet]
Bentfly – Pull Me Down (Extended Mix) [DENAR RCRDS]
BlackCode & Karl Sylver – Starlight (feat. OMZ) [TurnItUp Muzik]
BSNO & Mixmash Bold – Social Network [Mixmash Bold]
Carlo Ratto, Holly & Xtina Louise – Unstoppable [Ensis Records]
CHR3ASY – Stay with Me [Minted Records]
Chrizz Luvly – Funkatron [Dreamdealers]
Costel Van Dein – Ukrainian Viking (feat. Шершень) [Gonivo Records]
Coti – Rush [Mixa Records]
Cutoff_Sky – New Rituals [BMP Music]
Cyberdine Systems Corp., Alex Jann & DJ Haus – Program State
Dropguys & Kicks – Your Love (9PM) [Black Lemon Records]
EEBONE – Resonance [LBR Records]
Fastfire – Fly [Pocket Stars Music]
Generali Minerali, RNBWS – Beton [RFR Records]
GIO – Rythm Drums [Revkon Records]
Haus Of Panda & Alenn – Everything To Me [Space Yacht]
HYPELEZZ & Sam Collins – Poke [Pyro Records]
Impulse – Fallen Down [HyperBlast Records]
Itay Hoter – Once upon a Time [Hoter Records]
JackEL – Upgrade It [Speed House Movement]
Janji Yusuf – Continue [Satsuma Music]
Jason Lemm – Put Your Hands Up [Jump2High]
Jigante – Beret [Into My House]
joa490 – Home [Spitfire Music]
Jon Warg – Banger [HOUSE VIEWS]
K3WRO – You Are Strong [Blvckbox Records]
Kaban – Time Out [SOUPLEX RECORDS]
KEPLER & Prooxy – Stranger [Outcast Music MX]
Le Castle Vania – Solaris Rerez [Always Never]
Lost Souls Of Saturn – The Freak Opera Remixes [Holoverse Research Labs]
Lvcifer – We Are Gods [TALENT HYPE RECORDS]
Marcus & Dj Vodka – Red Shine [vividcolour records]
Mr Kai – Feeling Tonight [Ensis Discovery]
Nasti & Clarks & Hardropers – Nemayaa [G-Mafia Records]
Neoplanet – Found my way [Smile Creations Music Label]
No Data – F What [29 CLUB]
Pauline Herr – Selfish [Seeking Blue]
Placebo 3ffect – Altered States [Vinebeat Records]
Pol Ayke – Super Discoteca [TurnItUp Muzik]
Prime Rockerz – Rock the Groove [Mighty Dance Records]
Reptant, sansibar – WAR2001 [WARNING]
SaberZ – The Other Side [Revealed Recordings]
SAMAY – Don’t Call Me (feat. Marian) [Remix] [Closer Music]
SLUMB – Play Dead [Banzai Lab]
Telex – The Beat Goes On,Off [MUTE]
Tu.Ka. – Raggamufa [Achtung Baby Records]
VA – Cold Readings [brokntoys]
Victor Cabral – Into the Stars [Santander Music]
Victor Vico – Drop the Bass [Santander Music]
Vihaan – Rooh [DENAR RCRDS]
Vnk – You Crazy [Wiking Recordings]
White Solar Dog – White Solar Dog [Sin Hilo Recs]
Xicors, ONNT3X & A-Frame – Highly Unstable [Corpse Recordings]
XIXI & Niicap, XIXI – Let It Go [Wagram Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

AGST – Fights [Epidemic Electronic]
Alek Hidell – RAVOT [Trovarobato]
Aleon – Melody [Spitfire Music]
Alex Field – Ngc 7293 [Easy Summer Limited]
Alex Lustig – Serenity [Alex Lustig]
Alexskyspirit, Diagram – Edit Select 107 D [Edit Select]
Alien Thunder – Parasite [Deathstar Cult Ltd]
Anchorsong – Remedy [Tru Thoughts]
Andy Smart & Posij – Pink Desperado [CO-PILOT]
Ant. Shumak, Anton Shumakov – Summa Days [FunPan]
AROM & Wilden – letter to my past [TGR Music Group]
Artu Monte – Sea on Uranus [vacuum]
Astrophel – Brambleberry Crisp [Astrophel Recordings]
Bedroom Buddha – Trivial Motion [Ragibeat]
Bertil Mark – Too Distant [PNN]
Birdwise & Fousek, Birdwise – Freedom to Fail [Dasa Tapes]
Black Cat – Suddenly [Thai Dust Black]
BTTN – Your Eyes [Chapter Eight]
Buddha Band – Body Meditation [BeachGroove Records]
Cartridge 1987 – Anor Londo [Nowadays Records]
Chris Gold – Time After Time [Chapter Eight]
Cornelius SA – ilanga (feat. Kamanda, Dee Cee & Lady X) [BeAsOne Records]
Craig Bratley – No in Between (feat. Amy Douglas) [Magic Feet Recordings]
Daniel Blov – Silly Lovers (Radio Edit) [Noise Gate Records]
Darren Darren – Electronic 808 [Behavior Recordings]
DART – Trip to Your Heart [Wavebox Records]
Dasero – Floating Lagoon [Kama Recordings]
Der Plan – Save Your Software [Bureau B 1]
Diego Olarte, Martin Merz – Vertigo [Vordergrundmusik]
DJ Chris All – Enjoy this Trip [Wachmacher Musik]
DJ Goozo, RafaeL Starcevic & Liu Rosa – My Body [Freak StarZ Records]
DJ Rostej – Endless Immersion [Easy Summer]
DMN808 & Vicko – Street Zone [Battlefront Records]
Doss – Strawberry [LuckyMe.]
