Afro House

2Housspeople – I Am the Funk (feat. JLofton) [Afro Edition]
Afro Effex – Drumatix [Da Fuba Records]
Alanito – 1996 [Bstudios]
Caianda – Euphoria [Arrifana Records]
Dany Cohiba – Afro Andaluz [Carrillo Music LLC]
Dj Drift Franklyn – Xiguinha [Finason RCRDS]
DJ Kaz Bw – Uprising [Celsius Degree Records]
Dj Roberto Da’Silva – Piscis [Noisemusic Records VE]
Double Face – Uyoyo (feat. Morris Onuegbue)
Dr. Feel – Ausaru [Reenboog]
EyeRonik & Just Mo, May Jack – Ubizo [EyeRonik Productions]
Frigid Armadillo – Tukaina (feat. Ayrosh) [Gondwana]
Gabriel Dominguez, Ray MD – Love (feat. Dayana Prado)
Harry Soto – Loving You [TEQ and SOL]
HyperSOUL-X – Peace (Main HT) [Hyper Production (SA)]
Ian Kenzof & Black Rythmo – Ooreka [MBMH Records]
Ian Ludvig & Idd Aziz – Dodo [Connected Frontline]
Ivan Afro5 – White Mambo [Pablo Entertainment]
James Deron – Ahaa [Indeed Records]
James Deron – Wade Wade (My Feeling Mix)
Jon Mavek – Crescent Moon [Mavek Recordings]
Levi Lenz – O Caba [SP Recordings]
Lilly Randa & HyperSOUL-X – Feel It [Sunclock]
M.Patrick & Kusini – Rhiqi (feat. Toshi) [Grooveland Africa]
Manybeat – La Vieja Rumba (feat. Hilda Candela)
Michael Simon – Arasira [Aversion Records]
NakedSoul & Dj Bongo Sa – Prayer [BrokenSoul Records]
Rod Floor – Beautiful Black Girl [Moiss Music Black]
Sinvergüenza – Revelation [Deep Root Tribe]
Sr. Saco – Pirata Africano [The Warrior Recordings]
Tommy MRali – San People [Mrali Recordings]
VA – Perfect Circles I [Cadencia Music]
Vico Da Sporo – When i meet unobuhle (feat. Sibusiso Makhoba)
Wilgenis Vergara – Calipso [Noisemusic Records VE]
Zipheko – African Pride (feat. Dalton Black) [Cabeau Music]


BrandNewTrumpets & MACC – Smile & Disable , The Crossing
Burger Steak – BS-01 [Forms & Figures]
Dez Williams – Access Point [Woodwork Recordings]
DJ Hero – Poolside [Brooklyn Fire]
Ephemera – Drop Shots Blunted [Mechanical]
First Aid 4 Souls – Stainless Steel Eyes (feat. Vain Sacrosanct)
Gavin Green, Scott Brio – Complicated [DMT LBL]
KillBeat (SP) – Yes, My Bomb [Strongs Records]
Miron – Push Away [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Moustapha S. – Beautiful Burnout [XSM Recordings]
Nelumbo – Sometimes [Estamos Felices]
Nurmalina – Kampuang Nan Jauh Di Mato [Indobass]
Peace to Mateo – Delicate Balance [Young Heavy Souls]
Sinoptik Music – Image Notes [Timelapse Of A Dream]
Siva Six – Ghost Dance [Alfa Matrix]
Teknoaxe – Electronic Evolution [TeknoAXE]
The Sexophonics – Deep Throat [FM Records (Greece)]
Tom One – Torn Apart [Kings Commotion Records]


2 Track Mind – Never Letting Go [Purple Dinosaur Music]
4nzek – The Fray [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
AJ Mitchell – STOP [Epic]
Alfredo Magrini – Till I Die (feat. Inaky Garcia) [Made2Dance]
Ambient Pino – Tropical Dream (feat. Natalia Wohler) [Pino Music]
Andr3w Idar – Play with My Emotions [Blanco y Negro Music]
Arend Peter Kraus – Sonnenuntergang [Unit Media Music]
Atom Swag – Refresh [Smart Records UK Limited]
Avego – Spirit Of Midnight [Spitfire Music]
Barlas & Mert – Astronaut in the Ocean (feat. Yoelle)
Beach Bunny – Cloud 9 (feat. Tegan and Sara) [Mom+Pop]
BlackBonez, Oswego & Danny & Maurice – Drown [Viventas Music]
Bless You – What I Did To You [One Seven]
Bouzouki Kings, Michalis Koumbios & ThroDef – Golden Island
Bromo – Ride [Ghetto]
Clay Pirinha – The Way You Get [Spitfire Music]
Crystal Rock, Florence Nevada & Stephanie Schulte – Try
Cupidon, KALLITECHNIS & Ric Wilson – Wake Up, Get Down
Cymo – Toosie Slide [RCA,Famouz Records]
Dapa Deep – On Our Own [Dapa Music Records]
David Obama – Life (feat. schiena rotta) [Pe Fende Records]
Deepend & Griff Clawson – Beautiful [Guesstimate]
Dimple Music – Escape [Spitfire Music]
DJ NG – Sexy Body (feat. Nicola Tate) [URBANCE]
DJ Solovey – Your Moves [Big Hard Records]
Dj Vincenzino – No Mercy [Dance Republic]
Doctor Victor – Older (Live at Harpa Concert Hall) [feat. Rurik]
Donny Rotten – Se Lever [Tropical Disco Records]
Dopplers – With You [Vibez Sounds]
DXCO – My Body and My Soul [Dance And Love]
ErnstV – Showtime [1000ord]
Esseks – Watching From A Distance [Deadbeats]
Evotia – My way [Crossborder Records]
Fabian Palacios, Mad Cold, Leila Latrónica & Vicente Roca – Sky
Fairuz – Endorphine [Four Music,Two Sides]
Fashion Boy SA – Sghubu Se Se Excelent (feat. OB Buddy Gates)
FDVM, Henri PFR & Laura White – The Beat Goes On [Up All Night]
Fermusic – All I Want [Fermusic]
Fuat Avsel & Emrah Turken – Blue [LAB Recordings]
Galano – Excuses [2Dutch Records]
Gaspard Auge & Justice – Force majeure [Genesis (Because)]
Giorgio Gee & OMAO – Trippin’ [You Love Dance]
Grand K. – Energy [Mental Madness Records]
H3nry Thr!ll, PvssyCat & Ascari – Don’t Mind (feat. Ryan Bauer) [PvssyCat & Ascari Remix]
Hitboxx – The Trip [HitboxxMusic]
Hoxtones – You’re the Voice (feat. Darryl Blackman) [Lentrome]
Issy Wood – Muscle [Zelig Records]
ItaloBrothers – Down For The Ride [Virgin]
J-Adiction – Ainu [Nyumba Records]
James Duffield – Stand Up [Deep Bear]
Jaymie Silk – Don’t Go (feat. Lia) [Pelican Fly]
Jealous Friend – Believe [Creator Music Wave]
Jorge Escalante – Ravers [Rabbit Label]
Jorn Pricez – Something More [B.A.M. (Become A Millionaire)]
Josev – All I Wanna Do [N Depth Studio]
Justin Lawson – Warning [Murston Records]
KATYA & Vigiletti – Ding Dong! (feat. Trixie Mattel) [Vigiletti Remix]
KAY C TUNES – Your Soul [Smile Creations Music Label]
KCB Kore – The Business [LNG Music]
Kevin McKay, Alex Gewer & Tasty Lopez – Miss You
Kicevski, Leenata & Kicevski – In the Night [Maniana Records]
Kid Fonque & Jonny Miller – Somewhere (Remixes) [feat. Jaidene Veda]
Kidd Ross – Attraction [Astronomic Music]
Kinky Pixy – Scooby Doo Pa Pa [Nevadun Records]
Kjue – Magic Night [Gloamed]
Klaas – Sun Is Up (feat. Emmie Lee) [You Love Dance]
Knockwell – Flute World [Knockwell Music]
Knockwell – Funky Shehnai [Knockwell Music]
Knockwell – Madness Digger [Knockwell Music]
Knockwell – Ranti Trap [Knockwell Music]
Knockwell – So Sexy [Knockwell Music]
Kurkuma – Just Say Yes [Road Story Records]
L)Vladimir(P – Full Moon [Venge Tranquil]
Lino Fuso, Pushing Daizies – On My Own [Endless Records]
Liv Stellar – Cloudsky [Beatbridge Records]
Lua e Jasmim – Se o Tempo Ouvisse [Doubleclick Unipessoal, Lda.]
Lukas Mayer – Dancing on My Own [Golden Chocolate Records]
Mak5ast, Max Lake – Deep Value, Vol. 2 [VAST]
Mamae – Sa Stop Mabuk [Indobass]
Mara Sattei – Scusa [Epic]
Maryn & AXYL – Downfall [Enhanced Recordings]
Matilda Mann – Doomsday [Arista Records]
Matteo Sala – Offshore [Presscode Recordings]
Max Lake – Deep Value, Vol. 3 [VAST]
Mike Tunes – Don’t Need You [Run Free]
Millimetrik – Origine vs. futur [Coyote Records]
Mitcry & Isaac Blum – So Above So Below [Ashes Recordings]
Modena Flow & rruga right – Baby [Pe Fende Records]
Morris Jones – Breaking Free (feat. sherita) [Rocky Beach Music]
MOTi, Lunax & Marmy – Bam Bam Bam [ZEROCOOL]
Nekruz Pironov – Be Tu [ZIFOSTUDIO]
New Beat Order, NALYRO & Tommy Tran – Beautiful People
Nicholas Antony – The Mission [Universal Feel]
O’falco – Midlife (Contemplation) [Blanco y Negro Music]
Open Rim – Sunset Keeper (feat. Leonie) [Up All Night]
Özhan Özal – My Heart Is Lonely [Airport Records]
Pe Fende – Scary [Pe Fende Records]
Penji Annaev – Peshvoi Millat [ZIFOSTUDIO]
REZarin & Rickysee – Say You Want Me [Day Dose Of House]
Riccardo Rey – Spotlight [1st Strike]
Richie Krisak & Hanna Löwenborg – This Is the Thing
Robert Makeni – Late Night Dance [THEDAMNYES Music]
Rochelle Jordan – Something [Young Art Records]
Rolipso – No One Else [Panther’s Groove]
Ryan Hagan – Don’t Let Me Stop (Steve Smart & Jovan Bloom Remix)
Saimöö – We Can’t Hide [Tremble]
Sam Matthews & Daji Screw – Nobody Like You
Sam Paye, Darian Asplund & Stingshark – Cyberwar
Sammy Slade – Runaway [Enormous Chills]
santpoort & Little Green – Feather Light (Acoustic)
Scarlet Phantom – Her Mind [Phat Panda Records]
Shio – Bla Bla Bla [BonFire Records]
SI US PLAU – No Control [Lithuania HQ]
Simon Sub – Boom X6 [Secret Sounds Records]
Slo-Motion – Work It Out (Instrumental) [Slo-Motion Projects]
SMGY & DJ Cadet – Give me Fire [Active Ingredient Records]
Specifik – Enesola [Specifik]
Stazam, Tujamo – Take Control [Virgin]
Sugar Spin – Crush on Magic (feat. Paul Tonning) [Saftig Records]
Tantsui – Woman [Stay True Sounds]
Thed Widell & Vishaj – Without You (feat. Biim) [PR Records]
Tim Hughes – Never Let Me Go [ChillYourMind]
Tom Craig – Concentrate [Blanco y Negro Music]
Tuna Özdemir – Wake Me Up [DJ008 Records]
Umut Ozsoy – Come as You Are [LAB Recordings]
VANE & Syniro – Under Pressure [Satsuma Music]
Weekend Wonders – She’s So High (feat. Mingue) [SOURCE]
Wez Whynt – You Will Know (feat. Earl W Green, Jason Nicholson Porter & Nickson)
Where It’s ATT – No Problems (with Veste) [Word On The Street]
WhiteCapMusic & Lekuz – Sun Come Up [Golden Chocolate Records]
ZALLI – Egyptian Market [Gloamed]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

