Afro House

Dany Cohiba – Fifty Shades of House [S&S Records]
Dexxx Gum – Chakra & Ritual [Mukua]
DJ Panda – Feel the Music [Sur Music Records]
Djactive – Uzobuya (feat. Kwazi M) [Artist Republik]
Hula Mahone – Beat My Drum [ClubHouse]
HyperSOUL-X – Bison (Main HT) [Hyper Production (SA)]
Kristof Tigran – Iscah [UNION RECORDS (IT)]
Le Kronik – Kwasa Malawu [Da Fuba Records]
LevyM & Elise De Koning – Dance Again [Connected Frontline]
Molsy & NQUA – My Mbira [Suprematic]
Patris Boy – After Life [Guettoz Muzik Streaming Pool]
Rafael Marques [RM] & Tito Azevedo – Mind Set [TheWav Records]
Shay DT – For the Love [The Warrior Recordings]
Stefano Ranieri – Bless the Town [NuLu Music]
Timmy Regisford – Bobo Jam & Wago [201 Records]
Ubizo Café – Arumba (May Rush & Djeff remixes) [feat. Herbedyz] [FOMP]
VA – Sounds & Grooves, Vol III [Deep Soul Space]


Alien Rave – Dark Matter [Alien Rave Beats]
DJ Seiss & Redeye – Triple X [12KDubby Music]
Funkanomics – Acorn Love [Westwood Recordings]
Fxbip – Beyond [Xephem Records Limited]
GNO5Y5 – Dystopian [The 5th]
Neida – Slowing [Nehza Records]
Nu Desire – Surface [Desire Trax]
OSSX – Split Wig [Allergy Season]
Phil Anker – You Know , I Know [Behind the Wall]
Roma Alkhimov – Chemical Music [Chain Recordings]
Vault – Cows On a Beach [Well Cut Records]
Wicked Wes & Phlipsyde – Shakedown [Phreak Recordings]


akscb – The Door To Happiness [AKSCB]
Alba Leng – In My Mind [Everness]
Alex Kelman – Dezinfekcia [Kysla Records]
Alex Martura – Crumble (feat. Jordan DePaul) [Onze]
Alex V Ice – Hypnotic Sense [AFTERTIME Records]
Allergic – Close to You [Tremble]
Alleviate & Dirty Workz – Feel It Now [DWX Copyright Free]
Andrey Sostin – Sorry [Impure]
Audiosnack – Acoustic Escape [YouTunez]
Benatural – Conga [Black Boat]
Beneath My Shade – Truth [NEDOSTUPNOSTb]
Brian Ferris – Boom! Shake Your Body [Nastytunez]
Brooklyn Bounce – Back2Bass (Trash Gordon’s Voodoo Mix)
Bubi – Contagious [Skink]
Caglar Bal – Fly Away (The Distance & Igi Remix) [DJ008 Records]
Cashio – Be The One (feat. Charlotte Haining) [Perfect Havoc]
CDEX1 & Freaky DJs – Let Her Go [Gloamed]
Closcoll – Bi Anlatsan (feat. Burak Kalayci) [Closcoll]
Cyg’n – Sunset Street [Cyg’n ElectroMusic]
David Obama – Be Patient [Pe Fende Records]
Deep Chills & Tilsen – Are You Lonely [ATLAST]
DJ R.Gee – Discothek (Remixes) [push2play music]
DJ SIlviu M – What You Said [DJ Silviu M]
Dwin & Taky & Nyed – Doll [Lithuania HQ]
Dżeju – Away [Smile Creations Music Label]
EferJet – What Can You Do [XTRXX]
Ella Joni – Come To My Life [Crystal Cove Records]
Feoz – Lose Yourself [KOBBRA]
FHE – Birthday Suit [Synth Pimpz]
Forage – Listen (feat. Liam Sturgess) [Shake It Up Recordings]
Gek Sparro – Rainbow [Pe Fende Records]
ILY & Pat Lok, ILY – Doing It Better [Sony Music Canada]
Jacob Colon – Desert Storm [Made to Move Records]
Justin Lawson – Routine [Murston Records]
Kav Verhouzer – 1 Op 1 [Universal Music, a division of Universal International Music BV]
Keith Ramaila – Amapiano the Journey [Bokang M Records]
Kevun – Castle In the Sky [Kapral]
Konnect – Till the Sun Goes Up [Run Free]
Lau Kid – For Us [Spitfire Music]
Leuc & Sam Strat – Deep Down [Sirup Music]
Marie Milla – Breathe (feat. Davenski) [Load, un label de Sony Music]
Max Lake – Dancefloor Bangers, Vol. 1 [VAST]
Miguel Villacreses – Lila [MOONLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT]
Neffa, Neffa, Coez & TY1 – AmarAmmore [Pisco Music srl]
NetLight & TWOHIM – The Loners [Crystalize Recordings]
Olamiplenty Badmantin – Omo Kabiesi (feat. TEMMY QUENN) [Artist Republik]
Osmia – Burning [Spitfire Music]
Patrik Gryst – This Dark Life [Lethe Records]
Primus V – The Mankind Groove [Invicta Records]
Rare Candy & Gemma Fox – Awake (Alternative Mix) [Happy Recordings]
Samma – Mamacita [Keep!]
sean antoni – Can We Go Back [sean antoni music]
Senar – Suspendu [igroovemusic]
Sergio Helou – 1982 [Beira Mar]
Sins Of Love – Big Deal [GRN LNTRN CRPS]
Sober Chow – Anywhere [Dragon Records]
Starving Yet Full & August Jakobsen – Cemetery Gospel [4NC¥]
Tom Tropic – Best Equipped [Artistfy Music]
VA – Buddha-Bar XXIII [George V]
VA – Eurobeat Masters Vol.8 – Remastered by Newfield
VA – Pelagios (2021)
VA – Play Your Imagination Vol. 1 [Impress Music]
VA – The Disco House Room [Pyramide]
Vinze – Collide [Up All Night]
VR – Summertime [VR Vernon Rosser]

