Afro House

Alejandro Peñaloza – Kenia [Check In Recordings]
Ambient Pino – Yes Yes [Pino Music]
AQUO – African Ballad [La Mishka]
Bluelle – We Are Africa [Baainar Records]
Cheyne Christian – Kikabila [Force Of Habit]
Daniel Rateuke & AWEN – Gold (Manoo Remixes) [Madorasindahouse Records]
De Shane Sa – Giant Slave [De Shane Sa]
DJ Disciple – Revolution (feat. Pappie Khaye) [Catch 22]
DJ Fopp & Ivan Trevisan – Sunny Dance [Full Dance Records]
DJ Frankly – The System [ZK Music Records]
DJ Vivona – Emakhaya (feat. Lizwi) [Sunclock]
Drunky Daniels – Macarena [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Imazue – Feel It [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Ivory Child – Afrka [Traktoria]
Jay Music – Black Friday [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Kaval – Forest Groove [Kaval]
Kerem Tekinalp & Furkan Kurt – Ehlikeyf [Papa Black Records]
killer DJ & Black Rodrigues – Brothers of Roots [Finason RCRDS]
Kususa & Sam Opoku – Piccolo [Championship Music]
LOKONZO THE REMIX – Pepper Soup Love [Artist Republik]
Lubonk & Marco Pex, Lyopak – Storm [Celsius Degree Records]
Master Fale – Drowning Revisited (feat. Casper Stone) [Master Fale Music]
Mjoox45 – R350 [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Nas Cafee – Awry [Arawakan]
Sir Young SA – Highway Madness [Sound Chronicles Recordz]
Sonikem – Kitoko [Fines-lames Productions]
Splashfunk – Indigo [Balearik Sunset Recording]
Terrie T & Sotmh – Fill My heart (feat. Casper J Stone) [Dansflo Productions]
Thab De Soul & OurMindCrew – The Scary Toy [Da Fuba Records]
Thulane Da Producer – Deep in Space [Deep Resolute (PTY) LTD]
Timbhai – In the Mood [sync.records]
USX & Izoard – Zebra [Xumba Recordings]
VA – Street King Presents Spring [Street King]
VTonic – Isondo (feat. Oh So MusiQa) [Lambano Records]


Breaka & Frazer Ray – The Loudest Woiioii Ever [Breaka Recordings]
Chali 2na – How We Do (Remixes) [Westwood Recordings]
DJ Fixx & OnDaMiKe – Stars [Ravesta Records]
DJ Hero – What You Need [Solitude Studios]
DJ Self – 911TT Got the Sauce [Kaleidoscope Music]
Dulha – C-Life , Lotus [Interpolate Records]
Escape Earth – Monolith on Mars [Ritual Poison]
Face & Book – Psycho Acid [Ravesta Records]
Fried Man – Raving on Mars [ArcTown]
Greymatter & Christian J – Be Yours [Fat! Records]
Groke – Shadie Bank [Mad Zoo]
Hey Alan! – Come & Watch (Break2break Electro Swing Mix) [MCT Luxury]
J.Solo – Ego Warrior [Greedy Beats]
Javi R – Dark Angel [KeyBreak]
Jimi Tenor – Deep Sound Learning (1993 – 2000) [Bureau B 1]
Krafty Kuts & Yo Speed – Feel So Alive [83]
L3AF & Heavy Fingers, L3AF & Nyso – 333 [Alien Records]
Mind Artifice – Seven 3 [SPACE PIZZA Records]
NS13 – Gosmistic [29 BROKEN BEAT]
Obese – When Worlds Collide [Dancefloor Impact Research]
Obsidian Wave – Driller Killer [Safe As… Records]
Omega & Tone Abstract – Main Frame [Ravesta Records]
Orecch – Not a Thing Is [Glitch Hop Community]
Sardis – Cotton Candy [Sardis]
Terrie Kynd – Old School [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Tymotica – Incoherent Death Experience Reworks [Ruffhouse Munich]
UFO Project – Out of Me [Alkimia Recordings]
VA – Broken Thoughts [PSR Selections]
Zupi – Desert Strike [Bionic Sound Music Group]