A. Rassevich – Share This Love [Anbito]
Adrian Castellon – Fake Reality (Or Reality) [Music for Clubs]
Ahmed Abdurahimli – Lonely (Remixes) [Baijan Records]
Alex Hernandez & George JJ Flores – Es La Verdad [GJJF Music]
Almad – Say It Right [PlayHouse Time Records]
Andrea Grandoni – Political Man (k21 Extended Version) [Kalambur Publishing]
Bagre, Nenad J. – Moments [M-Sol Records]
Brendon Lee – Blessings [The Travelling Bear Records]
Buddynice & AndileAndy, Buddynice & T Melody Strings – Begin To Begin [Selville Records]
BWK Project, Enrico Mantini – Together [PURISM Wave]
Caldera – Vorena [Pogo House Records]
Carlostella – Swamp [Black Moka]
Chateau Denoire – Diamonds (Sunset Mix) [Grooveless Recordings]
Col Lawton – The Boss [Cosmic Gems Records]
Daïtshi – Close to Me (feat. Adam Wendler) [Spectrum Recordings 2021]
Dalco J Dorn – System Error [Soulstar Records]
Dani Corbalan – Secrets [Cherokee Recordings]
Daniel Ołdyński – With You [Vinebeat Records]
Disk Nation – Black Women – Remix Pack 6 [Refined]
DJ Phantom 7 – Dream Day [Deep Trance 7]
DJ Rocstar – Anybody Home [International Rocbeats]
Dzouns – Blind [LaLand]
Enflure – Music for Everybody [Amsem Records]
Farhad – Some Notes [Moiss Music]
Fidel Deniz – How Long [Sound of Soul Records]
Frank Taurus – Dream [Lotus]
Frankman – Someday [FM Digital]
Gökhan Doğanay – A Picture in Istanbul (feat. Aşkın) [Airport Records]
Groove Synergy – Feel the Rush [Pogo House Records]
Hobbes & Leonidas – Aranath [Hobbes Music]
Icylow – What You Said [Jendex Records]
Inhuma – Disorder [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
IQ Musique – Arcade Game [BALLLOOM]
Jan Janssen – Le Tedey [Barbecue]
Jay Aliyev – Alone [Baijan Records]
Jeancy – Don’t Worry About Me [Jendex Records]
Jeremy Sylvester – Without a Fight [Urban Dubz Music]
Joe San – Close to You [Plastik People Digital]
John Gold – I Believe In You [BeatCanteen Records]
Julian Cardona – Ananda [Julian Cardona Music]
Justflow – Problems [Elastic Dimension Records]
Laedon & Sam Strat – Your Colors [1st Strike Deep]
Lasso D’Amore – Dances and Parties [Little Jack]
Lounatic – What You Say [Soundeo Records]
Lounge Ibiza Cafè – Show Me Love [Southbeat Music]
Malatino – Sensation [Marin Music]
Malcolm Lewis – Conscious Darkness [Flash Frequency Productions]
Malik Hendricks – Cutting Shapes [Coloring Lessons Records]
Marc Cotterell – Steppin’ in [Bob’s Your Uncle Records]
Markez (VE) – Cibeles [Mas Music Records]
Mendy – Belvedere Streets [Conceptual Deep]
Mentol & Mose N – Freed From Desire [Sepaya Records]
MERAKI – Bad Intentions [CLAB Records]
Miguel Migs – Back Tonight (feat. Martin Luther) [Soulfuric Deep]
Miranda – Projector [Deep Site Digital]
Mirco Savoldelli – Nightcrawler [Moiss Music Black]
MonoJack – Nothings Gonna Ever [Nomade Records (NO)]
Msotja – Delayed Time [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
Mtsicology Music – Who Are We [Jive Afrika Recordings]
N-Thony-N – C’mon [Freaky Sounds]
Nero Grey – Monster [POPJOY Music]
Nick Holder – Toronto Track Company [Kultur]
Nico – Waiting on You [Revkon Records]
Nicolai Masur – Ghost in My Mind [Maheti Records]
Nik Alevizos – Spinning [Sekora]
Oğuz Kaya – Indika [Desperadoz Records]
OL3VISION – State of Mind [MONOSIDE]
Orkhan Nukha – Human [Baijan Records]
Pandastic – City Lights [Seal Network]
Paul Frieda – Deepology [Artistfy Music]
Posada – Moonwalks 03 [Inregistrari Interplanetare]
Prodigal Mind – New Place [Southbeat Music]
Retrogroove – Taking Me Over [Smashing Trax Records]
REZarin, Joey Busse & Cubfonic – Take Care of You [Day Dose Of House]
Rianu Keevs – I Hate to Love [Rianu Keevs]
Robert Burian – Everything [Enormous Chills]
Roque & JuneJamOfHouse, Roque – My Sound [DeepHouse Police]
Simon Adams – That’s True [Salted Music]
T.Markakis – Don’t Tell Me [Phoenix Music Inc]
The Bestseller & Alex Dusty – Promise You [Behalf Music]
THEOS – Wanna Go Out [Pont Neuf Records]
Think City – Alma Zen (Bodaishin Remix) [feat. Ivano Onavi]
Timnumbr1 – Sweet Colors [Mole Music]
Tom Chubb – Still Drive [Huge Music]
Tonbe – Checkem Out [Nite Grooves]
Travis Emmons & Brett Rubin – Dust Off [Glasgow Underground]
Udumusic – Ame Nimo Makezu [El Mental Souls Music]
UKnew – Paranoid [HOUSE VIEWS]
VA – Upsy Daisy Twentyeight [Bompi-Hani Recordings]
Vilda – Vibes [Sidekick Music]
Wearing Shoes – Love Response [Spiritualized]
Westtle – Collide [Epic Tones Records]