Deep & NuDisco, IndieDance

A-mase – Angel Was Here [Amase Digital]
Afterman – Give Me the Phunk [AFTERMAN]
Afterman – Rock Phreak (JL & Afterman Mix) [AFTERMAN]
Alik & MAD BRO – Stand by Me [Deep House Natural]
Andrea Grandoni – Brain Center (k21 Extended Version)
Andy Ash – Not at Home [Still Music]
Antichrist Buffalo – Punk Elegance [Chill District Recordings]
Antonela Giampietro – Era [Odyssey Rec]
Babasmas – Cybercity Life (feat. Frank Zippo) [Silent Running Scandal]
Bayza – You Said Goodbye (feat. Giulia Mihai) [DeepShine Records]
Bellar C – Numb [1db Records]
Benne SA – Am from Asia [Altitude of House Music]
Benni Matern – What Is Left [Deep Stories Records]
Bizio Cool – Afrodite [Le Voyage Music]
Bruce Sheroy – Gen Wo Lai [Global House Movement Records]
Bruno Pietri & Pete Spruce – It Ain’t Right [Cool 7rack Talents]
Bruxas – Cógelo, Rápido (feat. María Pandiello) [Dekmantel]
Bustin’ Loose – Disco Connection [The Disco Express]
Calixto – Freelife [No Topo Music]
Christopher Kah – Atmosphere [Christopher Kah Live !]
Danium & Olbi – Bossa [Alveda Deep]
Darkon – Dangerous Summers (feat. Sophia Rogdaki) [MuzicBoom]
David Blazer & Virginia Palms, David Blazer – Reasons [Sundae Sauuce]
De Lux – Some Things Never Break [Innovative Leisure UK]
Dead Bambi – 2Bad [AHOLIC Family]
Deep Koliis – Destruction [Sound of Soul Records]
Disco Walter – Hot Love [Wild Youth Digital]
DJ Mark Brickman – Classic (feat. Mr. V) [Black Riot]
Dj Sona SA – Magic [The November Man Music]
Djsakisp – Coming Next [Brown Records]
Dr. Flash – Everyday [Freshly Cooked Music]
Emmasoul – Life Line [Local Family Records]
Enes Yaman & Berkay Cavus – Fiddle [Deepmode Records]
Epic SoulStar – Feel It [Vitamin Deep Recordings]
Erik Kristiaan – Below the Surface [Emergent Textures]
Felipe Gordon & Toro Moratto – A Landscape Onomatopeya
Finest Wear – A Journey [Nordic Trax]
Franck Roger – 44 [Real Tone Records]
Gain Of Seven – Tonight , That Feeling [PRDS Direct]
HDSN – Show Me the Way [NBAST]
Henry Navarro – Stay On [Lookbook Recordings]
Herr Krank – Something Different [Pont Neuf Records]
Hosannas – Guitar Cop (HOT16 Remixes) [Fresh Selects]
Igor Pumphonia – Bumble [ChillRecordsMusic]
Igor Pumphonia – Prisoner [ChillRecordsMusic]
Irajá – Azzurra [Iraja]
Jackwasfaster – Carretera de El Saler [Melomana]
Janeret – Difference [Up the Stuss]
John Gold – Back To Me [BeatCanteen Records]
Jungle Dee – Disco Fantasy [kluBasic Records]
Juno D – Vertical Horizont [Muza]
Kaidi Tatham – An Insight To All Minds [First Word Records]
Lauer – Answers 2 Trouble [Permanent Vacation]
Lena Def – Raj [Kayax Production & Publishing]
Lil Soul – Bayakhala [Sheer Sound]
Luka Mielke – Alone [Equatos Recordings]
MAD SNAX – Back to You [Storm Music]
Marc Cotterell – Disco Dust Special [Plastik People Digital]
Marco Corvino – Dark Ball [Eightball Digital]
Max Marinacci – Colors – Part 2 [Jazz In Da House]
Max TenRoM – Solaar [Black Bubble Records]
Mohawk & The Kid – DREAMING [Intercept Music]
MOTUS – Day After Day [Villes et Fleurs]
Msolnusic – Opuesto [Radda Records]
Nowakowski – Remedy (Remixes) [Road Story Records]
Ottis Blake – Captivated [Orange Bridge Records]
Petko Turner – Discordia [Basspatrol Records]
Rianu Keevs – Dawn [Rianu Keevs]
Ricci Jr DJ – Candy of Formentera Passion [Intercool Digital]
Roberto Aluigi – Derrick. [Arrossdisco Records]
RosaMia – Avalon [Jhaps Records]
Ross Couch – All Night Long [Body Rhythm Records]
Rotciv – Pur Nrg [Polari Records]
Saint-Loup-en-Bray – Cou Cou [Super Spicy Records]
Simon Vinyl Junkie – Burma Drift [WORKROOM]
Sizzle Rose – Petals [Jhaps Records]
Skveezy – So Long [Summer Deep Records]
Skyles & JLiam – All We Need [Storm Music]
Soul Gondwana – Time [Devoted Music]
TAKiN & George Loukas – Deeper [AFTER MEDIA]
The Lost DJ – Don’t Cost Nothing [BeachGroove Records]
TheDjLawyer – All Right Now , Reach Out [Bruto Records Vintage]
Tswex Malabola – Ditlhare [Senior Boys Music]
VA – Cosmopolitan Deep-House Collection, Vol. 3
Viktor Marina – Destination House [Plano B Records]
Vorslov – Party [OBS Media]
Zak Voyager – The Dancer [WayOn]