2fwb & DJ Wisk, Beat & DJ Wisk – Babylon [Boss Mode]
16 Bits of Despair – Sega Post-Punk [Sound & Fury Recordings]
1788-L – Parallel S [Deadbeats]
Adam Marcos & Robbie Rosen – Between Us [Gameroom Records]
ADMA – Again [ADMA]
Camila Loman & Andrés Ferrán – Le Queda Grande Ser Hombre
Captain Skulduggery – L.M.M.O…. (Laughing My Mask Off) [feat. zimisss]
Carniez – Look at Me [Inferiae Records]
ChivX – To the Beginning [WELLKRAUD]
Colin Crooks & Mabryx – Children [Vynx Records]
COMA ZERO – Level 2 [ROS Label]
Coustan – Himalaya [Construction Time Music]
CR3WFX – Give Me Your Love [Psyfeature]
Cristian Poow & Kye Murray – Be Like That (Puerto Del Sonido Remix)
Cruel Culture & Kit Curse – Zukunft [Break it Down]
Da Vynalist & 4Wattz, ARuFa – Da Vynalist Daily Release Week 5
DAGA MUSIC – Change Everything [Road Story Records]
Dani Senior – Unwant You (feat. Glass Keys & Menrva) [Sirup Music]
Daniele Cognata – Easy to Love [Ensis Records]
Danny Stubbs & Evan Henzi – Stormwalker [Perfecto Records]
Darek Hdz – Dile [Glerx Records]
Davide Martini – Love Your Star 2k21 (feat. Vsloboda) [GRADA Records]
Daya – Bad Girl (JVKE Remix) [Sandlot Records]
Digidance – The Horn [Klubbkontrol]
Diveoffice – Night Out [panta rhei]
Dj Jeeba – You Know [Pais Real]
DJ Jon – New York (City Mix) [feat. Taffy] [WhiteLab Music]
DJ Lucu – Mantan Minta Balikan Gelay [Collab Asia Music]
DJ Una, Giftback & Xavier – 13TH LIGHTS (Extended Mix) [AfterDay Music]
Doja Cat – Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) [Kemosabe Records,RCA Records]
Dove Cameron – LazyBaby [Disruptor Records,Columbia]
Drianu – Mistakes – Demo [DrianuMusic]
Duophonic – This World [Psyklone Records Ltd]
DVRKO – Wasted On You [L3V3L]
Ector Nina – Worldchild [Major Underground]
EDES & Sanne Lovaas – Back to a Future [2Dutch Air]
EdLez & MAR-K – Only One (Vicissu Remix) [Utopic Astronaut]
Gabry Ponte, Lucky Luke & Kevin Palms – Going Down [One Seven Music]
Gazy – Edmmusic [Keep!]
Geoff Sturre – Drivers License (feat. Julie Neff) [Kimchi Recordings]
Gorillag – Alor on Danse [Black Boat]
Hajj – Don’t Let Me Go [+Mas Label]
Harrison – Losing My Mind [Virgin]
High On Us – No Milk Today [Golden Chocolate Records]
Homo Novo – Fur Elise (Per Elisa) [Remixes] [Black Boat]
Hot Pixels – My Vision (Uh Na Na) [Epic Tones Records]
Ian Source – My Perfect Time [Mental Madness Records]
Ian Storm, Nick Martin & GABRIEL IXEA – Liar [One Seven]
Interactive – Reset 2 Love [You Love Dance]
Irfad – Falling [Gameroom Records]
Ishnlv – Go Back [Ghetto]
ISIDE – MARGHERITA v11 [RCA Records Label]
Ivan Lake – Lost [Legion Records]
Jammin – Eyes Closed (Old Habits Pt. 3) [Bingo Bass]
JARROW, Lorenzo Busilacchi & Marco Burani – Emotions [Lolipop Recordings]
Jay Bombay & SHRLT – Hooked on You [Axtone Records]
Jerry Dávila & Mixmash Bold – I Want You [Mixmash Bold]
Jixaw – The Sound of My Dream [Sonic Flash]
Jo Vally – Ik breek alleen mijn eigen hart [LASER [BNL]]
Larry Scottish – Ameno (Remixes) [Digital Village Music]
Late Than Ever – The Way [Deep Strips]
Lavin & Cate Downey – Too Close [Arista]
Leontine – Barbie Girl [Cupol]
Lhast – Bossy [Lhast]
Liam Summers & Tara Louise – Lose My Mind [panta rhei]
Libercio – Lsd [Ghetto]
Like Post – Tvoy Aromat [Like Post Music]
Liont – Heut’ Nacht [igroovemusic]
LUALGEN – Cloud 60 [Hey!blau Records]
M-22 – Gravity (feat. Rhea Melvin) [EMI]
M.O.O.N. Pro & Joe Jury – Feel [Tipsy Records]
Maahdika – Destination [Exia Experimental]
Majed Salih – Croladuex [Medievil-Music]
Mark Forster & LEA – Drei Uhr Nachts [Four Music Local]
Mark Kaylan & Re1 – Soft [Purple Dinosaur Music]
Max Lake – VAST House Party, Vol. 5 [VAST]
MC Groove, Xent & Cicco DJ – Dark rum [Sound Management Corporation]
Minellono – Oh My Love [Be NEXT Music]
Mooxx – Give Me A Reason (feat. Alina Renae) [Perfect Havoc]
Mousekat – Iguana (Remixes) [Into My House]
Mr Kai – Try Together [Spitfire Music]
Mr. Popular – That That [Big Noise Music Group]
Myamo & Noservice – Fragile [Fresh Blood]
Mynex – Fricking Quick [Ghetto]
Mynex – I Don’t Need [Ghetto]
Öwnboss & Alas – Pale Shelter (Radio Edit) [feat. Buzz Liq] [Liboo]
Ozlig – Its a Fact [Ghetto]
Panteros666 – Time to Come with Us [Confession]
Penthox & Aftermath – In the End [Vynx Records]
Philipp Wolf – Cloudless [Places]
plumpy & Très Mortimer – BAMBU (Belmont Boys Remix) [Mad Decent]
Polarfunk – Rising [DEEP WOODS]
Prison Escapee – Precious Moments [Cleopatra Records]
Promis3 – Future Funeral [Simulated Paradise]
PS1 – Life Goes On (feat. Alex Hosking) [Columbia (Sony)]
Quintino – Coming Home
R3nzzy – Fall [Spitfire Music]
RAFFAELLA MARTINI – Fight over All [WSM Music]
RAFFAELLA MARTINI – Look Into the Light [WSM Music]
RAFFAELLA MARTINI – Turn to Hurricane [WSM Music]
Rage Controller – Out of Time [Spitfire Music]
REI AMI – THAT’S ON YOU! [Visionary Records,Sony Music Entertainment]
Rence – Endless (Sarcastic Sounds Remix) [Epic]
Ricardo Marin – Cuando [Barba Records]
Ricii Lompeurs – Time [Lithuania HQ]
Rik-Art – Side by Paradise [Spitfire Music]
Roughsound – Everytime (feat. LUXIFA) [Roughsound Records]
Rustam Hojaev & Carvillo – Show Me the Love [Satsuma Music]
Ryan Hagan – Don’t Let Me Stop [2220 RECORDS, LLC]
Saint Joao – I Run (feat. Solamay) [Xploded Music Limited]
Sandy B – Ain’t No Need to Hide (Rob Made Pop Mix) [Champion Records]
Sanjoy & Trey Schafer – Valley of the Hills [Port 22]
Speccs – Never Be the Same [THRIVE MUSIC]
Spencer Ramsay – Love With You [Polydor Records]
Stefan Torres – Swallow Your Pride [Kazardia Records]
Steve Modana & Rocco – Like a Child [You Love Dance]
Steven Tibet – Good Enough (feat. Aaron Sokell) [Bang Record]
Stream – I Feel Love (Radio Edit) [Futureplay]
Supamono & H.J. Mester – Egyek vagyunk [Gyaku Tunes]
Suvi B – All I Need [Dmn Records]
Swedish Red Elephant – Sci – Fi [ate that!]
Sycco & Buscabulla – My Ways (Buscabulla Remix) [Future Classic]
Villy Joy – The Ones [Clipper’s Sounds]
Vinback – Never Let You Go [Run Free]
VIZE & Tokio Hotel – White Lies [Epic Local]
Weaux & Manu – Sugar Glaze (feat. Haiyh) [Bionic Sound Music Group]
West & Zander – Estela [CRCLS]
WHISK – Feel the Magic [PYRO NXT]
WIB3X – Step Back [Ghetto]
Wilden – Reach the Sky [LoudKult Div.]
William Black – Deep End (CloudNone Remix) [Lowly]
Wiz Ofuasia – Magic (Pasi Hala Siren Beat Remix) [PM Recordings]
WizG – Never Be The Same (feat. Jantine) [THRIVE MUSIC]
WYR GEMI – Na’i [Ghetto]
X3LA – Losing You [Deep House Natural]
Xaverius Funk – Blood & Wine (Extended) [Darklight Recordings]
Xenton, Nick Amstok & EQRIC – Heartbreaker (feat. Justin Arrington) [ChillYourMind]
Xer & Michael Girgis – Hold You Now [Spitfire Music]
Yelle – Noir (Radio Edit & Remixes) [Recreation Center]
ZALLI – Believe [Gloamed]
Zeezo Frias – Dawn [Universal Music Pte. Ltd. Distributed Labels]
Zomani – Haunted [Spitfire Music]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