Dubstep & Drum & bass

Abstrakt Vision – True Intention [Lost Recordings]
Adam Jasim & Dani King – Crawl [Subsidia]
Afterlife & Dizztrickt – Still Jazzy , Missing
Aiokai – Realms 2021 [TLILTIC Records]
AJ Mutated – Move (Jeopardize Remix , Vip [Innovate Audio]
AnnGree – Cyclone [Suspect Device Productions]
Annix & Fade Black – Dismantle [Neksus Sound]
ARZUS – Best Friend [Vaultanage Records]
Astrøu – Falling For You [DNBB Digital]
Asura & Wave – Microtube [LowFreqMX]
BeatsRoil – Heavy Ps [Fopheii]
Camo MC & Diligent Fingers – It’s the Weekend [Camo MC]
Charlotte Haining & BCee – Remind Me (S.P.Y Remix)
Chassi – Switch the Remixes [40oz Cult]
Cliques & Celph Titled, Cliques & Marianna Ray – Cliques Got Dubs Vol 3
Computerartist – Solitude [Hoofbeats Music]
Conrank – Bonfire [Circus]
COUTECK – Summer Nights [Dinosaur Media]
Damageman – War [Sub Heavy Audio]
Dank Frank – Velcro [Jadu Dala]
Dexta & Coma, Dexta – Tenz , Dissolute (Conduct Remix)
DJ Phantasy & Harry Shotta – Certified Gs [Showtime Music]
DJ Rusty – Signal Code [Promo Audio Recordings]
DUBLADE – Dementia [Raylinx Music]
Enfuse – Klaxon [onesevenfour]
Fat Controller – Different World [Uphoria Records]
Fetus – Dark Monkey [Unchained Recordings]
Fixxo & Sinetrix – The First Wave [Into the Dark]
Flatland Funk & Torn – Onslaught [emengy]
Focus – Falling (feat. JOZIE) [Subsidia]
Freqmind – Machine Attack [Flashmuted Recordings]
Friction & Poppy Baskcomb – Falling Down [Elevate Records (UK)]
Friske – Rigged System (Remix) , Deeper Understanding
FX909 – Jazz It Up [FX909 MUSIC]
Geostatic – Conviction [Transparent Audio]
Guau – Raygun [83]
Henry Caster – Believe [Kevlar Beats]
Illarea – Daily Routine [29 DNB]
James Vincent McMorrow & Rudimental – Be Somebody (The Prototypes Remix)
Jedi – Straight Outta Walsall [Dubstomp 2 Bass Records]
JK REPTILE & Nine Flags – Antidote [Genesis Records]
K Motionz & Simula – Flex [Drum&BassArena]
Kazmatan & Sabrina Ashley – The Theory [Chill The Planet]
Kill Paris – Couped Up (ESPER Remix) [Bass Camp Music]
KLAY & Clikvork – Daredevil , Goes It So [Biological Beats]
Kvostax – Begine [Live History Records]
LMNOP & Dr. Apollo, Foolish Ways – Trash [Space Yacht]
Lone Wolf – Neck Loop [lone wolf]
Mel Merrett – Singularity [BPM-UK]
Mirtyhoud – Louder [Pantheon Select]
Nick The Lot – Self Destruct , Rock This [Holographic Audio]
Night Shift – System Burn (feat. Jackson Mathod) [Dub Shotta]
Pirapus – Need You Now (feat. Christina Harrison) [Dark Machine Recs]
Protohype – See the Light Again (feat. Meredith Bull)
PYTI – Multiband [Spitfire Music]
Radiax – Oil , Xingfu Lu [Skankandbass]
Raiden Integra – Cumbia y Bass [Good Noodles]
Semsa Bilge – Funkey Monkey [Black Storm Records]
Sh@d0w & Volen, Sh@d0w – Shady Business [Outsize]
Soulculture & DJ Choppah – Babylon [Digital Roots]
Stompz – Creamsicle , Guttermouth [Subway Soundz]
Sub001 – Portal To Nowhere [Rushdown]
Submorphics & Satl – Newport Magnetic
Tek Genesis – Contact [Dark Machine Recs]
Teknoaxe – Dubious Experiments [TeknoAXE]
The Sauce & Fox – Everything Boss [The Sauce Recordings]
Tomoyoshi – Soldier [Original Key Records]
TruFeelz – Riptide [Subsidia]
Unglued – Crusty Rolls (feat. Benny L & Javeon) [Hospital Records]
VA – Back to Jungle, Vol. 2 (Pt. 2) [Formation Records]
VA – HEAVYWEIGHT, Vol.5 [Kinphonic]
VA – Malfunction [Kinphonic]
VA – Omni X III LP [Omni Music (UK)]
VA – Subsidia Dawn Vol. 3 [Subsidia]
VA – The Four Raw Vol 7 [Ballpark Recordings]
Vee – Perfect Storm (Shodan Remix , Rollin (Conrad Subs Remix)
Vibe Emissions & Engix – Shadow Work [MorFlo Records]
Waeys & Duskee, Waeys & Levela – Snoar [Critical Music]
Winslow & Degs, Winslow – Mad Flavours [Soulvent Records]
Wood Packa – Rocket [Monofire Records]
Yatuza – Liondub Street Series, Vol. 58 Bogota Nights
Zanfir – Bro Bro Broddim [F2F Rcrds]