Dubstep & Drum & bass

Ace Cosgrove – Lose Sight [MMALove Records]
Adam Nabeel – Like That [HRMNY]
Air Splash Beatz – Drop It [Artistfy Music]
ALJN – Blair Witch [ALJN]
Andersonne – Music Got You [PRDS Direct]
Ansiavibes – Certe sere [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Anti-Dote, Threshold – Antidote x Threshold [Skeleton Recordings]
AP B!O – Alazne [Dutty Bass Audio]
Ape Drums – BF Killa (feat. Toian & Projexx) [Mad Decent]
ASC – An Increase In Entropy [Samurai Music]
Async Ross – A Feeling That Something Has Happened Here
AWO7 – Full of Wonder [Xero Shift]
Aye Hit Gee & Tha Rev – 5ive Guys [Flyer Gang Ent]
Bakyl – Denzel [Wati-B]
Bassgrow – Leave Nothing Behind , River of Souls [Storno Beatz Recordings]
BBY KODIE – Bad [Raven House , True Panther , EQT Recordings]
Big Ligiee – 456 [G-Man Entertainment Music]
Big Swede – Best of BS Hip Hop, Vol. 2 [Big Swede Studios]
Billythekid – M.O.E. [Dim Mak Records]
Black Yukon Sucker Punch – Buried , Buried (Vegas Remix)
Blosso & Phocust – Moving On [Circus]
Bo Lotto – Worldly [Opposition]
Branco – Broke [BMB Entertainment]
C y g n – Lonely Waves [Chillhop Music]
Contraversy – Abduction [Elm Imprint]
Cort Melor – LA’s Jester [Artist Republik]
Damon Rush – Take a Trip [Plasma Funk]
Dark Electro Project – At Speeds [Somewhere Out There]
Demolition Man – Don’t Give Ah (Fleck Remix) [Third Eye Recordings]
Dfuser & Amplify – Caliber [Catch 22 Records]
Dim Wilder – Claws (feat. Kid Lacey) [WYN Records]
Distant – Flare [Fearless Audio]
Dj Manifesto – Mercury [Moodykatz]
Dustless Digital – Born This Way [Futureworks Music]
Dutta & Rusko – Reefers [Informal]
DZA – Bascar [Alpha Pup]
Earth Vibration Records – Chill Trap 01 – Uso Libre [Earth Vibration Records]
Fav Danko – Bonfire [Tail Shaker Records]
Filthy Habits & Jeopardize – End Game
Five Suns & w,out, Five Suns – Helios []
Fredo Bang – Click Up [Se Lavi Productions, Inc.,Def Jam]
Gen & Ryde – Somewhere Inside [Smooth N Groove Records]
Genotype – G Skool Vol 5 [G Skool]
Genotype, Just Jungle – Dat Memories Vol 7 [G Lab Recordings]
Geoblu & Songer – Greaze (feat. Songer) [NLV Records 4 U]
GirlzLuhDev & Remble – Day 1 Starter [Capitol Records]
Glume & Phossa – Banshee [Deep Medi Musik]
Hevito – Si Tu Te Vas [Sprint Music]
Huey Pellegrino – Boomerang Shawtys (feat. Kidd Pusha & Grey Canvas)
Huey V – As Above [Warehouse Music Group]
Indigo – Before You Go [AFTRLIFE Records]
Intel – Cyberwar, Pt. 3 [UK Breakbeat]
Istokiya – Puzzle [Make It Music]
J.Cash – Pina Colada (feat. Mr.Goodbarz) [Artist Republik]
Joja – Running [Waxed Records]
Joseph Black – Always & Forever
Keezie Free – Big Keez Red Edition [Benton Records]
KEIJU – Falling [Sony Music Labels Inc.]
Ketama126 – Aquile [Epic]
Kid Kio & Azido 88 – Fata Morgana [Den Haku Lofi]
Killbox – Rodan [RAM Records]
Kodes – Stupid (Freestyle Rapelite) [Wati-B]
Konetix – Bubblegum [Easy]
Krischvn & NXSTY, Krischvn – Rude Boi [Wakaan]
Legal – Between Your Legs [Samsara Beats]
LENNY & KEDALOS – Asura [Lowly]
Lexi Drew – Mamacita (feat. Yung Caza & Steelo Foreign) [Riveting Music]
Lichtboje – Wellness [VinDig]
Lil Tjay & 6LACK, Lil Tjay & Tyga – Destined 2 Win [Columbia (Sony)]
Locksmith & Zion I – Pull Me Out the Water (feat. Cassandra LaRose)
Londone – Camisola Amarela [Loco Knight]
Luc N’ Vako – Contigo [Splice Records]
Lvnt – Coming Home [VinDig]
M1KE7 – Wave (feat. Mikey B) [M1KE7]
Macheta – After Threesome [Tonrecords]
Martell Lacey – Code Blue [Songs Unlimited]
Masayuki Suzuki – DADDY ! DADDY ! DO ! – From THE FIRST TAKE (feat. Airi Suzuki)
Master Error & Amplify, Master Error & Fanatics – Master Error & Friends [Subway Soundz]
Matticulous – The Matticulous [Funk You Music]
Mello Music Group – Bushido [Mello Music Group]
Menasa & Prinston Poulina – Chochal (feat. KILATE TESLA)
Michael Rogel – Ascension [8Clock Music]
Mike Lennon – ASIANBOY [Carosello Records]
Mildred – In Regards To [VinDig]
milligon – goodbye [VinDig]
MiSTVKE – Blood Moon [Raylinx Music]
Mr Joseph & Identified, T.R.A.C. – No Pleasure Without Pain
Muerte – Dogma [GRVDNCR]
Nebu Kiniza – Weekend [OSHS Records]
Neurotikum – Fusion [DNB Database]
neusnaesh – Confession [SXBER FAMILY]
O.D.F – Decapitator , I Need You [Section 63 Recordings]
Pauna – Living in the Matrix (feat. Davo Da Man) [Pauna]
PBo YG – YG Musik [LMIT Worldwide]
Pi’erre Bourne – 4U [Interscope Records]
Prime Perf – Do It All (feat. Sophia a Lauren) [Perf Records]
prince olopejesu – Ire [Artist Republik]
PsoGnar – Traitor [PsoGnar Records]
Pueblo Vista & Beatmund Noise, ChainWax – Latenite Joints 013 [⟪ π ṽ ş ⟫]
Racasse – Sunset Heat [VinDig]
Rovalio – Bipolar [Simplify.]
Rxxkz – Borley [Criminals Collective]
S N U G, Snug & cxlt. – Cosmos [Dreamhop Music]
Samy Nicks – A Decade of Music Lp (feat. Rekwest) [Amusement Audio]
Sickflip & Chunky, Sickflip – Gotta Be [4NC¥]
Snavs – Baby Loop [Lowly]
Snipez – Crime Pays [Yeah You Music]
Snupe Bandz – Let Em Know [Paper Route Empire]
Sonicblast – Fithy Souls [Hotcue Records]
SpiffyUNO – Before and After [Builders International]
Steff3Beatz – Captain Barbarossa [1Thousand&1NightRecord]
Stormi Noir & Josh Gray – 1 Oh Oh [TSRA]
SUOB, King Kasta & Lucas Skillz – Planes B [Golden RNA]
Supercurve – Louis V [onesevenfour]
The Green Man & Dany, The Green Man – All Eyes (Basswerk 46) [Basswerk]
The MaddGeek – Planet Eden [VinDig]
Theoretical – Cuttlefish, The Finder [Neuropunk Records]
Timi Carder – Girlie O (feat. Iris) [Artist Republik]
Trae tha Truth – Lyric Forever [ABN , EMPIRE]
Tweakz & Nautika, Tweakz – Quiet Something [sub stance recordings]
Uzi 719 – How I Feel [Artist Republik]
VA – 9 Years Liquid Drops [Liquid Drops]
VA – Back to Jungle, Vol. 2 (Pt. 1)
VA – Cities Neonlights [wavforme]
VA – PUSH.power (feat.
VA – Saucy Selects Vol. 3 [Juize Box Records]
viog – suka [Amadei Music]
Vital – Criminal Minds, Vol. 3 [Liondub International]
Waeys & Duskee – Bold Courage [Critical Music]
XXIII – Flamingos [VinDig]
YKES & Dani King – Aftermath [Essential Music]
your best friend jippy – BEAT TAPE 36 [VinDig]

Electro House

Anthony Vee – Ready or Not [Sounds Of Urban]
Antony Well – Ozzy [Sweet Place Records]
Audië – Wrong 4 Me [DENAR RCRDS]
Ayrow – Wait For You [K-Noiz]
DAKAN & Vilella – Here for You [Vibez Sounds]
Dawe Velli – Break in Down [Musata Music]
Dener Delatorre – Boldness [Santander Music]
Destructor Zaro – Is a Bomb (D!CE Remix) [Atrium Collective]
Dimitris Karipidis – Feel Alive [Alveda Pulse]
DJ J. Taylor & Delighters – Can I Feel My Heart [Pure Tunes]
DreamAgain – New Paradise [ONLY THE BEST]
Frances Wolfe – A New Start [Artist Republik]
Getz (PL) – Madana [ONLY THE BEST]
Gior Gio Avila & Zaa – Battle [Nightology Music]
Gisfangs – Assasinate [Gaax]
Jerzey John & Ryad – Helpless [Soniquarium]
Jostronamer – Artificial Intelligence [Space Factory]
Karim K – Neverland [ONLY THE BEST]
Marnage & Ferrigno – Day ‘n Night [Pyro Records]
Maus – Restart [Smile Creations Music Label]
MISIGII – Zuma Zuka [Phat Panda Records]
Mr. Sid – Belter [TurnItUp Muzik]
NeKKoN & Cindy S – Believe in Music [Revkon Records]
Neoplanet – I’m Ready to Let Go [Smile Creations Music Label]
Onur Enfal – Here We Go Again [Satsuma Music]
Praktika – Benkadi [Blanc Manioc]
Rico Casazza & CPSL – Higher Form (feat. Weith, Bolam & Detach)
Roosevelt – Polydans Remixes [City Slang]
Sascha Weberknecht & David Color – Unzerbrechlich
tesno texno – 3 Plots [7th Cloud]
Tony Riva – Bailamos (feat. Josephine Sweett) [Electroscene]