Abigail Oridupa & Zooey Glass – Electric Petal (feat. Muex) [Manifest Chicago]
ADMA – Rhythm [ADMA]
Adrien Toma – In the Morning [Lowly]
AhGo – Sorry [G-Mafia Records]
Aili & Transistorcake – Pari Pari [Eskimo Recordings]
Akio Imai – Adelante [S6A Music]
Bonetti – Black Girl Knew [Rhythm Section]
Bush Doctors, Rennie Pilgrem – Medicine Show [Bona Fido]
C. Da Afro – Hustle [Cardiology]
Cabanni Dosche – New Day [Indoor Music]
Calmos – Consoude [Pont Neuf Records]
Carlos DP – Deep Sides [Infinite Xperiments Recordings]
Chanwill Maconi – Get On Up [Rogue Decibels]
Chizzy B – Better Man [Spitfire Music]
Chris van Baal – Every Moment [TB Media]
Christophe Salin – It’s Probably Me [Salin Records]
Claudio Giordano – Dark Eyes [Night in Venezia Music]
Claudio Giordano – Lugares Oscuros [Night in Venezia Music]
Clubhero – I Like (Remixes) [Bikini Sounds Rec.]
Col Lawton – Let Me Show You [House Trip Recordings]
ColorJaxx – Maybe Tomorrow [Moiss Music]
Conway Kasey – Paradise Lost (feat. Earl W Green) [Makin’ Moves]
Cool Million – Next Level (feat. Fraser) [Cool Million Records]
D.J. Sandwich & Orsolini – Bolyngo [Miura Records]
Da Kine – Mellow Tip [Plastic City FX]
Danilo Schneider – Do Not Cross [ENOUGH! MUSIC]
Danja Uosh & MadMat Loves Juno – Diamond [Astrophone Records]
Das Beat – Bubble [Air Music]
Daven – Fly Away [Spitfire Music]
David Salow – Nebula [Dumble Records]
Derek Carr – Crossroads,Shining Through [Trident Recordings]
Diogo Fukumoto – Don’t Be Late [Fukumaniac Records]
Dip Drop – Just Say [Deep Winder Records]
Dirty Talking – Times Scare [Slow Deep Records]
Haldo – Magic Vodoo [Golden Factory Hole]
Halyapin & Dormidontov – Sunset After the Rain
Hammer – I Wanna Be Like You [Italo Hiits]
Henrik Villard – Luv U (Gordon Joe Remix) [Mhost Likely]
Igor Pumphonia – Sagitario [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia – Tribute [ChillRecordsMusic]
Ilya Santana – The Bass Cave [Astrolead Recordings]
ImageBeatz – American Lovers [ImageBeat Recordings]
Inwires – Break the Silence [Kultura]
Ivan De La Rouch & Mike Sacchetti – Cúrame [Play Pal Music]
Ivan Garci – Inside My Cloud [Vlosfer Records]
J Fo Real – Someone Is Here [Icon Records]
Jaanh – Letters of a Traveller [Dreamers]
Jabarov – Endorphin [Baijan Records]
Jam Jamiro – Daddy’s Groove [Deep Love Music]
Jerem A. – Dressing Up! [Nu Monkey Records]
Jet Boot Jack, Martina Budde & Eric Faria – Forget Me Nots [Deep Firehorse 66]
John Arway – Orphee De Lira [DeepShine Records]
John Bounce – Oh Yeah [ZYX]
John Cody – Complicated [Vintage-78 records]
John Cody – Emotions [Vintage-78 records]
John Cody – Nothing Left to Say [Vintage-78 records]
John Cody – Real Life [Vintage-78 records]
John Cody – Shadows Dance [Vintage-78 records]
John Dezvar – Vibes [Aero. Records]
Jones Meadow – Messenger [LNG Records]
Jorge Araujo – Disco Lights [Souljack Digital]
KastomariN – Limits [Sound of Soul Records]
KEAN DYSSO & AKA – Gonna Be Rich [Ghetto]
Kelz – At the Midway Point [Emergent Textures]
Kornum & Karma – Freak Train [Ripe Pear Records]
Kuzey – Game Over (feat. Andra Maria) [Piston Recordings]
Latouche Finale – It’s Got To Be Real (feat. Dave Baron) [Disco Filter Records]
Lauren Vilte’ – Girls [BEATER RECORDS]
Lewis Funktion – It Ain’t Right [BADLQQK]
Licaica – Hysteric [LMNTAL Music]
Lictenberc – Locked in Depression [Zenobius Records]
Louisahhh – Love Is a Punk (Vitalic Remix) [HE.SHE.THEY.]
Love Studio – Tropical Feels [Marin Music]
LOVEIN – I’m Good Without It [Baijan Records]
Lucky Sun – Rain and Sunshine (feat. Alison David) [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Luis Bravo & Daniel De Roma, Luis Bravo – Funk Flash [Piston Recordings]
Lukas F – Black Skyline [Night in Venezia Music]
Lukas F – Chilling Astronauts [Night in Venezia Music]
Lukas F – Space Black [Night in Venezia Music]
Lush Djs – To When [Music UK]
Luv Boutique – Doc Vibes [Aspect Audio]
Madison Blair – Cry At Night [My Wife Records]
Malcolm Lewis – Respect My Craft [Flash Frequency Productions]
Manando – Lost Souls [TDGrooves Records]
Marc Cotterell – Ease Your Mind [Plastik People Digital]
Marco Bottari – El Mar [Shamkara Records]
Marco Pinheiro – Beautiful Dream [G-Mafia Records]
Mario Beck – Skyfully [BeXX Records]
Marius Circus – Live & Die [In The Garden]
Marlon Kirk & Brooklyn in April, Marlon Kirk – Sleeper [Unprincipled Records]
Matt Hughes – Afternoons [Bubblegum Pop]
Max Jacobson – Morning Star [What Now Becomes]
Miguel Campbell – I’m Like Hold Up [Bubblegum Pop]
MindWhere – Deltopia [DataTech]
Mirko Dee – Latum [Soul Beach Records]
Moe Turk – Show the Light (feat. Mary S.K.) [KudoZ Records]
Mogolo Mata – Lost in the Bush [Funk Noir]
Mojay – The Feeling [Plastik People Digital]
Momo Ryuk – Ksser Essouk (feat. Salah Hammadi) [Elbaraka Family]
Moon Boots – Bimini Road (Live) [Anjunadeep]
Mr Barth – Backjack [Motto Sono]
Mr. Greenfingers – Dark Matter [Milleville Records]
MRo – New Ground [Annecy Records]
Nail – Furry Trax [Robsoul Recordings]
Nailo – Never Let Me Go [Soundeo Records]
Next Door But One – Forgiving [Chemiztri Recordings]
Niv Ast – Chutney Mayhem [Blue Shadow]
NIVERSO – Higher [cocane]
SDR – Love Under Pressure [Savona]
Sean David – Believe It [Road Story Records]
Shortbass – Dynamics [Altitude of House Music]
Skveezy – Just Feel [Summer Deep Records]
slov – Wendy & Jack [Veneno]
Softmal – Shazam [Sunset Disco]
Sonarise, Altro & Inchris – Either Way [AHOLIC Family]
SoulZ Records & Gin and Sonic – Touch the Sky [SoulZ Records]
Split Avenue – Fallin’ for You [Natural Deep]
Stefano Albanese – Wild Beat [Snake Beat]
Stephan Ho – In the Night [WR Records]
Sugar Jesus & LEØN TARØ – Everytime We Touch [Storm Music]
Supertaste – Super Classic [Casablanca Sunset Records]
Systemfunk – Just for Today (feat. Aqeelion) [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Tero – Hoodoo [Soluna Music]
The Doberman Club – Power [Vamos Music Talents]
The Shapeshifters – You Ain’t Love (feat. Teni Tinks) [Glitterbox Recordings]
Tomy Piscitelli – I Love It [Mango Sounds]
Tony Fuel – The Feeling (feat. Andrea Brown) [Plastik People Digital]
Tony Quaz – Last Dance [Alphabeat Records]
Tracy O’Connor – Let It Flow [Mooloo Records]
Tryezz – Flight Paths [Burnin Music]
Turdus merula – I Like It [SoftSet Records]
Uri Allgood – Funkin A [Where The Heart Is]
V77NNY – Some Hood [Deep Fix Recordings]
VA – 5 Years of Be Adult Music [Be Adult Music]
VA – Beyond the Deep Sea (Deep-House Beats), Vol. 2
VA – Deep Spring, Vol. 3 [Urban GorillazY]
VA – Deep-House One Love, Vol. 2 [Urban GorillazY]
VA – Fafep007 [Fate and Fiction Recordings]
VA – Plastik People Deep, Vol. 4 [Plastik People Digital]
VA – Seven Music Colours, Vol. 6 [Seven Music]
VA – Variousep 3 [Random Mind State]
VLLN – Fall for Me (feat. ROXANA & Nasch) [Mike Touch Remix] [KARDO Records]
Wave Point – Island [Even Smoother]
Workerz – Happiness Therapy [Feedasoul Records]
Yamin Bene – Opulence 3.0 (feat. MC Ben & Redd Daniel) [Ouana Records]
yshitomo kamata – Japanese Cherry Blossom [One World Records]
Zakir – Calling Your Mind (feat. Alex Ronin) [Disco Halal]
Ztilo – No Disrespect [Infinite Recordingz]