Electro House

5TROBE – 5Cream and 5Hout [Webbed Records]
Aitor Blond – Across the Room [Timeless Isle]
Aleksi Perälä – Midnight Sun 5 C [AP Musik]
Alyx – Clap Your Hands [High Five Music]
B-Stork, DR2G – Alive [Wiking Recordings]
Berk Ocal – Say Goodbye [Spitfire Music]
Borel & Cohen – Trombo [Lauterhaus]
Brian Ferris – Do You Love Me [Nastytunez]
Carvillo – Answer [Satsuma Music]
Chaos Milieu – Pott Groove [WARNING]
Chris Notz – Tender Love [Analog Digital Music Notz]
Chrizz Luvly – Burn Those Trees [Dreamdealers]
Clive Lukover, Matthew Moore – Electro Swing Cuts
DanRu – Dare Do [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Dark Vektor – Back [Sigourney Discs]
Dj Kolyn – Similaik [Kendo Music]
DJ Reactive – Back to Rave [Global Lab Records]
DoubleON, BLIN (KOR) & TERRA (KOR) – God Damn
Dragon5 & Ray – Big Bang Bang Bang [Dragon Records]
Ferry – Baam Baam [UFO Recordz]
Fluctuosa – Physical Hack [Müstesna Records]
Joey Antonelli & Mekki Martin – Blow (Radio Edit)
John Cody – Tharsis Rise [Vintage-78 records]
Juice Leeroy – Demon Juice Reloaded [Artist Republik]
Juice Leeroy – Diaries of a Juice God [Artist Republik]
Julio Basset – Why Not [Santander Music]
Justin Prime & SaberZ – Neutron [Rave Culture]
Killazoid – The Prophecy [Honour Records]
Knockwell – Muddy Fire [Knockwell Music]
KREX, SixThema & Epiik – Egg Bun [PIKMA RECORDS]
Luxus Varta – W [In Abstracto]
Mark Dawdle – Before Shoot [Atomes Records]
Mark Dawdle – Wind Spirit [Atomes Records]
Martin Avis – Bass Lock [Mixa Records]
Max Tresher & Peter Fern – Vision [Bass Boosted]
Messergeist & Never Enough System – Beyond the Stars
MOUNT MUZIK – Uncomplimentary [MOl_lNT MUZIK]
MozX & Diemetic – Bassheads [No Tomorrow Recordings]
Nelson Luc – D.T.B (Extended Mix) [DENAR RCRDS]
Ocammy – Turn Out [Spitfire Music]
Ozgun, K3WRO & XanTz – Diamonds [Retro Recordings]
Penelope Trappes – Fur & Feather [Houndstooth]
Plastik Funk & Calv, SICKRATE, Rentz & Re-Piet! – Tribute to Asia
Reggio – Revelation [Revealed Recordings]
Rico Vibes & Jose Sanchez – Bounce Back [EPride Music Digital]
Sheezan & FootriX – Turn Up The Bass [Fanfare Records]
Shypox & Dj Crime – Scorpion [Legion Records]
Sullivan De Morro – Carnival [Goryl Rec]
T,error – Rindler Horizon [LDI Records]
The Infamous & Skimm – Buck Up [Speed House Movement]
Tony Junior & Kevu – Centaur [Rave Culture]
Unity – Wish You Were Here [Mixmash Records]
VA – #rave, Vol. 37 [RH2]
VA – Hungry Koala On Air 003, 2021 [Hungry Koala Records]
VA – Innerclub [JE … DEMAIN]
VA – Ninety9lives 76 Pink Is Sus [Ninety9Lives]
Vinny Coradello – Zimbabwe Rhythm [House Boutique Records]
Warplex, Fabio Amoroso & Mila – Wrong [Lovertrax Recordings]
Wini Marques – Sunrise [Santander Music]
Yoshi Sushi – Agreement [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Baby Star [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Samurai [Mountain Bird Records]
Yoshi Sushi – Seriously crazy [Mountain Bird Records]
Yvaine – Say Goodbye (feat. Jaylamb) [Spitfire Music]

Electronica & Downtempo

3Points – Black Materia [Neurom Records]
Abstract Silhouette – Eryon [Music UK]
Aeonic Dirge – Dreamer of Stars [Void Overflow]
Alan Licht – A Symphony Strikes the Moment You Arrive
Alexandra Spence – A Necessary Softness [Room 40]
Anaïs Tuerlinckx – Dissection Lente d’un Piano Rouillé [Vlek]
Analog Cryptids – For a Night [Millennium Kollektiv]
Anaximander – Apeiron ptI [Globalismo Music]
Ancient Core – No Stone Unturned [Melusine Records]
Andrew Odd – New Home [AstroPilot Music]
Angel Ace – Depaysement [Entrance Music Chill]
Angel Phantom X – Let’s Have Baby [DD Hip Hop]
Anton RtUt – Digits Attack [ONESUN NEON]
Anushka – Brave [Tru Thoughts]
Anz – OTMI001 [OTMI]
Archi – Life and Death [Kycker Electronic]
Arixx – Wings [HRMNIC]
Artefakt – Orinoco Basin [Delsin Records]
ARVØW – Terminal Lucidity [Be Your Own Studio Label]
AS.IF KID – Oh No [Pretty Decent Music Records Limited]
Astropilot & Kaya Project – Wind of Change, Pt. 2
Azamat – Part of Me [Noise & Silence]
Babe Grand – Stalker [1302 Records]
Beatcreator – Falling [Spinnup]
BeatsRoil – Neon Sea [Fopheii]
Blackfish – Tense [Blackfish Productions]
Blan7 – Doc [Spitfire Music]
Blu Ritual – Access Requested [Identities]
Boody – We Had That [Palms Out Sounds]
Borneo – April [Hommage]
Bradley Kim – Be Mine [Chapter Eight]
Censse – Dreams (feat. Tore) [Be Adult Weapons]
CFCF – Memoryland [BGM Solutions]
Chris Decato – Transmissions [Astro Nautico]
Christine Ott – Time to Die [Gizeh Records]
CURRENTMOODGIRL, Yelena Lashimba – Sonic Synthesis STEMS
Dave Baron – Sometimes (feat. William Thomson)
Dave Harrigan & Alastair Pursloe – Zen Garden , Rise
deGust – Odyssey [Three Hands Records]
Delice De Sureau – Dreams (feat. Montse) [Be Adult Weapons]
Derek Muro – cues [toucan sounds]
Devon – Childs Play [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
DHAF & KAMARENA – Dreams [Be Adult Weapons]
DJ Eely – Picturesque [CRCLS]
DJ Gass – California West Coast [Looper Records]
Dj IP – Shade Light [Atomes Records]
Dogs versus Shadows, Simon Klee – Music for Nature Documentaries
Dolenz – Danko Crumb [4NC¥]
Dolfinesque – Minnesota in Spirit [Dolfinesque Music]
Edvard Hunger – Relaxing Weather [Samui Music]
Electronic Fluke – Destined To Fly [Wonderfly Records]
Elninodiablo – Dreamweaving [El Nino Diablo Music]
Endgame – Surrender [Precious Snowflake]
Ends 84 & Kabelle – Remember It Well [Aztec Records]
Eraldo Rodriguez – Open the Door [Thai Dust Black]
FariHit – Or My Beat [Turtle Musik]
fourthlake – Transit [Facetten]
Fragmentz, Jukis – Take It Back [ZEROCOOL]
Freeman Rch & Lefty – New Seeds [LINK Audio]
Front Country – Broken Record (ROSZKIEWICZ Remix)
Giadar – Close Your Eyes [The Ambient Zone]
Gilberto Samba – What’s Next [JamLoch Records]
Going Deeper & Chester Young, Suicidal Romance – Runaways
Gold Glo – Red Snapper [Chill Caterpillar]
Grasscut – Overwinter Instrumentals [Lo Recordings]
gyrofield – Superheat [gyrofield]
Heavenchord & Amanita Phalloides – The Cloudy Music
HiLove – Holding You Feels Like… [REM STATE Records]
Hogland – Telling Me Yes [TGR Music Group]
Hotway & Hypeness – This is My Game [Fine Business Music]
Howie Lee – Birdy Island [Mais Um Discos]
Human Escape – Brilliant [SUPRANU Records]
Ioon Cosmic Downtempo – Moonlight Gardens [Mindspring Music]
Jace Mile – A Beer (Quarantined) [JDC Records]
Jay Haze – 1024 (feat. M.A.L.A) [Contexterrior , Tuning Spork]
Jaydee – Organix [COMBINED]
Jonas Kopp – Exploraciones Internas [Osmosis]
Juls Wriede – The Rocher (Extended Version) [YouTunez]
Kaisaku – Stasis [The Ambient Zone]
Kasenzangha – Soweto [BIG BADA BOUM!]
KIDD FLYP – Ghost [Mh Musik]
King Kooba – All Mine (All Fine) [feat. T.K. Lawrence] [OM Records]
Kuollut – Seeds [Untitled Burial]
Larss – Alive & Kickin [Etznab]
lau.ra – I’ll Wait [Alkaane]
LAYRZ – Stay Young [Chapter Eight]
Leanbacker – Make It Hot [Beats Since Birth]
Leonardo Chevy – Nonsensical [Sunclock]
Like Swans – Music for Dancing in Slow Motion [Alakulttuuritalo]
Lyxodian – Bragi [Kycker Electronic]
Marcan Liav – Sanctuary [Stripped Recordings]
Martin Hayes – Sinners of Mintaka [Mating Rituals Recordings]
Masenzolo – Bigger Dem [Blanco y Negro Music]
Matej Blanusa – Beginning [M-Sol Records]
Matt Robertson – Bees [Subtempo]
Max D Milford – Come Slowly and See! [Wonderfly Records]
Mente Orgánica – El Espacio [Earthly Measures]
Merton Md T – You Have Fixed [Black Music Machine]
Meyze & Akacia – Could Be [Sidekick Music]
Mike Sawyer – Love Takes Me Home [Cheetah Play]
Mikey Young & Music Yared – Sindayo (Mikey Young Remixes)
Modena Flow & HM Zara – New Era [Pe Fende Records]
Mr. Tophat – Midsommar SE Lufthansa [Public Possession]
Ocean Lights – Summer Sand [Chill Caterpillar]
Off.Noise – Steez [Kycker Electronic]
Orange and Mountains – Drawers [Rhodium]
Oscar K. – Skies Above [29 CHILL]
PamppeR – Get You [House Lab Recordings]
Paul Whitehead – Neon Wave 2 [Score Production Music]
Pete Roche – Consciousness [Rebellious]
Peter Rocket – Chuffed [Dream Diary]
RANAAZA – Got Me [Artist Republik]
Reza Solhi – Mermaid [Chill Caterpillar]
Roches Noires – Carbon [Mouton Noir Records]
Room Of Wires – Plague of People [Ant-Zen]
SANJAY – Electric Medicine [Purple Condor Records]
Scorpson – Dolphin [29 CHILL]
Stilhed – Campfire [Valley View Records]
Suono Scalzo & Red Joint – Quann Le a Fa [Opium Muzik]
sviz – Easy Life, Vol. 3 [EasyLife]
Sybe – Neat [Assist For Artist]
TAWO – Don’t Get Insane, Take a Tea Time (Tea Time Vol.1)
Taylor Deupree – Chorus (Dusk,Dawn) [12K]
Tenderlonious – Tek-88 [DAM Records]
Trevor Gavilan – The Warmest Place (Cover Rework) [Milovat]
UMX LO-FI – Stories [Graba Music]
Under Neon Skies – Tidal Coasts [Chill Caterpillar]
Upper Management – Big Business Reloaded [YouTunez]
VA – Eternal Beauties (Lounge Sweethearts), Vol. 3 [Paradise City]
VA – Mighty Morphin’ Power Bangers [Failed Units]
Vadim Vok – Pulsating Gate [Samui Music]
Vasco Completo – Wormhole [Monster Jinx]
Veezo – how2makealeader [Q1E2 Recordings]
Venus Bay – Electric Moon [Chill Caterpillar]
Vihaan & Futurity Music – Lost Me [Futurity Music]
Violet Mist – Lost in Neotokyo (Ffion Remix) [Disintegration State]
Waeldt & VNKLA – The Zoo [WAELDT]
WAR TECH – Sayaw Isa [Initiator Soundworx]
Wladimir Schall – Platzkart [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
Zayah B & Jonzo – Allegiance [Beast Trap Records]
Zulu Wow – Red Lights at Night [Chill Caterpillar]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