Electronica & Downtempo

Advanced Suite – Cruzin [Mystic Sound Records]
Andrew Odd – A Million Worlds [AstroPilot Music]
another silent weekend – Juno [Dreamhop Music]
Aphrow – See You Space Cowboy [Dreamhop Music]
Archi – Colors [Kycker Electronic]
Area 3 – Amb [Khotin Industries]
Arman Ray – Shades of Grey [WEATNU Records] – Lights in Action [Silent Running Scandal]
ArtSaves – Chimera [Kopi]
Bobbie Barbarian – Wizards and Ragdolls [Kycker Electronic]
Bruno Belissimo & Le Feste Antonacci – Centocelle Nightmare
Comet 1993 – Above the Water [Texture Papier]
Depart – Bordre [Peak Recordings]
DEPH CUT – Cinnamon Mustache My Soul [Dephrecords]
Dj Dark & Mentol – Astronaut In the Ocean [Sepaya Records]
Doss – Look [LuckyMe.]
DreamSystem & KY25 – Calmeleon [Tech Units]
DSP_GOD – Closed [Freshtunes]
Ebee – Acid Palette [Far City]
Electronic Fluke – The Others [Wonderfly Records]
Extended Colors – Radiowave [FunPan]
FD – Z1S1 , C1D3H [Tax Free Records]
Fortex – Unknown Tomorrow [2 Steps To Chill]
Fuckin’ Edgy!! & Trav Is Not, Fuckin’ Edgy!! – We Died [BONELESS]
Group Of Light – Behind the Mirror [Future Music Records]
Headphone Activist – A Day Late [SSKWAN]
Hobin Rood – Adrenochrom [Chapter Eight]
Infinite Size – Faulty Things [SUB TL]
Invisible Acid – Acid Reflux [WEATNU Records]
IOM – Capsule [Dreamhop Music]
Isik Kural – Maya’s Night [Audiobulb Records]
IVAN CHIGO – Number 30 [Chigo Recordings]
IVVAAN – Spirit Logic [Routless Records]
Jacob Stoy – Das Unendliche Konstrukt [Uncanny Valley]
Jacopo S.T.j. – Always In To the Sea [Black Music Machine]
Jaxx Flames – Take Care [JamLoch Records]
Jay Chakravorty – Grid Cells [Unperceived Records]
Jay Drezz – To Love You More [Ocelots Records]
JJ Limehouse – Colorful Life [JamLoch Records]
July In January – In Memory for Everyone Who Disappeared
Kevun – Young Melody [Kapral]
Kush Kush, VAMERO & Dela Marmy – Cadillac [Guesstimate]
La Estación Del Mar – The Best Of… Ethnic & Ángel Voices [Publimaster Discos]
Laura Greaves – Follow Me (feat. Lhotse) [Circus]
LJ MASE – All I Need (feat. ASH3RAH) [Chapter Eight]
Locolm – Goodbye My Friends [Dreamhop Music]
Lukas Termena – Freedom [Termena Music]
Magmatunes – Tears [M-Sol Records]
Majed Salih – USSR Synthwave [Medievil-Music]
Marc Kobos – Where’d You Go [Beast Trap Records]
Martin G. – Walk on Lava [MPM-ElectroLabel]
Max Cue – Gloom 1.0 [Pollen.Sounds]
Mbian – Psychischer Zyklus [Eternal Light]
Melomake – Variation One Sclptr [Freshtunes]
Mission To The Sun – Cleansed by Fire [Felte]
Mitch Hunt – Rikers Trust [KRLK Recordings]
MNDR – Love In Reverse (with Empress Of)
Mouta – Free [GOTTA RCRDS]
Myd – Born a Loser (Mad Rey Remix) [Ed Banger Records , Because Music]
Nestor Freeborn – Clean Slate [Ragibeat]
NNTH – Boys Cry Too [ZBM Recordings]
Nova Sweatz – Big Bang [JamLoch Records]
Nuver – Oblivion [Dreamhop Music]
oddchapters – Dim [NORR]
OST – Don’t Mind Me [Welcome Records]
Owl Vision – Megaton [Comorbid Records]
Pablo Rey – Astronomic [Imploxion Records]
Peak Twilight & Lenny Loops – Timelapse [Dreamhop Music]
peejwoo – Boom Badee [Artist Republik]
Polybius – M K U [SOA Music]
Pr4ntik – The Way to Heaven [Dreamhop Music]
PRAYA1R – Abduction-Attraction To the Cosmos [AUDIOZ]
Rave Dil – Dansant [Projektor Records]
Sanko – An Organic Visit [O2 Musica]
Siedlecky & Ash Blake – We Don’t Care [Beast Trap Records]
Sillage – Floating Dream [Dreamhop Music]
Sjunne Ferger – Childrens Mind feat. Exit [Strangelove Music]
Skrybe & Chess Countess – Desert of Ashes [Music High Court]
Sound Vibrations – Imaginary Places [Dome Of Doom]
Stephan Laubner – Around Zero [Something Records]
Stillhead – Back Once [Brightest Dark Place]
Sweet Medicine – Gone with the Wind [Dreamhop Music]
Theo Chillcott – Slow & Steady [JamLoch Records]
Tim E. Mellow – Decisions [JamLoch Records]
UNIT KAI – Corporate Love [Alpha Pup]
VA – Chilled Spring [Mojear Records]
VA – Coffee Corner, Vol. 01 [lautlos! records]
VA – Helga 100 [Moller Records]
VA – Regulation Outsider [wavforme]
whythough – Duo (Remixes) [WHY Record Company]
Xyafter – Blue Moon [K-Noiz]
Yestalgia – Earth Behind [Dreamhop Music]

Garage & Bassline & Grime

Bad Boy Chiller Crew – Don’t You Worry About Me (TACTICS Remix)
Bowser, DJ Blaize – Around the World in Ukg [Garage Shared]
Dubstep Instrumental – Warrior [Digital Nation]
Hurtdeer, RRRitalin – Dead City Central [Mutant Bass]
Junemix – Nocturnal Vibes [Future Garage Worldwide]
Polak – La Gata Negra [Unnamed Distribution]
Wittyboy – Chances [Crucast]