Dubstep & Drum & bass

$WAVÈ – Stay Hungry Keep Eating [Othaz Records]
4SUNNY4 – Alle sind am Bauen [Embassy Of Music]
8lanco – MONEY CALL [Get FAT.]
Aaron Mello – Secret Places [Creative Records]
AbtomAL – Moshy Moshy [Electric Wave]
Ace Hashimoto – GIRLS (feat. pH-1) [NBN Records]
Acid Danee – Confession [Electronic World Records]
Acid_Lab – Funk Tune , Nero [Counterpoint]
Ad Kapone – 100% [The Insane Empire]
Ad Kapone – King Kong (feat. Money Marc) [The Insane Empire]
Adoptable – One Touch [Asteroid Records]
after noon – Red Kite [Birdhouse]
Agneta Mx – Soportando [A.N.A Recordings]
Alexis Trip – Palmeras [Casa Blanca]
Almighty Suspect – I’m a Goat [Almighty Millionaires]
AMORETOSSICO – Amore Tossico (Sadcore Version) [Lip Balm]
Angus Green, Azifm – Spectrum Vol.2 [Plasma Audio]
Animadrop – Clouds of My Mind [Animadrop]
Appie Ovb – Geen Tijd [One Million]
Arepo 03 – Adrenaline [Bad Dog Records]
Arien M & Amas – Euphoria [MONSTERWAVE RECORDS]
Arkaean & Unsung I, Barren Noise – Liminal Lore [Outtallectuals]
Arkham Sound – Mercy , If Only You Knew [Sub Audio Records]
Asker & Sokak – Million [VinDig]
Austin Jarred – Fire [ONE7AUDIO]
Aztro – jus’ like that [VinDig]
B Fuse – Look Ahead [Offworld Recordings]
Bagz Str8 – Modesty [Bandwagon Entertainment]
BassBrothers & L-Side, BassBrothers – Sekkle [Chronic]
Bassface Sascha – The Purge [Low Down Deep Recordings]
BCNTJ – Get Up (feat. Baby Uno) [Artist Republik]
Behind Clouds & Noirea – A Moment For Yourself [VinDig]
BERWYN – 100,000,000 [Heritage]
Beterror & Altface, Beterror & Bios Destruction – Amritsar [Sinuous]
BHZ – Lustig [Sony Music,BHZ]
Big X & Eko Zu – Mad Love [Motherwolf]
Black Friction – Brain Theory [Wadada Records]
Black M – N.S.E.G. [RCA Group]
Black Sun Empire – Driving Insane Remixes (feat. Myselor, Waeys, Eastcolors, V O E & Rillium)
Blackk Blunt – Ten Forward [Artist Republik]
BlumBros – Ain’t My Fault [Intercept Music]
BlumBros – Do What I Want [Intercept Music]
Brainface – Existence [AFTRLIFE Records]
Dantage – The Captain [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Dante YN – OG’s [Epic Local]
Darkcitygroov – AUTOMOTO [PROD. darkcitygroov] [BAD RUSHN TRUTH RECORDS]
Dash, SOLSTICE – Just a Child [Liquid Drops]
DB Patrick – Excession [DBP Recordings]
Deezy – + do Mesmo – Parte 1 [Deezy]
Delie RedX – Up [X-Ray Production]
Design – Blotter [Drama Records (US)]
Dezirus – Fight Against [Noiseporn Records]
Diego Gutierrez – House of Tears [Hitmakers Entertainment, LLC]
Dinis – Outono [Retro Jungle]
Dirty Cuz – Moves [Mafia Natives Recordings]
Disaffected – Friend in Me [Chronos Records]
DJ Aqeel – Dream Ocean [Play Music]
DJ Fixx – Behind U [Ravesta Records]
DJ Fixx – Never Knew [Ravesta Records]
DJ Rusty – First Moom [Promo Audio Recordings]
DJ Shuffles, Style O & Brett Travis – Yebo Yes (feat. Master Kraai & LuE & Kaylur)
Dj Toner & Erik Truffaz, Jorge Pardo – Blessed are the Weird People
DK13 – El Diablo [Rapport Digital Music]
Doni M – Sad Vibes [Columbia (Sony)]
Dose – Time and Space Part 1 [Huski Records]
DOWORK & Spinal Twist – Down South [ReauBeau]
Dragonfruit – Know Better [Super-Sonic Jazz Records]
Drumagick – Get Jazzy [BMR Music]
Dub Engineer, Vandermou – The Sweet Spot [Histeria Records]
DubApe – ENC056D – DubApe & Friends [Encrypted Audio]
Dug Boogie – WOKE (feat. SCIENZ of LIFE & U GEORGE)
Dunk – Double Shot [Grid Recordings UK]
E-Nok, Mathis & Sonny G – Noir [Detached Audio]
Edel Wise & Mike Bagrationy – 2 Fists [DOT Dance]
elevenprs – ksof [VinDig]
Enin – Cyberstorm [Black Panther Recordings]
Epiphanism. – Levels [Simplify.]
Esave – Music and Consciousness [Nahual Records]
Etch & Luo, Etch – Anachronism [Sneaker Social Club]
Evergreen – Wanderlust [Birdhouse]
Excision & Subtronics – Bunker Buster [Subsidia]
Exlextron – Let U Go [Rushdown]
Fam0us.Twinsss – First Day Out [Records,Columbia]
Fatal-M – Whistling VIP [Fatal-M]
Feint – Weavers [Liquicity Records]
Fernando Ferreira – Dew Point [Liquid Flow]
Figuero Jones – On Go [Teamwrk Records]
Floret Loret – Undulations [mau5trap]
Focal Tone & Kowa, Focal Tone – Passage of Time [inHabit Recordings]
Franky Nuts & Axel Boy – Louder [Gud Vibrations]
Freaks Out Sound – Stranger Things (VIP) [Interesting Music]
Freddy Todd – Upward Spiral [Wakaan]
Fxxxxy – Yeah Kool (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) [Rule #1,Interscope Records]
G-Val – Lost A Lot [YSMG]
Galaxy Stoner – Parata Vivere [Stoner Gang ENT]
GEST – Huaxi [Shogun Audio]
Ghostmatic – Affliction [CHAPTERD Recordings]
GLM – Transgression [Incurzion Audio]
Global Dan – Toxic (feat. Global Dell) [Dim Mak Records]
Godlands – Out My Face [Dim Mak Records]
Green Gnome – Chulalo [Soncold Records]
Grimeminister – Grand Larceny [Kartoons]
GUERRO – Fifty-Four [Guerro Music]
Happa – Explorations in Music for Dancing Vol. 2 [PT,5 Records]
INK & The Meditator – Knightsdale [Meditator Music]
Inmost – Voyager Deluxe [Soulvent Records]
Intel – Cyberwar, Pt. 4 [UK Breakbeat]
Isackese & ANGEL7 – La Pary Del Hang [La Mutazion]
IvanG & Loony Bin – Leben eines G’s [ok 21 records]
iZo Flight, Venuz Beats & T.R.A.C. – Worlds Away
J Plates – Going Deeper [Bare Necessity Records]
J8r Ri88im – Got Ri88im [Chapel of Dubstep]
Jamaal Meeks – Vested Interest [Real Well Music Group, LLC]
Jay Fizzle – Let’s Kill Each Other [Paper Route Empire]
Johny Holiday – Berlin 98 [Radicalis]
Jorge G – Family Muzik [Thump Records]
Josey Radix, Woofax & Yadunno, Woofax – Feedback , Leapfrog [Woofax Music]
Kanisan & goodbye april – Mist [Retro Jungle]
Kaos Insane – Nobody [Hunnafied Records]
Karakeçi – Yakamoz [StafWorld]
Karakham – Gel Yanima [Rappers Records]
KC4K, mt. fujitive & Huykbae – Eternal [VinDig]