Dracke Blade – Love Blind [Spitfire Music]
Dukwa – Think Potential [Transient Nature]
Ed Chill – Still Breathing (feat. The Voice of Rita) [Sun Trax]
Elemental – Move [E.lementaL Music]
EmbarKdR – Wait for All [YouTunez]
Enrico Chirchiello & Disco Ball’z – I Want You [Solid State Disco]
Ensaime – The Light of the Dark [Histo Records]
Exdvayne – Geometry Beyond Chaos Vol. I [Bananas Records]
Faodail & Hildur Höglind – Changing [Enhanced Chill]
Fax – Enclosure [Rottenman Editions]
Filloven – TOKYO [Milleville Records]
Follead – The Awakening [Stazis]
Fopheii – Night City [Fopheii]
Fopheii – Violet [Fopheii]
Frankie Solano – Say It [Chapter Eight]
Gabriele Panico – Stauberforms [Pocket Panther Records]
Genter – Grani , Faided [Dinamica]
George Dare – Paris [Artistfy Music]
GESHA X – Make It Painless [Beast Trap Records]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Effect With Acid [Flowing Movement Music]
GLN – U&I [One Seven Music]
Grand Larceny – Palabras de Amor [Easily Distracted]
Hashira – Time Will Tell [Hashirasama]
Headphone Activist – Aphex [SSKWAN]
Hokori – Scenographer [LOS SANTOS DIGITAL]
Holswarth, Tony Stark – Sunset [Forgotten Dreams]
I Have Prøblemas – Internet Theater (Remixes) [Folcore Records]
Iderdown & Arcane Trickster – Snowbird [Tempest Recordings]
Jacob Groening – XX [Tori Music]
Jey Fever – Ajax (feat. Veronika Kosh) [BlockFour Records]
Jon Beige – Club Friendly Surveillance (Empty Club Mixes) [Global Warming Records]
Jun Kamoda – Night-Blooming Cereus [Jun Records]
Karezza – Wyld [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
Kelly Holiday – Polynesia (Hypebeast Remix) [Get Futuristic]
Kentaro Hayashi – Peculiar [Opal Tapes]
Kenzoo – Across the River [Blue Bull Music]
KMRU – Argon [Injazero Records]
LANTAO – Liquid Black [Tangenziale Est Recordings]
letmechill – Fuck My Feelings [Chapter Eight]
LEVNCE – Nuclear Bomb (feat. Pablo Kennet) [LEVNCE]
Liquid Light – Dive Into Infinity [Blue Bass Records]
Local Loco – Ask Me [Ingenious Records]
Lola Percussion – INTRZD03 – Lola [INTERSEZIONI]
Lorenzo Bianco – Illusion [HBR Music]
Lost BOUL – Unmasked [The Young Proprietor]
Luke Miller – Whatever [Chapter Eight]
M.R. Shajarian & Seventh Soul – Khorasaniat (Chill Remix) [Tarr Records]
Mad Man – You Are My Universe [Mad Man]
MAML – Memories [emengy deep]
Marual – Sunshine [Poltergeist Records]
Matthias Grübel – Waterfalls (feat. Felix Räuber) [TruthTable]
MICROCORPS – Xmit [Alter]
Mike Presley – You & Me (feat. Luia) [77DEUCE RECORDS]
MrMaunus – Artificial Intelligence [E-Dreams]
Mstep – Random Forest [Sounding Functions]
Munstac – Glicine [Tropical Animals]
Name In Process – The Music Language (Hushrov Bhesania Cinematic Mix)
Narik – In your Eyes [Dorian Gray Recordings]
Nathan Micay – Industry (Green Light,Fun Night Breaks Mix) [LuckyMe.]