A.sihe – Spiritual Thing [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
Amelia Michelle – Bones [Opposition]
An Elam & Teealect – An Elam & Teealect in Your Eyes [First Guide]
An Elam & Teealect – Bass Rock [First Guide]
Arkell – Pleasure [Digital Distribution Bundle]
Baars & DJ Tuned – Wanna Go [Strange Records]
Bang B & DJ Combo – Breathing [SPINNIN’ RECORDS]
Bart Ricardo & Kenyon – Lost and Found [Marinated Music]
Becky and the Birds – The Wolves (Act I and II) [4AD]
Bekail & Moody Hertz – Bfam [Kryked]
Benny Dawson – Stuff In My Mind [KIDK UK]
Betahax – BetaSax [Miniaturesrec]
Big Thief – Off You [4AD]
BILLO – Chaos [LXXIV Records]
Blines – Dark Vibes [Loud Memory]
Block & Crown – By My Side [SUPERCIRCUS]
Boiz House – Don’t Be Envious [Boiz House]
Boogie Builders – Disco Jingo [Audio Bitch Records]
Boomclap – The Stranger (Soul Central Remix) [Electric Mode]
Bravetone – Affection [SSL Music]
Cisco Barcelo & Roberto Mocha – People’s Choice [More than House!!]
Click Click – Body Buzz [Chiwax]
COLLINS & Delvoie – Bounce Like That [PMP Records]
Control Room – Cold Shoulder [Wiking Recordings]
Daniël Tomàs – Ambedo [Revanche Records]
Digital Koala & Dread MC, Digital Koala – Chicago [The Archives]
DJ Babu – #MLVN Edits, Flips, And Remixes Vol. 2 [Dilated Junky Music]
DJ Max Lietta – Don’t Put Your Back [Maxlietta Records]
DJ Morelly – Back to Love [Rounded]
DJ NAŁBËRT – Thriller [G-Mafia Records]
DJ Nanni – Crazy Beat [NOISE CUTS RECORDS]
Doc N Tones – T.A.S.T.E. [Basement Collective Music]
Dom Ryan – Satisfaction [Uprise Music]
Edson Faiolli & Chris Burke – Dark Side [FEATURE]
Eights Everywhere – Horace [Modarnity]
Elastic Pranks – Bernie’s Mittens [Aquamelon]
Electro Blues – Beside A Sax [Ya.Ma Records]
Elio Deejay & Emiah – Cruel Intentions (Remix) [PM Recordings]
Entropia (AUS) – Illusionary Artifacts [Pump and Fade Records]
EnzinoSting – Demoniac Soul [WE WORLD]
Feral – Cherry Bomb [Uno NYC]
Fernand Semo – Alone [Natural Selection]
Filox – Confused Inside [Strakton Records]
Flashmob, Saive & Jan Bleidorn – Closer [Toolroom]
FOOLiE – Conversations Prequel [Trippy Ass Technologies]
Format – Keep My Fire [Housewax]
Freaky DJ’s – All the TIme [Wild Essence]
Greyzone – Airplane Mode [Loud Memory]
Hey Jack – Bloodless Project [X-Osted Records]
Hipinozze – Boom Tschak [Muzenga Records]
Iag & Omoc – Need My Love [Crown Of Music]
KAOCH & Zaterka – No Fear [Muzenga Records]
Keoma & Luke Ferreira – Baby I Can Feel [Keoma]
Keyklova – Back My Love [Crown Of Music]
Kh0ma – Bic Boys [Kiwistage]
Kin3tek – Sandcastles [Phat Panda Records]
King Cosmic – Berdumdum [Brique Rouge]
Kouncilhouse – Had enough [Dirty Lemon Recordings]
Kresko – Albino [Cases de la Musica]
Kverz & MooDMealleR – Free Spirit [Quantum Records]
Kyllow – Big Boss [Slyckr Records]
L cy – Shhh [SZNS7N]
L.B.G. – As Good as My Love (Bart B More Remix)
L.B.G. – As Good as My Love (Riva Remix) [Adrian & Raz (AdrianRazRecordings)]
Labora Trixx – Brick Kick Falling [Uba Lua Records]
Lazer Kitten & No Nice Things – Cut Him [Occult Cats Records]
LEE O C – Don’t Go Easy (Deep Future House Club Mix)
LEE O C – Don’t Go Easy (Deep Future House Mix) [Back Bedroom Beatz Records]
Liam Keery – Sickness [HOUSE VIEWS]
Luigi Greco – Sugar Daddy [House Of Boost Records]
Luisk Rivera – Getting Lost [Jendex Records]
MAd Sequencers – Bee Beat [EVOLVE Music]
Maged Mega – Space Man [Purple Bubbles]
Mariline – Count On You [Sovereign Records]
Marin Hoxha – Back Again [Phat Panda Records]
Mario Nang – My Love [Phat Panda Records]
Matironi – Go [Phat Panda Records]
Matthew Dawson – Sounds of Love [Phat Panda Records]
Matthew Fisher – Caer (feat. Ydalia Suarez) [Stars Production]
Meerster Rgm – All of Me (feat. Simba) [Meerster Group]
Meewash – Magnum [Phat Panda Records]
Mirko & Meex – Believe Yah Future [Soulfuric Trax]
Mitsuhiko Ishikawa – Splinter [Phat Panda Records]
Mjoobi – Envious Eyes [Lighthouse Records]
Mjoobi – Heaven on Their Minds [Lighthouse Records]
Mohammad Heiranizadeh – Life [Phat Panda Records]
Monsieur Puke – Don’t Be a Freak [Disco Down]
mosbé – I Don’t Care [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Most Eye – Crystal Ball [Flexin Aces]
Muteng – Dmmf [Manuscript Records Ukraine]
Mvrin – Desert Pipes [Phat Panda Records]
Mylo – Bassline [WEPLAY Music]
NNDJT – Backbeat [WeLikeMusic Records]
No F in Irony – Bass Brother [Digital Candy]
Norman Doray & Piem – Do Me Right [Studio 54 Music]
OHBEE – Can’t Let You Go [Blindsided]
Old Sport – Desert [Nomadism Records]
Oliver Barabas – Acid [Echo Factory]
Osheyack & Nahash – Club Apathy [SVBKVLT]
Otilia – Bilionera – 7Th Anniversary [Jhaps Records]
Patrick Moreno, Prince China & Revealed Recordings – Break It Down
Paul Jockey, Lissat & Joseph Sinatra – Dancing Together [Tactical Records]
Peakland – Elastic Funk [Re-Fresh Music Turkey]
Pete Flame & FlyMyk – Aliento 2021 [Alveda Music]
Point 5 – Baainar Boys [Baainar Records]
Profound Nation – 15 Years of Mofunk (Season Three) [Mofunk Records]
Proj3ct 7 – Back To The Bass [tb clubtunes]
PuddingPD – Waiting For You [Electric Station]
PUFF.Magic & Hypesteria – C.B.D. [Black Marble Collective]
Reality Theory – Bang Zoom (feat. Trisha Mason)
Reecey Dixon – Down With Me (Radio Edit) [Mission Records UK]
Rees Urban – The Takeover [Jackinthebox]
Relique – Blades [BROHOUSE Music]
Rianu Keevs – Sugar [Rianu Keevs]
Robber DJ – Artifice [Jhaps Records]
Robert Raya – Baby Missin’ [Vivifier Records]
Runkle&Moody – Cinnamon [CRMS Records]
Sagan – Turn up the Bass [Revealed Recordings]
Sam Interface – Going in , Shadows [Future Bounce]
Schelmanoff – Sadness ‘2011 [Immunitet Recordings]
Shadw – Keep Your Body Movin’ [Fenmie Music]
Silvio Randazzo – This Is the Future [Ma Music]
SOHN – Song to the Siren [4AD]
Statistic – Azofezeka [Azania Digital Records]
The Doberman Club – King of My City [Vamos Music Talents]
The Mechanical Man – Harmony & Love [Ragoo Records]
Thomas Blondet & farid – Do You Think I’m Sexy (feat. Ammoye) [Rhythm & Culture]
Tommy Noir – Up On You (Stickr Remix) [Stickrsound]
Tony Future – Money [Organic Boogie]
Trimtone – All Be Free [Love to Be Records]
Tyler.Ryyan – The Groove [Subsolar Music]
Uppermost & Fūji – Cristal [Uppwind]
VA – Bills & Aches & Blues (40 Years of 4AD)
VA – Dance Dance 2021 Vol.1 [BIP Records]
Waveshock & Math Sunshine – Be Good [Seal Network]
Wemeiow – On Fire [Alphabeat Records]
Yescene, Yvette Lindquist & Carmen Gonzalez – Bad Habit (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)
YURiE & LNDN – Do It Like [UFO Recordz]
Zenaro – Breath Again [Ryzim Records]
ZEORX – Nexxt Levell [DENAR RCRDS]