Kenny Mason – Rih [Not specified]
Kenzie Ora – Do It Do [Cala Bassa Records]
Kevoe West – Ozean [Sichtexot]
Killa’s Army & XL Mad – Badman Ting [Numa Recordings]
Kingsnoop – Chase (feat. kvngGb) [Artist Republik]
Knoxx – Talk [baseline HQ]
Komplvint – Crossfire [Noiseporn Records]
komyakov & solovyolo – Exhale [Tastebooster]
Koushino & Camaeleon – Tausend Nummern [Columbia,Koushino x Camaeleon]
Krisengebeat & Leyze – Korean Barbeque [Amageddon Musik]
Kristina Sheli, Nature & Confidence – Inner Struggle [4PAWS Records]
KROWW – Call of the Void [Reinelex Music]
KVMTZ – No Guts No Glory [VinDig]
Martha AB – Wants & Needs [FourFourSoul Recordings]
Masayuki Suzuki – Koibito – From THE FIRST TAKE [THE FIRST TAKE MUSIC]
Metal Work – No More Games [High R8 Digital]
Michael Stefan – Put It On (feat. Charles Christ & D. Hayes)
Midnight Express – Empire [BASSCVLT]
Migi – Min historia [Sony Music Local]
Miguel – Art Dealer Chic 4 [ByStorm Entertainment,RCA Records]
Mikedagreatt – Casamigos [420 Label]
MikeStheShame – Dai Valore [Digital Distribution Bundle]
mindrae. – not at home [VinDig]
MLBRN & Phi11a – Drink [Teamwrk Records]
Moe247 & Azko – Melodie [Cube Records]
Montener the Menace – High Noon (feat. Masta Ace, Rah Digga, Wordsworth & Fatlip)
Monty & Icicle, Monty & Visages – F4de [1985 Music]
Moona – Ryuk [RCA Group]
Mr Carter – Whole Lotta Red Deluxe [Artist Republik]
Mr Quest – Teardrop (feat. Lady Cee) [Solid Vinyl Music]
MR.MR – Facial Deconstruction [AY YO TRIP! Records]
MsDoS – Babylon System [The Foundation]
MSF – Future Nature [Buygore]
MTave – Farfalle nella Testa [Blackout BOX]
N21 – Gato Pardo [Toolbeat]
Nani Delarue – EN SUEUR [Opposition]
Narkimic – God Damn! [David vs Goliath]
NC Coolers2 – Dark Light [Artist Republik]
negatiiv OG – Schwache Worte [checkmate]
NEZ – To The Money (feat. Flo Milli & 8AE) [Three Six Zero Recordings]
Nick Festari – Let’s Make a Song About Eurobeat (feat. MandieNRG & the Super Euro Team)
Nicolas Kluzek – Mardi Gras [VinDig]
Nimda – Scalped [Broken Vault Records]
Ningen – Stuck in Time [VinDig]
Nivlem & KOWZ – Blind [Chateau Bruyant Records]
No Mic – malfunction (feat. Fradama) [VinDig]
Nomad & Dedman, Nomad – Bad Habits [Parallel Depth]
Nuke – Synergy [Audio Entropy]
Oğulcan Nihat – Yollar [StafWorld]
One Sixth & Silent Titan – Nunc Est Bibendum [Low Key Source]
ONO1 & Bjard – Sketches [VinDig]
Othy – Under the Depths [Drum Army]
Outhiz – Trayton [F2F Rcrds]
Padma – Praise [Kiribati Records]
Papillon – Heiwa [VinDig]
Paradise Beta – Out2Lunch [Sidewayz Mafia Family]
Pariah, Rhythm Tek – The Cycle 02 [Odyssey Recordings]
PAV4N & Somatic – All on Black (Reprise) [4NC¥]
Philth – Set Me Free , Catharsis – 2021 VIP’s [Soul Deep Digital]
Pimp Eastwood – Lil Bruh [Easy Sundays]
Pimpin Caprice – Steppin [Boss Hogg Entertainment]
Pirmin – Gloom [Duzz Down San]
Pixie Dust – Flow [VinDig]
Poor Pay Rich – Game Over [Indiefy]
ppcocaine – Level Up [Columbia (Sony)]
Preacher Bishop – For Old Times Sake [Rich & Loyal LLC]
Preacher Bishop – Head Shot [Rich & Loyal LLC]
Preacher Bishop – Make It Happen [Rich & Loyal LLC]
Prentiss – why should i care [Cinematic Music Group]
Ross Jack – HBK [Just Music (UK)]
Ruff Endz, Viktor Wagner – Rebirth
RXMIGVNG – Frenesi [A.N.A Recordings]
Saha Saha – Keiner Hat Geglaubt [RCA Local]
Samuele Sartini & Jonk & Spook – Baby Please Don’t Go (Incl. Angelo Ferreri Remix) [Remixes]
Sandy Mental – yes or no [VinDig]
Savage Watson – Nowhere To Hide (feat. Rich Tycoon & Ese Chango) [Slapmaster Productions]
Scepticz – Bad Juju , City Hackers [Prestige Music Group]
Scooped – This Side , That Side [Dub iouz Records]
ScottyKnos & HVMANOID – Voyager [Phunk Junk Bass]
Seba & Paradox – Swirl , Offchord [Seba & Paradox]
SerpentEyes & 500-Micro, SerpentEyes – Endless Horizons [The Undergrowth]
SG ALI – Long Way [Steady Leanin , EQT Recordings]
Sheiksphere – Small Up Yuhself [Spaced Out Records]
Shiken Hanzo – Fate Worlds [Inperspective Records]
Sicario Sosa – Kanye Rant [Hardtimes Records]
Silent Child & PatrickReza, Silent Child – Tortured Thoughts [CloudKid]
SINDICVT – Amg [Indiefy]
SIRE,AS94 – Zidane (feat. Isi Noice) [TRB rec di Andrea Tognassi]
Skaylz & The Junk-E – Life Hack [Dutty Bass Audio]
Skellytn – Fall [Play Me Too Records]
Slatt Zy – Lean On [Slatt Zy]
Smiles 773 – Where You Been [Crow It Up PS, Def Jam]
Smokey Bubblin B – Elysium , Special [Smokey Bubblin’ B]
Snatch – Human Music [AY YO TRIP! Records]
Snips – Blasphemy [Barbershop Records]
Sol Brothers & Marcella Woods – Break of Dawn (Suitcase at the Door) [Audiohurtz Remix]
Soré – Arboles De Vida (feat. Charlotte Starseed) [Cultura Eclectica Records]
Soul II Soul – Missing You (Noodles and Wonder Remix) [Funki Dred Records]
SpotemGottem & NLE Choppa – Beat Box 4 [Rebel Music PS]
Spy MC – In My Bag [Freshmoon Records]
Steve Angello, Laidback Luke & Mike Prob – Show Me Love (feat. Robin S) [Mike Prob Remix]
Stillhead – Flat Foot [Brightest Dark Place]
Subreachers – Strangers [Ruff Cutz]
Suncity – Adios (feat. La Melo) [Sony Music Iceland]
Suppy C – Diamond Diggers (feat. Sage xplicit) [The November Man Music]
Surve – Need to Love Tonight [Spearhead Records]
Westside Gunn – Julia Lang [Griselda Records]
Westside Gunn – TV Boy [Griselda Records]
Wheelton – Atlas [Foto Sounds]
Whyel & Havoc Faction – Dead To Me (with Havoc Faction) [Welcome Records]
Wodd – Orpheus [Kannibalen Records]
Wubson – The Crash [Surrealist Records]
Xila & Fearless, Xila – Feeling [High Tea Music]
Ximm – False [Rushdown]
Yoofee – Seek & Move [Albion Collective]
Yungeen Ace – Opp Boyz [Cinematic Music Group]
Yvng Jalapeño – Lunatic (feat. Peytn) [Bite This!]
Zetta – Want It [Odio Records]
Zonra – Hypotheticals [The Rust Music]