1ll dubstX – 21Sunlight [Artist Republik]
Barry Duffy & Juvenyl – Big Shot [Yosh Pit]
IndiAlman – You Could Be [Strictly House And Garage]
MJ Cole – Maestro [Alkaane]
MURIX – Basic Sound [83]
Oxide & Neutrino & Leo the Lion – Where Do We Go (Shaun Dean Remixes)
VA – New Blood 5 [Crucast]


_Underscore – Parallel [Simma Black]
4handz – Obsession [Carboware Records]
120 Dance – Superwoman [Aquamelon]
Àbáse & Ziggy Zeitgeist – Body Mind Spirit (feat. Dumama) [Jazz & Milk Recordings]
Adri Block & Paul Parsons – Try to Be Strong (Club Mix) [Gimme The Night]
Aidan Bega – Nightshades [Vivifier Records]
Al3ss – Save me from Myself [Adventure Records]
Alejandro Peñaloza – Chamaco [Vamos Music Talents]
Alex Harrington – Keep Dancing [Liminal Music]
Alvaro Estrella, Carlos Cabrera – Mva Vol 001 [Moderna House Records]
Am3ba & Ezax – Boom Bap [Ghetto]
Annuki & Motroo – With Me [AU Music Label]
Ant KLENT, Fabian Haneke – Old Vibe, Pt.14 [Safe Music]
Arkell – Self Control [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Austin’s Groove – Bounce [Motive Records]
Axfull, Fishek & Sverzut – Too Much [Quantum Records]
Bakongo – Thirteen , Level Cowbell [TRULE]
Benwah – Too Soon [Brooklyn Fire]
Block & Crown – Can We Get 2Gether [Koolkutz]
Block & Crown – Somebody Need To Know [Omerta]
Block & Crown & Lissat – Savin’ My Lovin’ [Save The Nightlife]
Body Copy – Archetype [Body Cuts]
Boris Naumov – Burn Me [29 CLUB]
Bratoski – Let Me Come Naturally [THEDAMNYES Music]
Brodi – Need You [Hot Sunday Records]
BS As Deep & DFRA, BS As Deep – Jazz Baileys [Onward Recordings]
CASSIMM – Skyline (feat. Cheshy) [Altra Moda]
Catz ‘N Dogz, Gerd Janson & Dusky – Modern Romance (Dusky Remix) [Misfit Melodies]
Chemars – My Hood [Funky Revival]
Chill Qin & Wen Ching Hao – 43251 [Muti Music]
Cler – Fat Moving (2021 Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
COLLINS – Twisted Tea (feat. NAT MEZ) [PMP Records]
Cotton Animals – Suriname [Black Boat]
Craig Vibes – Lovin You [#CVENT]
Cuendo – At the Same Time [Midnight Language]
Daniele Rizzo – Light of Night [Boot Music Records]
David Blackman – Show Me the Way [Rupture UK]
David Velas – Vicious [Afterpresent Records]
Davidc – Rough [Techroom Records]
Deebiza, Rob Williams – Sundown [We Are Phonik]
Deejay Soso – Vula Nkosi Yam [DSM Entertainment]
Deftone – Revenue 90 [House of the Sun]
DELUCA – Don’t Wanna Fall [Stardome Recordings]
DENRO – Beatdrop [Phunk Junk Records]
Derrick Da House – Oxygene [Houbless Music]
Dirty Secretz – When I Go Back [Everyday Hustlers]
Ditsuo & Thugz Life – Boss [Deep Insane]
DJ Chick – Another Chance [Dave And Noise Music]
DJ Fopp & Daniele Danieli – Take My Love
DJ Jarell – You Gotta Believe [Cuebans Records]
DJ LeeMac – I Can Feel It [Which Bottle ]
DJ Panya – Obsession (feat. Alice) [Phat Panda Records]
Dj Softman – Dark World [Dark Light Rec]
Dj Wank – Dots To Digi [RotRaum Music]
DJ WAVS – BoomBap [Ghetto]
Dow Pow – Radiation [DM.Recordings]
Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba & Coco Street – Amazing Grace
Edson Faiolli & MARIØ HENX – Silent and Grey [FEATURE]
Ely Oaks – Do This Now [AESTHETE by Night]
Enki – Do It for Me [Dream State Records]
Enrique Tellez, DJ Martin G & Tebache – Dale Zumba
Enzo Carniel & Filippo Vignato – Aria [MENACE]
Eomac – Cracks [Planet Mu]
Esteban Adame – Chicano Boombox [Yaxteq]
Fabian Luttenberger – Night by Night [Midtown House]
Fabrizio Parisi & The Editor – Until the Next Time (Maurizio Basilotta Remix)
Filippo Luppino – Deeper Grooveline [MHG Records]
Flint Glass – Psychopomps [Ant-Zen]
Florian Filsinger – Mondschoben [Samplefriends]
Foo Funkers & Diego Forsinetti – Give Me Love
FoXaNeX & Turka – Forever [Spiralation]
François Reis & Brice Morgan – Can You Feel It (feat. Mr Raph)
FREAK ON – Recycle That [House Call]
Freaky DJ’s – Shake That Ass [Wild Essence]
G.Pantelidis – Swing ‘n’ Rolla [Electro Swing Thing]
Ghost 69 – Down & Up [Bass Solution Network]
Gilbert Le Funk – Cruising Attitude [La Musique Fantastique]
Giuseppe Pisicoli – Bring Me Back [Transcendance Music]
Gobbs – Move Yo’ Feet [G-Mafia Records]
Guy Contact – Coy003 [Coymix Ltd]
Harry Soto – HATERS [TEQ and SOL]
Henry Navarro – I’m For Real [Lookbook Recordings]
Heviicide – Take You Higher [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Hoax (BE) – Mighty Real [Loud Memory]
Hope There’s Light – Reintroduce [HTL Records]
House Kapelle – Funk Phone [Electric Mode]
Housego – The Revolution [One Track Mind]
hummerhummer & DJ Nice – The Adjudicator
Husko – Love Can (feat. Lori Glori) [Be Yourself Music]
Huyrle – Fuck it [Bad Father Records]
Iag & Omoc – Cuba [Digital Village Music]
Illegal Hornet – Effluent [Crazy Russians]
Inshore – An Ending is a Beginning [Olatu Foam!]
Jadjazzyjay – Mighty Feel (feat. Lama Soubra)
JARV IS… – Swanky Modes (Dennis Bovell Mixes) [feat. Jarvis Cocker]
Jav Teran – Dance (feat. Budda Khan) [JIATRecordsNYC]
Javonntte – Ridelikethewind [The Jazz Diaries]
Jess Bays – Back & Forth (feat. Lily McKenzie) [Stress Records]
Jínzz – Red Gallardo [DENAR RCRDS]
John Fritz – Arabesque [Brique Rouge]
Joram Feitsma – Rue Des Orteaux [Bigamo Musik]
Joseph – Turn Back [SSL Music]
Justy – Control [Loud Memory]
K.G Sunset – Night Vision [Pasqua Records S.A]