Melodic House & Techno

Alazkara – Dimension IX [Awen Tales]
Alex Kennon – Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix) [Spectrum (NL)]
Ambient Pino – Child in Time [Pino Music]
Aquitania – Around [ADRO Records]
Astrality – Alone Together (feat. Georgia Blackwell) [Selected.]
C37 – Visible from Earth [Crossworld Academy]
Cano & Badmoiselle, Cano – 1990 feat Badmoiselle [Dear Deer Dubs]
Carl Conky – Orbital [Cause Org Records]
Cemilog – Retro [Areena Records]
Claptone – Zero (Skream & Gene Farris Remixes) [Different]
Dyzen – Exodus [Impressum]
Ed Lee – Bring It Deep [Jouissance Recordings]
Eddy Tango – Wavelab [ThreeRecords]
Giorgi Magradze – Ballades [P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records]
Halcya – Change My Mind [mau5trap]
Heads & Tails INC – Aurora [Terranova]
Hessian, Mees Salomé – Root to Branch, Vol. 7 [This Never Happened]
Is_Den – Closure [Complex Destroyerz]
Ivan Aliaga – Silence [Minds Of Sin Records]
Joe Mesmar – Born to Be Free [Minds Of Sin Records]
Jssst – New Light [Experimentalist]
K.Beverly & Saxado – Fiesta [Puro Beat]
K.Oshkin & Following Light – Anigilance [COOD]
Karol Colomb – Child’s Perspective [Parallel Label]
Khaled Abdrabo – Shadows [Kitu Records]
Kookmode – Different (feat. Töff Malstroem) [Upon You Records]
Legroni – Colors [ZOOM ZOOM Records]
Lineki & 2Touch – Sushi [Graba Music]
Mainterm – Cloud Surfing [XTR Records]
Matt Dwellers – Zarka [Grrreat Recordings]
MIKE DOPE – Generate [DTL Records]
NeoTraffic – Kaleidoscope [Callote]
Owen Ni – City Vibe [Run On Trax]
Paul T – Afraid , Dark Places [Make It Yourself Records]
Rik-H – Libera Tu Mente [RH Music Records]
Sascha Kloeber – Ashpata [Funkelt]
Schtu – All This Time [Weltn Audio]
Sonny Zamolo – Diaspora [Sans Chichis]
Stashion – Black Sea [Do Yourself Records]
Supershuttle – Crocodile [Moonshades]
TINYgiant – Before All This [ANCL Lincor]
TRW – 33 [Mai Lei Bel]
VA – Agujas Del Pajar, Vol. 3 [Condor Tunes]
VA – Come Play With Us, Vol. 2 [MK837]
Vaporizeer – Humans Kindle [G-Mafia Records]
Viktoria Win – Ascent [Figura Music]
Waeldt & Ilsemann – Der Schnittenblock von Allentsteig [WAELDT]
WO-CORE – Brujo [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
Wolk – Prince of Darkness [K-Noiz]

Minimal & Deep Tech

Aldo Us – Samadhi [Plastica Music]
Befaire – Thalassic – Minor Sine Project Remix [Substation Recordings]
Breger – Garstic [Subios Records]
Bruno Bar – My Dawgs [Spira Music]
C.E.S.M. – Eli.sound Presents C.E.S.M. From SPAIN [eli.waxx]
DEEPVO – Galactico [Midcentury Music]
DJ Ukito Parn – Flamingo [Phat Panda Records]
Facundo Altuna & Gonzalo Acuña, Raúl Villaroel – Wachufleiva 70
Giulio Cadri – Pop It [Cocoa]
Ken Rok – Buy the Wine [Menomale Records]
Kerouac & Smile – 9Ts [Surge Recordings]
Konov – Chapter [Blind Vision Records]
lefthandsoundsystem – piten [Hypnotic Room Japan]
LuLu Jones – People Coming Together [Marba Records]
Magnus Larsson – 8 Am [DataTech]
Maik Reglis – Youri [LightWave Music]
Martin Bordacahar & MartinoResi – Afterhours [Sugaro Music]
Mattheu – Alium [Ambivertal]
Maxi Villalba – Come Back [Driven Recordings]
Miguelle & Tons – Aguacero (feat. Irepelusa) [Two and a Half Cats]
parsec – Slang [SelectA Rec.]
Peter Pavlov – Winder [Manicomio Music]
Philu – Phauna [Late Ninety]
Rob Pearson – Do You Understand [Woodwork Recordings]
Robiin – Dance Like [Last Drop Recordings]
SNUFFF – Sunrises [GlobalTech]
VA – 10 Years Diametral Records – Four out of Five
VA – EJECT Select VA [Eject Records UK]
VA – Kmy008 [Kematiky Records]
Vizionar – Untitled Series #01 [Cubek]
Wave Particle Singularity & Adnan – Theories and Fundamentals (Part 1)
Wise – 9Inety8ight [Four Be]