Nicodemo & Volantis – Spaziotempo [Alzaya Records]
Nigel Hayes – Sierra Nevada [Astrolife Recordings]
Norose & NytXpress Musiq, Norose – Unseen Chase [Just Beat Recordings]
o` – Moment Mist Glass Mayflower [Terenor Records]
Oh Mama – Blokkir [Raftonar]
Oskar Broken – Static [Line Secret Records]
OUTIS – Raqqama [Onto Records]
Pablo Candelaria – Astral (feat. The Armenian) [Hovvler Music]
Pardizen – You Like It [YAC PROD]
Perdurabo – Unleash the Revolution [Perdurabo World]
Phallen – Given Task [KOZA]
Prime Perf – Most High [Perf Records]
Red Adair – No Fear [Red Adair Records]
Rêves sonores – Crépuscule [Youngbloods]
Rouge Man – Back Home [Southbeat Music]
Running in Reykjavik – We Walked with Friends [Running in Reykjavik]
Scanty Sandwich – Rainforest [Easily Distracted]
Seven24 & Rediit – Magic Duduk [Seven24 Music]
Shek O – Bancha [Lapsus]
SlothyLyn – Croquis Imparfait [Behavior Recordings]
Smyk – Pure [Hands In The Air]
Soleil Fisher – Starlight and Moonshine [Ragibeat]
Super FU – Cocoons [Paper Wave]
T Dot Est, Amandla & DANIEL MWANGALALO – SxMBA [Addicted to music]
Technical Itch – Ambient Tape 003 [Tech Itch Digital]
Tecnosine – Capacious [Tecnosine Music]
The Jazzual Suspects – Pre73 [OM Records]
VA – Best Electronic Music Spring 2021 [Atomrise Sounds]
VA – De_st_rec Cat.003.256.04 (Dialectical Exploration)
VA – Witches001 [Witches Are Back]
VIKKEN – Pour une amie [Tomboy Lab]
Vinil – You’re All Mine (feat. Tommy Burr) [TGR Music Group]
WAR TECH – Drums of War [Initiator Soundworx]
We Architects – Won’t Go (feat. Joe Woolford) [Chapter Eight]
Wendy Panoah & Paramita Ambient – Under the Stars [Khanti Records]
Whaces – End of Love [Hessels]
yohiyahi – Chlore [somanymorningz]
yohiyahi – Clouds [somanymorningz]
yohiyahi – Magnesium [somanymorningz]
Yukka – Feld [Limewold Records]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Blakk Habit – Won’t Let Me Out [Southpoint]
Gofra Maslow, Temgri & MC Kane – Guillotine [Yosh Pit]
Heavy Weight Gravy – The Funk (Xamount Remix) [Kollusion]
J69, SG, Mnt, Trilla & Screama – Provide the Vibe [J69Music]
Jeremy Sylvester – To the Ground [Cheetah Play]
Ollie Weeks – Big Up All the Callers [CHIMPIZM RECORDS]
Reese – Prevail [Crucast]
Serious 2 – Passion in the Air [Bubblegum Pop]
Soulecta, Shosh & MC Neat – All the Massive [Garage Shared]
Zefer & Yozhi – Lost [Zefer]


4brownbottles – Fade to Grey (Remixes) [Digital Village Music]
Abel Ramos & Mimmo Errico – Gipsy [Inferiae Records]
Adam Delight – Turn Up [Bang It]
Agata Gołemberska – Nie Na Zawsze [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Aladeen – Search for the Lamp [Kycker Electronic]
Alaia & Gallo – Your Reality (feat. Ella) [Guesthouse Music]
Alex Tomms – Arp Vs Pluck [Chill Caterpillar]
An To & Grace – E’ tutto mio [Walkman]
Andrew Novelli & Nicola Serena – Tribes [Kantara Records]
Astroglitch – Feel Like I Do [G-Mafia Records]
Bass Funk – Vamos [Groover Records]
Ben Gomori – Square Peg, Round Hole [True Romance Records]
Ben Rainey & TRP – Rolling Stone [Tactical Records]
Broosnica – Vibes Don’t Lie [welofi]
Brown Bear Beats – Take Tonight [Brown Bear Beats]
Byront – Finished Production [Technocube]
Carlos Fas & Vicente Fas – No [Which Bottle ]
CAXTELL – The Business We’ve Chosen [Mantra Music Rec]
Chenandoah – You Don’t Own Me (84Bit Remix) [feat. Laureen]
Chiwako – Ver Salir El Sol [Discos Aquelarre]
Cler – Ovul Nova (2021 Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