Kako Martinez – Sensual Caribbean (Jazz in Río Mix) [On Work]
KEAN DYSSO – Back in Time [Ghetto]
Kelvin Balsan – Rise Up [Alphabeat Records]
Kidd Salute – Blue Path, Vol. 2 [Big Chest Records]
Killed Kassette – This Ain’t Love (feat. Shawnee Taylor) [HouseU]
Kmrn – Gang Night [Light Night Group]
Kobes – Costa Rica [Into My House]
Krotone – Stranger [Of Paradise]
KRSLD – Pursuit Through the Woods [Glome Sound]
Lake Haze – Sun Rising on Concrete Landscapes [Shall Not Fade]
Lamont Johnson – Back To the Club [Groove Foundation Recordings]
Lamont Johnson – Stop the Bullet [Casa Day Pots]
Lan Depro – Deep n Dale [Monarchy Records]
Las Bibas From Vizcaya – Sky High [Okmuzik Records]
Leo Fragoso & Edu Trevizan – Keep Noise [G-Mafia Records]
Leon Benesty – You Don’t Do [PHXBLK]
LION dj & Gustavo Mota – Bambo [Muzenga Records]
Louie Gomez – Stronger Together (feat. Marisa Lopez)
Lounna Dazz & The Flying Robin – Born to Be House
Lu Candotta – Into My Soul [Lu Candotta]
Luca Bisori – Brother [SKULP MUSIC]
Luca Marchetta – Aperitif [Tereysa Records]
Luke Warmwater, Syzygy – Tri-Phase [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Luzee – Seed [La Tempesta Dischi]
Macro Nick – Absinthe [Intercept Music]
Makiavelik – This Bitch [New Bass Records]
Manu Loops – My Life [Massive Digital Records]
Manuel Grandi – Baby Phoenix [Sunset Disco]
Manuel Grandi – Something Special [Disco Revenge]
Marion – Wolke 7 Land [Digital Mountains Music]
Mark Krupp – On Your Mind [Яewind]
Martin van Lectro, Victor Perry & Patrick Metzker – Supernova
Mathias Schaffhäuser – Carry on Today [Ware Records]
Mauritius Moenia – Universo (feat. Mikbale)
Max Esposito – Funky In House [More than House!!]
Mike Crawford – VALHALLA (Sandy Rivera & Mysterious People ReMixes)
MO.CA – Alone with You [Southbeat Music]
Mosca – K Kalvin (K21 Extended Version) [Kalambur Publishing]
Motroo – Break My Heart [AU Music Label]
Mrfleamino – Sunny Groove [Nu Disco Deep Records]
Msolnusic – Alice [Soul Room Records]
Mtsicology Music & Themetique – Brand New Day
Narda – Hurry Up [Bobbin Head Music]
Nathan Hath – Like This [Thin Records]
Nicholas Adams & Tade – Whoo [One Shot Records]
No_4mat – Console Mentality [Jenkem Recordings]
Nowakowski & Faraon – Goodbye [Deep Territory Records]
Oliver Dollar & Jason Hodges – Don’t You Lose Hope
Omaar – Drum Temple [NAAFI]
On Point – Shine on You [Gold Deeper]
PAC – Ad Limit (Extended version) [Kalambur Publishing]
Pak Jones – Tiempo (feat. Kom Xala) [SoulFunktion Records]
Paris Brightledge – Deep In My Soul [Clone Club Series]
peejwoo – In Search Of [Artist Republik]
Peter Pistol Johnston – Never Stop [lorenZOO]
Physical Dreams – Alone in the Deep [Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
Pierini – Atlas [GUFO RECORDS]
Pierre Leroux – Italian Holidays [Manipura Music]
PSYRUS – Blind (SayMaxWell Remix) [Amadei Bass]
Raffaele Ciavolino – Your Jackin Love [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Rave Republic & New Sound Nation – Work That Body
Razzmellow & Mphozil – Show Me (feat. Trevlin Olcker)
ReddCross – Can You Hear Me [Ghetto]
René de la Moné, IQ-Talo & MCTW – Change the World
Reverend Mitton – Organica,PM Bass [Depths Of Heaven]
Rezone – Some Low Bass [Rezonance]
Rianu Keevs – Ghost Rider [Rianu Keevs]
RICH DENAHY – Liquid Space [Makemake Records]
Rico Maz – Pain Killer [Gseven Records]
Robby East & Jantine – Somebody Else [Future House Music]
Roshka Been – Burj Khalifa [Make It Yourself Records]
Rubber People – Bass Poppin [Safari Music]
Ruben Valvet, Vifak – Your Love [Deep Winder Records]
Ruggero Fiore – THE TRIP [Trax Records]
Ryan Truman – Turned [Subcommittee Recordings]
Saladin – Dancing [S&S Records]
Sandy B – Ain’t No Need to Hide (WZA Remixes)
Serge Reba – Star [Boot Music Records]
Shannon McDowell – Cocaine [DMO Records]
SHSTR – AVENUE [Ghost Boy Society]
Simon Rivera – Tell Me More [Phunk Junk Records]
Skinny Scotty – More Blessings [De Formule]
SRZHPTRV – Phainesthai [Smart Phenomena Records]
Star Michael – DJ Love Part II [Artist Republik]
State of Rhythm – Want ‘n More [DJ International Records (2020)]
Steven Owens – Move Your Feet [Groovepool Essentials]
Strawberry Girl – Hard Rains [Chill Caterpillar]
Stripclub – Religion [Blindsided]
SUNANA – Drum Macabre [El Muerto Records]
Sycco & Tim Atlas – Dribble (Tim Atlas Remix) [Future Classic]
Tazky – Tht [Mustache Crew Records]
The Mayans – Baditude [Pomme Frite]
Todd Terry & Gypsymen – Cam Jam [Inhouse]
TOM CRUV – WORK THE BOX 21 [Trax Records]
Tom Keller – Yeaahh! [Swishcraft Music]
Toneshake – Move It Down [Sollares Records]
Tony Future – Givin It All I Got (Anthony Melodic Remix)
Uppermost & Fūji – Emerald [Uppwind]
VA – Chapter 2 [The Archives]
VA – Delectably Dark [Perditio Inc.]
VA – United Colors of House, Vol. 57 [RH2]
VERGO & ilromantico – Altrove [FLUIDOSTUDIO]
Vero – Love in Stereo [40eva]
Vero – We Synthesize [40eva]
Vinnt – Breaking Down [Mustache Crew Records]
VZZZV – Bre Petrunko [Light Night Group]
WalkerJax & Futurity Music – Oscillate [Futurity Music]
Xavi Pinós – Play My Song [Sweet Perceptions Music]
XTEQUILAX – Save Me [ records]
Yhago – Spiritual Thing [Blockhead Recordings]
Yogi P – All My Life (Remixes) [Accussi Records]
Zayfall & Nettson – Defcon [FVYDID]