Organic House & Downtempo

Bassani, Unusual Cosmic Process, Astropilot & UJO – Awake
Buba, Fasco – Hidden Gems II [The Purr]
Chilled Music Factory – Beyond [Chilled Music Factory]
Coral Chiller – Sunlight [Phunctional Loungin]
Denham – No Presh (Wendy Escobar Remix) [PRDS Direct]
Dronx – Viking [High Five Music]
Furkan Degerli – Paignon [The Hermes]
Giovanni Lucchetti – I’m Feeling Down [Be Different Records]
Glisz – Bounce [Ego]
Gorje Hewek – Collages [All Day I Dream]
Grisp – Looking Back [Dreamhop Music]
Jack Essek & Stéphane Salerno – Aleyna [Cosmovision Records]
Jacob Colon – Awake (feat. Robert Vogu) [Jacob Colón Mix]
Jones Meadow – Frost (Hosini Remix) [When We Dip XYZ]
Kings Hand – We Will Always [KRLK Recordings]
Las Atlanticas – Cannes in the Lift [Cane Garden Bay Recordings]
Magmot – Shen [Wellness Life Records]
Mass Digital – Changes [Melody Of the Soul]
Max D Milford – Torus [Wonderfly Records]
Melly Sandree – Earth’s Kundalini [Paradiz]
Nōpi – Gray Cloud [Anjunadeep]
Nu & Omeria, Omeria – Alongside [Underyourskin Records]
Odette – Opium [VDK DGTL]
Papupa – Calypso [In Depth Tunes]
Polyamory – Extatic [Precision]
Rare Candy & Gemma Fox – Awake (Extended Mix) [AstroPilot Music]
Roy & Leiurus – Artinik [Mousike Records]
Saive & Kleiber, Simon TG & Joe Diem – Alive [Inner Symphony]
Samuel La Manna – March [LOWEGATE]
Silbermaus – Traces [Traumnovelle]
SmokeFade – Confidence , Waterfall [ReState Records]
Steinlausky – Bridges [Alegria Records]
Tastexperience & Johan Gielen, Tastexperience – Beachcomber [Sunrise]
Thandi Maria – Bow [Elephant Beach Records]
The Note V & Frezel – Apex & Crux [Undergroove Music]
Tom Jarmey – Birds of Opul [Ellipse Records]
VA – Beach Walk [Nidra Music]
VA – Xi [Lump Records]
Vann Morfin – Awake (feat. Robert Vogu) [Vann Morfin Mix] [AstroPilot Music]
Voice Of Art, Kenneth Bager & Troels Hammer – After the Crash [Music For Dreams]
Zac F – Roots-Tronica [Meditelectro]

Progressive House

7 Department – Floating [IROX Records]
Avi8 & Dirty Workz – By Your Side [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Blanka Barbara – Lost in Digital Fog [Eat My Hat Music]
Boskii – Points in Time, Vol. 1 [Points In Time]
Currently Offline – Around [Lauterhaus]
Davdavis – Transporting [Razzer Records]
Dirk Sid Eno – Critical Contact [Dear Deer Black]
DJ REDZONE – Be Yourself [House of Sins Records]
Emrah Balkan – Flash [Dejavu Tunes Records]
Guido Roman – Enigma [Future Avenue]
Head Lynch – Mantra [Hands On Records]
Jassouille – Northern Echoes [Artifique Records]
Joe Roller – IM3 [VELA Music]
Just Her – All We Have Is Now , Stay the Same [Colorize (Enhanced)]
JustNgoc, Yellwflwer & Fibrousjohnme – Childhood [LUXI Records]
Marco Lucarini – Kronos [Phat Panda Records]
Mauro Rubio – Blue Demon , Misteriosa [Deep Tech Lab]
Moril – Vostok [Eternalism]
Perpetual Universe – Deep Breath [Spiral Music]
R-MAS – Deeper Love [Royal Supreme]
Rianu Keevs – Who am I [Rianu Keevs]
Signal3 – Queen Rania [Mechanism Recordings]
SparroX – Smoke & Ash [Adrian Records]
Tony Cármair – Conclucions [Allgeneres Record]
United Levels – Rotate [Neu Gravity]
VA – Coastal Selections 014 [Emergent Shores]
VA – This Is Underground 28

Tech House

Alex Young & Soul Data – Everybody [Funny Music]
Black Plastic – Bite (feat. André Obin) [The Boat House]
Bohemian (ESP) & Ariel Sacone – Fill Out [Harbor Records Collective]
Boo Yakka – Big Neck [DOT Dance]
CASHEW – Bite [The Boat House]
Daniel Orpi & Juanito – Can’t Handle It [CUFF]
Denis & Arkins – Weed Me [nowhere nowhere]
Difive – You Are My Dear Beloved (2021 Version) [Clipper’s Sounds]
DJ Axiom – The Star [Magnetic Galaxy Records]
DJ Funk – Pump It (Remixes) [Ghetto Rhythm Composers]
Emilove & Emiliano Naples – Transition Black [Love to Love Records]
Enfectro – Baybe Tomorrow [Muzenga Records]
Formodee – Apertio [SuperPosition Records]
Francesco Ruggiero – Balkan [Over House Records]
Frankie BlackArt – Dance [OneFold DGTL]
Giusy Consoli – Deep Inside [Beatrain Records]
Jacopo Ferrari – Circle [Playmobil]
Jean Avila – Reel [Muzenga Records]
Jh0ssu – Oso Negro [Glerx Records]
K3BC – Arcade Shaked [Thin Records]
Kivi & Eric Mark – Acid Daze [TALLDOOR RECORDS]
KLAAN – Talk to Me [Artist Republik]
Kodeine & V.I.B – Busy Pussy [Dusted Recordings]
Liquefied & Tropk – Always [Traxford Records]
Lucky Vegas – Just Like This [Check In Recordings]
Macrolev – Boyfriend (feat. Oggie) [Hot Fuss]
Manolaco – At Work-Booty-Groove Is Coming From My Heart [DRK records]
Matthew Murinda – 2 Statik [Seshling Records]
Matthias Tanzmann – Juniper [Moon Harbour Recordings]
Meta – Combat Shield [Bishops Bloc]
MNK4 – Swing and Groove [You Funked Up]
MOONWALKER (ITA) – A Love Song [Techempire Records]
Moshem – 90s Beat [Space Invaders]
MS Pika – Amistoso [ZooTechnique Label]
Nate Laurence – Lick a Shot [Do U Boo]
New Stereo – Acid Desires [Andhera Records]
Newball – Ukita [BH Records]
Nick Raff – Ballin’ [The Myth of NYX]
Nozzleholder – Crow [Nulab]
One Plus Zero – Autonomy [Lemon Juice Records]
Otm Shank – Biryani (Jey Kurmis Remix) [Pinkturban]
Paul Stenn – Bad [Rave Cave Records]
Peter Gc, Santiago Diaz & Blockbuster Friendship – Rule the World
Roberth in da house – Electronic City [Dinastia INC]
Rogerio Vegas – Dancin’ [Mousinc Recs.]
Roughsound – Dirty Mouth (feat. LUXIFA) [Roughsound Records]
Scoopy – Deep Inside [Glamorous Recordings]
Seba Machado – Look [Bunny Music (UY)]
Stanley Kubrix – 30 Rounds (Extended Mix) [Lit Music]
Stiven Escarraga – Come On [Beachside Records]
SUBSHIFT – My Mind , Let Me [IN , ROTATION (Insomniac Records)]
Sugartrane – Toot’s Back [DataTech]
Superlover – D.A.N.C.E. [OneFold DGTL]
TacoMan & Raized – 90’s Mtv [Hottrax]
THR3MIND – Enjoy Frecuency [Tanta Music]
Toxik – Rupture [Ibiza Nature]
VA – All Night Long Spring Sampler ’21 [All Night Long Records]
Victor Lou – Another [Dogghauz Records]
Whyt Noyz – Plastic Dreams [Electric Mode]
Withoutwork – Trap House [Light Music Recordings]
Yan Amaral & Kring – Shake Mama [Psycologic Records]
Zimmerbreit – Stupidy [Machinewerkz]