CloudNone – Dizzy Lifted [Monstercat]
Co Kluin – Super [Chill Caterpillar]
Cristian Poow & Kye Murray – Be Like That (Poow & Escadia Remix)
Daniel Haaksman – Vem [Man Recordings]
Danilo Seclì & Paolo M. – Spire [AREA 94]
DavidDance – Eva [Love Dance Records]
Deepberry – Bolivia [Black Boat]
Dennis Straat – Peaches & Cream [Chill Caterpillar]
Disobey Beats – Put This on Ya [The Lycans Records]
Disobey Beats – The Horns Are Here [The Lycans Records]
DJ Almighty – Over Think [Ghetto]
DJ Antention & Miss Fritty – Ghosts (Dj Uneasy Remix) [Freakz Me Out]
DJ Leandro – Nasty Flavor [Open House Records]
DJ Prophet – OG House [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
DJ Songoo-SA & TheGodkta Trik – Pain of Regret
DOJAS – Let the Groove [Plastik Galaxy]
dreammysoulander – Pr8F [Nisha Records]
Driule XL – Sex [Tactical Trax]
EdLez & Greqko – Nights Lights [Sygma Records]
Endless Mow – spellcasters [All Centre]
Erroi – B-Trax [Suoni Moderni]
Ether Drift – The Hours [Lola Bang Bang Records Ltd.]
Eva Forte – Moon Dance [40eva]
Fabi Boss – Teleport [Molee Recordings]
Fagundes & Obtteck – Underground [Deep Bear]
Faithman – Wasting My Time [House Lab Recordings]
France Howard – The Octave (feat. Thulane da Producer)
Freddie – Time Has Gone (Cinols Remix) [Four Trax]
Goblin Hulms – Paraguay [Black Boat]
Groove Decapitator – Sensation [Nimbus Records]
Hector Plimmer, Andrew Ashong & Shy One – Somebody Else
Henry Navarro – Can’t Stop Now [House Chicago Digital]
Holocène – Taste of Your Lips (feat. Eden Martin) [WYN Records]
Horsemen – Unlimited003 [Ltd, W,LBL]
Icylow – Pain [Bodyroq Recordings]
Italiander – I Got Music [Epic Forest Records]
Jack Black One – Managua [Digital Village Music]
Jack Tynel – To the Light [Snippet Recordings]
Jackers of the Midway – The More You Know [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Jairo DJ – Sunset Groove [Music Taste Records]
James Chris – Mirrors (Remix) [CuffLink Records]
James Koba – Little Girl [Deep Bear]
James Silk – All Night [Disco Filter Records]
Jeremy Bass – Zambia Chant (Alessander Gelassi Remix) [Dirty Music]
João Faria – Another Way [Enormous Chills]
JodZ – Pain (feat. Alison Bethune) [Bodyroq Recordings]
Joel Oliva – Money [Harbor Records Collective]
JOHN GROOVE – No Place [MuzicBoom]
Joka Chups – Argentina [Digital Village Music]
Jordi Cabrera – Infinity [Soulful Evolution]
Juche – Falling [Dancera]
Karl Evans – Grafton (Radio Edit) [The Groove State Of Mind]
KC4K – Happy Sugar Life [KC4K Music]
Kev Kleinfeldt – The One [Open House Records]
Keymi – Space out [SoulRise Records]
Kinsuby – The Spiritual Theatre Called Life [Muy Muy Limited]
KongoRed, Micah Shemaiah – On with It [Nah Lef Ya Muzik]
Kosmoss, Sonickraft – The Light [New State Music]
KRNKD – Flip the Switch [bringnewunity]
L cy & Opus, L cy – Pulling Teeth [SZNS7N]
Larry Scottish – Panama [Into My House]
Laurent Chanal – Sequence [Brique Rouge]
Lehay – Tha Ghetto [Musicon]
Like-Minded-Souls – Ya Feeling Good! (feat. Toju) [PRDS Direct]
Liquid Todd & CRCLE – On Da Floor (Warden Remix) [Bass Camp Music]
Lorenzo – Sigueme [Reckoning Records]
M.J.E – Acid Bassline [Techno Brothers]
M.U.2 & Maximilian P, M.U.2 – Way Down [Wajiro]
Madboys – We Are Love [Mystery Freedom Records]
Maddmon – Make It Right [Brooklyn Fire]
Mansha – Whispers [Muzenga Records]
Matoz – Invisible [bringnewunity]
Maurizio Baiocchi – Reset, Vol. 3 [Sins Sound]