Electro House

AFTRFX – Living in Utopia [Musata Music]
Aleksi Perälä – Midnight Sun 5 B [AP Musik]
Alessio Viotti – All of Your Love [TM Records]
Bvrnout – Liar (feat. Leah Culver) [TurnItUp Muzik]
Charlson – Sit Down [ONLY THE BEST]
Cleez – Heartbreaker (Jake Alva Remix) [Playbox]
Cygnus – Come On Lets Get It [Lost Control]
Danny Time & Use Caution – Push Bass [Speed House Movement]
Darkway, KroJaxz & Dropper Vampire – The Voices [House District Records]
Dirty Nice – Supreme Ultimate Woman [Chiverin]
DJ Bostan – Feel Alive [AURA RECORDS]
DJ John – The Business (Remix) [DJ John]
DJones – Endless Story [Revkon Records]
DMP Tunes – Good Times [DMP Tunes]
Erik Vilar – Get Up [Santander Music]
Fabricio San – Fresh Lines [Santander Music]
Francis Waters & GIXBLEX – Check You F##Ing [BAM BAM]
FRHAD – Barabam [Satsuma Music]
G.Kay & Barthezz Brain – Flex [Xoni Records]
GRAPHITEE – Don’t Wanna Go [Reload Music]
Hamed – Century [Revkon Records]
Henry Himself – Liar [TurnItUp Muzik]
Hotcaller – Drowning [Worstville]
Jessrey Glitch – 3 Two One [Phat Panda Records]
Jordi Coza – Electronic [Spitfire Music]
Justin Lawson – Lu Lu [Murston Records]
KATO – Getting Hyped [Inferiae Records]
KIMI – Girl You Are So Sexy [Reload Music]
Korvez – First Day of My Last Chance [Quark Records]
Lucille Croft & BRVMES – Misery (feat. TINYKVT) [This Is Bad Wolf]
Luis Rodriguez – Hallelujah [Seal Network]
Milad Ahmadi – Ix2For2 [Sampatic Records]
Minari – Mellow Out [Turtle Musik]
Mr. Silence – Get Freaky [High Five Music]
MR.BLACK – The Future [Revealed Recordings]
Nacho Nova – Rocky [Musata Music]
Nicolas Campedelli – Rave Zone [ONLY THE BEST]
not even noticed – Neophyta [A Friend In Need]
On Deck – Wavs [Brooklyn Fire]
Ongun Tutuncu – Lust [Loud Underground]
ONNT3X – Keep It Going [Legion Records]
P4NKZ, Equator & WALFARS – Lonely [Pure deciBel Recording]
Pavel Dynskiy & Wolfrage – Vector [Wolfrage Recordings]
PoleboyGMBkarai – Week Later [Artist Republik]
Ralph Oliver – Samba (2K21 Remixes) [EPride Music Digital]
Ravest Hard – Love Somebody [Loud Space]
ReJohn, Sir Gladis & DJ Schillings – World of Freedom [United Booking Records]
RIGSON – Logical Rudeness [Oracle Bones]
Rishov – Coming Down [AshesToFlame Records]
Rivvera – End of Time [Nimi Music]
Ropas – Chicago [Sirup Music]
SATNIK & DJ HK – Olha Que Bem [Kibbutz Records]
Scaredoor – Gravity [Wiking Recordings]
Session M – Feel the Night [Nimi Music]
Sickbass – Ride or Die [ records]
Simone Novembre – Over the Challenge [Santander Music]
Skelectro – Hope You [Panic Room Recordings]
StadiumX & Timmo Hendriks – Remember (feat. Robbie Rosen) [Protocol Recordings]
Tomas Angel – Fulfiler [Immigrant Wave]
Tosak – Your Voice [Blvckbox Records]
VA – Azetune & Friends Festival Vol.2 [House District Records]
VA – Hype Life [Format V]
VA – Hype Life, Vol. 2 [Format V]
VA – Multiple Beat Banger 2 [wavforme]
VA – Regression, Volume One [Xclubsive Recordings]
VA – We Are Back [Stonedland Recs]
Van Müller – De Puta Madre [Santander Music]
Versatt – Desire [iM Electronica]
Vessbroz & Dani Doucette – Get It Out [S2 Records]
Wild Austin – 905 [DENAR RCRDS]
XanTz & Barend Rauch – Fusion [House District Records]

Electronica & Downtempo

A.DION – Aetna [Spitfire Music]
Aaron Nervs – Macabre Grace [Power House Records]
Abel DJ – Give Me Your Love (feat. Manola) [Matteo Sala Remix] [Dance Republic]
Act of Mood – Back In , Utopia [Iolab Records]
Alexander Gorya – Meditation of the Soul [Alexander Gorya]
Alexita + Kima – Cecil [Trackpark Records]
Alfrexx – 40times [Blackartel]
Allegra Lusini – Purification [Amarcord]
AlterChill – All the Things You Love [Soulectro Music]
Andrew Nitts – Milky Way [Le Guaro]
Archila – LLD presents Morning Sex [Younan Music]
Aryozo – The Wheel [Wonderfly Records]
Atix – Auto Skooter [Division Virtuel]
Augusto Taito, HD Substance – Essential Parallels 005 [Methodical]
Auxkar & R•641 – Destroyers [NSNTR Records]
Cyberneticohm – In This Very Place This [Electrical Resistance Recordings]
Cylotron – Interlude [Electronic Alliance Records]
Dabin & Mokita – Drown [Seeking Blue]
Danny Dee (ZW), Killemol & Terry & Gigi – Ndibonise [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Daortia – Anxiety [Strictly Rolling]
Dark Arts Club – Kiss my love [Follow The Sequence Records]
Das.RBT – gdream [Pacific Melody]
David Obama – Intro (feat. Gek Sparro) [Pe Fende Records]
Davide Del Vecchio – The New Life [Kaleido Gang]
Daza – 408 [Vinyl Studios]
De Witte Kunst – Op Zee (KIKOK Remix) [Magnetron Music]
Deathpact – SPLIT , PERSONALITY [World Record Recordings Intl.]
Dee Am & Esoku – Somnia [Inkognito Records]
Deekapz – Voragem [Deekapz]
Deenight & Jau Fo – Fire In Me [DENAR RCRDS]
DINKS – Disco Drain [FDF Records]
Gnome & Spybey – The Seventh Seal [Ant-Zen]
Golden Flora – Ay Susto [Strange Media]
Hanegi Koen – Well Worth a Visit [Subtempo]
Headphone Activist – League of Legends [SSKWAN]
Heather Small – United Together (Mr. G and Duncan Forbes Remix)
Heavenchord & Infinity Dots – Lux Aeterna [Secret Domain]
Howard Givens, Madhavi Devi & Craig Padilla – Precipice of a Dream (Live from Soundquest Fest 2021)
Ibrahin Cuevas – Move High [On Point Records]
KAGAMI Smile – Secrets Between [Kudatah]
Kaliso – Ya Feel [TOSSA DEL MAR]
Kaskida – Yy [Camp Records]
Kazu – Breaking Necks [BREDNBUTTER (Foundation)]
Krakota – Take Me There [Sleepless Music Ltd.]
L-Shape – Swarm [Khemia Records]
Labaci & AFO – Just Happens [OIOI Recordings]
Labaci & AFO – Listen to Yourself [OIOI Recordings]
Lacotte & Emilia Hult – No Stress [Lemongrassmusic]
LAIC – Special Technique [2 Crows Records]
Late June & Courtney Drummey – Driveway [Heroic]
Leaking Shell – Good Morning [Bilanez Music]
Lemon Pi – Sun King [Chill Caterpillar]
Les Gordon – What To Do [Morning Crash Records]
Limonene – Unknown Lifeforms [Tangenziale Est Recordings]
Lisana – Light [Chapter Eight]
Lord of Silences – Love Believe [Atomes Records]
Lorddd & Master – Another One [Knoziz Recordings]
Lost Outrider & Powernerd – I’m OK (Powernerd Remix) [Outland Recordings]
Lost Reasonable Solutions – Keepers of the Soul [Subtrakt]
Lost Soul – Gang (Klevi Remix) [Beast Trap Records]
Luca Draccar – Soul Grabber [Lush Point]
Luca Yupanqui – Sounds of the Unborn [Sacred Bones Records]
Luke Lovrand – Bridges [Chill Caterpillar]
Luke Mumby – Last One To Die [Chapter Eight]
Lyxodian – Free Me (feat. Valdamaer & LittleBoiAaron) [Kycker Electronic]
M.R. Shajarian & Seventh Soul – Asrare Hasti [Tarr Records]
Makoto San – Kyoto [Transfuges]
Maksim Biserov – Marvelous [TOKYO UNDERGROUND RECORDS]
PLOM – Cz 200 [Sigourney Discs]
Punx Soundcheck – Robot Love [Icon Series]
RafaeL Starcevic & Liu Rosa – General [Freak StarZ Records]
Raytube Collective – The Neon Tape [Miraloop Spades]
Remember Ecstatic Duo – Palo Santo [Aural Canyon]
Rob Love, GC & Loch Raven – Blue (Loch Raven Remix) [baseline HQ]
Roy LT – Golden Delicious [Chill Caterpillar]
Ryan Crosson – Notes From Isolation Pt. I [NFI Recordings]
SanSan – Something [Thai Dust Black]
SaxMoments – On the Cloud [Artistfy Music]
Scoopy – Mary Jane [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
The Polish Ambassador – Mystery Science Heater (An-Ten-Nae Remix) [Jumpsuit Records]
Thomas Ragsdale – Blackwood [Soundtracking The Void]
Todd Anderson-Kunert – You Promised [Room 40]
Zeb Dehn – Bioma Tropikal [Big Mono Rekords]
Zentoy – Melancholia [Rainbow Mode]
Zeuskiss – Fuck You [Symbios Records]
Zikr Project, Jef Stott & Mah Ze Tar – Ishq [Black Swan]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