Techno & Minimal

[5P4C3] – Your Love Bleeds [Obscure Sorrows Records]
Absolar – Raggen [Stimular Recordings]
Algia – Coagulate [Pinch Point Records]
Aliens Bad Brothers, Big Martino & Stephan Barbieri – Breakdown
Alon Halperin – Handa [Artists Network Revolution]
Angel Barchin – Final Round [BlackVogue Records]
Angry Machines, Angy Kore, D.N.S & Gabriel Padrevita – F You [Himmel]
Anika Kunst – Different Approach [Rekids]
Ara Coiset – Psy [Loco Drum Records]
Arah, Kreecher & Vince Weyn – Forsaken [Reload Black Label]
Atonal Structures – Black forest [Bubblejam]
Aurelien Stireg – Inferno [Black Square Recordings]
Aypex – Abdicate [Oxytech Limited]
Baires – Two Is One [ZM Records]
Bam signal – Under the Purple Sky [Hyprion Music]
Bambounou – Cascade [Bambe]
Bascha – Fragment Memories From Another Time [Lett Records]
Biagio Lana – Time Machine 2.0 [iElektronix]
Bian Rugilo – Atypical (feat. Basement Scene) [Polytheism]
Bichord – Continuum (feat. Edit Select) [Eclectic Digital Codec]
BiCiPay – Dance All Day (feat. Yumi) [Tuntz Untz Music]
Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri & Aliens Bad Brothers – Cobra Kai
Bruno Caro – Digital Nomads [Music From Exo-Planet]
Casseopaya – Alibarba [Casseopaya Records]
Coarses – Bolthouse [Darkroom Bureau]
CQNZR. – Rubber [CQNZR.]
Daniel Levez – Blackout [Keep Techno Alive Records]
Davix Project – Away [Stoned Stork Records]
Dhalgren – Ethereal [Toxic Recordings]
DJ Ralph – Crusher Punch [Lakota Music Records]
Dmitry Budnik – Princes of the dust [Tettix Records]
Dolica – Infected Mechanics [Konnekkt Records]
Dr.Chrf – Destroyer..! [THR Records]
Dstant – Our Sorrow [Obscure Sorrows Records]
Dubh – Chilangos (feat. Fior Gòrm) [Central Dogma Records]
Dustmite – 7073 [Supervoid Records]
EDEX – Un Dia De Tormenta [Right Music Records]
Ellen Angelucci – This Is Us [Fresh Cut]
F4T4L3RR0R – Electricity [Addictive Sounds]
Fabrizio Carioni – Envelopes [WKB Records]
Fernie – The Atlas [Obscure Sorrows Records]
Filya Trevelyan – Form Alone [Heyoca Musik]
Forgotten Grave – Black Aura [Obscure Sorrows Records]
Fractious – Altered State the Remix [Agile Recordings]
Franck FTC – Black Bird [#FTCMZK]
Freak Unique – Nothing I Won’t Do [Zeca Records]
Gen, Lady Vusumzi – Red Box [Vusumzi Records]
Genix – Praha [Anjunabeats]
Harmony Of Love – Platz Von Techno [Innovative Music Record]
HDT67 – Expediente [Sound Kleckse Records]
Honey Hell – Don’t Stop! [Urban Dance Records]
Ian Crank & Elmefti – Can’t Dance No More [Dogmatic Label]
IFormat – Contest of Sins [Local Sound Network]
Ike Release – Digital Entity [Episodes Air]
Japp Beats – Come [Japp Recordings]
Jhorman Peña – A.R.C.A [Le Guaro]
Jks – Fantasy Parts [Smile Sessions]
Johnny Kvant – Finder [TECHNO ZAMES]
K.O.F – Cenotes [Arawak Records]
Kayax & Roby Zico – Boom [MYRIAD]
Kedimari – Joke of Baby Devil [Synæsthesia Records]
Kriss Russell – 44 [Dust Project]
Laventia – Medusa [Dyssomnia Records]
lifeintrancemusic – Tension [TheRealOnes]
Liquid Static – aXa [SE7ENS DIGITAL]
Logic Species – Phobia [Human Dreams]
Luis Ruiz – Moon Presence [Subsequent Records LTD]
MaKaJa Gonzales – Night Trail [Assassin Soldier Recordings]
Manuel xero – Sugar [CPR]
Maxi Basshead – about.blank [333 AM Records]
Melody’s Enemy – Close Your Eyes [Dark The Light]
Metcha – Incentive [Metcha Records]
Mickael C – Lights [Dancetrack]
Migel Gloria – Made in Hell [NO PAIN RECORDS]
MysticallFever – Strange Times [Machine Control Records]
nms303 – Delektronikation [NEMESIS 303 RECORDS]
Nuta Cookier – Space Rocket [Future Scope Recordings]
Odette Hayas & Ghassan Hayas – Mawlati (Charley Prince & Gideon Johnson Remix)
Odyffe – Blue Green Yellow , Rage [Nervous Records]
OxYdeBlue – Nanous [SOAME]
Pablo Awad – Presolar [DXT Records]
Panick – Disorder Is Not Outside [Underground BeatCode Records]
Panick – Without Limits [Tettix Records]
Paolo Doldo – Perseverance [LETS TECHNO records]
Paolo Nicoli – Black star [3EXIT Group Recordings]
Pina – Balcony Cops [Disturb •]
Raw Thrills – Electro Techno [Gunk TV]
Reverse Stereo – Tiktokyo [defmain music]
Rob Circuit – Raid [Dreibergen]
Roger Burns – Payback [Burnzzz Records]
Rosedelia – Fate [Unique Sound Records]
RUSRUS – Hell Rodeo [Neu Gravity]
Ruud S – Another Life [Oxytech Records]
Sheco, Roy Synthsot & KERY – Antidote [Sway]
ShhGrr – bass Abstract & Love [BlackStars Corporation]
Shoko Rasputin – Paradox [U.G.JAMMIX]
SiK – Out of the Blue [ROMANTEK WORX]
Skjöld – Perceptions [Edit Select]
Skoden – Public Announcement [Y.A.W.A ! Records]
Space Junkie – Disco On Acid [Cieli Di Orione]
stefan wenzel – Bunny [Unity Heart Techno]
Stephan Barbieri, Big Martino & Aliens Bad Brothers – Breakdown (Jack Carter Remix)
Strumm – Open Arms [Triebton]
Synister (IN) – Occultech Singles 05 – Synister (IN) Hypnotic Machine
T.S.O.L. – Demorph. [Solid Tracks Records]
Tenzella – Direction [We Are The Brave]
Thommy Fusion – Renegades [i occupy music]
Trust True – Discipline [Falsive Records]
VA – 2 Years of Ithica – Remix VA (Part 2)
VA – Elemental Beings [FRACTVRE]
VA – Neptune VA [Advanced Music IE]
VA – Poetics 02 [Tek Poetics]
VA – Subworld [PSR Selections]
VA – Tech Selection, Vol. 40 [Chengdu Records]
VA – Various Artists 001 [Alien Theory Records]
VA – Various Artists Insights 1 [Line Of Thought]
Valerio Innorta – Break the Beat Up [WarinD Records]
Vendex – Crusades [Khazad Records]
Vivran – (Feel) Maybe Too Much [MOTIVANT Records]