Melodic House & Techno

8Kays – Incrust [Odd One Out]
A503X – Glamour [A503X Records]
Aalson – Crystal [Sinners]
Abadesa – Balada [Routine Espresso Recordings]
Alessandro Martire – Breath (Mathame Remix)
Andrea Bedoya – Music Can Be Lite [The Acid Mind Recordings]
As Above So Below & Purson – Unreal [PDD Tamed]
Beauty Of Immediacy – Punchbox (Remixes)
Ben C & Kalsx – Atlantis [Teoxane Production]
biskuwi – Astray [Mercurial Tones]
Bob Moses – Griffith [Cercle Records]
Booka Shade & Bontan – St. Kilda Nights [Blaufield Music]
Celal Yavuz & Emrah Balkan – Predator [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Cosmic Rush & Hxtc & Cosmic Rush – Mothership
Dave Hornby – WaaWaa [Kodo Records]
David Gausa – Colossal Sphere , April Attack [Sutil Records]
DJ Jordan – Unleashed Passion [Lakota Music Records]
Double Black – Air Plane [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Elchelle – Beautiful Days [L.B.A Groove records]
F.I.B – Spartian [Suah Records]
Farbodarwish – Muttah [Blessed Cross Records]
Fede Maya – Clandestine [FCZ records]
Gutenn – Bounay [La Mishka]
Hektor Pascal – Erotica [Frequently Music]
KATAR – Ananda , Lakshmi [aboriginal]
KVNVB – First Gate [The Different Forms]
Loyal (COL) – Payaso Coronado [Solarium Records]
Markus Boehme – The Soul in Me [Sun Trax]
Matthias Springer – Extremophile [zerO413]
Monastetiq & Starving Yet Full – Call on You (Remixes) [ZEHN Records]
Monkey Safari & Borneo, Monkey Safari – Talk to Me [Anjunadeep]
Nopopstar, Nobe & WilyamDeLove – In Your Arms , Never Mind
Oliver Montero – Dragons [Delicious Records]
Palma – Crisp Air [Arktikism Recordings]
RAZZER – Venice [Razzer Records]
Sam Hendrix – Aurora [Late Nite Recordings]
Savann – United Hearts [Tächno]
Sean Ae – Sunday Morning [Club Rapture]
Sejva – Speak Your Truth [W&O Street Tracks]
Shiffer – Black Ballad [Siamese]
Sibéri – Changed [RKJ Music]
Sky White & De Cave Man & TonicVolts – Area 51
Solomun – The Center Will Not Hold (Club Edit) [NINL]
Super Flu – Pancham [Thick As Thieves]
Ten Years Sober – Crooked Lines [VIAGE]
Tomy Wahl – The Game , You Are Owesome
UNDERHER – All Together [Underyourskin Records]
Uniqūm – Outline [ThreeRecords]
VA – Quattro Vol. I [ONISM]
VA – Revelations, Vol. 5 [Electronic Groove Records]
wlancelot – Lifecycle (Radio Edit) []

Minimal & Deep Tech

Adam Nahalewicz – Quiver [Aesthetic Digital]
Aka Nina – Occultech Singles 06 – Aka Nina [Occultech Recordings]
Alcom – Step Two [Soul N Pepa]
Andy Peimbert – Dreamy After [Routless Records]
Antonio Rizzo – Danza Elettronica [Tanapa Records]
ATECH999 – Purgatorio [Sacudan Records]
Bocha & Juli Carpanetto – Listen Up [Tanta Music]
Brothers In Lows – Stranger Dustin [kluBasic plus]
C_Sky – Your Smile [Hibe Records]
Conrad Product & Annette Jahnson – Night Long
Cristian Villagra – Close Your Eyes [Estribo Records]
Dani Pana & AshR, Nate S.U – Fantasizing (ASH-R & Nate S.U Remixes)
DAR3N SAN – 5 Seconds [Pure Tunes]
Diego Olarte – Toyama [Stinky Label]
DOMO (ES) – Body Extension [Interplanetare Lab]
Dubmask & bValtik – OUD [Crossworld Records]
Dylan Griffin & Chad B – Pulled [Sublease Music]
Fill Cround – No Infected [Wannamaker Music]
Fracktion – Chromophobia [CLX]
Gabriel Rush – Think About [Defora Records]
Ignacio Guerrero – 5 th D [Kief Music LTD]
Imbue – BC Vol. 2 [Imbue]
Immature – Push It [AVOTRE]
Jamie Fielding – Under Sheets (Take Me Back) [Solid Grooves Raw]
Jozef Conor – It’s What Ya Feelin [Jozzman Trax]
Justin Vilhauer – Always Told [Music Key Records]
Karl Reyes – Oasis [Good People Music]
Keyzee – Lost in Forest [Crossworld Academy]
lefthandsoundsystem – Best of lefthandsoundsystem Vol 1
Lower Side Soul Project – Alter Native [MHG Records]
Mamo – Big Chungus , Nobody [Inspirado Records]
Milos Pesovic – Wachufleiva 72 [Wachufleiva]
Miquell Santos – 1000 Ways to Discover [Zolex Records]
So Kobayashi – Takeoff Roll [Oyoda Recordings]
Summit Dub – Myriad Year Clock [Taka Taka]
The Koma – Bagnatio [Pepper Cat]
Truvor – Capsula , Broken [HEISENBERG]
VA – Best of Roo 7 [Roo Records]
Victor Valora & Peter Hatman – Chi , Sha [The Freak & Weirdo]
Wild & Kins – Across the Universe (feat. Tino (GER)) [Sweed Music]
Za__Paradigma – Sign Splitter [Driven Recordings]

Nu Disco & Indie Dance

Adam Nova – Dancin [M2MR]
Aries & Xent – West End Girls [ABF RECORDING]
Ben Banjo Field – Broken Stones (feat. Julia Coles)
Binker Golding, Steve Noble & John Edwards – Moon Day [Byrd Out]
De Wolt – Our Love Is Gone [Hypernatural Recordings]
Deepsan – Let You Go (Devrim Beran Remix) [Road Story Records]
Disco Dikc – Want to Get Down [Bomb Ass House]
Duodisco & ALPHANO – I Wanna See [Disconecta]
Ghemix – Neon Soul [Spitfire Music]
Glowal – Cure [Sementa]
Gurkan Asik – Make a Change (feat. Selena Seballo)
I Gemin – Driving to Okinawa [Villes et Fleurs]
Impact Mat – Never Let Go [Spitfire Music]
Jesusdapnk & Currents – South Bay Disco [theBasement Discos]
Ken@Work – My Groove Is So Strong [Dusty Disko]
La Tuerie – Brothers Def [Matter Of Fact]
LeBant – ATTENTION! [PuzzleProjectsMusic]
Love In Colour – Weirddisco [Suppressed Energy]
Matt Sawyer – Semplify [Born To Live]
Max Lessig – Baila Resista [Frank Music]
Melotika – Crazy [kluBasic Records]
Mesa – Disctopia [KosmoramaDisco]
Mobay – Château D’eau [Khanti Records]
Oscar Jerome & Brother Portrait – Live At Longreel
Patches Paradise – Runway [BonFire Records]
Pierre Martins – Funk That [Dubplate Disco Recordings]
Prodee – Tell My Story (feat. Ndumiso) [Lamusiq]
Rawfox – Love and Devotion [See The Sea Records]
Rolf Zielke – Beaches in Your Soul [Agogo Records]
Rudy’s Midnight Machine – Crystal Dragonfly
Serie Zeta – Carnivora [Espacio CIELO]
Skakki Blues – Lunatica Floreale [Elementum V]
soulista – Syomphomaniac (feat. karmina dai) [Groove Culture]
Szigeti Juli – Don’t Stop [Electro Swing Thing]
The Teskey Brothers – Never Tear Us Apart [Decca (UMO)]
Tonton Al – Tonton on the Dancefloor [Cookie Records]
Tony S – Better Stay [Mango Sounds]
VA – A Family Affair [First Word Records]
VA – Spring 2021 [Minus MaL’s Records]
Whatitdo Archive Group – The Black Stone Affair [Record Kicks]