Miguel Palhares – Dreamer [Dustpan Recordings]
MilesFountain – Friday Night [Artist Republik]
Mind Sylenth – Step It Up [UFO Recordz]
MiyuCake – Anomaly [Sounds Of Urban]
Monäva – Sick of the Motion [FVYDID]
mR Pikul – Time After Time [Richy Records]
Mr. Tony Technics – Peace of Mind [Groove Foundation Recordings]
Mutehead – Venezuela [Into My House]
MVDNES – Road Chase [Ghetto]
N!smo – You Want Me [Sirup Music]
Needs No Sleep & Jeremy Beamish – Unnatural (Colour Castle Remix)
NESCO – Real Eyes [Bohemian Records]
Nico Zandolino – Shake It [RUVA House Records]
Nins – Bang [Nite Jam Records]
No Messin – Strangerrr [Brash Beats]
Northbound – Over You [High Five Music]
NSCX – Gravity [BBX Music]
O2D – The Bug 2021 [MilanoNights]
Olleo – Guatemala [Into My House]
Palacefield – Too Many Chances [Quantum Records]
Pharaon – Green Helium [Black Boat]
Piotr Bejnar & Oskar Szafraniec – Ballada o Januszku [Otake Records]
PLOMONN – Beats N’ Bitches [G-Mafia Records]
Poison Zcora – The Mainly Incompetent 5 [Tiff’s Joints]
przezwyczajność – Wunderbaum [Kayax Production & Publishing]
PXVL – No Hate [Light Night Group]
Quadrini & Twosid3s – Tequila [CLAB Records]
Quantopix – Witk [WHY Record Company]
Rainbird – Cicada [Bassic Records]
Reakpo – Pass These Straps [Mustache Crew Records]
Rendow – Sippin [Ghetto]
Renzo Monteleone – Care You [Open House Records]
RetroCyde & Futureblur – Retro Glitch [Kycker Electronic]
Rod Koppar & Stefano Ardi – Time to House [Floored]
Rossalto – Call Me [Deep Strips]
Roy-Z – Time Out (Harb Allen Remix) [K-Noiz]
Samu El Nai – Pa Ra Pa Paa [Pasta Recordings]
Samuel Sepoloane – Ka Mehla [The November Man Music]
Secret Shadow – I Like This [Digi Records]
SeeEyeGee – Rollin’ [MP4W Records]
Seska – MTVT [Run Free]
Seum Dero – Silent & Grey [SSL Music]
Simon Adams & Max Millan – Sound Goes Down [On Circle Music]
SINDICVT & Michael Lami – Over You [New State Music]
Sistars – Synu (Bedeesem Remix) [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Sistars – Synu (Marcin Zimmer Remix) [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Sistars – Synu (Moongoose Remix) [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Skyfex – F.U.C.K. [Seal Network]
Slackers Paradise – Deep Water [Kycker Electronic]
Smudged Soul – Totally Mine [Revoke]
Sol Brothers & Damon C Scott – Turn Around [Flipside Records Ltd]
Soul Central & Pru Fiddy – Rise Again [Electric Mode]
Soulidan – Reminiscence [SOULIDAN]
SoulZ Records & AKISHOU – War [SoulZ Records]
SRLKLLA – Deeper [Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music)]
Stars Over Foy & Calm Panda – Silent Sleep [Planet Ambi]
SUNANA – Safari Trip [LUNI Records]
Teenex & Kristian Zolko – Xpn [Ghetto]
Tenzella – Love Strut [Snatch! Records]
Tha Abacus & Juke Nukem, Tha Abacus – In My Own Time [District160]
The Saunderson Brothers – More Love [Koda Recordings]
Theobald Ringer – Effeverscence [Brique Rouge]
Thulane Da Producer – Elements (Da Producer’s Extended Mix)
TolinchiLove – Hoods [Herloop Records]
Tommie Sunshine & DJ Z-RECK – Warehouse Rave [Brooklyn Fire]
TroublenParadise – Trust In Me (Cluelet Remix) [Supertunes]
Twenty Six – I’ve Been to Compton [KARDO Records]
Umberto Pagliaroli – To Be Free [TROPICA RECORDS]
Unnamed – I Can’t Brith [KINGSMEN GROUP]
VA – Funky Universe [Midwest Hustle Music]
VA – Future House Music, Vol. 3 [Kingside Music]
VA – Infectious House, Vol. 35 [RH2]