B15 Project – A Milli [Jam Tasty Records]
Backup Plan, Bushbaby – Addicted [Soul City Digital]
Badger – Switch It Up (feat. Rio) [Southpoint]
Dan T – Don’t Break [Captum Records]
Dj Flair – Loosen Those Ties [Orange In All Records]
DMize – Love Shy [Bumpin Underground Records]
Domscott & Jay Funk – Found the Way [Lush Records UK]
Dreadnaught – Gunshot Inna Area [YosH]
Mokujin – From Da Man [TwoToneTrax]
Rautu – Splash [Future Garage Worldwide]
Rico Tubbs – Come Alive [GS Dubs]
Royal-T – Tabloids [Royal-T Music]
Ryan Gallus – Crisp & Nice [Yosh Pit]
Sampladelic – The Kaboom [PointBlank Records]
Samstone & Arundel, Gemcamp – Kenshi
VA – Underground Sounds, Vol. 01 [Captum Records]
With Bear – We Are This Place [Future Follower Records]


Aldo Bergamasco – Disco Day (Space Retrò Mix) [MORENJACK]
Alex Motynga – Need U [Maniana Records]
Alex Preston – Love You Better [Toolroom]
alltalk – You Move [Nite Records]
Alora & Senii & Hannah Crane – Lovin’ Is Easy [AESTHETE by Day]
Amber Maxwell – Boy (AFRIK-N-SOUL Dance Mix) [Muziek Colours LTD]
Andres Molina – Closer to Love [WINLIKE Music]
Andrew Mendez – Everybody [Sektor Rekords]
Andrez – Thinking About U [GMF Music]
Angel Rodriguez & Beny Junior – RiU [Dirty Music]
Antho Decks – Camino [Groover Records]
Antonio Caballero – Glitter Lips [Panama Red Records]
Antony Turiello & Kato Kat – Closer [Ensis Records]
Ardex & Colbi – Never Letting Go [FVCK GENRES]
Arminoise – Can Get Enough [Soundrise Records]
Cler – Pro Genius (2021 Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
Cler – Rio Prince (2021 Remastered) [Kalambur Publishing]
Cliff Kendall – Inside On Me [Birkin Records]
Cortese – Into the Fire [Eton Messy Records]
Cotta & Anndy Stamer – Don’t Stop [Muzenga Records]
Cristóbal – Lalalalalala (Original Mix) [TIK TAK Records]
CUMKITTEN – Bugsbunnychallange Made Me Do It [Music Production Alliance]
Cyrus Khan – D.O.G [No Fame Only Talent]
Dodger – Attention [Mustache Crew Records]
Domenico Brena – Look at You [Midtown House]
DRAREK – Copper [Bass Box]
Dream Hackers – Walk Away [Chill Planet]
Driule XL – I Know U [Tactical Trax]
DrumRoc – El Baile (La Raspa) [Futuro Sounds]
Jeffrey Jones – Walking [Nimbus Records]
Jo Paciello – Never Give Up (feat. The Space Knights) [Shocking Sounds Records]
Jodie Harsh – My House (Eats Everything Remixes) [Warner Records]
Joey Vasquez – Let Me In [Strong Island Records]
Johan Dresser & Reveh & Drezza – Your Eyes [Which Bottle ]
John Cody – Deimos [Vintage-78 records]
Josh Davids & Sammy S, Josh Davids – My House [WyldCard]
Josh Nor – Pinocchio [Into My House]
Jowy – Get out [kookee records]
Judy Jay & China Charmeleon, Oscar Mbo – After the Storm [
Juicy Jesus – Make You Wanna (feat. Dick Long) [Ice Cold Records]
KAMARENA – Back Around [Candy Flip]
Kamus – Kult [Céad]
Karl Evans – Grafton [The Groove State Of Mind]
KC4K – Farlands [KC4K Music]
KDYN – Magnitude [K-Bass]

Melodic House & Techno

Daniel Vilchez – Code [ARROMA RECORDS]
Dany Dutch – Lost In Space [Seveneves Records]
Dark Soul Project – Undisclosed Files 2 [We Are The Underground]
De Facto – Solitude [Teoxane Production]
Dee Niro – Promise (Alessandro Billy & Van Der Kirche Remix) [Molto Recordings]
Deep Finback – Dark Sand [Sawagi Noise]
Deorbiting – Appleseed [Dear Deer]
Devizor – Take Kontrol [Mena Music]
DJ Mishakov – Wave [Flying Muse records]
Enryco Rigatti & Gior, Enryco Rigatti – Connections [TheWav Records]
Ezequiel Marinoni & Mark Villavicencio – Silence [Rezongar Music]
Felix Dofenbeck – With Fire [Callote]
Forniva & Eleven Sins – Adventures [Movement Recordings]
Future Now – Paralyze [Monkey Project]
Gianmarco Limenta – Future Planet [Enormous Chills]
Gil Zambrano – Meru [Immersed]
Giorgia Angiuli – Your Mind Is a Magnet [Melodic Deep]
Goblin Hulms – Listen to Your Heart [Crown Of Music]
HMH – Sunset [KIDS Records Foundation]
Idem Zerum – Beyond the Self [Wulfpack]
Jenil – Sheikh (feat. Darren & Cashwell) [Radio Edit] [Lummi]
Jordan GCZ – Introspective Acid [Rush Hour]
Josefono L Telefono & Apo Tulup – Kol Naak [Awen Records]
Joseph Crime & Matt Leger – Falling Leaves [Sekora]
Juan On Drugs – Dorado [DTL Records]
Kim0 – Golden Fish [8CELL Studio]
Kreisler & Djanke – Rewind [Across The Time Records]
Kyoot – Interlaced [Rabbit Records]
Kyslo – Royal [Sentient]
Maitycally, Oddcs – Deep Stage [SafariPark Recordings]
Marcus Caballero – Kirat [UNCLES MUSIC]
Maxi Vega – Gorgo [Steyoyoke Black]
Meeting Molly – Legends of Siberia [Monstercat]
Michelle Grant – Feel That Way [dB86]
Monolink – The Prey (Gui Boratto & Vintage Culture Remix) [Embassy One]
Montezuma – Quetzal [Alaula Music]
Mood Gorning & Albanø, Mood Gorning – Daemon Waltz [Suprematic]
OCULA – Closer to the Edge [This Never Happened]
Or Sade – Love Story [Vested Recordings]
Organic Noise From Ibiza & Klum Baumgartner – Starship 2029
Out of Saturn – Repeating Knobs [Crossworld Records]
Passenger 10 – Lakota [Enormous Tunes]
Peer Kusiv – Bring You Back (feat. Johanson) [Embassy One]
Plastycs – Face of Another [LTAO]
Proyect NSBSS – Surrounded [Theory X]
Reset Robot – I Wish You’d Never [Truesoul]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Carlos Sánchez – Kel Planet [Overall Music]
Cat Black – Infernoble [MyHouse YourHouse]
Chema Gnz – Everybody Down [Lemon Juice Records]
Coco Etcheverry – Bluenote [Psyche]
Dan Tishler – Electric Firefly [cygnusx1records]
Digital Flowers – Ramo de Rosas [KNCK LTD]
DJ Vartan & Techcrasher – I Can Feel It [Fast Crab Records]
Dr Green – Kalu [Nevada Label]
Drea – Factors of Growth [L.E.T. Music]
Echoton – Establish Enigmas [Archipel Musique]
Ellxandra – Old Memories That Never Were [Hushlamb Label Project]
Emina Helena – Thrill Threshold [Lauter.]
Errors, S.T.M. – Various Artists april [Psykometrik]
Escu – Asazisem [Seism Productions]
Fracktion – Gelato [CLX]
Fracktion – Mikroft [CLX]
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Squarified [Biometric Music]
Golosa Predkov – Anomaly [Kaprimula Media]
Harry Leon – Rym [Fine Rhythms]
Harry Wills – Vimto Paradox [Body Movement]
Ionescu – Second Line System [BMK]
Jc Morales – Tribute [mINT]
Jean Luc Saint-Jour – Astra [Whizal Records]
Jose Antonio Jaen – Avalanche [NOPRESET Limited]
Jzone Style – Hangover [Studio 405]
Kleur – Slowly Falling [Jackie Knows Karate Records]
Kosecki – Your Body [Sonido D Club Records]
Krasch – I.P.A. [&Recordings]
Laureano Mattos – Bunny Hop [Kief Music LTD]
Liqud Mechanics – Chain Reaction [HDR Limit]
LOGGANN – Time Reset [Desired Music]
Lorenzo Bianco – The Strange [HBR Music]
Luca Donzelli – 2 Decades of Rebellion [Rawsome Deep]
Lucio Agustin & Elléot – Keep Pushing [Sustain]
MARKYNO – Ayura [Bombga]
Mati Portillo – Noice [Lemon Juice Records]
Mike Ekim & That’s Who – Only More [Tentacle Records]