Organic House & Downtempo

3C – Be the Light [3345 Music]
Amuri – Ihana Paiva [Kontact]
Audio Flora – Apex [Ocean Club Music]
Bae Toven – Oceans [Fantastic Friends Recordings]
Bass Sky – Take Me Back [PureBliss]
Belchev – Cradle [Journey of the Soul]
Billiarch – Nimet [Paradiz]
bīsu & Ele, bīsu – Cardamom Coffee [Talpa Records]
Bosquemar – Bosquemar [The Magic Movement]
Cactus Vibrance & LofiKult – Odd Times [Loudkult]
Double Touch – Distant Ponds [TRYBESof]
Frieder, KYONGPAUL – Vom Tag Danach [KELLER]
Ganga – Suzanne [Flinc Music]
Gavin Tempest – Perfect Pace [Free For All (Be Yourself Music)]
Glass Coffee – Mitote [Beatlick]
Gullen & Name One, Gullen – Shook [Mobilee Records]
Henry Navarro – Still Good Together [Be Different Records]
Hentopan – Circus Dub [Unfinished Monkey Records]
Hira – Beach [Varkala Records]
Jai Cuzco – Valley (Single) [Resueno]
Jakarè – Apu Remixes [Desert Trax]
Kings Hand – Keep You Safe [KRLK Recordings]
Kondrashov – Thaw , Frost [Rune Chill Recordings]
Loveiscoil – DJ Vampire [CollectiveAuthor]
Lucas Estrada, Charming Horses & Sarah de Warren – White Flag
Mariano Montori – Concept [The Purr]
Martin Martin – Del Puente Al Caribe [Specific Music]
MONKYMAN, Oğuzhan Alak – Time [Amselcom]
Nyte – Nocturne [Nyte]
Real Lies – Late Arcades [Unreal]
Residentes Balearicos – Postales [Shades Of Sound Recordings]
Riff Kitten – Takin’ Off… [Freshly Squeezed Music]
Roger Beck – Always Remember Us This Way (Remix)
Shelly Sony – Passionfruit [Music Brokers]
Sigesmundsen – Gathering Streets [Cosmicleaf Records]
Teknoaxe – Debugging the Narrative [TeknoAXE]
The Muhammads – Buddha [3rd Avenue]
VA – Soundbar Deluxe Chill Lounge, Vol. 7
VA – Terra Forma [Kosmozoo Records]
VA – The Language of Nature [Nidra Music]
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Zero Cult – Aquarelle [Cosmicleaf Records]

Trap & Wave

3ème Class – Les Amazones de la zone (feat. Les Impromptueuses) [Khanti Records]
7 PM – Moonshine [VinDig]
1960SFE – My Zone (feat. Rioux V) [Sound Real]
121569 & Translippers – Kota [Unicorn Music]
Akkai – Angara [DEZZED]
AKZ – Let’s Go [Just Jam]
Artu Monte – Water [VinDig]
b l o o p r – pink toboggan [VinDig]
Beiro, João Tamura & Beiro – Ossos De Prata [CRVVO]
Belhasan Othmeni – Mziya [El Distro Network]
Bunzer0 & 11th Hour, Bunzer0 – Play Dem Tune [eatmybeat]
Cam Lasky – Occulted City – Kyoto Gothics Vol.3 Spookhouse [KWAIOTO Records]
Chiccote’s Beats, .ihaveaface & Pueblo Vista, Pueblo Vista & Beatmund Noise – Latenite Joints 014 [⟪ π ṽ ş ⟫]
Coach Bennet – Oh Baby [Four Music,Two Sides]
Da Chreem!!!, Lexus, Old & Kid & The Dark Glow Project, Da Chreem!!!, Old & Kid & The Dark Glow Project – The Groove Masters Deluxe [RH Music Records]
DaGee – Noneed [Artist Republik]
Dagger – On My Tape Shxt [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Damon Rush – Irie [Plasma Funk]
David Starfire – Remixed Vol 1 [Amrita Recordings]
DJ Discretion – Look At Me Now (feat. Lisi & Shely210) [Biordi Music]
DJ Fixx – 4 Tha Homies [Ravesta Records]
Domul – 2 tha World [VinDig]
Dugong Jr & IJALE – Ceramic [Moving Castle]
DXGXN – ButterFly [Artist Republik]
Emilie Adams – Play God [Columbia (Sony)]
Famoso & Lafleur – MicroDose (feat. KLA) [DeepMatter Records]
Flounauni, Lennio & Oussama Rocma – Mal Nacidos [Dubai Dark Records]
Fred Red & Maura – Salman Rushdie (feat. Malik Diao) [Sichtexot]
Ghost Creek – Compelled [Future Archive Recordings]
GIUSèPANDOLFI, Giuseppe Pandolfi, Leonardo Palma & Carlo Putignano – All’improvviso TU [Four Be]
Hardrope – Creepy Doll [Artist Republik]
Hardrope – Kill ‘Em All [Artist Republik]
Hardrope – Nanana [Artist Republik]
Hardrope – Who Make My Dream True [Artist Republik]
Hardrope – Yeah [Artist Republik]
Heldclose – Silver Linings [Birdhouse]
Hvppy – Burn (feat. Frank Niebauer) [Bass Camp Music]
Ibou030 – Vibe [GOLD LEAGUE,29 Global Public]
ICON808, Nicola Siciliano & Nitro – NO STICK (feat. Braco) [Columbia (Sony)]
Incandescent – Constellation [Street Ritual]
Insidetheinsideout – mirrors1.0 [VinDig]
James Trystan, Greg Ignatovich & Alexandros Djkevingr, Rauschhaus, Greg Ignatovich & Alexandros Djkevingr – All Alone,Arctic [Movement Recordings]
Jay R – Been a Minute [Artist Republik]
Jeey Rodriguez & Skinny MVP – Amor Perfecto [JNV Records]
Jerk – BQE (feat. Carey Ozmun) [DeepMatter Records]
JLoki & Mvtteo, JLoki – Dark Light [We Got This Music]
KANSHO – Chill Tape Vol. 1 [VinDig]
Khrysis – Never Change [Jamla Records]
lil beamz – Kawaii [ROG]
lisnn – One of Each Kind [VinDig]
Lofi Hifi – Driving in the Rain [Affliction Audio]
Louis Jeffrey – Long Dark Tunnel [BooDog Records]
LVD – Tranquility [PMLG]
Mafia 73 – Nuvem [Mafia73]
Misha & Ashley DuBose – Michelangelo [Sundae Sauuce]
Mizter Bonezz, TLUXX & Carlo Sebastian – El Sanador De Las Naciones [YOURBAN MUSIC]
Mnyx’ – head high [VinDig]
Mr.Chicken – Never Could [Rostrum Records (ING)]
Nerdbird – You and Me [Nerdbird Records]
Nikos Koulouris & Thanos Kalentinis – One Moment in Time (Thanos Kalentinis Bossa Mix) [Meditelectro]
Nortski – Do You Wanna Be [SMTHNGELSE]
Onyx – Onyx 4 Life [X-Ray Records]
PaperRoute Woo – Ricky (feat. Young Dolph) [Paper Route Empire]
Rinne – Raspberry (feat. ANATSUME) [ROOFTOP]
Riot Ten – Don’t You [Dim Mak Records]
Saanen – Rukkus [786 Recordings]
Samba & Chokez – ENV015.1 [Encrypted Audio]
Sardis – Zircon [Sardis]
Saynave – YOLO on the Stonks [Cuts, A Division Of Broderskab]
SBU – Vortex [The Wave Stage]
Son of Dod – Xenos Scum [Cherch Recordings]
STUTS & Takako Matsu – Presence I (feat. KID FRESINO) [with 3exes] [Sony Music Labels Inc.]
SwuM & Ben Belial, SwuM – Cycles [Chillhop Music]
Tanveer Evan – Mitthe [Bad Ignite Records]
Tanveer Evan – Osru [Bad Ignite Records]
TeriosBeats – Rainbow [Artist Republik]
Tru – Tybgt (feat. Ghostbarz) [Artist Republik]
TSV – Noi [TSVrecords]
Turk – Demons [Big Mouth]
Vazyo – Niebla [VinDig]
Vimarry – Some Nights [Artist Republik]
vizio ferrato – Force blood [M&A Records]
Vocab Slick – Atonement [DR Music]
Void Lous & NoFace Records – Flume Rush [NoFace Records]
Wun Two & Knowsum – Orbit Skit , Planet X [Sichtexot]
XXIII & Mr Tav – Eat Dessert First [VinDig]
Yizzy Gaming – Only One [tenwest]
Zar – Fascination [Zar Music]
Zima – Chniya Sar [El Distro Network]
Zmeyev & .Eehou – Forest Path [Mutombo records]
Zoufris Maracas & Totó La Momposina – Chienne de vie (Biguine Biguine Remix) [Wagram Music , Chapter Two Records]