VA – Jaxx 008 [Jet Alone Music]
VA – My House, Vol. 1 [MOSP Recordings]
VA – Tech-Nology, Vol. 1 [Groove-ism]
VA – The 420 Sessions, Vol. 2 [Bid Muzik]
VA – Zielou Various Artists 01 [Zielou]
Valentine Martini – Heavenly Harp [Intercept Music]
Viegas – CONTROL [Subliminar Records]
Villanis – Soaked in Sweat [Strakton Records]
Virgil Hawkins & HNRO, Virgil Hawkins, HNRO & LCYTN – Road to Ryoko! [Reservoir]
Vlada Asanin & Wayne Madiedo – Pintado De Azul [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Ward Junior – Feeling the Rhythm [Kibbutz Records]
Wayward Brothers – Shake Your Body [Exx Muzik]
Weronika Szymańska – Oddech [Kayax Production & Publishing]
ZBit – Gucci [AK Cartel]
ZEORX – Portals [Corpse Recordings]
Zetaphunk & Kenan Olden – The Power [Juiced Music]
Zicky G – Hold On To Me [ records]

Melodic House & Techno

Adam Helder – Gemini [Unbelievable Music]
Aesern – Aurora [Synox Digital]
AG10 – Best of U [Beatlick]
Anton Allure – Therma [Beyond Now]
AntonyTR – Up 2017 [7th Cloud]
Artdynasty & Time In Mind, Artdynasty – Cyborg [Fallenstar]
Aryozo – Monolith [Wonderfly Records]
Avvy Aston – Fading [Human Dreams]
Bez & Sensitive – Turn It Around [Fluxo]
Bills & Cappelli – Supernova [TheWav Records]
Booka Shade & SOHMI – Small Talk (Okay) [Blaufield Music]
Brothers Dreamers – Astronaut [KVPV MUSIC]
Capricorns – Meteorites [NIGHTRIDE Music]
Catching Flies, Marsh & Forerunners – Live from Natural Bridge State Park, Kentucky
Celal Yavuz – Special Cases [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Chris Miyagi & Jütte – Journey of Friendship [Sound Optix]
Edoo – Since 90 [Rice Bowl Recordings]
Electric Dada – Stormy Weather [Eisenwaren]
Eleven Of July – Dark Whispers [Chrom Recordings]
Emrah Balkan – The Mechanic [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Gabi Urzay – Matter , Quantum , Black Hole [Amber Recordings]
German Brigante – Sintetic Love [Manitox]
Giorgia Angiuli, Nors Kode & SQU4RE – Stay Curious [This Never Happened]
HC!90 – Golden Swan [Shaman Black]
Heard Right – Laguna , Odie [Sekora]
Hector calypzo – Eternal Spring Album [ANALOGUE STRINGS]
Hendrixen – Zeldira [AMIWA Records]
Icarus – Moment in Time (feat. Jamie N Commons) [Anjunadeep]
Jakepool – Static [North Code Records.]
Lauren Mia & Lake Avalon, Lauren Mia – Tantra [Harabe]
Levasseur – Particles [Sen Records]
Maik Oss – Never Step Back [hypercubes records]
Moeaike – Change [Awen Tales]
Morl0cK – Glade [BIG DEAL]
Mundos Sutis – Solar Logos [Seven Villas]
Natasha Wax – Pur [7 Armies Music]
Nohak – Ghost of the Note [Awen Records]
Notoir – The Red Sun [Suah Records]
Nox Vahn – Technobloom [Anjunadeep]
Nu’bal – Hachiman [Callote]
Oblique Industries – Been Caught Up [Small Records]
Øntold & Zaria, Øntold – Sonder [Us & Them Records]
Ori B. – Hope [Whole Story Lab]
Patchers – Turn the Upside Down [Tezana Records]
Renga Weh – Reality Check [3000 Grad Records]
Resolutions – Trainflow [SLC-6 Music]
Rich vom Dorf – Since You Left Me [Tächno]
Riesen – Rebirth [Duenia]
Schtu – Laberinto [Wildfang Music]
Stazam – Awakeland [Stazam]
Synerphonic – Waiting for a Sign [Amoeboidly Music]
Tanneil Sanchez – Water [BIG DEAL]
Third 3ye – Fly You Fools [Red Eclipse Recordings]
Tumzz – Oxygen [Kitu Records]
VA – Devoted Children of Groove (Compiled by Tony Nocera)
VA – Elementary, Pt. 3 [FIFTH ELEMENT]
VA – Piknik Elektronik [Piknik Elektronik Records]
VA – Spring Power 2021 [BluFin]