Organic House & Downtempo

Dileep Rani – Gentle [Cala Bassa Records]
DJ Grumble – Lovejonez [Cookie Records]
Dr. Skull & Greg Katona – Blow [LDN Trax]
Ephlum & Badri, Ephlum – Harem [Bercana Music]
Estray & P A N – Secret Light [Wanderlust Musica]
Eve St. Jones – Dreams (no.On Remix) [Music Brokers]
evvz – Staying Me [TGR Music Group]
Fashion Police – Snowland, Lullaby [Beatlick]
Federico Ambrosi – Alba [Anomalje Records]
Felix E., Michael Ritter – Tale of Two [Grey Bar Hotel]
Foils – Relaxed [Loudkult]
Igor Pumphonia – Rider [ChillRecordsMusic]
Inessa – Theories of Truth [Deep V Records]
Issueswithmysleep, Nesstor – HIBERNATION, Pt. 1 [Dantze]
Itona & Enigma Dubz – You Are So [Morii Records]
Jakarè – Cleansing (Mose Remix) [Desert Trax]
Jamila Al-Yousef – Follow the Sound of the Sea [Slowtrane]
Jose Solano – Tropical Suite [Sony Music México,ORIANNA]
Kieloval – Intellectual Approach [Nidra Music]
Kohib – Armored Boy (feat. Anneli Drecker) [Beatservice]
Latteo – Paper Plane (feat. Cloudy Mars) [Amselcom]
Leeu – Give & Take [Round Robin Recordings]
Lilla Støv – Dumpa [Future Cosmetiq]
Loops Empire – That Which One Thinks Is True [Kycker Electronic]
Maggie White – Oriental Breeze [L2L Music]
Margaryan – Gekata [Exx Underground]
Maris – Fez [Basement Dub]
Masrit – Through the Grapevine [Glitchworld Recordings]
Massio – Awaiting This Moment [Mirrors Label]
Michael Simon – La Carta M [Aversion Records]
Michael Simon – Quemado [Aversion Records]
modal PROJEKT & Bennett Holland – Great Fall [Freshly Squeezed Music]
Morgan, G & Machines – Hymn for the Weekend [Music Brokers]
Mr. Zett – Calypso’s Call [Loud Space]
Naturmentoring – In a Casual Setting [Otium Garden]
NLO 22 – Integral [Future Cosmetiq]
Noti – dante [Radicalis]
Placide – Espresso [Varkala Records]

Progressive House

A.J Roland – Reflections [Superordinate Music]
Adam Helder & Erik Schievenin – Statherian [Hawthorne Sessions]
After Moments, Samuel Rhein & Sommers – Everything Is Ok (feat. Fantastic Mr Marcel)
Alex Aspen – Glow [Timeless Isle]
Alex Harrington – Feel It Remixed – Part 4 [Fine Mode]
Aura – Geometric Aura [AMMMA]
BADVERDI – Memorization [Libardi]
Blaacon – Dream of Mine (feat. Cold I’s) [GRF Sounds]
Blanka Barbara – Knights of Orion [Aviary Recordings]
Bobi Kentero – Tried Everything [Progressive Dreamers Records]
Boskii & TomTech, Boskii – Points in Time, Vol. 2 [Points In Time]
Catch The Tail – Destiny [Cause Org Records]
Chris Klein – Darkest Love [Wald-Musik]
Cloaked – Sardinia [BC2]
coaxer – Miner Dub [FunPan]
DAVIK, BUDAL & Claudio Pitão – La Macarena [Alphabeat Records]
Derk – Closed Case [Strangers Beats]
Diego R. – Logic [Droid9]
Dion Anthonijsz – Rhea [AAAMSOUND]
DJ Kingdom – Found You [House of Sins Records]
DJ Krav – Moisten [AIDC Records]
DJ Nuck – Ethnic Groove [Why Not Recordings]
DJ Pantelis – Ciftetelli [Synthetical Records]
Don Jakobsen – Mind Over [Uplay Recordings]
Donny Carr – Ascension [Inspired By Trees Records]
Dysco & D.J. MacIntyre – Starship of Theseus [Balkan Connection]
Dyssa – Aura , Voices [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Fernando Olaya – Figarus [La Cura de la Semana]
foglight – Over & Out [MNL]
Futur-E – Megatonos [Stripped Recordings]
Gar – Idyllic [Hands In The Air]
Gavin Rochford – Zinc [3rd Avenue]
Hauckshay – Continuum [NTS Records]
Haze-M – Limits [Haze Music]
Hidden Face – Calling an Angel [Uprise Music]
Hobin Rude, LEO GUERRERO – False Beliefs Maziyko [Future Avenue]
Ian Dillon – Solitude [E=MC2]
INNERPHONIC – Line of Dream [Massive Harmony Records]

Tech House

Basement ( UK ) & THR3MIND – Please Man! [The Society]
Bastian Baruc – Tongue [Herloop Records]
Bearface – Outers [Beartone Records]
Bradley Skeng – Flex [UD]
Cesar Marquez & TomSilver – Hope [Santurce Recordings]
Classmatic & Cla12277 & JCult, Classmatic – Forget the Past [Rawthentic]
Connor Leahy – My Attention – No Holds Barred Remix [Connor Leahy Music]
Cugar – Orichalcum [Tamase Records]
Daniel Neighbour – Opus 2+3 [Digital Paradox Records]
David Cabrera – Bass Line [Sunshade Records]
Davide Mazzilli – Can You Feel in [World Up Records]
Deltech – Poseidon [Aether Recordings]
Diegob – Copy [Bass Box]
Disolart – Now Drop This Bassline [Sonido D Club Records]
DJ Frisco & Marcos Peon – Pal Carajo [PPMUSIC]
DJ Playground – Dome [KLUBINHO]
DJ Sammy Smooth – Ok Lets Go [Suma Records]
Dottor Jo – Brotherood [Spira Music]
Douglas Allen – Keep Going [7]
Douke – Marriage [Tech na House]
Elternhouse – In the Mirror [RIM]
Emanuele Inga – Fuego [Knostra Music]
Emilio Centeno – Take a Break [Clover Records]
Enne – Dale [blaah! Records]
Fabio C. – My House [Mooncircles Lab]
Fawkess – Alone In the Darkness [Deep Bear]
Filip Grönlund – Every Single Time [Cravin’ Records]
Filip Świniarski & Rezzals – Time Dilation (Rezzals Remix) [SINTEZO RECORDS]
Flexb – Floorburn [Up Club Records]
Fran Ares – El Silencio [Terms & Conditions]
Full Nelson – Outrageous [Bish Bash Records]
Gabe & Viot – L’amour [G Spot Records]
Gabriele Neri – Deeper [DataTech]
Gettoblaster & Terry Mullan – WBMX [Brooklyn Fire]
GHEIST – We Are Not Alone [Golden Factory Limited]
GoldRed – Time and Space [Bosh Recordings]
Groove Salvation – Finally [Peanut Recordings]