VA – Union 2 [XTR Records]
VYACHESLAV SHEMCHUK – Freak [Do Yourself Records]
Who Else & Zac, Who Else – Kayak [Freegrant Music]
Zac & LENN V – Seventh Street [Warung Recordings]
ZK Bucket – Yo Future , Stop Counting [Zaun]
ZYFU – Amanece [AST Recordings]

Minimal & Deep Tech

2Acid – Music From Stolen Interviews [Hawthorne Sessions]
A503X – Lover’s Feeling [A503X Records]
Aerogroove – Acid Dance [Street Habitat]
Akattane – Underground Garages [WAXX LABEL]
Alberto MoreCalde – Guata [Lemon Juice Records]
Alejandro Deep – One Love [Natura Soul]
Anderson M – Sundaze [Priroslin Recordings]
Arthur Reyz – The Express [Distrito Tech Label]
Bastian Kay – This is the Way [Beachside Records]
Ben Murphy – Want Me To [Deeperfect Records]
Blìn Eff – Vibra [Parallel Label]
Bruuno Diz – Abrupt Change [Techempire Records]
Burana – Jack the One [Cocoa]
Canilla – the extinction’s voluptuous odor [Street Pulse]
Carbajal – This Is Love [mINT]
Cupido – Behind the Sun [Sequencer]
David Color – Experidave [wechselstrommusic]
Deepofomin – Morning LFO [DP-6 Records]
Diego Olarte – Troll [Stinky Label]
Dipzy & Chris Clark, Dipzy – The Notion [Rawsome Recordings]
Emerik – Rex Cielo Rojo [Ohmelya Music]
Flavius (RO) – Theoretically [Seism Productions]
Fracktion – Beautiful & Macabre [CLX]
GIMBO9000 – Energies [Cuebd Records]
Giuliano Rodrigues – Pressure [dubaquatic]
Guti Legatto & Javi Parra, Guti Legatto – Templanza
JARD – Moviestar [Saltito Records]
Johnny Hulus – My Appeal [Grass Route Records]
Jose Jimenez – House Is the New Smoking [LMNTAL Music]
Jose Vilches – Heat [Sonambulos Muzic]
Kevin Nordstad & Prins, Kevin Nordstad – Gentlemen [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Lee Pennington – Das Boot [Quanticman Records]
Maják & Diego Knows – Hindsight [Fine Mode]
Mark Dawdle – Shady Vision [Atomes Records]
Massoud Spieth – Endless [Bully Beatz]
Paschi – Tristante [Lescale Recordings]
Patricio Garma – Jungle Kush [Kief Music LTD]
Pete Mazell – Tomorrow [tb clubtunes]
Scanner Darkly – The Sun Will Rise [Techniche]
Self Xpression – Distant Sounds [Mtion Records]
Shoking Dredd – Moobing in Polar [Estribo Records]
Slake – Fading Sky [Rawsome Ltd]
Spacefunk Dub – Bayioo [Marba Records]
Stiven Escarraga – Vol 005 [Cee Music Limited]
Unknown Civilian – Urb002 [Urban MIDI Records]
Unlighted – Persistence [Mothr Music]
VA – Best Minimal Spring 2021 [Online Techno Music]
Vito (Uk) – Might Care [ZET Music]
Warboy – Steel Carriage [Save Our Souls]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

2J – Zdarissime [Stereofly Records]
1040 – All of Us
Acynd – Late Nights [Acynd Music]
Afro Image Band – Sonata Nocturna [BeachGroove Records]
Alessandro Gava – Petta [Arrossdisco Records]
Alex Guittini – All over Again [FunkyTown Records]
Alexny – Keep Your Body Movin’ [Cardiology]
Alton Allen & NITEPPL – Translucent [POPGANG Records]
Andy Bach – You Give Me Fever (feat. Aleysha Eve) [HOLY]
Benjamin Fröhlich – The Joy of Repetition [Permanent Vacation]
C. Da Afro – Urban Sax [Hive Label]
Claborg – Talking [SJS RECORDS]
Claudio Tempesta – ELECTRICA (Extended Mix) [Rebelabel]
Cutting Pattern – Intro the Soul [California Music]
Deepscale – Let the Fire Out [DJ008 Records]
Disco Secret – Guitar Revenge [BeachGroove Records]
Edd Brave – Ravindia [Veneno]
Endrik Schroeder, Notausgang – The Phantom Images, Pt. 3 [Mosaique Records]
Eyv – Press Delete (feat. Rubin Kind) [Supertunes]
FabioEsse – Snake Walk [Disco Filter Records]
Gussi – Do my thing [Jamed Records]
HugsnotDrugs – I Love That [Bishops Bloc]
Hydriss – Lion Sweet [What’s Dat Jam Records]
Johny Grimes – Memories [High Five Music]
Justin Martin – Woods (feat. Sea of Bees) [What To Do]
Keith Fortune – Eleven Eleven [Boite Music]
Kevin Sl & DJ Black02 – La Nota [Dinastia INC]
Louise DaCosta – Music High [DaCosta Records]
LUXXURY – moody disco vol. 1 [Nolita Records]
Manics & HoneyLuv – Perfect-Energy [POPGANG Records]
Markosa – Funk Magic [Tropical Velvet]
Mike Kelly – Quest for You [Milleville Records]
Neil Hood – Lyceum Sunset [18-09 Records]
Nick Devon & Grammik – Wanderlust [Steyoyoke]
oddchapters – Port [NORR]
Otho and Grag – Woman [sync.records]
Paper Cut Pony – Tabbetha [Chill District Recordings]
Perdu – Soaring Flight [Live At Robert Johnson]
PHE & Lord King Kassanova VII – Breakfast for Champion [Basshall Records]
Schattenfrequenz – Zwei [Radiogramm]
Soda State – Portal [POTION RECORDS]
Soul Supreme – Umi Says [Star Creature Universal Vibrations]
The Mighty Geek – Cybersyn [SUBE Records]
The Vinyl Depreciation Society – Thought Machine [Zantidote]
Timbhai – The Way He Walks [sync.records]
url – bedroom floor (Moods Remix) [Havêa Records]
VA – La Danse 2 [Hard Fist]
VA – Planet Italo Disco, Vol. 9 [BCR]
Vaudafunk – Regardez moi [Sure Cuts Records]
Vhyce – Far from Reality [W&O Street Tracks]
X-ing Stars – Massive Control [SiameSound Records]
Zeni N – On My Knees [Three Dot House]
Zysko El Del Flow – Unica [Caserio Records]

Organic House & Downtempo

Abel Garcia – Relocate [Cable Records]
Alessio Serra – The Soul Inside [RYNTH]
Blue Maudot – Targetting [Phunctional Loungin]
Dandara & Tom Nikso, Dandara – Pédia [A Tribe Called Kotori]
Didac – Summer Night [Tamil Nadu Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – The Next Day [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Phantom 7 – Through Space and Time [Deep Trance 7]
Dromia – Series and Oscillations [Grounders Music]
Drum Planet – Day Dreams [Green Impression]
Eddie Silverton – Winding [Phunctional Loungin]
Engtanz – Path of Virtue [Otium Garden]
Fabian Palacios – Terra [FPO Music]
Foils – Sail [Loudkult]
Ilya Gerus – The Birth of Feeling [Mistique Music]
INNERPHONIC – Ethnic Spirit [Faraway Scope]
Jan Baer – Orchestral Sea [O2 Musica]
Judith Ahrends – There [Amselcom]
Katon Wazabi – Frangipani [Phunctional Loungin]
Late Night Films – Your Hostage [Chill District Recordings]
LH4L – Papa Poule [Petit Pot Records]
Lukas Termena – Rainy Day [Termena Music]
Makmalo – I’m Sorry I’m Happy [Flak Music]
Malak – Soul [Agua Blanca Records]
Missfeat – Libertate [Suprematic]
Monsieur Minimal – Tonight (Monsieur Minimal Remix) [feat. Rosey Blue] [Mo.Mi.]
MOÜGLI – Respirar [Sony Music México,ORIANNA]
mowie – Hang in There [CollectiveAuthor]
Musica Negra & Kat Lenis, Musica Negra, Okun & Kat Lenis – Bebe [Are You Me ]
Roger Prinz – Rhythm Foundation [Serafin Audio Imprint]
Rüdiger Eisberg – Projektion [AKASHA MX]
Santi & Tuğçe – The Witching Hour [Kybele]
Sphenoid – Dear Alois [Art.Rec.Lab]
Tycoos & Jan Johnston – The Landslide (Deme3us Chill out Remix) [PureBliss]
Überhaupt & Außerdem – Rewilded [Magician On Duty]
VA – Best of Logarythm 001 [Bakelite]
Violet Mist – Prophecy 2096 [Disintegration State]
Violet Sky – Feel the Bliss [Vlad S. Project]
Wade Watts – Riddles in Stone [Superordinate Dub Waves]
Xila – Farewell [Walk Unit Records]